Motor Village LA in Los Angeles, CA

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Motor Village LA is the Premier Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, Dealer in Los Angeles, CA. Visit us for New or Used Vehicle sales, Service, Parts, and More.

Motor Village LA

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(213) 477-1798
Address:2025 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA, 90007
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Motor Village LA

John C. | 2015-04-22

I have been going to Motor Village La since they opened up downtown. At first it was not that good but i stuck with it over the years. (Kind of like your favorite football team) But Now that I met Sujey, I have to say this is the only place i will ever go to get my Jeep Serviced!!! Thank you Sujey for being the player on the Motor Village team that brought back customer service in customer service. Please call and ask for Sujay when you bring in your car. She will not only book your appointment but also get in a very nice rental car. Just make sure you call her first. :). Thank you Sujay for all of your help!!!

brian c. | 2015-04-05

yesterday I brought my car here for service only to find out I didn't  need service at all! if you need a great service advisor Hilbert is your guy! Hilbert was like Brian you don't need new brakes. you can go another 2000 miles on your current brakes!!! His honesty makes him a true rockstar!!!!!

Hippike N. | 2015-04-05

I kept coming back to this location because it's closer to my home than Van Nuys and because I like looking at the Vipers and the Challengers upstairs, but no more! I will rather drive to Van Nuys for their great service than to these crooks.
The back plate behind the front wheel had the screws got lose producing a weird metal-to-metal noise. Pep Boys wanted to charge me to fix it, but since the car is still under warranty, I wanted the dealership to take care of it free of charge.
I could have fixed the problem myself if I had the right equipment but MVLA said they would need to test, diagnose, research, test drive whatever, and without an appointment I am looking at a 4 hour wait time. Tighten the damn screws you idiot and let me out of here... no, make an appointment, come back another time and maybe, we can figure out what's wrong with the car....
The next day I drove to Van Nuys and I had to wait 15 minutes. This long because there was a car in front of me! I told them what the problem was, they checked it and confirmed I was right, tightened the screws and I was on my way. Hm...wonder why MVLA could not do the same...
Anyway. I gave them one last chance and went for an oil change yesterday. I was outside looking at the Jeep on display (the car you can see from the FWY) and I looked down and saw them pulling my car out from the service bay and parking it out in the sun. I went back inside and waited for them to tell me when the car is ready. 45 minutes, FOURTY FIVE minutes had passed between them pulling my car out and me getting in and driving away. WTF?? If it's ready, why can't you just say so and let me go?
I'm sure the sales department is full of nice people and the grease monkeys in the back do an honest job but the service people, who write up the work, they are a bunch of tire kicking morons. My hubby's car is out of warranty, he took his car for oil change to a local shop and took them 25 minutes to change the oil.
Avoid MVLA service if you can. Go to Van Nuys instead.

Jay R. | 2015-03-30

The worst service dept ever.. I came in because my car had a wheel and rim problem and they first tell me they can't do anything so I go to sales mgr and then all of a sudden they're willing to help.. Bullshit!!! The service guy with the worst slick back gel hair Franklin Hernandez tells me he had to call me to arrange a service time and I ask why can't we arrange a time now and he said he couldn't.. I wait two weeks no call do I come in and deal w chip the service who turns out to be an asshole too and they all like to pass the buck to another person and take no responsibility.

Now I'm here waiting for two hours for them to just swap out tires from one car to the next and they don't have a rental for me.. How convenient for them.. They are the worst service dept ever.. Go elsewhere because if you have a problem that's under warranty or they can't collect any money they will treat you like shut or not treat you at all

Francisco J. | 2015-03-30

I WOULD OF GAVE 0 STARS IF POSSIBLE.Dropped off my truck and a month later they tell me they can't fix it. Then I go pick it up and they want to give it to me without gas wtf. The service dept. Is a joke AVOID THIS PLACE

Anthony G. | 2015-03-19

I received a phone call from Jerry the Parts Department Manager. I'm happy to say the issue has been resolved to my satisfaction.
It's good to see MVLA took time to resolve this matter.
Thank you Motor Village Los Angeles, and thank you Jerry.

Cynthia V. | 2015-02-24

Just got a new 2015 jeep Compass. Oh man Guillermo (Memo) is the man!!!! Best deal ever he did it! I don't feel cheated I walked out of that place a winner. Guys do your homework ;) best place honestly recommend

Curtis H. | 2015-02-22

After the purchase of our vehicle we have only felt taken advantage of and scammed.  The entire process was hell, we were lied to, false promises were made and after owning the vehicle for a year we continue to have no faith in the staff of Motor Village LA.  I could go on.... but I don't want to waste more time thinking about this.

Troy D. | 2015-02-06

Though I've used them for years, Glendale Jeep on brand suggested I go here since now I live downtown.

I couldn't get anybody to talk to me. They suggested making an appointment but I couldn't even get *that* lady to take the time to help me. I think at this place you'd need an appointment to make an appointment.

I'll just drive back to Glendale, they're much friendlier there. And way better service.

Robbyn A. | 2015-02-04

I purchased a 2015 Jeep from Motor Village and Victor R.  their sales representative was GREAT!

Victor truly helped me get a great deal on the EXACT Jeep I wanted, he totally made it happen for me, his customer service was outstanding. You know how sometimes when you leave a car dealership, you feel ripped off? I didn't feel that way at all. I had such a nice experience and the biggest thing is I got exactly what I wanted. Victor even gave me a replica of my Jeep. I am very pleased.

Prior to Victor/ Motor Village, I went to another dealership in Torrance, the representative tried to sell me a car that I didn't want, color and the extras. I'm very glad I didn't go there.

This is a great place to go if you're looking for a Jeep. I would only work with Victor R. Let me know if you want his cell phone #! I will pass it along!

Motor Village should be grateful to have an employee like Victor!

Les B. | 2015-01-30

I purchased this 300c in 2010 from Motor Village LA in 2010...but Dec 2014 my clear coat started peeling on the rear quarter panel...Its NEVER been in an one drives it but myself...I was told when I took it in to Glendale Chrysler that my car had been REPAIRED and was not done properly...I told them...I've owned the car BRAND NEW and no work has ever been done on it before...I was advised to take back to dealership where purchased (Motor Village LA) and I did.
I spoke with main person in charge, Dave Reskosky...and this man was PHENOMENALLY AWESOME....he was so professional...he LISTENED to what I was saying...he FELT the truth of what I saying...and he DID NOT make this a "well its your word against ours" type of situation...He simply looked into my eyes and said....I believe you...we will fix the car and NO CHARGE to you!!  
All of my friends told me...."wow, Les...its amazing how you can relate to others so truthfully...but I told them...this was on Dave Reskosky!!!  Its people like Dave who are HONEST and believe there are others out there just like them.  I applaud DAVE for BEING able to BELIEVE in others!!  To be able to LISTEN openly...and FEEL...NOT THINK what you believe is the TRUTH....and he did...the truth that Dave has in HIMSELF is what he RECOGNIZED in me....
Dave turned over the service call to his Service Manager, Chip Hammett...and the accolades CONTINUED with Chip!!  Really GREAT guy!!  Wow...what an INCREDIBLY PROFESSIONAL and PERSONABLE crew of people there...NOW!!!  They went ABOVE AND BEYOND on repairing my car...
GOOD GOOD PEOPLE there now...Thanks SOUL Much, Dave, Chip and Franklin Hernandez for a job VERY WELL done...
You all were impeccable with your word!!!!!

Les Brandt

ALEX C. | 2015-01-28

This has been the worst Dodge, Jeep, Fiat dealer to take a car in for any type of service. I do not recommend Motor Village LA. Below are three reasons why....

1. You can not take a vehicle in for service without an appointment.

2. My issue with this dealer is simple they are careless with the vehicles.  
I took my new 2014 Charger in for warranty repair. I was told that the vehicle would be ready in two days. When the date came for the car to be ready, I went to the dealer to pick up my vehicle and was told that they had lost my keys and were not able to work on the car. If I would had not gone in person I wonder when I would have received a call about the issue. A week later when the vehicle was ready I inspected the vehicle to find out that they had dented and scratched the rear bumper. They never told me of this issue. I told them my concern and they agreed to fix it. I received a new rental car and when I drove away I noticed the screen did not work. I went back to tell them of the issue and they told me they were aware of it but did not think it was important for me to know. Another week later I went back to pick up my vehicle and when I once again inspected the car and I found out that the vehicle still had a dent on the same spot. They told me they would fix the car and three days later I picked up my vehicle at night. The next day I notice that the paint on the vehicle was sloppy. I took my car in and a few weeks later when I had time to have them repaint the vehicle and fix a defected radio. The dealer apologized for all the problems and they finally did a good job. I then picked up the vehicle a few days later but would have to take it back for a new radio. 2 weeks later when I received a call that the new radio was in. I took the car in and received the car within a few hours. When I was about to drive off I decided to inspect the vehicle to see another dent and scratch on the rear bumper. Once again I was not notified and If I would not have inspected the vehicle I would not have seen the damage.

3. This dealer does not communicate well and I had to continuously call the service center for an update.

Renzo D. | 2015-01-28

Absolute joke of a dealership. Tried 3 days of constant calling and I still couldn't make a simple appointment reservation. Taking my business elsewhere.

Irv S. | 2015-01-27

Couple of weeks ago I took my 2005 Durango in and had the oil changed and a tune up. Spent almost $600. Well after driving it a couple of days the engine light starts blinking and making a tone. And the car is noticeably running worse. It also has a recall for a fuel valve in the gas tank area that they are telling will take days to replace. So yesterday I take the car back in because it has cut off on me, is misfiring and running horrible. It shouldn't be misfiring as I just spent close to $600 on a tune up. The service rep called me back after I called them. He told me that the tech said I needed 2 sensors and an oil switch for $700+ dollars. But this may not fix the issue?!?!  He says the tech is certified???? Now I have just spent almost $600 two weeks ago and $160 for diagnostics. I told the guy to have the certified tech find and fix the problem. I could have anybody guess and not have to pay a diagnostic fee. Anyway car is still there as I expect to talk to them tomorrow. I will update review after I hear from service tomorrow or the next. But at present my comfort level is extremely low. (To be continued...)

Emma E. | 2015-01-19

Where to begin...Motor Village LA is by far the WORST car dealership and service center I have ever dealt with. Simply put, If you value your time, money and car DO NOT go here.
The worst part by far is how completely disorganized they are. Whenever you call anyone it says their mailbox is full. 9/10 times I have left a message for someone my call is not returned. I have been told I will get a call back in 15 minutes and never heard from them again. I have sent emails... not replied to. I have even tried to speak to a manager about this and even THEY do not return calls! I called again and was finally transferred to a manager... or so I thought. I asked: "are you a manager?" And the man replied "Yes". He then said his name, and I realized he was just one of the salespeople I had talked to before. In other words, they lie. Constantly.
The salespeople are incredibly pushy and wouldn't let me leave until they had basically convinced me to buy the car. Of course, it was my choice- but I know I would have made a much smarter decision if I hadn't been pushed so intensely.
My salesperson told me repeatedly how I was exactly like her daughter. When I tried to leave, she told me what a SMART decision I was making in buying the car, when really I got an 18 percent interest rate and it was the worst financial decision I have ever made.
The financial guy (about 55 years to my 20) went through the documents and then proceeded to ask me out to dinner despite no interest on my end.
I told Jennifer in service that I would be driving cross country and needed an oil change. She told me I did not need one so I left. Two days later, my change oil light came on.
This isn't even the beginning of the many problems I have had with Motor Village LA. Things that should have taken ten minutes to resolve take weeks... and that's if you put in effort because Lord knows they aren't going to. I have never dealt with a business this unprofessional... it is actually mind boggling. I literally downloaded yelp and wrote my first review ever because of this. The people at the corner hot dog stand have better customer service.

Gilbert R. | 2015-01-17

I brought my jeep here for an oil change, and it came back down with scratches. I had scheduled an 8 AM appointment with Jennifer the next Saturday to fix the scratch. I arrived on time and waited until 9:15 AM for them to take the car to the body shop area. It came back down with more scratches!! The service here is horrible!

Michsel I. | 2015-01-05

I'm a parts department manager for Caliber collision and this place is great to get you your parts. IF AND WHEN they answer the phone. Just today I have called no joke 10 times. 4 times got a answer and put on hold for 5 to 10 min before they hung up on me. The other 6 times rang and rang till I got a dial tone. Gotta do something about that.

Ellie M. | 2015-01-05

Wish I could give negative stars to this dealership. Customers beware! The salespeople are crooks here! They will straight up lie to your face just to get you in the car and then pretend like they never made the promise. I am stuck with thousands of dollars of overage fees from my old Jeep after Mitch(sales manager) promised to waive them if I leased a new car. I was in awe after I spoke to him and he denied all he had promised me! Futhermore, the car was in my name for MONTHS after I had returned it. I have leased cars before and the people who work here are the absolute worst. I will NEVER EVER purchase a car here again as long as I live. In fact I will never purchase a Jeep again due to the horrible experience I had at this dealership. I will make sure to persuade all my family and friends out of purchasing also.  Please all consumers take your business elsewhere. Don't give your business to these dishonest scoundrels! If anyone at Motor Village reads this hope you realize that you lost my business for good because of your deceptive ways. Wouldn't be surprised if this place shut down soon.

Triana L. | 2014-12-19

Motor Village has just set a new standard for service. I had the most wonderful experience here TWICE now. Most recently, I was here during the very busy holiday season. Even though they were SWAMPED, the manager Chip was completely available to answer all my questions. He diligently kept in contact with me by calling me for updates on the status of my car.

I constantly work from my car, so when my bluetooth stopped working, it was extremely frustrating. Chip was able to secure a loaner car for me, and even had me back in my own car in an extremely short amount of time.

He was friendly, knowledgable and a complete pleasure to work with. I no longer dread taking my car in for service, as I know the kind folks over at MV will make the task as quick and painless as possible. Thanks again Chip! You saved my holiday!

Julia R. | 2014-12-16

DO NOT GO HERE TO GET YOUR CAR SERVICED!!! Worst Service Dept.! Worst Customer Service! I had a 10am apt, showed up early and then was told that I would have to leave my car for DAYS for an air bag light! Because they couldn't take me and had too many cars. I specifically asked prior to making the apt how long it would take and they said it was a same day service and should be a few hours. What is the point of making an appointment? Stop wasting peoples time!

Drake R. | 2014-12-16

the service department is the most inept i've ever dealt with.  funny how nice the salespeople are until they get your money.  After that, good luck even getting someone on the phone.  very disappointing.  motor village:  I'll take down my review when you replace the service manager.

J C. | 2014-12-06

I leased a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel in September 2014. The service I received when leasing the Jeep was great. I came in after work, selected which one I wanted, there was some back and forth negotiation and I was out in a few hours with my new Jeep. The salesperson was professional and personable. I noticed the next day that my Jeep wasn't completely clean and it was delivered with only 50% exhaust fluid (an expensive fluid for diesels). I haven't been able to get a hold of my salesperson since. I currently have 2000 miles on my Jeep and I have started to notice that between 65-75 miles per hour my steering wheel starts to shake. I haven't hit any potholes or anything to cause this. Since the problem was getting worse and I am starting to worry about safety issues so I pulled into the service department. The line was backed out onto the street. I sat in line for 45 min only to get turned away by a rude employee in the service drive. He said "usually people make appointments" in a sarcastic tone. So I drove away and called to make an appointment for Saturday (today) since I work during the week. I spoke to a lady on the phone and explained the issue I was having with the vehicle. She told me to come in at 9:00. I asked if they provide rental vehicles in case the issue takes longer than a few hours to fix and she told me to ask my advisor. I got to my appointment at 8:55 and sat in line again for 35 minutes. Finally my advisor came out and I told her I had an appointment and explained the issue I was having. With a "why are you here" type of attitude she was like "ohh well we don't do diagnosis on Saturdays oil changes only" I asked why they didn't tell me this before I traveled all the way from north hollywood. She said that I could leave the car over the weekend and they'd check it on Monday. I asked if they provide rentals. She told me only if I purchased the rental car coverage... Why would I prepay for a rental car while my car??? It's absurd. I could see paying if it was a maintenance issue, but this is a fault with the car. She told me to come back during the week. I guess they expect jeep customers don't have jobs... This is the second time I have gotten turned away. I even told her i was a customer from the dealership and it went over her head. I've never experienced such horrible customer service... I hope my wheel doesn't fall off on the freeway or something...Judging by others reviews my car would probably sit there for two weeks. Total lack of customer appreciation.

Vaping F. | 2014-11-26

To whom it may concern,

I wanted to let you know that my 1st experience with the service Dept.many months ago was terrible and I thought I would never want to come back. Thankfully, I did come back to find that the service person I had all the issues with had been terminated and I ended up meeting Jennifer Guerrero. She has really made me feel welcome and important each time I have come by acting with professionalism and honesty. Please be sure to recognize Jennifer for this because if it weren't for her, I might not have come back a 3rd time.

This is a great Dealer/Service Dept.  You might need to make an appointment but even without, the wait to check your car in is usually only 5 to 10 minutes. If you can get Jennifer as your service advisor, even better. She really did save the day.

Camille C. | 2014-11-23

I really should've looked at the reviews before buying my fiat here. Ever since I bought me fiat three Weeks ago I've been  completely satisfied with everything. THEN! I get my first car payment in the mail... When pitching the sale to me both the salesman and the fiancial manager said NO PAYMENT FOR THE FIRST 90DAYS! When I called they said I had to wait for a call back... Ok I did. I received a message, that was basically saying that they messed up, without saying they messed up, and that I had to come in immediately to sign another contract. On the message there was no apology for the mistake, and they made it seem if I did't come in right then  and there nothing could be done.  Its one thing to mess up on  a contract, but to make it worst demand me to come in before five on a weekday... I work people! I'm so pissed I'm not even bothering with calling back. Yes, I don't care that I have to make the payment now... But it's the principle of salesmanship and honesty. If you tell someone no payment for 90 days.... THAT'S WHAT IT SHOULD BE. LIARS! please be careful with these people they will tell you anything for a sale... I should have known, it's sales! ruined my damn day!

Mark H. | 2014-11-13

I was moving back to California from Japan where I have been with the Military for the past 4 years.  I didn't want any hassle while buying a car so I submitted a few inquiries via TrueCar and waiting to be contacted.  My plan was to find the dealer who let me choose what I wanted and didn't apply unnecessary pressure.  

After about 8 dealer responses, I went with the dealer who explained the program, was upfront with what was available, and didn't keep sending mail after mail after mail (keeping communication simple is a big plus in my book).

My representative was Linda Tripp, and I couldn't have been happier.  Every question was promptly answered and she was patient as I changed vehicle configurations in midstream.  I was preapproved when I started, but she beat my rate, so I did their financing, which was painless.  

All paperwork was sent via FedEx to Japan and I signed and returned it.  The rest is pretty much history.  When my family and I arrived at LAX, Linda and my car were there waiting.  

It was smooth, low pressure, and precise.  I got the car I wanted, and she got the sale by listening to my concerns, providing me options, following through, and never rushing me or pestering me.  A consummate professional.

jenn L. | 2014-11-08

This is THE WORST car dealership/ service shop in the history of time.  First, when I attempted to buy my car there a year ago they crashed it taking it back to detail it before I signed my paperwork.  I heard a maintenance guy come out and say in Spanish "the car accidentally hit a wall when they were taking it back for a wash and there was damage."  The salesperson told him "no problem" and sent him away.  Luckily, I speak Spanish and refused to sign the paperwork.  I demanded they give me the next class up for the same price I negotiated on the damaged car or I would walk.  Finally they agreed.  I did get a great deal, but this place was trying to trick me into buying a dented and scratched new car.  Insane!

Now the service area...  Under my warranty I receive free oil changes and regular maintenance.  Strike that, I'm SUPPOSED to.  Despite scheduling appointments twice, the service people are rude, late and downright ignore you.  Your appointment time is MEANINGLESS.  It has taken me over a half hour for someone to even come to the desk and acknowledge my presence when I bring my car in.  Today was the final straw.  After keeping me waiting for 30 minutes, they almost crashed it into a wall while moving it from the "appointments/ speedy oil change lane" to the regular service lane.  Why bother having an appointments lane if it is completely meaningless?!?!?!?  I demanded my keys back and left without having it serviced.  

This place is disgusting.  Their workers are rude, liars and criminals.  Do yourself a favor and never set foot in Motor Village.

Piercing B. | 2014-11-07

Terrible service. Called and made an appointment the day before, showed up on time, waited nearly two hours to be helped and was told that it was first come first serve (why did they take my appointment then!) I left my car there, and they called me the next day saying they didn't know what was wrong, so I left it a couple more days. Then I decide I'm going to bring it somewhere else, and so I call to pick it up, turns out they haven't even done the routine service that was requested - i.e. they haven't even looked at my car. The guy felt sorry about it and tried to make it right, but still, no excuse for such terrible customer care. I took my car somewhere else and they did the service and fixed my problem same day.

I can't recommend getting your car serviced here.

Fernando L. | 2014-10-30

I just bought a bad ass ram 1500 & im very happy with my truck and my service. My sales guy Daniel Del Campo is the guy to go to there. Im very happy with the price I got. Good thing I didn't get that import I was thinking about. Buy USA people...

Heather P. | 2014-10-28

Let me start off by saying I was a tough customer...
1st- i have not so great credit
2nd- Im self employed
3rd- I wanted to put no $ down, only use my high mileage 2005 civic as a trade in
4th- I wanted to do it on my own with no co-signer...

So as you can imagine I was having a horrible time getting approved for anything I wanted, everyone I talked to either said they could do nothing for me or only get me into a crummy car I didn't want.

That is until I went to meet Linda Tripp at Motor Village!
I originally went to see a 2011 Volvo SUV, which i liked but wasn't 100%, Linda said she'd try her best to get me into it, but if not that one, something similar (my only criteria was that it was a SUV and had low miles). Well, I was there all afternoon but I honestly didn't care ... between Linda , Ramone (he was the one who actually got me approved! This amazing guy works miracles, let me tell you!!!) & Andre (he is the one who as able to actually seal the deal and kept me in my budget) they were able to get me into a 2014 Jeep Patriot Lattitude! BRAND NEW!!!

I never felt hustled, manipulated or lied to. Never got the sleazy car salesmen vibe from anyone there. And Linda was awesome, very honest and to the point about everything. And I will mention again, I was a very challenging customer, but she made me feel important and helped me get what i wanted.
If you are looking for a new car, Please, go to Motor Village LA and Ask for Linda Tripp! I can promise you she will take care of you!

Stacey M. | 2014-10-21

I must say, as a first time car buyer; coming to Motor Village was one was the best decisions I've ever made, particularly due to salesperson Linda Tripp. Her customer service and attention to detail was absolutely outstanding. I told her exactly what I wanted, and she got me exactly that. She's not the usual seller who's trying to get you into any random car just to make a profit. She went above and beyond my expectations. loved doing business with her, and will never forget her hospitality.

Farrah N. | 2014-10-20

The people at this dealership (Moises, Suje and David) have been sooooo nice to me and doing everything they can to try to help and make my experience positive. I'm so grateful and thankful to them.

Also, thank god, they now have an internal rental service which makes the whole experience so much more convenient. Plus, they approved me for extra days so that I didn't have to come in to pick up my car on the weekend!

Thank you!!!!

Rich M. | 2014-10-15

I did my homework pretty good before purchasing my recent vehicle, a 2014 Jeep Cherokee Trail hawk. I was in contact with 4 different dealers trying to get the best deal I could on my new vehicle after messaging back and forth with Linda in the Internet Department I decided to go with motor village LA. We had pretty much agreed to the price before I even went down there when I did go down there I ended up getting a little bit better interest rate than they had told me and I ended up getting a rebate that they told me I wouldn't get so I was pleasantly surprised and happy. The sales manager and finance manager were quick and not pushy trying to sell me things I told him I didn't want. You going to buy your next car. So I would like to give 5 stars 2 Linda Tripp, Jessie Betts , and please forgive me I forgot his name but he was extremely nice the matter what up my contract. But remember do your homework before you go down there , or go anywhere when you buy your car

haze w. | 2014-10-12

Our Sales Person Eddie Garcia was outstanding  He made the entire experience fun and we never felt any pressure.   After researching and visiting many other dealerships i knew what the pricing on the car should be.  Eddie never played any games, he came in over the phone with the best offer.   When we showed up, he was patience and kind and encouraged my daughter to take her time and go on as many test drives until she was sure what vehicle was the right one for her.   When we went to financing they were equaling as nice and accommodating. We drove off a few hours later with a beautiful Jeep Compass and smiles on our face.   If you need a car, call Eddie, I
promise it will be an amazing experience.

Cara M. | 2014-09-15

I'm giving 5 stars not because of the dealership, but because of our amazing sales representative, Jeremy. From the minute we stepped on the lot he was friendly, most helpful and professional. We didn't even up finding what we needed, but Jeremy certainly made our experience enjoyable. A hardworking, passionate and friendly young man. He even stayed past closing hour to help us. Ask for Jeremy and you won't be disappointed!

Alex R. | 2014-09-13

Motorvillagela is awful. My car is currently in service and has been in service for the past 2 weeks. I have had over 5 recalls on a 2014 jeep grand Cherokee. The people at the dealership are not helpful and service is completely clueless about what is going on. I call and ask for my car and nobody knows when my car is ready. The parts have been delayed. On top of that they do not give loaners. The dealership is terrible. I would not buy another jeep if I have to come to this service dealer. Absolutely ridiculous. No one ever calla you back. Even if u make an appointment to meet they do not honor your appointment.

You have been warned.

Nadim S. | 2014-09-10

I had a great experience here, which in contrast to the Glendale dealership has renewed my faith in quality customer service. Eddie my salesman did a great job of being straightforward. When I went in there with the numbers I wanted, he didn't argue or put up a fight, he met them.

The delivery of the jeep was painless and the whole process was far smoother than I'd hoped.

Thanks for a great experience!

Michael M. | 2014-09-03

Worst experience, NEVER go back, rude sales  a car from a different dealer same options $100 per month cheaper than they quote me.

Austin G. | 2014-09-02

I went in this morning to have my Fiat 500 looked at because the air conditioning stopped being cold and I had no idea why.

They were really busy from the weekend backlog, so I decided I would just come back later in the week. The guy helping me said somebody would call me later to make the appointment. They were pretty sure I just needed to changed my coolant fluid.

However, when the guy brought me back my car, he pointed out a button on the air conditioning that I didn't even know existed. After pressing the air conditioning dial inward, the problem was fixed (and it had never actually existed).

The reason I am happy is because he could have easily not showed me this and had me come in later to have my coolant fluid changed anyways. It would have been easy money, but instead he was simply honest.

I really respect that in a car mechanic.

Gustavo G. | 2014-08-14

The worst serviced place for any vehicle. The employees don't know what they're doing and the managers are no help... they need customer service assistance. Bad to buy a car and for service as well.

Bella C. | 2014-07-22

Absolutely the worst customer service and they are a bunch of scammers. My husband and I recently leased a grand Cherokee limited. Before we signed the papers, we noticed there was a big scratch on the car door. Sunny, the sales guy said that he will take care it, no problem. Just make an appointment and bring it in. My husband brings the car back to the dealership a couple days later to get a simple scratch fixed. A few days later, they tell my husband that the scratch is so deep that they need to go to another shop to take care it and that they FOUND a problem with one of the wheels so we have to pay $250 to fix it. WTF! We only had this car for a couple of days and there is a problem with the wheel?!   Well, it's been a couple of days later and still no car.
We were able to drive the car for only a couple of days and it's been in the shop for more than the days we had it in our possession. Today, they tell us that they need to order a hinge to put the door back on because they had to remove the door to fix the scratch. How was the door even hanging on the car if you have to already replace the hinge?
Did I mention that there was a clicking sound coming from the car and they couldn't find the problem? So not only were we rushed into leasing a supposed new car, we were given a car that had a scratch in the car door (supposedly fixable right away), a broken wheel, a car hinge that needed to be replaced, and a car that clicks as it's being driven.
Don't be fooled people and stay away!!!

trish c. | 2014-07-21

One star is too many for the service department. I left my Fiat 500L on 7-15, and only received one phone call for permission to fill up the gas tank to test drive for diagnosis on 7-17. I have called and left messages to find out the status of my vehicle with no response. I called today on 7-21 to check status and after being transferred several times and holding for almost 7 minutes; I am told my service advisor has 'not come in yet'. It is Monday after 1 pm and they close at 6 pm.

My transmission failed exactly one year after I purchased the vehicle from this dealership. I'm not sure if it is an overall Chrysler culture mentality, but the customer service is unprofessional. I have owned Nissans, Toyotas, Saabs, Hondas and Infinitis; those service departments were always professional and thorough. This dealership reinforces the old stereotype of the sleazy car dealers on all accounts. I really want to love my experience as a Fiat owner, but Motor Village is doing everything possible to crush that dream.

Angela W. | 2014-07-21

There's so much to say that I almost don't know where to start!

My salesman, Art Sartippour was the most personable and helpful staff member to help me throughout my car search.  I can honestly say that by the end of the process, I felt I had made a new friend!

The staff members make you feel like a valued customer and they go over and beyond to make you feel at ease during a process that is generally stressful for most new car buyers.

In short, I felt I was offered a fair deal and Art was particularly down to earth, knowledgable and forthcoming in his conversations with me.  I did not feel pressured to buy a car at Fiat of LA... I WANTED to buy one!  Once the deal was made, Art was kind enough to even buy me a souvenir from the accessory shop for my new Fiat convertible.  I will gladly recommend Fiat of LA to all my friends, thanks to the lovely experience I had here.

Mariah G. | 2014-07-17

THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST PLACE TO TAKE YOUR CAR. THEY ARE HORRIBLE AT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THEY DO NOT DELIVER THE QUALITY OF SERVICE THAT THEY PROMISE YOU. Im literally sitting in this place right now and I've been here for almost two hours. I made an appointment at the earliest possible time and they still took walk-ins before me. Bad business that I had given a second chance to. seriously, if you need your car serviced, there are PLENTY of other places that can do a better job-- or at least just do what they say they will do. I'm literally never coming here again and I truly don't see why anyone else would either.

Silvia A. | 2014-07-14

Great customer service! Guillermo Ordaz and Eddie García are awesome sales people. They were very helpful from the minute we stepped into the dealer. On Memorial Day I had the worst experience at Champion Dodge, bad customer service, rude managers etc.... But at Motor Village it was the complete opposite we were treated with respect from the get go and all of our questions were answered and these guys helped us find the exact vehicle we were looking for. The plus is that Dealer is a beauty it is very luxurious. I drove far thinking I was going to save money at a 1 star dealer when in reality everything I was looking for was right down the street from my home.   Guillermo and Eddie are a great team. They work well together. If you are ever at Motor Village ask for one of these guys, they will definitely work with you and help you find what you are looking for!  You will not be disappointed! You will leave here with a smile!

Miranda C. | 2014-07-11

I have got the worse choice in my life ! First, I leased a 2014 Jeep Cherokee, 2nd, i should never have gone to the Motor Village for repairing. My car has got some problems as soon as I started to use, GPS is not working properly, tires are scrambling while driving... I have gone to the service for 3 times, 2 times at Motor Village because it close to my work, so far it still didn't get it fixed.
 Today i went to the Motor village again, the service person asked me to leave my car for a few days to verify the same problem that i have, and he says the mechanic technician has to drive about 120 miles to get it diagnosed, i said it's ok if the GPS has no problem,  but i have a photo that shows the GPS does take me to the wrong way after the first repair, and my car is 0.25 per mile, and nobody will be reimburse me for that, I have spent so much time and miles since my GPS not working, that's why I have already put almost 8000 miles since Jan, and the worse thing is I left my car at the dealership in the morning like 9am, and it has to be left there for a whole day, pick up after 5pm!
 I wonder why it takes so long just for a check up? then I found out that they started it check my car until 5pm and the result was no problem! Really??  Then I checked my phone calls, that I called them at 4pm, the guy who was on the phone was telling me they were checking my car and told me to pick it up after 5pm, but actually they did nothing with my car when I called, he just told me the lie! The reception girl also refused to give me the copy of their report, finally I was able to shoot a photo of it, I guess they just want to cover the problems or they just put "no problem" on the report, That easy ! I don't recommend !

Ben L. | 2014-07-07

This dealership is getting 1 star because I'm unable to give it zero stars. Had to make an appointment a week in advance in order to bring the car in to have diagnostics run on it because in the last 6 months I've brought the car in over 6 months to have some kind of warranty repair done to the car. First it was an electrical problem, then engine misfiring, then computer firmware, then engine misfiring and now who knows what it is. My appointment was made for 8:30am and had to wait until 9:30am before a service writer even bothered to acknowledge my existence. Anyone besides the service manager seem to not know anything other than regurgitating things from a training manual. Now I have to wait 2 hours for an oil change and there still won't be diagnostics run on this car. Even though I love my car I'm looking into hiring a lawyer to deal with my car issues.

Matthew S. | 2014-06-30

I don't write a ton of reviews but considering that leasing a car is a pretty big deal, I thought that this was worth it. I also appreciated reading reviews to make sure that I knew what I was getting into prior to stepping through the door.

My current lease was ending and I had my eye on the Jeep Cherokee for some time. And just like everyone else in the world, I was not looking forward to having to deal with lease negotiations.

After calling around to several different dealerships in LA (and speaking with some of the rudest people in my life), I called Motor Village and spoke with Jeremy Williams. Saying that he was an absolute pleasure to work with would be an understatement. There was no pressure to purchase and he, Jesse, and Bob worked really hard to get as close to the monthly lease payment that I was comfortable with as possible. Once that was done, I was sent over to Andre in finance. I challenged him with getting all of the paperwork done in 10 minutes. He said he could get it done in 8. And he did!!  This was one of the best experiences that I had leasing a car. I was in and out of the dealership in less than an hour and a half (and that includes checking out the car and asking them to give us a tour of the place - they have a few floors to check out)!

One really impressive thing to note is that they dropped off my new car at my house!!! The car wasn't ready when I purchased it because it hadn't gone through the final inspection and washing so they offered to drop it off the next day. AMAZING!!

Trust me when I say that if you are looking for a Jeep, this is your place! You will not be disappointed!

Ignacio P. | 2014-06-24

I was referred to this place by one of my customers where I work at. My car got totaled a few weeks ago and I had no other choice than to purchase a new vehicle. I had already set my mind on the new Fiat. So I was referred to a salesman named Mitch Rasplock.

Mitch was an older gentleman with a lot of patience. He didn't try to pressure me into anything and he gladly showed me any Fiat available and some Dodge Darts. I really wanted something basic and I did not want to go all out. and I decided to go with a FIAT 500l and he took his whole time running the numbers with me and finding me a good deal on a vehicle. I really appreciated the patience that he had with me and did not try to pressure me into buying something more expensive. He was very nice and respectful. I had a bad experience with Covina Valley KIA where they tried to sell me a car and would not let me go because of my good credit score.

Andre Soliman was the one who handled the finance part of the car and he was very patient as well. He did not try to push on me any additional packages he explained what he had to offer to me in which I did receive the gap insurance for the security of the car. He showed everything that he had to offer and gave the option off adding anything else to the tab. He was a very friendly person as well.

I had to return back two days later because the navigation system was not activated on the FIAT. So I went to go see Mitch again and he told to go the services department and that they will take care of it.

Michael Preciado and Juan Garcia were the ones who took care of me. I told them I had also a few blemishes inside the interior of the car and they said they would gladly get it cleaned. A few hours later navigation was installed and the blemishes were cleaned. It took a while because I spontaneously showed up with out making an appointment so make sure to make one before come.

Through out the whole process they took care of me 100%. This is my review on behalf of myself. They are not like other dealers that want to trap you in their wrath and try to make you buy a car. They will simply help you find the right car that suits your needs without compromise.

Seunghoon R. | 2014-06-17

I don't want to give just one star. But I gave one star, because it's requirement. That's it. Their service is worst in my life. The name of lady is su hei(?), I'm not sure spell. she working in the small office at entrance for car.

Anyway she never listen customers saying, she never do friendly, she never explain enough, she just saying same word repeatedly.

But other staffs are nice!

Jill B. | 2014-06-04

Woo hoo! Recently traded in my first Jeep lease for my second. Kimit Alwaajid is a great salesman, He worked with me to get a price I can afford. He traded in my Jeep for a fair price and made me feel comfortable. He made sure I left with the car I wanted and not the one I was willing to settle for. I highly recommend coming here for a JEEP or any other lease. And Ask for Kimit!!!

susan c. | 2014-05-21

Since then, the new management under a new owner has contacted me and given a sincere apology. Thank you Brandon G.

Nate F. | 2014-05-21

The service department is atrocious.

Every single time I've been to have my oil changed I have made an appointment. I understand that for an operation as large as Motor Village LA has, even a simple oil change will take a while.  But wait-times are excessive.

Yesterday I called into make an appointment for 10:20 am. I was told that with an appointment I should have no problem being taken care of by 12:30 which is when i needed to leave for a meeting.

I leave 30 minutes away from Motor Village.

This morning I arrived promptly at 10:20 am. I stood around for 40 minutes and waited for someone to help me. That is NOT an exaggeration. I timed it.  When someone finally approached me, I told him I was promised I would be out by 12:30. He told me there were cars ahead of me and that he could not promise me I would be out in time.

I asked him if all the cars ahead of me had appointments like I did.
His answer? "Some do." SOME?! So, you're telling me some walk-ins are ahead of me.

I left.  On my way back to my office I called to schedule an appointment for tomorrow. I asked that I be given priority considering the way I had been treated. The lady on the phone talked to me as if I had spit in her face. She was rude and unhelpful. I understand this may not be their usual method of business, but someone should explain that Motor Village is in the business of sales and customer service and if you want to keep customers who have had a number of terrible experiences you need to bend the rules from time to time.

And because their service is terrible and they have no interest in making up for these awful experiences, they have just lost a customer.

Jade R. | 2014-05-03

I bought my first car from Peyton Bradford at LA motor Village. It's a little fiat 500 pop and I looove it! My experience was awesome, Peyton was more than accommodating to all of my needs for my first car and answered all of the questions I had about owning a car. I would definitely buy from him again, and when my little sister needs a car we know who to call! (:

Rod E. | 2014-05-02

I think today's events truly show the lack of service and attitude at LA Motor Village. Apparently there is one more thing they never did. When we completed the paperwork and made payment, they asked us for Lien holder and insurance information. They said they would fax our insurance information to the lien holder (common practice, this has been done with every car I have purchased). They never did this and we recently received a letter from the lien holder asking for insurance information. My wife called to follow up wi the dealer and spoke with a guy who apparently recalled the transaction and delivery. This guy continues to say I wasn't shown the features of my vehicle because I didn't have time and goes on to say the issue with delivery was me. No ownership for them having my vehicle for 2 1/2 and not being able to have it ready at the agreed upon time. No apology or effort to explain their end. Blame the customer is The service policy at LA motor Village. The basically told my wife, deal with it yourself. Again no ownership of their failure to deliver on promises.

I need to be clear. My wife and I went in 3 days before my vehicle arrived at the dealer to sort out payment and paperwork. Linda knew I did this because I wanted to show up receive my vehicle, be shown features and then leave. I did not want to wait for hours at the dealership. I received a text from Linda on the a Wednesday afternoon that my vehicle was there, I texted and received confirmation from Linda about our meet time on Friday. I waited 3 hours for them to prepare my vehicle and when Linda did bring it around made no effort to explain the vehicle features.

Greg R. | 2014-05-01

I never feel the need to write negative reviews based on a single experience but what I encountered at motorvillage la was nothing short of disgusting.

Before I go any further I want to give a shout out to Juan Garcia. He should run the service department. He was the saving grace of my experience at motorvillage.

I have a 13' 300 srt8, bought it new and after about 300 miles my sunroof started rattling (no big deal there is a tsb for it) and then my nav starts malfunctioning. I take it in and Matt (who no longer works there) took care of everything. But when I picked up my car my nav was perfect but the sunroof continued to rattle.

I dealt with it for a while (month or two) before it started driving me insane. I also happened to notice the front end of the car was misaligned causing paint to chip off the hood (manufacturer defect). The day before I brought it in my girlfriend alerted me to a strange issue, a piece of the front bumper has fallen off (they are glued on I suppose) so I just about lost it. I drove down to motor village and was greeted by
This guy , wow, there aren't enough words in the urban dictionary to describe him.

I showed the sunroof to the service floor man and then walked to the front and looked at the manufacturer defect and told me without hesitation "you need to call your insurance" they essentially told me that I had crashed my 60 thousand dollar car just to lie about it. Keep in mind there were no scratches dents dings not even a smudge on the front fender and grill of my car.
Alex Flores comes out and tells me that "I have a 80 thousand dollar jeep and these things just happen man" and I got the "I'm just protecting my job"

I could not believe the lack of customer service or even personal skills that her possessed. He didn't bother helping me find a solution, but instead pointed fingers at me as the problem. The absolute ignorance of this man is unparalleled compared to every other service department I've been to. He is the antithesis of a good employee.

Reluctantly I handed my keys over after they took a picture of the damage on my car to send to Chrysler (which is the first thing they are supposed to do with cosmetic issues on new cars)

When I left I called Chrysler and they were amazing. They transferred me to the srt department and he told me of course the damage to my car would be taken care of and the front piece of grill would be replaced.

The next time I checked in with them about me car about 2 weeks later they had not even called the body shop over to look at the damage. My car just sat there.

They told me the body work would take a week or less and they were prompt.

When I got my car back everything looked great at first. I took her home she say in the garage while I was on vacation and upon returning home I went through my daily work routine again driving it everyday.

At this point I noticed that the sunroof was still rattling and making noise (wonder what they did for those 2 weeks) and that the opposite side of the front end was now misaligned and rubbing up against each other causing more paint to rub off on the other side.

In short they fixed nothing in 3 weeks and actually were able to cause more damage to my vehicle.

All I can say is if you own a mopar go somewhere else. I don't know how they run their service department but it is not being run properly.

Thank you Alex Flores you have successfully lost a customer.

But Juan Garcia you are the man.

Aimee S. | 2014-04-30

I so love my new car all thanks to everyone there ,  especially Linda Tripp  & Andre Soliman at financing . I got a really good deal ! Oh did I forget to mention that they  went all the way to  Mira Loma ( near Ontario ) to pick up my car as soon as they knew it was in California it came with 10 miles on the odometer wow that was so nice of them . Linda even came in on her day off to make sure that my car was there waiting  for me . My experience there was great  nice building especially upstairs nice !!! Thank you Linda & Andre !!!!

Matt B. | 2014-04-26

I bought a Fiat from here 1.5 years ago & couldn't have been happier with the purchase process. Unfortunately, my review is for the service department.

I've been to the service department a few times for an oil change & each experience has been negative. The last time I went for an oil change was on a Saturday, without an appointment, so I sucked it up & waited a couple of hours to get it taken care of.

This time I decided to be proactive, take time off work & make an appointment because I could only get my oil changed on a Saturday. I roll into the service department & tell the gentleman I have an appointment for an oil change. He informs me that there are about 4 cars ahead of me & I will be waiting several hours. It took a moment to process because I couldn't comprehend why I would have to wait "several hours" with an appointment. It's like going to the hair salon & waiting 2 hours before you are seen... WITH an appointment. Not gonna happen. I explained to him that I had made an appointment because the previous visit I didn't have one & had to wait, so that's why I made an appointment this time. He didn't care & didn't want to listen to my story. It seems to trickle down from the manager, because the manager had the same attitude during my previous visit.

An oil change isn't a high-ticket service. I get that. The customer service should still be the same as if I were getting 4 new tires. I tried several times to give this place a chance, but each time I was disappointed even more than the previous. The staff has no empathy or compassion. From now on I will be going to my local repair shop. It's not as "fancy," but at least they respect my time & business.

SIX F. | 2014-04-17

The Jeep / Mopar service department is horrible. Overall the quality of Jeep vehicles is average at best. I've now had my Wrangler in for a 3rd time and they haven't fixed the problem but they want to charge a diagnostic fee each time and keep my truck all day each time.

Kelly B. | 2014-04-10

I recommend this place to anyone in the market for a new or used car. They are absolutely amazing, this was my first time ever buying a car all by myself and with a little less than perfect credit I was terrified of the entire car buying experience. My salesman Eddie Garcia was the best, he worked with my nerves and wasn't pushy at all, he took care of me as if I was family. The sales manager Roman Santos gave me top dollar for my trade in and the lowest price possible for the new purchase I was making. Estrella Rocha in Finance was so friendly and took such good care of me while helping me with all my paperwork and getting the best price for the Gap Insurance and and extended warranty that I wanted. I am completely in love with my new car and this dealership! I was taken care of from the minute I walked in the door and they took care of everything with NO run around. Everyone did their best to ease my anxiety and make my experience with them one to remember for all the right reasons!

Spring Chicken Z. | 2014-04-07

This place makes me mad!  Bought a SRT from the dealership coz its close by my apartment.  But their service department is the worst I've ever seen!!!!  No matter how much you are spending on the car, your service will always be the low end crappy service!    
1. They either make you wait or keep transferring your calls when you try to book an appointment for service!  Or, they take the message and never call you back.
2. They never have the shuttle around.  The wait time is usually 50 min to more than 2 hrs!!!!!!  A place like these should have more shuttles running around downtown all the time!!  Or, give me a loaner, not everyone has time to just sit there and do nothing for hrs!!!!  And there's no seating at the service area, and the TVs are never on.
3. There's a waiting area on the 2nd floor.  If you are expecting ppl to wait for hours, at least serve some nice coffee, cappuccino, pastry, and charging station for phones and iPads!!!!
4. 1 of the employees was either extremely  lazy or not very bright!  I asked him if there are any dealerships in NY, the answer I got was "we have many dealerships in the country."  Are you serious?  I'm not an idiot, of course I know you guys have many dealerships in the country, duh!  Tell me if there is ANY in NY!  And tell me where they are or log into your computer and print me a map!!!!!

The management team is either don't care or have NO IDEA what they are doing!!!!!

Robert H. | 2014-04-03

Linda was really great. I bought this beautiful preowned car and I totally love it.
All the staff at Motor Village were outstanding and I totally recommend this dealership.


Tom M. | 2014-03-17

My only experience here was a quick tune up and oil change, which was accomplished alright.  However, my wife had a blow out  on her PT Cruiser and it dented her wheel and we needed to order a new wheel and trim kit.  The service sales person said (a) the wheel wasn't bent (how would he know, I saw it at the tire shop!) and (b) They don't make those parts anymore (WTF?  One can't order a wheel anymore, its just time to throw the car away?) and (c) The real problem was the shocks, and I needed four of them.  

Anyway, I left unsure whether the guys here are just lazy or they are crooks, but its one or the other.  

By the way, other dealerships, notably Felix Chevrolet, will work on Chrysler products, and I have had a 20 year experience with Felix Chevrolet covering two trucks and can vouch for their service department's competence and honesty.

I would be very cautious giving them your car, if it involves anything more than an oil change and tune up.

Chris G. | 2014-03-17

My only experience with this particular dealership is with the Service Department. We drive a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Sport with 22K Miles currently (the vehicle IS under warranty). My wife and I started to notice that occasionally, it would idle higher than normal. I first took it to the Glendale Jeep dealership and they said it was normal. Idiots. We took it in to Motor Village LA and Dan was our service advisor. He was very helpful even though the vehicle wasn't acting up at the moment. He told me that an update was available and that should correct the issue.

We picked up the vehicle and a couple of hours later, we hear a consistent rattling when we apply the clutch that was not there prior to taking it in for service. By the time we noticed, the service center has already closed. We weren't able to take the vehicle back in for about a month. We have a life. We can't spend every available minute in the Service Center at Motor Village LA.

When we finally have a chance to take the vehicle in, it was Thursday, Feb. 27th around 2pm. We see Dan and tell him the problem and try to let him hear it. Of course, this is the first time that it doesn't make the rattling sound. We explain to him what it was and instructed that even if he could hear it, it would take a full day and to come back the next morning and drop it off. Take it in, it DOES make the noise, and Dan tells me that I should be able to pick it up that afternoon.

I go to pick up the vehicle. I get there and I'm told that the technicians couldn't get it to make the noise. They need the vehicle over the weekend. They give me a loaner vehicle and tell me I can probably pick it up on Monday or Tuesday. We don't hear a thing from anyone until Wednesday when we finally call looking for answers. Come to find out, Dan was fired Monday morning and no one else was able to make it do the rattling noise. I was then assigned to Juan.

I give them until Friday to get the Jeep to make the noise. Finally, I go over there, try it myself.....nothing. I leave, get it a few miles down the road (it took me an hour to get that far in traffic.), it starts up again. I called Juan immediately and let him hear it over the phone. He told me to bring it back in and he'll get me set up. I get there, no loaners. I wish he would have told me that before waiting in traffic for another hour for nothing. Thanks asshole.

FINALLY, the day I've been waiting for. I can finally get the jeep fixed. We go to drop it off and when doing so, we are told by Juan that we might have to pay for the WARRANTY work to be done. Roughly a $1000-$1500. Apparently, they think that my wife and I have never drove a vehicle with a manual transmission in our life and we drive it like a 16 year old girl and burn the clutch up. Juan tells us that we can call Chrysler and they can approve for it to be waived or whatever. My wife gets on the phone with Chrysler and I decide to talk to the Director of Parts and Service hoping that maybe we could work something out.

I meet the biggest scamming coward ever named Alex Flores. I tell him everything that those of you that are still reading have just read expressing my concerns. When I finish, he looks up at me and says, "So, what's your question?". My question, moron, is are you going to do anything to help us or just sit there and be a dumb ass. While this is happening, my wife (still on the phone with Chrysler) ask me that name of the manager who I happened to be speaking with. She informed me that Chrysler was going to be calling him shortly because that decision is up to him. When I inform the coward that they were calling him, he disappeared for roughly 30 minutes. No where to be found. Maybe he had to take a dump. I don't know.

When he finally shows up, we inform him of what Chrysler told us and he first calls my wife a liar, and then when we put him in his place on that, he proceeds to call Chrysler a liar. Saying that he can't do anything. We point out to him that there wasn't a problem until we bring it in to his service center. Accepts no responsibility for it. He did nothing but patronize and disrespect us. He is running a scam of a service center with Chrysler's name on it. This has and will continue to escalate until this man loses his job.

Neal J. | 2014-03-17

Not too long after I finally got my car back from Motor Village on March 13th after it had been there since February 25th, my tire light came back on! Keep in mind I have not seen this light before and I havent had my car in about 3 weeks so its fair to say right that Motor Village may have made some type of mistake? I planned on never going back to that place but since I had never seen this light before and I had just got it back I thought it best to take it back to them so that they could fix whatever it is that they did wrong. I go back Juan claims that they did nothing to the tires and that it may be something that I had done myself. Wrong you guys had my car for weeks and as soon as its supposedly fixed i see a light that ive never seen before?! Come on man, he runs the diagnostic test I believe and its shows that one of my tire sensors is not responding and that to repair it would be covered under my warranty. Thank God for their sake because if it wasnt ........ Lets just leave it at that. However Juan claims that I may have to may the 100 dollar deductable. He says he will try to waive it when I bring the car back in this upcoming Tuesday. It better be waived. Im sick of this place! Do not bring your car here and DO NOT buy cars from here!

Ejiah H. | 2014-03-17

I had a great experience. They were very patient and kind. I bought a used car and I am very pleased with it and the service that I recieved. They were very honest and they didnt haggle me at all.

Jessica M. | 2014-03-08

Made an appointment a week in advance for standard service that I purchased for a ridiculously high cost and had to wait over two hours for my vehicle to be serviced. What's the point of an appointment? I didn't know an oil change was that difficult. If I didn't purchase the service warranty when I got the vehicle I would never come back here again.

Katalina D. | 2014-03-05

I have my dreams set on a new Jeep Wrangler.
This place completely crushed that.
I came in hoping to trade my old 95 wrangler for a new one.
First off, the guy in Internet Sales was super cocky. He had no respect for us as customers.  He made me and my mom fill out the application numerous times. And then said that the offer that another sales guy sent me by email wasn't valid.  I hate how they made me feel like it was my fault the payments would be too high.
After long hours trying to negotiate, I somehow gave in to 520 a month. When me and my mom waited to go into the finance department, the Internet Sales guy, again had us fill out another application.
During this time he said in a very egotistical manner 'where are the keys to my car'... referring to my older jeep. I can't believe this guy. The only thing stopping me from punching him was the fact that I'm a lady and I didn't want to embarrass him.
Once we got into the finance department all hell broke loose. The lady in there was trying to convince me to get gap insurance for an extra 25 a month totaling 545!
I started to breath heavily,  I almost got a panic attack.  And she was trying to convince me that it's not that bad. Whatever!
when I was signing the dmv papers to hand over the wrangler I noticed that they were paying the remaining balance off but they were only willing to give me half of that and add the rest to the new car. I started asking questions. She then noticed that I was starting to back out on the deal and did whatever she could to keep me in.
The reason why I'm so pissed at this place is that according to them 'they're trying to help YOU out', pffft whatever.
The lady in the finance department said that every bank they tried wouldn't approve the loan, except for two. She must have accidentally showed me another bank that was willing to give me the loan I needed and approved me for 400 month,  which was what I initially wanted. But she quickly closed that window and mumbled something under her breath then said that their own bank Chrysler was the best choice?
Can someone please tell me how that helps me out?
Clearly this place  only wanted what was best for them.

Deceiving and mistreatment. I'm clearly way too traumatized to even go back to any dealership in hopes for that new unicorn,  my wrangler.

It hurt me to even give this place one star.

Lisa C. | 2014-02-17

BEWARE if you need any service outside of an oil change you may want to think twice about bringing your car here.  We bought our car here and after about 6 months we needed to buy all new tires. So we bought them from a place around the corner from our house. Then after about 3 days of driving we heard this loud grinding noise coming from under the rear of the car so immediately we thought maybe there was something wrong with the axle. So we took it back to Motor Village to have it checked out.

They said it  would cost $150 just to diagnose the car and it would he applied to the service once repaired. After keeping the car for an entire day (not even offering a loaner) they called my boyfriend and told him that the struts we broken and that it was going to cost somewhere around $1000  which for us was pretty steep. So we paid the $150 and and told them that we would bring it back. I told my  boyfriend to have it checked out at the guy I take my car to (a little mom n pop shop) and after about an hour he called us and told us that the struts were fine but that the new tires we just bought only needed to be balanced since the tire shop for whatever reason didn't balance.  WHAT?! We were both thankful and furious at the same time.

Motor Village are crooks all around. Do not trust your vehicle with them!

George K. | 2014-01-29

I regularly service my Dodge Charger at this location and highly satisfied with the customer service.

The service manager, Juan, is a complete gentleman. He goes above and beyond to ensure that his customers are involved in every step of the service process. He does a great job of staying in constant communication while your car is stationed at the shop.

Trusting establishments with your vehicle is a difficult thing to do, but Motor Village has surely earned my trust through their quality work and professionalism.

I feel confident recommending this establishment to friends, for the simple fact that I know the staff holds theirselves accountable to provide you with the best service that they can offer.

douglas c. | 2014-01-10

I cannot give Motor Village higher reviews than the system allows. However I can say the after purchasing my Chrysler 300S there well over 18 months ago, what little service it has needed this dealership is fantastic. I deal with Juan Garcia who is the service manager and Sujey who takes care of the loan or rental cars, and they are always on their game. I have referred several of my friends and business associates to Motor Village to my favorite sales person Linda Tripp, and each and every person has had nothing but praise for them. What a change from the typical dealership experience.

Caroline G. | 2014-01-01

This review is 90% due to Juan Garcia.  He is a gem.  I had brought my Fiat in for service originally on 12/20.  I had made this appointment a week in advance for a rattle in my driver's side door.  When I got there, I was informed that they couldn't work on my car that day because rattles took longer to assess.  I was frustrated as I had taken time away from my work to drive down to the dealer.  In addition, when I made the appointment, the scheduler knew what my issue was.  I asked to speak to their manager, Juan Garcia.  He assessed my concern, offered a later date to make another appointment and a rental car when I came back.

On my next appointment, the rattle was fixed within a day.   He also made sure I was quickly attended to.  I hope I have the pleasure of having him assist me every time I go!

Christina M. | 2013-12-19

Bought my first Fiat from Motor Village LA and couldn't be happier! Art was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. I came in mid September to check out all the different Fiats and fell in love with the 500L. I wasn't quiet ready to purchase my Fiat in September but that was fine with Art. Art kept in touch and when I was ready to purchase my Fiat Art got me exactly what I wanted. Art went as far as driving to Carlsbad to pick up my Fiat on a Friday afternoon in rush hour traffic just so I could have my Fiat the next day! Art is awesome! I also had the pleasure of dealing with Nick during the finance process. Nick explained everything to me in detail and answered all of my questions. Nick got me set up with a great deal! Freddy was also very helpful during my trade in process. Freddy took my old car in as a trade and got me set up in a nice 500L loaner while I waited for my Fiat. I had a great buying experience with Motor Village LA! Loved it!

Huw J. | 2013-12-09

Just took delivery of a Jeep Wrangler from Mitch . Outstanding level of Service. I ordered the car for my son. Mitch was a real pro, No pressure and all the advice you could need. What this guy doesn't know about this brand really ain't worth knowing !  Great paperwork experience with Estrella. They did a really great job ! Thanks all - you've got my business !

Elliot W. | 2013-11-07

UPDATE- one week after buying the car:

So now they're starting with some games. The car (a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee) has been in the shop essentially since we took it. There is an "Intermittent Transmission Error". This is something we had read about before buying the car and were assured that it was no longer an issue. The only reason they are not getting 1 star is because I think most of the fault lies with Chrysler. They have asked the service department to continue to run diagnostics on the car. In the meantime, the people at the dealership have been mediocre in keeping us updated, gave us a Dodge Dart as a "comparable" loaner for the Jeep and have refused to give up the names of anyone we can try talking to at Chrysler.

We'll see how this unfolds...

Andrea M. | 2013-11-02

I purchased a nearly new Fiat (had 7,000 miles) from this dealership in late October and every step of the transaction was excellent.  All the people involved were courteous and professional.  I love my Fiat and the fact that I can go to a dealership that is excellent.  
Linda Mintz was wonderful and very helpful, as was Freddy, whom I believe is the Fiat sales manager.
Thank you all for a wonderful sales experience.

Ivan D. | 2013-10-30

My partner Juan Carlos Cisneros and I went to look at Fiat to see if we qualify with our not best credit to lease a Fiat. As soon as got there we were greeted by Art who proceeded to show us the brand new Fiats with excitement even telling us that he owns one ...light blue.. I quickly explained our credit situation so he would not get his hopes up and he made us feel so good when he said " We can work with that". Peyton was also very cool and encouraging . The finance manager Yassam ( Hassam... sorry) Also was a rockstar in trying many different ways to keep us in our budget and get us in 2012 Pearl white sport HB. With our nice size down payment we purchased and stayed in our range and got EXACTLY what we wanted. Cant wait for our relationship with Motor Village La to grow as we grow....special props to Art!!!!...And the smile of Estrella , she looked out great for us as we signed and understood and found discounts!!
We are happy to a part of the Fiat Family
Ivan Davila
Carlos Cisneros

Saradelic A. | 2013-10-21

Went to the FIAT department here and bought my first new car! Justin was amazing! He was honest, real, and a genuinely good person. The new manager was awesome too. They both treated me like a queen and
Didn't push me at all. Never would've expected buying a car and getting a great deal to be so easy!
I definitely recommend going and talking to Justin!
So happy with these guys and with my cool new Fiat!!

Wynde B. | 2013-10-20

Yesterday I made 4 new friends at Motor Village of CA and had the best car buying experience because of them. I was helped by Peyton, Freddie, Nick, and I saved the best for last Rodrigo!!! My experience started with a phone call to Peyton I was looking for a car but didnt want to come down unless they had it. I didnt want to give out my number and get calls for the next month if they didnt have it. Peyton said I understand so how about you take my number and I will check inventory and call me back in 30. I did just that and turns out they had 2 of the exact car I wanted. I then asked about rebates because I was looking at the 500e and there are fed and state rebates for buying electric. Peyton offered for Nick to explain all rebates to me but my phone died before I could get the info so I just drove down and so glad I did. From the second I walked in they really took care of me. And even if you arent buying a fiat please go to look at this unique and beautiful dealership. Anyways I received a warm welcome from Rodrigo who told me I am going to help you find the right car for you. I was looking at 500E and he asked me why I was interested in the E and how many miles I travel to and from work. We figured out that I would be cutting it s lil close to get the E he asked me what colors I was interested in options did I want etc. Then he took me on test drives. I looked at convertibles, turbos, sport packages etc. He even did a search to find me an option I was looking for with a sunroof in my exact colors within 200 miles and said we can get it for you in a day. I ended up going with one right off the showroom floor and they still allowed me to negotiate the price. I cant say enough about my experience I am so happy with my new Fiat 500 turbo with black and red leather interior :) my lil fifi yes I already named her and she will go!!! Btw please please ask for Rodrigo sweetest guy ever and a bonus hes from Brazil and he had the sweetest lil accent. And Nick and Freddy will take care of the numbers and paperwork for you without making you feel like you are doing numbers and paperwork.  From the daughter of a car dealer I am very hard to please at a deslership and this team did more than that. These are amazing cars with tons of options and a great knowlegeable sales team. If you want to enjoy buying a car at a great price go to Motor Village of LA and see Rodrigo and the rest of the Fiat team.

Denise P. | 2013-10-17

I recently had a great experience at Motor Village LA.  My lease was up on my previous Jeep and I was out of town.  I basically was able to set up my next lease via email and by the time I got home I just stopped by and made the switch.  Linda Tripp made it super simple and provided excellent service.  Estrella Roche was instrumental in solidifying the deal I wanted.  Got everything I asked for with no back and forth haggling.

So when it comes time to roll into my next Jeep, I'm certain I'll be doing it with Linda.

Tony K. | 2013-10-15

Just bought a Fiat 500 Sport with the wicked package......super happy with it, and the staff and environment of the store ....however.......... I had to work with a guy named Nick.....he was so fuc*ing amazing, super helpful, and polite that I'm just dam**** pist off now.  Why the shizzle can't all dealerships be this way?  I told him to go eff himself, and he offered me a bottle of water, popcorn, and some ridiculously good coffee.  Really?!?!?! COFFEE???  Like I didn't feel like you guys did enough already.  I'll be honest, I would bought a piece of ship with wheels from this guy if he offered it to me.  Stupid damnnnn ridiculously good experience.  If you buy a car anywhere else, then you didn't get to meet Linda, who was the most amazing person...even better than Nick!!!  that's right Nick...I'm talkin to you pal....

Susan D. | 2013-10-10

I am surprised to see quite a few negative comments about this dealership.  Our experience was quite the contrary.

Out PT Cruiser's 5 year cover-to-cover amazing warranty had just expired while I was dealing with a family passing.  In order to get it extended, I had to go to a Chrysler Dealership to do a detailed inspection.  I went to Motor Village because it is the closest to my home.  I later discovered they were the same dealership I had taken my PT to when they were on La Brea, and always had good experiences then too.

JUAN GARCIA, Head of Service, was exceptionally friendly, helpful and professional.  I ended up asking him quite a few questions about the value of the car and he was well informed as well.   I was already a bit wowed.  In the process of analyzing a minor repair, new breaks and some maintenance due, we happened to park in the used vehicle lot and ended up falling in love with a 2011 Acura TSX--with only 15k miles.  The short version is that about 4 hours later, the car was ours.  We were checking prices on line, and I was already familiar with the cover-to-cover warranty I wanted.  Everything went pretty much like clock-work.  We got it for the right price and the entire process was great.  Juan even came into the show room to make sure we were getting everything we needed and to ask if we needed any help!

It wasn't till the next day, that I realized there was a glitch in the paperwork, and a price point I had negotiated had not been honored correctly. The financial manager who had closed the deal was off for two days and concerned about a 48 hour window, I asked to speak with the sales Manager right away.  I think I left a message for BRANDON GOODERMONT and then decided to drive down to speak with him directly as the difference was about $1200.  Brandon Goodermont was amazing.  When we walked in his office he said, "I'm sorry you drove down here because I was trying to reach you by phone, to save you the effort. "  

I won't detail the TEN-MINUTE conversation but in essence it was "You have my word that we want you to be a fully satisfied customer and we will do whatever it takes to clear up the misunderstanding and resolve it fully."  I thought, "There must be some catch..."  But no.  None.  I wondered if I was dreaming!  

Obviously, he had to check on some details involved but that is EXACTLY what happened.  There was no negotiation, no bartering, he got what I was saying and called me the next morning to tell me it would take about 4 days to cut the check to compensate me for the difference.  4 days later HE CALLED ME to tell me there was a slight delay with the check and apologized profusely.  Then told me exactly when it would arrive.  Then followed up to make sure it had arrived!

What I was most impressed with was their handling of a misunderstanding with the utmost of professionalism and determination to resolve the issue to the customer's satisfaction.  I never left a message that went unanswered, and they went overboard to make sure we were happy.  In fact, we love our new car, would buy from MOTOR VILLAGE again, and recommend them as a dealership.

Amber P. | 2013-10-10

I bought my car from this location and since it has been anything but easy. No one is professional they only know the word "Sorry" Getting service is horrible, once you finally get down there they let you stand in the service department while everyone stairs at you. No one even pretends to treat you like a customer. You always know there is something wrong with a service department when the workers have a stool and the customer stands.

I needed to get a new windshield, so I called to make an appointment. They transferred me to three different departments the finial one was the parts department, you have to order the part, come down and pay for it, then talk to a different department to make an appointment to have it installed. After giving all of my information (Apparently they dont keep customers in the system that spend 50k on a car there) they told me their system was down and they would have to call back and hung up. I waited three days for a call and got nothing, called again and yet again get passed all around. I find it so crazy you have to drive down there, pay for a part, once it is paid for you can talk to a different department to make an appointment to come in and get it installed? I dont know about their work schedule but when I find time to take care of personal responsibilities I dont have time to play phone tag, be passed around, and make three trips just to have a windshield replaced.

This is why people buy luxury cars because apparently they have a system figured out that makes the customers life's a bit easier so they can work at their normal job in order to pay for their car.

Tova F. | 2013-10-08

Shortly after the comment I got from the GM requesting that I call them to make it right, I contacted them and explained my whole story. At the end, he said that he will see what he can do and get back to me. Then silence for months even after calling, leaving messages, etc. Since I've moved out of CA since, stopping by in-person was out of the question.

After months of frustration, I was due to get my 16,000 mile check-up. Since I paid over $1,000 for the scheduled maintenance plan when I purchased my car, I thought this wouldn't be a big deal. WRONG AGAIN. I was only guaranteed free oil changes for 5 years. Therefore, I got the wonderful price of $100/oil change.

Apparently, my idiot salesperson sold me a maintenance program only available for Jeeps. When Chrysler saw this, they instead switched me to the basic oil change package, NOT the full maintenance one. And worse yet, no one ever even sent me contracts for the packages I purchased (even after requesting them directly from Chrysler several times).

Fortunately, when I tried calling Motor Village Fiat, I got ahold of Nick Long. He listened to the whole story and apologized profusely for what I've been dealing with. He promised he would look into it and call me back as soon as he heard anything. He's the one that discovered the paperwork mix-up and said that he switched me over to the full maintenance package for the Fiat, and threw in the Auto Appearance package which was promised to me when I purchased the car in the first place.

Then he sent me the contracts! After a year and a half of pure frustration, Nick has at least fixed the original mistake and made good on his promises.

Everyone over there keeps blaming people's problems on the old management, but then not doing anything to rectify it; Nick was the first honest person I have spoken to there.

All in all, I would have to say that even though I finally have my issues resolved, it's really not worth the hassle.

Bobby B. | 2013-10-06

Update: Why does the car buying experience have to be sooooo negative????????

The Service Department:
The service department rocks. One women went out of her way to personally deliver my car to me at my home on a Sunday morning. Very cool. She and the service department get a 5 (let's see if they can live up to that next time........)

The Sales Department Service:
My sales guy is not living up up to his initial "nice guy" persona. First, he has not yet taken me off his "call list" one month after I have already bought a car (so I get texts and emails three times a week asking me to buy a car). Second, he emails me asking if I have any questions, and when I called him with a couple of concerns, he says I'm being paranoid. Third, He lied to me ---- He said my car came with an alarm system....when in fact, it does not. And fourth: he actually blamed me for the fact that he didn't make his bonus in September and accused me for not writing him a good review (when in fact, I had not written any review or even knew where to write one). As a former sales manager and corporate sales trainer, that's just un professional!

Why does the car buying experience have to be sooooo negative????????

Kim B. | 2013-10-04

Great car buying experience! I had been waiting for months to get a Fiat 500e with a specific package but was having no luck with another dealership. I sent a message online to Fiat LA and was immediately contacted by Peyton who worked to find the exact car I had ordered elsewhere. The communication was very fast, accurate and helpful. When I arrived to sign my paperwork and pick up the car I was greated in the parking lot by Fiat staff who escorted me to Peyton and Linda Mintz. Linda took me to see my new car and then took care of getting  me to the finance department where Nick did the paperwork. It was painless and there was absolutely no pressure to buy anything I was not interested in!

When the paperwork was done I was scooped back up by Linda who took an extreme amount of care to help me understand every feature of my new car. Linda set up my phone connection, programmed the navigational system and even created a fun video of my car buying experience.

I received about 4 emails from Linda and Peyton in the next 24 hours to make sure I was happy with my car and to see if I needed any help with questions.  I felt very comfortable about every part of this transaction and would recommend anyone looking for a Fiat stop here first.

I love my car, it is exactly what I was looking for.

Jerry M. | 2013-09-07

I don't understand how anyone could give them a five star rating.  I purchased two Jeeps from them in the last three years (one new and one used) and the initial dealings I had were horrible...adding in things that I didn't agree to.  You have to read over the final purchase agreement and verify that you wanted those items.  They removed a $600 plus item that was never discussed...they just tried to sneak it in.

The service department is just as bad...telling me I needed service for things that didn't need service.  I went in last month for a quick oil change (the only reason I went back to them was there was a product recall) so i figured I would get an oil change and let them do the recall...I was told a maximum of two hours so I waited.  After the two hours were up, I tried to reach the person who wrote up my ticket...couldn't get him or an answer until I was there for three hours and finally they told me that they  hadn't done the recall.  I left as I couldn't wait any longer and when I drove away the car was making an unusual sound.  

I brought it back the following week for the recall and when I told the service person about the noise...he wanted me to pay for a mechanic to try and determine what it was.  I left and will now take my car to what I think will be another horrible dealer to fix the recall.

Brian C. | 2013-09-07

Purchased my Fiat 500e in Glendale but after two service trips and one recall adventure I thought I'd try another dealer to see if they were more competent.  No such luck.  I've owned the car for a month and I'm on my 5th trip to service.  Took it in this time because charging timer was not working.  Left it all day and overnight.  Next morning in my garage the timer is still not functioning.  So now I'm on my 5th service trip.  Dealer said the Glendale dealer had not properly prepped the car and activated certain functions.  A believable explanation, but in fact more BS from a dealer network that does not know its product at all.  One good thing -they didn't charge me for the service!

Kimberly B. | 2013-08-29

My husband & I bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee about a month ago, and I have to say it was the most pleasurable experience I have EVER had purchasing a vehicle, and we owe it all to Linda Tripp!  My husband gave her all the specs on the vehicle we wanted, and they just happened to get the car in that day.  She came in on her day off to make sure everything went perfectly with the sale!  I was coming in during my lunch break, so Linda came in early in the morning to make sure they began the inspection, b/c that can take hours.  She made sure all the paperwork was lined up, took us for a test drive, and was constantly wiping away even the slightest fingerprint that she saw on our new car.  Up until the last minute when we were in the Finance Dept. I kept waiting for the part where we were going to get screwed (I'm the cynical one!), and it never happened!  Linda kept checking on us the entire time we were there, and paid attention to EVERY detail.  You don't meet a lot of sales people who have the passion she does.  As a sales person myself, I really appreciate that!  Do yourself a favor and call her if you're going to buy a car!

Cid M. | 2013-08-28

Miguel at Motor Village was very courteous and attentive. He went out of his way to sell me the car I got. He even drove to car to my home for drop off. I would recommend both  Miguel or Art at Motor Village.

Isabelle H. | 2013-08-26

Had SUCH a great experience at Motor Village LA!!!

I was moving from NY so I had to have everything figured out over the phone/email by the time I arrived. I worked with one of their representatives, Linda Tripp, who was such an amazing resource. She was so knowledgeable of their inventory so finding a car that filled all of my requirements was no big deal for her. In a matter of a day she had several options for me to pick from (they have a huge inventory).

When I arrived, all of the paper work was in order which was amazing because I was pressed for time. Linda's Sales Manager, Ramon Santos worked so hard to get me an ideal price. He was able to find me an uncountable amount of discounts and rebates making the deal even sweeter! Their deals are unbeatable. I did a lot of comparative research and their rates were by far the best ones in the area.

The entire experience at Motor Village was a dream. It was quick and painless and the staff was so easy to work with. They have a gorgeous brand new facility which will be terrific for when I come back for servicing. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS DEALERSHIP. I will continue to go back for all of my car purchases.

Thanks Linda, Ramon and everyone at Motor Village!!!!!

Dejuan E. | 2013-08-26

I had a very good experience at this dealership! its funny because it was a last minute thing when I decided to come down, yet it was the best decision I could have made & I am so satisfied with their service. Miguel helped me get the car I wanted,  after all the searching I had done through other dealerships, I had finally found a good deal. Not only did Miguel work with me to be sure I got what I wanted, he also was very nice and didnt act like the typical car dealer men you run into.

Honestly I have the nothing bad too say about this company and I am so glad I was able to get the 2013 Dodge Dart SXT, I am in love! If your are looking for a good car buying experience, shop at Motor Village La and ask for Miguel, he is the best!!

Gny B. | 2013-08-18

This place took advantage of the fact that I was in desperate need of a car at that time. So they hiked up the price of the vehicle by adding $3,000 over the ticket price which they had removed from the window.I didnt find out until I searched the actual car after I purchased it and found the original sticker stuffed in the glove compartment. I searched the car using the VIN after I purchased it and saw what it was really worth. I will never recommend this place to anybody.

Yvonne R. | 2013-08-18

I love this place! The mechanics are awesome & extremely helpful. The staff all around is amazing. They were honest & were able to explain piece by piece what was wrong & what needed to be done to my vehicle. They were also very helpful with car rentals (which is great cause I'd be stranded otherwise). I  am definitely going back & have recommended them to many of my friends. I'm just sad that I wasted my time & money @ the Alhambra Dodge. I should have bought my car here instead.

Lon H. | 2013-08-13

forget about it

Kevin V. | 2013-07-29

Here's the deal. I don't want to name names, but there is this OTHER Jeep dealership in Santa Monica that really wasted my time with various issues (like the $240 spare key I bought that they didn't program correctly) and I wish I would have gone to Motor Village first.

They actually took the time to understand what I was talking about...

A little background, my Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011 had a weird rattle coming from somewhere. The spot in Santa Monica acted like I was crazy and that "these are tight machines" and that was it, and I left after leaving it with them for the whole day. Except I still heard it. Frustrated, I sought a second opinion, I mean this rattle was annoying.

Over at Motor Village a week later on my next day off, Moises hopped in the vehicle with me and a technician of his, we went for a cruise, they heard it, they fixed it, and kept me updated every step of the way. I even was given a rental. I thought it was the back hatch, they found it in the sunroof.

Bam, done, I'll be back with any future issues. It was very annoying to try to find this rattle, they tried several approaches until they got it, but they never gave up and never acted like I was crazy, and were very respectful the whole time. Their facility is clean, beautiful, state of the art, and the coffee is great. Professional, accommodating, and in a few years we'll see how I'm treated for my next Jeep!

Mark R. | 2013-07-12

I bought a $43,000 Jeep Grand Cherokee here in December. I've called a tow truck twice to jump the vehicle. Per the tow truck drivers recommendation I brought it here first thing for a 9:00 AM diagnostic. I was just told I its not the battery but I have to wait until 1:00 to find out if they can give me a loaner for the weekend. It seems to me that if this wasn't a result of my incompetence and is a shoddy product then I shouldn't be inconvenienced all day sitting in the waiting room.  This is basically a brand new car!  Give me a loaner and figure this out on your own time. I am disappointed with the vehicle (no fault of the dealer) but more disappointed with the dealer. I've already wasted half a vacation day and am on the verge of ruining my vacation.

Gregory M. | 2013-06-27

I wouldn't send my worst enemy here. And I can be a total bastard.

In a nutshell, my PT Cruiser started to overheat and smoke while heading from LA to Long Beach. The engine then completely crapped out. I had it towed to the nearest dealership: Motor Village LA.

What follows is a very condensed account of what happened: First I was told my timing belt had failed and needed to be replaced to the tune of around 2000. Yikes, but I OK'd the job. Days later I am called again and told the entire ENGINE needs to be replaced. For 4000. Double yikes. But, yet again, I OK'd service.

They literally kept my car for three weeks. And they acted like this was not a big deal. Furthermore, I was not given a loaner car or even a discount to be used at a rental car agency. So, I ended up racking a bill of about 5000 dollars between having my car fixed and getting a rental.

Flash forward six months. My car is overheating again. I'm not crazy about returning to Motor Village, but, hey my engine was under warranty, right? Western Diagnosis & Repair, a local mechanic, told me it was a water pump leak and suggested that the timing belt and thermostat also be replaced.  As the engine was under warranty with Motor Village LA, I had my car towed there.  It took Motor Village one full week to confirm what the other mechanics had found!  To my shock, the service provider told me that while the engine was under warranty, it did not cover work needed on its component parts!  I was now in the impossible position of approving this work in order to protect any future claim under the warranty.  I had great apprehension on how to pay for what appeared to be covered costs, but was forced to authorize the work. Again, no loaner car or offer of assistance.

This time around they kept my car for a solid month. Yes, a month. And, again, they acted like this was no big deal. I had a 1500 dollar bill for car rental and a 3000 bill for car repairs. I asked to see the manager to complain about the cost, but it was a waste of breath.

After talking to a friend of mine who is an attorney, he suggested going to the Department of Consumer Affairs. The Consumer Affairs Rep spoke with me and the dealership...and they found in my favor, netting me a check for 1500. Not nearly enough money to cover the expense of visiting this place a second time, but nice none the less.

The whole outfit seems a little suspicious. I'm under the impression that they are way understaffed for the business they are getting. And are A) making mistakes or B) simply not performing the tasks they claim they are. I was waiting in line when a woman had just gotten an oil change beckoned to one of the employees. She said to him that they hadn't changed the filter (she had noticed it was filthy). Now, if you can't trust a business to complete the relatively simple task of an oil and filter change, what does that say about they capacity to do the complex work that my car (apparently) needed.

I try not to ascribe malfeasance where stupidity or lack of organization are adequate explanations. But, ultimately, I would caution anyone thinking of taking their car here for repairs to reconsider. There are far, far better options.

Sorry that I can't give this place zero stars.

yunji n. | 2013-06-24

Motor Village LA is the best. Hands down.

I've been around to many dealership in the Los Angeles-Valley area and ended up making my purchase here. I got a Fiat 500 Pop in the b-e-a-utiful pearly white with the white and red interior. Linda M and Yohanna (and the rest of the Motor Village family) were sooososososo helpful, sincere, friendly, funny, sweet, and any other positive trait I would want from anybody. They're seriously the best!
When I went back to hand in my trade in, Linda, my saleswoman, had a sweet card and treats for my three doggies ready for me! Too sweet :) These people will treat you like family and take care of you from start to finish.

Martha Z. | 2013-06-20

This was the first place that came to mind when I was looking into cars I'm so glad I didn't buy my car from these aholes ! I called in today simply because I've had small issue with my car . Whoever I spoke to obviously doesn't want to work ! I tell the guy I work near by and this is a more convenient location for me so then I explain my situation and I ask if I can go there instead of Glendale since it's a bit of a distance && this location is (( NEAR MY JOB!!))
He said no just take it to Glendale we can do it but the process will be longer and why go back and fourth just go to Glendale !(With an attitude ) Umm I DON'T recall asking WHERE to take it I asked if it was possible they took care of my situation -______- HORRIBLE PHONE SERVICE I can only imagine what their face looks like when you show up .

Dave F. | 2013-06-06

WARNING! Over 30 one star reviews speaks volumes! AVOID, AVOID, AVOID this dealer. BEWARE! I have had a terrible experience with the manager Brandon Goodrmont and his team, I left one UNHAPPY customer after spending 30,000 on a Dodge Challenger. My impression is they are SCAMMERS and CROOKS and are only after the bottom line. I DO NOT RECOMMEND buying a car from them. Customer service is WORTHLESS! Management and Sales tell you what you want to hear and they are INCOMPETENT in my option. I am writing a letter to the BBB to inform them of their SHADY business practices. CAUTION, take you business elsewhere. READ THE 30 one star reviews for yourself!

Laura J. | 2013-06-06

Harris, Art, and Tristan helped me find the best car at the best price.  Completely professional and I didn't feel uncomfortable once.  Art was never pushy and Harris was completely honest with the sale.  I recommend this Fiat dealership over all the others (Glendale, not so much, I felt VERY uncomfortable there).

I couldn't be happier, I love my little baby Fiat.

Bill R. | 2013-05-27

Came here for service on my Jeep, and while the staff was very nice and accommodating, they never did fully fix my air conditioner.  It would work for about a day after I took it in, then revert to the original problem.  They always discovered something new when I took it in again, but would declare it 'fixed' immediately instead of testing further.  Eventually I went to 5 Speed Auto and had it fixed on the first try, at a better price than they were charging here.  Not sure how they are as a dealer, but the service left some to be desired.

Tina M. | 2013-05-20

Came in at 11am, service advisor promised to have me out in an hour. Itd been 2hrs and no one could give me the status of my car. Service advisor in the first Booth Joseph is worthless and of no help. Told me I had to wait until "my" service advisor returned from lunch.ALL WHILE HE WAS ON A PERSONAL CALL GIGGLING AWAY EATING A BAG OF DORITOS. Worthless customer service. Never again. ill stick to Cerritos Dodge much more helpfull and timely. It took well over 20 mins from me paying the cashier to actually get my car back. Ridiculous!   I. Was also told my xar was going to be washed and it wasnt. Never again. Should have strayed from CERRIITOS DODGE they beat the hell out of this place.

Johnny K. | 2013-05-05

They lie here. That's all you need to know. Even if you get a good deal they will add unnecessary things to add on to the price. Avoid the dealer named Sunny!

Clare B. | 2013-04-10

I just bought my Fiat 500C here a week ago and everyone here was soooooo great! My salesman was Tristen and Youhanna handled all the financing and he got me a really good deal and helped me out A LOT! They definitely know what they're doing here and they're very nice and helpful. I went here expecting to be bombarded by the stereotypical pushy salespeople, but it wasn't like that at all! Tristen was very patient as I was trying to figure out what color Fiat I wanted (which was the most difficult thing there was through this whole experience) and Youhanna was really great with making sure he got me a great deal!

Camille J. | 2013-04-05

Motor Village is the worst they don't stand behind what they sale. They are nice when making a sale, but don't have a problem later that's when the horns start showing. I had to pick it that place.

Lapino 7. | 2013-02-15

Went here for a simple service on my Fiat, was treated very well, by Jonathan , they were prompt, honest.

Will bring my car back anytime.

Thank you

Tim H. | 2013-02-08

Purchased a used Nissan Versa here.  Had been looking for one on the internet and they had the best price.   The car ran well, so we went ahead and puchased it.  The deal was very fair and they were willing to negotiate.  My daughter and I were treated with respect by Sales Manager and the Salesman, John Thomas.  They returned my phone calls following up on a minor  problem and were sincere and diligent.
Overall, this was a very good experience and I would come back here, if the right car presented itself.

Staci F. | 2013-01-30

My husband and myself bought a truck from motor villages last week. our sales lady, Linda was great! She was very friendly and helpful. she did everything and anything to get my husband the car and deal he wanted. What was a huge help is she helped us get alot of paperwork done before we got there so that by the time we got there, half of the work was done. We would love to work with linda again for our next car!!

Mr M. | 2013-01-21

Here to commend the staff at Motor Village LA after the recent purchase of my Fiat Abarth (fantastic car BTW).

* Very enthusiastic, gregarious and helpful salesperson (Linda) who, if she didn't know the answer to any of my (many!) questions, always got back to me promptly. Sent me a handwritten card congratulating me on my purchase, a nice touch.

* Sales manager (Huw). Very open and honest during the normally dreaded numbers discussion. Invited me into this office (none of the outputting practice so typical of many dealers where the salesperson keeps disappearing into the manager's office) where we hashed out a great deal.

* Finance manager (Jeff) a very nice guy who did not try to pressure the purchase of extended warranties or a bunch of unnecessary dealer add-ons. Instead, politely offered details of warranty plans and their benefits.

* End result was a great purchase experience!

Shanyn W. | 2013-01-21

This' what makes Yelp so interesting: some have it bad, and some have it good. I guess it just comes down to "luck" at some points?

Before I decided to check out Fiat of L.A, I visited Mercedes-Benz of Beverly Hills for a Smart Car where the service was horrible. So when I walked into this dealership, I wasn't sure what to expect. From the moment I walked in, a gentleman who didn't even work on the Fiat level was very kind in showing us where to go, all the way to the elevator. This may seem like an unnecessary detail, but believe you me, every thing counts.

We were approached by a young man who, although very polite and professional, was a little soft spoken. I figured he may be new to the business (turns out it was his first sale), but that's no reason to discredit the service or product they provide (everyone has to start off somewhere, right?) Moving on:

We explained our want and our budget, and I appreciated that he didn't try to push us on to something beyond that. That's always refreshing. My biggest points were: I wanted yellow or red (pop). He wasn't exactly up-to-date with the inventory, meaning he didn't know off-hand if they had it, so we searched the computer and they didn't (ah, well.) We went upstairs to check out the colors they did have, which was nice. But we test drove a car we weren't interested in (color-wise.) I guess it may not be a big deal, but we felt like it was kind of backwards. Regardless, the test drive was nice and we talked numbers. Turns out, last year they over-stocked on the 2012 pops and had a GREAT deal running; $1,000 back  PLUS $750 off the green stickered ones. So we eliminated cars down to one for $13,000 (say whaaaaat?!?) You can't complain. Finally, we decided on a color (mocha latte). But we couldn't get them to drive it down, 'cause I think our sales person had a "bad" key (batteries may have died or something?) We're patient and understanding, so I didn't mind, I was game.

We made the deal and did the finances part, although the finance lady recognized frustration that we hadn't even SEEN the car we were buying. At first I didn't want to make a fuss but she brought up a good point.

Finally we see the car, and good thing we loved it : ) The interior explanation was good, except I should have asked how to turn down the volume to the Blue  & Me bluetooth function cause when a call comes in, it is SUPER LOUD AND I CANT FIGURE IT OUT  ):

We weren't initially interested in buying, just looking, but it was such a good deal we couldn't pass it up. I get so many compliments on the Fiat and I will be sure to recommend them to this location

(To the dealership: just a tip, though I am totally cool with a new salesperson, I'd just make it a point to remind everyone to be aggressive with kind* confidence. Not pushy, but not soft spoken - it'll get 'em more sales)

Hilbert G. | 2013-01-18

Amazing place to shop for new Chrysler jeep dodge fiat.

Jonny G. | 2013-01-17


Went in last night, and This was the easiest and most pleasant dealership to go to. Everybody there was so helpful and easy to deal with. I was hesitant to go here due to all the mixed reviews, however my experience was amazing! David Gilberts was the salesman who helped me through the deal, and not only was he great at being real and truthful, but he made me feel like i actually matter. No BS and no hassle, made it so awesome. First dealership ive been to that made me feel this way =). We were there til around 11pm and no one was pushing us to sign or leave. We ended up driving away in a brand new Wrangler at a great price. I totally recommend this place to anyone looking for a great and clean dealership with great staff and customer service. Thanks David!

Merlin L. | 2013-01-06

Saturday, 12:30pm, 2-3 cars in front of me and they still got it out to me in an hour.  Granted it was just an oil change, but still a dealership usually isn't the fastest place to be especially when you show up and it's mid day.

Why I docked them a star?  The tech that changed my oil left a big oil spot on driver side leather door panel.  The oil wiped off without an issue and didn't stain the supple leather so I left it at that.

I've been here several times and so far it's just a 3 star place.  When they were La Brea Chrysler/Jeep I think they were a solid 4 star.

We'll see how they do the next time.

J S. | 2012-12-31

Just bought a 2013 Jeep Grand Cheerokee from Motor Village. I could not be happier with the service and staff. They had to find a car from a different dealership and order some additional accessories. Rob and Jessie the manager were eager and helpful in making a deal that I as very happy with. If you are looking for a car PLEASE go to Motor Village.

Manzer M. | 2012-12-27

(This review is for their sales department).

Prior to visiting Motor Village LA, I read several reviews on yelp and proceeded cautiously. As of tonight, my new car is sitting in my driveway and had a good experience purchasing it. Here is how it went for me -
Friday morning - Saw an online add for a used honda at motor village la. Called the internet department and spoke to Sunny. Told him I was interested in looking at the car and also warned I wont be buying that same day. He was fine with that and we scheduled a time. At this time I am thinking to myself, 'they want me at the dealership before they start applying the 'so well known' sales tactics on me'.
Friday late morning - The car was ready for me when I got there. I inspected it and was offered a test drive. I again stressed to Sunny I wont be buying today. He was completely fine with that. I test drove the car and everything was fine. I need to point out that I had researched the particular car very thoroughly before arriving at the dealership. I knew it inside out  so was not relying on the sales rep. for any answers. After the test drive I did a second walk around and thanked Sunny. At this time he mildly (out of obligation) asked me if I wanted to purchase and he'd be happy to run the numbers. I politely declined (I had already secured credit through a different source and had a blank check at my disposal). Sunny then took me inside to introduce me to (who I believe is the finance manager) DJ (someone else mentioned him in another review). I am thinking, 'ok, so maybe the finance department is going to convince me to buy the car the same day'. To my surprise there was no pressure. I told Sunny he could followup with me early next week to see if I was ready.
Friday Evening - Linda (she's been mentioned in another review) called me to ensure I had a good experience and if I had questions. I told her all was fine.
Tuesday - Sunny left me a voicemail following up and letting me know he'd appreciate my business.
Wednesday - I leave Sunny a message saying I am still interested if the price is right.
Thursday morning - Sunny calls me and I give him an 'out the door' price. He tells me he will check up with his finance guy and get back with me.
Thursday late morning - A little back and forth and we settle on a price that I am satisfied with.
Thursday afternoon - Meet with Sunny, check the car once over to make sure everything is perfect and then proceed to seal the deal. At this time, I had to wait a while (an hour or so) while the finance department wrapped up with other customers in line before me. The waiting was the worst part of my experience (which isnt that bad at all considering what others have had to deal with at dealerships).
Thursday late afternoon - Finally was sitting with DJ and the paperwork went smoothly. I kept my guard up for any additional costs slipping in. They never came. I signed the deal for the amount we agreed to on the phone. DJ explained to me the options (like extended warranty and the such) but not once forced for a sell. Paperwork done, Sunny took me out to the car. Car was washed (not a big deal) but also had a full gas tank (which although is nothing to write home about but a nice gesture).
Thursday evening - The car is in the driveway and I am a satisfied customer.

Additional thoughts - I read several reviews of Motor Village LA and was always on the guard for when my experience would turn sour. It did not. I was happy with my experience from start to finish. It is important to note here that I've been shopping for my car for almost a month and have had my fair share of terrible sales experiences.

Some tips when buying - I am not stating anything new here but might be helpful to someone:
- Always do your research before you go shopping for a car (used or new). Figure out exactly what you want down to the accessories (not difficult in this internet age and if you are reading this review then you are definitely capable of doing some homework).
- Watch youtube reviews of the car. Helps to know how to use certain features such as navigation or just to familiarize yourself.
- If possible have you're financing figured out before you get to the dealership.
- In my experience, never buy the car on your first visit. Shop around, use services such as kbb, edmonds, costco-auto etc. If possible check the car fax before getting to the dealership.
- Knowledge is power. Know your car and know your finances. Run some numbers using an auto loan calculator using an approximate price range and some different interest rates. Know what you can afford.
- Always haggle on out the door price.Negotiating on final price ensures you wont be slapped on with extra fees or charges.
- If possible, ask for a sales rep. recommended by someone here on yelp. Avoid the ones people had bad experiences with.
- Finally, never be afraid to walk out. There is always another car out there for you.

Best of luck!

Arno M. | 2012-12-08

I was somewhat skeptical purchasing a car at Motor Village but my experience has been stellar.  Linda who is a salesperson at the Fiat side of the business made me feel like I was a personal friend of her and went out of her way to find me the green 500c with a manual transmission which I have been looking for.  Not only did I get a great deal, I was treated with the uptmost professionalism.  To top it off, I got a nice text from Huw who is the Sales Manager thanking me for my business.  Now that is the type of people and dealership that I was looking to work with.  When I picked up the car, Linda gave me a sincere hug and took a picture of me and my new car.  

I think there has been some management changes at this dealership in the past year and I would highly recommend you to visit them.  They have one of the best showrooms with tons of cars for you to find the one that you are looking for.  Cheers to Linda and Huw.

Shari H. | 2012-12-01

Excellent experience!  Go see Linda Tripp!   Bought a Chrysler 300 and could not be more happy.  Professional, nice, informative.  Sales Manager Jesse Betts made sure I got what I wanted and at a great price.  Finance Mgr Estella Rocha was wonderful.  Overall an excellent experience.  Beautiful remodeled showroom and a must for all DTLA residents in the market for a Chrysler, Dodge or Fiat.  Will recommend to all my work pals and friends.

Philip C. | 2012-11-09

Excellent service from the top down. Huw made us an amazing deal and really took the time to help us find the right vehicle.  He was patient and went over the pros and cons of each trim level.  Youhanna had us in and out of finance as quickly as possible so we could start enjoying our new vehicle. We are VERY happy with our new Fiat!

Bruno G. | 2012-11-05

Very Happy with the way I was treated by Salesmen Brian Robbins and Fred Wilson.
They laid it out straigh what they could and could not do and honored the price I got from them over the phone on my trade, matching another dealer.  Jeff Garcia the Finance guy also laid out everything straight for me on the paperwork.  A much better experience than I had at LAX Jeep.

Tom H. | 2012-11-02

*This review is for the Parts Dept and the General Manager, I have not had any experience with any of their other departments:

I went here and bought a bikini top/sun bonnet for my girlfriends 4 door jeep sahara.  She ended up not being able to use it so 1 month later, receipt in hand, bikini top still in the box and they were able to exchange it for a dash organizer, a gas cap cover and some very cool ruggedized "JEEP" floor mats.  Very impressed, keep up the good work.

Steve B. | 2012-11-01

Old school, but not in the good way. In the smarmy, read every piece of fine print because the slick sales and finance people are out to scam you kind of way.
Pay close attention to the 1 star reviews. They are well deserved.
Rude. Dishonest. Intimidating. Go someplace else.

P.S. I notice that they keep trying to blame the problems on 'previous owners' but I think that is BS. They changed hands a long time ago and the bad reviews keep coming.

John H L. | 2012-10-16

The Fiat Clutch warrant is only cover for 1 yr~~ so make sure u drive well~~
this is my third car driving manual.. and after 13month and 16000... the clutch is not pushing in.. and cost me $1,300.. how aweful is this..

and i dont know if all of fiat drivers are aware of it.. regarding the AC..
when its in the UPPER MODE ONLY.. u can still FEEL the air on ur FOOT side.....
and they told me that its normal.... dont understand... and i gues.. i was the picky one... that when u put 3 or 4 on air.. only on the UPPER MODE... u feel the lots of airs on ur foot..... anyways... for me.. it was not worth it to buy a fiat....

Dog C. | 2012-10-16

I just bought a chrysler town and country there about two weeks ago. this reivew is refelction of the dealership only (and not the car...which is great!). First the positive. the building is beautiful and very spacious. It is very comfortable and airy.
But unfortunately this is where the great experience ended for us. We went there with an appointment because we were buying a car through Costco car program. Even with the appointment, it took the sale person (there is only one who can do Costco program) more than an hour to help us. In fact finally he had someneone else help us. We even made it easy for them since we knew exactly what we wanted and didn't even need to test drive the car ( we had done our research and ready to buy). So once we finished the negotiations, it took them another hour to draw up the papers. We were not doing any type of financing. The excuse was that they were backed up...that's not good enough. Even though were were there for another two to 3 hours after deciding on the car, they still didn't take care of getting the car ready. I had to bring it back to buff out some scratches etc...which could have been taken care of while we were waiting for the paperwork.
Than we found out when we took the car home that it didn't contain a manual (the car has lots of electronics so need the manual). Than we found out that the car was supposed to come with 1 year of SIRIUS TV and it wasn't activated. I went back and forth with the dealership, general manager and the sales manager and they were useless (I guess they sold the car so why should they care). Finally I took care of it myself because SIRIUS honored it since it said it on the sticker.  

I normally never feel good about any dealerships but this was just pure incompetence. They just need to do a better job in not just selling cars, but making sure all the details are taken care of.

Tatiana C. | 2012-10-14

Okay. So I have to completely revise my former review. Which is a shame, but sorry i just can't stand by my recommendation of their service department any more. After taking my car in for maintenance and repairs on 6/29, I found that I was having a problem where pressing the gas down was not making the car drive, and this would especially happen at very high speeds so it was quite frightening. I took the car in for service to see what the problem was FOUR times before they realized it was a problem with the transmission. This was fine, because each time Daisy would greet me with a smile and a heartfelt apology on behalf of the service team, and would never charge me the copay for the repairs.

After the last time when my car's transmission finally was repaired, the car drove just fine, but i noticed that one of the turn signal lights had gone out. This happened exactly when i brought in the car for repairs, and was never a problem before. When I came in for the repairs I was so so heartbroken to hear that Daisy was no longer working there! Then one of the employees came up to me and gave me a TON of attitude and was very rude to me about my problem. He said that the light problem was not their fault, and that there wasn't anything they could have done to cause this problem. He was so so rude in his tone towards me, I actually had to confront him about it and tell him there was no reason for him to take a tone and speak to me so abrasively. I asked to speak with his manager, who was equally rude and insisted i would have to pay for the problem. it was only $27, but I felt for such a small amount of money they should cover it since This was now the FIFTH time I had returned to motor village for a car repair and the car was still not working with tip top performance.

At this point I've moved away from LA, so Motor Village LA is no longer an issue for me, but I really can not stand by a 5 star recommendation that wasted my time five times and treated me with so much rudeness and animosity. Especially after I wrote them a 5 star yelp review and the manager personally thanked me for that. rude rude people who don't know how cars work.

Christopher C. | 2012-10-04

Yesterday I picked up the FIAT that I won then ordered from Motor Village L.A. From placing the order until the time I picked up the car, Mitch was absolutely fantastic! He made the whole process very quick, easy, and straightforward. Michael, the FIAT Specialist, showed me all the ins and outs of the car and some do's and don'ts. I learned some very valuable info. He even sent my car back to detail to make it just right! Michael's knowledge makes him a serious asset for FIAT! Huw, the manager, is awesome. He addressed a couple of minor concerns that I had and made sure that I left knowing that they would be taken care of. Along with that, he was very cordial to my family who came along and made sure that we were all smiles during our visit and after we left. The whole team's enthusiasm was right there with mine and it felt like I was truly joining the FIAT family! A special thanks also go out to Sunny and Linda. They were also very helpful and enthusiastic when I initially walked into Motor Village L.A, back in May. They were with me when I spun and won and I'm glad that they could share the moment with me! Motor Village L.A. for the win!

T C. | 2012-10-03

It doesn't get better than this!

I went there to help my mother get a car, and trade in her Toyota. The store is beautiful to begin with. We were greeted by a professional. He showed us our options (which we already knew) and then we got right down to business. Things went really smooth.. we couldn't be happier!

Thanks Motor Village!

Bryan S. | 2012-10-01

Bought a used SUV from them recently. Was told everything was working and included. I arrived about 5:30 pm, and spent over 5 hours there sitting and waiting for my sales rep to come back occasionally. Apparently, he was working on 4 other deals at the same time. Fred definitely made me feel like my purchase didnt really matter until it came to make the sale. During the whole time I kept asking about a missing navigation DVD data disc. They kept telling me they would take care of it. Then when I went in to sign the paper work, the price was different than was agreed on. They tried to add another $300 to the purchase price then sell me a car with expired plates. After all the paperwork was signed they came back and said it would be another $150 for a new navigation disc, and they would order one and call me when it came in. Its been nearly a month, still no call and no disc in hand.  

One piece of advice: If your left waiting there for more than 20 minutes, LEAVE and buy a car elsewhere. If you do buy from them, dont sign anything until you have all details cleared up in writing first!  

I do not recommend buying a car from these people.

Julie J. | 2012-09-20

First the car - I bought a 2012 Fiat 500c Pop convertible, such a fun, nimble (smart and economical) joyride!  I was looking for a car like my old Miata, but WITH a back seat and a trunk larger than my purse.  I LOVE this car!  So many smart design features.  Couldn't wait to take it on the PCH, top down in the California sunshine...

Next the dealership and the outstanding sales staff - I test drove three Fiat models and Michael never pushed the expensive choice, but listened carefully and recommended the choice that truly fit my needs - Pop convertible stick shift.  Never pushy, but available, informative and always helpful.  Even though they had LOTS of choices, they brought in the color combination I wanted from another dealership.

Youhanna wrangled a finance deal that I couldn't believe.  He worked the banks and I truly feel I have a deal I could not have gotten without his hard work and dedication.  Lots of extras included in the price.  He was exceptional.

I am truly satisfied with my entire experience at Motor Village LA and love my new car.

Virginia W. | 2012-09-20

We came to LA Motor Village in search for a new Fiat 500c and could not be more thrilled with our purchase and having gone through LA Motor Village for the sale. My search originated at Fiat/Southbay but unfortunately did not have the color or style I wanted. I was searching for a 500c/Lounge Convertible in Mocha Latte.  The sales group there was helpful but did not have the exact color I wanted. I called very late in the evening to this dealership and spoke to Linda. Linda was MORE than helpful and quickly advised me they actually had 2 in stock.  We were there bright and early the next morning.  Adding to our madness that day, we had our 2 dogs with us since we were not able to secure a reservation for them at their day care as we wanted.  We ended up schlepping doggies in tow with us.  It was the weekend just before Labor Day and LA was in the midst of the hottest days of summer we've had. We were unable to leave them in the car, and the sales group were more than accommodating, more than welcoming and more than thrilled to allow our dogs to shop along with us.  After shopping 2 different styles of Fiat (convertible vs. hatchback) I was so absolutely undecided on which one I wanted.  Having had my then current car for nearly 10 years this decision was such a challenge for me.  Not only were Linda (sales) and our finance guy (Youhanna) more than understanding to my plight, they even allowed me to take home the convertible so we could drive our other car back home to actually see, without pressure of having sales people with me make the decision on the car I wanted. Mind you, this back and forth trip was back out to Marina del Rey.  We returned within 2 hours and FINALLY after 6 hours at the dealership to go forward with the convertible.  Their understanding to knowing what a challenging decision this was for me, their hospitality for our little doggies and their constant friendly conversation helped make this entire experience so much easier for me.  Linda was more than honest every step of the way, without being pushy and was extremely competent on sharing her experience with Fiat. Youhanna, our financier was amazing.  He was so competent at getting all the paperwork together for us, and was even his idea to allow me to drive the convertible home.  Each and every person that we encountered that day are all so extremely helpful and kind. I cannot truly say enough wonderful things about this dealership.  Even 2 days later we received calls from Linda and finance people and overall just LOVE this group.  Thank you ALL immensely for helping secure my favorite new car.  You will always be remembered!! Thank you, thank you!! :)

Sam N. | 2012-08-21

What a joke of a place.  I love the new Fiat I bought (despite the horrible weeks it took me to finally get it), but I wish I would have given the sale to a competent dealership.

I'm actually reluctant to write my full experience on here in fear they will find me.  Worst customer service I have ever experienced anywhere. I should have known when I had to email documents the finance guy's PERSONAL AOL email... I should have known when I called to find out when my brand new car's repainted bumper (yep) would be finished and they didn't know where my car was.

Don't do it.

Russ H. | 2012-08-09

Don't buy a car here. I did and still 6 months later as I sit in their show room trying to resolve another set of problems i ask myself how it is possible this place is still open. Every time I come here they tell me all the problems with the management are over because they've hired a whole new team. That's the 3rd time I've heard this...

Btw as I write this I can hear their sales woman talking to a customer on the phone coming up with all the same excuses.

Amy M. | 2012-08-06

My family purchased a Fiat from this dealership a couple of months ago and it has been the worst car buying experience E-V-E-R.  There has been problem after problem.  First we needed the car shipped out of state to arrive by a certain date (for our use).  The salesman guaranteed that if we paid them to handle it (more than going to a car shipping company directly), it would be there for sure.  Not only did the car not arrive on time, but I found out after continual follow up and investigation that it had never been shipped in the first place.  The salesman kept saying that it was on its way and that there were various issues with the shipping company which were causing the delay, but this was a complete lie.  We were also never issued a temporary registration and were pulled over for not having any temporary tags a couple of times.  I have been trying to get the required paperwork from the dealership so that we can file for registration to no avail for over 3 weeks now.   I will NEVER EVER EVER use this dealership again...EVER.  And I urge others to go somewhere else to purchase a car.

Claire G. | 2012-08-04

I recently purchased my Fiat 500 convertible from Motor Village.
Mario Naccarato ( the guy with the bow tie) was my salesman and he was incredibly patient and helpful with me in the trade in of my old car for the car of my dreams.
I love love LOVE my car.  Mario helped me get an amazing deal, and he followed up to make sure I was happy with my purchase.
I would recommend Motor village to anyone looking to purchase a car new or used and look for Mario with the bow tie- he's a really snazzy dresser and a really nice guy!

MIchelle N. | 2012-08-04

I just bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee from Motor Village  and I had really a great experience. Mostly because of my Salesperson Mario N. He was so patient and understanding and really took away any anxiety I had about buying a car.  I am so happy with my purchase and would highly recommend this place. Ask for Mario he is a super sweet heart and a pleasure to deal with ! THANK YOU MARIO!!!

Ursula H. | 2012-07-31

Michaeal and Youhanna were very patient, helpful, friendly and very honest.  I never felt the stereotypical car salesman hard sell from either one of them.  They were both frank and honest throughout the entire experience and I could not be more happy with my new Fiat convertible!

Cliff C. | 2012-07-29

Honestly, I have never even heard of this place until a friend of mine told me about this dealership. Apparently, there is new management at this store and you can really see how the experience is much different now than what I read on previous Yelp reviews. We went in for a Jeep Wrangler and of course, could not decide on which trim to get. We spent lots and lots of time trying to make a decision and Mitch and Emil were beyond patient with us. They got us everything we needed. All the info we needed. They disclosed everything to us right up front. The reason why we didn't go to the dealership closer to us is because they would not disclose info to us. I'm glad I didn't experience this dealership under the previous management. I highly recommend this dealership!

karin k. | 2012-07-22

horrible customer service! I've been to the service center twice and they could care less about you. needs new management!

don't waste your time or money. they're not worth it

having dealt with this place 3 times...I would agree that all of the 5 star reviews are nothing but fake.  I have so many more complaints but all the other 1 star posts are really long so all I can say is choose another'll be happy you did.

Ratchanee D. | 2012-07-21

I recently bought a 2012  fiat sport here and the service was great. They were really helpful and they gave
me the best deal ever. So I would recommend
motor village LA.

Gina C. | 2012-06-28

The days of a big gas guzzling SUV was over once my car was in the shop and i got to drive a Fiat. If your looking for your next energy efficient car look no further this little machine is so much fun and has so much pep. You can't believe how little it costs to fill her up either. I still dream of Gucci but there are so many budget friendly models and color combos to chose from. I LOVE my sales gal, Linda Mintz.  I was originally referred to another salesperson who dissed me for another supposed scheduled client. Oh Well you snooze you lose! Linda got my business, and a friends  as we happily drive off in our new Cinquecentos.

Andrew C. | 2012-06-22

i will NEVER NEVER NEVER purchase another vehicle from this delearship!  they are unorganized, turnover rates are way too high (purchased a vehicle 3 months ago and none of the reps we've worked with are employed with the delearship anymore), and rude.

Here are a couple of incidents to support my claim:

Once we've signed the contract to our new Jeep, we were very satisfied with our new vehicle; however, 2 days later, we received a call to bring in more supporting docs for the 3rd party financing company.  FINE.  another week goes by and they need another supporting doc.  and a month later, another one...  we have never had this type of experience with any other delearship.  it takes a lot of our time to drive back and forth and it's annoying!  i'm in the finance industry and a credit card statement, bank statement, and mortgage statement will suffice any proof of address.

Secondly, MARIA CARILLO...she is an unfit finance rep!  she'll never return your calls and claims it's never her fault.  it's either the DMV, the financing company, or Jeep...PATHETIC....

Roxanne R. | 2012-06-16

What a horrid experience and absolute waste of time this sorry excuse for a dealership was.  The manager and his team must have been trained by baboons on people skills.

They made it seem like they were cutting me this unbelievable deal and no one else would offer it, I went to Santa Monica Fiat and they had NO problem meeting my needs and matching the price.

Buyer beware. Spend your hard earned money some place it's deserved.

Mia B. | 2012-06-11

Horrible Customer Service - In Service Department. Had my car for over two weeks and didn't fix the issue. Wont return my call... Even asked to speak with the General Manager of LA Motor Village, he/she wouldn't return my call. --- They said it was because I didn't purchase my car there.

J P. | 2012-05-27

A shark tank... only they're stupid sharks. High pressure sales is almost a given at car dealerships, but this place takes it to such an extreme that they don't listen to what the customer is looking for and end up loosing sales. Number one: I have worked for two major auto manufactures for over 30 years, so I know how to buy a car. Number two: I told them as much and asked them to show me the dealer's and factory invoices. Number three, I realize they need to make a profit, so I was willing to work out a deal where they would realize a profit.They never showed me the invoices, instead, they brought no less than TWO "General Managers" who were only focused on "cutting the best deal". One short statured, goateed, fake rolex wearing, "gumba" could only repeat over and over the quintessential line "what if...". Long story short; bought my car at the right price from a different dealership that "listened" and realized than a sale is a sale and they can't make a "killing" on every customer. STAY AWAY!!!

Kim N. | 2012-05-27

I am recovering from a "mild" brain injury that I sustained in a bad auto accident that totaled my car.  I was unable to work or even drive at all for over a year!  When I was finally well enough to drive, per my Dr.'s evaluations, I went looking to buy a new car.  I decided that a new car was a better value than a used one at the time.  (Used car prices seemed to skyrocket and not be as good a deal as they once were.  And newer cars tend to have the best safety standards.)  

Since I drove a compact car before, and I was still totally freaked out about being in another accident again, I wanted to purchase a mid-size SUV based on safety studies I read.  I went to literally more than a dozen dealerships all over the LA area.  My dad and boyfriend drove me around to each place to look at models, talk to sales reps and finally do test drives.  

Out of all the SUV's I saw and all the salespeople I spoke to in that time, I received the best treatment from Motor Village employees.  I believe they really went above and beyond what I expected.  

I purchased a Grand Cherokee Laredo from them in November 2011.  I'm still dealing with cognitive impairments from the injury, but I'm doing significantly better than I was in November, when I bought the SUV.  I could have easily been taken advantage of when I bought the vehicle because I was still having a lot of trouble with simple math, and it was pretty obvious that I could have from anyone who spoke to me because I still had a lot of obvious speech issues, but they kept looking for ways to save me money.  I really appreciate it and their generosity couldn't have come at a better time in my life since I was already dealing with so much.  

The people at Motor Village really gave me a hell of a deal.  And they tried hard and succeeded in getting me the financing terms I wanted, which was difficult since I am not bringing in as much as I used to and I have a lot of new debt, but I think they were able to since I still have good credit.  They did have to ask several financiers though, because the first few denied my application, but they acted like it was no big deal for them to do that.  I was embarrassed, but they tried to alleviate that feeling from me.  I've been dealing with some obscene financial constraints due to the injury and accident I was in, and a car payment  I can actually afford, with a very good APR, means quite a bit to me.  (Apparently, settlements and large claims take years to settle.  And even the best HMO plan doesn't cover all the therapy and treatments that Dr. recommend to treat a brain injury, so I still have a lot of out of pocket expenses and my savings ran out about six months after the accident.)    

I've been to their service center too, for my six month oil change per the instructions in the owner's manual.  They were surprised at how few miles I've driven in the last six months (I can't drive very much still, I'm not allowed on the freeway, and short distances only when I'm doing my very best cognitively are my Dr.'s orders.)  But they were still very nice and kind and I appreciate it a lot.  The oil change was very fast too.  

People with brain injuries tend to be very suggestible and I thought I wanted extra stuff and they explained that I could get that stuff at a later date.  

I think that the people at Motor Village are honest, reliable and just inherently decent and good people.  I trust them.  And I highly recommend them to anyone who is expecting to reach realistic goals from their dealership.

Sandy W. | 2012-05-27

After we drove all the way up to Motor Village (We live south of Camp Pendleton), they failed to honor their written agreement.  Based on their agreement, we had already gotten a loan approval from our military credit union and we notified our insurance agent.  We knew this was the new vehicle we had been searching for.  We made sure it was still there before we left San Diego County.   We arrived and was shown a used/ugly vehicle.  Then we had to help search for the car we had agreed upon.  It did not exist.  They kept switching sales people to wear us down.  They said they could not honor their agreement.  The would only honor less than half of the amount.  We were lured there under false pretences.  We would like to pursue this matter with Chrysler Management and/or legally, in addition to Better Business Bureau.  We feel they are targeting military personnel.    It sounds like a felony bait and switch scam.  See other scam reviews.   Let's protect our military!!!!  

-----Original Message-----
From: Motor Village       motorvillageca@eleadtrac…
Sent: Thu, May 24, 2012 12:23 pm
Subject: Quote on JEEP Grand Cherokee Overland 2012

Hello (KEN)  XXXXX
With addition of military discounts as well as our Memorial Day Sale the sales manager has taken the price of the Overland from a $51,000 value, and it's dropped to $39,800. Monthly payments, interest, as well as down payments differ depending on credit and monthly income.
To contact a salesperson on more information call this direct line:
Your salesperson will be Sergio Cedillo.
Thank you! ---

Steve T. | 2012-05-11


I will be filing a formal complaint with the DMV! They ran a radio advertisement on KIIS FM advertising a Dodge Ram Truck (5 available) for $16,997. Spoke to the salesmen 3 times over the phone going over the details of the car, features, discounts, etc....which brought it to the advertised price of $16,997. He said they only had one available which was fine. Drove up from OC to get the car. Took it for a test drive, verbally discussed the price with the second salesman they gave me and then once they sat me down at the sales desk, they tried to charge me about $25,000. Scam after scam, charge after charge, lie after lie.

Long story short, the GM finally came out to discuss it with me and said they weren't even running an ad on KIIS FM.


As I said, Monday I am filing a formal complaint with the DMV as well as requesting the radio commercial logs from KIIS FM.

I would be very scared to buy a car from these guys!!

Danielle T. | 2012-04-14

I purchased my 2012 Dodge Durango from Mrs.Delores Bealer Joshua or De De Internet Fleet manager. I am and very happy with not only my truck but also the deal i got. Mrs. DeDe took her time and drove my car home for me because i was in a rental (30min away). In addition, even though the truck was suppose to have tire locks, they were not installed, and when i called Mrs. De De she said girl no problem just be here before the service department close to get them installed. First time i have ever trusted a dealer or gave a review.In my opinion, if you are looking for a car check here first.

Andrew K. | 2012-04-07

Went to get an oil change at the last minute on a Saturday, my normal dealer in Canoga Park couldn't take me, so I went here. The service rep was very nice and let me know up front the dealership didn't stock oil for the Ram 2500/3500 with the diesel, so it would take a bit longer. To their credit it was only 90 minutes to get me out the door, pretty good for a walk in at the dealership. However, when the truck came back the door handle and steering wheel were covered in oil, including the buttons for the computer...  They were able to dig up a rag and some spray to clean it up but the truck is only eight months old so it was fairly annoying. Overall a mixed bag on service...
Also while I was there I walked around the showroom and noticed most of the new cars had little "dealer installed options" stickers next to the factory ones that increased the price by 3 to 5 thousand dollars for things such as "paint protection" $900, "interior protection" $995, and the like. To me these are HUGE red flags for a dealer that might be trying to fatten up the bottom line. One might want to proceed with some skepticism...

jack b. | 2012-03-23

the worst service department in the world  I don't even have the energy to type all my complaints.  Just stay away.  Far Away

Saam F. | 2012-03-15

I had a very quick and painless car leasing experience here last week. I did my homework and the sales staff helped me get to good deal terms quickly and efficiently. If you know what you want and are looking to work with serious and motivated sellers, this is the dealership for you.

Allison S. | 2012-02-25

I purchases a new Fiat from the dealership at the end of December, and they continue to make the experience of buying a car absolutely miserable. They never return calls (service and sales), they are a disorganized mess, and they all honestly seem like they could care less about the customer. I've had to make so many pointless trips back to the dealership because their staff is totally incompetent. I've worked at car dealerships in the past, so I fully understand how the system works; these idiots have yet to grasp the concept.

judy c. | 2012-02-19

We just leased a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee from Motor Village LA, and the experience was about as painless as a car dealership experience can get.  We did our homework first and already had an offer in hand for an equivalent car from another dealership, so we knew what we were looking for price-wise. Sonny our sales agent was personable and friendly and did his best to make the experience as pleasant as possible. He was upfront and straightforward about the process and was very accommodating.  Even though we had essentially pre-negotiated with another dealer, (2.5 hours of haggling elsewhere) they were willing to earn our business and matched the offer.

The process itself still took 3 hours, I just don't think you can do it any faster these days. When it was time for Sonny to hand us off to the finance guy, we were pleasantly surprised with his clear explanations of the terms and conditions and fast turnaround of the necessary paperwork. after we had signed the last bits of paperwork the car had been detailed, the tank was filled with gas and Sonny personally walked us thru the finer details of the operation of the vehicle and sent us on our way.

Several folks here have mentioned the ownership transition, and whatever transpired in the past appears to be resolved. We were treated well and fairly, and the transaction itself was as painless as this normally excruciating process gets.

Eddie L. | 2012-02-09

WOW this place is great!! My salesman Eddie was really helpful and got me just what car at a great price I needed I would highly recommend even stopping by and looking at the facility  , I had a great experience buying my jeep I couldn't be happier

Tim K. | 2012-02-09

I recently purchased a used car from Motor Village LA. I test drove the car  and when I returned I noticed water dripping from the car. The drip was coming from the front of the engine where the water pump is...I told the sales rep that if he could fix that problem, the review mirror and the "clicker" to the door lock/alarm that I would purchase the car.
They pulled the car into the garage and said they found the problem and would take care it. The mistake I made was that I believed them and I went ahead and purchased the car. This was on Tuesday November 22.  No communication from them on the status on the car. However I did get a call 3 days later asking if I was still interested in buying a car from the online form I had submitted a week earlier. I asked about the car I did purchase and wanted to know the status on the repairs. No clue what I was talking about. So I called my sales rep who was not sure of the status, I tried his manager (oh by the way both have been let go since I purchased the car). To make a long story short the car was not ready for pick-up until Friday December 2nd and the only thing that had been completed of the 3 items on the due bill was the water leak. To this day I have no idea what they fixed.  It took them 3 attempts to get and install the correct mirror. It had become such a hassle I asked them to come to my home in Santa Clarita as I was tired of going back and forth to Los Angeles. This was finally completed on December 8th.
I came home one evening (December 14th) and notice water/coolant dripping underneath the car. I asked my wife to take the car back to the dealer to have them take a look. She dropped it off on December 16th.  I didn't hear back from anyone so I decided to call on December 20th. The service representative informed me that I needed a water pump and informed me that they did not work on Subaru's and that he had made arrangements with another shop to repair the car and they would split the repair cost of $800 with me. Sounded strange on a couple of fronts so I made a couple of phone calls. A water pump on most cars doesn't take that long to change so I called a Subaru dealer, Amazing parts and labor $394 to replace. I called the service manager back and told him what I found and asked, "why am I paying anything to have this car repaired, the water leak was to have been fixed" he informed me that I bought a used car and I couldn't expect it to be in perfect condition. I replied I am not looking for perfect I just want the water leak fixed as I was promised. He said he would get back to me......again long story lots of phone calls from my wife to the dealership and not a single returned phone call from anyone from the sales rep, his manager, his mangers manager from the 20th of December until January 23rd when we resolved that they were not going to take care of the water leak.
I took the car to my mechanic and learned that the problem is not a water pump, rather the water leak is coming from the head gasket and the estimate to repair 1 side which is not recommended, and you guessed it $800 (interesting number as this was the amount I was offered to split with the service department). To do both size the estimated cost was $1,750.

If you are thinking like I did. That is amazing and it can't be true. So I called and asked to speak to the GM Rhett Butler. He called be back a couple of days after I left a message for him. I told him I needed help and he indulged me for about 7 minutes and then let me know what a privilege it would be for me for him to even consider the matter. I had asked too many questions that he (and rightly so he didn't have answers too), like, how can a car be at your shop for 25+ days and no one call the client?, how is it that all the repair paper work has disappeared and no one knows what work they did on the radiator? Why would his service guy tell me I had to have someone outside his repair shop fix the car and then pay him by cash?...... At one point Rhett told me he was curious about the car after walking past it for 6, 7 or 9 days in a row and when he asked what the status of the car was, he was told they were waiting for parts to fix it.  
I was quite frustrated and Rhett could sense that. He informed me he was from the east coast and that he more than likely made twice the amount of money I do and if I didn't calm down he wasn't going to help at all.  He gave me an ultimatum to pay  1/2 and the work would be done at his shop but he had to have an answer right then and there before I hung up. He told me he would look into the issue and get back to me. He stated that if they attempted to fix the water leak and the repair did not work he would in fact take care of the entire repair for me.
Well that was more than a week ago and I have left a least two messages a day with the receptionist as Rhett's voicemail box has been full since last much for integrity, trust etc on the message on hold at Motor Village LA

Peter G. | 2012-02-03

I really really wish I had read these reviews  before trying to buy a car here.  

first - look at the 5 star reviews- they are fake!!  most of them have only written one review, and it is for the dealership. yeahhh right.  Motor Village should spend more time on customer service and quality and less time making fake yelp accounts.  Moving on...

This was literally the WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE.  Mike Lee and his team are the reason for it.  He is one of the most unorganized and deceitful people I have ever met.  But he is a car salesman so what can I really expect?

I picked out the car I wanted, and paid with a cashier's check.  I sent him my insurance information the next day and expected to pick up my car.  It took him a week to return any of my calls.  Finally I had to show up in the office to try and get the car I was waiting on.  Well, it turns out he had forgotten to follow up on the contract so he refused to give me my car or my money.  He currently has my cashier's check, and has yet to follow up with me.

This is the guy's living.  Something simple like filing a contract should take years.  Everytime I went to the dealership, he has made me a wait there a minimum of four hours while him and his team go get food or go out for smoke breaks.  It is unreal.  

Needless to say I still dont have my car or my money and I am about to hire a lawyer to get this taken care of.

Please don't go here!! This dealership needs to go under.

L T. | 2012-01-23

STAY AWAY.  Went in over the weekend to purchase a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.  I am a Jeep enthusiast, know the product well, and previously owned a Jeep for 10 years. I was treated as if I knew nothing about the car buying process by the sales/fleet manager named "Bronco" once we started talking about price. The initial salesman (not the sales manager) was nice, however mentioned that "God is good and would want to see you in this vehicle for this price."  REALLY?  I responded with " If God wanted me to buy this car, he would give it to me for (insert my offer here) and want me to give the rest to charity."  Bringing religion in is NOT a tactful business approach at all.  What if my personal religious affiliation was opposed to his?  WHO TALKS ABOUT GOD DURING A BUSINESS TRANSACTION??!?!  The offer price that "God" gave me was insulting (about $350 above what Rubicons go for, and for a period of 84 months, which means, I could have purchased an additional vehicle at the same time!).  When I told them what I was willing to pay per month, the fleet manager laughed at me, and asked "And what math did you use to get at that price?"  Well, the math I used came from the dealership website itself.  They would not break down how they arrived at their price; would not even tell me the financing rate.  Not to mention, the vehicle they were trying to sell me was NOT the color I wanted.  The fleet manager "Bronco" was condescending, and gave me an attitude about getting the car I wanted in a different color.  He told me that it wouldn't be worth it for him or the dealership to get a vehicle transferred in from another dealer - they wouldn't make any money off of the sale.  Sorry, but I'm buying a car for MYSELF, and could care less about how much money your poorly run dealership makes off of me.  Also, the day before they had previously told me getting the vehicle I wanted in the color I wanted wouldn't be any trouble at all.  At Motor Village, I was told my trade in was worth much less than it actually was (which I knew because I had gotten a trade in quote prior to going there).  Their behavior and the way I was treated (I don't want to go down the "I was treated this way because I'm a woman road." but seriously, they are pigs) is just UNACCEPTABLE.  They recently went under new management, per the initial salesman.  Well, new management, what ever you are doing drove this customer AWAY.

The very next day, I went to a different dealer and was treated with respect, and was acknowledged for being an educated consumer.  I ended up with the EXACT vehicle I wanted, at the EXACT price I was hoping for.  The trade in value for my old car was $3000 MORE than what Motor Village initially quoted, and the monthly payment I ended up with was $350 LESS than what Motor Village initially offered, and for a significantly SHORTER financing period - 72 months, and not 84 months. Altogether, a difference of over $15,000 during the life of the car loan!  The new dealer, Glen E Thomas Dodge in Signal Hill (near Long Beach), was COMPLETELY transparent with the purchasing and finance process.  Each staff member I interacted with were respectful and joyful.  At every point during my time spent there, my questions were addressed promptly and accurately - all answers related to pricing involved showing me the specific math breakdown for how figures were arrived at.

STAY AWAY FROM MOTOR VILLAGE LA.  They are deceptive from the get-go, and have ZERO sense of customer service or tact.  And I say that with confidence - had they been polite and acknowledged that I was an informed consumer, they would have had a sale.  Actually, no, they would not have had a sale - that comment about God was just plain inappropriate.  Save your time, dignity, and most importantly save your MONEY - DON'T GO TO MOTOR VILLAGE LA!!!

Jose G. | 2012-01-19

Is there a -10 starts button???
Buying a car from Motor Village has been the worse experience as a costumer I've ever had.
Three weeks after i had the new lease i realized that my old car that i had traded in was still under my name. I called them and they said the bank didn't approve the lease OF THE  NEW CAR I WAS DRIVING AROUND FOR THREE WEEKS ALREADY! ...and no one care to call me and let me know. The bank approved a buy instead. So I had to re-do the contract. I decided to put down 1500$ less for the new contract. It took three weeks to get the check. They finally called and said the check was ready. I went there and had to wait 1 hour because they "couldn't find the check".
Three months after having the new car I get a letter from the DMV asking me for proof of insurance of my old car. Apparently Motor Village didn't submit the paper work for the old car or the new car since I still haven't received the license plates of the new car either!
Good luck if you wann deal with this messy place!!

Mikey C. | 2012-01-15

I traded-in my car and bought another one from them a few months ago. Apparently, they are/were going through an ownership transition, which was their excuse for everything. They asked for a 10-day pay-off quote for my trade-in, which they didn't pay-off for 30 days. They kept using the change in ownership excuse, which to me is unacceptable, especially since their delay in pay-off cost me points on my credit score (and a lot of stress). During one of my many calls to follow-up on the pay-off, the person who was working on it the day before had left or been let go. They also owe me an extra key and owner's manual, both which I have yet to receive. I went in to follow-up multiple times and the most recent, was turned away because I didn't have the due bill. Saying they can't find the order by my name is ludicrous. This place has the absolute worst customer service. I do not recommend this place at all.

Vince W. | 2012-01-13

I just want to update my review since March 2011.

We did purchase a Fiat from Michael Passage. Great guy. He just started out at Fiat back in March 2011 and fortunately enough, he's the only sales person I can tolerate. The rest were a lot of dumb arses and halfwits.

Sadly, two months later in May 2011, we sold the Fiat.

Still I keep in touch with Michael.

To me, Michael is a friend more than just a sales person. I have seen him approached customers with a very different attitude, ie not pushy nor aggressive at all. He grew up in Belgium and he knows the European approach. Fiat is an Italian brand and naturally he felt that the demographics for potential Fiat owners are different from those who look at the Challenger or Jeep.

This location was bought over by the New Century group. The same group that runs New Century BMW. It is sad to say the majority of the management prior to the acquisition was quite a group of morons and judging from the latest reviews here, the management post-acquisition is just as bad. I wonder if they all came from the same family. You never know...

My stars for this place will stay at 3 for as long as Michael is still working there.

Kelly D. | 2011-12-30

Three words...Bait and describe the slimy sales tactics of this dealership. Once they get you in the door, terms of the deal change unexpectedly when "management" decides they can't honor the price and other terms of the deal previously promised. If you want to know where car salesmen get their bad rep, just pay these guys a visit!

Sarah T. | 2011-12-27

I love my new Fiat.  They did have a lot of Fiats to choose from which was great, but maybe that's because no one wants to buy at this dealership!  The purchase experience has been a total nightmare, and did not end the day I bought the car.  The people are all really sleazy- your typical "car salesmen."  I feel that was taken advantage of many times through the process, and still I feel that I am constantly being "fooled" about what I am  getting. It is exhausting to constantly calculate the deal I was/am "truly" getting!  The financing was so complicated that I ended up with a totally awful deal.  Here is what happened...

Once Michael (sales guy) and I agreed on monthly payment I would be willing to pay, I got into the financing room and that price went up.  Despite my insistence that that was absolutely my bottom line with taxes, registration, everything-- all in.   In order to bring the price back down to the agreed upon payment I was told they would have to remove the warranty which comes standard.  I didn't think this was even possible.   No warranty on a car that is brand new on the American market?  I would NEVER agree to that!!!  The financing guy (Louie) tells me that in order to compensate for the money which they are losing on my deal, they need to show some margin gains.  So if I purchase an extended warranty they can let me have the car at the agreed upon amount and I can cancel the warranty within 60 days and I get my money back -- I can put the warranty on my credit card and be fully refunded.  And if I cancel the extended warranty the manufacturer's warranty will still be in effect.  I know this all sounds insane, and I agreed, so that's why I got this all in writing from Louie.  However when I went to cancel the pricey extended warranty I was not credited my money back at all....  

Instead I was told that Louie mysteriously structured the deal incorrectly and my money would be credited to the lease lien holder and therefore would be reimbursed at backend of my lease agreement-- in nearly three years!!!!  This means that not only would I need to find a way to pay off the $1300 now sitting on my credit card accruing interest at an exorbitant interest rate-- but I have also given the Motor Village $1300 to invest for 3 years until they pay me/my lease back.  $1300 reimbursed to me in 3 years is much less than $1300 reimbursed to me today.   It would seem that Louie's mistake was now my major $1300 problem.  

Oh, did I mention Louie is now fired?  That doesn't matter at all to me-- quite the opposite I think they need to make up for this guy's mistakes especially since he's been FIRED.  It's like they KNEW he was screwing up and don't even care.

Throughout the process of trying to get my extended warranty money back Rhett (the GM) and about 5 different people came in and out trying to give me different deals ranging from trading in my car for a new car (which would require an entirely NEW set of complicated terms and would also require me to get another car, when I just bought my car a month ago and didn't want a new car so that wasn't really a great deal!) to a financing agreement on my current car.  All because Louie and Michael created some shady deal and structured the agreement incorrectly.  

I felt very taken advantage of and worry that others who aren't so financially savvy will be much worse off dealing with these folks!  Please beware of their very complicated deals which seem like a good bargain on the surface but are very shady once you do some digging!

Patrick L. | 2011-12-07

this is the absolute worse dealership in america!!

buyer beware!!

i purchased a certified used 2008 jeep grand cherokee in july and it did not have floor mats. i tried for 6 months to obtain mats for my jeep and no service and no call back. they just changed ownership and the new folks said they are not responsible for getting me mats and that they did not owe me anything at all.

these guys are scumbags!! everywhere from the service dept to the sales team.

do not spend your money here!! go the the dealship in glendale or santa monica...this is the worst dealship in los angeles and they dont deserve a single dime of your hard earned money

Ben R. | 2011-11-28

Long post but needs to be said.

Came to Motor Village LA because they had the Jeep I wanted in stock, was switching back to American made SUV after I saw the new redesign on the Jeep Grand Cherokee. First impressions on the new place were great, everything was clean and the staff seemed fairly friendly for a Monday morning. John Hyde was my sales rep and for some reason is no longer with the company. John shuffled his feet and huffed and puffed when I asked questions about the $38,000 Jeep I wanted to buy, sorry for the trouble buddy!

Went through with the purchase and as soon as I signed on the dotted line is when customer service ended. I went to shake the new car managers and Johns hand for their help and neither could have been more unappreciative. As part of the deal John confirmed he would rotate the tires back to black wall, instead of having white lettering on the wheels, I personally think it looks better.

Brought my Jeep in and waited about an hour and a half, not bad at all. When they pulled my car up to the service drive all four rims had been damaged by the machine that puts the tires on the rims. My service adviser Joesph was clueless, he said they use a touch-less machine and that he had never seen this before. Asked him to take photos, document the damage and report it to his supervisor to be fixed. Finally got a call at the end of the week and Joesph said we will order you new rims and put them on at no charge of course. I agree and set up a date next week, the following week I get a call and the offer has changed from replacing to repairing the rims! My Jeep had 115 miles on it at this point and Joesph said since its a used car they only need to repair the damage.

So I call up the service manager Dave Driscol and after some back and forth pushing and shoving he agrees to take rims off a Jeep in stock and swap mine out. Fine with me as long as their new. Ended up getting the new rims but they left these little green stickers on each rim, Joesph says it's so I know there new rims. I pull them off at home and there's a perfect square of paint missing from each rim. It's not glue that can be cleaned off, there is nothing to clean, as in no paint! Why do the people at Motor Village LA make it so hard to enjoy a new car.

Sure they have a nice new building instead of the dump on La Brea, but it's the same service it always has been. If you don't mind buying your car here and servicing it elsewhere this is the place for you.

Namella K. | 2011-11-13

They were actually pretty fast. Thank you for being so considerate with my time Motor Village! :D

I called ahead 15 minutes before I got there. I waited for about 45 minutes from pulling in to driving off with oil change. Whooo hooo!!!

They are very professional, the atmosphere is very clean, decor is pleasant and if you use your Jeep service text message promotions, you end up paying less than at Jiffy or EZ Lube! Imagine that? Oh and they have wi-fi- always a plus.

They give you a total inspection and let you know what's going on with your car- you need this major repair, here's some minor issues that can wait, etc. No hassle, no hard sell like at the those lube places that end up lubing you over- especially if you're a chick. I hate upselling. Ew.

Very highly recommended for all Jeep owners!!!

jason l. | 2011-11-06

A breath of fresh air! I've had horrible experiences with dealerships in the past but this place was different. I had a recall notice for my 2008 wrangler and I chose Motor Village because of their favorable reviews and they didn't let me down. My service was quick and painless and I didn't even have an appointment. I only gave them 4 stars though because they forgot to reset my oil change light which was something that I had requested.

Maral T. | 2011-10-14

Amazing service! I came in to fix my Fiat's rear tire which needs patching up (ran over a large nail/bolt). Such friendly folks working here from the guy who signs you in to the mechanics who work on your car. They even have a guy grilling hotdogs and hamburgers for the customers/employees for lunch!

Erika E. | 2011-08-22

I'd say this is a great place if your are looking for a Fiat. The selection of Fiat's at this location is HUGE!
I was not looking for a Fiat - so it was an A-Ok experience!

Austin L. | 2011-08-01

This review is solely for the service department, not the sales department.  I have no clue if this is a good place to buy a car, I do know this is a place I'll never bring my car in to get looked at again.

I needed to pass my smog test on my Jeep Grand Cherokee and of course, the check engine light was on because I needed to replace my leak detection pump.  They charge $110 to look at the car, and then they recommended a $700 repair to be able to get the car to pass the smog test.

I passed on their offer and went to another mechanic.  I paid that mechanic $200 out the door to replace everything and the smog test was passed.

But expensive prices are one thing, and you expect them at a dealership.  

What really bothered me was that I came in to pick the car up in the morning (a day after I was told it was ready), I asked for my car, and then I looked up and saw it raised with the tires being put back on.  Since when did removing the tires become part of the leak detection pump?  When I asked the guy, he said it was standard procedure.  I called some mechanic pals back home and asked my twitter following if they'd ever experienced something similar, and they all said it was bizarre.  

Either way, I know their system now, they got my $110, they'll never get a dime more.

Chrissy K. | 2011-07-17

I like the sales people here, they are very kind and helpful.  They also have a great selection of jeeps.

Alison P. | 2011-07-17

Just rolled off the lot with my new Fiat Pop model from Motor Village L.A. What a beauty! Thanks to Michael Passage for giving me a great deal with so little of the hassle I've experienced at other dealerships. No pushiness and he was well informed about the product. It was a pleasure doing business with him, so I highly recommend people ask for Michael when they go to Motor Village L.A.

Micki Z. | 2011-07-13

Yesterday I became the thrilled new owner of a Fiat 500 Sport. Initially I was looking for a no-frills Pop, but ended up with a few more features but not because of pushy sales. I'm pretty picky about color configurations and I would have had to order and wait for what I wanted. But as I was determined to drive off with a new car, I splurged a little.

This is a sweet little car! For the money, I think it is a great value. As it hasn't been on the market long, I felt I was taking a bit of a risk buying it, but what I had researched seemed favorable.

The showroom was pleasant and immaculate, with great care taken to detail, much like Apple and they had a great inventory..(ok, ok I said I was picky!).

I worked with Kevin Su who was very nice, open and natural to work with. Good job Kevin.

The paperwork took a bit long to process, afterall, it's very tiring making these desicions, but the young women in the office were very professional, competent and reassuring about how the financing would take place. They gave me a fair trade on my old car too.

They all went out of their way to make sure I was happy without being obsequious.

Though I had visited other dealers and test driven elsewhere, and though the people I spoke to were "nice," there wasn't the follow-up I would have wished. One dealer I had to email 2 times, with no response. When I called because their website only had generic photos and I wanted specific photos of each car, the first person I spoke to didn't even know that, so I asked to speak to the manager. As he was "in a meeting", I was told he'd call me back. He never did. Another sales person was to email me some info and never did. Apparently they didn't want to sell cars very badly.

In this day and age of voice menus, overseas customer service and the frustrating lack of human contact in many areas of life, it was a pleasure to spend my money with Motor Village LA.

Sabrina K. | 2011-07-09

As of last week I am the happy owner of a Fiat 500 and I couldn't be happier about my purchasing experience from Motor Village LA.

Everyone I met and dealt with at Motor Village LA was helpful, polite and informed. Michael Passage's customer service, however, was exceptional. Michael has a genuine and easy connection with people and is passionate about the Fiat brand. He went above and beyond to meet my needs and work with my budget.

Despite the fact that I was buying  a very in-demand car and that I was interested in the base model without any bells and whistles I was made to feel like a valued customer whose business was being won.

I have never felt so good about spending a large sum of money and highly recommend this dealership. If you're looking for superior customer service from a brand-enthusiast who loves what he does, call Motor Village LA and ask for Michael Passage.