Nissan Of Downtown LA in Los Angeles, CA

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Downtown Nissan offers many automotive products and services to our Los Angeles area customers. From quality new Nissan vehicles to used cars, we know anyone looking for a vehicle in Los Angeles will likely find what they want at our dealership. We carry a comprehensive line of Nissan vehicles, including the Altima, Versa, Murano, Sentra, Cube, GT-R and 370Z, making us a good choice as your Los Angeles Nissan car dealer.

Nissan Of Downtown LA

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(213) 748-4501
Address:635 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90015
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:30 am - 9:00 pm

Reviews on Nissan Of Downtown LA

Dennis C. | 2015-04-15

I come here to get my Altima 2012 maintained and they always do an awesome job!

Whether it's from small things such as oil changes or to taking care of me after 15 thousand miles I very much love the quality and professionalism of the work done here on my car. Furthermore the courteousness and attentiveness of the staff here is something point out. I believe its something other nissan dealerships should take note of. Which very much why I enjoy coming here.

I would love to give a special mention to one of the workers there by the name of Ernie Flores who assisted me in my 15,000 mile service. Plus helped me get my car out quick so I could make it to work with my car. Go Nissan of downtown L.A! :)

Rachel P. | 2015-03-26

Aureliano Ochoa is TOP NOTCH, both as a person and as a service advisor.  

It must be said that of the handful of Nissan employees I encountered, not one of them was less than happy, engaging, and professional.

But Aureliano was my main contact and I feel so grateful for this. He made dealing with a transmission issue on my Nissan Versa a complete non-issue. I was treated like a fancy gal, quickly being set up with a rental for the  repair/interim. Aureliano followed up a few hours after I left to give me a ballpark idea on when my car would be ready... And that's when it was!

The best part is that when i returned five days later and stepped through the door,  he immediately addressed  me by name and was already in the process of retrieving my car. .. Prescient and professional!

I am SOOO very pleased to be doing business with this location and especially this gentleman. He is a lovely man and a wonderful representative of the company.

Rebecca K. | 2015-03-21

Awesome service we got from Carlos Dominguez here. My parents are somewhat clueless when it comes to cars but Carlos helped and explained them everything they need to know and do if we wanted to exchange our car for a new one. Everything went smoothly and unstressful. Even now my folks still call him for help and he's always willing and patient with them. Thanks alot, Carlos!

Joseph Q. | 2015-03-09

This place was slooooow. I made a service appointment for an oil change yet I still waited almost 1 hour and 45 minutes from pulling in until I paid, and then another 15 minutes just to get my car. On a Wednesday afternoon! What was the point of making an appointment?

Aside from that I don't have any qualms. The service was acceptable. I bought my car here 1.5 years ago and that wasn't a bad experience either. Just really, really slow.

Elias S. | 2015-03-04

Alex is a DICK!!!
Stuck up asshole
Not helping me look for a part because apparently he knew for sure they didn't carry the part, however he didn't even bother to look it up on the computer because he was so certain and stubborn...

Javier A. | 2015-02-26

Took my girlfriends altima in and the servis advisor, Jeanette, was very helpful, nice and curtious. I will definatly be bringing the car for it's future services.

Frene M. | 2015-02-25

Dave Escobar from the Internet Department was super awesome!! He was extremely helpful and thorough from the beginning to the end. I believe he negotiated the very best deal for me. I couldn't be more happier. I wouldn't definitely do business with him again!!!

Kip B. | 2015-02-25

Dave Escobar really went the extra distance for my family. Really impressed with the service. Thanks!

Jessica W. | 2015-02-24

I must say this is a great customer service place.... I took in my new nissan murano to get serviced and the girl who helped me out was awesome. Her name is Jeanette, i recommend anyone who wants great service when servicing their car to ask for her.

Daniel K. | 2015-02-21

I took in my car for service for several problems which I knew were all covered under my full extended warranty. The after hours drop off was really convenient. The following day I got a service technician on the phone who was very courteous and professional. I was told that the repairs will take a couple of days and was offered a courtesy vehicle which I picked up the next day. Follow up by the tech was very good and other than the usual recommendations for engine flush and brake fluid change, communication was great. I was told however that some of the work and parts were not covered by my extended warranty and given an estimate. I agreed to the repairs because at the time the cost sounded reasonable. However when I got the final invoice the amount was way higher than what I expected. At that point I tried to explain to the service tech that first, the amount he quoted me was lower and second, that all repairs should be covered by my warranty. After going back and forth a few times I asked to speak with the service manager who was very professional and knowledgeable, and offered me a glimpse into how warranty information is looked up and correlated to actual repairs. The process is definitely not straight forward and downright confusing. At the end of the day he was able to sift through the part numbers and warranty info and adjust my bill to the correct amount.

What would've been a two-star review was addressed immediately by the service director Lance Sobczak and resulted in my current four stars. He definitely deserves five stars but I have to account for the whole experience.

Edgar I. | 2015-02-16

Horrible customer service...I get there at 9:25 in the morning and nobody even bother to check why I was there for...the service department sucks and they actually took care of 7 people that got there after me and still nobody took care of wasted time 1 hour and I stll had to go inside the shop to get my car out...they just lost a loyal nissan customer

liz t. | 2015-02-11

Took my car in and I was promptly assisted  by Janet who is the most friendliest, courteous person. She was able to set the expectations of the expected wait time and offered me coffee while I waited. She also took the time to follow up with me to let me know my car was almost ready. I have never had such a great experience taking my car to get serviced. I will definitely recommend going here and I would highly recommend asking for Janet

Shawn M. | 2015-02-11

My vehicle needed an O2 sensor replaced, which takes no time at all. I scheduled an appointment, and dropped my car off first thing in the morning at 7:00 am. My pickup time was promised for 5:00 pm that same day. I tried calling and e-mailing them throughout the day just to get an update on where things stood. Finally, I receive a call back around 4:00 pm informing me that my car would not be ready that day, and will be ready the following business day. Why did I go through the trouble of dropping my car off at 7:00 am if they didn't start working on it until late in the evening? Poor communication, poor customer service, and a slow turn-around time.

Jessy H. | 2015-02-08

Needs faster service for tire rotations ,and for Oil Lube Service ,  Another downside  , this dealer doesnt offer a free car wash with each Oil Lube service purchased here .  Makes me go out of my way to Nissan of El Monte.

chris s. | 2015-02-05

Looking for a great service experience?  We'll look no further than Janet at down Nissan.  Professional and courteous, I've moved twenty minutes away yet still drive here for all my services. So worth the extra drive!

Rommel G. | 2015-02-05

I bought my new Frontier from this dealership 4 months ago and all I can say is how helpful everyone is in this staff. Especially Tito, he got me a great deal. And yesterday I came to get my truck oil change and it was done within 30 min, i was help by service advisor Jeannette she was amazing. Make sure to ask for her. Great experience overall.

Fred M. | 2015-02-04

Finally, I meet a guy at a car dealership who's not trying to suck the blood out of me. Most the time I get a bunch of BS at car dealerships but this guy Dave Escobar in the internet sales department is the real deal.

He has a pleasant demeanor and is authentic, not a phony like a lot of other car guys. I still haven't pulled the trigger on the car yet but I'm glad I met Dave and I'd recommend others to go see this guy.

Robert B. | 2015-02-04

Curt and Dave from the Internet department were extremely helpful. Didn't need to sell me too hard and worked out a financing arrangement that I could work with.

Isabel F. | 2015-02-02

Had to bring in my car for service and everyone was great. Especially Jeannette, she was very helpful and knowledgeable. Will definitely go back. I recommend!

Damaris R. | 2015-02-01

Jeanette G the service advisor was very helpful and friendly. This is my new service destination I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Danny G. | 2015-01-29

When I purchased my car had a great experience with the sales department. Ask for Tito! Now that I service the car there too Janet's the one to see. Very friendly and courtesy staff all around highly recommend doing business with them.

Zenia N. | 2015-01-28

Came to get my car serviced at Nissan in Downton!! My experience there was amazing!! Got help from Jeanette she was great, she made sure to explain everything that was being done to my car she was also very nice! While I wanted I enjoyed an expresso  great experience overall. I recommend it!! Ohh and ask for Jeanette!!!

Laura M. | 2015-01-26

My Sister and I came to Nissan Of Downtown LA to browse around. We got helped by Erick Valencia. He took his time with us and was polite. He did not try to hustle or haggle us because we were women, which was very much appreciated! Thank you for your services.

J S. | 2015-01-26

Dennis Zaragoza restored my faith in humanity this morning. Had lost my car fob in my car and could not find it after extensive searching. He had 5 guys with flashlights attack the car and, after 30 minutes, they found it!!! How much did it cost me to have them do that? $0.00.

Now that's great customer service!

Still buying a new fob in case that one gets lost again but now I'm happy about doing it instead of feeling like it's a loss!

Luz M. | 2015-01-25

As a woman I find that going to car dealers and dealing with service advisors is incredibly stressful. However, I started servicing my car with Jeanette and I couldn't be more pleased to deal with a woman who is knowledgeable, helpful, and goes the extra mile to make sure my needs are addressed. I will definitely continue seeing Jeanette for all my needs.

Natalie R. | 2015-01-21

Came to get a service on my vehicle. Jeanette was great! She was really thorough and helpful with explaining what my car needed. The staff was incredibly welcoming and friendly as well. Overall, terrific experience.

Vanessa H. | 2015-01-19

Jeanette is amazing! I had so many questions and she answered every single one with detail. Incredibly knowledgeable and provides great customer service. She is my go-to service advisor and I highly recommend her!

Ambar V. | 2015-01-17

Went in last week with my mom and she bought a car. Great experience! Our salesman, Erick was very patient with her. He was very thorough teaching her how to use all the functions of the car. He even connected her Bluetooth. So if your looking into buying a new car check out DTLA Nissan. Great customer service!

Nicholas S. | 2015-01-08

Bottom line is that I wouldn't go back to this dealership to buy or lease a car.

2 years ago I leased an all-electric Nissan Leaf from a sales guy named Carlos Bravo.  As car salesman typically behave, he was responsive and constantly got back to me -- BEFORE I got the car.  Afterward, crickets.  I called with questions about the free rental program Nissan has for electric drivers, nothing.  I emailed with questions about my new electric vehicle, nothing.  I called to schedule my "one free service" I was promised on the car and of course he could find no record of that in his paperwork (the service, by the way, is $249 which is why I negotiated it into my lease).  He even said to me "we have so many customers coming in and out that there's no way I remember you or the deal we discussed."  I typically expect honesty, but seriously?  

Unresponsive, apathetic, dismissive, and clearly not interested in customer loyalty.  I guess now that he works in financing and isn't a sales guy he doesn't care about the way customers are treated.  In hindsight I should have demanded a separate contract that stated, in writing, that I would be given one free service.  But when a sales person promises something as part of a deal, isn't it THEIR responsibility to live up to their word?  Lesson learned.  Don't take this dealership at face value.  

The only time I'll ever visit this dealership again is to drop off my Leaf at the end of its lease.  

Go electric for sure.  But go elsewhere.

Matt T. | 2014-12-27

They worked with me to get me out of a lease I didn't want and into a new Rogue. They were really busy for the end of year deals but made time for me - even though I didn't have an appointment. Great location great service. Luiggy & Anthony hooked us up!!

John B. | 2014-12-02

Took my car in for a warranty service for a problem with starting the car, received it back with nearly 100 miles added on the odometer, the gas tank not refilled, the car extremely dirty (at Woodland Hills Nissan they have always washed the car), and the bass and treble turned up to max on the stereo. Sounds like a joy ride to me. My initial receipt did not have any record of the extremely long test drive, I had to call in to get a new receipt that had it. Additionally, a quick google search revealed many threads discussing similar startup problems on Nissan vehicles, and steps that owners took to diagnose and solve it. This dealer did none of this. Instead, I got a dude wasting gas in my car around LA "diagnosing a startup problem" with the bass pumping. I will never go back here, neither should you.

Juan O. | 2014-11-15

Anuncian enganches de $99.^ despues en letras  Chiquitas  piden -+ 2799  q mas tax que paper work. .bla-bla-bla '''Puras pinches mentiras.D -T L.A NISSAN

SongYon C. | 2014-11-12

I recently visited this dealership to shop for pre-owned vehicles for my daughter.  Needless to say I was surprised by exceptional customer service and variety of inventory they have..  I live very close to them but did not realize how big the dealership is until to find out how many vehicles are displayed..  anyway my sales person, Carlos Escobar, helped me find exactly what I wanted for my daughter.  Got a great deal on 2010 Versa HB.  They also assured me that our new versa is certified pre-owned vehicle with 7yr or 1000000 miles power train warranty..  I definitely recommend this dealership for any potential shoppers..  Hope my review is helpful.

Sam S. | 2014-11-11

Leased a car with DT Nissan. Fantastic experience. Matt Snead is awesome. Straight up, transparent and no games. Felt like a win win. Got a leaf.

As a note, the low ratings look like they come from servicing rather than sales. So definitely recommend for new car sales. Will update as I service car here.

D S. | 2014-11-11

Tried to charge me $700+ for a part I found online for $150. Boo

Robert L. | 2014-11-04

Downtown nissan home of the bait and switch . I was given a price by a sales person when I sat with the sales manager to put the deal together he (Ron) did not honor the price we ended up going to another nissan dealer that came very close to what we originally were offered . The car is an armada . Love that car . My father bought a car here he comes in for regular maintenance and it's terrible no order no help no customer service its a joke how they treat people at this location . I wish I lived closer to Glendale or north Hollywood

Katie A. | 2014-11-04

People were nice, was affordable, but it took an hour and 10 minutes for an oil change with an appointment which wasn't ideal. I will probably go back, but will budget more time.

Karla V. | 2014-10-22

I recently visited nissan of downtown los angeles. I was looking into purchasing a new car and I was assisted by a sales associate named Mariano. I had visited the kia dealer before that becuase I had initially thought I wanted a kia. But my experience at kia was not good what so ever so I decided to visit nissan instead. I really felt like mariano was understanding of my situation and was willing to offer and ask questions to see what I liked. He was willing to show me differences between the cars and showing me the cars i liked. He also showed me a bigger selection they had in another lot. As a sales person myself I understand how hard it is to work and be patient with a customer after seeing so many options. I appreciate how he took his time and didn't pressure me what so ever. Mariano was of great assistance, I truly appreciate overall. He made it the best experience as I was looking for a car. thankyou!

Wolfgang M. | 2014-09-26

Matt Snead sold me a brand new Nissan Xterra Pro 4X, and he didn't even have to twist my arm! Mainly because I've owned a Nissan Xterra SE since 2001, but it was Matt's kindness (and patience), that made this experience amazing. I'd already been to several Nissan dealerships and was hustled and high pressured from the moment I walked in and long after, with harassing phone calls and emails. After a horrific, obnoxious experience at the Glendale dealership, I decided it was time to get with the times and do some online research. I read other reviews on Yelp and and was pleased to see that there was an actual Nissan dealership with great reviews. So I am here to substantiate those other great reviews, with my own. Thanks for acknowledging me as a human being with half of a brain Nissan of Downtown LA! My truck is AWESOME!

Auntie M. | 2014-09-22

I went into this location on Saturday to attempt to charge my new Nissan Leaf.  When I got my Leaf, I had such a wonderful experience in Carson Nissan so I anticipated the same level of appreciation and service from the downtown location.

To my dismay, I was very disappointed. I don't fault the staff for their unprofessional and poor customer service skills. I even witnessed a female employee being sexually harassed. I place the sole responsibility on their managers who have failed them. The managers did not  provide them with proper training on how to act in front of customers as well as how to treat Nissan's customers.

Customer service is an extremely important part of maintaining ongoing client relationships that are key to continuing revenue. For this reason, many companies have worked hard to increase their customer satisfaction levels. Often there are many more people working behind the scenes at a company than there are customer service representatives, yet it is primarily the personnel that interact directly with customers that form customers' perceptions of the company as a whole.

I can only hope that Nissan will remedy this ongoing issue because all the negative reviews for this location speaks volume. The reality is without your customers your business WILL fail.

Michael D. | 2014-08-22

Very unhelpful and rude service department. I have an issue that is rendering my car inoperable. i asked to have it looked at. I was rudely dismissed and told to bring it in next week. When I told him it was urgent I was hung up on.

Kevin N. | 2014-08-17

Matt was one of the most professional and easiest car salesmen I have ever dealt with. He knew the car and got us the deal we wanted without too much haggling.  They were very busy there so the are cars moving down there and making deals. I certainly would go to Downtown Nissan again if I was in the market for another Nissan.

Shanaya S. | 2014-08-16

I always take my car here, they have really good service, Saturdays are their busiest day but they always manage to take care of you. I recommend taking your car here.

Janet T. | 2014-08-13

No follow through whatsoever. Was looking to purchase a vehicle. Gave my information to the "internet sales agent" via email as well as filled out the credit application and was told that I will receive a phone call. Nothing. I sent a message informing them that I decided to go with another dealer. If you are going to go great lengths to bait the hook and throw the line...wait around to see if you caught a fish. No bueno.

Star S. | 2014-08-08

How this place has FOUR ENTIRE STARS is beyond me! I've been taking my car here for service since I purchased it brand new in 2010 (from Carson Nissan) since it's close to my job. The last time was 5/1/14 for my 60,000 service. Everything was great until I got on the 10 freeway right after car stopped shifting, it overheated, and would BARELY move. It had NEVER done this or had any problems at all  in the four years (almost to the day) that I had it. I got off the freeway as quick as possible and tried to figure out if the car would make it back to Nissan or if I would have to call AAA to have it towed. Well, as Maximus (my car) and I were driving up Washington during my contemplation, I received a phone call from one of the service agents from Nissan. How strange since I hadn't called them yet. Well, it turns out that the guy working on my car FORGOT. TO. PUT. COOLANT. BACK. IN. MY. CAR.

How do I go in for a MAJOR service with you, spend $400 (or more?) and you FORGET COOLANT? I didn't want to speak to a manager right away because I was LIVID, as you can imagine. When I got to Nissan, they apologized and took the car in to fill it up with the coolant that their check sheet had said they put in there anyway! They did not even offer a free service, oil change, or partial refund for their mistake. I asked for a written statement from them that noted the error on THEIR part in case anything went wrong with my car after that date. The guy WROTE on the service slip "After customer left the vehicle was low in coolant"...not that they forgot to put it in there.

As I tweeted my frustration, Nissan support tweeted me back and put me in touch with Consumer Affairs. I dealt with an awesome service rep who listened, noted the occurrence, and offered to help with any concerns that I had. I asked for a partial refund of some sort, but just a couple weeks later, I was surprised to receive a full refund!

I'm very happy with Nissan as a company, which is why I stayed in the family after so many years, but will NEVER return to Nissan of DTLA. If you haven't gotten it by now:

Michael S. | 2014-08-07

After MONTHS of trying to convince these clowns that my seat belts were a major malfunction, they finally managed to replace them. Took them 32 days to get proper seatbelts delivered and finally after all that waiting...boom. My service advisor was on vacation so nobody called me. I only found out that my parts arrived because I kept calling to check in. Ernesto completely ADMITTED that I hadn't been called because my service advisor was on vacation. For reals?! Put my fam's life in danger (malfunct seatbelts) because your tech went on vacation???? So I finally got my seatbelts replaced today! Just to find out that some porter needs to upgrade his vision insurance (my front license plate is totally bent in due to his negligence in front- ending another vehicle). Never going back to this crap hole again. Currently in communication with corporate. Hopefully they resolve this matter and make this damaged client whole without the need of litigation.

Edward F. | 2014-08-05

Will not get into long details of my story. The Service department here is very unprofessional and careless with your vehicle. They try to up sale you on a lot of things you don't need. They get mad at you for not letting your self get ripped off by them L O L !  Service manager needs to be replaced. DON'T BRING YOUR CAR HERE FOR SERVICES.

Alisa D. | 2014-08-03

I recently leased a Nissan Leaf from Nissan of Downtown LA and the experience was great, in comparison to the Chevy dealership, where I had just felt totally scammed. I can't remember the name of the salesman but I got the sense that he was honest and knowledgeable about the Leaf. I felt like I got a pretty good deal ($1000 down and a little over $200 a month) and the experience was painless.

john l. | 2014-07-08

i was at another dealership and they were stalling me for 3 hours. while i was there a made a deal with nissan of dtla for $3000 cheaper.
left my car there for an alignment and i rented a car. i came back 6 hours later and they forgot to work on my car. i told the manager and he did the alignment for $30 and comp the rental car.

Windley C. | 2014-07-03

This place is great....ask for salesman Mariano this guy knows these cars in and out. Very honest and very very helpful.

Martin P. | 2014-07-02

had a problem from neighborhood mechanic, poor workmanship on strut installation, brought to mr. gonzalez  and he gave great service and solved problem with explanation from  technician thomas with test drive for satisfaction. highly recommend this place if your looking for nissan repair.

Mario S. | 2014-06-20

Don't waste your time! and go somewhere else!
Tried to sell me a car with damages along the passenger side as Brand New. I have posted all the pictures.
I first noticed this when the car made a weird hitting noise when I was driving the car.
The door does not close all they way with minimal force like the rest of the doors. The front passenger door will not close correctly and a little extra force is required to close it completely. What a Rip off!
After noticing these two problems we decided to go to the dealership to confront them about the situation. They made me wait close to 2 hours! Just to deny that the car had these obvious signs, and tell me they couldn't do anything about it. This is less then a week after getting the car!
Next I went to an auto shop so they could have a closer look. He pointed out some more problems that we had not noticed. The paint seems to have many defects as well.
He showed us a spot next to the door handle that has bumps on it. Showing that it had been repainted.
Next he felt the texture underneath the door handles on both doors on the passenger side, and immediately said that this car had been repainted. Next he continued to show us more spots on the car that proved that this car had been in some type of accident or collision where they had to fix the body and paint over again.
The guy from the Auto Shop gave us his card and told us to give them his card in case we have any more problems.
We went back to the dealer with his business card and more proof. They decided it had nothing to do with them. And that our problem was with Nissan
Be careful buying your car here!
Bad Transaction. They wont accept their mistakes. Will have to seek Lawyers to take this further.
Again this just game my whole family a huge headache, Don't waste your time!

Celtic M. | 2014-06-20


Aweful service. Just for them to diagnose the issue with my car they want $115. Then they tell me every sensor in the car is broken and want $800 to repair. This is a typical scam dealership operation and I am never going back to them again.

I don't know about the sales side of the dealer, however, the service side is terrible. I am sorry but anything over 100 to diagnose a car for an estimate is ridiculous.

They lost my business and will never deal with a dealership again for repairs.

Nancy S. | 2014-06-20


I've felt so guilty about not having had my car serviced for so long that finally, after calling the three #Nissan dealers that are NOT around here (none is), and getting busy signals, girls saying they're with other customers, or voice mail, I hauled ass to downtown. 8.something miles away. Remember this isn't Iowa miles, this is L.A. miles. It took an hour to arrive and learn that the oil change special wasn't a real special, all their prices were higher and since the service guy was acting like a prick, not only did I say ok adios, no thanks, when I fully intended just to pay his prices and get the damn oil changed, but I went in search of a manager and told him about it. NEVER will I return to #NissanofdowntownLA. They suck and their prices are more than 10-20% higher than the other dealers. The irony is I called the gas station/service dept down the street where I took my Acura for years, Nono's--and they were always honest and good, and I could have gone there for like 68 bucks for an oil change (synthetic) and to check the fluids. That's what I'll do from now on. I'm so sure last year the dealer told me my car needed synthetic, but when I called him, he couldn't look up my records since it was last April. I mean was it during the crusades? Anything older than a year is stored. Nothing but shit re Nissan service.

Michael E. | 2014-05-28

I went to downtown Nissan just to ask questions. Franky Silva came to me and he answer all my questions to the point that I came out with a new car. For those who are interested on buying or leasing a new or used car, downtown Nissan is the place. I recommend you all to speak with Franky silva. He is a great guy and a great American hero. He will tell you what you need and what you don't need. Thanks Franky silva and downtown Nissan...

Marina A. | 2014-05-19

I come in all the time to get my car serviced, they are wonderful and Ernesto is extremely helpful! I always encounter great service and the staff is super friendly! Love this place!

Frank D. | 2014-05-13

I came in for a routine maintenance on my Altima Hybrid at 66k.

Ace was my salesman.

It was around noon. The car required a 30 k servicing.
I was really pleased because after 2 hours the servicing was completed and a few minor belts needed replacing.

Thus 4pm, I got the call to come pick it up.

If that's not service,  I don't know what is.

Shopped around at dealers and have chosen DTLA Nissan for my servicing needs.

Strongly recommend.

Alexis S. | 2014-04-25

I had some trouble with some of the other Nissan dealerships in particular Nissan of Valencia who went back on the price they gave me. So I was a little gun shy about making my purchase.  I felt reassured when I read the reviews on Yelp. Gary Kamoshida   was very straightforward with the price and financing terms and  Michael made sure the car was looking good and explained everything about the features and how they worked.  The whole experience was simple, straightforward and painless and I am so happy with my new Nissan Juke!

Denise T. | 2014-04-17

OMG!! My husband and I purchased a car from Downtown Nissan and had a wonderful salesperson.  DARWIN made happen everything we asked for.


L S. | 2014-04-16

My friend had a very good experience buying a new Altima from Luiggy Tapia about 6 months ago, so when i got rear-ended and was in the market for a new car, i decided to see him. I was interested in both a Juke and a used VW Golf they had. Luiggy was responsive, funny, and super helpful whether we were communicating by phone, text or in person. We went for test drives of both and i felt comfortable talking to him about any of my purchasing concerns. He never gave me any pressure, which i really appreciated, and  he was nothing like that dishonest, aggressive car salesman stereotype i feared (especially as a woman shopping alone). The only reason i didn't buy from Luiggy is because i opted for a Mazda this time.

Mary B. | 2014-04-14

I've had my Nissan for about 10 years and I've been to Santa Monica Nissan and the Nissan in Van Nuys before finally finding the holy grail of Nissan dealerships in Nissan of Downtown LA.  

Ernie Flores is the absolute best maintenance rep EVER!  He listens, he squeezes you in, he manages your expectations and yet always ends up getting my car done way ahead of time.  My car overheated and i was worried they'd tell me I needed a new engine (gasket, or some other pricey thing) when the diagnostics were finished.  All I needed was a new thermostat.  It was pricey to fix (dealership prices)  but they could have told me i needed more done or they could have not fixed my car properly.

They also fixed a headlight for me for free.  

Based on my experiences, they seem like legit, honest, hard-working, A-game folks  They fix your issue and you don't leave there with some "new" issue like other places.

Highly recommend.  I drove to them from Santa Monica!

Es K. | 2014-04-05

Shopped around for my new car at several dealers and was really happy with the service I received here. Other places I felt like I was being played and conned, but these guys were transparent and genuine and I appreciated it. However, there was quite a bit of waiting for everything. But, if you can be a little patient or ask them to move things along faster, you wont regret it. I had my car for a month now and even after buying the car, I had some questions and concerns and they continue to be accomodating and helpful. Definitely deserve high marks!! You have to ask for Gary, he's the best! Took care of everything for us, from beginning to end and even the after service. You know they're the real deal when they continue to help even after getting your business! There's no pretense with him...he's simply genuine and super nice:)

fmc c. | 2014-03-22

This is for an internet lease - dealing solely with Mia Navarro.

I recently leased a 2014 Leaf.  I did my homework and compared rates with other dealerships and compared those figures with what other folks were noting in online forums.  Mia was by far the best and the easiest person i've ever worked with when purchasing / leasing a car.

I specifically asked for what model & options i wanted, along with the amount i was willing to give down ($0).  The process was fairly smooth -- Mia and i exchanged a few emails and had a couple of calls and were able to come to an agreement we were both happy with.  I definitely don't enjoy having to deal with the typical car salesman, so im glad i was able to negotiate everything ahead of time (completed online credit application online) and simply arrive at the dealership to finalize the paperwork and pickup the car.

I would definitely recommend Mia for any lease/purchase.

Chaviva F. | 2014-03-17

I just leased a Leaf from this dealership.  Mia Navarro emailed back and forth with me for some time as it took me a while to decide and quoted me exact prices for all parts of the lease readily.  To be honest I did not negotiate much, because I was content with the the promotional lease of $1999 down and $199/mo.  I applied online and that is the price I paid.  Ms. Navarro copied the paperwork for me to submit for the CA $2,500 rebate before I left the dealership.  She invited me to come charge my car with their quick charger daily if I wanted.

Having only bought cars for cash before, I didn't know I'd be handed over to some unknown guy in finance.  The guy in finance was kinda rude even though everything was negotiated and set already and all he had to do was hit the print button, say "sign here" and take my money (or maybe because of that?).  He tried get me to add a $600 maintenance package to the 3-year lease by barking, "How are you going to handle the maintenance?!" and acting like it was a required part of the lease until I asked if it was.  These are not recommended by the experts, so don't do it!

Since the finance guy was my only negative part of the experience, I would recommend to others to just have the car delivered to your home, so you can not deal with that guy.

Maite L. | 2014-03-10

If I could give this place 0 stars I would! Long story but the service tech Juan was possibly the worst human being I could have ever encountered.  I had to speak with the service manager after Juan blamed Glendale Nissan of installing my battery incorrectly, which lead to my car stalling, stopping in the middle of an intersection or not starting at all.  Turned out it was all a BIG FAT LIE.  I had been coming here for years but it was so frustrating and upsetting to have someone lie and place blame on another dealership.  They also failed to do the oil change after I repeatedly asked Juan to make sure this was done and to top it off they did not fix the electrical issues that I was having aster asking for that to be fixed. Every time I would bring my car in they would NEVER offer to give me a loaner car even though I purchased all the extended warranties and maintenance packages.  

Take your business elsewhere unless you want to deal with lying service reps.  Go to another dealership where you will be given great customer service and where they will honor your warranties and benefits.

Amin I. | 2014-03-08

It's really hard to lease a new car as a first time buyer specially when you are new in the state. I was around to lease an Altima and once I requested some information online a couple of dealers called me included Steve Bryson from Nissan of downtown LA.
I really appreciate his warm greetings and professional presentation about the car.In advanc of launching the process I completely explained my situation that I am new in the state and although I'm not bad credit but I have a short credit history and I asked just in case that we can proceed  then run my credit because I didn't want to have inquiries on my credit when they can't offer me a good deal on the lease.
He assured me that if there is a place I can get a good deal with my history is just there not elsewhere!
But after running my credit even I had a fair score and everything was exactly the same as I told him in advance he couldn't proceed that and asked me to put more down payment and I agreed, again he didn't go further with that and asked me to have a co-signer and gave me a link to submit my co-signer's information and the if he was approved he will call me to go and sign the co-signer was approved by the system but he didn't call me and I called him several times and left him voice mails and even sent him an email to let me know how it's going on but he didn't even give the courtesy to reply me!
He definitely changed my mind about Nissan given that I was a huge fan of Nissan!
The next day I went across the street to Honda and signed a very good deal on Honda Accord!
The fact is the way he treated me  besides I explained my situation to him in advance and then placed me a useless inquiry on my credit and after that even didn't replied my calls and email made me to write this review to help others not going to this place and choose other dealerships to buy their car with a peace of mind!

Kathleen T. | 2014-02-18

I purchased a Nissan Leaf over the weekend from Salesman Steve Bryson. Because I have never owned a completely electric car it was important to work with someone who knew all about the Leaf. I also had turned in my previous lease a Mini Cooper and was without a car. Steve went out of his way to make sure I wrapped up everything this past weekend and was able to drive home with my new Leaf. Steve was professional, knowledgable and friendly and overall a super cool guy. If you are in the market for a Nissan and are interested in the Leaf have him take care of you.

Sam R. | 2014-02-15

My spouse and I bought a car yesterday there. We arrived with a specific car in mind but left with a different one that we love even more.

About the place:
It is nice and clean. They have a lounge area with coffee, water bottles and freshly made popcorn!! They have big bottles of hand sanitizers everywhere. It might be an insignificant detail but it is something we found thoughtful and useful. We're all about keeping the germs away.

About the salesman:
If you want a great and smooth transaction, ask for Gary Kamoshida. He is very polite, friendly, and was more than helpful with all the questions we had.  No shadiness, he was upfront and honest about everything within the deal. Sometimes car salesmen lose interest in helping you after you have signed the deal but that was not the case with Gary Kamoshida. He was still gladly available to answer our last questions after we signed the deal -- even though it was past his working hours on a Valentine's Day night. We definitely recommend him.

About the finance management:
Carlos Bravo was very nice and friendly as well, he is the one whom we dealt with for all the paperwork regarding the auto loan. He also answered all of our financial questions with a smile.

We are highly satisfied with the experience at this car dealer place. We felt welcome and comfortable. But most importantly, we love our new car thanks to Gary Kamoshida who had great advices for our selection.

Qajody B. | 2014-02-11

This is the best Nissan service center they are fast and real they don't beat around they will fix your car with good parts # loving this center

Mathew N. | 2014-02-02

We went here to test drive a Nissan Leaf.  Although it took them a good twenty minutes to find a car to drive, they gave us a ride around the block without putting any high sales pressure on us.  Unfortunately, we didn't like the car, it was too small and plasticky, but I appreciated that the sales person respected that and let us leave as soon as we got back to the dealership.  This was the most comfortable transaction I've ever had at a dealer.

Hannah Y. | 2014-02-02

Just leased a brand new Altima 2014 because my uncle ended up taking my maxima.
The whole process was so simple and easy. Gary and Richard helped me throughout the whole process, explaining to me the differences between the Sentra and the Altima while working out a great deal for me! They gave me the option to either buy or lease the car, without pushing me towards any direction and rather explaining to me the pros and cons of each option. I'm a college student and definitely on a tight budget but the monthly payments they were able to work out for me are definitely affordable for the great car I'm getting. After I decided to get the car, when i went to pick it up, Gary sat in the car for me to set up my blue tooth while teaching me every single function in the car. I'm very very excited and overall pleased with both the service and my car.

Nicholas B. | 2014-01-29

After losing faith in car dealerships I ended up at this one. To my surprise I found no haggle, professionalism and good old fashion business. I highly recommend this dealership. I personally dealt with Luiggy Tapia and he was extremely professional, friendly. He exceeded in trying to keep my business, not by tricking me to buy a car package, but by delivering what I needed. Cheers to one of the few car dealerships that still do business the honest way.

Kati M. | 2014-01-28

I have a 2009 Nissan Altima and needed to get a new valve sensor on one of my tires and was told this needed to be done at a Nissan dealer. When making the appointment, I was told I had one of the recalled catalytic converter (after giving the Nissan tech my VIN number). He then told me this process was "free of charge" since it's Nissan's recall. No problem.... Until there WAS a problem and they tried to charge me $2000 for some "rusty" pipes blocking my converter. He claimed that the rust was SO bad that he'd have to break the entire pipe as well as replace it. Don't worry though, the converter itself would be free... BULLSHIT.

I knew I was being screwed over, but of course panicked a little (because $2000 is very alarming when something is supposed to be very free and completed covered). Also, I was planning on registering my out of state car to CA plates soon and need a healthy converter to pass the emissions test. Before going to the next Nissan dealer, I took my car to a local mechanic (Exclusive Motors in Culver City - EXCELLENT) to get a second opinion. The mechanic, George, told me I had SOME rust but it wasn't a problem for any good mechanic to remove properly. He then told me that my car was covered up to 150,000 miles in California (I'm clocking in at around 37,000 miles) and that any part associated with the catalytic converter would be COMPLETELY covered and FREE of charge.

Long story short... I then took my car to Nissan of Van Nuys and got straight forward no BS answers (perhaps I was a bit intimidating this time around...) and the free service I was expecting.

The worst part of the whole thing -- the first mechanic at Nissan of Downtown LA seemed to be such a sweetheart and felt "soooo terrible" about the $2000 that he offered me a "discount" of $1900! Just know what you're talking about when you go into any dealer and DON'T go to Nissan of Downtown LA...

Izabell B. | 2014-01-28

Dont ever write reviews, but this dealership is the best. Thanks to Gary Kamoshida, purchasing the car was just like a breeze, as opposed to the suffering it usually is. HIGHLY recommend.

Kim R. | 2014-01-18

Big thank you to James Echols! What an amazing experience from a humble and sincere man with the best customer service we have ever received at a dealership. James was kind, a no pressure salesman, who made us feel like our needs were important. He was responsive via the phone because we called ahead to buy the vehicle. He responded in a timely manner and kept us abreast of what was happening.  He was fighting for us to keep the car since we saw it Tuesday and couldn't make it to the dealers til Sat. Once there, he had the car detailed again because there were a few marks and scratches and then patiently reviewed all the uses of the interior components. He was very patient and very kind. The finance guy, Carlos! Was also a no pressure salesman that put us at ease and was quick and efficient with the paperwork. We would absolutely return to this dealer (even though we live 1 1/2 hours away) because their customer service was so great! Thank you again James! We love the car!

Lakers G. | 2014-01-13

Dennis...Dennis is amazing..thank you for your help.For sure I will comeback for my next  car service.

Benny H. | 2014-01-08

Since an uninsured drunk driver crashed into and totaled my 4Runner in the middle of the night, I've been left in the very stressful position of needing to find a new suitable and affordable vehicle quickly.  Luiggy Tapia made what would usually be a migraine inducing experience into a pleasure.  He was quick, responsive, professional, pleasant, and worked hard to find exactly what I needed.  Apparently trying to find any kind of 4 wheel drive vehicle in Southern California is surprisingly difficult, but Luiggy put in the hours for me, and tracked it down, then talked me through all the various numbers games to make sure it was in my price range.  He was fantastic and I really appreciate all the hard work he did.

M S. | 2014-01-07

I leased a 2014 Rogue through them and the experience was stress free and easy.  They even got the color I wanted from another dealer in about an hour.  They were straightforward and everything they said was put in writing.  The numbers the salesman (Anthony Aragon) presented me matched exactly what I signed with the finance guy.  All around a great place.  Anthony was a pleasure to deal with, he is very nice and easy to talk to.

Liz D. | 2014-01-04

Came in here after speaking to Luiggy Tapia about a Nissan Rogue. He was very friendly and responded to my emails right away. He was very professional and gave me the honest truth about my questions and concerns. He made me feel safe in making a huge purchase. He was not pushy or rude like other salesmen.
Unfortunately things didn't go as planned with my vehicle purchase, so we put a hold on all paperwork.
When I'm ready i will definitely be back to pull the trigger with Luiggy. His speed of work, professionalism and friendliness is AAMAZING! yes with double A. I strongly recommend everyone to go see him on your next Nissan purchase.

Juan P. | 2013-11-20

Everyone at Nissan of Downtown is awesome! This place has been extremely accommodating & great service, Everyone has been so Nice to me they make me feel at home. Every time  i come to get my car service either or oil change or for part on my car i never get the sense, that they are trying to  rip me off like other places i been too. I also get my car with a timely matter and get my car wash every time after any service and with out me asking i just have to say this place Rocks.. And i have recommend it to many of my friends whom have Nissan as well... thank  you guys keep up the good Work ...

Kevin M. | 2013-11-19

I have never had a good experience with their service department. Customer service is poor and they always seem to be short staffed. I was told they needed to keep my car all day for an electrical issue, but wouldn't provide me a loaner. My job requires me to drive around for work, but they didn't seem to care. I recommend making the extra effort to go to Universal Nissan, I've had better experiences there.

Beverli E. | 2013-11-17

I knew exactly what I wanted to buy including the color of my Nissan Versa Note.  I
checked reviews of all dealerships near my home.  The good reviews were from
Downtown Nissan and specifically my salesman Gary Kamoshida.  I have never
had such a good experience buying a car until I met Gary.  He is a very fine person
and really listens to what you want and what you can afford to pay.  Then he goes
to work.  And you end up getting the car you wanted, in a much shorter time period
than you have ever spent in a car dealership, and you are a very happy customer.
What more can you ask?

Amanda B. | 2013-11-14

Omg I love this place they have the best customer service ever I went to get my car service done but always me am in a rush the advisor Dennis great guy let me know that if I didn't want to wait that I could get a rental car until it was finish I was so happy because truest me I hate waiting lol but they are great there check them out there prices are not bad an if ur going for a service hit up Denis

Aaron C. | 2013-11-12

I have an awesome mechanic, but I always dread when he says there's something he can't fix and I need to take it to a Nissan dealer.  I've had bad experiences, most recently at the now-closed Nissan Santa Monica.

I ended up going to Nissan Downtown LA because it was near my workplace, and I could be excused for expecting shoddy service given my past experiences.

Nope!  When I phoned them, they were very helpful with my somewhat neurotic questions.  When I brought it in, everything was incredibly smooth, and everyone was amazingly friendly and helpful.  To top it all off, they offered me a shuttle to my place of work (within 5 miles), *and* scheduled to pick me up.

There is at least one Nissan dealer who cares about customer service!

Gudrun R. | 2013-11-11

My car computer told me that there needed to be a recall/update done. I called Nissan of DTLA but they weren't able to tell me more, they said I needed to come in, and no, they don't take appointments. So I torture myself through traffic, a service person says that my car needed a computer update (and he was able to tell that by just the model of the car - no diagnostics needed) but he doesn't have any time for it (it was only 2 pm).
We had a similar incident not too long ago. We came in just to be informed that they prior day they had fried somebody elses board computer when attempting to perform the software update and we should probably come back another time. That was also after we had called them prior to coming in.

Please! Be respectful of people's time! Have somebody more informed answer the phone. The person on the phone needs to be informed of current recalls and needs to inform clients on how long it takes take to fix them and whether this service is available on a given day. I shouldn't be told to come in and then be sent away again.

Alyssa b. | 2013-11-05

I was eyeing the 2013 Nissan Rogue and went in one evening, about an hour before the dealership closed, for a test drive. My main intention was to check out the car, see the available features and take it out for a drive to see how it handled. This was purely an initial fact finding trip. The staff and the service ended up being so great, that I  wound up purchasing the car that evening!

James Echols,  Fleet Manager, handled the brass tacks of the numbers game and he was a pleasure to work with. He was straightforward and to the point all while being friendly and knowledgable. I never once felt like I was being pressured into the purchase. He also was willing to work with me so I could see the different scenarios for my payments. James was a true professional and did not try to upsell me on anything. I appreciated his honesty and the time he took to answer all my questions. James was able to provide me with such a great deal, matching the CarsDirect price, and the whole process was so easy, I could NOT walk out without that car.

The entire staff was very friendly and personable. We were even offered burgers from Brandon since it was so late in the evening. Tony assisted me with my loan and again he was straightforward and extremly efficient. The whole process took about 3 hours and during the entire time, the whole staff could not have been more friendly and attentive without hovering over us and giving us our space.

I have never purchased a Nissan before, usually go for Honda's, but I would come back to Nissan of DTLA in a heartbeat. As well as recommend it to all my family and friends. If you are looking for great prices and a no-fuss-hassle-free experience, then Nissan of DTLA is the place to go. They also have an amazing selection of cars with a variety of options, colors and features so you are almost guaranteed to find what you are looking for. Come to Nissan of DTLA if you don't want the "typical" car-buying experience.

Thanks James, Tito, Tony, Brandon and the rest of the staff for a great car buying experience!

Fili F. | 2013-10-30

Bought a Nissan sentra 5 years ago and was happy about the purchase. At the time or purchas I was PROMISED free oil changes for as long as I owned the car. When I finished paying off the car they wouldn't want to give me oil changes and when I told them I was promised this, the service manager asked to prove it and see it on paper. He was really rude by the way. BIG SCAM, DONT BUY A CAR HERE OR GET IT SERVICED HERE. make sure you get everything in writing on the bill of sell.

Staci A. | 2013-10-25

James was a great salesman! Fair, respectful, friendly. I would recommend this dealership to anyone!

Bak B. | 2013-10-24

Great experience working with Paul Scott.  I went a few months ago to check out the Leaf, and Paul was really great.  I wasn't ready to buy at that point, but he spent a lot of time answering every question and taking us for a test drive.  Paul is not just a salesman -- he lives electric vehicles.  He's driven an electric car for 11 years and drives the very car he's selling now, the Leaf.  He was open about every pro and con of the vehicle and (unlike most salesmen who are going to sell you the Leaf) could answer every question from his own history of driving the car for over two years.

When I finally made the decision to buy, Paul was great.  Negotiations were really easy and the price was the best in town (I checked with at least four other dealers).  Because we had a price agreed on, picking up the car was just filling out forms.  The dealership did not try any funny business at the end, like a lot of dealers do.  When I drove the car home, Paul sent me an email with instructions on how to fill out the state rebate and HOV lane forms.  Couldn't be happier with my experience with Paul.

Jess M. | 2013-10-18

Very friendly service when I took my car in for a oil change and 27point check. Quick, awesome and love their popcorn. Great service and a plus for my complimentary water left in my car and car wash!

Lauren B. | 2013-10-16

This is night and day compared to my experience at Universal City Nissan. It seems like the folks at UCN do as little as possible to fix your car if it's under warranty since they don't profit from that at all. I had the best experience at Nissan of Downtown LA! Chris Hinojosa was fantastic. He was very clear about the potential wait time, and overdelivered! My brakes were making some really awful noises, so they replaced the brake pads. There was a strange scraping noise coming from the front of my car--I know nothing about cars, but when I told Chris, he took note and solved the mystery. He said it was something on my axle and they took care of it, no problem. Holy cow. If I could give him ten stars, I would. He listens to the customer and really takes care to service each problem mentioned. I'm never going anywhere else!

Tina M. | 2013-09-27

After having the worst experience at Cerritos Nissan my partner and I came to Downtown Nissan and had the pleasure of dealing with Gary K. It was a no hassle experience he was up front and stuck to his word. We got a great deal on a 2014 Nissan Versa and didn't leave with a headache. I wold definitely recommend asking for Gary K.

Wonhee J. | 2013-09-22

I went there to use quick charger for my Nissan Leaf yesterday. When I asked the staff about using charger, he kindly helped me to use it by touching RFID on the reader of charger for authorization. Everyone looks kind and they were smiling.

Because quick charger was at the entrance when I just went into the Nissan dealership, so I didn't try to find level2 charger.. but there should be. (most Nissan dealership has at least two level2 charger, some place has 4  (2 for internal, 2 for public )).

If you need charging for your Leaf but can't wait 2~3 hours for full charging to go back home or something, try quick charger. It's fill up to 80% of your battery in 30 minutes.

1. You should have quick charge port installed in your vehicle. It's not default in S trim.
2. Ask staff to authorize charger. It's not started even if you press "start" button.
3. I don't know if Nissan dealership allows other EV.

A C. | 2013-09-11

I was very guarded this time around when I needed to buy a new car.  I contacted a couple of Nissan dealerships via the internet to see what the prices would be on a new Nissan Versa.  Gary Kamoshida From Down Town Nissan got back to me right away with the internet price of 11,888.00.  When I asked him to give me all the added costs he happily broke down everything.  He didn't add anything extra, just what had to be added, by Ca law.  I was even a little fussy with him telling him that I didn't really trust that the price that he quoted online would be the same if I came down to the dealership.  He assured me that he was not that kind of sales man.  True to his word when I came to the dealership, there was no funny business, nothing felt sneaky or uncomfortable for me.  I will say some of the other guys who worked there were pretty smarmy looking and I felt kind of like fresh meat when I walked in.  Luckily I just asked for Gary and he came right out.  He was very nice, not pushy at all.  Because I used my own financing from an out of state Credit Union there was a bit of paperwork that need to be done and Gary followed through, all the while being kind and accommodating.  I know he didn't make that much commission off of my sale, beings that it was such a cheap car, but he never made me feel less important than the high roller buying the fancy car.  I am a young woman who walked into a dealership and I truly feel anywhere else I would have been eaten alive, but Gary really made me feel taken care of.  Make sure you ask for Gary Kamoshida because there are two Gary's who work there.  

Oh and I got an email back from another Nissan dealer who quoted me a much higher price and when I emailed that guy back saying that I would come down to test drive the Versa if he came down to 12,000.00, I just a got a snarky response about how there was no way he could come down on price because it would not be worth it to him.  Then he emailed me the next week saying he would come down on the price... I then had a very nice "Pretty Woman" moment, letting him know that I had already purchased a car and he missed out on a sale.

I would whole heartily recommend Gary Kamoshida.

Dave T. | 2013-09-09

I've never liked carsalesmen.  In fact, i hate them.  However, Nissan of DTLA has convinced me they aren't all bad.  

Paul Scott (a true convert to electric cars) first gave us a test drive by COMING to our HOME with a Nissan Leaf in January for a test drive.  He wasn't available in August when we came to Nissan of DTLA, but James Echols stepped in and did a great job with our test drive and gave me a lift home when my wife had to leave early.  For the first time ever, a car dealer exceeded my expectations (by a lot).

We eventually bought a Nissan Leaf 2013, with MINIMAL haggling.  In fact they pretty much offered us $500 off of invoice without us even asking.  We're very happy with our purchase.

Scott E. | 2013-09-02

I called all the nissan dealers in LA and surrounding areas to lease a nissan leaf. The best deal by far was with this dealership. I wound up connecting with Mia Navarro. It's amazing I still remember her name but she gave me such a nice experience leasing my nissan. The biggest thing for me was price and I didn't have to haggle with Mia at all. She gave me such a low price I was worried she wasn't going to make any money off my deal! Lol. I'm due for an update on the software in my car/ still glad I got the leaf. I don't miss gas stations one bit!

Belle S. | 2013-08-31

I think they must be paying for these good reviews. Beware of this Nissan dealership! I believe they must treat you differently if you're a woman because I got so screwed I'm paying monthly payments for a used car that doesn't work 8 months later and they won't fix the problem or act in any kind of moral fashion. I spent the last 6 months brining it in and dealing with them pulling one of on me over and over again. Saying they'd fix it an then a week later broken again. All I can say is Lance and Ernie who work in the service department are complete crooks and the worst people I've ever had to deal with as far as purchasing a car. Kurt in the sales department said he would help and make the connection with the service dept and then didn't. Basically I bought a lemon from these people, seemed to work fine when I bought it and one month everything started falling apart. I would think twice before buying from Nissan of Dtla!

Yvonne R. | 2013-08-18


Jae C. | 2013-08-17

Chris Hinosa is an amazing service representative. I always get the best advice and my car taken care of as it should be. I will never ask for anyone else beside Chris and the service team of DTLA Nissan!!!

Marian A. | 2013-08-11

My first review ever. I wanted to buy a car. The nissan versa note 2014. And i had already passed by nissan universal city whom i didnt like, to check the car and get a quote. So dtla was my 2nd dealer to go to. And they were great. James echole was my sales man. He is great, so freindly. Gave me the greatest quote and i got the car. So satisfied and happy with my new car.

Dominique L. | 2013-08-02

This is my very first review on Yelp and I couldn't think of a better business or employee to represent for. Besides my main man, AURELIANO OCHOA, all the staff is friendly, focused, helpful and really want to get your car situation taken care of. If anything should go wrong with my vehicle in the future, I will definitely bring it back to AURELIANO OCHOA and his awesome colleagues at Nissan of Downtown LA. Here goes...

I took my recently purchased white, Nissan Altima 2012 to Nissan of Downtown LA(NDTLA)for a second opinion because my drivers side window was making a cracking noise whenever I rolled down the window or had my speakers up loud. I needed a second opinion because the noise I was hearing hadn't been fixed by the horrible Universal City Nissan dealership. NEVER TAKE YOUR NISSAN TO UNIVERSAL CITY (UCN) FOR SERVICE. I was waiting for five hours (with an appt) just for them to tell me that nothing was wrong with my window (and apparently I can't hear).

Disguisted with UCN, I went to NDTLA the next weekend and met with AURELIANO OCHOA. HE IS THE MANNN! He sat in my card and had me replicate the conditions that produce the noise in my window and communicated this to the technicians. They ordered a part for my car and gave me a rental (free of charge) until my vehicle was fixed. It took 1 day of my time. AURELIANO OCHOA also made sure to give me a call once my vehicle was ready for pick up. Once I got there, AURELIANO OCHOA was waiting for me with my keys and my car had also been washed.

I HIGHLY recommend NDTLA's service department and my main man OCHOA to any Nissan owner in the Los Angeles area. You won't be sorry!

Hope this helps!

Jess F. | 2013-07-26

I bring  my altima for service the guys here are great.. Every time i something pops up its always done within hours or the same day...

Sherry C. | 2013-07-21

My husband and I went to Nissan of Downtown LA during 4th of July week. We were seriously dreading this trip because are both broke graduate students who really need a second car. Our first lease was a Toyota and maybe it was the neighborhood we went in, but we spent hours there trying to wear down our salesman who literally tried everything to not give us a good deal. He even brought his manager into it, who shadily tried to convince us that we were getting a good deal. We patiently continued bartering to a price that was as close as possible to what we needed. It was totally exhausting and the reason we were avoiding getting (a much needed) second car.

@Nissan of DTLA: We met with James, who on first impression was very nice and genuine, not at all what I expected from a car salesman (no offense buddy). We told him our price range and that we wanted to lease. He didn't try to talk us into buying and promptly drove us to a nearby lot filled with new cars. He proceeded to present us with the low, mid, and high-end options of the model we asked for. Not the model above it, and didn't try to lure us with fancy features. James explained everything really well, even going over the features and informing us what were superfluous features to help stay within our price range. I really appreciated his straightforward attitude and that he never tried to push us beyond what we asked for. Not once in this process did I feel "cheated" or being lied to, as I have felt at other dealerships.

When it came down to negotiating, he tried his best to help us out, even trying to hook us up with a college savings program (alas, we have been out of undergrad too long to qualify). We wanted a low monthly payment and couldn't believe it when he came back and said they'd honor the amount we asked. We asked how much a bluetooth system would be. He told us, "Honestly, It'd be cheaper if you go nearby and have them install it for you, just have them remove it at the end of the lease." He even explained the whole swap-a-lease procedure to us and went and got more information when he couldn't answer all our questions. That was totally appreciated because we may move back to NYC before the lease is up, where cars are unnecessary. Paperwork went pretty smoothly, never made us feel like a bunch of brokeasses despite the fact that we are paying for all this with our college loans. At the end we told the GM how happy we were with our experience, and he comped us movie tickets. Seriously. If only we had just purchased a Nissan here as our first car; it would've saved us so much time and trouble.

Warren L. | 2013-07-19

I got my brand new Nissan Leaf, thanks to Mia Navarro from Internet Sales at Downtown Nissan.  Initially I went to Universal City Nissan, and it was just the worse experience. This was before I went onto Yelp and read the horror stories. At Universal City, I felt nothing but pressure from Neila, who i think in her defense is not a bad person, it's just the whole philosophy of how they want to do business at Sag Auto Group. Sell, sell sell at all costs.
I got out of there, told them I wasn't interested in an Electric car anymore and took my business elsewhere.

I read on the reviews that Downtown Nissan was part of the Cost Co Auto club. So I set up an appointment last Sunday. Mia was busy finishing up with another customer. She was professional, courteous to them, so I knew this was going to work out on a personal level, hopefully we can find a price we both agree on.

When she wrapped with the other customer, she turned her attention to me. I told her the Leaf I wanted, and the color, she checked the inventory, she quoted the lease prices and I countered with what I thought were some of the good deals that other customers had gotten.  She said not a problem. We agreed on a price.

Then there were a few kinks on my credit report, I don't have bad credit, just not as good as I thought.  Mia worked with Nissan Financial, and I had to pay just a little more a month. I'll drink one less Dodger stadium beer a month.

They didn't have the color I wanted, so she requested I give her a few days to find one for me. I got a call a few day later she found with the package I needed.  I drove down, picked up my car, no hassles from Finance. No upsell.  No hard sell.

Everything was my choice, it was clear and straightforward.

I feel like I dodged a horrible bullet not going to Universal City or Glendale Nissan.

I also got a free 25 dollar certificate to get stuff in the parts department, so I picked out a nice Nissan Leaf coffee mug!

YMMV, but I'm very happy with my car and my experience at DT Nissan.

Steven M. | 2013-07-19

Called the parts Department to ask some important questions and spoke to Bolivar. wow talk about unprofessional and rude. I just had a question and the guy did not have any motivation to help me or answer my question. sigh after sigh and it sounded like he just woke up. The worst pet peeve I have is when you call a place and when they do answer you get a "Parts can you hold please" without even giving the chance to say anything or ask for a person you're put on hold. To me that's terrible service.  If you don't like your job don't take it out on the customer. I will be sure not to deal with this dealer ever again

Marian M. | 2013-07-08

Ridiculously nice people! This was my second visit for service on my LEAF. Nothing wrong, just some software updates so no charge. But you still get the kind treatment, your car washed and a free bottle of water. Dennis is very nice, walks you through the service you are getting and keeps you updated as to how things are going. Free coffee and popcorn in the waiting room.

Alex Y. | 2013-06-30

Got my Nissan Leaf lease today.   This dealership is highly recommended!

Negotiated our deal with Steve Bryson, Fleet/Internet Manager.

Steve provided very thorough and specific quotes for the different iterations of features/payment plans that we inquired.  Very knowledgeable, friendly, patient and pressure-free.  No BS games like other dealerships.

Downtown Nissan also went above and beyond to get the exact color we were seeking. With ours not in stock, Steve found an even better one with extra add-on features yet still honored the same price we previously agreed to.

Will definitely get more cars here in future!

Mama C. | 2013-06-24

This is a small dealership, and is part of a bigger Dealership that sells everything from Mercedes to Porche.  As such, their knowledge about the Nissan make is limited.  They are pleasant and helpful, and the service department is very good.  My advice is to buy your Nissan from a specialized Dealership.

Monique P. | 2013-06-02

I like this one better than Universal.   They do what I ask and always wash my car.  Its never been more than 1 hour or so to get things done.

Caroline G. | 2013-05-29

Everyone is really friendly and the service is great! They always throw in a free car wash.. Send free oil change coupons! Best service ever!

Sac M. | 2013-05-26

Best dealership to buy a car...just bought a pathfinder for almost 3k under invoice, price was even below's lowest reported price. Sales team and management showed a lot of class by sticking to there motto of making customers happy even if it meant that they would lose money on the deal. Internet salesman Robert and salesmanger Kurt went above and beyond, kudos to them. The whole buying experience was pressure free, and not too much haggling.  Best thing of all was the great coffee.  Highly recommend everyone to stop over at d.t. Nissan first before you go anywhere else.  Can't promise you that you,ll get 3k under invoice( that take some skills and timing) but you will get the best deal possible.

Rose B. | 2013-05-22

This place is very fast courteous and helpful...
I was very pleases with the service here!
Ace-one of the service advisor's was fantastic in answering all my questions and concerns...
I now no longer dread getting an oil change..and will be hapy to return to DOWNTOWN NISSAN

Ken L. | 2013-05-21

I bought a new car here yesterday. I live in Hollywood, but travelled downtown after seeing all the negative reviews for Universal Nissan. My credit is pretty sub-optimal, and I had to put down a hefty down payment, but to my surprise, they were able to get me a loan. I wasn't sure my credit was back to the point where I could get a car at all!

Steve from internet sales was great, very low pressure, very easy to work with, very informative. The whole experience was smooth sailing.

Like I said, I just got my car yesterday, so I can't vouch for their service, but when they delivered it after I did all the paper signing, it was detailed beautifully. So far, so good.

Button W. | 2013-04-01

Great service, thank you Ernesto!

Lilly S. | 2013-03-10

WOW. I can't believe the service I received here. I thought this was a"good" dealership. They are not knowledgeable about their jobs. They are morons who know nothing about how leasing works. It blows my mind how they still keep these workers here.
I contacted the sales manager and he didn't know much either. They are just after my money and think I don't know anything. News flash-- I did research and what you offered is about 60$ a month more then what I should pay. I am taking my business elsewhere. I got a bad taste in my mouth for nissan a after contacting this dealership and speaking with their representatives. I will be contacting Nissan USA to give my complaint about this dealership.

If you go here-- do your research before hand and you will see they are crooks.
I listened to all the positive reviews but I shouldn't have. I may have caught them on a "bad" day, I understand we are humans and we all make mistakes. BUT about 3 people made the same mistake, and that's not acceptable with being such a big dealership with so many "great" reviews.
DO NOT go here!!

Kyle L. | 2013-03-10

RUDE SALES DEPARTMENT!!!  They are horrible with returning phone calls. I can't believe the horrible service they provide for their CUSTOMERS.  Looks like I will take my business elsewhere. Save your time and energy. Don't go here !!!!

Kirsten M. | 2013-03-09

After feeling I had a lemon of a car since dealing with Glendale Nissan over the years, I finally, out of frustration, went to Yelp to see if there was a dealership I could take my car to who might find the problems I kept experiencing.  Thank goodness, I found Nissan of Downtown LA and read about Ochoa.  After dropping my car off there today, I FINALLY have answers to my questions.  He listened to my concerns and had me meet with the mechanic.  For the first time since owning this car, I feel at ease.   Now with the right team finding the problems, I feel like my car might not be a lemon afterall and will finally run well.  Their service station is much farther from my home but this will be the main place I bring my car for service from now on.  Everyone was great and the reviews on Yelp are not exaggerating Ochoa's quality of service.

Matt W. | 2013-03-04

ust got my car back after dropping it off for an express oil change. I didn't have to have an appointment, and they got right to me. They told me it would be 45 minutes, and it was. They even rinsed the dust off my car for me. The guy that helped me gave me a discount that was being mailed to me, but I hadn't received yet. I was so happy with the way I was treated that I will definitely come here for all my service work even though it is not even close to the closest dealership/service center to me.

They didn't try to up sell me anything. They did a full inspection and said my car was in good shape. I take really good care of my car and even do some of the maintenance myself, so they wouldn't have gotten away with telling me to get work done that I didn't need. They have certainly earned my trust and loyalty. YAY!

Erica H. | 2013-02-05

This review is for service center, and Ochoa the service adviser.

Ochoa is a really cool guy and he always is trying his best to give you a coupon or discount if something is available. If you have a warranty, he almost always finds parts that are covered under warranty and replaces them if needed. He really puts service first, and is always happy to explain what needs to be done and why.

He has not ever tried to upsell me some unneeded service.

They also have fresh donuts in the waiting room if you go in the mornings, and tasty popcorn all day. The only thing is their coffee tastes horrible.

They also have dealer loaner cars if for some reason youre not covered under insurance or warranty for a rental car. They also have a shuttle service that pretty much picks you up and drops you off in the Los Angeles anywhere.

Lunara D. | 2013-02-03

This review is for Mia Navarro. I was blown away by the service she provided. She was not only courteous and professional but she came from Downtown to West Hollywood to pick me up. I am 9 months pregnant and did not feel comfortable driving all the way from DT to WEHO because of my belly. Mia came over and picked me up. I knew which model I wanted, we got the paperwork completed and Mia drove me back home in my new car! She was very accommodating, not pushy at all and super friendly. Thank you Mia!

Chao Z. | 2013-01-17

Just did the maintenance for my car here. Ochoa was a very helpful, friendly and efficient guy.

Ritler C. | 2013-01-06

Review is for EV charging station only!

As a LEAF owner, I am always on the hunt for free EV charging stations.  My work commute was from DTLA to Irvine and I was living near USC.  I did not have access to a 240V charger where I was living at that time- only a pitiful 120V wall charger.  Therefore, I relied very HEAVILY on this Nissan dealership to get enough charge to get me to work the next day!!!  Lucky for me, my work building had the 240V so getting home was never an issue ;)

There was always an open charging station and I never had to wait and stress about whether or not they were occupied as they have 4-5 EV chargers lined along the parking area that is open and accessible at ALL times of day.  The lot is EXTREMELY well lit and even at 11pm at night I felt decently safe.  

Unlike other dealerships, this one was extremely friendly and open to letting you charge (as it should be), ahem I'm looking at you Santa Monica!!!

S L. | 2013-01-06

A couple years ago I was leaving LA and driving cross-country, so I brought my Maxima in to check my fluids were all set for the trip. Service department took it upon themselves to look for every problem possible with the car. In itself not a bad choice, but not what I asked to be done, and I waited 2-3 hours without being told. Service guy comes back with a list of belts and other things that should be replaced. He did not directly say "your car won't make the trip if these are not done," but was pretty much ensuing it. All this work would only cost me around two grand with my USC discount. Feeling like this was a bit of a shake down, and not wanting to invest the $ in an older car, I went on my way. 3000 miles packed with a few hundred pounds of my stuff, it was fine. Couple years and another several thousand miles later, only replacing the oil,  the car ran fine (until Hurricane Sandy). The insurance appraiser classified the car as in good condition. Maybe there were some genuine issues with the car, but not as many as they claimed, or as severe as stated.

Kurt L. | 2013-01-04

Took my 13 month old brand Nissan (purchased elsewhere) here for a simple oil change once. They told me my battery was bad. It wasn't. They also quoted me full price for a new battery, even though under the from-factory Nissan warranty I would have only had to pay 1/2 price at this point. I have not been back and will not be back unless I am forced to.

Dave A. | 2013-01-03

Highly recommended.  After my horrendous experience at Universal Nissan (for which my credit is screwed for years because they felt like it), Nissan of Downtown LA was great.

I used the Costco Auto Club and went to the dealership the next day.  They were great, honest and worked with me because I was pretty specific about what I wanted.  Making the deal was easy, unlike Universal City Nissan and they got me out pretty quickly.

Very happy with my new Juke.

Did I mention Universal City is awful?  Stay away.  Go to Nissan of Downtown.

David S. | 2012-12-28

What a pleasure to do busines with!!!   On our fist attempt to buy a car at another dealer, my partner said he would never try and buy a car again, but he needed a car so we tried one more time.

We dealth with Steve Bryson (spelling?) We test drove the car, and told them what we wanted price wise.  He came back with a no-haggle discount for us. Which was great.  They appraised my trade it, gave us a competitive price. Again no haggling needed.

We discussed what we needed in terms of financing.  They searched for us and got us a great rate.

It was a such a pleasant experience not typical of dealing with car dealers.  This car was for my partner.  I'd bought a lexus a week earlier.  This nissan dealership had the type of ease and service comparable to what I recieved from Lexus.

Highly recommended if you are looking for a new Nissan.

And thanks for not scaring my partner from ever entering  a car dealership again.

Laura I. | 2012-12-27

I've gone to this place twice!! And both times their customer service was horrible! The first time, the sales man left my husband and I in the middle of the lot. We told him we weren't quite sure when we would buy it but we wanted the numbers down because we were set on a Nissan Armada. As soon as he heard that he told us have a nice day and walked away. And Today, I went again looking for a car for my dad and i parked my car and walked around the cars for about 20 minutes and no one walked out to help or ask if I needed help. By far the worst car dealer i've been to EVER!!!

Michele J. | 2012-12-12

I recently bought a Nissan Maxima at this dealership and had the BEST purchasing experience EVER!!! My first 2 car buys were tedious and being in a dentist's chair for 10 hours. This time around was stress-free and fun. My salesman, Gary Kamoshida, was fantastic! He's professional, dependable, friendly, and really knowledgeable about the car-buying process. I would highly recommend Gary to anyone in the market for a brand new or used car. If you want a high-level of customer service, go see Gary at Downtown L.A. Nissan.  --Michele J.

Vivian H. | 2012-12-02

best service department ever ... thanks earnie and lance...

G W. | 2012-10-15

I just bought a car here last week and WOW had a great experience! My salesperson, Mia Navarro, was very well versed about the car I was interested in, was very articulate, intelligent, funny and straightforward. Same with the friendly finance department. And the staff I spoke with also owned Nissans! These guys are great! The sales staff didn't badger or pressure me or switch anything around. Everything was upfront.

I am recommending my salesperson and Downtown Nissan to all of my friends and acquaintances.

If you're thinking about buying a Nissan or need to have your Nissan serviced, go to this dealership. (Don't go to Glendale or Universal--they're awful and you will be disappointed by the rude and terrible service. Been there, done that with a previous car.) Don't waste your time with the others GO TO DOWNTOWN NISSAN--THEY ROCK!!

Lulu M. | 2012-09-22

This is my first review, Im all about quick tips but I thought I could share my great experience at Nissan. Came in for an oil change, had great customer service from Ace very attentive and courteous will definitely come back!

Michael C. | 2012-09-16

Wow! I've bought lots of cars over the years for myself and my parents. Not once I had a stress-free, positive experience. This was my first stress-free and awesome car buying experience. Steve Bryson, the internet sales manager, assisted me, and he quoted me a very good price and honored it with zero haggle. We all know that's the most stressful part of buying a car where they quote you one price and give you excuses when you get in the dealership. I went to the dmv site to calculate the exact fees, and the out-the-door price matched exactly, so no hidden fees at all! Steve is just awesome; good communication and his demeanor oozes trust. I called him in the morning, and he asked me to give him 1.5 hours since the car is at a different dealership. He went to go pick up the car himself because they were short on porters and called me exactly 1.5 hours later. I was in and out of the dealership in about an hour; are you kidding me? That's shorter than my workout session at the gym. Best dealership bar none.

Adkinl A. | 2012-08-26

I had never bought a new car before. I wanted a Nissan and went to several dealerships in the area but got "bad vibes" and worse customer service. So, I decided to go "downtown" and not only did they have the car I wanted in stock but the salesperson James Echols was amazing in making the deal as painless as possible. This car dealership is truly a class act amongst the car dealers, Nissan or otherwise. HIGHLY recommend you getting your car here and make sure you ask for James.

Stephanie L. | 2012-07-31

Living out in LA, I was having a hard time finding somewhere I could trust for Alejandra (my 2010 Nissan Altima Coupe).  I had been taking her to the Santa Monica Nissan, but really was unsatisfied with my experience there.  That has now since closed, so the next closest locations to me are either in Van Nuys or Downtown LA.  The reviews for Downtown LA are much more positive than Van Nuys, so I decided to give it a go.

I called a day beforehand to make an appointment with Ernesto.  When I arrived, they had my information in the system and he came out to meet with me.  I wanted to get an oil change and also get a couple of the recall notices checked out with my car.  He said it would take about 4 hours to get everything done.

I had a coupon that was a buy one get one free oil and filter change.  So, I handed that to Ernesto as well.

About four hours later, I received a phone call from Ernesto telling me my car was ready.  I was excited to see Alejandra again.  I always get a little separation anxiety when I'm away from her.

I went to the cashier and didn't have to pay a thing.  The recall inspections clearly were free.  Ernesto also gave me a free oil & filter change because of that coupon I had.

As I was leaving, Ernesto stopped me to give me a quick rundown about everything I had concerns about.  He explained that they changed a part because it wasn't reading correctly when they were doing inspections.  He made sure that all my questions were answered and that I understood the work that they did on Alejandra.

She was squeaky clean on the outside and ready to go!  I was impressed by how thorough of a job they did with Alejandra.  I also needed to get everything checked out because I was driving up to Oakland the following weekend and didn't want to be worried that she would break down at any time.  Luckily, everything went well and I am back safely in LA now.

I will definitely be back to this Nissan for any and all future service needs.

Mia C. | 2012-07-16

I've  started my quest to get a new car and this is the first dealership I decided to visit.  I was interested in getting a Juke or a Rogue and when I arrived at the dealership I was greeted by Tony who then asked me to take a sit and wait for a salesman.  James E., the internet specialist, came out and introduced himself and asked me what I was looking for. I then proceeded to test drive the Juke which I really liked, but unfortunately couldn't afford at the rate given. James was very patient and was very personable and proceeded to answer all the questions I had in regards to the offer. I recommend for everyone to go to him as you will have a great customer service experience.

C S. | 2012-07-14

We bought our 2008 Altima here and negotiated free oil changes with our vehicle.  The first time we brought our vehicle back to get the oil changed, the service person tried to hard sell us to do additional services.  Really was a turn off but we kept coming back because it was a free service- really coming back for more punishment from their "service" department.  

The second time we went back, we pulled into the service area and were told it would be an hour wait because we hadn't scheduled an appointment.  How long did we end up waiting?  2 hours.  So we told ourselves, next time we'll schedule an appointment.

My wife, who was 9 months pregnant at the time made an appointment to take the car in for service.  After arriving at the service area, not one person even acknowledged her for 20 minutes.  Then when they took the vehicle for our "appointment", she still ended up waiting 1 1/2 hours- for an oil change.  Needless to say, I called the service manager/supervisor at the time and expressed my displeasure.  He promised it would never happen again.  

We started going to Santa Monica Nissan instead but unfortunately they closed down so we had to bring our vehicle back to Downtown Nissan.  Our most recent experience began innocently enough.  I was greeted immediately and taken inside.  I was thinking to myself, wow, that's an improvement.  We don't drive the vehicle all that much so we have barely 20,000 miles on it and the rep said we hadn't had our 15,000 mile service done yet.  I asked him what that entailed and he printed up the list and gave it to me.  I reviewed it and saw that I had performed most of this $300 service on my own.  I asked if we could have the remaining items done a la carte.  What did the rep say?  Nothing.  He just kept typing on the computer.  I was a little perturbed by the lack of response but brushed it off as him concentrating on typing.  

Service over, I took the vehicle and the paperwork and drove off.  I happened to glance at it and saw that the rep had marked that I had declined the dealer recommended service.  I hadn't declined anything.  I had just asked a question, for which I never got an answer.  Also, they had failed to inform me that the battery had failed the test (I don't know, maybe it's just me but that's definitely something I really would have liked to know).  

Not that bad an experience you say?  Well it gets really good from here.  I called and left a message for Richard, the GM to complain.  I got a call back from Lance the service manager.  I explained the situation and our history of bad experience with the dealership including the "appointment" my VERY pregnant wife had suffered through.  Lance never once apologized for anything.  He offered to change the cabin air filter and swap out the bad battery (which I would have to purchase separately for $300).  I told him after the long experience of bad service at their dealership, I didn't feel like that was enough.  He said that was the best he could do.  I asked to speak to Richard who called me back.  

The short of it is that during the conversation, Richard finally did apologize for the bad experiences but then had the AUDACITY to say that what my pregnant wife had gone through with me "WASN'T THAT BAD" (exact words out of his mouth) and that what Lance had offered me was all they could do.  Needless to say I wasn't impressed and getting kind of angry.  We left it at either a discounted battery for which I would have to install myself or a free installation of a battery.  

Like I said, be warned- these people don't have a customer service bone in their body.

Hester P. | 2012-07-11

Had a great experience here purchasing a first car with my daughter. Kurt and Steve made the whole experience a gracious breeze, highly recommend this dealership for anyone. Really really great!

Editing review 8/13/13
After a year of my daughter trying to get these people to do the right thing about selling her a five year old car with no AC, brake issues and all which became apparent within a week or two of her purchase at which point she tried to get handled and they wouldn't. Meanwhile she's paying a premium price for a used car she can't drive without replacing the AC unit. Thanks, DTLA Nissan, way to go.

Tony P. | 2012-07-03

1/2 star for washing my car after trying to rip me off. I took my Xterra in for service in 2010 and someone took all the change from my center console. I hadn't been back since, but the car was due for the 30K checkup, so I took everything of value out of the car and went back in hopes the dealership wasn't also a rip-off.
This time the Service Tech told me it needed rear brakes (claimed they were down to 3mm) and two engine mounts, but he said "I'll get you all the discounts." I said no thank you, and took my car to Pep-Boys. Pep-Boys showed me the brake pads and they had more than 6mm (about half the pad was still left) and told me they didn't need replacing for months. Pep-Boys also showed me the motor mounts, pointing out the ONE that was actually broken. Pep-Boys also gave me a much better deal on the tires it needed.

Nissan of Downtown LA, Service Department are LIARS AND THIEVES.
Oh, and icing on the cake: I tried to get on the wireless in the waiting room, but it doesn't work.

Cindy B. | 2012-06-27

I cannot say enough kind words about every single person I have met through the service department Downtown Nissan.  Although I purchased my Leaf last year in Huntington Beach the professionalism, friendliness and knowledge of the staff at Downtown Nissan make it impossible for me to consider going anywhere else for service! (Not that the Leaf ever needs major work, but as this is my first all-electric car I am diligent with getting it in on time and getting my questions answered by the experts.)

Charlie S. | 2012-06-26

I bought my car here 5 years ago and have been coming here to service my car since.  On the front line, Chris and Dennis are always super courteous.  I met Lance (Service Manager) today (6/20/12) to address a concern that I had.  I was surprised how quickly he dropped what he was doing to help me out.  This place definitely puts their customers first.  Thanks guys.

Edith R. | 2012-05-28

I had a really nice experience especially because I didn't feel the pressure like I did from other dealerships. Not only did they answered all my questions even though I had so many but also educated me on how to buy a car. I would deff. recommend this dealership to my friends.

Juan M. | 2012-03-28

This dealership is great!! The service Team is GREAT!! They are all very friendly and profecional! I came in for a basic oil change, I was in and out and received a great car wash! I was greated by the manager Lance who was very kind and walked me in to meet the advisors!

Waiting room was very nice, got to watch the discovery channel along with coffee and donuts (provided by Nissan)

Cashiers were great and friendly

Service is so great here I even talked my mother in law into getting into a new Altima!

Thank you Nissan Of DTLA

Kelly L. | 2012-03-10

Service Department - Lance.

% I could not be happier with my Nissan now that service manager Lance was able to fix a recurring problem with the car.  I gave my prior dealership 3 opportunities to fix the car before finally looking elsewhere.

I chose Nissan Of Downtown LA hoping they could fix it.  Lance took the time necessary to understand what was happening and then handed me off to % his competent writer and technicians.  Everyone was friendly there,  and now I'm much more friendly (lol) because my car is perfect again.

They've won my business from now on.  %

Pedram A. | 2012-03-04

James Echols and Steve Bryson are fantastic.
I have been in the market to buy a Nissan leaf for four months.
After contacting three other dealerships and being disappointed especially with the last one who changed the price on me the last minute, I decided to give it a last try and email one more dealership.

Thankfully, I got the right person. The next day, James Echols (internet/Fleet Manager) from Nissan of Downtown L.A. emailed me back and made the buying experience very smooth. He is very professional and honest. He apologized multiple times for the other dealerships mishaps and went behind my expectation to make things work.

He and Steve Bryson, who is the electric car "GURU" explained all the cool features on the leaf thoroughly. They made this car buying experience a breeze. If only, I had contacted them from the first place, I would have thought Nissan dealerships are the greatest place to purchase a vehicle.

SO if you are in the market for a car, don't waste your time with the other Nissan dealerships and give James or Steve a call. They make it work for you.

Brian S. | 2012-03-02


I had some issues with my 370Z, and the westside Nissan Dealerships disappeared.  So I wasn't looking forward to a new dealership for many reasons.

Surprise.  Service Manager Lance is a true professional.  I actually got the feeling he was taking %  time out to understand the issues related to the 370Z.  The service drive was busy, but cleared up very quickly.  From the porters to the service writers, professional all the way.

I'm very suddenly a loyal customer!  Thanks too to my service writer Chris.  He kept me "in the know" about the status of my vehicle and made sure I was able to make a smooth "getaway" at pick up time...IN A CLEAN CAR.  Nice!  

5 doubt.

Camille G. | 2012-02-27


I had a real pleasant experience here and plan to take my 350z here from now on.
I made an appointment for an oil change and when I got to the dealership at 6pm on a weekday, I was assisted right away. No wait!

Ochoa helped me with my car and did a thorough inspection and didn't try to sell me into getting additional services like I am used to at other dealerships, where they persuade me to get the #miles service or new brakes yadda yadda. Ochoa was straight to the point. Answered all of my questions and offered to give my car a nice car wash.

Their new office building is very nice. I was told they just renovated;  the interior and exterior of the building is beautiful and modern. They had a clean waiting room with popcorn machine, some schnazzy modern coffee machine, 47 inch flat screen, comfy chairs... it was a relaxing waiting room. I was able to catch up on my locals news and watch a little of the LINsanity game (Knicks vs. Heat) hehe. As I waited, I met Kurt, another Nissan employee, who I chatted with about my vehicle, specifically about my front bumper since I was interested in replacing it. He was able to provide me options on how to fix the bumper and/or estimates on replacing it.

I found both Ochoa and Kurt to be helpful and accommodating. They have great customer service and know how to make a customer feel happy/comfortable about coming to this dealership. I tend to have a sketchy feeling about most dealerships, but this one was different from the rest - straight to the point and honest.

I would recommend this dealership.

Wilfredo L. | 2012-02-16

This is for the service Department!!

I took my 08 Versa in for service and also for the check engine light turned on the previous day. Turned out the check engine light was covered under the power terrian warranty or 60K miles. I paid for an oil change and tire rotaion and adjustement of breaks and a battery service (its the cheapest service pack that includes a free diagnostic for check engine light) not only did they not change my oil filter they did not rotate my tires on the left side. I noticed once I got Home called the dealer and asked what they serviced on my car and they mentioned all the above. when I told them  the truth they said I was incorrect becuase he checked with the mechanic. I took my car back and showed them the date on the oil filter which was dated back in November which was the last time I got my oil changed. they put a new filter and explained that the tires could not be rotated because they were in bad condition which is okay but why did they have to lie to me and said it was complete?? I  called NISSAN OF NORTH AMERICA and they helped me with the issue. the mechanic that worked on my car he personally came out and apologized he said he was very busy and had a lot of cars and jsut "forgot" beware if you take your car here I will Never go back to Nissan of Downotown

Derrick W. | 2012-02-13

Came in for an Oil Change, when I got my car back, i got a scratched car with oil finger prints on the top of my hood, front bumper, and water dripping out of my grille (No my car was NOT washed). My service adviser Vital told them to "put wax on it". Another Service Adviser or a manager said out loud "He is just looking for stuff". I mean like hey, they do a walk around of your car BEFORE they take the car in. Why can't we do a walk around before we take the car BACK. Its only fair right? My car came back with the scratch still. I didn't want to deal with this dealership anymore, so I just left. Never coming back here again.

Dannielle J. | 2011-11-29

All I can say is that I just left after having one of the best car buying experiences ever. I was in and out in a couple of hours, got the car I wanted at the price I wanted and there was no haggling, back and forth or dishonesty.

I'll tell my friends, give all the recommendations I can. These guys are the best.

Tiffany D. | 2011-10-11

Re: Service Department

When you drive a sexy car, and your sexy car starts to sputter, or leak, or in my case, turn off when you are on the freeway, COME HERE ASAP!

From our first handshake, Eddie and his team assued me I was in good hands, and they weren't kidding! He told me I would remember them if they gave me good service, and MAN, they got my 350Z PURRING like new, so much so that I was actually grinning ear-to-ear saying "oh wow, you are a sexy car!" to my own car when I got her back.... that says something.

They fixed everything quickly and professionally, gave me good price quotes, and told me what really needed and didnt need to get done. Never bringing my baby anywhere else!

Adam S. | 2011-09-06

RE: Service Department

I've been coming to downtown Nissan with my Maxima for a few years now, and the service department is great. One of the service guys, Vidal is very helpful when talking about what your car needs/ doesn't need and how urgent it is. The feeling of transparency is great when you're getting your car maintained so you know you're not getting ripped off. And I talk with the technicians here and they really know their stuff.

Only bad part is that the coffee in the waiting room is always burnt. Then again, I'd rather have a well-maintained car and bad coffee than a crappily-maintained car and good coffee.

Update: Coffee today was actually pretty decent today-- better than I remember. So this place is basically ALL WIN.

Maria A. | 2011-09-01

This is for the SERVICE department.

I turned in my car here a few times for warranty service which NONE were honered .  It all started with a simple brake check because I felt some shaking in my 08 Nissan when decelerating at high speeds (i.e. freeway).  . They said that "nothing was wrong with the car". How stupid can these service department workers be, even my 8 year old niece felt it. Instead they said "oh, your brakes are worn out, MAYBE that's causing the problem."    Yeah, they wanted to charge me about $300 for changing my brakes WHICH I went to my mechanic(relative) in Tijuana ..he checked my brakes and said there's nothing wrong with my brakes.
 The real problem came after another visit, this time my tire air pressure kept loosing air. There were no signs of holes, or leaks with the tire. The service department worker told me they CHARGE $150 just to take out the tire and inspect it.   Mind you this is during the 3yr/36K mi warranty. I also had them recheck the car for the cause of the the moderate shaking(this is after I got my brakes checked by an Independent mechanic who said my brakes were fine) . Few days after, i started hearing clicking, dings and all kinds of rattling noises coming from my car.  After returning the car AGAIN for service they said "Oh MAYBE the axle needs to be LUBRICATED..that will only cost you about $400."  
 Turned out that the axle was loose. I WONDER HOW IN THE WORLD COULD A CAR AXLE BECOME LOOSE.

wow these guys are theives and all they are worried about is commission and sales.  I am currently in the process of filing a report with the BBB and the CA State Attorney General.


Robert G. | 2011-05-23

The sales guy was nice but the leadership team needed some "how to work with customer classes"... It's not the fact that I couldn't get what I wanted... It's the false promises they fed me just to waste my time. Too many stories, no delivery in word. This place would've gotten 1 star but the sales rep seemed innocent enough...

Gary H. | 2011-04-12

"Why is it so complicated to buy a car? It took me weeks to finally buy my Maxima because I refuse to give my business to dealers who do not deserve it, too aggressive, no respect and still playing games with pricing.

A co-worker over heard my conversation about my awful experiences and mentioned that I should try nissan of downtown LA. I called their internet sales team and was immediately surprised by the professionalism. All my questions were answered with a very brief conversation. I went down to see them and was able to confirm everything we discussed on the phone as I arrived. From there my decision was clear and easy; great service, efficient process and my price was better than expected. Doesn't get better than that.

Great job guys, thanks for the relief!

Eduardo G. | 2011-03-18

Brought my truck in for some recalls. Also mentioned a noise to them being caused by the muffler.

Well it turns out the manifolds were cracked or something like that and they changed both for free since it was still covered by warranty!! About $1900 worth of repairs free!!

What more can you ask for?? (Well i guess, they could've vacuumed and washed it while it was there lol)

Kyu L. | 2010-10-31

I just got back from the dealership with my new used 2008 altima.  I am compIetely happy with my purchase.  The sales people, particularly Gary and Mia, were very friendly and not pushy at all.  I went to 3 or 4 other nissan dealerships looking for a similar vehicle and everyone else's prices were higher or misleading.  I would definitely go back here for another vehicle.

Lauren W. | 2010-10-01

Highly recommended. I found the car I wanted online and emailed Simon to see if they had it. The next day I went in and bought the car for the price I wanted. Great service

bebang m. | 2010-09-18

I've been planning to bring my Versa to a Nissan Dealership for service but all I see online are negative reviews on almost all of Nissan dealerships, so since I  am working in downtown LA I decided to bring my car to Nissan DTLA and i am so glad I didn't make a mistake. I want to thank Ernie (from service dept.) for that. He took care of our car right away, he told me that oil change will take about 30 minutes but it was actually less than 30 minutes. One of the screw for my license plates was missing and he also fixed it for free and even gave a quick wash to my car.
I will surely be back because of your service, Ernie. Two thumbs up for you! Thank you.

Jen H G. | 2010-08-26

Pro: My sales guy Gary was very friendly, nice and had a pleasant demeanor.

Con: Went to look for a car this week and I was ALL READY to buy a Versa because it is economical when I was told to look at a Sentra instead because it is a cheaper lease. I made myself very clear that I wanted the very basic model because PRICE was the top concern for me. After spending an additional 30 mins to test drive the Sentra and run another set of numbers, it turns out that the Sentra was not what I was led to believe: it was an extra $500 drive off fee, an additional 3 months lease, an extra $150 for smog and licensing fees, and and an extra $4,000 in buy off cost -- all and all, about a $6,000 difference! Yes, the counter argument would be that it is a better car with more gadgets, but it just wasn't what I wanted at all and I felt like I was being clumsily misled. This could have been a very easy sale if I felt like these folks were being honest with me and gave me what I wanted instead of trying to pull these typical car-salesman up selling stuff. And the way these numbers were presented to me was unprofessional: sharpie marked on a white piece of paper and on both sides -- very hard to read! And when I asked what some of the numbers meant, my question had to be relayed back to the manager. And when the manager finally came to talk to me, he looked at my fiance and not me -- I am the only leasing this car? It was my credit score they just ran! Don't look at him because he is a man, look at me, I am making the decision! I just didn't like it. It felt very artificial.

Overall: I am getting a Honda Civic instead from an old Armenian guy who is very charming and has been selling cars for 10 years.

Will B. | 2010-08-14

I reccommend Downtown Nissan because of the great service staff especially Aureliano Ochoa who gave me great advice and didn't try to sell me something. In fact they worked hard to make me happy with their service. The whole staff was friendly and I will be taking my truck to them in the future.

Ayrton A. | 2010-04-04

Service manager is friendly, technician rather serious guy but knowledgeable. But they don't do their job! Was suppose to change my fuel gauge light, they said they have to order the parts, and said they'll call when the parts arrive. Waited and waited, no call. Went back there, they said the same thing. Again no call. So I decided, just forget it. Not too important. Then I went there to get a second car, first I was greeted by this guy. He must be thinking, a young guy like 18 yrs old with slippers, t shirt and short pants must not have money to buy a car. He didn't bother to help me. So I went to another sales person, he is really nice showed me around. End up buying another car there. But when that car got recalled for some things. AGAIN! they said they have to order the part, but they never call me back!

Tom K. | 2009-02-11

i have to amend my earlier warranty is running out so i took my car there to get it checked out.  they told me my drive belts were cracked and needed replacing.  amazingly enough, i looked at their board and they are having a special on drive belts this week.  i decided to get a second opinion.

so i went to jim matson (highly reviewed here) and he told me by belts were completely fine.  

in short, i really don't trust la motors nissan any longer.

sloe j. | 2008-07-17

Terrible customer service, unforeseen charges and my car problems remain.

Davey G. | 2008-05-05

::breathes:: praise first, then criticize.

actually, it wasn't a bad experience at all. located next to all the dealerships near figueroa and the 10 freeway, downtown nissan lured me in with their proximity to my place of employment. and besides, i needed my tailgate latch fixed.

i probably lucked out with my service attendant/agent/whatever. he was straightforward and didn't try to sell me a fuel injection cleaning or a new battery. i actually give this guy 5-stars, which is great. i throw mechanics, salesmen, doctors and dentists into the same pool. they all have something i don't (expertise) and will use any opportunity to trick me into hemorrhaging money. thanks for not tricking me, downtown nissan guy!

the service took only a few hours, but it was friday so I waited until after work to pick up my truck. when i got home and tested the new latch, it worked! "hell yeah!" i thought. then i locked the tailgate and unlocked it... "screw you, downtown nissan!" i seethed. no one tested the locking mechanism. i had to return the next morning (saturday, mind you) for the service department folks to reinspect it and finally figure out the problem. corrosion, go figure.

in the end it took two trips, $300, and a little bit of patience to fix the stinkin' tailgate. but the service guy was rad and their shuttle drivers are an animated bunch. still, only three stars because i'm now out three hundred smackers. boo.