Toyota of Downtown LA in Los Angeles, CA

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Here at Toyota of Downtown LA  our large inventory and wide selection of models allows us to make you a great deal on the Toyota of your choice. At Toyota of Downtown L.A., our goal is to assist you in making a confident decision. Our friendly, professional staff members are here to answer your questions and listen to your needs. Our well-stocked inventory includes popular Toyota models, including Camry, Prius and Prius C. We service Downtown LA, or if you're driving from Hollywood, Carson, Gardena or Santa Monica, we're ready to serve you. Commitment to customer care at Toyota of Downtown L.A. doesn't stop with your vehicle purchase. Our Los Angeles Toyota Service Department is staffed with factory-trained technicians, ready to perform everything from regular maintenance to expert repairs. Work done quickly and correctly with excellent service is our goal with every vehicle, every time...


Established in 1970.

Welcome to Toyota of Downtown LA

Toyota of Downtown LA is recognized among other dealerships in Los Angeles for its unbeatable selection, unmatched service and stellar pricing!

At Toyota of Downtown LA, our philosophy is simple. If we sell the best vehicles, and treat our customers with respect, we will be successful. As one of several California Toyota Dealers, we understand that we have to work hard to earn and keep your business.

Toyota of Downtown LA

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(213) 748-8301
Address:1600 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA, 90015
  • Monday: 6:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 6:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 6:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 6:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 6:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 6:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Reviews on Toyota of Downtown LA

Al H. | 2015-04-21

Everyone I have encountered at Toyota of Downtown LA has been extremely helpful and polite.  I can't ask for anything more.  I purchased a Toyota Camry in 2013 and from the moment I walked in I have been well taken care of.  No complaints.

Jeffrey L. | 2015-04-21

I had the best experience at this dealership. I was referred via when I seen an online offer for a RAV-4 XLE. I was contacted by an internet sales manager within minutes of my inquiry.  If you want fast and professional service ask for Roger Crisanty via online sales. Elcer Hernandez the fleet manager,  will help you get what your looking for.  Great team in the online department.

Yvonne A. | 2015-04-18

I honestly would give this place zero starts worst experience ever but yet when u sign u can't go back right
So when I first came here to get my car a black pre owned camry it was way over priced sold to me but yet I decided to take since I was convinced worth the price then when I took it to my insurance turns out the previous owner had 7 car accidents in this car and this car was nothing close worth for what I was paying since some were not even replaced but just fixed and painted with that said that was horrible so the offer a new corolla le whatever I took it well ever since I got that car they always want to over charge me for everything is ridiculous then I attended a class for a free oil change and the day I come the guy comes up with oh this voucher most likely will get decline so wth did I attend that class for just horrible service

JD C. | 2015-04-14

If I could give them zero stars, I would.

All the people here have a piss poor attitudes, and it's no wonder they have the worst reviews and sales here compared to other dealerships in SoCal.

I honestly wouldn't even waste my time with this crew, take your business to "ANY" other Toyota dealership and I can personally guarantee, you won't be disappointed.

Cheers Yelpers!

Jenson N. | 2015-04-14

Both shuttle drivers took selfies with me. Enough said.

Cristina M. | 2015-04-12

great price on my Prius, smooth and easy transaction thanks to bill and roger in the internet department! great customer service

Anisa L. | 2015-04-11

I have purchased many cars and had some ok experiences, but trust me when I say that Elcer Hernandez & Roger Crisanty went above and beyond the call of duty to help my husband and I get the best deal possible. Before this dealership we want to Toyota of Culver City and the person there sucked! I will ONLY buy cars from Toyota DTLA. Thank you for getting me a great deal on a great car.

Angela M. | 2015-04-04

Awful experience!! Do not go here to buy a car. They are constantly trying to swindle you and they are not there for you at all. There are better dealerships out there, like North Hollywood Toyota. Go there-they are all amazing and will get you the best deal without being sneaky and running a bunch of numbers at you.

John N. | 2015-04-04

These guys rock, they are always helpful and even when I don't have an appt. they come through.   The location is eclectic as its situated below the 10 freeway. They have wifi and a great pupuseria nearby.

teddy z. | 2015-04-03

Had my 2011 Toyota Prius serviced yesterday. I called my usual dealer in Hollywood as well as Culver City to check available times and prices. Downtown had an opening and the lowest price so I booked it. My service advisor was Adriana Garcia. I appreciated that she didn't try to upset me. Their website mentioned that their express service gets you out in about an hour. She said that it could take 90 minutes so I settled into the customer lounge for coffee, TV and surfing my phone on their free WiFi. Thirty five minutes later, I get a tap on my shoulder and it's Adriana. She said that she asked them to expedite knowing I was waiting on site. This included getting my car washed. Instead of having to go to the cashier, she took my credit card and swiped it at her desk. I received the receipt by text and the car was waiting for me outside. This was the most efficient service visit I ever had. And it was only a half a mile further away than the Hollywood dealer.

Cindy R. | 2015-04-03

My daughter totaled her 2012 Toyota Corolla Sport and my husband and I set out to replace it.  We were so disappointed everywhere we looked as none of the used cars that were similar had the sunroof, GPS, and Bluetooth.  We were downtown looking following up on a lead at a different car dealership.  By chance we stopped in at the Toyota Dealership.  A manager served us and we left within two hours with a brand new Toyota Corolla Sport with a sunroof and GPS and Bluetooth.  We ended up leasing and the payments turned out to be less than the previous car payments.  The service was friendly, informative, and efficient.  There was no pressure, just conversation with good common sense information.  We could not be more pleased and will be returning soon to buy a car to replace my older model Lexus.  I would recommend this dealership to all my friends.

Efrain G. | 2015-03-31

I'm very late in leaving this review, but I think the information is worthy.

Was here, attempting to purchase a new Toyota 4Runner in September of 2011.  With me were my two Spanish (only) speaking parents.  We were greeted right away (I don't recall the names of any one) and I test drove a FJ cruiser first, but didn't like how it rode.  I then tested out the Toyota 4 Runner and fell in love with it.  So I was ready to go ahead and make the purchase.

This is where they showed their true colors, and it all went down hill.

They sat us down, asked for my information, ran my credit the usual stuff.  I had an extremely good credit of over 800 at the time.  The vehicle was marked up over MSRP at 46k,  The first guy (which took us on test drives) disappeared, another person was sent to our table to "help" us.  I assume this was one of their closers.  Everything was conducted in Spanish, which is not ideal for me but I wanted my parents to feel comfortable.

I asked them to lower the price on the vehicle, and I that I wanted to give a down payment of 10k.  This guy is friendly at first telling me he's going to get me a good deal and walks away.  He comes back with a print out (which I never got to actually see) of their offer which was over 900 dollars a month.  I laughed, I couldn't believe what I had just heard.  I told him, there was no way I was going to pay that much.  He kept asking me how much I could afford to pay per month.  I told him I could actually afford paying that much, but I wasn't going to.  He left again, and came back with another "deal".  This time it was 8 hundred something a month.  

I couldn't tell you how they were getting the monthly payment figure since they avoided telling me how much they were charging me for the vehicle nor did they share with me what interest rate I was getting the loan at.  All they seem to care is how much I could afford monthly.

Another guy was sent to our table after I rejected the 800 monthly payment.  He kept asking me the same question over and over of how much I could afford to pay per month.  I really started feeling uncomfortable.  I simply told him, "I can afford to pay more than what you quoted me, but that doesn't mean I'm going to.  I wanted a reasonable price on this vehicle with a low interest rate because I know I have an excellent credit score."

I could tell that the guy was either angry or getting frustrated, as was I.  So I just told my parents that we should leave.

We were about to pull out of the drive way when a very heavy set man (I assume he was a manager), came out with my Drivers License that they were holding from when I was test driving the vehicles.  He was then still trying to sweet talk me to see I he could get me a lower payment.  He went inside while we waiting out in our car.  He came back with a 670 monthly payment.  I told him that its not really much of a deal, I was putting 10k down and had no figures on paper to look at.  I told him I wouldn't be doing business with them because of their predatory tactics.

I ended up doing a deal with Culver City Toyota for 376/month.

I'm not sure, if they looked at me and just thought I was a sucker.  Or maybe they pray on the Spanish speaking community.  But really, trying to stick me with a 900-600 monthly payment is utterly a hair short of thievery.

I have never, nor will I ever purchase a car from here.  I share this story with everyone, all the time to make sure no one goes here.

Sparkileptic K. | 2015-03-31

Bought my car here. The salespeople were very helpful, the process was smooth and everytime my wife and I come here, be it for a routine check or for a full maintenance, we are always offered the best possible service. Sure, the facilities could be a bit more comforting, but really, what's available is more than what's needed, the waiting rooms are pleasantly airconditioned, there is a kid's playroom and the free popcorn is always a welcome bonus!

Felipe d. | 2015-03-27

When you service your Toyota in this location make sure you make an appointment with John will not be disappointed.  John always provides excellent Customer Service and the Service Department does a terrific job on your car.

Michelle C. | 2015-03-24

I've been a loyal Toyota customer my entire adult life. I always take my car here for it's bi-annual service, and they never fail me. Daniel Juarez knows his stuff and always goes above and beyond for me.

Aside from getting my car services done, they were extremely helpful and honest when I bought my used Prius last year.  It was my first car purchase ever, so I appreciated their help.

Rodrigo S. | 2015-03-23

This is the 2nd time I go to toyota of downtown LA and does 2 time customer  service has been very bad the sellers even the sales manager was pushy they wanted me to sing papers already didn't let me think. Bad experiences in this dealership

Adrian R. | 2015-03-17

Leslie is a really great service advisor. She took care of me very good. I have no complaints about her. She's just really great. Defenitly going back to her for my next service. Very satisfied with her and very great experience. Thank you LESLIE

Hannah B. | 2015-03-17

They wrote my name and telephone down wrong, I never got a call from them to say my car was done because of that. It was really stressful I thought that they literally lost my car or something because when I called and gave them my name and number they said that they didn't have my car (because they have the wrong name and number). So ridiculous. So much time wasted.

Lisa O. | 2015-03-13

I did not purchase my car from this dealership, but since it's located close to my office I've been bringing my car here for servicing. This review is solely regarding the Service department. That said, I've had nothing but excellent experiences with these service techs. I recently had an incident where I needed to have a tire patched (I went to Pep Boys on Washington St. since this dealer doesn't "do" tires) and when Pep Boys couldn't find my wheel lock key, I called Toyota DTLA and spoke to the manager Sam Ash. He immediately sent someone over with a master key to remedy the situation. The story continues from here, but that's just between Sam and I, so...
But seriously, I cannot speak highly enough of Sam and his service techs. Thanks, Toyota of DTLA!

Rich L. | 2015-03-13

Came here for regular maintenance for my Prius. All the staff members I interacted with were very helpful and nice. This place compared to toyota service center in pasadena and mission hills is by far the superior servicing center. Will be coming here again. Thanks for making this one of the least painful experiences I have had with Toyota in a long time.

daniel d. | 2015-03-10

The usual dealership nonsense- I took my car in for its warrantied 15000 mile maintenance. There was a nail in the tire. They told me it couldn't be patched and the replacement was $170. The same tire is $100 elsewhere and not the same but close enough tires go for $50. Also they were able to patch it. Liars.

Randy A. | 2015-03-05

I recently purchased a 2015 Tacoma here and the sales staff made my experience very enjoyable would highly recommend my family and friends to purchase a vehicle here. Sales dept is by far the best I've ever came across.

Giselle P. | 2015-03-02

Purchased  a 2015 Toyota Corolla this past president's day. I want to give a special thanks to the team that helped make the process as smooth as possible! Carlos, Perez- Sales manager, Eric, Alvarez-Salesman & the finance gentleman -Sergio, Cruz. You guys are great! I was in and out & got a great deal. Excellent and attentive customer service. Thank you

Abbey H. | 2015-02-19

So annoying. I can't go there without a bill for less than $200 even if it's only to change the oil routinely. Lame. It's a sales game. No real concern for car and/or real needs. They are just checking the corporate boxes on what to sell ("offer") the customer. I need a good honest mechanic. Only good thing about this place is Ruben and his amazing attention to his customers. Everyone else are sales people and given a script for car maintenance.

Phan H. | 2015-02-16

I called Carlos P. on the reply and it was a business number and I thought I would get transferred to a voicemail, but to my surprised, I did to speak with Carlos and he was very understanding, I explained to him my experiences, and he offered to make up the mess the previous associates made...he offered we come in, and we went to meet Carlos in person and he was extremely nice and was helpful and had the paperwork done for the year that was promised, in less than 10 minutes. Thanks Carlos! For making this experience a lot smoother than expected.

Noelani C. | 2015-02-09

By far, my best car buying experience and I tried Longo, Riverside, but Mike Milos was the first Sales agent that could get me the sticker report off the window.  He did not make me feel pressured. In fact, the first visit, I walked out without a car.  He had personal knowledge of every vehicle I tried.   He even drove to Riverside to my co-signer that is in a wheel chair to get the job done.  First choose Toyota of Downtown and second ask for Mike Milos. Plus they gave me a free mug that sparkles with rhinestones and free coffee.

May S. | 2015-02-05

I just got my car last Saturday, and let me tell you that everyone was super helpful! From the moment your greeted to the moment you leave! I'm totally in love with my car and these guys made every moment easy!

Josephine J. | 2015-02-04

Simple and Easy to buy a car.  Haven't had any dealings with them to speak of other than the lease.  Will keep you posted.

Ruben D. | 2015-01-30

I took the car in for it's 30k mile service; I was greeted by Dany, who provided me an awesome service, very informative, and speedy as well.

Yessenia A. | 2015-01-29

This place deserves no stars at all!! Horrible service!! Worst people to deal with!!

I went in for a 2013 Scion TC I saw on their website. I was shown the car and decided to go for it. After all the paperwork, I was able to leave with the car. A week later I get a call from the dealership that I have to go back to redo the contract. I go back and waited about an hour and a half before they finally called me in. We redo the contract and I leave. Another week later I get another call saying that I wasn't approved for the loan, (which I was told I was approved when we made the first contract) that they had already cancelled my current contract and that I had until the end of that day to return the car. They went ahead and cancelled the contract without letting me know what was going on. I went back to leave the car and get my down payment back, which I had left in cash. They refused to give me my money back so I asked to speak to a manager and was told that he didn't want to speak to me and that I had to leave! What kind of manager says that to their customers?!! I then left WITHOUT my money. Every time I called to ask the status of my money, they'd give me the run around and even hang up on me! I got pretty tired of their BS so I showed up and made a scene refusing to leave until I got my money back!! This was the worst experience of my life!! I don't recommend this place at all!! Save yourself the trouble and headache!! All the people here are very rude!!

Fortunately for me, I was able to get approved (hassle free!!!!!) for the Audi A4 I drive now.


Annmarie F. | 2015-01-29

Came here with my new Scion for an oil change, which was pretty overpriced. They told me I had a nail in my tire and needed a whole new one, plus one more new tire which has a patch on it. When I went to a different tire shop, they pulled the nail out and it hadn't even punctured the tire. Also asked them to check my cruise control and they said it would be 125 dollars just to check it! Skipped that. They did vacuum and wash my car free which was nice. The wait time was definitely underestimated, as seemed the case with most in the waiting room. Likely won't be returning when the 10 Minute Tire shop said they would patch my tire for 20 bucks and guarantee it for the life of the tire.

Aracely E. | 2015-01-26

I like the fact that they're open early and close to work.  Daniel is very helpful and courteous.  My car is in great condition but I did notice that they checked off my tires as good when I actually needed new ones already.

Julie H. | 2015-01-26

Great service and friendly associates!  I had issues at Longo Toyota (went there twice and they have horrible service).  Decided that Toyota of Downtown Los Angeles is the best out there, my Toyota Advisor made sure everything was fixed because the people at Longo did not finish their job.  The only bad thing is the wait time, I stayed there for 6 hours but still worth it!!!!  Highly Recommended!!!!

Dariño H. | 2015-01-23

I've been to this place and the one on Hollywood. I think the Hollywood branch takes a slight edge, but a very marginal one. My Prius wouldn't turn off one day, which meant my keys were stuck in the ignition! I was super close by, so I called beforehand and they told me to drive by to check out what the issue is. Immediately, you are greeted by a young lady standing outside, which she will direct you to drive down a lane to get "help." After following her order, I drove to the exact spot. I wasn't sure if I needed to actually get out of my car and fetch someone in the building (which you need to) in order to get service. A few people were also confused, so we all congregated and got help after 15-20 min. of just wandering around due to the lack of direction.

I finally got someone to check up on my car and they took care of a lot of the problems. Unfortunately, they needed to keep me car in, so they allowed me to take a rental car in the meantime with the fees waived. Wonderful. Here's where it gets frustrating. After about two weeks of driving the rental around, I continued to call every day to check in the status of my car. I had to leave the state for Christmas break, so I had no choice but to leave the rental outside on the streets (due to my housing parking rules). When I returned, I had noticed someone had scraped the rental car. I immediately call to let them know what happened, and they finally notify me that my car is fixed and ready to go home (perfect timing, huh?).

I take the car back to pick mine up and they examine it. After awhile, I was given a quote I, myself, have to pay for the slight scratch on the side. Around $450. That's basically the price of the duration I borrowed the rental car. I was frustrated because it was something I couldn't control, yet they were demanding me to pay up. I decided to pay from the pocket, since my insurance was actually charging more. But before I could pay, they wouldn't allow me to because they were trying to get an exact quote on it. Fine. I went on with my daily lifestyle, waiting for a call.

After another two weeks, I never get an invoice. I continue to call to receive my invoice so I'll finally get this payment out of the way, but nothing. I keep being told I'll receive an invoice through my e-mail, but I never receive it. I call them, let them know, and then they tell me the same thing over and over again. Clearly, this little scratch isn't a priority to them. But I think it's a little unprofessional how disorganized the system is, especially when it comes to communication. I'd be directed to speak with someone, but they would have no idea why I was transferred over. The whole experience was a huge headache. I'm still waiting for my invoice to finalize my payment. So far, nothing. Who knows how this will turn out! But I'm definitely opting for a different branch now on.

Griselda S. | 2015-01-23

Best quality service from begging to end would recommend to anyone who is interested in buy a car from Toyota Also Chris was the best in helping me find what I was looking for !

Toni M. | 2015-01-20

 woman  who  handled  the  beginning  paper work  answered  all  my  questions,  she  
 was  so  friendly  and  up beat,  it  was  a  shock.   This  was  a  wonderful  experience
 as  far  as  car  service goes.   Toni  Moss

Mauricio O. | 2015-01-19

Was here last Saturday 17... For the first 5,000 miles service everything was excellent, good service, and they washed my car as well.....but when I got home, I noticed two scratches on my car's roof, I called them right away, they asked to bring my car back as soon as posible, I couldn't make it same day, I came here on Monday, they offered to buffer the scratch... The problem was fixed...thanks Norma.

Daniel S. | 2015-01-15

I bought a Prius from the Petaluma Hansel Toyota location on 1/12/15 and I am VERY happy with my car purchase and moreover I
am vehemently impressed that I was not aggressively pushed or put in any kind of uncomfortable predicaments/rush rush situations by the sales staff on the dealership's  lot or once I was inside of the office by any of the office sales team. My Prius purchasing experience went GREAT! It was methodically informational, HONEST, straightforward and I did not at all feel like a "sales number" for the January books.  I would highly recommend if you are in the market to buy a car DO ask for Brian Silva who is a sales representative that works the outdoor lot with customer inquiries, test drives and has a plethora of car information. Brian was not one bit aggressive with me (which I find rare in a lot of sales people in 2015)  I had a beyond satisfied experience that made me my "big decision"  one I will not regret. I am elated every time I see my Prius. I love it!

After wrapping up my important purchasing paperwork inside of the office I was absolutely shocked to experience how lightning FAST we finalized  everything. I was on the HWY 101  freeway before I knew it inside of my new car and I did not feel pushed in anyway shape or form. (No exaggeration.) Scott Reznicek (do,ask for him also) who is the Finace Manager, was a pleasure to deal with because he was exceptionally clear on every small detail and made sure I did not overlook anything or have any unanswered questions before I signed anything and Scott was very professional in terms of making sure I felt comfortable with all my options and I appreciated that so much.

Thank you  Hansel Toyota of Petaluma ,Brian Silva, and Scott Reznicek for the great service, customer service and sales attributes people can not teach. I know in a few years I will be in the market for another car and I hope you two will still be team members on the Hansel Toyota team because you guys made my Prius purchase one that was far exceptional and I was definitely inclined to write this yelp review to say THANK YOU guys. Awesome experience!



Rosa B. | 2015-01-13

I must say !!! I love the service here. I've bn taking my car her every 5 k since I took out my Camry I'm now at 50 k . So I bn there a lot ! I love the treatment . My favorite is Daniel always helpful and explains what will b done to my car. I've gone and even call him just for any question regarding my car o set up a unexpected appt and I'm always helped. I wouldn't change downtown toyota for any other ! ! Rosa B .

Jacky N. | 2015-01-05

i just leased a 2015 toyota camry from here and my experience was great!!
My Sales rep George was great. he took me to all the cars and models i wanted to see with no rush. then when i finally did decide on what i wanted they didnt have the color i wanted there but they did search for it and they found it. I LOVE my new car and George and the GM Richard were great to me and helped me get the best deal for my price range. im definitely referring all my friends to DTLA Toyota. Thanks again ;)

Jennifer Z. | 2014-12-29

Friendly employees and I really appreciate the shuttle service. Danny was very helpful with my car's maintenance needs.

Anna Y. | 2014-12-28

Once you get on these folks' mailing list, it is very difficult to be removed. Even after asking them over email and on the phone.

Archie A. | 2014-12-20

Awesome guys in sales department ( OSCAR AND ISRAIL RODRIGUEZ )Best price in town and great personality just drive by and give them a chance to provide you with details about all specials and what they can do more . Highly recommend...

Allison C. | 2014-12-19

I had low tire pressure from the recent weather changes. After debating whether to take care of it myself or take it to a dealership, I ended up deciding with the latter. Since it was close to my next maintenance appointment, I had my maintenance done early and Jacky, the service representative, was absolutely amazing in attending to all my questions and concerns. She even had the tires checked without any extra charge, which is what I originally came in for. My car was ready in about an hour, just as expected.

Only critiques would be that I wish that the people that had worked on my car reset the maintenance indicator/ reminder light because now it's showing up whenever I turn on my car. Also, I'm not sure their car wash is the most thorough... but I guess it's ok because it just rained next day anyway, haha.

Rena D. | 2014-12-18

To reiterate this is possibly the worst Toyota dealership to get your car serviced. The complimentary car wash and cleaning is not worth your time. Our car came back more dirty than when we had brought it in for service. How's that even possible?? I don't know how but the interior windows were has a thick layer of smudge as if they didn't wipe whatever that was sprayed.

Meena S. | 2014-12-17

I used to think that taking my car to a Toyota dealership for service was a sure way to get reliable, legitimate service.  I was willing to pay a bit more for better care.  

Wow was I wrong!

I had my clutch changed on my '04 Corolla here a couple of years ago.  As I drove off the lot after the repair, I immediately heard an awful clanging noise under the front hood, so I drove right back to them.  After searching the car for a half hour, they found that the mechanic who had put my wheel assembly back on HADN'T SCREWED IT BACK ON ALL THE WAY.  And apparently no one bothered to test drive it because if they would've they definitely would've noticed the horrible noise immediately like I did.

If I would've gotten onto the freeway in that state, I could've easily lost my wheel and been in a fatal crash!  

The foreman at that time, Sam Ash, now service manager, was absolutely livid that this shotty work had been performed (other shops informed me that kind of work would be grounds for a firing).   He assured me next time I needed work done to come back to him and he'll help me personally.

I was pretty angry at this place, but I had faith in Sam.  So I decided to go back to him this summer when my car's AC stopped working and the check engine light was on.  

Sam Ash found that my car had overheated and may have suffered heat damage in the engine.  He was hopeful that the damage wasn't that bad (NOW I know that's ridiculous because once your engine overheats it will never be the same), so he talked me into having the car taken apart and engine checked for damage.  

Mind you, my car is an '04 Corolla, and although it may have some life left in it, it isn't worth more than $5,000 in good shape.  So I told him I didn't want to dump a lot of money into trying to fix this car.

After having my car for over a week, they diagnosed the damage to be in the head only, so they quoted me $3,000 for a new head, radiator, and labor.  Pretty high as I found out later from other mechanics, but again I was paying for the reliability and quality of Toyota dealership mechanics.  

Another week goes by and then another, they take longer than they told me initially to fix it, then they call me one day and say actually they put my car all back together and now there are A HOST OF NEW PROBLEMS that still point to the engine being damaged, so that didn't really fix it, so now I need to re-build my motor or buy a new one for $6000-8000.

BAIT AND SWITCH, that's what that's called.  Telling me my car would be fixed for $3000, and then once I had already ok'ed that charge, telling me now I have to pay up to $8000 to have my car in working order!

After A MONTH AND A HALF of screwing around with my car, mis-diagnosing, taking apart and putting back together twice, Sam Ash finally agreed to do whatever clean up they could to my engine without completely re-building it for $3,000.  Sam has been somewhat reasonable during this entire experience, and I hate to speak badly about him.  This problem is I think he has a whole department of bad mechanics under him.

$3,000 sunk into my car and my engine could stop working at any time.  You left me feeling extremely nervous and unsafe, and with empty pockets.  Thanks Toyota of Downtown L.A.

PLEASE don't make the same mistake I did!  Take your car to a real mechanic who will not jerk you around and will not overcharge you for doing crappy work!

Paul K. | 2014-12-16

I was concerned about my mother being misled to make unneeded repairs and spoke to the manager Sam by phone as I'm in the Bay area.  The service writer was adding additional repairs and fixes for the original problem that I questioned as I have experience with fixing the same issues with other Toyotas myself.   He was easily assessable and gave my mother an elderly discount and a solution to lower the repair bill on her car by just replacing a component and not the entire unit.  We were still able to have a Toyota factory part and pay less.  
My mother couldn't drive at night or in the rain so he had his people deliver her car after personally calling her to let her know.    This is outstanding personal service and I'm very impressed.  Thank you Sam for taking care of my mom's situation!

Zhifei L. | 2014-12-13

Can I rate zero star? After only three months after I purchase my Nissan(2010)here, I cannot start it this morning. I came to the service and I was told that I need to change my battery and it is not covered by the warranty. They showed me the record of the inspection and said " See, there is not saying need to change the battery. So, the car is no problem with the battery when you drove it away." I called my salesman and he hang up my call. So ridiculous. If you need a car, DO NOT COME HERE.

Jo M. | 2014-12-05

Best service ever. The ladies are friendly and Adriana answered all my questions.

Mayra A. | 2014-12-01

Took mmy car for maintenance first time going there.

Pros:Made the appointment  the same day, was greeted right away.

Cons: Prices are higher than other Toyota dealers, their  shuttle service is ridiculous  (45mins). When I picked up my car they just had me pay, no one explained what was done to my car or any of the paperwork they gave me (like they do at Longo).

Overall not happy I'll stick to Longo.

Bill H. | 2014-11-25

I just brought my Scion XD in for it's 25K service. These guys are great! I can make an appointment on the same day, and they'll have me in and out in a couple of hours. There's a comfortable waiting room with a large flat screen or they also have a free shuttle service. Additionally, they always wash the car - for free!

Pallavi S. | 2014-11-25

Got my Toyota Camry in and out over night and it works like a charm

Biliam P. | 2014-11-25

I recently went to get my 2014 Toyota Corolla S Plus serviced for the first time and found that this dealer was a lot closer than Longo Toyota (where I got my car from); the woman who first helped me out was great very friendly and explained everything to me. I had gotten some warnings that service here took long so I decided to PLAN AHEAD and took their shuttle back home to get some errands done. About an hour after I got home they called me to let me know my car was ready (that to me was fast); they sent the shuttle to get me (took them about 45 min to an hour which they explained that was the average wait time) I was satisfied with the service I got; they even washed the outside of my car (the inside needed some vacuuming, which would have been great if they had done so); Overall I will be back here to get my services done.

T W. | 2014-11-25

Adam in Service is amazing from the time I pulled my car into the service line to the time he gave me advice on my car.  He is a tremendously knowledgeable service-person.  I would highly recommend Toyota Downtown L.A. all because of Adam!

Kandice P. | 2014-11-20

Marina has amazing customer service and went above and beyond for me and my husband! I really appreciate her help and understanding regarding our situation. We also dealt with Daniel in service and he was to the point and handled all our our cars needs with no issues. I would definitely recommend working with both employees at Downtown LA Toyota!!! Thanks Marina and Daniel : )

Lily V. | 2014-11-18

Super expensive for a 30K maintenance - about $322 and that's with a 12% discount. Next day all my tires had low air pressure. Checking tire air pressure was suppose to be covered in the package..... I wonder what else they failed to do!

Crystal M. | 2014-11-16

Although the service department at this dealership seems to be one of the busiest I've experienced, I have also had the best customer service here.  Everyone working here was helpful, positive and friendly.  I'll definitely go back.

Xochitl S. | 2014-11-13

I've always had great service at this location. I usually have Daniel or John assist me when I get my car serviced. They do a great job explaining what my car needs and why it needs it. Only complain is the car wash. Even though it's "complimentary", they should do a better job.

Karen P. | 2014-11-10

Set an appointment at 6:30am on a Saturday for servicing. Got there at 6:10. Was greeted quickly and brought inside. Then they said that my car would be ready at 10:30. I had set this exact appointment before and my car was usually ready by 8:30.

So I took their car b/c I had to run errands. I came back at 10:30 and had to wait another hour before my car was ready. They usually wash the car before they return it to you, but they said they were too busy and couldn't wash my car.

Horrible experience. Horrible service. 0 stars if I could give it.

Melissa A. | 2014-11-06

Changing to 3 stars. I spoke with Sam Ash, the Service Manager and he actually seemed to care about the service I got. He refunded me the $110 and advised that he has spoke to the staff members involved with my car and assures this won't happen again. I appreciate his efforts at least.

Mari K. | 2014-10-28

I purchased a new car here and the sales department was not bad, but I didn't drive off with the full tank of gas they were supposed to give me. I had to go back this dealer to get the free tank of gas later. I took the car in for the 5K maintenance check and the service was good.

Ron P. | 2014-10-22

in August I took my vehicle in for its first routine maintenance. When I picked the car up I drove off the lot and heard a loud scratching noise from inside the car. Turns out they took off my antenna and left it on the dash board. When I got home I noticed that two of my tire valve stem caps were gone. Also the car was not washed so I just assumed that toyota doesn't give you as wash with service.

So I take my car in for it's second routine service. Everything this time around seems fine. But now they wash my BLACK car and again when I get home the hood is covered with hard water spots. So I had to re-wash the car and wax it to get the hard water stains off. some of which are still visible.

GE K. | 2014-10-18

I'm really glad this Toyota dealership is located conveniently in downtown. I usually make an appointment on the website and drop my car off for service. Best part is they have a downtown shuttle that will drop you back off in downtown and pick you up when your car is ready.

I recently had to go in for a maintenance and had a really great experience, thanks to John Castro, who helped take care of my service. He's extremely personable and takes the time to listen to all your concerns. Plus, he did a great job following up on my service experience and gave me great recommendations for my car. Definitely ask for John for a fantastic customer service experience!!!

Amy C. | 2014-10-12

WORST SERVICE EVER!!!!!!! went to fix my car but my rep told me there is no problem when my car was making asked for the manager but my rep interferes and stops me from talking to the manager..manager does not care either!!! Dont ever go here!!!!!

Mr. C. | 2014-10-11

Service department review. Jacqueline H.  Was absolutely amazing in her greeting and description of services provided today. Though it was very busy with ten cars ahead of me in  line, she did not rush our time and I have to give her my highest praise. I think it's people like this that intrinsically feel happy providing great service to others that are truly appreciated by customers like us, and should most definitely be valued by the business as well.

K M. | 2014-10-03

Today is October 3rd, my car is still at the service center waiting for the computer that needs to be replaced. Toyota headquarters where I filed a claim said the part is on back order and it will come on October 14. They said the dealer should tell me in advance that the Scion FR-S has a defect which they did not. The worst experience in my whole life. I don't know how this dealer is still in business with all the complains. Is Toyota blind or deaf? Maybe both,who knows...

Miriam M. | 2014-09-30

I came to this dealer ship to buy my first car today. I have to say it was a horrible experience. Walked in asked for a sales representative that was available because we didn't get greeted or where asked for assistance. The receptionist  had alot of attitude, said I would find all the sale personal outside. I had to go and seek one out, and I aperantly  found the worst one because a minuet after we started the conversation his phone rang, he answered it and was literlly on the phone the whole time!! He showed me one car! And wouldn't even answer questions I had about it because he was on the phone. I had to leave because I got so annoyed with that service. Over all my first time buyer experience was horrid at this place! I do not recomend it!!

Jennifer A. | 2014-09-30

I came to this dealer ship with my friend to see if I could buy my first dealer car!! Unfortunately  I came to this one! Horrible costumer service, walked in asked if there was a sales representative available, receptionist had alot of attitude and instead of getting up and getting one for us she said I would find them out side. After having to go and seek out the sales representitives we where helped by a man who aperantly did not take his job seriously because he was on the phone while doing car demos and wouldn't even answer questions we had because he was on the phone. The worst costumer service I've ever experienced I do not recomend this place to anyone who is a first time buyer, you will be dissapointed. Over all...TERRIBLE!!!

L L. | 2014-09-30

I was in the market for buying a Prius. The sales people were more than helpful in showing me available options. Never once did I feel pressured that I had to make a decision before leaving. I did not like that I had go down and cross the street to their other lot to view other available cars, though.

Cindy S. | 2014-09-29

Review for the service center:

If you want to feel like crap, go here to get humiliated.
Worst. Service. Ever.

Been here 3 times and I can't believe how horrible this place is.
Should be ashamed Toyota.

Honest C. | 2014-09-16

I'm writing the review as someone who's driven Toyotas for 11 years now.. I also have been coming to this dealership for several years now since I first needed dealer parts for my old 1996 Toyota Camry. I'm currently a proud owner of a 2013 Rav4LE and a 1996 Toyota Tercel. When I get my Rav serviced, I always do an early morning drop off and typically get it same day which is always awesome. For service, I highly recommend asking for RUBEN or DANIEL. These are my go-to guys for anything Toyota related. They give me the scoop on the deals and coupons available, and I never feel ripped off or confused as to what they recommend. I'm on a student budget and it's nice to know that the main people who I see have always made sure I get the best deals available. Thank you Marina in the Sales Dept and Javier in the Parts Dept also for always helping me out! I love the license plate Marina gave me as a birthday gift when I first got my Rav! I get compliments on it all the time! Thanks everyone!

Oliver Q. | 2014-09-07

Just walked around the lot on a slow Sunday , everyone was busy just sitting around not wanting to help.

Ben G. | 2014-09-04

Despite all the terrible reviews and my initial poor experience with DTLA Toyoya, I recommend walking in and asking for Carlos Perez who has provided great customer service.

The initial bad impression I had stemmed from experience with a couple other people who "dropped the ball". Before giving up and going elsewhere, the GM put me in the hands of Carlos who is excellent. I also worked with Juan who did a fine job. I got an excellent deal on my trade in and new car that still makes me proud. Other dealers I spoke with were not competitive with these guys on pricing.

If you go here, ask for Carlos and you will most likely have a great customer service experience.

Jeff H. | 2014-08-30

Parts department review only:

Open for business 7AM Saturdays!! (even with the looming Labor Day on Monday)

They had a rubber intake hose in stock. $40 pricey over $28 online but $12 is a small price to pay to keep a car running and preventing wreckage of long weekend plans.

No attitude and really quick transaction. The hose was sitting on the counter waiting for me without needing a deposit or a name. They have a dedicated parking lot just for parts customers - just drive in on Venice. I made a round trip from South Park to to the dealership in 15 minutes!

I had a painfully slow experience at the Honda parts department across the street (weird parking lot, walking through the sales vultures and mechanic bays, and slow parts counter guys) Toyota DTLA was a breeze!

Yessi C. | 2014-08-23

Never in my life have I been treated as bad as I was here, all because I didn't want to sign the deal. Three people including a manager spoke to me and each one of them gave me the worst customer service I've ever experience just because I wouldn't sign the deal. I left that place, never wanting to see it in my life.  I wish yelp would allow negative stars.

Jason L. | 2014-08-22

The service dept is ok.  They are slow at fixing problems and it took multiple trips for me to get my car fixed they right way.  I thought a dealer would be more professional especially the mechanics but they mickey moused my panels after they broke them and tried to use electric tape to hold it together.  I immediately asked to have it replaced but that took 3 trips to service to get it finally done.

Bryan C. | 2014-08-14

Toyota of Downtown LA is sub-par at its best. The sales rep was horrible in the sense that he didn't know two very important factors when it comes to selling a product: (1) His knowledge of the car we wanted to see was poor and (2) he kept addressing me, and only trying to sell me a vehicle, even after I told him the car was for my sister who was test driving and researching hybrids. Maybe it was just a bad sales representative, but the experience was more than enough for us to know that they only cared about making a buck and not the client.

We bought a hybrid at another location with a better deal at that!

David U. | 2014-08-13

I'm so torn about this dealership.

Everyone I dealt with was very very nice. They tried to go out of their way to help and they were very available.

However... the sales people we worked with were.... not the smartest.

They had a hard time doing simple math, and when I corrected them, they tried to tell me I was wrong. When I pulled out my phone and showed them on the calculator, they still tried to stick with their statements. I don't think they were trying to be shady or anything... they just genuinely have a hard time with math and logic.

Ended up buying a car here anyway, but just be ready to have your patience tested.

Scott P. | 2014-08-13

I had a really pleasant experience here today. I called yesterday and got a service appointment for the next morning which was surprising to me. When I showed up today for my recall inspection/service, they were very courteous and efficient. Pulled up, popped the hood, left my keys, and waited in the lobby for a couple minutes for the free shuttle service. It wasn't like I was the only one there either -- they just know what they're doing. The driver was very nice, had a clean minivan, and dropped me off at my apartment in downtown promptly. They kept me updated on the status of my car throughout the day and gave me a call about four hours later to tell me it was ready. I had already set up my return shuttle so I waited a bit at home and then they picked me up. When I got back to the dealership, they had everything ready to go and even gave my car a courtesy wash! That's pretty cool. The entire operation was really painless and way easier than I thought it'd be. Especially considering they weren't making a single cent off me... This place DEFINITELY exceeded my expectations.

Nana L. | 2014-08-09

This is for the service department. I'm giving it two stars because the girl that's helping me is very sweet and nice.

I'm writing this review on my phone as I sit in their jam packed, hectic, and cramped waiting room, looking forward to being stuck here for the next two plus hours. For what? Just a standard 10K maintenance. Oh wait, I thought I made an appointment? What was the point of doing that again? Hmm maybe I could get a rental car for a few hours while they work on my car? Nope, they don't have any.

My friend was telling me that I can't blame them for being busy. And the truth is, I could wait for 30 min and get dropped off somewhere more central by their shuttle if I really wanted to. I don't have to be stuck here for what's going to be two awful hours.

But it shouldn't be like this.

I've been to other Toyota dealers on a similar Saturday morning, without making any appointment, for more involved and complicated services, and still got my car in less than an hour. Heck, the dealer I went to in Seattle before moving to California was always busy, busier than this place, and they always guarantee to finish the job in 30 min if you're just getting a simple maintenance. They always had rental cars available for free, even when Seattle was disabled by a crazy snow storm and everyone wanted a rental car. Downtown LA Toyota would've charged me like $20 even if they had one available.

My point is, DTLA Toyota does not take care of it's customers. I don't think it's too much for me to ask that my service appointment be quick, and that I'm provided with convenient options to carry on with my day should it require more time. Did I mention that the first time I took my car here, at 7AM on a weekday with an appointment, it still took them 2 hours to finish working on my car? That was after people who had arrived after me had paid and gotten their car, and I asked the staff here multiple times if my car was ready. Oh, it was a 5K maintenance for a new Prius. They told me they didn't even have to change the oil. For reals?

I never really use the waiting room amenities, but man don't even get me started on how small, crowded, and uncomfortable this "customer lounge" is for lounging. I could feel the frame of the couch as I sat down into what I thought would be a couch, supposedly for lounging.

Okay! Just hit my one hour mark. We shall see how many more to go! And I'm never ever coming back here again. They failed their second chance.

Sandy C. | 2014-07-29

I had recurring low tire pressure and had to fill up my tires every week, so I decided to get it checked out. Called them the day of and Danny said they could take a look at it for me for free. They also gave my car a quick wash before giving it back! However, they never solved the tire problem... I don't know what this "free assessment" checked. They told me there was no leak in the tire, but within a month, my pressure sensor light came on again. Got it checked at a different place today and found a nail in the tire..

Guess I can't really complain since my experience here was free, besides the long wait. It was irksome though, when I called them three times today and was hung up on twice.

Kellie K. | 2014-07-21

This review is for their service department. I would give it ZERO STARS if I could.

My family was driving up to LA for a wedding when our car mysteriously shut off. On the 101. It was awful. But it was pretty obvious to anyone who knows cars that the alternator went out on it. Lucky for us (or so we thought), Toyota of Downtown LA was just a few miles away. We had our car towed there, they said they could fix it, rented us a car and sent us on our way.

When we came back two days later, they told us the only thing wrong was our battery--and charged us $200 to install a new one. My husband asked the employee (named Danny) if they had checked the alternator. Danny told him yes, they had checked the alternator and it was working fine. All we needed was a new battery.

A few miles down the road, our alternator went out AGAIN. This time we called a friend of ours who happens to be a mechanic. He came and took the alternator out of our car and took it straight to get it bench tested. It immediately failed. Pretty obvious that Toyota of DTLA did NOT check our alternator--AND LIED to us when they told us they did.

Our friend replaced our alternator for us, and now the car works just fine.

Called and spoke to Danny, and he had the nerve to try not giving us our money back.

So: either the people at Toyota of Downtown LA are idiots or liars. Either way, you DO NOT WANT TO TAKE YOUR CAR THERE.

Stella S. | 2014-07-06

Chris sorto was an awesome sales person. I have been to the Hollywood location and I felt rushed, and alfredo kept rushing me to sign things when I only went for a quote. Chris on the other hand took his time to explain everything to me, and was very friendly. He let me come in on my time and really worked with me in explaining everything carefully ! I got a new Prius for the 4th of July sale :).

Sylvia M. | 2014-06-28

Made a car purchase here almost a week ago. Extremely happy with the deal I got & the service was great! Christian Sorto was such a great help & I would definitely recommend this place to anyone trying to lease or finance a car.

Joe G. | 2014-06-23

Was in the market for a truck and found the right deal online at Toyota of DTLA.  I called and told them I wasn't interested in BS or upselling or any stupid dealer fees just so the can make more $$$.  I told them I was coming in and if They didn't play the "I'm smarter than you because I sell cars" game I would purchase from them.  I drove off in the truck I wanted and was very happy to be in and out.  The 3 star review is because they sent me a certified letter asking for my truck back or more money down a month later because the bank didn't approve the loan with the original agreement.  The financier assured me that this wouldn't happen but it did and I was not happy because I was lied to.  I brought in the additional money for the deposit and kept my truck.  The service department in my opinion was top notch and the staff was friendly.  I would recommend this dealership only after you call to make sure they know you mean business.

Susan B. | 2014-06-16

Toyota of Downtown LA is AWESOME!!! Our organization was the recipient of a beautiful 2014 Sienna van, as a result of Toyota's 100 Cars Good. We were so pleased with the courteous, polite and professional manner in which we were treated. The van is beautiful and it is equipped with all of the bells and whistles that a car can have. We are so grateful and appreciative of Toyota's generosity.


D. B. | 2014-06-14

Worst ever!

My worst experience with attempting to receive vehicle service in 30 years of driving.

I wish that I had read the other Yelp reviews before calling this dysfunctional operation.

My experience was so bad here that I am reluctant to patronize any Toyota service center ever again.

Over a space of two weeks I called many times and had multiple conversations with Danny in the service department to confirm that Toyota of Downtown LA would be able to service my vehicle, and confirm the exact days that Danny would be available to assist me. Danny assured me many times that there would be no problem servicing my vehicle. Even though I had already confirmed the day of the servicing, I also called multiple times in the morning before bringing in my vehicle for servicing, talked to multiple people, and also left a message with a receptionist for Danny asking him to call me immediately if there was any reason my vehicle could not be serviced. The reason for all this effort was that I was driving from far away, and because of how difficult it is for me to take time off for vehicle servicing.

When I arrived at Toyota of Downtown LA, I waited for about half an hour before Danny came to talk to me. I noticed that people who had appointment signs on their vehicles were waiting just as long as I did to get started.

When Danny finally came to talk to me, he told me that there was no way they could service my vehicle today because the hoist needed was in an area in which they were doing construction. He said he wished he had my phone number so he could have called me, which I found odd, because he should have had my phone number from the multiple calls I had had with him to that point, and I had also left it that very morning, two hours earlier, with a call receptionist, although the way this place seems to work, maybe it takes a week for the call receptionist to get a message for that morning to Danny, and also I had to go over my phone number multiple times because she could get the 7 numbers right, so maybe she gave him an incorrect number. He made no indication of having received the message.

I found it quite bizarre and frustrating that after talked to Danny over two weeks, including having called multiple times and having received assurances that there would be no problem servicing my vehicle if I brought it in on the day that I did, and even having called a few times that exact morning, confirmed that Danny was there, and left my phone number with him, I was in the exact situation that I was trying to avoid, which was having driven a long distance, spent money and gas, and taken a large part of my day without being able to have my vehicle serviced, with Danny not having my number. Danny offered that maybe next week there would be a chance to service my vehicle! Wow! No thanks! Danny then left for a few minutes, came back, and referred me to an independent mechanic located within a few blocks who Danny said he had confirmed by phone could help me today, and he said that the referred mechanic did all kinds of servicing, who Danny said he referred people to all the time, and who would be able to take care of me today.

So I went to the other mechanic, who ended up not doing any kind of vehicle servicing whatsoever, but only electrical and body, and had received no call from Danny, so lying or misrepresenting can be added to my list of concerns about Danny and Toyota of Downtown. Danny ended up burning up another 45 minutes or so of my time with completely incompetent referral (the person he referred was no more able to help me service a Toyota vehicle than a shoe store would have been), all par for the course with Toyota of Downtown LA and Danny.

I called and spoke with the service manager of Toyota of Downtown LA, Sam Ash, and he seemed cut from the same mold as Danny, friendly and incompetent. My experience points to multiple operational issues at Toyota of Downtown, from poor internal coordination and communication and poor training to lack of competence at all staffing levels. After his service department had wasted 5 hours of my time, and nearly 100 miles of driving, Sam could not offer a significant discount or anything to ameliorate my situation other than being friendly and wishing it had not happened.

Never again and I recommend you go to anyone other than Toyota of Downtown LA.

Lynn L. | 2014-06-03

I don't know why I keep coming back here other than it's close to my home and service is free for the first year. The last time I came, they reported the wrong mileage on my car. They added 10k miles to the odometer reading which got reported to my insurance so when I reported my odometer reading to my insurance for my policy they thought I was lying and I had to take my car to my agent to show them the mileage.

This time, I made an appointment which they lost, they tried to charge me for my free oil change, because they said it's only been 800 miles since my last oil change and I apparently only drive 800 miles in 5 months, which is impossible since I've driven to Vegas and back every weekend for the last 2 months.

I had to show them the pics in my phone that I emailed my insurance company showing them that the mileage reported from my first visit was wrong.

This is my final free oil change so I never have to come back to this shitty place!

Chris D. | 2014-05-17

Come see Chris Sorto. Excellent customer service and super helpful. Helped us lease a new prius.

Violet K. | 2014-05-12


Every person in sales, every person who answers phones, every person who gets a paycheck from Toyota of DTLA.

I called and was able to make an appointment for the next day (now I know why).

I got there the next day at 8am because I've been having issues with my navigation and satellite radio.

Ruben was the guy who I made the appointment with and when I told him about the issue, he immediately blamed my dvd being outdated and suggested I buy a new one.

I snapped back and let him know that this is NOT the first time having a navigation system and I am well aware of what my car's issues are and that is not one of them.

I understand maybe he was trying to upsell, but he did it to the wrong girl.

I know more about cars than most women and he probably assumed he could pull the wool over my eyes and cash in on me buying an overpriced dvd for my navi.

1. If I wanted to buy a new dvd for my navi, I would buy it from a friend at a dealer or gte it online.

2. WHY would I say my console has an issue if it were my DVD, it clearly states, "Please insert DVD", it is not even recognizing a DVD in there!

3. Please do your job correctly.

I will never be back to service my car here. I dropped my car off on Tuesday, I got back into town Sunday. I called Monday to check on the status and it had been ready.

So, were they going to call me to let me know? Probably not. Thank god I get my car back tomorrow. I swear, if anything isn't right...

D M. | 2014-04-18

Called to check price on an oil change a couple of weeks ago, I was quoted $49.99 for a synthetic oil change on my 4 cylinder Toyota Corolla. Decided to call & make an appointment after reading the bad reviews on Yelp (the phone rang about 10 times before somebody answered). The female employee that answered seemed to be in a hurry, speaking so fast, I initially could not understand what she was saying. I asked for the service department and she immediately transferred me (while I was still speaking). The transfer failed and I was disconnected. I called right back (the same girl answered), this time I making sure that I was not transferred. She then hesitantly decided to help me with scheduling my appointment. Gave her my info and then double checked the price I was previously quoted. To my surprise the price had changed from $49.99 + tax to $68.99 + tax!
When I asked her why, she had no answer.
I then asked to speak with a service manager and she initiated the transfer. Amazingly nobody answered the phone(again) and the call was sent to the dreaded voice mail system. I hung up and called again, this time a different female employee answered. I explained my situation to her and she transferred me to a service technician so that I could discuss the price. The service technician that answered then told me that the price had never been $49.99. That price, he said was for the regular oil change.  He then began to attempt to convince me that I did not need synthetic oil and that it would do no good for my car. I almost began to laugh, this guy obviously did not know what he was talking about and why would you down sell a customer?
I then asked to speak with a manager and amazingly "the manager had just gone into a meeting".
The male service technician then transferred me back to the worthless receptionist.
I once again requested to speak with a manager and they all were busy!
After further digging I finally got the service manager's name, "Sam Ash" (Guitar Center was on break) and extension.
I also requested the manager's direct number (from my previous office work experience, I know that all extensions have a direct dial numbers). She did not seem to know what I was talking about....
She then offered to give my name and to "Sam Ash", so that he could call me back.
Gave her my info and (to my surprise) I never received a call back from "Sam Ash".


Ended up going to Toyota of Hollywood, received a synthetic oil change and car wash for under $50!

Ernesto G. | 2014-04-03

Bad Service!!!! I Should have listened to all the bad feedback! ALL TRUE! Went to pick up my car & they lost my keys! Made me wait 30min making me think my car was coming any minute! But never did until I raised hell about where my car was.... WOULD NEVER step foot there again Ever!!!! How could they still be in Service? with their terrible Service!!!

caroline h. | 2014-03-25

I contacted Toyota of DTLA after seeing that they work with those of us with less than perfect credit (it's getting better!) I was in need of a set of reliable wheels and had always bought used (10+ year old) cars. I looked at a certified pre-owned car but was able to get a better deal on a new Scion Xd. I was conted by Elcer Hernandez in their internet sales department.  We set up a time to meet and he walked me through their leasing process as well as their buying process. The lease option worked best for my needs and was in my budget. Elcer's supervisor, Bill Darrell, also helped me out. Initially, I was hesitant to go into the dealership by myself as I had only ever gotten cars from their previous owners. I feel like I got a really great deal and there weren't any high pressure sales tactics involved. I was helped as soon as I arrived and even though I as there for a long time, that was mainly because getting a car is a big deal and I wanted to make my decision carefully.  Four stars for customer service in the leasing process. I'll hang onto the fifth star until I bring my car in to be serviced.

Sergio L. | 2014-03-08

Had a horrible experience at Toyota Central.... I'm on factory  guarantee and for my last couple of service on my truck I have been asking about drag on transmission shift and they can't figure it out. But know the are telling me a have a leak on water pump and warranty don't cover that..... Luckily I have all my record of maintenance service and I had pointed out a smell of coolant.... Pretty much watch out for yourself . They will try to get you for as much money as possible....

Johann B. | 2014-03-07

A stressful, time-wasting, miserable experience trying to deal with Service and Sales alike.  

First, SALES:  We were considering selling our car to these guys, and our "salesman" was rude, testy, disagreeable, and completely unhelpful to both me and my wife.  When we complained about him to the dealership, he was told or found out and then became even more rude and in my face.  

A couple days later, I went in and the same salesman we had complained about had an obvious smirk on his face as he offered us $9,500 for the vehicle.  Apparently they were being wise-asses, because two other dealerships offered us $11,000 and $11,500, respectively, that same week, and CarMax ended up actually buying the car from us for $13,200 the following week.

Second, SERVICE:  other customers are right that these guys exaggerate about what repairs are necessary.  Also, they expressly promised, more than once, that they would not charge us for either part or labor on a part that had been replaced and again soon malfunctioned, then they charged our credit card for both part and labor.  I had to call the home office three times, first to get the labor charge removed and then to fight to get the part charge removed, both as promised.  After much wasted time and anger, the home office apparently forced these crooks in DTLA to give back the money on both, and they reluctantly did.  Even then the woman processing the refund was not pleasant to deal with.

This place is only 14 blocks from our apartment, but we sure as Hell are never going there again.  NEVER NEVER NEVER.

Poorak K. | 2014-03-07

Overall bad experience ; even the guy who is supposed to be nice and sell the stuff. One of the sales person , Jesus, was so rude that it almost came down to argumentation.
Here is the full story - went down there to get a 2014 corolla,  for starters he didn't explain any features for the vehicle, i did ask specifically as i am a first time owner , looked like someone didn't do there salesman homework. Anyways, i asked him if he can quote me similar pricing to that of Blue book fair purchase price, he got rude and started to yell at me about demand and supply and how if  I don't buy it didn't even matter to this dealership. That made me feel real bad. I didn't have any problems with Toyota per say but effectively this guy exhausted me and i ended up taking my business to next door Nissan(a runner up in my list) for a better customer service and a sense of respect and dignity. After all, we are soulless without dignity.

Hope this helps someone.

Kamal C. | 2014-02-25

Interesting...  Dealership is nice and offers good amenities.  If you have patience,  come here.  If you don't,  stay away.  

As I drove in,  I was greeted by a bland female service associate.  She asked if I had a appointment to which I answered, I don't know can you please look it up? She didn't bother and put me in the regular line.  I waited about 20 minutes until finally,  a helpful service gentleman walked out to sign me in.  Next thing,  as he puts in my name,  he says, sir you have a appointment.  

I waited bc of the robot girl couldn't look me up in her system she had right onto of her counter. First impression is everything.  I have been here before a few times.  Never have I experienced what I did today.  The girl is not doing you good Toyota.  She took off to lunch as I stood next to my car waiting for someone to help me.

This dealership is big.  It's nice.  But their neglect to detail is going to catch up.  I don't like coming here now.  Waste of my time and it could have been avoided by the robot girl just going the extra 1/4 mile.  

For service,  ask for Ruben.  He's a good gentleman and gets things done.  Sad I had to waste 20 minutes unnecessarily. Time is money. I'm giving a extra star bc this hasn't necessarily happened before. But last time I was here was a year ago. Live and learn

Dee T. | 2014-02-19

Terrible place to get any car service. I had a 1/2 day and my tire pressure was low so I told the service guy to check if there was any damage. I got my 30K mile service at the same time. Stayed there for three and a half hours. Luckily they had wifi so I could do some work. My tires were not checked properly and the tire I had issues with just got rotated to the back! I have a 22 month old and safety is important! Don't bother stopping here no matter how convenient it may be.

Robert E. | 2014-02-08

Came here looking for a specific tacoma truck found on website. Was just the right mix of features and price. Sales manager Bill Daryll worked with us over a 3 day period to get deal approved as we had somewhat less than stellar credit. He worked hard to make it work and our deal was finally approved. Finance Manager Simon was also very professional and pleasant. Good job!

Keila N. | 2014-02-05

I went here to get a car for my daughter.  The manager told me that it would take only a few hours to get the color we wanted from Pasadena.  I placed a deposit to get the car over to this dealer at a little after noon on a Sunday.

I call Monday morning to find out whether this car came in, and no one was able to answer me.  I've left several messages, and no one called me back.  Finally, after 3 p.m., I find out that the car is located in Bakersfield and not Pasadena and that it would be coming after 9 p.m.  I was very skeptical so I ended up going to Auto Nation Toyota of Cerritos.

Every time I've called, I was transferred to the wrong person.  There is no organization in this place.

Vicky C. | 2014-01-18

Wait time was a bit longer than I would have liked. I went in with problems in my 2013 Highlander, nothing got fixed and they were not helpful in fixing the problem, but to give credit where credit is due, the manager held his cool really well throughout the whole conversation. Toyota, on the other hand, will be getting an unpleasant phone call from me.

Cindy A. | 2014-01-15

I really recommend toyota services to everyone I have been coming here for 5 years and all my family does too..I highly recommend Ruben,very nice presentable person and always explaining with detail if there's any problem with my car and cheking that my car is good to go for more miles ;) and the best part is while they work on my car I get a free ride home and just wait for Rubens call to say "your car is ready "and get picked their services couldn't make it any easyer for me..and those who like to wait its not a long wait and they offer coffe, popcorn, and have snak machines with a nice waiting room with TV :) all very nice...great job and thanx Ruben

Noemi G. | 2014-01-12

I just came in, accepted me without appointment. I was told that diagnostics is $110 an hour but will be waived if I decide to go with the fix. I got my car back, and was then told...

Jeka J. | 2014-01-01

Horrible horrible service!! The service section of the dealership just wants to take your money they do not care about the costumers. I complained so many times in order to get what I deserved. I won't be coming here for service on my car anymore!! I say take your car to another dealership for service. Stay away from this one!

The salesmen are nice tho. Very friendly and helpful. If you're looking to buy then I would recommend the salesmen.

Louise S. | 2013-11-26

Yeah WORST WORST WORST.  The worst service center I have ever been to.  I had a guy named Daniel Juarez.  I took my car in at 10am.  I had made an appointment and was prompt.  I didn't get my car back until 5:30pm.  Even though I had been promised to get it back around 12:30.  They gave me a 10% discount.  RIGHT.  Gee, thanks!!!  I had to call TWICE to ask when my car would be ready and then get over there in INSANE TRAFFIC both ways and you're going to give me 10% off my almost $400 bill.  I'm never going back.  Plus it smells like stale popcorn in there and is decorated like some sort of sad unemployment office.

L Y. | 2013-11-14

If you due to 300,000 miles service, it's $179. Don't listen to them to pay $500.

sean o. | 2013-10-10

Great place, sale agent Jose Romero is the best. He took his time with us and explained everything. He doesn't rush or try to sell you on something you can't realistically afford. Overall had a great experience will be referring him to all my friends, family and clients.

Gabe A. | 2013-10-10


I took my vehicle in for a warranty recall service for the seat belts.    After calling me at work 30 mins later after I dropped my vehicle off and saying they don't have the part (I went 2 weeks in advance to have them order the part and they called me when it was in).  Told the Service Asst Mgr that the part should be there since they called me prior and said it was in.  They finally find the part somewhere, and say they are going to fix it.  Fast forward to the pick up.  The service girl brings me by FJ Cruiser, and I notice a 1 inch DOOR DING which made a dent in the paint, chip in the paint, and left white paint transfer on the passenger side door.  WTF!  Really?  I have the service girl call the Manager out, since the damage wasn't there prior to me dropping it off.  Mgr comes out, says they'll fix it, has a service guy take it back and use some sort of chemical to remove the paint, as there is now a permanent haze mark on the door, but the white paint is now gone.  There is now a dent, and small paint chip in it's place.   Mgr says to bring it back some other day, as they have a guy that can fix the dent and the paint.  Mind you I am now upset by the whole ordeal.  

I leave and try to forget about the incident, as it pissed me off.   A week later, I get a phone call from a girl asking about the service I received at the dealership.  I tell her it sucked, and they damaged my vehicle.  She seems concerned, and said she will have the Service Mgr call me to arrange for repair and rental car for a day.  NEVER received a phone call back from anybody.   I decided I DO  NOT want to take my vehicle back there, for fear that they will cause FURTHER damage to it.   I'm going to try to use touch up paint on the paint chip, and just get over the dent.  


Next time I will take my FJ Cruiser to Longo Toyota (where I purchased it), and where I should've taken it in the first place.

Tamara S. | 2013-09-26

I was so impressed with the service when I took my car to have the brakes checked (and front brake pads replaced) at Toyota of Downtown. All the service staff were friendly, informative and time efficient.
They told me how long it would take to service my car and then offered me a courtesy shuttle drop off and pick up from my apartment so I didn't have to wait around.
Tiffany helped me that day and answered all my questions regarding my car and the work that had been done on it.
When I got my car back, they had washed it :) and the brake pads were perfect--no more squeaking/hissing noises. Thank you!

Disappointed C. | 2013-09-24

Please be careful when purchasing a car from this place, very unprofessional and no INTEGRITY. The sales people will tell you anything to sell you a car.
Take a detail look at your car before you purchase it and write/sign all agreements because they will deny everything said.  Customer service after you purchase the car is definitely horrible, very poor quality.
I deeply regret buying a car from this place. I definitely agree that they are out to make money and customer service is truly UNETHICAL.

Joe B. | 2013-09-08

Horrible dealership, very rude and sneaky salesman that rip people off constantly. Was in here the other day and watched a hilarious but sad encounter of a girl and her mother come in to buy a Prius C, they somehow ended up with a 5 year lease and a bunch of money down on the thing from what I overheard. The sales guy even tried to tell them to only take a 3-year lease, but the buyer didn't understand how it worked. Then the scumbag, 350-lb sales manager came over and put the papers in front of them for 5 year and told them to sign. The dealer probably made about 8 grand off that deal and these people got totally screwed.

Jordan L. | 2013-09-02

Just walked in to seriously look at a Rav-4 , first was looking at a used one, associate said I should look at a scion xb instead, than when he realized he didn't have a used one he offered a sienna instead.  Than when we went to look at new ones, I'm holding the door open for my girlfriend and this douche salesmen walks right in between her and right out the door. Really? We were sick to our stomach so we left.

Stephen H. | 2013-08-27

out to make money and don't really care about customer satisfaction. Charged me 50 to lubricate the shift linkage even though the car is a certified pre-owned vehicle and I have had it for less than 30 days. How can you preform a "160 point inspection" and certify a vehicle and then say that the shift-linkage is dry and needs lubrication?

True R. | 2013-08-26

There are bad experiences and then there are horrible experiences. The one I had with this dealership can only be described as horrible many times over and its still not enough to convey what these guys have made me go through.

I was looking for a Toyota Certified used Prius and was very clear about my budget, mileage on the car, condition etc. etc. After extensively researching on the internet and visiting a couple of dealers around my home, I was able to get a car at this dealership that fitted my budget and also met all the other requirements I had. I got a copy of the Carfax report which raised no red flags whatsoever. Now it was all down to getting a test ride and closing the deal should I like everything I see in the car.

I made it to this dealership on the agreed time, test drove the car and duly agreed to pay for it all by myself. They signed a sales agreement, processed the payment and mde me wait for a couple of hours to get the car ready for delivery. I was excited and eager to get my hands onto the new car when I was suddenly given the shock of my life. The salesperson who I was dealing with unapologetically walks upto me and declares - "There has been a small mistake at our end and the car is actually not a Toyota Certified Used Vehicle." I was furious and asked what about the tens of e-mail exchanges we had where in almost every mail she declared that the car in question is a Toyota Certified Used Vehicle. And also why the car fax report identifies this car as a certified one when its not!

Ofcourse, she had no answers and got her manager to speak to me. I was in no mood to negotiate and wanted a certified car since I had paid for one. They tried reducing the car price by a couple of hundreds of dollars to trick me into getting an uncertified car but I firmly held my ground resulting in a complete deadlock.  On further discussions I was told me that as per Toyota guidelines a car can not be certified if it has gone through certain repiar procedures.This car, they later declared, was one of those cases and can not be certified now even if they want to.I literally wanted to slap those idiots and walk away from the deal. All this while they were trying to sell a car that had been repaired after a minor accident, had forged the carfax report and were cheating the customer.

After repeated rounds of discussions with just about every manager at the dealership, I finally agreed to this - Give me a better car or a similar car at the same price. They had another car, different color and not my prefered one, that they showed me and I agreed to purchase this one. There wwere some black spots inside the car that I pointed out and wanted them to fix. They promised to do a complete detailing and fix those. I took the delivery and went back after a dreadful experience.

Since that day, I have made almost 6-7 visits to the dealership (all with appointment except one), left the car overnight 3 times and they still have not been able to get rid of that stain inside the car. I feel like cheated and should have ideally dragged them to court for trying to dupe a customer.In hindsight I now think I made a huge mistake by letting them get away the first time and giving them a second chance.

In my mind, no customer should ever go and purchase a car from this Banana Republic kind of dealer or even take a chance with their service. Its truly a master at conning and making false promises that mind you will never get fulfilled because they have no intention of doing so.

Avoid this dealer at any cost if it means driving a little extra to some other dealer or paying some what more. You will not feel cheated like I do today.

Ben S. | 2013-08-15

Came in early but there were people here, the guy that helped me out was cool, however the cashier lady seemed to have an attitude problem. all in all I got my car back and they washed it, that was nice.

tea b. | 2013-08-14

Been to several TOYOTA dealerships looking for the best price and options and the experience was always BAD. I found that most of the salespeople were the same; pushy, condescending and hard of hearing; " I said I WANT A COROLLA NOT A LAND CRUISER!!!"
Anyhow, I was very fortunate to find an honest-as-they-get salesman who patiently helped me find what I wanted, didn't push $10,000 worth of extras and was extremely professional and courteous. This is what a positive car-buying experience is about!

John O. | 2013-07-18

10k Checkup. Customer service has is good part but can be better, I'll explain later. Dealership offers complimentary transportation for up to 5 miles and car complimentary wash.

2 hours later...

As I was waiting outside I see my car pull up. I get up and take a walk around the car to make sure its how I remember. The first thing I notice big smuggy spots on my hood and roof. OK fine, windows are at least spotless. As i walk to the back there is a two-inch white scratch on my bumper. I told the guy who brought up my car "hey what's this? Never had this before?  What happen?" Bro was silence gave the shrugs, try to brush it off. He probably didn't do it, but your part of it. He said he try to fix it, fine whatever. Took it back try to fix it and told him about my car being half washed. As I was waiting, the assistant service manager came out telling me they'll buff it in the back making it look clean and almost new. Fine. 5 minutes later, rather quick, my car came back, spots still there and the scratch on my bumper gone, covered in some cover paint used with someone dirty finger, and no buff. WTF!!!

I had enough. I didn't want to make a case in front of them or more like belittle them, I decided to walk out and release my frustration via Yelp. Downtown Toyota do not offer complimentary wash if your porter does a half-ass job, if half-ass is in his job duties find a replacement. Assistant service manager, don't tell me "my guys" on the back will take care of anything when they obviously didn't and took two seconds to cover it up. Your guys didn't buff sh*t and don't tell me some horsesh*t when you didn't even check "my guys" sh*t. Great faith in "my guys!"

The girls inside the main room was great, all nice and answered any questions you have. They offered complimentary drop off and pick which is nice.

jake b. | 2013-07-17

The service started off terrible. Pulled into the sales lot by accident and they bombarded me immediately. When I said that I was looking for service instead they just pointed quickly and walked away even quicker.

Pulled up to the service line and had to wait about 20 mins just to get my information taken down and then was told to go inside for more info to be taken.

I had an appointment for 10:45am and by this time it was already 11:10am. I was told because I didn't have an appt that it was going to take four hours for them to get my recall part replaced. When I explained that I DID have an appointment he said oh ok it'll only be 3 hours then.

I had initially went in for a recall fix, but decided to throw in an oil change, as I was due for one. After he read the price of the oil change, my friend told me immediately she'd take me somewhere for way cheaper. I cancelled the oil change, but of course in the back of my head I knew that was going to get lost in communication somewhere.

3 hours passed and I called for an update and the guy said it would be another 45 minutes. I normally wouldn't have minded but I had plans and didn't anticipate such a long wait. Not to mention that I was told I'd get a call back to arrange a late pick up and nobody ever called me back. I had to keep calling just to figure out how to get my car picked up.

Eventually I got a call back to say that the car was ready and that the oil change had been accidentally done, but it was going to be free of charge. That was honestly the only plus side to it.

Lesson for Toyota of Downtown: Staff your mechanics better so that they all show up for work and host some customer service training sessions. My service rep was definitely way too overworked to provide me with the help I needed.

Jay H. | 2013-06-28

Waited nearly 2 1/2 hours for oil change. Went to advisor for update only to find out that several mechanics left early and multiple other customers were effected with at least another hour waiting. Toyota didn't inform any customers about delay. Pasadena, Glendale, and Torrance operate better than this.

Rebecca S. | 2013-05-04

All of the reviewers on Yelp that have given this place 2 stars or less are correct and I have experienced over the past few months some of the exact same issues they have. I am in utter shock after leaving my car for 1000$ worth of repairs that in retrospect I don't think it needed and that I'm now not sure were ever done. When I picked up my car, someone had STOLEN MY GPS from the front seat. There were also numerous DVDs in my backseat that were missing. I'm pretty confident that the mechanic had something to do with this (even though the manager blamed the "vagrants" that wander the streets of downtown). After dropping a grand to have my timing belt replaced which was "just about to go out, really" (even though it was replaced 50K miles ago and is supposed to last 90K), I'm now skeptical if any of the work I paid to have done was really done (I mean, if someone's going to steal your GPS, why wouldn't they steal stuff from under your hood or just not do the job?). The noise I brought the car in for has not gone away, so the plot thickens.

I had the same experience as Veronica regarding my battery. A service man (who was either Daniel or Chris) telling me that my battery was about to go out and needed to be replaced immediately and then 12 months later, without replacing it, diagnosing the battery as "good" on a 27 point inspection. The same thing happened with my rear  brakes, which two weeks ago were in dire need of (1300$ worth???) of repair according to these guys and today passed the 27 point inspection with flying colors.  These people are thieves and liars. They are taking advantage of the trust people have in a Toyota dealership in order to rip them off.

I am actually making a formal complaint to Toyota headquarters requesting that Central Downtown Toyota's franchising license be revoked and a complaint to the Better Business addition to the criminal complaint about my stolen GPS. If anyone is interested in joining the complaint to any of these entities, please let me know via Yelp messaging.

Vivian H. | 2013-04-04

love this place i recommend...honest service advisors recommend ruben, daniel, or angel these guys have been here over 10 yrs plus if u dont need an oil change they will tell u and not make u get one... the cashier yari goes beyond her job and explains what they have perform on ur car and if it needs any work to be done ...they also wash ur car and perform a 27 point inspection ...

Tori J. | 2013-03-19

This place is the worst! The first time I brought my 2007 Prius in for regular service and to change the battery (regular one, not the hybrid battery) wasn't such a bad experience, except that it took ALL DAY. Seriously, like six hours. Supposedly, they checked everything and said the car was great. I'd asked them to fix a little something, which they did NOT fix, which was where the windshield fluid sprays out. A couple of the holes were clogged. They didn't do it, but I wasn't too bothered by that.

The big problem I had with this place was my next visit, just three months later. I brought the car in for an oil change and the service guy tells me I need over $1600 worth of repairs! The car was running FINE. And I had just been there for full service and the previous guy didn't mention ANY of these so-called necessary repairs.

There was no way I was paying all that money for stuff when I was not having ANY problems with the car. I told the guy I couldn't do all of it. But, I was a sucker and did half. They even charged me to replace a tire that had a nail in it. They guy lied and said that where the nail was made it impossible to patch. The nail was not on the side of the tire. He showed it to me. It was in the bottom of the tire in a place where I've had tires patched before, but he swore it couldn't be fixed. Before I brought the car in, the tire was not flat, nor was it low. I had no problems with it, didn't even notice it was leaking air. I wondered if they didn't put the nail there themselves!

I paid nearly $800.00 that day for some bull that I didn't even believe I needed and I left furious and also worried, because there was a list of things they said I still needed to do.

Because I did not trust them, I took my car to another Toyota Service place when it was time for service. I did not mention the litany of things Toyota Central recommended.

They did my service. Inspected the car and NOT ONE of the repairs Toyota Central said I needed was mentioned. They said my car was fine.

So... I was totally TAKEN on my previous visit. I did not need to spend all that money on whatever nonsense they SAID they did. I don't trust them and will never, ever take my car back there.

Iona T. | 2013-01-07

Due to the convenience of being able to drop off my car for service and get a ride to work, I tried this business one more time. (See my previous review from 4/28/2012)
I needed the front brakes to be looked at because they were making a funny noise. They re-did the front brakes, and when I went to pick up the car, Chris my representative, told me the brake pads were off-brand. That's odd, I said, because you just did the brakes 22K miles ago!! He looked up the record, and ran out to the shop. He returned with the brake pads he claimed were mine, and told me it was the shims that were off-brand.

Then Chris tried to bullsh*t me and told me that is how long brake pads last. I do mostly freeway driving, not stop and go, and NEVER ride the brakes, so this is just wrong.  (This is like the Volvo dealer telling you your timing chain needs to be replaced every 40K miles.)

Long story short - this place is real expensive and who knows what they're using for your car.  They'll tell you whatever.

TCI A. | 2013-01-06

Came here for my service oil change for my first time. I bought the car in Pasadena. Since its the first time, I was a little lost among all the direction board. So I decided to find someone to ask. The salesmen were standing all around. I rolled down the window, he looked at me, and once I started saying "excuse me...", he turned around as if I wasn't there. Big WOW.

Service people on the other hand was professional. Did their job. Except, I made an appointment for oil change, but waited for at least 30 mins for my turn. Why even have a reservation system that still let everyone waits? For an oil change, had to wait for 3 hours.

Being the first time there, or just being inexperience about oil change, I was told that the car was done, and I went to the service guy's table but he wasn't there. I stood there looking around for about a min, and there was a another guy at his desk doing his thing and not even thinking about asking what I need, until I asked.

I'll be going further to the one that I am sure the service will be better next time.

Benny L. | 2012-12-27

BUYER BEWARE! if you want to get ripped off come to Toyota Central!  Thieves...thieves...thieves work here.

I just wanted my front and back brake pads changed.  My brother who works at a Toyota dealer in Colorado called the service manager to get a deal.  All was set for a price of 400-bucks.  

Chris my service guy seemed to have a chip on his shoulder that I was getting such a good deal.  The guy acted like i ripped him off.

He calls me two hours later, and says I do not need back pads, but I need a brake flush.  He initially quoted me $100 dollars for the brake flush.  When he calls back it's $175.

He gives me the high road answer about the back brake pads claiming me he is saving me money.  In reality he did not want to give such a good deal on the the initial thing I wanted.

I did not save a thing.  I told the guy he was ripping me off, and he would not budge with his high road act.

If you want a dishonest deal come here, and waste your money!

Veronica R. | 2012-11-02

At first the visit started off ok, Daniel my service guy recommended all these test where my quote was at $801! Yea that's not gonna happen! So I quickly told him i didn't feel that I needed all the recommendations and he didn't push the subject. Took the shuttle home and 3 hours later I got a call saying I needed a new battery it supposedly failed the test and front brakes. Since fearing being left stranded I gave the ok to replace it.

Two hours later and 1.5 hour after my estimated pickup time I called Daniel to ask about my car. And of course what a coincidence he was "just about to call me" . Get the shuttle back and I'm in such a hurry to leave and bummed about how much $$ I headed to my errands. Only to realize on the drive that 2 of the things I had ask Daniel to look at weren't fixed! Most likely bc they can't get any money from me for those items. Also my hubcap was in my backseat! Called the department right away left a message with the service manager since he was gone for the day. Had to call him back again 2 days later since he didn't respond to my call. He was quick to offer to fix the items that had previously not been fixed along with a car rental but does not seem worth it to me. Obviously, this dealer can't be trusted to do a professional job! One shouldn't have to hunt down the manager to complain!  

Oh and  my so called battery that failed the test apparently it did a "good " job on the inspection sheet. It was just recommended! Yea, Daniel straight out said it had failed and wouldn't last a couple of weeks! That alone makes this place extremely fishy!

Tom F. | 2012-10-27

This place is awful.  I suggest you stay away unless you want to leave with problems and frustration.

I had an oil change and they didn't reattach the engine cover properly so my car was making a loud noise from the undercarriage because of their neglect.  Long story short, I had to visit another dealership to fix this.  The problem was simply that Toyota Central didn't use all the bolts to reattach the engine cover.  This is shameful.

I guess I'm a glutton for punishment because I went back only because they are close to my office.  My headlight was out.  After waiting nearly 30 minutes just for them to take my car to service, I was told they needed to remove the bumper to replace the headlight and it would take 45 minutes.  I watched them from afar replace the headlight from inside the hood which took 5 minutes.  So, now I find out that they are liars too.

NEVER will I go back and I strongly suggest you be very careful or just stay away.  There are other places to take your Toyota that are reputable and not liars.

By the way, don't be lured back if they send you a coupon.  All the dealerships will honor a coupon.

esther r. | 2012-09-05

The people seem nice enough but the service department's policies suck.  I made an appointment online to get a standard check-up.  I planned to wait for my car, clicked that option when I made the appointment, and showed up on time.  It was 5pm.  The service guy asked if I was leaving my car overnight and I told him no, I was going to wait for it.  He said I couldn't do that because it was too late.  If that is the case, then you shouldn't allow customers to make an appointment at 5pm to wait for their car.  Apparently the last time to do that is 4:30pm.  The service guy said I could bring my car back tomorrow, or I could rent a car.  Even though this was not my fault, they wouldn't comp a rental car, so I decided to take my car elsewhere for service.  I get it if it was my fault, but it wasn't, so the least they could have done was comp the rental car.  Instead they wanted me to either waste my money or my time.  A Hobson's choice.  I won't be going back and suggest that others find a dealership that treats their customers better.

J M. | 2012-08-24

Second time coming in for a headlight bulb to be changed.  First time it was a disaster.....waited 3 hours before I was told it wasn't in stock.  Lucky for me I had gone to Autozone to buy replacement bulbs before seeing that I couldn't do it myself.  Thought I'd be better off calling a couple of days ahead to guarantee my replacement parts would be in. Spoke to service & parts department employees.  Was given a 120% guarantee my prior experience wouldn't happen again.   I guess 120% guarantee is not good enough.  Brought my car in @ 6 am for my appointment-service department doesn't open until 7? No worries.......
Almost 2 hours of waiting and .....SURPRISE---the part I need isn't in stock! REALLY?!?!?  What the eff!  Was told it would be in by 9ish--Umm! No Thanks!  

I'd rather make the 20 minute drive to Puente Hills Toyota for more competent Service.  Never Again!

Janee M. | 2012-08-11

Just needed to bring my car in for the 20,000 mile checkup. The man helping me also let me know that the brake on my car had a recall which was free of charge to fix. The service was done within a few hours and was very affordable. It's nice to know that I can take my car to an affordable place that won't jip me off by charging things I might not need. They also emailed me a 10% coupon for my next visit. I will definitely be back!

Geovany H. | 2012-07-29

Went there today to see what they had. I grew up driving a Toyota so i wanted one for myself. After having the worst service in my life i am reconsidering. Let me state that i am young so maybe mr "Octavio Fuentes" did not take me as a serious buyer but regardless of age good customer service should be given. He seemed irritated at the fact that i was asking simple questions on vehicles he was supposed to sell. It got so bad to the point that he snapped at me demanding to know which car i wanted. I had half a mind to snap back at him for his arrogant attitude. However i kept it cool and politely asked him for a business card whiche he gave me without a word before finishing his terrible service by ignoring my hand shake! Only good thing about that visit is i got a business card to wipe my A** with.
But hey maybe you can try your luck with one of the other salesmen on the lot.

Wei S. | 2012-07-24

Listen, these guys are great.  I put off getting my car repaired for as long as I could.  The stupid thing would not start all the way so often I'd be the idiot sitting in a parking lot for 15 minutes cranking my key until the starter decided to finally cooperate.  This really didn't help with being on time.  Also, imagine the embarrassment if I ever had to valet my car.

Anyway, I took my car to this Toyota Service Center downtown twice.  They were very thorough and helpful.  The first time, they weren't able to recreate the starter issue (thanks car for deciding to work when I finally take you in) so instead of charging me for a repair/part I may or may not have needed, they were honest and told me to come back again when I could leave my car for a longer period of time to accurately diagnose the problem first.  On this first visit, not only did they not charge me for looking at the vehicle, but they also gave my car a complimentary wash (interior and exterior) and checked all my tires, etc.  I was a little peeved that I spent roughly 3 hours in the waiting area without a resolution but honestly, it was out of their control that my car was working again.  I just appreciated that instead of going through with the costly but likely fix, they decided to make sure of the diagnosis beforehand.  I'd be more pissed if they "fixed" something only to have the problem happen again because it wasn't properly diagnosed.

The second time I went in, my car was definitely worse so they were able to diagnose the problem and fix it.  The part was in stock so I dropped by in the morning before work and they were able to fix it by early afternoon.  The free shuttle made it super easy too since they dropped me off and picked me up at work.  I got it all taken care of on my lunch break.

Carlos and Will were the reps that helped me.  Both of them were really professional and patient.

So yes, I never thought I'd be writing a positive review about a car dealership but here it is.  This place was very convenient and the service was stellar.  Oh, and my car works now.  That's important too.

Ann L. | 2012-06-05

I had to go to Toyota because the local shops couldn't figure out a specific noise that was coming from my car!  Turns out that I paid $105 to Toyota for them to tell me that the noise was coming from my tires.  I appreciate the shuttle service they provide, but it took them about 7 hours to diagnose my car.  I went back a second time for a test drive, just to make sure it was the tires.  The tech was nice enough to take tires/wheels off of another toyota to put on my scion.  This time I stuck around in the customer lounge to do work.  They have free wifi, bad coffee, free popcorn.  

If you need Toyota to pin point a problem on your vehicle, they will get the job done.  but other than that, don't get over charged!  I have a couple of local shops I go to near my apt.

Dahl R. | 2012-03-26

This review is for their Service/Maintenance dept.

I bring my 11' Yaris Ratatouille here for its Toyota Care maintenance.  I never have trouble getting an appointment.  I drop off my car early and get dropped off by their shuttle service.  The service techs are always friendly, efficient, and never try to up sell me any additional services for my car.  Always washed and they call me immediately when it is ready.  Really can't complain since the service is included with my vehicle.

Kimi O. | 2012-03-19


I was super skeptical about making a service appointment here based on the yelp reviews, but since I live in dtla and I needed an oil change asap, I was desperate. Saturday at 10am was my appointment time.

I showed up at 10am and asked for Carlos, the associate assigned to me. He was very professional and friendly. I asked him a lot of questions about my service and the quoted cost; I have a 2010 Prius and in the past, I've been quoted one price only to be told at checkout that the cost went up due to them using synthetic oil (?) for my hybrid (this happened at Longo twice!). He reassured me that the quoted cost would be what I was charged at the end. I told him that if there were any extra "necessary" fees, please call me before making the changes because I cannot afford those extras. Call me paranoid, but my oil change was quoted at nearly $200. He said he would call me when my car was ready, about 2pm. They close at 5pm.

At 3pm, I received Carlos' call to let me know my car was ready and that everything looked fine. I went to pick up my Prius and sure enough, I was charge the quoted amount. My tires were rotated, my filters were new and my car was washed! I was pleasantly surprised that I got exactly what I was told I'd get...which is sad because it's a basic service but these poor reviews really had me worried.

I still don't understand why the service was so expensive compared to Longo's prices but Carlos said the air filters were expensive. Not sure what to believe but I'm glad I didn't get ridiculously ripped off or treated poorly like some of you, Yelpers (no offense!). I'd go back for a service again mainly because it is close to home and the first time wasn't horrible....will update my review after my second visit. :)

Candice B. | 2012-03-07

I purchased my car from the Marina Del Ray dealership, but went to downtown (Central Toyota) for an oil change because it was closer to my house.  From then on I will ONLY go to the downtown dealership.The staff is so friendly and helpful.  They even find coupons online for you to use without you asking them.  (They also wash your car for you) 3 people offered me coffee, tea, or water, you dont even get that service at a bank anymore.You know its a good location when everyone who works there is smiling.  Chris the service manager is super sweet and very helpful.  I have been going there for over a year now and not ever had one bad experience.  Highly recommend.  Very satisfied customer.

Andrew C. | 2012-02-10

this was my first tine coming here and I could definitely say that I would not be coming back here again. the man working at the service rep. was the rudest person I have came across here. mr. k.l. told me that was I going to wait 2 hrs but it might be running a bit slow so made it to 2 hrs n 30 mins. so two hrs n 30 mins pass by n I am wondering where is my car? I go to an another service rep. n she asked him when is my car gonna be done. he saying I don't know because the mechanic isn't done(which is alright because Im becoming a mechanic). he notices that i am now there n he goes on to say i am gonna have to wait another 30 minutes. he then walks away without apolozing for the delay. if u come here, avoid this @ss n get a friendly looking service rep. (avoid the hairy armed person with the big stomach)

Margot T. | 2012-02-04

After repeated trips I feel like I am trapped because of the location. No point in making a reservation, the car will never be ready at the promised time, in fact I don't think they look at the car until that time  Price will always be more than originaly quoted, "must haves" added on, the bill will always be $500+.  The promised "complimentary wash" is never done because the "customer refused" box is checked even though the question was not asked or answer ignored. Sorry, wish it could be better

Rita A. | 2012-01-25

I purchased a rear windshield blade from this dealer and had the hardest time trying to get the older blade off.  I stopped by the parts department where I purchased the blade from and asked a guy at the desk if I could show him the blade I bought to see if it was the correct one.  Instead of looking at the blade he told me I had to go to the service department and have them look at it.  Are the customer service or business that bad that you have everyone go to the service department?

I pass this dealer everyday and will drive my butt back to Cabe Toyota where they treat customers well.  I have had two Toyota prior to my current one and will be purchasing a new one soon...I will not be going to this dealership....thank for nothing you lazy %^&&*!

shant v. | 2011-10-16

I have never experienced service this terrible. The internet service rep (WILL) informed me over the phone that he had a the car that i was looking at online available. Upon arrival 20 minutes after we spoke he stated that his manager took the car untill tomorrow or possibly the next day. And then he tried to sell me another car that had twice the milage and an older model. I thanked him for waisting my time and he stated no problem. I have never been so humiliated. I am going to call corporate offices of toyota and see how they are going to handle this situation. I am thinking twice now on purchasing a toyota. Im so upset, what a waste of my time.

Noo Ri C. | 2011-10-08

for years i only heard that this place is no good....
today.  i totally experienced it!!
never going back ever again.
have a Camry.. still under warranty.. started hearing some noise coming from my driver seat couple weeks ago.. took it in early morning..7 30am - ish and come 12pm.. i had to call to get a status when the advisor tells me the techs hear so much noise from the car from my belongings in the center console, glove box, etc.  that they want to go on a test drive with me to pinpoint the problematic noise.
so i tell the guy i will be there SOON.  he says ok.
i get there around 12 30pm - advisor is nowhere to be found.  luckily a coworker had his cell# so he was reached.. waited some time for his return.  then the advisor says he is looking for the shop foreman - whom i will be going on a test drive with - and he should be up soon.. i waited patiently.. noone came - so i go to the advisor..asking the status.. he tells me my car is being "brought out" and the foreman will also be right up.  then i wait a few mins more.. no car no foreman. wtheck is going on!?!?
patience ran out. i demanded my car. told advisor i will take it elsewhere.. he gives me excuse that the foreman will be right out and its unfortunate that everyone went out to lunch - now when i spoke to him on the phone to let him know i was going over soon.. he shouldve informed me or made sure the person i will be going on a test drive with will be there when i get there.    
i know my issue was very minor.. but i still feel i should have been treated with respect. i wasnt demanding anything out of the ordinary. just wanted to resolve the issue with that ever so irritating creak in my driver seat!!!!

S. K. | 2011-09-19

2005 Prius inverter coolant valve replacement:

Had to wait around 45 min. in order to have someone look at the car.
Waited over an hour from the time it was promised.
When I got the car back, I always check under the hood afterwards, and found screws missing where it was supposed to be. They took it back and replaced it with screws that did not match.
They have to replace the inverter coolent and flush it so that the air bubbles are all out. I found the coolent level was low so I had to tell them to top it off.
Later, I came home to find the front wheel air dam on driver side missing. They had to have take it off in order to work on the car and gain access to the valve from under the car. I called and the they said they could not find it. So, I said forget it and gave them a piece of my mind as to what i've experienced at this dealer.
I don't recommend it for service.
Very loose work. Find another dealer.

Helen O. | 2011-08-31

Wow, what a bust, I went to Toyota Central last Thursday, for a brake recall, well what do you know about five minutes after I drove off from the lot, the car gets stuck in the middle of the street, ABS brakes locked the car would not move, so I call Toyota Central and tell them what happened and , there I was waiting for a tow truck they were sending for about two hours in the middle of the street hoping no one would hit the car and get hurt. That's that well today is Wednesday almost a week later, yesterday on Tuesday, I am stuck again, luckily not in the middle of the street this time so I call them back and asked for the service mgr, and told him what happened, and he came to the location to meet me with a mechanic and fixed the prob which had to do with the alarm system, they said it must have been from opening the door several times from fixing the car and the alarm set was off track. The reason why two stars instead of one, I was pleasantly surprised the service Mgr showed up so fast the second time I had to wait. Please be advised to going to this place, it is a warning.

Maria H. | 2011-08-12

Took in my car for my 35,000 mile service on my Prius and was greeted right away. You must make an appt before going in to get fast service. My fave guy there is Edwin. He got me in and out within 2 hours and at a great rate and discounts. I even got the grill on my car replaced within my the same rate. He made sure that I was taken care of properly and as I picked up my car I received a thank you card from him for visiting their dealership. Awesome service and friendly employees :c) I would give it 5 stars but they no longer have Free coffee or snacks , due to the budget cuts! Bbbboooo lol

sonia g. | 2011-06-22

Okay, so i've been looking around for a black 2011 rav4, cloth seats, v4. I went to this location to see what they had to offer. First off i plan to pay atleast half of the car when sighning. My bf and i was greeted by edgar perez and litterally did not ask how we were doing or anything for that matter and walked in front of us until we got to the car witch was the last car on the lot. We took it for a test drive and when i didnt want to give him my number at the end he gave his card and walked away. Never have i been in a place where they show no professionalism. If he wouldnt of been so rude since the beginning i would atleast gave him a fake number like i do to everyone else. Seriously, does he expect to sell a car with that rude attitude? Never again will i step in this location.

Renzo D. | 2011-06-08

The service center at this location is run by a team of monkeys. Absolutely atrocious. I brought my car in on 3 different occasions regarding a rattle in my prius. All 3 occassions I was told that a foreman needed to test drive the car, but their foreman coincidentally wasn't working that day. Based on other reviews, their MO is to scam customers out of their hard earned money. If you want service, don't come to this god forsaken dealer...they're in the toilet along with the Toyota brand.

Brian W. | 2010-12-11

Car Purchase Review

Having been through what was the most unprofessional experience with Hooman Toyota (see review), I got in contact with Central Toyota.  They had the exact car/color/options combination I wanted (next closest dealer was San Diego), and thus emailed them for a quote like I did the other dealers.

At first I got a response they don't do that and that coming down they'll give me the best price possible (they don't want quotes shopped around).   I politely passed.  Then I got an email from Carlos who responded (he wasn't the first person to respond to me) if I had been helped.  I explained where I live it wasn't convenient for me to drive down on a whim, and prefer to discuss everything up front.

Carlos understood and emailed me their quote.  It was $300 more than the other dealer in San Diego (I mentioned it), but said I'd be fine to pay the price he was asking.  In response, he agreed to match the other quote dollar for dollar.  So far so good.  We set an appointment time for 9:30am today, and arrived on time.

Unfortunately Carlos was out ill (and emailed me after I left already so I didn't get his email) but already arranged for another salesman, Willder to take his place.

Willder was very nice and approachable and said the car was at their offsite storage and he was arranging to retrieve it.  15 minutes later the car was on the lot for a test drive, which we declined.  Yes, we declined.  We already drove one, knew what we were getting into and I told Willder this is the car, let's make this straightforward and easy.  Willder I think was a little surprised, expecting to have to go through the steps of selling a car.  I'm an easy buyer once key details are in place, and with the big one (price) already locked in, it was off to the next step.

We had our other Toyota for trade in (FJ Cruiser) and after doing the proverbial paperwork for credit, etc. Willder came back with the breakdown of everything (price, tax, fees, finance charge, etc).  This was something I couldn't get out of Hooman at any cost!   The trade in we had a minimum number (we're realistic in what we expect and know we can get) and they exceeded our minimum for the trade.  This is going to well this early.

The paperwork all checked out:  price was as agreed, no hidden/undescribed fees (sales price, tax, license, doc fee - that's all there should be on the paperwork).  He also had us approved for a lower rate (2.9%) vs. Hooman, and our monthly payment.

This was going as I expect it too (like all my past purchases sans the visit to Hooman), but I'm always waiting for a curve ball to be thrown.  It never came.  I expected the pitch about more accessories, extended warranty, etc.  Willder offered us a GAP plan (Google it) and an offer to activate LoJack.  We politely declined, and that was it.  Friendly smile, off to finance to sign papers.

Our finance guy, Sergio, was very straight forward and easy going.  This is usually where I expect (and have in the past) been pitched extended warranties.  Nope.  5 minutes signing and reviewing paperwork (no mistakes on any of it - all as agreed), and that was it.  

We waited an additional 15 min  for the car to be washed and gassed up, and then Willder went through all the functions of the car.

This was how EVERY car buying experience should go.  No curve balls, no vagueness, no slippery slope of adding in fees, etc.

I appreciate when salesman are straight up with me, and in return I am with them.  I know that they need to make money, and I respect that.  Just be straight with me.  Carlos, Willder, and Sergio all where.

I'll be prepared to go back and buy another car (or recommend to others) when the time comes.  

Every dealership can have straight up shooters and cagey folks that are trying to pull a fast one on you.  But in the case of Toyota Central, specifically (because they are who I dealt with directly), Carlos, Willder and Sergio made it a great buying experience.

Grace Y. | 2010-11-06

Took our Toyota Camry for service this morning.
I called in to let them know I'm bringing in the car
and told them that we need to get our rear window fixed
since the motor blew out or something
along with the recall service since we didn't have time to get it.

I knew the extended warranty that we purchased would cover it all..
and the guy who helped me said that
I wouldn't be charged.

So I leave the car
after being told that the job will be done in 3-4 hours.
My bf followed me w/ his car to take me to work.

2 hours later,
the guy calls me and says
1) I can take the car back
2) recall service is done
3) window is not fixed
wait a minute.. not fixed?!?!

He 'forgot' that the extended warranty office is only open Mon. - Fri.
He 'forgot' to tell me that they could not start with the repair
until they talk to that particular office.

I need to call the office to check what kind of extended warranty we bought,
find out if this service is covered,
find out if I can get a rental car just in case I can't get a ride back,
AND make time AGAIN to bring the car back in.


Matt J. | 2010-11-06

I haven't dealt with the service department yet--which evidently generates most of the gripes on Yelp--but I bought a Prius today from Toyota Central and couldn't be more pleased with the experience.  After visiting 2 other Toyota dealerships earlier in the day and dealing with the stereotypical greasebag bait-and-switch salesmen, Willder was a much welcomed surprise.  

He gave me the best offer for the purchase price on the Prius and on my trade-in.  And it was without any of the aggressive, shifty shenanigans you expect (and receive) when buying a car elsewhere.  I really wish I came here earlier in the day; it would have saved me some serious aggravation.

Krystal A. | 2010-10-21

Okay this place is under new management and it shows big time! Like many others reviewers my experience here was awful, but it seems as though all the complaints have made a huge impact.  I was actually pleasantly surprised when I reluctantly took my car in last Saturday because the check engine light was on and it was 6,000 miles over the recommended oil change.

First off, the employee who greeted me actually smiled and said good morning and then so kindly pointed me toward the direction of the service line.  Then the Raul, the service coordinator, walked up to my car and told me that he'd be right with me after he was done with the customer in line ahead of!  In the past they would actually let you sit in the car and kinda figure things out on your own.  

Basically everyone, yes even the cashiers were friendly and heck they even gave me a shuttle ride home and picked me up when my car was finished!.  I am so relieved that this place got their stuff together because it is really challenging to find good service at dealerships.

I told Raul about my past gripes with Toyota Central and he explained to me that they got rid of most of the old employees when new management came on deck! Now I feel better about having a reliable dealership to take my Prius to for service...and better yet it's conveniently located right around the corner from my crib!

S T. | 2010-10-18

never again.
I wanted to give it a shot even though I read all the bad reviews about their service dept . Well turns out to be those who had a bad experience were right.
This place sucks and they are praying for you to be stupid enough to sign any paper work they put in front of you. I was smart enough to read details.
Take my advise go find some place else.

Laura L. | 2010-09-22

I bought my '06 Corolla here in the fall of '05. They were really nice and my friend was able to haggle with them. I've brought my car here to get serviced and have even rented cars from them since.

All of their rates are reasonable. They're pretty good with their estimate of how fast they will finish servicing your vehicle. Management seem to have stick up their butts but the other guys/receptionist are very helpful.

I actually sold them my Corolla here over the wkend. They outbid carmax so I went with them. It was pretty fast but I had to go back the next day for the actual check since their business office isn't open on sundays.

Tina L. | 2010-09-18

So far so good:

- Went in for Toyota recall for my floor mat interfering with the accelerator pedal.

- Hours weren't posted on the website properly, looks like website malfunction, but just called at 7:30am on a Saturday and they said they'd been open since 6am.

- Drove in right away, got served immediately, but still a 2 hr wait for service.

- They offered a mini-van service back to my apt in downtown LA so I could get some more sleep! They will call and come pick me back up to go to the serivce center. We'll see...

Chris N. | 2010-09-16

If I could give a place 0 stars, or negative stars, I would give Toyota Central just that. This has to be the worst service department of any car dealership I have ever encountered, and that is saying A LOT.

These guys are sheisters and idiots, which is a dangerous combination when talking about a 3,000 pound piece of metal with a lot of moving parts. Reuben in the service department is a straight liar, and David, the service manager told my girlfriend that he would rather have Toyota lose her business as a customer for life than help her out with all of the repairs incurred by having her car serviced at his location. Details below.

I took my Scion tC in here for a routine oil change. They managed to squeeze an extra $220 out of me on this trip for new brakes, which is fine, brakes wear down in this city and need repairing. But when I drove my car on the freeway for the first time after having it serviced here, my head gasket blew and I had TOTAL ENGINE FAILURE on the 10 freeway. I called them immediately and instead of helping the customer first and asking questions later, the person I spoke with made sure to point out that they may end up charging me $200 for the tow back to Toyota Central. I get it there and it takes them 48 hours to even figure out what is wrong with the car. It took them another 8 business to actually fix it. No more than a week after I left, there was a rattling noise in my engine that turned out to be a cracked tensioner belt. I took it back in and it took them another three tries before they assigned their lead mechanic who wound up putting his foot in his mouth and saying it might not have been the cracked tensioner belt afterall. After I completely destroyed David (I had paid another $250 for the tensioner belt), I told him to produce the broken part or cut me a check. Amazingly, he cut me a check.

I'd be willing to chalk ALL OF THIS up to coincidence for the sake of not dwelling on stupid shit, but when my girlfriend took her Prius in for the recalled pedal and then had TOTAL ENGINE FAILURE ON THE FREEWAY after leaving with her car, I knew something had to be up with this place. Turns out her hybrid batter died, which we asked around and have never heard of happening on a car with as few miles as hers. No sooner had she left $300 poorer and driven it two miles that all of the same check engine lights came on AGAIN. This time it was a broken inverter pump.

When she pleaded with David to at least partially refund some of the work done is when he told her that he would rather lose her as a Toyota customer than give either of us any more money back. I came in to talk to David again and not only was he overtly tired of dealing with me but another random employee sitting in his office who was nowhere near any of either of our vehicles actually interrupted me to tell me that I was wrong when I was laying the case out to David.

To top it all off, empty coffee cups from the service people were left in the cupholder of my girlfriend's car when it was returned to us and Reuben told me that one of my tires was in danger of bursting on the highway. I have driven thousands of miles on the same time since and gotten it checked at other locations without so much as a worry.

BOTTOM LINE: Only go here if you want to trump anyone who ever tries to tell a story of rock-bottom customer service and shadyness. This place is the worst. THE WORST.

Luz B. | 2010-09-01

I am having a great experience so far with Toyota Central. I love my brand new Highlander and they gave me the best deal ever. I got lucky when Toyota was having trouble and was able to get 0% down and 0% interest. And since I am already a Toyota owner, i get free maintenance for 2 years! Can't beat it! The employees are very helpful and the service I have received so far is great. I would recommend them to anyone.

Art P. | 2010-08-31

I had my first scion experience here and it was more then great. The sales reps were kind and very informative. I had a custom built to order request, I was in and out of the dealership in less then 20 min. When I finally received my wheels, I couldn't have been happier with the exchange. Great job guys!

Mar-quin D. | 2010-07-10

Half of the appointments made with this dealership fell through because of them flaking.  Really unprofessional, and grade-A D-bags.

Amy T. | 2010-06-04

I took my car here just four months after taking it to another dealership where I had a bunch of work done. The car had started to make a rattling sound, so I brought it in.

A few hours later I come to pick up the car expecting some problem or another. Turns out that the rattling was just a few loose bolts. They insisted that I needed other repairs though... $2,000 worth. Now, hmmm, let's see. All of the sudden after only four months since my car's last major check up, there are several major repairs needed? Sounds fishy.

I was told for the millionth time that my car is getting old. It's over 90k miles. It's a 2001. This seems to be the standard response when I ask about repairs needed. I was a bit upset, since I couldn't get a straight answer about what was really wrong with the car. I went up to the service manager and asked about the repairs. He opened my car and pointed to what we could see. "The drive belt is cracked and if it isn't repaired it will begin to break... blaha bhalhah blah" Well, let me tell you. My drive belt was EFFING pristine! Not a single crack to be had. The other pricely repairs he pointed to also seemed unnecessary. Something about sealing something that 'could leak'.... wait it 'could leak' ... but it's NOT leaking ?!

So, I walked out $100 poorer for some tightened bolts.

Anyways, a few months later my car started driving a little funny. I took it to Ed Little's (highly recommended shop!). Turns out, Toyota didn't fill my tires with air when I took it in. I was driving with low air and the car wasn't handling as well. They checked out the rest of my car and as it turns out NOT ONE THING IS WRONG WITH MY CAR! If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

pauline e. | 2010-06-04

They offered me 1000$ for my '02 Lexus.  Per Bluebook, my vehicle is worth 9X this.  The "secretary," speaking for the manager couldn't even look me in the face when she said it.  To be clear, they told me my actual vehicle was not worth the cost of taxes on a trade-in.

I walked out, disgusted.  Then Yelped about it.  :)

Richard C. | 2010-03-11

Toyota Central sub'd out my car to their body shop Globe. I ended up after 9 months of repeated complaints, having the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) settle the case with clear and noted violations. Not only are these guys incapable of managing repairs, or making adequate repairs, but they consistently lied, dodged their responsibility and lied on my BBB complaint. Toyota Central are scumbags!!! There are plenty of dealerships to to to, DON'T GO HERE!!!!

Lan T. | 2009-11-22

I came in on 11/7 to get a 30k service and I had a great experience!  I can't recall the name of the person that helped me but he was a very nice hispanice guy if that helps.

I was expected to pay a really high amount for it but the guy actually gave me a deal and they also gave me a ride back to my place. In addition, I couldnt pick up my car in time and my service advisor actually stayed later to wait for me.

The service was quick, my car runs great after the service and they did it in a timely manner and it was less expensive then the hollywood service since I checked their prices too. In addition, I didnt have to make an appointment whereas at hollywood, they have turned me away since they were so packed.

Will definitely come back and recommend Toyota Central.

dirk b. | 2009-09-25

when you call, they cant even transfer you to the parts dept. no direct parts phone line. they just tell you the parts dept is open, come on down. with service like that, you think i'd drive to downtown LA to take the chance that they'd have the part that the toyota locator says they have one of? not on your life. this place sounds like incompetence personified.

go elsewhere. like longo.

michael w. | 2009-06-22

This TOYOTA DEALER stinketh.  They tried to charge me over $500 for a battery that costs $5.

The letter below accurately illustrates the problem I had with this Toyota dealer.  In response to this letter, and many more letters and phone calls, I received no satisfaction whatsoever from this dealer.  Even when they told me they would get back to me after researching the issue they did not.

Dear Mr. Lima:

I have been a customer of Toyota Central for approximately 5 years.  I wanted to bring a matter to your attention as a courtesy.  On November 13, 2008 I brought my 2004 Prius in for service, much as I have done several times a year over the past 5 years.  In addition to the 65,000 mile service, I asked for a few things to be done, among them:

1) replace the wiper inserts.
2) replace the battery in the keyless entry remote.

When I picked up the car later that day, I was told by Ricardo Ascencio and his boss, that the problem with the keyless entry system was not the battery, but that the keys needed to be replaced, and that the cost would be in excess of $500.  I declined to do anything at that time.  I was not told that the wipers had not been replaced, and only learned of that when on the freeway on the way home, I attempted to clean the windscreen.

On November 18, 2008, I returned to the service department for new tires.  At that time it was recommended to me again by Mr. Ascensio's manager that I replace the smart key, and as a courtesy to me for not putting the windshield wipers on the car during my prior visit, that the price could be dropped to $450.  I declined.

Yesterday, I visited Radio Shack and purchased a battery and inserted it into the smart key.  Much to my shock and amazement, the smart key worked fine with the new battery.  Mr. Lima, all a company has at the end of the day is its integrity.  Toyota Central clearly breached its trust with me.  It tried to sell me a part for $500 that I did not need.  Your personnel clearly told me that a new battery was not the issue.  As I look back at the invoice for the November 13, 2008 service, I notice that I was charged $12 for the battery that I was told was not even the issue.  As an aside, I purchased three batteries from Radio Shack for $11.99.  

The bottom line is that I was lied to in order for your company to gain extra revenue on false pretenses.  I obviously am forced to wonder what other items I was sold over the course of the past 5 years that I did not need.  I also wonder what work was reported to me as being done, when it was not really done, and how this may have impacted issues that are now no longer covered on warranty.  I am interested in hearing what you think is a fair resolution of this matter by giving you a chance to respond before I take further action.  I would appreciate your expeditious reply, but not later than Monday, May 4, 2009.  

Respectfully Yours,

Stephanie T. | 2009-03-01

We spent $500 here getting our brakes fixed and the oil changed and they couldn't even fill up our tires?!  They also tried the air filter scam on us but it didn't work.  A $60 air filter from Toyota.... or the $10 one we bought at Kragen an hour later?  Scammers.

LL A. | 2008-10-06

My car was overdue for its 60,000 mile service.  I had to decide whether to get it done up here at Toyota Central or make the trek down to San Diego on my next jaunt home and take it to Kearny Mesa Toyota, where I originally  got my car and where the car had previously been serviced before I moved.

Toyota Central charges $369 for the 60K service.  Toyota North Hollywood charges $319.  Kearny Mesa Toyota charges $269.

Wha-huh?  That's some crazy differences in price.  

So we'll just do the oil changes in LA, but I'm taking it to San Diego for the major stuff.

Cristina B. | 2008-03-02

Terrible experience.
Don't buy anything here.  
Tell all your friends.

A week after we leased a Camry, my husband gets a phone call from the dealership that the finance manager made a MISTAKE on the lease contract and we either A) pay more or B) give the car back.

What kind of a dealership screws up the CONTRACT?!?!?  Do you think they offered ANYTHING to compensate for their mistake?  What would have happened if we'd screwed up or misunderstood the contract and went begging and pleading on our knees to take get out of our responsibilities?  They would have laughed in our faces.

May all of the misery, bankruptcy, and unemployment of the pending recession plague their business and bring its demise.


PS My husband went back and picked up our trade in car.  
They kept the new Camry and their Bullshit contract.

Deborah K. | 2008-01-16


I kinda wonder if there was something I missed here!  I had a GREAT experience at Toyota Central.

Ok, I could've probably argued down my interest rate...but at the time I thought my bank was gonna give me better financing and didn't bother to worry about the dealership financing.  Then my bank wanted a cosigner so I ended up stuck with Toyota's rate, which was somewhat higher than I know I could get, but not hideously offensive.

But that's my fault.  Not theirs.

The rest, though?  Low pressure, super nice, gave me a GREAT value on my trade in (and I was driving a hoopti, I assure you.  I'm lucky the thing got me to the dealership at all since I could barely start it that morning.) I got a lovely Certified Pre-Owned 2007 Corrolla for a remarkably low price.

Seriously.  I paid, like, NOTHING for this car.  And it was clean and in great shape etc etc.  

No one ever once tried to upsell me, or pawn off some other car on me.  Not even a little.  I worked with Deborah Roman who I think manages internet sales. The car was listed under's Certified Pre-owned listings.  Saw the cheap price online, sent an email late Saturday night, got a call first thing Sunday morning, got financing secured and bought the car and was out of there in less than 2 hours... a freakin' miracle for buying a car.

I've been car shopping a couple of times.  Every time has been an absolute gut-wrenching nightmare.  This was remarkably easy. I came in armed with all sorts of data and spreadsheets on how dealerships try to screw you over, and apart from giving me a slightly higher interest rate which, again, I sure they expected me to argue down and I didn't because I thought I'd get financing through my credit union,  they didn't sneak in ANY shady costs or strong-arm me into paying more per month than I was comfortable with...which was way different than every other dealership I'd visited.  

I'll probably refinance the loan in a year or so when my credit is better and get my interest rate down then.  Still my payments are low, my trade in value was absurdly high, the car I bought was listed below blue book, the staff wasn't the least bit schlocky, and didn't fall into any car-dealer stereotypes.  And, bless their hearts, no one delivered that old chesnut that puts my teeth on edge "Well, I want to earn your business..."

They just went ahead and earned it!

I'm sorry everyone else had such a bad experience!  I would absolutely reccomend this place to anyone buying a car!

Oh...and the music selection didn't bother me.   I mean, it's not like I go to Toyota to listen to my personal favorite tunes.  Frankly so long as I'm not "Coasting" for the two hours I'm there I'm thrilled.  Not sure why Latino music is problematic...especially for a dealership whose employees and patrons are all primarily Latino.

Erin L. | 2007-09-25

My family has owned and trusted Toyota cars for decades and two trips at this place have convinced me to go elsewhere for maintenance. Here's why:

If you want to wait 5 hours to pay $480 unexpected dollars for 45,000 mile maintenance and break pad replacement, go here.

If you want your service person to laugh at your 2003 model car, saying "I didn't know they make this anymore," go here.

If you want to reason with the service people, forget it. If you want to participate in a cyclical conversation of utter nonsense designed to wear you out until you fork over the cash, go here.

If you want to make an appointment here after receiving a $10-off coupon but get refused a discount just because you forgot the coupon, go here.

If you want to get your car back with the front license plate bent like some god damn origami, go here.

If you want to ask where your car is after waiting an hour past estimated completion, get it within 10 minutes, and then get a call from the imbecile who "helped you" - when you're already DRIVING past Echo Park, on the 2 freeway - telling you that "your car is ready!" and still get NO discount or apology or anything when you tell him that you not only got your car already, but hated the service. Oh I'm sorry, you get an apology from another person on the floor, who offers you the already free bottles of water, saying "we want you to come back"....GO HERE.

Bottom line: If you want to be treated like an idiot, by idiots; waste your Saturday; and most of all, waste your money, GO HERE.

Jen F. | 2007-09-25

This place is horrible.  They know that they're the only Toyota dealer serving the downtown area and do a shitty job cuz they know people are still gonna go there anyway (especially if your car is still under Toyota warranty).  I went in to have my oil change done (which was free with my Scion) and have my brakes checked.  The f'd up my lugnuts cuz they didn't use the key to remove them and claim it wasn't them but I know it was cuz noone else had touched my wheels but them.  And to top it off, they took forever!  The service managers are always rotating that no one person helps you and it's just a pathetic place.