Smart House / Smart Car USA in Los Angeles, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Smart House / Smart Car USA in Los Angeles, CA.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Smart House / Smart Car USA, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Smart House / Smart Car USA in other cities in the California.

Smart House / Smart Car USA

Dealer Info:

Address:1319 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90189

Reviews on Smart House / Smart Car USA

s r. | 2008-01-24

I was driving down Abbot-Kinney a couple of months ago when I was going from the Palisades back over to LAX...during rush!  So, rather than deal with the always nightmarish 405 (haha, as if!) I shot down Main St. and across Abbot-Kinney to go through Marina del Rey.  This is when I had the epiphany that the powers that be at Smart Car probably weren't so smart.  Even I wouldn't stop in all that mess to test drive one of their cars and I have a deposit on one!  Er...maybe I'm not so smart, either...

I would wager a bet that this is the smallest car dealership in the entire U.S.  I've seen larger car dealerships in Manhattan.  And could they have chosen a more inconvenient place to have it than the always busy, ridiculously congested because it has been oh so hip for way too long--meaning it is no longer hip, just annoyingly congested--Abbot-Kinney corridor?

Now, one of my top 5 restaurants in the world, Joe's, is just down the block...and I will bear the godforsaken traffic and please-God-I'm-a-good-person-so-let-me-find-a-­space parking nightmare that is the Abbot-Kinney corridor... just so I can eat the deliciousness that Joe prepares.  I've even been so desperate for one of his meals that I've resorted to valet parking...which often means a 30-45 minute wait for my car once I've finished dining....even the valets must deal with the traffic congestion.  Good thing the gelateria nearby stays open late.  They probably tip the valet's to be slow so people will go in there and buy gelato. But, I digress...  

But why else would someone come over here?  Just to test drive a Smart Car?  Aren't they supposed to be marketing to environmentally conscious, cheap-@ss consumers who like to save money/fuel?  So you put your dealership smack in the middle of one of the most heavily congested traffic areas of the westside...where one wastefully burns through gallons of gas, sitting in stop and go traffic...and trying to find parking...or waiting their turn for valet parking?  Where, praytell, are we supposed to test "drive" that vehicle in this area?

They're cute and all...but...

I guess that is why they have to entice people with free food and alcohol.

Eric M. | 2008-01-20

the parties here are always fun
free drinks and free food
=good times

barry C. | 2008-01-16

People who know me know that nothing gets me more excited than free drinks and free food (Except maybe tall Brunettes with skinny arms).  And luckily, you can find them both (all) at the Smart House parties!  

Located in the heart of Abbot Kinney in the three-level Smart Car concept space, these early evening monthly events (usually 7-11) hosted by the ubiquitous Stephen Hauptfuhr of Radiolovesyou gives all you hipster Hollywood and Eastside types a reason to come west without committing your entire evening to the land of cougar dens, body builders and scary ass, overly gregarious homeless people.  Throw in free valet, good music and an attractive staff and this one should be a permanent part of everyone's pre-party repertoire.  

They vary between Saturday and Thursday nights so keep your ear to the streets and figure out a way to get on the list - don't expect me to do everything for you, a real partier is only as valuable as his information sources.  I'll be at the first one of 2008 this Thursday (1/16) so look for the tall brotha double-fisting Heinekens and munching on hors'devours.

Oh yeah, and they have some Smart Cars on display too so at least pretend to be interested in driving one of those sardine cans on wheels while you chug the free booze.

Neely M. | 2008-01-16

I didn't even eat free food or drink free booze but I loved this place. It was so fun getting to check out these cool little cars - and they are so cheap!! I am thinkin' my next ride might be one of these. The people there were really nice, too, and the house was so cool. Go check it out - it's worth an ogle.

qirk z. | 2008-01-07

I drove 400 miles to check this place out, but it closed early. wtf. I found parking, about two blocks out, walked over and they were wrapping up. I did get to look through the window, so not a total loss.

Vince W. | 2007-11-04

A relatively unknown location for a Smart Car dealership. For those who huh at what a Smart Car is, visit .

Well, it's a dealership in that  there are Smart Cars on the location for viewing and test driving, but yet it's not like a dealership where you can actually buy a Smart Car.

Smart Cars will be arriving in the US in 2008 through the local official dealerships, such as Mercedes Benz and possibly BMW Mini. The Smart House/Smart Car idea is to put together a display of what it will be like to live in a uber cool, artsy fartsy place on Abbot "will cost you two" Kidneys, with Smart Cars as your primary (or secondary) transportations.

The rather sad thing is if visiting the Smart House is your first time seeing and wanting a Smart Car, chances are even if you place a reservation at the time of my review, you will have to wait for 2009 to get your car.

So far all allocations have been assigned for 2008.

Btw, I don't want to argue the merits of a Smart Car vs a Prius or a hybrid or crash test ratings whatever. Smart Cars have been around for years in Europe and it's a way of life. So let's just leave it as that. For nay-sayers, before you nay, I strongly recommend that you go for a test drive. It might, like the motto says, "open your mind".