Martin Auto Group in Los Angeles, CA

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Martin Automotive Group is a family owned and operated dealership. We have one of the largest service centers in the western region with service advisors who have the latest training and years of experience.


Established in 1959.

We have been in business over 50 years, and this year we were awarded the prestigious Dealer of the Year award by Cadillac. We have been a family run company and are well known throughout the community. We help sponsor a host of community services and activities, our most prominent being the Farmar Hoop Farm.

Martin Auto Group

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(800) 843-9511
Address:12101 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90064
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Martin Auto Group

McKay N. | 2015-04-15

Don't bother. I was blatantly lied to about pricing and what I was signing. No thanks.

Lucille A. | 2015-04-08

This review is a bit late but with the service I received, I'm happy to write this review now.
I took the morning off from work and took my car in without an appointment. I was greeted pleasantly by Michael. Since I didn't have an appointment and it was a busy day for them, Michael informed me that it may take 4 hours to finish my car but he'll do his best to get it expedite it.
Michael offered to have a car service drop me off somewhere if I wanted. I decided to just hang around the area, get my nails done, eat lunch etc.
Well to my pleasant surprise, I received a call in about an hour that my car was ready. I must say that I was very please and I plan to get my car serviced at Martin Automotive Group going forward.

Wayne K. | 2015-04-02

I've brought my car in here quite a few times for service and recall issues.  I always work with Michael Moore who is always kind and professional.  He is always prompt and returns my phone calls shortly and sets me up to bring my car in.  The process is always easy and smooth.  Michael is definitely the best service advisor I've worked with at any dealership!

Jake B. | 2015-03-10

If youre just looking to purchase a car with the hopes of never needing any level of customer service after you buy  youre probably ok buying a car here. However, should you need support getting a car fixed or even getting a return phone call/ email from Martin be prepared for a struggle.

I purchased an ATS car from Martin at the end of November 2014. About a week after I purchased it I took the car back to Martin because the car would shutter whenever it idled.

The first time I took it in they returned it to me saying they replaced the engine mounts and the problem should be fixed.

Less than 2 weeks later I dropped the car back off for the same issue since there appeared to be no change in rough idle my car was experiencing
After 4 days I received my car back and was told that a new software update had been done to my car and the problem "should" be taken care of.
Before driving off I sat in my car, turned it on, and there was still no noticeable improvement.

At this point the explanation I received from multiple individuals there was "this car is supposed to run like that."
After several WEEKS of 30+ calls with GM and Martin I was finally told a GM engineer was going to be sent out to see what could be done about my car.

In Feb of 2015 I left my car with Martin for 11 days, more than a sufficient amount of time for them to correct whatever issue was taking place. However, when I got my car back there was still no difference in how the car ran.

It took about 10 days to finally get Bruce on the phone to express my concerns with the inability to resolve the issue. He told me he was going to try getting a GM regional service manager out to inspect my vehicle and then I never heard from him again.

I followed up with multiple phone calls and emails and have yet to hear back with even so much as a courtesy call or email response.

Had I been aware of the lack of follow through I was going to experience when I needed help with something beyond buying a new car I would have never purchased a car from this dealership.

My experience with Martin has been that of a stereotypical car sales "run around" customer service model and I am extremely disappointed to see this behavior from a Cadillac dealership.

Iuval H. | 2015-02-23

Bought four cars from Greg Foley at Martin Automotive Group. Service was outstanding. Greg is always professional, and makes sure we are happy. He takes his time explaining all the car features and follows up a few times per year to make sure we are happy. I can't wait to get my next car from Greg soon !

Eric J. | 2015-02-15

I recently purchased a 2014 ats with Carlos, Scott and Joe and couldn't have been more pleased with the experience. As a manager of a high end showroom I have high expectations for my sales experience and they were all met. From the 45 minute test drive to the speed at which emails were answered  everything was first class. I considered buying another brand but the amazing service, and let's be honest it's a Cadillac, won me over. I would recommend anyone looking at an Audi, BMW or Mercedes to consider buying American and buying local from Martin. And if you're wondering the great comments and why only 4 stars it's the manager in me, even when you're amazing there's always room for another level. Thanks for everything.

William L. | 2015-02-02

Top notch service as always. The team at Martin is a complete package, from sales to the body shop and service. Not sure how the negative experiences listed here came about but my experience has been the exact opposite. I'm sure some of it is perception based on reading other reviews. I for one kept an open mind and have not had a moment to regret it. The only unfortunate thing for me is that I've had to experience all three departments (body shop being the one I wish I didn't have to lol). They were great just wished I hadn't needed them is all.

Tiffany P. | 2015-01-29

I've been meaning to write this review for quite some time now. It's been several months since I purchased my new Cadillac from here, but I'm still so happy with it and the service!
First off, this was the fourth car buying process I've been through, and by far it was the easiest!  I was dreading buying a new car since dealerships just seem so shady. After calling around to several Cadillac dealerships in the area, I was pleasantly surprised by this one. The salesman I spoke with was Marvin, and he was super nice and very helpful. While the other salesmen at the other dealerships were not willing to discuss details over the phone, Marvin was just the opposite.  I told him what I was looking for, my budget and that I was ready to buy if he was ready to deal. We agreed on a price and after work I showed up to the dealership to find a beautiful, clean new car! After a quick test drive I was sold, no pressure or shady business here!!  Dealing with Marvin was completely the opposite of what I was expecting. Thanks Marvin!!
Also, I have to mention that Joe in financing was also very nice and super helpful. Signing tons of paperwork and getting the best deal is always so draining, but again Joe made the process super easy!! He explained everything that I had questions about and the whole process went very quickly!  I would absolutely recommend this dealership and the next time I need to buy a new car, I hope Marvin and Joe are available to help!!

james b. | 2015-01-28

Joe Baba (sales) and Tony (finance) were absolutely amazing.  I actually had a fun time purchasing my first Cadillac.  Fast, easy, very accommodating, with zero surprises.

Carole S. | 2015-01-26

I have to say from the first call was impressed , great phone educate by receptionist very helpful.  Service guys try their very best to get you in and out .   Answered all my questions, returned phone calls  right away.  These guys are on their game.   Thanks guys !!!

Nesh S. | 2015-01-23

Chuck Collins went over and beyond to help me out on the Friday afternoon with all other customers picking up their cars. This is what customer service is all about! Thank you Chuck

Bill G. | 2015-01-14

After another frustrating interaction with Martin Cadillac, I decided to write this letter.  I moved to Marina Del Rey in June.  I searched for the closest dealership and that was Martin.  After several appointments, today's interaction is the last straw.  Each time I call the dealership, I am transferred several times before I get to a person that might be able to help you.  For my latest interaction I told each person that answered the phone, I was bringing my car in for a recall, and was going to wait for the car.  The service person ask what time I would like to bring the car in, I said around 9am.  He said that was fine.  I arrived today 1/9/2015, and there was at least 6 other cars ahead of me.  When I was finally waited on by Chris Hines, he told me that it would take several hours for them to get to my car.  So why would I need an appointment?  I ask Mr. Hines for a loaner car and was told they had no more available.  I had to take a taxi to work and back to the dealership.  Chris said that the car should be ready by 2pm, but he would call to let me know.  At 4:20pm, I hadn't heard from Chris or anyone at the dealership. I left a message and I got a taxi back to the dealership, since I know they close at 5pm. On my way there Chris left me a message that my car was ready.  I walked into reception and signed the paperwork and handed it to the security guard for the car to be brought out front.  After 15-20 minute wait, my car was finally brought around.  During the 15-20 minutes I was waiting, the service manager was walking around the service area, and didn't say a word to any of the customers that were waiting.  This dealership is a poor representation of the Cadillac brand, and I am tired of being treated like an inconvenience to them.

Timona B. | 2015-01-03

What great service I have received from Reggie Shelton!!! He and the whole service team have treated me so well. I have had some issues with my vehicle and they have gone ABOVE AND BEYOND to handle them in a very professional manner. I have referred all of my friends to them. I wouldn't go anywhere else and am so thankful to them.

Steve C. | 2014-12-30

Reggie Shelton in the service department is great!

I have been a service department customer here for many years.  While my car was covered by the new car warranty, and by the GMPP extended warranty. I am still a customer, even though all warranties have long expired.

Having been in the dealership repair business myself for over 30 years, I'm a admittedly very tough customer to please.

That being said, I recently had an overheating engine condition with my 2006 Pontiac GTO. I explained the symptoms to my service advisor, Reggie Shelton. Reggie wrote up my work order and sent me over the the rental car office, on-site. I was driving a rental in no time. Reggie called me that day with an estimate of the diagnosed condition. The water pump leaked engine coolant causing the overheating engine. I also knew weeks prior I needed new engine drive belts, so they where replaced too.

In summary:
Reggie is always very friendly, and totally professional.
Pricing competitive with other dealerships.
And my car was fixed right the first time. (that is huge!)

These are the reasons I will be a service customer here for many years to come.

Nancy M. | 2014-12-28

As the year winds down, I'm thinking about everyone who made my life better in 2014.  My service advisor, Reggie Shelton at Martin Cadillac, is right up there at the top of the list.  Having Reggie really cuts down on stress.

Reggie has been taking care of my cars for many years.  He doesn't push pricey repairs on me, so if he says I need something done, I just do it.  That is why I still bring my car to him, even though I now have a BMW.  Martin Cadillac's rates are reasonable, they do good work and the car is always ready when promised.

Matt W. | 2014-12-27

I've purchased 1 Yukon Denali (new 7 yrs ago) and 3 months ago another Yukon Denali XL (2011 used) at this dealership. Last week I heard screeching coming from 2011 Denali tires and took it into the Service Dept. I told them that I recently purchased the vehicle from them and don't even have my tags yet. I reported the problem and they said they couldn't fix the brakes that day but come back the next day at first thing in the AM and they'll take care of it. I brought the car back at 8:30AM the next day and submitted the vehicle for inspection. I never heard back from the rep on what was wrong with the vehicle until I called mid day only to find out that the SUV needed all 4 brakes (front and rear) replaced and that it would be almost $1000. I was shocked that a vehicle that I just purchased would need all new brakes after only having it for 3 months. You might expect this shady behavior from a one off dealership on the side of the road but not one that's supposed to be reputable and not from a dealership that you have been loyal to for the past 7 years spending over $100,000. I guess customer loyalty and satisfaction don't mean anything and it's all about the quick buck for the Used Dept and the Service Dept. You might want to teach your employees about the big picture and how to keep customers instead of alienating them.

R S. | 2014-12-07

Their on site body shop did very cheap work. The paint was well matched,  but doesn't stick to the plastic fender and is chipping off in flakes on any little encounter,  where on the original paint youd just buff it off. Its been a few years and it still pisses me off.  I complained about it initially,  the bshop manager would have none of it. His argument basically was if you dont touch it,  it will be just fine.

Tyler Z. | 2014-12-04

This is long overdue, but, what am I thankful for this holiday season?  Marlene in the Service Department!  I've had to take my 2013 ATS in a couple times for various reasons and she has been nothing but a pleasure to work with.  Marlene is always cheerful, honest with her service recommendations, and you can tell she truly makes customer service her #1 priority.

Most recently, I worked with her to fix a couple warranty issues and in the middle of the process we noticed a couple scratches on the front bumper.  We both worked together to try and determine the cause of the scratches and, while we weren't able to pinpoint exactly how it happened, we agreed to have the bumper repainted at the same time as the other repairs and at a price point that was fair for both parties.

This was the 2nd or 3rd time I've worked with Marlene and highly recommend her to anyone looking to have service done on their vehicle.

Melody C. | 2014-12-03

After having my Chevy Volt vandalized it needed almost 85% completely new paint job! Brought it into Martin since we had just purchased a Suburban off their used car lot. I have to say the work took quite awhile, but it came out beautifully. There was a few minor concerns and they were immediately addressed with no questions asked.
Very happy.

Pat L. | 2014-11-23

The five star rating is ONLY because of Reggie Shelton. He's in the service department and really does his job well! The only advisor I want to work with.
Really gives a hoot about you and your car.

Denise K. | 2014-11-17

Great service and communication at Martin Auto Group! I brought my car in and described the sound my car was making. Michael Moore took the time on a busy morning to drive my car to help identify the noise so he could direct the issue to the right department rather than make me feel dumb not knowing enough about cars to more accurately describe the problem. Besides fixing my car and recommending service options, he called with a status update each day. Good communication and followup is very much appreciated. The noise from a separated engine mount is gone and my car is running better with the recommended transmission service. Thank you, Michael Moore and Martin Auto Group! Had I known that if you check in via Yelp before you pay for your service I could have used a $20 service credit toward my bill. I'll be back!

Becky And Natasha R. | 2014-11-16

Marlene in service is the reason to bring your car here for service.  I take my car to the dealership because I don't want to be sold a bill of garbage and I just want my car taken care of properly.

Marlene is "old school".  She takes care of your car, tells you what's happening, and there are no games or gimmicks.  If you want an honest deal go see Marlene.

Tyler K. | 2014-11-16

The guys in the parts department followed up personally and took care of the situation.  Much happier now.

C G. | 2014-11-13

Recently, I took my vehicle for servicing due to a recall issue. Mr. Michael Moore in the service department assisted me. Mr. Moore met and exceeded my customer service expectations. He explained the recall issue thoroughly. Additionally, he helped fix another issue my vehicle was experiencing. Overall, Mr. Moore is a knowledgeable professional who's able to explain everything in a simple and understanding manner. Finally, what I appreciated the most was Mr. Moore's follow-ups on the status of my vehicle. I cannot overstate how important this is to me because I am constantly on the move, and it's great to hear when the vehicle will be ready, so I can plan accordingly.

B C. | 2014-11-03

My last visit to you repair shop has left me not wanting to come back.  I have been bringing my Enclave to you for a while now and was pleased until my last visit.  
My AC was out and I came to you even after getting an estimate that was high but I trusted you guys.  So you did the work and when my service person said they would do what they could I thought there might be a small discount as I feel I have been a good customer.  

After getting the car back with no discount I decided to check around on the cost.   You were 100+ higher on the labor than other Buick dealers and the AC pipe part could be bought anywhere for 1/2 the price you sold it to me for.  

To add to my frustration when I got in the car I noticed my middle condole was slid back to find someone had taken all my quarters.  It only totaled 4-5 dollars but it was the point I could not leave my coin in my car.

Finally, I called the service manager, Bruce I believe, who seemed concerned and was going to check it out and I never heard another word. I definitely feel a callback would have been in order.

Anyway as you can imagine I do not think I will be returning.

Chris M. | 2014-10-27

I had done a lot of research online through USAA before my purchase, which Martin Cadillac is a certified dealer of, so I pretty much knew what I was getting into before purchasing my car and had my choices dialed in.  I met with Simon Keren the first time over a lunch break on a Friday for less than an hour to test drive a couple of the cars I had been looking at, and he was enormously helpful, not pushy and seemed very honest.  A week later, I set up a time to meet Simon over the weekend and brought my wife in to look at a couple of the cars with me.  I decided on the one I wanted, a 2013 CTS in what looks like great condition, bought it with smooth sailing - Simon taking great care of us all along the way, giving me a great rate on a top class vehicle.  I will see him again soon, as the car comes with free car washes at the dealership!  If your in the market for a used Cadillac, I recommend you contact Simon Keren at Martin Cadillac.  He knew what I was looking for and never tried to up-sell.  That's something I truly appreciated.

Lynsey E. | 2014-10-23

I worked with Jaime, Jorge and Juan to get some upgrades/styling on my CTS-V.  They were incredibly patient with me as I debated over what to do to my car and I appreciate the opinions they provided - she turned our BEAUTIFUL!  You can check her out on Insta @ CTSV_Blanche

I would recommend going to see them for any service/styling needs.  Thanks :)

Guy J. | 2014-10-21

I have been using Martin Automotive for warranty repairs for over 10 years [2 SLSs and one STS].  Reggie Shelton is the service rep that I always use.  The work has been completed in a timely manner, the staff is very courteous, my car always comes back very clean.  Repairs have ranged from tie rods to transmissions.  

I also had my STS fixed by their body shop after I was rear ended in a rain storm.  They are an authorized USAA shop and everything went very smoothly.  The car was as good as new when they finished.  I have put another 30,000 miles on the car since the repair.

I recently asked about shocks [can be very expensive on a Caddy].  The car has 96,000 miles and could easily have needed shocks, which are not covered by the warranty.  I did not need shocks.  They tweaked something  and improved the ride, at no charge!

Marva C. | 2014-10-19

Recently I had my vehicle towed to Martin ( my usual place for service) and as usual everyone I came in contact with was professional and very accommodating.  The person at the gate was polite and made sure my vehicle was place out of harms way from all the traffic in that part of the shop, I was escorted to my service rep Reggie Shelton who I had called  ahead to inform my baby (car) was being towed in, he had arranged for my loaner and I was able to make the Clipper's game.  He kept me informed on the service progress of my vehicle and we ran into a hiccup, he went above  and beyond to get the matter resolved.  I picked my car up on a Saturday and got to meet some employees I usual don't see during the week and in true Martin Automotive fashion they were pleasant and professional.  I usually  tell the manager verbally how I appreciate their service.  Reading some of the reviews I feel amiss for not leaving a review before now.  I was referred to Martin by a family member and have experienced nothing but great service over the years.  I may not like the news they have to deliver sometime regarding repairs needed; but we always  work it out.  My service rep Reggie is a jewel, a God sent.   And when I had interactions with some of the other  service reps they were nice and informative,  but it doesn't stop there from the first person who greet me  when I arrive to the cashier when I leave,  all  have given exceptional customer service.   Being a supervisor of  an insurance  call center and now their sales office, I  know and expect good customer service.  Martin  Automotive Group always  deliver - fair prices, expertise vehicle repair, proficient service rep and  friendly staff equal exceptional customer service

Sharon H. | 2014-10-07

I went to buy my 2nd Cadillac Escalade from this dealership.  Sean was my sales rep.  The different features and option packages were not thoroughly explained.  Also, I was given misleading information regarding the sideboards.  The car wasn't even ready when they told me it was ready for pickup.  I had to come back and turn my car in for several days so they can add the options I had previously ordered and paid a $5,000 deposit for.

If you want customer service, go somewhere else.

Tatiana W. | 2014-10-07

The body shop office is excellently staffed! Gus, Lisette and Heather are great and called me with updates. I was kept regularly apprised of the timing on my repairs. The work estimates given were accurate and the timing estimates were correct too.
Each time I got my car back it looked great, the one time I asked for a tweak (after hood damage) they obliged quickly and willingly. Now it's perfect!!
Heather even once grabbed the phone cradle I'd forgotten to take with me out of my car and left it for me with security after hours!
I've had body work done there on my Saab three times over the years and will continue to return as needed. Hopefully I won't need body work so much in the future!!! ;)

Craig J. | 2014-09-30

HAPPY,HAPPY PERSON. I recently stopped in to look around at the cars I was interested in. I have a lot of questions and wasn't really sure what the best deal was for what I was looking for. Lucky for me a very nice salesman named Greg Foley came to my rescue. Normally I don't like salesman much because they're so damn pushy. But laid-back and knowledgeable Greg really put me at ease. No pressure, I looked at several cars and Greg told me what the different options were and mileage and really made me feel like I could get a pretty good deal from them. So that's what I'm going to do thanks again for your time and effort...

Mary H. | 2014-09-29

Damn. I went to write a review about how horrific my experience here was then felt stupid for going here in the first place after seeing how poorly others rated Martin.

I went to get my 2013 Cadillac XTS serviced here since its under warranty, and to get a scrape fixed by the body shop. I received the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE OF MY LIFE. These people need to learn how to communicate with one another. And with their customers!! Days went by without receiving any updates about my baby. I had to call them. And since I'm under 21, they wouldn't provide a loaner under Martin, so I had to go to the on-site Hertz. Another mess. There was confusion all around about which days my car was being serviced under warranty and which days it was in the body shop (ie no communication) so I get a call from hertz asking for $520 for the rental!!!!

Also, they didn't have a cupholder part, promised to call me between 5-15 days when it came in from backorder. Silence...


Cadillac's are about luxury, all around. Something Martin does not understand.

Although, the body shop did a beautiful job on the side panel of my car.

Gary M. | 2014-09-24

I have never written a Yelp review, but felt compelled after my experience here.  I initially corresponded with "Marvin" thru internet sales. He was pleasant enough, no problems. I happened to be driving by Martin Auto Group, and thought id stop in, unannounced.  I was there  to inquire about a GMC truck.  I was greeted by "Ben".  I told Ben what I was looking for and he proceeded to take me to a similar vehicle.
And then the B.S. began...I wanted to test drive a 2500HD,  "we don't have one, but I can order you one".  I told him I'd like to test drive one I would buy a vehicle without ever driving one, huh?  He said the only way to test drive one would be to "go to Las Vegas, where I could pay a fee to test drive the vehicle, OR, wait for the car show to test drive one."  After asking questions about the vehicle he was showing me, a 1500 Denali, I realized he had no idea what he was talking about, and flat out lied about the availability of these vehicles, and I know they are lies because I had already been to another dealer where I was told the truth.
I thanked him for his "help", trying to be polite.  He gave me his card and asked for my information.  I said, "no, I'd prefer to work with someone else".
He said, "then thanks for wasting my time".  
Ben was abrasive, uninformed, unprofessional and a flat out liarl.  He is the perfect example of why car salesmen have the bad rap that they do.  And buy the way, I did not have this experience at the other dealership that I visited.

I was in the dealership a total of 10 minutes.  And THAT was a waste of time.
I can't speak for any other salesman, but if "Ben" is any indication of how the dealership operates, don't waste your time here if you are looking to buy a car.

Jim H. | 2014-09-23

I'm in the market for a new car and thought I'd trade in my Cadillac for another.  Let me say first that I didn't buy my current CTS at Martin, and if Martin were my only (closest) choice for a new car I wouldn't be driving a Cadillac now.    

I know GM has been trying to train their dealers on handling online traffic but it looks like they haven't made the rounds to Martin yet.

- Guy (that's his name) in sales called me and hung up before I answered

- I called him back off the caller ID and he said he had some great specials and would send me an email immediately with some questions to make the process quick and painless (I hate the old-school practice of sitting at a dealership for four hours trying to get a deal done)

- He never sent the email and I had to remind him a day later.  I responded within 20 minutes of reading his email

- He again never responded, not until I reminded him three days later

- His response said he couldn't do the deal based on the vehicle, my payoff, and the down payment

A.  We never discussed the down payment
B.  We not once decided on a vehicle

Looks like my Cadillac days are done.  Maybe an import would be wise, or anyone who has learned customer service and can keep their word.

Cole A. | 2014-09-17

I normally don't write bad reviews unless it's that bad. Martin Automotive Group has horrible service,the worse dealer ever.Also liars,especially the salesman Sean and finance service Tony.My mommy bought a car there,unfortunately I couldn't go with her.They sold the car and sent the  wrong  registration.We tried to call many times there,they just ignored us.Tried to speak with manager,they said he is busy and never call back.Not recommending this dealer.

Susan C. | 2014-09-17

Ok... I have to admit that I have been meaning to write this review for a while, but every time I come on here and see all the bad reviews I just havent posted my great one.  I have only had my car since August and it is still under warranty so I have not had to deal with the service department and that seems to be where everyone has the most issues.  With that said I bought my car from Chris. Chris was helpful, kind, stayed late for me, had the car detailed, delivered it to me the next day - and all the way in Sherman Oaks - not close!  He called a few times after to make sure that I was still happy and offered to take time to go over all the controls and features.  So far , I will definitely plan to lease my next car from him...

Andrew C. | 2014-09-12

I wish I could take stars away. One of the worst dealerships for customer service and reliability. Makes me never want to own a caddy again

Collin M. | 2014-09-08

After visiting many dealerships and having many bad experiences we can across Martin Cadillac while looking for a new car for my wife. We were greeted immediately by Christopher Lewis who was very knowledgable of all the different cars and packages.

I have bought many cars and can honestly say Christopher Lewis was one of the most pleasant to work with. He was extremely professional and willing to go the extra mile to get is a great deal.

After finishing up with Christopher we had the pleasant experience of working with Joe on the Finance department. Joe mad the rest of the deal so painless and explained everything in full detail.

I highly recommend Martin Cadillac and would defiantly return there for another car.

Kelly M. | 2014-09-08

My husband and I were on the market to lease a new Crossover. After visiting over ten different dealerships we were fortunate enough to stop by Martin Cadillac in Santa Monica. Upon entering then sales floor we were greeted right away by Christopher Lewis. He was immediately warm and helpful. Chris took us upstairs to show us a number of different vehicles which would better asses our needs. While taking a crossover out for a test-drive, Chis was relaxed (not pushy), very informative and overall a real delight to deal with. After making the decision to move forward with the lease it continued to be a wonderful experience. Chris was super helpful in finding any/all applicable rebates as well as assisting me in reaching a comfortable monthly lease payment.
Later that evening my husband continued to chat about what a lovely experience we  had and would highly recommend Martin Cadillac in Santa Monica, more specifically Christopher Lewis.

Also I feel it important to mentioned that Joe in their finance department was truly the most professional, informative and friendly individual. With this being my very first lease, Joe took the time to answer all of my questions as well as breakdown (very specifically) my lease payment so that I understood all of the numbers.

Very good experience !! Thanks Guys :)

Steve D. | 2014-09-01

Thank you Frank Cook,

Martin Auto Group is top Cadillac dealership in town, hands down. Frank was very helpful and willing to negotiate on my Cadillac Cts . If your willing to shop here look for Frank.
   Thanks Martin Auto Group and Frank Cook

Joshua R. | 2014-08-30

Let me take a moment and get to why you're on Yelp: The level of service at Martin Cadillac is good, but does not justify the labor cost ($160 p/h for labor) or parts markup. Seriously.

I've previously contacted Martin for service quotes, but in both instances Bunnin (Culver City) and Felix (USC) bettered Martin's quote by a substantial margin. So until recently, I have always taken my GM vehicles elsewhere.

Yet, I was in a bind and needed the work done.
During my last visit, I had my vehicle dropped off, and waited two days for it to reach a service tech. After receiving the quote, my options were to tow my truck to another place, or just bite the bullet. So I bit the bullet.

If you have the time to do so, shop around the other local dealerships. Martin is solid - nothing wrong with their ability or knowledge. Unless the service work is covered under warranty, you are not going to get a reasonable price here.

Having adjusted for the Westside, and factoring-in this is a Caddy dealership, I was still surprised by the quote. I checked around other dealers after the fact and would have saved $400.00 just going down the 405 a few miles. Woulda, coulda, shoulda, blah blah blah. I know.

Do your homework (make sure to Yelp) and you'll be fine. Here's hoping I can help one of you save some cash!

Jr C. | 2014-08-29

Great experience! We were able to handle almost the entire process by phone and when we came in to sign everything was as promised! The process was easy and seamless. Simon was great to deal with, very professional and thorough! I would highly recommend purchasing from here. We got a great deal!

Aroldo D. | 2014-08-22

Martin's salesman, there is so much to say about you guys. i got my Escalade through the Costco program through them back in 2008.  Ben was helpful enough but when i saw him again a few days later he asked me how my mom was.  not sure why he wanted to know about my mom...

When my lease was getting close to ending, i wanted info on a CTS, Chris (now the internet sales manager) told me he only wanted to talk to people who are ready to make a deal TODAY.  So I walked out.

March 2014 and I want to get a Yukon. 2 months left on my CTS lease.I walked the showroom, i got looks from everyone but no one would help me.  I finally had to ask for help.  I wanted to see the car in person.  Chris ended up helping me again. He told me he would take care of me.  We talked a bit, he gave me some numbers.  I talked to a few more dealership including Simpson in Buena Park.  I figured I would talk to Martin one more time since they're local dealer instead of going to Buena Park.  Well, i walked in and the same as before, i needed to ask for help after waiting for a while.  I wish i could remember his name, I believe he was Persian.  He told me right away, if Simpsons is giving you anything below sticker just go. period.  Go get it from them. We never talked numbers. I was just told to go.

Never again will I be going back to Martin. At least not to purchase a car.  I gave them plenty of chances but their salesman have left a bad taste in my mouth way too many times.  Their service department is a totally different story.  They are always helpful, ALWAYS.

Danielle C. | 2014-08-20

My husbanded and I traded in our vehicle and replaced for a newer larger model as we just added a new addition to the family. Guy Petersen, our sales guy was great. He was super friendly, knowledgable and worked with us every step of the way. We are both extremely happy with our experience.

Erin S. | 2014-08-03

I walked into Martin Cadillac yesterday interested in leasing a car. Guy was extremely helpful as was able to show me various cars in my price range and inline with what I was looking for. There was no pressure at all to purchase and my husband and I ended up leaving to think about. A few hours later deciding to actually get one of the cars we had looked at Guy was able to quickly get the deal done at a very reasonable price. Overall the entire team was very helpful and great to work with. I would go back in a heart beat and love my new ATS, if you are in the market go see Guy and his team!!!! 5 stars all the way

Scott A. | 2014-08-02

I went in to Martin Cadillac to look at an Escalade I saw on-line and was greeted by a gentlemen named Simone. He was extremely helpful and made me feel like he sincerely wanted to help me in my buying decision. Everyone that I came in contact with from the sales manager to the finance manager to the porter that apparently cleaned up the car for me were very polite and friendly. Simone did a great job in assisting me and I would highly recommend Simone and Martin Cadillac if you are in the market for a car. Plus, If you live or work in the area they give you free car washes for as long as you own any car that you purchase from them, Big plus if you like keeping your car looking sharp like I do. Thanks Simone

Joshua P. | 2014-07-27

Went there because my insurance sent me there.  WOW what a mistake . Should hve checked yelp first and seen the large number of reviews that were giving a 1.  STAY AWAY FROM THERE BODY SHOP. They messed up the inside of my door when they fixed the outside and said that the buttons were broken before I brought it in.  C'mon guys, the door was scratched on the outside and the inside was in perfect shape. They wouldn't take responsibility for spraying gray paint on my buttons. WILL NEVER GO BACK.  took them three weeks to tell me they were not responsbile for damaging the interior of my car when the car was being reapired for minor damage on the outside.

Valeria V. | 2014-07-27

We highly recommend Martin Cadillac, especially our salesperson David  Monterosa.  We had previously leased another Cadillacs through another dealership  and had always experienced very mediocre customer service from the sales floor staff so did not return to that dealership.    We just leased  a 2014 SRX from Martin Cadillac with David's assistance. David was exceptionally knowledgeable, helpful, professional and was genuinely interested in helping us find the car we wanted at a very good price.  Every staff member we interacted with over  the two day process was professional and courteous. We highly  recommend David Monterosa and Martin Cadillac and thank David for his help getting us into a new Cadillac.

Robert S. | 2014-06-27

I have been going to Martin ever since Marlene came over from another dealership and this review has no baring on her in any way.
So my Wife came in to get some service done, one of the things was to replace a light blub a part that cost no more the $5.00.
Ok I understand a mark up, but to charge my wife over $200.00 to just replace a blub, when I had the other side done 3 months earlier at jiffy,  I saw they were no cars in there service bay and I was going on a long drive to San Francisco, they charge me $12.50 to replace it.
When I told my wife what were you thinking she told me they needed to take off the bumper to change a blub.  What a bunch of bull. I know they did not pull the bumper because I put three days earlier blue tape on the edge to get a mark out by my detail person, but my wife took in my car before they can buff it out for me.
The car came back with the blue tape where I put it. if they would have taken the bumper off it would have torn or would not have been there when I got back.

REALLY GUYS come on, that was not right taking advantage of my wife.
P.S. I will still go and see Marlene but not with a car to service any longer.

I will just stop in to visit Marlene she is very knowledgeable about cars and I don't believe she would not for one minute to take advantage on anyone I have see her work over 20 years for the client behalf lots of times or she make you fell she doing you good.

Kac M. | 2014-06-21

A car is an expensive and stressful item to buy. Please shop around as one needs honest and reliable salesman and even more importantly one needs great service for when there are issue with the purchase.

MARTIN CADILLAC has untrustworthy salespeople. They will lie. They lied to me. They said my purchase was under warranty, as it should be as I paid cash for a new car. Once issues came up with my car I found out I was hood winked. No warranty. The service staff claims this happens a lot but "don't shoot the messenger." Clearly they will tell you anything to sell a car.

I have never experienced a more disloyal group of people than I have experienced at MARTIN.  Impossible to get service reps on the phone as reps either in late or have the day off.. Try getting through via the phone and if you do the employees are incredibly rude. In fact I have been hung up on numerous times trying to figure how to get my car fixed.

RUN from this place. Trust me, RUN.

A very unhappy ex customer. Poor GM too will suffer due to Martin's negligence.


Dan M. | 2014-06-18

A great experience  my salesman Joe Baba was superb. Based upon my initial car buying experience I would recommend this dealership. I will update this review as the months of my  new automobile proceed and I have further interaction with the dealership.

T M. | 2014-06-09

Don't take your car to Martin Cadillac!!!!!!!!   The worst repair experience ever!  Let me just begin with $175.00 per hour for service!
I was told by Chris, my repair contact (I will say, a nice man) He told me it was $175. to have them look at my vehicle, so IF I wanted to take it somewhere else... I would have to pay that much either way.  When I was told the price of the job was going to be over $700. I asked why so much when the part was $220.?  He said it was 3 hours of labor at $175. an hour.  I told him I never knew the hourly rate and would have never come to the dealership if I'd known how ridiculous their prices were.  I called two mechanics to check and see what they would charge for the same job and both were over $200 less.
Most importantly, I brought my car in on before noon on Monday and they NEVER EVEN LOOKED AT THE CAR until Thursday Morning.  I would have NEVER taken my care there.  There are so many other choices... I will NEVER go there again.  I will tell everyone I know... what a joke and ripoff it is.

Ty G. | 2014-06-06

I had an awesome experience at Martin Cadillac with Simon K. I contacted him about a GMC Acadia Denali I saw online, and had a response from him in minutes. I let him know I was serious, and he had a no non-sense approach as well and gave me his best offer (which was genuinely a great deal). We worked out everything over the phone, I came the same day to see the car. My husband couldnt make it to the dealership, so Simon delivered the car himself to our house to accomodate my husband's schedule. I highly recommend visiting Simon K. at Martin Cadillac if you want to buy a car with no hassle!

Gyongyi G. | 2014-05-08

Went here for a recall for the PCM module on my Pontiac Vibe. They washed the car and did the repair but a couple of months later when I went to change my oil I found out they stole the hood support rod!!! Not only is the rod itself missing but the grommet that attaches to the frame to hold the rod is missing as well.

Needless to say it's too late to go back after so much time has passed and try to argue with them to replace the part they left out. May not be a big deal for some but it's beyond annoying to me. A "free" repair is going to cost me $40 or more to replace missing parts that had nothing to do with the module they were working on. If I can even find the part online. Even eBay doesn't have the grommet..

Shame on you Martin Cadillac! Beware these crooks!!!

UPDATE: Nice of the owner to reply saying to reach out to him for some type of resolution. Unfortunately my email was ignored. Why bother replying to reviews if you don't follow through on your offer to set things right?

Anthony M. | 2014-05-07

Chris with service, Dave Jones with sales, and the security man whose name I have not learned are polite, professional, and hard working.  I would definitely refer my friends to Martin.

Ivan H. | 2014-04-30

My treasured 2008 DTS Platinum was suffering from a scraped side and dead tail light after I tried to park in an under-sized parking space. My insurance carrier, Mercury, told me to take the car where I wanted. The car was received by Gus. Later the same day Gus called to say insurance had approved the work and I authorized him to proceed.

It took about three days longer to get my car back, but Gus called and explained the delay, which was neither unreasonable nor unusual for body work. The time came to pickup my car and upon examining it, I GASPED!

It was perfect. The managed to perfect blend the painted areas with the existing paint, especially difficult on a black car. There were none of the tell-tale waives so often seen in repaired body panels.

I'm only giving them four stars since they no longer on Enterprise on the lot nor provide Cadillacs for your rentals--thereby introducing a true pain-in-the-ass in what was otherwise a flawless experience.

Sara M. | 2014-04-24

I was very nervous in taking my vehicle there after the reviews I read on yelp. I am now very surprised. I took my cadillac for ECM repair which was pretty pricey but very worth to spend. Our service consultant Jose Morales was great very helpful, answered all of your questions and concerns. The cashier front desk girl should be more professional and have more common sense. I highly recommend Martin Cadillac for any service your cadillac may require. Thank you Martin Cadillac and Jose Morales!

Brittany W. | 2014-04-16

My car is part of the 2014 GM recall - 2.8MM cars impacted. GM says as of 4/15, they are rolling out the replacement parts to the dealers and to check with your local dealer to see if they have the replacement part. I call this place, explain the situation 3-4 times to 3-4 people continue to get transferred and re-transferred... they are asking me "what part?" and act like they have NO CLUE GM recalled cars. The lady in service was particularly snotty and ended up sending me to some phantom voicemail box (no identifying name or department in the outgoing message). The man in parts - also clueless- but at least got concerned when I said 'I don't want to work with your business if you have no clue what I'm talking about... I've already been driving around in an unsafe car for 7 yrs thanks to GM' so that shows me...something *shurg*. In the end, I left a voicemail warning them about this yelp review so I'm pretty sure some canned response about 'excellent customer service and safety/quality first is coming'


Isaiah F. | 2014-04-10

I have purchased three cars here. The last being a custom CTS-V that they did all the modifications there.
My friend also purchased a CTS-V at the same time.
The sales man was Greg Folley. Super cool. mellow and knowledgeable guy. Never pushy and always just about hanging out and feeling out what you are looking for in a car to make the best recommendations. I will always buy my cars from this guy!!
My service guy is Reggie, he`s cool and always on it.
The custom shop guy is George, super cool and knowledgeable on top of doing a great job on two cars he`s customized for me.
They have always given me a nice loaner car when I need.
All around very pro and organized place. I like and will continue to do business with htem.
Oh, BTW... the free car washes for life are a nice touch.

Christopher N. | 2014-03-29

Last night, I went to Martin Automotive Group, the 'ONLY CADILLAC AND GMC DEALERSHIP IN LOS ANGELES'. Even though it was 45 minutes before the closing time listed on their website, on the Cadillac website, and Yelp, the staff had all gone home except for one very rude salesman, Chris, and his sales manager. I told Chris that I had come for the $100 gift card that Cadillac was offering in exchange for a test drive. Chris looked me over and muttered under his breath, "This guy's coming for the $100 and he isn't serious about buying a car."

Even though it is true that I had no intention of buying car, I doubt that you'd agree that this was 'VIP treatment', and I really wasn't feeling that 'Customer Service [as their] Number One Priority.' I tried hard to be polite to Chris and his sales manager, but Chris was determined to make this visit as unpleasant as he could.

All of today, I've been unable to make meaningful with contact any member of the sales team. They seem to have been avoiding my emails and calls all day. They have been re-directing me to other departments, leaving me on hold, and telling me that all members of the sales team have been busy all day. Very uncool, Martin Auto Group.

Mark L. | 2014-03-28

Meh, I've experienced better definitely sums up this experience. Im coming off lease on my BMW and decided a Cadillac may be a nice change. I called and explained what model I was interested in. I asked about leases on the phone, and the sales lady explained a couple leases were available. I decided to make the drive over on my 2 hour lunch and check out the cars.

Well, I was reminded why I switched to buying BMW's years ago. This place still uses old dated sales tactics that I really dont have time for. After the shortest test drive around about 2 city blocks I was told, "lets talk numbers"  I was confused since I had been quoted a couple prices already. We sat down and a write up sheet came out. I explained I just wanted to do the lease special that was quoted to me on my initial phone call. Which was no money extra down (Since I owned a BMW I got a $2500 credit toward the down payment) and the stated lease payment. I was then told "let me see what I can do."  Then I was left at the table for almost a half hour! I finally went and had the sales lady paged,( I was the only customer in there) She didn't come back for another 10 minutes for a total of 40 minutes. When she came back she told me the lease I was quoted was for a base model with no sunroof and a smaller engine and that none of those cars exist! The payment had increased $250 p month and the down payment went up by $3000! LOL

I've bought and leased dozens of cars and I have to say that BMW and Mercedes respect my time and quote me fair and decent deals the first time. This is why I cant do business with a place like this. Sadly, I would have loved to lease that beautiful new Cadillac, but I'm headed back to BMW just because its easier and they wont leave me sitting alone at a desk for 40 minutes and try and scam me out of thousands of dollars.

Leslie A. | 2014-03-27

I can not say enough about Reggie Sheldon! He is AWESoME!
The staff at Martin, from the minute i arrive, I am greeted with smiles, waves and  hello's ! Being remembered is such a great feeling, and creates a very safe and comfortable feeling when you are leaving your car!  I trust Reggie so much and his team! He is always so Respectful, caring, patient, helpful, and makes me feel very special! Reggie will always make time to answer questions, he will research for me and he's truly a honest good man! Reggie  please don't ever leave! :)
I thank him and his team from the bottom of my heart..
Much love to Reggie  and his team!
Thank you !

DC L. | 2014-03-11

I'm not sure why everyone had such a bad experience here. I was hesitant to take my car for servicing here due to the negative reviews, but they actually exceeded my expectations and were incredibly nice. I've since brought my car back again for servicing and got the same great service. I hope I continue to get the same treatment next time I'm back!

Dana K. | 2014-02-27

The collision center here is the best body shop I have dealt with. They are fast efficient and honest. They do excellent work in a timely manor and make it very easy.  Most body shops take forever and rip you off but Martin Cadillac does not not fall into that category. If you are dealing with insurance agencies they make it easy for you as well! They take the extra hassle out of your car needing body work. Highly recommend them! Gabriel is who has helped me and he is a gem.

Efren R. | 2014-02-26

Why are dealers so rude? I spoke with a sales rep by the name of Joe B in regards to a Cadillac CTS-V. Being from the Sac area i was told to make an offer via email and that i would be hearing from the general manager. After not recieving a reply i sent Joe a text to which he replied  "They kicked me out of office when I mentioned your email". I text him back, no reply, i called him, no answer. Hows that for customer service. I have never experienced such sub-par service from a sales rep. My suggestion to you all.. Ask for someone other than Joe B as your sales rep.

Tansey D. | 2014-02-24

I too wished to leave a better review for the service department at Martin Automotive. I'm a Saab owner from Bakersfield. I've been bringing my Saab here for warranty work for the last 3 years; as they are the closest Saab dealer/service provider to me. LA is 100 miles south of my home.  I usually come to Martin Automotive 2-4 times per year. Until las Saturday I was always treated with respect, courtesy, and fairness.

I came in on 1/17/14 and my service advisor was Jose Morales. He was professional and pleasant. My warranty was almost up and he ordered the parts I needed, provided a nice rental, and it was pleasant being there . Mr. Morales explained it would take 2 weeks for the parts to arrive. He called me when ALL 3 parts arrived. I made a  Saturday appt. and I came in on 2/22/14. That is when the nightmare began!

Randy (?) was my "Service Advisor". He did not extend any of the professional courtesy I was used to from this business. He told me my car would be ready by 2pm. I waited in the patio w a book w the other customers. Each customer had their advisor come over and explain what was going on w their cars even status updates. I sat there for 3 hours reading. I look up and my car is waiting in front w a number on it. I asked security and he said that meant my car was ready. I go to the cashier, no paperwork was there. She called Randy. He refused to bring it over. He sent it to her printer. I knew something was wrong. I was given a receipt and my keys. No explanation of what was even done on my car!
I go to get it in and I checked the front of the car and the part that should have been replaced WAS NOT! I was livid! I hunted down Randy and he was enthusiastically helping a young blonde lady. I waited and he purposely ignored me. I got his attention and he told me he was helping a customer and he RAN off!!!! The manager on duty Bruce then helped me. The part was in the parts department. Bruce personally took my car back and made sure it was right. I filed a complaint against Randy.

I have never been treated so poorly anywhere in my whole life as I was by Randy in service at Martin Automotive. My car is out of warranty, and I will never go back there again. His animus towards me seemed personal.....and I've never met him before in life?!!!! I still don't know what was completely done on my car, if the oil was ok, what were the recommendations for service in the near future. It's sad had one person can ruin a fine business such as this one.

Belle Z. | 2014-02-23

ZERO STARS!!! DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE!!!! This is the WORST Service department in the history of service departments!! If you are foolish enough to take your car here, then make sure your issue is fixed BEFORE you drive it off the lot.. We have never been treated so poorly as we were at Martin. The Service "Manager" Jeff Idon'tcareaboutyou does not return voicemails, nor do their Service Flunks.
Reason for service: Engine light was on and rear speakers inoperable. After 5 days calling several times and leaving messages to the Pierre the Flunk, I had my husband escalate to the Manager of Flunks, thinking perhaps it was because I was a woman...
The Martin staff are not Sexist in nature as they didn't bother to return his calls either.
Rejoice! The call came in that my car was ready! We picked it up and Engine light was off and fortunately we tested the rear speakers and discovered despite the radio being replaced which was found to be the root cause, they did not work! Service Flunk Manager Jeff scratched his head and told my husband, "The amplifier must've blown driving it down from the top parking lot to here."  My husband had to ask  him point blank if he was jerking his chain to which the clever Manager of Flunks replied, "I am only certain of two things: the sun rises in the East and paying taxes!" Clearly 'jerking' my husbands chain. It took another week for their World Class Technician to replace the blown amplifier. Bravo to Martin for the beneficial hire of this World Class Technician who is rated #18 in the world per Jeff, Manager of Flunks!
P.S. They keep calling me to trade my car in and buy one from them! HA! Nice try!

Greg P. | 2014-02-20

I had come in for an oil change and while I was waiting I decided to do some research on my lease (I had two months left).  After a short conversation, my salesperson (Guy) worked very hard to find a new automobile that met my specifications.  He was able to find one that was exactly what I wanted and at the right price.

John M. | 2014-02-17

If it were possible to give negative stars I would.

Tried to do a simple lease return today. They refused. When I attempted to contact the lease return manager, after being put on hold for over 10 minutes, she sent my call to voice mail and went to lunch.

Hard to believe GM went bankrupt with quality dealers like this.

Avoid them. Buy elsewhere.

Erica H. | 2014-02-13

I really wanted to give the dealership higher ratings as everyone I met was very nice.

This review has 4 parts: Purchase, Service, Loaner Car, and Body Shop. The review is for a Cadillac, I do not know if GMC or Buick or Saab is the same.


I worked with Joe Baba in Internet sales, he was very nice to work with. I saw a vehicle I liked, emailed him about it, and he promptly replied, which is rare from internet dealers. Most will not email with you but try to get you on the phone, or not reply at all (internet sales should reply to emails). I emailed him which car I was interested in, told him what other offers I had on similar cars, and he emailed me back what the lowest offer he can give is on the car. Very easy to work with, did not hassle me at all but responded to questions quickly ... that's what internet sales should be about. It was the second lowest offer I had so I went to check out the other car but did not like it, so came and ended up getting the car at Martin. The finance lady was also pretty straight up, she offered me APR if I wanted it (I had cash), but did not pressure me on anything such as extended warranty or service. However she did mention it's a good idea to get it if I plan to keep it past the initial warranty period, and gave me the date my warranty is set to expire and told me I can to get it anytime before that date. Later, there was some issues with my license plate, so the dealer ordered me new plates, no cost or hassle which was nice.

Chris from service is a very polite and friendly gentleman who answers the phone and listens. Last time when I came in because the Onstar on my car was acting up, he patiently sat and and listened to every detail I said and typed it into his computer, and watched all the videos I had taken of the issue. He promptly took care of it, called me to notify me when there was a delay in ordering the part so I was aware, got it processed by warranty so no cost to me, and provided me with a loaner vehicle. I would go back to him for my service needs.

One word of caution is for the loaner vehicle, please inspect the car thoroughly before signing and taking off. I just quickly glanced and left because I was in a hurry, and when I returned the car I got dinged for rim damage that I am 99% sure I did not cause. In fact, the initial walk through inspection on the return found no damage, but as I was waiting for my car to come out they came back and got me (because the next customer, who was more meticulous, found it on their pre-take off inspection). At the end of the day I guess it is my fault for not checking more in detail before ... I will not make that mistake again.

Gabe from the Body shop also assisted me, he was very polite and friendly. I really liked working with him. He even remembered my name. The work that was performed was fine, I had no issues with it.

The only issue I had was that the initial estimate was quite off. I went in to replace a part of the bumper for a minor blemish, the estimate was only $300, which I felt was ok and paid for it in advance. However, I received a call several days later that another part was needed and would raise my cost to $600. That was a lot higher than I was expecting to pay for a minor blemish. When I asked if I could just get my initial $300 back and cancel I was told that is not possible since they already ordered and painted the first part, that I can either pay $300 to replace one part (which would look ridiculous) or another $300 to get the second part.

I understand that estimates can be off, but I was irritated that you cannot get out of the deal if you feel the updated estimate is too high. I felt like I was baited in with the lowball offer then kind of ended up forced to pay more.

Other than that, this place seems to be a good dealer so far ... when you pull in they ask you who you are here to see and then page them, you just pull into the service area, meet your adviser, when go over to the loaner car people and are on your way. I will update as I go do more service there. Also, since the maintenance is free for first 4 years, I do not know how the prices here are as almost everything has been free so far between the warranty and maintenance plan.

Anthony B. | 2014-02-07

If you are in need of an extremely cool salesman, go see David S Jones. Came in looking for an escalade and he couldn't compete with my other dealer. That said he was very gracious, sat down with me, and made me want to buy a car from him even though they were too pricey. In the end of course I did not, but what a very cool guy and enjoyable visit I had with this dealer.

Rick C. | 2014-02-05


This is only about the parts department and managers.

I went there to get a key made for my car. Which i thought was a simple task. And it is if you are not incompetent. They first had to order. So i had to come back the next day. The next day i return they cut the key for me and i say what happens if it doesn't work. the kid told me to come back and they will have to give me a new key and go to a lock smith. They also told me that their key cutting machines are old and not very reliable. With that said they are still willing to charge me full price. So i drive another half hour back to my car. And thanks to MARTIN AUTOMOTIVE GROUP i am back at square one. the key they made didn't work. It was my fault for thinking a dealership can handle a simple task like cutting a key for the cars they sell. So i had to call a lock smith to come cut a key for my car. The locksmith was great cut me two keys in a matter of 30 mins and they worked. So the lock smith asked to see the key they cut for me to see if he can salvage the mess they call a key. He looked at it said they read the code wrong and every notch was off by one. Helping me realize that they are incompetent and also leaving the key MARTIN AUTOMOTIVE GROUP sold and cut for me useless. I called and left messages to get my money but the manager must be use to this type of service and never returned my call. And this all happened around Christmas.

Thanks MARTIN AUTOMOTIVE GROUP i should have read your reviews and thanks for stealing my money around the holidays.

You guys are some class acts. NOT!

Jeremy L. | 2014-01-24

So Martin wrote a response to my review, which is great. Apology accepted Martin Cadillac. An apology means you did something wrong and are accepting responsibility for it. Unfortunately ,your apology is greatly diminished with how you follow it up. Which are excuses that state failed attempts to speak with me ( when it was too late,) a confusion about something I said ( which is a clever idea but untrue, ) to mentioning a quote as if it was fabricated. Below are my responses.

1/24/2014 Jeremy, I understand your frustration and apologize for the inconvenient impact this had made on your work and life. We have tried reaching you by phone numerous times and have been unable to get in touch with you. Your battery is 4 years past the expiration date and you expressed to us it has consistently needed jump-starts the past several months, which is why the warranty didn't cover the cost and we're confused by your comments that it worked fine before coming in and then didn't after leaving our shop. Also, the retail price of the battery at Santa Monica BMW is around $275, so we're not sure where you got the $800 quote. We do care about our customers and are sorry for the ordeal you had to go through. We hope you have no car troubles in the future and wish you the best. Sincerely, Richard Krist Body Shop Manager

One: The reason for not responding to a phone call/calls is because it was too late. You hired someone to represent your company and he did just that. In addition, numerous conversations gave him many chances for this to be handled the right way.

Two: You were confused by this statement, "that it worked fine before coming in and then didn't after leaving our shop." Let me clarify, again, the car needed a jump to leave your shop, period. Then a second jump from you guys the next day.  Of which gave Martin Cadillac  24 hours to think about how it was handled. Still at this point, I offered to pay to have the battery replaced out of my pocket and you said that you could not do the job. There is nothing confusing about off/on, dead/alive or was working fine and now needs a jump to leave your shop.

Three: Per what may have been heard, I never said that the car " has consistently needed jump-starts the past several months." Maybe this would be true if I was driving a Junker. And if so, trust me I would have taken care of the battery "months ago," because I financially can. Clearly supported by that type of insurance I have, that allowed you guys to complete the job on the car without even hearing from the person who caused the accident. I don't want there to be any confusion, this means I paid extra so everything would be taken care of with no problems at the highest quality level possible. If not the case getting the money to fix the car would have taken much longer and slowed this down for everyone. Not to mention I drive over 26 miles a day to work and home. A battery constantly dying would not support this. Also, AAA would have a record of me constantly calling them up to get jumps. Which I assure you is not the case. I use AAA for everything and they would clearly now if I did or did not.

Lastly, for some reason, you found it important to challenge the 800 dollar quote. Which is fine, see here is the statement and receipt of the company that took care of the battery.  I cannot post a picture but this is all of the vital information that you, or anyone reading this can follow up and prove.

Santa Monica Bmw, 1( 310 ) 829 3535/ Shelana ( 310 526 0342 ) , ( advisor no. 576 )
Number , bmcs358888, mo: 86562, bar# ard041491, epa # 9816755358, 131292
Total labor: 467.97
Total Parts: 290.41
Total Sublet: 0.00
Total G.O.G. 0.00
Total Misc CHG: 0.00
Total Misc DISC: 0.00
Total Tax: 27.59
Total Invoice: 785.97

This is where I got my quote from, a professional business who did the job. Also I am sure that there are places where it could have been cheaper or for more. To the point, after dealing with Martin Cadillac I didn't want to take any chances and went a place that has amazing Yelp reviews and is trusted.

Paul G. | 2014-01-18

I just moved to California and needed someone who serviced Buicks. I did not have an appointment so I just used their drive-up service and it went fantastic. Chris Hines (Service Advisor) was great to work with, he was friendly, efficient, and you could tell he was a professional.

From someone who used to work in the auto industry a tip of the that to you guys because you got it right! Very smooth experience and I will be back!

Mon M. | 2013-12-27

Stay away!!! They like to silence people look below.

William S. | 2013-12-04

I have experienced nothing but superb service and attention from the Service Department at Martin Automotive Group in West Los Angeles.  Their estimates are reliable, delivery is prompt and they will explain which repairs are urgent and which are not.

Recently, my partner took my car (a 2000 Cadillac Seville, but with only 32,000 miles) for some service.  After she picked the car up, she noticed that the Cadillac emblem on the front was missing.  We had no idea how it happened.  

She took the car back and spoke to Keith Jacobs, the service manager.  He looked at the record and saw that there was no indication that the emblem was missing when the car was brought in.  So Mr. Jacobs replaced it immediately, without charge, saying ``The customer is always right.''  I very much appreciate that kind of thoughtful service.  I am just hopeful they can keep the car alive for a few more years!

Karma K. | 2013-12-03

Martin Automotive Group Service Department=Complete Rip Off!!!! I took my car in because of an oil leak and weird sound it was making, first of all don't even try calling because the girl who answers the phone can tell you nothing and will only tell you to keep calling back & that they aren't staffed enough, so there's no one available at the moment. I took my car in first thing in the morning for the oil leak and before it even got checked out, I was told my car would need to stay there for a few seriously, how would you know without looking? I went there for the oil leak & the weird noise ONLY! They had my car for like three hours($140 for diagnosis) and I got a call from Pierre saying it was the oil switch that needed to be replaced and that would cast me $350, wow! $350 seriously? I went ahead and said yes, thinking that they took all that time, found the problem, and would fix it...WRONG! I got another call some time later during the service saying I had a water pump leak, really? I just got a coolant  flush and refill like two weeks prior and I didn't notice anything and it's been a few months now and still my coolant is fine, so what's the deal with that?? He quoted me over $400 for that which obviously I declined as it's still fine, so what about the noise that my car is making? Why do I still have an Oil Leak? and why with all that time and money am I still having issues with my car??? This place is a waist, they will take you for all they can and sleep like babies at night! I pray that they get found out, their rating is horrible and well deserved, I have in good mind to call up CBS and see if they will do research into this Martin Automotive Group and do an undercover Car service rip off segment, like they have in the past! If you come here prepare to PAY & walk away with the job incomplete!

Kenya D. | 2013-12-02

I absolutely LOVE that my car was ready before the (6) working days!!!

Medgar P. | 2013-11-14

I came in for service yesterday, they gave me a rental car to keep me driving. The service was excellent!
Thanks to my service adviser, Chris Hines.
A special thanks to Mr. Keith the Service manager :)

Mo R. | 2013-10-20

I had a great experience with the service department.  Pierre Louis was efficient, proactive, and made sure I was taken care of.   Most importantly my car was ready as promised and they also did a great job on the car wash.

David F. | 2013-10-02

I had a very pleasant recent experience with Scott Allen in the Pre-Owned Sales Dept -- I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, and he put no pressure on me and acted like the consummate professional.  You hear stories about bad car sales experiences, but this was truly the 180 degree opposite.  Very happy with my experience.  Reggie in service has also been a pleasure to work with as well.

Thomas H. | 2013-09-24

Ah, gosh this is a tough one. A few years ago I got a Chevy Malibu repaired here and they misdiagnosed the problem and I got royally ripped off, twice. Although recently I went in to get a after market paint kit for a Saab and the guy in the parts center was awesome. Very cool and down to earth. There is also a woman named Marlene in charge of Saab service. I called her up told her I was picking up a paint kit and wanted a car wash. She gave it to me for free, the car was sparkling when it was done.

The service department seems like a rip off but the other features including a wide variety of GM parts, Enterprise car rental, and body shop on the premises kind of makes it a high brow dealership in West LA. The Cadillac showroom is pretty awesome as well.

Trent V. | 2013-09-20

As always, I received 5 star treatment from everyone at Martin Cadillac.  Reggie Shelton is an amazing representative for the company, it is always a pleasure dealing with him.  Thank you so much, I remain an extremely happy and loyal customer.

Ross G. | 2013-09-04

Brought my car in for service and Evan took great care of me. I had a loaner while they fixed an issue. Everything was taken care of by the cadillac warranty.

PS Not sure why my previous review on my purchase went behind the filter, but that needs to be fixed.

Tina N. | 2013-09-04

We kept on getting the run around on a problem on our truck that already existed when we bought the truck from Martin Cadillac. It pretty much took us several visit and for us to buy new tires for them to fix the problem, after a year. (The problem cause the tires to go bad) We have a warranty but Martin Cadillac kept on saying they can't find the problem. Till we went to sears to get new tires and they found the problem instantly. Then when we bought the print out from sears to Martin Cadillac then they actually fix the problem. On the customer service side. Sometimes they were nice but most of the time seem annoy because we kept on bringing our truck back to for the same reason which they never fix. Didn't call us back for updates of what's going on. Once kept our truck for 4 or 5 days and didn't resolve the issue we took it in for. Never called that entire time to tell us what was going on. We had to call and see what was taking so long and it was still not fix. We were sick of the run around especially since we bought the truck from them. Honestly thought the service would have been top notch because they are GM/Cadillac and the location they are located in. Very disappointed, we were told that the truck we bought was use only by the company. So somewhere in there they knew there was a problem and never fix it or told us. Instead sold it to us and didn't want to fix the problem try to blame us. When there was record showing us bringing in the truck within 3,000 miles of us buying the truck that there was something wrong.

Jessica A. | 2013-08-30

Oh Yelp...its times like these when I wish you would allow me to give ZERO STARS.
Please take a moment and read up on one of the most disappointing and offensive shopping experiences of my life.

After working with Saeed in sales over the phone, I went straight to the dealership after work ready and willing so sign a lease on a new car (fair numbers allowing).

My coworker and I were greeted by salesman DAVID and MANAGER STEVE who stated they "couldn't find Saeed."  In turn, "they could help me."  Mind you, they didn't even try to find him.   (Lesson #1 of this story- If a person is ready and willing to screw over their own co-worker, 10/10 times they will most likely screw you over no questions asked.)

I came in to see the 2013 ATS with Cue navigation that I had been discussing with Saeed over the phone.  As my coworker, myself and Steve were about to walk over to the car, magically Saeed appeared.  The exchange between Manager Steve and  Salesperson David when Saeed arrived was beyond shady.  The unaccountability began here.

Saeed (who is a sweetheart btw) then took us to see the car.  Inside the vehicle we let him know that we were definitely interested, ready to sign, but wanted to work with the numbers.  Saeed then went to talk to the manager on duty, Steve.

In a nutshell:

When Saeed left the Steve's office, he arrived with David again (Steve's salesman).  David quickly informed us that Steve was not coming out and that he was going to "help out on the deal".  Question: why on earth would we need TWO sales people??? We asked for a manager right?

David then informed us that management (STEVE) wouldn't budge AT ALL on the #'s AND would not come out to speak to us.  When I mean he would budge at all, I mean, not even a penny.  Literally.

My coworker mentions leaving and checking out other dealerships if in fact Martin Automotive Group will not budge (makes sense).  David then interrupts her and straight up asks me how much money I made (IN FRONT OF 2 OTHER PEOPLE!) trying to tell me that my "hourly" is not worth my time to drive and check out other dealerships and their offers...and that I should just take the deal.

He then asks "Are you still in college?!" Implying that I was a child?  Thank you...but no, Im 29 years old...and have just come from WORK, in literally in a skirt suit, and me being in college or not would have nothing to do with anything anyhow...

At one point, my coworker got up and wandered into Steve's office. She simply asked about the deal wherein Steve hardly even turned his head.  No hello.  No handshake.  No thank you for coming in.  Simply a "we cant budge...this is the best offer." straight from his office chair.

Worst of all, they wouldn't move the numbers in the least for me, insisting that what they told me was the "absolute BEST GM would ALLOW them to do."

So we leave.

We CALL another dealer in ONTARIO.  OVER THE PHONE mind you, the guy beats the numbers by a LANDSLIDE, offers me free registration, free first month, a 1/4 of the down payment RIGHT OF THE BAT.  SO STEVE, did GM REALLY TELL YOU THEY WOULDN'T BUDGE?  Come on now...we all know that is NOT how the automotive business works.  Perhaps you would had been more satisfied had I only been a college student.  Good to know that you were more than happy and willing to take advantage of one btw too man.

Later the next day I receive a call from Saeed and I tell him about my new deal with the Ontario Dealership.  His Manager, Chris, was disappointed that they were going to lose my business, and offered me the same deal as the other dealership, and threw in some extras--All in all a cost savings of over $5000 over the life of the lease.  SHOCKING RIGHT?! ...considering they couldn't even waive the first month's payment a couple of days earlier...or a dollar at that.

Even though Chris and Saeed offered me a better deal, I turned them down because I refuse to give money to a company who allows ANY of their employees like Manager Steve and Salesman David to treat people the way they treated me.  

I bought the car from the other dealer, and couldn't be happier about sticking to my guns.  That being said, Chris and Saeed were stand-up guys, and if I ever walk on the Martin lot again, it will only be to work with them.

Shawn S. | 2013-08-30

Martin GM is a great family run GM dealer that has been serving the Westside for many years. I have three GM vehicles currently and they always take good care of my vehicles.  Bruce Brennan is very helpful and knowledgeable.

Aaron L. | 2013-08-23

I made an appointment for an oil change, but when I pulled up I was lost. No one was around to greet me and I stood around clueless about where to go for a few minutes. When I was finally directed to an advisor he quoted me about an hour and a half. The process actually took about 2 hours and 15 minutes. I don't know why I bothered to pay the same price here than at a Jiffy Lube, where it would take maybe a quarter of the time.

For what it's worth, I was very satisfied with the work that was performed. I just don't appreciate how it took so much longer than my quoted time.

Mike L. | 2013-07-28

Estimate for replacing the air conditioner compressor on my Saturn Sky? A whopping $1,500.00, a ridiculous sum when parts and labor cost $600-800 at an independent shop, confirmed by estimates for my area. I declined. Even after paying Martin's $140 diagnosis fee, I was ahead of their game by bailing.

I did, however, have them fix my passenger-side door handle, which had come loose. When Martin called with the estimate of $300 ($210 labor to replace a $90 part) I asked what they'd found. Was it a mounting clip that had come loose? Did a mounting plate snap? All the service writer would say is "It's broken." That's like going to a doctor who, after running tests, tells you nothing more than you're sick.

UPDATE: The problem with my air conditioner was not the compressor as Martin claimed. It turned out to be a faulty expansion valve, a $25 sensor easily swapped out. Martin would have billed me $1,500.00 to unnecessarily replace the most expensive component of a car AC system, and my air conditioner would still be broken.

Denise B. | 2013-07-05

My family has purchased GM cards for over 50 years.  I have only owned Chevrolets and I currently own a 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt. I have taken my car to Martin Cadillac in Los Angeles, CA for the past five years for maintenance.

For the past seven months or so, my engine developed has a tendency to shake at times near the front while on the freeway (driving over 55mph). The engine light has never gone off, which would make it crucial to have an appropriate diagnostic test done. I brought in the car at least four times since the fall of 2012. I even had it towed once because I was too scared to drive it. Jose Morales, at customer services was great but I have had poor experiences with the mechanics. I have always been told that the mechanics "could not find anything wrong". I have gone through a new set of tires with balancing, got a new fuel pump, got new spark plugs, etc. and nothing has resolved this problem. On 7/05/13, I brought the car in at 7:30am due to the engine shaking. I received a call around 2:30pm. I was told that the mechanic test drove the car "heard something" but could not find anything wrong, which made absolutely no sense. I asked if the car was taken for a test drive on the freeway and was told, "No."  While walking back to Martin to pick up my car, I called Bunnin GM in Culver City and made a next-day appointment to for a mechanic to test drive the car with me in it.  

Too many people have been disloyal to the American car industry and have been buying foreign made cars for a number of reasons. GM needs to make superior fuel-efficient vehicles, but GM also needs to provide top-quality customer and auto repair service in order to retain customers. I feel that my car sat at the shop all day and the mechanic really did next to nothing, which affects my faith in this auto shop. Martin Cadillac did not charge me, but I they should have told me they did not want to bother with me so I could have taken it elsewhere for service. My car is not a luxury vehicle like an Escalade or a Cadillac, but it still deserves a proper diagnostic evaluation. My next car will definitely be a Prius instead of a GM model.

Aja M. | 2013-06-22

Omg  Idk how theyre reviews are so low. I can't express how good it felt leasing my new car from a dealership that worked FAST, DILIGENT & everyone I encountered seemed friendly in a genuine down to earth way!  David Jones in sales did the footwork to find me an ATS with my "lists of wants" & sent pics via text & got me approved in LESS THAN 45 mins from my initial email. Lets not forget about how much fun I had with Tony Ross in finance when I got there to sign the paperwork. My car came with an ipad with a cue app installed to get me familiar with the cue technology! The next day, I took car in for sealant protectant & detail & Pierre Louis in service dept is the coolest service guy I've ever met. Roni(?) @ enterprise was nice & got me squared away in my free (ATS) rental while my car was being detailed. I'm a happy customer

Jo S. | 2013-06-03

Came in to do minor software update on my vehicle. Was told to leave my car and the software update was going to take the whole day. Had to rent a vehicle to continute my work day, the rental vehicle was less than sufficient. After leaving with the rental, I found the door locking was not working and became hesitant to leave my things in the car while unattended. I came back to Martin at the end of the day to only be told they cannot perform a software update on my car, and that a specialist would be needed to do so. I was told the specialist would be in on Tuesday of the next week and they would call me to come in then. After needlesy paying for the rental car insurance and gas, I was offered a free car wash. The car wash looked quick and dirty, many residual water and soap stains were apparent. My radio was blasting Power 106 when I turned my car on. A few days later I got an interesting call from my rep at Martin, the rep began telling me about some missing parts for my car were going to take longer to get. .Ummm, I never needed parts. I told the rep he must have the wrong number, he immediately realized he called the wrong person. This worried me. Come Tuesday, anxious to hear if the specialist was ready for me, I never received the call. I've decided to take my business elsewhere.

Sarah V. | 2013-05-31

Never going back here!

First of all, it took 3 attempts of waiting on hold and being passed around to talk to an actual person.

I had a very important corporate head in town from overseas, and the company car needed an oil change. I only had an hour and a half to get it done before we had a meeting  across town, so I wanted to talk to a person and make sure it was possible before sending the car over there. When I finally got to a person, they assured me it could be done in a hour! They held the car there for 21/2 hours! Every time my driver asked when the car would be ready they would say 20 mins!
They lied and lied and lied to us! It made me look extremely bad, especially when I kept delaying our meeting in 20 min increments.

When we finally got the car back and were on our way to the 3 times delayed meeting, they had the audacity to call us and tell us that there was a problem with the alignment and asked if we could bring the car back Friday for more service!

I am taking the car to Casa De Cadillac for a second opinion. Martin is right down the street, but they will never get my business again!!

Gaby A. | 2013-05-17

The saga continues with Martin Automotive Group (MAG). Bruce did call after my Yelp posting appeared and he was very nice and courteous but nothing was offered by MAG to mitigate the expense of $3950.00 plus tax! An voucher was offered for the purchase of another GMC vehicle but why would I want  to purchase another GMC Vehicle when my current GMC vehicle has proven to be a vehicle of such poor value/quality!! Really??? I have taken my vehicle to MAG to be serviced over a 7 year period and MAG offered me nothing. The cost of re-doing my transmission at other another mechanic shop is at least 50% less (I know because I checked!) but at this point i am already in to MAG for $2100 for them to open up and diagnose the transmission problem! Foolish me for hoping/believing that MAG/GMC would work with me on this issue. A lesson to you Bruce if you want to retain customers and improve the image of this company offer them more than a token/empty gift. At this point I am done with this company but I am certainly not done with this situation!

E P. | 2013-04-23

Marlene was great to work with. Very nice woman. Good service.

Derek F. | 2013-04-17

Martin service is truly the best I have ever experienced. Every person I have dealt with is so kind and very involved in helping me get done what I need. I am very happy to be a Martin Cadillac customer and a special shout out to Reggie for always taking care of me!!! Thanks Reg!

Omid M. | 2013-03-20

Jose Morales in the service department is 5 star all the way!

I called in today to ask about my car and i was not feeling too hot about talking to a car dealer in any way. Jose was so helpful and to the point. He cut out all of the extra fluff that I was in no mood to deal with.

I was in a bad mood from dealing with a car accident and Jose put a smile on my face. He was super helpful and listened to my concerns and offered options. I will 100 percent go to Martin Cadillac. Great Work Jose, you really made me feel like a member of the family!

Stephen P. | 2013-03-20

Lovely experience! All the way from my service advisor, the knowledgeable and ever-helpful Marlene Bobrowsky, through the actual work (thanks Jose!), and the free carwash--you just can't beat this kind of old-fashioned service with a genuine smile. I take my Caddy, the wife takes her Saab in, and everyone comes out happy (and purring). Thanks, guys!

Kevin B. | 2013-03-19

Service is EXCELLENT! Can't complain. Will definitely come back!

Tod D. | 2013-02-20

BUYER BEWARE: I purchased a brand new CTS V Coupe from Martin Automotive on 12/29/13. As equipped the car cost over $70,000. When I get the car home I notice fine scratches in the black paint as well as other issues. I take the car back to the dealer to fix the problems and when I return they have seriously damaged my paint job, black chrome, and head and tail lights with an electric polishing buffer. For the complete story and pictures click on this link:…

Images of paint damage done to my '13 CTS V Coupe by Martin Automotive Group:…


UPDATE 1: Martin Automotive has agreed to replace the black chrome and dealer powder coated rims they damaged and to pay a professional detailer to correct the paint they damaged during their original and subsequent detail attempts. They have also promised not to wash the paint or attempt to correct the paint damage they caused while replacing the rims and black chrome.

UPDATE 2: Nearly two weeks later when I return to pick up my car to take to the professional detailer I find them in the process of detailing the paint a THIRD TIME in violation of our agreement. Now my ten week old car's paint has been aggressively polished three times by the dealer instead of allowing me to take the car to a professional detailer who would correct the problem as gently as possible as was our agreement. Instead the dealer decided to have a go at the paint a third time without consulting me! Obviously if Martin Automotive Group had the ability to do the job right in the first time they would have and I would be enjoying my new CTS V Coupe instead of hiring a lawyer.

UPDATE 3: As of 3/25/13 my car has been with the dealer for 3 weeks for the replacement of a few black chrome pieces and to correct dealer damage to the finish of one of the cars rims. All told the car has been at Martin Automotive Group for over 4 weeks since I purchased the car on 12/29/12

You can read the full UPDATE 1 and UPDATE 2 story here:…

Jason K. | 2013-02-18

The plastic hats that are utilized nationwide by GM dealerships need to be replaced.  Every time I drop my CTS-V off for service, my otherwise immaculate vehicle is returned to me with scratches on the roof where the plastic "hats" with exposed metal magnets have been stuck to and slid off of my roof.  I have voiced my concern repeatedly to both my service writers and the follow up person who calls me after every visit.  I have asked the porters to abstain from putting the hats on my roof, yet every time I pick it up, a low quality, paint ruining plastic and metal hat is on my paint.  They have buffed out the scratches at least 5 times and I have to have them removed again on my next visit.  I am concerned because the scratches, though diminished, are still visible.  I am also concerned about the over buffing that is being performed on that specific area of the paint job and the inherent thinning of the clear coat and long term damage.  I am almost to the point where I will be demanding that the entire roof, if not the entire car be repainted.  This blatant disregard for my vehicle, and what must be every vehicle that comes in for service is completely unacceptable.  I demand that something be done; a change is long overdue.

Scott B. | 2013-01-29

After trusting them for almost 18 years I am DONE!

I have had issues before, figured after so many years of using them they are entitled to messing up once in a while.  This time was my last.  I am not surprised to see their low rating here.

I brought my car in, was given a $1,200 estimate based on what I thought was wrong.  I then got a call that it needed $3,700 worth or work.  With such sticker shock I wrote down the specific work being recommended and then checked the price of the parts.  I found our I was being charged full retail for the parts and was offered no alternative.  When I asked for an alternative price, they called back and told me $2,900.  I said OK, go ahead, the car was already there and I did not want to lose more time.  When I went to pick up the car, the bill was for almost $3,400.  When I questioned it, I was told it was for the "other" work.

The service manager came over after I asked to see him and he basically said "sorry", there was nothing he could do.

I will take this up with my credit card company and report this unscrupulous organization to the better business bureau.

Paul C. | 2012-11-21

We bought two cars from Martin in 2007. Reggie Shelton has serviced them ever since, and they still run and look like new!  We appreciate the VIC washes, which are often finished before I finish checking my email (with their free Wi-Fi). Refreshments in the Service Lounge are appreciated and generous. Last weekend our Solstice overheated; it took three days to diagnose and repair (under warranty) - now it's in perfect shape.  The next afternoon needed 60,000 mile service on the DTS - finished & ready by 7:30 the next morning. We developed a good relationship with Martin, and look forward to many more years and at least 400,000 miles with their support. Good work, folks; we couldn't be more pleased.

Lawrence P. | 2012-10-17

If I could give this place ZERO Stars I would. My car has been there today for seven hours and they haven't even looked at it yet. It needs a light switch, nothing major but the service at this place is the absolute worst I've ever experienced at any auto repair facility. Their prices are sky high too. Never again will I waste my time and money at this place.

Emily S. | 2012-10-01

I'm currently at Marin Cadillac and feel so strongly that you SHOULDNT bring your car here that Im writing this now. I've been here 4 times in two months and every time, my car seems to leave with a new issue rather than getting fixed.

I've left word for the service director three times but never received a call back from him, once his assistant called me back.

The service is the worst and moreso even though it's a dealership, they seem to not actually know their craft rot their own cars.


Sara T. | 2012-09-05

Apocalyptically disorganized, unmotivated, and what seems to be overall worthless as an establishment.

I actually created a Yelp account RIGHT NOW to write this review from my iPhone,  as I wait for over an hour to get a shuttle ride. .... from an employee that when skipping through people out of order to drive around complains aloud about his lunch break.  

Their impressive sense of customer satisfaction is below sub par.

They fail in every possible way except taking your money, they are actually quite GREAT at that.

D. S. A. | 2012-04-09

beware! beware! beware! beware! beware! beware! beware! beware! beware! beware! beware! beware! beware! beware! beware! beware!

the auto body shop and the service department are the very worst and have no clue which end is up. they are the very worst, most dishonest, incompetent, horrible experience you will have. they do not pay attention to detail. they do not communicate effectively, allegedly you risk your safety on the road with car repairs and auto body repairs that are haphazard and faulty.  i had to take my car to a different cadillac dealership to rectify missed repairs and to re apply body work that literally fell off the car after being serviced at martin.  i once had the car in for service that was to take 1.5 hour and i sat in the waiting area for over 8 hours. they forgot about me went to lunch and began to close up shop before i reminded them that i was still waiting. i even had an hour long conversation with the owners son as he cleaned the fish tank. you would think that mr. martin had better reign over this incompetent team and their sloppy work and lack of commitment to excellence. i see by the reviews here on yelp that i am not alone with this horrible experience. just beware. there are other cadillac dealerships in town to take your car to. do your research and if you want the job done right then take your car anywhere but martin.

beware! beware! beware! beware! beware! beware! beware! beware! beware! beware! beware! beware! beware! beware! beware! beware!

Benny R. | 2012-03-25

My one star review is for the SALES DEPARTMENT. I've actually had great experiences with the service department. Anyway, I own a  2011 CTS-V, that I purchased from another cadillac dealership but servicing at Martin. When it came time to buy my wife a new car I decided that I would get her the new SRX. I figured that since my previous cadillac dealership was so far away I would give Martin Cadillac an opportunity to match their deal. If they could, I would but the car from them out of convenience.  WHAT A MISTAKE. I dealt with a guy named Ernie and I should have know from the beginning it was going to be a nightmare.

First off getting them to formally agree to the price was a challenge. They kept telling me they would do the deal verbally but whenever I asked them to email me the final numbers or give it to me in writing, they would send me the MSRP. The other cadillac dealership sent me an email with the breakdown of the costs, options on the car, etc. I knew exactly what I was getting.

Once we got through that, they told me that they would have to order the car and that it would take a few days. For two weeks, I kept hearing that they car was on it's way. The salesman seemed like he didn't care and told me the car would get there when it did. Other dealerships would have been hungry to make the sale and would have located a car and gotten it there quickly. These guys just didn't care about my business and were ok with keeping me waiting.

After almost 2 weeks,  I stopped by the dealership on a Thursday and asked the salesman where the car was. He informed me that it would be here tomorrow (Friday). At that same time, I informed him that the car my previous dealer was going to sell me, the one whose deal they matched, had more options. So basically, they were selling me a car with less options, for the same price. The salesman informed me that he would look into, talk to his manager  and call me tomorrow (Friday). Friday came and went and no phone call. No update on the status of the car, no update on how they would handle the difference in options.

Then on Saturday, the salesman leaves me a VM telling me that they car is there and that they are getting it ready for me! He fails to address the issues we discussed and that he promised he would look into. This made me mad. I go to the dealership with my wife, hoping to figure things out and finalize the deal. When I show up the salesman pretends like nothing is wrong and thinks we're just going to go ahead and do the paperwork. When I ask him about the issue with the difference of options and confront him about not getting back to me on it, he plays dumb, like we never had the conversation. This made me furious and I walked out.

Some of the other salesman approached me and tried to smooth things over but at that point I was done. I am a straight shooter when it comes to doing business and these guys were playing me for an idiot. Anyway, we left and ended up getting a car elsewhere. I will never do business with Martin Cadillac. They don't value your business and are full of crap. If you want a Cadillac call Peter Mark at Bewley Allen Cadillac. They are further away but take very good car of their customers and will deliver that car to you.

Andrew B. | 2012-03-20

These people are theives, crook, liars, and flat out rude.  Don't go here for anything.  Not even an oil change.  I was robbed. It took over an hour just to drop my car off because there was employee meeting in the middle of the day.  Then, Martin charged me $250 to diagnose a simple problem and wouldn't apply the diagnosis fee to the cost of the repair! It was for a simple door switch.  They kept my car overnight and I had to get a rental car.  I told them not to wash my car because they scratched it the last time.  They did not even lookn at my car until the next day and spent about 15 minutes on it.  When they finished the estimate, they said I had $2500 in damage under the hood and the door switch would cost $400 to replace.  Hell no. When I got my car back, someone had smoked F-ing cigarettes in my car and left the lighter in the car!!  Also, it had scratches all over it. WTF!?!  Martin refused to acknowledge responsibility for the scratches and the service rep Pierre L. actually laughed about it and suggested I had been in an accident and was lying about it. I had to get my car clear-coat repainted for $800 by someone else.  I also had to get it detailed to get the cigarette stench out. I bought the part I needed on e-bay and I took my car to a local and reliable mechanic, and it lost $75 to fix.  What a rip off.  I was so pissed and still am.  I will never go to Martin Cadillac again.  I won't even buy parts there.  I hope they go bankrupt.  I complained to Chevy corporate, too.  Told them that Martin needs to go.

Shawn S. | 2012-02-29

I have gone to Martin GM for over 10 years and I currently own 4 GM vehicles.  The parts dept. is amazing, Alex, Nick and Jim do an amazing job there.  And Bruce, Tim and Reggie in service always take care of me and my vehicles.  I wouldn't have my GM vehicles serviced at any other dealer in the area.

Bryan C. | 2012-02-16

I brought my car in because it was idleing roughly and I was getting an ABS warning on the dash.  They tried to get me to agree to $3,500 of work but I toldc them just to fix the idle and the ABS.  
$750 later and a day w/o my car it is still idleing roughly and the ABS warning is sitll coming on.
Need I say more?

Bobby C. | 2012-02-08

Overpriced parts but good service.

Steve W. | 2012-01-30

the worst..bought new car last week they were deceptive..liars..when the care broke down after four hundred miles  i had aaa get it started and drove back to dealer were service was no better, asked to talk to owner and was refused,never again

steve wallace  no stars

Yaffa And Marty N. | 2012-01-19

OMG  How do they stay in business.  Every time I go there for repairs I have to take medication or else I will have a massive heart attack.

Why are these frauds allowed to stay in business?  They are so rude, so arrogant, so distant from you.  The workers hide when I come.  Nobody knows anything.  They never return calls.  They try to overcharge, they lie, they are so dishonest.  Buyers please think twice before you buy.  I have to find a reputible repair place for my my overpriced srx.

I hope I have saved 1 person from the hell these people put you through.

Joaquin L. | 2012-01-06

STAY AWAY! This place is looking to rip people off.

Andrew H. | 2011-12-28

The brakes on my 03' escalade went bust and they seriously treated me like shit.  wtf Mr. Martin, what if it were your son behind that steering wheel.....  I hope you go out of business.... its too bad the CTS-V has some demand

Joe M. | 2011-12-22

I honestly had a really great experience at Martin. Carlos in service took care of me and told me the truth about my repair. I had to replace the ECM computer on my 2006 Chevy Cobalt. It was done within 24 hours including the power steering recall, and a car wash. The diagnostic was $140 but that was applied to the repair.

Look, I get that people don't like dealerships. Nobody wants to spend money on their car for what they perceive is an easy fix. All I can say is do some research on your own if you don't trust them. Google will tell you LITERALLY everything about your car trouble if you just take a little time to understand it. Then you can decide for yourself if the dealer is trustworthy.

In my case, they told me exactly what I had already found out and I was happy to have it fixed.

If you've got a GM product in the Santa Monica area go check out Martin Cadillac!

Claudine S. | 2011-12-19

I used to never have to think twice about where I was going to take my car for repairs... It's sad to say that times have changed.  They are under new management and it's not for the better.  Their prices are absurd and they don't put the quality into the repair like they used to.

Years ago I would take my car in, grab a loaner or a rental from the Enterprise that is on the same lot, and when my car was ready I would not have to second guess if they actually did the work or not.  Now, it's the complete opposite.  After being in two wrecks in under a year I have given them over $20,000 in repairs and yet both times after getting my car back I would have to bring it back a day later for some weird sound or missing piece.  FUCKING RIDICULOUS!!!!

I will NEVER EVER bring my car here again.  They need to bring back the old management team if they want to stay in business!

Sasha M. | 2011-12-18

If I could give this place 0 stars I really would. The customer service was horrible and their prices were outrageously high.  I found the same exact car for $8,000 less. Avoid this place at all cost ......

P E. | 2011-12-14

Worst. Dealer. Experience. Ever.

It's shocking that dealers like this stay in business. Service was terrible, sales didn't have a clue, they tried to rip me off at every turn before I got a clue and went elsewhere for my next car. If you're going to sell a $60k car, you'd think they'd take the time to learn about the internet and discover that customers aren't fools anymore. This crooked dealer will treat you like one. No better.

UPDATE 8/3/12: Have learned that the sales department's test drive has been throttling cars through nearby residential areas -- drag racing past a local pre-school multiple times per day -- and the police have had to get involved to stop them before they kill a child.

Whoever is in charge of this dealership belongs in jail. Seriously, they do. The bad judgement and lack of integrity at Martin is genuinely staggering.

Miliani D. | 2011-11-10

I actually have never written a yelp review before, but after seeing all the negative press Martin Cadillac has received, I felt like I owed it to them to share my positive experience w/you yelpers =D

Yesterday, I brought my Cadillac CTS in because I was experiencing a hesitation whenever I accelerated from a stop. The service guy I was assigned to was Pierre L. If you can, try to schedule an appointment w/him. He is super professional and really seems to care deeply about customer satisfaction.

They figured out and fixed whatever the issue was with my car. Something with the engine - I'm a cut me a little slack! Come to find out my car had a couple recalls on it as well, I also needed to change my air filter and decided to get an oil change, so they went ahead and fixed those additional issues too. All of the major repairs were covered under my Power Train Warranty, so I pretty much only had to pay a couple bucks out of pocket for the air filter and oil change.

Pierre made sure that he followed up with me throughout the day to keep me posted on the status of my car. As the icing on the cake, when I went to go pick it's was cleaner than when I purchased it!! I couldn't even find one hair from my Husky, and trust me..I had enough of his hair in my car to make another dog! I drove off the lot sparkling and driving sooo smooth! I felt like I purchased a new car!

Tried to keep this short, but I guess I didn't quite succeed at that. Anyway, thanks so much Martin Cadillac!! You guys rock!!

P.S. Oh and if you choose to opt out from getting a loaner car, their shuttle drivers, Robin, Javier and the guy with the black hair...forgot his name are all super friendly and sweet!!

Nour A. | 2011-11-07

The reviews on here couldn't be more true. "Overpriced" is an understatement. My dad took his truck here and labor was $700+. I kid you not.

The money they make is not on the parts sold but the service charge they charge customers. And good luck getting a hold of anyone when you need to. And if you leave a message, don't expect a call back. Especially if you are pissed. I got so mad because no one would return my calls (my mom too) so she marched us down there and gave them an earful. Well...she made me give them an earful.
And wouldn't you know...magic happened.

They are rude too. Whatever happened to the customer is always right?

Michelle F. | 2011-10-10

Wanted to write an update...they ended up fixing the problem with my tow hitch cover and my locks...Thank you so much! Would have given 5 stars, but the whole back n forth thing left me feeling like 4 is the best I can give under the circumstances.

Jay R. | 2011-09-29

Well, I am like many others on here and obviously GM nor the owners of the dealership care about Yelp feedback.  Truly a rough go with these guys.  Service manager was a bit rude, but things were hectic.  I didn't deal with any of the mechanics because they don't want you talking to them.  They might tell you what the real deal might be.  Like most of the commentary on Martin is the same as most everyone's.  They could have cared less about having a return customer.  This place is less than 2 mins. from my office, but I drive my car to a place off of La Brea to get work done because they don't try to snowball me there.  Hope people read these.

Greg S. | 2011-09-24

This place sucks. They are slow. Once you leave your car there good luck getting a hold of anyone... once you get a hold of one person it's like they are pissed to have a customer on the phone and give you serious attitude.

DO NOT get your car service there. They are sooo slow and so expensive not ONE good thing about this place...

Me P. | 2011-09-14

Oh my God why didn't I read Yelp first before going to these guys?????


All I wanted to do was pass my smog test. I will be looking for a new car soon....but was so disgusted at the service here I will never be back. I am very fortunate to have a Dad who is a chief engineer specializing in car wiring and he went through all our items.....we found a magic number people!!!!! Everything here is quoted about $400 more than it is worth. They say labor is $180 what is the $400 extra for EACH ITEM fellas? Hmm????

I am only reffering to the service technichians and the service one else here. Let me give you a tour of what you will do when you go and what will happen to you:

7:30am they will take your car, you will  sign your name and address and pick up time on a PICK UP LIST. The service guys will laugh and say to disregard the last shuttle times, "Don't worry, we'll get you." No truer words have been spoken....THIS SHOULD BE YOUR FRIST RED FLAG
You get a shuttle to your work, you wil think everything will be okay.

At 2-ish the techs will just begin to look at your car, you wont find out about this until 4:30pm though after trying to get a hold of ANYONE ALL.....DAY kidding folks

At 4:00pm a lot of techs will go home and no one knows where your rep is...agian you hear about this at 4:30 from the manager who is too busy to talk to you......busy eating doughnuts probably or watching family feud in the waiting room. The service manager has no idea what is wrong with your car and says to keep it there overnight. Oh! and the shuttle service is making its last rounds for a last drop off in culver city at 5pm. "You should have called earlier.'

If there was a slap over the phone button I would have pressed it. People I was calling all G-D day to be put into 45 minute hold cycles between waiting for Pierre- my rep, a service manager (both NEVER answered) and then eventually the girl at the front would sigh and page them again, sometimes......

So you will basically talk to the girl at the front and then hear a series of clicks and waiting music mixed with sighs and more clicks.

I went through 4 of these 45 minute cycles peppered through the day but would eventually have to just leave a message and pray they call back. Did this twice before noon and two in the afternoon.

At 5pm your service representative will go home...but they won't call you or email you with this

At 5:15pm the last shuttle of the day will end, leaving you stranded  

No one will call you untill  6:45 when the service rep who is there at your work has come to pick you up in their rental corevette to make it all right and take you (NERVOUSLY) to the enterpirse rent-a-center.

Weird...but my only God foresaken choice at the time becuase enterprise would close at 7pm

Mike at Enterprise at their place was the only good thing about my experience here. He was nice and I got my car in less than a half hour. At 7:00pm enterprise closes.

The next day everyone seems to dissaper when you will try to call back and find out what the heck is going on with your car......and then magically at 3pm they will send you a quote for $3,000 to get a light turned off on your ECM among other useless, I do not need a new catilyic converter....just a pre-cat sensor.  By the way folks a general ECM should cost no more than $400.........not the $1,600 these guys will try to scam you for.

Go to's a small place in the Santa Monica area, but at least they don't try to rip you off.

Ezra M. | 2011-07-14

This place, like all Cadillac places I've been too, is truly poor. Crazy over priced and fast to take your car yet slow to service it. Charged me $130.00 to do a simple assessment that took over an hour. Went to another spot up the street afterward that did the same assessment in 3 mins (literally) and charged me nothing. Avoid. Avoid, avoid. Go to "More Joy Automotive" up the street and see Ceasar.

Tiffani R. | 2011-05-17

I have to be brutally honest, my first two experiences here were horrible. I went in and spoke to a salesguy that blew me off, I gues sI am young and he didn't think I can afford an Escalade. The second guy was an idiot, but not sure why I didn't call Fleet from the start, Joe Baba was GREAT. Told him what I can afford, what I wanted from the car and how much I can put down and WHAM, a week later I got myself a Hybrid Denali and LOVE IT, Vivian in the finance department was the sweetest and most upfront person that made the deal simple and smooth. I love the deal and car I got from them....

daniel l. | 2011-05-12

STOLE FROM MY GLOVE BOX!!  Either one of the mechanics or guys that washed my car STOLE CASH and my prescribed medical marijuana (chronic arthritis) from my glove box!!! Total of $75 worth of both. Can you believe that?!?   The head service guy tried to buy me off with a $20 bill...F-THAT!!!  I told him where he could stick that 20...I guess that's what they call "customer service".  Not only took 3.5 hours to get a new key cut (with microchip for a total of $202.54!!) AAANNNDDD They broke the lever off my door lock in the process.  This is my 2nd GM vehicle and MY LAST!!   DO NOT GO HERE FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN AN OIL CHANGE!!!!   BUY A HONDA!!    Unless you feel like getting your stuff stolen, broken and being totally disrespected in the process.  This place is flat out shady. Shame on Martin.

The BBB will be hearing from me...that's a promise.

Jacqueline S. | 2011-04-23

Bought my 2011 Cadillac CTS-V coupe from them.  Salesman James Johnson was helpful yet not overbearing in that way that usually makes me really dislike the sales experience generally and salesmen in particular.  Smooth process even though car had to be ordered.  Excellent final price and smooth document process; the folks were respectful of my time.  James kept in touch periodically to give updates.  Car came in on time (on birthday) and was just what I expected.  James delivered car and was helpful in explaining features.  Although it's my first American car purchase since '87, (Jaguar and Mercedes had me), I'm really enjoying it....and whoa is it fast!  Wave if you see me!

Harry H. | 2011-04-05

When I bought my car from them, it came with lots of promises, like the 5x free oil changes. So when GM folded Martin merely refused me my last 3 free oil changes...and their services cost about double what I pay elsewhere!
They have a "VIP" program where they wash your car for free anytime, but you end up waiting for more than an hour+ every time - AND they do an average job at best...fine scratches everywhere!

R. H. | 2011-03-28

I've taken my car there several times and I have to say the body shop has done an okay job.  The handle they replaced never looked shinny and new.  They give me different estimates every time I take the car in for repair.  One time they replaced the tire for $150 another time they told me $300.00.  I don't trust them.   Can't wait to get rid of my car so I don't have to deal with them anymore.

Henry S. | 2011-01-22

We just bought a new Saab 9-3 from Tony Ross at Martin Cadillac/Saab.  I talked to him on the phone and everything was fine, and I was going to wire cash to buy the car and have him ship the car up to me in the Bay Area.  Before I did that, I went to look at BBB's website and Yelp, and found that the Martin dealership has a D- rating on BBB and 2-star on Yelp.  I decided not to wire the money and to drive down and pick up the car personally.  We bought the car and the price and everything was as Tony told me on the phone (down to the pennies).  Throughout the last few days' phone + email + in-person discussions, he was very professional (except one of the phone calls where he was a little pushy and rude).  He went beyond what I'd expect from the service level of car dealers.  After we paid and all the paperwork was done, Tony went on to show us the features of the car, and helped to set up the Bluetooth pairing, and was patient and tried to be helpful in every respect.  Also, when we were doing the paperwork, we had to change something becasues of what the insurance told us, and he literally ran back and forth to the other building to fetch the paperwork so that we didn't have to wait as long.  At last but not least, I think we got a really good deal as well, because I checked with many Saab dealers before, and it seems like their price beat all the other dealers in the Western states by a lot.  So if you were scared by these other ratings/comments, I want to give you some encouragement to believe at least this sale guy Tony Ross there.

Jack H. | 2010-12-27

They treat you like a piece of meat on a conveyor belt and their prices are ridiculous, but they will fix your car the right way.   The shuttle service is awesome.

Asher B. | 2010-11-21

I always have to watch these guys.  I had my side mirror lopped off twice recently.  Same exact thing twice but I got estimates for $900.00 one time and $600 another time.  There was no reason for the difference in prices.  They also promised to wash the car if we had them do the mirror work and my car wasn't washed when they told me to come in to pick it up.  I was in such a hurry when I got there that I couldn't wait for the wash.  "So sorry" they said to me, but no offer to do it in the future.  

I don't like a mechanic where I have to feel like I have to walk on eggs to get service.  The intake mechanic's attitude has been generally off putting.  

Management needs to get on their employees to improve attitude and honesty levels.  

Management, can you  help?

Lorelei S. | 2010-11-07

I bought my last car here - I spent a decade servicing it here and I'm ready for another car.  I went back to Martin Cadillac, where I found a used Escalade that was perfect for me.  Low miles - beautiful color  - drove well.  Sticker was just over $41,000.  After about an hour of negotiation, we struck a deal.  I was trading in my old car -purchasing a 4 year extended warranty and paying cash - it was a done deal.  My husband and I waited in the waiting area for Tony Ross to come back with the papers.  45 minutes later - he came back with papers alright... they said the car would cost an additional $1500, because they forgot to add in the new tires and fluids they put in when they got the car.  HUH?  The tax was around $4000.  The warranty was around $3,000,  The trade-in for my car was $2,500.  They wanted over $43,800 for the car as the final offer, when we had already settled on $42,300.   I have never heard of a salesman striking a deal that was approved by his boss, then coming back stating they forgot to include their dealer costs.  I also think this is a come-on as this was 2 weeks ago and this car is still online.  Tony Ross had the nerve to call last week to let me in on a great deal - Yukon Hybrids just came in and he wanted me to be the first to know.  He thought I'd be interested because they were a couple of $thousand cheaper - how insulting!   Tony - it wasn't the price that turned us off - it was the deal- or lack of it.  I came in as a customer-for-life.  I left saying I will never, never walk onto the lot of Martin Automotive again.  You can't be trusted!!

Erica V. | 2010-10-15

It took them three days to replace a battery. If I didn't call them multiple times every day I don't believe my car would have ever been repaired. Oh yeah, they also replaced the door handles because they had been recalled. The replacement handles are the wrong color. Their service dept. is wretched.

Carrie S. | 2010-10-02

I go here only when absolutely necessary.  It's rarely a satisfactory experience. Not at all pleased. I made an appointment for 8 AM on Saturday, and received a confirmation of the appointment.  When I get there, I'm told it's first come, first served and, basically, it sucks to be me.  They were fixing a recall issue, involving my turn signals. They didn't fix it correctly, and won't do it without charging me.  I originally went because there was an issue with my headlights. It took several trips back to get it corrected. No apologies, no nothing.  The whole attitude appeared to be "well, m'am, it sucks to be you."  I only go here when I can't avoid going to the dealer.  And I prepare myself for the entire day - speed and efficiency is NOT their strong suit.

Robert J. | 2010-08-12

Fraud. Flat out bait and switch fraud!  I made a deal with them to buy a new 2010 Cadillac DTS.  They printed out the "deal sheet" with all the details.  I gave them a $1,000 deposit to complete the transaction and pick up the car the following week. When I went to pick up the car, they refused to complete the deal they had agreed to, and wanted $3,000 more for the car. I refused and demanded my deposit back instead. They refused to give me back my money or to complete the deal as previously agreed. I will be suing them to recover my deposit.  I've bought 7 or 8 new cars in the last 10 years nad have never run into such a fraudulent dealer before. They all play some games, but never flat out fraud like this. I have iot all in writing. Stay Away!

Lisa T. | 2010-07-31

I cannot speak for the service department, but I had an excellent car buying experience here.

Joe and Vivian were amazing. After shopping around on prices, they were able to match a deal and get me the low price I needed to move forward. Joe Baba is in their Internet Sales department and I highly recommend his no-nonsense style over email and in person. He spent a good 20+ minutes helping me to go over all the bells and whistles inside the car itself, and he and Vivian made me feel completely comfortable about the entire process. It was super easy.

My new Cadillac SRX is perfect. One of the best perks of buying from Martin is the unlimited complimentary car wash; just bring in your vehicle, and they will vacuum/wash it for you while you watch The View in their waiting area. If you do need service, they provide you with another set of wheels so that you can continue to function normally that day.

The service personnel who check in my car for washes are always friendly and efficient, so no complaints there whatsover! I have visited on a Saturday around 5pm and a weekday around 11am for car washes, and it never takes more than 20-30 minutes.

Carolyn S. | 2010-07-22

Liars. Frauds. Cheats.

Just a few of the words that come to mind when dealing with Martin Cadillac service.

Six months ago I took my car in for just an oil change, they come back with a need for an $800 brake job. At the time I didn't have that kind of money so I went to Jim Matson, just to be sure. His cost to replace brake pads was $300 but he told me it wasn't necessary yet because I had about 35 -40% life left.

For whatever reason I checked back with Martin Cadillac when my coolant level indicator went off,  just to get diagnosis to loop back to Jim Matson. Sometimes the electronics can be tricky for him to deal with in his shop, but overall I trust his mechanic's ability to fix things that need fixin'.

First of all, they want to charge me $70, just to sniff at it THEN a couple hours later they tell me I need my water pump replaced to the tune of $600. I balk and tell them I'm calling my trusty mechanic. Ten minutes later they lower their price to $465.  I ended up going to Matson, who charged me half as much.

Sounds like price gauging. Don't they know that Jesus hates liars?

Kevin B. | 2010-02-24

I've NEVER had a problem with martins service, Reggie and Danny are both good guys and Robert Harlow is GREAT. Some people are just born to complain and thats just it. Martin is great for service and I've used them for years on vehicles I bought there & elsewhere. What do people want? service @ $20 an hour? no problem just don't factor in their payroll, rent, ins. etc. etc...... Keep up the good work guys!

Ken W. | 2010-01-11

I pulled my suv into martin's service center and they quoted me 5700.00 for a new transmission and a transfer case for my gmc suv.  I had a suspicion they were layering on some fluff and took the car to a local aamco.  My car definitely needed the work but they did it for HALF the cost and provided the same warranty on the work.   I backed out of there real quick.

Andrew B. | 2010-01-11

This dealer has filled me with disappointment and irritation. I have purchased my Escalade from these guys, expecting a nice and fair treatment considering it's an expensive brand. I guess I was wrong! Even if the sale process went well, their incompetence managed (amongst other things) to mess up my registration with the DMV, that includes misspelling not only my first and last name, but my address as well. Employees there also seems to have anger management issues and some sort of ADD. They really should think about the way to treat paying customers rather than being harassing and careless. It looked like they were busier making jokes with each other rather than taking business seriously. One thing is for sure: my next car won't come out of their doors, period.

Joe M. | 2009-12-13

I'm a bit surprised by the negative reviews on here, as I've had pretty good experiences with Martin.

I've taken my Pontiac to their shop for routine maintenance, collision repair and mechanical repairs including a new water pump, alternator and power windows.

While they are expensive, I've found their work to be excellent.  They do try to upsell you on extra services, but not in a way that's too high pressure or sleazy.

Recently, I worked with Chris Hines to get my alternator fixed.  He was very professional and kept me in the loop on the progress with my car.  He even gave me a $25 discount when the part was late in arriving.

A few years ago, I had some collision damage repaired and the work was EXCELLENT.  After a pretty serious accident, they made the car look like it had just rolled out of the factory.  3+ years later, the workmanship and paint have held up beautifully.

T. V. | 2009-10-30

These guys are the worst. I dealt with someone named Oscar in their service department that was a real creep and this place is expensive as hell.

Avoid Martin Cadillac.

Felicia T. | 2009-09-24

This is sadly where i bought my car. And while they do offer free car washes for life (as part of car purchase), be prepared to wait an hour to 2 (No JOKE!) to get the car washed. I think they only have 1 person washing 20 cars in an hour or something.

with that kind of a wait, i rather take my car to a carwash and pay $15-$20. I get in and out, in under 20 min usually.

Also, i was to get 5 free oil changes with the car purchase as well. After using 2, and i came back for 3rd, they informed me that they no longer honor that. huh? really? And i guess i had to take their word for it. They did give me a discount on that day's oil change, since i already brought the car in.

This is probably the last straw- Today i called and inquired about making an appointment for an oil change (i have been screwed over by Jiffy Lube so much, i swore to treat my car to a better oil change at the dealership). I asked how much it would be. Was told $45. for a basic oil change! I can get the same 21 point service at EZ Lube for $35 (and $21.99 with their all year round coupon). And i would save myself an hour of wait.

Just horrible experience. This 1 star is for the fact that  i did get a car there and i am happy with it so far.

D J. | 2009-08-28

Awful, Expensive, and Incompetent.  
Time and time again this place has misdiagnosed my car, damaged it, or just plain wasted my time and overcharged me.  They have also  screwed up body work from their AAA recommended body shop, terrible work.  I had to have them redo it.
Last time I went there they had my car for two days and were unsure of the problem still....quoted me over $600 to maybe fix it....I took it to another 10 mins they discovered I was low on fluid.  problem solved...they didn't even charge me.

Never again Martin Cadillac.

Double O. | 2009-08-02


Tim Endo, the "service manager" is terrible, and Tina Flores isn't much better. His people drove my car 40 miles, emptied the gas tank, put my average miles per gallon down to 8.4, gave the car back filthy and THEY DIDN'T EVEN FIX THE PROBLEM IT WENT IN FOR!

They offered me a free tank of gas. HA!

I reported them to GM corporate for their bs, and the Better Business Bureau. This place is a disgrace to GM. Their rating on the BBB is an F for a reason.

Caroline A. | 2009-03-23

Martin Cadillac has changed its policy regarding service of the cars sold.
They have withdrawn what they call the VIC service which was that your service was covered along with your warantee and that you could have a free rental car along with the service until your car was returned.  They sent out no notice that this VIC program was canceled and they demanded that I pay approximately a hundred dollars for the first service on the car. In addition they said that they would no longer pay for a rental car after one day.  The only time I ever needed a rental car for more than a day was when the car was not ready as promised.  The legal principal involved is called abrogating a contract.  I bought the car based on the VIC program and they cannot change that contract retroactively.  General Motors won't help so I am warning all of you, this is not legal and if you are relying on them to honor their contracts WATCH OUT