Prime Time Auto Leasing in Los Angeles, CA

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We are different type of auto brokers, the one that work for you. We leave the Headache and the Hard work of car shopping to us. Call Mike now  to start the process.  Plus we Offer return loyalty coverage For Free.  Lease or buy used or new

We offer fast and offer competitive rates, lower monthly payments, more cars (more often) than the dealership, no maintenance headaches, lower up front cash outlay, no used car hassles, gap coverage  and custom financing for your car.


Established in 2010.

Still going strong.

Prime Time Auto Leasing

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(213) 200-0475
Address:3200 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90039
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm

Reviews on Prime Time Auto Leasing

June K. | 2015-04-18

worked with arbi , he gave me a great deal on audi A4
i would like to work with him again
i really appreciate to my man arbi

Arbi, (818)726-0356

Jack K. | 2015-04-17

If I could rate 0 stars, I would... I, unfortunately, worked with Mike and thanks to him, I will never use another leading broker again in my life!

Let me put it this way. If you have no idea what you want and you know you don't want to pay a certain amount, they will find something for you. However, if you know what you want AND how much you want to pay, you are better off going to the dealer directly!

In my case, I had been very clear about the fact that I needed the car ASAP. I got the run around from Mike, along with all of his empty promises for just under 2 MONTHS before I was fed up and called the dealer myself!

Not only did I get the deal I wanted, the entire process took HALF A DAY!!!! I did/said nothing different than what I did/said with Mike.

I couldn't believe what I had gone through! AVOID THIS PLACE LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!

Dee C. | 2015-04-13

The best service yet.... Mike was very patient with me! I got a brand new 2015 mbz CLA250. I never owned a brand new car... kept in contact! got me an excellent service deal and  window tinting.

Thank You Mike, Cynthia

Kainat S. | 2015-04-12

Mike is an exceptional guy! Car buying has always been a hectic deal but he made it so easy and efficient. I was in and out of the dealership with my brand new Mercedes S550 within half hour. He was very helpful, explained all the features of the new car and made sure i was taken care of. I will definitely recommend him to all my family and friends.

John G. | 2015-04-11

Great deal on a Infinity Q50 Premium package. I was probably one of Mike's most annoying customers but a deals a deal. lol. Mike is a busy guy and did what he could to get me the best deal possible. Do your research before you work with Mike and the process will go very smoothly. As I always say nobody gets 81 5 star reviews by accident. Now everytime a girl gets in my car I think of Mike. haha

Willie L. | 2015-04-04

Mike seriously saved me. He helped me sell my old Passat for so much more than I expected and got me a brand new Chevy Cruze for barely anything down. He's so nice and efficient and will recommend him to anyone I known looking for a new car. Best car leasing experience I've ever had!

Stephanie F. | 2015-03-23

Prime Time Auto Leasing gave me a quick experience and even though i didn't walk out with my first vehicle choice i was offered a satisfactory backup. Staff was friendly and an overall good experience.

Armen G. | 2015-03-11

honest people Arbi is good at what he does make sure you run numbers by him before you do a deal with anyone

Yna M. | 2015-03-11

I was looking to lease a new car for the first time and Mike was highly recommended to me. He was the first person I called. He helped me through each step and found me exactly what I was looking for AND MORE! The process was seamless and overall a great experience. Thanks Mike!

Mikey D. | 2015-03-08

Mike was amazing!!! Got me in the dealership, and in my brand new whip with no trouble at all. I cannot recommend this company enough. Thanks again Mike, and I'll see you on the road my friend!!

Anilga B. | 2015-03-05

Arbi Arbi Arbi!!!!!! He gave me an amazing deal on my 2015 Infiniti Q40. Called him this morning gave me an amazing deal and that same night he personally delivered my car to my doorstep.

If you're looking to lease or buy a car call Arbi (818) 726-0356, I promise you won't be disappointed. After checking out several other places on prices Arbi gave me a deal that was beyond amazing!!

Love my new car! Thanks Arbi :)

Rouben M. | 2015-03-05

Prime Time was great!
I live in Nor Cal, was on vacation in So Cal, on my drive down i got a call form MBZ leasing that my lease was up in a month. Thus I added getting a new car on my list of things to do on my vaca...i mean do I really need this now!!

Once in SoCal, I went to several dealerships, looked at cars and when I was ready I started negotiating over the phone, going back and forth, I have bought many cars, and although part of the process is fun, dealing with the dealership is the worst part.

Anyhow, I call my friend who is a GM at a dealership asking for some help in negotiating a deal and some research on the lease contracts. His first comment was, why are you wasting vaca time trying to buy a car...and refers me to Arby at Prime Time.

We spoke on the phone a few times, told him what I wanted in a car. After a few more conversations, we meet at the dealership, my wife and I test drive the car. I let Arby discuss the lease terms with the dealer and said to him that I will only get the car if he can get me the deal he stated over the phone a few days back...a few hours later we drove away with our new car.

What I liked was that I did not have t deal with anyone but him, no back and forth, haggling and stuff. The following day, I was having lunch with my sister (Friday), she mentioned that she needed a new car and knew what she wanted. We called Arby again, she was driving her new lexus on Sat. :)

I will use them again, thanks for making it a very easy process.

Sarkis B. | 2015-03-04

I don't know where to begin! I never believed in leasing before until I met Arbi who made it so easy that I never wanna go back to the dealer and get hassled. He handled everything just from one phone call. I told him what I want and he delivered 100% and on time. He has the best prices and will give you the best deal. This is the 2nd car I bought from him and I will definitely be coming back! If you guys have any questions please give him a call (818)726-0356

Jack G. | 2015-03-04

Arbi is the best. He takes care of everything. I just told him what I wanted and he took care of all the hassles. Got my car delivered to me in record time. I will be calling him back when I'm ready for the next lease.

Mike J. | 2015-02-28

Great company to work with. Much better lease rates vs dealer. Mike gave me best price for my Lexus GS350 F-Sport for 27 month lease. Other broker I spoke to just were playing games with me. If you want to get the lowest payment from the first time, call MIKE!
Thank you!

Rylan V. | 2015-02-28

I am amazed at the deal Mike was able to accomplish for me. The next to impossible he made it possible! He helped me get the BMW 428i I wanted and with little down and quick. I'm forever gracious for all the hard work.

Thanks Mike!

Michael B. | 2015-02-27

Mike did an excellent job arranging and finalizing the lease for our new car - his numbers were much, much better than any dealer we spoke with in the LA or OC area (they weren't close), he matched our lease terms, negotiated the application from beginning to end and then arranged for delivery of the car to us the day after the application was finalized, which is just a phenomenal and time-saving service. Admittedly, the negotiating process took a few more days than expected, and it can become a grind, but Mike delivered as he promised. With this type of service, I don't think we'd ever go to a dealer again.

Well-recommended! Thanks again Mike!

Chris C. | 2015-02-15

Mike did an awesome job with helping us get the lexus we wanted. I was getting frustrated with him since it took almost a week to make the deal but he was working to get the best possible price. The wait was definitely worth it.

I recommend going through Mike rather than directly with the dealership, he's able to negotiate better rates and he works hard to get the car you want. He helped us out even after we bought the car to find a more affordable insurance!

Go through Mike to get your next new car, you'll be happy you did.

donnie h. | 2015-01-30

I just want to say if your looking for anything car related you have to go here. I couldn't believe any of the prices that were being given to me. I had Arbi help me with everything from start to finish. I drove from San Diego about two hours and I was more then taken care of. At 23 years old I couldn't have expected to be in a 50,000 lexus gs350. I promise you that there is no way you can come out dissapointed if Arbi is helping you get your next car. I'll also upload some pictures of the car I'm in now. I even called three lexus dealerships prior to seeing Arbi, all stunned and could not match the pricing he was giving me.

tizzle g. | 2015-01-17

Ok, when I called Mike I had already talked to another broker (who didn't listen to what I wanted) and four dealerships. Being a sales exec, I'm pretty strict on budget and negotiating. When I called Mike I honestly didn't think I was going to get anything any time soon. I told him what my budget was for down payment and what I wanted my monthly to be (under 300 for a Lexus). He got me everything I wanted, car was delivered to my house in two days and threw in a free tint since I was a new customer. Wooooooo! Call him at the 5132 above. Very happy customer!!

Aileen M. | 2015-01-06

Arbi is fantastic! He helped me with my lease over the phone; we sealed the deal in literally 15 minutes with no hassles and no problems! Awesome specials and great customer service. A++

Mitch A. | 2014-12-27

First time using a broker to purchase a vehicle and Arbi was great to work with! Both my gf and brother purchased a vehicle from him (Audi | Lexus). The entire process was quick and easy! I'll definitely be going back for my next purchase.

Bill D. | 2014-12-05

Excellent service and overall experience in leasing a new car. Mike went above and beyond in finding, processing and delivering ou cars. I couldn't be more pleased.

David B. | 2014-11-17

After reading the stellar reviews, I decided to give Prime Time Auto Leasing a call. I couldn't be happier with my decision. Mike really made my car leasing experience a pleasurable experience. Let him know what you want and the color/options, he will find it for you at price you couldn't touch on your own. I leased a 2015 Lexus GS for a price that was about $150 less than I found on my own. I got a call from Mike that he found me the exact car I wanted and it was delivered to my house that same night. Don't mess around with anyone else or doing it on your own. Call Mike at 818-439-5132.

P. J. | 2014-11-03

This is hands-down the best customer service I have ever received in my life. I'm a recent college grad who just moved from east to west coast and had no idea where to start looking for a lease. Mike took care of absolutely everything, helped me keep my insurance super low and delivered an incredible deal on a Lexus lease just 3 days after I called him. He was incredibly helpful with answering my concerns and he made the process ridiculously easy for me.

If you're leasing through anyone else, you're doing it wrong.

Andrew A. | 2014-10-28

This place is the real deal. After going from dealership to dealership with no success, I was worn out. I found Prime Time on Yelp and decided to give them a try since their reviews were overwhelmingly positive. I called Mike on a Tuesday afternoon and he personally delivered a car to my work on Thursday morning. I literally spent less than an hour of my personal time for the entire transaction. Mike did all the work; he got me a great deal on an Infiniti and hooked me up with insurance as well. I don't think I'll ever go back to a dealership.

Kenn L. | 2014-10-25

Just bought my new car from prime time! Ask for mike. He is really helpful and would not stop until he gets you the best deal he can get. It took a bit over a week for mine because it was a hard color to find but he made sure I got the model and color AND the trim I wanted and made sure I was absolutely satisfied with it. This is the first time leasing a brand new car so I was nervous but mike really helped me out and walked through the process with me every step of the way.

michael s. | 2014-10-25

Mike at Prime Time Leasing handled my request for a new 2015 Lexus.  It took less than a week (could have been less, my fault) and he delivered to my place of work a new 2015 Lexus RX350!  Incredible.   I had obtained a lease quote from Jim Falk Lexus which was $200 more than what Mike got for me.  The shame is that Mike doesn't have a marketing program to let car buyers/leasers in LA know about him and his company.  I am impressed.  I dreaded having to talk to car sales people, they are all incompetent and hang around outside the showrooms with 12 others smoking.  LOL
With Mike, we never met until delivered the car to me.  Don't hesitate, use Prime Time Auto Leasing.

Al I. | 2014-10-15

Arbi, is one of those rare people in life. He's completely 100% truthful with me. " just as myself when I interact with people "
It was my pleasure working with great professional at his craft.  
I gave him hard time in the beginning.
Cause like most sales people. "They are on BS"
Not the case with Prime Time leasing!
Every promise he made me came all true. Can't ask for anything more. Definitely going stick with him in the future and recommend Prime Time to all my family, friends and colleagues.
Thanks Arbi,  I love my car

Lissy T. | 2014-10-14

Mike was great at being there to answer all of my questions right away, being a first time leaser. He got me the car in a matter of days and worked throughout the weekend even. He definitely secured me the best leasing deal I've seen in LA. I got a nicer model than expected- brand new- delivered to my door! He even hooked me up with way cheaper insurance than I could find on my own. His customer service is excellent, not pushy at all as I had experienced at some dealerships. Thank you!

Zee A. | 2014-10-11

We were looking to trade in our 2008 Chevy Malibu and get a lease. After going to several car dealerships and having to deal with the stressfulness and pushiness of car salesmen we were ready to just keep our chevy. My boyfriend heard of Prime Time Auto from an Uber driver who had only good things to say about it. So we thought we give it a try. I spoke with Mike who was very helpful and cool. He took care of everything and was eager to find us a great deal. We got an offer that was perfect for us. Our monthly payment went up only by $40 for a brand new 2015 Toyota Corola Sport.
Mike made it happen!!!!

Aline N. | 2014-10-08

I've always wanted a Lexus is, never thought I could afford it. I was referred to Arbi by a friend and I couldn't be happier. He gave me a deal I couldn't pass up. Oh and he made it happen on my Birthday! I would definitely  recommend Arbi @ prime time leasing to all my friends and family.

Anna G. | 2014-10-01

Working with Prime Time was a dream. I am 24 years old and completely clueless to the car buying/leasing process. I was so scared of getting screwed over or having to run around to a million different dealerships. Arbi was amazing and got me approved and got me a much nicer car than I had hoped, with the perfect lease terms, all well within my budget. He also helped me get great insurance and made sure the entire process was smooth and convenient with my work schedule. I couldn't recommend Prime Time auto more. This is seriously the best way to lease/buy!! Thanks again Prime Time!

Deborah H. | 2014-09-28

I just got back from two months out of town and needed to sort out a new car pretty quickly.  I've honestly never seen such unequivocal rave reviews, especially when it comes to transactions involving cars, but I figured it couldn't hurt to inquire.  I put what I expected to be an impossible request in front of Mike - a rock-bottom monthly payment on a new Mercedes and delivery within 3 days - and he actually came through!  It all happened so quickly and so smoothly that I'm still gaping at my gorgeous white CLA250 as if it was dropped into my garage from the heavens.  Thank you Mike, thank you Prime Time, keep up the great work!

A L. | 2014-09-17

Got introduced to Mike and within days had my car in my hands. Worked fast, efficient, and made it a smooth and easy transaction. Extremely satisfied with my experience.

Shyam O. | 2014-09-14

Read these great reviews and gave Mike a call. Within days he sorted me out with a lease that suited me. I couldn't do the 3 year leases etc and he sorted me out a short term lease and helped me find insurance as well that was cheaper than looking around! Recommend, especially those out of town with little credit who still want to lease a car short or long term!

Lp N. | 2014-09-13

I was a bit skeptical at first because of all the great reviews. So I gave them a shot and boy am I glad I did. Mike was great! Very professional and he got me in the BMW I wanted at a great price in just a couple days. He handled everything with the car prior to me arriving. All I had to do was sign. No haggling at the dealerships, no up sales, and no stress. My work schedule isn't the easiest to work with, but Mike still managed to work with it. He goes above and beyond to get everything done for you so that you won't have to. If you're thinking of picking up a new car don't hesitate and give them a call. Time is precious so don't waste yours. You definitely won't regret it.

Payvand M. | 2014-09-09

First off, 5-stars does no justice for Prime Time Auto - Mike and Arbi are absolutely great! Before I started my car search, I did a ton of research to make sure I was going to get a great deal. I happen to come across prime time auto.  I took a look at prime time auto's reviews and I couldn't believe all of the great reviews.

I contacted them and Mike quickly called me back within minutes.  Mike was very quick to process all my information, give me updates very quickly and most importantly deliver on everything I asked. I didn't have the cleanest credit and wasn't sure what to expect but Mike promised that he would still be able to get me the car I wanted at the monthly payment I wanted. He delivered! In less a week, I had Arbi showing up with the paperwork and had the car delivered to my place! Unbelievable!

If you are in the market for a vehicle, PLEASE PLEASE contact Mike and give him an opportunity to help. HE WILL DELIVER! I will make it my mission to refer anyone and everyone I know to Mike and Arbi. You guys rock!!!!

Matthew N. | 2014-09-05

Arbi spent 2 days on the phone with me helping me get the exact car I wanted. He was attentive and responsive. The most amazing part was that he helped me even though I ended up not getting the car from him as I had already been negotiating with a dealer. He was happy for me to get the best deal possible on the exact car I wanted. I couldn't be more impressed with his thoughtfulness, professionalism and care. The next time I go to lease a car I'm not even wasting time with annoying dealers I am going straight to primetime. He didn't get his deal from me, but he has turned me into a loyal future customer. I will be recommending primetime to anyone I know looking to lease a new car. Thanks for everything.

Neil P. | 2014-09-01

READ!!  Coming from a physician who has OCD, these guys are the bomb!!!

After 5 days of getting the exact build for my BMW 535i (some packages are difficult in combination, especially when you want the car ASAP), Mike found the perfect car for me.  On top of this, I cannot tell you how good of a price I received.  Over 9 grand below MSRP and several thousands below MSRP (no sure if I'm supposed to be saying this).  On top of this, I had the car delivered within 3 days of signing all documents from LA (I live in Northern California).  Mike managed to address all my concerns, including making sure all goes well with the transaction.  This was especially the case when I had to make wire transfers (nowadays, people can run with your money and its gone...these guys did it professionally).  I'll be honest...there was a time I wondered whether these guys will take my thousands and run, but Prime Time was  professional thru and thru.  Even after having the car delivered (these guys already had my money by then), they still called and asked if everything met my expectation.  In this business, although I'm no expert, this is a rarity.  True customer service. At delivery, I had 2 "missing" pieces on my car (where the car gets hitched on the trailer) and they immediately called the dealership before me to have them rectify and ship these pieces back to me.  Still waiting for them, but it will be done via FedEx directly from the dealership!

I will be their client from now on.  In fact, I have 2 more potential deals by year-end for them and one additional sale possibly as soon as a few weeks from now.  This is my experience and I hope (in fact, I feel certain) you pick this guy.  FYI - I don't normally write reviews BUT extensively use Yelp all the time.  I figured I should do my share  this time.  Thanks Guys.  

I did promise pics...that will be a little later.  

Neil P, MD

marina b. | 2014-08-31

I recently purchased a Toyota Camry SE 2014.5 and I am really satisfied with the car I got and the price I have to pay monthly. Mike helped me with my car purchase by phone and text and after when my credit was approved for the car Mike drove the car all the way to my house which is 1 hour and 20 minutes away from Glendale with no charge. When I saw my car for the first time I fell in love. Honestly he is the best car sales person and if any body needs to buy or lease a car go to Prime Time Auto. They have the best of the best deals and greatest prices and that is why my family always gets their cars from them and from Mike. THANK YOUUUUU MIKE YOU'RE THE BESTTTT.

Tanya M. | 2014-08-31

This is my second time leasing a car from prime time auto leasing and had to write a review because of the great service I received. I spoke with Arbi who was very understanding of my needs and very accommodating to what I wanted. He made the processes very easy and stress free. The price I received from this place was incomparable to other places and I am very happy with my car. I would recommend prime time and Arbi to anyone who is looking for a hassle free car buying/leasing experience.

Todd L. | 2014-08-27

Arbi absolutely hooked me up!!!! After calling 5 different leasing agencies, waiting for them to return calls or track down cars for me in a specific colour, I found Prime Time on Yelp and gave them a call. Spoke with Arbi, and in less than 12 hours, after approval, had a brand new Lexus delivered to my door with the exact specs I was after.
He even sorted car insurance for me which worked out to be $100 cheaper than the major insurance companies in California.
Would highly recommend him to anyone looking at leasing. Great communication, and fights to get what you want!
Thanks Arbi!

Lisa G. | 2014-08-18

Mike at Prime Time Auto is truly the best!!! I read all the positive reviews and it's how I initially got connected with Mike after no having any luck with other dealers. Well let me just tell you he deserves his 5 star reputation!! I had a big issue with my credit being so new that it was close to impossible to find a car period let alone at a payment I was comfortable with but with Mike everything worked out great!! I am already referring him to my friends! He put me in a beautiful new Lexus hybrid and delivered it right to me! He's the real deal and will truly work hard to find the right car for you!! Thank you so much Mike I absolutely love my new car and its all thanks to you!!!

david w. | 2014-08-11

Mike is a solid, knowledgeable guy and a pleasure to do business with. Beat the best lease I could find anywhere in the country researching both brokers and dealers. Thousands $ below invoice. Mike came up with over a dozen remaining 2014's where others I talked to often couldn't find even one. Highly recommend.

Nancy H. | 2014-07-31

Super Efficient. Mike at Prime Time Auto set me up with the car I was looking for, found me the best deal and delivered it to me, all in the same day. I would highly recommend Mike and Prime Time Auto to anyone looking to lease or purchase a car.  I was very impressed.  Thank you again Mike!

Steve B. | 2014-07-22

Great Customer service! Ask for Mike!! Got me a very hard to find car exactly the price that worked fro me!! Delivered the car to me personally! Very happy with my decision to get my car from prime time auto. Will definitely be recommending their services!!

Damien N. | 2014-07-19

Arbi is a truly stand up guy. I was getting married in two weeks when my car broke down. We realized that we were going to have to get a new car before the big day. I had no experience with leases and I was really wary about the whole process. We first went to a dealership and I got the runaround that I expected. We went back and forth  on the price and it was still not within our budget. My fiancee found Prime Time on yelp. We were shocked by the great reviews. How could they get such consistent praise. We met Arbi and right away we felt like we were in good hands. He took our budget and gave us a few options from different auto manufacturers. Once we decided on a model the process moved quickly. Arbi was very transparent. He took the time to answer all of my questions. I can't thank him enough for that. He helped us to work out our financing. It was a seamless process.  It only took a few days and our car was ready.  We picked it up from his office. Everything was exactly as promised. When I woke up the next morning, I had a hard time believing that we had a new car.  It was such an easy process. I recommend Prime Time Auto Leasing to everyone.

Katrina M. | 2014-07-18

Primetime is the best brokership in town with the best deals. I talked to various brokers, but none of them can beat Mike's prices. He went above and beyond and gave great service before, during, and after the process. Extremely satisfied with everything. I highly recommend everyone to go to them.

Priscila R. | 2014-07-17

Ask for ARBI!!!! He was amazing at helping me get my car all i told him is i need a car ASAP and he said not a problem i will get u a good deal! He worked very hard on 4th of july weekend and got me a greeaaaat deal he hooked me up!! He picked up my new Lexus  and he negotiated everything! I didn't have to do anything Don't go to the dealer they want to meet their quota and screw you over. Arbi is on your side he helps you get whats best for you! Thanx to him I'm now driving my new Lexus ;)

J. B. | 2014-06-27

Amazed. That's what I have to say about the awesome service that we got at this place. We dealt with a really great guy named Mike. He got us the BEST deal by far on a new Lexus lease, and the level of support and service he gave us was simply amazing!! If you are in the market to lease a car, this is place you should be going to! Thanks Mike!!!

Sako D. | 2014-06-23

Mike and Arby at primetime are awesome. Not only did they give me one of the best deal but delivered my car all the way from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.  Great customer service....Best deals around... Won't go anywhere else for my cars...Primetime Auto is the best way to go.

melisa r. | 2014-06-19

Mike is THE BEST!!!!!!!
He's incredibly smart, hard working and really dedicated to his clients. This guy is the real deal. I was a newbie and he patiently answered all of my questions, helped navigate around the obstacles that popped up and stayed with me every step of the way. If I could give him more stars I would. I plan on using him for my next car and am actually looking forward to the experience! I can't recommend him highly enough. Go to Mike!!!!

Eddie L. | 2014-06-10

Arbi at Prime Time Auto Leasing is the best guy to see if you are looking to purchase or lease a car. I would recommend him to my own grandmother.. He has provided my wife and I with unbelievable leases with low down and low monthly payments. I have leased cars for the past 20 years and until I met Arbi at Prime Time Auto Leasing in Glendale, I was always overpaying for my leases from the dealers myself and spending hours trying to work out a deal. Go see Arbi at Prime Time Auto Leasing, he has the best deals in Los Angeles. Honest guy with Honest pricing. He even set me up with tinting for all my cars. This is my third lease through Prime Time and I will never lease until I spoken Arbi!

Leah H. | 2014-06-10

5 stars for these guys! I was moving from out of state and they walked me through the process of what needed to be done for qualification over the phone and had all paperwork and my new car ready to go once I was in town. They responded quickly to texts and calls even on their days off and made accommodations to pick me up from the airport and take me to the dealership. Mike was such a great help!!!!

Liana Z. | 2014-05-30

Definitely one of the best places to go if you're looking to buy a car! Arbi was super helpful and made the whole process so easy and fast. Will be coming back next time around!

Anabelle M. | 2014-05-24

After a day of car shopping where every salesperson pegged us (accurately) as pushovers, my husband and I were severely over car shopping.  We stumbled upon these great reviews and gave Arbi a call. He talked us through the process while being extremely patient with my hand wringing and stressing.  For the price we were going to pay for a Ford Focus via our own negotiations, we got a Lexus hybrid. I mean... That's ridiculous. Either we are the worst negotiators on the planet (possible) or this is an insane deal.

Arbi is no nonsense and great at what he does!  And a nice guy to boot!

jason s. | 2014-05-23

I cannot say enough good things about these guys.  I walked into their office at about 3 p.m. today and was looking to replace my Prius.  Mike told me he could get me a Lexus for just a little bit more money.  I went home and after a handful of calls and texts, he called me with the price he quoted me.  I was leaving on a trip in the morning so he and Arbi worked late to get the deal done today.   I met him back at the office and they had the car ready for me and papers to sign which took less than 5 minutes.  It took me less than an hour total and no haggling or hassles dealing with car salesmen.  I will never buy a car again without them.  They got rebates and deals on the car that I could have never gotten on my own.

Genie G. | 2014-05-13

After car shopping for a few months I was referred to Mike and wow, he made my life so much easier after getting me in the car I wanted in a couple of days. The whole process was smooth and simple which was what I needed after months of shopping around. If you're looking through a bunch of car leasing places on Yelp.... stop wasting your time and call Mike.

Emily I. | 2014-05-12

I was a little nervous about leasing a car, but Mike made the whole process unbelievably easy! What's more is that he did it quickly. I am really happy with my new car and look forward to my time with Prime Time Auto Leasing.

Bijan A. | 2014-04-07

I had a great experience working with Mike to get my new Lexus. He made the whole process so easy and he was very patient with me as I was deciding what car to get. There is no pressure whatsoever with Prime Time Auto Leasing.
Simply put, they work with you to find out what you are interested in and then go to work to find the best deal possible.
I've always negotiated on my own with the dealer but those days are in the past now after having such an awesome experience with Mike.
Not only are you getting a great deal but there are no "hidden" fees.
I paid exactly what Mike told me I was going to pay over the phone.
I have 2 children so I was not able to drive to the dealership on the day my car was ready. Not a problem, Mike sent a car for me that took me straight to the dealership.
And the best part of it all was my paperwork was already complete when I showed up so I literally was in and out of the dealership with my new car.
I was skeptical at first because it sounded too good to be true but now I am like everyone else that has purchased their car through Prime Time - extremely satisfied customer!!!
I've had my car now for 3 weeks and my wife and I love it.
Mike has kept in touch frequently to see how things are going.
I've recommended Mike and Prime Time Auto Leasing to my family and friends and I will definitely work with Mike again in the future.
Give them a call, it's a no-brainer.

Ty M. | 2014-04-06

Arbi is insanely good! Moving here from NYC I was very nervous about the process of buying a car. Arbi and I worked via text and phone for a week. He picked me up via uber at LAX and I drove away from his office 90 minutes after I arrived. These guys are straight up hustlers who have two things in mind.....slashed prices and customer service. These guys get my highest highest highest recommendation.

BR L. | 2014-03-08

Yelp is where I found Prime Time Auto and Mike.  THE BEST auto broker in town (possibly in the whole world - at minimum, I am confident that he can make it in the very near future).  Frankly, I did extensive researches on my new vehicle just to get the best deal and I have no doubt that I just got it.

I am very happy that I made a right choice to have Mike look for my car and deal with dealers.  He is very responsive/reliable/extremely hard working guy who loves and enjoys his job, most of all. Even if you yourself realize that you asked too much, Mike tried so much and made it happen.

I will absolutely recommend Prime Time Auto to anyone who needs help w/ leasing a vehicle.  I don't think anyone in town can beat his price and amazing services.

Amie B. | 2014-03-07

Arbi Nazarian from Prime Time Leasing is amazing!!! I highly recommend Arbi to anyone who is thinking about purchasing or leasing a car.  This was my first experience with a broker and Arbi made the process so easy!!! He answered all my questions, called me back every time I had a question and went above and beyond to provide me with a  great experience!! Hes honesty, professional and really goes out of his way to get you want you  want.  Arbi made the stressful process of purchasing a car hassle free.   I told Arbi what I wanted: car, financial budget,  interior color, exterior color, etc. and he made it happen for me.  Arbi delivered the car I purchased at my work place and made everything stress free. Im so grateful and happy with my experience. Arbi is the "man"..Thank you so much for your help. Im referring everyone I know to Arbi  Nazarian from Prime Time Leasing. Thank you so much for the great experience!!! Im happy with my car and most of all happy you made it happen for me!! Cant thank you enough!!!

Deja D. | 2014-03-05

I listened to the Yelp reviews and called Prime Time.  Ask for Arbi.

Lexi K. | 2014-02-11

- Five star customer service before/during/after the process
- Great deal compared to other auto brokers in LA
- If you are looking to purchase/lease a car, this is it!

I'm definitely a happy customer with Prime Time Auto. While having relocated recently to CA, I did not know where to go in terms of auto broker/dealer. And we all know that it's not easy for regular customers to get good deals from dealers directly.

Mike was the main point of contact, and Arbi later on also joined to help with my deal. Their service is top notch with professionalism and frequent communication accompanied by the best deal ever! The business itself has a great reputation in the area, and both of Mike and Arbi seemed to have an extensive network with the dealers.

I recommend Prime Time Auto without reservation, and I will definitely come back for my next vehicle! Thank you, Mike and Arbi!

Casey C. | 2014-02-10

Buying a car is one of the more annoying facets of life. Arbi (and Mike) take the headache out of it all. I barely had to show up and I got into a new car at a great rate, plus free window tinting. They even offered to give me a ride (although I didn't need it). These guys know everyone at all the Brand Ave dealerships- I got a way better deal through them. I will never walk onto a lot again- these guys will have my business for life.

Raquel R. | 2014-02-06

Mike and Arbi are the nicest and hardworking guys! I haven't done business with them personally, but they have with my job and they do a damn good job. Not to mention they've bought us pizza ;) Maybe in the future I'll be a customer and not just a semi-coworker. Keep up the good work guys!

Stephanie C. | 2014-01-26

Happy with my decision to choose Prime Time Auto Leasing. I called Mike the day I moved to LA, looking for a car. Mike walked me through the process of being a first-time leaser/buyer and the different options that were available with the resources I have. Mike consistently called and kept in contact to let me know of any updates, and advice for the direction I should pursue.

The day I went to pick a car, Mike arranged for a ride to the dealership, and his contacts at the dealership took care of me - helping me test cars, walking me through the financing etc. Mike came by later that evening before papers were signed to make sure numbers were correct and that I got a good deal. He also arranged insurance on-the-spot, and I was able to drive off with a car and package I feel comfortable and secure with.

Christina B. | 2014-01-24

Best decision I ever made choosing Prime Time Auto Leasing. I called Mike and told him I was interested in a lease, I kid you not that SAME day I drove home in my new car. Mike works so hard to get exactly what you want. Mike is the man!! This was the smoothest transaction, I am so happy I called!

Gohar K. | 2014-01-23

Amazing, amazing, amazing...! Mike & Arbi got me my car in less then a hour & personally shipped it to my home. can it get any better? with my busy work schedule its the little things that count. Thank you guys for making this the easiest auto leasing experience

Kelly K. | 2014-01-17!!!  This was my first time leasing a car. I spent few weeks searching for the exact car I want and the right price. Don't waste your time driving around dealership to dealership. Just give him a call! He will take care of everything. I got my Camaro two days ago. I'm in LOVE with my car and the price!! Best Customer Service Ever!!!

Sarah C. | 2013-12-30

SO grateful to Mike who helped me with my FIRST EVER lease. At first I was afraid (after reading other reviews) that he only handled luxury vehicle leases, but he took the time and really made me feel special and cared for spending almost all day at the dealership with me. He navigated the whole deal for me and helped me find my dream car-an amazing Chevy Volt! Plus he knew all the right cards to play to get me $1500 back in CA energy incentives and $500 COSTCO card! Hey, I like bulk items, what can I say? Plus he helped keep my payments low and hooked me up with a free tint job. He's like the Robin Hood of car leasing! TRY HIM!

Janelle P. | 2013-12-30

Mike helped me out on the best deal that I found anywhere! Definitely a great place to get the car you've been wanting for a great price :)

A friend recommended that I fill out an online application. I was immediately contacted by Mike who helped me out instantly. After submitting the necessary paperwork, he got me a great price and it was a done deal! I got my car that night and it is definitely better than dealing with the dealerships trying to make u pay more!

Rob B. | 2013-12-19

I'm definitely glad I came to Prime Time Auto Leasing for my car lease. They are great with their service and know how to take care of the customer. Any of your needs, any car you desire - they will go out of their way to make sure you're satisfied. They work hard for you.

I highly recommend this place for anyone interested in a car lease.

Khalil J. | 2013-11-28

I have been around the city to find a decent auto leasing place, and I am glad to find Prime time. This is probably the best place to lease your car. Awesome customer service, no intimidation, they worked with me to get the best deal. I don't think any other place would do what they did. Mike was very helpful, and provides excellent service! I know where to go to lease my cars now. Totally recommend it.

john j. | 2013-11-16

So glad I found this place. If you're looking to lease a new car Mike's the man! He's busy because he's always working on finding his clients the best deals around, regardless of the make or model or dealer. **Why drive around to 20 different dealers when PrimeTime will do the work for you? I really scored here. The exact car I wanted, no hassles and he negotiated a better than expected price. Couldn't be more happy with my wheels. Give him a call and see what he can do.

Jackie M. | 2013-11-11

Mike at Prime Time ended my search for the best car at the best price. After weeks of checking around myself, he took care of everything for me in a few days. He is polite, charming and gets you the best price. I am telling all my friends that Prime Time is the way to go. Thank you, Mike. I love my new car. Jackie M.

Sofia M. | 2013-10-19

So let me start off saying when I walked into their office i had no intention of getting a car the same day. I was just shopping around for prices but Mike and Arbi convinced me to take a look at one car in specific and promised me i wasn't wasting my time, so I went along and sure enough it was exactly what I was looking for and most importantly it fit in my budget! A few hours later I traded in my 3series bmw and drove off with a new g37 coupe infinite! If your looking for a great deal and honest service, these are the guys to go to! I was extremely satisfied with the service they provided me with and in addition they tinted my car! Doesn't get any better! Thanks Guys!

Sevana A. | 2013-10-14

To start off I'd like to say that I was completely new to the process of leasing a car. I went to multiple dealers and I left disappointed but when a friend referred me to Mike and Arbi I decided to give it a shot. They were the BEST! Extremely helpful and patient. I went in the ask about a benz I wanted to lease and they got right on it! Everything happened so quick it was unbelievable! They both did everything they could to help me. We went to the dealer to pick up my car and they were there with me the whole time! They would explain the process and were just amazing! I love my new car, thanks to Mike and Arbi!! Definently worth giving them a visit !

MJ M. | 2013-09-23

So happy I went to Prime Time Auto Leasing for my latest car.
Mike was so extremely helpful in helping me get the car I wanted for just the right price. I was caught in an really sticky situation having gone 18,000 miles over my last lease vehicle limit, but that didn't stop him for pushing and pushing to get me an awesome deal from Infiniti even thought it meant spending hours of being at different dealers.

This is the right place to go if you want great customer service, amazing pricing, and a friendly broker. So happy I made the decision to go with them. Check them out, you won't be disappointed. :)

Emil B. | 2013-08-23

I was looking for a Subaru WRX and I couldn't find any good deals. Until a friend of mine suggest Prime Time Auto Leasing and talked to Mike about a new 2013 WRX. I talked to him the mourning of, and by the evening he got me a low quote and by night I drove home with a new 2013 WRX. Mike was helpful and knows what he is doing. Number one place to buy or lease a car with no hassles and overcharged prices. Highly recommend Prime Time for everybody.

Mariana B. | 2013-08-09

By far great customer service you cant possibly beat their prices!! they honestly make you feel like your in good hands, they work their best to offer you the best possible deals. Very honest and courteous  definitely know how to build long term relationships with their customers. So glad I didn't go any where else !! Thanks Mike !!

Matea P. | 2013-05-15

I love Arbi and Mike!!!
They hooked me up with a great deal in my new Infinity. I love my new car! They are so awesome!  I wish I had found them right away. I wasted weeks going to different dealers, trying to get a good deal. Then tried a broker who totally tried to rip me off. But they were totally different, straight up, straight forward, gave me the best price. They took care of me so fast too. I couldn't believe it, how quickly we got the whole thing done. They also found me a great insurance agent. I will definitely use them again when I'm ready for a new car, they are great!

Yumi K. | 2013-04-29

The first time I leased a car was a very unpleasant experience. My lease was nearing it's end so I was not looking forward to going through that again. But fortunately, I entered a search for leasing companies on Google and I found Prime Time Auto Leasing. Please believe me when I write that I couldn't have found a person better than Arbi to help me lease a brand new Mercedes Benz.. He told me that he would get me a deal that I would be satisfied with, or no deal at all.  I am writing this review because he kept his word. I am HAPPILY driving a brand new Mercedes Benz.. Seriously, I strongly encourage you to meet with him if you're looking for a vehicle.  I am a customer that feels very fortunate to have been able to have Arbi on my side when it came time for me to lease my brand new Mercedes Benz..

Lesley C. | 2013-03-03

I really never post blogs on anything but I had to take the time to give Arbi and Mike a HUGE shout out for the deal they got me a few days ago! I have gone through a few other brokers in the past and I never felt like I got a great deal... After doing the math, I always felt like I had to pay a little more for the convenience. With Arbi it was the TOTAL OPPOSITE! Even with the special terms I requested, I literally only gave him 1 day to complete the task and let me just say... HE DELIVERED! Not only did I get the Mercedes-Benz of my dreams, he was able to work his magic and put in quite a few add-ons that I honestly didn't even expect! My friends and family keep telling me they've never seen my smile this big and that is truly because of the work these two put in to make a customer feel happy, comfortable and satisfied! So next time you want a new car, don't think twice! Give them a call, you won't be disappointed and you'll never go anywhere else!

Thank you again gentlemen! My friends and family will be calling you soon! May success follow you wherever you go :)

Art V. | 2013-01-23

Ask for Lamont, his the MAN.

Anna G. | 2013-01-15

Wow! Let me start off by saying that I hate car shopping. It is usually the most stressful, time consuming weekend of my life. With leasing, I only have to go through this every 3 years. Unfortunately this was not the case last time... I got into a car accident 2 months into getting my brand new Acura ILX and had to go through the stress of getting a new car AGAIN. My brother was referred to Lamont from a friend on FB and messaged him late Thursday night for deals on a new car. I was really skeptical about going through a broker and decided to call my previous dealer and check out their prices. When the dealer said they would give me the same deal, I got in touch with Lamont on Friday to see if he can offer me something better. He said he would message me the next morning with numbers for the ILX. He was not pushy and I really liked that about him. I wanted prices, and he gave them to me. By Saturday morning, we had a deal and I was getting ready to see him. I quadruple checked the numbers with him. "So you're telling me that after taxes and $$$ down, I can get an Acura ILX for 12k miles for $$$ a month?"

After asking him several different times, I got ready to meet him at the office. I couldn't believe how stress free it was. I really thought that I was going to drive all the way to Glendale and he was going to tell me that he 'forgot to mention something' and that my drive there would be a waste. After filling out the credit application, my brother talked me into getting the Infiniti g37 sedan. Lamont even took me to the back to show me his car and was honest about the pros and cons of driving a g37. I had my heart set on the Acura but the deal he offered me was TOO GOOD TO PASS UP. I figured that my lease was only going to be for 2 years and I owed it to myself to live a little. Plus, I was only going to pay $30 more a month and I thought it was totally worth it. Long story short, I got the G37. This was by far the best car buying experience. It was so easy. I was in and out of the dealer in less than an hour and that included all the paperwork. There is nothing I hate more than making small talk with car salesmen and Lamont completely eliminated that. My car was ready for me once we got to the dealer. I will recommend Lamont at PrimeTime to anyone looking for a great deal on a lease. We barely knew the guy and he totally treated us like family. After two days of briefly talking deals, I drove off in my brand new car! Thanks guys!!