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Trade-In Solutions, a West Los Angeles based car buying service, is built around a business model that offers a refreshing change in the auto industry.  We want our customers to have a positive experience with us no matter what.  Our founders say in the long run that helps our business.  "When we treat people fairly and with respect, they come back, and they tell others."  So far, it seems to be working.  We operate out of W. Los Angeles, Irvine and San Diego.  We are planning on further expansion in the near future.

The force behind our popularity is customer satisfaction.  A large number of our customers are referrals, which means a lot to us. We're very proud to be a part of a business that people like to talk about.

Do you have a previous written offer? Visit our "previous offer page" tab, located below the video on homepage.
As a service to you and to demonstrate our confidence in our ability to beat almost any other offer, Trade-In Solutions will be glad to discuss other dealer's offers with you. In order to make an accurate comparison, after receiving a written offer from another dealer, email a copy to us at:
A knowledgeable and courteous Trade-In Solutions associate will quickly contact you to discuss the competitive offer and determine if we can make you a better offer.

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Established in 2007.

With the intention of creating an alternative for customers dissatisfied with dealers and disconnected corporations that make low offers on trade-ins. A Stress Free Solution to selling a car! A concept and company designed to make selling a car a stress free experience. No more hours of useless negotiation or hiding the real value. Today we still operate by these simple principles.

Three Simple Steps:
1.  Schedule an appointment, receive a fast free appraisal in less than 30 minutes.
2.  Honest offer, good for 7 days, 350 miles. However, same day offer is $200 higher than the remaining 6 days
3.  Immediate payment and peace of mind due to proper DMV transfers. Courtesy shuttle ride home!

Trade-In Solutions pays off financed or leased vehicles a lot faster than other dealers. See how on our FAQ page.

We buy 2000 to 2013 cars & trucks, all makes and models. We don't buy salvaged vehicles and prefer vehicles with under 120,000 miles. Some exception apply.

Trade-In Solutions

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(310) 445-8900
Address:11500 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90064
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Trade-In Solutions

K L. | 2015-04-14

Great service.  Very friendly employees.  The process was as easy and stress-free as selling a car could be.  They even gave me a lift home after buying my car.  As for the deal, they paid over $13K for a car that CarMax appraised for $11K.  Nuff said.

Mama M. | 2015-04-11

BELIEVE the hype!!! This place is awesome!!! We brought our used 2006 Jeep in and they gave us a GREAT price.  Abe was super! Puia was great too and Kelsey was super on the phone and in person.  Seriously RUN and sell your car here.  Carmax is a joke.  This sell was so seamless and a free lift home to boot!! Abe is excellent at what he does and we were THRILLED with the transaction.

Phil W. | 2015-03-22

This place rock!!! It was such a pleasure doing business with them. They were friendly, fair, and professional.

Yun Y. | 2015-03-22

This salesman Sebastian is the exact type of employee any company would like to have. He is really friendly, pay attention to the customer's need in order to get them satisfied without making sure the company's terms and conditions are totally met and understood. Will definitively recommend his efforts to successfully assist clients.

Vered B. | 2015-03-21

Abe and Sebastian contacted me even though it was after hours, and they were incredibly polite and helpful.

I did get a higher guaranteed offer elsewhere, but nonetheless I respect the professionalism of this business and would recommend them - they did beat my CarMax offer.

Samira H. | 2015-03-21

Your are just the greatest guy on the planet! Dealing with you was pure joy. Thank you for making the selling of my SUV one of the most pleasurable experiences I have had in a long time. You even outbid the Ford dealer!!!

Debbie R. | 2015-03-13

Oh my goodness!  Who ever thought that trading in your old car could be a pleasurable experience??  The office was lovely, Abe and his staff were beyond pleasant and the price was more than I expected!  And then I got a ride home to boot.  :)

Jose B. | 2015-03-02

Dealer was just going to give me 4k for my trade in and Trade in Solutions gave me 7.4K (KBB estimated 7.8K). Abe was really cool to deal with and went above and beyond for me. I thank him for that. I feel I'm related to this guy now, thats how cool he was to me. Kelsey was very professional too and their driver that took me to the Enterprise rental car was really cool. No question I will just do my trade in from here on , and have spread the word around to coworkers and friends.

Chris R. | 2015-02-26

I could not have had a better experience. I was skeptical at first, but I am here to tell you that TSI made me a very fair offer for my car, and handed me a check within the hour of my arrival. Abe Bijari and his entire team were professional, friendly, and extremely helpful in every way. I have never had a better experience with selling my car. It's worth a visit, for sure. If you don't like the TSI offer, that's just fine, you can walk out the door without any hassle or obligation. So glad I made this should too.

Camden S. | 2015-02-18

The Only reason this place exist is to beat CARMAX's Price. If they cant do that, they are useless, doesn't matter if the staff are super nice and professional. They gave me a quote $800 less than CARMAX. Thats almost insulting, Also from what Im reading here it seems like if they do beat CARMAX'S prices, they do so by only $100-200. I say just go straight to CARMAX, dont waist your time here.

Todd K. | 2015-01-26

The 5 Star Yelp Reviews are totally deserved!  Trade-In Solutions was a dream experience in selling my car.  Abe and his crew are extremely courteous, fair and efficient. I got more for my car than I imagined possible, and the process was incredibly easy, efficient, and pleasant!  I'm so happy that I skipped CarMax and went straight to Trade-In Solutions!

You book your appointment online, which itself is pretty simple.  Trade-In Solutions responds with an email confirmation with details about your appointment, and if you're smart (unlike me) you will actually print the email to bring with you or make sure that it's handy on your phone.  Because when you arrive you might find yourself clueless about where to park in the building's parking lot if you don't have their email confirmation.  They are located in the City National Bank office building.

Upon arrival, the front desk staff were courteous and shortly after, Abe came out to greet me.  Abe is incredibly courteous, just like others say in their reviews.  He took my car title and key and one of his staff went to inspect my car (as I forgot to bring up my car registration, the inspector went and got it).  Not long after, the inspection was complete!  Abe asked me into this office, which itself is pretty comfortable and pleasant.

The good news: Abe presented an offer for my vehicle (a Scion TC) which exceeded my expectations!  Abe explained how he arrived at his offer, which I found helpful.  Of course I accepted the offer. Abe then introduced me to another another TIS crew member, Puya, who was also extremely personable and efficient.  Puya completed the entire paperwork in about 15 minutes and I had a check in my hand! I was then given a ride by a courteous crew member (who went by the name "D").

I could not have asked for a more rewarding, stress free and efficient experience!  Trade-In Solutions was like a dream come true for selling my car.

Giovanni F. | 2015-01-15

I had a great experience selling my old car to them; as many over here have said they pay more than Carmax... but let me tell you something Carmax only pays top dollar for cars with clean history and no warranty repairs on it.

As soon as Carmax sees that your fender was replaced/replaced due to warranty claim and/or if your car has high average mileage per year (think over 12,000/yr) then they will give you a very very low offer. If you search around Yelp you will find that Trade-In Solutions is not the only one willing to buy your car, so shop around... Avoid Carmax at all costs if your car has higher than average miles and/or repairs reported on Carfax.

As far as how much they paid for my car; I will share this. Autotrader and Autonation will give you quotes for your car; mostly based of Edmunds/KBB book value - they almost usually offer you $300 lower than KBB from my experience.

Autotrader offer was $3700 for my car; initially Trade in Solutions offerted $3200.... I was able to haggle the price up a bit to get rid of the car the same day, they were willing to meet me half way. It was a great experience and they even offer to drop me off at home (within 5 miles from their office)

Kili M. | 2014-12-11

If you have a vehicle to sell check first with Abe and TIS before you do anything else. This was my first experience selling a car and it couldn't have been simpler. Abe even took my to my vehicle to point out specific issues mentioned during the appraisal. Super professional and lovely to deal with. Take advance of the free shuttle ride home. Thanks TIS!

Hannah F. | 2014-11-04

I can't agree more with all the excellent reviews. Don't waste your time going anywhere else!

Zach B. | 2014-11-01

Terrific service, fair, friendly, and convenient.

Spare yourself the potential nightmare at Carmax (see Yelp reviews). If you're anywhere close to one of these locations, I highly recommend going here to sell your car. Quick appraisals, fair prices, no hassles or ridiculous claims that "this dent will take $500 off the value of the car". Everything that determines the value of the car is explained in detail, and Abe and his staff are very professional and courteous. They do all the paperwork and give you a check on the spot. They even provide a free shuttle home if you decide to sell your car.

I received a very fair offer on my car, but if you have other appraisals you can bring them in when you make your appointment. The whole thing took about 20 minutes.

For an industry that is notoriously shady, these guys are your best bet for a hassle-free, fair, and professional experience.

Barry W. | 2014-10-27

*** Refreshingly professional service; no haggling. ***

The Babe asked me to help sell her BMW 2wks ago.
So I placed an ad on CL which got some tire kickers:

Dude#1:  I will pay you cash, if you go as low as ...?
Me:  Duh, I wouldn't accept anything but cash.  (ugh)

Dude#2:  Y'know BMW ain't that popular so I'll pay ...
Me:  If it is not popular, why are you looking?  (ugh)

Babe#2:  Hubby said ok but I must buy $3K less for it.
Me:  Why talk to you if hubby calls all the shots?  (ugh)

Then I came across a yelp review of Trade-In Solutions.
I thought '5-star avg on 140 reviews'? Hmm let's try 'em.

Office is nice.  Everyone here is personable and polite.
Appraiser was straightforward, knowledgeable & brief.
Offer was decent, not top dollar, yet a fair market value.
Once we accepted the offer they cut a check in 15mins
then dropped us off at home in a courtesy shuttle. Done.

Last year I did sell my old car on CL for good price but it
took about 1mo to do so ... I sifted thru many tire kickers.
I approached Carmax at that time too but they are a joke!
I sold that 2008 Audi for almost twice what Carmax offered.

*** In conclusion, TIS is the best expeditious way to sell. ***

John C. | 2014-10-14


Trade-In Solutions is a model of efficiency.
You walk in, hand them the keys to the car, they inspect the car and then come back with an extremely fair offer.  In my case, they offered me a significant amount over what CARMAX did (over $1k difference).  Keep in mind that every car is different so I am not saying that you can expect that much for your car.

What you can expect is less than KBB private market and more than Carmax tradein value.

Moreover, Dee was excellent and even gave SHUTTLE service after the transaction!

I am going back to TIS for sure, and I am recommending them to all of my friends.

Low stress, fair offer, shuttle service, no haggling, no shady vibes, just a quick , pleasant transaction.

Thank you guys!

Vik L. | 2014-10-07

Fast, convenient, friendly. If you want to get rid of your car fast and get a top cash for it, should visit these guys;)

Sean T. | 2014-10-01


I can't stress the sentence above enough! I brought my car in last minute after calling in and talking with Abe. They brought me in ten minutes before close on a friday because I was in a dire need to sell my car before I moved to Seattle. Abe brought me in and had my car evaluated. I had looked up the price on KBB before and had gotten estimates on all of the damage done to my car so I knew exactly what it should be worth.

I had a Kia Rio5 so I had tried taking it to the Kia dealership in Glendale. They gave me a lower price than my car is worth and acted as though they didn't need/want my business. Not the case AT ALL at T.I.S. they gave me a spot on accurate estimate and acted as though I was the most important person they had had come in all day.

After giving me my estimate they stayed late so that I could have all of my paperwork filled out before I left, and on top of that they gave me a ride home in rush hour traffic on a friday.

I can't say it enough THESE GUYS ARE AMAZING!!!

If you're selling your car go here! GO HERE!!

They were a blessing and I will forever be grateful for the service they gave.

Ken S. | 2014-09-30

Great service.  Honest, straightforward, and efficient.  I took my car here yesterday and worked with Abe to get a fair deal that both of us were happy with. He was kind enough to show me all the numbers and discuss what's fair / realistic.  I highly recommend this place for anyone looking to sell his/her car.

David A. | 2014-09-26

Simple, Honest, Fair.

Very happy with the results, and I recommend them to anyone who wants to avoid dealer hassle, (and low-balling).

Benjamin L. | 2014-09-23

TIS is extremely professional, courteous, and provided an excellent experience.  Everyone I spoke with was very friendly and social.  The process is very simple and straight forward, and best of all, you get to speak with the appraiser, something that I did not get to do at Carmax.

I would highly recommend TIS to anyone selling a used vehicle.  The hassle free and transparent process makes the entire experience pleasant.

R W. | 2014-09-19

I ended up selling my car to a different company - mostly because I didn't want to wait until Monday for an appointment (this was on a Friday morning). But Abe - one of the senior appraisers - was INCREDIBLE to speak with on the phone!! He gave me thorough, honest information so that I understood what I could realistically expect to sell my car for. And as a result, I was able to sell it for $800 MORE than what I'd been offered at CarMax. It seems funny to post a review of a company I didn't actually do business with, but that shows you how impressed I was with their work ethic, their customer care, and the value of their services!

S. A. | 2014-09-11

Well.....she's gone.  Our baby was sold to Trade In Solutions.  

We were hoping to find a rude sales-guy that would kill the deal but our appraiser (Abe Bijari) was very professional, polite and capable of executing our sale.  

We were kind of hoping that the transaction would be a huge hassle and pull out because it would take hours but the office manager (Puia) completed all of the paperwork (and issued our check) in just a few minutes time!

Yes, our baby is off to a new family.  We will miss her.  We have been through so much together.  We were lucky to find Trade-In Solutions to complete our sale.   We highly recommend TIS!

S. Adams

Katrina L. | 2014-09-10

This review is from a repeat customer. Ive sold a BMW and Toyota and both times received 5 star service!!! Abe is great! I will only sell my cars to him. The process at Trade in solutions is so simple and they really give you the most for your car. This time, Puya even helped with my payoff for my car loan. Didn't have to go to the bank to settle anything! They did it for me with a smile on their face. I recommend going to them over trading in your car or selling on Craigslist!!! They will take care of you like family!!! Thanks trade in solutions!!

Won K. | 2014-09-01

Had a great experience! Actually better than great! 5 stars are well deserved. If you're reading this .. I was just like you... A little skeptical at all the excellent reviews. But this place is LEGIT. Abe and Tami were wonderful. They were prompt and courteous. Abe was fair and honest. He broke down why he was offering me the price and answered all my questions. I sold my car to them and have no regrets. They even gave me a ride home. The driver (Santiago) was funny and cool to talk to. Don't waste your time going to Carmax. Make an appointment here.

Bobby C. | 2014-08-29

There's a reason why they have all 5* reviews. Abe, Tami and the gang are fast, efficient and most importantly honest. You'll get the best price for you trade in here short of selling it private party which as we all know if you're reading this is a hassle that involves craigslist flakes, low ballers and scammers...

It's not easy selling a car. But it sure is fun buying one so make sure you get the most for your trade in by coming here. If you're buying at Carmax come here first! Dealership? Same deal... You should always get a second opinion and unless you want to trust a car salesmen you'd not doing your due diligence unless you come here first.

9/10 they will beat the price from most places--especially on high mile vehicles like my 2007 Cadillac CTS which had 106k on it. They offered me time and a half of what Carmax did.

I still bought my car from Carmax but I traded in here. They opened one up in Irvine down the street from Carmax too which is totally awesome for you OC folks or even if you go to the Irvine location as they have way more cars than the Burbank center.

It's also the little touches, like a $5 Starbucks card for checking in and a tote bag for my junk in the trunk...

The courtesy shuttle got me right to work and the whole process was signed and sealed very quickly.

Will always come here and recommend friends when trading in.

Ruth S. | 2014-08-29

Excellent service - highly recommend to anyone looking to sell their car.
- Efficient
- Professional
- Fair

I would do business again and recommend this company to anyone without thinking twice!

Derek C. | 2014-08-29

Awesome experience with TIS.  They make it a seamless transaction and are transparent from beginning to end! Would recommend to anyone looking to sell their vehicle and get what its worth or more.

Suzan B. | 2014-08-21

Sold my car today.  I think Abe and Tami are terrific.  Will be back next time I need to selll a car. If you want to sell your car the easy way, this is it.  I do think it is best if the car is paid off.

I did go to Carmax first becuase I thought it was necssary.  Now  I am wondering if I wasted my time with Carmax and would have had the same great experice regardless.

Lynn M. | 2014-08-13

Thank you Abe and Tami for excellant service and for a very fair price for my car. Everything is transparent and explained very well so you can make a decision wether or not to accept the offer that is given for your car.
From the moment you arrive until you leave you are in the hands of professionals who know their business. They are fair and honest. There is no pressure at all.
They will answer all of your questions and give advice on any car issues. They go beyond the call of duty.  For me it was a win win situation. This company has staff that knows their business well. Be honest yourself and you will see that they will go the extra mile for you. They know more about your car than you do. Very good experience.
I will tell everyone about Trade-In Solutions.
Lynn M

Nik S. | 2014-08-02

TIS made the whole process of selling my car so easy and pain-free.  I went to Carmax first so I could bring their offer, and true to their claims, TIS beat it!  When they presented the offer, I said to my husband "nice, that's why we brought it here, they said they'd beat Carmax."  Upon hearing that, and that we would need a rental car for several days, TIS actually increased their offer to us!  In addition to beating Carmax offers, TIS staff was so professional and polite.  Highly recommend!

Sarah E. | 2014-07-29

Easiest transaction ever.  Seems too good to be true but it isn't.  They offered me $500 more than Carmax, which was only $500 less than what I really wanted for my car, without ANY of the hassles of a private sale.   The entire process took an hour, they fill out all the DMV stuff for you, and you leave with a check.  The guys are really nice and helpful, and followed up with proof of paperwork without me having to remind them (that neverrrr happens these days - I mean I have to call my doctor 18x for her to fill my prescription, so it was really nice that someone did his job without me having to remind him.)  They also gave me a free ride over to the car dealership where I was going to lease my new car, and the driver was lovely.

I had an out of state title and they took it without issue.  Be clear though, they ONLY take clean titles, so don't go in if you haven't paid off your car.  And definitely bring them a Carmax offer because they seem pretty willing to beat those.

Mark A. | 2014-07-28

Five stars. Yes FIVE STARS. At first I was hesitant because it seems like all 5 star places are too good to be true. But no, Abe took care of me and gave me exactly what I wanted for my car. Given, it was a nice car and I took special care of it and he gave me an honest price. I think the best way to approach selling your car here is to be honest with what you have and you'll get a fair and fast deal. Way better than Carmax.

Britt C. | 2014-06-23

AMAZING!!! I went to carmax WHERE I bought the car they offered me 13,000, went to trade in and they offered me 15,200!! Over 2k more! I love Abe he's so awesome!!!! I will never give my business to cArmax again they scammed me so bad over the last few years. So happy I found this place they helped me out so much and it was quick!

Alli Y. | 2014-06-12

If you need to get your car sold, if you've never sold a car, if  you don't know where to go....this place is your answer. I was selling my '98 VW Beetle and honestly thought I'd get next to nothing for it. It's been through it with me over the years (I had the car for 12 years!), and it took some finesse to drive. I came into Trade In Solutions and met with Abe for my consultation/appraisal. He was friendly, funny, and made me feel at ease. He explained everything, no BS, and gave me an offer that I was very pleased with. When I returned a couple of days later, I met with Tami to finalize everything and was promptly given the amount that was agreed upon. The whole process from start to finish probably took no more than 15 minutes total. They take care of all of the paper work and make it so easy and painless. I'd recommend going to them if you need your car sold. Thanks so much guys!

Rod W. | 2014-06-09

I had my wife's car appraised at CarMax on Friday and I was simply insulted by their offer. I came home and immediately began searching the internet and found Trade In Solutions . I initially sent a message thru the "contact us" section asking when their San Bernardino office would open and Abe responded. He asked if I had my CarMax appraisal so I emailed it along with some pictures.  He made me a offer range which at the maximum would almost double the CarMax offer . (which was the amount I expected from CarMax after pricing my car on KBB and Edmunds) . I arranged to get my car to the West LA location today and ABE did not go back on his promise, even after pointing out a few issues with my car that I had either forgotten about or was completely unaware of ( it was my wife's car that I was selling after having bought her a brand new car recently ). All of the staff members there during my visit were all very nice and friendly and I felt no pressure to sell them my vehicle. The process couldn't be more simple and painless ,I arrived at 11:00 am and was on the road with a check in my hand before 12:00 noon .  Go ahead and take your car to CarMax then call Trade in Solutions and see the difference , you will not be sorry.

Amy B. | 2014-06-07

The five stars reviews are well deserved.  Perhaps some people enjoying buying and selling cars; for me the situation has been tinged with stress.   My experience at Trade-In Solutions, however, could not have been easier.  From start to finish, I felt confident that I was dealing with honest professionals well versed in auto sales.  The appointment lasted less than an hour and I left with a check that beat the Carmax offer by $150.  I could not be more satisfied with the service here and recommend them highly.

Spyros B. | 2014-06-05

I would have given one star, because I went through a hell of a lot of stress getting to TIS just for them to tell me "Sorry, we don't accept financed vehicles." It's very important that everybody knows that so I'll type it in caps. THEY DO NOT TAKE FINANCED VEHICLES.

However, the employees of TIS were very kind to me (as kind as they could be, given the circumstances) and gave me some great advice on trading in my car elsewhere. I did get a pretty good offer elsewhere, thanks to the advice I got here. So genuinely kind employees got this review bumped up to 3 stars.

For five stars, pay off financed cars. Everybody else does it (dealers, Carmax, 818 Car Cash, autotrader). I was very disappointed that I couldn't get an offer from Trade-In Solutions.

R A A. | 2014-05-30

Excellent experience! Very fair pricing. And a great ride home from 'Dr. D'.  I will definitely recommend to friends.

Genesis Z. | 2014-05-29

So just sold my car here an hour ago. It was a pleasure. The appraiser Abe knows cars ver well. He noticed the tuned suspension, exhaust and all the efforts I put in the car within the 10 min inspection. And he also shared some of his insights as a former BMW dealer with me. Surely I didn't get all the money I invested in the car back, but it's all business. I still got a good number. And most importantly I enjoy selling my car to someone who appreciate the car rather than someone who doesn't care at all, say carmax.

Shiba B. | 2014-05-22


Me: Hi, I recently got into an accident and my VW 2010 Jetta was declared totaled. I know you guys are a car dealership but are you interested at all in salvage cars?
Guy: Uhhhh, what kind of car is it?
Me: VW 2010 Jetta.
Guy: What happened to it?
Me: I got T-boned. Airbags didn't deploy and the passenger side doors are dented, but it runs perfectly fine. No mechanical problems, no leakage and the driver's side of the car is in perfect condition.
Guy: So... The car is't driveable or working right?
Me: .....I just said it runs fine. It's mostly cosmetic damage of the doors that totaled my car.
Him: Okay.
Me: Are you guys even interested? I don't want to waste anyone's time.
Him: Your best bet is to bring it in so we can take a look at it.
Me: Okay. Where are you guys located at?
Him: What?
Me: Where are you guys at?
Him: Huh?

-I hang up-

Never again.

Michelle C. | 2014-05-13

My husband and I went to TIS on May 5th to sell our car before relocating to NYC the following day they were amazing to us, the sale was easy and they gave us more than what Carmax offered us.  Thanks to Abe and Tammi I will be recommending you to everyone.

Alexander K. | 2014-04-29

I really had my doubts to the legitimacy of the reviews for TIS, but I can honestly vouch for them. I'm actually glad my experience over at Carmax was so bad, it drove me to bring my car to TIS. The appraisal process was quick and painless. It took 30-40 minutes versus the Carmax expected time of 3 hours. The people at TIS were very friendly and transparent throughout the process. Even if you LIVE in Burbank, I highly recommend you drive to the west side to sell your car to TIS. In fact, even if you work for Carmax, I highly recommend you drive to the west side to sell your car to TIS.

Sherry M. | 2014-04-28

Excellent customer service. Fair pricing and a shuttle ride home too. All in all a very professional environment.

Sonya T. | 2014-04-25

This place is awesome! Super quick, easy and very professional!  The place is in a nice and quiet building. I was in and out in less than 45 minutes with cheque in hand for my car that I sold to them.  They also beat the price that CarMax gave me. Thanks!

Leonard S. | 2014-04-19

Awesome. I read a handful of the reviews below and was convinced at least some we're fake. After selling my truck to Abe, I was convinced they weren't. I got way more here than I would have gotten anywhere else and was in and out in 45 minutes! They even dropped me off at the dealership where I picked up my next car. Would totally come back if I had another car I wanted to sell.

A L. | 2014-04-15

Such a pleasant and smooth experience. Abe is a gentleman and his demeanor trickles down to his employees. TIS beat CarMax and my dealer's offers. Such a lovely experience, I wish customer service could be like this everywhere!

There's always going to be some nut jobs who will not be happy with anyone's service, but as you can see, everyone else's reviews are glowing. TIS definitely gets my "No Bullshit" stamp of approval.

Sir M. | 2014-04-04

This is a really fantastic business. Abe is honest, kind, and straightforward. Really. This is the real deal. They offered me neary as much for my car as I was getting privately. And the whole process was easy, and not one single solitary ounce sleazy. Not a drop. This is a well run business, no ifs ands or buts about it.

Robin R. | 2014-03-25

I mean, it's pretty ridiculous that it's 5 stars across the board. But there is a reason for it. I took my beat up 2003 Honda CRV into CarMax and they offered me $4,000...I then followed other Yelp reviewers to TIS and they valued it at $4090. But then they said they (almost) always beat CarMax by $200. So they bumped up the offer to $4200, and perhaps more importantly the whole process took about an hour from start to finish.

Finally, they not only drove me home free of charge, they FedExed my sunglasses I had left behind in my old car. All in all, a great experience.

Jeff M. | 2014-03-24

Have twice used Trade in Solutions for used cars. Both times it was a very smooth, fast, and easy experience. I took a used, out-of-state car to four places, and trade in solutions easily beat out all of their offers. And they made it very easy in dealing with an out of state car, providing paperwork and walking me through instructions to transfer ownership.  Highly Recommend! Great service, great offers, very nice and helpful people.

Kenneth S. | 2014-03-02

What a GREAT experience.  I called with some reservations.  I was asked to send them the appraisal I received from CARMAX.  They gave me a range I was happy with and I took it down there to them.  They beat them by $400 on a $4000 car.  Abe prided himself on the quick service his company was about to offer me and I was impressed.  Faster then eating at a restaurant they did the appraisal, gave me an offer, took care of the DMV paperwork, cut me a check and put me on a Shuttle.  Sooooo much better than trading in your car at a dealer or using Carmax.  Give them a chance.  Kenny S.

Christophe O. | 2014-03-01

My experience with Trade-In Solutions was excellent. They made the entire process incredibly easy even when dealing with International clients. The process was quick and Abe was a pleasure to do business with. He made every aspect of the process very clear and eased all tension with his kind demeanor during a usually stressful transaction. I will surely recommend them to anyone seeking to sell a car...

Courtney H. | 2014-02-27

Very easy, very quick and very friendly service. I literally just sold my car to them today. I hate having to buy, sell, or repair a car because of all the disrespect and hassle. Abe was friendly and professional and my driver Santini was funny and sweet. He's such a fun guy to talk to! Best of luck to you in your future adventures, Santini! Everyone from the office staff to my shuttle driver was amazing.

Also I want to add that they gave me about $100 more than Carmax's offer for my 06 Nissan Sentra. From arrival to signing paperwork, I was in and out of the office in less than an hour. Highly recommended!

Juliette P. | 2014-02-27

I have never before posted a review on Yelp, even though I use the site frequently to find recommendations. I couldn't let this one go without, though.

As all the previous reviews have mentioned, the whole experience was extremely stress-free. Abe and Tami Lyn were wonderful and friendly, and I was out the door in less than an hour. They beat Carmax's price without seeing the previous appraisal and were transparent in helping me understand how they came to the price they gave me.

But they also went above and beyond - I thought I had cleaned my car out completely and realized hours later, on the other side of the city, that I had forgotten my garage door clicker. I called in and Abe offered to overnight it - at no additional expense.

Thank you Abe and Tami Lyn, for making selling my first car a great experience. I'll miss her a lot, and feel good about leaving her in your hands.

Erika B. | 2014-02-25

Excellent service and got a great price on my car.  Couldn't be easier and they take care of all the DMV paperwork and cut you a check on the spot.  Highly recommend.

Raquel D. | 2014-02-05

I had the BEST experience with Trade In Solutions. We chose to meet with them to trade in my car simply based on their yelp reviews, and the reviews were correct! Abe and Tami were nice, helpful, and fair. Better yet they beat our Carmax estimate by nearly $700!

If you are thinking about trading in your car, this is DEFINITELY the place to go! As stress free as a trade in can get. You won't be sorry!

Damon K. | 2014-01-31

Let me tell you about a great business with great people. I signed up for Yelp just so I could review this place. I needed to sell my car. I went there on recommendation from a friend, and I was thoroughly happy with the experience. I was treated with respect, fairness and I actually got a price that's fair. It was really a great price, considering that my car must be difficult to resell due to its age and mileage. I had been looking for ways to sell my car, and the private sale option just seemed less realistic as time went on. Trade-In Solutions appraised my car, drove the paperwork to my business and handed me the check after I signed. It was really simple and I am very happy. Selling your car is a hassle, use them to relieve your stress. Awesome place with awesome people.

Neal R. | 2014-01-16

I had  a great experience at Trade-In Solutions. The waiting room is very nice and fully appointed with a helpful staff. The appraisal was quick and I did not have to wait long to talk numbers. What they offered me for my car was fantastic, and everyone I encountered at every step of the process was pleasant and professional. The shuttle ride they provide free of charge afterwards just shows how much they value their customers. I can't recommend enough!

Tammy U. | 2014-01-04

I sold my car yesterday at TIS. I took my car several dealer to apprised. TIS is so simple and fair any other dealer. Mr.Abe and Tami are super nice. And Only took 20 min to sell my car. I'm so glad I could found them. Thank you!!

Aidan M. | 2013-12-21

Abe is a very straight talking no nonsense guy who has helped us out no end with a dodgy dealer. Really helpful. With regards to car sale, the proceeds was very smooth and non stressful. I would recommend this to anyone selling second hand car.

Ryan C. | 2013-12-20

I never thought selling a car could be so easy! They gave me an honest deal for my car and made the entire process relatively easy. My only tip is to make sure you have a copy of your title with you to get yourself some more cash for your car.

Jakira T. | 2013-12-18

I had a good experience at Trade In Solutions. But I'm glad I held out on selling my car to them. Carmax beat their offer by $1,000!

Greg S. | 2013-12-03

First of all, I thought many of the reviews here were either paid for or otherwise not legitimate. They just sound a bit too consistently good and that in the same way. I decided, therefore, to go to Carmax before TIS. Carmax was a scam. I had a low-mileage car that had just been serviced, and they told me that because of "a strange engine noise" they would have to lower the offer. It was an outright lie to drop the price.

Even more skeptical now, I obtained an appointment with Abe for the next day. I was not expecting to sell my car. When you use a service like this, you must sell your car for less than what you would by selling it yourself. My experience is that they take about ten percent of the value right off the top, then they deduct dollars for the repairs they need to do to resell it. The final difference is the value to you of not having to deal with people coming to your home, test-driving your car, and negotiating. I had done my research and knew the figure I was willing to "pay" to forego the hassle of selling it myself.

When Abe called me back to his office, he asked if I had other appraisals. Not wanting to affect the process either way, I told him no. I wanted to see what a clean appraisal from TIS would be. When he told me his "base price," it was exactly the figure my research had produced. Then he explained in great detail the problems with the car that had to be fixed before he could resell it and the cost, to him, of each of those items. That put the price lower, and even though I knew he was right about the repairs needed, I decided to leave. Abe was kind and understanding and explained that the offer stood for a week if I changed my mind.

As I began to think about putting the ad in Craigslist and dealing with potential buyers, I also factored in that Abe beat Carmax by $800 without even knowing he was competing against them. I was out the door when I turned around and said "let me think about this a second." With no pressure at all, Abe sat back down and worked through it with me.

Money is important in any business transaction but more important to me is the nature of that transaction. How do you feel about it afterward? Was it a battle that you won or lost, or was it two people reaching a mutually satisfying agreement? Did you feel like you were dealing with good people who felt that the money was secondary to the ethic of the interaction? Were you treated with respect or as a potential source of money or worse? Because of these intangible factors, I sold my car to Abe, and I felt good afterwards. You get the feeling that not only is it a good place to do business where you are treated with respect, it would also be a good place to work. As if to confirm my decision and my observation, my shuttle ride home included a great conversation with his driver, an ebullient man who was so happy working for Abe that he told me story after story of his good nature.

At TIS I sold my car for $800 more than Carmax offered me, and I was treated with respect and fairness. That's a rare thing for any business transaction concerning an automobile. (Sorry I didn't tell you about the Carmax offer, Abe.)

Kelly C. | 2013-11-23

I am so honored to be writing the 100th five-star review on this place.  I JUST sold my BMW to them.  9 years old, low mileage - FABULOUS car.  They beat CarMax by $1500.  But that's not all - I was overly impressed with their professionalism.  Abe is such a nice guy - i met him in the elevator on the way up - friendly (without being greasy), and very professional.  My appointment was at 11 am, and they took me EXACTLY at 11am.  

I really appreciated their follow-up emails from Tami.  I almost forgot to bring in the car within 7 days, and I got a very nice email on the 6th day reminding me.  When I scheduled my appointment to sell the car, the ENTIRE transaction was completed in 20 minutes flat.  Then, their nice driver took me back.  No wait, No hassle...just smooth sailing all the way.

I am so so SO happy I found this place on Yelp (through Carmax reviews, ironically).  Highly recommended.

Jerry D. | 2013-11-21

I just bought a new ML550 Mercedes and needed to sell my wife's 2008 ML350. Our trusted car broker told us to go to Carmax which I did. Sweet Jesus - what a terrible experience. If you like being treated crap by a moronic car salesman who's stock answer is "I'm just doing my job" then they are for you.

In anger, I left CARMAX and emailed my service manager at WI Simonsen Mercedes who recommended Trade In Solutions. Located in West LA - these guys make trading in your car about as easy (and professional) as can be. The whole process was about 30 minutes and they beat CARMAX's price by $1,750!!!!

I don't dish out 5-star reviews too often but these guys earned it.

Matt K. | 2013-11-19

I had a second car that I really didn't want to sell, but today the payment, the insurance and the registration came due all at once. I just didn't want to carry the weight any more so I went to Trade In Solutions upon the recommendation of a co-worker. I had contemplated selling the car previously and received offers from a franchised new car dealer and a used car dealer. With only a little bit of equity in the car, I wasn't motivated to sell. But today was the day.

Trade In Solutions is 100% as advertised.

There is no better way to put it. If you are thinking about trading in your car, do yourself a favor and stop thinking. Here's how it goes at Trade In Solutions. You drive in. You park in a designated underground parking spot (validation included). They send a qualified appraiser to test-drive and assess the value of your car. They offer you a cup of coffee while you wait. 15 minutes later, they invite you in to the Senior Appraiser's office. He asks you 2 or three questions, then makes you a fair offer. You sign the paperwork, and they shuttle you home or back to work with a check in your hand. IT IS THAT EASY. 30 minutes from start to finish with some of the most pleasant people I have ever met. They handle everything with the DMV, your lender, and the state.... ALL OF IT.

With kbb,autotrader, cars and the rest of the auto dot coms... its really easy to figure out what your car is worth these days. Trade in solutions uses the same data and they will give you what it's worth without trying to steal it from you.

My experience today was quite possibly the most enjoyable car-related experience I have ever had. This is a class organization and I would recommend anyone sell there as opposed to trading in at a dealership.

cindy r. | 2013-11-18

I sold our 2008 Chevrolet Silverado truck to TIS.  It was the most pleasant experience I have had with any business ever.  I tried to book an online appointment, but was trying to book it on a weekend when they're not open.  Abe called me immediately and because a weekday was going to be difficult for me, offered to maybe send an appraiser to my home.  While on the phone with me he ran the truck on Carfax and told me it had a clean title.  I gave him all the info, and he told me the truck was worth $11,000 but would have to see it.  I drove it there on a day off.  They were extremely polite in the office, offering me coffee or water and a private room to wait in.  I got a fair price for the truck.  I was having a problem with the title, and they took care of everything.  I almost couldn't believe it.  Afterwards they shuttled me about 7 miles away to a store I wanted to go to on Melrose.  I had a very pleasant ride with Santiago.  Best experience ever.  I will always sell my cars to them.

Hokulea Z. | 2013-11-07

I had a complicated trade-in situation, but the long and short of it was that TIS handled my case in a completely easyprofessional and efficient manner, and I got hundreds of dollars more than my credit union would offer me as a trade in. And I got great advice, too, on getting my new car. Will refer on!

Dima O. | 2013-10-29

Very professional people. Stating the obvious folks you get paid less then selling retail yourself, anyone complaining of a lowball offer compared to what they see in auto trader is not being fair. They have to make money, and if you need to sell a car fast, without any complications, this is a place to do it.

Ed B. | 2013-10-27

I visited TIS at the reco of the dealer I was looking to buy a car from. The business model and process was top notch across all fronts. I was greeted on time, my car was appraised in a timely fashion, I received a fair offer that I accepted, I promptly received payment and was then driven home.

I will definitely meet with TIS the next time I am looking to sell a car.

Abe and Jesus were a pleasure to deal with.

Bonnie B. | 2013-10-23

After reading a review about Car Fax and the BS this person  had to go through the person mentioned Trade In Solutions where he went and got a better deal than from Car Max....  I made an appointment, they took me on time, sat in a lovely waiting room, was offered refreshments and within the 30 minutes that they said it would take I was taken into Abe's office.  The staff there are very helpful and happy...and Abe could not have been a better person to deal with.  I was out of there with a check for more than I expected but what I had hoped for....I also learned from him a few things about buying a used car....I would definitely say go there and avoid the huge parking  lot of other places....and they do not sell used cars, so there is no pressure to buy anything....and if you sell on the  day you have the appraisal you get an extra $200 which to me was a pleasant surprise....go there it was a pleasant and stressless experience...yippee....

Joe R. | 2013-10-17

Extremely professional team.  The offer was fair (ie. on the high end of the appraisal range) and the service was flawless and efficient.  I would definitely recommend Trade-in Solutions to anyone trying to sell their vehicle.

Kevin W. | 2013-10-09

Fantastic experience from beginning to end. Abe, Tammy and the rest of the team were amazing.

During the previous weekend (Saturday I think) I made a reservation for Monday morning and received a phone call from Abe within about ten minutes confirming that appointment and he provided me with a brief overview of the whole process.

To add to the experience, I had a horrible start to my Monday and I was late for my appointment. The Trace in Solutions team was still incredibly accommodating, helpful and friendly. That AND they beat Carmax's bid by $650 and gave me a shuttle ride home.

Top notch service. I could not imagine being more satisfied. Oh, I also got a great cup of coffee out of the whole deal :-)

Jerry T. | 2013-10-05

Irvine location. Great place to trade in your car. No pressure to sell. They check over your car and give you a fair price. They cut you a check right there. I got a 12.8% higher offer than CarMax. Highly recommended if you are not trading in your car to the dealer.

Anastasia V. | 2013-10-04

Based on so many good reviews here, I came to appraise my car.
And i was surprised how little they were willibg to give for my car!
Only $8.400, comparing to 9k that I would get from Carmax. They were very detailed in describing how they base their number, yes, but does it make any difference if they give so little?
I'm not sure if it's only my car issue or they are not paying enough in general. So many good reviews, but real experience proves that even a Carmax gives better deals.

Scooby D. | 2013-09-04

After hearing that Carmax offers the best pricing to buy a car, I went there for an appraisal offer.  After sitting in there for 45 minutes amidst crying babies and loud people, we were called for our turn.  Within 1 minute, they had moved onto the next person, and we were asked to wait a little longer.  5 minutes later they took us in, appraisal took 15 minutes and we had our offer.  Having a 7 day period to decide, I went online and checked around to see if the CarMax offer was fair.  It actually was more than other offers by $1200.  Then I found trade-in solutions, gave them a call, emailed my carmaxx offer, and Abe came back and topped their offer via email.  Then I booked an appointment on line and got a call from Puia right away expaining the process and the email he was about to send me to confirm my appointment.  From the first contact to the appraisal process and having the check in hand, it was a wonderful experience.  I would highly recommend them for their professionalism, honesty, efficiency and courtesy.  Thanks, Abe and Puia!

Ainsley S. | 2013-08-29

There's a reason why these guys have stellar reviews!!

Brought my 2006 Pontiac here in February and had a great experience then (although I didn't sell my car then).

This week I was REALLY ready to sell my car.

Not gonna lie, it had quite a few dings because I am not the most gracious driver or the most car saavy person.

Nonetheless he was generous with me and discounted a few things for less than they would actually cost.

Though you may not get as much money as selling a car privately, personally, the easy, quick, and professional process was worth more to me than anything.

My appointment was at 9:30 this morning and I was at work in the Marina at 10:00 (thanks to the free shuttle service of course).

Would DEFINITELY recommend to anyone who wants a quick and easy car selling process!

Andrei T. | 2013-08-18

The best place to sell a used car hands down. They beat my offer from carmax by $700 which could have been higher if there wasn't a miscommunication about the actual condition of the car. At the end of the day Abe is VERY fair and I will always sell my used cars to them. The reviews here are all accurate in terms of the staff, customer service and overall experience.

Paul A. | 2013-08-01

Very disappointed.  It started with the first phone call in which I was told that I would receive a call back and didn't.  Not wanting to rely on the questionable staff, I used the online appointment service.  I was able to make an appointment, but then received an e-mail that my car (2 years old) was too new for them to be interested and my appointment cancelled.  Later in the day I received a confirmation of my appointment????  
I have heard such great things about this place and read the glowing reviews, but my experience certainly didn't match.

T I. | 2013-07-19

I went to trade-in solutions based on the rave reviews here at Yelp (thanks Yelpers). I got a very fair price on my truck, with great service at only maybe 90 minutes of time total. A LOT less hassle than selling privately, with faster and better service than trading in at a dealership. In fact they beat the dealer trade in offer by $100 to make the drive to the west side worth my timed! HIGHLY recommend these guys. Thanks to trade-in solutions for operating an honest and fair business that benefits both company and customer.

Kaleb N. | 2013-06-11

Let's make this simple: I don't know how Trade In Solutions stays in business while handing out these amazing deals. Abe offered me DOUBLE what Carmax did for my used car. My car had scratches, broken locks, a broken mirror, and 100,000 miles, and he still took it and paid far above every other offer. Quick, painless, not a second of hassle involved. Abe and his team are very courteous and took care of everything.

I thought at least some of these glowing reviews had to be fake, but now I know they're not because I'm writing one right now! I even waited a few weeks to make sure there wasn't a sudden switch, and today I got the notice from my bank that my car loan was paid off as promised. Trust the reviews. Going to Trade In Solutions saved me thousands of dollars.

William, P. | 2013-06-02

I went to Trade-In Solutions because of all the positive reviews this place has received on Yelp and because I was thinking of selling my vehicle. I actually didn't end up selling my car to Trade-In Solutions (I ended up not selling my vehicle at all), but I still decided to write a review about my experience.

Everything everyone has written about Trade-In Solutions is true: the staff is amicable, honest, and there is no pressure to accept their deal. Their appraisal was the highest I received - just as advertised. They explained how they arrived at the price and how much money they would make reselling my car - complete transparency!

This place is extremely organized and customer oriented. Trade-In Solutions is the way every business should operate! Thank you!

Wade S. | 2013-06-01

This was the 3rd place we looked to sell our car (AutoTrader and Carmax being the other two) and the price they offered was BY FAR the best.   They are very focused on customer satisfaction.  Very professional, easy process.  We agreed on the price, and then I had a check in hand in 15 minutes.  If anyone ever needs to sell a car and doesn't want to go through the effort of selling it to a private party, this company is great!

Shan L. | 2013-05-08

Let me start by saying this place really deserves 6 stars!

I had a very good experience here. I didn't know what to expect because I was selling my old, beat up Dodge Stratus. I wondered if they would turn me away because my car wasn't worth anything. But to my surprise, I received $500. I know you're like "that's it!!!". Well let me tell you this; my car had a front bumper that was being held up by plastic ties, the paint is a mess and to make matter worse - the registration is one year behind because the car will not pass smog without replacing an engine part. I thought I would have to give up my car to the junk yard for much less!

They were also great because I needed  my mother to sign paperwork and she wasn't able to come with because of a health condition. They accommodated me by letting my mom sign the papers with the nice gentleman that drove me home.

Abe and his staff were awesome! They were all very kind and patient.  After signing the paperwork, I was driven home in the companies mini van with a Trade-In Solutions canvas bag and mug in hand. The office is comfortable and I appreciate the bagels and beverages. If I ever need to sell another vehicle, I'm going to save myself the trouble and just come here!

Jenn G. | 2013-04-12

FANTASTIC!  The best business I have dealt with ever!  Every person involved was so nice and professional, I had a 10:00 appointment and was done and driven back to my house by them and home before 11:00 with a check for more than I hoped for!

I had already gotten quotes from the dealer and Car Max, Trade-in-Solutions beat them.  This is an amazing company, I never imagined selling my car could be such an easy and enjoyable experience and not feel like I got ripped off.

The offices are lovely, they gave me copies of all of the paperwork in a nice folder and offered me coffee and bagels.  Extremely professional environment.

Abe is such a nice man, it was truly a pleasure meeting him and doing business with him.  Every person I met and talked to was beyond nice and friendly, from the receptionist when I made the appointment to the gentleman that drove me home.  This is a wonderful business, the BEST way to sell your car.  I am recommending to all of my friends.

Todd L. | 2013-04-08

Abe and his team were AWESOME!

I sold them a VERY new BMW and they beat Carmax by over 7%.. that may not sound like a lot, but this was a new car and its was thousands of dollars. They beat the best trade in by close to 10%. I shopped my car around and these guys gave me the best deal, a nice enviroments, NO sleezy used carsales pitch BS and they drove me home in the car i just sold them.

I have already recommended them three times in the last 2 weeks..

Maribeth H. | 2013-03-27

More like SIX stars.

I never thought selling a car at a 'trade in' location could be so easy and pleasant, and I left feeling like a got a lot of money for my car!

Having previously gone to carmax, I looked at the carmax quote and left their office. Carmax's offer made me feel like I just suffered an attempted rape. I loved my convertible and decided I'd keep two cars of my own. Unfortunately, three months after buying my new car....I had only pulled my convertible out of the garage three times....and I knew it was just a waste to keep it sitting in my garage losing value. I was going to go back to carmax and take whatever paltry sum they would offer me now that the convertible had an additional 10K miles on it since my quote, and lo and behold Trade-in Solutions came up when I googled...with like 80 GLOWING yelp reviews. I NOW KNOW WHY. These reviews aren't fake. This was the most pleasant experience and they gave me MORE than carmax offered me months ago when the car had lower mileage. Abe was wonderful and had NONE of that slimy 'I'm gonna rip you off' used car salesman aura - nice, honest guy.

WHOLE HEARTEDLY RECOMMEND! If you're selling a car don't bother trading in elsewhere. This was easy and I walked out with a much bigger check than I ever expected!!!

Brooke G. | 2013-03-18

These guys were honest and forthcoming with their valuation of my leased car. They made it really easy to get out of my lease and even offered me more than CarMax.

Chessie L. | 2013-03-14

I came here not knowing what to expect and the Yelp reviews at true. This place is fantastic. I can't recommend it highly enough. Don't waste your time anywhere else. Abe and Jessica are professional, friendly and yes - honest! I couldn't be happier.

DB S. | 2013-03-04

Great great service!!!
Abe and Jessica provided outstanding service.
Painless way of selling you car for fair value.
Highly recommended.

Mike L. | 2013-02-06

Well, it's true.  A used car dealer offered me a pittance for a trade-in of my 1998 Camaro Z-28.  Abe took it for a quick drive, asked me some questions about it, did a little math (which he fully explained) and offered me a price I just couldn't refuse.  I had been planning to go to Carmax and get shafted, but luckily happened to check Yelp.  Abe gives a fair price - surely the best price you'll get - and makes you comfortable during the hassle-free, quick and painless process.  I can't recommend him highly enough.

Jules M. | 2013-02-01

I don't know what new thing to say. But all the other reviews are right! I was expecting/hoping to receive about $2,000 for my 2003 Ford Focus. And I got over $2,500. The process was quick and painless - Abe and Jessica were super-friendly. They cut me the check right on the spot. Oh, and I didn't bring my title because I didn't think I had it, but they processed the sale anyway. Then when I went home, I found my title (of course), and they actually sent someone to pick it up from my house. It was so easy and I made $500 more than I had even hoped for. GO HERE. PERIOD.

Note of advice: They are located in the West LA / Olympic area (don't know that part of LA too well), but it's a nightmare during rush hour. So I recommend taking an appointment as far away from rush hour as possible. In that area - evening rush hour starts at like, 3:30pm, so... That was the worst part - the drive home was so frustrating that I actually had to stop for a nice dinner about an hour and a half in because I was about to throw myself out of my car. Which wouldn't have done much damage. Since I wasn't really moving.

Nicole C. | 2013-01-26

Today I had the best experience at Trade-In Solutions. I had an appointment at 10am and was done selling my 2006 Scion and out the door by 11:30am. I was offered $615 more than at Miller Honda in Culver City! While the dealership really didn't care about my business, I felt welcome and not taken advantage of by Trade-In. They explained thoroughly why I was getting what they were paying.  It was up to me to decide whether to sell or not.
I will refer anyone wanting to sell a used car!

Dante D. | 2013-01-24

This is a great place to go instead  of trading in with a dealership.  They give you an excellent deal and treat you very kindly the moment you walk in the door.  Abe and Jessica were extremely nice and very professional!  High recco for this place.

Omega C. | 2013-01-19

Excellent experince! Jessica was wonderful  on the phone. She made me feel very much at ease considering I had very little about trade in solutions prior to my phone call. I thought it was a fly by night operation,but that is the furthest thing from the truth. They are  located  in the heart of Santa Monica inside of office building. Abe who is one of the buyers was extraordinary in his professionalism.  To games or gimmicks just honest straight-toward and fair. I have wired as a sales professional in the automotive industry for six years, and these guys are the best in business. I went to car max prior to my visit and Tradin solutions offered me 1126 more than car max.  So stop what your doing and pick up the phone and call and of Jessica at TS. Bre the give you a company bank check on the spot :)

Sarah D. | 2013-01-16

This place is amazing! Went to the one in Santa Monica and got an awesome deal on my car. So much better then I ever expected! Everyone there was super friendly and it was a very quick easy process. They even gave me a ride home after :)! FANTASTIC !

Nat S. | 2013-01-11

Abe is the best.  Very transparent. Truly stress-free and easy.  Fair price (much better than you can expect for dealership trade in).  Already recommended my girlfriend.  I would HIGHLY recommend them, and will be recommending them to more of my friends.  I sold my 2004 BMW X3 to them....Thank you!

Michael S. | 2012-12-03

Abe and company do it right. 100% stress free, great customer service, I highly recommend TIS.

Kristin S. | 2012-11-28

I was planning to go to CarMax to sell my 2007 Mitsubishi Lancer, but thank God I found this Yelp page! I can happily tell you that everyone's five-star reviews are the truth. My husband and I laughed throughout the experience because it was almost TOO easy. I was out the door in less than an hour with my car loan paid off and a check for the rest. They took care of everything. And Abe is incredibly friendly, too! He actually wrote out the math of how much they will sell the car for, how much money they will pay to fix up the car (and itemized everything), their profit margin requirement and therefore, how much I get. So transparent! So honest! The whole team is knowledgeable and thorough. I can't recommend their service enough. Forget CarMax.

Frank L. | 2012-11-19

Trade-In Solutions went above and beyond in providing their service. They have the patience, integrity, and honesty that every business should have.

I was looking to sell my car of just 2 years with all the skepticism associated with selling a car; knowing that car dealerships will never meet Kelly Blue Book's price, and selling privately is just stressful. I had my doubts about going with Trade-in Solutions despite all the 5 star ratings, not because of them, but from past dealer experiences. But as they helped me through each step of the process (which they greatly simplified), my doubts were gone.

I had previously talked to Abe about selling my car (he was polite, honest, and to the point...feels like your talking to your favorite uncle and not a sales person). But since I lived almost 40 miles away, he suggested that I go to a nearby Carmax to get their quote first, send it into him, and he'll let me know if they can beat the price, so I don't have to waste time and gas. I went and got the Carmax quote, not excellent, but not as bad as I thought. I emailed the quote the following Monday morning, and got a call back the same day (within a few hours). And Abe was straight to the point, beat it by $800.  I accepted the offer, and emailed a few necessary info to his team. And the next part is amazing. Because I wanted to sell the car quickly so I don't have to make the monthly payment for my car, he worked with his team, and offered to send his driver and another staff to meet me at a location that was convenient for me..after work!! This is after their work hours coming with traffic....just to help me out. On Wednesday, at our agreed time, his team called me up, saying their was traffic, I was fine with it, because they were already doing me a huge favor. They came, dressed professionally, looked at the car, explained all the paperwork they had prepared, neatly, clearly marked, reviewed with me. I signed the paperwork and done! All of this, plus some friendly chat, done within 15 minutes. Unbelievable!

After a few days, Tammy (Abe's assistant) sent me the tracking number for the check they've sent out which was another great service just to help me feel more secure.

I strongly recommend Trade-in Solutions for anyone looking to sell their car, or just need a second opinion.

Nick A. | 2012-11-18

Abe is upfront, honest and very time you go in ask him about the USC professor he knows!!  

They have bought 2 cars from me and they offer more than the other competitor CAR somehting or another :) (Don't waste your time with CAR...they are a simply working on volume!!)

Anyway...5 star service, 5 star people

Sam H. | 2012-11-08

I just sold my Jeep to Trade-In-Solutions.  I have to be honest and say that it was a sad day for me.  I grew up in that Jeep.  It drove me everywhere; To school, to my first kegger, to college, and then to work...  It even drove me to that older girl's house where I lost more than just my heart.  This was more than just a Jeep to me.  Any price lower than what I thought It was worth would be unexceptionable.  Trade-In-Solutions made me an offer that was right on with my asking price.  And I couln't be an happier.  

I tried Craigslist, everyone was just trying to scam me.  Car Max, don't even bother...  They're offer was WAAAAY to low.   They have no clue what they are doing.  Trade-In-Solutions not only gave me a great deal, they treated me with respect and kindness.  Where Car Max was clueless, Trade-In-Solutions always had the answers.  Fast, simple, knowledgeable, and gave me a great offer.  Trade-In-Solutions beats Car Max every time.

Deborah R. | 2012-11-07

Our family recently sold two cars to Trade-In Solutions.  One of the cars we drove there.  After a test drive and a short time in Abe's office we got a very fair offer.  The second car we had towed there.  Not only did the engine need work but so did the body.  We were amazed at the offer we got.  Abe methodically explained how he arrives at his offer.  The entire transaction was very transparent.  The end result was a win-win for both my family and Trade-In Solutions.  Now we can take our checks from Trade-In Solutions and buy a nice new car.

Allen D. | 2012-10-30

5 Stars for Abe and Trade-In Solutions!  I got a few hundred dollars more compared to Carmax.  Very professional and relaxed setting.  You got to go there and experience it.

Kenneth S. | 2012-10-26

I just sold my car to Trade-In Solutions today and was very impressed with what a streamlined process it was. Abe, the senior appraiser. was very professional as was Jessica who processed the paperwork.  The whole experience was truly a stress free solution as advertised.  They gave me a better price than two other places I went to.  I got my check within 45 minutes and they even gave me a courtesy ride home.  It could not have been a better experience!

Blake A. | 2012-10-15

I recently did business with Trade-In-Solutions and I could not craft a more glowing, positive review; my experience was quite possibly the best I have had in any business transaction to date. Despite my running 30 minutes late, Abe and the team were delighted to stay after hours to accommodate me, and my veteran '99 S320 Mercedes.

On top of stellar customer service, I received an excellent price that was beyond fair - in fact, the price exceeded my every expectation. After a very brief test ride, I handed over my keys, did only a few minutes of paperwork and received a check on the spot. Afterwards I received a ride home, to my front door.

I cannot imagine a more stress free transaction. The entire staff was incredibly honest and positive, and took great pride and honor in their work - extraordinarily refreshing and rare for an auto business.

Trade In Solutions should be the first and only place you take your car.

Pam N. | 2012-10-11

Abe Bijari is friendly, honest, and quick. We happily sold our 1997 Mercury Cougar to him for $1500. Two other dealers offered us peanuts.

That is the quick version.

The more important reason for the 5-star rating is Abe's kindness and generosity.  We are a young couple looking for a cheap, reliable Japanese car, and we didn't know any better. He gave us advice on where, how to look for legit cars on Craigslist etc. I sent him VINs by email and ran checks for free. Thanks to him, we escaped being ripped off by another dealer!

And we will never forget how he took time out to personally inspect  a car we were planning to buy. On a Saturday, outside Trade-in Solutions business hours. And we didn't have to pay a cent! Granted, he didn't have to go far (like 5 mins away) to do it, but who does that?!

Thank you so much Abe! It is such a blessing to have met and done business with you and your team.

Tomo N. | 2012-10-11

Trade-In Solutions is truly one of the best car buying shops ever.

I sold my car last month, comparing estimates from two other buyers. TIS gave me the highest estimate among all, over $1,000 higher than other two shops. I like it that Mr. Abe is knowledgeable about car prices, and that it seems he just sincerely wants to help others.

I also have deep appreciation for generosity and kindness of Mr. Abe. He put every effort to help us find the right car. This definitely facilitated the process of selling my old car and getting a new and right one.

Truly I recommend TIS to those who want to sell their car to a good and honest owner.

Maz C. | 2012-10-02

It's easy to be skeptical of rave reviews, even here on Yelp. (Maybe that's ESPECIALLY here on Yelp.) But Trade-In Solutions so far exceeded expectations and lived up to the hype on this site that it's just amazing. Eight hours after the fact, I'm still shocked it went so well.

Despite getting caught in traffic and showing up 30 minutes late, I was treated kindly and promptly by Abe and Tami. Abe was very clear about what he was doing, committed a quick inspection of my truck, and soon we were back in his office. It took him maybe 15 minutes to do a valuation on my Dakota, which turned out to be very close to Blue Book number. He was up front about the very minor body damage to my truck and what he would need to repair it; the costs seemed totally in line with my expectations.

Like others here, I won't bother trying to sell any of my other vehicles to the mouth breathers on Craigslist or to give a dealer a chance to swindle me.

This branch of TIS comes highly recommended.

Tina Z. | 2012-09-29

If you need to sell your car, these guys have got you covered, from beginning to end. I had 48 hours to sell my car before I left the country for pretty much forever. Got a carmax appraisal after waiting for almost 2 hours, went into Trade-In Solutions WITHOUT an appointment (I got really lucky), had Abe drive the car around the block and up the parking lot, and was given an offer, in less than 30 minutes altogether. It was convenient that I had carmax's appraisal so Trade-In Solutions didn't need to go through everything again, and it was even more convenient that Carmax gave me a great offer, and Trade-In Solutions managed to top that. We set up an appointment to sell the car in the next day (I needed it for the rest of that afternoon), and it would have been smooth sailing from there if I had my car title...which apparently I realized I never had a physical copy of. Discovering this less than 24 hours before my departure was like someone had dropped a wrecking ball down my throat. I was convinced that I was screwed. Had I been at Carmax, I probably would have had to wait for another 2 weeks to get my title mailed to me, and then try to sell my car again, in 2 weeks time, which i didn't have. Luckily, in addition to transferring titles for you, trade-in solutions also can acquire a copy of your title for you for a small fee ($32+2% of your offer). That problem only added 5 minutes to our process, which was less than 30 minutes long altogether, and included a trip to the car to look for the title.  A driver drove me from LA to Claremont in rush hour traffic, something that Trade In Solutions usually DOES NOT offer. Their usual distance is 20 miles or less, so I was ecstatically grateful that everything had worked out, and that I was able to get to where I needed to be. These guys are the best and go out of their way to make their process as seamless as possible. The cash I received from them processed in 24 hours and in less than 2 days, I was able to start and finish the ENTIRE car selling process, dmv paperwork included. Thanks a million Trade-In Solutions!

Pedro G. | 2012-09-16

Would give them more stars if I could. I spoke to Abe this morning, and he quoted me a fair price on my vehicle. Not only that but when I asked him about purchasing a new vehicle he gave me advise on how to negotiate before even showing up to dealer. Thank you Abe, I appreciate your help.
I am in the sales industry so I can appreciate great service even over the phone!!!

Bridgett R. | 2012-09-09

Abe was the greatest... My experience with TIS was FANTASTIC!!!!!! The entire procedure was quick and painless. I received an offer from Car Max and TIS beat the offer by $800...  Definitely would go back and I will recommend this company to anyone interested in selling a vehicle.

Mike S. | 2012-09-06

This is the place to sell your car if you want to do it quick and easy.  You might be able to get more if you sell privately, but that's a pain in the arse & I wasn't about to deal with it.

Looked up the car's value on , and I ended up getting within $3 of the trade-in value they listed for "clean" condition.  It was a little generous to call the car's condition "clean," so I actually got more than I expected.

I didn't even bother seeing if the dealership where we bought our new car would beat it.  If you trade in your old car at the same dealership where you get a new one, they will ream you!!!  Just go to this place & see Abe.

GianDominic V. | 2012-09-06

I brought my car to Trade-In Solutions after receiving a fair offer from a dealership and with a loan that needed to be paid off.

Trade-In Solutions beat the dealership's offer by a full $1000.00, assumed my car loan, and cut me a check for the equity....all in 20 minutes.

I won't ever waste my time with a dealership trade in again.  In a world where you can't trust dealerships or mechanics, Trade-In Solutions is a breath of fresh air.

Sara G. | 2012-09-01

I cannot say how fantastic this place is.... Believe all the good reviews on Yelp.
I did and am so glad. Abe was wonderful.

Grace C. | 2012-08-16

I just got back from my appointment at trade-in solutions and had to write a review!

This place is AWESOME. Seriously. And its a car place. Everyone there is happy to be there, they aren't trying to cheat you, and they are just honest. My car is a total piece of poo and only got appraised for $600 at Carmax (which I wasn't surprised about). Abe offered me $900. It doesn't get better than that- esp with the car I had. Tami and Abe were so helpful in explaining everything to me- honestly, its a relief how professional and awesome they were!

I would like to give them 6 stars b/c this was so stress-free but there isn't that option here! Haha. I mean, I left my wallet at home by accident so I didn't have my driver's license (I KNOW)- and they were so understanding while I felt terrible for being unprepared. But it was no big deal to them, and I still finished the appointment with a check in my hand. Seriously. Professional car people that trust (it's almost unheard of!)

Go here. That's it.

Christina A. | 2012-07-12

I foolishly went to CarMax first thinking that I would get the best deal for my car but Trade-In Solutions offered more money AND I had the most stress-free experience working with them! Find Abe! He is the man to talk to! The staff is courteous and professional. Dont look elsewhere to sell your car!

Tiffany C. | 2012-07-06

My experience was exactly like all the other reviews (except that one oddball review below).  I did my research prior to my appointment and had a good idea what my car was worth.  I met with Abe and his offer far exceeded my expectations - it was higher than both Kelley blue book and Edmunds.   The whole process went smoothly and efficiently - no hassles or headaches that usually accompany trading in cars.  Instead, it was a very refreshing experience working with an honest person like Abe.  Remember to book your appointment ahead of time and bring your title, registration and driver's license.  I had to reschedule a few times and Tami was extremely accommodating.  Thanks Trade In Solutions for making this such a easy and wonderful experience!!

Yuko M. | 2012-06-08

I sold my 1998 Civic through Trade-In Solution.  I was a bit nervous it as this was my first time ever selling a car, but they made it SO EASY!!! It was a delightful and smooth experience. I've never thought I would use "delightful" about selling a used car - but it was!

Making appointment on their website is straightforward.  They send you a confirmation in email and also follow up with you via phone call (in my case they needed to 15 min time adjustment)

They sent me a very clear instruction on how to get to their office, what to bring, etc...

When I arrived at the appointed time, Abe was ready and gave me his full attention.  He test drove my car right away, checked out my exterior of my car - then entered information in the computer. I think all of this took about 15 min and he gave me the price of my car explaining how he came to this price by referencing Kelly Blue Book value.  Price was right - and when I consulted my friend in Used Car business, he said "they didn't rip you off. It's fair".    

The only thing I got caught off guard was the printed sign on Abe's desk that said something about $200 if I don't sell the car today.  Since I had to shop for my car over the weekend, and the reason I came here was for 7 days guaranteed on the price, I brought up that "I didn't see this $200 stuff on the website...".  Abe was nice enough to eliminate this for me.

3 days later, I made an appointment again and sold my car here at the price Abe initially told me.  All the paperwork was ready when I arrived and it was a seamless process (just giving the key, and signing the documents).  They took me home by the shuttle and my car was sold!

Abe, Tami, and Cyrus are all great people.  It's a very pleasant process to do business with Trade-In Solutions.  I highly recommend thsi place!!

David G. | 2012-06-06

Last week I sold my car to Trade-In Solutions, and you could not ask for nicer people to deal with. Abe Bijari and Cyrus made the process as smooth as silk. They evaluated the vehicle, explained how they would be handling the car, how they arrived at the value, and how all the necessary paperwork would be completed.

Beside offering the best price, they handled all the paper work and even had a shuttle to drive me home. Tami Cook completed the papers and check in minutes, and very patiently explained everything in an easy to understand manner. In addition to the check, I was given copies of all the papers, including the release of liability, which had already been electronically filed with the DMV. Lastly, Dea was the very friendly shuttle driver that took me home within minutes.

Best price, great people, and wonderful and complete service makes this a very professional company that it is a pleasure to do business with.

Parisa M. | 2012-05-29

I get anxiety dealing with any car related issues. I have been ripped off for simple oil changes, just due to my gender. Yelp led me to Trade In Solutions and since they were close to my work, I gave them a try. Apparently, so are a lot of other people since you have to book them 2 days in advance. No problem. Their website is easy to navigate and very informative. Clean office, friendly staff and they validate parking. It takes 20 mins. for them to run your VIN and inspect the car. Abe was easy to work with and very trust worthy. I sold them my car and had a check within the hour. They gave me a ride back to work in a nice clean van. I have already been telling all my friends to go to Trade In Solutions. Now if I could only find a good oil change place....

Sonia A. | 2012-05-20

You need/want to sell your car. Whether you owe money, or you own it outright, you owe it to yourself to get a quote from Trade-in Solutions. They are fair, low-pressure, customer-centered. From the receptionist, through the buyer, through the shuttle driver, you will get excellent service.

Rob G. | 2012-05-18

These guys are awesome. I found them while looking for a location of the big name in trade-ins (you can guess who) and couldn't believe the all-five-star reviews here. Nothing has five stars on Yelp! Well, Abe and his staff deserve it. They set me up with an appointment the next day, took a quick drive around the block and knocked out the paperwork. I was done with a check in hand in a couple of hours. Abe walks you through exactly what they will get for your car from a dealer, what he can offer you, and what they take off to do any repairs so they can turn it around in like-new condition. Totally fair price, transparent process and they handle all the annoying DMV paperwork. They even called me the next morning because they found my sunglasses and a CD in the stereo.

Sandra P. | 2012-05-16

This a a white gloved operation from start to finish. The service was professional, swift and hassle-free. Abe was so kind and charming I told him that even if he hadn't beaten my quote from Carmax for my Audi Q7(Abe exceeded it by $2400) I would have sold him my car anyway. I even got a ride home from their friendly driver after i sold them my car. And I was able to purchase a new car with more downpayment then I expected to have.  I will always use trade-in solutions. And I am so fortunate my boyfriend found them and read their great reviews on the Internet.  I wish all service businesses could be run this well! Thanks again Abe!!!!

Noelle L. | 2012-05-08

After a frustruating experience with the Toyota dealership my husband and I decided to try Trade-In Solutions - thank goodness we did! True to their stress-free motto, the whole process was completely seamless! Abe was such a pleasant person to work with and took care of everything for us - getting us a duplicate registration, working with my dad who owned the car but couldn't be there with us, and all the dmv paperwork. He and his team were extremely efficient and had we come with everything ready we would have been done in a matter of 20 minutes! We love how honest he was regarding the costs to repair and why the estimate came out the way it did. They offered us $1,600 more than the Toyota dealership!

We were definitely pleased with Abe and his entire staff and would definitely go back again. Thank you Abe for such a great experience!!!

AJ K. | 2012-04-26

Just sold my Porsche Cayenne S to Abe here and I received more than Carmax. I'm glad I stopped by here before selling it to Carmax because I usually tend to go with the big boys for peace of mind. But Abe was warm and friendly and gave me a lot of tips about buying and selling cars for future reference. Glad I sold my precious SUV here. I didn't want to sell it to just anyone because I took gentle care of it for the past 4 years. But I think they will put it in good hands instead of leaving it parked in an outside lot. I know I shouldn't care because it's not mine anymore, but anyone who has had pride in ownership in their car knows what I mean. They gave me a free ride home as well. Will refer friends and most likely sell him my future cars as well. Thanks, Abe.

Heather O. | 2012-04-20

My experience with Trade-in Solutions was excellent. After first going to CarMax and being wholly disappointed with their offer, Trade-in Solutions offered me an additional $1250 for my vehicle.  The service was top-notch, the staff *exceptionally* friendly and helpful (from the receptionist all the way to the estimator) and the process was seamless. They even offer you a ride home so you don't have to drag a friend or family member with you to sit through the process, as opposed to CarMax offering to "call me a cab."  All in all, I would suggest that you not even waste your time going elsewhere as it's unlikely you'll get a better deal and you definitely won't have a more pleasant experience.

Max H. | 2012-04-19

Truly a five-star experience through and through.

I filled out their online form for an appointment Wednesday morning, hoping against hope that they would somehow have an appointment available that day.  I received a phone call within three minutes saying they were all booked up for the day, but they had an appointment tomorrow they could offer.  Sure, that's no problem.

But I'd already blocked out some time, so I decided to go to the Carmax in Burbank just to see what they'd offer.  I wasn't expecting much for the car, and the Carmax offer actually came in considerably higher than I thought.

The next day we went to the TIS appointment and were 25 minutes late.  I felt terrible.  But Abe was incredibly nice and told us not to worry about it.  A quick drive and check later and he came back with an offer that was actually about $150 lower than the Carmax estimate.

However, the difference between this place and Carmax was that Abe took the time to walk me through how they would price the car, what repairs they would have to do, and showed all the math.  Very honest and straightforward.  And in the spirit of honesty, we told Abe that we could drive the car back to Burbank and Carmax would give us a bit more money.

He was shocked at Carmax's estimate (I assume it's not often that TIS offers less than Carmax), asked to take a look at the offer, and then left the room for a moment.  He came back with $50 better than the Carmax estimate.  No problem.

They took care of all the paperwork, we handed over the keys, and that was that.  Plus they gave us a ride home.  I would rather deal with Abe and his crew over Carmax any day of the week.  Honest, straightforward, and just genuinely nice people.

Ali V. | 2012-04-12

I had to sell my car ASAP... As I was leaving the state for a few months. I did a bit of research on the value of my car and also took it to Car Max to sell it. The experience at car max was very impersonal and unfriendly. They couldn't give me a straight answer on some of my questions in regards to my payoff.  Friend of mine told me about Trade-in Solutions, And how she had a easy time selling her car to them. I had similar experience there, with a gentleman name Abe. He cut me a check on the spot and I got few hundred dollars more than I got from carmax.  My loan balance was paid promptly and I had no worries before I left the state. VIP customer service.

M G. | 2012-04-03

We spoke with Abe at Trade-in-Solutions and got a quote to sell my used car. Abe is an outstanding person and very genuine. I have been to car dealership before but I never felt comfortable with number games going back and forth to get a good deal for the car. In few minutes, Abe gave us a good deal and 4 days later, we sold our car. I would say this is the best experience I had so far. I would strongly recommend Trade-In Solutions to anyone looking for selling the car. Abe and Tami are outstanding and very professional.

cassandra l. | 2012-03-26

I made a visit to this place last week, and I left having had a great experience.  They were very patient & offered wonderful service. I have a Toyota which I had thought about selling. Abe, the associate that helped us was very nice. In the end, I haven't sold it yet, but its good to know for future reference.

William S. | 2012-03-22

I had a very good experience with TRADE-IN SOLUTIONS.  I had a 2005 Jeep Wrangler with low mileage and they made me a very fair offer.  They explained everything and did not push me into selling.  I did not want to sell my car from my house as I had problems in the past doing it that way.  TRADE-IN SOLUTIONS offered me a better way.

Marie S. | 2012-03-18

if you want a hassle free transaction this is the place to go to. Abe will quote you a better price than most dealers. No games, no hassle. I was in and out within an hour with a check in my hand. Thanks Abe!

Joe T. | 2012-03-01

I had a 2000 Chevy Malibu LS with over 100,000 miles that gave me frequent problems and all I wanted was to sell it. It needed repairs to get it back to 100% however my new job is in walking distance so I decided to get rid of it all together. Through Yelp, I spotted TRADE-IN SOLUTIONS.

It almost seemed too good to be true...a 5-star rated establishment committed to the painless and timely purchase of your used vehicle. After reading the FAQs on their website it was clear that this place was a lot different than Car Max.

I emailed TRADE-IN SOLUTIONS and within a matter of hours I had an appointment booked for the next morning. I met with their primary appraiser, Abe, who inspected the vehicle and took it for a short test drive. Afterward he explained in simple English how much my car was worth and why...and I was shocked! My old car that was in need of repairs was actually worth more than I thought it was! He understood the repairs it needed and explained that it would be cheaper for me to sell the car with problems than pay a mechanic to fix the problems and then sell it. The entire appointment from beginning to end lasted just under an hour.

Everyone at TRADE-IN SOLUTIONS was very friendly and they took care of all the paperwork with the DMV and I left with a check for my car in my hand. I only wish all of my car experiences were this pleasant!

John K. | 2012-03-01

EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!! I went to sell my 2003 BMW to Carmax and got a pretty disappointing quote.  They were very matter-of-fact and didn't seem to care if I came back or not.  A few days later I found Trade In Solutions online and it they were unbelievably great.  Ask for Abe, he is professional, knowledgeable, friendly, answers all of your questions and can document anything he says about the condition of your car.  PLUS, his original quote was lower than Carmax but when I showed him the printout, not only did he match the quote, but beat it!!  You will never be disappointed by this company because they genuinely care and you don't have to deal with the typical dealership environment.  I will only use Trade In Solutions from this moment on to sell any car.  The staff was also just as great.  Never did I think selling a car would be so easy.  It was really that great!!!!!!!!

Rob C. | 2012-02-27

The best experience in selling my 2006 350z enhusiast. M.Abe you are the best!! No hassle and pain/stress free at all! if i can give a thousand stars i would!! look for Abe he is honest and professional. thanks again! Hope you read our reviews and testimonials boss! Keep it up!!

Pei Pei T. | 2012-02-24

I wanted to thank the yelpers (and !) for their reviews of this place. I was searching for reviews on various car dealerships and stumbled across a link to Trade-In Solutions on the bottom right of the screen, something like "you might be interested in this..." I read the 22 five-starred reviews and thought, "NOOOO way, this is TOO GOOD to be true," but I was intrigued.

Of course we are ALL low-balled at the dealership. I had 2 separate dealerships (Toyota and Honda) offer me $3k on my 2002 Honda Accord EX with only 70,700 miles. Everybody told me "go to Carmax," but I said "I'm going to Trade-In Solutions, based on their twenty-two five-starred reviews on yelp." Some people said, "Do Craigslist, get $5,500!" I did my research online (not totally accurate, I know), and I think I could have gotten $5,200-5,500, MAYBE, with private sale. I am not sure; I didn't want to risk it.  What with the free Craigslist posting, fielding phone calls using up my prepaid cell phone, meeting at a safe place, riding with strangers, possible haggling, waiting for them to get a cashier's check, not knowing how to handle the paperwork, etc. etc. I just did not want to deal with it. The dealers said getting $4,500 would be "on the high side."

WELL, guess what? TIS offered me just a wee bit over $5k.  They took care of EVERYthing. Abe will show you a printout of the Kelley Blue Book value.  It was very close to my edmunds true market value printout.  Abe wrote down "this is what we can sell you car for, this is how much the reconditioning would cost (for all the dents and scratched alloy wheels), this is how much smog and safety costs, this is our profit, so this is what we can offer you."  One of the reviewers were right; TIS is NOT greedy.  In fact, Abe's first offer was several hundred dollars lower and he muttered "That's unacceptable," so he offered me more.  ??? When has that ever happened?

Thanks to all the yelpers who wrote "bring your title, registration, keys, be ready to sell your car, the offer goes down $200 if you don't accept right then and there." I was ready to sell so I had everything ready.

I was treated with respect and courtesy, Abe opened doors for me, offered me coffee, he was prompt, professional, and regaled me with personal anecdotes. One of his stories also moved me to tears, but that's irrelevant. I am just trying to convey that I had a very pleasant experience at TIS.  (It's not just about the money, although of course I am very happy with what I got!)

Katie H. | 2012-02-03

We called Trade-In Solutions Thursday morning, talked to Abe. Someone came to check it out a couple hours later. Next day we went to their office and signed everything over. It was so easy, and Abe and Tami were so helpful, friendly and professional. We were in and out in under 20 minutes.

Great experience!

Christina P. | 2012-01-30

I was treated like a person, not a damsel in distress. Abe was better than fair for my trade! He really took care of me. With Tami's help, I walked in with keys and a title and out with a check. I even got a ride home in the Trade-In Solutions shuttle. Don't bother with Carmax. This place treats all owners the same, you don't have to be rich to be treated well! Dealerships will NOT offer you the same price for your car! I have already recommended this company to everyone I can. They are amazing!

Gary G. | 2012-01-25

Carmax offered $6,500.00 for my Corolla.  Decided to try Trade-In Solutions.  Emailed them what day and time I wanted to come in and within minutes Tami called and confirmed the appointment.  Met with Abe at my appointment time and within 20 minutes I had an appraisal for $7,000.00.  Decided to sell the car to them.  They did all the paperwork.  Very good experience.  I will use them again.

Jody S. | 2012-01-13

Sometimes on Yelp the concept of 5-stars gets watered-down. I assure you when I say that Trade-In Solutions is worthy of 5-stars that it is, in fact, a 5-star experience.

Of course I received a very fair price for my old vehicle, but more importantly I left their offices knowing that I had been treated with respect and courtesy in the most comfortable auto-industry environment to which I'd ever been exposed.

Do yourself a favor and contact Abe and Tami. You can thank me later!

Brian H. | 2012-01-13

I didn't want to go through the hassle of a private car sale, much less tag along with sketchy people on test drives, so I was just about to sell my car to Carmax when I read the reviews of Trade-In Solutions on Yelp and decided to give them a shot.  Abe and the rest of the staff were all very friendly.  Abe was completely upfront about where he was getting his numbers, walking me through his appraisal each step of the way.  He ended up beating Carmax's offer by several hundred dollars!  Then they even gave me a ride all the way home to Hollywood.  Glad to have found Trade-In Solutions.  Thanks Yelpers!

Linn G. | 2012-01-03

I had done no other research (other than looking at ) to get a quote on how much my car was worth.  That said, I have nothing but positive things to say about our experience at Trade-In Solutions in West L.A.  I did not go to CarMax first to get a quote, so I don't have a comparison--but we were very pleased with the outcome of our visit here, and Abe was most professional and courteous.  I highly recommend this business!

Rachel G. | 2011-12-28

I had a fantastic experience selling my 2004 Infinity to Trade-In Solutions. I am an extremely busy professional and mother of two little kids with no time to invest in trying to private sell my car or deal with Car Max or dealer run-around.  Abe gave us a very honest and fair assessment of the car's value and offered the best price I could hope for given the market right now.  The entire transaction took about an hour, and throughout, Abe answered all of my questions and made me feel really comfortable. I am so glad I did not waste time getting low balled or hustled somewhere else.

D R. | 2011-12-16

I had a great experience with Trade-In Solutions.  They beat my other quotes and were willing to drive me to Cerritos!  Thanks, Abe and Tami!

Cherise D. | 2011-12-08

I could not have wished for a better selling experience. Abe was friendly, well-informed, and within the hour I was on my way after having my car inspected, all the paperwork being taken care of and a very fair quote being offered. It's great to know there are still great sales people out there who aren't waiting for the next opportunity to rip you off. Thanks Trade-In. I would highly recommend them to everyone I know.

Rachel L. | 2011-12-07

This is my first EVER review on yelp after my 4 and a half years stay in the U.S. I'm graduating and leaving the country for good so I needed to sell my beloved mini cooper. I came across Trade-In Solutions after reading the great reviews on yelp. To save trouble, I eliminated the option to sell to a private buyer right away. I trusted the yelpers' reviews and didn't even get appraisals anywhere else and went straight to Trade-In Solutions.

Making an appointment was as easy as it gets. Just go to the website, fill in a form and they will call and e-mail you with relevant information and to confirm. The instructions they gave on the e-mail was clear and straight forward.

So on the day of my appointment I drove to the location and met with my appraiser, Abe Bijari. I've read good reviews about him so I was excited. He lived up to my expectation and his reputation. What a nice and friendly person! The appraisal process was quick and easy. Abe explained in details to me the appraisal amount and why Trade-In Solutions' business practices were better to the others. He has worked for the company for many years and truly cared about the customers. They could even arrange a shuttle to give you a ride home!

Getting the payment was easy. You just have to sign a few documents and they will give you the check (not draft!) on the spot.

Just remember to bring the vehicle title, registration and driver's license and you'll be in and out in no time.

I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a hassel-free car selling process.

Mitch M. | 2011-12-01

Thanks, Trade-In Solutions, for a wonderful service and experience!!

First thing I thought of when I met Abe: "good that...Kevin Spacey...?"

I came late, but Abe was still very understanding and patient--great professional to work with.  He cuts through any BS, no white-lies or run-arounds or hidden truths.  He'll tell you if other dealers or car-trader companies are legitimate to work with.  Knowing this truth may hurt some people preparing to sell their cars, but it's better than getting sugar-coated, lied to, and/or low-balled.  Best of all, Abe is a very friendly and chummy person.  Their service was so awesome...I seriously felt like it was a place where they serve you wine and crackers or something.

Marvelous service--they really take care of you.  Reminds me of the company I work for.

Last but not least, Abe is a professional who knows what he is dealing in.  When he informs you of information such as market value on a car or repair costs, don't try to be a shark and gank more money from him.  This guy will PROVE to you that you're already dealing with the best team in town.  Going elsewhere and then coming back will result in you ganking yourself.

Much thanks to Tammy, his assistant, and Santiago for driving me home to NoHo through the horrible 405N traffic!

Shel G. | 2011-11-29

I wanted to sell my Audi Avant.  After getting a so so offer at Car Max and a crappy one from the dealer I gave it a go.  They were fair, quick, and beat the price Car Max quoted.  A very simple process and you don't feel like cattle.  Easy West LA Location.  Nice service and no hassle.  

Made the payoff process and transfer of title a piece of cake.  Just what I wanted.

Lorena V. | 2011-10-28

I was completely blown away on how easy and convenient Trade-In Solutions was on selling my car.  The appraiser on my car was Abe Bijari and he couldn't have been more nicer and more professional. The whole process took about 30 minutes in which they drive (you in passenger seat) around the block to inspect the vehicle's performance and look at wear and tear in the exterior/interior. They factor in everything from the upkeep to the tires. The quote he gave me was definitely above average and I was able to sell my car right then and there. The business manager at Trade-In is Tammy and she came in after I agreed on the price with all the necessary paperwork to transfer everything over to them. They even send the information to the DMV, so you don't have to miss with anything. She was extremely nice and helpful. She gave me copies of everything and I was on my way. They even offer free shuttle service to where you need to go next and that really was great! I definitely recommend Trade-In Solutions if you need to sell your car. They will give you the best deal!

In case you are ready to sell that day to them, be sure to take all keys, insurance, registration, title, and drivers license, so everything goes smoothly. Don't forget to take your belongings out of your car.

dana l. | 2011-09-15

Like most others, I went to Carmax to see what they'd offer for my car.  I thought the offer was reasonable, but decided to try Trade In Solutions after reading all the great reviews on Yelp.  

In short, it was quick, painless and Trade In offered me a better deal.  I think I was in and our of there within 45 minutes.  Abe was a complete professional (and just a really nice guy!).

Don't sell your car until you visit Trade-In Solutions.

Grant G. | 2011-09-05

Tradein Solutions is similar to Carmax in the sense that they will buy your used car without the usual hassle involved in private party or dealer sales.

I've sold two cars over the past few years to Carmax (2004 and 2007) and have been content with the experiences but recently I went back to sell them another car and they completely lowballed me. As far as I knew, they were the only game in town to easily get rid of a car.

Enter Tradein Solutions. I just so happened to see an ad for these guys on a car's license plate frame and after easing the other reviews here on Yelp I figured why not give it a shot.

I'm so glad I gave these guys a try. The process was easy, quick and most importantly--their offer was fair and straightforward.  I dealt with Abe and he was a pleasure to work with.

Highly recommended!

Lena G. | 2011-08-19

Everyone at Trade-In Solutions was an absolute pleasure to work with.  In addition, I had researched quite a bit in terms of my car.  I took it to CarMax and felt that their offer was quite low.  After my experience at Trade-In Solutions, I was incredibly grateful that I had not accepted CarMax's offer.  Turns out I was offered over 15% more for my vehicle!!!!

If you EVER need to sell a car, TRADE-IN SOLUTIONS is the way to go.

Elwin L. | 2011-08-16

Friendly Customer Service!  Much better friendly than Carmax.

They will give you an offer that is higher than Carmax offer.

Bring your car on the last day you have to sell your car. Don't bring your car just for the quote, because if you don't sell your car within 1-2 business days, the offer price will be lower by 200-300 dollars. So, just bring your car on the day that you decide to sell to a dealer.

Abe is friendly. thank you.

Hayden L. | 2011-08-01

I just had a great experience with Trade-In Solutions in the West LA office. I called in the morning and got a same-day appointment with Abe. I am not in a hurry to get rid of my truck, but I wanted to get an honest appraisal of what it was worth. Abe was awesome and very friendly. He was very honest about how they price cars and gave me a very nice was A LOT MORE than Carmax's offer! Other than selling your car yourself, I'm pretty sure that Trade-in Solutions will give you the best offer and a great friendly, honest, non-intimidating experience.

deej e. | 2011-07-28

I echo all the previous positive reviews--I made an appointment for a specific time and Abe was ready to meet with me right away. Customer service was excellent; he offered to freshen up my coffee twice, chatted with me a bit while working on my quote (which I like), and made sure to walk me out as I left after filling out paperwork with an assistant.

During the appraisal he thoroughly explained the deductions he made from my offer, based on repairs that I was already aware needed to be made. We negotiated just a bit, and he ended up buying my 10 year old car for $150 more than Carmax and $50 more than a random guy that called from my Craigslist ad. Plus, you get a free shuttle ride home after you sell with a nice, friendly driver!

At the end of the day, I know if I waited for a private party sale I could have gotten a couple hundred bucks more...but, this was very convenient and doesn't make me feel nervous that some shady stranger is going to pay me w/ counterfeit bills.

L C. | 2011-07-23

I am glad I listened to fellower yelpers and went to Trade-In-Solutions.  Abe and Tammy made the process quick and seamless.  No stress, hassle or worrying over selling to bogus buyers or smooth talking car dealers.  I would use them again.

Ty P. | 2011-06-07

My mission was Impossible. Sell my truck and buy an RV (used) for several upcoming camping trips. All in the span of 4 days.

I had made the decision to sell my truck. It was a great truck, and performed well for me through the years, but sleeping in the back on a camping platform was getting too rough (I have gotten much older). That, and I wanted my dogs to have a better place to sleep than the ground or back seat. I figured what I needed to do was find a fixer-upper RV, get some maintenance done on it for an initial trip in 3 weeks, and build upon that foundation later.

The problem was (as always) CASH. I had looked over the possibility of selling to Carmax - which was close to work, but after reading several reviews on Google, was pretty sure I wouldn't get close to the trade in value in my head. It wasn't a large trade-in value, but it had to be enough to buy a used RV and get some initial shop work done to make it road ready.

The plan: Get truck appraisal on Saturday, find out how much I would get, search Craigslist for RV's within that price range, trade in Truck on Monday morning, buy RV Monday afternoon.

How it went Down:
Thu: I call Trade in Solutions and talk to Abe. I set the appraisal for Saturday morning. He said no problem and would come to me since TIS is closed on Saturday morning. Girlfriend doesn't want to sell the truck - thinks I'm an idiot.

Fri Morning: On a whim, go ahead and tell Abe I'm coming in today at 4. I still had camping equipment in the truck (I didn't want to empty it just in case I backed out of the deal). He said no problem, just bring it in.

Fri Appraisal: I had a low end, a just right, and a high end amount in my head. Once the appraisal was done, I was GREATLY surprised that they gave me an amount that was $3000 over my high-end amount. * * Don't tell Abe this * *

Moment of Conflict: I thought I lost the title a couple of weeks ago, and Abe said I really needed it. We set up a plan to meet again after I contacted the state of Texas to send a duplicate title to me.

Conflict Resolution: I went home and the Girlfriend finds the title. Calls me an idiot for losing it for 2 weeks. I call Abe (it was already closing time for TIS) and tell him the good news. He says come on in! After quickly clearing out all of my camping equipment with the GF's help, I head back to TIS. Abe cuts me a check right then and there!

Weekend: I spend the weekend finding an RV, and eventually make a deal with a private party. The only thing left is to cash the check and pay for it.

Mon Morning (9 am): Go to the bank and find out they don't have the funds available to cash the check. I'm now stressed because I told the seller of the RV I'd buy the vehicle from him that day.

Mon Morning (9:15 am): I call an adjacent branch and they DO have the funds available. They CASH THE ENTIRE AMOUNT. I've never had that much money in my hands in my life!

Mon Morning (11:00 am): I'm the second owner of a pretty well kept used RV! Not only that, but I was also able to buy a cool in-dash radio receiver with DVD player, new Aluminum Alloy Dually rims, and a Krups mini-kegerator for Heineken DraughtKegs for it (plus fix the brakes, replace the hoses, get a tune-up, get a full diagnostic).

The mission turned out to be a complete success. The keystone was Trade In Solutions, and I wouldn't hesitate to let anyone know how it all went down.

My main tip in all of this is to contact the bank before showing up to make sure they have the funds available (I almost cried at that moment). All in all, the entire appraisal thru transaction (minus the drama) probably would have taken 1.5 hrs. Not too shabby! Thanks Abe!

Nate J. | 2011-05-16

These guys are pros. If you want to sell your car but don't want to deal with weirdos on craigslist, then you come here. Offered me 400 more than Carmax, and didn't keep me around waiting and wasting my time.  Go go Carmax first, get a quote and then bring that quote here and these guys will beat it.

Misa C. | 2011-05-12

SO much better than CARMAX.  Deinfetely would recommend taking your car here instead of Carmax!  I saved over $1500 by going here instead of CARMAX, thank goodness for Yelp :)

Very quick, so honest (which is very unusual in this industry) and very nice people.  

One tip:  If you trade in your car the day you go there, you save $300.  If you wait a day more, they take $300 off the trade in price.  I wish I had known this going in, but I still saved a lot by going here instead of Carmax.

Sam L. | 2011-05-11

Great company. They really value your time and i didn't feel like they were trying to rip me off like I do at the dealerships. Of course you will get more money if you try to sell your car as a private seller, but the convinience of this is unbeatable. Once you decide to sell your car to them, you're in and out of the the office in 15 minutes. They pay more than trading in a car at other places such as car max, take care of all the dmv paperwork, and give you a check on the spot. They also provide you with a shuttle ride home. You don't have to do a thing! I was helped by Abe, and he was professional and very personable. Highly recommended if you don't want to go through the hassle of selling your car!

kenny s. | 2011-04-18

The staff here is very up front and honest. They paid two hundred more compared to carmax for my trade in.