Universal City Nissan in Los Angeles, CA

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We at Universal City Nissan in Los Angeles County pride ourselves on our amazing customer service and outstanding pricing.Our goal is to provide you with a complete 1-stop shopping site while you are visiting our virtual dealership. We will provide you with quick, expedient answers to any questions you may have, including, providing you with all the information you may need to make an intelligent buying decision. We are conveniently located freeway close to anywhere in Southern California. Simply take any Freeway to the 101 Freeway and exit at Lankershim Blvd / Universal City Exit and you're there!

Universal City Nissan

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(818) 755-7358
Address:3550 Cahuenga Blvd. West, Los Angeles, CA, 90068
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 11:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 11:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 11:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 11:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 11:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 11:00 pm
  • Sunday: 8:30 am - 11:00 pm

Reviews on Universal City Nissan

Sol M. | 2015-04-24

I purchased my 2015 Nissan Altima, Ben (sales manager) took care of me. Him and his staff are very knowledgable and helpful, there was no pressure at all. He worked a great deal for me.  I'm very happy with this deal and I recommend it 100%.  A great experience.
Thanks Ben for all your help.

Celina C. | 2015-04-23

I went to Universal City Nissan in hopes that I would find a car with a low monthly payment. I honestly thought that I would get something older with high miles. I was very impressed by the helpfullness of the staff (Lawrence and Edi) to help me not only build my credit but get into the car that I actually wanted. I ended up leaving with a 2013 Dodge Avenger with 60,000 miles and I could not be happier. I am a first time buyer and can honestly say that I will continue to return to Universal City Nissan even though it's 70 miles from my house! The sales people are great and when it came time to finance Ernesto was so helpful and pleasant to work with.
I highly reccomend Universal City Nissan!

Danny P. | 2015-04-22

I walked into this dealer looking to purchase a Nissan Sentra but walked out a 2015 370z owner !

Given the new redesigned models of the Nissan Altima and Sentra;I decided to purchase one of  them. German Flores was the salesman helping me out and he was very knowledgeable and explained the key differences these two cars have and after test driving the two; I decided I would go for the Altima. As the numbers were being calculated and the paper work was being printed I jokingly told German " When I am done paying for  this car, I will comeback for that 370z" he responded " Why don't you just get it right now"? I looked at him to see if he was joking; but he was serious. I asked him the price and I was surprised to find out that the base model was ONLY priced at about 29,000 dollars and the Altima I was about to purchase was around the same price ( reason being I opted out for a higher model) .Nonetheless I was quickly intrigued and determined to see if I can get a great deal. Sure enough the 370z monthly payments compared to the Altima was slightly higher but comftorable . Still hesitant on purchasing the Z, German allowed me to test drive the car and let me tell you,  this car is amazing !!!!! Not only is the Z breathtakingly sexy but wow does it have extraordinary power, speed, handling, and to put the cherry on top; the car came with a six speed manual transmission. The only way any car of this caliber should be driven!

Thank You German Flores and Universal Nissan for making this happen !!!!

Lyn G. | 2015-04-21

Walked onto the lot, first was stared by a flock of 'Men's Warehouse 'salesmen. haha

Some time later there was a young salesman approached, ready to dismiss my questions with curious responses.

I looked around, and once I asked for prices he said they did not have prices. He continued to explain that he needed my information to give me prices. Then, he said I should consider going to another dealership. Gosh I wish I remembered his name.

Thanks Universal City Nissan and Good luck  salesmen.

Chas S. | 2015-04-21

Forgot to mention Tony, YL the other salesman that walked me through the features and of course the Popcorn!! all magnificent and excellent customer service! Can't wait to upgrade in 6 months time! Pathfinder to Yosemite is on my list!!

Raul P. | 2015-04-20

For a first car I was stunned on how much it turned out being I had so much choices in my head but yet I feel I love with the 2015 Altima and regular payments would be hard but "Ben 2004" worked things out .. I'm really thank full and for the great attitude through out the night great job guys

Mike M. | 2015-04-20

when you are reading the one star reviews take them seriously. i recently bought a car there and it was a complete lemon. the staff (martin) was a typical salesman terrible did not care about the experience only the deal. he lied to us several times during our stay one example being that he did not have any extra automatic lock transponder the finance manager went to martins office and got one out of his drawer.  The car was overpriced and has had problems since a month after i bought it. my mechanic said they cleared the check engine light codes before they sold it to me so it looked like it was running fine. what a joke. now i have to get an attorney to try to give it back. do not go here even to use the bathroom.

Cassandra M. | 2015-04-16

I've never experienced such an unfortunate customer service representative. The service department called to let me know my car was ready after an oil change and when I go to the cashiers desk like I was told they have no record of my car. The cashier just smiles like it's funny that my car is magically missing. She eventually asked for the paperwork the service ambassador gave me and called them to figure it out.  Then she tries to tell me I owe for the service even though the technician had just let me know they give a complementary $40 for service for new customer. Needless to say I will not be returning to use the remainder of my service balance.

Ambika S. | 2015-04-14

I bought all my cars from this specific dealership and the service has always been so amazing. If you ever need any service done.. Nazario or Jaime are your guys. They have the best customer service I've ever experienced.

Trecie M. | 2015-04-13

My daughter and I wanted to look at cars and possibly trade in her Cube.  When we pulled in two men asked if they could help, but one left when another customer arrived.  My daughter parked the car and we got out.  The other man walked right passed us on his cell phone without saying a word.  So we were on our own walking around looking at cars with no one to assist or answer any questions.  We left and went to a Kia dealer.  I will not ever go back to Universal Nissan.

Jennifer E. | 2015-04-11

Never again worst customer service I have ever experienced to start off I kept asking for the price of the car and the sells man did not know what I wanted or what I was looking for and wasn't really helpful he was aiming in just selling the car that he though was good for me and not what I wanted very poor customer service all three different sales persons including the manager were not very friendly and not willing to help me out never again I'm glad I went somewhere else

Gaby P. | 2015-04-10

Awesome car buying experience! The staff was wonderful and very knowledgeable!  Answered all of my questions. I never felt hounded as I have at other dealerships. They were sincerely interested in MY needs. At this dealership I was treated like a valued client, not just another notch on some quota board.

Their inventory is huge! No waiting as with other dealerships! I was shown the car I loved, and when I told them the color and features that I wanted, I was expecting to be told I had to wait for delivery as they didn't have that combination in stock. I was so pleased when they told me they had exactly what I wanted! I was not told "if you want to drive it home today I have to choose from these". I told them what I wanted and they had it!

Financing was a breeze! I don't have perfect credit and I thought I was going to spend hours going back and forth. Boy was I wrong!!  The quickly ran my credit and laid out different great offers that would work for me. The waiting area has free refreshments, comfortable seating, a children's section and tv.

Overall it was the best car buying experience I have had. Mauricio was my wonderful sales rep. THANK YOU! I love my Altima and the follow up service has been great!  I drove from Diamond Bar and definitely worth the drive!

Christian P. | 2015-04-10

Universal City Nissan is the absolute best place to buy a car.  When I first walked in they were playing great music and everyone was friendly and greeted me like I was a long time customer.  My appointment was with Ray and he came shortly after I arrived and greeted me and was super friendly.  It wasn't just business with Ray, he was genuinely interested in what I wanted in a car and what I didn't like about my current car.  He spent a lot of time with me and we looked at a lot of cars.  He never got frustrated or annoyed and if I wanted to see another 50 cars he would of been more than happy to show me.  He filled me in on a lot of things I didn't know about the 2015 models; for instance oil changes don't need to be done until 5,000 miles instead of 3,000.  Ray was fantastic, and I will definitely be going back to him when I am ready for my next car.  Oh, and we had cappuccinos together when we were finished.  Thanks Ray!

Sara D. | 2015-04-07

Buying a car when you are young and don't have a long history of credit is hard..... But Universal City Nissan made it easy! They went above and beyond to help me get into a Nissan Rogue that I liked and get me monthly payments that I could afford. They definitely try to make their customers happy!

Marie M. | 2015-04-06

Worst customer service in the world! We were there for 2 hours just for them to not have the car we wanted. They did not listen to a single thing we said so they kept offering cars to us that we didn't want. Worst experience I've ever had buying a car!

Monique A. | 2015-04-02

We were in need of a new family-friendly car so my husband began with reaching out to our credit union, USAA. He is a military vet and we trust our credit union. We used the TrueCar service and other dealerships basically made us a low priority.

Finally, my husband reached out to UCN and was assigned to Dave Escobar. Right away the attention and service he received was significantly better than what we experienced at other dealerships. Dave was friendly, prompt, not pushy, and was looking out for our best interest. He is experienced in working with credit union financing and understood our needs and interests.

We left the dealership feeling good about our experience and would definitely come back to Dave to purchase another car in the future. We were also helped by Tony in the internet sales department and Yl in financing. They were both professional and efficient.

Damiean S. | 2015-03-31

Worst management ever yelpers beware do not I repeat DO NOT DO BUSINESS HERE !!!! Spoke to the manager Billie Jo who apparently a temporary manager because the last one was fired / left she was no good either she was a major B.... She was yelling and snatching papers out of my hand it was horrible when I got my receipt things that weren't needed to have been done were done and charged extra when confronted about it I was yelled at then my rental key by one of the young old looking cashiers Marlene, which I had for 3 days was snatched out of my hand  and now my finger is still bruised so I called the cops and now a detective is taking care of the rest for us and the BBB is getting contacted as well

Debbie V. | 2015-03-31

Been coming here for something like three or four years with my Versa.  Yes, the prices were  high, but it's a dealership.  They know my car and it was worth it to me.  They had great customer service, a nice lounge, did solid work, etc.  Cut to this morning:  Dropped my Versa off to have them check that an emergency Pep Boys repair was done right and added some pricey milestone maintenance.  I didn't expect that, but it was overdue so I let them talk me into it based in part on the fact that they'd give me a loaner--but then Universal City Nissan won't give me a loaner because I don't carry enough insurance for them, which is a new rule because I've gotten a loaner from them before. Way to take me down from feeling like a valued customer, to a second-class citizen.  All they did was try to sell me an overpriced extended warranty (which wasn't Peter's fault--he was nice enough about it).  I guess I won't be coming back for repairs or maintenance OR getting my new car here.

Sanya C. | 2015-03-26

I personally can say my experience with UCN has been good. I've had only a few issues but Tyler in finance and Christa I service have been great!  I've received nothing but prompt and efficient service from them.

Steven L. | 2015-03-26

Run away from this place as fast as you can.  You will never find a more dishonest, conniving, maddening business to deal with.  Trust me.  The worst decision we ever made was to buy a car from this dealership.  Correcting their mistakes, getting money back (many thousands) that they owed us, and simply getting someone on the phone who does not lie to us has wasted dozens of hours of our lives.  I don't understand how this place is still in operation.  Go to another Nissan dealership.  Research on Yelp.  Stay away from this place.  I wouldn't wish the experience we went through with this dishonest business on my worst enemy.  Well, maybe I would.  It's horrific.  And I am not some customer who expected a lot and didn't get what I wished for.  I'm not someone with bad credit who is disappointed.  Everything we experienced was a deceptive move on their part.  Do research online about this place.  I don't understand how they find their practices to be beneficial.  I assume most people give up and don't fight like we did.  Otherwise, I can't understand how they find the way they do business to be financially rewarding.

Serena S. | 2015-03-24

If 0 was an option I would use it. We bought our car here and it was like a car selling sweatshop. I was promised free oil changes etc. Come in for my oil change... No record of it.  Of course. Came for one follow up oil change and sat for over 2 hours on a Tuesday...slowest service, every dept pawns you off on another dept. I will say my service guy is very nice but that's it. Not coming back.

Andrea J. | 2015-03-23

Review of our Salesperson: Peter Villarreal Jr.  Peter was one of the hardest-working and sweetest car salesmen my husband and I have ever dealt with.  He seemed to genuinely care about us getting the exact car I wanted, helping us get a deal we could live with, and my personal comfort during the sales/negotiating process (I'm almost 8 months pregnant).  After making the sale, Peter hustled to get the car pushed through the wash, gas it up, and quickly acclimate us to the car so we could still make our dinner plans.  He even offered to drive to our home to personally deliver the optional floor mats I bought rather than making us wait another day or two to receive them by mail!  He's not pushy and comes across as very genuine~our kind of salesman.  If you're planning to visit this dealership~request him specifically!

Angela L. | 2015-03-22

First off, I have bad credit, so going in I knew that I'd have to have a down payment ready and be prepared for some crazy numbers. My own mistakes have led me to the costs I am paying now. I noticed that s lot of reviews here blame UCN for their bad credit and high rates - news flash, that's your fault not the dealer's!

I came here with my family after making an appointment for noon on a Saturday. The Internet team assigned Dave Escobar to me and he was kind, patient and the least pushy salesperson I've encountered. I have been in direct sales for seven years and my husband for more than 30 years - so we can smell a car salesman from a mile away. He was the least "car salesmany" car salesman I've encountered. He worked with us, took us out to the lot to choose a car that we could get into and I settled on the Nissan Versa Note. He allowed me to make the decision myself, didn't pressure me with car details and allowed the car to sell itself.

From start to finish we we at the dealership for five hours - that seems like a long time but I understand that they are not selling hair driers, they're selling vehicles priced in the tens of thousands - that takes time. To do paperwork and to secure a vehicle and to make a proper decision. People complaining about having to wait, may just have no patience to receive good customer service. I've always said, you need to be a good customer to receive good customer service most of the time.

All in all, I was pleased with my experience. Not sure about the service department yet, I guess I'll find out when I take my car in! Let's hope they're on their game because I don't put up with inconsistency! Crossing my fingers!

Thanks UCN and Dave Escobar from Internet sales!

Shekinah G. | 2015-03-21

My experience was less than mediocre that's why they get a one star review ,,,I will  give them minus cero if it was available for  Customer service!!
I took my car because the fuel pump was bad, Jaime Zamora was my advisor and he was super nice, until I asked him to call my extended insurance and provide them with the list of my services so that I can get them to reimburse my rental, and he said they don't do that,  That's what my insurance provided required of them.
So I had to argue for a while with him until he  said he will do it.
I was going to pick up my car at 6 PM and leave the rental with them but they told me they won't hold the rental because they don't have a contract with Enterprise, (contrary of what I was communicated and charged at Enterprise BTW)   so I had to go back to my hotel and get back the next day to argue back with them so that they will give me a lift to the rental place. The guy that is in the front receiving customers told me (contrary to what the receptionist said the night before when I call to see if my car was ready) that they cannot take me to Enterprise, I had to have Enterprise Shuttle bring me. SIGH. Again I had to argue my way through to have them give me a lift. What a pain in the neck , crappy dealership , one  buys a new car from Nissan  an the dealership ruins the brand reputation by  treating you like you like they are some cheap car salesmen and you
are a second class citizen.
Shame on them. I feel bad for Nissan, since they have no clue of this crap that goes on under their name.
My car is under warranty, and they still didn't want to provide me with a rental because I didn't have full coverage.
On the positive side I have to say, they wash my car, and the gals on the cashier are super sweet. Fidel, was the  nicest person in the whole place. Is the kid that takes the customers back and forth to the rental , he should be the Manager, because obviously management SUCKS or their customers service will be amazing.
Good luck keeping your business running ...

M M. | 2015-03-17

This is my second attempt to write a review as my other one was deleted for bs reasons.. I believe Nissan had it removed.

Stay away from this location. I bought my car with a warranty which obligated me to keep my business with them.. Once I had an accident all went awful.. They did not communicate with my body shop and actually they lost my car for over 5 days delaying my repairs. They always have an excuse for long waits and they rarely will call with update or status when it will be done.  How can one call themselves a business when they can't even return a phone call in a timely manner.  I have since changed and whenever I had tried to speak to the Upper management, they too never returned my phone call.  I did receive a call a year later stating I am behind on oils changes per their records.  I stated that I took my business else where and she wanted to know why.  I shared and stated how any times I attempted to speak with upper management and never did I receive a call back.  I actually stopped in and tried to make an appointment and again, no response.  Gal on phone shared her apologies and assured me she would have someone call me.. Again, no response.

If you take your business there that is your choice but I highly recommend Van Nuys Nissan!

I have one star as there is no option for no stars:(

mark h. | 2015-03-16

I went in last week to turn in my car. The dealership was again unprofessional in the way they deal with clients.They offered me a price below what other dealerships offered. And this was after I received emails and phone calls from them about how they are looking for cars to sell. They basically just looked at the car. No real inspection like they did at other places such as CarMAx. After almost 10 years of dealing with these guys, this visit is my last.  They have lost my business with their sleazy practices.

Dan M. | 2015-03-15

Unorganized, unprofessional, unethical...I don't know where to begin. It is amazing that the size of this dealership can be supported by such unprofessional con men.
Buyers beware!!  Read the fine print! Don't sign anything without reading it!
It could cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars! Car salesman are car salesman. Car dealerships are car dealerships. The industry has a bad reputation.
This dealership is one of the reasons why...PLEASE be careful....you may think you are getting a great deal only to find out after that you did not..due to extra charges built into their loans and deals...PLEASE look elsewhere and compare....there is a reason their ratings here are LOW!!!

Tom R. | 2015-02-27

I also like many people had a bad experience at this place. Im surprised these people are still in business. I would never go back to that place or do I recommend them business. they are rude and don't care. horrible customer service

Brent B. | 2015-02-26

Had to take my car in recently for it dying while I was driving ! Very dangerous ! Luckily I had a warranty with a deductible of $300 because the total was over $4000!

Can you believe A nissan having these problems at 80,000 miles ! Anyway after getting the car back , I drove it to hollywood the same night and on the way , the radio screen was black and not working and Then I heard a thunk and my car started smoking and overheating ! I had to get the car towed to the dealer which they didn't reimburse me for that night at midnight  . They found the problem , fixed it , then when I was driving it home the check engine light went on !!! Can you believe it !? You would think the number one dealership for nissan would be in a slight bit more of good practice ! Taking the car in 3 times for the same issues within 2 weeks ? Absurd . One more thing , when I stepped into my tan material car , there were  black boot prints on the floor and grease all over the floor , seat and dashboard! I would also think that they would clean up after themselves , but I guess,  if I hated my job , I wouldn't either .

maybe it's because the owner doesn't care , he cares more about parking his Ferrari in the entrance area of the service department so people can ask who's it is and employees can respond , one of the owners cars .
Luckily they have james Alvarado who is very good at his job and should be working in a higher position somewhere else. If he wasn't there , I would be much more upset than I even am now .

Let me add that after driving the car just 200 miles my check engine went on again ! This will be the number 4 time I take the car in and my gas mileage has gone down nearly 3mpg!!

Jermaine C. | 2015-02-25

Worst car buying experience to date. This is my second new car buying experience and I will probably never return to this dealership. After negotiating online for prices and rebates I was given a different price when physically visiting the dealership.

After fighting for the price I was told I then find out that they don't even have the car they promised was on their lot. 4 hours later I decide this isn't worth my time and leave the dealership to then be lured in telling me the car is a few minutes away and they'll order some food in.

It was a total of 7-8 hours from the moment I initially spoke with someone to get the keys and drive away. Terrible experience. Won't even go here for maintenance.

Amber E. | 2015-02-24

Never again will I come to this dealership for ANYTHING! I made an appointment for an oil change and it took nearly two and a half hours for them to complete this very basic service. The customer service is horrible and and the whole place is a giant mess. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

Barrett S. | 2015-02-23

This is for their customer service area. The work they did on my car is usually fine. I don't know if the service was good or not this time yet because I haven't been able to pick up my car.

I went early in the morning to go pick my car up and return the loaner car that they gave me free of charge. Up to this point I was I happy camper. First, when I went to go return the loaner, the guy was supposed to charge my card back the deposit I put down but instead, by mistake, charged my card again. We noticed it right away and he voided it. Not usually that big of a deal, s**t happens. Problem is, I had just enough to pay for my service that day. Without that $150, I would be short.

After the rental guy told me (incorrectly) that I should have the money back in my account right away, I went to the cashier to pay for the service. Someone had not filled out my invoice the right way so it took the girl up front a while to get it in order. Now I'm pressed for time.

I explained to her what occurred and she apologized for the inconvenience but said they couldn't give me my car if I didn't have enough money to pay. Even if it was their fault. Instead, they gave me the loaner car again. Which means I have to come back AGAIN when the money clears.

In summary, rental guy made an error, never apologized, went to cashier, invoice had errors, took extra long, couldn't pay due to their error, SHE apologized but didn't offer me any sort of break for the inconvenience and I ended up being late for work.

Unfortunately, I will not return. James in the service area is a 5-star guy though. The two times before this that he helped me, I had no complaints.

Angie P. | 2015-02-23

I purchased a vehicle here last year and my experience was great. When I received a phone call from a so called financial manager (Abraham)  saying they can lower my car payment and get me in a new car I decided to set something up and check it out.
To my surprise I show up to my so called appointment on time and there's no Abraham to be found. Apparently he was out sick and wasn't going to return until the next day. From there they introduced to a Jose Escobar. He was very polite and attentive in the beginning had a good conversation with my father and I. Test drove a car and we went back to see what he could do for me. When the deal didn't go through as we hoped he immediately lost all interest with us and went on to the next sale on the table next to us. He supposedly said he would return while he tried to work something for us.
To my surprise he had another young man return my car keys and photo ID and never returned. Left my father and I sitting there like idiots. I was very disappointed that he never returned to apologize or give an explanation. I have purchased 2 vehicles from there and after this experience I don't plan on ever stepping foot in that dealer again.

Amber G. | 2015-02-22

So annoyed. This place is a disaster to say the least. And besides that I called and spoke to Joanna who asked me to come in because she had several cars that fit what I was looking for. I was very pleased as I didn't get the same response from other dealerships.

My husband, my baby and I came down here in the rain to see the trucks they had supposedly lined up for us. When I arrived, Joanna had no idea which person I was even though I had called and spoke to her not 20 minutes before and told her we were on our way in. Once I get here, Joanna pushed us off on her least experienced and probably new employee. I understand everyone starts somewhere but they should be under the wing of an experienced salesperson until they know enough about customer service. Our salesgirl tried to be helpful but instead of having the trucks lined up for us to take a look at she took us all in the rain for a walk around the lot with NOTHING to see. Then she tells me she is going to check to see if they have anything else on their other 7 lots that will fit our needs.

She came back with only two cars that were cash offers only and I told Joanna that we wanted to put down some and finance the rest.

I am leaving annoyed, disappointed and very displeased with the service we received. We will not be back and I urge you never to deal with Joanna. She may say she can fulfill your needs but don't take the chance.

Yu-ching Y. | 2015-02-22

Great communication with the advisor David. Had to wait for 20is minutes in the customer lobby, although was promised the car was ready. Otherwise everything was perfect.

HoneyFreckles A. | 2015-02-20

My experience at this dealer has been excellent (generally) in the past, but my recent experience  with absolutely poor customer service has made me reevaluate  my patronage here. This dealer deserves the average two stars that it has and at this point I will NEVER return for even a routine oil change!!!  
Long Story made Short: I was quoted a price for my service by telephone and when I arrive its a new price. That's not a big deal, but I was livid when the service manager Melvin began telling another customer about the entire situation, then broke off into speaking Spanish and was laughing about it. I was upset, but couldn't verify what he was saying until another customer walked over by me and just shook his head.

**My issue is Melvin's inability to take responsibility for his employee's actions and the lack of consideration and customer service he exhibited that day. Not to mention the lack of professionalism by discussing my spat with other random customers.  In the past I never complained when I witnessed service employees blasting my radio while changing the oil. (I walked back there to get my book out of the car) As well as I never said anything about someone taking money from my center console that was laying under my garage door remote. I took that as a loss because I was negligent by leaving the money in there.

Please Note: My first review explains the excellent customer service that I received in the past, from the purchase of my very first vehicle, 2nd brand new vehicle purchase to the routine oil changes that I've received through the years. From my personal observations the changes with new management and high turnover rate of employees has been a heavy contributor of the poor customer service experienced by many people. As for other people I don't know their experience, therefore I will only refer to mine.

Mario E. | 2015-02-20

I am very impress to see how negative the reviews are. They have a great team at this place they gave me a good deal on a brand new juke nismo. Ask for Richard. Thank you guys for helping me enjoy life!

A K. | 2015-02-20

Buyers Beware: whatever price they quote you to get you in the door disappears once you're inside.

If I could, I would give Universal City Nissan a Negative star.. maybe 5 Negative Stars - they were just that much of a waste of space, time, and energy.  Warning to potential customers: They're liars.  They will give you the run-around, will never respond to follow-ups, and just waste your time.  Oh - and did I mention they're liars?  With a poor grasp of "up-the-management-chain" hard sale tactics?

Late one night my fiance spotted a car on their lot that seemed to be what we were looking for.  He expressed interested, and was asked to make an offer.  He did - the young man said he had to check with his manager... and the answer came back: "OK".  It seemed his offer was "accepted".  As the car still needed to be cleaned up, and my fiance was waiting on a loan letter to come through, he offered to swing by the next day to drop off a "holding" check, so the car wouldn't be sold over a presumably busy President Day's Weekend.

We swung by on our way out of town - were convinced to walk up and "talk to my manager" (FYI: the guys on the lot can't tell you anything: they have to ask their managers how to wipe their noses).  We waited for about 20 minutes for a manager (Oscar), who immediately tried to get us into financing.  We told him that as we'd told Javi (the young 20-something salesman who initially seemed to be helping us), we didn't have time to "take a meeting", and were on our way out of town.  After some more back & forth (and another manager), we were told our deposit check was unnecessary, and we were on our way (after a getting a parking ticket due to the extended time the managers took to arrive - at the time, they offered to pay for the parking ticket... that offer has since been rescinded).

We went on our way, followed up on Monday... only to be told they couldn't find the car.  Over the next 4 days, Monday through Friday, car spotting of this particular vehicle became a sport: it surfaced one day, only to disappear the next, alluding all the salesmen of the dealership.  And when some weary individual FINALLY managed to "find" the car - they keys had run off! (In my misplaced benefit of the doubt, I hoped they were merely getting the car ready for my fiance - albeit in a very haphazard and disorganized manner.)

Through all this, my fiance has his loan docs in hand, and is simply trying to (now rather desperately) get.a.car, which he needs for work.

Friday Dawns: a week gone by, and finally our slippery car friend has been caught, and the keys secured.  In goes my fiance to finally get the car - now comes the bait & switch.  Apparently, they had only offered to "consider" his offer on the car.

To wax poetic: Bullshit.  Never did they say they would "consider" our offer -- frankly, a) we would have DEFINITELY shopped elsewhere over the holiday weekend to get a president's day deal, and b) is the dealership truly employ individuals so slothful that is takes A WEEK to CONSIDER a financed offer?

Obviously, this fumbling play was an attempt to keep us on the hook, reel us in, and try to sell us a more expensive vehicle... never mind their word - never mind our good-faith efforts, never mind the time (fucking hours) and money (paying for rental cars this weekend - now extended over the weekend and into next week... not to mention lost revenue) they cost us.

There's more to this tale (more lying, more misrepresentation, and more wasting our time), but for us it's back to the drawing board, with one Caveat - to steer everyone we know away from this den of liars and snake-oil salesmen (I'm using gentle words).

Marcus S. | 2015-02-19

Thanks Nissan

Cj P. | 2015-02-18

I am updating my review below because I  did receive a kind response about my concerns.  I am going to follow thru with updating this matter do that I am giving an ethical review based on what comes out of my communications with the GM.  I do look forward  to resolving my disappointment.  I am not seeking money from them.  I do hope to have the car that I made the de on and took on the added financial hardship to have.  

As some of you know I lost my Dsughter recently and  decided to obtain the car so that I could transport some special item from storage to her grandmother.  I should not have shared my situation as to why I wanted a SUV with Ernie, the salesman, I thought he was a human being and I could trust in my established relationship.  

Below was original.  And thanks to all of you for your support.  Update will be made!

There has been ZERO effort on the part of Universal Nissan to contact me to explain why I was deceived or even an spongy from Ernie the Salesman who stated he was a manager in the Internet Sales Dept..
This lack of respect for the customer and Nissan Corp. is an unacceptable business practice.  I call on the management and owners to pick up the phone and contact me.  They have my number because I received message about completing their Survey! They have my email because I receive emails reminding me to complete their Survey!  But not one bit of effort to actually resolve the concern that I have and what they should not want to be considered Fraud on their part!  Guess that lack of effort provides an insight into what goes on against the consumer each day!  The consumer protection laws are a joke.  As a consumer you can't even actually reach any government protection agency for any one on one help, maybe I will try again around election time.  Because the unethical and dishonest Salespeople and Dealerships already figured that out, don't expect much in the way of a resolution to complaints.  

I will provide an update after I complain to the Better Business Bureau which is not expected to yield any results either. But what little protection we think we have, must be attempted!  

If you visit this dealership and see my photo or name anywhere using me as a happy customer please message me immediately!  

If you do business with this Dealership please take out your cell phone and ask the Salesperson to pose for a photo and then to speak clearly as he/she states their full name and that they are providing Consent to having the conversation recorded!  If the Salesperson refuses ease find the exit!

David R. | 2015-02-18

This place is horrible! The service was garbage. The worst buying experience ever!. First we were lied to about their inventory. And no one ever answers or calls back when we need answers. What the heck is the point of giving us business cards with contact info if it will not be of any use. Apparently I'm not alone on my feelings about this place. I hope they have people looking at these complaints because now I'm stuck with a car that we absolutely hate. They need to fix the way the dealer is ran. There's a dude Abraham I think his name was, he was supposed to be a manager of some sort, worst guy to deal with ever man. He gives you this vibe that he feels you are stupid, very unpleasant guy to talk to. The pressure here is immense as well. I felt like I couldn't leave I tried to walk out a few times and felt hostage. DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE GUYS MAYBE THEIR PARTNER DEALERS MAY BE GOOD BUT IM TALKING ABOUT THIS SPECIFIC ONE DONT DO IT. YOU WILL HATE THE EXPERIENCE!
The more and more I read reviews it just pisses me off way more. And they have what clearly is an automated apology message replying to people on yelp. I cannot believe I did any kind of business with these people. I'm not revengeful but these guys sure have lots of bad karma coming their way !

Courtney A. | 2015-02-17

Martin is awesome! I had no idea what I wanted, just something with good mileage and a manual transmission! Got me a Juke, in a manual, got a great deal, Martin was so nice!

Robert K. | 2015-02-15

I'm angry with myself that I didn't look other Yelp reviews before going to Universal Nissan.  It was a terrible experience.  It seems that it was nothing compared to what other people have gone through.  I will try to keep this short, and just stick to the greatest hits.

The cars are scattered all over.  I don't pretend to know anything about selling cars, but I don't understand why all the Pathfinders aren't in one section, and all the Notes are in another section.  Our salesman took us up to the top level  and we walked down to the main floor looking at different cars scattered around a dark parking garage.  Some of the cars had info sheets, and some didn't.  None had prices.

Our salesman, who I must say was nice and respectful, walked way ahead of us and really didn't say much.  What he did say about the car we were looking for was wrong (we had done some basic research).  At one point we found a car that we liked.  Our salesman was no where to be seen.  He came back to where we were and took the keys to check on the car.  When we got back to his desk, we agreed to a price.  He went to check our credit.  That took 40 minutes.  Then we went to go on a test drive to make sure it was the car we wanted.  Before we left for the test drive, he let us know that the car we liked was actually a car that was already owned by someone and was just there for service.  Why I ever saw a car that was there for service, I don't know.  Furthermore, it never should have taken over an hour to figure that out.  Lastly, we had already started the process for buying a car that wasn't even for sale.

Then there was a car located at the Glendale branch that fit our specs.  He called over there.  They told him it was at Universal.  He went to check.  It wasn't.  He called again and found out it actually was at Universal.  So he started to write up the paperwork.  When we asked to see the car, he made a call and realized it was actually at Glendale after all.  Confused?  So were we.  When we finally found the car, it was actually a big downgrade to the car we wanted.  But they were nice enough to agree to the same price we negotiated.  No thanks.  We finally left after 4 hours.  What a waste of time.  I really don't know if the disorganization and run arounds were smarmy sales tactics or incompetence.  Either way, it was not a good experience.  Take you business somewhere else.

Zack M. | 2015-02-13

guess what? universal city nissan just robocalled me again.

stop harassing people, you degenerate losers.

Bella D. | 2015-02-12

If I could give negative stars I would. This place caters to a lot of Latinos on Radio stations etc and now I see why.  We test drove a car that had an MSRP price of about $25K (the big paper on the window) once we sat down to negotiate the price (before they ran my credit, no need for that give me a good price first) she gave me a price of $30K. We were like WHAT! Where did you get that price from? She said that's our price. From where? They have this small sticker in front of the car by the drivers side with a dealer mark up of $5K wtf? No dealer incentives nothing! They rip people off.  that $5K is for them no other dealership does this. Trust me this is my 3rd financed car and i shopped around for this car. I will never go back! They try to take advantage of all the Latinos because they don't know better! Shame, shame, shame!!

Mike L. | 2015-02-08

I had been looking for a car from 10k-13k with 0 down and bad credit. Hard task, i know. After getting a co-signer and looking at 3 or 4 dealerships locally i decided to call Universal City Nissan because i had heard how good they were on the radio. They swore up and down they could get me into what i wanted, if not a brand new car! Wow sounds great! Too bad i drove from south Orange County where I live all the way up there to get the same runaround i got from all the other places. It seems to me that they are all talk. I understand with my complications its difficult to get me into a car.. i totally get it but don't say you can "for sure" do something if you can't. It was a complete waste of time, gas, energy and my co-signers time. No different than any other pushy dealership. Will not return.

Juli S. | 2015-02-05

My Nissan Z was smoking and hissing terribly while out of town and I called the nearest service center which was 2 miles from where my car was. I was told their service dept was open until 7:00pm. It was just after 4:00pm. After letting my car cool off to drive it to the dealer slowly I arrived and asked if someone could quickly see what was leaking (sounded and behaved like a hose) as I was to drive home and take it to my own dealer in Santa Barbara since they had recently worked in it. I just needed a mechanic to spend 10 minutes to assess the safety of driving it home.
They couldn't give me a minute to tell me this. They said they would try for the next day and there would be a $130 diagnostic charge. It didn't need that. They were so un-helpful I left and arranged for AAA to tow me and my car the next morning. MY AMAZING dealer service department took my car the moment I arrived - and in 20 minutes found the hose (AC) issue and fixed it. Done. no charge. If the UC dealer had taken 5-10 minutes to tell me it was the AC hose I could have easily driven safely home and just not used the AC. If I were to decide about purchasing a Nissan based on this dealer I would never buy a car there.

Drew G. | 2015-02-04

Starting to think this Martin guy isn't real. Read these reviews tried to contact him to make an offer more than once and nothing not even a call or short reply.
Guess they don't want to make some money or maybe those radio commercial lied. Oh well

Alvin H. | 2015-02-04

I would not recommend this car dealership to anyone. They talked me and my girl into a high monthly payment and when we found that we could not afford the payments we decided to take the car back but Universal City Nissan would not accept it. We had not yet made a first payment on the car which was currently not due for another month, but they still would not take the car back. I see that this dealership is all about the money and not customer satisfaction. At one time I called to inquire about it the person on the other end of the phone hung up on me!! We were promised lower rates and or price within a few days but it never happened. I am so disgusted with this car dealership!! THEY ARE NOT ABOUT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!!

Very unhappy customer

Jacob K. | 2015-02-01

Well. I tried to return my car here because my lease was over. I called ahead of of time and asked if I needed to bring anything and was told I don't need to bring anything. Once I drove all the way here I was told I am unable to return my vehicle without the inspection report. No one would help me to get another copy. I was totally turned away without even a blink of an eye. So un helpful. They did not even try and be flexible at all. They acted like they knew nothing and even the manager was not helpful it took him 20 minutes to even come and speak with me. Stay away from this place. What a waste of time. Lexus has better lease specials anyways.

Callie M. | 2015-02-01

My boyfriend and I walked into the dealership about a week ago and received terrible service. We are two young adults, so obviously we aren't going to have the money for a brand new vehicle. The salesman didn't ask about price or what we were looking for before putting us in a brand new Altima. I kept asking about used vehicles because I know that's all we can afford (I Also went online and saw a used vehicle that I liked) , the salesman totally ignored my comment about a user car. Once inside, talking about payments (because he wouldn't let us test drive anything besides a BRAND NEW altima), he turned rather rude when we told him our payments we could afford. He brought out his manager and they both made us feel absolutely terrible about how little money we make, and said we could afford something worth under $14k, yet they wouldn't show us anything! We left absolutely pissed off that they would make us feel so bad about ourselves. That same day, we went to Dodge in Simi Valley and got a Scion t.C. These people would rather you walk away feeling like shit about yourself, rather than selling you a used vehicle.

Roxana M. | 2015-01-31

I went in about 2 days ago because my car was making a clicking sound  on the right passenger side every time i hit the brakes. So i left my car there and when it was ready the guy said the break caliper was hitting my tire. That i had the wrong size tire. But that was funny because they did my breaks on 9/11 and they never said anything about my tires. Anyways i had it checked out and it turns out that when they did my breaks they forgott to put a bolt on the top of the break caliper. So my break caliper was loose this whole time which was why it was hitting my tire. I called nissan and explained to them everything and i asked him if they were going to fix it and Peter Salas denied to do so because it wasnt under my warranty. I told him it was their mistake and they should fix it,and he didnt care, not to mention that my car IS still under warranty . I asked him how did they not notice it when they checked my car .Then the guy said they never even took off my tire to check what was wrong they just took a look at it, in my opinion this is negligence coming on their behalf. They are supposed to be professionals not amateurs, i mean i thought they were "certified".The guy was rude and said that if i wanted to fix it i would have to pay for it out of pocket.I was really upset because i had been driving the car around like that for about a month i could have died thanks to them and  i have my baby nephew in my car as well most of the time,what if  the caliper broke or fell, obviously they dont care. I have been a loyal customer for about  7 years now. I had never experienced this negligence or this horrible service, I mean isnt a human life valuable to them? Thanks Nissan for hiring unprofessional mechanics.

Mark A. | 2015-01-24

So they say "your job is your credit" thats just a big fat lie only a tactic to make you come and run your credit anyways. Thats what happened to me my credit is really really bad and i thought my job would be enough to get a good deal but they just ended up running my credit and saying i cant be approved if i dont put at least 4k down and the biggest finance charge you ever seen, i was looking at a car thats $15k and the finance charge was also $15k so thats $30k for 7 years.... WOW!!!! So anyways i got a way better deal with hamer toyota with ONLY $1200 down and $1800 finance charge on top of the car. SO UNIVERSAL CITY NISSAN IS A JOKE and i do agree now on what people say about them Because on my experience

Spanky S. | 2015-01-19

January 19, 2015

On November 22, 2014, I purchased a "certified -used" 2013 Nissan Altima from Universal City Nissan and my ENTIRE experience thus far has been a complete and utter nightmare and embarrassment.

On the morning of November 26, 2014, the day before thanksgiving, my girlfriend was driving the vehicle to work when the transmission completely failed almost causing an accident on the 101 northbound freeway. She barely made it to her job before the car broke down. The car was towed from her job back to Universal City Nissan. My girlfriend ended up leaving work early to go to the dealership.  Upon arrival to the dealership, my girlfriend was completely insulted when Deso and Tony Mchaney told her that the failed transmission was "no big deal". I feel as though the transmission failing on a car I purchased 4 days prior is actually a PRETTY BIG DEAL. After discussing the repair process my girlfriend was then asked to provide a credit card for payment for a rental car. This is completely outrageous and unacceptable - my family was greatly inconvenienced by the faulty car that was sold to us from Universal City Nissan and now they are asking me to pay for a rental car?! After expressing our outrage, Tony Mchaney was magically able to get a loaner vehicle without us having to provide any payment. My girlfriend spent 2 hours on the night before Thanksgiving dealing with the incompetent staff of Universal City Nissan.

It would be another 37 days before I would get my car back.  At no point in time between then did Universal City Nissan Parts & Service contact me regarding the status of my vehicle or when I would receive it except for a phone call on December 19th (3 weeks, 2 days later) from Parts/Service stating that my car would be ready by December 24th or 25th at the latest.  The car was not ready and we did not receive another call until January 2nd stating the car was then ready to be picked up. So yes, Thanksgiving, Christmas AND New Years had all passed before I got my car back HOWEVER upon arrival to the dealership on January 2nd, I test-drove the car only to find smoke and a foul odor emitting from the vehicle. One hour later David Simone told me that "fluids had leaked into the exhaust and the exhaust had to be cleaned". One and half hours after speaking with David regarding the exhaust, the car was finally ready for pick up - so in total, we spent approximately 3 hours at Universal City Nissan on the 37th day that it had been in their possession.  When my girlfriend and I got into the car to depart the dealership, the car was filthy. The floors were dirty as were the seats (full of dust, dirt, leaves etc) and there was a half full coffee cup sitting in the center console. One would think that we would not have to spend 3 hours to pick up a vehicle that had been in the possession of Universal City Nissan for 37 days.

On the morning of January 19th as my girlfriend was on her way to work, the car malfunctioned again - the gears were slipping and the car was skidding during turning. My girlfriend arrived to Universal City Nissan at 5:00PM and David advised that there was no information on what was wrong with our vehicle and that he would not know anything until the next day. My girlfriend was once again asked for a credit card to provide payment for a rental. Again, after asking David to understand the complete absurdity that it was to be asking us for payment, the fee was magically "waived" and we were given a loaner. And here we are 4 days before I am to make my first payment on the vehicle and it is sitting at Universal City Nissan AGAIN for repairs.

The COMPLETE lack of customer service is utterly appalling and frankly, I am embarrassed to have even done business with such a despicable organization. I am disgusted by the total lack of ownership and accountability shown by Tony Mchaney, Deso, David Simone, Sunny and Dennis (Finance). I am beyond upset, frustrated and exhausted at this point but please understand that I will continue to escalate this as far a humanly possible before I even consider letting it go. I have already advised all of my friends, family and colleagues of this experience and will be exhausting all legal resources and I will also be contacting any and all media outlets that will listen because Universal City Nissan is a disgrace of a business and they have shown no concern whatsoever for the way that they've conducted business

Filza P. | 2015-01-17

I just stopped by today to charge my Nissan Leaf but only 3 people seemed to want to be of service when I inquired about charging station a young man sitting by Nissan entrance close to In n out, security guard and an employee who started 2 weeks ago ( btw I thing you have a great future ahead of you)
Some of the other individuals standing around need to smile a bit more it's all about perception...

Ruben U. | 2015-01-14

Sold me a 2014 "Certified" Nissan Altima, which had some problems. There is nobody to talk to. There are like 20 people with big titles like "Manager" and "Director", but they're just salesmen. I think they designed it this way to make people think they're talking to a decision maker and then sadly hit a brick wall. It's "real" management's way to wash their hands and not have to deal with a disappointed customer. It's sad. I feel embarrassed for trusting them. Please do yourself a favor and go somewhere else. If you buy here and you have a problem it is impossible to find someone who cares and can make something happen.

Pamir R. | 2015-01-11

What a freak show! ... I have owned many luxury cars and dealt with many dealers and salesman to this day all around the world, I have exported cars from Germany, United Kingdom and Italy. I have never experienced this kind of vulgarity....
The person named Mickey F. who is supposed to be the fleet manager didn't know anything about the GTR except from telling us again and again "it's very fast" "600 hp man" (Which is wrong) So after non finishing nonsense talk and being taken around in the parking lot to see a bunch of gtrs which were all dirty outside and surprisingly inside also ...( he said they will clean them no problem ...) I asked him about the test drive that I have booked.
He continuously kept on avoiding us and finally took us to his office box (after an hour!) ... He printed out the specs of some cars and directly started pushing us in the most vulgar way to buy the car ?!???
I asked him about the test drive that I was there for and he asked about my drivers license and took it to his manager all acting in a hectic way...
After some time he came back and asked me again how I will be paying for the car ?!?!!? Cash or bank transfer ! I told him I don't like carrying that amount of cash with me : ) and asked about the test drive again !? He avoided asking me if I would buy the car now !!! (Isn't this freaky?!) he told me to make an offer to them?!!! And write it on the specs print out that he handed me ....(wtf?!) Then he kept on pushing me like "Are you gonna buy it ? Can you buy it now ? " or other childish bullying things like "this is serious" "let's handshake " bla bla ! What a sad salesman....
Then he showed us the picture on his wall about the GTR nismo sale he made for something like 200K dollars and told us that the guy who bought the car didn't make a test drive (very clever!) I again told him that I don't buy cars like this and I am there for a test drive ...and Finally he told us that he cannot give us the test drive as they don't give test drives in the GTR... After that second the funny guy who was doing 5 jokes a minute and telling us his private jet trip to Ibiza in a 15 million dollar private jet (yes he told us those! while showing us the dusted gtr's that he even cannot tell if they were 2015 or 2013 or the specs ...) became more and more aggressive and rude ...
And finally after that we left that ugly place .... Shocked ... I am sorry about the people who go there and think that they have a good service (probably they have no idea about what good car service is) and I am very sorry about those guys working there and thinking that they are good at what they are doing .... I am sorry but you suck...
You can't even sell lemonade like that in Europe.

K. D. | 2015-01-08

Universal City Nissan caught our eye, because of a New Altima for 16900. The price was excellent!! However it was based on using Nissan Financing and a few other requirements that we did not meet ie; college grad discount etc.... I am giving them a  good review because Mickey was in constant contact with me and actually gave me an out the door price which many other dealerships wouldn't even come close to doing.So even though we couldn't meet on the price I appreciate the effort he put into it!

Monica H. | 2015-01-04

This is late in coming, but I felt I needed to write this little tid bit about my last experience at this service center.
This time, knowing my past experiences here, I came prepared with all my school books, some extra work I had to get done that day and a book. If I was going to spend all day here, I was going to be productive about it. As soon as I pulled in, someone came up to me and ask me if I needed help, pointed me in the right direction, and had me talking to an associate right away. I was stunned. But still skeptical. Then, the service man told me up front it would take at least 3 hours. Okay. I can handle that. It was around lunch time, so I walked down to a pizza place right on the corner and had lunch. It was a leisure 1 hour lunch and then walk back. I went straight to the waiting area where they have a complementary snacks area. Not 15 minutes go by, and I hear my name called. I walk up to the payment counter and a gentleman tells me my car is ready. I couldn't believe it. I must have stared at him with a blank look on my face because he looked at his paperwork and then asked me my name again. I paid and I got my car in less than 20 minutes. I couldn't believe it. I still can't. I was there less than 3 hours. Incredible. I don't know what they did, but its working. Thank you for valuing my time and for keeping your promise time.

Kayla P. | 2015-01-02

Martin, after several times of trying to reach someone at the dealership regarding a disputed check, no one has reached back to us. We were told our check will not be cashed and in fact returned to us via mail. But low and behold it was cashed, causing our bank account to be overdrawn. We called the dealership and they said they would return the funds and would send us our check back. Here it is again a week later and again they tried to cash the check causing our bank account to be overdrawn again! What the hell is going on over there that you guys cannot do your jobs?!

Julia M. | 2014-12-23

I have taken my car to their service department twice and they were helpful and prompt, and friendly. When I picked up my car, I didn't have to wait long. I will be be taking my car back for future repairs :) thanks Nissan
Julia M.

SUE N. | 2014-12-18

I came with a friend and he bought a Nissan Altima.  Not even looking for a car, I left with a brand NEW Maxima!  They gave me a GREAT deal on my trade-in, so I couldn't resist .... and I am in LOVE with my new car :)  Mickey was great and so was the Management team!

I would recommend anyone looking for a good deal to come to Universal City Nissan.

I don't understand all the bad reviews, because I had THE most comfortable and easy car buying experience here!  AND I've purchased plenty of cars to compare this experience to.  THEY EVEN LET YOU RING A BELL! #waytoocool

Shay C. | 2014-12-16

Not very professional, long waits for no reason at all. The sales people come out the gate very aggressive and condescending. When a customer comes in willing to spend THOUSANDS of dollars on a vehicle at the very least make them feel welcome and valued, not like extra zeroes on your commission check.

Steven S. | 2014-12-12

Yelp should create negative stars just for the Nissan Universal City service department. I know it's easy to pick on car service shops (whether they're dealer owned or Pep Boys), but this place is to car repair as the DMV is to modern efficiency (actually, I take that back - the comparison is too insulting to the DMV).   Made a 7am appointment (when they open) figuring I'd be the first car of the day and could get to work on time. When I arrive, I'm told the techs don't even arrive until 8am (then why have 7am appointments???). After spending 15 minutes trying to be sold services I don't need and then being lectured for mentioning I had my car last serviced by Pep Boys, I'm told they won't get to my car until 10am or 11am. I question how other cars can be ahead of me CONSIDERING I HAD THE FIRST APPOINTMENT OF THE DAY but let it go. Wait half an hour for their shuttle to run some errands. cut to 11am, no word from Nissan.  Text my service advisor to get a shuttle back an no response. Call my service advisor and it goes to voicemail. Call the general service number and get transferred around for 25 minutes and then hung up on. Finally get my service advisor on the phone - told no shuttle has been sent and he doesn't know what the status of my car is. He tells me going to their service department is like going to the doctor and you have to wait (not sure that analogy is a winning customer service strategy and I've never waited 5 hours for a doctor but thanks for trying to explain it to me like I'm 7 years old).  After promising to get right back to me, it's 20 minutes later and I'm still stranded in Burbank.  Was just about to post but my service advisor just called me with this informative update: no timetable on my car other than it's one of the next ones and no word on the shuttle. Just requested a Lyft to get back to Universal City and to tell their service department that I'd rather drive a broken car than wait one more minute for their sh*tty service.

Tom F. | 2014-12-11

Aviod this service center like ebola! I brought my 2009 maxima to get a headlight replaced, I was told they needed to replace the entire headlight assembly and would cost me $1200!!! I then took my vehicle to an independent service center who replaced my bulb for $120 and told me who ever said I needed to replace the entire assembly was "trying to take advantage of me." These guys are conartists and I will NEVER go back to universal nissan.

Gloria R. | 2014-12-08

I went back simply because i had spent enough money here and had credits toward a free service. I was shocked at the level of service I received. The guy helping me check in my car was so nice and didn't pressure me for more work. After inspecting my truck he noticed it needed further work and made sure it was covered under my warranty with out me having to ask if it was. He also got me a free rental since they had to hold my truck for a day. I was so impressed and very Happy they even included the oil change service for free and i was able to keep my credits for future use. in total it was a $2,200.00 savings and i didn't have to pay a dime. This surely makes up for all previous bad service received.

Evelyn G. | 2014-12-06

Chris in finance awesome guy got my payment low on a car I love

Chico sales manager the best hooked it up on getting the car I wanted and even tinted my windows  

When you go to a dealer you gotta say what you want not what can you get because I think anywhere you go they can screw up your purchase any dealer you go you have to research cost and etc of cars. So don't get carried away by the bad reviews I can tell you that for a fact. I just love my Nissan Altima 2015!

Chris C. | 2014-11-30

Horrible service went in about seeing a car that they had on there website. Spoke to a big lazy sales rep. He told me the car was in another lot and wanted to do paperwork and run credit before I even got to see car. Ended up getting into an argument and leaving before I got even more pissed. Beware

Amanda T. | 2014-11-25

I completely change my mind about this place. It's not until now that I realized what a bad deal I got and how badly I got screwed over. First of all I was guaranteed some things and I never received them or they made a big deal out of it. I was told I would get free car mats (because my car didn't have them) and my spare key. When I got my car mats they made a huge deal out of it and they didn't match my interior. They didn't give me a spare key, I don't know why I walked out without one. The financing was horrible. I just would definitely not recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a car. Save your self and learn from all the other bad reviews from here.

Joshua B. | 2014-11-18

Called someone at the dealership and CLEARLY, CLEARLY got a description of a promotional car.  When I arrived at the dealership, that employee "Evelyn" was "in a meeting" for the next three hours that I was there even though she said she would be waiting for me. Instead an employee came out and completely changed the deal in a very arrogant, rude way.  Don't bother with this dealership.  You will be dealing with con artists and scumbags.

Mariam C. | 2014-11-14

If I could give this place negative stars I would. First I get pressured and scammed into buying a car that turned out different then what I was promised and no one cared after I signed the contract. I was promised a Nissan Versa 2012 full package but was given a basic one. Check the car before you sign your finance contract!!!! The sales manager had pressured me so much that I finally gave in. Even when I tried to leave they would keep making(yes making, arm on my shoulder pushing down in my seat) me sit down.
Recently my car got to totaled and I needed my Dealer Bookout Sheet for my GAP claim. After being out on hold for an hour I talked to a gentleman who promised to email me my Bookout sheet. He have me his number so I can send him my email address. I should have known it was suspicious. The number was a fake and I never got my documents.
I called the dealership after a week and once again couldn't get through to the finance office. Everyone is either at lunch all the time or dosnt want to work. I can never reach anyone who can help me and I'm still waiting for my documents which are rightfully mine.
This place only cares about money and not their customers. I'm definitely not buying a car from here ever again. Steer clear if these sneaky thieves.

Marvaughn H. | 2014-11-05

11/6/14- update: dennis calls me while im at work this morning after an entire day I call him back 30 mi utes later and he doesnt answer ask the receptionist to tell me to leave a message ! I do so ! I call back a few jours later hes in a meeting ! I just want my FULL reimbursment and never deal with this company again. I'm too the point if he doesnt call and give me good news im just gonna go up there and wait to speak in person because rhis is getring ridiculous !

Let me tell you !! I usually don't yelp . I didn't have a yelp account ! But I made one just to write a review. I was very pleased with the cs when I first got there . I had bad credit so he said find a co signer which I did. So I go get checks from my bank like they asked so I can drive away with the car. So I did . I even received a courtesy ride. They get all the paper work ready for me. My mom wasnt there and she was the co signer so I get taken to her house and she happened to notice that everything was in her name and not mines . So he finally tells us "oh we couldn't get a deal in your name so we put it in hers" my mom wasn't comftarble with that so we declined the offer. Me thinking they were going to void the checks because the deal was off two weeks later I get a $10.00 and $34.00 fee from my bank for a bounced check and of course its from ucn . A few days later I get a 25.00fee from first community bank which is the bank they use to process the checks and a few hours later my babk charges me another 34.00 fee . I call ucn speak with Lea B. Who was so sweet and helpful . I had to swnd her my statement to get my refunds. So after we got that situated she told me dennis would debate how much I get back and im thinking to my self I better get my full amount back there is no debating if you guys wouldve cancelled the check all these fees wouldnt have appeared on my account. ANYWays I had been calling vincent all day left a voicemail and a message with the receptionist and he didnt call me back. I couldnt be more frustrated at the way they arw handling this situation . I wouldnt recommened anyone too come here this was all un proffesional and in convient. Im gonna call dennis again tomorrow and give updates on if he calls back and if im getring FULLY refunded for the fees they caused me .

William L. | 2014-10-31

I have never been to a dealership where they told me to get my piece of shit car out of their lot and have belittled me so badly in front of his whole staff.

Long story short. I wanted to trade my truck in for a car. The website said the car was at this lot. Once I got there around 12pm they took 30 minutes to determine the car was at their sister lot downtown Los Angeles. So they drove me there and waited about 45 minutes only to find out they sold the car. So we go back to the universal city Nissan. And figure out a good deal on a newer model I would of liked. They i spoke to the gm of the store Barry wishengrad and he was making rude remarks of my credit (which my credit score is 698 and pretty good) and called my truck a piece of shit sled. At this moment I told I would take my truck back and leave because he was being rude. He threw my keys at me and said thanks for wasting my time. I was going to finance a car 25k and that's how you treat me?! Then I called him a jerk and he said "what are you going to do about it" in a treating manner. I have never been so disrespected in my life. That's absolutely disgusting to treat customers like that. I would not suggest going here. They wanted to give me a good deal but I would never do back after how they treated me. I was there from 12pm-5pm and they said I wasted all there time.

Saul R. | 2014-10-30

I went in and let the car salesman know right off the bat that I was there to browse and talk numbers. He was a nice guy. Had me test drive an Audi, looked at other vehicles. Went inside the office to talk numbers.

Before he ran the Audi for me I asked him the price. The price was definitely out of my range. I told him there was an Infinity I had seen online so if he could run numbers with that vehicle. The numbers he came back with were too high and I told him I understand since I have bad credit. He asked me if I could put more money down and I told him to run those numbers. Numbers still weren't good so I was ready to leave. In comes Isidro who tried to pressure me into purchasing the vehicle at the last offer given to me. I told him I'm not purchasing a vehicle that I haven't even seen in person or test driven. He then tried to make me explain why I had asked for numbers on this vehicle, trying to make me feel like I'm wasting  there time. I explained to him that any smart person does not purchase a vehicle before  seeing it or driving it. He kept wanting to run numbers to lower payment. I then explained to both the salesman that when I had came in I told the gentleman that  I just came to talk numbers on multiple vehicles and see which one works out best for me. He then went back to his office and make a call to the bank to try and work something out. I should've left then and there.

Another woman purchasing a vehicle was there next to me so we started small talk and I told her how aggressive they are trying to be to sell me a car that I've only seen pictures of. She then told me they were being aggressive and trying to have her purchase a vehicle too. I guess the main person in charge got mad at what I was telling  the lady so he decided to scream from his office to get out and leave. Way to treat the customers with respect UCN!

Should've listened to reviews and not have wasted my time.

Miss C. | 2014-10-29

Universal City Nissan are the world's biggest liars! They will tell you anything to sell you are car using high pressure tactics. They aim to sell the car that will make them the most commission and not the car that will satisfy you most as a customer. Martin Cuevas will likely write a response to this post as a false show of effort to resolve the issue. When you email him, he will NOT RESPOND. Stay away from this dealership.

Robin M. | 2014-10-16

I have to thank Nazario once again...my service advisor. He is truly the best. We had a loner car while mine was being worked on and my boyfriend left his cell phone in the car. It fell somewhere under the seat. Through a couple days of craziness trying to locate the phone, since another customer had the car. Nazario and David (rentals) helped me locate that phone. Above and beyond. They were awesome and I just have to say Thank You to both of them.

Chuck W. | 2014-10-14

They are eager to sell you but when it comes to auto service, good luck. When it comes to customer service, good luck. When it comes to resolving a problem clearly covered by warranty, good luck. When it comes to returning a lease expect a 2 hours wait and good luck.

Finally i would like to wish you all the luck if you step foot in this dealership.
They should change their "Sales Volume championships"
To "worst dealer in the nation championship" i am surprised they have 2 stars. It should be more like 1 star, none if possible

Miss L. | 2014-10-14

I purchased a car from this place 3 years ago and I still get the spam emails & junk mail from them. I've called and asked them to remove my name and my email from their records and I still the mail and emails. & when I moved, they somehow got my new mailing address and now send me junk mail there too.

My car buying experience was the absolute worse and completely unprofessional. And to top things off, the sales guy lifts my phone number off my application (or somewhere) and started sending me harassing texts and calling me for dates! I finally changed my number to get away from them but the mail and emails are never ending.

AND that doggone survey the want you to take, I was getting called and harassed about that for months after I bought my car too. THIS PLACE IS THE WORSE, I wish I would have never gone there.

Ana M. | 2014-10-14

Last week I purchased a 2014 Altima and I experienced nothing but great service from the moment I walked in.  

Special thanks to Barry the General Manager, Martin the Sales Manager, and Edi in Sales for helping me make my car buying experience a pleasant one!!

I would highly recommend Universal City Nissan to my friends and family.

Reliance P. | 2014-10-08

WOW...Should of research first before I was made a dumb ass.....These guys are thugs...not even mobsters. Mobsters have class at least. I responded to an ad about a 2007 Yukon...talked to the guy...he gave me story about that it was his previous car and so forth. Got constant calls...finally made the time to driver 40 minutes there and back in traffic. Show up and they do not even have the car or seen it according to one of their guys...This guy name Martin in internet sales..stat away from him! Scam artist....Actually met the original owner...looks like his two sons took over the business made it grow but somewhere down the line forgot the reason why Morrie Sage started this business. If anyone at the dealer is reading this , which I doubt it ....SHAME ON YOU ! ....DO NOT BUY AT UNIVERSAL NISSAN.!!!! Read these reviews and others all over the internet ! SAD that there are guys out there that forget customers made them who they are .........we all pay sooner or later...the man upstairs will remind you when its your turn ! Good luck getting a loan from him when its your time to go !!

Alma M. | 2014-10-07

Great Customer Service , as soon as you walk in everyone is very friendly and willing to help you . We went looking for a car for my husband and met with manager Chico and salesman Pacheco both had a great attitudes and made you feel stress free.  We never felt pressure and where able to take our time to decided  which car we really wanted . We decided for the Altima 2015 and love it.

Joel S. | 2014-10-01

I was extremely pleased with the service dept.  They took wonderful care of me.   My serv. rep was Nazario Sanchez.  He's very knowledgeable and concerned for your wallet.  I will go back.
     Joel S

Tricia D. | 2014-09-30

I sent the below email to the manager of the Service department and never received a response. I also spoke with a phone representative and never received a phone call back. Major fail.

I had a very unpleasant experience at your service center yesterday. I was greeted by Rami who had trouble speaking English. I was then informed that it would take 1.5 hours to complete a simple oil change. I was disappointed, as my typical oil change takes 10 minutes. But, I decided to be patient. There was a constant flow of traffic going in and out, so when I checked with the cashier at 4:30 and 4:55, Rami was called. Two hours after I had checked in, I was asked by Rami "Nobody came and spoke to you?" I answered "No." I then waited for another 15 min. He came back. He informed there was a broken seal on my engine in broken English and a mechanic would no longer be speaking to me. There was never an apology for my wait, lack of communication, nor a sense of urgency for a simple oil change.  When I went to the cashier, the female left without giving me my receipt nor telling me where she was going. I had to ask her fellow cashier. She came back a few minutes later to give me your business card and receipt.

I then got into my car and the windows and seat were all changed. There are now spots like rain drops on my windshield that will not be removed with wipers. And my "service engine soon" light was on and not one individual had a concern.

In fact, this isn't the first time I've had an issue. I refuse to be seen by Peter, as he's extremely rude and treats customers with inferiority.  He charged me over one hundred dollars to perform a "check engine soon" test - and found that my gas cap wasn't screwed on properly. I spent over hundred dollars for that?! I was upset, but paid. I returned a few months later for the same test and was not charged...naturally, Peter wasn't my representative.

I'm extremely disappointed in your service and will not be returning. I will go to another competitor to fix my windshield.

With unsatisfied regards,

Mina M. | 2014-09-29

I honestly wish I didn't have to write this review. I really truly wish that Universal City Nissan would surprise me with their stellar service.

As I am sure from my star rating- it surely gives away my encounters with them.

1. In January I was in the market for a Nissan Juke. I went to Universal City Nissan as they were my local dealership and was very disappointed. They had over priced cars and refused to give me what I had wanted for my 2007 Ford Mustang GT Convertible.

My car was eventually traded in for 15k at another dealership that will not be named- but UCN only offered me 9-11k for my car. I laughed at their manager and told him he was on drugs for thinking that was a deal I would be willing to accept. (small tidbit of advice, if you want to buy a new car, do research on KBB and print out the trade in values and resell value of your car via private person and dealership. Also, only deal with the internet sales manager- they will help you get the best deal, promise!)

(Funny enough, the car I bought at another Nissan dealership was traded and originally came from Universal City Nissan...)

2. I've been having issues with my rear passenger tire losing air since the day I purchased it. I didn't notice it at first, since it only loses air once a month. I eventually called the dealership I purchased the car from and they told me I could take it to any nissan dealership and they would certainly do whatever they could to fix it, since it had been purchased at the beginning of the year and it was an on going issue.

Guess where I took it? Universal City Nissan. YAAY! (not really.) I ended up doing the 7500 mile service on it and mentioned the issues with the tire I had been having. He said they would check it for nails and leaks and if it wasn't something from usage- he would do what he could to fix it.

When they looked at the tire, the mechanic said there was nothing wrong. No nails, leaks whatever.  He said they did check the valve and they could not find any issues at all. He said if there were any further problems, I could bring it back and they would fix the issue for me.

Fast Forward to a month later-
My air pressure warning has gone off twice in the last month- guess which tire?

I brought it back and mentioned that the guy from before said they would take care of the tire for me, since it is an ongoing issue.

The guy who helped me this time said that tires would not be covered at that they would not do anything other than inspect it for me or replace the valve. I explained that this has been an issue since when I bought the car brand new and was told that it didn't matter- if it was defective, I'd have to go through GoodYear, since they are the one who made the tire. I said I didn't agree with that, since I bought the car in January brand new and was under the impression that there were no issues. If something is defective, Nissan should go through the trouble of getting the tire replaced with GoodYear, since they are the ones who sold me everything in its entirety.

Funny enough, once I got the car back from them looking at it the last two hours----there is a nail they found in tire. (even though it wasn't there when they first inspected it.)  They will not do anything to fix the original issue and have said they must have missed the nail from the original inspection, even though according to them now, it is a very deep nail- which if it is deep, shouldn't the air leak out more than just needing to fill it with air once a month?

I left the dealership upset and will taking it to a tire guy to fix- I refuse to give Universal City Nissan any of my money.

Alberto M. | 2014-09-27

Ever since I bought my car I have been servicing it at the dealer and even though the service has been outstanding,, there have been 2 occasions I was much less than satisfied; once the car left with little to no oiland the screws on the motor plastic cover were all lose, the other time the cap for the power stirring fluid container was left on the side.I suggest you check the work they do.

Audrey A. | 2014-09-26

The service managers here will lie to you and try to take advantage. Office and sales staff were kinder, but service department ruined this dealer for me. Going to DTLA Nissan now when I have to go to a dealership. There, the experience has been much better.

Monique L. | 2014-09-25

I tried to look pass the reviews and try this place anyways. I spoke with Norma first never talked to her again started talking to Uli over the phone he was really nice we set up an appt. got everything squared away as I thought. I was running a little late so I called him and he said he would still be there because he was wrapping up another client. I get there this scary looking guy named same sat down folded a piece a paper and said sign right here. I'm not done I said no where is Uli I just spoke to him they told me he left!!! Uli left after I just talked to him 10mimutes before how UNPROFESSIONAL. Sam came back with this butthole named Ben as I was talking Ben was on his phone then looked up and have me this stupid blank stare and said well you have to sign this paper for us to see the amount your approved for. I lost all cool. I walked in that little office where Sean was yes still losing my cool and I told him I spent money ubering to this place so someone demanded they use one of these multiple cars to take me home because I wasted my time and money from a long day of work. As I sat there waiting in them to take me home I saw another lady going off about the same thing. This place is full of vulchers, pathetic sales people to do anything just to get $1. I am so disappointed and would never buy from them!

Natalie M. | 2014-09-20

I should have read the reviews on this place. I called and confirmed that they had a vehicle they were offering for Labor Day. I live in San Bernardino.  I wasn't about to drive all the way out there if i didn't have to. I met with my local San Bernardino Nissan and asked them if they would do a price match and make the sale. They said they couldn't.  The loss would be too high. 2015 Nissan Versa Manual for 9,999. Nissan San Bernardino were up front. They warned that Universal City Nissan used poor business practice. They do a lot of bait and switch and they also have mark up fees. I called Universal City Nissan and confirmed the car i wanted was on the lot. We drove 1.5 hrs with a toddler. Soon as we get there the salesman, speaks to my husband not to me. He doesn't know what special priced vehicle we're talking about. I couldn't tell ifhe was playing dumb or he seriously didn't know. We drive the salesman to their lot  of cars. He can't find the car. We let him know it's fine. We're not there to test drive. We're there to buy. This salesman got under my skin. He's talking to my husband saying things such as 'she can drive?' 'you need to get her an automatic she cannot drive stick.' I told my husband to keep that male chovanist away from me. I was understandably upset. I don't know how he makes sales with such poor people skills. We get inside. Wait an hour with a toddler in their dirty children's area. My sons shorts were so gross from sitting in their nasty carpet. We finally speak to the sales manager. Another person who doesn't know that they have an advertised special prices Nissan Versa for Labor Day weekend. Then he goes on how this vehicle is a lease and blah blah blah. O informed him that i spoke to someone.  They confirmed the vehicle was on the lot. When we arrived she had gone home for the day. I confirmed the price. The sales manager was useless just like this stinking lot. A big waste of time and money. It was too good to be true. I knew that going out there. The next day i got a call from the person who had confirmed everything with me on the phone. She apologized said that the two men i had spoke to at Universal City Nissan would be reported to a manager. It's funny because the salesman and sales manager blamed her for giving misleading/ incorrect information.  Now i receive an email every few days from them. I'm trying to get off their email list. They just keep pestering me. Hence this review. ...... by the way i ended up getting a 2013 Nissan Versa automatic with automatic windows 38k miles at Hertz Riverside for $12,700 (tax, licensing, etc), my payment is $220 a month (financed through my credit union). I'm so very very happy with my "new to me" car.

Lamya M. | 2014-09-18

Horrible experience.  I wanted to buy a Nissan for my business, gave them the specs.  Emil the internet manager promised 1/2 hour before the car and the deal was available.   Nissan at Mission Hills and Glendale had told me that this deal is not available for the van I wanted.  I confirmed twice with Emil that this deal in fact did exist, he even gave me the color of the van with the specs I was looking for. Once we go there - they could not find the particular van in question on their lot.  Ofcourse they had something else similar but with added features for $ 8,000 more.
Emil - did not even bother to talk to us,  handed us over to Joe (he was a very nice salesperson.  Very polite and professional).  
We wasted two hours of our time-  the first hour we were just waiting for them to find the car on the lot - that we were told is there.

Bree B. | 2014-09-17

Listen to everyone else and do not go to Universal City Nissan. I was interested in leasing a 2014 Nissan Sentra as advertised for no money down and $199/mo, so I called and made an appointment. I explained to the salesperson that because I'm Canadian and have only been living in the US for about 2 years my credit history is very good, but it's short. I explained that I did NOT want them to run my credit report because I needed to be sure that I could actually afford the car before my credit was affected, so I just wanted them to let me know what I would have to pay (I knew my credit history might mean that I'd have to pay some down payment - and I was willing to pay $1000). It was never explained to me that it was not a possibility for them to not run my credit.
After an hour of intense pressuring and intimidation, I was no longer even being sold what I went there for - a 2014 Sentra, no money down, 199/mo. - at this point, they were trying to sell me on a 2014 Versa Note (with manual windows), 2500 down, plus I had to trade in my 1998 ford escort AND pay 253/mo.
When I wouldn't give in to the pressure of signing up for a car that I didn't even want, Abraham, the sales guy, comes back with a folder of credit rejections from multiple banks. He had FIVE banks do hard inquiries into my credit history. This was on August 16, today I saw that my credit score has dropped by 88 points. EIGHTY-EIGHT POINTS. DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE. From good credit to just below average. It's not worth it because you don't want what they're selling anyways. MANUAL WINDOWS?? REALLY??
Abraham did not tell me what my credit score was that day and he did not give me the file of credit inquiries and information that he had taken from me, which I now found out is illegal. He has to tell me the credit score he got for me and to give me a copy of everything that he has on me.
Do your homework and find another dealership that plays by the rules.

Ashton R. | 2014-09-08

Worst customer service ever! Don't ever come here! Brought my car on a Saturday 9/6/2014 around 430pm even though I just bought my 2012 Nissan versa from here not even a month ago and now won't even start! The man David Simone told my even though they don't close till 6pm no one could look at my car till Monday for some reason. I call Monday 8am an hour after they have been open David's not there. Finally calls back with food in his mouth and says rudely " I haven't even looked at it yet" I asked to speak to a manager again he lies and said the manager is not in. "Really?!?!" I said put the manger on the phone he then says " oh it's gonna be a while then" wow universal Nissan your a disappointment to your customers and the Nissan name. Terrible no stars if I could!!!

Mike T. | 2014-09-06

2015 Versa S.
Internet price $9997.
Tax licensing $ 11850.cool .
Handed them a check for the entire amount of the vehicle, they turned me down and said "in order for you to get that price, you must finance through us", I walked out. Very deceptive, and heartless tactics. The one star is for the coffee machine.

Nina L. | 2014-09-03

I made an appointment and went in on 8/17/14
I tried to talk to the guy about the numbers before deciding on a car but he brushed it off and said not to worry because they work with so many banks that its pretty much guaranteed that Id leave with a car. I already had a great offer with approval from CarMax so I knew what to look for and compare to.
The guy was nice during the test drive but was a but of a jerk when we sat down to talk financing. He criticized and questioned the details I wanted in a car and told me what I wanted to pay was unrealistic. Then another guy came out, who smiled the whole time but was a bit condescending  and he also told me that I cant expect to get what I want with my credit. I mentioned the CarMax offer and they started talking bad about CarMax and the type of car I was approved for there. They basically tried to talk me out of my good deal at the other place and tried to get me to get one from them instead.
He kept telling me he wanted to help me and was doing everything he could but he needed me to put more money down and he was willing to give me an extra 45 days to  get double the amount I had. He also tried to get me to agree to payments that were $100 over what I wanted and was offered at CarMax. They tried showing me other cars without the things I wanted like the technology package or leather seats. They said I didnt need those things and wanted me to pay more for a car that had less!
After four hours I told them I had to go because I had to get my son and they insisted "just 10 more minutes" and took half an hour before I walked out.

Then to top it off, when I had made my appointment online the site gave me a code to get a free Amazon gift card for test driving. I didnt really care about it at the time because based on what they say in the commercials (on power106) I honestly thought they could give me a better deal than CarMax. After a week I sent the salesman an email asking about the card and I got no reply. I sent him another email over a week later and still no reply. I guess they are mad because I didnt agree to what they wanted but they shouldnt promise things they dont intend on granting.

I got my car from CarMax and I wish I had never went to UCN and wasted my time there. The experience at CarMax was completely different, I would recommend CarMax to everyone! They approved me over the phone in less than 10 minutes so I wouldnt waste time or gas going down there!

Mickel F. | 2014-09-02

I went to universal city Nissan to buy Altima & every thing  great sales & service
I recommend this place for all my friend all the people helpful & nice I'm so happy with my car

Anthony T. | 2014-09-02

So... I have a 350z. Beautiful car, kinda ruff to ride. Finally paid off. Got it used.
5 yrs ago. Been keeping it serviced regularly.
but something happened recently... Something that i thought made me stray from the regular guys i utilized: Japanese Car service on 11100 Burbank Blvd. ( two guys who used to work for Nissan opened their own garage and do AMAZING WORK) Because my " Check Engine"Light came on and the difficulty i was experiencing with my car: It felt like i was riding a jalopy from the 70's. The issue was RPM. and i felt that since it was a check engine issue - i would take it to the big boys.  My regular guys had re- set the computer and the issue had returned.... so I though: The dealership: the guys who actually create, repair own sell eat breathe and sleep nissan. I'm sure there are even a few babies that rely on the professionalism of the salespeople, service men and woman and the multitude of players employed at this facade of a dealership, representation of Nissan.
.... Buckle up kids...
So.... I bring my car into the dealership. Actually not the first time. I did bring it in to repair a lock issue previously and even though replacing a lock cost 600.00 (and by the way, my guys at the japanese car service on 11100 Burbank Blvd, Which is 5 or 6 miles from the Universal Dealership, repaired it again free of charge... that's another story... one I'll post on their Yelp review...) ... and no one approaches me. People look at me. I thought if i pulled into a dealership and got out of my car, standing outside of it, someone would address me. Ask me what i needed? The issue i was experiencing.. Instead, I got stared at. No one approached me. People, mostly the men behind plexiglass windows, stared at me not approaching, not engaging, not HELPING.
So, I opened the doors to my car... Removed my bag and stood.... and waited.... and waited... and finally.... one of the gentlemen, after watching them communicate with each other behind the plexiglass windows, both of whom, saw me and SAW me see them, but pretended i couldn't see them or them talking to each other about which one was going to respond to me (???!!! really guys? I know you can speak spanish in front of me and i can almost understand you but body your language is really clear)
After the procedural "sign this, mileage that...etc, etc, etc... I was told that the technician that could address the issue i was having was backed up and that i would have to receive a rental from them - as i would have to leave it over night. The "good news" was that if the repairs cost over "x" amount, the rental was free. Considering the repair of the lock cost me 600.00 it was an obvious "no brainer" that the rental car, or as they call it a "loaner car"  would be free. ... I mean, if a lock cost 600 dollars, my rpm dropping below 100 rpm when driving 65 mph would be costing me a lot more....
so i accepted the "loaner". ..
And waited......
And waited.....
Finally two days later... I got a message.....The technician was waiting for a part to arrive. They thought the issue was xyz (garage talk... they actually leave messages for people that aren't verbose in the operations of an engine as if we should - Something the guys at my other garage, the one mentioned above, they'll SHOW you. ) and that it would take another day or so....
Now, there's a certain feeling of trust you feel when you leave your car overnight for two nights after receiving a call saying the Nissan technicians, the pro's, the big boys, are waiting for a part that should resolve the issues i was having. A feeling of comfort: if the Nissan company, the people who build, sell, repair and operate these vehicles, that an extended stay is warranted. That they'll find the answer to the mechanical issue. They'll resolve the mechanical problems of my Z...... I will have my car back. In it's perfection. I will be able to feel the road with the same excitement i had before these issue appeared....
The next day I received a call. My car was ready for pick up. However:
it was a:
....... what?
you're the clock maker.....
.... and you can't figure out why i almost lost control of my car because the rpm dipped below 1000 rpm when i was on a highway... ( Hmmmm.... litigation anyone...?)


Less G. | 2014-08-30

Worst car dealer ship , the service is horrible I brought my car in for my transmission they didn't even fix it . Instead they said other unnecessary things had to fixed like my fluids like really you guys can't fill them up cuz you need money for that too .  When I got there to pick my car up no one was going to explain anything to me I had to ask to speak to someone . Horrible dnt ever purchase a Nissan at least not from here . The girls at the service desk are rude they dnt know what they are doing .

Angel O. | 2014-08-28

I had my reservations of going to Universal City Nissan after the reviews on this page.  I decided to go ahead and meet with Edi ( Internet Fleet Manager 818-755-7377 ext.2412) I have to tell you Edi put all my fears to rest he stayed with me through the buying process, there was no pressure to buy.  Edi exceeded my expectations, I can't say anything bad about my buying experience.  I would like to mention the following people for all their help:

Norma( Internet Fleet Department) for sitting with me while waiting for Edi and when they were washing my new car and being a gracious host.

David L. (Finance Department) thank you for lowering my car payments not once but twice, you are the man.

Chris G. (Finance Department) thank you for helping me with the contract rewrite, I appreciate you starting 45 min early to help me out.

Edi G.( Internet Fleet Manager 818-755-7377 ext.2412) thank you for alleviating all my fears, if anyone needs a car contact Edi he is The Man!!

Juan C. | 2014-08-28

Had my sheldon's oil change done this week "my cube" and I always make a day of this because when I go they take such good care of me, this time peter helped me, they make sure to exsplan to me what there doing and why, they tell me what I may need and if it's something I need when I should get it done by. FYI the waiting room is comfy and the coffee machine is sooooo amazing. this is the only place to take my baby.

Cindy G. | 2014-08-24

Promised they had the car I wanted and when I arrived they did not have it here. Would not honor the internet price they promised either. Finally came to agreement and financing took forever. Not a good experience.

Andrew G. | 2014-08-20

Worst sales team ever. I've been there in person and they use really dirty, bullying tactics. After speaking to a junior associate, a man from the back room finally came out. HIs name was Isidro. Isidro essentially says this right off the bat: Hi, this is a busy time for us and we don't need your business. We offered a reasonable price and they turned us away.

Then I tried doing the online route and after getting in touch with us, the sales rep sarcastically says that it'll "take a few years" before the Rogue will be at the price we've suggested. That's the price on TrueCar and that's the price we want. What the heck?

No matter which way you contact them it seems like it's a frat house of demeaning and cocksure sales reps. They're banking on their popular location to keep them afloat. Pass on the smoke and mirrors at this dealer. I'm heading to Downtown Nissan instead. Their dealership wasn't as brand-spanking new but at least they level with you and speak to you like a goddamn human being.

Adrine A. | 2014-08-20

I called krista ar customer service and she made scheduling an appointment so easy ! She was super friendly and polite! I'll deff be back thank you krista!!!

Tye S. | 2014-08-19

On Aug 16 i decided to go to universal Nissan after being recommended by a family member, I called nissan dealer and spoke to Maggy a sales rep, she encouraged me to come by and take a look at the inventory, i also explained to her about my credit situation and that i would prefer to wait a few weeks to secure a better downpayment. To my surprise  Nissan has a program where they work with you giving you up to a month to complete a downpayment. Super excited I left immediately after work to catch the evening train leaving downtown la to universal Nissan. Upon arrival I spoke And met Maggy  and she introduced me to salesman Sosa. I explained to Sosa that I'm looking for a Toyota Camry preferably used we found one immediately i test drove the car and fell in love. We arrived back at the dealer to go over the paperwork everything took about four hours. I was approved for the loan but very discouraged when i realized i forgot my check book, the manager agreed that because i was approved I can feel out the paperwork while at thee office and for my convience  he would have two salesman drive the Camry to my house the following day and once the check is handed over i would have my car. The next morning I receive a call from Sosa informing me he was in the front of my apartment  waiting for me, super excited I rushed out to see my new car, to my surprise Sosa is sitting in his mini van alone i walked over to his car to ask him where was the Camry he explained that his manager couldn't get a reliable driver to deliver the car and since he was on my side of town he would deliver me to the Nissan dealer where i can pick up the car myself. Fair enough i hoped in Sosa car to go get my car, we arrived at the dealer and Sosa said  it would take about ten min to get the car and for him to turn over the check, patiently waiting in the lobby eager and excited to get the car i started to become impatient when 10 min turned into 30, i gave Sosa a call and he explained that i needed to leave for my morning appointment. He explained his manager was closing a deal and he was waiting for him to give the ok to release the car, 30min turned into a hour in a half something is wrong and with the lack of communication I'm getting furious and angry I'm 6months pregnant and im sitting in this lobby waiting for my car hungry, angry, and confused. I decided to give Sosa another call and demanded the car or my check back so i can leave because I'm wasting my time 2 hours in Sosa explained to me that he was instructed to bring me another car because the bank changed there mind regarding the loan, shocked and very heart broken i realized that the only reason the car wasn't delivered was because the bank changed there mind they had full knowledge of what took place but decided to still have me come into the office desperate for a sell once i was aware of what was going on i demanded my check back but before handing me the check Sosa decided to go get his lying ass manager I over talked the manager purposely in front of everyone in sight explaining to him that its not fare to lie to a customer and think its ok waste three hours of my time to tell me i was denied for a car after feeling out paperwork when i could have been informed via telephone or email. The crazy part is they new the whole time and didn't give a damn My feelings was crushed and Sosa and the manager didnt care they wanted to make a sale they brought  me some punck as two door Nissan versa trying  encourage me to take it, I denied the offer and proceeded to leave these dealers just wanna make sales and will do anything to do so if they have to lie they way into it and thats exactly what these SOB's wi do and did i left taking the long train back to La very discouraged upset and confused I would never encourage anyone to come here and give business.

Christina L. | 2014-08-17

This place is a joke! Horrible salesmen.

For starters, it is not a good selling tactic to treat the customer like they are inept.

They wanted to sell me a Nissan Versa for $500 a month!!! I didn't realize that I was in the market for a Lexus! What a joke!

These guys are crooks and incompetent.

Hilariously enough, I went on a test drive where the service light was on for the car, and the salesman was like "Oh, that's the tire pressure light." When clearly it was the engine light. So you want to sell a car with some problems and then pass it off as tire pressure?

They tried to force me into a used car when I told them clearly when I came that I was in the market for a new car.

Also, they tried to pressure me into a lease deal. The sleazy salesman was like, "Okay, you can "buy" the car for $10k, and make $200 something payments a month, and at the end of your term you can pay the remaining balance of the car to keep it." I was like, "Right, so a lease." He's like, "No sweetheart, that's not a lease."

Don't come here, unless, of course, you want to be treated like an idiot and pay $8-15k more for your car.

With their shitty attempt at pricing, I could have bought 2 Versas for the price of one!

Shame on you, Universal Nissan.

helen k. | 2014-08-17

Joe ( salesman) exceeded our expectations, made our car buying experience very pleasant, and worked out the deal we were looking for. Joe and his team were very accomodating, understanding, friendly and easy to work with. Very good experience at the dealership!  Thanks, Joe. Helen

Alan A. | 2014-08-08

Worst dealership to deal with made buying a new car a headache. I call setup an appointment with a salesman who says he was a fleet manager when I arrive to the appointment he was busy with a different customer ok whatever they have someone else help me I forgot his name but I will never forget his face straight trash for a man long story short he kept wanting to sell me a more expensive car than I could afford and when I didn't sign because I wasn't able to test drive the car he made a remark saying I didn't sign because of his skin color and race insinuating I was a racist thats when I knew they weren't going to get my business he said that cause I am a latino and he was Arabic the reason I didnt buy its because you dont listen to your clients quit trying to sell me what you want to sell and sell me what I want to buy.

John P. | 2014-08-06

0 STARS!!!!!!! This has to be the WORST place to EVER get a car. The people at Universal City Nissan are all scam artists!!!!!!!!!!! Been dealing with an issue since mid April- it's now August 6th- and I get people hanging up on me, acting like they don't know what I'm talking about, transferring me to a ton of different people who don't know how to help, acting like they don't know other co-workers, then they say things like "oh yeah.... Hmm, yeah never got around to it"!!! Worst attitudes I've ever dealt with. Never ever ever get a car here. This is a horrible business and it needs to be shut down.

T. A. | 2014-07-31

Salesman was misleading. When my fiance called he was told they had 4 different colors of a certain vehicle in stock that we wanted to buy. When we went to meet with him he claimed all they had was one color which was god awful and not any of the colors we told him we wanted. The shady part about it is that the website says they have at least 3 other colors even today. Details like these are important when you're in the customer service field. The salesman did not even try to right his wrong, he simply said "ok" when we were not pleased with the car and hurriedly walked away. It was obviously not where we needed to be. We ended up at Nissan Downtown LA and they treated us very well and we left with the car I wanted.

Diana V. | 2014-07-27

I bought my car at this dealership about a year and some months ago. First off, they didn't have anymore spare keys for my car so I had to return a different day. I'm an understanding person so I was totally okay with it. Here is where it got irritating, I go in to get my spare key but the guy couldn't program it to my car. He tried and couldn't and since it was almost closing time, I was advised I'd have to return again. On top of that, whatever the guy did to try to program the key messed up the program that allows me to open my door with the button on the door handle. So I go back a 3rd time to try and get my spare key fixed and finally I get it only to find out when I get home that it doesn't open my car!!!! Are you kidding me? So on top of not being able to open my car with the little button on the handle, which is a super convenient since my keys are always buried in my purse somewhere, I don't even have a spare key. To this day when I go in for my service and explain the situation, nobody seems to care to resolve the issue. It is always brushed off and all I'm ever told is to make another appointment to see if they can do anything. I also work in customer service so I know the difference between good customer service and a crappy one. Needless to say, if I didn't have a service plan there, I'd NEVER go back to that place. I feel like an inconvenience to the workers more than a paying customer. This is my first car and it definitely has me reconsidering ever getting a Nissan again. Get it together fellas.

Maxine B. | 2014-07-22

We needed to use the fast charge on our leaf but found a non EV car 'parked' in dedicated space. The manager related a message that a customer was parked there nor would that person be searched for to be asked to move the car so we could use the fast charge machine at our expense. Not good management nor good service.

Gene J. | 2014-07-19

Update!!!!! Guess who calls me?? The GM of Universal City Nissan. After phone tag marathon. Barry (GM) your people need to take phone messages seriously and relay them to the right people. Your Management staff needs to get off their thrones. Its all about customer service. On Friday night I watched at least three customers walk out because of no customer service. Your people need to acknowledge each customer. Give me a call for a small fee I will show your people how customer service works and increase your sales. I know Universal is number one but from my observation you could do even better. Well that tirade was off subject. The real reason for the review is thanks to a honest person named Tony telling the GM the truth. Universal City Nissan honored the original agreement.  Now thats how you do business. Fair, honest and willing to make a customer happy.Thanks to Tony, Mickey and Mauricio, my wife and I are happy customers.

Jina R. | 2014-07-18

Attention ,Attention, Stop taking your  cars to this dealership 'service department, unless they fix their problems with the service men.   I bought my car on 2007 and paid extra money for original warranty+2yrs . Everything seemed okay except that my service man  peter  was asking for breakfast, lunch, or cuppuccino
,or snacks once in a while.   By the way, he is over weight and that's  probably for all the free stuffs he is asking customers to get him.  Anyway,  the problem started when I bought the second warranty for another 5 years on 2013, which means I have to go there another 4more years and I 've already feel like he kept me and my car as hostage to rip off my warranty as well as  myself  .   he  started to rip off my warranty by changing the transmission and so many other parts for a small problem  when I was reporting the problem.  Last year, Peter kept my car for 10 days and during this time , not answering my call or referring me to others . I was so surprised that his behavior was changed dramatically of being nice and help full to becom mean and taking advantage of me and  my car, after my original warranty was over. When I got my car the initial problem was not even solved and I saw he  changed my odometer and increased my mileage by 5000 miles, I immediately confronted them. His manager Mel  said, "Don't worry he will taking care of it"( he already knew  what was going on and he was in it with peter)and backing up peter.  I came back the next day to talk to peter . I asked him " how did you change my mileage by 5000 ,I didn't even have any problem with my odometer.  This is illegal." he told me to go to my car and talk there,that was the time I put my cell on recorder.  He said I am sorry I wanted to help you .  He kept saying he was trying to help me and I asked him that what kind of help is that? , increasing my mileage by 5000 miles.  I was shocked then he said pls don't tell anyone I have 3 children and started to beg me.   I told him, " I don't believe, you did that  to help me .",  because increasing my mileage by 5000 wasnot helping me in anyway and it is illegal.  I told him that I 've already called consumer affair and I  will take action to stop this scam. suddenly, he started to beg me and  he acted the way I felt sad for him and told him I give you one more chance just because of your children ,but don't do this to anyone. as soon as he found out that I talked to consumer affair,  he changed  the odometer and the milage back to the original, and made up story that other  people made mistake and acted like nothing happened unusual. He didn't know that I was recording him.  I was so full to feel sad for him and I didn't file  the complain last year, however, I have all his words recorded and kept it for the day if he is violating my right or anybody else s out there.   last week I saw he is still doing some stuff, I took my car for a small noise and he is charging my new warranty over$ 3000 but he is telling me that he found other problems that warranty is not paying for it and he wanted to charge me from my own pocket another $500-$600 extra.  I thought not  again I will fight untill I make sure he wont work in service department to rip off innocent people .  Nissan can put him in another department that he can't take advantage of his power.  please contact me if you had a similar problem with peter or his manager Mel in service in Nniversa l City Nissan. I 've already talked to Biller Joe, the director and waiting if she is goin to call me and taking care of this matter . This kind of behavior is ruining the reputation of Nissan and so many honest people who are working hard there to keep the customers happy. Since then, he even blocked me of getting servey.  I really like this branch and not going to change it , but I will help to change the people  who  are treachery, manipulative, and taking advantage of innocent people.  I hope Mr. Sage and his associates care enough for his business to pay attention to this matter.  I will send a copy of this review  to some other departments include consumer affair , if I don't get any response . Thanks Gilla

Todd L. | 2014-07-17

Inexcusably horrible customer service.

I visited Universal Nissan to return my leased car. Tried to make an appointment, but was told by Edi on the phone, "No appointment necessary, should only take 15 minutes.

I was kept waiting for 2 hours, while they tried to find someone in Finance to come down with a release form that I needed to sign. While I was waiting, I was reading all of the negative reviews here, and now I understand why they earn so many complaints. Eventually I left out of frustration. This dealer doesn't know how to treat customers.

I certainly will never be back to buy a car from them based on my experience, and will tell all my friends to never buy a car from them.

Jasmin B. | 2014-07-14

I can't believe how badly these people are. Once you buy a car they ignore your calls and don't help. I've been calling every other day. Cause of my payments and every time I ask for my spare key and carpets along with my interior that was messed up. All of a sudden everyone is busy can can't help. Going to the dealership I have to be there all day to get the funkenn run around. Never ever going back or recommending people here.

Tina I. | 2014-07-06

A month after purchasing my brand new Nissan, I got a flat. Not a problem except that there was a lock on the hubcap. I searched everywhere & couldn't locate the key so had to call a roadside service company to come break it off & fix my flat. Irritated, I called the dealership the next day & the manager actually had the nerve to laugh at me & told me next time I should check to be sure I have it before driving off the lot!

Really? This is a brand new Nissan! Isn't it supposed to come with everything?! Why would I even think of checking to be sure I got a key?

Es K. | 2014-07-05

The worse service experience I've ever had!!! The service dept just sucks here. They are very slow and extremely rude. Took my car in Mon and the diagnostic took them 4 DAYS!! They took a total of 6 days to fix my car on what turned out to be a warranty issue all along and they still didn't provide or reimburse my rental. They really just refuse to work with you at all. They do not care for the customer at all. Oh do I wish I could give them negative points....

Karen R. | 2014-07-03

Honestly I liked everything since the first time I was there , customer service was awesome, and the day of the service James Alvarado was great, he took care of us, arrange the ride to city walk that way we had something to do while my vehicle was been taken care of . Absolutely everything was perfect! My vehicle was taken care of and so was I. I'm a very happy customer.

Jasmine N. | 2014-07-01

Horrible experience. I called the dealership regarding a 2013 Honda Civic and they said they had it there. Upon arrival i spoke with the sales person who said would help me out. I went in and he said he couldn't help me because he was helping another customer. The new sales person came to help me with the vehicle. He took me around the whole dealership showing me around the other vehicles. I told him i wanted to see the Honda. We walked around for 20 min more and no Honda to be found. He said lets go inside and talk numbers. We went inside and i signed for him to check my credit. He came back stating my interest rate is 21.3% and that my vehicle is in service. I said no way is my interest rate that high my credit is good. He said have your mom co sign. He came back saying how my moms credit is really bad and she needs to fix it and a whole bunch of crap and she cant help.
1. there was no need for him to say that to my mother.
2. Why is the vehicle in service when i just called that morning regarding that car and they said it was there.
   The sales person started saying what my monthly payments would be $400 and it was too much. I asked if  we were talking about the same vehicle he said yes a 2010 Honda Civic with 66,500 miles. I said no i wasn't talking about that car. He asked how much was the car i  wanted, and I said 16,400. He looked at me and said I cant afford that. I looked at him and said I wasn't interested anymore. Manager came and said my credit wasn't good. I just walked away.
  I went to another dealership which was Culver City Honda and got a 2014 Honda Civic with 4.9% interest and lower monthly payments then this dealership wanted to give me.
So glad I walked away from this dealership. Service is horrible, they lied to me the whole time, and pretty disrespectful!

Nina E. | 2014-06-30

Okay, so I went back the very next day to the guy whom my honey told me he got the business card from. He was alright. I just wonder why I kept asking if it is definitely possible to use the offer for any car. He said yes. I told him I did understand that the cash back promo was UP TO a certain amount, and so I told him what I needed and I told him to show me options. He patiently showed me options... When we came back to speak to another guy in finance (he was nice too), the guy flat out said that that offer was only available to the Nisaan leaf. I JUST DO NOT LIKE TO WASTE PEOPLE'S TIMES SO I HATE IT WHEN MY TIME IS WASTED. You either can or cannot do it. That is the way to maintain integrity and conduct business. Barry, I did call you even before I yelped, to just report the first incident, left you a message, but I know you were not in the office, so I decided to give it a second try... My experience did not get better. It was just bad in a different way. Your guys tried to help, but even then they should know whether they can give a deal or not from the get go...

Igor G. | 2014-06-24

Brought the GTR in for the 18k mile service which is notoriously known for being insanely expensive. The bill came out to ~$2,000 and what do I find out when i get home and check my oil, it's COMPLETELY BLACK after my 5 mile drive home. They didn't change my oil and if they didn't do that how can I trust them that they changed anything else. Going back tomorrow to get my refund as well as complaining to nissan headquarters. Will never come here for service again.

A R. | 2014-06-21

So after going to another horrible Nissan dealer we stopped here and I can't rave enough about how great they were. It's the first time I'm not kept at the dealer for hours. They gave us a great deal in spite of having huge negative equity on my trade. They delivered our car as we had to leave to pick up the kids and we paid very little down. I don't think I'll buy a car anywhere else.

Elmira G. | 2014-06-16

This is my second visit to Universal City Nissan. I've arrived one hour early than my original appointment and they were still able to take my car for the service. My oil change was literally $10 with promotion coupon which I've received by mail. Plus FREE car wash. Well done guys!!!!

Denise F. | 2014-06-05

Horrible!!!! I just purchased an altima I asked for a 2.5 s and was there all day by the time larry the sales rep finished with us I was tired 6 long hours of negotiations and waiting sunny the finance manager did not bother to explain any paperwork he redid 3 times infront of me and he had the chance to call the bank to try to figure out my final payment which another employee told him to do so then he mentioned to him how much I made in income n said it was closed the other guy said they should be opened then made a weird fa e I felt something fishy was going on I was upset but just let it go thinking I could trust these ppl then finally after all this time my fiance and I got the car it was already going to be 10 pm it was dark and I was tired larry showed us the car explained that scratches were going to be fixed if I bring it in I was upset but just said fine cuz I wanted to get my car and worry about this monir stuff later well turns outwe finally see the car in daylight and the car has had body work already and guess what they gave me a 2.5 not a 2.5 s!!!!!! what im paying for I have been contacting them and they are not doing anything about this I have had the car for a week I am beyond upset and will be reporting them to Better business bureau regarding this issue they have not returned any of my calls and larry said he would take care of it and nothing is being done and to top it off not only did larry say to me but he said to my fiance two different times that he got the wrong car because his manager told him just to give me that one knowing it wasn't the correct one yet nothing was disclosed to me or even a "hey do you mind waiting a week or two for the car to arrive unfortunately we do not have ir in pearl white" I would have gladly waited and gotten rides to work fron my fiance these ppl are unprofessional and careless who do not care for their customers I will make sure everyone knows of my experience with these horrible people and I am definitely contacting The Better Business Bureau and any one else thar I cqn to get this matter solved you do not do this to someone and get away with it. No morals and unethical bunch of people!!!!

Ezra S. | 2014-06-03

Went in to buy an Altima and negotiated a great deal, so I thought. I spend 3 hours going back and forth negotiating with different level managers. What a waste of time. When it came to draw up the paperwork they backed out of everything they promised. Don't waste your time!!!! Would not recommend to anyone.

Mark V. | 2014-06-03

Someone has clearly done an efficiency and customer service analysis of the service dept. at this dealership, because every little detail to make a customer feel welcome and appreciated has been addressed.  From getting in the gate, to the greeting and recap of past service by the sales rep, to the low pressure atmosphere, to the text message confirmation after drop off, to the kind attention while waiting, the free coffee and popcorn, and even the courteous cashier's booth.  I thought this type of customer service had gone the way of the dinosaur, but you guys are top notch.  Amazing job.

Aimee S. | 2014-06-03

Blood sucking leeches ... the lot of them.  Received calls from them every day last week because i expressed an interest on a used car I had my eye on with a good price.  I also received an email stating I can trade in my old vehile for a newer one even if I still owe.  So of course what do I do ... I deced to go there on a Sunday afternoon only to be treated like a complete degenerate. Not only did I waste my perfect Sunday afternoon, I was made to sit in the lobby for nearly two hours with the impression that I was going to go home with a new car.  Instead I sat there like am imbosile without anybody asking if I was "ok," or if I "needed anything ..." Even the associate I test drove the car with didn't come by to check up on me to let me know what the progress of the paperwork was going.  The associate was a complete moron anyway because he didnt seem to care to help me and to boot there was a major language barrier.  With that said, near the end of the 2nd hour some sales mgr, not the associate, came up to me finally telling me that they think the approval isn't going to happen because the banks were closed! Duh jack ass it's Sunday! What banks are open on Sunday?! Did they really have to make me sit there that whole time to tell me something so simple?!  So they said they'll take down my name, number, and they'll call me on Monday to let me know what the progress is.  It's Tuesday today and yet I have not received a phone call.  If that isn't unprofressionalism I really don't know what is. I expected more from these people but like all car dealerships, they fit right in with the rest of the blood sucking leeches.

Dave R. | 2014-06-02

My update on this is that e-mails and phone calls have been ignored. Never  a reply to e-mail or call.  Barry has my new address and I'd like to hear from him.  

Just imagine if this was the bearings on your car, or the engine.

Victor S. | 2014-06-02

The service was not good at all. We were supposed to meet with Evelyn, and she never came down to greet us. The wait for everything was really long, for example just to run a credit check it took 30 minutes. We kept getting switched around in terms of the person attending us. To be honest the only good person who attended us was a man named Michael. Other than that the service was horrible, no one listened to what we wanted, it seemed as if they didn't want to sell us a car. Shame they lost a customer and maybe even a couple more.

Wendy P. | 2014-05-29

Worse customer service ever! I was in touch via e-mail with the internet & fleet director Andy Maleki. I can't imagine what type of service I would get from the internet department if the own DIRECTOR gave me crappy service. I e-mailed him 4 times out of those 4 times he reply 1 time... I asked him some questions about a deal I wanted to do, all he had to reply was"NO I don't have a better deal for you" plain and simple....I should have known not to go there base on their YELP reviews.....No wonder they only have 2 stars out of 224 reviews.... I'll just take my business to Downtown Nissan, at least they have 4 stars....

Jerry W. | 2014-05-28

very pleased with the customer service. took my car in for its first oil change and had a cracked license plate bracket and they replaced it and the frame for free. recently brought in my altima for a recall issue and they were efficient and prompt

LA U. | 2014-05-16

Abraham was awesome at negotiating a GREAT deal for me. THANK YOU!!
Jose Escobar (sales consultant) was very helpful as well and answered all my questions.

Stephani R. | 2014-04-28

I'm jumping on the band wagon.  This is the WORST dealership I have ever been too.  First they tried to completely rip me off when I went in to buy a car.  Tried to make me pay $2,000 down and then $500 a month on a lease for an Altima.  He wouldn't even try to negotiate with me.  I told him he was crazy and I could lease a Mercedes for less than that.  I finally got my car through a broker for almost have the price.  Then my car had 3 recalls on it.  I took it to their service department because it's the closest to my house.  They kept my car over night and when returned to me, NOTHING was fixed. I asked them if they even check their work when they are done and his response was, We just check to see if the sensory lights work and go with that.  What a moron.  I will NEVER take my car here again.  Glendale Nissan only from now on!

Allie C. | 2014-04-28

Amazing! Uli and YL took such great care of me and I love my new Nissan Rogue!!!

Rosawan R. | 2014-04-24

This is our second lease of a Nissan LEAF and we only work with Edi Gaser from there and Wael for financing. Nice experience and Edi and Wael are great. They was nice even at 11pm at night!

Shishir S. | 2014-04-22

OK, so I decided to re-visit the dealership for another test drive (a rogue this time) in spite of my first experience. (in part because it was the nearest, right next to my home).
And I was blown away by the awesome service offered by Ray.
He is a great manager, excellent sales guy with good knowledge and patient with all your questions.
Funny how you get two totally opposite experience from the same place.
My reco - visit on a week day. weekend may be really busy.

Jan W. | 2014-04-06

I very unfortunately took my Nissan Altima in to Universal City Nissan for a flashing Brake light last Thursday to make an appointment.  Jaime the service writer told me they could get it in right then to look at it.  He said he would have someone take me home and pick me up when the car was ready.  I was thinking well this is a great service and off I went.  Jaime called me a few hours later and said when the tech looked at the car they found a leaking oil  seal that would be under warranty but they couldn't fix it that day and would be glad to pick me up and bring me back and give me a free rental car.  So again I thought what a great dealer and back I went to pick up my rental car.  When I got there they said they needed my insurance card for the rental and they would take me to my car to retrieve it.  So I got in a Nissan Cube and drove around 3 service bay's and a four story building that they use for car storage for over 35 min until I got car sick from going around their entire area twice looking everywhere for my car.  Went back to Jaime and said we looked everywhere and could not find my car and he took off to look for it for another 30 plus minutes while I wait.  I finally went over to the rental guy and said can't you use the insurance app on my phone and he agreed and brought down a rental car.  Then I realized I needed my employer's house key which I needed off my keys that were in the LOST CAR.  WAITED TWO HOURS FOR MY CAR. Finally the service tech which they had been calling who they said took it on a "Test Drive" really finally drove it in and I got the key and left to lick my wounds of waiting and asking where my car was. Walked into the "Service Manager's office and was told by her she was on the phone and waved me off. After standing in front of her glass office waiting  I never spoke to her as she never came out of her office to speak with me about a missing car for over TWO HOURS!!
WAIT IT GETS WORSE!! The next day Jaime leaves me a message that my car would be ready to go at 3:30.  I called back to tell him that car needs to be sitting right there in the service area for me to pick up after waiting Two Hours the day before. After the second time calling and being ON HOLD for ten minutes I called again and just the UNIVERSAL CITY NISSAN HOLD MESSAGE  play on while I drove there FOR OVER 20 minutes. I held up my phone to the Cashier and showed her I was on hold for over 20 minutes and she looked down and there was my call blinking on her phone.  She said let me take you to the Service Manager and took me to the office where the "Service Manager" blew me off the day before and there was a man Service Manager Mr. Melvyn Lemus who was honestly very concerned when I held up my phone and I was still on HOLD for about 30 minutes at this point and when I advised him about my missing car and me waiting for two hours the day before.  He demanded my car be brought around asap and when it got in front of his office he checked the mileage and found out my MISSING CAR WAS DRIVEN ALMOST 60 miles by someone as they write the mileage in when you bring the car in.  SO BASICALLY SOMEONE (WE THINK THE SERVICE TECH) STOLE MY CAR FOR TWO HOURS AND USED UP MY GAS.  Is this just crazy or what?  The nice Mr. Lemus bought me some gas and said he was going to get them all in his office and get to the bottom of it.  But I course I will never know where my car was taken for two hours while I waited and waited for it.

Me Y. | 2014-04-02

When first looking to buy a new car I was curious to see what kind of deal I could get here after hearing so much on power 106. I went down there and the moment I got there people were being rude and not friendly at all. When I finally got attended, one of the sales people took me around looking at their inventory. After a few minutes we went in to check my credit and what do you know, they told me that I was a ghost and I didn't exist and if they got me into a car it would be at high APR and I would need to leave a HUGE down payment(only got approved for 8 grand) After being insulted I left and through some advice from a friend I went to Carmax. Everything went so much smoother and guess what! I got approved for $50,000. Universal city nissan is useless and the sales people are not friendly at all. Go anywhere else but here. I would go as far as to say craigslist is better than universal city nissan.

Louis H. | 2014-04-02

The service was great, people were nice. Bought a 2014 Nissan pathfinder, happy with the SUV, especially because of the price. $24,800.00 no other dealer had that price. The reason it's not 5 stars, our helper Anderson told us to drive the car out the lot and put it back in since we couldn't take it out the same day because it was to late. When he said that I felt they were desperate to sell. Other then that we walked away happy.

Silvia S. | 2014-04-01

If you own a Nissan and you need to service  your vehicle I highly recommend NAZARIO SANCHEZ. He is the best service department Rep. make sure you make an appointment with him. He will take care of every single detail and he will make sure your car will get the service it really needs. Great customer service, very friendly and very professional. if it weren't for him I wouldn't service my vehicle there.

Hidup C. | 2014-03-23

I just bought a car nissan Altima from this dealer and this is the first time buying.When I arrived on that place ,my sales representative was Roberto Landaverde.He help me trough the process, from the beginning till finally I bring my new car at home. He's so helpfull n answer all my question that I need . He gave excellent service.I totally recommend this guy.

Brandi R. | 2014-03-20

I am torn on this place.  I dealt with Lawrence, a guy in Finance I want to say is Steve, and then Ernesto for signing.  All in all it was a 3 hour process from test driving to leaving.  I think if you go in with expectations and not budge you should be fine.  This place is about volume, all their signs said #1 volume dealer.  I don't think that they "care about you," they are about selling cars, it's a business.  So go in with a business mind, not a mind that they will help you save money.

*Lawrence is great.  He was so nice and helpful, glad he gets commission from the sale.  If you can weed through the 8  guys standing out front to deal with him I would.  I won't talk to another salesman there.  And they clearly won't help you/get you a water bottle if you have a salesman already (not very customer service friendly).

*Finance guy was ok, wouldn't listen to what I wanted though.  "I need navigation" For this price I can get you the S but there is no navigation "Finance guy I need navigation"  The best I can do is price X, but there is no navigation "Look me in the eyes, I only want a car with navigation, are we good?" And a third time, what about the S model it's great, just no navigation.
Seriously had it not been for the person with me I would have flipped and walked out.  Finally he came back with a price I liked but with the deal that it had to be on the car I test drove, which I thought was cheap.  But I needed a car and I needed him away from me, so we had a deal.

*Ernesto just told me to keep signing, I asked what it was and he would explain and then I would sign more.  He did do the upsell for the car service which was annoying, I thought at that point I should be done with the selling and just wanted to sign and get out of there.

Karin S. | 2014-02-28

The sales team did not follow through with the agreed-upon promise. They failed to deliver & showed no concern for being deceptive. Monday feb 17th. I was on my way out of the house to purchase a vehicle that I spent 4 days looking for and negotiating until I received a phone call from a salesman (Steven) from Universal Nissan. Steven excitedly reported that he will beat my best price, and sure enough he quoted me $400 less than what I was going to pay. I made sure to go through the specifics before I headed over. He reported that he had the specific vehicle, make/model/color/year that I requested. This was a 2 hour drive for me, but for $400 less and an offer of 2 free oil changes, I thought I couldn't pass up on this offer. I changed my plans and was on my way to Universal City Nissan. When I finally arrived, and after a 2 hour drive, I had to wait another hour in order to finally meet Steven. He introduced himself and was yet again on his way. I waited patiently time and again as he asked questions about the vehicle. He later informed me that he did not have the vehicle there, and a few minutes later walked me out to the structure to show me the car. The vehicle was filthy. I once again remained patient as we returned to our seats. He came back and asked to run my credit. By now, Steven had not gone over any car details, no crunching of numbers, nothing. I asked him what year the vehicle was, and to my surprise it was not the year that I requested, nor what he promised. When I brought this to his attention, he responded who, "So what's the difference?" I was immediately shocked by the unprofessionalism exhibited by Steven and the staff at Universal City Nissan that I requested to speak with a manager. To my misfortune, I met with Barry the general manager of this facility. Barry and the sales team continued to dismiss my complaint. Barry's demeanor and language were nothing short of condescending. He did nothing to relieve my discontent with having been deceived, and only escalated my frustration with the service at Universal City Nissan. I was shocked by how a corporation could not only be deceptive, dismissive, and condescending to customers, but to outright even remain in business. When I made it home, I looked through the reviews on Universal City Nissan, and to no surprise, each rating had been worse than the last. Since that experience, I wanted nothing to do with not only that dealership, the individuals managing it, but Nissan the brand all together. I returned to Acura where I have always received the best service. I will never recommend Nissan or that dealership to anyone.
If zero stars were possible I'd put that.

Jimmy L. | 2014-02-26

Again, don't waste your time with this place. Found out they added on $4,000 worth of maintenance and warranty without our knowledge. Had to go back THREE times to get them cancelled. Get this, as we were signing the papers to get the extras cancelled, the finance guy conveniently forgets to give us one cancellation form and provides it to us when I ask. Avoid at all costs.

Btw the response from Barry is nothing more than their way of pretending to care. I called and emailed but  have received no reply at all.

Micaela N. | 2014-02-24

This is the absolute worst car dealership that I've ever been to. The workers are liars and cheaters and they will try to get you to sign things with the intent to increase your amount of payment without telling you. The workers act like they're trying to do you a favor and they pretend to be really nice but have extremely deceitful intentions and WILL take advantage of you. If you are a first time car buyer definitely do not go here they will use your inexperience to their own advantage and you'll be really sorry that you ever walked in.! They promised me one price and had me sign a contract and then tried to fool me into signing a new contract the next week claiming I had to pay more per month at a higher interest and that I had no other choice. Know your rights and do not sign anything but the first contract!!

Lilit B. | 2014-02-21

Monday morning I left my car, got a drive to work right away. Then my dealer, Nazario Sanchez, called me and explained need 2 days to leave my car. I got a loaner for those days. Then I got a call and text message that my car is ready. Staff is very friendly, environment is very professional

Aaron J. | 2014-02-20

I don't know about there sales guys but there service team was fantastic. They took care of my car 's issues with speed and they were just impecable.  My bumper had gotten mangled in a parking lot and a undercarriage guard had fallen on one side and was l scraping on the ground. He asked me about any other issues like both tge hot and cold of.my AC starting to well suck. and took care my 70 tuneup. He even took care of warranty items without me mentioning them. Go talk to David he is great.

Joel S. | 2014-02-15

I have leased 3 cars from here and bought 1. I use their service department for all of my maintenance.

If you're buying a car - go to Uli Pimentel.  
if you need someone in service - go to Melvin Lemus.

Hands down the best two guys in the business.

Katya H. | 2014-02-13

Have been in search of a new car for 6 weeks now. So I have been to 20 dealerships. (& I guess I should take the time to review the really pleasant professional experiences I have had, to be fair.)  This place is so UNPROFESSIONAL & poorly run.  

I arrive. I explained to the associate what I have driven & what I have liked & why. I can now give you the pros & cons of almost every sedan on the market. From this he extrapolated that I would want a cross-over. Wrong! Then he suggested I drive the Altima.  So I get into the 4 cyl Altima & it is not the heavy, European car feel I want. I had explained I preferred 6 cyl.  So we decided to drive a 6 cyl, Altima & Maxima.

2 hours later, after hearing about misplaced keys, inability to locate cars were they were supposed to be, etc. a Manager (Carmen) comes over to me & apologizes & thanks me for my patience. She proceeds to try to close me on a car I haven't even driven.

The right way to have handled the situation would've been to tell me that they couldn't accommodate my request.  &  call me when they had the cars for me to drive; NOT try to keep me there & negotiate a deal.

If you want a Nissan, be sure it's a 4 cylinder if you come to this locale. I recommend you go to Glendale instead.

Todd F. | 2014-01-30

Just purchased a 2014 Nissan Rogue. Upon delivery I noticed scratches on the door. Without hesitation, the dealership assured me everything would be corrected and made perfect. The following day I dropped off my car for the scratch removal and a few other minor things. Picked up following day to find a LARGE DOOR DING that was not there before. I FLIPPED THE F@CK OUT!!! Car is now only 2 days old. Billie Jo who is the service manager ran out of her office and diffused a VERY BAD SITUATION. Within 24 hours the car was fixed and personally delivered to my home approx 45 mins away. I have to say from beginning to end our experience here was nothing short of great. We really appreciate the effort and help we have received. Thanks to our salesman Hossam Hussein and sales manager SAL we will be back again.

Artashes A. | 2014-01-28

False advertising. Not trusted dealer. They advertise for a price and tell you that they have the car in a stock when you get there they tell you that it was sold. When you tell them when it was sold they can't come up with an answer.

Claudia F. | 2014-01-20

Well after the first service appointment the customer service went down. I kept calling the service tech even txt and he never bothered to reply back. Finally made an appointment for an oil change, I get there on time and after waiting for 15 minutes for someone to acknowledge me I was told someone else would be with me shortly. Dave the service tech who hasn't returned my calls or texts finally asked me what am I having done to my truck. I said I have an appointment for an oil change. He says it's going to be at least 2 1/2 hours wait. Wow really.??  What's the point of having an appointment... Very frustrating I left. I will not be going back there because they are so overwhelmed with customers they don't take care of you at all.

Trae B. | 2014-01-16

Do you remember the book "Lord of the Flies"

It's a story about what happens when no one is in charge.

I'm 52 years old and I have only  written one other negative yelp review - which is amazing because I live in Hollywood.  In other words it takes a lot to make me mad enough to sit and write a review.

After finding a Prius we wanted on Auto Trader - I called Universal City Nissan at 10AM.  There are so many Prius's to choose from I told the salesman on the phone that if we could settle on a price and the vehicle checked out - I would come right down and pay CASH!  Repeat - Pay CASH!  

The Auto Trader price was $21,400 -  I told him that if dropped it to $19K and up-graded the seats to leather we had a deal.  The salesperson even got her so-called manager or boss on the phone to make it official.  He said, "If I go to $19K and throw in the leather will I earn your business?  I said does that mean yes you will do it?  He said yes, but that he could not install the leather until I paid for it.  "Fair enough I'm on my way"

11:30 AM - My wife and I pulled into a parking lot and got stuck behind a truck.  Soon a young salesman came out to grab our business.  I told him I was already working with Kayla the sales person and he said it was OK and he would show me the car.  He then got us into his car and we set off on a 45-minute drive through the lot - never able to find the car. He kept offering us water as if that was going to make me glad to be in his car. When he realized we were getting annoyed he brought us back to the showroom and told us the Prius was being "serviced" and would be right out.  I said "What do you mean serviced? Is something wrong with it? No No - just routine stuff - probably getting it all ready for you.  We wanted to believe the best. We were so gullible back then (this morning) we actually thought they were installing the leather seats so we decided to be patient. We wanted so bad to believe that good people still exist, and that honor is not dead.

2PM - After telling us every 15 minutes that our car was about to come out we finally said we have to go have lunch - if you find the car let us know.

2:15PM Sushi lunch on Ventura Blvd. -  Phone rings - "We have it all ready to go - when will you be here" - OK we can be there in 15 minutes, but what was it they were having to "service"  is something wrong with it? No no - just routine check the car is great?

2:30PM We walk into their underground garage to discover the car we wanted, but it was extremely dirty and yes you guessed it - no leather. We test drive it and we are 90% happy - a few dings, low tread on tires, strange sound on the brakes.  He said it was all normal for a Prius. At this point I was ready to give him the money and get back to what was left of my life that was dwindling away at the Nissan dealership.

3PM we go into the "Negotiating Room" for some more popcorn and water - For some reason they just let us sit there. I ask what's going on?  What are we doing?  The young salesman says "What do you want to do" ?  I say well we originally agreed to $19K plus leather, but after the long run around and a few other issues - how about $20K total out the door with tax, license - everything plus leather and new tires"  - He says "OK let me see what we can do - we apologize for all the inconvenience and really appreciate your business".  Finally a woman named Carla I think  who had actual authority comes out and says, "We don't negotiate Internet prices and we certainly don't add leather" -  The price is $23,768 -

4PM  I say -"So in other words your sales guy lies to people on the phone in order to get them down here at any cost"? and she looked me in the eyes and said "YES basically"  she ended our fun day by giving my wife a phony compliment  "I love your wedding ring"

DO NOT -I repeat DO NOT go to this hell on earth - I will never buy a Nissan based off of this experience.  What kind of company allows one of their dealerships to become a free for all.  Its as if no one was running the place.

I moved to Hollywood eight years ago after living in Texas most of my life. I have had many annoying experiences with phony people who are obviously just trying to make a fast buck, but something about a car dealership named after a movie studio that lies to people is a new low that is even more crappy then the gift shops on Hollywood blvd.

Save your soul its not too late!!   RUN DON"T WALK!!!

Michelle S. | 2014-01-16

Wow. So many bad reviews. I had such a good experience, I felt compelled to write a good review. I was greeted by my salesperson, Jeremy, who was not who we were there to meet, but that person was off and we needed assistance, so Jeremy helped us. I am so glad he did because I was incredibly pleased with his services. He was nice and knowledgeable. Even though I had done my research going in, he took the time to make sure that I really knew all about the car I was about to commit to. He was friendly, took his time and made sure we were well taken care of every step of the way. Most importantly, he was honest. No BS kind of fella..which in this game, is super important. I didn't feel scammed or taken and he took extra steps to make sure that was the case. Everything went pretty smoothly and quickly. The price I was offered was different than the price I had found, but they honored my price, so that was not a problem. The gentleman in finance, Adiel, was also very helpful and super friendly. All in all a very pleasant and smooth experience. I left feeling content and confident that I had made the right choice. Never felt rushed, and never felt lied to. Only downfall was waiting forever for my car to be cleaned, but considering how quickly everything else went, it wasn't much of a problem at all. I would recommend others to this dealership, especially to Jeremy, as I said, he came at me more on a personal level than a sales pitch level, and to me, that's everything.

Chad F. | 2014-01-10

I own a 2007 Nissan and drove it here from North Carolina, where Nissan in Wilmington treated me great.  I took my car here to get an oil change and to also repair my undercarriage.  They also sent me a $10 coupon for booking my appt online.  Peter was really nice and we talked about the BCS Nat'l Championship for a minute..  

Within in an hour Peter came to tell me when they were working on it, they realized that the left strut was leaking.  "They'd repair it for free, the part will be here tomorrow, keep your car here and I'll give you a rental for free as well."  My first thought was, "wait... struts leak?"  But, Yes and yes.  They verified the insurance and within about 15 mins I was driving a new Rogue.  

I come back two days later, because they said once it's finished you have 24 hours to bring it back, and still it's free.  So I get there and within 20 mins I'm back on the road.  My bill was hilariously awesome.  The strut and labor was free because it was under warranty, I was fearing I needed a new undercarriage which would've costed upwards of 200 for a new one.  Nope, just the clips.  And an oil change.  Total bill came to be 41.01 - 10 for the coupon.  31.01.  Seriously, I will never go anywhere else in LA.  

Oh and they have coffee and bottled water for free.  And I thought I saw someone with cookies, but I don't eat that crap so whatevs.  Seriously though, it was pretty awesome.

Paula V. | 2014-01-08

Doesn't even deserve a star! Took my car for a routine oil change last Saturday. Dealt with a guy named David, who was pleasant and helpful, he took my car in no problem, he even let me pick up my car late, left a note for the security and picked up my car at 9pm. Now comes the bad part.

Monday night I was trying to open my trunk door and it would not budge. I could not open it, since my car is keyless there's no other way to open it. It was stuck! Called David right away and he was apologetic  and told me bring my car in so he can have it checked in, since it was already too late that Monday night (6:30pm) I asked if I can take it in on Wednesday since I have dinner plans on Tuesday. He said yes that would be fine since he will be in until 7pm. As I was driving Tuesday morning I noticed that the unlocked door sign was on, so I then pulled over and checked all the doors, and to my surprise the trunk was agar but still unable to open, so i pushed it in to lock it. As I continue to drive, entering  the freeway, the light went in again! At this point no way out, was running late to work and unable to pull over since I was on the freeway!! When I got to work I checked and again the trunk was agar, I pulled and it finally opened! But it wasn't locking like it was suppose to. Finally Wednesday! After being stuck in traffic during rush hour trying to get to nissan before they close at 7 per David, I arrived. Another person greeted me and told him the problem, he said that he will look for David, while he out looking for him I saw him, I then approached him and he acted shocked after seeing me. I told him that I'm here because he said that he will be here until 7! And what did he respond? Well all of our mechanic are gone by 6 and it's already 5:45pm!!! (Fuming at this point) I said then why would you ask me to come? He then proceeded to say and I won't be here tomorrow! Again I asked why did you ask me to come if there is nothing you can do? He knew that I would need a mechanic to look at my car since I explained to him the problem over the phone. He apologized and said I only check the car in and out! He could have at least told me over the phone that em there won't be a mechanic when I get there! Finally he took a look at my car and said I don't understand why it's doing this since we didn't even touch this part of the car! So then I said well I brought it in not broken and now it is, you told me over the phone to bring it in and now I'm here. So the  he said let me see if there's a mechanic that can see it, a mechanic came opened and shut the door about 30 times and said nothing, I showed him the other car same as mine and see if it opens the same way, they opened the other car and said yes it's different, well duh!! At this point there's really not much I can do. Went home very disappointment with their service! And this is the icing on the cake! I called glendale nissan to see if I can have them take a look at it since it's still under warranty, and they said they can't since it was universal city that broke my car. Smh!!! Same company different policy, who would have thought! I conclusion, don't bring your car to any of these places!

Toy S. | 2014-01-07

First off...i came here to exchange my sports car for a more family car (per my husbands request...not mine!).  They wanted to give me an OK exchange for my sports car (mind you I got a 2,000 quote increase from carmax) and to buy a nissan versa.  I told the guy that i needed a basic nissian versa and he showed me a car that had NO automatic windows...HELLO....I didnt know that they still made cars with no automatic windows since the 1980's and the No automatic windows basic car was 13,000!!!!  WTF. I happily left in my sports car.  BTW, he told me tim taylor from "Home Improvement" was in the day before me buying a Nissan GT-R Egoist....I told that salesman F*cker..that unless tim the tool man was returning to buy me a fully loaded nissan versa TODAY...I dont give a F*ck who was in yesterday or any day before that.....BTW....I really hate name droppers in LA!

Kathryn G. | 2014-01-07

So my husband is leasing a 2013 Nissan Altima he had to go get it serviced told him it was going to be ready at 4 and what do you know us barely getting to see if the car was ready at 4 he gets a call from john in service telling him his car was ready YAY !! Right on time he's never had a bad experience there always great customer service from every department . Now I don't have a car I ride the bus to work & etc it was not fun at all ..who knew that going with my husband to go get his car I was going to walk out with one of my own it was AWESOME I was excited/nervous for being a first timer . Franco which was my sales person @ the time was very helpful very kind , sweet with great customer service skills !! the floor manager Greg which is another AWESOME person remembered my husband the first time from when he got his Altima found out that he was trying to help me get a car and BOOM what do you know he gets me approved with a great and affordable down payment a nice car with a lot of room for my fam bam !! After finishing with them for like hrs lol I was finally moved to the financial manger who's name was Tyler and was very nice , helpful , kind , & all my questions where answered great .. I can say this is great place for customer service beverages popcorn was provided for my girls there was a small play area where they can be at while mom and dad is taking care of business ! My husband and I continue to come here for our mechanical/warranty service needs or maybe when we need another car ..

Sarah G. | 2014-01-07

Everyone was extremely nice and worked so hard to help me buy my first ever car, and they helped me get my dream car. They were so wonderful it made what everyone told me would be a difficult experience into a nearly painless process.

M S. | 2014-01-07

Believe the other negative reviews.  Avoid this place.  I was lucky enough NOT to get my car from them.  Like others have said they do not listen and try to trick you and make you wait and wait.  I wanted to lease a 2014 Rogue.  The sticker was about $25k and they showed me a price of $28k and said that is what they sell them for normally, but just for me they would sell it at sticker!  Ha!  They would not budge.  The next day I went to Nissan of Downtown LA and got $600 under invoice.  No stress and no games from downtown - they even got the color I wanted from another dealership in about an hour.

gemnilocs w. | 2014-01-03

12/28 I received an email from these guys and usually I delete them but this time I decided" what do I have to lose by going in".... I was greeted by sales associates as you pull in( hates that but understand) to the parking lot. I had the name of the person I was supposed to be seeing..turns out I had two female sales associates..I've never had that before! from the time I walked in, told them what I wanted, told them what I could do for down payment, the shaking my hands to tell me congrats and ringing that damn bell was less than an hour!!  it happened so fast I thought I was getting punked. I had no idea I was gonna drive away in a new ride and trade in my old ride but happy I went down to see the "what if" it was a pleasant process.

S L. | 2014-01-02

Great experience! Excellent customer service from Tony H who helped us with our purchase. He wasn't pushy or intimidating. From the moment we drove in, looking at cars, application, test drive, to finalizing, everything ran really smooth. Only suggestion would be to have coffee cup lids for the fresh hot coffee you kindly provide for your customers. If you do have them, I didn't see any that night. ;)

Nathaniel H. | 2013-12-31

Never Trust Big Boy From Power 106...  Sleazy Car Sales People.

I went in thinking that all of these bad reviews couldn't be correct. I WAS WRONG. I should have trusted the Yelp community. They have guided me to so many delicious restaurants I should have trusted them with my car buying decisions.

1. I was bombarded by spamming phone calls 5 in 24 hours from different people. Stupid me, I thought they were just excited to get my business.

2. I asked them to not run my credit without my consent. what do you know they ran my credit...

3. I have credit alert on my phone. I asked them why they ran my credit? they LIED. They credit alert came back "Universal City Nissan"

4. Being that I have credit alert on my phone (all three credit bureaus) , I KNOW WHAT MY CREDIT SCORE IS. They told my that my credit score was 100 point lower. while I was looking at my credit scores ( all three credit bureaus). When questioned they said they can give me a APR comparable to what my credit score really was. SNAKES

5. They kept badgering me about "earning my business today" but wouldn't give me any specific numbers without agreeing to buy... WTF!!!!!

I left immediately


Robin R. | 2013-12-31

I am updating my review because since I bought my 1st car at Universal City Nissan back in July, 2013, I have bought 2 more Nissans here.
The reason I came back was a sales Manager named Andrew.
When I bought my first Nissan, he told me he would always find a way to get me into the car I wanted. He has proven to me that he is a man of his word..
He is a straight shooter and a no B.S. Sales Manager. Andrew is also a gentleman who wants to sell cars. He always works hard to provide the best deals and terms to fit me and my situation, as an individual, not merely as a number on a credit report. He was as honest, courteous and professional on this, my 3rd car purchase here, as he was on my 1st and 2nd car purchases. I will come to Universal City Nissan for all my cars because I know Andrew will take care of me personally.
Nissan makes great cars and Universal City Nissan provides a great buying experience, as well as a great service department experience.
In closing, I also want to mention Tony in the finance department. He worked out the best financing for protection and service packages within my monthly payment for all 3 of my Nissans.
I will certainly return to this dealership for all my car buying and service needs.

Shawn B. | 2013-12-29

This place is a joke.  It's a jungle in this place, and the customer service is very bad none of the salesman are responsive. They like to waste time and play games. Waste of time I was in there for 5 hours and no progress was achieved.

Josh D. | 2013-12-24

I'd give them a zero if I could. WARNING: only go here if you're ready to play games. These guys play every trick in the book - and they love the waiting game. Keep you cooling, while a bunch of different sales people and managers circle in with their BS. Do yourself a favor and go downtown.

Tanya V. | 2013-12-23

I bought a car from here and I loved the experience I highly recommend Walter Perez as your sales men. He's very friendly and helpful.

Mr B. | 2013-12-22

Barry You are a LIAR!  I JUST received a phone call, 10AM on a Sunday morning from Universal City Nissan.  You guys are invading my privacy and you SWORE to me you would take care of it.  Thanks for NOTHING.

Michael O. | 2013-12-19

Uli was very helpful in sales dept.  he went thru all features and controls, very patient and even after the sale, he follows up thoroughly to make sure we're very happy with the 370Z.

Dennis D. | 2013-12-17

The service is bad ..I mean horrible watch out Carmen the saleslady she will lie to u .. they will tell u over the phone yr approved how much u need and tell u to come down and then the story will twist and turn so bad u just wanna leave ..Joanna is the one that will call u back and tell lies ..Management there is the worst ..I never been so upset..they are all in on the game ..go somewhere else pleaseeee im begging all customers dont go there ... They are not to be trusted

The G. | 2013-12-16

So Barry the GM replied to my negative Yelp review within hours of me posting it. You can read it for yourself here.
I gave him the benefit of the doubt and emailed him directly to explain what happened.  Do you think he ever replied? NOT. SO. MUCH.  Management is obviously where the douchebaggery originates from.  They don't call back, they don't email back. And they only reply to yelp reviews so it looks like they care. They don't.  Seriously people, avoid this dealership. There's a reason they suck on yelp.

April C. | 2013-12-01

I have been looking for a new car for about a week now and was pleasantly surprised at the service I received at Universal Nissan. I got a much better car and a much better deal then I ever hoped to get. The customer service is amazing. I didn't feel " pushy salesman " vibe from anyone. I recommend Universal Nissan 100% if your looking for a nice car and a good deal.

Ishtiaq H. | 2013-11-28

Go here if you want to be disrespected like no other.

I do understand that car business in general is a cutthroat business, but holy cow. I'll explain my story. We have been trying to get two Sentras, one for my dad and one for myself. After putting in requests online for information, we heard back from Naela, telling us that all 2013 models are going out the door, and they will do anything to get them out of their lot.

So, it's Thanksgiving Day, and we go in. We meet up with Naela, and do the test drive. After we decide on one car, we fill out our paperwork, and after seven times of going back and forth, we come to a intermediate price that we all agree on. I give them my check for the down payment, and as I am about to leave, I realize that my "price" doesn't include the taxes and registration, which was supposed to be included. We had talked about it, and I asked multiple times if everything was included. Everytime the answer was yes, until the end, when it wasn't. Apparently, I had misheard, and they can't do that, because they would be selling at a loss then. I am with my dad here, and he's a finance man, and he knows what the right price for the car is. These guys, though, don't stop at just tricking us. They start berating us once they realize that we have caught them in their tricks. The manager, Hamid, is someone you should steer away from if you have the bad luck of going here. Dude is a two faced monster. At first, he was so happy to see us, shaking our hands, and feeding us nice lines. Once we figured out what was going on, his whole mood changed, and after trying to feed us bullcrap lines about giving us the best deals and whatnot, he slammed his screen, because he apparently had "enough of this". I guess the "enough of this" consisted of someone calling you out on your trickery, and then you not being a man enough to fix your own mistakes. My dad tried to rectify the situation, and asked him to do the deal according to what we had talked about. He kept saying that he had done it, but everytime my dad would tried to look at what he was doing the screen, we would see that the same price was there, just put in different boxes.

Anyways, long story short, don't go here. I did, and now my Thanksgiving is ruined thanks to Hamid. Going to Honda tomorrow, and calling ti day.

Also, the salesperson taking care of us, Naela, was crying as we were exiting. The manager Hamid made her feel like shit because apparently she didn't close the door, when it was him who screwed the sale over.

Dianne C. | 2013-11-19

Best Service Dept Manager, Mel Lemus - excellent customer service - thorough maintenance and warranty work reviewed and completed - convenient pick up and drop off - loaner accommodation

Naomi P. | 2013-11-15

We leased a car here with Omar and the experience from beginning to end has been great!   It has been smooth process.

Everyone we encountered has been professional, personable and Omar followed up with me to see how I was loving my xterra.  He ordered side step rails for me and made sure the parts were in stock in order for me to make a service appointment.

I'm here now for that appointment and David in the service dept has been really courteous, confirmed I can get out of here in time and gave me some great tips for my car and scheduling future appointments.

So glad we decided to not go with Glendale Nissan - service matters guys!  Take note!

Mauricio M. | 2013-11-15

They are thieves I just received my statement form the bank and I owe more than the car is worth and not to mention; where is the money I paid towards the car?  Now I have to start a legal action against them!!

Honey B. | 2013-11-15

I will NEVER buy a car from here again. I haven't had a Nissan in years!!! Yet they keep calling me about my warranty or to trade my car or whatever other service they want to provide me. I have told them time after time to remove me from their calling list and I still get phone calls. I can't block them because they call from different numbers. STOP HARASSING ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Nancy D. | 2013-11-15

WHAT HAPPPENED HERE?!?!?!   This used to be the worst repair service experience in the world.  When I had to take my car in for service I would almost cry because it was just nasty.  The people were nasty, no one knew what they were doing, they were disrespectful and rude.  Whatever I would take the car in for, something would get overlooked or forgotten.  I would have to ask them to give the car a courtesy wash and they never did.  I used to curse myself for buying a Nissan.   I started going way out of my way to the Santa Monica dealer but then they closed and I had to go back to Universal City.    My, my how things have changed!  What a wonderful surprise!  They were quick and courteous and, if going to have your car serviced can ever be considered a good experience, this is was it.  David in the service department was excellent, everyone was polite, and it was great. Even the cashier was pleasant  and helpful and that's certainly never happened before. Next time the Murano needs an oil change, I won't put it off until the last minute.  David even had the car washed without my asking!   I highly recommend them.

Gloria G. | 2013-11-13

I have been to other Nissans but this one is the best, I had nothing but good experiences at universal nissan since 1980, I won't go to any other Nissan. Thank you Peter. Thank you Nissan

Sergio T. | 2013-10-22

Scammers. Tell you to come in even after you explain that other dealers say that we should wait for our lease to end. They say that they are the best Nissan dealer in the world. That they can do what other dealers can. Not true. All they do do is waste your time before they tell you the same thing the others told me in 5 min. They also said they would compensate us with something for coming down from the South Bay.  So we asked after not being able to make the deal. And they come back with 2 keychains and a couple stuffed animals. We laughed and left them on there table.
We actually never got a chance to talk to Norma or mark. They set us up with another guy.  Either way they'll end up with our car after lease is over. And we will upgrade.  They are very sneaky.

Brian H. | 2013-10-22

The manager is very disrespectful and aggressive . They claimed a low price to attract you here and then they will show you a higher price. Don't buy a Nissan here

Mike R. | 2013-10-20

Warning, do not go here!
Worst car buying experience ever!!!

Long story short , i called here and a salesman answered the phone named Kayla, (which was pretty helpful) i spoke with Kayla and explained to her the deal i already had in Alhambra, i just did not want to drive all the way to Alhambra. We spoke for about 5 mins and she said do not worry i spoke to the director Marc Scorza and he said he can def meet or even beat the deal we have now, only thing we had to do is bring in the e-mail or text that we had that had that price we had mentioned, i again said Kayla can u please double check so i dont waste my time coming down there for nothing, she put me on hold and came back to say dont you worry he said he can do it, just come on in and see him. So i make plans and get a ride to the dealer to purchase the altima i wanted, Marc starts off by saying please go out and find the car u want and well run numbers, i said NO i already have numbers that u are supposed to match or beat, after a small argument there we go ahead and choose 3 models to do numbers on. He then says we need to run your credit to get the numbers, again i said NO you dnt need to run my credit for a lease, i have a 819 credit score which i know i qualify for tier 1, he insisted he needs to run my credit before numbers, i declined and sure enough He ends up running number and it is exactly 72 dollars more per month then what i had been quoted on a lease. I laughed and said Marc we talked over the phone and u said u could meet or beat the price i had, his exact words to me were " Boss that is a lie, that text u have is not legit, we are one of the biggest Nissan dealers, Alhambra is nothjng compared to us, go there and you will run back to me tomorrow". Calling me a liar????I literally turned around and walked away, waste of 2 hours of my time. I went to Alhambra and got the altima i wanted at the price i was quoted.

This place is a scam, they will say anything to get you through the door and try to sell u something you dont want or need. Liars, con artists!

Ps: Marc i did purchase it at the price i stated, i will send you an e-mail "boss" for you to see that the text was legit and was 72 dollars cheaper then you were scammer

Louise S. | 2013-10-16

It was amazing how much QUALITY time they were willing to put into the entire process with myself & my boyfriend. I've bought several cars before and this was the 1st time I left the dealership understanding all the aspects of the negotiations/contract/the whole process. These two things combined made for a very genuine interaction that despite the few flaws, I would come back and buy from here again or recommend friends and family. Also shout-outs to Edi, Andrew & Mauricio... VERY personable guys! ...they didn't give the sterotypical car salesman personality and thats probably the main reason we stuck it out the 6 hours there and left with a car! :)

Cory R. | 2013-10-11


Julian, my UCN rep, was organized and prepared.  He understood what the issues were with my Pathfinder and made sure that they were all addressed at what I feel was a fair price.  I was provided a loaner so I could go about my daily activities.

Aron R. | 2013-10-03

I wish there was a zero star rating, that is what I would give this place. Horrible horrible treatment here. They disguise it with drinks and popcorn but the truth is, they care nothing about helping you, you are nothing but money to them. They wasted my time TWICE, after the first time, I told them I didn't want my time wasted a second time just for them to waste my time again. "Moe" assured me that they had looked at my file (lie, they had NOTHING on file, I had to give them ALL my info AGAIN) he told me he didn't know why they let me leave without a resolution the last time. I gave him the info and why they said they couldn't help me. "Moe" said, "we can help". LIAR, they could NOT help. After keeping me waiting for almost two hours, they came back and said EXACTLY what he said before. Then has the audacity to ask me if I want ANOTHER car and if I'd consider not doing a trade in, just a purchase. This is after I told them I was trying to get out of a very expensive lease that I could no longer afford.
These people do NOT listen, nor are they respectful of your time. DO NOT GO HERE! No amount of popcorn and free watered down coffee will give these people any morals.

Lauren B. | 2013-10-03

I thought I would review on the first birthday of my car. Keep in mind, this is my experience buying a car with a crippling kidney infection, and you should be at full Indiana Jones health to deal with these snakes. (fun fact: the first place I went in my new car was to the hospital.)

I had been shopping for cars after a few months of sharing my boyfriend's car with him, months that made us both want to kill each other. This was a necessary purchase. I had talked to a few dealerships, test-drove several models and had come to a decision. Since I didn't fit in my first choice, the Honda Fit (oh, the irony), then I was going to go with the Nissan Versa. It was in my budget and they were having a deal for students to get a really low interest rate. That alone was enough to draw me in. After a lovely preliminary experience signing some papers with the first guy--can't remember his name for the life of me--I was thrown to the worst, most manipulative finance guy. Seriously. Think Michael Douglas in Wall Street. (Obviously, I was getting sicker by the minute and should not have been participating in a transaction where in moments I would part with thousands of dollars, but what can I say? I am a determined lady.) His name was Sunny and if you consider buying a car at this establishment steer well clear of this man. I told him probably a hundred times that I didn't want any extra warranties, the factory warranty was just fine with me, but somehow he sold it to me anyway. My boyfriend and I were confused the whole time why we were getting swindled, and that was it! He was trying, like any car salesman does, to upsell me on something I didn't want. At all. And had told him this multiple times.

Anyway, long story short we drove away in a new Nissan Versa that has had more mechanical problems than I care to lay out for you. It's been awful. If I could have done it over, I would have jammed myself into the Fit and said to hell with it.

PS. The service center workers are kind and courteous, but the service itself is nothing short of abhorrent.

Rachel C. | 2013-09-30

UPDATE: Was going through my voice mails, and I apparently missed a call from the GM Barry? He left a message stating that he looked up the situation and at this point basically they are ordering the part and asked me what I would like him to do. Very cold and uncaring about this situation I have been going through. Sad to think what the owner would be thinking right now. Universal just plain sucks.

Captains Log Day 12: Still have a car that has parts that need to be replaced. Went in on the 25th and was told they would order the part I needed replaced and that it would be there no later then Friday and to just come on down and they will take care of it. So on Friday I went down to Universal City, just to find out they didn't get the part in and had to order it from another vendor. When I asked why they wouldn't call me and let me know, the girl stated they sent a postcard. Which makes NO sense. You are suppose to get a part in on Friday, Friday comes, and you send out a postcard that day!? That wouldn't make it to the customer in time at all. A phone call would suffice, and I told her that they need to call the customers not send postcards. Her response " I know how to do my job because I work here and we send postcards."

I NEED THIS YEAR TO GO BY FAST. I need to get out of this car.

** I originally had a long post about my horrible experience. But I will sum it up here: Do NOT come here unless you want to purchase a car that will need to be brought in multiple times to fix major parts within the first 2 weeks. No one is there for you except one service person, that is John. No one care about your business, just your money. If I would have known what type of people I was helping out, I would have turned around and left. Never in my life will I be back here after I deal with my car problems.****

Sam S. | 2013-09-18

they lied and did not honor their word. i told them if they did not honor their word i would write a review abt my experience on yelp and they said ok! so here it is. are you ready??

i called keira in the online dept and told her EXACTLY what i was looking for and the price i wanted. i said if she could not meet that price, no big deal, i would move on. she kept calling me back for 2 hours, telling me she was working w her salespeople to see if she could get me the deal i wanted. after 2 hours she called and said it was a done deal, that if i came in right now, they would give me the exact price i wanted. i drove down there, and i was immediately shown to a different salesperson and told that he was keiras boss, and the one who had authorized my deal. he told me that he actually had 3 cars that met my specs and i could have for that exact price that i wanted. so we looked at the first one. we looked at the second one, and while we were sitting in it, he started driving it and said we were driving down to the other end of a loong lot to get to the third car. well once we were out on the street, he said that we were actually going on a test drive to bide time while others were looking for the third car because they couldnt find it! i asked him how that was possible and he said that it was because the internet department and the sales department have issues communicating with each other! he drove us back and the third car was found and we looked at that one. we picked one of the 3 cars, sat down to sign the paperwork and pay for the car, and a salesman named andrew whom we had never seen before, came over and told us that we could not have the car, or any of the 3 cars, for the price we had been promised. when i asked him how we could have been promised a car at a certain price after 2 hours on the phone and 5! additional hours getting the runaround, he said that keira and the second salesman should have never promised us that price, they were wrong, and thats it! he said that he texted barry, the general sales manager, and that there was nothing he could do.

they lied and did not honor their word.

Jessica A. | 2013-09-10

This review is for a car purchase, not service or repair.

I had been shopping for a very specific car, color/interior/feature combination for a couple of weeks. Nobody local had what I wanted, they all thought they could get it, but it would be more money that it should have been because they'd have to freight the car in from where ever. I'd heard the commercials for Universal City Nissan, and my friend Brian F. had bought a couple of cars from them, so I thought I'd check.

Just as the guy at Hooman Nissan is telling me the car I want doesn't exist, I search on my phone and find the exact one I'm looking for at Universal City.

You all know how I hate to leave the LBC, and especially how I hate to go North into LA vs into OC, so I convinced Brian F. to drive me up there, and I began negotiations.

A side note, the salespeople there seem friendly enough, but they are all trying to steal customers from each other. I was contacted by 4 different people on the phone in 2 days, and they all told me the previous person that I'd spoken to no longer worked there.

They found the car I wanted, I test drove it, and we started. The sticker price was $39k. The first price they brought me was $44k. I had to bust balls that day. Things I said to "JJ" the salesman and his boss Isidro that day: That is offensive. Don't bull shit me. I don't care. Stop looking at him, it's not his money. I don't need the car. You're not doing me a favor by taking my money in exchange for a car.

Having to play hardball to get a reasonable price isn't unexpected at a car dealership, it's much easier if they'll just do Costco pricing or truecar pricing, but this place doesn't so I had to argue for it.

2.5 hours later I had the price I wanted and the financing terms I wanted. 30 mins later I was done signing. It took them another hour to get the car 'ready,' washed, stickers unstuck, etc. That was the most annoying part.

All in all, I got what I wanted for the price I wanted to pay ($1000 under invoice and in-line with true-car pricing.) It was an average buying experience. I wouldn't go back as a first choice, because it's too far from my bubble, but I wont black ball them from my universe.


Their cars are in a parking structure, which I hate. Claustrophobic and dark. Yuck. Their new car delivery area is also underground. Lame, too dark, too hard to get out. Smells like exhaust. They have a perfectly good small parking lot just outside their front doors that would be so much better.

Edit: After several futile attempts to contact Barry W who posted a comment on my review, offering to discuss ways they can improve their customer service and purchasing experience my impression of this dealership has fallen a star level. What's worse than bad service? Bad service combined with feigned remorse.

George A. | 2013-09-10

One week ago I purchased my second car with Universal City Nissan. On both occasion I was treated very politely by all members of the staff, from the janitor to the manager, Gus Sanchez, who took the time to come to my table just to greet me and my wife, and check if I was being treated well. Overall, my experience was positive. After I purchased the car I have been called three times to make sure i was satisfied. i have to make a special reference to the salesperson, James. he is a very pleasant young man from Georgia with a open and genuine smile, always polite and patient. (I give four stars so that they will try to please me more next time I buy a car with them).

Jonny B. | 2013-09-07

LIARS.  If you don't feel like reading this entire review, the gist of it is that Universal City Nissan is a dishonest operation whose representatives will say anything to get you into the dealership in order to sell you something you don't want.

The full story: I called to see if UCN had a Nissan Leaf in black in stock.  They told me they did.  Not trusting a car dealership on principle I called again before driving out there from Santa Monica to verify that the car I wanted, with a specific model and color was, in fact, at the dealership.  A lady named Evelyn verified this information. I explained that I didn't want to drive to Universal City from Santa Monica only to find that the car wouldn't be there.  She reassured me.  I arrived.  I met Evelyn, who turned me over to Farshad, who told me they didn't have the car.  (First we walked around pointlessly while Farshad pretended to look for it.)  Farshad then directed me to a 'supervisor', Greg.  Greg assured me he could "get the same car from the port."  "The Port of Los Angeles?"  "Yes."  Greg asked for 10 minutes to "call the Port" which I took to mean he would try to call other area dealerships to see if he could trade a car for the one I was looking for.  He came back once to say he had found the car in my color "at the Port" and was "checking the VIN number" so he could have the car delivered to my house.  While he was doing that I located the car I wanted in Cerritos and made plans to buy it.  Greg came back with an offer sheet for, surprise, a different model in a different color.  He didn't actually have that car in stock, either, but was certain he could get it "soon."  He had already lost me when he mentioned "the Port" but it was interesting to see how creative he was in coming up with new false things to say.

So, if you have a lot of time on your hands and don't mind being lied to or offered something different than what you came for, try Universal City Nissan!

Reviewer O. | 2013-08-30

They sell lemons! I purchased a new 2012 Sentra and its literally falling apart. I have taken it in to get 'fixed' about a dozen times for the same issues. Clearly they are not doing anything to the car because it's still broken.

It's sad to see that my first experience with a big purchase has been tainted. I would advise anyone looking to buy a new car to try another dealership or all together company.

Talented scam artists.
Wasting your time.
Being rude.

Noam F. | 2013-08-29

I'm over 80,000 miles but bought an extended warranty from them that saved over $1k worth of work when something went wrong with my car. Everything was fixed really quickly - I was able to use a loaner car for the day (living in LA, using a car is kind of helpful) - and my service was great. If you have a Nissan, I highly recommend bringing it here. Thank you Mel and Peter for your continued hard work.

Shay M. | 2013-08-26

I decided to buy a new car and trade in my old one which was a Nissan Murano back in March 2013.
I ended up going to the Universal City Nissan dealership because it was closer to my home, however, in hindsight, I should have gone to the dealership that reached out to me right away when i went online for a quote and I shouldve checked these yelp reviews first. Because, this location and most of the people here embody every negative stereotype about snaky and shady car sales and financing people. The only redeeming part of my experience was my salesperson, Qais, who ended leaving the branch anyway. Long story short, after several times being in the dealership, test driving and deciding on the exact car I wanted, I said i only wanted to do a deal as long as it included my trade. The offer they gave me on the car I wanted was literally sticker price, so there really was no deal, but they said they could make it work with my trade. I considered leaving and going with a different dealer that was willing to offer me a better deal, however, I felt loyalty to Qais and felt he would get me a good deal in the end. After several hours of going back and forth, and I'm not exaggerating, they had me waiting here and there in the office for over 8 hrs the day I was supposed to just come in and very quickly do the deal so I could be on my way in my new car (in their words), I was about to walk out because the finance guy kept trying to scam me on the deal, I was honestly exhausted and over the whole thing, and would not honor their word of what they agreed to, they came running back out to say they could make the deal work for the price I wanted to pay and for the exact car I wanted and include my trade (hmm, they couldn't have done that 6 hours earlier?). So, they had me sign the standard paperwork for the new car, and then had me sign a special agreement in regards to my trade since I was upside down on the trade loan and they didn't want to roll it into the new car loan. The agreement involved me promising that I would only sell my car to UCN for the amount agreed, and that I would come back into the dealership in a number of days to sign over the title and provide the remaining difference on the loan (if any) to them so that they would then own the car and finalize the trade. For this reason, they asked me to leave the car (and title) in their care where they would store it in their garage until the agreement was closed. Although, what they were agreeing to pay me for the trade was below the value I wanted and knew I could get more from another buyer, I decided to go with this agreement because the whole point of me buying a new car with them was because I wanted the trade to be handled at the same time as well.

Jump to, I received a letter from the bank that I had the loan with for the trade saying that my car had been repossessed and was at the auction, as I still owned the vehicle. I had to spend considerable time and money getting my car back, and had not been contacted once from Nissan as to what happened to my car and why. I called several times, and nobody has returned my calls, Andy Melike in particular. They didn't even have the common decency and professionalism to call me or contact me to say there was a problem with storing my vehicle or that there was a problem in general or anything. They simply turned my car into the bank and had it repossessed?? Who does that to their customers?? I called Qais immediately but found out he was no longer at that store location. Pretty much most of the people who were there during the time of my sale that I met are apparently no longer working there. I have never experienced such lack of care and disrespect for a customer in my life, really. They still have my title and paperwork and they have no accountability.
This is not an honorable and ethical way to run a business, this is pathetic actually. And I think its laughable how there is a General Sales Manager commenting on all the bad reviews here saying they pride themselves on customer service?? This is simply not the truth. Actions speak louder than words fellas. Your word is your action. I actually had two other people that I was going to recommend by a car from UCN, but now after how they have treated me and now that Qais is no longer there, I not only won't recommend my friends buy a car from UCN but I will make sure I share this experience with as many ppl as possible so they don't have to go through the same poor treatment. Social networking is a powerful thing, UCN, and I happen to be very adept at using it. Customers DO have a voice now and they are the only reason you are even in business, so treat them with kindness, fairness and care, or suffer the consequences. You have a chance here to make good on your word. What is going to be your response or action? I'd rather share a positive story than a negative one.

Lefteye J. | 2013-08-17

These are lying, conniving bastards! they went to pull my credit when I had told them not to, and a guy named Mickey or whatever it was told me that it was for record keeping purposes only.  Roadloans approval application is useless and I was lied to. All these LA area dealerships are shitty!

Jennifer J. | 2013-08-16

terrible customer service, 3 hour oil changes without a carwash!!!!!! carol the receptionist is rude and trashy on the phone and cuts you off when speaking. all of the service workers are incompetent and don't communicate anything to you. they could care less about you or your car!!!!! i will never purchase from nissan again because of this dealership!

Erica L. | 2013-08-14

I brought my car into the service station this morning because a light on my dash had come on. I pulled in, a nice young man opened my door for me and recognized the warning light right away. He assured me it was likely just the tire pressure but they would also check thoroughly for nails and the car would be serviced accordingly. I had a seat in the waiting room which I was stoked to find had free WIFI!! I was glad I had brought my iPad! It also had cookies and pop corn, bottled water, hot tea and coffee, all for free! I would have had some coffee but the fancy creamer was almost out; I made up for it in cookies! Then, in less than an hour, my name was called- my car was almost ready, it was just BEING WASHED!?! Hell yeah! Sure enough, the tire pressure was all the light was shining about so that got properly adjusted. They also found a break light out so they fixed that while they were at it! So stoked!! Clean car, new break light, safe tire pressure, wifi, snacks... All for free! I couldn't be more thrilled or thoroughly satisfied with my experience at UCN today!! Thanks guys!

Jenny S. | 2013-08-10

I purchased a brand new Altima coupe in 2008 and this is the worst car I have ever had. I will never get another Nissan again and will let all of my friends, relatives and anyone that I know about my experiences with them. It's not only the Nissan Altima that is horrible but also the service received at the Studio City Service Department. They are always crowded, don't follow up when they say they will, and they  have no sympathy.  I have 30 pages of history of all the different times that I have had to take my car in to this dealership. Several bad batteries, leak in the engine, motor died on the window, coolant leaks, this is all I can remember now but there's a lot more problems that I had.  The reason that pushed me to write this review and get rid of my Nissan: On my way back from a seminar 1 hour away from home, my car completely decelerated while I was going 75 mph on the fast lane. I was very lucky that the car behind me was paying attention and that he was not tailgating me. In a few seconds the car started going at about 5 mph and the guy behind me was nice enough to start opening the way for me start pulling to the side. I could have gotten killed! This was one of the scariest moments in my life and the dealership had no sympathy for what had happened to me. the tow truck took my car straight to the dealer and the next day, after I called them a few times they finally told me that all it was is that my battery was bad. I do not understand how a car that is going at 75 mph can just stop because it supposedly had a bad battery,,, I also asked to speak to the manager Melvin and he needs some serious training on how to handle customers. He was the least bit sympathetic, flat out told me we just sell these cars, you have to contact Nissan if you want to complain. He was just plain rude... I have a right to be upset after what happened to me!  Picked up my car the next day and took it straight to a Hyundai dealership and traded it in for a Hyundai Sonata. I have had my new car for over 3 months now and I am so happy with this purchase. The service are has very few people and they are extremely friendly and follow up with you.

BTW... I asked the tow truck guy which cars he tows the most and he said Nissans break down all of the time. He told me that he hardly picks up any toyotas and Hyundai's. I had to use 2 different tow trucks to get my car to the dealer because I was so far away and both of them said the same thing to me.

Tenisha M. | 2013-08-07

me and boyfriend went to Universal City Nissan on 8/3/13 to look at the 2013 camero keep in mind we filled out the application on line and we had an appointment to come in to speak with Emil. We had spoke with him and let him know how much we wanted to put down and what type of car payment we were willing to pay. So we get there we meet with Emil he makes us fill out another credit app and basically asks us the same questions how much we want to put down and how much of a car payment we are willing to pay. We test drove the Camero and then we went back inside to see if we qualified or if we could make the deal. First off he brings us a quote with 3 different options. 4000 5000 or 6000 down. hmmm i could have swore we told him we only had 2500 down. secondly he raised the price of the car by 3000. when i asked why does the car cost so much he told me that's how much it cost. so then i pull out my phone and i go on there website and show him that the car coast 3000 dollars cheaper. now he is trying to fast talk cuz i caught him in a lie. That leads me to start asking more questions. I ask what is the interest rate he tells me he doesn't know but that the interest rate is included in the quote. I say okay but i want to know what the interest rate is he leaves and comes back and says its 16% another LIE cuz when i calculated the interest i still didn't come up with the monthly car note he is showing us. So now he is getting mad and asking where i am coming with my number and I'm asking him where is he coming with the numbers because right now he is lying. I told him we are leaving because nothing he is saying is making sense. He leaves and comes back but now he doesn't want to talk to me he wants to talk to my Boyfriend. I laugh and i say i have the say so and my boyfriend lets him know that if she says no its a no and if she says yes its a yes so you dint need to convince me you need to convince her. Overall this is worst service i have ever had. One you tried to charge 3000 dollars more for the car Two you lied about the interest rate Three you wanted me to pay more down with a high ass car note. EMIL is a scam artist and i don't recommend anyone do business with a company who employs people like him. OVERALL IT WAS BULLSHIT and i drove all the way from ANAHEIM and sat at that damn dealership for # HOURS DEALING WITH HIS BULLSHIT. he claimed he was working with a bank which is a lie because their motto is your job is your credit and a damn bank isn't gonna keep going back and forth with NEGOTIATION. We called a real dealership CERRITOS CHEVY and they said we could get a single digit interest rate. HORRIBLE SERVICE

Colleen B. | 2013-08-05

We went with low expectations, but were pleasantly surprised! After having a hard time getting sales people to talk to us at Nissan Mission Hills dealer, we went here.
We read the yelp reviews and almost turned around on the way to the dealer, but decided to give it a try anyway.  

I had talked to a salesman named James over the phone and he was very nice, personable and helpful. We went in and met with him to look at a Nissan Leaf. My husband and I had already done considerable research and knew exactly what we wanted/what was available. He was knowledgable about the product, and he was very kind and not pushy.  

When we went to lease the car, the 'closer' guy (I believe his name was Andrew) came out and that's where the fun began. My husband had a fun time with the negotiations since we were under no extreme need to get the car that day. We went back and forth and his sales pitch a couple times was "come on, just buy it". Which my husband thought was just funny, and actually said so to the sales agent. We didn't dock stars for this because its par for the course, and having bought 6 cars from a dealership in the past we were prepared for some creative negotiations. Buyers have to go in well educated and more knowledgable then the sales people, otherwise they will take you for a ride and slip in as many inexplicable fees as they can. Don't be afraid to ask them to break down every line item and explain everything.

After a while we got the price below invoice and I was happy with the payment amount. We signed some papers with another finance agent Y.L. and we had the car. All in we were probably there for about 4 hours, with 3 of them being negotiating and paperwork.

What really impressed me though was James' hard working attitude.  With the Leaf, there are a couple of great incentives in California. One which requires the dealer to help you. I did not know till after I had left the dealership, so I came back two days later, and James helped me for a few hours through the process. He did not have to do this, but he was happy to and even followed up the next couple of days to see if we needed any more help. Excellent customer service, the guy really wants everyone who comes in to leave happy.

All in all, it was a pretty positive car buying experience. We're also super pleased with our Leaf and are having a great time showing friends and family what it's like to be gas free!

Mandy L. | 2013-08-05

Well, you know what they say about car salesman and dealerships. Fortunately you can't say it about Sage Universal City Nissan! My husband and I presented a challenging situation to our Nissan sales rep, Edi. He came through for us. Edi provided honest, caring, understanding salesmanship. He truly put our needs before his own. Edi meant what he said and said what he meant.  So, we picked our car, yea! And then we had to finance. This is where Sage Universal Nissan went above and beyond. The GM, Mark greeted us and got involved with getting the best finance deal. My husband and I were thrilled!
Where all the negativity is coming from in some of the other reviews I can't imagine???
Mark, GM and Eddie, Sales Rep.  totally rocked!
Thank you, thank you Sage Universal City Nissan! We'll be back.

Mandy and Eric W.

Edith T. | 2013-08-02

Thank you John (Nissan svc guy)....please take care of my car.  Universal City Nissan! Where your JOB is your CREDIT!

5 stars for their service dept. Schedule your appointments in the mornings. You can either wait in their waiting room where they have free gourmet coffee, baked cookies, and popcorn while you wait, or have them drive you to City Walk. Don't hesitate to ask questions, it is your car that they are working on. I will be returning....i'm almost at 30,000 miles.

Long T. | 2013-07-25

Salesman Manager Edi immediately made me feel comfortable.  I have bad credit and hate buying cars cause when I get to the car dealer they always make me feel embarrassed.  He was honest straight forward and made me feel happy to spend my money there.  They had the car I wanted in stock with the features I wanted.  They even gave me the best deal.  I have to say I wasn't surprised when I received a gift card. The finance manager caught mistakes and also did a good job. He didn't try and force me to buy a warranty that I didn't need.

I would recommend them to anyone interested.  Go see Edi the Internet sales Manager!

Chuck D. | 2013-07-17

Ask for Chuck at Universal city Nissan!  A 100%Guaranteed good experience we have turned over a new leaf for sure!!

Kyle K. | 2013-07-16

Just returned from Universal City Nissan, where I was told it is normal to present an estimate that's actually higher than the sticker price. I wasn't asking for any extra features. The same vehicle sat outside the door with a sticker price $300 lower than what this scam artist was presenting me. Not that much money, sure, but the precedent was set. He then tried repeatedly to explain that it is normal to charge MORE than the MSRP. Never in the history of negotiating a car sale has someone wanted to pay MORE than the sticker price. That's what this guy was telling me. That it's normal for a customer to pay MORE than the listed MSRP on the window of the car. Not talking about taxes and fees, no extra add-ons. That it was normal to negotiate upwards from a sticker price. Even a fucking child knows that's not how it works.

I told him to give me my keys back (they were appraising my car for a trade-in). He stalled so I entered the sales office. The head scam artist then tried to negotiate with me. I told him that even if you matched my offer now, I don't trust your business practices and wouldn't want to have a new vehicle's warranty in the hands of such a shady shop.

I understand that everyone's trying to get the best deal, but these guys are flat-out criminals.

Nancy S. | 2013-07-02

I bought a used car from them and just found out from the dealer where I am purchasing my next car that UNIVERSAL NISSAN FORGED A FAKE CARFAX.  They told me that it had never been in an accident and showed me the "paperwork" and when I saw the REAL car fax last night it said that the car was a total loss and worth NOTHING.  WTF? What kind of business are you running over there? Slimy, cowardly and illegal.  I will be getting in touch with my lawyers.  Thanks for nothing.

Kay L. | 2013-06-30

Universal Nissan is the worst car dealership ever!! They are a bunch of liars, who trick you into making a sale. Bought a vehicle and was told by the finance person REZA, to trade it in after two months, being it was not the car I wanted. When it was time to trade it in, he denied his recommendation. I truly regret doing business with this dealership employed with Devils!!!!!! DO NOT BUY OR LEASE FROM THIS CAR DEALERSHIP! ONE STAR GIVEN ONLY BC MY REVIEW WOULDN'T SAVE WITHOUT IT.

Bradley G. | 2013-06-29

Well, I brought the car in on Monday.  It took a full hour from the time I arrived until I left in a loaner car; however, they really seemed to make an effort to make amends.  Walter Perez  made sure the process moved along.

It turns out they needed to keep the car for two days to fix the problem.  The guy in service, Nasario, kept me informed by periodically calling me with updates and an ETA on the work.  I really appreciated this.

I returned the loaner on Wednesday afternoon and 20 minutes later I was outta there!

Universal Nissan is a HUGE operation, and I think even things like bringing your car around when it is ready takes longer than it would at a neighborhood mechanic.  Having said that, I want to give them credit for making things right.

Maury R. | 2013-06-26

This is the worst dealership I've ever been in.  They called me to test drive a car - I arrive on time... When I arrive, they have me wait for 45 minutes while they 'locate it'...After that, the car I was interested isnt even here!!...
Here was the beauty line of all lines: "If I sign for a new car at $54,000 they will bring one to this location to drive".  
I walked out.

Nicole C. | 2013-06-24

First and foremost this review is about my experience with the service department.  The internet sales department (especially Bolsa are the best)  
I have only had my car serviced at this location maybe 2 or 3 times.  The first time is when I made my first purchase in 2011.  The sales department cashiers were the issue back then and Just plain rude and unprofessional.  The way they talked about the staff in front of customers and even got sassy with the Sales team members in front of customers.  If you have issues amongst your team we as customers do not want to see the attitude or the bickering.  Just take care of the customer and have your issues on your time and not the guest.  I just felt as if I was pushed to the back burner.
My most recent encounter I came for a simple oil change.  I was directed to enter a booth were the service rep would come to assist me.  Several service clerks passed me and not once asked if I was being helped.  Next when the clerk who worked at this desk I assume came over he was not pleasant.  His response to me without a greeting was "Yes"  I then went on to inform him I was sent to wait here for assistance to get an oil change on my car.  He said ok.  He went outside and took all the info he needed to get me started. He informed me that I needed to get my filter of some sort change and I said ok just note it for next time.  He then went on to say you know your tires should be changed soon and again I told him today was just for an oil change. He then asked have you been here before and I said yes.  He asked are you sure.  Yes I am sure I purchased the car here and am pretty sure I checked in for service one time after that (I stopped coming after the first year because of the unprofessional and lack of care service staff).  He then proceeded to check the computer some more and I guess he found me as he never said anything to that affect.  He then went on to say "Ok we will have it done in 3 hours" and then he started walking.  WOW talk about customer service and connecting with a client that you want to come back to your location.
I then went inside the customer waiting area where I needed to sign to have a car drop me off while I waited.  The cashier did not acknowledge me at first and when I had to ask her for the information I needed I was never greeted.  More or less treated me as an interruption to her conversation with another young lady who guess what like the last time complaining about other staff members (seems to be a problem w the staff Is staff is always complaining about staff and customers complain about staff),  She then just pointed to the sheet and told me sign here and they will call you. I then informed her I would be using the restroom, so that she knew where I was if they called me.  She then informed me "yeah ok it will be like 15 minutes anyways"  
Later a voicemail was left that the car was done and they were washing it and I could pick it up.   I took my time to return and probably did not arrive until about 2 hours after the call.  When I arrived the same young lady was at the desk was there and seemed I disturbed her from her job again (helping the customer?)  I told her I was called that my car was ready.  I signed some paper work and then she pushed some survey in my face and asked me to rate the service. I will have to decline.  This seemed to bother her.   If you just shove something in my face and say here do this am I likely to do so?   She told me they would call me when it was ready.  I waited and waited until at least 15 minutes had past.  I never saw my car come up to the drive way.  Now I have to go and bother this poor cashier again from her job (helping customers) to ask her what the delay was.  She then told me "its not there?  did you look" (WOW).  She then informed me they are probably washing it and it will be out.  I told her then why was I called over 2 hours ago to inform me they were washing the car and I could come pick it up?  I on purpose waited to return, so that I would not have to wait.  She told me to hold on and I proceeded to walk outside.  Finally about 5 minutes later there it is.  No one around to give it to me but they key is in the car so I get in.  Glad it was me to get in otherwise I would be reviewing on a stolen car.
Long Story long but this location just has poor customer service in the service department.  I will not be coming back especially when I see the GM continues to reply to reviews with "Customer service is our priority"  If that is true then why do the majority get this non World Class customer service from your brand.   This behavior is obviously allowed and tolerated.  This may be a perception but as business owners we own that perception and what we do to change it.
Id you just need your car serviced I have not had trouble but customer service to me makes a business and my experience.  These are my opinions and my experiences.  Internet sales department I rate 5 stars - They go above and beyond

Tim G. | 2013-06-17

I don't have a lot of time for this review, but I have to say that I found the sales person I worked with to be scattered, wacky and lacking a depth of knowledge of the product (in this case the Leaf). They wanted me to fill out a credit report, which I refused to do and then wanted to keep me in the seat forever (really? we are still doing that in 2013?).

I have heard good things about the Downtown LA Nissan dealership so will see if I have a better experience there.

Amber S. | 2013-06-02

*This review is strictly for the Internet sales team!* I worked directly with Eric, Norma and Kais Azami. These are good people. They got me my new car without all the bullshit and games that the other vultures (salesmen) downstairs like to play. Do yourself a huge favor before purchasing your car here...get pre-approved and deal only with the Internet team. They are %100 different from the sales floor and will be attentive to you and cut your time down in half! They can even have the papers and car delivered to your house! I had a very negative experience with the other guys until I worked with Kais Azami and he was a blessing! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Diana L. | 2013-05-25

I can't even begin to describe how TERRIBLE my experience here was.  . I had chose a specific salesmen who I had previously given my information to & had talked to about what I was looking for. He is a hidden gem in this dealership, he was patient, honest & seemed like he just wanted to help. I didnt buy at the moment because i was still doing research bcus I am a first time buyer. When I called to let them know I was returning & looking for Sal , a woman answered & said he's not here but I work directly with him I can help you while he gets here, I figured what was the harm.

When I arrived she immediately passed me off to the RUDEST sales person alive, I explained to him that I was a first time buyer & wasn't really sure what car I wanted. He INSISTED on taking down all of my info ,including my social to run a credit check, which I didnt want to do bcus the previous salesmen I was waiting for hadnt arrived yet and ALREADY had my info..He kept pushing & the manager saw I was upset & came in ..he also continued to push for my information ..i kept telling them I only wanted to look at cars , to see IF i even wanted anything from there , which I did but I was indecided, when I wouldnt give them my info the salesmen smirked at the manager & thats when I got up & left..I didnt need to be disrespected simply bcus I am young ..

I come from customer service...how dare they treat a customer so disrespectfully..I had NEVER felt so motivated to call the BBB!! I am sorry you have to work with such savages sal!!

CG G. | 2013-05-24

Um don't come here to service your car.  Stay far away from this place.  

I bought my Altima here 10 years ago, everything went smoothly, serviced the car here until they did me wrong.  They broke the wheel bolts on my car and were claiming that someone else did from a tire shop?  Really?  I never took my car anywhere else besides here.  After that I stopped coming here.

Fast forward to May 18, 2013, I had a free coupon for an oil change, I figured what the hell, it's just an oil change.  Service Manager and Advisor were nice, got the phone call that my car was ready.  Ladies at the cashier desk were so unprofessional that it was almost disgusting.  The remodeled the waiting room but it looks like a Jungle gym play area for kids.  

I got into my car, there was no "friendly" reminder sticker on the windshield that most or I'll go as far to say every mechanic/shop/dealership provides.   Not Universal City Nissan, no.  They're too busy filling up the popcorn machine in the waiting room instead of providing excellent customer service.  

So I left with a bad feeling, I was even wondering if they even changed my oil.  They probably didn't even bother changing the filter.

Anyway, I got home, and noticed I had a big ding/scratch on my bumper.

Big thumbs down to this place.

Back to Mission Hills Nissan were they treat you right and care about your car's well being.

Tanya R. | 2013-05-22

I purchased my vehicle through another dealership 2012 Versa (used).  I had originally taken it to Miller Nissan (Van Nuys) which was a HUGE mistake.  I had a couple minor things that should have been warrantied and they said they were not.  I got my car back and they said everything was perfect.  I said I would never revisit Miller Nissan, because of this terrible experience.  I needed an oil change and took my car to Universal City Nissan.  David Simone who assisted me, was AMAZING!!!!! I told him I had heard some noises coming from the engine, and that I was smelling something while driving.  He said the car would be checked everywhere, and assured me they would find whatever was wrong with it and replace it.  I got a rent a car, and was on my way.  He followed up with me, regarding the situation, and 7 days later I had my car back.  It had a rod in the engine that had to be replaced, my front struts were bad, and a couple of other minor repair things that Miller Nissan did not want to cover, were fixed as well.  David was wonderful! my warranty will be running out very soon, and I had just purchased this vehicle in February, If I had not taken my vehicle to David at Universal City Nissan, I would have had some very expensive repair work to have done on a vehicle that I just purchased.  I very very disapointed with Miller Nissan and the way they conducted themselves, they acted very rudly and were not willing to perform any warranty work.  They also seemed rude because of the fact I did not purchase my vehicle with them.  I purchased a special order part because they were not willing to cover it under warranty, and now Im unable to get my money back because it was "special order."  When I took it to David, it came back with the part installed, for no charge, and I had not even mentioned it to him that I wanted it warrantied.  They survey came to me in the mail regarding Miller Nissan, and I was so upset with their service I threw it in the garbage.  Because of the WONDERFUL experience I had with Universal I'm writing to you about both of my experiences.  I have owned several Nissans, and have an Xterra as well, and will bring my vehicles to David, as long as I have them.  He was outstanding! Although I'm a bit upset at the fact that my practically brand new car, needed a a rod replaced in the engine, I think I would still consider Nissan in the future.

Leticia D. | 2013-05-20

i don't know why everybody is giving them a really bad review? When they say your job is your CREDIT they really mean your job is your credit! They financed my daughter's first car exactly like that! She didn't have good credit and all she took in was a pay stub, she did have to be at her job for at least one year but they do have a lot of banks they work with that will finance you the car your looking for so they go out of their way to get you in a car. Believe me they want to make a deal. You might be there All day but you will finally get a car. i was in shock but not once but twice they helped us get into a new Versa car.

Kim K. | 2013-05-05

I would give them a zero if that was an option. They have called me three separate times to make oil change appointments, and each time they estimated that it would take at least an hour and a half - which is really annoying when they tell me that it'll be better for me to come on a certain day at a certain time. This last trip, I had to wait 30 minutes outside before someone was available to tell me that it was going to be at least 2 hours. I'm so sick of them wasting my time! Not to mention that their sales people called me and asked me to stop by while my car was serviced, and they called to remind me THREE TIMES in a 24 hour period.

William H. | 2013-04-24

Do not buy a car here!! Please read this before you go there and save yourself some time. They will say anything to you for you to buy a car there. I went in got a deal signed the papers and took the car home. Next thing you know they are calling me the next day to say they messed up on the contract and I need to come back in to resign the papers. So I go back in to sign the papers and its a totally different contract from the one they gave me. All the free stuff they told me I was getting with my car like maintenance and a free other things were no longer available. So then they say that the payments per months were going to stay the same and everything else was basically the same. So I leave drive away about an hour later they are telling me I owe them 3000 dollars or to bring the car back. But what they forgot to tell me is that they weren't giving me as much as the were for the car I traded in so I would have to give them 3000 on top of what I already gave them with this new contract I had to sign that day. But none of this was told to me when I was there to sign the new contract. So I called the back and said I don't have the 3000 and I would just bring the car back. So the sales person who sold me the car said hold on he's going to talk to his manager. So he comes back and says the deal stays the same and I don't owe them the 3000. So about 2 months later I get a paper in the mail from court saying that Nissan won the lawsuit for that 3000 because I did not show up for court. First of all I never got anything to go to court. Then when the person with Nissan told me the name of the person they gave the court papers too it was some person I never heard of in my life. And I ended up having to pay that 300. That place is a Nightmare please DO NOT GO HERE if you want to but a car. They will screw you over big time. Do NOT trust this place. Take it from me it was the worst business I have ever seen in my life.

Update I forgot to add. Another reason not to ever buy a car from there. A few months I got a call from some lady that worked there and she said I had the car long enough to re finance and get me a lower payment. So me already hating this place and knowing how the are figure I should try and see if they can to save me some money. So I go to the building the lady told me too and asked for the person she told me to ask for. So I get to the building and ask for the guy and the person that was working at the desk said he wasn't there and they had no idea what I was talking about. So they take me into the main Nissan building. And I tell the manager that the lady called and told me to go into the parking trailer and ask for this guy but he's not here. So they call the trailer then the guy I was suppose to see is all of a sudden there and tells me to come back to the trailer. So I go back to the trailer and the person at the desk tells me the guy I was suppose to see and told me to come back to the trailer went home. So within those 5 minutes he tells me to come back there and the walk over there he went hoe. So now im pissed yelling at everyone. So they bring me back in the main office and tell  me to fill out some more papers which I declined. Then they proceed to tell me they don't know why I came in and why the lady told me that but they cant do anything for me. So please for the love of god do not ever go here for a car. Tell all your friend and family about this story and go to a place that will really help you and that actually cares because all this place will do us lie and screw you over. Feel free to share my story with this horrible place.

K S. | 2013-04-02

customer service is good but they take way too long to fix your issue and i had to bring my car back because they messed something up when I first brought it in.

Anthony R. | 2013-03-28

Wow, it's kind of funny how this dealership is averaging one and a half stars but sadly, from the four experiences I've had at this place, one and a half is deserved. I'm speaking mostly in reference to the service department and I'm speaking on behalf of my wife. On March 18, 2013, my wife and I took her car (2013 Altima) in for what I figure is a simple service of an oil change. I've never in my life had to wait 3 to 4 hours plus for an oil change but consistently, I've had to do that with my wife when she takes her car into this establishment. Cookies, popcorn and television is cool, but an oil change shouldn't take so long. When we brought the car in on March 18th, the guy told us it might be a couple hours. Still too long but we had time so we opted to be patient. Two hours turned into four and a half hours. Then to add insult to injury when the service guy approached us, he said to my wife "I am soooo sorry. Your paperwork has been sitting on my desk for a long time now. Your car was actually ready forty five minutes ago..." He may have been honest in letting us know this but that ain't cool. Talk about wanting to scream! If we can avoid ever coming back here again, we will. Service department has truly and consistently been bad...

Oscar S. | 2013-03-23

One of the most horrible experiences I have had trying to buy a car. They lie to you and make you feel like is fine one minute and next it just sucks. The switch sales people on you and try to make you buy what you dont want!!!

Brittani W. | 2013-03-19

One of the worst experiences I've had a dealership. The salesperson I met with was very friendly and seemed to be listening to what I wanted/needed in a car. However, once I mentioned that I wanted to lease my vehicle, he seemed to be pushing me towards financing instead.

After test driving, I met with another employee from the finance department who was very condescending and seemed to be talking down to me. He wasn't very cooperative or willing to listen to my opinion/ point of view.  He was giving out wrong information with the impression that I wouldn't see through it or correct him, although I did. He was the epitome of a pushy salesman.

Overall, I was very displeased with my experience at Universal City Nissan and left feeling very disappointed. I ended up leasing a vehicle from a different dealership.

Louis V. | 2013-03-17

If you want to deal with a bunch of crooks, by all means this is your chance.  I was interested in a car with a sticker price of $25,900.  They sat me inside their reception area and their finance guy comes out and basically states that this price does not give them a  margin and they will give me a deal at $29,500.  I said this is rediculous and got up to leave.  3 people came out of the woodwork and tried to restrain me.  As I approached my car, they followed me with offers of 25,000 then 23,000 then finally 20,000 as I drove away.
Stay away from this dealer...!!!
I gave 1 star only because it is not possible to give negative stars...

Pooya G. | 2013-02-19

I wish I could do minus star rather than even one star
they are horrible people at universal city nissan, I have been involved with Andrew  and Reza, both of them are full of lie, they kept us over there for about 8 hours and we left there at 11:30 at night not even have my nissan leaf car on my hand. we played a lot of " lets go upstairs and talk to that guy, now lets go downstairs and talk to another guy, and let seat over here and now lets go upstairs again and now downstairs" and we didn't even talk to anybody except them. they act as we are bunch of kids.
he delivered the car the next night without floor mats and didn't  set up the Sirius XM radio and traffic on my car. they promised us to go over all nissan incentive, but they don't even know what are they talking about, they have not even know what the incentives are. they did not return my call at all, so good luck if you think they might be helpful. just go some other place to buy your nissan car. I wish I have checked the Yelp for this place before, no surprise for me to see the overall star.

Torey P. | 2013-02-14

Fuck Universal City Nissan and every employee there! They are so damn unprofessional and irresponsible. It took them thirty minutes just to find my car in their lot. They're never on time, scratched my car, and have no sense of responsibility there. DO NOT BRING YOUR CAR HERE FOR ANY REASON!

Ornin H. | 2013-02-06

Just purchased my 2nd car from this place. Awesome staff. I will come back for In-law next car next month.  Thank you for everything

Alfredo A. | 2013-02-05

Great experience at Universal City Nissan. I referred my cousin to purchase a car, he was a first time buyer. Universal city Nissan aproved him. I highly recomend talking to STEVE, the General Sales Manager and TED the Sales Manager before starting your car buying process. We went to multiple dealerships around Southern CA. yet you can not compare the service and deal they deliver. HATS OF TO UNIVERSAL CITY NISSAN!!!!!

Ling G. | 2013-02-04

Bought 2 cars from this place, great service and maintenance is convenient here! Make sure you ask for Kais Azami, very helpful guy

Wayne E. | 2013-02-03

I'm going to review the dealership in sections as far as the car I picked it's a consumer item and while it should be something the review is based off of. It should not be based solely on the car I as an adult and consume could've inspected myself head to toe rather than rely on the salesguy to do my job as the consumer.

I submitted a credit app to the dealer just to talk numbers and the possibility of me walking out of the door with a car on a certain day that I would be better prepared for. Instead I got a call about 30-45 minutes later asking me to swing by the dealership to see what they can do for me. And that there were end of the month deals and rebates and all kinds of stuff going on. So I agree and drive over to the dealership, again I had no intention of leaving with a car. I just wanted to see if I was even in a position to get a car.

I had an appt. with two other people, I imagine the woman I spoke with on the phone and instead I had the pleasure of dealing with Donavon, very laid back and cool fellow. He kind of saw eye to eye where I was coming from, I advised that I get anxious at car dealerships due to past experiences. He was very accommodating and understanding to my needs, he didn't pitch me anything unnecessary and opened up options for me to be taken care of. If anyone was being difficult it was me in our exchange. I just wanted a new sentra with 4 wheels that goes to a and b, no tv's, no blue tooth. He broke down the options and the closet fit was a midline trim vehicle above the base model I intended to purchase.

We checked it out, we talked number possibilities, I was okay with what they offered and we did some test driving. While the paint in some area's in the car aren't perfect and a hubcap is slightly damaged I understood this is what's called a rollback car. It's new, but it is slightly used (had 900 miles on it.) I was still fine with this, it didn't bother my terribly. And just my luck I could ask for a new hubcap and let my girlfriend park the car and she'll scratch the same one up no problem so best just to leave it on there heh. This is just a commuter vehicle to me. At the end of the day I'm just trying to make a deal that works for me rather than stomping my feet making demands.

I really liked the car, it felt really solid and tight. A lot more impressive than I figured it would be so I was really sold on getting a sentra, now it's just a matter of making it happen.

Again I was not prepared at all to buy a new car so I didn't walk in there with all of this money saved, this was just something I brought to my girlfriends attention a week before and now I'm getting a car.

We made it through one hoop, two hoops, and finally the last ring of fire and later that night after agreements were made I now transferred from Donovan to Ernesto in the finance department.

Ernesto at first was serious business, he was quiet and made some noises and deep in thought and analyzing all of the numbers. I didn't want to interrupt him until he was done going over everything and normally every finance guy I've ever dealt with before (at honda dealerships) always tried to screw me at this stage, adding a bunch of secret costs in, a bunch of bs. So this was the point in my day where I either signed my name on things or said eff this and walked out.

Once Ernesto had all the paperwork drawn out he explained everything in detail and not being my first rodeo I knew what to look for. And where I'd be getting the raw deal if I did. Surprisingly everything looked pretty similar to what I stated, granted this is an on the whim car purchase everything looked as I expected. He explained my options as far as coming back in a year from now to get my rates lowered and even before all of that. If there was anything he could do to get me a lower monthly rate he would let me know in a few days and have me come back in to go over the changes.

2 days later I get a call from Ernesto to come back in and he saved me close to 7 grand on the car, lowered a few other things and broke down the extended warranty previously and with all of that stacked on the current deal. I couldn't believe how pleasant this experience has been. Had I listened to the yelp reviews on here and not my gut I would've walked right out of this dealership.

So I urge you people reading all of these 1 star and 2 star reviews to at least read the pleasant ones, as opposed to all of the negatives because those positive experiences are what influenced me to stick with this dealership. And now I have a new car and some peace of mind.

Thank you Universal Nissan

Rashmi V. | 2013-01-31

WOW I'm so surprised that this dealership has poor ratings cuz seriously I have nothing but GREATTTTT things about this place.  I've purchased from  here twice and had great experiences.  Just purchased a vehicle last night from there and got an amazinggg deal..  My salesman Sam was wonderful, the finance manager Sunny was great.  Seriously have nothing but great things to say about this place.  I'm sooo pleased you have nooo idea!!!

The best part the car was delivered to me brand new, washed and to my home.  Now talk about awesome service.

Thank you Universal City Nissan!

Steven G. | 2013-01-29

The service department is Absolutely horrible. DO NOT COME HERE. Peter Salas was our service rep. He was  super friendly yet he was super terrible. He told us it would be a 90mins wait for an oil change.  We were okay with that. It took almost 3 hours.  I came to his desk and another employee had to page him 3 times (another 15mins waiting).  He finally came and i asked him what is taking so long. He told me the oil change was finished but  my car had a leak in the gasket. He never called or paged me like he said he would. My car was just sitting in their garage. He handed me over to another rep to get a rental (Took another 25mins). We wasted 4 and 1/2 hours there. Our schedule got so messed up. This place needs work. Its absolutely terrible.

perry f. | 2013-01-02

My last 2 purchases were Nissan Altimas a year or 2 old.  First from the Glendale branch.  Current from UNC.  If I purchase a 3rd Nissan it will not be from anywhere Sage related.  With the 1st Nissan from Glendale I had issues with the paint on the front bumper.  Took it back twice only to have the paint bubble and crack within a couple months.  Gave up and took to a legit paint shop down the street from me where they said that they had never properly applied primer so the paint would stick to the rubber bumper.

For the current car, I got talked into some addons I should have said no too.  Including the "enhanced" car alarm and extended car warranty.  First the "enhanced" alarm.  About an hour after i got the car home the alarm started going off every 30 minutes.  First thing next morning I take it back where they "fix" it only for problem to return soon thereafter.  Took it back again.  Problem resolved for a couple months when I come out to my car parked around the corner from home.  Note on windshield about alarm going off every 30 minutes that night.  Along with some threatening language.  Took it back again.  They say something about this happening a lot.  And they replace alarm.  It is doing it again now a couple years later.  Warranty is expired.  I now have an "enhanced" car alarm not working.  

I've also had warranty work done over last couple years including replacing all struts.  Only a couple years later and struts are all leaking causing tires to wear.  I just came back from picking my car up at a reputable repair place after paying over 1k to get my car fixed properly.  

If I buy another Nissan in the future, I promise you it will not be at any dealer having anything to do with Sage.   And if you're reading this while evaluating where to purchase a vehicle from, I urge you to steer clear of UNC.  Nissan cars are generally really good cars.  DON'T RUIN THE EXPERIENCE BY BUYING FROM SAGE!

H D. | 2012-12-29

I've been told A LOT of bad things about the service here but decided to go anyways because of the convenient location. Believe me when I say this. Joe Blow's auto shop would have done much better and to top things off they left my windows down in the rain last night and didn't say anything about it. I found this out when I got home and noticed the water marks on the inside of both doors and wet carpet......  CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED....

Donna D. | 2012-12-05

Dishonest would be an understatement!! We recently needed to trade in a vehicle we had originally purchased at UCN.  Long story short, we made a deal with our local Honda dealership only to find out in the process that our car was a SALVAGE!!!! UCN never told us that the car had been in a major accident out of state when we purchased it!!! How low is that?? Knowing we were making the purchase for our growing family, they purposely withheld some vital information, if you ask me. I will never recommend UCN to anyone as long as I live!! Your job is your credit, right??? Well UCN you're in the negatives by those standards!!!

Melissa B. | 2012-12-04

My personal experience has been excellent.  Great prices on service, and they will negotiate the price down if you want.  I've had certain parts replaced for free because they were not installed to code.  Love the shuttle service, and the customer service reps are patient with my many questions.  Great place.

Mika L. | 2012-12-01

This is my third time having maintenance done to my '12 Nissan Altima and I honestly can't complain other than the loud vacuuming in the waiting room. (shouldn't cleaning be done before and after business hours?)

They are always punctual and very nice. The other day I left my house keys with my car keys and the shuttle service brought them to my house in about 30 minutes.

Daniel D. | 2012-11-10

horrible service department, This place give Nissan a really bad name when it comes to its service department. Also with its sales department, I am still being charged for a  sales item they left on the car.

The GPS usage keeps being used becuase the dealer didnt turn it off.

Lindsey B. | 2012-11-06

I was referred to Universal City Nissan by a long term friend of the family and was very happy with my experience. This was my first time purchasing a new car, so there was much to learn throughout the whole process. The salesman I was working with was Donavon Thomas, and he was absolutely excellent! As I said, this was a whole new experience for me... and Donavon was incredibly patient, understanding, informative, fun to work with, and helpful. By the end of the day I drove out of the lot with exactly what I wanted at a price that was within my budget.

Linda K. | 2012-10-14

If I could give these horrible Internet Sales people a minus zero then I would.  First of all they do not listen.  If you ask them about a model of a car they get it wrong or try to sell you something else.  You tell them you can not buy a car they don't hear it.  There is something criminal at that place.  Showroom looks new, but the place has extremely satanic vibes.  They are NOT PROFESSIONAL and I agree with the other yelpers they are most disingenuous!!!  Scam artists, for sure.  DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE!  Warning:  DO EVEN GO THERE TO LOOK!  Beware! Beware! Beware! Please listen

Frank G. | 2012-10-09

False advertisement, they tell you on commercials that no down payment no credit check and that your job is your credit, B.S. I drove from Lancaster to that place for a nice 2010 Toyota Prius, but when the paperwork started they ask me for $3000 for down payment cause my credit was low, then I ask them "why the commercial says that no credit needed and that your job is your credit?" they just change the conversation if I had the money or not I just got up and left. Don't believe what you hear on tv or those sell persons cause they are full of $&@&.

James F. | 2012-09-30


Do not buy or service your car at Universal City Nissan.  It's probably best to avoid Nissan altogether because Nissan USA knows how bad Universal City is but doesn't force them to improve.

I bought a 2012 Leaf here.  The salesmen are not knowledgable and they are bullies when it comes to price negotiations (I got my price so all of their indignation was just BS).  They only gave me one key and said they'd find it or order a new one - wow do I wish I would have realized then that they were terrible.  They also didn't turn on part of the computer system (never mind didn't fix two recalls that were 6 months old when I bought the car).  While I had the car in for the service they drove it into a wall scratching up the door, bumper and wheel and got grease on the seat, dash and all over the steering wheel.  

It was two weeks ago since this happened and I am still waiting to see what they are going to do about it.  Nissan USA hasn't responded.  Neither Bill Mastroianni, GM nor Leonard Sage, VP Sage Auto Group (and son of Morrie Sage, founder of the group) have responded.  

This dealership is atrocious, dishonest, sleazy.  STAY AWAY!!!!!!!

Andre M. | 2012-09-18

0 stars. Terrible, god awful service. Do not bother. Took them 15 minutes for anyone to even notice I was standing in the service bay. Everyone I talked to asked me how much my car payments were and what % APR I was paying. Seriously?

Dominique E. | 2012-08-23

I agree with what is said! this dealership is the ABSOLUTE WORST! it s a rip off and i wouldn t recommend ANYBODY go to them at all!!!! NIssans are good cars, but go somewhere else!!!!! you can do and find a better dealership! THEY DO RIP YOU OFF AND LIE!!! they re not interested in helping you in the least, only what they can get off of you. AND make sure you don t get that paint protection that they offer!!! that is a 100% SCAM! ALL THAT CRAP you hear on the radio is just that...LIES AND CRAP!

let me tell you what happened to me when i bought my Rogue from them. i went to the dealership on Labor Day 2010 September 6. I got there at 3pm. had done ALL THE PAPERWORK for the car i wanted BRAND NEW BLUE ALL WHEEL DRIVE. when we finished the paperwork,  i went out and was doing the walk around inspection and passed by the driver's side of the car, which they had parked by the wall in the handicapped parking (seems deliberate to me that they were hiding something when i saw it like that) and within the timeframe of me doing the paperwork on that car i had test drove EARLIER..just about when i got there, another salesperson completely DAMAGED THE DRIVER SIDE DOOR! I MEAN IT WAS JACKED UP!!!! and failed to report it when he did it. so they wanted ME to take that car AS IS and they would repair the damages. I REFUSED TO TAKE POSSESSION OF THAT CAR AS IS!!!! it was NOT like that when i test drove it just about that hour and  a half previous. it was in PERFECT CONDITION!  So i made them give me another LESSOR car in place of that one cos they didn't have another one LIKE THAT. I stayed there until 1130pm doing stuff ALL OVER AGAIN for this other car, which was the crimson red. I WAS SO PISSED! and then the next thing is that there was PAINT DAMAGE ON THIS CAR after 1 year. WELL...I MOVED from California and was in South Carolina at the time. I tried to make a claim with this company to FIX THE DAMAGES. they never ONCE sent me anything about this having to be done EVERY 6 MONTHS, OR EVEN MENTIONED OR TOLD ME ABOUT THIS.. i had just received a card in the mail just prior to my claim for me to come in and have this stuff applied AGAIN...AND ONLY FOR THE SECOND TIME SINCE I HAD THE CAR. 1 YEAR LATER!!!! SO.. This company in Arizona, wanted to SEND ME the stuff and I DO IT MYSELF cos they didn't have anybody to do it in South Carolina and when i went to the dealership there they admitted that they did not offer this! i REFUSED to have them send me the stuff and I HAVE TO DO IT MYSELF, BY MYSELF cos i'm alone, and living in an apartment complex that didn't allow you to work on cars in the parking lot...so WHERE was i supposed to do this??? and i didn't know what i was doing ANYWAYS!!! AND I HAD PAID FOR THEM TO DO IT! NOT ME! so they refused to pay for that paint damage on the door. and i'm on the east coast now so i can't come home and sue them. so i was stuck with the bill to get it fixed MYSELF. i could not leave it like that cos i risked the door getting rust as it was.
So NOW, i've paid off the car with my hard earned money since March 2012 already. I traded in the car earlier in the month for a Murano Platinum out here in Orlando Florida. they gave me some paperwork to get a refund. BUT I HAD ALREADY PAID THE CAR OFF!!!!! and it's August, and NOW I'm fighting with UNIVERSAL CITY NISSAN to GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY for the  warranty stuff that i paid and has been no longer needed SINCE MARCH. and when i called NISSAN customer service, they told me that this dealership should have given me back ALL MY MONEY for this and canceled these policies since MARCH, and they didn't! and i sent in a fax to the business office (SANDY- same person i spoke to that also denied my claim, along with that bogus company in Arizona, for the paint damage refund they should have paid for) the beginning of the month. well I called Maintenance Plus Security Plus people on the phone after geting the number from Nissan customer service and spoke to them. TO THIS DAY, they said that those 2 policies HAVE NOT BEEN CANCELLED YET! and she got that fax the beginning of the month in AUGUST. it's almost SEPTEMBER NOW!!!  and furthermore,WHEN I SPOKE TO THE maint and security plus people he told me the address of the place that the requests GO TO, when you cancel. it's in Rancho Cucamonga! AND HE TOLD ME it takes up to 30 days for this to get to these people.  WELL...anybody FROM LOS ANGELES KNOWS where this is located. and WE ALL KNOW where this DEALERSHIP IS LOCATED! SO WHY DOES IT TAKE 30 DAYS FOR A LETTER TO GET FROM THIS DEALERSHIP IN NORTH HOLLYWOOD TO THE PLACE IN RANCHO CUCAMONGA (NESNA, 3RD FLOOR) WHEN I SENT A LETTER CERTIFIED TO THEM FROM FLORIDA AND IT TOOK 3 DAYS???? YOU CAN WALK ON THE FREEWAY AND HAND CARRY IT YOURSELF AND IT WOULDN'T TAKE 30 DAYS IN THE LOS ANGELES AREA,UNLESS YOU'RE ACCOUNTING FOR THE TRAFFIC TOO, THAT MIGHT HIT YOU COS YOU ARE TAKING BABY STEPS AND NOT WALKING ALONGSIDE THE ROAD PROPERLY AT AN EVEN PACE!

megan r. | 2012-07-12

So this is an email that I sent to the general manager at the Universal city nissan.  This is the only way I could get in contact with him or any manager because they refuse to speak to me.  I also called the corporate office and they don't seem to care at all about my complaint.  I don't see anything ever being done about this and its ridiculous.  If I could give them zero stars I would but yelp doesn't allow that.

I am writing this email because I have been a loyal nissan customer for several years now and up until now I really haven't had any complaints.  I am being harassed on the phone by the Universal city nisssan.  Specifically by one of the sales reps. named Nyla.  One 6.27.12 I was called about a customer appreciation sale that was going on.  I was asked to bring in my nisssan and trade it in for a brand new one.  I nicely explained to them that my car was only 3 years old and I was happy with it and didn't want a new car. They then proceeded to push the topic and try to get me to come in.  I told them again that I wasn't interested and to please not call me about this again.  Since then I have received several calls and every time they call I tell them to stop calling because I'm not interested.  I finally called the corporate office and filed a complaint with them.  They told me that they would handle it and make sure that I didn't receive anymore calls from the dealership.  Well apparently nothing was done because I am still receiving calls.  Today Nyla called me and asked if I had changed my mind about getting a new nissan.  I told her that I didn't and asked her to stop calling me. I told her to take my name off whatever list it was on because I wasn't interested.  She got annoyed with me and told me she was going to hang up on me, which she did.  I called back and asked to speak to a manager.  The lady who answered asked if this was Megan Robinson. I told her it was and she said that all the managers were busy and call back another day.  I asked for the managers name and number and she refused to give me that information.  She said she would let them know I called and they could call me back if they wanted to.  I then said I wanted to speak to someone higher up so give me the corporate number.  She said they didn't have one.  Nyla then got back one the phone and said that if I wanted the corporate number I could get online and get it myself.  She started to laugh and said that I could complain to corporate all I wanted but that this is a multimillion dollar company and that they weren't going to do anything about one little complaint.  I told her that I would never go back to this nissan again for any service and she said "ok well then you aren't one of our customers anymore so I need to get back to work and take care of our paying customers."  She then hung up on me again.  When I called back, they would answer the phone, punch a bunch of numbers and hang up on me.  I tried calling back 3 more times and every time I called this is what they would do.  They weren't allowing my calls to go through so I could speak to a manager.  Obviously nissan doesn't really care about their customers or things like this wouldn't happen.  I am a manager and if I ever found out one of my employees was treating our customers like this, they would be fired.  I will NEVER go back to nissan for anything and I will never purchase another nissan for as long as I live.  Please make the phone calls stop or I will have to go to the police.  I have already written two complaints to your corporate office and one to the Better Business Bureau.  This needs to stop.  

Don't go to Nissan. They don't  care about their customers and they will treat you like crap.  It's really sad too that they think it's okay to treat people like this especially in this economy.  Eventually this will come back and bite them in the ass.  Karma's a bitch.

Eric H. | 2012-07-01

We just stopped by Universal City Nissan to test drive a Leaf.  We have a 2011 Volvo XC-90 and have been thinking about getting an electric or a hybrid as our second vehicle.  We looked at the Yelp reviews for this place and pondered whether they could possibly be as bad as other Yelpers indicated.

The first thing you should know is that the salespeople stand on the street waiting for business.  Funny, I only know one other line of sales where they do that.  Anyway...

As we drove onto the lot, a very young salesperson intercepted us, literally, before we had crossed fully over the curb.  He advised us he would be our salesman and indicated where we should park - in a handicapped spot.  I told him I wouldn't park in a handicapped spot and he said it didn't matter.  My wife whispered, "That tells you something," and I knew she was right.  

As we were getting out of the vehicle with our baby, the baby-faced salesperson came upon us again.  I told him we wanted to test drive a Leaf.  He said we couldn't test drive a Leaf because it was too difficult to keep them charged.  I asked him why anyone would buy one if their charge was so bad, you couldn't even take it for a short spin.  My wife followed up by asking why anyone would buy any car they couldn't test drive.  He said he would ask his manager.  We thought about leaving right then and there but gave the place at least the second opportunity of us walking into the showroom.

We walked in and started looking at the Leaf on the showroom floor.  Not particularly impressive but not awful.  Just sort of average.  The salesperson came out and said his boss had given us the okay to do a test drive and did we have any questions first.  We asked a couple of questions.  The kid was barely able to answer them.  For example, my wife asked "Does the solar panel on the back charge the entire vehicle or just the electronics?" to which the answer was, "Yes."  A request for further explanation was futile and it seemed the kid didn't understand the question.  

A few minutes later the kid, after running back to ask his boss another question, came out and said we couldn't test drive a Leaf because they had sold the one that was available to be test driven.  We thanked him politely and began to leave.  As we were getting our baby strapped into her car seat, a "manager" tying a tie to his neck jumped me and without even saying hello, with my back facing him, asked "You want to test drive a Leaf?"  

I just looked at him and said, "No thank you.  We're done."

They should really reconsider accosting people as they drive into the parking lot and letting children pretend to be salespeople.  Neither of these tactics helped them in any way with us.  And we'll probably buy a car soon, but definitely not from them.

Marilyn F. | 2012-06-08

I did not want to drive to Downtown Nissan and it was more convenient for me, so I decided to give the service dept here a try. Big mistake.Without getting
into the details, the general idea is that I found the Service representative guy I worked with very unhelpful, cold, rude, big "I'm doing you a favor" attitude. I asked to speak to a manager
hoping for a little less attitude and he ignored me entirely, not even making eye contact. Lovely people, not. Trust me, I was
there for a recall notice, so I didn't want to be there to begin with.
What a bunch rude people who obviously are unhappy with their work. I wish I would have stayed with Downtown
Nissan. Don't go here. And next time I'm going to use the service people's
names if I have to go back for some reason. Since there are only two places
in L.A. The customer is not important at all. The guy that helped me had
no skills at all, completely unprepared for dealing with CUSTOMERS. He
talked over me, just rude rude rude!!!! I doubt they even looked at the
part that was being recalled.

David G. | 2012-05-26

Rating: 0.1 Star

Check engine light came on in my '09 Nissan the other week. Wanted to get in and make sure it wasn't anything critical so we headed straight there on a Saturday morning after seeing the light illuminate. We pull in to the service center to what appears to be a chaotic orgy of cars spewed about. I get out the car and explain to the girl coming around to cars what we're there for. She checks us in and gives me a window hanger and tells us to go talk to service. I walk up and meet a guy working in service. I explain the situation and he says it will be about 4-6 hours. Seriously dude? I inform him that just won't fit our schedule that day, what are our other options? He then says maybe you should try and come back on a Tuesday or something during the week mid-morning when we're not as busy. At this point I'm laughing, this guy is a joke. (It was this point when I noticed his name badge said "service manager").

We decided to leave and seek "service" somewhere else. Trying to navigate our car from the chaos to leave we were overwhelmed with sales people pestering us to come talk about buying a newer nissan and "lower" our payments. I explained I was more than comfortable with my payments, and after about 3-5 minutes of haggling I was able to get my car around them and leave.

To sum things up: never again will I step foot on Universal Nissan's lot. Done :)

Monica C. | 2012-04-30

I wish I had read the reviews before visiting this dump. The only good reason to visit this dealership is that they have a large inventory of cars- but still it's not worth the trouble. Im  hounded by the dealership, they constantly call me regarding my service appointments.. That I never set up!! I ask them to take my phone number off their call list as I actually take my car to another Nissan for service .. they have yet to remove my phone number and it's been 6 months!!! All and all I didn't feel that I got a great deal but they had the particular car I was looking for, I guess that's what gets people through the door. Then they pressure you and even chase you out to your car when you turn down their deals... Don't be fooled they are not giving any good deals at this dealer.

Brian R. | 2012-04-26

Just wanted to drop a quick note about Sai who is one of the intenet sales managers I believe.  I did not buy a car from them, I'm actually from Northern California but decided to see if I could get a better deal.  Sai (hope I'm spelling it right) was very friendly, did some research on the car I wanted and then told me the deal I was getting up North was better than he could do because the specific car I wanted was not available.  Thought he was honest and sincere and a straight shooter.

I appreciated his time and honesty, especially when I asked him several follow up questions when he knew he was not going to sell me a car.

Brittany C. | 2012-03-12

I recently spent the day test-driving a few cars around town and had a pleasant experience... and then I came to Universal City Nissan. I test-drove the Altima Coupe, and not only did my salesman not know much about the car I was driving (features in the car, warranties... basic questions a salesman should know), but he knew very little about other models. I thought it was strange when he said the base price of a Maxima with leather was $40,000--- that's because he was $6000 off.

I then asked him to appraise my car, and it took him 30 minutes to come back and tell me that the manager who could appraise it wasn't there-- and that was after taking my keys, checking my mileage (and not locking my doors after he was done), and asking me for my registration.

Even if I had been completely in love with the Altima Coupe, having this terrible of a dealership experience would tip the scales enough to go with another brand of car at another dealership.

Brett B. | 2012-02-17

How I was poorly treated and insulted with my experience at Universal City Nissan.

I had recently preordered a 2012 Nissan Leaf. Being told of the 3-4 month wait, I looked online to see if any Leafs were on the lot at Universal City Nissan. There were 9. All 2011 models. All at approx. MSRP.

After receiving several emails from several sales reps (often with poor grammar or incomplete sentences) I talked with Mark Scorza. I explained that I wanted to purchase the 2011 Leaf, he said to come down today. I did.

First they started out by telling me how all of the rebates are going to be gone by January. This was very obviously a ploy to pressure me into what they next told me. The price I saw for the car online (approx. 35k) would not be what the price of the car would be. It would be 10k more than that. This was insulting. 10k more? For a 2011 model? All because I didn't have to wait? Sounds like price gouging to me.

I was very angered by this process (which seems standard for the car industry) where no matter who I'm talking to, no one takes the blame. The low level sales person I was assigned told me the price was not his fault, it was his General Manager telling him the price and I just had to tell him what I wanted. I said I'd pay 30k for the car. I figured I'd respond to an insult with an insult. I had figured it would be a no hassle MSRP for the car. He said that 30k was not going to happen. I was told how "4 other people were coming down today to look at the same car I was" This (even if true) is not good salesmanship.

I said I would pay MSRP. In cash. Tomorrow. After 7 minutes, the salesman came back and I was told that the manager would see me. I felt very ambushed. Three people were in the room, two behind me and the manger in front of me. His eyes very obviously said he didn't wanna deal with me. The manager, Andy I believe was his name, told me that the Leafs on the lot could only be sold at a 10K markup because I didn't have to wait for the car. He said there would be no negotiation of the price, it was a 10k markup. He then said that if I felt poorly treated or insulted that I had to take it up with Nissan.

I said that I wanted to cancel my order for my 2012 Leaf and not get the car I was looking at today. He very aggressively crumpled up the paperwork that pertained to me and threw it in his trash and said "there's the door"

At no point did I feel treated like a human being. I had difficulty communicating over email, phone, and finally when I come in they waste my time, I'm told the price just went up 10k? For a year old model? While everything they may have said to me might turn out to be true (lets see how long those cars stay on the lot) it was the approach and the demeanor of everyone involved (with the exception of the parking attendant and the woman who first brought me to Mark Scorza. Both of them were very nice and helpful.) was not what I would expect from the car company I was looking to deal with for the next decade.

Gerard S. | 2012-02-14

This place is a joke. Called Seleida (or Seneida?)today to make an appointment and specifically told her my wife and I  wished to test drive a Leaf. Got to the dealership and we were assigned a salesman, Shah, to show us the car. We went to the roof to look at them and after  we sat in the car, the salesman (who really did not give us any info about the car & told us that we probably know more about the car than he does - not a good sign) told us that the dealership does not let customers test drive the Leaf. He said "up until now no one get to test drive the Leaf. Yesterday it was no, today it could be yes, I will go and check". He took us downstairs again and checked and the answer was "no". He could not tell us why, he went on to say "only way to test drive Leaf is find friend who has one or go to Enterprise and rent a car". I thought this was a joke but it was not. At the very least Seleida could have told us that the dealership does not let the potential buyers test drive Leafs when we made the appointment before we drove out to the dealership. Needless to say, this was a complete waste of our time and our first and last experience with Universal Nissan.

Julie D. | 2012-01-22

I've never been compelled to write a review on yelp until now.

I was in a tough situation, my car was totaled and I had only a short time to find a car. I did a TON of research online to get quotes, know about all incentives, dealer invoice price, everything. I printed everything out and showed my quotes to one of internet sales / fleet managers. I had read that they are easier to work with since they don't work on commission. I said I wanted him to beat a quote from a competing dealer and have a certain out the door price or we are just going to be wasting time. Well I ended up wasting 5 hours of my life I wish I had back. First, they had almost 300 Sentras that he couldn't even find to show me. That took forever. Then without actually seeing the car, I was presented with some numbers that were way over my quotes and way over my out the door price. EVEN HIGHER THAN A QUOTE FROM THEIR OWN DEALERSHIP. When I was clearly not happy with the numbers, his manager Mark came in. It all went down hill after meeting him. This man basically belittled me the whole time, telling me he is giving me his "best deal" and that I look like a smart girl, I should know right then and there that I can afford the higher prices. When I wasn't budging with the pressure from the manager, a THIRD guy came in claiming it was the best deal they could do. Being a young woman, I felt very taken advantage of. These three guys basically ganged up on me and pressured me to accept their price. I held my ground and ended up leaving VERY unhappy. I received a call from the internet salesman the next day asking if I had thought about their deal. Um yea, it sucks! When I said I was going to find a better deal elsewhere he said "well call me when you don't find it." The nerve! Right after that phone conversation I went to Keyes Woodland Hills Nissan where I actually bought the car for OVER TWO THOUSAND LESS than the price I was shown at Universal. Not to mention the customer service I received was much better. When I spoke to the manager at Woodland Hills, I never felt belittled or felt the urge to punch him in the face as I did with Mark from Universal. All in all, I was very satisfied with my purchase from Woodland Hills. AVOID Universal City Nissan at all costs, they may be the #1 dealer in the US, but that's because of the shady tactics and lies they use on their customers. AVOID THIS DEALERSHIP!

Judd T. | 2012-01-10

My Sentra is now into the 3rd dealer for the 18th time since these guys never fixed my car back in 2008.  

If you own a Nissan Sentra and had the ECU (Electronic Control Unit), and/or ETB (Electronic Throttle Body) replaced multiple times, and/or Idle Air Relearn Reprogrammed multiple times, check out this blog and write in with your experience: nissanhitachiclassaction…

Universal City Nissan does not know how to fix cars and they should be stopped from doing business.

Stephanie B. | 2012-01-10

What a bunch of crooks. They send unsolicited TEXT messages which is ILLEGAL. If that's how they advertise, why would ANYONE do business with them? I googled the phone numbers and up came a site ( SMSwatchdog.com ) with MANY people complaining about getting unsolicited text messages from them. Horrible, horrible way to do business. I hope they get slapped with a massive fine from the FTC and go out of business. If you receive advertising text messages from this or any other company that you haven't done business with, or given permission to text you, file a complaint with ftccomplaintassistant.gov

Kristen V. | 2012-01-06

I will sum it up in a few words. Liars, Rude and Desperate.
Lets just say their sales tactic is to lie as much as they can to get you into their dealership and then work their numbers on you. Dont believe them if they tell you over the phone they were able to make the deal you wanted happen. Because once you get in there to meet with them to "finalize" the deal, they will deny that they ever said such things.
Let me tell you I would rather go to Miller Nissan or the Keyes Nissan in Woodland Hills. I refuse to do business with shady lying people.

p.s. i wanted to put no stars bc that is what they deserve but had no choice but to put 1 star in order to be able to post this.

Erika E. | 2011-12-16

The service department is pretty painful. Even free - I was annoyed.
I had a fine car buying experience here; but service department falls off.

If you decide to drop you car off head down to the good neighbor restaurant for some nice breakfast or dinner. If you subject yourself to the waiting room - may the force be with you.

Kislev A. | 2011-12-14


My then boyfriend has been driving the 300Z and has been talking about the coming of "the new 350" for months.

The Chevy Nova I've been driving was on its last breath. The transmission is broken and could only function on 1st gear.

I just graduated and just got hired, still living with my parents so I went from $0/year to $48K/year within 3 months of graduation... with no rent, no cell phone, no utilities, no college loans, no credit card debts and a bunch of savings... yeah that's right! It's an Asian thing... I think...

Anywayz... Now I'm looking for a car so I can get to my new job...

Look, I'm a sensible person. If I was left to my own devices, I'd get me an economy car, but at this moment (10 years ago) I was feeling filthy rich and invincible.

So I ask the salesperson if they have the new 350Z and could I see it, knowing that they have a bunch on their roof coz it's visible from the freeway... He said "no" tersely and turned his back on us and walked towards another customer.


I would have had a better experience if I went through what Teresa A. went through... Yes, that meant if I could give zero stars, I would.


On the other hand, maybe I should give them 5 Stars... I've always known cars are bad investments... the moment I started thinking about splurging on a car, this happened.

If you are trying to decide whether to put your money into reducing your debt or buying a new car, COME HERE. They will help point you in the right direction.

The money that I was supposed to use as a downpayment for this car was used to pay for a 2-week all inclusive trip to China and hiked the Great Wall with money to spare for souveniers, albums, gifts, and scrapbooking materials! So if you can't decide whether to go on an adventure that you'll remember for a lifetime... or a car that you might end up crashing as soon as you drive out the lot... COME HERE and they'll help point you in the right direction.

Jon F. | 2011-12-11

I wish that I read the Yelp reviews before I went there!  I was looking for a Nissan Versa with a manual transmission and I found one at Universal Nissan.  David, the Internet Sales guy, called me and said that they had one.  We discussed the car on and off for about a week and I finally had the time to go see the car.  I made an appointment to see the car and later confirmed that I was coming at 1 pm.  When I get there, David pulls out the paperwork and says that the car isn't on site but in Glendale and is a short 20 minute drive away.  All fine, except, I didn't have a spare 40 minutes (roundtrip) to see the car as I had other appointments as well.  David starts backpedalling and saying that he thought that I just wanted to look at the financing (BS on that).   David then bring over his manager who smiles and shakes my hand and then proceeds to turn the problem into my fault for not working with them and for being unreasonable.  The manager starts yelling at me and that is when I said ENOUGH.  So that being said, I am providing my insights into Universal Nissan on Yelp and any other social network to spread the word about my experiences there.  Find another place to do business: try Ford, Toyota or Mazda.

Jeremy S. | 2011-12-06

My wife bought a used 2008 Versa here two years ago (in 2009).  A knob on the air conditioner panel broke off, and I called to ask about getting it looked at.  I explained that we bought the car there, and wanted to make an appointment.  The service employee I talked to told me that I would have to pay a $125 "estimate fee" just to have my car looked at, and that all repair costs would be added on top of the $125 "estimate fee" they tried to charge me.  I refuse to pay such a ridiculous fee, especially for a broken plastic knob.
This is exactly how you treat your customers if you want them to NEVER RETURN.

Teresa A. | 2011-11-15

So its probably a sign to run in the opposite direction when you pull up to a dealer and the salesmen flock to you like pigeons. No joke, I wish I couldve recorded the moment. It's like we had thrown blood into a pool full of sharks!

This place is no different from any other dealership, nothing stands out. We had an appt. last week with Edi. Admittedly, we don't have the best credit, but we had a significant down payment and wanted something reasonable, definitely not driving off the lot with a sports car. So after Edi running the paperwork thru he comes back and says were only approved for one car. What a joke. So I get online to their website and review a list of cars around the same price as the junker he's trying to pawn off on us. Ohhhh now were able to qualify for those cars too. Wow, shady isn't even the word to describe this. At this point, my hubby is over it and ready to leave, so we say were going to lunch to talk it over, and the guy panics. "You guys want lunch? What do you want? In n out?" Obviously he knew if we were going, we probably weren't coming back. I understand these guys live for commission and big sales, but do you have to be so shady and selfish about it?
We ended up going to Cerritos Nissan and getting a better deal on the Nissan Versa.

Ali K. | 2011-11-12

I've never written a review before but the service here was so atrocious that I felt compelled to sign up and comment. If I could I would give these morons zero stars. From the moment I dropped the car off my bad experience started snowballing. Despite the fact that I called the day before to let them know I'd be dropping the car off they didn't even look at the car on day 1. No biggie, i thought. Day 2: still hadn't started. Ok, so they are busy, i'll relax. Day 3 - David calls me to tell me they still haven't looked at it yet. Thanks for the courtesy call. Day 4: finally, they checked it out, need to order part that won't arrive for 3 days. Day 7: part arrived, but it is the wrong one! Day 9: car finally finished!
When i went to pick it up the car was filthy (on the inside!) Someone had left their open, albeit finished, soda on the passenger seat along with some dirty rags on the carpet and i noticed dirt and some scratches on the leather seats of my new 370Z!
I will never bring my car back here! Don't trust these idiots!

Lauren N. | 2011-11-09

How could anyone say anything bad about this place?? I must say I have had the best experience servicing my Altima Hybrid here, I feel so confident driving again.

David is the Asst. Service Manager and he and his team are quick, friendly, and on point.

I came in because my tire pressure light refused to go off, so I was expecting to get the sensors re-calibrated for around $120. So I waited about 90mins in the lounge area, had some coffee and a warm cookie, and the next thing I know David comes in and tells me "since this is your first service, it will be on the house. Tires are filled and the sensors have been re-calibrated." I think he made my week!

I drove out of there happy as a clam and if I am correct, they even washed it for me :)

Awesome job, guys!!!

Mayte D. | 2011-11-09

This is for the SERVICE DEPARTMENT only.

Took my brand new Juke in several times for minor window issues and brake squeaking. Twice I showed up and was told I had no appointment. UGH. Once I was told they couldn't take care of all my issues because it's too much for them to do on a Saturday EVEN THOUGH the person who scheduled me knew exactly what I was going in for initially.

It wasn't until I sent in a survey to Nissan stating what horrible service I received that they called me in and started being nice. Abby is the person that has been scheduling my appt./taking care of me recently and I'm thankful for her! Thanks for your help, Abby! But the rest of the staff seriously needs to get their crap together.

I honestly don't trust this service department, but it's 5 minutes away from my home. Will go elsewhere for more serious issues.

Tim B. | 2011-11-01

Avoid their service department.

I called to make an appointment to get a quick software update for my navigation and warranty out a floormat. I arrive and they tell me the guy who does the nav doesn't work on Saturday's. Strike one.

They order the floormat for me. But instead of calling to let me know it's in I have to wait an extra week for a postcard to be mailed. Strike two.

I go to pick up the floor mat and have to wait for a half hour because they took my car in back to change a floor mat. Strike three.

Never again will I bring my car to this service team. Worst. Experience. Ever.

PD D. | 2011-10-20

I have to say that all the negative reviews about Universal City Nissan are all so accurate!
I leased a Nissan Altima from them 3.5 years ago. A year ago I was called by the sales person with an offer to turn in my Altima (I was paying double of what their current offers were) for a new deal without penalties. He probably thought I was stupid and that I was not going to realize that they were adding to my "new deal" the balance of the lease I already had. I was pretty upset since I drove about 35 miles each way to get there.
Two months ago my lease was finally up and I had to return my car. I went twice to look at new cars and they offered me a good deal, but would not put it in writting for me. I was very turned off by their lack of professionalism and how sneaky they were. As soon as I was arguing about the cost, hidden fees and the car itself, I was treated totally different by even the two managers!
After I left I probably got a call ever single day for two weeks from them, which became very annoying. One of the girls that called me told me that I could bring my leased car that Saturday to return it and sign my return leased vehicle papers, so she made the appointment for me. I drove 35 miles to return the car to find out that the person that took my appointment had NO CLUE that the lease department did not take cars back on Saturdays. I am sure if I was to buy a new car it was different, but return it... forget it. I was pretty upset that I had to drive 35 miles for nothing and 35 back home, specially because I was already over the miles allowed. They never told me either that I had to make an appointment with a company they work with to get my car inspected. Nice going Nissan!!
A week later I finally returned the car. I complaint to one of the managers (Juan) about the extra miles and gas I had to WASTE and PAY because of their poor service. I guess I shouldn't be surprised when his answer was "THAT IS NOT MY PROBLEM SO I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT". I would be surprise if they ever get any repeat business at this place because they are for sure the worst by far. I have always loved Nissan cars buy this service turned me off and I will never buy one again. Sorry Nissan, but you should be more selective with your management and employees. This place just gives you a bad image and reputation.

jackie s. | 2011-10-14

This place is terrible.  I made an appointment for an oil change and new windshield wipers for my pathfinder after driving from NY to Cali.  The night before my appointment, they called me to ask me for more information about my car, and to ASK ME IF I WAS INTERESTED IN SELLING MY CAR! I went over all the details for a second time with the person setting up my appointment.  When I arrived the next morning I was swarmed by service employess. When I finally spoke with one, they immediately recommened a service package for me before even seeing my car. The cost was $589!  I told the man I came in for an oil change and had just had all of these "recommendations" done to my car before driving across country.  I left my car and upon return, ironically, all of these "recommendations" were individually checked as "requiring immdediate attention" on my service report.  VERY SKETCHY PLACE WITH VERY SKETCHY PEOPLE WORKING THERE.  I would NEVER go back there.  I felt like I was being scammed.  I have been to planty of nissan dealers and have never had this experience.  Stay far far away, all these people care about is making money.

Brittany K. | 2011-09-30

This place sucks.

The Nissan Rogue is an awesome car, though. I freaking love the back up camera, the bluetooth, and the fact it accelerates without any kick. It drives beautifully! I also think it's really cute and has great storage space. I loved this car and wanted it BADLY.

But then I went in to discuss a lease deal with these guys and they were awful! First of all, they wanted $3,000 down and over $350 a month for a Rogue. While I think the car is worth it, there were no incentives.

When I asked if they could go below invoice to seal the deal, the manager or whoever he was, perhaps the internet manager (Jose maybe) literally screamed from his office "NO I CANT DO THAT BRITTANY, I AM ALMOST GIVING THESE CARS AWAY, NO WAY NO, NO NO NO NO, I MEAN IT THIS IS RIDICULOUS."

Whoa. First of all, I am a customer so you don't get to yell at me. You get to say "no, sorry, I can't go under." That's what you say. Then, since it was 10 pm, I wanted to come back a couple days later before SIGNING PAPERWORK on a car I hadn't even seen (they didn't have it in stock). They wanted me to sign paperwork at 10 pm, exhausted, on a car I never got to see.

I promised I'd come back in a couple days but they were so mean about it, so pushy in a really transparent, sleazy, salesman way.  I couldn't wait to get out of the den of negative energy.  I did, 100% mean to come back on Thursday, but the more time went by, the more the way they treated me left a bad taste in my mouth.

So, the next day I decided to call Honda and check on the equivalent model of the CR-V. Incentives like CRAZY! How does $0 down sound at $350 a month for the top of the line model, $1500 wear and tear coverage at the end of the lease, and tons of other plusses Nissan didn't offer.

Then what? Who? My phone blows up with a text message from Nissan. "When are you coming back today?" To which I responded "I'm not, but thank you anyways for your help." You know what they said? "Yeah, we knew that." First of all, are you seriously texting me with attitude???? Secondly, you knew that because you knew I could find a better deal by calling a better dealership with a better product.

Also, Honda was cool about the fact that I shouldn't get suckered into a 39 month lease where Im stuck paying registration on a vehicle I will only drive for 3 more months, and therefore will have to pay registration fees again when the three months go by and I need a new car. Nissan didn't tell me that.

So, it came down to who did better business, and that was Honda. They went below invoice and they smiled while they did it. They were kind and informative, and they gave me a better deal for a better car.

Stay away from the douchebags here. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Ron J. | 2011-09-24

Yelp, please let me give this place zero stars!!

Seems like the only way this place can make a profit is by lying through their teeth. I went back there to purchase my leased vehicle today, and these people are awful! They tried to convince me that they are obligated by law to inspect my car and force me to pay for them to perform maintenance on it before I could buy it. I didn't believe them and asked them to show this to me in writing. Needless to say they could not show me anything, and refused to give me a straight answer as to why not. Try to reason with these people and you will get nowhere.

There are plenty of other Nissan dealers in LA, save yourself the frustration and go elsewhere.


Ellie B. | 2011-09-16

Oh Guys, I only wish I had read your reviews before they lied to me and over-charged me by $4,000.  I'm SO stupid.  And now the deed is done.  Let's see if I can at least get my deposit back tomorrow.  Wish me luck peeps!  I knew better..........don't know how I did this......

Arbi G. | 2011-09-06

Costumer service is great. We were looking to buy the Nissan Altima, but unfortunately the deal wasn't in our budget, but i can say our sales guy Alex Sayar was very professional and tried his best. The Sales Manager Aris was great and did explain in detail why they could not do the deal at the price we wanted it. We thanked them and left.

Stanley W. | 2011-08-29

Salesman was pretty nice, but they don't let them do anything without calling in the "manager". Who then has to go back to the "manager" in a little booth to get approval on anything. I didn't have the best experience with the manager I dealt with, he was very push and acted almost like I was doing him a favor by buying a car and should give him a good deal so he "could feed his children tonight" (yes, he actually used that line). Only put up with him because in the end, he gave me a good deal on the car.

Next day after buying my car, battery dies. Called up the salesman and he offered to send AAA out to tow my car back to the dealer. Wasn't really happy about getting my brand new car towed by some random tow truck, but luckily the car started about 30 min later. Drove in for a new battery and still had to wait an hour for it to be replaced. I would have thought buying a $35k+ car a day prior would get some priority service.

They took forever to pay off my trade, to the point I had to get an extension with the old bank because I wasn't about to make a payment on a car I had traded in to Universal City Nissan. After about 3 weeks, they finally sent over a check to my old bank. Just a frustrating experience.

Most annoying is that they continue to call me with whatever sale they have going on. I get recorded messages on my phone every 7-10 days with some recording about whatever sale is going on that week. Most of them are entirely in Spanish, which I do not speak. I've called twice to ask to be removed from their call list, both times they have told me it would be taken care of, only to get another call a week later.

I'll never go back here, not even for an oil change, which is a shame, since it's the most convenient dealership to my house.

Christina K. | 2011-08-24

After visiting 4-5 other Nissan locations I was becoming a pro at dealing with these salesman types. I have to say that car dealerships must come in second after the entertainment industry as those which to avoid if at all possible.

The salesman I had help me in purchasing my Z was decent. Of course, at this point I was fed up and told him about my negative experiences at other locations right off the bat. Told him how I wasn't going to make my purchase unless the entire experience felt right. Told him exactly what I wanted in the car and at what price.

Please don't go into any dealership without having done extensive research first. They can't bully you around and tell you bullshit about the car or pricing. I called so many salesman out on their bullshit and then watched them stammer and try to correct it. Know exactly what you want and how much you want to pay. It also helps visiting multiple dealers to better negotiate and gain leverage.

Some dealers made it difficult just to test drive the car. Asking to run my credit and talk numbers first. Umm, no...I will see if I think the car feels right before lowering my credit score thank you. Universal let me test drive no problem. They let me punch it on the freeway. Thank God the Z I ended up buying only had 38 miles on it. God knows how many times it was punched. Lol.

Check the car thoroughly (outside of the shaded underground parking where they pull it up) for imperfections. I noticed a scratch on my interior, but never bothered enough to take it back in.

Don't know about the service department. I was only here once.

Buying a car is fucking stressful! I honestly almost gave up.

Dave A. | 2011-08-21

Be cautious.  I leased a car from these guys and had quite a bit of trouble with their paperwork.  First they didn't handle my insurance information correctly and ended up charging me for insurance even though I was already covered.  After faxing the info over twice, I was forced to go in, drop it on someone's desk and stand over his shoulder while he fixed it.

Recently discovered they did not make the automatic deductions for lease payments equal to the number of lease payments.  Automatic deductions came up a 6 months before lease ended, causing me to be late on a payment, which was reported to credit agencies.

Finally, were very problamatic when I tried to buy my car at the end of my lease.  Used Altima's are in demand because they are 4 cylinders and the tsumani in Japan causing supply problems.  So, Sage Nissan wants used Altimas.  They made what should be a simple purchase very, very difficult and pulled some shady moves to try to get the car back.  (It has low miles, so it's worth even more on the used market).

I will never do business with them again.

Guy M. | 2011-08-19

Earn your business......UCN sucks.  I went by this evening and I was not allowed the apparent privilege of test driving a car.  I drove Ferrari's at 2 dealers earlier this week without an issue.
...how can you sell a car if you can't test drive it?  It was funny how the sales weeny ran away to the bull pen after telling me that test driving was not allow as it put miles on cars.
Who is the customer; where do your paychecks come from?
I would highly recommend you stay clear of the place.
PS: High end cars buyers talk to each other.

Steve X. | 2011-08-17

the only reason i'm not giving these people a one-star rating is because the service manager took care of something that he didn't have to.  the company overall still blows.  Also it would be a bit lame for me to complain about getting a free oil change but DAMN THEY MUST HAVE WALKED ALL OVER IT AND THEN SAT IN MY CAR (with 6000 miles on the clock) AND RUBBED THEIR PAWS ALL OVER MY SEMI-NEW FLOOR MATS!

Analia G. | 2011-08-14

You have been warned! Avoid this place like the plague, unless you have excellent car buying skills and will not let yourself get ripped off. Do the numbers before signing anything here. Don't be fooled by the catchy jingle or commercials- they overinflate prices, overstaffed and poor service. The only reason I came here was because after searching other dealers they had the car I wanted. I will however, give 1 star to my salesman, the first man that greeted us (he is not the guy that works the numbers).

lou i. | 2011-08-07

Worst Car Dealership!
one star goes to the sales man that made us walk a mile to test drive the car that we wanted.

we came here to buy a used versa, the floor manager offered the car with a +8000 mark up price based on the kelley blue book value (16000.. he was selling it for 24000 excluding tax, license, etc). We didn't want to pay that much and he didn't wanna give us a better deal on the car. He was forcing us to just get a used Sentra instead. talk about customer satisfaction.

It took us 2 days, 5 sales person/ floor manager / desk manager / finance officer..... to get a fair deal. I can't even say it's good.... they trapped us for 8+ hrs... They are unapproachable, unprofessional, and I wouldn't recommend people to buy here!

You wouldnt want to waste ur whole day and get ripped off don't you?

Andrea G. | 2011-07-28

.....WHY SO PUSHY?! They brought 5 people out to try and close a sale with me. JESUS!! What a TURN OFF!!!

Anne K. | 2011-07-25

I am 7 months pregnant and am on modified bedrest when we went to look at a car for my husband at your dealership in Universal City, CA this past weekend. When we asked where we can park close to the new cars, the salesmen instructed us to park on the street near the pre owned lot and told us that the new cars were there as well.  He walked us almost 2 blocks in 90 degree weather and up the back of a 2 story ramp to what I realized was the rooftop inventory lot.  That is when my contractions started.  When I asked what was below us (knowing we were now above the dealership), he lied and said it was where they "keep the trucks".  When we drove out to test drive, we clearly saw the the shaded free "customer parking" and the entrance to the dealership where the new cars were.  I pointed this out to him and he replied that there was "no more parking" in the customer lot, despite the fact that it was clearly only half full.  We drove the car and had him drop us off at our car because I could no longer walk.  I proceeded to go home to lay down and debate on going to the hospital for hours because of preterm contractions.  The salesman put the health of both me and my unborn child at risk to snatch up a potential customer.  I have never been so upset and disgusted.

Jorge G. | 2011-07-23

I decided to give the service dept. a chance even after the dealer itself has gotten really low ratings due to incompetent greedy sales men. Well let me tell you, TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE! I took in my 2008 maxima for an oil change that was quoted 1-2 hours ( okaythey had a lot of people so i understood) BOOM! 4 hours later they still not done with my 15 minute tops oil change (REALLY!!??). The mechanics drive the cars like they're theirs with no safety and lean on them and tap them with their pens or keys( i saw them do that before it went in) IMAGINE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU'RE NOT THERE??! TERRIBLE PLACE ILL rather go too jiffy lube or some place like that, TERRRRIIBLLLEEE experience never again.

Michelle Y. | 2011-07-18

Um, Yelp..give me a 0 Star option.  I can't stand these imbeciles.  Why does it take 2 hours to do an oil change?  The ONLY reason I came was because they called and offered me a deal for $9.95 but if that means taking half of my life away for a 10 minute oil change, I'll pass.  I've gone to other Nissan dealerships and haven't waited over 30 min so I KNOW it's this location.  I guess the "1" star can account for the free wifi I received while sitting here.  Imagine if I didn't have my computer.  Never. Again.

Daniel R. | 2011-07-07

They tend to have better deals than other dealers. But I have had mixed success with the service department. I almost sued them at one point but we were able to negotiate a mutual agreement.

Not the best, not the worst. I say look around at other options but if you're looking for a Nissan this is probably of one of your better bets in the LA area.

Santa Monica Nissan on the other hand totally messed up my car. I wouldn't go to them again.

CC K. | 2011-07-05

Don't come here!!!

den of thieves out to steal business from each other.  the minute i walked in, a sales guy tried to help me although i had told him i had an appointment was looking for that specific person.  he told me that he could help me and ignore that appointment i had.  

horrible, impersonal service.


my situation happened 3 years ago, but i never forgot how much i hate that dealership.  

i waited 3 hours to them to "locate" the car, then they couldnt "start" the car.  after waiting almost 5 hours,they told me to come back the next day.  my credit was already run, i was approved everything was a done deal for them because i came in knowing exactly what i wanted already.  i was so upset, i made no plans to return.  BUT NEITHER DID MY SALESPERSON TO EVEN CALL ME BACK EVER!!  he NEVER EVER called to aplogize or anything at all!  he didnt even call me to try to make up an excuse to execute the sale.  i literally never heard from him again.  Not by email, not by mail, not by phone.... NOTHING.  i ended up getting my car at santa monica nissan who offered the same deal but included 3 years oil changes.  

i would give them ZERO stars if it were possible.

Crystal B. | 2011-06-09

this was the worset experiance i could had have. i am a first time car buyer and they, sorry for my language but they "fucked me over really bad...!!!! " my car is worth 17,00 and they charged me with everything 29,000 something. i went with them because i thought they were good for the program they have call your job is your credit...huu yea right. bs. and to top it off i had got there at 5 pm in the afternoon and i didnt get home till 1 am in the morning wtf!!!       IF U WANT TO GET SCREWED THEN GO THERE....!!!!

esther k. | 2011-06-06

Just got my leaf from universal after registering with all of Nissan dealers in ca.  Mark and Jay were a well oiled machine.  I got an orphan leaf in the color I wanted and it was seamless.  Jay drove  90 minutes to my house to personally pick me up and guided me thru the functions of the car.  Mark made sure that everything was lined up and executed things with the precision of a surgeon.  Needless to say I was more than pleased with their operation.  I highly recommend this team.  


Linda R. | 2011-05-31


I just wanted to say, Thank you!!

You went above & beyond so that we could get into a New 2011 Nissan Versa!  You definitely are the man to see for the Credit challenged, you make it happen!

Customer service and satisfaction is hard to find these day's, but you show it still exists.  From the moment we met with you, you made us feel that you were there to help us.

Your understanding of customer satisfaction is what has helped make Universal City Nissan #1

Mark Scorza your Internet director knows what it's all about, you guys are a dynamic duo for making it happen!

Thank you again, and keep up the good work, people like us appreciate it!

Severiano & Rosalinda Rico

Jeanette H. | 2011-05-19

Worst car dealership I've ever dealt with! The sales manager was beyond condesending and rude. He was kissing my butt calling me princess the second I spoke to him but the second I showed that I knew what I wanted, needed and could afford he soured quickly. First of all, he wasn't even my sales person, it was a newbie, quiet woman who would just smile at me and brought me popcorn. He was her boss. Then, he kept pushing me for more money down that I could afford. When I said no to the whole deal because he wasn't listening to me he just got nasty. He told me "Karma would get me" for not taking the deal! I had already met with 4 other "managers" and nobody was listening to me.

I hadn't even seen the Nissan Versa at this point. Nor will they explain any details to me. All I know is that I was getting approved to finance $20,000 for a $12,000 car for "Zero APR" for 60 months. BS!! Why can't I know what the else I'm being charged for??? I then suggested we try 72 months to give me the monthly payments i could afford. He then leaned forward and asked if now "I was doing his job"...WTH???? I left after that. I don't even remember his name..only that he is Armenian. BS indeed!! Don't go here unless you don't care if they are rude to you and lie to you!

Neil P. | 2011-04-18

Yelp really needs to come up with a "minus" rating system as places like this deserve negative reviews.

This place is full of unprofessional salesman.  "Manager" means nothing here.  They are equally unprofessional and unpleasant.  I called about a "subsidised GTR lease."  Leasing a GTR outright is not something any sane person would do.  It would cost your the amount of the car in lease payments as they overvalue the resale.  As such, car companies subsidise the payments to bring value to certain vehicles.

The first guy I spoke to didn't listen to a word I said, barely knew how to conjugate a sentence and just wanted my phone number and contact info.  After persisting that I wanted to know their lease deals over the phone, he got a manager.  Dude sounded like he just walked out of a Dodgers game, with major attitude.  He proceeded to try and extract my personal info also.  After explaining what a "subsidised lease" was, he gave the all special lease price of $20,000 DOWNPAYMENT and $1,800 a month for four years.  Even if you were an absolute twat, you would still know that equates to $106,400.  The car retails at $90,000.  You be the judge...

Save your money and time and drive somewhere inland or in Orange County where they hopefully have an honest salesman (oxymoron?) and good reviews.  Don't buy a cigarette lighter from this place let alone sign a contract with them.

Jenn B. | 2011-03-31

Had a great experience buying car today with Marcus Hunt and his manager Armen Apoian . they had us all taken care of in a short period of time. LOVE THE ALTIMA. the price was right and everyone was quite friendly and helpful ! thank you for all your help!!!

Shanay J. | 2011-03-28

Anyone who gives this place more than 1 star is ON CRACK!!!

I went to this dealership because its by my job so I figured I'd go for a test drive of the new Versa and see what kind of deal they could give me.

It started off okay I met up with Adam who is the person I set an appointment with and we with for a test drive of the Versa.

Now once we got back to the dealership he took my info so he could see what kind of deal he could give me. (now mind you I'm on my lunch break which is only an hour but I have a cool boss and knew if I was a few minutes late she wouldn't be too mad and plus she knew where I was and what was going on) So I've been sitting there waiting for about a half hour and Adam is nowhere to be found, then this mideastern looking dude comes up to me and is like we need a little more info from you and I'm like look I dont have that much time can you guys give me some info about a deal and so I know and he's like well if I give you a number do we have a deal, and I'm like NO WE DONT HAVE A DEAL IF YOU JUST GIVE ME SOME NUMBERS!!! I'm already told them what my price range was and how much I could put down. So I'm still sitting there like an hour later waiting for them to tell me something, so I ask the guy how much longer is this gonna take and he's like well can you come back later and pick up your new car? and I'm like what are you talking about you haven't even given me a price or anything and he's still asking if you gives me some numbers do we have a deal and again im like NO!! So finally he comes back another half hour later! with some numbers and the payments are WAAAYYY over what I told him I wanted AND they inflated the price of the car by like $10 from what the window price was!!

Once I saw these inflated numbers I'm like no deal I'm leaving forget my name lose my info forget that I was even here!! and the guy is like no no don't leave tell me what we can do let's make a deal, and I'm telling him NO NO DEAL! as I'm walking towards the door and he's following me!! I like I told you no deal you guys are like the typical sleazy car salesmen and I'm leaving! He's still following me out the door trying to get me to agree to a deal I already declined!!

So I guess his co-worker see this and he's telling the guy to back off if there is no deal and don't be pushy because I'm telling the guy he's being pushy and he's telling him he's not being pushy he's trying to help me out and I'm like NO YOU'RE NOT YOU'RE BEING PUSHY BACK OFF!! The thing that pissed me off even more is the fact that I was trying to leave and this guy his co-worker goes to me "so there's no deal"? and I'm like no and he's like fine then go then and I'm like THAT"S WHAT THE FUCK I WAS TRYING TO DO IN THE  FIRST PLACE!!! DON'T ACT LIKE I'M STICKING AROUND TRYING TO WORK SOMETHING OUT AND I'M THE ONE BEING UNREASONABLE ASSHOLE!! UGH!!

Suffice it to say I did not buy a car from here but from somewhere else and I advise EVERYONE TO LOOK ELSEWHERE WHEN PURCHASING A CAR!!

Scott S. | 2011-03-07

What a horrible sales team!
I just wanted to get an exactly same car as I was leasing before and to pay the same amount of money. A "sales manager" called some rookies and start making fun of me, because according to him, the car is not the same as it was 3 years ago! And therefore cost $150 a month more!
I know it!
But the price is the same, residual value is the same, my credit score is higher... why should I pay more!!!!

Rohit C. | 2011-02-26

**Deserves ZERO Stars**

THIS DEALERSHIP SHOULD BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS. I had called two times on different days to set up an appointment to see the GTR and to test drive a used/demo one on the lot. Since I have to drive about an hour and a half to get there, I wanted to make sure that they would be able to accommodate me. Unfortunately, I was unable to personally get a hold of the "GTR specialist" on either of the days that I had called in because he wasn't there. In any case, I spoke with two normal sales people who assured me that I would be able to see the used GTR and test drive it on the day that I had made the appointment.

The day I went to the dealership, I actually met with their "GTR Specialist". As soon as we had introduced ourselves, it was evident that he would not be that pleasant of an individual. He was rude, unprofessional, unaccommodating, and abrasive. He stated that the dealership has no demo/used GTRs to test drive because the last one was sold the day prior to our arrival, and this, to me, seemed quite coincidental and baffling. This salesperson had my number because I had called in to make the appointment and failed to let me know of this important change in inventory.

I thanked him for wasting my time and proceeded to walk out. He then proceeded to retort back like a second grader that "No I didn't". This grown man kept groveling and acting like a little child. And then, he had the audacity to decree me to put down a deposit for a new 2012 GTR because that would be the only way for me to ever drive one.

I personally will not spend my hard earned money on something I have never seen or driven and think that its not appropriate for a salesperson to be so rude and inconsiderate.

If you want a pleasant and straightforward car buying experience, take your business elsewhere. All you will receive from this place is grief and an unpleasant experience.

Faye D. | 2011-02-23

OK I know my review is 2 years late but whet ever.

I got my First (unofficial) car here.
I ended up with a brand new 2009 versa.
I have no idea how my monthly added up to 387 a month
But I didn't know anything about car deals so yeah I took it anyway.
Gave $2,500 down payment. Did all the signing blah blah blah.
Everything was going smooth.
Then after two weeks they call and say that I either need to give a higher down payment or give more down payment if I want to keep the car!
HELL NO! we already signed documents and crap and Universal Nissan calls to tell me that!??
I just decided to give the car back. I got my down
Payment back after a month. Never going back there again.

sean r. | 2011-02-14

we stopped by here this weekend to check out the 2011 Nissan Rogue and the Pathfinder as we are in the market for a crossover or mid-size SUV.  Upon entering the sales office, we were greeted by the sales manager who paired us up with a young sales guy.  He was new at this dealership, but was very helpful and informative.  Our sales guy never tried any high pressure sales tactics, just answered our questions and gave some advice--he was the best part of the experience.  We made it EXTREMELY clear from the moment we walked in that we were simply gathering information and had no intentions of buying a new vehicle for about two months at which time our current lease would be up.  After looking at and test driving the two vehicles, we inevitably end up in the sales 'pit' and endure the 'coming-and-going' of the sales guy and various 'sales managers'.  We kept telling them that all we wanted was to know the price of the vehicle we were interested in so that we could use in making our decisions.  All the sales managers were interested in was closing a deal, so it really upset me.  They offered four different times to buy us out of our current lease and I finally had to tell them that we were done and had to leave and we never got the price information that we wanted.  I'm not thrilled about this dealership.

Christopher L. | 2011-02-01

I've always taken my vehicle to the dealership for repairs (knowing that i may pay a bit more, but I count on honesty and quality at the dealership), and never before had a problem with other Nissan dealership repair facilities.  After several bad experiences at Universal, I will never take my car back there again.  

By way of ONE example, they quoted me $2,400 to replace the exhaust manifold.  I called three other repair facilities, quoting between $500 and $800 to do the very same work.  When I brought this to the attention of the folks at Universal, they revised their estimate to $1,200.

I'm wondering why their initial quote wasn't $10,000 or a million dollars. Why not, right?  

Again, I have no problem paying a bit more at the dealership, but this is something entirely different.  And I have other stories, but why belabor this.  

I expect most folks are like me, in that they expect honesty and quality when taking their car to the dealership, but willing to pay a bit more for that peace of mind.  We take our cars to dealerships to avoid the classic auto repair run-around, not to find that our dealership is playing the same game.  *sigh*

lil m. | 2011-01-22

I am very satisfied about their service. Nice and very quick. I made an appointment for oil change and when i got there on appointment day, everything was ready. They found minor interior damage and set up appointment for that. And again, when I got there, everything was ready.
I recommend you to make an appointment for any service like oil change.

I bought my car at L.A. Downtown Nissan and every time I go there for maintenance service, I felt uncomfortable because of their attitude.
So I changed dealer and I was right!
Universal City Nissan is much much better than L.A. Downtown Nissan.

Matt C. | 2011-01-11

Nice friendly staff. Only good thing I can say. Even they know working here sucks but a jobs a job.

Jon G. | 2011-01-05

Everyone hears the loss-leader advertisements all over the radio and TV at the end of the year and I thought I would go try my luck at getting a great deal on a new car. Last week I bought a 2011 Nissan Altima at Universal City Nissan after a horrible prospecting experience at Cerritos Nissan.

After dealing with average salespeople who did not want to level with me at Cerritos, I decided to give Universal City Nissan a call after learning that they are the #1 volume Nissan dealer in the US. I spoke with Gustavo first and asked to be transferred to the highest manager possible...he actually listened and I spoke with Matt Nazar the E-Sales director.

Living over an hour away, I was not going to drive to Universal City if I did not receive the deal I wanted. Matt told me that Marc Scorza would give me a call back in 20 minutes...and Marc actually gave me a call back. After some wheeling and dealing, they delivered the deal that I was after on a car I ACTUALLY wanted. The right color, right options and right price - I told them to hold it, drove up and took down the deal with Gustavo and Marc.

I would have given 5 stars but they were unprepared to deal with the holiday rush and the entire process took about 4.5 hours due to lack of staff. In addition to the wait for all the paperwork, they told me there was a possibility I would have to pick up the car the next day because their detailing crew was gone for the day.

Gustavo knew I drove far to get the car and wouldn't let that happen, so he literally rolled up the sleeves on his dress shirt and went down to the garage to help finish the detailing and wax job. That says a lot about his work ethic and his customer service. I recommend as many of you as possible ask for Gustavo and Marc to get the best deal on a new Nissan.

I can't speak for their service department, but I will follow up on this review with my experience...I am sure I will have my car in there at some point, but it better be for routine maintenance :)

Anna S. | 2010-12-18

Thankfully I didn't buy my car here (they've taken enough of my money), but I used to take my car here all the time for service.  This place is the worst of the worst, if I could give it -5 stars, I would.  Stay far away from this place unless you enjoy getting majorly overcharged and waiting 3 hours for an oil change.  The customer service is abysmal, and every time I took my car in, I'd end up leaving with a $500 bill for fluid flushes and parts I've never heard of.  Apparently my second x chromosome is an excuse to totally screw me since I don't know a lot about cars.  At most service centers, as soon as they see you pull up, they come right over to your car to check you in.  Not here, you have to send up a signal flare to get any attention and pull the techs away from their computer video games.  The place is huge and they consistently over-book their appointments.  And if they need your car overnight, you have to beg for a rental, and then walk 3 blocks to get it yourself.  Yeah I know this isn't a Mercedes or BMW dealership, but come on people.

Brian F. | 2010-12-04

**This review is related to buying a new car, not service or repairs**

Thank you Jose - the best salesperson I could have asked for.

In my opinion... coming to Universal City Nissan was a great decision and I left happy.  Smooth sailing for buying myself new car.  It's amazing to see how differently people are treated at this dealership.  I didn't read Yelp before heading here, since of course I was just going to shop around and see what I liked about various brands.  Of course that didn't happen, but it was worth a shot.

Prior to my visit, I had made a phone call to ask about hours and deals.  All the information was thoughtfully provided by my future salesperson Jose Navarro.  I told him when I'd be able to come down, and he said to ask for him when I arrive.

Upon parking, I was immediately greeted by a salesperson who asked if I was looking for a specific employee.  I said yes, and was escorted to the main building lobby where I waited for Jose.  He was paged and came immediately.  I had a certain apprehension regarding my sales person.  In the past, I've had to deal with older males who hardly spoke English.  Makes for a difficult understanding. That was not the case here.  Mr. Navarro was very well spoken, friendly, my age (for what it's worth), and funny as hell.

Started off by walking the lot, looking at cars and their sticker prices.  I needed to know what range I could explore.  After determining that I couldn't afford a Maxima or any SUV, and that I didn't want the little Nissan Cube Mobile Device, I found the perfect fit.  The Nissan Altima.  We drove it around for a bit.  He gave me the grand tour in some Metro parking lot down the street.  It was a great experience.  He knew his stuff, which is good - because I'm not going to buy a car from somebody that doesn't know about it.

We returned to the dealership and started talking about cost.  I had already seen the sticker price and was concerned about what my trade-in would be worth and how it would affect my end price.  After speaking with Jose and his sales manager a few times, the deal came out just right.  Great price, better warranty included, and my trade-in which was accepted even though upside-down.  

I was there for a total of 4 hours, and some of that time was me walking and talking on my cell phone making decisions.  I didn't feel any pressure from either my sales guy nor the sales manager.  

I suppose when you go to a car dealership you are destined to meet some scuzzy sales people, trying to make money for themselves and putting you into a high pressure area.  Just know what you want going in, know your credit score, and know what you have to spend.  With these things in mind, you should be confident enough to say Yes to a great deal, or No to a financial disaster.

Verlee V. | 2010-11-10

I'm back here cause I have no choice. I'd rather be at the dentist. 2 1/2 hours for an OIL CHANGE!!!! Ridiculous...

Helen L. | 2010-11-09

You're on your own once you drive off their lot.... NO ONE here bothers to communicate.  I sent ULI PIMENTEL an e-mail about a part that was requested (over 5 mos ago when I purchased my car), and to this day he has YET to respond.  I'm currently in a situation regarding my DOWN PAYMENT, and his manager MARC SCORZA was the one to call me & tells me that Uli was afraid to call me on it... AND THAT WOULD BE THE LAST THAT I HEAR FROM ANYONE!  Long story short, Universal City Nissan has shown me the WORST IN CUSTOMER SERVICE thus far.  The General Manager has YET to return my phone call after leaving her 3 messages!

Grace W. | 2010-10-21

I had the best experience there.  I know others on here had not so great ones and I can only speak for my experience.  I worked with Shawn Munoz and he really helped me out by finding the right car for the budget I gave him.  He also bent over backwards to find me a very low rate for my auto loan.  I will definitely search him out again when I need to purchase another car.

Jason N. | 2010-09-08

If I could rate this dealership with negative stars I would.  I went there last night with the intent of helping my cousin negotiate for a new car.

I usually refrain from naming people, but Jerome was an absolute tool.  He kept pronouncing the car as a "Maximum" instead of a "Maxima."  I knew more about the vehicle and its features than he did.  And when it came time for numbers and I asked him for the 5th time for the dealer invoice, he told me to make sure to ask the finance manager about the navigation.  I thought that was his job!

The finance manager was absolutely unintelligible.  Not only did he have a thick accent but he also mumbled throughout the conversation.  We had already explained that the navigation was a deal breaker if they couldn't get that in the vehicle.  Jerome kept saying we can always do a dealer trade to get the vehicle we wanted.  In the end, the finance manager said they don't trade with other dealers so we could only get the cars they had or had to wait 3 months.  Needless to say we left.

Bottom line: Terrible service and non-informed sales people!

Angela M. | 2010-08-24

Not sure how this dealership hasn't been reviewed yet! We contacted several Nissan dealerships in SoCal online and Universal City was the only one that responded. They quoted us through email with REAL prices, not just sticker prices. Very impressed. Then when we show up for our scheduled appointment, they've got everything ready. No back and forth for 3 hours trying to get the price down to a reasonable number. In and out of there in 2 hours with the car and deal I wanted. Best car buying experience I've ever had.

Christine T. | 2010-08-24

This place is to be avoided if you want EXPERIENCED and KNOWLEDGEABLE SERVICE.  I brought my car into the dealership because my windshield wiper fluid would no longer come out. When I brought it in, I just so happened to have had my windshield replaced due to a rock hitting it and causing a long crack the day before.  The SERVICE consultant person accused me of bringing the car to NISSAN because the car evidently had been in an accident and I wanted NISSAN to fix all the things that the "body shop" did not.  Uhhh, I bought the car brand new with 1 mile on it and it never was in an accident and the car had nothing wrong with it other than the fluid was not coming out. This SERVICE person said he had the body shop look at it and said it had overspray and blah blah - bullcrap. I told him NO WAY.   He is like, I don't blame you for trying to get NISSAN to pay for it.  I again denied this fools claims. The car is a 2008 with 22000 miles on it and the first time I take it in for an issue, I am treated like a criminal when the item is under warranty.  He tells me it will take a day to get the part in.  A week later I call to find out what the deal is, and I get the oh, it just came in yesterday excuse.  I called and emailed the service manager to tell them of this unacceptable behavior and treatment. The Service person I complained about called me rudely and just said (with no apology or anything) "are you coming in to get the part installed?"  Hell no, you will never touch my car.  I drove right to Miller in Van Nuys and they replaced it.  STAY AWAY FROM UNIVERSAL CITY NISSAN unless you like incompetent service people working on your car.

Shana F. | 2010-07-22

I drove flew down to LA to buy a new car with the intent of driving it back to northern California.  I went to several dealership looking for a Nissan.  I was paying cash only and on a strict budget.

Not only did they match my price on a new car (no one at the four other Nissan dealers would even come within $1,000) they BEAT my asking price by $150.  

So why not 5 stars?  My salesman called me a few weeks after I bought the car.  At the time I noticed my car was missing an accessory that I was told would come with the car.  I asked him to mail it up to me since I live 500 miles away.  He never did and never followed up.

Regardless, I'm happy with my car and the price was more than right.

James B. | 2010-07-13

I've bought two cars here (pre-enjoyed, aka... used), they've always had a great selection and both times I've been here they've found excellent financing rates.  With this last purchase (Audi A4) the process was very, very easy because they already knew me and the way I buy cars (I can be detail oriented aka...picky).  I do not enjoy the car buying process but this second time was simple because they remembered me and I was able to work with the same people.

Bottom line:  The people are helpful, the selection is great, financing was easier than I thought it would be and the popcorn and Sprite helped pass the time. I'll be back in 4 years or so when I'm ready to buy again. Highly recommended.

Rafael A. | 2010-07-12

Uli Pimentel in Internet sales is very good, I recommend you buy a car through him all the way.

He worked hard for me getting the car and price I wanted. I never felt pushed into anything, just helped all the way.

Uli even tracked down an extra accessory I wanted, he ordered it, and is giving it to me FREE Friday, talk about service.

When buying a car know all the numbers for the car using Edmunds.com , and Nissanusa.com for pricing, and know what tax and licensing will cost. Then after research call Uli and get the best price and service.

Most dealerships look at you like fresh meat, but Uli treated me like a person and got my sale.

Braden S. | 2010-07-05

These reviews are no joke.  Car repair is rarely a fun experience but these guys make the worst of it.  The experience itself was pretty below average, fairly expensive, and fairly slow.  What happened afterward is what really is mind boggling though.

In May 2009 I had the transmission in my pathfinder replaced at Universal City Nissan. I was told that I had a 12,000 mile, 12 month warranty on the parts and labor. In December 2009 (8,000 miles later) a torque converter bolt that was not properly tightened during the procedure came loose and caused internal damage to the transmission (flex plate, crank sensor, etc.) This damage and it's cause was diagnosed by Beaverton Nissan in Beaverton, Oregon. Not only has Universal City Nissan not honored their warranty, they have actually refused to return phone calls or communicate with me or the Beaverton dealership on the subject.  They're pretty much acting like babies.  I'm still kind of in disbelief over the whole thing.  You should never, ever go here for any reason.

Natalie Rose L. | 2010-05-09

I accompanied a friend to look at vehicles. Very, very bad experience. Please, I WARN YOU,  do not go into this car dealership. Well, unless you enjoy a  discourteous, cross- examination type experience.

Also, do not ask about the specials/ads you've seen on their website. You will get a puzzled/deer in the headlights look from the salesperson assisting you if you do. You will also come to find out, they do not exist when you arrive. Conveniently, those type of vehicles will be completely sold-out, nowhere to be found.

I wish, like a lot of other reviews on here, that I could give a less than 1 star rating.

Toshiro K. | 2010-05-09

I must say that I am still in shock over my experience with these people. Is it possible that they have brought together a whole team of the worst of the worst? I'm afraid so.

Just about everything done wrong from the moment I walked in. Even to the point of asking my racial background and/or ethnicity. Wow.

Please please please believe the reviews here. Minus 5 stars if it was in any way possible. Stay away...far far away!!!

In a day or so, I will elaborate. For the moment, I just need to consider what an absolutely insane experience this was.

VJ H. | 2010-05-06

I believe when people talk about hell on earth they are actually talking about Nissan Universal City!

The worst experience in buying a new car.
You will get buyers remorse here!

Bad customer service after you have purchased a car.

Bad communication between sales man and manager.

They will rip you off anyway possible.

If you don't notice things on the car and on the contract they wont say a word.

I went with $10,000 dllrs down payment and still got screwed, greedy, hungry vultures.

When you ask for the overall top manager you will be lied to! They give you the run around.. I was told by the sales manager that he was the highest. I laughed in his face and called him an idiot and that I was insulted.

They assumed I was mexican whenever I visited.

A sales manager I dealt with when I purchased the new car spoke good english but when the new car broke down and was being serviced for more than a week his english went to "no i dont know much english" and passed me on to other people who didn't know what I was there for.

At the end I got my $10,000 dllrs returned, canceled contract by error of the dealership and gave back the car to a car company that I will never buy from in my life.

This place is an ABSOLUTE JOKE!

Chris R. | 2010-04-25

I came to Universal City Nissan to buy my new car. I loved it!! It was fast and easy. The sales person was knowledgeable and not pushy. I recommend everyone to come to Universal City Nissan!!!

Karen S. | 2010-04-06

****UPDATE: OK, they DID send in the paperwork-they just sent the WRONG VIN number. nice.

****UPDATE: Alfter ALL that trouble, I just received a letter from the DMV indicating that they will cancel my registration...why?

Because NISSAN NEVER SENT THE PAPERWORK!!!! After all that trouble, they never sent the paperwork proving I had insurance to the DMV.

Oh, yelp, why won't you allow no star reviews?

To make a very long story short:

I bought a car from this dealership on Saturday at slightly below MSRP; good price, good car...even though the "closer" blatantly LIED to me about the features that the car did and did not have; trying to sell me a 695.00 alarm system (they come with one, BTW, not the super fancy one, but they do come with one)...but, moving on.

It came to the issue of insurance. My insurance company covers any new car purchase for 7 days. I told them this; but, per their request, left a large check as "ransom" (their words, not mine), that I would provide them insurance proof on Monday.

I did.

It wasn't good enough.

OK, so, I call my insurance agent, add this car to my official policy, get them to send me a copy of the policy and the new card showing the new Nissan.

This is not good enough.


After 2 hours on the phone between my insurance agent (who is being totally helpful), the finance manager, and the dealership; this still isn't resolved. The basic issue, they claim, is that my husband, who bought the car, isn't PRIMARY on the policy.

He's on the policy. This has been fine, for oh, say, our HOUSE, and other car, but not Nissan...they want me to redo my entire policy (I've had since I was nineteen...I'm now 31) to make him primary to satisfy them, even though my insurance company has verified that he's on the policy, covered fully, and any car he owns is covered fully.

2.5 hours later, I tell them that my agent would be more than happy to get them anything they need, but for me to redo my entire policy is unrealistic. They won't call her-they told me to get her to call them.
I feel like they're trying to extort this money from me-if I've only had the car for 2 days, how are they going to treat me when I need to bring the car in for servicing or maintenance.

Unless you're paying in cash...RUN! Run as far away as you can from this place as fast as you can.

glenn k. | 2010-04-05

bought a car from here a few years ago.  After agreeing to a price with the sales person, I then had to sit down with the sales manager.  I find out the number was going to be a little more than I agreed to.  Okay, still a pretty good deal.  Then I was sent to the finance guy who sold me a security feature.  I later found out that it was already installed on the car.  So I paid several hundred dollars for something the factory included.
Not the dealership experience that I ever want to have again.

Lou B. | 2010-03-25

The internet guys  Marc Scorza and  Uli Pimentel were remarkable in their patience and consideration to our daughter's uncertainty. Marc had to be creative about the insurance which allowed Sara to drive away with her interests protected. He did the trade in  much to our satisfaction.
Uli  gave us all lots of exercise checking various cars on the lot., test driving them and in the end explaining the details about the chosen car.
Having a good experience with a dealer is a great experience.

Amber L. | 2009-12-08

I too would rate a negative star if possible.

So, a nice sunny Saturday afternoon, the hubby and I drive by Universal Nissan to test drive the Hybrid Altima. We drive it and decide that is not a car we would like to purchase. On the other hand, the Altima Coupe looks really exciting and fun to drive. After little deliberation, we decide to talk numbers...  We don't need another car, just an impulse buy I guess.
I agree that car dealers are there to make a profit, but seriously, trying to charge over MSRP! Get real.
Eventually a deal is struck and we are moved on to the finance guy. Really nice guy, we assume we are being told everything on the straight and narrow. We get talked into the alarm system (that is already installed), fine, but negotiate a bluetooth device that has to be installed later. fine. After what seems like several hours waiting for them to pick up the car from a lot across town, (the one we test drove had a scratch), we finally get to drive away in our new car. I hop in the car and notice a few things are different...no automatic lights, I could have sworn I noticed that in the car we test drove.
Before leaving, we schedule an appointment to install the bluetooth device. A week goes by and the hubby and I go to the dealer and drop off the car for the phone to be installed. We work out at the LA Fitness down the street, so we figure we can get a workout in and be back to the dealer in time to pick up the finished car. We get back to the dealer over an hour later, they said it would take an hour, to find out that it is not finished. Fine, we sit in the lobby waiting.
In the meantime, the hubby talks to the service manager about getting the alarm remotes for our alarm system. They don't have any idea what we are talking about. We told them the finance guy sold us an alarm that was supossedly in the car. They told us no, the alarm has to be installed. Um, hello, red flags are starting to pop up. I am getting really annoyed now. Why didn't they tell us that? They were just going to let us drive off thinking we had an alarm in our car!!
Finally, another 30 minutes later the car is finished. I get in the drivers seat and the maintenance guy wants to hook the cell phone up to the bluetooth. Sure, here is my phone. He syncs them up and I am about to be on my way. I look at the dash where they had to take a piece off to do the install and it doesn't look right. There is a small cubby that doesn't open all of the way. We show the service manager and he says thats how it was. I told him I have been driving this car for a week and this isn't how it was before, not to mention all the scratches on the front of it now. He doesn't beleive me, so he goes over to another car to see if I am lying. He comes back and says he will order a new part because it is scratched. Fine. I am fuming by this point!! Then, as I am sitting there waiting for the hubby to finish some paperwork, I notice the couple dollars I had in the cup holder were missing. Yes, it was only like $2, but still, whoever was in my car, STOLE money from me. I just wanted to get out of there. My hubby yelled at the manager again and we took off. They sent us a postcard to tell us the part was in and to schedule a time to install it and the alarm.
About a week later, hubby and i were off to the Dodger game when a crazy woman runs a red light and totals our 30 day old car. The next day we find out about this thing called GAP insurance, which was not offered to us or explained in any way what it was.

I think after this experience, the crash was telling me that I wasn't supposed to have dealt with Universal Nissan ever again. Thank you lady for running that red light!!

Dick R. | 2009-11-12

Downgraded from 3 to 1 star - I got a holiday card saying come in for a free Honey Baked Ham.  I did.  If someone can point me to the store that sells them for $10 (the value of the card), then I will upgrade the review.  When I went in to get the card, they had me wait forever, I think they want you to go away.  If they bait and switch with this, I don't think that I can buy a car from them now!  

P.S. They are always sending me loads and loads of crap mail.

Original review:  As far as dealers go, they have been just fine.  I bought my car elsewhere but get my car serviced here.  They have been friendly enough for me.

Chhan M. | 2009-11-09

I bought my new 2009 Altima here after checking out their website.  Although the person I spoke on the phone earlier was not there as he promised, I was able to talk to a dealer who really helped me out.  They really made me feel like they were out to help me in getting the best deal possible and I left feeling exactly that.  I don't know about the rest of the floor dealers, but their internet sales department was top notch!

Ashley H. | 2009-11-09

Update: they did pay me the $1k they owed me.  I think it's funny that they keep calling me to get my Nissan serviced. I would never go there again.

Stan D. | 2009-11-08

THANK YOU UNIVERSAL NISSAN!! I am so happy knowing that I got the right car at the best price thanks to you, Neso, Bob Bailey the owner and Sunny in finance.

I knew I wanted a Nissan but my salesman, Neso, informed me that I would be best off with a car that was thousands less than the one at the time I thought I needed. Neso listened to what I wanted in style and got me a car that excites me and is economical.

Because I recently lost one hundred points on my credit score, it looked like I couldn't get financed. Bob, the owner, made it happen for me by taking thousands off the price and talking to the bank to get me an affordable price.

YOU GUYS ARE ASSOME!!! Thanks, Universal Nisan!!

Stan DiCarlo

Jonathan L. | 2009-08-15

Another car dealership, another wish that I could give less than 1 star.

I went here to look at a used 350z they had. It was beautiful and I was close to buying to it. I came back the next day to see it again and put a deposit down. There were a few small problems with the car, like scratches on the hood, and one big one: the speaker that was supposed to be behind the driver's seat was missing. As in, it was just a steel hole.

The salesman I dealt with the day before wasn't there but he had told me that they would fix these things. Unfortunately, he wasn't there and I got a new salesman who proceeded to tell me that I had to pay for the car in full before they would fix anything. I told him the usual way it works is you put a deposit down, they fix it, then you buy the car. He acted like he had never heard of a deposit before. I told him to get his manager. His manager proceeded to give me the same line of crap. He further told me that the best they could do was repair the car at cost, which of course I had to pay for. But only after I paid for the car in full.

After that I walked out. The manager couldn't care less than he just lost a sale.

Teeny J. | 2009-08-05

Two words - DISHONEST and DECEITFUL. This is one of the worst dealerships I've ever dealt with. I contacted the dealership for a price quote via internet. I listed the exact vehicle, color and packages that I was looking for. The internet manager, Uli Pimentel, immediately responded stating that he had EXACTLY what I was looking for. He quoted an out the door price and it truly sounded like an amazing deal. We exchanged approx. 15 emails confirming that it was indeed the car that I was looking for and that the price quoted was including tax, license and registration. All his responses were positive and reassuring that yes this was definitely the vehicle I was looking for.

Well, turns out that he lied. He showed me a vehicle that had exactly what I was looking for plus an additional package. I was skeptical because this vehicle had more than what I was looking for. He confirmed that yes this was the vehicle he quoted. We took it for a test drive and went upstairs to start the paperwork...everything was going great. Then comes the whammy. Uli conveniently "disappears" and another internet manager, Mark, comes over to inform me that the vehicle I test drove was NOT the vehicle I was quoted for. That Uli had made a horrible mistake because the price he quoted me in the 15 emails that day was not the out the door price and that the color I wanted.... they didn't have it after all. So instead they try to sell me the vehicle I test drove because it was better than what I was looking for.  I wasted two hours of my life driving to this dealership and then dealing with their BS stories. Do yourself a favor and don't go there.

Universal City Nissan, Glendale Nissan and West Covina Nissan are all owned by the same company. I would recommend staying away from those places as well.

Lisa R. | 2009-08-03

I wish I had read these YELP reviews before going to Universal Nissan-
My experience was very similar to all the others. This is the WORST dealership I have every been to.
My husband had a clunker- 1994 Dodge truck- we wanted to take advantage of the cash for clunker program- we had been to other dealerships- Jeep&Ford- the first thing they did is go to the CARS web-site and show us what our clunker qualified for.  When we got to Universal Nissan- they didn't do that- they said that our car got 12 miles and that we qualified for anything- Extera, Pathfinder- anything.
So we looked at Pathfinders- we found one we liked.  I will say the sales person was young and new - and acted his age(staring at the girls in the showrom)- not a pro- he used his new found sales skills on us- but ok- he is learning a profession. I'll give him a break-
Once we found the car we liked- we sat down and he started filling out credit info- we still asked him- are you sure we qualify for the CARS program- he said yes- I was about to give him our SS # when my husband insisted on seeing the CARS computer print out- come to find out we didn't qualify for a Pathfinder- but he said he could still give us a good deal- WE WERE PISSED that we had been lied to- BOLD Faced lied to.  SO we get ready to leave- and he says why are you leaving- and I said because we are only interested in the Cash for Clunker program-  EDVIN- child salesman- started arguing with me- would not give me back our paperwork- said he would shred it- my husband followed him to get it shredded- Edvin wasn't going to do it-  my husband took the paperwork and we left.  SO upset. Why did this guy waste our time and his time- there were TONS of people there- had he been  upfront with us- like the other dealers- all of this wasted time and anger could have been avoided.  I HATE THIS PLACE.
NISSAN makes a nice car- I am shocked they this place represent them.

WE did buy a new car - a nice Chevy- from the kind folks at RYDELL Chevrolet- TOD BREWER is our guy!!!!

Rachelle G. | 2009-07-24

If you buy a used car here make sure to buy the extended warranty. I love my car but it had many issues the first year I drove it. I had in the shop several times for the same problem... ended up being the air intake valve coming loose. Once the problem was "fixed" it happened again. And what did I do? I fixed it! I FIXED IT. Good thing I saw a loose part when I had to pull off the freeway with my child in the car. How hard is that to locate? And I don't even know a thing about cars. Also, I had the oil changed at Universal Nissan and of course they wanted to do $400 in fluid changes. I proceeded to jiffy lube in toluca lake. They not only said my fluids were fine but the oil level was low! It was low and it was just changed by universal nissan. UGH!!!!

Maria L. | 2009-04-26

I took my Nissan to the service department for years. I was satisfied with their service, although it was very expensive. But recently, I found out that the service dept lied about repairs my car needed. It recommended 1000 dollars worth of repairs. When they were slow to order parts and I had to move, I took my car out and took my car to a local service shop after I moved to the Silicon Valley, and they told me none of the repairs were necessary. I am completely appalled and disgusted and wonder now how many repairs over the last decade were really necessary. Do not take your car to their service dept!

Keisha A. | 2009-04-12

PIcture it: Los Angeles, 2004.  A young girl heads to Universal City Nissan with the goal of purchasing a car.  The car that journeyed with her to Los Angeles and was a faithful friend for 3 years, died a horrible transmission-induced death.  This marked a milestone in her adult life - endeavoring to purchase her very first car at a dealership.  The smell of hope and promise permeated the air. She brought a female friend with her for support.  

Immediately upon walking into the dealership, a salesman zeroed in on them, like a vulture diving toward it's prey.  He spoke to the women in condescending tones and treated them like children.  He practically laughed at the girl's credit score.  When she told him how much she could afford for a down payment - he scoffed at that, as well.  He pried into the girl's personal relationships, suggesting people she solicit for more funds for a down payment - this after she, visibly upset, shut it down as 1. not an option, and 2. none of his business.  He further went on to make the girl and her friend uncomfortable by prodding the friend about her personal finances and whether she could help with a down payment (she was not in a position to).  By the end of the experience he'd convinced the girl that she would never get a car, didn't offer much help or try to explore other options.  All in all, he fit the stereotype of a sleazy car salesman and provided a wholly uncomfortable, disappointing experience.  

At Universal City Nissan, "your job is your credit" - the girl found this slogan to be a crock of ----.

The girl left the dealership in tears, feeling hopeless, dejected and vowing never to purchase a vehicle from Universal City Nissan and to share this story with all of her friends (review #100, no less).  Ultimately, she would end up purchasing a vehicle from the fine folks at Galpin Ford.

Lesli P. | 2009-03-17

Is it possible to be less than one star???  I agree with Ashley that this is the worst car dealership ever -especially the service department.  I thought the days of sexism from car dealerships were over; yet, Universal City Nissan has proven me wrong.  After treating me as if I didn't exist and only speaking to my husband, I chastised the serviceman.  He THEN it turns out actually SABOTAGED my car and tried to charge me for it despite the car having been purchased brand new at their dealership six months prior.  My car is now in at another dealership being actually repaired and fixing their shoddy work will take about a week.  Unbelieveable.  I will NEVER go there again.

B B. | 2009-01-01

Wish I could give zero stars.  Very shady car dealers.  They lie straight to your face and then fail to return your calls.  I tried to write a mature critique, but these sleazeballs don't deserve it.  They've made my car buying experience a complete mess.  Go elsewhere!

Ben A. | 2007-10-05

Holy crap this place is a massive joke. I went there to check out an XTerra and compare it to a 4Runner. From the time I walked in I knew I was in trouble because the sales guy immediately started feeding me utter bull**** about the features. Next he tried to talk me *out* of buying a 4x4 (I assume because he couldn't find one in stock at that exact time). Following that was a test drive during which I was treated to a completely inaccurate, but at least humorous, explanation of torque vs. acceleration.

Arriving back at the dealership after the 1-block test drive we sat down to talk numbers...only they WOULDN'T TELL ME ANY NUMBERS. They never gave me their price of the car, they would only give me potential "monthly payment" amounts. They even had me run a credit report (which I immediately regretting agreeing to), claiming they couldn't give me real numbers without it, then STILL never gave me a price for the XTerra with the options I wanted.

The kicker though was at the end of it all when, realizing if they were gonna sell me an XTerra it wouldn't be immediately, they tried to sell me a Nissan Sentra...

I bought a 4Runner a week later...and far, far away.

M S. | 2007-08-06

I attempted to buy a car here last year.  I spent three hours negotiating there and couldn't agree on a deal, even though I was willing to go $2,000 over invoice for the car.  I then spent over a week going back and forth with them on the phone, trying to get them to come down.   I was the only one who moved at all in the negotiations.  They stubbornly refused to come down, even though they were lowballing me on my trade in as well.

Eventually, I was within $150 of their price, and asked them to come down to meet me.  They would not.  They absolutely refused.  I ended up buying the exact same car at Keyes Woodland Hills Nissan for $500 UNDER dealer invoice.  I saved $2,500 on my car by NOT buying from Universal City.  And, I ended up selling my other car for far more than I would've gotten at Universal.

They are nothing more than a factory.  Get 'em in, get 'em out.  NEVER buy from here.  You will not get a good deal and they will treat you like shit.

T- K. | 2007-08-06

Worst dealership I have ever brought a car to.  Bar none.  The staff are rude, the service is horrible.  The waiting area is uncomfortable and makes you just want to go for a walk.  The entire experience makes you feel as though you are being held hostage.  I would never, ever come back here.

Senna H. | 2007-07-14

i got my car from them and within the first month i was having issues with the fuel system and the transmission.  the friggin car is brand new so i shouldnt have had any issues. i have taken it back several times and they keep saying they cannot duplicate the problem. so i told the guy i must be a mental case fif i am  feeling things that dont exist! just look at the car again.  they are completely dishonest!  no one want to replace the car and i have called nissan corp on them. so now im stuck with a broken car with less than 5000 miles on it.  the sales reps and the service techs are all in on it they pay each other to lie so that they get their commission

April D. | 2006-12-04

I didn't really have a problem with the speed of the service here, as much as the fact that they totally tried to rip me off. Like the guy below me, I never would have taken my car here, except for the fact that I too have an extended warranty. So basically to make a long story short, they told me that the major problem was, in fact, under warranty, but that it was being cause by dirty filters that would cost a hundred bucks to clean. I called my own mechanic to ask him if I was being BSed and he said I definitely was, so I just had the warranty work done and from now on, I'm taking my car to Glendale Nissan where they're only half-shady.

I. S. | 2006-09-03

The only reason I take my car to get service at a dealership is because I have an extended warranty.  If you don't have that, I think the prices are outrageously expensive.  My car wouldnt start on a sunday morning so I got a jumpstart and took it there by 10am.  I was waiting for 20 mins so I could pull my car in the service area because there was a line.  Then I told my situtation with an "advisor".  I was told they would look at it today.  I then took a taxi home cause I guess on Sundays they dont have free shuttle service.  I waited all day and they never called me.  I got a call at 4pm saying they didnt have time to look at it and expect a call the next day by noon.  So i wait till mon its noon and surprise they havent called me back.  I call them, and find my advisor is missing in action, nobody knows where she is at, and nobody knows whats going on with my car.  I wait another 3 hours and find out they finally diagnosed my car and it just needed a new battery.  So I say fine can you do it today?  They say they can do it in the morning.  So i finally get my baterry done on tues morning and pick up my car.  3 days to install a freakin baterry.  thats horrible.  horrible customer service.  idiotic service advisors who have no clue what service at a dealership is supposed to be.  im never taking my car here ever again, its total imcompentence here.  be warned.