Saab of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Saab of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, CA.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Saab of Beverly Hills, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Saab of Beverly Hills in other cities in the California.

Saab of Beverly Hills

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(310) 828-0200
Address:12101 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90064

Reviews on Saab of Beverly Hills

kim p. | 2012-09-14

I've gone here several times for warranty work - since most other dealers are closed. Evan the service advisor has been super helpful and nice and wanted me to understand everything. Even with the saab window closing issue that is known he told me a way to get them to stay up - without having to come into the dealer for a reset each time. Nice. Have to go again because the car says "service due" or whatever.

Lindsay T. | 2012-03-21

Bottom line this place is awful! This dealership negates the point of owning a luxury car because they provide less than luxury service! GM/Cadillac and Saab should be appalled.

Angela G. | 2011-02-10

Wow...Just a little update from almost a year ago when they supposedly, changed my motor. Just recently I heard a rattling under the hood. I took it to a local guy and he said it was the timing chain...which is part of the motor. So...they changed the motor and put the old timing chain back on it.

I am now at the SAAB in Pasadena...even though it was several miles away and the Bev. Hills store is around the way was I going back to that scamming place...BEWARE!!!!

Alice H. | 2009-12-13

I have been going to Saab of Beverly Hills for almost two years now. In that time, I have had several negative experiences which will lead to me never going back...

I once had my perfume taken from my car at SBH. I know, that sounds bizarre. It was. I always leave it in my console (literally, have never taken it out since the day I bought it in '07), and once, my car came back from an oil change without the perfume. I mentioned it, but they kind of tried to make me feel silly ("Why would any of our guys back there want your perfume?!"), and then never followed up with me. They put a note in my record, and every time I go in, they quickly click off of that screen. This totally killed my trust, but I kept going there due to the lack of other Saab shops in the area. I just made sure to do a better job clearing the car out before I sent it in.

More recently, I brought my car in for alignment and new tires. The bill came out to about $650. I left on vacation, and about a week later, checked my bank account to see that there were two charges from them (one just pending).

In college, I worked at a credit union, so I am pretty familiar with the fact that something can be pending and then subsequently dropped. I couldn't get ahold of the bank right away, so I called SBH to see if there was anything they could tell me about the charge. They told me to call back in 15 minutes. I did. No one could answer my question. I was put on hold. When someone did pick up (Mayra?) she was completely condescending - it was almost humorous. So, instead of simply saying, "Okay, I'll call my bank," I asked to talk to the manager about the absolutely horrendous customer service. It didn't make me feel any better. Honestly, if a customer is calling you concerned because there is a possibility that you overcharged them by a significant amount of money, you should be polite and proactive.

I would absolutely NOT recommend this dealership for any of your servicing needs.

Alison K. | 2009-12-04

I took my 2005 Saab 92x in this morning because the clutch was slipping. It only has 39,000 miles, so I assumed it was covered under the 5 year bumper to bumper warranty.

As soon as I got out of the car, the so-called service rep asked if I had ever been in before.  I said no.  Now most people would see this as an opportunity to earn a new customer. Not her. She asked what the problem was. I said clutch and she said that is only covered under a 15k mile warranty.  I had to practically twist her arm to get her to check my vin number on the computer to see if it was covered.  After begrudgingly doing so, she gleefully announced that my warranty  WAS comprehensive, but was a 4 year, and expired in June. Her entire focus was on denying any warranty service. She was certainly not interested in getting a new customer. Maybe because the future of the Saab brand is in limbo, they don't want t do any work they may not get reimbursed for.  She didn't even offer to fix the clutch or give me an estimate, she was just so pleased it wasn't a warranty repair.  i collected my car, which they had already driven to the back, and left.  

I then took my car to 2 Guys from Sweden, who worked on my old car for me for over 8 years.  Robert took it on a test drive, and before he even backed out of the lot knew it was the clutch. He drove it around the block, and was able to tell me whether I needed to do the work immediately or wait until Monday, (and a paycheck to clear).

I will NEVER NEVER NEVER go to Martin Cadillac Saab again.  After I finish this review, I am writing to Saab USA as well.

Double O. | 2009-08-02


Tim Endo, the "service manager" is terrible, and Tina Flores isn't much better. His people drove my car 40 miles, emptied the gas tank, put my average miles per gallon down to 8.4, gave the car back filthy and THEY DIDN'T EVEN FIX THE PROBLEM IT WENT IN FOR!

They offered me a free tank of gas. HA!

I reported them to GM corporate for their bs, and the Better Business Bureau. This place is a disgrace to GM. Their rating on the BBB is an F for a reason.

Cheri. A G. | 2008-09-04

So LA must hate the Swedes because when I leased my first Saab I went to South Bay is now closed.

So then we had to go to Santa Monica Saab and lease our is now closed.

So now we go to Saab of Beverly Hill which is actually at Martin Cadillac near Bundy on Olympic...not really BH at all...confusing.  BUT it is actually closer to me than the SM location was.

Anywho...we have never had any problems with the Saab's until recently (not counting when someone took out the front end of my parked car).

There was some strange noises coming from the car so we took it in to have them check it out.  Terry Hobolt was the consultant there and she got us in and out very quickly and sent us off in our Enterprise rental which is located at the dealership.

So good!  Will keep you updated.

Oh and by the way...check out the bling they have in the office for the Escalades...come on people you look ridiculous with that stuff on your car....right up there with spinning rims.