Hornburg Los Angeles Service in Los Angeles, CA

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In today's market, it makes sense to maintain the health of your vehicle. At Jaguar Land Rover Los Angeles, is it our goal to ensure that our workmanship and your experience with our service department meet the highest standards.  Our owners know the importance of protecting their vehicles by depending on us. Our service center is employed with the factory-trained technicians, an honest and knowledgeable staff, and state-of-the-art equipment.

Hornburg Los Angeles Service

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(323) 469-7271
Address:1520 Wilcox Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90028
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Hornburg Los Angeles Service

Ted C. | 2015-04-18

Hit a garbage can in the HH Hills with my pax side mirror.  The mirror came out and the blind spot indicator failed.  Didn't make an appointment and dropped by in the morning to see if they could fix it.  I was willing to leave the car.  However, Larry my service advisor worked on it himself.  A service technician needed to work on it as well.  In less then 20 minutes it was fixed...they even cleaned the mirror....and no bill.  Its amazing to have such service like this these days.  I won't get the Jaguar automated Survey since there was no bill but compelled to share their outstanding level of service. Appreciate Larry and his team a lot.  Keep up the great work.

Won L. | 2015-04-10

I was afraid of making an appointment here after seeing some of the bad reviews. Having already serviced here in the past, I went ahead and had my Range Rover Sport 2011 serviced.  My service advisor, Reid, whom I had asked for based on a few good reviews was friendly and carefully explained what needed to be done. He suggested not having my car fully serviced since it had low miles. Instead his suggestion was to just do an oil change and save money. He also noted to have a recall issue addressed and a parking brake issue looked at. All went without a hitch and overall my experience here was rather pleasant. I have been to many BMW service centers over many years and I would say the level of service was on par if not better.

Also, the rental car service was exceptionally smooth. The person in charge of that was Phil who was very courteous and professional.

LG P. | 2015-03-23

When I purchased my 2006 Range Rover Sport I wanted any and all repairs/servicing done right. So I've been taking it to Hornburg. I can't say enough about the SUPERB COSTUMER SERVICE I've received from Richard Sherman over the years. He has always been professional and helpful. At no point did I ever feel taken advantage of, over charged or mistreated. In fact, there were more times I've received discounts that made me feel I was getting over on them.

Richard has definitely made my experience with Hornburg worth coming back to as long as I own my RR. And if I bark at every repair/service charge for having a luxury SUV then perhaps I should've bought a Honda. So when I read other reviews from people complaining about the service they received and specifically naming someone as the main culprit, I look for facts and specific situations they've experienced that's more likely to have happen than not and research other reviews they've written. When most of their reviews are negative then I assume they are just an unhappy disgruntled person in general and hate their life.

So before you take to your computer to write a horrible review and call someone out by his or her name make sure you recognize the mood you're in first and if your review (negative or positive) is going to be helpful. I find negative reviews helpful if backed by facts and/or a detailed account of events, otherwise it reads as a spoiled person's rant. Hateful, rude, mean comments only makes you look like a buffoon. Especially when majority of your reviews are negative.

Richard has always provided me with excellent service and has always taken care of my vehicle and me. If and whenever the day comes I feel Hornburg dropped the ball with servicing my RR, I will make sure to provide a review consumers can use so they can make a smart decision appose to using YELP as a place to rant when things don't go my way. Start a blog if that's the therapy you need.

Rebecca G. | 2015-02-18

Despite popular belief, they are reasonably priced. I've shopped around for services being recommended and have always ended up doing my services there. They come close to other shops but when you have factory trained staff and mechanics I am happy to pay a little extra. Having said that, they have been cheaper on some services as well. I always leave a happy customer!

Palm Springs G. | 2015-02-16

We've been taking our Range Rovers here for years... mostly because of the convenience. Even though we are  generally satisfied with the work that is done, which is always expensive, the customer service at Hornburg LA Service is horrible.

Richard Sherman is an incompetent, unethical, lying cheat and buffoon. He is condescending, doesn't follow up with what he says he will, and just doesn't do his job.

Last week, we dropped our RR off for an early morning appointment. The end of the day rolls around with no communications from Richard. This is his MO. He goes missing and has incoming calls go to voicemail until he leaves for the day. In any event, I finally called after not hearing from Richard, which clearly I should have done earlier and regularly.... NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE. Richard doesn't apologize. He just said his guys were busy and he'll see if they can get them on it the next day.

This last time I finally did what I should have done all the times before. I told Richard to forget about doing any work. I went to pick up our car and he was still unapologetic and rude... He is always really fake and tries to act like he knows what he's talking about. He also tries to act like he is doing you a favor. But this guy is a super weak link for Hornburg and the LandRover brand. I can't believe the dealership puts up with this kind of incompetence.

I encourage you not to bring your vehicle to Hornburg LA Service. If you do, avoid Richard Sherman at all cost!

If anyone reading this can recommend an alternative to Hornburg, please let me know!

Ellis C. | 2015-01-31

I've been goetting my car here for the last couple of years.I have never felt the necessity nor have I desired 9to reflect a negative comment on Yelp or anywhere else on the internet.But the service or lack thereof that I received from service consultant Richard Sherman waso terrible and inept.Without the time or energy  to go into it let's just say His lack of people skills and insultingp nature can only make one question the ethics of this establishment .There need to push you toward questionable services and/or unnecessary work supercedes their mission to provide true customer service and consequential customer loyalty!

Lord A. | 2015-01-13

Just had my car serviced and they took care of an issue that turned out to be a simple fix. I went to grab a coffee and my Service guy Richard Sherman called me when it was ready which only took him 20 minutes to have it done. I am extremely pleased with this repair center and its friendly staff. You guys seriously rock!!!

James K. | 2015-01-13

I highly recommend asking for Marwon and Reid when you go here because they definitely know how to treat their customers. I came here for maintenance on my range rover evoque recently and had a bad customer service experience. Marwon contacted me after and apologized and gave me complimentary service on my vehicle fixing all the little problems I had with my vehicle and also replacing my brake pads! I was really impressed with this place after I picked up my car. Two thumbs up to Marwon also Reid was great as well. The guy working with the rental cars was awesome as well.

Hamid A. | 2015-01-08

Entire service team is very helpful! Service 2 cars here and they are great to work with.

Tehmina S. | 2015-01-05

Fantastic service. Ask for Dino, he's the man to work with to seal the deal. Made me one happy girl!

L S. | 2014-12-29

I've been here twice in the last few months.  My service consultant Larry and service Manager Marwan are awesome! Larry calls to follow up and  provides great service. Marwan is professional and  his sense of urgency to take care of the Custoner is remarkable. Although, Santa Monica Hornburg is closer to me I will continue servicing my car here.

Zach C. | 2014-12-20

What a shit show!!

I wish they had a negative star option - as I can't even give them one star.

I have taken my vehicle there 4-5 times for repairs or problems.  I cannot recall one time that I walked away with a good experience.  On the last visit - I ordered a replacement key for my Range Rover.  I had to return to the shop 3 times in order to finally get a key that worked.  Having to take off work 3 times within a  month to get a new key for my car is absolutely horrible.  Not only did the staff show no remorse for the situation - they showed nothing but poor customer service when dealing with my obvious frustration. The other numerous experiences for problems with the car were just as horrible.  The motion detection unit I paid hundreds of dollars to replace has still never been installed properly.  The second to last time I brought in the car for a Warning notice that said a tire was flat.  After hundreds of dollars to fix - I still drove off the lot with the same warning sign - and then had a flat tire 2 weeks later.  The people here show no care or interest in the customer - which is sad with the amount of money they charge for their services.  Skip the bottled water in the lobby - and spend the money on customer relations and skilled employees!

I have had my Range Rover for 5 years - and am in the market for a new car.  Due to the experience alone at this repair center over the last 5 years has convinced me to not purchase through Range Rover again.

Ghazal A. | 2014-11-11

The very best service i ever received from any dealership ,i guess i should thank mike and marwan for taking care of my car.thanks guys .

Tina A. | 2014-11-10

I recently visited these people for my boss's car ,it took my service writer (Reid)15 min to take me in and out.he provided the best customer service ever.very friendly people.i picked up the car in a perfect condition and washed:D .i was happy i don't have to take it to car wash .Reid is the man to get things done ,and get it done quick .
very impressed with the service they provided me .

Imraan A. | 2014-11-10

Great service,great people ! I was thoroughly impressed by Richard Sherman when I was there recently . He went out of his way to be helpful and was polite and professional .Humorous too , The whole service department is completely focused on customer service and they are very professional . Great job guys!

Nesh S. | 2014-10-29

I have been servicing my cars there for years and could not be more happy with the customer service! From A-Z everything is first class!

Mike H. | 2014-10-16

I used to go the Santa Monica service center and was skeptical of coming to Hornburg LA service because of the reviews. However I have had nothing but the best experience here. They are all very friendly and always take good care of my rover in a timely manner. Patty takes care of my loaner needs and scheduling.

Marine Y. | 2014-10-06

beware folks. the loaner cars they give are dangerous to drive and faulty. the first time they gave me a loaner jaguar whose trunk popped open while i was driving 65 es miles per hour on the freeway.   i managed to pull to the side without getting into a serious car accident and close the trunk shut.  a few miles later, the same thing happened and i was forced to exit the freeway and drive with a fully open trunk from santa monica to hollywood.  needless to say, it was a very scary and dangerous ordeal and all that was offered to me was an insensitive appology and a refund on the insurance coverage.   ive taken my car in twice to this locaiton due to the proximity to my house (i purchased my car from cerritos land rover.)  in addition to the loaner cars malfunctioning, both loaner cars provided were totally empty on gas and filthy from the inside and out.  i will no longer be doing business with hornburg jaguar.

Kim W. | 2014-09-30

Today, LandRover lost another customer.  After having my car serviced there for several years, I sent my nanny to pick up the car.  I called in to give them my credit card and they said they do not take credit cards over the phone, that I'd have to fax the information (who has a fax in this century?)  I asked if they could email it, they rudely said they couldnt' because it wasn't secure. When I argued the fax isn't secure, they hung up on me!

I called back and told them I wouldn't be able to make it in by 6pm so they said I'd have to keep the loaner car another day but that they would have to charge me because I'm at my limit.  When I phoned my sales rep, he said he'd take the credit card over email.  My poor nanny and 5 year have now been sitting there for an hour.  

I will never go back to this dealership again because of the rude behavior of the people at the desk.

Michael R. | 2014-09-18

This was the worst service center I've ever been to. When I had a 2004 Range Rover, due to location I continually came back here. I've probably spent over $20K in repairs here. some of which seem to be their fault. After every service my vehicle's health declined until' I finally got rid of it.

The one service that bothered me was when they replaced the transmission cooler. Some time after that, the vehicle started giving a transmission fault when hot. if I let it cool it would drive a little more then give a fault.

When I had it towed in, they told me that I needed a new transmission. I told them about it running fine while cool. He kept saying that I needed a new transmission and charged me about $6K. Several months later when I thought about the whole ordeal I looked through my receipts and couldn't find one that showed the transmission was replaced. I think he ripped me off on this one but I let too much time go by.

Then the vehicle began to have quite a bit of play in the drive train. He tried to feed me some bs that it was due to a loose chain in the gearbox and I needed a new gear box.

They also completely screwed up the cooling system and the vehicle continually over pressurized and cracked the reservoir.

I will never take my 2012 SC to this service center. I'd tow it 200 miles away if I have to.

Jeffrey H. | 2014-09-15

SO mad. $1,000 worth of 'work' a couple of months ago and I'm having the Land Rover towed to a different repair shop today. What a rip off.

PE T. | 2014-08-16

I'm with Jim H. in is post here. I always take things I read on here, good or bad, with a big grain of salt, because customers can be jerks just as easily as can vendors, restauranteurs, service providers, etc. That being said, I wanted to add my own positive history with Hornburg to this list.

I've relied on the Hornburg Service Department ever since I bought my '97 Defender new. First with Robert, more recently with Larry, these guys have always been first-class professionals AND helpful. When I've had it in for a tune-up or regular servicing, I always ask them to get in touch once they look it over and let me know a)  what NEEDS to be done and then b) what else I should CONSIDER doing, then or in the near future. They've always followed through with that and played straight in dealing with me.

The only issue I've had is that it can be hard to get in touch with a service adviser if you call in, but that's just because they can be very busy. Larry doesn't just sit at his desk; he's back in the shop making sure the guys know what he wants from them and making sure he knows what they've discovered. I even had my rig towed there recently - which doesn't exactly leave one in the best bargaining position - and I was glad it was going to Hornburg and not some other mechanic who would probably have tried to jack me.

Larry may seem like a curmudgeon, but he has a heart of gold. Do right by him and he will treat you right in return.

Cheri. A G. | 2014-07-02

I have been here 3 or 4 times for routine work and I have been very happy with their work and the friendliness of the service department.

Jim H. | 2014-06-30

Don't quite understand the other reviews.  I've been using them for the last 4 years.  On my second Jag so not unfamiliar with the cars.  Have restored and still drive an older British car.  Also drive an Audi and have had Toyotas.  Prices for service and complexity of issues are in line with those cars.  Service has always been professional and thorough.  When additional work required, we discussed and I understood the faults.  On a more complex electrical fault, it took a few days to sort but they did...and since the computer diagnostic led them down a wrong path, they didn't charge for the more expensive module that was actually at fault...and that their service man found.
Mike has always taken care of me and the rest of the staff have been quite personable.

I don't think I'm a one off as I'm not famous or wealthy - just a guy who likes cars and appreciates professional service.

Sandra C. | 2014-05-01

Had the absolute worst experience at the service center trying to just pick up my key and was bombarded by a bunch of rude idiots, that could do nothing but "point and pass the buck!!!"
I would get better service at the 99 cent store...
Not one person, from the guys in the parking lot to the receptionist to the lazy ass salesmen could assist me to find "Barry" who had my key!!!
I went from the receptionist who pointed to some sales guys, who pointed to a back office that was empty, back to more sales guys who said he was outside back to the parking guys who pointed to a group of other guys... I said : does anyone here know where Barry is???
Barry slowly raises his hand,
I said I need the key...Barry points me back to the receptionist!!!!
I said: can you help me out here?Everyone is giving me the run around, can you please take me to my key?!!!
Reluctantly he takes me right back where I started from...The receptionist! !!
Where was it? In front of her face, on her desk! !!!
Really ,Hornburg of Hollywood?
I guess they dont have very good communication skills, and their customer service is despicable!!!
Don't frequent this location.

Kelvin S. | 2014-03-28

BY FAR! The worse range rover shop around. Went to get headlight fixed and they charged me 75 bucks just to tell me i need a new (525$) bulb! RIP OFF! #CROOKS

Tom M. | 2014-03-06

This review has been edited after some reflection. Invective has been removed. I also complained bitterly about a $100 deduction but I see now that this is part of my warranty. It may not have been communicated so well but it is my obligation. With that Mea Culpa - on with the review.

My Land Rover wouldn't start on Saturday. I had the starter changed (under external warranty) by Hornburg service several months before. I had Land Rover Assist. I called Land Rover Assist thinking how easy it would be to get my car taken straight to a sympathetic dealer.

Come Tuesday - they were of course far too busy on Monday - come Tuesday they have a look  and tell me the starter relay has gone. Ok I think, that pushes into a slot behind the carpet in the footwell, any easy fix surely. I'm telling myself to stay calm, sure it's been two days to do a 5 minute job but at least I'll get the car back.

I then have a call from my 'Sales Advisor' telling me it will take most of the day to change the relay. I'm surprised but just agree. He tells me my warranty will cover it so now I just don't care. Fix it and give it back.

So Thursday AM I go to pick it up. I look at my receipt and they've had authorization from my external warranty to drop the transmission and change a seal. That was a surprise to me. I wasn't explicitly asked if the work could be carried out. It mattered because we needed the car so urgently and I expected a simple relay swap to take minutes - not 4 days! - After I complained I the Sales Advisor seemed surprised and assured me he left a voicemail. I checked and don't have one. My advice now would be to get verbal confirmation for any work that's going to delay the return of the car. Of course if Hornburg management would give out loan cars none of this would be an issue.

Bullet points:

- Slow!
- No loan car
- Miscommunications
- Expensive without warranty

Thom F. | 2013-11-21

Hornburg Jaguar service department is the absolute worst pack of crooks and criminals I have ever encountered. It's mind numbing how inconceivably inept they are. On my 3rd attempt there to correct the damage they did during a routine computer reset,  they broke a part on my car and then had the audacity to tell me they will get a quote to fix the damaged part.  The part they broke!  Michael C, the service advisor, has a tendency to diagnose the problem over the phone without seeing the car, and Marwan, the Service manager is a contemptuous and combative, wholly arrogant and unhelpful little man, who would rather berate than solve the problem.

I really recommend you never bring your car here. Ever.

Arman A. | 2013-08-02

I'd like to start off by saying I created a Yelp account just to express how frustrated I am with this dealership/service center, and I am hesitant to even give them 1 star as they really deserve 0 stars.

My nightmare with this dealership started last year in August 2012.  I purchased a 3rd party warranty through them which turned out to be a mess once I took my car for service.  To cut it short, my car was kept there for over 3 weeks, I was charged for rental car, and there were items missing from my car once I picked it up (the headphones that come with the supercharged model for the rear entertainment system).  I had repairs done to the car with their "genuine Land Rover parts and labor" as they like to call it.

After less than a year, I started experiencing the same problems with the car.  I called in to speak to the service person that had originally so called "helped" me, Larry.  I told him the problem and before I can even finish he said its not covered under warranty.  I explained to him that the repair service agreement I am holding clearly states "...the cost of installation is covered for 1 year from the date of sale with unlimited mileage.  Parts replaced during the new car warranty period will have the balance of the new car warranty for 1 year unlimited mileage, whichever is greater."

So what did Mr. Larry do after I told him this, HE HUNG UP ON ME! Now I have different ways of dealing with imbeciles such as Larry, but I figured the best way was to call back and express my frustration, because who knows what I would have done if I had driven to see him in person.  Of course he didn't pick up the phone, so I expressed what an idiot he is for hanging up on me which calmed me down a little bit.  

I have already filed a complaint with Land Rover of North America, and I don't know where that will take me.  In conclusion, STAY AWAY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP AND SERVICE CENTER!

Adeline A. | 2013-07-29

I have owned different Range Rovers and serviced them all in Nevada, Texas and CA.  The service center in Hollywood is full of capable and friendly staff.  From the host, to the service rep (mine was Michael), to the cashier and even the rental car woman, they were incredibly professional and effective.

I am SO happy to be back in Los Angeles to receive such excellent service on my car.  Thank you guys!  You are an outstanding outfit.  I can't wait for the renovations to be done!

George Y. | 2013-06-25

I am reluctant to even giving a star to this review ( unfortunately I couldn't remove it). After being suckered into bringing my 2003 Land Rover Discovery (less than 34,000 miles driven) into Hornburg Land Rover LA on Wilcox Ave for a so called "Complimentary Service Clinic", I nearly had a heart attack when my service quotation came out to $6,043.66. What??? Am I in a robbery in progress or a Complimentary Service Clinic??? I don't remember wearing a T Shirt saying "rob me, I'm rich"......

Anyway, a long story short... Thank God I have enough sense to get a second opinion and searched YELP. "Mitchell's British Automotive" came up and with stellar reviews. I brought my car right in and was met by Ian and Glen (Ex Hornburg). Not only was Ian and Glen an absolute professionals they reassured me that the repairs would be economical and only if need be. So I went from a would be $6,043.66 financial hemorrhage to a $576.68 full service necessary repair from Mitchell's. I couldn't be more thrilled and will certainly know where to go the next time my car needs servicing. Great professional guys, extremely informative, very patient and understanding, Great place all the way. Save yourself a cardiac arrest and head over to Mitchell's. It's totally worth it. Thanks a million, which would have cost me at Hornburg, Ian and Glen!!!

P. S. To add insult to injury, Hornburg emailed me a survey asking for my opinion. (Whah ha ha ha......) Dumburg.....

Greg S. | 2012-09-05

If you really want to get screwed- this is the place.
I guarantee at least a $1,000 service bill for requesting an oil change.
No respect for loyalty to Hornburg.
Sales are down so service must increase profit margin.

Todd R. | 2012-08-07

I wouldn't trust these guys with anything except the ability to steal. They mislead, misdiagnose and overcharge. While there, I watched one of the service managers call a woman to tell her they needed to put a gallon of gas in her car to test drive it and she has to authorize paying for it. They couldn't pop in a little gas? They couldn't figure out why my check engine light was on, yet wouldn't release the car unless I paid for the diagnosis. They overcharged me on something else. I will never, ever return there. It's obvious why there are more Mercedes on the road. My service with them is excellent and cordial. Mercedes wants to keep you as a customer. Jaguar wants to empty your wallet. Hornburg is the worst!

Ike W. | 2012-08-07

My range rover was brought here in may because I had been experiencing some electrical issues.  My service point person was Richard Sherman.  My car was here for 3 weeks before I heard anything. When Richard finally called me back he hit me with four thousand Dollars worth of things that were totally unrelated to the electrical issues that needed to be fixed in order for the car to run again.  I told him I would be paying out of pocket so I would need to focus on replacing the fuse box (in accordance with their diagnostic) and I paid $1,746 dollars. $1100 of that money was for LABOR the 5 and change was for the actual part.  The problem was not fixed. My RR still has the same exact problem.  When i got back in touch with Richard Sherman and told him the problem was not fixed, the convorsation was a terrible and unplesant.  He told me "they don't do free work" "we don't fix cars for free".  They will not fix the problem even though I paid almost $1800 and got nothing in return.  I have my theories about what went on, but I'm not going to go into that because I can't write that they are factual. The only thing that's factual is I paid this company $1800 and feel like I was scammed. I've had my RR towed to British Eurotech in Lawndale because of all the tremendous yelp reviews.

George T. | 2011-07-26

They use to be good but service has gone down lately. They gave me an estimate of $700 to get brakes done & I got them done somewhere else for $200. 2 days after they serviced my vehicle the check engine light came on & I was on the road. I called & they said bring it in when you get back. A month later I was back took it in but they didn't have time so I took it and they said no problem to use it just watch & make sure it doesn't flash which it never has. Took it in the other day when I got back again & now they want to charge me $158 just to check to see what is wrong & then whatever it cost to fix on top of that. Also told them that my spare tire might be loose & they said they had to charge me to check that & if it needed to be tightened they would have to charge me for that also. Spoke to manager & he basically said to bad. I would not ever do business there again. Use to be friendly & work with you now the have 0 customer service & are not friendly. I had been taking our car there for 5 years but never again. FIND SOMEONE ELSE THESE GUYS ARE RIP OFFS!!!

Rosario D. | 2010-09-08

I am copying this over from a review I placed when you search for Honburg Jaguar: yelp.com/biz/hornburg-ja… .  I just recently noticed this page.

I am reviewing the Hornburg Jaguar Service Department.

I have taken my Jaguar to them twice now. Both times, I have had to return the car back to the service department because the original problem would re-appear. ;(  

After the second servicing, though, the problem, each time, was fixed correctly.

They did not charge me for the second servicing. But this left me without a car for a second time. You all know how it is in LA. ;/  I have been to other Jaguar dealerships (in CT) that would provide me with a rental car. Hornburg Juguar (Service Department) does not have this policy.

Chris C. | 2009-05-27

I think they staff there could be a bit friendlier... but I think all in all they do a good job. I'm sorry to hear others haven't had as good as experience as I have.