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Specialties is southern California's #1 choice when it comes to selling your car! We specialize in vehicles that are model years 2000 and up! If you have a vehicle that is 2000 and newer, we will buy it and pay you top value instantly. provides you with a comfortable, stress-free, and friendly approach when it comes to selling your car. You don't have to go through the hassle of selling it yourself or going to multiple dealerships to get quotes. YOU WILL receive the highest value for your car here. It's easy to start the process and get paid INSTANT cash today! Give us a call or go on our website to get a quick quote!


Established in 2012.

Our parent company, Beverly Hills Unique Sports Cars has been in business for almost 20 years, serving all parts of Southern California.  We truly believe and understand that excellent customer service and building great relationships is the only way to do business.  We are friendly, knowledgeable, honest, and committed to providing the best approach when it comes to selling your car.  Give us a call and we'd be happy to explain the process and answer your questions!


Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(323) 936-2277
Address:1416 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90019
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Instantautotrade

Nestor R. | 2013-04-20

I came to this place looking to sell my car. They offered to beat my carmax appraisal and didn't let me down. I got $500 more than what carmax offered even though the appraisal offer had expired 2 weeks before. These guys even offered to buy me lunch and a give me a ride home. The process was fast and comfortable, easy people to deal with.
Carmax offers great customer service and a fair appraisal but instant auto trade/Beverly hills unique sports cars is on another level.

Joshua F. | 2013-03-05

hands down the best service and business attitude your looking for. I needed to sell my 2008 scion and I called in and I spoke with Mike.Ask for MIKE! he was real helpful and honest from get go. I told him I was looking for decent price for my car. I posted my car on auto trader and Craig's with not much bite. I even went to get an quote from Car max which was a complete waste of time. I went to Car max in the morning and only got a bunch of attitude. I called up Mike and told him I'm taking my car to him  to see what he would offer. He offered me about 800dlls more than Car max! I highly recommend this place and ask for Mike!

Sergio r. | 2013-03-01

I contacted Mike to sell my 2009 Chevy  Aveo. I needed to sell it because I needed a lawyer to pursue litigation against Cal State Northridge for violating my student rights.

Mike was very polite and professional throughout the process. Initially, I took my car to Carmax for a quote. Jesus, Carmax literally tried to rip me off. My car did need some minor repairs, but it definitely was worth more than they were offering ($3500).

Mike did offer initially $5000, but I did take car back home to think about the offer. I contacted him a few weeks later, and the offer shrunk a little to $4300. I don't blame him for offering me a little less than what he stated because I did leave. Also, bear in mind that he do didn't a full inspection the first time I came in, so the $5000 he offered may not have entirely accurate.

The car as mentioned did need a list of repairs, and considering CarMax's price, this was still a decent offer, not a great offer by any means, but a decent offer.  I took him up on the offer, and the deal was done.

As mentioned Mike was very polite and honest about the repairs the car needed. I didn't agree with his assessment as far as the repairs just the price.

Still he made a fair offer and considering that the car was not highly in demand (one of the reasons he gave me for the price), and needed repairs, that's the best way I can describe it is that it was a fair offer.

Mike even drove me back home. We talked about Northridge, and life. He really is a good guy that will listen to you.

Consequently, I still have enough money left to buy a used car even after hiring an attorney, so I do recommend InstantAutotrade. If you can't find anyone else to offer you a fair deal, this is the place to go to.

M A. | 2013-02-05

Friendly and professional. Needed to sell my Pathfinder and they beat Carmax and the Nissan dealership's offer by a fair amount.  Mike and Danny came out to my work in Carson to appraise and made an offer on the spot. They even let me keep title and one set of keys until their check cleared the bank. Just awesome to do business with!

Alex C. | 2012-10-18

After getting my car appraised at Carmax, I wanted to get a second opinion. I called Instant Auto Trade and was able to arrange a same-day appointment. Although there isn't much signage and parking was minimal, they were easy to work with and they beat Carmax's offer. I brought my Carmax offer, title, and registration with me, and they took care of the paperwork. They also gave me a ride back to my office. Most importantly, I got a check on the spot for my car and deposited it that night. I would work with Mike and Danny again in the future.

Dan C. | 2012-09-25

If you want to sell your car and you don't care to deal with the hassle of marketing  it privately I highly recommend you stop in and introduce yourself to Danny or Mike.

I had a  good idea of what my vehicle was worth and Danny offered me a very fair price.

You might be able to squeeze a few more bucks out of your used car, depending on its age and condition, but this process was very smooth. Danny dealt with me in good faith and with a sense of integrity.  And I believe that's a very strong recommendation.

I talked to two other buyers but I didn't get the  feeling that they were either flexible or honest in their appraisal of my particular car.  

I'm giving Instnatautotrade  five stars because the car market is rather treacherous and my impression is that these guys are fair. Sure, they need to make money on your car, but they're straightforward in their approach.

Rebecca G. | 2012-08-27

I was trying to sell my brand new 2012 BMW 528i and found their website by Googling. After talking to Mike on the phone for less than 30 mins, I was given a fair offer which was $1,000 over carmax. Then, He and Armin came to my house two days later. They did a quick inspection (about 10 - 15mins), and I was given a company check right away. If you are looking for a quick, hassle-free sale with secure payment, sell your car to them!

Patrick N. | 2012-07-17

I purchased a 2012 Camaro and 3 months later we find out that my wife is pregnant. Needing to sell my car for something more "family friendly" I searched online and found instantautotrade. The team of Mike and Danny are genuinely sincere and truly do their best to help. I went to Carmax and they gave me their 1 week quote. Mike said he would beat their offer and sure enough they did and the whole process took about  30min!! Best of all, there is no pushy salesman games at this dealership. They just give you the best price whether you buy another car from them or not. Once we decide on a four door car or SUV we will be seeing Mike and Danny to purchase.  If I could I would give them 6 stars!

Brian S. | 2012-06-30

**Beware of 5 star reviews.No place is perfect. Listen to my story.**

Previously my wife had went to carmax to get an appraisal. She had a week to decide on what to do. She went on a search for places who buy vehicles in los angeles. Voila!!...

Here pops up a search result with 5 star reviews and etcetera. People are raving about how great mike was.(Mike was indeed a nice guy,can lay it on thick at times,but still a nice guy)

My wife calls on the phone and Mike gives her a quote over the phone.Their website claims that they give a better deal than carmax. Location wasn't too far. Everything sounded positive and he even offered to drop my wife off if she agreed to sell her car.

She was on her way up there and strike parking availability. Street signs say no parking during 4 to 7pm,so where did she park? alley located on the side of the "reputable" dealership. She asked "where do the customers park?".He says "I dunno".smh.

Mike popped the hood and examined the car in the "ALLEY". He goes inside and gets his random coworker to check it out also. Mike asks if he can test drive it,they proceed and come back to the inside of the lot this time. She anticipated an offer but Mike had to talk with the "money team" before coming back with his henchman,lets call him "Simon Cowell". All my wife wants is a price for her vehicle. One flat offer. "Simon Cowell" is over here circling the car just totally ripping my wife's car into shreds. "Oh,there's a scratch here and the paint needs a new job,we can't sell this,the brake light is cracked,there's oil on the engine that's a oil leak (oil leak was pure bullshit) and we need to replace the fender"(this and the stuff other than the oil leak was true). The car did need work,100 percent cosmetic. That is totally beside the point.

"Simon Cowell" was not a mechanic,just a simple car salesman who was berating my wife due to the appearance of her vehicle and how she looked. He had no clue that my wife just got a 2012 jetta from a real dealership days before. (No fancy homemade mom and pop shop) All my wife wanted was a solid quote and she deserved one without all of the shenanigans about what he would have to do with the car. That was not the purpose of my wife's visit. Just a solid quote. The quote given was worse than carmax and the way they handled her was inappropriate for what was advertised.

Bottom line,if you are gonna get screwed by a dealership, go to carmax.Don't  go here unless you wanna get your car probed by "Simon". At carmax they give you a quote for the appraisal and its a simple "take it or leave it" approach. They don't attempt in convincing you that your car is less than what they offer. It is one quote that is non negotiable.

James L. | 2012-06-27

I'm sooo glad I found this company. I recently had a baby and I needed to sell my car for a decent price. I had 2 options, either sell it on my own and deal with scams and low-ballers OR sell it to a company like CARMAX or something similar. I found through YELP and was impressed with how easy it was to set up an appointment and bring my car down. I met with Mike & Armin, they took me through the whole process, inspected my car, and made me an offer right away. The service at this place is really good. They made me feel comfortable and the whole process took less than 1 hour. Call them if you need to sell your car!

Diane W. | 2012-06-23

Easy and Breezy, this place is the best place to go to if you would like to sell your car to a dealership. They offer very fair prices and pay you on the spot. The whole experience was fast and hassle free. Mike is a honest, very down to earth nice guy, he even offered to give me a ride back after I sold my car! Thank you Mike, I'll surely contact you later when I want to buy a car :)

Cassandra C. | 2012-05-11

So glad we found Mike and Danny!! You guys ROCK!!!  
We first tried to sell our Acura TSX car on craigslist and some other sites and got nowhere fast. We needed to sell our vehicle before we went to Europe so time was not our friend.  We got calls and emails and about most of them were scams only a couple of people really interested but then never call back . It all ended up being such a waste of time and effort and we needed to sell this yesterday!
My husband finally found  about http://Instantautotrad on craigslist . He talked to Mike on the phone and guaranteed he could buy our car for a fair price. We were able to bring in our Acura TSX right away for an inspection and we were so happy at how fast easy it was!  I met with both Mike and Danny who looked over the car and made us a good offer.  We gladly accepted and were given a check right away.  All the necessary paperwork was completed right there and we finally got the car sold. We also had a few cameras for sale and Danny bought one of them...every little bit helps when your on a budget! He also has a friend that checked out a watch we wanted to sell, gave use the 411 on it...Danny knows a lot of people. Oh and steered us in the direction of some fine food....."City Best Chicken"
I do have to say you will not find nicer car dealers any place. Thank you Danny and Mike!!!
PS: It was great talking to you both about traveling...if your in Europe in the next year look us up, well save a place in the RV for you!

Jessica Y. | 2012-05-02

Ughh I never knew selling a car can be so hard!!!  My mom had a 2005 Lexus SUV that needed to be sold.  I first tried to sell this car on craigslist and got nowhere.  I got lots of calls and emails and about half of them were scams.  The other half were people that basically wanted my mom's car for free.  It all ended up being such a waste of time and effort.  I could've been catching up on my the real housewives of oc -.-  thank goodness my friend told me about and I called and spoke with Armin.  I was able to bring in my mom's car right away for an inspection and I was so surprised at how easy it was!  I met with both Mike and Armin who looked over the car and made me an offer.  I gladly accepted and was given a check right away.  all the necessary paperwork was completed right there and we finally got the car sold.  Thank you Mike and Armin!!!