Honda of Hollywood Automobiles in Los Angeles, CA

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We are your full service, family owned and operated Honda dealer in the heart of Hollywood. We sell new and used Hondas as well as offer certified Honda service from factory trained technicians as well as on site Body and Collision repair. We are your one stop shop for all your automobile needs. Located on Santa Monica Blvd between Highland and Vine.


Established in 1960.

We began as a single stall Motorcycle repair garage in 1930 and began selling Honda cars as well as motorcycles in 1960.

Honda of Hollywood Automobiles

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(323) 466-3251
Address:6511 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90038
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Honda of Hollywood Automobiles

Yrdyl S. | 2015-04-05

I came in here just to see if I can get a good deal for Honda Odyssey. MAC greeted us with a smile and asked how can he be of help.

Mac was great to work with. He is  very personable, courteous, friendly, and very helpful-no pushing. Overall minimal stress of what is a usually stressful endeavor he really made the experience amazing. Took his time going through the options without delaying the process. Went his way to please us to  keep what our budget is.
The manager Sam also helped us to reach a final deal which I really appreciated.

Normally car buying is a whole day thing, Mac got the deal done in just couple of hours or less.

 Anyone looking for a good salesmen and excellent service, MAC ALMIROL is the name.

Richard T. | 2015-03-17

I had a perfectly good tire to be installed and they couldn't get it to fit. After purchasing a new tire from the dealer I come to find it's been rubbing on the frame as well. I fixed it myself. Anybody want to buy a perfectly good tire? I'm out $150.00

Shant M. | 2015-03-17

They know how to lose a longtime customer.

I purchased a brand new 2009 Honda Odyssey from Honda of Hollywood many years ago. Since then, I have been a loyal customer. Although the closest Honda dealership to me is less than 4 miles away, I have consistently driven 20 miles to Honda of Hollywood for auto service. The last time I had my minivan serviced, I was told the front brake pads needed to be replaced. I decided to purchase the brake pads from the Parts Dept. to do the replacement myself given the $200+ charge for the repair. The brake pads cost about $85.

On March 16, 2015, I had a good deal of work done by Honda of Hollywood including: replace passenger side half-shaft, replace front brake pads, replace rear brake pads, wheel alignment, and B1 service. Before I agreed to having these repairs done, I told my service rep that I had purchased the front brake pads the last time I had service but never got around to changing the pads. I would agree to them replacing the brake pads so long as they would refund me on the pads I still had at home (unopened and in the original box). The service rep said it would not be a problem.

On March 17, I went to pick up the minivan and brought the brake pads with me. I paid $1,151.66 for the service, just as my rep had promised. I was then told by the cashier to take the brake pads to the Parts Dept. for them to print me a refund invoice. I placed the box on the counter and was immediately asked if I had a receipt. I told the parts clerk that I did not and that I had purchased the pads the last time I had service there a few months ago. I further explained that I just had THEM replace the pads for me, that I no longer needed the pads, and that I have the credit card that I used when I purchased the pads. Again, the clerk said that he needs a receipt. I asked if he could bring it up on his computer and he reiterated that he needs a receipt. I then said that I'll go talk to my service rep since he had agreed to take back the pads. The parts clerk responded that I can go talk to him but that "he doesn't work in this department" - as in it's not up to the service rep. Apparently, the Parts Dept. is its own autonomous entity within Honda of Hollywood that operates by its own rules and doesn't have the same interests as the rest of the dealership?

I met up with my service rep and told him that the parts clerk was refusing to take back the brake pads without a receipt. He headed back with me to the Parts Dept. and showed the clerk a copy of the receipt for the work I had just paid for. The service rep told the parts rep that this customer had just spent $1,150 on repairs including a brake job. The parts clerk reiterated that he needed a receipt and "that's the policy." The service rep told him that he can look up my purchase from my name or phone number on the current invoice. The parts clerk was visibly pissed off and didn't want to give an inch. Begrudgingly, he looked up my info and found the brake pad purchase. Then he responded with, "you said you bought these two months ago, they were purchased way back in 2014 - and we don't accept refunds after 30 days." I just let him have it at this point - I reminded him that I said "a few months ago" and not "two months ago." Furthermore, I told not to treat his customers like sh*t, that I had just spent over a thousand dollars on service (including the brake job for which I had bought the pads), had bought my minivan from them in the first place, and lastly, that the brake pads were not like milk. It was not as though the brake pads had gone bad! He reiterated that it was their "policy" and that he would allow the refund this one time but that I'd better not do it again. Apparently, he was doing me a favor and I should have been grateful to him. Rather,  I was royally pissed off and told him to check my transaction history to see if I'd EVER returned anything before. He didn't and instead said that he had printed a refund invoice at the cashier. The above exchange took several minutes and got quite heated. The level of utter disregard for the customer was shocking. The service rep was trying to do the right thing but was being challenged at every step by a parts clerk who was intent on flexing his muscle in his own department. Talk about being unable to see the forest from the trees...

What good is an front line employee (that interacts with customers) that can't think for himself and merely hides behind policies? He didn't need a receipt because he had the transaction in his PC. Not for a moment did he take into consideration that I had bought my car from them (which I pointed out), that I had just spent over a grand on service, that I had an extensive service history with them, that the brake pads were a non-perishable item, etc. In spite of my experience with the service rep being very positive, it's really hard to get over how mistreated I was by the parts clerk.

Honda of Hollywood has lost this once loyal customer.

Laura G. | 2015-03-13

Had a really terrible experience with their auto sales department. Their sales tactics are insulting. They offered me to trade in my lease for a car that was not nearly as nice for only $50 a month less payment. Only reason we went in was a lease trade in offer they mailed us. After we went in they basically said I was still upside down on the lease and would owe all this extra money. Why send me the damn offer then? Soured my whole feeling towards this place. Stopped taking my car there for service and have actually found better deals around town.

Armen Y. | 2015-03-12

Great customer service in Sales & Service!
Hayk & Mike the sales manager are great!
A.J. Is an excellent Internet Sales Manager, he listens to your needs & provides the utmost customer service!

Leanna M. | 2015-03-05

Hard to give anything more than 3 stars to a car dealership, but these guys definitely treated us fair. I always expect car salesmen to be pushy about up-selling and add-ons, but these guys gave me a square deal with no hidden fees. It was a big relief to do an easy and simple transaction after weeks of sleezy sales reps trying to swindle me. Definitely recommended, but like with ANY new car purchase, make sure that you know exactly what you want, exactly how much you want to pay, and that they have the car on the lot. Otherwise, it won't matter who you go to, you'll end up paying too much. Thanks to Yong and HofH.

Anthony J. | 2015-02-26

I just called his dealership because I purchased a motorcycle from there about three years ago. I called to get information because the motorcycle is paid off, and I needed to know the next step. The person who answered the phone this morning was named Maria, to begin with, her English is so bad I could not understand a word she was saying. I had to ask her to repeat what she was saying a couple times. This seemed to agitate Maria, and her customer service gotten increasingly worse. my question to the people at Honda of Hollywood, is what happened to good customer service?

Peter I. | 2015-02-19

These guys couldn't be worse. I should've paid attention to the horrible reviews. Classic bait and switch. We agreed on an out the door price. We had a meeting time and five minutes before that meeting time I get a call from the dealer saying that "unfortunately the car I was on my way up to buy just sold but we have other cars you might like. "

Normally I would give these guys the benefit of the doubt if they had positive reviews but as you can see in the other reviews this is clearly a pattern.

The Slimeball we were dealing with was named Yong.

Don't make the same mistake I did. Don't do business with these guys. They don't deserve even a second of consideration.  If I could give them zero stars I would or better yet negative stars.

Honda should be ashamed.

Mike M. | 2015-02-15

Upon moving to LA, my wife and I decided to do the 'safe' thing and take our cars here for service.  They were reasonably polite and well-organized, but somehow we magically needed some significant repair each time we brought our cars in for a oil change or other checkup.  After a few years of knowing we were probably getting hosed, we were skeptical about their most recent diagnoses of our vehicles (to the tune of $2000) and decided to look elsewhere.  We found a highly endorsed little shop in Hollywood who refuted the claims H of H made and fixed our problems (no, I didn't need new brakes or gas tank) for about $150 total.  
These guys make their bread and butter treating you nicely and getting you pony up for unnecessary and expensive repairs.  Proceed with caution when it comes to anything but the simplest service.

Christopher K. | 2015-02-09

While I didn't end up buying a Honda (went with a Mazda 3 from Star Mazda in Glendale) I have to say my first-ever dealing with a car dealership was great thanks to Honda of Hollywood's Julio. I would highly recommend this dealership, and Julio!

Roxi F. | 2015-01-31

I arrived at the dealership expecting to do research on the Honda Fit and I ended up driving off the property with a 2015 Honda Fit!

Sam was extremely nice and took me to a black Fit that still had plastic on the seats and the power wasn't even hooked up yet. I got exactly what I wanted and Raj helped me with an amazing price plan to afford it.

I could not be happier with it. :)

ReneRiz C. | 2015-01-26

My friend Harut (Manager, big man) took care of us as always!  That's why his thec Man! And we appreciate Son Yong Hoon's (sounds like Young) help.  Great service from beginning to end!  Highly recommend!

Alex M. | 2015-01-24

Went yesterday to buy a car for my friend. Overall experience: the sales person David was very nice and kind. Very professional approach. However, the floor manager with the strong Italian accent was not 100% the opposite but talking some rude tone in the beginning then some BS about vodka, caviar, etc. Later he became more friendly. Nevertheless, I strongly recommend avoiding him and dealing with David who's like I mentioned a really nice guy. The financial manager who finalized a deal was 100% cool. Prices: they deal with, like that Italian guy (the floor manager) pointed, mini banks so if your credit is not in excellent shape you will get a financing rate like 9-12% range which is really high. I'm talking about brand new cars. Still we got 2 "Xmas gifts" from them: the 1st month free insurance and 6 (not 3) years of bumper to bumper warranty which is actually great.

Muni M. | 2015-01-23

Shady shademeisters!!!  I would give zero stars if possible.  Scammers who prey on single looking women.

Brought my 5 year old, 35k miles Honda in yesterday for a minor oil change service.  Not only did they charge $125, Randy told me the bad news - my car needed all new tires, brake pads, and various other urgent repairs that would cost me almost $1400.

Short story, I declined the extra services and brought my car to Mister Chen at S&S - he said my tires are worn but normal for 35K miles, and I do not need new ones at this time.  I also do not need front brake pads.  In total, he performed about $150 worth of work.  

Honda of Hollywood, you should be ashamed of yourself!

A G. | 2015-01-19

Can't say enough about how genuinely helpful Julio S in internet sales has turned out to be. He has gone above and beyond what I expected in a sales person, really helping in locating the vehicle I was looking for. Thank you Julio for everything you have done to assist me in finding a Honda Fit!

Daniel P. | 2015-01-15

This review is for the SEVICE DEPT:

I'd like to start by saying I read a lot of the reviews before taking my car in for service here this morning. And to be honest, I was starting to second guess my decision since there are so many negative reviews. I had cancelled my appt at the dealership where I purchased the car (OC Honda World) because Honda of Hollywood is closer to my new place. I made an appt for 9am and was helped right away, I was even a few minutes late. Randy took care of me and did a great job telling me exactly what the service included. He told me that it would take about 45 minutes, no problem. I waited in the lobby which was kinda small but fine. About 30 mins later Randy came back and said my car was ready, awesome service! He was super professional and didn't try to sell me any service I didn't need. Overall, great experience. My only qualm is that they don't wash your car. Will be taking my car here for service in the future, I recommend you do the same.

Amanda I. | 2015-01-07

This review if for the dealership. I recently leased a Honda Accord. Jesus was very helpful and made my first leasing experience very easy. There was little negotiating as he helped me reach a price agreement very fast. No going back and forth with managers and departments which tends to prolong the process. Looking forward to doing business with them again!

Jennifer J. | 2015-01-05

I brought in my 2004 Honda Accord, because there had been a recall.  I am always skeptical of dealerships, but I thought maybe this place will be different.  Boy, was I wrong!  

Not only did they try to tell me something was wrong with my car when it wasn't - my dad is a mechanic - they kept trying to upsell me at every turn.  I called to complain and was promised by the manager that she would follow up with me.  That was back in November.  Needless to say, here we are and still no call.  

This place sucks.

Mitchell L. | 2014-12-29

They are fantastic when you buy the car but that's where the romance ends. The service department is a wretched mess. I bought a 2013 Honda Accord with 8 miles on it, 1 year and 5,500 miles later, the brakes started squealing terribly.  I made an appointment to have the car looked at under warranty. I dropped the car off as scheduled at 7:00 am. Nobody was there at my appointment time to help me.  I was told i could stay and wait at the shop or come back in two hours. I left. 8 hours, and 3 phone calls later they tell me they drove the car 9 miles and no noise from the brakes. I explained that I drive 16 miles a day and hear the squealing every single day.  "Service" wasn't able to replicate the problem and with out cause wouldn't take a wheel off to look. Terrible.

The good news is this experience encouraged me to try Honda of Santa Monica. FANTASTIC. My advice is to avoid this place and take your car to Santa Monica.

J T. | 2014-12-11

Updating my experience as of Monday. All of my lights have gone away so the representative at Honda corporate and I agreed that since I can't make their proposed appointment time (two weeks after my initial request on the 26th!) that they would "take into consideration" the initial request if a similar situation arises within a couple months. I got a call from the BAR (Bureau of Auto Repair) who told me that a light will go away after three times on these vehicles if the issue is believed to have gone away, which would explain the couple times that it came on for just a few trips.

I suppose this is a somewhat good result? I am still totally uncertain and wish I had been at least seen on either the 26th or 28th of November on those attempts. They have stonewalled afterward to give me a disincentive to deal with them at all.

In unrelated news, Honda Financial has now announced they will shorten the time of their customer service line from 8pm to 6pm. They were closed the day after Thanksgiving as well. In general, this company is not about your convenience at all. Your experience will likely include the phrases "you'll need to" and "company policy."

Danny G. | 2014-11-13

Most of the people working there are extra slimy, desperate and rude, my honda has nothing but problems. I was driving my car 2 days ago and it just died on me while i was driving, had to get a jump. Next day i was going to pick up my daughter, and i get in the car and it just wouldnt start. I got a tow to the dealership with a receipt from AAA saying that my battery is dead and needs to be replaced. So i arrive with a tow and the guy checks my car and says that they have to keep the car there ( i didnt mind that). But then he says that all i need is a jump, and thats just BS because how is it that my car dies 2 days in a row and they wont do anything about it. I even had to bring my car in not long ago to get my brakes checked and they wanted me to pay 50 check up and another 250 for a replacement. On top of all that they were rude every time i went in there. So first they sell me a damn lemon and then they say they cant do anything with my car. F?;$ honda of hollywood and f90$ hondas period. Garbage ass car. I should have stuck with a toyota.

Laila S. | 2014-11-11

This rating is in regard to the maintenance/ service department.

It is clear to me that this department is not at all knowledgable about the services they provide. Telling me one thing, telling my mom another. Dealing with this department is a constant headache. This is now a second instance where I have been lied to/ misinformed about the services by this department. I'm a full time student working 2 jobs to pay for this car just to spend as much as I do on its maintenance. I may as well have bought myself a used car for all the time and money I've invested in this 2 year old Civic. I am a few months shy of 3 years leasing this car and I have had more problems with it than I can count on my 2 hands. The maintenance department is not helpful and they really don't care about the people walking in and out of this place. Currently waiting on a reimbursement for a battery change which should have been covered by warranty... will not be renewing my lease with them come February.

Tony R. | 2014-11-11

I recently leased a Honda Civic from this dealership.  My salesman was YongHoon Son.  If you are in the market for a Honda, I highly recommend going and seeing this guy.  My experience with him was very pleasant.  He's knowledgable of the Honda brand and believes in the product that Honda produces.  That belief reflects in his outstanding work ethic, exceptional customer service and willingness to go the extra mile for his clients. Thank you, YongHoon Son.   I'm extremely happy with my new Civic.

Mel W. | 2014-10-25


Just traded in my car to them last week for a new car.
I thought it would be painless because I bought my
original car from them 3 years ago. So this should
have been easy breezy.

Instead, the manager used trickery and a play on
words to make me believe that I would make my first
payment in 45 days.  That was a great deal in my mind.

Today the switch-a-roo occurred when the Finance
Manager called to say my first car payment would be
in 45 days but I owed $2000 in a month.  When I
questioned this he raised his voice to me.

First of all he has an extremely thick accent and I
could barely understand a single word he said.

I'm not a sales person, so I believe he and the others that
tricked, me should have spoke in plain English when
explaining the 45 days.  I firmly believe that they knew
I walked out that day with the wrong impression.  Not one
of them decided to re-iterated the terms just to make sure
I was on the same page.

They knew EXACTLY what they were doing and this is
so very disgusting to me.   They also knew that I was
sticking to my budget & I would have NEVER agreed
to purchase the car that I did had I known that I only had
30 days to make a first payment @ such a high cost.

But I will keep this nasty taste in my mouth and will
surely slam the phone down the next time the beg
me to make my trade with this.


Do not even think to trust this location.  I like the car
that I got but I feel so ashamed and hurt that they
took advantage of me this way ESPECIALLY to a

I shall never return to them again.  They probably wouldn't
care because for everyone they lose they gain 100 more.
Hopefully this posting will save others the suffering and
financial anguish.  They are a very dishonest group.


Sara L. | 2014-10-19

This review is for the the dealership and not the service center. I bought a car here last night and couldn't have had a better experience! We called before going and spoke with Yong, and then when we got there we asked to deal directly with him. Best decision for sure. Yong is friendly, helpful, knowledgable and NOT PUSHY at all. He gives his honest opinion about everything and made us feel comfortable and not pressured. My mom has bought over 20 cars in her life and she told Yong before leaving that she's never had a more pleasant car buying experience :)

Oh and we got a fantastic car at an amazing price. No complaints!

Elle C. | 2014-10-12

At first coming into the lot and walking into the horribly cramped showroom I was skeptical. But after speaking to the sales staff and getting business squared away with, I felt like this place isn't so bad after all. It's a mom and pop run shop, less or a dealership. The managers buy their own donuts for guests and address clients by first names. Raj the finance manager is straight forward and honest. The service manager (the best dressed) is a really great guy. Came by to chat and was personable. They had a white Honda Fit and it didn't come with any packages that other dealerships forced us to pay. No gimmicks, no pressure sales. Straight forward people. I ended up buying my car here and would come back again.

Ollie V. | 2014-10-08

I want to support this dealership but it's inconsistent. Car sales dept a few years back, Donny helped me and was super straight forward and I think he did a great job.  However, when I come to get any maintenance done, Randy, who is often there, will try to up sell me services in ways that feel less than honest. When he does break things down, it's part helpful but still unclear to me what are the cost of parts versus labor etc. I wish I could feel like I was choosing to make an informed decision and not so much being told that I have to drop $300 for xyz.

Brian C. | 2014-10-08

this review is about the leasing department peeps, Gabriel and Hayk.

I had leased from them when they worked in Pasadena and I've since been to Honda of Hollywood because I had gotten into some minor accidents.

Gabriel looked at each and every one of my damage and assessed whether honda would cover it. In addition, gave pointers on my next lease and helped me out a lot.

All in all, they are great people to lease from. I've shopped around other hondas and I keep going back to them. They will give you the best prices (I've checked and compared with others) and their after-sales service is as amazing as before. This is because they are genuinely helpful people and not just about the sale. We have all seen both kinds and can tell the difference.

Erwin G. | 2014-10-07

All I have to say is that they're charging me over $300 just to see what is wrong with my A/C, not including the cost of repairs. Needless to say, I did a quick search on Yelp and discovered a place down the street that has 5 stars with over 200 reviews that will do the same process of checking for only $135.. the same exact service for less than half the cost. I'll leave it up to you to search for this place, but it's literally down the street. I'm not promoting anything, but this is one of those situations where the ratings and reviews really helped me out.

Laurel V. | 2014-10-01

I bought a car on Saturday. I'd done a ton of research and got quotes from multiple dealers, so I was prepared. They matched the price I wanted and after some haggling, including us leaving to talk about it, they agreed to the financing we wanted as well.
They didn't have the color we wanted, but they called the port and had it delivered that same day! So we didn't have to wait or compromise on color.

Then the next day I found an error on the contract. I immediately called, but the people involved weren't there. I continued calling and emailing. Finally on Tuesday I reached a manager, and I was prepared for a conflict.  But no, he was like, sorry about that, come on in and we'll fix it. Easy as that.

So all in all we are happy with our experience. Minus one star for the mistake and time it took for me to reach someone to fix it.

I've also used their service dept. before and they are very nice. I've been able to talk them in to discounts before as well.

Ryan P. | 2014-09-27

This review is a bit long but if you are concerned about being able to trust this dealership I urge you to read my whole experience and judge for yourself.  This will give you insight into their tactics.  Everything I mention below is 100% verifiable truth.  Want the quick version?  scroll all the way to the bottom of this review and see the summary.

I have been coming here for a couple years after a scam attempt at another unnamed honda dealership.  Found that prices were a bit high but the convenience of being close to my house was enough to get over it.  

This place was great until the last time I took my Civic Hybrid in to have the IMA batteries tested due to some random problems like having the power steering go out for no reason then continue working again.  They said the batteries were only at about 18% battery capacity with only 75,000 miles on the car.

I have the notoriously problematic 2006 version of the Civic Hybrid.  Lucky me.

These batteries are supposed to last roughly 100,000 miles so 18% really isn't too far off the mark for the life expectancy.

This is when Honda of Hollywood said:  "Hey, I'll tell you what, we'll replace that IMA battery for you even though we are supposed to wait unitl 10% battery life."

Hey Sweet!  These guys are hooking me up!

The work was done free of charge.  Another plus!  Keep up the great customer service guys!

Then after about a week I noticed I really only had a marginal difference in battery life showing on the IMA gauge and began thinking I wasn't really hooked up with a "new" IMA battery.  Only 6 months later the gauge is reading about where it was at when I took the car to them with the initial problems.  But to be fair, I haven't had any strange power issues since.  My guess is I maybe received a different battery but it certainly wasn't new.

So I became suspicious I wasn't being told the entire truth by these guys.  

9 months later and I go in for just an oil change and THIS IS WHEN I DISCOVERED THEY WEREN'T BEING HONEST.

I went in with a 10% off coupon and my service advisor had a bit of an attitude that day.  He said the 10% off was only good for service (isn't an oil change service?) but he'd hook me up with an oil and filter coupon instead.  Ok cool, I'm thinking in the back of my mind, these guys are pretty cool about trying to hook me up.  even if it is only a very minor benefit.  

Turns out that oil and filter coupon amounted to a whopping $1.67 off the total price leaving the total at $46.71 for an oil change.

I got a call to tell me my car was ready and this is what the message said:

"Got your car all ready.  Yeah, looks like you are going to  need some new tires on that car pretty bad!  Down to between 2 and 3 32nds left with some cracking on the sidewalls and uneven wire, I would recommend an alignment and 4 new tires for the hybrid.  I added all this up and it looks to be about $725 including the oil change.  The tires are about $145 each, $96 for the alignment and I've got a coupon which would save you about $60 bucks on the whole thing which brings it down to $665.  If you want that done today let me know, we do have those hybrid tires in stock."  

Wow.  really?  

This is the best part.  

I get the paperwork and the tire tread reads 4, 3, 3, 3 for the tire condition.  So the 2 and 3 32nds statement is a straight up lie.  

Then I compared it to the paperwork I received from them several months earlier. and the tire tread reads:  7, 5, 4, 4 for the tire condition.  (one tire was almost new at the time due to running over a road hazard)

Nice going guys.  I keep my records.  The worst part is you'll probably read this and adjust your tactics.

A little research on tires finds the absolute most expensive tires I can get at a competitor is $150 for WINTER tires.  Heavy duty ones that will get you through anything in a Minnesota winter.  And the cheapest tires I can get are $45.

So you guys want to charge me an extra $100 per tire eh?  Then slap on an alignment for another $100 while you are at it?  

Here is the scam:

I went in for an oil change.  In and of itself, an oil change is not a moneymaker for a dealership.  They need to pay for that new $25,000 alignment machine you know...

So how do they make more money?  By stretching the truth or downright lying about service and parts you NEED.  (need being the keyword here) Then recommending all that service to you at the end of the day.  


Instead of just a lousy $46 dollars from me that day and no real profit, they wanted another $620  $500 of which would have been straight profit for them.  So they lied about parts I needed when I had paperwork from 9 months before proving those parts were fine.

Congrats.  You just lost another customer.

Wasu P. | 2014-09-13

Very bad service. They only nice to you when you want to buy a car. My accord was end of the lease and I  went there to return the vehicle and buy a new car. They only know how to sell. Nobody know anyting about returning vehicle at all. Moreover nobody willing to help even though there were a bunch of employees talking and smoking in the front. I had to walk around asking questions thats nobody can answer. Worst experience ever!!! Never go there there again. I would recommend go to honda glendale.

Gobi R. | 2014-09-08

I took my car in for a diagnostic cause the engine light came on and was told by Javier that it hopefully would be covered by the cars warranty. If it wasn't by chance I would have to pay $140 diagnostic. He called me a few hours later and

Bernard D. | 2014-09-07

Just checked in Honda of Hollywood cause I had a alert of my car...they totally took me rt in and are dealing with it. That's service ... I'm grateful.. The ser vice department always tries to accomodate me. This is my 2nd Honda I am bringing to them for service. Definately a 4 Stars team...and sales are professional but not really pushy...don't hate car sales people .. Do your research first lol, Peace

Hadi N. | 2014-09-04

Same service but efficient, $35 for an oil change on an accord so it wasn't too bad.

Took about an hour even though they stated two hours, so that was nice and the service writer called on my cell.

The porter that delivered my vehicle thought it'd be a good idea to go racing around the corners as my gf watched in another vehicle. Things like that don't suprise me but shouldn't happen.

Heather F. | 2014-08-19

Having my car repaired at Honda of Hollywood was an easy, pleasant, experience. Considering that my 10 year old odyssey wouldn't start, and I had to have it towed to the dealership/service department, it certainly could have been awful. But it was easy for me to make a vague morning appointment (I had no idea how long it would take to tow.). Randy helped me out and he was great, really friendly and informative. Now my car starts again and I couldn't be happier.

My parents also come here to have their cars serviced. My mother adores these guys because they go out of their way to accommodate her.

Highly recommended if your car need fixing and you want yo go the dealership-service department route.

Lily S. | 2014-08-06

I really love this dealership. It's the closest one to me. I come here all the time for repairs and to get my car serviced. The employees are all really nice and I even got several minor things done for free. They're really accommodating and I never feel neglected. They explain what they're doing and I appreciate the personal attention they give their customers. I would definitely recommend this dealership to other Honda owners.

Julie E. | 2014-08-05

I would've given them zero star if there was one. They are terrible! Why do you have to lie and make me drive there two times when you don't have the color and model I want!! Armond, you should know that customers' time is valuable and we have other important things to do instead of going there and see just bunch of salesmen hanging around bored. No wonder that your dealership seems slow always!

Mike R. | 2014-07-31

Randy is amazing. I haven't had the opportunity to need to get to know anyone else here because he is always in the ready to help. Very friendly, very knowledgable, and tells me everything very straightforward. This is my 5th time coming here and I have zero complaints. They fit me in no matter what.

Wonderful place!

Dave E. | 2014-07-31

Officially my last time going here today.  Been a customer for years and like many other people on here was just going there due to convenience and laziness to find a good local mechanic.  After years of feeling like I've been getting ripped off with their outrageous prices,... they told me today I needed something new that would cost me OVER 700 dollars.  
Just took the car over to a local mechanic rated very highly on Yelp and he quoted me at 400.  Basically saving me almost half the money that I would have spent if I agreed to let Honda do it.  In addition Honda of course "recommended" as they always do that the car needed a numerous amount of other things and when I took it to the local mechanic he said that wasn't the case.  
Hopefully everyone else that uses these dealers to get their repair work done will smarten up like I did today and stop letting them massively rip us off !

Shawn S. | 2014-07-25

They always do a Fantastic job on my Hondas. There pricing is good I have been coming here for over 10+ Years now, The service department does great work. Really nice and very easy going. Its nice to be able to ask any question you need and them being able to answer it or guess what your talking about nod there head and walk the other way.

Randy and Karen in the Service Department are the Best Honda People.

I just had my Oil changed and did there B1 service yesterday, Easy in and Easy out. I made an appointment and it was really simple. They have a really nice show room floor that you can check out.

Sales staff there are really smart and nice, they have a small lounge/waiting area. Coffee and cookies. Soft music.

I trust this Place with all of my cars and would shop anywhere else even for service.

Shivam D. | 2014-07-13

I called them today and asked if they had a particular model available in a particular color. The sales representative mumbled "Yeah, we do" When I asked him again and restated the EXACT car I wanted, he responded with "That's what I just said, we do." I immediately gave him my phone number and asked him to hold the car for me and he said he would do so.

I drove an hour to get to this place and when I walked in I learned that the car was a preorder and although they had it, it was not available for sale.

WHY DIDNT THE SALES REPRESENTATIVE TELL ME THAT ON THE PHONE!? I wasted my time going to this place and they have forever lost my, my family, and my friends' business.

I'm extremely disappointed by their lack of professionalism and overall idiocy. If you want my advice, drive to Norm Reeves Honda in Cerritos where they treat you right.

Stacey S. | 2014-07-09

I brought my car in for service because the splash shield underneath had become dislodged and was hanging down. The check engine light was also coming on and off for a few weeks, sometimes with the IMA warning light (my car is a hybrid). I dealt with Randy, who scheduled my appointment and helped me throughout the process. He was extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with. They fixed the splash shield and replaced the electrical battery. The battery was still under warranty so my service costs were very low. Overall it was a great experience. My old car repair place closed down last year so I have been in search of a reliable place to take my car for oil changes and maintenance. I'm glad I finally found one.

Jim M. | 2014-06-28

i'm giving this lace two stars because they did not try to up sell sale no change prices on me.  i'm satisfied with the car i got   but. what i noticed was that my car looks like it was crashed and at the time i didnt notice but after a while. i can tell that the paint on the right side of my bumper wasnt as shiny as the rest of the car. wich led me to believe.  all though it doesnt look bad . whats upsetting was that it wasnt mentioned by the dealer  nor stated in the carfax ..maybe i'm wrong. maye a manager can reply to this review and supply with some info about the car i bought

Lucy B. | 2014-06-28

I have gotten my last two Hondas here and although the wait time is always more than it should it is nonetheless a dealership.  I just got myself a 2014 honda civic after trading in my 2010 civic. I knew walking in there my particular situation would be a little challenging (and it definitely was) but Armen (AJ) kept my hopes and got me the best deal out there. He was very professional, he connected with me as if we were long time friends, and really listened to my needs and wants. However,  there is this guy named Gabriel who was just plain awful. He approached me in a semi-agressive way and definitely cocky manner after I kept turning down a deal and basically asked me to leave in a nice way. He said "we'll keep working on it, we'll call you monday" uh what a dickhead! Yes you read right total dickhead. I'm not one to usually call anyone names let alone on a posting, but boy did he get my blood boiling! Anyways I bought the car simply because I wanted to not because HE attempted to close the deal. I just want him to know I almost left because of his BS talk. Anyway point is that Armen is such a nice guy and he busted his ass for me! Thanks Armen, I appreciate you immensely!

Jay M. | 2014-06-27

Update 6/30/14: Just rec'd notice in mail suggesting I get an oil change: read review

I'm aware that dealerships/service centers are all pretty much corrupt business.

You may disagree with me and post positive reviews all you wish; however, the bottom line with these businesses is a failed business model.

I do not support greed. Period.
I do not support aggressive up-selling
I do not support preying on consumer ignorance - instilling fear in them.
I do not support patronizing salespersons who know little about my car - only parrot what their terminal suggests.
I do not support the hours of wait time for a simple oil change or brake service, etc.

That's why I'll do the work myself or find a responsible (and reasonable) place to take my car.

So, why did I come to Honda of Hollywood?

Well, the car I have belonged to a good friend of mine who was religious about servicing it at Honda of Pasadena. I live in Hollywood.

I wanted to carry on the tradition - to a point - and hoped HOH would transfer my records (as they're centrally located online) and provide me with a free summary of what needed to be serviced per the oil change I came in for. Simple $34 service with 27 checked points or something-or-other.

It took 1.25 hours and cost more than stated. Meanwhile I was encouraged to change my air and cabin filters which were horrendous. And here is where I take exception to charging $70+ to change those filters - they already have them out...just charge for the item cost. Nope! That's not how 'these places' do business. Fine!

I paid for my car, received the list of what they felt needed service, and left.

My car needs:
-filters (yes)
-differential fluids changed @ $149+ x2 (nope)
-power steering fluid (nope)
-new tires (nope)
-brakes were actually okay (great!)
-60,000 mile checkup - too expensive to list (car is 2005 with 62,000)

If you're the type that is so convinced that your convenience is worth the 'price' demanded here then I pity you. Rich or poor should be responsible with their money and not encourage these overpriced places' their sense of entitlement to more than their deserved fee for service.

Remember one last thing: Honda service centers charge extra for their service techs that are supposed to be certified Honda. Except, half the time they have no clue what's wrong with your car and end up charging you for 'trial and error' service which will run your pocketbook into the thousands.

Do you get refunded when the actual cause of the problem is found and you've spent hundreds on what they 'thought' was wrong with you vehicle? No!

So do yourselves a favor and avoid these places. Find yourself a reasonably priced, well-equipped tech, with integrity and good nature. Then tip him/her handsomely!

I changed both my filters (5 minutes) at a fraction of the cost.


ps: know your car - when a dealership suggests you change your timing belt at 30,000 and that the water pump is usually replaced at that time - know your car! I have a timing 'chain' - lasts 100,000 miles. Just sayin'

Michelle M. | 2014-06-26

EXCELLENT!!!!!  I called Sales Manager Gabriel Schwartz the night before we were to turn in my husband's leased 2011 CR-V.  I told him our situation, what we needed our out-the-door monthly price to be and that we are fiercely loyal customers who service both the CR-V and our Odyssey ramp van with them (instead of going to Diamond in Glendale, which is much closer to our home.)  He was exceptionally nice and promised to have everything ready for us and even gave me his personal cell number.  Later that night, he called and apologized profusely because he had a scheduling conflict but hooked us up with ESTEBAN.  He told me to keep his cell phone with him in case there were any problems, but there were none because ESTEBAN rocked!  When we got there, the new 2014 CR-V was right out in front, ready to go.  We did all the paperwork and were out in about an hour and a half.  Esteban also gave us his personal cell and then spent time with us explaining all of the new features in the CR-V (BlueTooth, USB, etc.) No questions, no haggling, no anything except GREAT SERVICE!!!  Well done, Gabriel, Esteban and Honda of Hollywood!!!

Alana K. | 2014-06-25

My daughter and I just bought a new Honda Civic from salesman Gabriel Schwartz and it was one of the most pleasant car buying experiences I have ever had and I have bought a lot of cars over the years. I get so tired of the hard sell & arrogance from car salesman but did not experience that with Gabriel. He was honest, patient and just so nice that I didn't even think of going anywhere else to buy a car. He took his time in answering my questions and was very thorough in his answers and he really know his Honda's. He took the agony out of the car buying experience. I would recommend him to anyone. Gabriel earned a five star rating from us and we will buy our next Honda from him.

Shelby D. | 2014-06-14

We're sitting here with Yong waiting for our new Accord to be washed and pulled around! Had a wonderful experience and received an amazing deal. Yong is great and we would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to lease or buy a Honda. 5 star experience. Thank you!

DIANA R. | 2014-06-06

Nice people very slow service. Why don't you say right away that oil change will take 1.5 hrs. People can plan their time accordingly

Andrea K. | 2014-05-24

I am surprised to say that I bought a car last night from this dealership. They were nice professional, did not play games, and gave me a nice deal. Do your own homework and then decide if you like what they have to say. I thought they were easy to work with.

Armond will HURRY to help you! This gentleman was not only jogging so that we did not have to wait, he answered all of my questions and he knows his cars! I would recommend working with him.

Zach I. | 2014-05-09

I wrote this review a few days ago, not sure why it doesn't show up. Wanted to repost.

This review is for what I believe was the internet sales dept and A.J. Yergatian. I had been corresponding with A.J for a week about purchasing an Odyssey. At the time he reassured me many times that the color combo I wanted for the car would not be a problem. I was happy that he was giving me a competitive price and said the process would be easy.

That positive feeling faded quickly. The night before I went to pick up the car I was told by another dealer that there were no cars in the combo I wanted (White with beige interior) in the LA area. I wrote my concern to A.J. and he said that wasn't true. Then later the next morning he said they sold the White/Biege Odyssey that I wanted the night before. At the time I felt very suspicious of this coincidence but I was willing to let it slide.

On the drive to the lot I asked if he had the back up combo I wanted (black w/truffle) he said yes. There was no ambiguity there, they had the specific car and color I wanted.

I arrived at the dealership and met with A.J., the first thing he did was pass me off to another salesman. At this point they said they did not have the car that A.J. told me they did just 20 minutes earlier. They then tried to up-sell me on the next level trim of the car as they scrambled to find the car I wanted. They only offered up combos I didn't want or that were more expensive than the deal we had already agreed to.

After wasting almost an hour of my time I left and vow never to return to this dealership again. A.J. never came by to check on me even during this entire time.

Unfortunately I left this dealership to head to Honda of Santa Monica and had the exact same thing happen to me there. I've given them the same review.

Dani R. | 2014-04-26

This review right now is a testament to the sales, and service department. We purchased a car and a day later saw that there was a tire pressure light on. When we took it in the guy said it must just be from Weather and told us to go on our way that the tire was fine. A day later my tire is flat I'm late to work and the Honda isn't anywhere around to help. There will be another review soon to see if they actually remedy this situation on Monday.

Ralf M. | 2014-04-25

Avoid getting your vehicle serviced here.  I brought my 08 Accord in to repair a part that was under recall.  No loaner cars are provided.  I had to pay for a rental out of pocket. They kept my car for two days then tried to charge me.  I tried to speak to the manager and I was kept waiting for an hour.  Poor customer service and the staff is rude.   I love my honda but this has left a sour taste in my mouth.

Jesina G. | 2014-04-22

Talk about horrible they will call you and promise you a deal and when you get their all of their deals are gone. Full waist of time go somewhere else and get your money's worth. Also the staff are dumb they don't even understand their job the manager is worse. Don't Go Here save your money and time. Point blank don't put yourself through the trouble!!!!! You WILL REGRET going here!!!!!!!!

Verjineh S. | 2014-04-15

Outstanding service from sales associate named Armond. Very satisfied with my purchase of a brand new Honda CRV. I highly recommend this dealership because of their friendly and knowledgeable service.

Rogi R. | 2014-04-05

This place is excellent! Very professional and courteous and will always work with your schedule. I've never had an issue with them and they've always honored my appointment in a timely manner. Recently had my oil changed and they also ordered/replaced a broken panel inside of the car. Highly recommended!

Thanks Honda of Hollywood!

Adriana O. | 2014-03-22

Got my Honda Odyssey from here,and got the best deal.I highly recommend Armond,since he explained every detail, and give enough information to choose the best deal.Also,he called after I purchased my car,to make sure everything is OK. Thanks Armond!!!!!

katy h. | 2014-03-04

I ALWAYS bring my car to James in the service department. Best customer service around. No joke. He is very understanding, practical, and helpful. Honda should give him a raise and a free car for every member of his family.

Aymee M. | 2014-03-03

Just leased a Honda Accord from Honda of Hollywood.  Had an amazing experience!  The salesperson, Armen T., was the best - very knowledgeable, helpful, courteous and customer oriented.  Got a great deal on the lease (I know it was a great deal because I do my research).  It was the easiest, most hassle free car buying/leasing experience I have ever had (I have had numerous leases/purchasing so I have a lot to compare with).  If you are interested in buying or leasing a Honda, I highly recommend Honda of Hollywood.  Go see Armen T. - he will do everything he can to earn your business and to keep you a pleased Honda customer.

Mr. N. | 2014-02-16

I've been coming here because I've never had time to research better options and its close to home.

My car has 40k miles on it and its from 2008. I BARELY use it by national standards (15k per year). My first transmission fluid service was at 30k, and these guys told me I needed it switched 3 TIMES in between 30 and 40k. I finally called them on it and they can't even explain why. They just give you reasons like "wear and tear." And that "these things happen" kind of bull.

On a different occasion I called for tires. I was told "$80 per tire in stock and come on in". So I did the next day. And the price went up to $115 per tire and they were out of stock? I called them out on it, and of course according to them they said I misunderstood.

I came in another time and a simple A1 oil change shot up to 1500 dollars for all this extra stuff they wanted to do. But they could barely explain why. I grilled them for perfect answers and i could tell they just hope customers don't question them.

These guys are obviously spat out from the sales force connected to the dealership because they do the same things car salesmen do. I agree completely with the review below me in that they use uncertainty and fear to push products. They try to hint that your car is unsafe if you don't change your transmission 3 times for example. They try to show you your own cars undersides as if you, a layman, will understand. But can they communicate in English and with clarity why you must pay so much? Absolutely not.

I remember every transaction and face here very clearly because I have been forced to catch these jerks slipping to protect my wallet. Do yourself a favor, just search "Honda Service" on Yelp. There are other highly rated service centers in the very same area. The last time I went I simply asked for my car back and a copy of the estimate. Which they refused to give me.

Thanks for doing absolutely nothing to help a loyal customer Honda of Hollywood.

glen f. | 2014-02-10

i stupidly brought my car here for service a number of times until I realized they're a ripoff. Expensive and poor quality work.

Diana S. | 2014-01-14

I cant say enough about this place, because after having a horrible experience at Honda of Downtown LA (Figueroa), my mother and I had the opposite experience here in purchasing a new 2013 Honda Civic. We priced out the vehicle we wanted with TrucCar and we were then contacted by Julio Sandoval to let us know they still have a number of 2013 Honda Civics available, even though it was already 2014.  The TrueCar price was not for this dealership, however Julio assured us that it would be matched by Honda of Hollywood. We wanted to come in the next day to see if we can work out a deal. He advised us that there would be no other fees, like what Honda of Downtown LA wanted to tag on, and Julio assured us that we would not be disappointed if we came in.  Even though Julio was scheduled to be off on the day we were to come in, he told us he would come in for us on his day off.  Great service!!!  We came in the next day and Julio was in fact there in the morning.  He ran the numbers and priced out our 2001 trade in for us. What he promised is what he delivered. Julio did not attempt to tag on any additional dealer fees and in fact he did not charge us for an item that was on the vehicle already (optional item). We dealt with Julio and not a bunch of salespeople and managers who play games going back and forth. GREAT EXPERIENCE... and that is not something you usually say about a dealership.  No hidden fees, no scamps and no waste of time.  We made a deal and drove away with a new 2013 Honda Civic. Anytime we need a new Honda, I will not hesitate to go back to this dealership and especially Julio Sandoval. Thank you Julio!!!

Sy S. | 2014-01-06

Does the fact that honda has "happy Honda Days" infer that there are sad honda days?  I initially leased a car from this dealership in 2011.  

I first came here after getting the runaround from a number of dealerships in the city.  In 2011 they put all the BS aside and came up with a good deal for me.  So naturally when my lease ended I came in to gladly turn in my lease and get another car.

So this is when I meet a salesman named Sameer.  He's a charming young Afghan bloak, and seemed nice enough.  I showed him all my paperwork and asked if he can give me some numbers based on my credit score without running my credit when we met and his answer was "no problem". After an hour of test drives and waiting, he hands me a credit application and refuses to discuss numbers.  

Insult to injury they had my car keys and were neglecting to give them back to me. After a good 30 minutes of waiting I just rushed into the managers office to see what was going on. All the emails I received from them about them wanting to buy my lease were false. This dealership practices bait and switch.  It took me over an hour and a great deal of arguing to figure out why they were so hesitant to give me any numbers.  I don't think I'm going to ever buy anything from this dealership again. They were dishonest, rude, & not respectful of my time.

In the end, the manager was honest with me to some extent, but I shouldn't have to go over your sales person's head to get the truth when they've been dishonest with me multiple times during my visit.  

Advice: go with your own credit report & do not let them run your credit until you're sure you have a deal worked out.

Vic P. | 2013-12-28

I have bringing my 2005 Honda CR-V here for several years now. I have had numerous oil changes done, and schedule services.

Here is what I have learned:

ALWAYS follow what the manufacturer says and don't buy whatever service they recommend. For example, the book will say to change sparkplugs at 120K, but these guys will try to sell a '120K service', which of course costs much more.

They also 'recommend' things like Transmission flushes every 30K miles, which the book does not recommend. Most of  their recommendations are based on making money, and by sowing Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

My most recent experience was two days ago. My front left headlight had gone out, and I went in to have it replaced. I had the same exact headlight replaced 15 months ago. When it came up on the service record, I pointed it out. He said that since it was older than a year, he could do nothing about it. He became defensive about it when I mentioned that the right headlight was functioning fine since car was purchased, just repeating that he could do nothing.

Fine. I had the headlight and the overhead light (the one on the ceiling) replaced for the low, low price of $45 total.

As a 'courtesy' he checked the tire pressure of all the tires for free. Or at least he says he did.

I am only giving them 3 stars instead of two because as far as car repair places go, they are OK. It is what it is.

Remember, that the service repairs people are salesmen. They are not there to *help* you, they are there to sell a service. If you keep that in mind, and keep in mind that they don't really care about pleasing you (buy a Lexus or luxury brand if you want that), then you will be fine.

Eliza S. | 2013-12-12

Not sure what was worse - the stained chairs in the waiting room, or the salesman's attempts to shame me for my credit score. (It's not perfect but it's also not "very very bad" - luckily I'm not a dummy so I know what a bad credit score is.) I like Hondas, but I hate manipulation. I walked out - and if I do ever buy a Honda, it will be anywhere but here.

Sara P. | 2013-11-12

Not pleased with these guys. I went initially when the IMA light came on my car. I let James know on the phone that was the issue. He asked when I arrived if I wanted to do anything else. I said I had 20% oil left and will be due for an oil change in a week or so. An hour or so later James came back to tell me he changed my oil and that I would have to return the next week when the hybrid battery was delivered. I was pissed that he waited an hour to tell me that I would have waited to get my oil change.
There was no appt set up, he just said it would be there on Tuesday. I thought I would receive a phone call the day before to let me know it arrived. No phone call. I left a message for James.

I went in a week or so later after harassing calls of when I was coming in. I was working and asked if they provided transportation. James said no problem they could get me to and from work no problem. When I arrived in the morning, he offered me two options, I could either get a shuttle (with my car) or take a taxi. I said shuttle and he said "there is no one to drive you" So I was forced to take the taxi, they offered a voucher, but when I inquired about a tip, he said the voucher didn't cover that. When I asked for a voucher to come back, he said that I would get when I am returned in the taxi and he would give it to the driver.

Taxi on the way back ended up taking 40 minutes to pick me up from work, even though the taxi company said it would be 10 minutes. I called James to have my bill paid for and car waiting for me when I arrived because I was going to be late for an appt due to the late taxi. He was not helpful with either.
I called the Manager, Karen, the next day, we played telephone tag for a few days, so I decided to leave a detailed message of my experience and dislike. She never called me back. I guess the apple doesn't fall from the tree.

Totally over them.

Idan D. | 2013-11-02

Picked up my car today.

James came to apologize in person and made sure that I knew that he is truly sorry.

It shows character in my book, not easy to apologize these days.

Amir S. | 2013-10-15

Manager MIKE & SAM are horrible / rude managers!   STAY AWAY from these 2 people if you are planning to visit this dealership..

Shine G. | 2013-10-13

I come here to purchase a brand new honda crv 2013 and talk to julio sandoval told me they will price match but i have to pay the destination and handling which is not brought up on our last conversation.

2nd awful thing they told me the car have accessories which i have to pay $459 chrome exhaust and splash guard just for your info i maybe a girl but i aint stupid thats way too much rip off price. I didnt ask for that accessories so why force me to pay for it. I told them give me a no accessories honda crv then ill pay for it for the price we agreed on. They told me no we cant u have to pay for it.

3rd bad thing why run my credit when we didnt agree with the price yet very very bad move to do. So just a piece of advice make sure before you give them your ss# u agree on everything before they run your credit coz thats the time they will try to rip you off coz they already run your credit.

4th bad review is they come to me and told me my credit is not good so they have to give me 12.9% which i didnt agree so we leave right away.

The following morning they called and told me we can give your 2.9% but u need a co signer and u still need to pay $830 and the $459. So i told them straight that dont call me and bug me if you keep charging me stuff that i dont like.

Gil G. | 2013-09-21

I purchased 2 cars here via the internet salesperson. Both times, it was a GREAT experience. We negotiated a price by phone, and when I got into the store, that was exactly what I paid. There was no bait-and-switch, no attempts to add services or additional products.  

For our most recent visit, we were done with the transaction in about 70 minutes. That included time to take the car for a final drive and all the paperwork.  If you've never bought a car before, trust me, 70 minutes is nothing (I heard of people spending 8 hours at a dealership).

Our internet salesperson was Simon. I'd highly recommend him.

Janet R. | 2013-09-20

I live in San Diego but come to LA every week for "acting" stuff! I had a light come up on my panel and the handbook said I should take it in ASAP! Well I couldn't be happier with the service and warm welcome from Javier! He goes above and beyond to making the experience there a good one! As much as I hate to have to get my car serviced, I just feel confident with Javier that I'm not getting up sold or anything like that! I actually now prefer to bring my car to LA for anything I need with my car done than taking it to the dealer in San Diego! Thank you, Javier!

Laurie D. | 2013-09-12

I was ready to purchase a brand new Honda Civic.  I called and e-mailed countless Honda dealers in Southern California.  I got the run-around from so many dealers and was lied to by others.  It was awful.  I wondered if I could find my dream car.  And, then . . . I called Patrice De Lucca at Honda of Hollywood.  OMG.  She was AMAZING!!!  She had my dream car in stock, matched my lowest quoted price, and had the car waiting for me when I arrived.  It was quick and easy.  I highly recommend dealing with Patrice if you are ever looking for a new Honda.  She is, by far, the nicest car salesperson I have ever dealt with!!  Thank you, Patrice, for a beautiful car!

William L. | 2013-09-10

Seems pretty shady to me... I brought my Civic in with 40k miles for brake service.  Got a call that it needed a 30k service including a new timing belt $1400.  New brakes $250.  Control arm bushings $500.  Engine mount $200.  

Subsequently brought it to a well known indy shop in my area and said nothing about bringing it to Honda of Hollywood... Their diagnosis:  no need to do anything other than the 30k service and brakes!  Cost = $550

I know dealerships are more expensive, but these guys appear to be getting away with murder.  Thanks but no thanks.

Juan Miguel A. | 2013-08-10

SERVICE: I always come here  for service and I've always dealt with James. He is a very nice guy. I've always called in to make appointments with a feeling that I really don't need appointments. When I've arrived in the past I've never been asked if I have an appointment. So this morning I walk in without an appointment I don't see James and this guy Randy walks up to me with nice smile and asks me if I have an appointment. I tell him I don't and he sighs and tells me that he'll try to get the car to me before lunch. It's 8am and I am the only car in the garage. WTF. I ask him why is that? I didn't plan to spend half of my day in a dealer for an oil change. He states that people with appointments have precedence over me. That is understandable, but I point out the fact that  there are presently no cars in the garage. For whatever reason, I can tell he is now annoyed with me. This is very annoying to me. He tells me there is only 1 mechanic working today. REALLY!!! on a Saturday morning, the day I would think they would be the busiest on a morning, he tells me that they have only one mechanic. WTF Honda of Hollywood how do you only have 1 mechanic working on a Saturday. I've been here before on Saturday's and I have never seen just one mechanic working. Is it because James is not in and he brings along the rest of the mechanics because they only like working with him? I then went to go sit down with Randy to take care of all the paper work and while I am sitting this guys doesn't even ask me any questions or make small talk he is just quit the entire time. I feel as if he is trying to just get rid of me. So my advise to you is make an appointment and get help from James, this Randy guys seems like a real prick, which is unfortunate considering he looks like Henry Winkler. My advise to Honda of Hollywood Parts and Services is to have more mechanics working on Saturday and tell Randy to be a little bit more courteous to customers who walk in without appointments, but are the first ones in the garage and try to make exceptions if there are no other customers waiting. I can understand if there was a long line of cars, but I was the only car in there. It is now 8:30 am and there are only 2 people in the waiting area. I am sure a mechanic would have pulled an oil change on my car by now.

Raven G. | 2013-07-28

This review is for the service department- not the dealership.

I went there this afternoon just to pick up one item. There were two sales people and one cashier present. Both sales people were having a conversation with one customer.

I waited over 15 minutes for someone to just acknowledge me. There was no "Hi" or, "I'll get to you in a minute". They simply ignored me for over 15 minutes.

When one of the sales people finally came over to me he acted as if I was wasting his time.

This was a horrid experience. I can't believe I spent an hour and a half getting to this place and back home to be treated in this way.

Never again.

Andy K. | 2013-07-01

Simon gave me the best quote I could find. He was a man of his word and stuck up to it. Literally checked credit, signed paperwork and paid down payment in a matter of 30 minutes. I gave a 4-star instead of a 5, because it took about an hour and a half to 2 hours to wash the car because they were very busy.

Kristine C. | 2013-06-14

I am a frequent customers of the dealership at HONDA of Hollywood and I went there because I didn't like the run around I was getting at the dealership where I purchased my mini van (culver city).  Well, now after a few years of service, I see I am getting the run around again.  I brought my van in after having to get a jump for the battery 2 times in one day and I was told it was not my battery, but you are due for a service maintenance.  Seriously!? I couldn't believe my ears.  I brought my car to a local garage and they told me it's my battery - bring it back to the dealer.  Once again, I bring the van back and deal with Corey who actually knows what he is doing and he confirms it's the battery.  Wow, what changed from Saturday to Monday afternoon. OH, I know  -- the service technician.  I stalled my departure and watch the other service technician talk to Corey who made it right.  The bad technician never even made eye contact with me or even tried to help me again.  Like I have time to waste with a business who looked liked they just didn't want to work on Saturday - the first time I brought my van in......Seriously disappointed and thinking about a different dealership from now on.

Nadia L. | 2013-05-30

I leased a vehicle here and returned it 3 years later.
But this Honda never informed Honda Financial about getting the car back, so I kept on receiving bills for a car we didn't have anymore.
We managed to clear everything up with Honda Financial, they finally got that I didn't have the car. It took a lot of time though and many phone calls....
BUT it doesn't stop here  - what I didn't know is that they reported on my credit report that I was late with payments (for a car long gone)  and they never removed these false claims.
A year later I became aware of it, when I needed prefect credit for a home loan.

So be careful to use this Honda dealership.

James S. | 2013-05-26

Service: I have had both good and not-so- good experiences here. But, one positive constant is Randy, who's been there I think at least as long as I've been coming (7 years).

HoH can usually get you in, sometimes, with only a day's notice. I've done mostly oil changes and the occasional scheduled maintenance service. At times, I feel one pays a premium merely for the Honda name - but if you look out for the occasional coupons, it helps.

At times, they have done some bonehead things -- charging almost double what it cost to replace a new battery anywhere else. (They stopped that).

And, once, a few years ago, we did have a problem, but they eventually did the right thing.  They missed something while performing a thorough inspection of my car during a significant maintenance check-up.  OK, what they missed was very minor.  (An inside door light that I knew I needed to be replaced. Still they missed it, yet reported an all clear summary.  But, I figured, if they missed this, what else might have been missed?    I brought it to the manager, who thankfully agreed, and he did the right thing. It definitely made me stop going there for awhile, but on a very recent visit, I felt better about the service.  

Sales: Have had OK experiences here at HoH. Of course, it's up to you to know what's out there and make your most intelligent offer. Obviously, when you are armed with supporting information, you are better off. They are competitive when you can prove what the market will bear.

Autobody: I have worked with them a couple times, and they have delivered what the promise. Price was fair to slightly higher than others. My feeling is, if they do a great job and you can agree to the offer, take it. Unlike sales and service, the autobody/repair shop for HoH is on the south side of the street.

So, there's my varied experience of working with HoH off-and-on for seven years.

Marc W. | 2013-05-16

I called to ask a quote about getting a navigation for my 2008 Honda Civic EX 2DR. As soon as they transfer me to service. I asked how much to add a navigation, the guy said ill call you back and I'll give you the estimate. Guess What? He never called back! That's Horrible!

Sarah R. | 2013-04-22

this place sucks AF.. excuse my language.. the finance guy is SOOOO RUDEEEE!! Im asking question since its my first time to buy a car, and that FINANCE GUY seems like he doesn't wanna listen nor answer my questions and while im speaking on the phone, he hung up on me... SOOO RUDE!!! I REGRET BUYING MY FIRST CAR IN THIS PLACE!!!!!!!! they should put ZERO STAR HERE...THIS PLACE SUCKS AF!!!

Victoria K. | 2013-04-10

Mir and Julio (I hope i spelled his name correct) are two people why I give this dealership place 4 stars. They both are very professional and honest. I had a very bad experience with Haruth though. When I bought a car, he hid that it had some minor problems. When I came there to try to fix them, he (Haruth) acted like he even didn't know me and my friend (she was with me when I bought my car). Stay away from his scam a**!!!!!!! Thanks God I met Mir (he's a general sales manager). This guy is AWESOME!!! He basically handled all the problems which I had with my car. When you meet these type of people, you want to do business with them. If it wasn't for them both Mir and Julio, Honda of Hollywood would lose one of its customers. I was about to give this place 1 star, seriously. i was so disappointed at first, and now...say thank you to Mir and Julio that I didn't do that.

Laura P. | 2013-03-30

I didn't want to go here based on ratings from google+, but it is so close and I just don't trust any auto shops to be great. So I came in to see if they could replace a part that was recalled, 5 minutes before they were closing on a Saturday... Javier said I I was willing to wait he will ask the technician to do the job. I asked about a Monday appointment and he worked with MY work schedule. He realistic expectations as far as wait time, but if all goes as planned this headache will be over and I won't miss work. All with a smile and an attitude of willing to go the extra mile working around my crazy schedule. I'll update my review when I come back for the replacement.

Felix M. | 2013-03-16

Third car I've leased from Salesperson Patrice DeLuca. The easiest experience ever leasing a car! She's straight shooting right to the point and amazing customer service. I love Honda and always have, but the process and incentives were so amazing that I couldn't pass it up on a brand new 2013 Civic Coup. Their current spring incentives sales are amazing! Had never expected to be in a new car til next year.

Pinkee E. | 2013-01-21

If I could give them zero stars would. Bought a 2008 Honda Element, was promised they would replace the missing key remote, when I went back to claim it the salesman looked straight at me and said "I don't remember saying that."
Then, when I went in for a repair covered by the extended warranty purchased, turns out there was a deductible even when I was expressly promised that the package I purchased had none. Checking the paperwork, the salesman failed to check the box that would have ensured this. So I was flat-out lied to TWICE and rushed out before I caught on.
My fault but seriously shady.

Daisy N. | 2013-01-08

This review is for the service center only.
I made an appointment for a recall that I received a notice for. UGH what a way to spend the morning, right?!?! I made an appointment and over the phone they told me it would take about 2-3 hours. I got the first appointment of 8am on Monday. I was then told that it would only be about 1 hour and a half (Happy happy!) So i decided to wait there. They have Wifi so I watched Netflix on my IPAD. The do have a TV in the waiting area that has about 8 seats and another waiting area with tables and chairs. About an hour later my service person came out to let me know they were finishing up but I did needed some work done (oil change, rear break pads, air filter, etc) I knew it was time to get some of that stuff done but I prefer to get that done at the mechanic so I could save some money! There was no pressure to get the services done there so I told them no. I was happy. Over everything went smoothly.

Gary K. | 2012-12-30

I was very satisfied with the service. By far, this was the best experience I've ever had. The workers over there were very helpful. They were very straightforward. It only took about a hour and a half and then i was driving my new CR-V home.

Sarah W. | 2012-12-04

Purchased a 2010 Honda Insight EX today. Antoinne and Gin in financing were extremely friendly and helpful in getting me into a vehicle without feeling pressured or taken advantage of. The entire process was upfront and I am beyond pleased with my experience and how my needs were met.

Matt P. | 2012-11-15

These guys are without a doubt, the shadiest establishment I have ever (almost) done business with.

I was looking to lease a 2012 Civic EX. I test drove it and was speaking with Robert back and forth for a few days of days trying to get the price down. They were at $189 a month, I was firm at $170. Finally he called me with the good news that they could reach my price. Awesome. I had gotten a really creepy vibe from one of the managers (Michael maybe?) the previous day so I was already a little wary of the whole situation, but figured that I'd give it a shot.

I went in to drive the car, they pulled it out front. Looking good. Then we go for a test drive and I notice that it doesn't have a sunroof...curious. So I ask him - why doesn't this have a sunroof like the last EX I test drove? His response was a mixture of fake surprise and stupidity that you'd expect when talking to a third grader. He claimed that he thought I wanted an LX all along - despite the fact that we test drove an EX - and that it must have been someone elses mistake. We go back in the dealership to see what they can do and the price they end up quoting me for the EX is actually $11 a month HIGHER than the quote they had given me two days ago.

Also keep in mind that the national deal going on for Civics was $2000 down and $159 a month - so the car they were trying to sell me was actually more expensive than the ads running on TV.

You know when you get a feeling that something just isn't right? Well Honda of Hollywood has that written ALL over them. Even after reading the Yelp reviews I just wrote it off and figured that all dealerships were a little skeezy...but this dealership manages to serve up a completely un-adultered, epically pitiful, highly concentrated sleaze that I've rarely witnessed from ANY business I've ever interacted with.

I will say this though: a lady named Pat works there and she is pretty awesome. Everyone else can burn in hell.

Sydnee M. | 2012-10-06

We are in the market for a new car, and Honda of Hollywood was the first place on our list. I have purchased several cars in my lifetime, and this was perhaps the worst experience I've ever had.

Please note: we were not keen on buying a Honda to begin with, but we test-drove one that we really liked that we were willing to buy.

Robert was our initial salesperson -- he was wonderful. Very earnest, very friendly. This review reflects nothing on fact, he was the only good part about this experience.

Spencer. Oh, my, god, Spencer. He came in to talk numbers with us inside, and, in theory, sell us the car we wanted. He was unbelievably rude, condescending, and seemed so unwilling to do business with us. Not only did he seem to have no idea what he was talking about, but he kept rolling his eyes and heaving big sighs when we'd ask questions about doing a business lease. He was unkempt, unpleasant, and grumpy.

The entire establishment seemed very unprofessional and nobody seemed to care that we were there. Lots of people standing around talking, including Spencer, who had the potential to really wow us.

Thanks to him, we will not be buying a Honda, nor will we ever return to this dealership again.

D C. | 2012-10-03

i went for an oil change and received the usual amazing service (karen) :) but was really sad to hear that john had left this location... :(
i go to this location so often cause i drive everywhere for work and john always provided the most amazing service!!! if karen leaves this location i might have to find another dealership to go to for services...

Steve P. | 2012-08-08

My friend was trying to purchase a Honda Element from these guys, but they kept delaying the pick-up date.  So I went it.  They apologized and told me it would be ready Friday and that she was a priority and there was no way anyone else would be buy the car.

She called Friday morning and told them she was on her way and would be there in a couple hours.  When she got there, they had just sold it.

Thanks Jim (head of sales) You are a liar.

Liana B. | 2012-08-06

These guys are super-slimy. "Crooks" comes close, but doesn't even begin to describe their smarmy attitude. We were interested in buying a 2003 Element, but they kept saying they were repairing minor things. Strung us along for over two weeks, promising that it would be ours. We let two other great deals go in the meantime. Finally, we called this morning, and it was deemed "ready".... But by the time we got there, it was sold to someone else! Our sales rep, "Mickey", actually had the nerve to call me "low class" when I became upset about it. The manager had no intention to fix the mix-up; he took us outside and shut the door. Note the other bad reviews for this place and stay away!

Nick C. | 2012-06-10

I just bought my car from here, and the experience was excellent. Simon was the salesman I dealt with, and I highly recommend dealing with him. There was as little hassle as I could imagine and the price I got for the car was truly unbeatable.

BRANDON B. | 2012-06-08

This dealership's service department for automobiles is the absolute worst service department experience I have ever had in my life. People are somewhat friendly. They want to charge you for everything and then do half the work.  If Diagnostic test are done on a vehicle all possibilities and factors should be checked out regarding a specific problem. LAZY!!! LAZY!!!Go to another Honda service department. If I could give a quarter star I would. I'm done!

Al F. | 2012-05-24

I won't return to this dealership. I got my oil changed today. I booked a time four days in advance. I arrived on time and after checking over the phone and in person I was told three times that my oil change would take 1/2 hour to 45 minutes.

An HOUR AND 45 MINUTES later I had to go find my service agent to see what was happening. He claimed ignorance and even questioned the time I came in. When I got in my car it was hot from sitting in the sun. Obviously it was finished and parked and forgotten about. VERY unprofessional.

Bad business. NOT good to lie about how long a service is going to take and claim ignorance.

David M. | 2012-04-03

I am used to auto dealers being on the shady side, but this one really exceeded all possible expectations for flat-out lying.

I am interested in leasing a Honda Insight, and went to this dealership to test drive it first.  Having had a chance to look at the model, I confirmed I would want this one, but needed to research fair lease rates and values online first.  Among other things, the manager I spoke with after the test drive stated that Honda was offering 1% interest on leases in a current promotion.

After some research, I called the young "sales consultant" (Simon Sigua) to tell him what I had found, and that I would be very happy to lease the car if they could do it at a specific amount down and specific monthly amount (I had figured out the exact market value, residual value, local taxes, term, etc. and told the sales guy these figures).  Everything I was asking was just straight out of an online lease calculator, with some research on Edmunds and a couple other sites.  The sales guy called me back after a little while saying that he had talked with his manager, and all the details were fine.  I made an appointment to come in the next day.

When I got there, they did the usual song and dance about asking us to wait a while until the manager was available.  Obviously, this is the game to try to use up your time and convince you to settle for something worse than agreed.  Eventually the manager came to sit down with us, and I showed him the exact details of my research and the results of the lease calculator (all the same information I had reported to the sales guy on the phone, and the manager had purportedly agreed to already).  After another song and dance about how he just didn't know how Edmunds would get those rates (i.e. a market value barely under MSRP), he took off for a while more to "figure it out."

Anyway, on eventually returning, he said that the best they could do was the "best interest rate" of 4.6% (my credit is perfect, though I don't think they checked it, in any case), and a monthly payment of $70 more than he had agreed to (purportedly by sales guy, anyway).  Even at the "enhanced" interest rate, the monthly lease amount would have been $40 less than what he said (I didn't know the exact details until I got home to run the calculations again, but I knew it was hinky).  So this must involve some obscure "calculation" that puts the car price at quite a bit more than MSRP--or really it's just a naked attempt to rip us off.

I said good luck and left, but the lies certainly left a bad taste in my mouth.  I definitely cannot recommend anyone deal with this dealership; there are plenty of others around instead.

Tori C. | 2012-04-03

Meant to update this ages ago, but Honda of Hollywood got back to me and really made things right.  I definitely appreciated it.  So, don't have any fear -- go and they will treat you right.

Kimmy K. | 2012-03-29

i wrote a review on 10/21/2011 but the dealer seemed to have blocked/hidden my comment so here it is again.

Originally posted on 10/21/2011 with 1 star, Eek! Methings not!!!

i went in to refinance for a lower interest rate or trade in the vehicle im financing at the moment but instead i got nothing...waited almost an hour for my credit check and finally made my decision to get the f*** out as they were wasting my time.
i am now 3 hours from the time they were "suppose" to do my credit check but still nothing.
i am extremely disappointed in Max with his high rating, as i thought he would help me with the sale but unfortunately, that wasnt the case...
f*** this shop ppl. stay away!!!!  they will waste 2 to 3 hours even 4 hours of ur life u wont be getting back.

CJ D. | 2012-03-05

I had the car-buying experience of my dreams here -- absolutely no surprises or hassles. I had been shopping for a CR-V for a couple weeks and had gotten pretty tired of dealing with the typical dealership sales staff and their bait-and-switch internet schemes before I finally emailed Honda of Hollywood about one of the vehicles in their online inventory. Their internet manager Donnie Mendoza responded promptly with a very competitive quote. On the phone, he carefully explained all my costs. When I arrived an hour later, my vehicle was detailed and waiting out front and all the paperwork was ready to sign. Again, Donnie patiently answered all my questions, but never once tried to upsell me on accessories, change any terms, or load any junk fees onto my contract. Then he handed me off to the finance manager, Glenna, who was just as friendly, efficient, and no-pressure. I signed my papers and I was off the lot in my gleaming new CR-V in 20-25 minutes tops. Highly recommended.

Kevin S. | 2012-01-03

The one star seems overly generous for the lack of service provided by Honda of Hollywoods Auto Body Shop. They told me that they would quickly replace a rear bumper and a competitive price and do a good job. Wrong on all three counts. Avoid Tom An in the Auto Body department. I will never be back.

Judson W. | 2011-12-29

Originally I brought my car in for a CRV airbag recall.  They told me I needed plenty of fluids and I was fine with that.  What was  a recall ended up being over $400 for car maintenance.  That is fine and dandy, all was well enough.  The problem is my car's gearshift  started to stick to park.  In fact it got so bad I need 2 keys to drive my car, one in the ignition and one to move the gear shift out of park.  I was told they didn't service this but my question is how was this missed?  There was no problem prior to bringing it in and my brake switch replacement wasn't  discovered during the previous maintenance.  So now I am out another $85 and I can only wonder if the special in honda specialists is a different kind of special.  It felt like a SCAM to charge me the labor fee and not fix or check everything.  What kind of labor am I paying for? I will be calling to speak with Karen the manager of the service department.  Who ever worked on my car did a less than thorough job and I'm sure that isn't the standards of Honda.  If it is then I can only recommend against Honda of Hollywood.

Just off the phone with Karen T who was a tremendous help.  Explained everything and swore by her technicians.  The people I spoke to were great and they assured me this was a fluke accident like a light bulb burning out.  Problem yes but handled very well and very easy to talk to.  I'll be back again.

Almar V. | 2011-12-10

What a bunch of Crooks! I went there to return my leased CRV and this salesguy (Max or Maximillian) was the guy who's suppose to "help" me get everything done, Consumers be careful of this place, if you are planning to buy/lease a car here, this is the second time we were victimized by their "modus-operandi", Let me tell the story as detailed as i can remember so this post could warn you guys, I walked in ready to turn in my vehicle, but prior to going to the dealer i called honda financial to assess my penalties and the told me that my excess millage would cost around $1100, then here comes Max seems knowledgeable and ask me if i want to turn it in or trade it in for a new car, I said i needed a new one if he got any good offers, asked me what kind?, i said probably a honda pilot, so he took the CRV's keys, got some Pilots on the lot, at first he showed me a high-end one, i said too expensive, then he showed me another "brand new one" he said but it was a "demo car" i said ok, i guess the price is more feasible with my budget, so we test drive it, now here's the catch, the odometer say 235 miles, however i didnt notice it was on Trip A, and so after the test drive i told myself it seems ok, i swear this guy never mentioned a thing he just said it was a "demo car", so we took care of the paperworks, background check and all, Max Told me that i owe close to $3000 on my over milage for the other car, didnt explain to me how he computed that number and told me the figure i have to pay monthly for this new one, tried callin Honda financial to verify my penalties, unfortunately they wre already close, so i said oh what the heck ( my biggest mistake) ,  so i said ok, we then proceeded to the closing and signing of papers, this  is where the finance officer told me the actual milage of the car a 2011 Pilot is 28000+ miles, and still they list it as "Brand New" where the heck do you guys demo this car? do you drive it  10 times Coast to coast? so i was so frustrated, me and my 12 year old stuck there, late for the little kids practice and with a terrible headache, my credit card in their hands and half of the paperworks sign already including the one that says if i return the vehicle i have to pay another $800 in fees, Now i know what "Legal Robbery"  tsk tsk, They have a poster on their wall that says something like " If you purchase a vehicle you cannot return it to them if you change your mind" so basically its a no return policy, you could but they could charge you a hefty amount of money, so was already late with no other choice since we cancelled our ride earlier to what i thought was a promising deal, turned out a nightmare, to cut the story short, we drove off the lot with the "new car" so as not to miss our appointments with a throbbing headache.
  Well the story doesn't end here, i want to hear feedbacks and advice from you guys, should i take some kind of legal action? But please for the mean time avoid this place, the poor reviews from other yelpers says it all.

Raye S. | 2011-12-01

Had to take my car because of a warning light was on. Overpriced and out for the hard sell.  Will not be back unless a recall issue.  Had a nice salesperson but could tell he was under loads of pressure.

Jill B. | 2011-11-06

I won't be back.   When I called to make an appointment for an oil change, they were a bit put out but finally gave me an appointment at 1:00 on Saturday.   I arrived at 12:45 and they told me it would be about an hour.   1 1/2 hours later, I went to find out what was going on only to find my car finished and no one around.   They wrote up my ticket and I paid.   They didn't even give me a carwash ... usually, car dealerships will run your car through the car wash as a courtesy.    

I sat in the showroom and watched several deals go down and was also not impressed.   I'll always buy my car from an auto-broker (Centennial Leasing) who is honest and gives me the best price without manipulating interest rates and price.    They were trying to get a guy to pay for a USED car for 7 years to manipulate the monthly payment down without decreasing the price.   He had a 754 credit rating and qualified for prime but they kept plussing up the interest rate.   I would have left if I was him.

There are other Honda dealerships in the area and I'll go to them in the future.  Obviously, this dealership neither wants nor values my business.

Ticha B. | 2011-10-20

I have a Honda and Honda of Hollywood is the closest service center to me (considering I purchased my Honda in Montclair). This review is strictly for their SERVICE DEPARTMENT.

I am quite satisfied when it comes to minor service here at Honda of Hollywood. The service department opens till 6pm on weeknights which is pretty awesome for a person like me who works till 430pm. They are also open on the weekends which works out great. I highly recommend an appointment on the weekends though.  I can still get minor service completed as needed. Even though Honda of Hollywood is busy, they still welcome walk-ins (drive-ins). The service guys (and gals) who assist in checking you in always seem to be helpful and don't "really" try to up-sell you. They'll let you know what you should be getting done when you bring in your Honda but they don't push you to buy or use their other services. When bringing your car into the official dealer, parts and labor may be a bit higher than your usual mechanic.

I like getting my minor oil changes and tire rotations at Honda of Hollywood. It usually takes less than an hour for an oil change, so stick around and use their pretty clean waiting lounge. They have free donuts and coffee in the mornings too if you're waiting. SCORE! I will however buy new tires elsewhere and get other parts such as air filters elsewhere since it will be cheaper. Look for their mail coupons for service and also the AAA discounts!

Are. S. | 2011-10-15

CHEATS AND SUUUUUPER CHEAP ASS CHEAP SKATES!!!! Do Not Bother with these Cheap ass ,double talking RATS!  From the Double talking Rat who offers one rate and then can not offer you enough lies to why the APR magically changed on the contract  OF A so called managers "GINGER"  all the way to The B.IIIIIIACTH  OFa Sarcastic ( may i add HELLA  UUUUUUGLY LOOKIN') old ass Battle axe C.UNT  "GLENNA" in financing. These m- other F- uckers  WILL FLAT OUT LIE TO YOU about everything under the sun. DO NOT BOTHER GOING TO LOOK AND DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!!!    They even gave a buyer a hard time when she asked them if they could fill the gas tank on her newly purchased vehicle- WHEN IT WAS ON E!!!  iF U DO, for some drunk reason buy here Take plenty of pictures of the accessories  and all things that come with and in the car when you test drive, Especially a used car ; so that if u do buy it you can show them and say: Hey A. ssholes this car is missing __ and the ___ wasn't broken when i test drove it 20 minutes ago.   DO NOT BUY AT hollwood honda !!!!!!   you will regret it !

Robert P. | 2011-09-04

Leased my first car here.  Shopping at this dealership absolutely ruined this precious experience.  The guy I dealt with, "Sam" was extremely overbearing, aggressive, pushy, intimidating, and sometimes even straight up rude.  

He wouldn't ever shy away from speaking to me in an argumentative and condescending tone.  He was also pretty shady with the deal he was making with us, not to mention highly unprofessional.  He wasted alot of my time by not being punctual, and failed to apologize for it.

I guess I'm content with the car, but the buying experience was just such a hassle and unenjoyable.  

I suggest you go to a larger and more established Honda dealership in the suburbs rather than this janky spot in "Hollywood"

martin g. | 2011-08-28

I understand a company making money on everything they can but 115.00 to program a key? I have a new (used) 07 civic and live a couple of miles from these guys and I'll need ongoing service. They didn't care about my new business and gave me attitude when I asked for a discount on the programming. I left, and With a single call to Honda of Santa Monica I had an apoinment and a nice discount. They get a new loyal customer who's willing to drive across town for good service. I've already gladly scheduled a major service with them. Too bad Hollywood Honda. I love my car and will be spending more time in Santa Monica because of you and what even a $10 token discount could've fixed.

Drew C. | 2011-08-17

Ah Honda of Hollywood, the one and only star I gave you is for your consistency. You consistently sucked the life out of my car buying joy. My girlfriend and I went to this "dealership" with the intention of buying a car that night, and we left feeling abused and in need of a shower to wash off the dirty feeling that had perpetrated our bodies. I can actually say that I felt nauseous and somewhat shaky after leaving. Please do me a favor and do not give these people your business. Unless of course you want to pay $2,000.00 extra for something added on that can't even be explained by the staff (add-ons that "could not be taken off" in the beginning but mysteriously could be removed after they realized we understood their scam). When we submitted a bid on a new car, they laughed at us and would not even attempt to negotiate. We ended up buying our new car from Spreen Honda all the way in Loma Linda, CA, and the drive was worth it. They were helpful, courteous, and straightforward and gave us a great deal on a brand new 2012 Honda. There prices are the best we found and they did a great job. Suck it Honda of Hollywood.

Miller D. | 2011-08-17

As a first time car buyer, I wasn't sure exactly what I was doing but the sales team seemed competent. Then I received my first loan notification, with the total being almost double what I had expected. After calling the bank and HOH, I was told that the extra 4-5 thousand dollars was for the warranties and features that I had been lead to believe was included in the price of the car. Unfortunately, as a first time buyer, when I was reading the contract I didn't know precisely what I was looking at and they were just fine it glazing over them by saying everything was "included in the price of the car", which i assumed was the tag price. . I now feel very foolish for not reviewing it more appropriately and utterly deceived by the employees at Honda of Hollywood. When asked about the situation, all they could offer was "We're sorry you feel that way". Supremely disappointed with their very deceptive practices. Will never be returning and warning everyone I know to stay away.  I would give this zero stars if it were possible.

Marc K. | 2011-08-15

OMG! What happened today!!!! New computer software messed everything up.
Took my 2011 Civic in for its first service. Not a pleasant experience. It seems the new software was not working well and the service department where not trained to use this system. 2 1/2 Hrs for an oil change get real.
Not sure ill be back

Emily H. | 2011-08-01

Went there to test drive a Civic that I saw posted online.  Was going to trade in my Mazda RX-8.  An older lady (tall, thin, over-tanned, smoky) helped us test-drive it.  When we told her about the trade, I think she had no clue what a RX-8 was.  She wanted nothing to do with it.  She sat us down and kept saying in a loud voice over and over, "What do you want to do here?  What do you want to do here!"  We were like "Woah, jeez, just looking to see what you could offer as a trade on the RX-8".   She grabbed my title and did something in the back room with it (but not long enough to run it through KBB).  She seemed bitter for some reason, and her shirt was hanging off her shoulder which was giving us an eyeful.  We left shaken and upset.  Oh well.  Onto the next dealer.....

tony p. | 2011-07-10

Don't waste your time with Honda of Hollywood.  I was trying to buy a new 2011 Accord Coupe EX-L w/ navigation and I was dealing with Julio as my salesperson, from the internet department.  I test drove the car on a Saturday and tried to complete the deal the same day.  He informed me they would not be able to complete the deal.  On the following Monday he called me and told me they would be able to complete the deal.  I informed him that I would like to add my car as a trade in deal and he said he'd get right back to me.  Well five days later its the following Saturday and he didn't respond and didn't have any answers for me.  So i found the exact car i wanted at another dealer and bought it the same day, like a deal should work!

So if you'd like to be ignored and given the run around, then hit up this lame dealer, but if you'd actually like customer service and would actually like to buy a honda, then go anywhere else!


Kate B. | 2011-06-29

I can't complain toooo much as I bring my car here for oil changes. (Although I kind of have to because I'm too afraid of taking the giant belly pan off mycar myself and resetting the computer system)

I never have a problem getting an appointment within 1-2 days, and the service always takes as long as it says. They even have wi fi in the waiting area, which is great for working while you wait.

My 2 gripes:

#1: I went to purchase wipers from parts (apparently you only replace the rubber part - not the whole arm, and the dealer is the only one that carries the rubber part) and when I called to confirm they had it in stock, they said "YES!" but when I went in, they only had 1 wiper for the front and 1 for the back. Every car needs 2 for the front! I found it odd that they'd be out of wipers. Now I have to make another trip back to get my $5 strip of rubber. They did install them for me though - which I guess saved me the trouble of doing it myself.

#2: I called to get a quote on tires here (all 4) Get this:

each tire: $170
installing each tire: 22.50/tire
alignment (if needed): $96 (and it takes about an hour)

I'm sorry. I know this is a dealership, and dealerships are expensive, but that is INSANE.

I made an appointment at a highly rated tire spot in LA that is only charging me $80/tire and $15/tire to install.

Overall, I'll keep coming here until I either figure out how to change my oil myself, or find somewhere cheaper.

Anna R. | 2011-06-19

Absolutely the WORST service center I have ever been to. Honda of Hollywood charged me $1,300 to fix some oil leaks (what they told me would be the cheapest route), and a few weeks later my oil light was back on. When I returned to see if the problem was under warranty, they told me it was a different leak, which would cost me another grand to fix. Skeptical, I went down the street to Affordable Honda to get a second opinion.
Apparently, the first patch-job (the one that cost me 3 week's income) had been so sloppily done, Affordable couldn't properly diagnose the leak. I returned to Hollywood Honda and demanded a complete re-do of the original repair, after which the rep tried to talk me into EVEN MORE overpriced repairs.
My car hasn't leaked oil since, so I would have been bleeding money for something that could've been fixed the first time around.
I've never had such a terrible service experience in my life, and I dropped tons of money on rentals in the process. Honda of Hollywood is dishonest, overpriced, and shady.

Enzo A. | 2011-06-03

I can't even begin to describe how happy I am right now.
No haggling
No hassles
No issues
No pushy sales people

I walked in on a monday night, at closing time... spoke to Arthur I knew I wanted to buy a new body style Civic but not much more than that. I got a quick education about the vehilce line and selected the FLOOR MODEL. Not wanting to keep Arthur there all night, I decided to come back this morning (Tuesday).I was anticipating an experience like those I've had with prior dealerships so I figured it would take forever, with back and forth non-sense.
Well this morning I go in with my trade. They bought my trade in and got me into exactly the car I wanted with all the features I wanted with exactly the payment I wanted. I had to leave for about an hour and check in at work, but by the time I got back everything was set and ready to go. I signed some paperwork and drove my new car off the lot!!!

Amazing hassle free experience- without question the best experience buying a car that I've ever been through. OUTSTANDING!!!

Thank you Arthur Alexander and John Lee!!


Nikki L. | 2011-06-01

Buy your car from here!!! I did twice and loved it!!!

JOHN LEE, who manages it, is wonderful! He set me up with my new Honda Accord EX-L lease. He was knowledgeable, efficient and attentive. He followed through on everything he said including helping me get the car in the color and price I want.

The true test of service was a month after I got the car. Someone hit and ran me while I was parked. After getting my car towed to a body shop, I called Honda of Hollywood and got great advice. They said my gap insurance would cover the car if major damage was done, and also that any bodyshop in need of my business will give me a FREE loaner car while they fix mine. They were right!

Also big kudos to Mike in finance.

This is my second Honda from this dealership and it won't be my last!


Shant J. | 2011-05-30

I got my CR-Z here, with no complaints!

I was helped by Julien, a younger guy who had moved here from Switzerland. I'd definitely give them my business again.

Kristen D. | 2011-03-21

I wish I could give less than one star.  I called the dealer about 3 times before I went in and spoke to someone online.

I spoke to someone in internet sales that said that could take my lease off of my hands if I purchased a new car.  I spoke to someone else in internet sales that said this same thing.

I arrived at the dealer as scheduled and once they took one look at my lease, they decided they weren't going to make any money off of it.  Instead of being honest and telling me the truth (which two other dealers did by the way), the salesmanager lied to my face and said I could no longer sell my lease because I made the last payment.   Thus leaving me with a situation in which I would have two cars.  They seemed very adament that I should sign the paperwork and then figure out what to do with my second car.

Keep in mind, it's pouring rain and I am about 40 miles from where I live, so having two cars is not really viable option.  I was not evening looking to make money off of the lease, just looking to have them take care of it.

On top of that, I am there for all of 5 minutes when the pushy salesmanager (White guy, bald head, brown eyes) gets involved.  He even followed me out to my car when I said I had to get something.  How pushy can you be?

Also, they intially wanted me to put a lot of money down for fees but couldn't show me a breakdown of what the fees included.  They came off of that, but I could tell they just weren't being honest.

I took advantage of their great offer and got the exact same deal for a better color from a less pushy dealer, Long Beach Honda.

The salesguy, Julio, was very nice, but he needs to tell his pushy salesmanager to get lost so he can build rapport with his customers.

Also, they have a really crappy coffee set-up.  I am sorry, but if people are going to wait in your dealership for a few hours doing paperwork, you should have some better coffee.

Mary K. | 2011-02-09

I just leased a car from Honda of Hollywood and it could not have been easier. I requested information about a Civic online and Rafael Gonzalez promptly emailed me back helping me get a great deal on a lease. Rafael and I emailed back and forth quite a few times (he was VERY responsive, even after normal work hours). We never even spoke on the phone. I submitted a finance application beforehand, got approved, and set up a quick and simple appointment to pick up my new car! Rafael was very friendly, easy to work with and excited for our new car! His excitement made me feel even more excited. He took a great picture of us in front of our new car and has since followed up to make sure everything is working out for us.
I would definitely recommend Rafael at Honda of Hollywood for a friendly, easy and honest car leasing experience!

Jay C. | 2011-01-20

This is the first car I bought from them, but they definitely made my experience a good one.  One of the salesmen, Max, worked out a great deal for me with an APR next to nothing.  

After buying the car there were a few things that brought me back in - surface scratches they buffed out, and a defective tire (had a bubble) that they replaced free of charge - both service charge and tire!

I know the tire part wasn't easy on their part, since they don't typically handle the tire end of things, but after the distributor I was sent to didn't have it in stock, they made calls for me and worked it out, with an appointment the next day.

If I go with another Honda in the future, they'll definitely be where I go.

Rahi R. | 2011-01-15

Working with Raphael and Donne was great. they were super fun and helpful.

Raphael  went out of his way and came with my mother and i to pick up my old car at the repair shop.
And they were able to get me the price i wanted on my honda and i had been to several dealers prior to visiting them

i only had one problem with them and that was related to my financing - but that is all figured out now. i just hope in the future they will ask the right questions to potential buyers to avoid the same problems i ran into.

Diana C. | 2011-01-05

My husband and I were looking to buy our first car together and stopped in here on two separate occasions.  Both times, we were greeted by a nice soft spoken yet completely brand new sales associate who did not know anything about either of the cars we were interested in.  After running back and forth numerous times, they both ended up bringing over cocky, arrogant, pushy sales people who seemed to feel they could "close the deal".  The second time was the worst - I believe his name was Max.  He was everything a terrible stereotypical car salesman is.  All he kept asking was how he could earn our business that day, and every question we had, he answered vaguely and pointed to a display of options in the show room and told us to name a price.  When we told him we were probably not going to purchase that day, but needed more information in order to make a decision, he literally walked away.  We left there thoroughly confused and annoyed.  A few days later we went to Diamond Honda of Glendale, where the service was like night and day - the sales rep took the time to sit down with us, show us all the options they had on the lot, no pressure, and we walked out of there with a brand new Honda!

Brandon S. | 2010-12-21

Rafael Gonzalez was a great salesman. Really friendly and knowledgeable. He made the whole transaction really comfortable and was completely honest with me. A really good experience!

lisa n. | 2010-10-04

Wow!  Shockingly simple.  We paid cash and went through the Internet Department.  We got a great price and were NOT jerked around at all.

I'm still surprised by how easy this was.

Jon L. | 2010-09-03

I brought a used motorcycle in for an oil change and a 'safety inspection.' The 'safety inspection cost me an additional $60. The problem is they never did it.

The front tire, I later learned, was shot and needed replacing. The front shocks, I also later learned, were in need of replacement. I paid $60 for nothing. What a waste!

Kza W. | 2010-08-31

ask for frank! he is the best, aside from his boss, STONE-COLD look in the parts & repair section. as for the people working in the store, they're great too.

brian p. | 2010-08-07

One word. Horrible. They have no concept of afterservice. So I turn in my car after my lease is over since I leased the car there. Two months after, I get a bill for driving on the pay-road. Figured someone drove my car on the toll road after I turned in the car.  It's only for $30 so i figure the dealership would easily figure it ouf and take care of it, so I go to Hollywood Honda. Bottomline, they give me the run around and tell me it's not their problem. On top of that they act like they're doing me a favor. Incredibly rude and no inkling to help. I will never do business with these people.

Kristen C. | 2010-08-06

What up to Eddie for getting me a good deal on my Honda scooter... threw in a free helmet, and got financing quick. Very accomodating to the down payment and schedule. Showed me how to use it and now I will never deal with traffic on Santa Monica Blvd ever again. Look for me on the raddest cherry red scooter ever in Los Feliz.

Ashley H. | 2010-08-05

Cheat and liars! Get ready for the run-around...

The automatic seat belt in my 1990 Honda Civic stopped retracting recently. I was not in an accident and I did not alter or abuse the seat belt in any way - it simply stopped working. After extensive online research, I had learned that:

1. Honda offers a lifetime warranty on seatbelt repairs without limitation (ie. time, mileage, salvaged titles);

2. Honda pays for 100% of the parts and labor for warranty repairs;

3. "Front Seat Belt Replacement Warranty Policy (Supersedes 92-012, dated March 13, 1992) Warranty policy for front seat belt replacement is to replace either the belt/retractor mechanism or the buckle when either does not work properly.";

4. "Warranty Coverage: Seat belts that fail to function properly during
normal use are covered under warranty for the useful life of the car." (ie. Not for damage / alterations caused by the driver, or cosmetic reasons).

So I called the service department to schedule a time to bring it in. To my surprise, I was told I would have to pay a "diagnostic fee" of $130. That definitely conflicted with the "100% of the bill" which is quoted from the HONDA AMERICA WEBSITE.

So I researched some more, called back and told the service manager about what I had learned (that Honda picks up the bill). And he I finally got him to agree that I would not be charged the diagnostic fee if the problem was covered by the waranty. I asked him if he knew what was covered and was told only the belt and snap mechanism - NOT THE TRACK.

So I researched some more and found a published service bulletin from Honda America (SB 92-012). This states: "Warranty policy for front seat belt replacement is to replace either the belt/retractor mechanism or the buckle when either does not work properly."

By the time I got this information the service department had closed for the day, so I couldn't call back and get lied to again.

Maybe I'm naive, but I expect an authorized dealer of a major car company to uphold and honor all the terms of service associated with the product they sell. That is the responsibility that comes hand-in-hand with the privilege to sell and service Honda cars (and charge the typical "dealer prices" for service work).

I will try again tomorrow, armed with this latest information. But even if I finally get my seat belt fixed per the terms of the Honda warranty, the damage has been done. I am going to be replacing my car soon, and I will want another Honda. Sadly the deception and run-around that I experienced with the Service Department has turned me off Honda Hollywood for good.

I'll let another dealership earn commisions from my purchase.

Ferd P. | 2010-08-02

My experience with Honda of Hollywood's repair shop was horrible and I would suggest that all readers go elsewhere for repair work on their vehicles. Here's my story: My tire pressure monitoring light went on in my Honda and since it is still within it's warranty period, I took it in to my local Honda dealer to get it looked at. After about an hour and a half of waiting, Honda of Hollywood called me to say that the TPMS sensor had to be replaced and that it would NOT be covered under warranty. You see, several months before the TPMS light came on, I had to replace a tire that was destroyed in a LA pothole. Honda of Hollywood said that because upon inspection, the TPMS sensor was physically damaged, it must have happened when the tire shop was doing its work. They explained that this kind of damage was not covered under Honda's 3 year/36K warranty and that it would cost roughly $280-290 to fix it. This was far more than I had in my budget, so I told them that I needed to think about it. I asked them what the cost of the part was and they said around $50-60 and that the rest was labor. I asked them what their hourly rate was and they said that they don't price their jobs on an hourly rate, it's just the price. This struck me as unusual and I said that I would need some time to decide what to do as I didn't have the means to pay for it at the time. When I returned to the dealer to pick up the car, I was then told that the manager of the dealership had come by and offered to reduce the price to $200 for the repair. This made me even more uneasy. How come the price keeps on changing and they can't even tell me their hourly labor rate?
IN the end, I decided to take my car to another Honda dealership just outside of San Diego. On my way to visit my friend, I stopped off at this Honda dealership and they inspected it and within an hour and a half had the TPMS sensor replaced and the oil changed. The total cost was $31 for the oil change. They inspected the TPMS sensor and contrary to Honda of Hollywood, observed NO physical damage to the sensor and as a result, it was covered under warranty. I'll leave it to you to draw your own conclusions but suffice it to say that even though I live in LA, I'll make it a point to have any repair/service work done  whenever I go down to SD to visit friends. It's well worth it to have a trustworthy and honest dealer in your corner. At the very least, get a second opinion if your first is from Honda of Hollywood.

Caroline E. | 2010-07-13

DEALERSHIP - the initial meeting & test drive went fine. The sales rep Mo was friendly and helpful. After presenting a sales offer I received from a Loma Linda dealer Mo went back to his boss. After lots of paper work and 15 minutes of talks Mo sent Sam in. In the first 60 seconds of meeting Sam he was pushy, arrogant and raised his voice almost to the level of yelling. He was condescending and a complete jerk.  I was flabbergasted and couldn't believe this guy.  Was I being PUNKD?  Wow, the worst experience at a dealership.

I left there with tears in my eyes - SHAKING!, drove straight to Santa Monica Toyota and received the polar opposite BEST service ... my new Prius arrives today.

Michele D. | 2010-06-30

I bought my Civic from Honda of Hollywood. Great customer service from Donne Mendoza. I e-mailed a few other dealerships and asked for their internet price; he was the ONLY one who responded with an answer. The rest of them were eager to meet me and chat. I did not want to chat. I knew what I wanted. Mr. Mendoza didn't try to sell me anything fancy, I wanted a simple uncomplicated car to drive around town, and that's what he showed me. He also gave me a much better price than the Costco price.

Very he had a lot of energy that got me OUT of the dealership and on the road pronto.

Zachary D. | 2010-06-16

Took my 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid in to get a new battery/"check-up," so they would check the oil and do the 40,000 Mile service, well apparently a new battery and an oil change cost $500+. So I pay this and go on about my day. 5 days later, apparently my car believes I need to get an oil change, less than 20% it says, so I'm a little perplexed, so I call and setup an appointment for the next day, boom they can fit me in at 3. So I have a friend drive the car up there, he calls me and tells me they already changed the oil from the previous appointment and JUST forgot to reset the "computer." This is frustrating, who knows what could have happened because of these guys screw up. I could've went somewhere else and been charged full price for something I didn't need! And all I got from Valerie (Woman I spoke too), was a bad attitude and then a half-a**ed apology. Quoting her as saying "Things like this happen." If I pay $800 for my car to get a "minor" check-up and they skip over this and their only option is to say sorry? Reminder this is all over a simple oil change, and they can't remember to reset the computer after that and I'm the a***hole.

Lisa K. | 2010-06-14

My car was sideswiped in the middle of the night, and the offender didn't bother leaving a note. My insurance company sent me to Honda of Hollywood for repairs, even though I drive a BMW.

The communications with these folks was terrible. I always had to call them back, sometimes several times, to get someone to tell me what was going on with my car.

It looked great when I picked it up, so I drive it off the lot. Fast forward a few months and I'm in the parking lot at The Grove and a piece of the rear tailgate (which was replaced by Honda of Hollywood as part of the repair) FALLS OFF!

Thankfully, I was able to put it back on (it secured with a couple of clips). This time I took it to BMW to be looked at. They won't fix it since Honda of Hollywood didn't use original BMW parts, even though it's what I requested and understood why I was paying extra $$ for the repairs that the insurance company wouldn't cover.

Next I call Honda of Hollywood, and since it was more than 90 days since I picked up the car, they won't guarantee the work.

So basically, I paid an extra $1,400 above what the insurance would cover for shoddy work using parts from who-knows-where.

It's my fault for not taking the car to BMW to be fixed in the first place.

This post is to help anyone considering using Honda of Hollywood's auto repair business make an informed decision and have a better understanding of the type of work done to their vehicle.

I haven't bought a car or motorcycle from them, so this post only addresses the auto repair.

GAVIN P. | 2010-05-24

stay a way ....just like a dealer high prices and bad service.......danny .......ranndy  dumb ass service writer......lame place to take your car brake job $300 just for the front are you dumb it's just a civic people ..................................................­................................

Leslie T. | 2010-05-22

Re: SERVICE only

I've been here twice, once to have the transmission fluid changed on my Civic hybrid, once to see about a headlight. Great experiences both times!

I rolled in without an appointment, was served with minimal waiting, clear communication, no attempts whatsoever to give me anything I didn't want and all at reasonable and better than competitive cost.

I was AMAZED since I'd had pretty much the opposite experience at Colonial Honda service (in Glendale) at different points in the past confirming my general suspicions of dealers' service. My experience was I couldn't get out of that place for less than $400 or 4 hours no matter what the problem was.

I'd gone to an oil change chain and they recommended transmission flush, but since I have a hybrid I thought I'd try someplace that has a clue. Turns out Honda Hollywood changed my trans fluid for less $ than Jiffy Lube quoted.

When my headlight went out I cruised back, bought the part from them for $13 bucks and they put it in for me. Whole process = less than 10 minutes on the outside.

Hooray for Hollywood.

Nick P. | 2010-04-24

My first car accident. Just like losing my virginity. A quick WHAM inside my Dodge Stratus, and the next thing I know I'm exchanging information and looking for the right thing to say.

Fortunately, Honda of Hollywood made it all better. Pete was incredibly cool and clear about how long the repairs would take, and what to expect. They had Enterprise there waiting for me to go get my rental car, and called throughout the 2 weeks they were working on it to give me updates. I highly recommend them, even if you don't have a Honda.

Stacy O. | 2010-03-12

Good sales and service. Thanks Honda of Hollywood! PEACE

blah b. | 2010-03-09

I would rather give negative stars to this place. Almost everything about their repair shop is wrong.

They told me over the phone that my repair would be covered by the warranty and it would be free. They gave me an appointment at 9AM after five days. I showed up at 9AM and they changed tune. Now they wanted $150 for just checking what was wrong with my car!  I thought what the hell and said yes. Bad mistake. They would not offer rides beyond three miles so I had to wait while they diagnosed the trouble.

After two hours I did not hear anything from them so asked what was up. They asked me to wait a bit more.

This continued for four hours. At 1PM they said that they will now look at the car!!! Four hours after my appointed time they took the first look at my car! Insane.

In ten minutes they called me and said the repair will cost $600 and will not be covered by my warranty!

At this point I shelled out $150 for diagnostics and left.

I will never ever go again to this place. They are unprofessional, impolite and dishonest. Avoid them if you can.

Scott F. | 2009-12-01

You might want to go somewhere else.

My lease is almost up and I went in Honda of Hollywood to find out what I needed to do to finish the lease obligation or get a new car.

After 30 minutes of hard sell, the sales person Julio wouldn't tell me a lease rate on a Civic.  What a time waste.

Tim C. | 2009-08-13

don't really know why the ratings are so low. i came in here today for my first 20K mile service. it's my 5th time coming here but my first time with my new(ish) ride.

this place was great. they were packed and i mean PACKED. no seats for customers in the waiting room so i stood. no biggie cus people left fast. the rep who was helping told me it'll take 1.5 only too 30 min. i was in and out.

service was great and they went through the list with me and showed me some of the work they did...very thorough, very nice, very professional.

Amia K. | 2009-01-20

It was time for me to take my car in (again) for a 10000 miles service.
So I decided to try a place close to home.
It took about an hour and a half.  A nice man named Randy was helping me out.  They inspected everything, including my AC button that stopped working.

When my car was out (with a great 10% discount for AAA members) - Randy told me he ordered the part for my AC, and that he will call me back when it's there.

Service was great.  Waiting area, although smallish, was real nice, with coffee, tea, danishes, magazines and a TV.

Next oil change was scheduled to when my oil life reaches 15% (about 6000 miles) and not 3000 miles like other places I've been to, just like the owner manual says.

I like Honda of Hollywood. will probably go there again.

Elena Y. | 2008-11-19

I prepared most of my research online before arriving at the dealership.  Called a few Honda dealerships and Spirit Honda lured us in with a sweet deal.  We visited Spirit with the offer the Internet Sales Fleet Mgr made over the phone.  The Floor Mgr., I believe his name is Mel, sat us down and took down some info.  One of the questions he asked was what kind of monthly payments am I expecting to pay on the car.  Folks, wise consumers never answer that one.  He sat us down at a waiting table and said he would consult with the Internet Sales Fleet Mgr about the price we were offered.  We waited half an hour.  Afterwards, my sales guy asked if I would like to test drive the car.  Did that and came back to sit down at a different table with the sales guy.  Perhaps Mel was training the sales guy before we never negotiated with him.  The sales guy was there to keep us talking so that we're not bored by the waiting.  Before I even settle, they were already having me fill in some papers to run my credit.  After they run my credit, then they felt it was time to deal.  Mel says, "I do not deal with the invoice price."  They kept on making me offers but I push off wanting a lower offer.  They make us wait some more as they run the numbers.  Each time they run the numbers, we have to wait.  It was a sales tactic I was not falling for...but I'm patient.  Finally, Mel comes back with a paper in his hand giving breakdowns of my V6 minus some options.  It's near year end and dealerships have to be willing to budge to move the old cars off their lots.  My family and I walked off with plenty of frustration after killing over three hours.

I went back to the drawing board.  Dealerships either don't reply or they can't meet my numbers.  H of H site has an up to date listing of their models and trims.  Mark Mills was the only one who replied with the most informative email of all dealerships.  I only asked for the price on an Accord '08 V6 but he gave me a listing of all the selling prices for the different trim levels and the different models...below invoice of course.  There site also has a link to the DMV to calculate the OTD site, which was very convenient of them so that the customer is not cheated in any way with hidden charges.  It was no haggle.  I walked in with the printout and I got the exact car I wanted.  I also got a good deal on the LoJack.

Mark Mills and Dave Erickson make a great team!  They were willing to work with the customer rather than working the customer.  If you're buying a car you can ignore this review and try elsewhere, but you'll eventually end up here.  It's a better buying experience.

I noticed that the waiting area at H of H is not as big compared to Spirit Honda.  You won't waste as much time at H of H!!!  Sales approach and customer respect makes all the difference.

Li S. | 2008-11-17

This place is horrible! The dealer we dealt with was not honest and tried to steal money from our pocket. We went there early but left angry because we waited for more than 2 hours. The only reason we went there is because of the price. They provided an attractive quote online so they could allure customers to come to this place.

Sarah J. | 2008-08-26

This place is great! Not sure why all the negative reviews-a while back my transmission went out on me ON THE FREEWAY, stranding me 30 miles outside of LA at an am/pm in the middle of freaking nowhere. It sucked. Bad. Anyway, I had AAA tow my car here and leave it outside the garage. Next morning, Chris helped me haul it in no problem (apparently a dead transmission will come back to life temporarily if you leave it alone for a little while. Who knew?) Then, when he found out my warranty had expired only days ago, he called the Honda people and made sure they'd cover the cost of a new transmission! He called me every few days to keep me updated on the progress of the repairs, and didn't charge me a cent. This morning, I realized they even programmed my radio clock, something I hadn't figured out how to do in the year since I bought the car. Love this place, love these people.

Johnney C. | 2008-08-19

*cycle shop/service review*

I came in to repair a flat back tire on my Yamaha Vino on a Tuesday.  Ended up that my back rim was also dented in two places so they had to replace it along with the tire, and they needed to order the part.

Apparently the part was coming from Madagascar or something.

The service guy told me it'd be 2 or 3 days before they got the part, but it ended up taking a week.  But that's not what irked me.  Almost everyday, I had to contact them for an update, because every single time, they gave me a vague answer as to the status of my part/bike.  And every single time, I shit you not, they would say, "Let me check on the status of your bike and I'll call you back in 10-15 minutes."

Never did they call me back once.

And at least half of those times that I had to call, they'd initially put me on hold for 5-10 minutes to check on m bike, then they'd get back on the phone and the girl who initially answered would say, "How can I help you?"

And every time I'd respond with, " put me on hold like 5 minutes ago to check on my bike."

It was like that movie, Groundhog's Day. add insult to injury, to fix my back flat (new tube, new rim, and labor), I paid ~$270.  

Yes, for a flat on a Vino.  The repair cost more than a 1/4 of what I bought the bike for.  $90 for labor? Hi, you have no other alternatives to fix your bike, so we're going to take advantage of that and gouge you. Have a nice day!

Oh, and another thing...I found a nice helmet there for $80.  But looked everywhere else online and found the helmet for $40-50 everywhere else.  Nice try gouging me there too.

The second star is for the fact that they actually ended up repairing my back wheel nicely.

Tess L. | 2008-08-13

I have taken my car (a VW, to be fair) to Honda of Hollywood three times now to repair its convertible roof.  Now, I know, you're thinking "But it's a VW, why does she take it to a Honda place?  Is she mental?"  I am not mental, this was through my insurance after my roof got slashed two years ago; H of H was the only place nearby which was covered by my insurance folks.  And that seemed fine.  At first.

Repair one broke within a week, and then repair two held up for a little longer.  After awhile, a string broke loose from the top, but I figured it was a minor repair and I'd have my dealership look at it.  They said that the entire job was so bungled that I should call my insurance company and have them authorize another entire roof repair -- i.e. the string was just the beginning of what was going on inside the door, where the roof was installed.  According to the person servicing my car at the dealership, "it's a real bungle.  Knotted ropes, very shoddy.  I wouldn't touch that and I'd tell my insurance to find another repair center."

So, this time, I bring it back again and have the insurance appraiser ask them if they really knew what they were doing.  They sent it off to a top shop -- which they've been using "for 20 years" -- and I go pick it up after a week and a half.  Guess what?  First time I try to put down the roof, I hear snapping and the ropes and plastic bits all come undone.  I asked them if they'd tried my roof to see if the repair had been done okay at the top shop, and they said no, that they didn't know how to put the top down.


I get that they had no clue, and that it was a VW, but come on!  At least tell my insurance company that you don't even know how to turn on my car!  Then the guy who was helping me explained that they hate doing this kind of work, make no money off of it, etc.  Well, whatever.  Do the job right the first time or say, hey, this isn't what we do in the first place -- then you won't have to do it 4x.  Now I'm going to call my insurance company and tell them that no one should be sending anything to H of H, pour myself a couple stiff bloody marys, and cry about it.

Alison T. | 2008-08-09

so i was wary after reading all the negative reviews, but was going in for super minor work (putting air in the tires, which is probably something i should learn to do myself, but anyways) and didnt think there'd be a problem.

the service was free and i didnt even have to wait that long, even though most of the car-fixing slots were full and there were 4 cars ahead of me in line.  they even cleaned my front windshield as a bonus.

service ppl were very friendly. i'm still not sure if i would go in for major work, but it seems like they handle the small stuff just fine.

Tracy G. | 2008-03-01


Right now I am sitting waiting for my oil to be changed.  Yeah they have free internet.  The service department is good.  They are very nice and work with you.  I have set up my next visit to the service department (to fix a recall on the car that can't be taken care of on a Saturday - hurray for the parents and their rental car).  

What gives Honda of Hollywood the five stars is the body department.  Sadly, I have dealt with them 3 times for major damage.  The first time was on my Eclipse.  I was directed here because they are a 5 star partner (I think that is the name of the program) with my auto insurance.  They fixed my car quickly and beautifully.  It was partly because of their service (that kept the location in my memory) that I ended up with a Honda when I bought my next car - the first Civic.  Well, that Civic had two accidents.  One rear-ender and finally the one that ended its time with me.  They kept me very involved and informed during the long process of deciding the final fate of that Civic.  

They always make the car look new - granted that is what they are supposed to do, but the service is very friendly and easy to deal with.  They have always answered all questions and never made me feel like a pest anytime I called them.  

The first time I dealt with this dealer about buying a car, it was uneventful.  I got the car, they worked with us on getting the car as  quickly as possible --- after a day of visits to other dealers we were short on time, Dad had to get to the airport for his flight home.  (Yeah, for the parents for spending a day looking at cars with me.)

The second time was when the Green Civic was in the process of getting evaluated for repair or the junk yard.  I came over to get a quick look at the new Civic.  David came over to assist.  I explained that I didn't know if my car was in or out of commission.  He didn't hard sell me, just provided information about all new safety features in the car.  I took his card.  So I went home (TN) for the Christmas holidays thinking that the car would be repaired.  Well, that wasn't the case, they finally totaled it.  So I was in a bind, no car for me when I got back to LA.  

After driving the hybrid in TN I called David to set up the purchase.  This was a headache and major annoyance.  They (the management not David) were difficult, they couldn't or wouldn't work with me.  So I purchased the car in TN (… ).    

If I was rating the dealer it would have been 3 stars based on the purchase of my first Civic, then downgraded to 1 star based on the experience trying to purchase a hybrid from them.

Aaron R. | 2007-09-11

So what can you say about a Motorcycle Dealership that positive? Usually nothing.... But wait for it, its in there.
Honda of Hollywood has Honda Cars, BMW motorcycles and Honda/Suzuki/Kawasaki Motorcycles.
Its a pretty average size dealership, with average vehicle prices, and a fairly small parts/accessories department.
What sets them apart was the day I stopped in to get a spring I broke replaced, they didn't have it in stock despite its being a 5 dollar part, so I walked over to the service guys and asked them to help me twist a hook back into it for me. Which they did not complaints at all. Then they lent me a set of pliers to get the spring back on the bike. No mess; no hassle, just "sure no problem" and a hearty thanks from me!! Saved 6 dollars and a headache of driving around with no Brake Light for a day!!

Update: they took my bike in after my accident. My man there is a real trooper, he put up with calls from me all day long, several times a day, worked with me on the estimate and finally helped me out with the valuation of the bike when they totaled it.

D H. | 2007-07-18

I created a Yelp account specifically so I could write this review: I have never been treated worse than by Honda of Hollywood. As a recent college graduate, my parents were buying me a car as a gift. I went to the dealership by myself and negotiated a price that the salesman and I agreed upon. It seemed like a good deal so I called my mom (who lives an hour away) to drive down to the dealership so we could buy the car.

Somehow, between the time it took for her to drive there, the price of the car increased a thousand dollars. The manager said he could no longer do our original deal. Then, they denied having ever agreed on the original price, saying that I wasn't "committed". Hours of rudeness and wasted time followed, and we left without the car, and my mom wasted plenty of gas driving there. I've never seen worse business etiquette- this dealership will try to take advantage of you, avoid at all costs!!!!!!!!

EDIT: I noticed that the two positive reviews for this dealership are for motorcycles and NOT for cars.

Aaron C. | 2007-07-07

I want to be clear that I'm reviewing the motorcycle dealership, not the car dealership. Judging from the way the two are laid out, I don't think they're related beyond ownership.

I recently bought a Suzuki motorcycle from Scott Holden at Honda of Hollywood. Scott is probably the only motorcycle salesman I've met who has treated me with respect (or pretended to, at least). He was very patient with me while I decided on a bike, and he even let me test-ride a couple. I'm no squid, but other salespeople often talk down to me or make it abundantly clear that they don't give a damn about helping me. In stark contrast, Scott was extremely helpful and cool. He also gave me a fair price.

I'm withholding one star because I observed the typical behavior in a couple of other salespeople. Also, their gear selection for women is pretty abysmal, but that is unfortunately par for the course.

I have heard good things about their service department, and I'll be sure to update after I take my bike in this week to get a minor fix.

Shin L. | 2007-04-24

Reviewing only the car oh man!  This place is operated by loons.  I went to this dealership about a month ago to look for two specific cars, a Fit and a Accord Hybrid.  They immediately told us that the Fit is still hot on the market, so they didn't have any in stock.  So, off to see the three Accord Hybrids they had in stock.

The salesman took us to another lot that is about 1.5 blocks away.  Before taking this brisk walk, we mentioned to him that the older woman we were with (my future mother-in-law) had a really bad knee and had some difficulties walking.  He assured us that the car would be on the lot, so we followed him.  We get there and my boyfriend, the salesman, and I were searching for the three cars.  Well, it wasn't on that lot.  He calls back to the main office and they tell him it's on another lot.  

To the second lot we go.  This lot is about 2 blocks from where we were at, so we decided the knee would be able to handle a second brisk walk.  We get there and there is about 30 cars on this lot.  Oh, at this time the salesman walks back to the main office to go grab the car keys...he didn't even have the car keys!  He arrives at the lot with a Folgers can full of keys.  Apparently the dealership was to cheap to invest in a system that would organize the keys.  We tell him the cars are not on the lot.  He then decides to spill all the keys on the ground to look for the three hybrid keys.  When he finally found them he kept pressing the alarm to see if the cars were in this lot.  Unfortunately, they were not.  He again, calls the main office and they tell him that the cars are at the Sycamore lot.  From there we walk back to the main office to get a car to drive to the Sycamore lot.  

Need I say more?  I've been to this dealership for maintenance, but I will never ever buy a car from them.  They have no idea what they are doing!