Honda of Downtown Los Angeles in Los Angeles, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Honda of Downtown Los Angeles in Los Angeles, CA.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Honda of Downtown Los Angeles, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Honda of Downtown Los Angeles in other cities in the California.

Honda of Downtown Los Angeles

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(213) 536-0456
Address:1540 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA, 90015
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Honda of Downtown Los Angeles

Luis F. | 2015-04-24

I got this in the mail few days ago from this useless place. $9.00 check oh wow.. for a dmv refund.. They could send me a $9.00 check but can't send me $250.00 check as a compensation for my aftermarket item. Cheap ass clowns

Patricia M. | 2015-04-24

Great service. Sailyn was very helpful and christopher  was too. I inquired about a specific car and they were following up with me and they helped me get it.. Very good service . Thanks guys i appreciate it

Nicole A. | 2015-04-24

Leased my very first car today. The whole process was made much more unforgettable because of Martha's help and undivided attention.

Lizette G. | 2015-04-24

David Guzman helped me and my boyfriend get our first car he was so helpful and patient with us. Thanks to him we were able to take our first car home. If anyone is looking for a car go to David Guzman.:)

Marco P. | 2015-04-24

If you guys come here ask for David Guzman he is really nice and patient and will work with you.

John G. | 2015-04-23

AWFUL experience here. I had been looking for a white Honda CR-V Touring AWD for over a month. I found one in inventory on Downtown LA Honda's website, so I called and spoke with a sales person. (I won't mention names here, because I'm not sure exactly who was behind the negative outcome.) She said that the car was available (for a very attractive Internet price) and that they would hold it for me until I drove up from San Diego the next day. I offered to make a down payment by credit card, but she said that it would not be necessary. She said that "the manager is holding the keys for you."

We drove about 130 miles the next day and were given a brief tour of a BROWN CR-V. When we asked about the white car that was being held for us, we got answers like, "We're checking into that." After about an hour, they admitted that they did not have the car for us, and they tried to convince us that brown was really a great color. We didn't want that color and were ticked off that this was a bait-and-switch maneuver, luring us to LA to buy a white CR-V and then trying to sell us a brown one. They claimed that a manager had already purchased the white one shown on their website.

After speaking with customer service the next day, they agreed to repay us for the gasoline wasted on our trip -- and that's fine. But it didn't make up for the completely useless experience we had. These people should not be trusted.

Lisseth P. | 2015-04-23

I couldn't be happier with my experience at downtown Honda everyone was very nice and friendly...... Especially David Guzman....he helped me and my husband with everything the day we were there he treated us like family thanks to him we walked out with a new car.....

Alexander T. | 2015-04-22

I just bought a used Honda Fit and took it to Honda of Downtown Los Angeles for a full safety inspection and to have a few accessories ordered and installed.

My experience was absolutely great. The location is small, but seems very clean, organized, and well-maintained. The waiting room was comfortable, and the staff was friendly. John E. Jacinto, the dealership's Service Director, was extremely helpful.

I guess the most important thing I can say is that I'll certainly be coming back for any and all Honda-related needs. This place is fantastic.

Jamie M. | 2015-04-22

I have 2 kids and a good job! I needed a car and Honda was my number one choice. I went in and ALEX was amazing all the way through..

Jerome on the other hand had us wait forever all afternoon just to come back and sit down and review some things on my credit history asking what was this and that down to the detail.. Very rude and uncomfortable. So after all that time wasted Jerome tells me they can't help me. Took myself to Toyota :) drove off in a brand new 2015 Camry in half the time & at a cheaper price. She's a beauty

Magaly M. | 2015-04-21

Super late in posting this but I ended up coming here after being one of those annoying shoppers car salesmen LOVE so much.

I wanted to see about trading in my current vehicle but I wasn't really getting the numbers I was looking for. I don't think I can ever forget the lovely sales representative that helped me out, seeing as her name was totally unique, Cenaida! Just based on that she immediately made me feel really comfortable starting off her sales pitch with "Oh wow! We both have unique names!" Anyway, she made me feel welcome and comfortable even though she only knew I was there to shop around. She was the first person who didn't just let me walk off the lot when I immediately told her I was just "looking around".

Their selection of vehicles is alright but she made the Honda Accord I was looking at feel like that one was the one for me. She wasn't too pushy and she wasn't sleazy like everyone I had spoken to that day. Unfortunately I didn't buy as I had to talk to my husband about the process and figure out how to get our finances in order but I most definitely will be going back and asking for her and only her. Being in the retail business I really look out for customer service skills and product knowledge. She never hesitated, had an answer to all of my annoying questions and not once did she back down at trying to sell me a car. She sold herself first and that's what counts in my book!

See you in about 2 weeks Cenaida and don't forget to ask for her if you want a quality saleswoman.

Emma S. | 2015-04-21

So I visited this dealership over a month ago. Needless to say I didn't buy a car, and I headed to work. A few hours later I got a phone call from them saying they should have taken my offer and wanted to me to come back in, and buy the car. I explained I was at work at I wouldn't be able to make it back to the dealership that night. They then proceeded to call me 3 to 4 times every hour on the hour. They started calling the restaurant where I work. At one point one of the dealers asked for my debit card number over the phone, and they tried to convince me to buy the car over the phone. They then called me every day for 3 days trying to get me to come back in and buy the car. I would never buy a car from them. I will never go back to the dealership. I want nothing to do with them, and I still get phone calls once a week asking if I'm still interested.

Mike C. | 2015-04-20

Typical shady car dealer that will say anything to make a sale.

I sat down with Nouaman and negotiated a deal. His manager Baiju Patel accepted my offer. Nouaman seemed to be genuinely helpful but Baiju is where the lies and disrespect started.

They started with the waiting game after they had accepted my offer. All of a sudden they gave me unsubstantiated excuses and wanted to restructure the deal with additional fees, larger down payment and a higher monthly payment as well. The deal became worse and worse each time they came back to the table.

They wouldn't sell me the car I wanted at the originally agreed upon price. Instead, they took the number I was willing to commit to and tried to sell me something else that I didn't want.

They were simply fishing for a financial commitment from me in order to find a car that would fit my budget and offer them the highest profit margins. It's obvious that what I wanted was just a scam to get a deal going.

In the end I walked out and they made a final attempt by bringing in another manager to close the deal. This guy was the king of shady. He basically reworked the numbers to give me the same BS deal that they tried to give me before. If there was one guy responsible for backstabbing the Native Americans, this guy would be it.

If your experience goes smooth, you more than likely over paid.

BTW...I went to another dealer and actually got a better deal than I originally wanted. It was only a $15 a month lower payment but it was still better than what I had wanted and I didn't have to deal with the same disrespect as this dealer.

Johanna M. | 2015-04-19

There are no words to explain how excited I am with my new Honda Civic Coupe. The staff was great. But Carlos Aguilar was an amazing seller. He answered all my questions even though I asked the same ones many times. He's very energetic and more excited then me to buy a car. All I want and look for in a seller.

I did a trade in from a used car to a new 2015. Got what I call a dodger blue Civic. The paperwork was done in a flash and of course Carlos was there all the way. To the meeting of him. To when I rang the bell for good luck. Till I drove off the lot with my new car.

Zachary S. | 2015-04-19

Honda of Downtown Los Angeles provided me with the car that I was looking for at a competetive price.

Jerry my sales person, did his job while attending to my needs, and dealing with my inexperience buying a car.  Would recomend, this dealership is driven to please customers, and will go the extra mile for you!

Albert S. | 2015-04-18

First time doing my service here been putting it off for a bit due to the drive distance. I finally decided to make the drive and I score not only did they take care of my care but also got a free gas card. This made my day. Fast friendly service.

Jennifer T. | 2015-04-17

I walked in knowing what car I wanted and I told the dealer straight up that I had my mind set on it. The dealer (whom I later learned was named David) assured that everything would be done quickly and efficiently. I was wrong to have believed in him. He didn't even bother asking me about which type of insurance I wanted to get - he went ahead and got the 10 day minimum coverage for me. He didn't even try to go through the car functions with me or what my contract covers.

Finally, when we were ready to sign the contracts (by now we've been waiting for around an hour already), I was already really tired and I asked him how much longer it would take. He said a maximum of 10-15 minutes. We ended up waiting for more than an hour. I was speechless. I just wish they could have told me the truth or at least come up to me and apologized when we've been waiting for such a long time already.

Jeniffer S. | 2015-04-11

I have to say patience isn't my thing, and I went to A LOT of dealers who just tested my patience and it made the whole car shopping experience really bad.
BUT when I came here it was the complete opposite. I was welcomed and helped by Nouaman (the best sales guy EVER) and right from the start I felt very comfortable.
Loved my experience here, Nouaman gave me the best deals possible and he was very helpful. If you're a first time buyer or even just trying to upgrade a car, I would definitely come to this Honda dealer. Absolutely the best dealer I went to and walked out with a great car.

Danny G. | 2015-04-11

I went a couple of days ago and I wasted 4 hours of my time looking around when it came down to doing the paperwork they wanted 4000.00 down on a lease to have a payment of 495.00 as soon as I was walk I g away they where told me ok if we can drop down the payment to 430.00 would you do it I said he'll no thought guys are just playing games

Daniel C. | 2015-04-11

This place is great! My first time buying a car and boy was I impressed at this dealer. Got an amazing deal. I got my car from JERRY. He is awesome!!! He's really helpful and he will make sure to listen to your needs. He isn't pushy like every other sales man but is there to really help you. Give him a visit next time your in. Would definitely buy another car from them next time. They really try to work with you to get the best deal possible for you. And lastly JOHNNY (finical manager) is the man. He took care of the paper works and handled my car transaction fast and efficiently. He is very friendly and worth going to. The location is at a good place too. There's plenty of parking.

Paula C. | 2015-04-08

This place was really amazing. The people there were really nice and work around with your budget. Alex was amazing at helping us buy our new 2015 Si. He was very friendly and helpful throughout the process. I would definitely do business with them in the future and would also recomment this place to anyone looking into becoming part of the Honda family.!!!

Jenny V. | 2015-04-06

I came to Honda Honda to see if I can get a car at first I wasn't able but that's to Christopher I was able to get my car an they are really nice thank to them I got my car  and they were very helpful
A special thanks to Christopher

Manic D. | 2015-04-06

First time buying a car from anyone other than my hometown dealer. Almost 30 years of cars from the same folks...all Toyotas. Walking into Downtown Honda this afternoon left me feeling apprehensive. It's not for the impatient or sleep-deprived. With all the hoops and pitches I felt the head spin. Thanks to Christian I'm walking out with a beautiful Fit. Great guy and very patient. Ask for him if you decide to come in. Kevin in finance is also top-notch. Just about to drive home and its a first Honda after years of Toyotas...jury is still out but Christian and Kevin are a good start for the journey.

Devin L. | 2015-04-04

Do yourself a favor and don't buy a car from these goons. They are crooks. I had to find out the hard way.

Yousef E. | 2015-04-04

I will write a quick review now, and a more elaborate one at a later time. But what I can tell you is that this dealership is efficient, responsible, good priced but more importantly they actually care. Juan Salazar and his team provide world class Honda automotive service, because of him and my experiences here at this dealership for the past 14 years, I highly recommend taking care of your Honda with them; my 250,000 mile one owner 06 Civic Si still drives like new because of their high quality service and Honda Genuine parts, I've never put anything aftermarket on my car so that it remains a Honda.

Brenda V. | 2015-03-28

I would of gave it 5 starts but the wait was horrible 5 1/2 hours!!! Our sales man Alex Soto did a great job explaining the vehicle futures..being that is his second day at the job he tried his best! His manager was a little to pushy kept showing us vehicles when we had one already in mind! All in all the finance guy was awesome Armando Reyes highly recommend him! He will work everything thing out according to ur budget! Thanks to him we now own a Honda Accord EX 2015!!

Eric D. | 2015-03-23

I came to this dealership looking for a great price on a Honda Odyssey and my service Rep Carlos delivered.  Not only did they honor the truecar quote, but also knocked off a couple hundred without hesitation.  The five stars go particularly to Carlos as he was friendly and very helpful, he even managed to calm down my 2 year old throwing a fit.  If you come to this dealership be sure to ask for Carlos and you won't be disappointed.

Beatriz R. | 2015-03-20

Super unprofessional! !! they took a $1,000 for a deposit so the car i wanted could be available for me the following day when we would "get approved" ok nothing went through because of lack of communication. I dont deal with unprofessional people who dont take care of customers ..decided to cancel the process. They said my money would be back by Wednesday. Its Friday...i have nothing and i contacted the dealer..all he can say its out of his control. Ok, gotcha. But why not communicate this! I asked for a follow up on Wednesday when he called me and he said he would call me back within 30 mins..nothing. still waiting. The frutration level is high with these unprofessional no communication people

D'Janai M. | 2015-03-17

Aside from the dealership I bought my car, this is probably the best Honda dealership I've been to. They were quick, everyone was really nice, and I was in and out within the hour.  

I had gone to another dealership a couple months ago for an oil change, and they said I needed almost $400 worth of work. I didn't get it fixed at the time, and I expected them to tell me the same thing here. After they inspected my car, turns out the dealership in culver city lied and told me my breaks had at least 4-5cm's less than what I actually had, and I didn't need to replace any of the breaks on my car.

Also an employee by the name Marc Uchiyama and another gentleman helped me. They were very nice and both very patient and answered all of my girly-no idea how cars work questions lol.  (Thanks guys! And thanks for checking my speakers! Lol)
This is definitely my new go to honda dealer

Victor R. | 2015-03-17

Having purchased many cars before, I had one of the best experiences EVER buying a new 2015 Honda Accord this past weekend! I was helped by Nouaman Lamtouggui during my sale and he was by far one of the nicest salesperson I have ever dealt with. He was so understanding to my needs and the whole process was so painless and so enjoyable. I also must have to mention his team manager, Baiju Patel, he was also great in helping my transaction go smoothly. If you ever need to buy a Honda, please go see Nouaman and his manager Baiju!

Alan M. | 2015-03-17

Honestly, I had an excellent experience. I made an appointment at the dealership at 11am and I was greeted by Jerome which lead me to meeting Jaron. Jaron was absolutley helpful & did his very best to help me get a reliable car. I didn't expect to get approved but luckily I was & drove off with a 2015 Civic. This was really a great experience. Excellent customer service willing to listen to your story.

Steve L. | 2015-03-14

I cannot believe that I am joining the ranks of the malcontents on Yelp I have always ridiculed. However thanks to Honda of Downtown Los Angeles I have had an epiphany and now realize that some businesses engage in practices so egregious as to demand them being dragged into the daylight and exposed.
After two visits and several phone calls we had basically closed the deal on my son's car for college. We arrived to complete the transaction and immediately noticed that the minor damage which was promised to be repaired was not. Not the end of the world, but certainly a future day wasted returning to dealer. As a final detail when we sat down ready to sign I asked to see Car fax which had been kept from me until then. Salesman disappeared for twenty minutes and returned with document which clearly read 2 owner car. The vehicle was prominently advertised as a one owner car. I kept cool but asked for an explanation and after fumbling for a reason the salesman disappeared for twenty more minutes and returned with his manager Mike who glibly asked what it would take to get me into this misrepresented vehicle. I told him "the truth". He said he would research but because it was late in the day we would need to return tomorrow. My son was disappointed but I explained the need to know the car's real history. When I returned home i called Mike to confirm tomorrows appointment as this purchase was becoming a serious time sponge, and he smugly reported that the car had just been sold. i was speechless and just put the phone down. Next morning (today) when I collected my thoughts I realized that there had been insufficient time to show, let alone sell the car between my departure from dealer and arrival home. I called to speak with general manager, and only the general manager, and who calls back but Mike. Shovel firmly in hand he continued digging deeper after hitting bottom, and when asked how he sold a vehicle promised to another in under one hour, he then said it had been sold prior to our arrival, even though we had a firm appointment and while there had promised to research Car Fax "discrepancy" and asked us to return for the car the next day.
I resisted writing this until it was painfully obvious that the general manager had no intention of calling back, so to her I say...
"Please save your boilerplate apology explaining how this does not reflect the culture of Honda of Downtown L.A. for this in my experience is exactly and unmistakingly your company's culture.

Dorian V. | 2015-03-13

Went to see these guys after seeing an ad.  A rep named Jerry was quick to say hello and I mentioned I saw an ad but didn't have that much time to hang.  He was quick to have me fill out the forms and check out the deal I wanted.  I was trading Ina vehicle so it took a bit longer, but I was out in decent time.  All together it was two hours with paperwork, trading, and getting the car.  The guy was super nice the whole time and mellow.  I'm not a reviewer normally but they Mentioned it helps them out so here it is.  Want a car? Say hello to Jerry!

Rosalind H. | 2015-03-10

So on March 5th 2015 I walked into the honda dealership of downtown la in search for a new car. I was immediately approached by salesman Carlos Aguilar who assisted me through my car purchases. Once the deal was locked in and and I had my car I was able to ring Hondas bell that announces the sale of a vehicle. I would definitely recommend the Honda of downtown la. Very friendly and welcoming environment.

Erin C. | 2015-03-10

Buying a car in Los Angeles can be really awful, especially if you're budget conscious. I spent a lot of time looking at other dealerships and Craigslist, but I was unhappy with the selection and pricing. When I saw the exact car I wanted on Honda of Downtown's website, I knew I had to give this another go. I got great pricing on an awesome car! If you hit them up, talk to Jerry Arroyo-- really great customer service!

Quintin S. | 2015-03-09

WARNING: Don't be fooled. This dealership will tell you anything you want to hear to get you to their dealership. (Please see Taryn B's post on 11/25/2015)  I too was "baited" by the seemingly sweet internet sales department. Two different sales associates both blatantly lied to me and told me that they had the car I was looking for.  I drove an hour and half to the lot to find out that they had lied. It took me another hour and a half to get home. Robbed of 3 hours of my life, I urge anyone looking for a Honda to take your business elsewhere. By the way, I had a great experience with Honda of Culver City. Go there. Stay away from Honda of Downtown.

Denise R. | 2015-03-06

I came in around 5pm (on a weekday) to get my tail light fix my light bulb had burnt out I bought the bulb there @ the store and they changed it then and there for me I did not make appointment or have to wait they where quick and the staff was friendly and helpful.

Eva N. | 2015-03-01

Unfortunately I have to write a new review which is negative. I went in twice for my Honda CR-V. The second time they found some stuff that needed to be taken care of which was supposed to cost around $750. I took it to an independent car shop and they did the same thing for $350...I guess that's the price you pay for a dealership.

What is extremely annoying though and a much bigger problem: since I went in I have been getting so much Spam mail and email from them. I automatically got signed up on their newsletter which I tried to unsubscribe THREE times and didn't work. Then suddenly I started getting mail by post from them. It is disguised as something else and doesn't say Honda on it which makes it even more spammy. Then now I even started getting Spam Mail from insurance companies "endorsed by Honda" so they must have given my information to third parties too.

It's unfortunate that this whole Spam experience has put a terrible light on this place for me and I would never go back to them even though the overall experience of the people who worked there had been good.

Tracy N. | 2015-02-26

Troy W. And Sailyn (manager) were fantastic to work with! Troy was very understanding and helpful. Courteous and never rushed or pushed us too hard. Very professional and pleasant to work with. He has a 'kill them with kindness' sales attitude. Additionally, Johnny from Finance was just as pleasant to work with! All smiles even late at night (11pm) This dealership is amazing with their customer service. I work in a sales oriented field and company as well and deal with difficult people on the daily both internally and externally. However, this car buying experience (though long, not necessarily dragged out) was anything but difficult. Everyone I worked with from start to finish was very very enjoyable.

Karen T. | 2015-02-21

I bought I car from them about a year ago. Turns out they sold me a car that has been in an accident. I went to a honda dealership to avoid this! Beyond disappointed !

Eduardo O. | 2015-02-19

Since i walked in everything was great!! Saylin was amazing on helping choose the right car for my wife.

Kristina R. | 2015-02-18

This is my second time buying a car from an actual dealership, and I can say this was the best experience I have ever had.  Even though I missed a day of work I didn't go home empty handed and am as giddy as a little girl at a glitter warehouse lol.

My first experience was at Nelson Honda in El Monte, walked out with a Nissan.... A Nissan from Honda... Something didn't add up... Every week the check engine light would come on from the point of purchase... I got pushed a long so far taking it back for me to be told I have finally went over my warranty and I need to pay 7k to fix a transmission on a car I just bought 4 months ago... Interesting... They wouldn't help me ran my credit to try and sell me another car and I still couldn't get me into a car or help. The owner wouldn't help or anything. I have been not using that car for two months now and been screwed since....

I came here just wanting to get into a car that worked simply of course if I was allowed to have a choice I would pick an Accord Sport since that's my "glass of champagne" .. And my husband chose to sign for a car which his credit is too new to make a dent on anything so I was the cosigner with poor credit. WE GOT OUR Honda Accord Sport!! Our sales person ....

She was a pro she was able to talk, explain details thoroughly, play with our baby(Did I mention she's gorgeous?), get us drinks, make sure we knew everything about the car we were fantasizing about lol, and helped us get into the car we loved with a decent size down payment and good monthly, and the interest rate was half of what my Nissan from Nelson Honda was taxing me on. I am extremely pleased and will recommend EVERYONE TO DOWNTOWN HONDA! The finance manager was a joy to be around he was very down to earth and tried all he could to help us out! Thanks ...

ARMANDO****! You are a saint! Even got us in a program that helps us save -$5k less in interest!!!!!!  good man good man indeed!

Needless to say, I am grateful we went to downtown Honda and finally have our "FOREVER" car that my little family needs. Thanks DOWNTOWN HONDA for EVERYTHING.

Aonya M. | 2015-02-15

We went in the dealership with a very tight budget, so I didn't think we'd be able to find anything here. However, my consultant Nouman Lamtouggui definitely proved me wrong.

We fell for a car just outside of our price range, so he pushed his team to give us an amazing deal. Throughout the whole experience, he was very friendly, low pressure and easy to talk to. Can't believe I got such a great car with low mileage and low monthly payments. I really felt like he went the extra mile to make us feel comfortable and happy with our purchase.

I had to ding one star for a really long wait. The financing people were swamped, so it pretty much took all day to get things done. Thankfully, Nouman was there with a phone charger and good conversation.  If you're looking for great deal on a car and you'd like a good experience while you shop, he's your guy. He gets 5+ stars customer service.

Ryan C. | 2015-02-14

I have been getting my 2013 Honda CRV serviced at the Service Department from the day one. John Jacinto and his team is the definition of Customer Service. Thank you Honda of Downtown Los Angeles, a job well done all the time.

Valerie R. | 2015-02-05

Made an appt. with Juan Salazar, really great guy by the way. For an oil change on my Civix EX. I was out in less than 1 hr. Ask for Juan Salazar great customer service.

Erika M. | 2015-02-02

Just bought my brand new 2015 Honda Fit from here on Saturday! As soon as I got there my parents and I were greeted right away. David Guzman was our salesman and took the time and had lots of patience to show us the car getting down to even the smallest details. Once we went inside we were always asked if we wanted water or soda which I thought was a pretty good detail. Honda of Los Angeles made sure they met our budget and worked until the last detail with us. Thank you so much!

Golo T. | 2015-01-29

I always come here to service my vehicle and they are prompt and always try to give me the deal or special to save money. They recommend services but never push them on me and they always do a great job with a smile.

Jeff K. | 2015-01-28

This place  is great, not only did I get a good price on a new car, their service department rocks!! When going to get my oil changes done and routine maintenance, they always have super helpful people working there. I delt with Juan Salazar and this guy is cool, not only did he answer all my questions but I was worried the battery in my key fob was getting old and might die. I picked up a new battery in the parts department and Juan had one of his guys install it for me on the house. Thanks guys.

Rachel V. | 2015-01-27

I went in to the dealership just looking to get an appraisal on my (now previous)  2010 Insight, and ended up walking out a few hours later with a great deal on a Certified Pre-Owned 2013 Insight. It was unexpected, but I am very happy with my new vehicle, and that I was able to get a good deal on my trade-in.

Troy Watson, my sales associate, was exceptionally helpful throughout the entire process. He was never pushy in the way that many dealerships can be, and was more than happy to help me explore my options and test drive a number of different vehicles. I appreciated that he also took the time to get to know me a little, and was very enjoyable to talk to, which made the entire process much easier. After some negotiating, we were able to work out a great deal-now I have a nicer car with lower mileage AND lower monthly payments! He also stayed with me throughout the entire process, and checked in a few days later to make sure everything was working out fine.

My only complaint (not related to Troy at all) is that when I went to drive my car off the lot, the car was sparkling clean, but the gas tank was sitting on empty with a range of 7 miles (not enough to get home). One of the managers of course took the car immediately to fill it up to a half tank, but might be a good thing to check before handing over the keys...

Overall, a positive experience, and I usually hate car shopping. They have a USC student discount too, Fight On!

Trent N. | 2015-01-25

READ YOUR CARS WARRANTY FIRST!!!  Most Honda's in California are covered for 15 years/150,000 miles on almost all parts.


I drive a 2007 Honda Accord Hybrid and my IMA battery light came on.  I took it to this dealership and I was told that my battery was dead and that I'd need a replacement for $4,500 because my car was no longer under warranty.  WRONG!

I did my own research and you can find your cars warranty here:…

Here is the extended warranty covered under CA/CT/MA/ME/NY/VT.…

I called this dealership and notified them that my car was actually under warranty according to the Honda web site.  They told me that I was wrong, as when they put in my cars VIN number that I wasn't covered under warranty.  I did not know how this was possible.

I then, called corporate headquarters in Torrance at 1-800-999-1009 and told them my case.  Corporate did not argue with me at all and said that absolutely that my car was covered under warranty.

So I called this location back, and they still refused citing that I didn't have a reference number for my call and implied that I just made it up.

I then, called corporate back, and I got a case manager to give me a reference number and had the case manager call this dealership.  

As soon as this happened, IMMEDIATELY the dealership told me that my car was under warranty and that they would replace the $4,500 hybrid battery at no charge.

I had to put in a ton of my own time to research this and follow up on my situation.  How could a Honda dealership not know their own warranties on their cars?  Clearly they're trying to hustle you into paying when they know you can get repairs for free, but they don't bother to tell you.

The service guys are nice, and the repairs were successful, but it's pretty questionable all of the hoops and hurdles that you have to go through to get the end result.

Latonja C. | 2015-01-23

To who it may concern , I received a letter from HONDA OF LOS ANGELES (Alex Gonzalez) was the name on the letter. The letter was about buying used Hondas back buy January 31 2015, according  to the letter they needed to buy back 50 used Hondas regardless of condition and they will give you up to 15% above book value and friends and family discount.  I called and made an appointment  to give them back the used Honda I purchased just about a year in a half ago. My car is a 2011 and is a very nice car which i did purchase  from Honda Los Angeles.  I was there for eight hour and could not understand why it was taking so long!  I ask them about the letter, and come to find out , they never looked at the letter. They was treating me like I needed a new car. when i said something about the letter I felt like i was getting the run around. I saw a friend in there the same day and with the same letter(she left before I did). Bottom line i feel like this is a scam to get people down to Honda Los Angeles  to make a sale. im going to look more into this. After this day I have been getting calls from different Honda locations. Not happy with this, was just doing what the letter asked!

Wilson A. | 2015-01-22

I went there with my family to get a new Honda accord and the sales experience with Honda was horrible they were trying to sale us a car they don't even have in their lot from sales person to sales manager finance manager to everyone they are just just bad people they just want to take your money we were looking to get the onda exl and they were saling us the ex only and they have took our downpayment and they didn't even tell us the monthly payments and they wanted us to go to finance without even shown in us the numbers and the car we wanted they just horrible people to work with our family we been having Hondas for  long time and we live very close to downtown Honda that's why we went there to purchase our car now I will never buy a car from this people ever in my life and I make sure everyone in my family and friends not to buy it from this people, also if you looking to get a car from here make sure you don't give your money the you putting down because they just want to take your money is been like a week now n we did not bought a car from them n they haven't return our money bunch of LADRONES...!!!!!! NEVER EVER WILL BUY A CAR HER I bought it from NORN REEVES HONDA best place to buy one,.

Sylvia C. | 2015-01-11

I was here for over 4HOURS to buy my moms leased car.   I called in advance to have all of my paperwork in advance and to have quotes for a new lease and cars to see while I am there.  Nothing was done instead I had to wait for a salesperson then after that process which by the way, everything was quoted high.  I am paying a $1000 over my buy out price?  What?  Then I had to wait for finance, which I was told 5 minutes twice when I actually waited over 20 minutes for that, only so he could tell me his interest rate was 4.67 when my credit union's interest is 2.2 esp when I have excellent credit.  So he miraculously found me a  2.4 and took $99 off of my purchase price as that is the difference but only after I told him he needed to.  Before I went into finance, i told the salesperson to have my car ready as I have small children waiting for me at home.  She said it would be, after I finished with finance, I had no ideas where my car was as no one told me, but I assumed it was ready to go, not!   I ended up walking to service and they had to find my car which was still being serviced.  So another 45 minutes at least. I understand that Hondas are not high end cars, but the dealership could offer a higher end experience.  I will never go back or recommend this dealership.

Audrey L. | 2015-01-08

Mike and Pedro were super friendly, assisted me with anything I needed, and had the answers to my all questions. I left the dealership with a car I got for an awesome deal- thanks to these two.
I'm very happy with my very first purchased car and I'm glad I came to this particular Honda location.

Ask for Mike for great deals !

Claudia M. | 2015-01-07

I bought my Honda Accord 2014 here after three visits to this place. They drive a hard bargain, hence the three visits (over the course of a week) because they would follow up call me to invite me back to "discuss" after I would reject their "bottom line" offer. I am pleased with the price I got on my third visit. I did, however, have to visit other dealers that were willing to beat whatever price Honda of Downtown LA, and this helped me with negotiations. Ultimately, although a different dealer was willing to offer me a slightly better price, I went with Honda of downtown because of their customer service, and convenience. They are tough negotiators and very skilled salespeople there so buyers should be prepared with comparison prices, and an understanding of the monthly payment vs. looking at the total price with an understanding of what the out the door total price of the car will be to get the best deal possible. They are aggressive salespeople, but are simultaneously great with customer service. Brie Thompson, the person who sold me my car, was very patient with me, and was great with explaining what every line item on the contract was (so long as I asked).  I have since taken my car into the service dep for an oil change, and was once again given great customer service by Gerald Jones in service. They have a nice lounge/waiting area, and service was quick.

Jasmine S. | 2015-01-05

This time they send me a letter that they want to buy my car and upgrade to new car so I decided to called first and take a visit but this time a receptionist in a show room told me to wait and didn't even let me know how long I have to this point .. I couldn't see any salesman on the floor and I have been wait for a while...I guess they all must be busy with year end one ever come and greet me so I decided to left and they call me an hour after my appointment...bad move in their sales department...great car department service tho...

Brittny M. | 2015-01-05

Thanks to Jesus I got everything i wanted today. An amazing deal and the exact color interior and exterior. Honda paid to have the specific car I wanted delivered for no additional cost. In fact, I ended up with an amazing deal, saving money and receiving exactly the product I desired.  Thanks Jesus and Honda!!!!

L S. | 2015-01-02

Surprise, surprise!!! We had a wonderful time at this dealership. Best part was there was no bait n switch.

Ignacio aka Nacho Jimenez was our sales rep. We had Carlos Aguilar for a brief period to go over the car when Ignacio was with another client and Anne Tu was our finance gal pal.They were all wonderful with no underhanded motives.

We lease cars on a regular. We've leased w/Toyota and Nissan and have had great experiences with them as well. This will be our second go round with Honda. We got a 2015 Honda Accord today. My husband is a simple man. He does not want to pay much of anything on a car because it depreciates.

Now I told him 2 1/2 years ago to increase his mileage from 12,000 to 15,000 but the man didn't listen. Anyhow, he had six more months on his lease and was already over his mileage by a little over 800 miles.

Today, he traded the 2012 Honda Accord in and was not charged any penalties for excessive mileage or wear and tear. I was a lil nervous about this because we have never been over mileage or turned in a lease early and I didn't feel like going back n forth w/the sales rep or finance folk especially when we were upside down.

Truth be told, I was ready to pay the remaining six months and the mileage and throw up the deuces if they gave us any problems. That wasn't the case here. They were all straightforward and really nice. I plan to come back here in a month or two to trade in my Crosstour for a Pilot.

The only drawback to the lease is that disposition fee (I believe that's what it's called). You basically have to pay a fee, in our case $350, when the lease is over if u don't lease w/them again. I've never had that on any leases with Honda, Toyota or Nissan. To me, that fee takes away the fun of leasing especially since we like trying out different cars. Hopefully, Honda will cut that "ish" out and go back to the no disposition fee. We'll see though. We are a happy camper for now.

Alex S. | 2014-12-27

Bought my Accord from this dealership almost 12 years ago... needed a new car so I decided to give DT Honda another go.  Went on Halloween to inquire about pricing and to test drive.  Sales guy was nice enough, the problem ended up being the black manager who came in and basically held me at the dealership.  They had my key license and registration and made it impossible to leave even though I was just there to inquire.  

Fast forward two months later, I decide against my better judgment to go back (this time with the intention of buying).  I'm met this time by a gentleman who could have passed off as John Goodman's twin.  When I saw that they were basically doing the same tactics as last time (holding my license etc) I wanted to leave.  Then in comes the same black manager AGAIN.  At this point I'm fed up and ready to leave but the manager keeps ignoring my request for my key and license and keeps asking me what price would make me buy at that moment.  Somehow another manager (presumably his boss) stepped in and walked me out, apologizing profusely for their behavior.  Still I lost 4 hours of my life for absolutely nothing.  If you see the aforementioned black manager, RUN!

Jay I. | 2014-12-27

Just got a great deal on our CRV at Downtown Honda. Fabulous sales experience - thanks Dean! This location recently underwent a major overhaul in it's management so if you haven't been recently, you're in for a pleasant surprise.

Ask for Dean Matsuda - he is honest and as helpful as they get.

Karen F. | 2014-12-27

Troy Watson just sold me a car at downtown Honda of LA.. I don't believe I would have made the purchase of it wasn't for troys dedication to customer service and his hospitable approach to my needs.. Troy I hope this gets back to you, you make them money!!! Way to keep the doors open

Nar K. | 2014-12-25

Just got a great deal buying Honda Civic Hybrid.

My consultant Arthur was very friendly and hospitable. 5+ stars customer service! Bravo! Instead of pushing on me he actually helped me going through all the details and getting exactly what I need. He demonstrated a humanness and care that are very rare and valuable in sales. He already called me twice to follow up with my new car.

The rest of the personnel were also very nice. Very strong positive impression from Johnny who helped to sign the financial stuff. Very friendly guy.

Great job, guys!

Ochanya O. | 2014-12-23

Really great service at this Honda location.  Great customer service

Yen S. | 2014-12-21

Great experience buying a car here. Service was excellent! They were very nice and prices were fair. Go see Nacho he is a great sales guy! I highly recommend.

Helen G. | 2014-12-20

Jerry Arroyo was awesome... He is so friendly, kind, very open... I loved how he was always friendly and had answers for everything... He made our car buying experience smooth... He always stayed with us every step of the way and made us feel important. Because of him me and my husband bought our first new car which is a 2014 honda accord... Honda of downtown low Angeles was a great place to purchase our car.

Lauren M. | 2014-12-19

Customer Service: 5 out of 5 stars

Scott G. was very friendly and helpful and the important thing is he and his team worked really hard to give me a really good deal on the car that I wanted and I'm very pleased with my 2014 CR-V.  I only have 2 minor complaints - we'll call them constructive criticisms: (1) they don't have enough stock in a variety of colors, so I had to go with my 2nd choice; (2) I didn't like that they took the keys to my existing Honda to inspect it before I had agreed to leasing a new one and didn't give them back (they had my house keys, etc) until I was getting ready to leave in my new Honda.  It felt a little weird, to be honest.

Dealership: 3 out of 5 stars

The building is old and historical, which is very cool.  But there's only one restroom.  The music is WAY too loud - I could barely hear what Scott was saying when we were working out my deal.  The table and chairs they have set up for negotiations as well as waiting are uncomfortable.  All of those things do add up when you're spending hours at a dealership - buying a car is an all-day affair.

Annie C. | 2014-12-03

I went car shopping at this location.  The staff was very friendly and helpful.  David Guzman was very patient, he showed me the certified Honda Civic I wanted, answered all my questions, and attentive to my need.  I was impressed.  Highly recommend this dealership to anyone.

Nara K. | 2014-11-30

I was a little reluctant when I saw how busy it was and how long everything took but I am extremely satisfied as I left with a new car in tow!

I was helped by David and he was helpful and tried his best to speed everything up for me. I test drove a 2015 Civic LX and it was a very smooth drive. David showed me the ins and outs of the car and got me started on quotes with help from Jerome, his floor manager.

Jerome, his floor manager, was able to work with me to find a solution for all my concerns and was extremely kind and patient with my nervous self as it was my first rodeo buying a car by myself. He had this vibe of fun and hilarity and was so sharply dressed. I couldn't help but admire his name tagged on to the cuffs of his shirts followed by his initialed tie pin and cuff links. And of course his socks. lol.

It is true that I spent more hours here than I'd hoped, but in the end, I received a great deal and was able to drive off with a smile on my face.

Michael L. | 2014-11-30

I bought my CRV with Edgar H. He gave me a great deal and took care of me throughout the whole buying process. Everything was smooth and easy. If you're looking for a Honda ask for Edgar at Honda of downtown on Venice and Figueroa.

Taryn B. | 2014-11-25

My second time ever buying a car, my first time in LA.  This was the worst experience ever.  Was told that the exact car I wanted, in the exact color I wanted was on the lot.  I was trading in my old Honda.  They took my title immediately and never gave it back.  They were basically holding it hostage so I wouldn't leave.  
Long story short, I got the car I wanted driven from a lot in Ontario, albeit 6 hours after I arrived at the dealership, being told every hour that "they should be here anytime now."
Just don't go here, it's for your own good.

Michael L. | 2014-11-25

Long story short:  Despite a disappointing first impression, these guys totally redeemed themselves!

Now for the longer version:  We knew the specific car we wanted, but were unsure of the color. After seeing online that Honda of Downtown LA had several of the colors were were considering in stock, I submitted an online inquiry. Later that day, I received a call from Isabel, one of the internet sales consultants. She was very friendly and straightforward, and assured me they commonly matched price quotes and offered very competitive financing. After we arranged a time to visit that weekend, she also assured me that the cars we were considering would be out and ready for us to see, and a sales person would be prepared to meet with us at that time. When we arrived that Saturday, we were disappointed to learn that apparently none of the sales people there had heard of us and the cars I wanted to see were not readily available (they were on remote lots and we were told it could take at least 30 minutes before they would arrive). Plus, it was very busy and loud, and we just didn't feel comfortable. We left after about 10 minutes, and didn't want to hear anything from any of the salesmen that tried to convince us to stick around.

The following Monday, I received another call from Isabel asking about our experience from the weekend. After hearing how upset we were, she apologized and asked how she could earn our business. I requested that a specific car be waiting for us if were were to return later that night, that it be near their well-lit garage so we could check it for any flaws (we noticed a few small scratches on cars we nearly purchased at some other dealerships), and that a knowledgeable sales person be ready to meet with us on our arrival. She guaranteed all of these things.

When we arrived at the dealership that evening, it was clear Isabel had made good on all she had promised. We were immediately greeted by Nouaman, one of the sales professionals, who methodically showed us the ins and outs of the car. By this time, we had done lots of research and test driven several of this same make and model (2015 Honda Fit), and yet, we learned several new things from him and his demonstration. Along with a test drive, we were also able to look over the car in the light and saw no scratches or dings. Once we sat down to discuss price, Nouaman was very laid-back and not pushy at all. We showed him a price quote we had received from Consumer Reports and another dealer, and we requested this plus additional money off in accessories. He left briefly to consult with his sales manager, but quickly returned with good news for us. He reiterated at this time that they were committed to making up for our unfortunate experience from the previous weekend. This was also evident when we sat down with Armando, the finance manager. Not only was he friendly and personable, he assisted us in getting an exceptional deal on financing as well, lobbying with his supervisor to match an interest rate quote we received from our bank.

Really, we could not have been more pleased with our overall experience with Honda of Downtown LA. Sure, we weren't impressed at first, but were blown away by this team's commitment to seeing us walk away happy. Thank you's especially for Isabel, Nouaman, Armando, and Jerome. Of course, there are lots of places to buy a car, but few go so above and beyond to erase any doubt you've made the right choice. We are very thankful we gave them another chance!

Erick O. | 2014-11-24

Came for service
Took longer than usual 2 hours for an oil change?
They told me my car was done but when I came out my car was no where to bee seen
Also don't even bother using the 10$ gas card because they will say "he is not here right now"

Maira M. | 2014-11-24

I recommend everyone to go and visit Honda of downtown Los Angeles if you're interested in purchasing a car. The service  I received was AMAZING! David Guzman was so helpful and helped me find  the perfect car for me a 2014 Honda civix ex.  I couldn't be any happier!  Thank you guys!!

Senthil S. | 2014-11-19

Bought a new 2014 Honda Civic Lx here, The sales person Dean was really nice. They provided me a best deal. I am happy with Sales person Dean and senior sales manger Mike Patel. Mike was knowledgeable and gave me the best deal. Ask for Mike Patel and Dean when you go there. Be clear and steady on your requirement. They will provide you the best deal.I am a happy customer now, I hope they provide the same level of happiness during my service and check ups.I will recommend to all my friends.

M-M C. | 2014-11-16

Warm, personalized reception by everyone when you arrive. Juan Salazar always takes care of what we need. Massage chair in waiting area is great idea.

Matt B. | 2014-11-14

I went in knowing that I was going to buy a Honda Fit LX and I knew exactly what I wanted to pay, and based on my test drive reservation I was looking at Honda of DTLA as mostly a first stop, a warm-up and negotiation practice before going by other Honda dealerships in Alhambra, Pasadena and more. This was my first time buying a car totally on my own, so I was mentally preparing myself for all the sales tricks and dealer extras I was no doubt going to have thrown at me, and was totally intending on going to a bunch more places before purchasing. However, I got an AMAZING deal - exactly the price I wanted to pay - it just took a ton of back-and-forth and sticking to my guns. As it always does I suppose.

Arthur helped me, and I highly recommend him. He was a fairly new employee at the time and I found his no-pressure tactics and flexibility very humanizing and refreshing. He knew his stuff, and was able to demonstrate the various features of the Fit and some stuff I didn't know about, despite doing a ton of research beforehand.

Once we got to the negotiation table with Arthur and Sailyn, I pushed for a really low price and it took a while and a lot of "running it by the manager". Negotiating a price for a car is always going to be an annoying process but I stuck to what I wanted and when they offered me exactly that, I decided to go for it and buy the car there. Color-wise I originally wanted something fun like yellow or classy like black, but on hand they only had the Fit LX in silver (yawn), blue (my brother has a blue car) and red (which just so happens to be my favorite color and that of my alma mater USC) and I couldn't be happier with how that part panned out. Car looks great, is exactly what I wanted - everything worked out.

Again - amazing service from Arthur, from the moment I stepped in the dealership. He has continued to be helpful and assisted me in clearing up an issue where my insurance company got the VIN wrong and messed up the proof of insurance card. Highly recommend him.

Veronica C. | 2014-11-10

My husband and I leased a 2013 honda civic in August of 2013. The sales rep who helped us was Ignacio, he was extremely nice and helpful! Even after leasing the car he called to follow up with us and the car a couple of times! I was very happy with my initial experience! I am deducting 3 stars because I was promised a car wash every time I brought my car in for service when we signed the lease! My husband brought the car in for service about 3 or 4 months after getting it and was denied the car wash due to the drought. The drought excuse is understandable but it would've been nice if they offered something else in exchange, like vacuuming the car or at least not charge the $20 to rotate the tires. I feel like I was promised the free car wash and they knew about the drought already so it was a false promise just to earn our business. Kind of disappointed in that part. I was contacted by another representative in regards to our first  service experience and I mentioned the car wash promised and she was very rude about it and didn't care!

Tanya A. | 2014-11-09

Came here with my boyfriend to lease a car for him. We had a great experience and I would recommend this dealership if you're looking for a good deal! Ask for Artur balayan :)

Anh T. | 2014-11-04

My boyfriend and I came to the Honda Downtown dealership because they always seem to be advertising good leasing deals. We were given a high monthly payment offer from Honda Culver City and decided that Honda Downtown be our next stop in car shopping.

Our dealer at Downtown was David Guzman. He's very straightforward and that's what we liked about him. We knew we wanted the Civic EX, we gave him what Culver City offered us, and he said he would see if he could get the car for us at the price we wanted.  Upon credit approval, we got practically close to our price point (basically a deal for a lease on the Civic EX).

Overall it was an efficient experience and transaction with David - no overt sales pitch or runarounds. But as with any dealership, you need to know what you want and thoroughly do your research.

I'm reserving a star to see how the lease contract plays out.

Kathryn M. | 2014-11-04

First time bringing my car in for a routine oil change since purchasing my car in July.  Emily was very helpful. I felt taken care of and everything moved along quicker than expected.

Jennifer O. | 2014-11-01

this review is for juan salazar..
i went in for airbag replacement for the airbag recall with my parents' 12 year old honda.. he was super friendly and courteous despite the fact that i wasnt there to spend money.  great service!

Kevin P. | 2014-10-29

James Rice helped me with my problems with my car. Kept in touch regarding everything.

Angel F. | 2014-10-28

We just purchased a 2014 Honda Odessey. I have had many bad experiences with dealerships and their sales people but this one finally proved not all are the same and exceeded my expectation. I had already had quotes from several dealerships and thought I was only going in to look at a specific color that LA had in the showroom. I had been dealing with Jessica Daniels, who was very pleasant and provided everything I had asked for. Many could not handle a simple request for a quote and continued to be pushy and try to get me to go in.
My husband and I went on Friday night and met with Milton. He took care of our concerns was very patient, pleasant and answered all of our questions. I did not feel pushed or like I was dealing with a shark who was only concerned with making their commission. He made us feel like he was there to help us get the best deal possible and make sure we were comfortable. Even though it was late he stood to help us with making sure our insurance was taken care of. Albert in the finance department took care of our loan and made sure we were aware of everything on the loan documents. He also provided helpful suggestions on how to get a lower rate. Mike the manager (at that time) was also very nice. We took our 3 year old and he was quite the handful but they all helped to make our visit great.
I will be visiting here again come next purchase and will definitely be refering all friends and fam. Thank you guys. =) See you again in a couple of years....

Kathy V. | 2014-10-25

the service here was pleasant, and I will definitely recommend this dealer to anyone; specifically, with the help of Sergio. He made the entire process a breeze and did everything he could to get us a deal we were happy with. :)

Rachael C. | 2014-10-25

I leased a 2014 Honda Accord yesterday from this location! Out of all of the different dealerships I went to, this one had the nicest people and best service. I worked with Nouaman Lamtouggui who got me a great deal and was very helpful!  I would definitely recommend this Honda dealership and am very happy with my experience!

Su Z. | 2014-10-25

It was a pleasant experience until talking about numbers. When my salesman, my boyfriend, and I sat down at a table, another salesman, Sailyn Cruz,  showed up. He asked me to buy a car today if he gave us a 'crazy deal.' My boyfriend and I told him that we needed more time to think, but Sailyn insisted by asking the same questions over and over. So, I asked him what was the  'crazy deal,' but he wouldn't tell. He did not even give me any numbers and asked me why I could not decide now. After making me feel a less important customer for them, by not deciding to buy the car today,  Sailyn left the table, and another salesman, Baiju Patel, came. He was extremely rude. Just like Saily, he asked me if I was going to buy a car today and why I was not going to buy one today.  So, I realized that they would not work with me unless I told them to buy a car from them today. So, go to this place ONLY if you are really really 100% sure to buy a car from them ON THE DAY of your visit, otherwise those sales people will treat you like ****. The salesman who showed us cars was really fair and helpful though.... I really loved the car. I was really going to buy it tomorrow. But, thanks to those sales people at Honda DTLA , I am going to other location tomorrow and buy it!

Michelle R. | 2014-10-23

So very upset today. I thought Honda cared. They don't. Got a leased car from them in 2012. At the time of deal making I was told by the salesman and the sales manager that I would be covered for maintenance on the car for the length of my lease along w a warranty for parts.
I came in today to do get a B1 service known as a basic oil and filter change along w tire rotation and check fluids. While the paperwork was being drawn up the service advisor comes up to me and tells me the service coverage had expired. WHAT?!?
He told me the service coverage was only for two years and did not exist for a three year term!!!
The service manager took me to the salesman who "sold" me the car and he had the nerve to tell me he would never tell me the service coverage would be for the length of time of the lease.basically refuting my claim.
When they lease u a car here they tell u everything u wanna hear but when the time comes to make good on their end everything flies out the window and they act like they never told u anything u were promised. I checked my contract signed when I first got the car and no where in that contract does it say service coverage was limited to two years.
When my lease is up I know now what to make sure I clearly see in writing and will not come back to Honda for a new car lease.

Jun L. | 2014-10-18

Bought a 09 accord here with $15,000. In down payment. Car had driver seat creaking noise issue which I believe is a known problem. I had the problem but didn't visit the dealer since it was relatively far. When Honda sent out recall notice and I visited, they didn't fix the creaking seat issue. Yeah. My warranty ended few months ago but shouldn't. They have stood behind the Honda products they sold? It would have took only few minutes of re-greasing or something. I DIDNT FEEL APPRECIATED as a customer who purchased a car from this dealership. Extremely annoyed and dissatisfied they wouldn't fix such a small known issue.  Probably won't be returning or recommending this establishment. I suggest everyone to do the same..

Amanda S. | 2014-10-16

I leased a new 2015 Honda Fit EX from this location yesterday and I have to say that the experience was fantastic. In a nutshell, go see Scott Goldner, he will help you get the best deal and will make it a smooth and hassle-free experience.

I had previously signed a deal with Honda of Hollywood and when my car never showed up by their promised arrival date, and when it didn't show up for another 9 days after that, I went in and cancelled. The salespeople at the Hollywood location were not helpful and they strung me along the whole time. I felt scammed and disregarded. My experience at Honda of Downtown Los Angeles was completely different. It was a night and day difference.

When I walked into the downtown dealership, I was immediately greeted by Scott Goldner. Scott was fantastic and did not pressure me AT ALL the entire time. He listened to what had happened to me previously, assured me that they do not do business in this way and that he could absolutely help me out.  Scott showed me an LX that had a special package on and also an EX, both in the white color that I wanted. I didn't think I wanted the EX and I thought that the LX would be good enough for me. They didn't have a basic LX and at first I wasn't sure I'd want to do a deal. But then I met Sailyn, one of the managers. Sailyn was very nice, very helpful, very cordial and very easygoing. He explained that he did not have the basic LX that I wanted but that he had the EX and that he would work out the numbers and give me the same deal I had at the other dealership if not better. He did not pressure me at all to get the higher model car, he just explained everything and gave me all the time I needed to think things through.

I went for a test drive with Scott who was very knowledgeable about the new Fit, something I had not experienced at other Honda dealerships during my search. Most times, I knew a lot more about the car than the salespeople did! But Scott knew everything and more, he understood what I was excited about in the car and he made sure I knew about all of the little extra features that really make the car great.

Once back at the dealership, Scott and Sailyn sat down with me and were able to give me an extremely good deal on the EX. I had called all of the other Honda dealerships in the area before going in and no one would do the same deal that Sailyn and Scott did for me. I was very impressed and signed the deal right there.

Scott was very patient when I had to deal with securing my insurance at 8pm at night. Most dealerships will let you take the car with just a temporary card, but this dealership wants the VIN number on that card before you drive off...which makes me feel so much better about the deal. It shows me that they care about the buyer and not just about making a sale. The last dealership I was at was willing to take an insurance card that didn't even have my name on it!

Next I met with Albert in the financial department to sign the paperwork. Everything went very smoothly and quickly. Albert answered any questions I had with detail, he made sure I understood what I was signing and he made sure that I was happy with everything. He didn't try to sell me any additional packages either which I appreciated.

Once the deal was officially made, my car was already washed and brought around (soooo efficiently) and I got to ring the bell for my sale (awesome)! Scott sat down with me in my new car and went over every detail. He helped me pair my phone to the bluetooth, set the radio, showed me the Eco button and all of the other cool boyfriend's favorite feature is the Magic Seats...they can fold down completely flat across the whole car or fold all the way up so you have plenty of room on the floor of the car for carrying big items. =)

After everything had been taken care of and I knew everything there was to know about my car, Scott gave me the keys and I was off in my amazing new Honda Fit. I'm so happy with it and SO happy that I chose to go to Downtown LA Honda. I will come back for service and to get my next car too. Scott, Sailyn, and Albert were great. I highly recommend them!!

Also a note about the location: They have a big parking lot for customers and the interior of the dealership is really cool and art deco. Again, so much nicer than the other dealerships I've been to.

Bruce G. | 2014-10-15

Terrible service by sales staff.

Both Sales Managers Alex and Sailyn kept me waiting forever to talk to them as I could see them joking around.  I even called the General Sales Manager Carol or Carolyn to complain about service, but no response from her either.  I've bought three honda's over the years and have never seen such bad service.  The only positive was the receptionist were courteous, but would never buy a car from their sales staff.

Garrett M. | 2014-10-15

When you are ready to buy a Honda, go here. I never thought I would write a review about how great of an experience it was to buy a new car, but the sales team at Honda of DTLA make it as easy as it can be. My salesperson, Scott, was honest and not pushy at all. He knew I was serious about buying and wanted to get me a fair price and in the car that night. I think the manager I worked with was Sailyn. He was excellent. We did do some back and forth numbers of course, but the offers were always clear and there were no fine print "tricks". Financing was surprisingly quick and painless as well! No pushy add ons, and some great deals on service for your car.  
The sales team will work with you on pricing and financing and figure out the best way for you to drive away with the perfect new car. Which I did. Couldn't be happier. I will return for any future service needs and will definitely be back when I'm in the market for a new Honda.

Keith G. | 2014-10-14

I called in and asked to speak to a manager about a car. They transferred me to a BCD call center with a girl reading off a script.
We have plenty of that car in stock. Can you come on down. They didn't have that car in stock. The days of people reading off a script are over, not cool.

Elle C. | 2014-10-12

Review for the car purchasing experience. We called ahead and were told there was a white Fit in stock. Upon arrival, it was a mistake and it wasn't actually there. The RUDE sales manager told us it was coming but was unapologetic in having us travel all the way there to find out it wasn't. Weird shady business practices, like taking your credit card to approach the sales manager for a quote on a new car. Initialing hand written negotiation offers. All really out of the norm practices that we didn't experience at other dealerships. Our sales rep was apologetic and pretty embarrassed to ask us but he said it was out of his control as this was what was asked of him to do. I felt bad for him. Half way through the process another sales manager came by and totally changed the tone. He was friendly and upbeat, wore duck socks and was great. If he had come sooner we would have bought from here but it started off really horrible and shady. Finding parking here is a bit strange as there are different lots and there's no signage to tell guests where to park. Location is old, showroom needs to be updated to the 21st century.

Tania G. | 2014-10-06

If i could put NEGATIVE stars up, I would. Thank you Honda for NOT  calling back.. its been ALMOST A MONTH and I've yet to speak to someone. Thank you CAROLYN  for reaching out on Yelp but NOT TO ME DIRECTLY And thank you for NOT returning my many calls and emails. . I guess writing BAD REVIEWS is the ONLY way I can get someone to respond. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME !

Ashley C. | 2014-10-04

I just bought my used 2012 civic from here and I absolutely love it! Sergio Melgar was my salesman and he was amazing and super helpful. Stayed with me through the entire process which me feel more comfortable and helped me get a great deal! Thanks again so much Sergio, your amazing! Also finance manager Armando Reyes was great! Very helpful in explaining everything! Thanks again guys, love my civic!

Karin A. | 2014-10-03

Fell in love with the absolute amazing sales people here!  David Guzman was one of the nicest salespeople I have ever met!!!! He literally helped us with everything---- showed us every. Single. Detail. On the cars we were interested in and was at no point rude or pushy! I definitely reccomend honda of downtown los angeles!!!!!!!!! Even tho they close at 9 he helped us all the way until 11 to close a deal ON A FRIDAY NIGHT!!!!!!! :) THANK YOU DAVID AND HONDA OF DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES FOR OUR NEW BEAUTY!

Tac P. | 2014-09-30

We were in the market for a 2015 Honda Fit LX in a white color, which any Honda Fit is in short supply.  I was introduced to Honda of DTLA via my credit union's website.  As a side note, my family will typically purchase their cars from a dealership in the general San Gabriel Valley. So going to Honda of DTLA was a new experience from us.  

- Given how the the automobile industry, I would give this dealership a 4 out of 5.  Our sales representative, Jerry Arroyo, did a fine and superb job.  He was new to the industry.  He kept us in the loop(multiple phone calls and text msgs) with the inventory; we were at Honda DTLA three times before we closed the deal.  Some of the critiques by the other Yelp review are correct about the price negotiation, which is typical of the industry.  

- The Finance person was not pushy on selling us additional warranties, insurance, or getting a better APR rate.  I think it was because we came in without own financing which they could not beat and it was late at night already

Areas of Improvement
1) Retrieving our car in a faster manner.  When we were done with the paperwork (it was already 10:30pm on Wednesday night), we had to wait another 20-30 mins for our car because it was getting the final car wash.  Also, the car was not completely dried and had water stains the next day. This should have been done in a concurrent manner when we were processing the paperwork.

2) The person cleaning our car could have been a little more gentle when pulling into the parking lot.  He drove like the car was with 60K miles on it.

Suky S. | 2014-09-24

If I new about the $10 gift card I would have checked in last night! Darn it. Anyways last night my brother and I walked drove away with a 2015 accord. Satisfied with the deal we got. Nouaman L. was very patient with me and my family. We went back and forth with many different cars and he was very helpful and patient not once did he get frustrated. He took care of my and my brothers needs to the max. He's great! Everyone should go to him!

Julie Y. | 2014-09-23

I was in the market for a new compact car, considering between Honda Fit LX 2015, and Prius C. I came here and test drove Fit and I really loved it. I ended up getting metallic color which was not my first choice but I still liked it.

Mike Abramov, sales manager. Alex, general manager. Jaron Thomas, sales rep. They all worked with me and I'm very satisfied. They said they'll take care of me and they really did!

Great customer service, great price! So glad I came here. I'll definitely recommend you to my friends. Thank you!!!!

Charina C. | 2014-09-22

I have been getting my service here for a few times now and I can confidently say that I always get the best service. Jae Chung is very helpful, he'll make sure that he'll attend to your all needs unfortunately, he isn't in the service department anymore however, he is still in Honda with a higher and better position so he still gives me a satifying service everytime I go there.

My 2012 honda is about to end its leasing terms and I need to find out my options. Jae Chung recommended Mike Patel and he helped me a lot and made my decision making easy. My car has a hit and run bump on the back bumper and a scratch in the front, he waived it for me and didn't charge me a penny. He made my monthly payments lower and he never try to force me to do something that I will regret. Comparing my first experience with Honda Roberson in NoHo, the guys there wouldn't let me go home, take lunch unless I buy the car. I feel trapped buying my first car.. But anyways, that leads me to Honda DTLA. Mike asked me to come back the next day because he said, he'll give me a better quote/price and so I did and I am one happy satistfied customer. He also gave me a free maintanance for 2 years with my car. Who wouldn't think that you'll get it from Honda in DTLA? I was thinking that downtown is super pricy but I am wrong.

Thank you to Mike Patel and Jae Chung for all the help. I love my new white honda civic!!!!! I will definitely see you in 3years. :)

Mike Patel is the man in honda!!!!! Thank youuuuuu!

Ronald D. | 2014-09-15

Just recently I purchased my 2014 CRV EX FWD Alabaster Silver at Honda DTLA. Sure glad I am now driving around town in the most innovative, reliable and value for money SUV in the auto market today.

Prior to my purchase, I had literally scouted several other dealerships e.g. Honda Hollywood, Honda of Santa Monica and Honda Glendale among others, in the hope of getting the best value for my hard earned money. Needless to say, I have settled and closed the deal on the CRV of my choice with none other than Honda DTLA.

The entire process was made possible with the friendly, informative, patient and professional assistance of Mike Patel. Likewise, kudos to Dan Gene (Sales Manager) who offered some insights on such busy and hectic day it was notwithstanding. I guess being sincerely helpful is ubiquitous among Honda DTLA sales personnel.

Having this review being longer than most, I would like to end by saying this: If Honda is the car of your preference then make Honda DTLA your first-stop and Mike Patel your sales executive of choice.

Julianne S. | 2014-09-14

BEWARE: Very Rude salespeople. They are angry. The dealership is not up to date. The bathrooms are disgusting and smell like urine with toilet paper all over the ground.

I came here to trade my honda civic in and the appraisal guy quoted me 5,000 less then what I got from carmax.

I am very disappointed with the way they handle customers and the fact they made me wait an hour from my appointment to get a quote. Carmax was able to quote quote me and finish the deal in 20 min.

The apartments next door need to buy the Honda lot and keep expanding....

Kimberly T. | 2014-09-12

Ask for Sailyn Cruz! The first time I came into Honda of Downtown LA in June, I met with a much younger salesman who, despite his infectious smile, was a bit too pushy yet not very knowledgeable about the different options of purchasing, leasing, and financing. My questions may have been non standard as I was an international student without things like credit score and such but what was disappointing was the fact that he gave me his personal email and cellphone yet never replied to my requests for further information. The second time I came back in August (after I finalized my move to LA), we got a different man who was much older and attentive - Sailyn Cruz! Instead of trying to push the most expensive thing on me, he was insistent that I get the basic model because there was no need for me to spend so much more on very minor upgrades in the next model. He sat with us while we talked with the manager and financial manager over financing the car and he continues to be extremely helpful and responsive when I contact his cell to ask questions about my car. When I referred him to a friend, he made sure she met with him when she came in.

Another man who is extremely helpful and approachable is John Jacinto, the Services Director. Haven't had to take my car in yet but he struck up a conversation with us almost immediately when we inspected our car and even recommended places to go to in LA.

Overall, quite satisfied with Honda of Downtown LA, especially as I've heard terrible reviews from the Honda in Hollywood and Culver City, but it looks like it definitely depends on which salesman you get. When in doubt, ask for Sailyn. He recently got promoted to manager so if anything, that shows his dedication to his work!

Jaron H. | 2014-09-12

Moved to LA from NYC and had to get a car. Jerry Arroyo was the salesman who worked with me. He was knowledgable, nice, and easygoing. Jerry and the staff worked with my modest budget to set me up with an affordable lease on a 2015 Honda Fit. The car is awesome. Jerry even followed me to the rental place so I could return my money-sucking rental car and drive my Fit home. Great customer service.

Sharon K. | 2014-09-10

Returning customer. I went in for a multi-point inspection today.

I scheduled an appointment for 10:30 and I was out by 11:45.

They offer a free shuttle that can take you within a 5-mile radius. When I called and asked for a shuttle service to take me back to Honda, the woman said that they might not have one available for another hour... Luckily I was nearby and was able to walk back, but if I had been dropped off 5 miles away, I don't think I would have been very happy about that.

Jacky t. | 2014-09-09

All I can say is that I am extremely content with the quality and service that Honda of Downtown Los Angeles offers.

To start off David Guzman was an amazing sales person. Very attentive to what I was searching for and was very easy to work with. He was very thorough with all of the  necessary information that had to be given and had an answer for every question I had.

The Sales Manager Jerome was also very pleasant. He had an amazing personality and made one feel welcomed.

Then there was Armando who assisted us with all the financing. He as well was magnificent. Very easy to work with. Made a very easy doable deal for us.

I have absolutely no complaints about this place. I am extremely content.

When you go do not forget to ask for David. He is the BEST!

Kenny B. | 2014-09-07

Ask for Nouaman Lamtouggui, he was incredibly helpful and wanted to help us find the perfect car.

My wife and I were in the market for a compact hatchback and we were considering the Honda Fit, the Nissan Versa Note, and the Toyota Yaris. The Honda Fit seemed a bit out of our price range, but we thought we would go the dealership to see what kind of a deal they would offer us.

After explaining our price range and what we were looking for, Nouaman gave us an incredible offer for a 2011 Honda Fit Sport that we couldn't turn down. It is the perfect car for us and they sold it to us for less than any other dealership/seller had been willing to go.

You will love buying a car from them.

cliff c. | 2014-09-04

scheduled appointment online after my most awesome mechanic let me know there was a recalled part in my car...thanks seng:…

i scheduled the appointment online at
met with Juan Salazar, a Service Advisor.  right away he knew what was wrong when I told him the problem.  he went around the car checking out the dings/scratches/damages to car.  of course he recommended certain extra things be done, and that's to be expected, but he didn't push annoyingly.  offered a free shuttle to my work.  awesome customer service.  took me less than 10 mins.

Vinson W. | 2014-08-31

Thanks to Pasquale at Downtown Honda for helping us get a new Honda Civic. He was great in showing us the car and helping my mother pick the model and color she wanted. He worked hard to get us a great deal. The sales  manager, Dan also was great in making sure we drove home in our new car that night.
These guys were awesome!

Loura D. | 2014-08-28

Ignacio was very helpful & very patient. We recently bought a brand new honda civic EX 4 days ago. He was straight forward & talks to you like you are one of his friends. It actually took 3 weeks for us to finalize the deal, but ignacio was just patient & not rushing us with our decision. :)

Carla M. | 2014-08-24

Excellent costumer service especially the sales person that helped us Edgar. Got an excellent price on cr-v.

Sarah R. | 2014-08-21

Hey I had a great time 8/18/14 I bought my accord EX ..
Nothing but laughs and business the whole time my financial advisor was awesome there was no more water so he bought us some (considering) lol I forgot his name mann ! But he's the bald guy in the first room on the left (from back lot) and Veronica and Roger but veronica was sweet as can bee!! 5 stars because of your customer service !!! Great job !!

Saumit M. | 2014-08-18

Exceptional service from Antonio Martinez, convinced me that I had selected not just the right car, but also the best Honda dealership in the LA area.

I had been negotiating with 8 Honda dealerships within a 20 mile radius of  
where I live. I was simply interested in getting a "best offer" quote for a 2014 Honda Odyssey. Most of these dealerships have an Internet "wing" that
engages with prospective customers like myself, trying to guide them into a deal that looks good to both parties.

I was impressed with Mayra Lopez, the Internet Customer Relations Manager, who worked tirelessly to fine tune the quote, till I had a deal that was tailored to my budget. None of the other dealerships showed such tenacity, or the determination to get me the numbers I wanted. I thought I had the best deal, and things couldn't get any better. I was wrong!

The most delightful and memorable part of the experience began, when I visited the dealership to sign the deal. That is when I met Antonio Martinez from the Sales team. A minor gap in communication had resulted in the scheduled delivery of my car being postponed by 3 hours. Antonio anticipated our anxiety and dismay and assured us that he will be with me and my family till he gets us settled in our new Odyssey... no matter how long that took!

Antonio made the paperwork as smooth as possible, and made sure my kids were kept engaged and entertained for the entire duration of the wait. It was late in the evening when the car finally rolled into the dealership. Most of the employees had left for the day, but Antonio made sure that we developed a good understanding of every feature in the car, that we needed to know. He patiently demonstrated how everything worked in the new car. When we were ready to drive off, it was past dinner time. But our hearts were filled with a sense of gratitude for the "beyond the call of duty" level of service that Antonio gave us.

I would highly recommend Honda of Downtown Los Angeles to my friends and would advise interested readers to get in touch with Antonio, if they are seeking a great deal for their car. Exceptional service guaranteed (based on my experience)!

Calvin L. | 2014-08-17

I came in with an intention of trying to buy a Honda Accord.  The negotiation went back and forth and I understand that this is the normal process.  I did not end up buying on that day but I made a reasonable counter-offer after an initial offer was turned down.  I told the sales person Nouaman and Dan to think about it and call me back in a few days.

So on Saturday, I received a call from them, they told me to come in and pick up the vehicle.  My initial offer was accepted by dealership.  However, that day being a Saturday afternoon, banks were closed.  I told them that I can try to go to an ATM machine but i doubt I can take out $1500 price difference, which was needed to close the deal.

They begged me to come in that day, I told him no but Sunday will be acceptable.  However, banks are closed again on Sunday, and the best I can take out would be $400-$800 extra, not $1500 to make up the price difference.  Everything sounded rosy and I finally accepted the invitation to go in.

On Sunday, i drove the car again and found it acceptable.  So when it was time to write up the Bill of Sale, they wrote it up for $1500 more.  I asked them where the extra money is going to come from, since I only brought $500 extra.  Another $300 can be obtained if I go to the ATM machine.  They looked at me in awe and said the price was already agreed.  All I had to do was sign.

I showed them our conversation that I saved in my cell phone.  They then back-paddled saying that I can put the rest on my credit card, when it was clear in the beginning that I never brought my credit card.

So we wasted 3 hours in the dealership, including a friend of mine who gave me a ride to the dealership.  I walked in LA Honda with the full intention of driving away with a vehicle.  Once again, I left without purchasing one.

This is the worst dealership that I have ever dealt with.  People are shady, they are dishonest.  All the negative comments on Yelp are true.  Those who gave positive comments on Yelp are actually friends and workers of the dealership.


Elizabeth V. | 2014-08-16

I was concerned when I first read the reviews but my experience was great!!! Every Honda greeted with a smile and was super pleasant. Juan Salazar was very courteous and demonstrated a great sense of urgency to help everyone. The gentlement that collect and return your car were very nice as well. For being a busy Saturday, I appreciate their service even more. Of course the try to get you to do more service than you originally requested but they are by pushy at all, another plus. Thank you everyone.

Lord S. | 2014-08-02

Got myself a new FIT for a reasonable price. The deal took half the time I expected it to be. Dominique answered all my queries and was very accommodating very honest and polite and straight to the point with the transaction.

Michael O. | 2014-08-01

I emailed you on 7/28 with my contact information to call me, but have yet to hear from you.  Are you really concerned about the situation as you state?

Anita B. | 2014-07-29

I got a 2014 honda civic last month and I love it. Robert helped me out and was very professional and helpful. While the "price talk" almost made me walk, we were able to come to a happy median. If you are looking into getting a new car Honda of Downtown Los Angeles should be your first stop.

Zeno C. | 2014-07-28

Mr. Pasquale Picariello was extremely helpful and friendly.
I got a great deal on Odyssey for my family and definitely recommend him - Mr. Pasquale Picariello and dealership to my friends who look for new Honda.

Overall highly satisfied with this dealership and staff. :)

Arthela O. | 2014-07-27

I had an undiagnosed engine problem with my accord, the MIL was on and it felt like the engine was going to stumble. I didn't feel safe driving it so I decided to have it towed to this location for diagnostics/repair since it was still under powertrain warranty (charges would be covered including the diagnostic fee if the problem found is indicated under the warranty). I dropped it off on a saturday afternoon and was told that it would be serviced on monday. I received a call on monday morning from the service dept and was informed that a diagnostic was done and a cylinder 1 misfire was detected with no other symptoms, the sensor was reset and the initial finding was undetectable thus I was told my car was fine. I was not satisfied with this finding and thought I was just being brushed off so I decided to express my concerns to the service department. I was lucky to have been referred to Mr. John Jacinto who provided great customer service. I wanted to make sure that my car was safe to drive so I had him drive my car around  with me to confirm this. Just to reassure that my car was fine, he offered to have me take my car back a few days after and run a diagnostic again just to see if the problem comes back, to my luck, it didn't. I was expecting to be charged the diagnostic fee since there were no repairs necessary under the powertrain warranty but this was kindly waived.

I would definitely comeback for future services knowing that they do care about their customer's safety and satisfaction.

Melinda G. | 2014-07-26

I had a good experience at Honda of Downtown Los Angeles and wanted to share since I know buying a car is an important investment that has many negative connotations.

We did our research before purchasing the vehicle and knew that we wanted a Honda Fit. I appreciated working with Sales Associate Nouaman Lamtouggui who was friendly and professional throughout the car buying process and helped us make our desired purchase at a fair price.

What I appreciated about Nouaman is that he is human and he cares. He made us feel comfortable throughout the whole process and was proactive in his methods so that we could walk off the lot with a brand new, shiny, fair priced Fit and with a smile on our faces. Thank you for your wonderful service!

David O. | 2014-07-25

Just bought my son a Honda Fit from a salesman (I forgot his name but he's from Norway) and it was actually a pleasant experience.  Now I'm no car-buying virgin so I was ready for the tactics (so old school) but if you can get past the "can I have your credit card to hold as a sign of good faith" nonsense you'll be fine.  A few caveats:
They advertise on the internet a "special internet price" and if you want the special price you have to send them an email request.  I did.  I then received an email advising me that if I wanted the special internet price I had to call.  I did.  I was then told that the "special" internet price was the same price listed on the internet advertisement.  So I guess maybe they mean I must be "special" for believing the internet come-on.  Oh well.  The sales experience was pleasant and not offensive. I was there to buy, they were there to sell and after some perfunctory back and forth and the obligatory "I have to check with my sales manager" we reached a deal.  What I also really appreciated is that when I told the finance guy that I didn't want any add-ons, extended warranties or other nonsense he just shrugged said "ok".  No hassle and no hard sell.  The entire transaction, including test drive, haggling, finance, etc. took about 2 hours and I left feeling that while I may not have saved every dime I could I got a fair deal and a great car with a minimum of stress.  And my son got to ring the bell they have in the store whenever someone buys a new car -- kind of cheesy but it made me laugh and my son smile sheepishly so no complaints.

Leonard K. | 2014-07-23

I just helped my mom purchase a new 2014 Honda Odyssey EX-L w/Navigation at Honda of Downtown L.A. (deal done on 7/22/14). We worked with Mike Patel (salesman) and Dan Gene (manager).

I am not an easy customer for a car salesman or manager to deal with. I'm not a pushover and I'm not afraid to stand up and walk away. I do not use this as a negotiation tactic, I simply know what a fair price is because I do my homework before setting foot into a dealership and I refuse to have my time wasted.

I say all this so that anyone reading my review understands me when I say that Dan Gene worked up a great deal for my mom. I contacted and received pricing from four other Honda dealerships (five total) and Dan was the lowest by a good amount, even flat out blowing away Miller and Galpin.

Once the numbers were squared away, Mike Patel was very helpful, patient, and thorough in explaining all the ins and outs and the new advanced technologies to my mom. She came out of a lease of a 2011 of the same model and trim, but a lot has changed in three years, technology wise. He was eager to answer any and all questions, and he was knowledgeable in his answers to those questions (which, unfortunately, is not always the case).

Overall, I think everyone should do their due diligence and shop around to see what's out there, but when you're ready to get serious and make a deal happen, give Mike and Dan a chance to earn your business.

Jackie Z. | 2014-07-13

I recently bought a car from Honda with the assistance of Mike Patel. He did not sell the car too much, which made me feel more comfortable.Thanks to Mike and the manager's help, I was able to get a good deal and they allowed me to pick my car up a week later. Although Mike did not explain much about the functionality of my CRV at first, we kept contact with each other and he answered my questions patiently.

Although Downtown LA Honda website's services are not satisfying, Mike Patel was of great help and overall, I had a good experience purchasing my car there.

Adriana O. | 2014-07-13

I leased my first car about a week ago from Honda of Downtown Los Angeles and honestly I had the best assistance from Mike Patel. Not only did he give me the best deal possible, he also patiently answered all my questions and concerns. While the paperwork may have taken a bit longer than I would have thought, It was still in the realm of "average time taken to buy a car." Mike truly catered to family's as well as my needs. Albert, the finance specialist also made sure that I understood everything and was extremely helpful explaining my payment plan for my leasing contract.

After my purchase, Mike made sure to follow up with me and see how everything was going with my new car. I really appreciate the service that I received at Honda of Downtown Los Angeles and look forward to having business with them for the next three years. I'm extremely happy with my new 2014 Honda Civic!!!

Sadia O. | 2014-07-13

I just wanted to let everyone know, if they are in the market for a new or used car, they need to go see Ivan at Honda of Downtown!

He was not only kind and understanding of our needs, but he went above and beyond to make sure he answered all our questions and helped us with all our concerns.

This is by far the best experience I have had buying a car. I love my new accord and cant wait to tell everyone about this place!

L D. | 2014-07-10

Great experience at Honda of Downtown Los Angeles. Domenique was friendly and very helpful, unlike other dealerships who are too thirsty. I'm sending everyone who wants a car to him!

Kevin M. | 2014-07-10

I had a great experience purchasing my first car here! The atmosphere is very welcoming. The staff was all friendly, attentive and helpful. Dom was my salesmen and he was absolutely AMAZING! Such an amazing guy. He helped me look for the car that was right for me. I drove away with my love, the honda fit!  I would recommend all you future car buyers to consider Dom to help you find the car of your dreams!

mike h. | 2014-07-09

Domenique- from the start he was AWESOME, I ended up trading my accord for a 2014 pilot .( highly recommend Domenique)

Carlos O. | 2014-07-09

So there we were, walking in on a Sunday afternoon, looking for a car for my sister to lease while she works and then goes to grad school. Nerves, doubt, fears, all pouring our of her as she gets ready for her first car. Back and forth her and our mom argued about trivialities such as car color and other stuff that i tuned out. But just as I thought I couldn't take it anymore, Mike stepped in and brought some order to the situation. He helped them figure out the best financing options, helped set up the insurance took care of the paperwork and quieted their fears so that I could zone out and play games on my phone. A few hours later, we were off the lot with the Civic we wanted. I would highly recommend dealership to anyone who's ready to go find their first or next Honda. And definitely ask for Mike.

Yan C. | 2014-07-05

The dealership is great.  One of the salesman Nouaman is very kind and helpful, he tried to make good deals for us.

The only thing annoying is that the waiting time to meet a finance manager could be a bit longer than expected.

Michelle A. | 2014-07-03

Excellent service today from Domenique, and I got a GREAT deal on my new Fit.  

I've been in contact with about 20 Honda dealerships over the last week, and I've dealt with a lot of BS. Finally I got some straight answers from Domenique, and he was able to give me the deal I was looking for!

Eugene W. | 2014-07-02

This dealership excels in customer service!!! My salesperson Ivan was awesome, likable, knowledgable and efficient. I knew from talking with him that he wanted to work out the best deal for me. I'm so happy that I traded in my Ford Focus and now riding around in my Brand New Honda CR-V. If you want to go to a dealership that respects your time and will strive to get a GREAT DEAL for you I HIGHLY  RECOMMEND Honda of Downtown LA- ask for Ivan.

Sagrario D. | 2014-06-29

We made an appointment for 10am with Ignacio and left with our new car at 4pm. We are just very thorough people but the entire time he was very patient with us and answered the tons of questions my husband and I had. Be sure to ask for him if you decide to visit Honda of DTLA. We were extremely happy with our experience here.

Golme L. | 2014-06-27

I wouldn't come here for filter replacement again. The service guy told me it would cost ~$60 for filter replacement, the bill came out as $206.76 for $49.08 for the filter parts and $120.01 for its SERVICE CHARGE! If I would have told correctly, I would just go to my local mechanical shop for much reasonable price. Well, I complained about the unexpected cost, the guy said the parts already put on so can't take out. I mean I understand you pay for whatever the services but I don't like surprise bill, you got to foretold correctly!

Teresa Z. | 2014-06-26

Me and my boyfriend just got the best deal in town for our new honda civic with the help from Nouaman. We have had some pretty bad experience with other rude and aggressive dealers. But Nouaman is completely different, he is friendly, patient and knows what he is doing. Most importantly, he will fight for you to get the ideal car within your budget. Highly recommended~!

Hector S. | 2014-06-25

Wow! This place is downright horrible.  I mean, they have plenty of nice Hondas ... or maybe it's that I haven't been in the car buying market for a few years.  

Alright, here's the scenario.  Me and girlfriend go into dealership thinking we may trade in the Bimmer and get a low gas consuming economic car like an Accord if it seems like a good deal.  We have no desire to walk out the door with one this day, we want to do a real math breakdown and make an intelligent and informed choice.

We are greeted by a very friendly salesman who sits with us, talks to us, we explain that we want to take home numbers and take everything in and make decisions and while we're at it... can we get an appraisal on the trade in value of our car.  By the way, we told him we currently have an offer on the vehicle from Trade-In solutions in West L.A. (which I actually recommend, never trade your car to a dealer... they rob you blind) and we tell the Honda salesman exactly how much TIS offered us.

OK.  Now they show us cars, and we are getting a good feel for what we like and the salesman now asks for our pink slips and keys to have someone appraise the Bimmer.

While this is happening they are asking about our jobs, talking about credit ratings, showing us some more cars.  

They come back and offer us $2,500 less than what TIS offered.  We obviously have a look of disgust on our face and the salesman slides over a paper and says... sign right here (and points to a document)... we say... umm can we read this?  

He's like "yeah sure" ... it just tells us we can start cleaning out your new vehicle for you.

Do you realize he never actually asked or confirmed what color or model we like or even if there existed any form of consent or agreement to terms... and he wanted us to sign this?  Do you realize how illegal that is in terms of contracts/law?  Do you understand what a meeting of the minds is?  Telling people they don't have to read it, just sign it???

So he wants us to take a bath on the Bimmer and he wants us to blindly sign papers buying whatever car he wants???? This seems beyond ridiculous.  Moreover, both my girlfriend and I are educated, savvy, professionals and she deals with actuarial calculations for a living.  

So I ask for the pink slip for the Bimmer and the key.  He says he would and he will be right back.  Ummm, ok, so instead his manager returns to talk to us with no pink or key.

His manager comes over and asks what the problem is... was it the low amount on the Bimmer?  We said it has something to do with it...  yes.  He says... ok, I can move some numbers around to make you happy... we want a good relationship with you.  We can give you what the other company offered.  

Here it gets even funnier.  Basic math here.  We took the amount we considered for  deposit, then apply the difference in trade in amount.  You can assume if you sell cars for a living basic math is a skill you've acquired.  So let's say you have $15,000 - $8,000... in fact, if you told a child 15-8... They'd normally figure out 7... right?

Well, when we are talking my girlfriend says "if we do this, we'd get a $7,000 check, correct?" and he says "I don't know where you got that figure but you'd get a check"... I say... ummm... "well, we got the figure by taking the trade in number, and it's a round figure and subtract the deposit, which is also a round figure" ... and he says "that's not what my math says but let's talk about the car"...

I then said... "pink slip and key please"... he went away and gave it to us.

Seriously.... these guys stink of sleaze and moreover... their manager seems to be a moron who cannot understand basic math.  You want this person handling a purchase which requires monthly payments?  I wouldn't trust him to put air in my tires... even less take part in completion of a contract.

I saw quite a few bells ringing and clapping buyers that day, apparently that's what they do when they sell a car/rob a poor client.  I don't think most of the buyers spoke the English language all that well.  I think they take advantage of that.  Honda Corporation should be ashamed to have such franchisees.  If you go in, good luck.

Paul C. | 2014-06-25

My experience today was A #1 at Honda Downtown From Mike to Eero, wonderful guy with a big smile who was so helpful and informative... right on thru to  Albert in check out... I  loved the whole experience, painless, exhilarating and fun... oh yeah and I love my new Honda too!!!

Marissa C. | 2014-06-24

I have a 2012 honda fit that I take here regularly for oil changes and general maintenance. I have had nothing but positive experiences here. The staff is always friendly, it seems I never have to wait long, and I feel like they provide honest, quality service.

I feel that the prices are reasonable (for oil changes, at least), and I feel better taking my car to a Honda dealership.

One thing they used to do that I LOVED is that they washed my car with each service. They said they stopped doing that in October 2013. It was an amazing touch and it made the business really stand out from the rest. Too bad!

Charlie M. | 2014-06-23

Happy customer here! I was pleasantly surprised by my experience at Honda Downtown. I'm usually very skeptical on car salesman but for once I felt like someone had my best interest in mind. Pasquale Picariello took good care of me and I walked out with a brand new 2014 Accord which I love! Great deal, great follow up, great service. (soooo much better than Honda in Gardena)

Janey F. | 2014-06-23

I had the pleasure of purchasing a new vehicle at this location. I received a letter stating that they were looking to purchase my car and would  allow me to receive a new car of my choice. The sales rep, Mike (Bahji-might be incorrect spelling) was very helpful with helping me determine the best car for my situation. Not only was he helpful, but he was also patient and willing to explain everything to me.  Within 3 hours, I walked away with a brand new 2014 Honda Civic, with no money down. I was happy that I decided to go in and make the purchase. Mike and the people at the Honda dealership were great!!!!!

Emily B. | 2014-06-22

I came here after searching online for a dealership that had a larger enough selection in my price range so I wasn't going to be wasting my time. Having never owned a Honda before I still had no idea what I was going to end up with until I sat inside a car. Enter Randy. The most adorably professional young man you could possibly buy a car from. I say this because of his age and the fact that he's seriously adorable. He also has a culinary arts degree and as we found, also has many talents other than selling cars. I enjoyed his humor and the fact that he didn't push me with "selling" points and allowed me to just feel it out and make my own choice. And he's Italian. I think he might be single, so mother's, keep your daughters close when taking them to purchase their first Honda from Randy. His good looks might impair their judgement. Haha. At least it will be an enjoyable car buying experience. The only aspect if this experience that wasn't my most fav was him handing me off to the financial negotiator and manager (obviously part of the process) but they are less easy on the eyes and, if you ask me could have been a little more pleasant. :)

Casey C. | 2014-06-20

Worst attempt at buying a car ever. The salesman was very pushy, they took forever with getting the numbers to me, and expected I walk out with a car on the spot. This was the first of many places I decided to go when searching for my car. After leaving there with a horrible taste in my mouth I didn't even consider buying a car from them ever. I end up purchasing a car from diamond honda, who was able to beat their price by ALOT, and without the hassle and stress. Also downtown honda called me every other day after the day I left, to the point of harassment, after continually missing their calls they finally caught me and I delightfully told them i purchased a honda elsewhere. The phone calls were excessive, I get it, your prices  and your customer service are horrible, which is why you're blowing up my phone, desperate for a sale.

Ricardo Q. | 2014-06-20

Saylin made it happen for us just when we thought we were not going home driving a brand new car. Totally recommend seeing him to get your brand new Honda.

Jeff G. | 2014-06-20

I took my car in for a re-call item. While there I figured I would do a oil change and have the brakes checked as well. I recieved a call from the service writer Willie that my oil pan was leaking and that the drain plug was not stock. They would not do the oil change unless I replaced the oil pan.Further when they checked the brakes, a complete brake job was needed new rotors and pads. Cost over $ 1,000.00. I declined. I went to a econo lube, I was told the brakes still had 30% wear and that the oil pan was just fine. I will never use or buy a car from  Honda of Downtown agin.

Joe S. | 2014-06-19

I scheduled a service for an an airbag recall a few days ahead of time. I also signed up for a general service and told Rene to just let me know whatever needs to be done so I can decide whether or not to take care of it.

I drop my car off at 11am, occupy myself wandering around downtown until about 2:30pm. I call and ask when my car will be ready, I'm told 3pm so I wind my way back.

Upon arrival, Rene tells me they don't have the recall part in stock, and my car has an oil  leak that needs to be diagnosed.

What did they do with the car in the 4 hours I took out of my day? Basically a 70 dollar oil change.

Despite knowing in advance I was coming in for a specific recall, Rene informed me they don't have the system in place to know if the parts will be in stock.

Other places I've been will call you once problems are discovered and give you the option to have them fixed instead of just calling to say the car is ready.

Rene had the demeanor of a man who has received an ocean of complaints for terrible service but just stopping caring somewhere along the way. He was unconcerned with wasting my time and forcing me to return at a later date to replace a dangerous airbag defect.

Rene was unhelpful and unpleasant to deal with. He was combative with any complaint I had. When I told him he was not being helpful he got angry with me for "insulting" him. If you do need your car fixed, ask for someone else to help you. It says "SERVICE" on the outside but you'll find none here.

Alerissa M. | 2014-06-19

Though you guys are busy, you make sure your customers walk away with what they want. Thank You Mike Patel, the other Mike and Jaime! You guys are awesome!

Sinbal S. | 2014-06-18

I am very excited about my new Honda!!
Jesus's presentation was very professional. He also gave me some tips on iPhone apps that connects to the car, listened to my financial needs and made sure I got the exact car I wanted, even though the color of the interior I wanted was not available, at any of the surrounding dealerships.  I am delighted and excited to drive my new 2014 Honda Civic Ex-L. Jesus Quirino also helped me after the purchase to adjust the clock and radio stations. Thanks again to Jesus and Joe for making this happen :)

Dennis R. | 2014-06-11

The WORST experience I've had at a dealership. I was called about an offer that seemed too good to be true. I asked the woman over the phone all of the necessary questions, she guaranteed that this is something they could meet my needs on. I decide to come in, interested in this offer of trading in my current vehicle for a lease with ridiculously low monthly payments.

I hand them my keys (so they can appraise my car) and head inside to meet with the salesman. After they established that this "offer" is not something they could do (the numbers weren't even CLOSE!) I respectfully declined saying thank you, and that there was no wiggle room on my end. I told them that I thought the offer was too good to be true, it was, and I had my questions answered.

I said that I had to leave for a meeting and would like my keys back. The salesman said OK, got up, and left me waiting on the sales floor for over 50 MINUTES!! Finally, instead of coming back with my keys, he comes back with his manager who makes the same offer, but with a more aggressive tone. You know that feeling of getting bullied in middle school? They successfully brought that sensation back :)

I was straight-forward with them; I firmly told them NO, and that I cannot afford the offer they were making, and that I'd like my keys so I can grab my car and go! By the way, I was already late for my meeting at this point, so naturally I was infuriated. The salesman comes back with yet ANOTHER guy who was even scarier than the last! He sat down and scoffingly laughed as he said "I'm not understanding what you're trying to accomplish here!" Now I'm just insulted. I asked one more time for my keys but was met with the douchiest of attitudes by these tie-wearing monkeys.

They kept asking how much I can afford, making me feel like some penniless idiot that can't seem to express how broke and poor I am, and was not allowed to leave until I said yes to them. Then they repeatedly asked if I can borrow money from someone to make the down payment. REALLY? It was embarrassing to say the least: I have no family or friends, and I'm sitting here feeling obligated to explain that to them. I felt degraded by these smug dicks.

The salesman eventually led me to the front desk, where some other a-hole was holding two sets of keys: mine, and the keys to the car they were trying to sell me. As I approached this moron he met me with a grin and said "Which keys do you want?" I grabbed mine and left, missing my meeting entirely. I cannot express how angry I am at these people, and by reading the other reviews on here, I don't think I'm crazy for feeling that way.

PS: In a month, I will be able to meet their financial requirements for this car, and I told them several times, meaning it honestly. Looks like I'll be going somewhere else.

Leima H. | 2014-06-01

This has been the worst experience. They are all thieves!  They swipe your debit card before even talking numbers. They talk you down. One of their employees called me rude, because I spoke up.... go figure. I will be reporting their actions to bbb. The worst! The worst!  Run from this place.

Tommy L. | 2014-05-29


I have to knock down a star only because of the car buying experience this past weekend. My previous review for car service remains the same.

I was looking to purchase the same car I had purchased 6 months ago but obviously the 2014 model. Knowing that the prices aren't that much different just basing it off the MSRP, I expected what I paid before would be around the price I would get for the 2014--taking into the cost difference between the 2013 and 2014 model.

I met with Eero again since he was the one who helped me before. Eero is a nice guy. Still is. He was helpful and explained that this year they updated the EX model. I was curious so we test drove it. I ended up still preferring the LX model because the touchscreen seems unresponsive sometimes.

When it was time to negotiate, I told Eero what I was expecting around---basing off the research I have done and a friend who had purchased the car earlier. Eero said that they weren't able to do it--which is completely fine by me. But what ticked me off was when the other gentlemen who  joined us said that I was stubborn. Yes I am stubborn but I wouldn't call a customer stubborn. He also quoted me a price that was more than 2k than what I had paid last year. Given such a high quote makes it difficult for me to even negotiate lower so I remained firm and unfortunately left Downtown LA Honda without making a purchase.  I felt cheated since I purposely went back to DTLA to see if they would offer me a no frills price.

It makes me rethink about the whole dealer itself. I prob won't be coming back here again for a while.

I ended up purchasing the car elsewhere the same night with a price that was significantly lower than downtown honda and around what I was expecting.

Daisy R. | 2014-05-29

I am very unhappy with the service department. I took my car to get serviced last weekend (memorial day weekend). I spend $200 to get my car maintenance.
I had a family member pick up my car and when I got home I found that the car
had grease stains inside. My cousin pointed that out and he also told me that
when he got the car there weren't any seat covers not only that but they also did
not wash it. I'm aware that I did not take my car in for a wash but if I'm spending
that much money I'm expecting one specially when you get one with a cheaper service. Makes me wonder if they even did any maintenance at all or if they simply turned off the service light. I'm just not feeling at ease with the service at all. I did
receive a call asking about my experience and I was not shy to let them know how
I felt. They did say that I was going to receive a call or an e-mail from the manager
but I have not received either. I'm never taking my car here again.

Corina T. | 2014-05-29

Do NOT go here for service!!!!  They will try and sell you a service you don't need.

Russell B. | 2014-05-27

Deceptive time wasters. I received a letter offering a buy back on my car. I called to check it out, reviewed ALL the details of my car, and was told that they definitely wanted to buy it back. I could not have been more thorough explaining the complete situation with my vehicle. I specifically asked for assurance from the General Manager (Carolyn Olavarria) that I was not wasting my time driving there. I was told that the dealership was in desperate need of inventory and that Honda was offering dealers an incentive on hybrid vehicles. Upon arrival, a manager inspected my car for 30 seconds and told me a deal could not be made. When I reviewed the history of my phone conversations, this manager glibly told me that the women answering the phones don't know what they are talking about, nor do they know the right questions to ask. I would be extremely wary of this dealership. I've lived in Los Angeles for 37 years and purchased cars ranging from Hondas to BMWs to Audis, and it's very true that there are some people who deal above the board and some who are manipulative and sleazy, and will do or say anything (including a flat out lie) to get you into the room. This is one of those gross places that will go to any lengths to get what they want.

Andrea K. | 2014-05-24

GO see Eero!!

Look, I hate car shopping because of sales tactics. I am actually sad that I did not buy a used car from Eero Polus because he was so knowledgeable and nice. If they have a car that you like and you want to have your questions answered, go see this dealership.

Yes, there is limited space on the lot, call ahead if you can and they will move cars you like into the lot.

Sammy C. | 2014-05-21

You should never go to this place. If you want to get ripped off by the  shady sales people go ahead. They work unethically. Greedy owners that will sell their soul for a car.
If you go there you will surely regret..

Watch out!!!!

Arash M. | 2014-05-16

Very poor management .. I didn't have a good experience there and it was my last time to take my car to this branch .. After 3 hours I was told that they ran out of that particular part and they couldn't fix it .. So they just waisted my time ... Don't take car to this branch

Kama H. | 2014-05-05

DO NOT GO HERE!  Three and a half months later, I need to update my review to say that I received a TERRIBLE alignment job at the dealership.  The work performed was so bad that my tires are now totally bald just on the inner ring (of four rings) on my front wheels only.  When I went to get air in my tires yesterday at Costco (they have a great service for getting air if you buy tires from them) the tech confirmed that the uneven wear on my tires is 100% the result of a bad alignment job!

In addition, I had to call the dealership to request that they stop the automated calls to my cell phone giving my service reminders.

I really loathe Downtown LA Honda!

Erika E. | 2014-04-27

Car shopping

Let's face it- car shopping is the pits. They lure you in with some crazy deal only to have you sit..and sit...and sit for a few more hours with nothing to show for it but an empty styrofoam cup.

They have about 10 cars on the lot everything else is somewhere  else. That means you can't compare models or trim levels or colors side by side. They literally bring one car, then another. I get it, it's DTLA but hey - every grey and every silver is different.

Whatever deal brought you in isn't real. Its a mirage. A sales tactic. And guess what, I wanted to buy or lease a car, not push paper and crunch a styrofoam cup.

Frank C. | 2014-04-25

I was very disappointed with the staff in the service. Came in for an oil change and the advisor did not want to take my coupon from another dealer. On my way to Honda downey way better service and they always take other dealer coupons.

David M. | 2014-04-21

I guess I should have checked their Yelp reviews before dealing with them....

This past weekend I had probably THE Worst, and I mean THEEE WORST experience with Honda of DTLA as I was helping a friend of mine get a car. I even decided to wait to "cool-off" before posting this review.

I made an offer on a vehicle through their website. Within the hour I was contacted by Jesse in their internet sales department notifying me that they received my offer. I asked her to confirm the offer amount I made and to check if it was reasonable with her manager. She mentioned that Dan/Don the sales manager will be able to confirm it and that this was DEFINITELY a "workable" and reasonable offer (I offered around KBB Private Party for an "EXCELLENT" condition vehicle) and that I should test drive the car to make sure this it he one I want. I reiterated that I did not want to waste my time as this was the price point my friend had to be in. She assured me that it would be fine.  

Sure enough I drive an hour in traffic to get there, meet with a salesman after 30minutes, and finally sit down to review the deal. Dan/Don the sales manager starts off by telling me how this used 2013 car with 12k miles on it is already priced near wholesale at $18.9k (when a brand new 2014 costs $20k and some change...Sure buddy). I already knew it was going to be bad. I expressed my frustrations and asked for answers, he sat their smug as could be basically telling me that the whole point was to get me down there to talk to me about how their pricing was already competitive (which it is not). Took NO Accountability and deflected as much as he could without actually giving me an answer.  Thanks for wasting my Saturday and making this harder than it needs to be. In my opinion, this is the classic notoriously known used car salesman approach.

Why have the option to make an offer on your site and employ people to review them if you aren't going to actually do anything with the offers or put in any work other than to trick them to come down to the dealership? Oh because you want to be sleezy??? Cool beans.

Long story short,in my experience I would say that this dealership showed the following attributes :
lack of integrity, lack of accountability, lack of professionalism.

I will be getting a Honda this week for my friend, but it won't be from Honda of Los Angeles. This is not how you treat customers if you expect them to actually want to do business with you.

Shotout to our salesman Jaron (real nice guy) and Angela in Sales since she followed up and actually seemed concerned while everyone else at the time basically said "well you didn't have anything in writing" or pretty much to go *EFFF* myself.

Jane D. | 2014-04-16

I had filled out the application online. Called and spoke to Mayra about financing a new car. My credit is not perfect but it's not like she didn't know. I laid it all out on the table  so there won't be no problem. She had told me that she had banks that had approved me and that all I needed to put down payment for Civic or Accord were $1000. I had spoken with Mayra several times over the phone and said everything was ready all I needed to do is speak with her manager and I would drive away with my new Accord. I came in at 530 which I left work early. I asked for Mayra, never showed up, they set me up with another girl (very nice by the way, no negative reviews for her) My husband test drove  an Accord. After test driving we sat down to start the numbers. Guess what they had not even ran my credit, I was very surprised since I spoke with Mayra and so called approved me for $1000 down payment and also said my payment would be between $250-$380. (I would write more about what were our conversations but it's to long) So I sign their application and gave them $1000 for down payment. We were there till 9:00 pm and no response. I was tired, hungry, and had my daughter. Finally, an Asian lady came to us and said that if I can put more down payment $3000. I told her what Mayra and I had spoken over the phone and she went back to her office. A couple min. later she came back and said she work a deal for civic which I didn't want but was willing to take it as long as it would help my credit. So she called me again and that's when she dropped the bomb on me saying that my payment $587.00 for 5 years. Really!!! You guys waisted my time all along. Needless to say do not trust them. They're full of crapp!!  I guess this so called Mayra that I spoke with probably doesn't exists or maybe she's a person that paints a perfect picture. My whole point they said they would work with anyone that has bad credit, bankruptcy, repos etc...thank Honda of Downtown you guys really screwed me up and had no consideration that I need to go to work the next morning. Those so called people are not their to help you it's just to waist your time. Oh and another thing an arminian man was there talking crap cause he also thought they ran his credit too which they don't run it till you get there. So f u, you might be in the top 300's but to me you guys are cons, lying, ect...oh and my family are just eating now!! Since we were there since 530

Gypsy R. H. | 2014-04-14

I have only had success with Downtown Honda, from buying my 2012 Civic:  Roger stuck patiently with me for many hours while I made up my mind... and called back each time to answer my phone inquiries in the following weeks.  Twice I had to return to the dealer for minor tweaks on the dash, but each time I left 100% satisfied with the results, and the efficiency and kindness of Jay and John Jacinto,(the Service Manager is the best!)   Thank you!

Rafael G. | 2014-04-10

I just had the best experience with Mike Patel from the sales team at Honda Of Downtown Los Angeles. My whole story started two days ago. Two days ago i went in and got Troy, i wanted to buy a Civic we ran the numbers and we just could not agree on the payment. I told Troy that it didn't make sense to me so he suggested a lease. I said i needed to think about it and i went home. Today in the morning i called in and asked for Troy but he had the day off so i got Mike Patel  he pulled up my file and gave me a list of documents he needed to reduce the amount of time at the dealer. I emailed him everything after a few more calls he finally said come on down to the dealer to sign documents. I get there and sure enough the finance guy was ready my car was ready and i drove off a happy customer.  The best thing of it all is they embrace technology and how easy that makes the car buying process. The finance app is online. All documents can be emailed in. So when you get to the dealer you've already done 75% if the tedious stuff.  I would lease/buy there again in a heartbeat.

Ariel T. | 2014-04-08

I would not even put a star on my experience with this dealership.  you've seen all the reviews and my mistake was not checking the Yelp review before going to this dealership.  they are a bunch of sneaky people adding cost to the price you've agreed to.  They don't return phone calls once they've sold your the vehicle.  please avoid this dealership. pls. read all the recent reviews.  they are all negative.  go somewhere else.

Juan G. | 2014-04-04

Just picked up my car from the service department. John and myself went on a test drive to make sure the car was fixed correctly. I'm happy with the results and will definitely come back to service my car here again. Thank you John for staying on top of everything, and making me feel like a valuable customer.

Will R. | 2014-04-01

Overall highly satisfied with this dealership and staff.

I bought my wife a 2013 Accord Sport model about 8 months ago. Salesman Saylin Cruz was very helpful from beginning to end.

Came back today for another vehicle.  Today I bought a Civic for my own use.  Once again I had Sailyn  Cruz help me out with transaction.  

Overall I had a great experience purchasing both vehicles and will definitely recommend dealership to friends and family.

Look for Sailyn Cruz he'll treat you good..! And you'll walk out a happy customer..!

PS: Dealership Owner is a really cool person, had a chat with him, down to earth type of guy.

Vanni M. | 2014-04-01

This is for car service.

I came here a couple times last year and thought their service was good. They never sold me anything I didn't need, and even when I came in to get my oil changed, they said I actually didn't need to yet.

Then I came here again in February of this year to change my transmission fluid. They came back with a list of FIVE OR SIX things that my car needed that totaled over $1000. I was shocked because I had JUST been there a couple months ago and everything with my car had been fine.

I decided to get a second opinion and take my car to Affordable Care of Hollywood, an auto shop that has a five star rating on Yelp. I thought they would at least tell me my car needed one or two things on that list of things Honda told me....but nope, they said my car was perfectly fine, nothing needed to be done, and that I should come back when my car hits 90,000 miles (currently at around 83,000).

Needless to say I am extremely disappointed that Honda apparently tried completely ripping me off, probably thinking I'm an easy person to fool since I know nothing about cars. Too bad, you just lost a customer forever. Two stars because my first couple times were okay, but this last visit just killed that.

Juvie G. | 2014-04-01

My wife and I purchased a CR-V 2014 and could not be happier.  This will make our lives so much easier. With stellar customer service and family friendly environment Honda is making car purchasing a joy.  Sailyn Cruz and Joe are top noche individuals who understand where you are in life and how Honda of DTLA can help.  Honda of DTLA is Game changer.  Thanks again for everything.

Ebe M. | 2014-03-30

I'm always happy with Honda and the people there :)

Ryan L. | 2014-03-28

This HONDA dealership is TRASH!!!! Stay away and do not bring your car here under any circumstance, please take my word. I never type reviews unless its terrible service and others should be warned. I had a horrible experience with this dealership and voiced my concerns and was told i would get a "free oil change". I called to redeem this and after being on hold over and over and over was told it was a " verbal agreement" and they are going to revoke this offer. I have spent over 5000 dollars in this dealership weather is was on warranty or not. There was a service agent named Juan Reyes that worked their and knew what customer service was and is and ILL NEVER GO BACK, EVER!!!!!  


Shi F. | 2014-03-19

Just make sure that you meet John Jacinto.

Six months ago, I went to the dealer for an oil change. Everything went smoothly until I jumped into the car after I was told the repair was done. I read the meter, and the oil life remained the same as before. Apparently, the mechanic forgot to reset the meter. It wasn't a big deal, so I guessed I could just wait for a couple of more minutes. Surprisingly, John came to me and offered me a vehicle detail repair for free, which originally cost $159. There was no way I could resist that, but it was just unexpected.

Six months later, I needed another oil change. Taking John's word for real, I called him early in the morning to schedule a maintenance in the afternoon. Amazingly, John stuck to his word and had the vehicle detail repair done for me for free! I've never felt so welcomed as a customer. If you don't trust those mechanics, talk to John. He'd take care of you better than anyone else would!

Isiah G. | 2014-03-18

Go Elsewhere, I give props to the Toyota dealership across the street because they didn't waste my time they told me straight forward I admire them for that.

I'm not here to bash the workers, the guys are nice it's just the way they conduct business that I don't like. They play hardball to the degree of you not wanting to do any business with them. Here was my goal, my goal was to negotiate a deal with the money I got with the credit union. They weren't willing to do none of that. They knew damn well their intention was to have me sign and go through their financing all along, I'm not gone write much but long story short they wanted me to pay something I couldn't afford. I told them since they didn't want to take the money from the credit union then I want my payments to be $300/month including insurance. I know that's not much but at the end of the day I was solely depending on my credit union to pay for the whole vehicle themselves. My credit union charges 1.4% on their APR who wouldn't want that? I told them 300/month because even if I was to lose my job they can still get that much monthly. They basically tried to take advantage of a first time buyer.

When I told them I couldn't afford it they kept leaving the room saying "let me talk to my manager and see what I can do". So once I requested a certain amount I was told that "I'm expecting a unicorn". Well guess what, if it's the unicorn I want it's the unicorn I get. I felt bad that I wasn't able to get a vehicle because they do have some great ones but damn the way they negotiated business is equivalent to "The Wolf Of Wall Street", "Two For The Money" and "Boiler Room" if you haven't seen those movies I highly recommend that you do because they negotiate business the same way these actors do in the movies I just mentioned.

Nice guys, but they play hardball uncomfortably to the point you feel inconvenient negotiating any kind of business. I went there with the intention of the credit union financing and all of a sudden I found myself in a room without my debit card and them asking how much I can afford a month. They are VERY SLICK.

If you get a call from that Angie chick don't waste your time with her she's gonna say "Let me get someone higher that can fix the issue" and she's gonna get the same sales reps.

Leslie C. | 2014-03-11

Edgar and Albert were extremely helpful with my boyfriend and i. They answered all our questions and if they were not sure they would go and find out. They gave us a better deal than expected and were able to work out a plan for us. Thank you very much!
Very friendly and funny!

M K. | 2014-03-11

I took my car in for service and was quite impressed.  After the rain, I noticed that my brakes were squeaking at high speeds.  Since I wanted to get this done quickly, I decided to use Honda of Downtown since it was pretty close to me.  I drove in and met with Rene, one of the service advisors.  He shook my hand, had me sit at his desk and went over what I needed and what he recommended.  He did not try to oversell anything, and told me that if anything was needed, he would call.  He then sent his guy over to drive me to work.  I got a call telling me everything was ready about 4 hours later, and nothing else was needed.  It was as simple as that.  The price was fair and they even offered to pick me up.  Wow.  Never had service like this from other Honda shops.  Even better was the fact that there was no sales pitch on buying a new Honda.  I usually get that at other dealers since my car is well over 10 years old.  

Thanks Honda of Downtown.  You've got a new customer.

P M. | 2014-03-07

I had a bad experience at Honda of Downtown Los Angeles (HDLT) and would not ever consider visiting this business again. If you are shopping for a car, I recommend that you go to another Honda dealer instead. Here's why I was unhappy: I made an appointment by phone to see a certified pre-owned (CPO) car that was advertised on their dealership website. One hour before my evening appointment, I called to confirm that the car was available. I was told that it was. The employee verified the dealer stock number, model, year and color. When I arrived at HDLT, I was greeted by the first salesperson who spotted me and brought immediately to a sales desk. I showed them their website ad with the stock number. The salesperson left to get the keys for the car. After almost 20 minutes, the salesperson returned and stated that the car had been sold just that morning - but that they had a very similar CPO car available and asked me if I might be interested in it. I said maybe. The sales person said they would get it and immediately walked away without giving me any information about this other car. After another 25 minutes, the salesperson returns to show me the other car. It is a 2011 with about 40000 miles; this means none of the original factory warranty remains, only the shorter CPO warranty. I had come to see a 2013 car with low miles and almost the full warranty remaining. This substitute 2011 with more miles and less warranty had a sticker price $800 higher than the advertised 2013. I told the salesperson that I was not interested. The salesperson offered to show me a new 2013 for a good price. I looked at the showroom model while the salesperson got a car from the lot for a test drive. I like the car. The salesperson wants to work out a price. After another 20 minutes, the salesperson returns and the price is $1000 over MSRP + $1300 in dealer fees. Plus the 9% tax on the extra $2300. They don't have the advertised car but only a worse car for more money, or a new car for way over MSRP. Or I could try to negotiate a better price, but starting from MSRP + $2300, with a 20 minute wait between each step in the conversation, I didn't think we could get to an agreeable price in a reasonable time, if ever. My impression of HDLT is that they were unprofessional and avoided honesty as much as they thought they could get away with. There's a reason that so many reviews on yelp and other sites are 1 star. I would NOT go back to Honda of Downtown Los Angeles to shop for a car or any other service. There are many other Honda dealers only a short drive away.

R. F. | 2014-03-06

I am a bit shocked to read all of the negative reviews here. OTOH, my experience with Honda of Downtown Los Angeles goes back to November 2012, and only with their service department. From reading some of the reviews, it seems that this dealership changed ownership / management sometime after 2012.

So, back in November 2012, I  brought my Honda Accord EX-L in to have genuine Honda fog lights installed. I had already purchased the Honda Fog Light Kit online from a Honda dealer, so I just needed to have them installed. It's amazing the different price quotes I received from various Honda dealers to install them...Diamond Honda in Puente Hills wanted more than twice the amount that Honda of Downtown LA quoted me. Community Honda in Whittier wanted almost as much. Nelson Honda in El Monte came close, but HDTLA gave me the lowest quote.

I arrived at 7:30AM, waited in their waiting room watching the Today Show, and by 11AM, the car was ready. They did a wonderful job, and the price was right.

Now, I'm hesitant to recommend them only because they seem to have changed ownership since 2012, and there seems to be a lot of unsatisfied Yelpers who have been there more recently. But I just wanted to relay my experience with them back in 2012, because their service department did a great fog light installation on my Accord.

Colette N. | 2014-03-03

I did not have a good experience at Honda of DTLA and I highly recommend you shop for cars elsewhere. I do not want to get any employees in trouble, that is absolutely NOT my aim as everybody I interacted with was fairly pleasant. However, the way this business is run is just ridiculous and I know it starts at the top.

So I drove down here after work one evening to test drive a pre-owned Boxster. I had been looking for one for months and they had one that looked beautiful. Low miles, black on black, everything I wanted. So off I trekked to Downtown LA at rush hour to test drive the car. It was great so we sat down to talk numbers. Almost immediately another $1000 was tacked on to the advertised price for some paint protection and interior cleaning. Ummm, what? I should have protested but I liked the car a lot and really wanted to make a deal.

I told them I'd be financing through my credit union unless they could give me a better offer interest rate. I was assured I'd get a good interest rate, get the monthly payments at the number I said I'd be comfortable with, the whole song and dance. I filled out the credit check paper and then they asked me about a down payment. It was my mistake to hand over a card before I was shown any numbers, I definitely should NOT have done that, but again since i was assured I'd be in that car that evening I wanted to get the deal done.

About another hour passed, with a lot of "I'll be right back"s and "Let me talk to the sales/finance manager"'s from my salesman meanwhile I'm just sitting there waiting...and waiting.. By this time I had been there almost 2 hours and no numbers were shown to me. I was finally told that because it was late, the banks couldn't approve anything but that they'd call me the next day and I'd be in my Boxster for sure! Oy vey. day, hadn't heard a thing from anybody by noon. Thats when I got on Yelp and started reading all the reviews and got that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and I decided I no longer wanted to deal with this. So I called them and told them to forget it, I want my down payment refunded immediately. Of course I was met with a protest, that they'd for sure get me a great rate, they're still waiting on the banks, blah blah blah but I firmly said no, I want my down payment back immediately. I was told "that shouldn't be a problem" REALLY? refunding me $2000 "shouldn't be a problem?" and then I didn't hear a thing back for the rest of the day.

So the NEXT day, I called 3 different times and left messages for 3 different people that were never returned. EXTREMELY frustrating. I finally called and asked for the manager and that seemed to get their attention, I was told to get my refund I'd either have to come back down in person or email my credit card number (yeah right). So I opted to drive back down there, I was expecting more sales pitches but they actually refunded my money quickly much to my surprise.

Basically this entire ordeal was such a headache. This is no way to run a business, people!!! Read all these reviews! Instead of responding to them with a scripted apology, fix your business!!!!!

Kanani N. | 2014-02-27

I have been a loyal Honda Owner for over 20 years and I can honestly say this service department is by far the best in Southern CA!!!
I ALWAYS receive top notch customer service when I come here and have also been given honest opinions regarding repairs, etc... The guys are friendly, courteous and the wait time has always been minimal... If you are like me, & only want to bring your car to a genuine Honda Mechanic, I recommend the Service Dept at this location. I have been to Hollywood, Culver City and the Santa Monica locations and none of the other locations come close to the impeccable  customer service and honest recommendations I get from LA Honda! Not to mention the Service Manager, Godwin here is awesome. Always taking the time  to speak with customers and following up on how everything was.

I will be buying my next Honda from this dealership when the time comes. I cannot imagine going anywhere else since discovering this place 2 years ago. Honest, Friendly and Amazing group of people at this dealership. I wish I could give this place more stars.

James T. | 2014-02-25

I purchased my car here about 2 years ago. At the time of purchase I did not know there was a USC student discount,the salesman was well aware that I was  a USC student and still sold it for full price.

Tony S. | 2014-02-17

1st off let me say i have a 92 honda civic and i know its a piece of shit
but i came to get my oil change and the helpful honda lady veronica helped me and didnt judge my pos ....she was nice and helpful(see what i did there) and didnt try to sell me a bunch of shit i didn't need or try to buy my car off me like all the other advisors or techs....

Diana R. | 2014-02-16

Avoid this place at all costs!!!! If I could give negative stars, I would! My boyfriend and I were very interested in financing a new car. We were given a quote that was great but still needed time to think things over. And they told us it was fine and we could return the next day. I love how the manager commented below on all the negative reviews stating that they don't allow their employees to do the "bait and switch." Yet this happened to us by a MANAGER!!!!!!!!!!! My boyfriend waited over 4 hours to be seen. He was ignored by everyone. Including the people he had spoken to the night before. This is the most unprofessional place!! The manager wouldn't even look my boyfriend in the eye when he asked him why he couldn't honor the quote that was given to us by him! They took our money and wouldn't return it to us. I hope honda really looks at this review and see's what kind of unprofessional people they have working for them. The manager was for the lack of better words, ghetto!!!! They had us give them a down payment and wouldn't return it to us?! Umm, what?! We were told their office was closed until Tuesday and maybe we would have to wait until Wednesday!!! This is crap! I'll be returning to this place and if my money isn't returned I'll be contacting my lawyer. They haven't seen my angry side yet. Pissed off doesn't even cover how angry I really am!! This is a shady place, don't trust these horrible people. I'll be taking my business elsewhere!

Desiree N. | 2014-02-11

Nice staff but horrible timing with service. I waited over 50mins past estimated service time. Won't be coming back for overpriced service here again.

Nicholas J. | 2014-02-10

I avoid going to dealers or mechanics at any cost. They always come up with some excuse to charge you more money.  The representative here, Renee, really made me think I was going to be able to just do what I came in for.  There was nothing wrong with my car.  It just had the routine maintenance light on.  It was supposed to be $70.  They ended up replacing some other things they told me 'needed' to be done and I left with a $200 bill.  I bought a new car to reduce my maintenance fees, but they always make something up.  I was already coming up with a reason to write a good review when he came out with the inflated price.  They just can't keep their hand out of the cookie jar.  I'm glad it wasn't a more expensive repair and I won't be coming here again.  I can't wait 'til cars are gone.

Assaf Z. | 2014-02-06

I called them on the phone I was interested in a particular vehicle,
They said they are open to talk on a price of $14300
The advertised price was higher
So It is natural that I would pay a little more, It is negotiation.
when I got to buy the car after I wasted two hours they gave me an offer of  $19,000
$19000 for a Honda Civic 2011 xl  What a joke

just got up and walked away

what a Joke

Shirley C. | 2014-01-29

Buying a new car is not exactly at the top of my list of best life experiences - But I must say Honda of Downtown LA was as good as it gets at a dealership. We were sent to this dealer through USAA Preferred Buyer Club. We submitted on line the car we were looking for and within minutes we had a phone call from Michael Gennello. Michael gave me an amazing price quote over the phone then emailed me with the written offer. I called several other dealers and none could beat the price.  When we arrived at the dealership we were greeted by Sailyn Cruz. He was professional, knowledgeable and not too high pressure. They honored the original low price quote and we were off to see Ann Tu the Finance Manager. She was able to get us the great .9% loan and we closed the deal.  A BIG THANK YOU to Sailyn for staying with us to the very end (11:00pm because we didn't arrive until 7:00pm) and showing us how to use all the technical gadgets on the Honda Civic EX.

Ome P. | 2014-01-20

I was always scared to step in a dealership because I have heard so much bad things going on in a dealership. But here, I feel that the sale have done really great job paying attention to his customer. He is not trying to push you to making a decision that you are not comfortable with.

Diana S. | 2014-01-14

If I could give this place 0 stars I would. Had a horrible experience there and I would never recommend this place to anyone looking for a new car.  We came in with a TrueCar price which they have signed up to uphold. For those who don't know, a TrueCar price already includes the destination fee etc. It does not include other than regular options on the vehicle. We knew exactly what the TrueCar price was. After wasting our time, this dealership wanted to tag on a 495 destination fee, knowing all along that the destination fee was already included in the TrueCar price. They also wanted to tag on a bunch of bogus fees, which we've never heard of before, like a fee of $400 for document prep etc. A TrueCar doc prep is $80.00.  However, what really takes the cake is that one salesperson told us the manager wants to see a deposit of $500.00 dollars to show we are serious about the purchase, then another salesperson comes in and says they need a deposit of $2,000.00 to show we are serious. Are you kidding me?  Do they think people don't do their homework. Maybe some don't, but most consumers these days are savvy and I was completely insulted by the lack of respect we received. My husband and I told them, there is no contract yet, and we have not seen any of the numbers, therefore there will be no deposit. Anyone who wants to be taken by this place should go there, the others should really stay away from this place. We dealt with two salespeople and two managers. They were disorganized and seemed like one hand did not know what the other one was doing...or perhaps that is one of their plans to confuse you. Oh and one more thing...we wanted to trade in a 2001 car in good condition with low mileage. Their offer......$100.00.  Can you believe it. The blue book value of the car was $1,500.00 for  trade in value, more for private sale. What a scam. We felt so disrespected after that offer we walked out. Will never, ever recommend this place. STAY AWAY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP!!!     NO INTEGRITY, NO TRUST.

Maria F. | 2013-12-26

At the start, they seem nice and "will do anything to earn your business."  But once I actually started to do business with them, I found that it was a sham.  I was looking for a particular car which they said was in stock. I spent 3 hours discussing numbers and details, and when we finally agreed and signed a sales contract, they told me that actually, they did NOT have the car I wanted, but that they would have it in 3 days.  I was assured I would not be charged any additional transfer fees, etc.  I put down a deposit thinking I'd have a new car before the end of the week.  1 week later and they still do not have the car, despite several days of empty promises, and are now saying that they actually WILL be charging additional transfer fees. When I asked for my deposit back, I was met with rudeness and they hung up on me!  If there were such a thing as a negative star, that's what I would give.

Srini R. | 2013-12-14

Do not trust these guys when they say, you need a specific service. Get it cross checked with another mechqnic. These guys said I needed new brakes a few months after I got them comple done. When I took it to another Honda dealer in Monrovia they said I had brand new brakes and I did not have to change them. So get it checked with someone else or rather just go elsewhere for service all together.

Matt L. | 2013-12-13

I went back, and John is no longer the service manager. I have to say that I've experienced much better service at a Honda dealership. They wanted to charge me to diagnose my vehicle when it was under the extended warranty. I'm sad that John is no longer there, because he really ran a tight ship. Juan is still there though, and he's a great service manager and he remembers his customers and their issues. I appreciate his hard work.

Now, I will be going to Honda of Thousand Oaks because they treat me like I'm driving the luxury vehicle.

Samantha R. | 2013-12-10

I hate car dealerships for a number reasons- aggressive salesmen, overpriced cars, etc. My experience at Honda of DTLA completely changed my perspective of the whole thing.  I dealt with Andrew and he was by far the most helpful, kind, and pleasant person I've met in life. I really felt that he had my best interest at heart. From the moment we first shook hands to the credit check and insurance, he proved why he has a giant trophy on his desk. He is the definition of customer service and I would insist that everyone contact him if they're looking into financing or leasing a car. Today I am the proud owner of 2013 Honda Fit. & I thank ANDREW SPIGELMAN for that!!
I would give 100 stars if I could. Oh yeah, and if everything else I said didn't convince you,  HE'S FROM BROOKLYN! Lol

Destiny M. | 2013-12-10

Great Customer Service! Waste of time!

Millie W. | 2013-12-02

I had a great experience buying a new car with Sailyn Cruz!! He was not too pushy and let us control our own car buying experience, yet lead us from one step to the next seamlessly. He also negotiated the right price for me. I would def recommend this dealer!!

Jocelyn O. | 2013-12-01

Alright, sooo I'm glad this place has improved their customer service (expect for that fact that they still insist on me exchanging my vehicle for ANOTHER NEWER VEHICLE).

But NOW I'm glad it has all changed. I came recently for Service, and Juan was very helpful and honest. Aside of that I was glad that my warranty covered the cost of my service.

After I left my car and received a ride home on the Shuttle, I met another workers who's name is Tony. He was very kind to all his passengers, and made sure you were being dropped off as soon as possible. This man needs recognition, and if you haven't done so... Well then do it. He takes pride in what he does, and not many people nowadays have that type of worth ethic.

Shaun S. | 2013-11-27

Called the dealership for a lease and talked to Mike A (sales manager) and Izabelle.
This was by far the most ridiculous experience iv ever had leasing a car... They made promises over the phone then when i arrived at the dealership they COMPLETELY switched the script and made it seem like i was crazy.

The most frustrating part of this experience was the fact that i Specifically told them on the phone that it was going to be a long drive for me... i asked them to be straight forward and tell me what they could and couldnt do.... They promised they would never "bait and switch" which is exactly what they did.

When we got to the dealership Mike Petel was the one who greeted us...  
After i told Mike Petel what Mike A and Izabelle had told me he giggled and said
"This is something we do frequently, we tell the customer whatever we need to just to get them into the dealership, this way we have a much better chance at selling"

I was STUNNED. We literally got up and walked out of.

By far the worst experience iv ever had trying to lease a car.

I would never recommend this dealership to anyone.

James A. | 2013-11-25

Good service, great folks, with a real family spirit. (They ring a big bell and cheer for you when the sale is complete.) The salesguy, Sailyn Cruz, was very knowledgeable, personable, and fairly no-pressure, spending a long time talking about and demoing the car I ultimately bought before we got to the purchase part. Their financial expert (I forget her name, but she's really sharp and fun) spent a long time finding me a decent loan offer. (I also shopped at another nearby dealership, and they were not half as generous.) So I say give them a shot -- and be sure to check their site for Internet offers before going in, I saved a $1000+ on the sale by doing that.

BTW: I'm told their current poor ratings on Yelp were mainly earned under different management, and I believe that.

Jack N. | 2013-11-23

Excellent customer service, definitely will do business again, Mike Patel (salesman) was THE MAN, great patience, professional and so polite, Danny and Michael were great, God bless them all. I'm so grateful getting an exceptional deal on the Odyssey 2014, they will beat any internet price, just give them a chance!

Denise H. | 2013-11-20

I had an excellent experience at Honda of Downtown L.A. First, when we (my mother and I) got there in my beat up chrysler Sebring (which I intended on trading in someday), someone approached us immediately to ask if we needed help with anything to which we replied, "We're just looking" the guy smiled and said someone would be with us shortly.

Now, this was not my first time visiting a car dealership. I am completely aware that when they get started there is literally nothing stopping them. They will keep hassling you into buying a car or throwing your money anywhere they can get you to. But truthfully, I had a great time.

I've had my eye on a 2013 Honda Fit for some time now and I saw the exact one I wanted from the dealership. I didn't go with the intention of buying but once we met Classic, I was sold. Classic H. was THE sales executive that day. He was there to meet our needs and work with us in any way that he could. As soon as I told him what car I was looking at he told me he could get me in that car. And three and a half hours later, I left with my new Honda Fit. He was attentive to my needs.

You see, I am a full-time student as well as a full-time worker so I have a lot on my plate. I went in there knowing I could afford a car payment but to an extent considering I'd get no outside help. I couldn't go anywhere above $300. When Classic left me with Jaime the guy in the actual Finance Department, he first came to me with a deal of $400/mo which I could simply not do and I explained that. This was my first car and I'd be paying for it on my own. $300 was already a push so if I could get to that, I'd be set. After some negotiation with his Manager, he brought the price down to $306.

I accepted this offer. If it was the closest I could come to $300, I 'd take it. As I was filling out the paperwork, he went back to speak to his Manager for a last negotiation. This was when he came back with a final offer of $299 a month with 1.9 APR. HELL YEAH. The alarm system was free (this could very well be free anywhere, i'm not sure) with a lifetime warranty. On a personal note, it cost nothing to add this car to my insurance and I received all of my manuals, both keys to the car and a system check booklet.

Classic H. is the man who made this experience however. He was there the entire time and was on my side. He helped me get to what I wanted and told me straight off, if you don't like the deal we offer you, walk away. We can't make you take anything you don't want to but there is always room for negotiation.

I truly, as a first time buyer, had an awesome time at Honda of Downtown L.A. Not only that but as a tradition for car buyers, you get to ring the bell in the showroom and everyone gives you an applause and cheers you on. It was a great atmosphere.


Shelby A. | 2013-11-19

I liked the friendliness of the overall place, and I liked how organizied they were and how well they communicated to one another. I also like how quick it took them to change my oil. However I didn't appreciate the salesmen and the buyback program people trying to pressure me into trading my car in for a brand new one!

David L. | 2013-11-16

Horrible service & scam artist!! Beware Downtown LA Honda are thieves. They will waste your time and lie to you!!!!!! Stay away from downtown la honda!!!! Honda Glendale is much better goto them instead.

I was contacted by Joe Shuster, General Manager of Downtown Honda, telling me that they really wanted to buy my car because they had a customer who needed my model and under 40,000 miles. My car fit the bill. At first I didn't think anything was wrong. GLENDALE HONDA has purchased two of my older cars in the past and upgraded me into my new cars without any hassle. When I purchased cars from Glendale Honda, they would buy back my car paying off what I owed and put a $3000.00 deposit on the new car. To me that was a deal so over the course of 4 years I ended up trading in two cars to get me at my most recent Honda car.

I was contacted two years later, it was like clockwork, this would be my 3rd time trading in a car. So when Joe Shuster contacted me he also sent me a letter "because we need your car so quickly, we are offering you the family and friends discount." Before I went in because I knew the drill I spoke to someone on their sales team told them I would only come in if the deal was the same as the previous two times. I also told them I did not want to be in the dealership for 3+ hours, so if they could prep everything before I got there so we could just get down to the brass tax and talk business without all the salesman bullsh*t they pull out.

When I arrived at Downtown Honda Joe Shuster is too busy apologizing to everyone on Yelp for his horrible sales team and his horribly run business at Downtown LA Honda, that he couldn't leave his office to talk with me. But Joe apologizes on yelp  because it's for the public to think they are working on changing their ways, but he has no real intention of following up with it. Joe I'm sure you will read this, there is a word it's called integrity. Learn what it means, and follow through with what you promise. After seeing all of the other yelp reviews that tear this dealership apart, I'm not alone. This is a major problem, and they need new management. I'm actually thinking about contacting Honda corp about. Really make sure they understand they shouldn't waste peoples times and manipulate people and lie.

When I arrive no one can find the person I spoke to on the phone. Everyone pretends that the Family and friends discount doesn't exist. I show them the letter and they kept asking to take it from me. I refused and proclaimed, if anyone needs to see it bring them to me and I'll be happy to show it to them. Then the reason bombing began from the sales team. "We are sorry, but that discount might be $500, maybe." um... what? yeah right. I have gotten the family discount before from other dealers and it should be around $4000,00 off the price tag at least! I then again asked to speak to Joe Shuster and was given the run around.

Everytime I ran into an issue they played good cop bad cop. They would send over another person with a different manager title to try and explain why there were so many set backs.

End of story they lied to me about the value of my car, under quoting me $4000.00, how do I know this, I took it to another honda dealership that gave me the correct pricing on my car and I had my friends who own dealerships also check out my car on the bluebook. So they lied to me about the value of my car and constantly tried to play games to get me to give them my car and pay a them a deposit, instead of them paying for it like had happened to me on my last two trade ins. Again the most important thing to understand is, I explained to them twice over the phone and in person when I arrived. I am only here if the deal is the same as my last two trade ins. I'm not spending any money, you have to buy off what I owe just like before and pay the deposit of at least $3000.00 I was told that wouldn't be a problem many times. But yet again they will lie and say what ever you want to hear just to get you into the door.

Family and friends discount, yeah right what a scam. If you have a real friend that hooks you up with that discount it should be huge!


Julia J. | 2013-11-10

I had a couple of occasions to experience Honda of Downtown Los Angeles. I bought a new battery from them, and they disposed the old one for free of charge and replaced with the new one with a discount of 15% off from their website. They also helped me with the missing automobile parts with excellent customer service. I'd feel comfortable using their maintenance services since my car is Honda, but their pricing is a bit on the higher side than others.

Eric G. | 2013-11-09

I've been here twice for service.  They were very polite and professional.  They even washed my car for no extra charge.  Also, while my car was being worked on, I walked all around the facility; it was immaculate... a sure sign that whoever runs this dealership believes strongly in cleanliness & being organized.

Matthew L. | 2013-11-04

Trying to buy a car here was an emotionally punishing, insulting, time-wasting experience.  We were bait and switched to get us to the downtown location with the promise of having found a specific car that met our specs.   This care was never actually found.  After several hours of amazingly insipid time-wasting we were finally offered a one that was close.  This even surprised the basically worthless sales dude we were dealing with.  

Of the 3+ hours we spend there, the productive time was probably about 45 minutes, with 30 of that being with the finance woman, who was quite nice and reasonable.  She was the only bright spot in the experience.

The physical space was dirty, very loud, and bleak.  The sales staff were dull, and made inane attempts at conversation during the MANY, LONG gaps where NOTHING appeared to be happening that was relevant to our purchase.  The test drive and diagnosis/estimation of the trade-in was a total rip-off.  I had to threaten to leave twice just to get them the commit to numbers involved in the sale.  BUT... I couldn't actually leave because they had taken our keys to get the mileage and then do the test drive.  And when we asked for the keys back they hemmed and stalled and tried to change to the subject.  

What a lousy experience.  I can imagine the "school of slimy car-sales-droid tricks" that all new employees are required to attend.  You have apparently mastered them all.

And finally, the icing was the follow-up email.  Below is the email from our sales guy...  Does anyone there care, even a bit, about professionalism?  And can you use capitals?

From: _________
Date: November 3, 2013, 3:12:16 PM PST
hi their _____ it's ______ from honda of los angeles just writing to you too congratulate you on your new pilot. I am happy that you gave me the opportunity to earn your business and hopefully the car is too your satisfaction. if you have any questions of concerns give me a call too (323)395-3018. Congrats Again

Jaqueline G. | 2013-11-04

Was greeted as soon as i pulled in.  I went for an oil change and that's all I got.  They were friendly and not overwhelming with trying to make me buy additional service.

Jin K. | 2013-11-02

So poor service. I got 12 accord only 10000 mi in. Engine oil leaking from the engine already so brought in to fix. They replaced one gasket and put silicon on small cap. They messed up with that silicon thats everywhere on the pulleys, belt and cap. And one thing that realy pissed me off is one bolt missing. That bolt wasnt so important but it could have been some important. Next day i brought back in and talk to MR F****** RENE HOUSE acted like he didnt care. It took so long to get car done and forever to send shuttle. I would never go. PS BECAREFUL ON YOUR BRAND NEW HONDA CARS THEY MIGHT HAVE DEFFECT ENGINES.

Ariana C. | 2013-10-27

I was looking for my first car and after doing lots of research I settled on a Honda, for safety, gas mileage and dependability reasons. I started looking online and found quotes on , and emailed all of the options that came up in the dealerships around me. I was contacted back by three dealerships, and Matt from the downtown location was the friendliest and most persistent, asking if I needed further information and emailing me links to the finance application which I appreciated being able to look at beforehand. When I went in I met Milton, who was my salesperson. I was extremely apprehensive, car salespeople have an unsavory rep and I was ready to challenge every step of the process so I wasn't taken advantage of. I showed him the quote and he explained what the usual sale price was, and outlined any additional fees, there were two, which I was ready for, and said he had to speak with the manager to make sure he could honor it. And they did! He spent a lot of extra time helping search for a lower insurance rate too, as I wasn't getting low quotes when I looked previously. I didn't feel manipulated at all at any point in the process, it was a great experience. Ann who did the financial part was super helpful too.

Chris S. | 2013-10-24

I brought my car in for a wash and detail. They said it would be 1-1.5hrs. Three hours later, I finally got my car back and the back wasn't vacuumed. As well, the dash board hadn't been wiped. Very unhappy about wasted my time for a job I could have done myself for 75 cents at a self wash.

Alfredo G. | 2013-10-23

I called to make an appointment and I usually have to call back because no one picks up. But this time that didn't happen since they answered pretty quickly. I spoke with Yessi and had some questions about the service that needed to be done and she answered all my questions and set up an appointment. If you have to call, talk to her.

Katy D. | 2013-10-22

This review is for the sales team. If you want a car buying experience that is fast, easy, no hassle, and convenient, then DON'T COME HERE. Of course buying a car is a big ticket item, so it's never just a quick in and out thing. But when I came in to trade in my car for a brand new one here, the process took TWO WEEKS. Seriously. They couldn't find their way out of a paper bag if they tried.
The first time I went in there, I was assured that they could get "whatever model" I wanted to the dealership within an hour. Wrong. After 3 hours, I left since I have better things to do. The next day, they call me and tell me that the lease payment we negotiated is no longer valid because of  my credit score. Excuse me?! We already made a deal, I signed the paperwork, and put down the deposit. Now you want to pull a bait and switch? Ugh. We go back and forth for almost two weeks negotiating the correct payment, getting them to do the paperwork to transfer the title of the car, etc.
I finally get to go pick up my car 2 weeks later, and OF COURSE -- 1) my car radio is locked, when I call they tell me I need to bring it back to get the security code. Thank god my sales rep was able to find it after I called again. 2) They gave the wrong VIN number to my insurance company, so we had to re-do the insurance again. 3) They also forgot to add a little thing on the lease paperwork, and I had to GO BACK TO THE DEALERSHIP (which I will never go to again) just to sign another frickin' paper. Jesus.
In conclusion, Honda of DTLA, get your act together. And don't lie to people about how long things will take or what kinds of deals you can give them.

Seunghee N. | 2013-10-20

I went to Honda of downtown LA to get a repair because my car showed up "check fuel cap". I was surprised my car already got this problem because it's a 2013 model. Anyway,,, they fixed it and checked entire car up. And I had their shuttle service, so I could go to work without my car. Nice service!
However, my car showed up the same problem again after few days. Hmmm... So, I was so upset and wondering they fixed it perfectly..??

Jesus Q. | 2013-10-17

Came in to honda of los angeles bought my 2014 Honda Accord EX-L Black on Black. Very happy with my purchase great employees and great management team as well. Got a great deal for a kid thats 19 years young and never had credit before. I appreciate every employee and i highly recommend this dealership too new time buyers and people with Bad/New credit they have a great finance team and will get you approved :) so go on in
Thanks again for the help
Joe,Randy,Dan,and Mike

Sergio M. | 2013-10-14

I was happy with the way Honda of downtown los angeles  got me into my car and didn't give up into I was in my car.

Courtney K. | 2013-10-07

I knew exactly what model I was interested in, and contacted the dealership online - I received a phone call from Norma the very same day, and she was incredibly helpful and responsive, especially when I ran late for the appointment I had set up with the dealership.

When I arrived, I was immediately helped by Mike (Baiju) Patel, who was phenomenal - he actually made the entire process really enjoyable (I'm not someone who would normally describe having to purchase a car as fun).  He was very professional, and I genuinely felt that I was being helped by someone who wanted me to leave happy with my new car, rather than someone who was just looking to make a sale. It was refreshing. He's very knowledgeable about the brand and was comfortable answering every question I had, from the buttons on the dashboard to the financing of my lease.

Everything was done so efficiently (Norma actually had the car already prepped for me to test drive when I arrived!), and even though the fact that I was running late meant that I stayed well beyond their closing hours, I never heard a word of complaint from Mike or any of his colleagues. A few days after driving home in my new car, I had a thank you note in the mail from Mike.

And most importantly, I love my new Civic!

Jason D. | 2013-10-03

Do Not Come Here For Any Reason. This place looks as shady as they act. They tried to charge me just to get a security code for my radio after I changed the battery... they said the codes aren't free... all they had to do was look up a serial code.

You know how I solved that issue? I called another honda representative in Glendale FROM THEIR PHONES!!! and got it solved in 10 minutes free of charge. Car dealers are crooks, this proves it.

Emily Y. | 2013-10-01

My parents ran into a few issues w/the service department so I called on their behalf and spoke w/the manager, Godwin...he was AMAZING!!! He was extremely helpful and made their experience worth the while.  My parents will be going back because of him.

Jill C. | 2013-09-30

I'm giving this DTLA honda a 5 star cause, I had a good customer service with Sailyn Cruz and specially his GM Randy. Since I am a first time buyer, I need a car at the same time build my credit. And they do understand that and helped me a lot!

The only thing, we got the car late night so we didn't notice that there's a little scratch on the vehicle (bumper) since it's a lease I'm just worried. But they told me that should be fine. And we went back  the next day and we still had a good service from them, to have it wash and fill up the gas.

But still thank you DTLA honda! You make things possible! Thumbs up!

Howard M. | 2013-09-30

Went into Honda of Downtown this past weekend with my girlfriend to get her a new civic. Randy and his team were able to get us the exact car she wanted at a price I thought was fair. There was the standard back and forth with the dealership's high first offer and my initial low ball offer but eventually we were able to meet in the middle at about what I expected to pay walking in.

When we finally agreed on the price the banks were closed for the day so we weren't able to provide the entire payment immediately. The great finance department was able to help us out and drew up a contract so that we could walk out with the car and return Monday to pay the remaining balance.

After the purchase was complete they took the time to carefully explain how all the technology worked in the car.

Laura H. | 2013-09-30

This Honda dealership took someone who previously gave them a 5 star review on another rating site and disappointed her beyond belief. I have no choice but to warn fellow car buyers about their lying practices.

I purchased a 2010 Honda in April of this year and was encouraged by Honda personnel to participate in the Honda Vehicle Exchange program when my boyfriend took my car in for a routine oil change. He declined but only a few days later, I was contacted again and pushed to trade in my vehicle for a brand new 2013 Honda Civic. Two very important promises were made to me over the phone on Friday. 1. That I would be able to trade my 2010 Honda Civic for a 2013 model for the SAME monthly payment with NO MONEY DOWN and 2. That the process would take only 1 hour. I explained my doubts and concerns that my credit score would not allow me to benefit from the program and that I do not have a lot of free time to spend at the dealership. She assured me that they have record of my purchase, am aware of my limitations but they have over 100 Civics in stock and they need to sell them before the 2014 models come in. Although, I was skeptical, I made an appointment for Sunday morning.

When I originally purchased my vehicle, I put $5,000 down and negotiated for a monthly payment of $268.00.

When my mother and I arrived at the dealership, I wanted to get straight to the point and only see if the numbers allowed me to trade in my vehicle as promised. After nearly two hours of waiting and getting assigned a new untrained sales person (though I requested my original sales representative), I was offered a deal to only LEASE a 2013 Honda Civic for a monthly payment of $395.00.

I was incredibly insulted because I am not even in the market to purchase a new car. Although I expressed over and over again that I am 100% satisfied with my car, Honda Sales Representatives pressured and promised me that I could get a new car simply with a trade in. I felt very pressured to go into the dealership in the first place and then to be lied to my face with a ridiculous deal that is simply unacceptable. My mother was also extremely dissatisfied and we did vocalize our frustration when offered that stupid deal. Nothing was done but hand shakes and superficial apologies and we left.

When I arrived back home, I retracted a previous review left at and then emailed all parties involved in the debacle. A customer service representative assured me that they would resolve this issue. It has been TWO WEEKS and they have yet to contact me again and I know they never will.

I was going to do all of my routine maintenance and servicing of my car at Honda of Los Angeles, but if that's how they are going to treat their customers, I will take my service elsewhere.

Jeremy Michael C. | 2013-09-28

I leased a new 2013 Honda Civic today from Honda of Downtown, and I could not have had a better experience.

I made an appointment online and was greeted by Randy, the sales manager, who was welcoming and helpful. In the end, Randy helped to cut me a wonderful deal.

My sales agent was Classic Hobbs, of whom I can't speak highly enough. Classic was great to talk with and an absolute straight shooter. He didn't feel like a salesman -- more of an old friend. He was easy to work with and perfectly friendly and fair in negotiations.

I'd work with Classic again in a heartbeat, and I've already recommended him to a friend.

I completely recommend Honda of Downtown.

Cleo M. | 2013-09-22

I typically dread trips to car dealerships, but I was very pleasantly surprised with my experience at Honda of Downtown Los Angeles. I accompanied my dad (who was looking to lease a Honda) and we were instantly greeted by a very friendly sales team who assisted us throughout the whole process, and provided us with excellent customer service.  Most notably, Randy (the manager), was fully invested in us and went above and beyond to ensure that we not only got a great deal, but that we were happy and satisfied with our purchase.  I've never had such an easy, seamless and enjoyable experience at a car dealership, and will definitely return in the future!

Elizabeth T. | 2013-09-19

I came to Honda dealer because I'd been getting nothing but the run-around from other dealers. I first met Jesus when I walked. He was very professional and was able to understand my needs in regards to price, payment, and my situation. I had the "pick of the litter" :) I chose a crimson red 2013 Honda Civic. I then met with the Finance Manager who continued to help me negotiate price and payment with his boss. I went home a very happy girl!

Not more than a day later, I received a call from Gladys, in Customer Relations, to hear about my experience and to make sure if she could right any wrongs. I also received a call from Camisha, in the Service Department, to let me know how service announcements for my car will be assigned.

In my experience, I felt I was respected and considered a valuable customer. Everyone whom I dealt with was very professional and kind.

A big THANKS to everyone @ Honda of Downtown Los Angeles!

Kelly M. | 2013-09-16

The service team is very helpful and responsive.  They do a great job keeping me apprised of status and always do a quality job.  The shuttle service and car wash are an added plus.  

It is great to have a dealership I trust in my neighborhood.

johnny y. | 2013-08-25

strongly not recommend this dealer.  Play too much games and scams..  They even ask me to purchase the auto insurance before we talking the deal....

Rene A. | 2013-08-21

After all the negative reviews I still brought in my car. I was optimistic because of the few positive reviews. A thousand dollars later I'm back for the exact same problem. This second time around solidified all the negative reviews. They suck. They're customer service sucks. Everything sucks. Jesus Christ had a better time on the cross than you would bringing your car here! I'm not going to get into details because I'm pissed and over this fiasco. Trust me when I say to dodge this f#%^*g place!

Daniel C. | 2013-08-21

Rip off - brought car in said I needed a new alternator that I has JUST replaced less than a year ago .. Fine I believed them said for the better ... $1,000 later my car is STILL stalling I brought it back they wanted to charge me another $200 to see it .. After arguing for an hour I left my car over night only to he told the next day "sorry we didn't have a chance to look at it" wtf kind of crap is that?  I have to get to work I need my car they didn't seem to care ! Avoid this place!

Brian F. | 2013-08-13

I've never been disrespected so much in my life trying to buy a car here.  They insulted my intelligence.  Even dealing with the internet pricing was a bad experience.  I had been negotiating with several dealers on the price of a new honda and so I emailed them asking if they could beat the price.  They kept telling me they could beat whatever price I had, but for a long time refused to even give me the price they could give me.  Finally after I told them I would not come into the dealer until they had some numbers they emailed me a quote that was about $600 higher than I had at other places.  But since I had said I would come talk to them once I got their numbers I decided to see what they had to offer.

Once I got there I was quickly greeted by a manager by the name of Randy who quickly passed me off to a sales man by the name of Erro.  It was with Erro who i negotiated the price and was able to get him to come down to the price I wanted which was about $600 less than the numbers I got in the email.  After having to wait around for a while Erro came back from presumably talking with his sales manager to tell me congratulations they could do the price I wanted.  I thought great we can go ahead with the purchase then.  

Unfortunately everything they had told me up to this point was a complete and utter lie.  While we were going through the paperwork I noticed that Erro upon writing the purchase order had only written down the final price but not the itemized breakdown he had done for me earlier.  I told him I wanted everything broken down before I would sign anything.  He then disappeared for about 15 minutes before some other guy who I had merely said hi to comes over and sits down.  (earlier I had told this guy that I was hoping this dealership was honest because I hate being lied to).  Upon sitting down he begins to tell me that the number I had negotiated with Erro is not the price that I had agreed on.  He then said that they believed that I was coming in to purchase the car at the price I had been quoted on the internet.  

Thankfully I had read the many yelp reviews and quickly realized what a scam they had going on.  I quickly stood up and informed him that I wanted all the documents we had signed and that I was not going to stand for being lied to.  He tried to convince me that they never agreed to the price I negotiated with Erro, which I had taken plenty of notes, my only regret is not getting copies of the things we had earlier agreed on.  This place operates on the bait and switch.  We left and purchased our honda from keyes in woodland hills where they were straightforward and honest from the start.  Do not waste your time with this dealership.

Deborah L. | 2013-07-24

Came in last Friday to get the scratches removed (see previous review update) and was told to come before 5:00 pm on Monday. Show up at 4:00 pm, wait, and get my car back at 6:00 pm, as if it hadn't even been worked on. Spoke to the used car manager, who apologized for the miscommunication (what is going on with that at this place?!) and told me to come in today. Came in today, and everything was finally fixed. YAY.

Bottom line: I said I'd add another star if they fixed the scratches, and despite everything, they [eventually] did. I'm sticking to my word.

Jane A. | 2013-07-24

Looking to buy a specific (and not common) color in a V-6 Accord, my husband calls ahead and is assured they have it.  He even confirms it in an email, So we schlep downtown on a Sunday.  We're told that the person he talked to isn't available right away, and the car will have to be brought from another lot where it's parked.  Okay--that's reasonable. So we go inside to wait....and wait...and wait. Which isn't pleasant because there's blaring loud music echoing throughout the space and (unlike every  other dealership of many we visited in the course of car-shopping) the showroom is visibly grimy.  The white tile floor is dirty and gray. If that's how they present the showroom, I'm wondering how they take care of the cars.

Finally, we're told the car has arrived. I'm cheering up, thinking maybe we're coming to the end of the car-buying.   Only it's not the V-6 we  asked for and that they confirmed they had, but a four-cylinder which they try talking us into considering instead.  When we make clear we're not interested, a lot of song-and-dance follows, confirming the worst stereotypes of car salesmen and their hard-sell approach..  

Guess those tactics still work on some people, or they wouldn't keep trying, but I don't like dealing with liars, or wasting a trip on a muggy hot weekend.  Definitely not recommended.

Charlene L. | 2013-07-15

I had the worst experience at Honda of DTLA!

I signed up for TrueCars on a whim and received a call from their internet sales department. After negotiating a OTD price for the car, the rep told me that they had the color I wanted with the interior I wanted. She also said that she had talked to her supervisor about the OTD price I wanted and said that he was accepting the offer. She told me to come in and I would have an appointment to speak to the head supervisor directly so I would not have to go through the hassle of the sales dept considering I had already test driven the car before and knew which car I wanted.

My family and I drove 30 minutes and showed up to the appt. When we got there, we were told that we could not speak to the head supervisor directly because he was really busy and instead had us talk to someone in sales. I told her the color of the car I wanted specifically and the SA told me that they had it in stock and would go get it from one of their three lots. We also agreed on the price that was agreed upon over the phone. After waiting for 40 minutes for them to find the car, they showed us a car that was specifically not the color I wanted. The SA then played dumb saying she must have misheard and asked me to reconsider my color choice, saying that I should go for the color they have in stock rather than the color I wanted. I told her that we drove all the way out there because they told us they had the exact color I wanted in stock.

She said that they could get the color I wanted from another dealer but kept telling me to look into other colors in case I regret my color choice, trying to sell me the car they had in stock. One of the managers came by and said that sometimes they mistake cars they have in transit with cars they have in stock which may be the mixup but we could tell that it was clearly all a scam for us to show up to their showroom.

When we started talking numbers, the SA told us to be more realistic with our offer, saying it was too low and she could not present it to her manager. We told her that the price was already agreed on over the phone and already had the head supervisor's approval according to the phone conversation I had prior with the internet sales rep. She kept trying us to up our offer but we told her we were pretty firm on our price because that was the only reason we drove all the way out there.

The SA then talked to her manager and eventually went to the head supervisor (the person who supposedly approved our offer). After 20 minutes of waiting, she comes back saying that our offer is too low for them to accept. We told her that we were going to leave and then she brings her head supervisor over. We explain to him our whole ordeal and how we were told that the OTD price was already agreed upon before we drove over to their show room. The head supervisor gives some BS explanation that the internet sales reps are not allowed to discuss numbers over the phone and may have misunderstood what "OTD" actually meant. He then showed us his numbers and tacked on $4,000 to the MSRP price with mysterious fees other than the tax, title, license, documentation fees. We had been to other dealerships before and all the extra fees should have only been 2k over MSRP price. They added a bogus $600 "advertising" fee and all sorts of mysterious "dealership" fees. The lowest OTD offer he could give us was 2k over the OTD offer we had "agreed" on over the phone.

When we said that we were not going to accept his offer and were going to leave, the head supervisor then kept saying that we were making a mistake by leaving and how other dealerships would scam us but they wouldn't. Basically a ton of BS because they pretty much did the same to us by making us waste almost 3 hours there. They lied about the car they had in stock as well as pricing just to make us go to their showroom. When we got there, they tried selling us a car in a color that we did not even want and were not willing to accept the offer that they had supposedly agreed upon before we arrived. I'd rather take my business somewhere else without their shady business practices.

This dealership adds mysterious fees to make you feel like you're saving money.
They scam you into visiting their showroom with stock they actually do not have by trying to sell you a car you don't want.
If you plan on checking this dealership out, DO YOUR HOMEWORK before you get sucked into their "deals"!

Tess R. | 2013-07-08

This is a review for the Service Department. I took my car in today without an appointment for an oil change and recall. Juan helped me and he was very polite and humorous. He gave me an estimate of about 45 minutes to an hour to have my car done which was spot on. I would definitely recommend taking your car here!

Lori B. | 2013-07-03

This is the worst, most crooked Dealership in Los Angeles. DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THEM. I have sold cars for many different dealerships and I cannot express just how unethical, stupid, and down right crooked they are. STAY AWAY!

Tina P. | 2013-06-24

SERVICE DEPARTMENT: I made an appointment for service because there was a factory recall that required servicing. I'd received several notifications by mail from Honda (not from dealership; I can't imagine them notifying anyone of anything ever). Upon arrival we were ignored, they couldn't find our appointment, couldn't determine what needed servicing even after I told them what the notifications I'd received had said. Zero service, zero help, ZERO STARS.

Wasted hours here waiting for someone to pay attention to us even though we had an appointment. I'm afraid to even think of having them take apart my car and put it back together!

DEAR HONDA: you will be held responsible when my VSA system malfunctions and I get into an accident.

Becky M. | 2013-06-21

I do not want to diss the people I met or spoke with--they were fine.  The organization stinks.  I made an appointment to come in and test drive a CRV.  Simple, right?  I showed up on time (ahead of time, actually, as I am always on time or better), met the person who I'd been dealing with on the Internet site for the dealership, who turned me over to a very nice salesman.  He took my personal info (I thought that was ok because I was doing to drive one of their cars), told me it would take a while to get the car because of  construction at the dealership, but then it took over 30 minutes before the car came.  Worse, while I waited, I was asked to fill out a credit app (which I refused, I was just there for a test drive).  I can just imagine how much they would have done to 'make a deal' with me on the spot.  Wow.  Really unexpectedly bad experience.  Not my fave thing to go to car dealers, but this really was slow and unreal.  I would NEVER shop there, even if they gave me a free car.  

The dealership needs to fix itself.

Sun Y. | 2013-06-20

Simply outstanding service, pricing, and expediency. A+ service. I would ignore the older reviews because it was under different management, I believe.

My husband went in last week and leased a CR-V from Mike P. They were willing to work with us to find the right car and price and the customer service was excellent! We were serviced right away and leased the same day we went in. He even found us good car insurance all in the same sitting.

We were so pleased with the service and pricing we went in again 2 days later to get my civic and was even happier with my purchase. My salesperson was Jeff who was one of the nicest and most pleasant people I have met in LA. He was in no way pushy and worked hard to make the car fit into my budget. His manager and the desk manager were very welcoming and treated us well since we were returning customers -- definitely makes me want to return again for future cars.

I have dealt with several Internet sales managers and other dealerships but this was the most seamless car buying process. I was able to take my car home the same day and love it!!!

An added perk - they cover road side assistance and oil changes for 2 years for leased cars.

I would definitely recommend checking out this dealership before going to another one and wasting time. You will likely drive home with a car the same day!

rs h. | 2013-06-14

Don't count the stars on this review.  They won't let me give negative stars.

worst. dealership. ever.  thought it would change with new ownership but not. not.

read the single star reviews and listen to them.  Stay away.  Very far away.

Kim B. | 2013-06-13

I had a tight work schedule for awhile and my service adviser really helped me out. I worked with Juan Salazar on a number of things that I needed done with my car and he was super nice and helpful with everything. After awhile we to recognizing each other and he started getting me a small break on some parts. Really nice guy!

Katie R. | 2013-06-13

I LOVED this place.  Not sure what the other bad reviews are about.  I have never experienced this level of service from a maintenance facility before.

I made an appointment through their website and was quickly contacted through email to confirm the time and price.

I dropped off my car, waited two minutes while he took down my information, then got on the FREE shuttle which took me to work.  I got a ride back to the dealership at lunch, they immediately got my car, and just had to swipe my credit card.

Everyone was very, very friendly and it was incredibly efficient.  I think I spent less than 15 minutes in the shop for an oil change and tire rotation.  Very impressive!

Tetsuo K. | 2013-06-12

Great People, and great service or my car

Michael C. | 2013-06-08

I made Yelp Account to leave the review..

Horrible experience.... Purchasing from Downtown Honda on June 3, 2013

1. Sales:

- We came with the internet price before we went to buy an Odyssey. We asked the sales person to discount $250 from internet price to finish the deal. After a few long negotiations, the Sales Person agreed with the price (assuming that it was approved by manager).  We started to prepare the docs.  But, looking at the paperwork,I noticed that the amount was different than what we had agreed to. It was even higher than the internet price !!!  I asked him to correct it but later he told me that a fleet manager did not agree with the price we had negotiated.  In Addition, our sales person denied ever agreeing to that price..   When I asked a sales person where the different amount came from, since its price was higher than the price we received from them, he had no answer. We were so mad and almost left the dealership. We requested all  the papers we already signed.  Then the fleet manager came in. I told him I was pissed off, and he had the balls to say that he was pissed off because of me!!! Seriously.. WTF...

2. Financial

The financing rate is not same as the advertised rate regardless my credit score. Even though I have a credit score of almost 800, he told me that he could not give 0.9% if I did not buy the extended warranty...(which is not true. The goods and services are not required as a condition to obtaining financing terms based on contract papers) They even overcharge on buying warranty more than $1000 than Honda Care. This dealership is shady.. They are dishonest on their deals and financing services. Of all the dealerships that I have been to, I have never had such a bad experience.  

I understand why many reviewers  on Yelp gave them 1 star..  I am 100% sure if Yelp users could give negative stars, they would.  Save yourself the aggravation.. Go to another Honda dealership...

Richard K. | 2013-06-05

Started off great in the service department, but ended badly. You should always go over what was fixed with the customer. I came home and the back wiper was not fixed. When I called they did not apologize. They just said to bring it in again. I only go here because its close to work. Not the best service and its kind of rundown.

Jamie W. | 2013-05-10

I go to this location for all service work on my Honda Civic Hybrid. Ive found that they are actually cheaper than competitors such a Jiffy Lube, at least with respect to oil changes. The service people are friendly and helpful too.

Misagh B. | 2013-05-10

*This review is related to the SERVICE department*
*Service date: May 10th, 2013"

Because it's an official HONDA service center doesn't mean that you should trust their service and equipment prices blindly. Do your own research and comparisons on costs and prices and ask them to match them for you. Still after price matching they may be more expensive than other centers. Especially for parts and equipment like tires, try COSTCO and PEPBOYS. In my tire exchange case their price was more than %30 higher than that of COSTCO and PEPBOYS.

Some details:
The price that the agent told me for the tire was $225 (including installation). When I immediately checked COSTCO's and PEPBOYS' prices online I told him that there's a matching Bridgestone tire for my car in COSTCO and it's cheaper than your price ($164.99 + $15 installation fee, "Bridgestone Dueler H/L 400"). Since there were also other compatible Bridgestone tires on COSTCO's and PEPBOYS' websites, I asked him to let me know the exact model number of the new tire. But he said "it's Bridgestone, I don't know the model. COSTCO's price would be around $200 inclusing tax! I can match it with COSTCO's price for you." I accepeted. But when I was about to pick up my car, I checked the new tire model. It was "Bridgestone Dueler H/T 470" and much cheaper ($140.99 + $15 installation fee) in COSTCO. I told him that this is the COSTCO price of the tire they installed on my car and I asked him to match it with this price, not that of another Bridgestone model. After 15 minute arguing (yes they really argue with you!), he called the parts department and by saying "... hey ... the customer MADE A MISTAKE about the COSTCO's price ... and blah blah blah ... " he got the answer that they cannot match the true COSTCO price. They offered a $10 discount. But when I told the agent that I really don't trust this service center anymore and will definitely share this experience with my friends, he even refused to update my case with this discount and I paid the initial price matched with the more expensive Bridgestone tire.

Roger K. | 2013-05-08

If I could seriously put ZERO stars, that would be zero to many.  This place is BY FAR the WORST dealership I have ever been to.  

I've been there on two different Saturdays, and they didn't want to take my car in for service because they "were closing in 2 hours".  How lazy are these people to reject my car, because it's a warranty job?!!?!  Either way, they are still getting paid.

If I was in upper management, ALL the service advisors would be fired.

DON'T EVER TAKE YOUR CAR HERE.  I will never EVER buy a HONDA because of this specific dealership.  I'd rather drive 50 miles to Penske Honda of Ontario, because they actually tried to fix my car, and their customer service was top notch.

I would give them NEGATIVE 5 stars if the option was there.  I will NEVER be back.  You will waste your time.  They give you the run around.  

TIP:  If you give them a bad review when corporate calls, they will call you and kiss your ass, begging you to hold off on the written review sent via e-mail.  Then they will blow you off again.

Dennis Y. | 2013-05-06

I can't speak for the sales dept, but I will vouch for servicing.  The family and I spent a couple of weeks in the LA area and the maintenance light came up. Rather than take risks, I took a chance with this dealer.

I had heard about the previous owner and the disaster of a business they ran, and understood that it was under a new owner and management and essentially staff. When I got there, I couldn't help but notice the remodeling and overall effort to change their image.

The service advisor could not be any nicer and well mannered. I felt no pressure or harsh tactics. Despite being from SF, It was clear his intent was to help and not scam.  

I went in there for a minor oil change and tire rotation, and managed to get the full timing belt / water pump change. At a price that was below what my normal dealership in the Bay Area had quoted me just a couple months earlier.

Though I hope I never have to do unexpected servicing outside of SF again, I would never hesitate on counting out this dealer. Kudos to servicing staff for keeping my kids safe.

Alexis B. | 2013-05-03

Parts Department Only -

I needed to get a part for my car, quick like, and I knew they were open a little after I got off of work. I parked in the back and walked right up to the Parts counter. I had a few reps come up to me as I was walking, making sure I was headed in the right direction. The Parts guy typed up the part I needed, walked straight to the back and had it in hand. I paid for it, and out I went! They were fast and friendly - thats all I wanted. Get in and get out - thanks Honda, you're better than Scott Robinson.

Suzanna N. | 2013-05-03

We purchased a car here recently and really wish we had read the yelp reviews first. As other people had posted, bait and switch is right. They are cheats and liars. DO NOT BUY HERE!!!!!
They negotiated a price for a Odyssey with Navigation with the Korean guy (who we later found out is not a sales person but someone who comes in to "negotiate" prices). He then unexplicably handed us over to another sales person. Whatever price we negotiated with the first guy for an Odyssey WITH naviagtor turned out to be all lies and smoke. After waiting for the whole process with finance etc.. a total of 6 hours we got our car. They said our car would be out in just a minute and over an hour later the car was finally ready. Having been at this awful dealership we were ready to head out. Two days later we got back in this new car, only to find out they sold us a car WITHOUT a naviagtor at with navigator prices. When I went back and confronted the Korean guy he told one lie after another. He would say "oh I gave you $1500 discount" but then he only gave us $1000. He then explained to me when purchasing the car, there is a MSRP then the price after the different fees which is shown in bold at the bottom. He then proceeded to tell me there are additional charges below that and that it is not shown on the sticker - fees such as special paint fees (we did not order a special paint) etc and that there are ALWAYS additional fees from the Retail price shown on the sticker. WTF! Sticker price is sticker price. What are all these "hidden" fees that we dont see. He was so full of BS that I honestly feel Corporate as well as the BBB and all other business agencies should look into this dealerships VERY SHADY practices. I will also be contacting Corporate HONDA because this dealership alone is runing Honda's reputation. BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES!!!!

N K. | 2013-05-01

This review is for the service department only.

Having experienced other shops that either don't have an appointment system or do but don't stick to it, it was a pleasure dealing with Downtown Honda. I called and booked an appointment for an oil change and tire rotation that fit into my schedule with a very helpful and friendly employee named Yessi. I showed up 10 minutes early and they were able to see me immediately, which was great. The staff was very professional and courteous, and did not try to upsell me on services and parts my vehicle did not need (I know that nothing is wrong with my vehicle, and other places have tried to do this). They got me in and out in no time, and the price was phenomenal. Will definitely be back for future service!!

Arianne O. | 2013-04-30

**This review is for my experience with the Service Department**

I brought my car in to check my rear tire which had suddenly started shaking. I was able to use their shuttle service to go back to work while they assessed my car. The shuttle service was extremely convenient and very timely. They gave a very thorough report of the multiple issues with my car. They gave me a clear indication of which items were most urgent, and I didn't feel pressured to have them immediately start working on my car (which would have been quite expensive).

Jenn T. | 2013-04-24

I had to take my Element in for it's scheduled maintenance and was helped by Renee. He was very friendly as were all staff members that I spoke with. The service was quick and convenient! I will continue to take my car there for all service. I was very impressed and satisfied.

CharlyBrown .. | 2013-04-16

I wasnt going to leave a review about this place and how I was treated. I was going to let it go, BUT now I have to share what happened. Like others if I could give this place negative stars I would.

Pro (not the best pro but there is 1)

Honda has their own finance company. So for those of you that have had trouble getting into a car because the dealership has to call around to different loan companies...again they have their own so dont let them think they are "working" on a deal for you, because they have the power to finance you I found this out after the fact of course.


Let me just share what happened to me in the 90 days that I have had my car.

I purchased a 2009 Honda Accord. Long story short, blue book wise and as far as pricing goes, I got somewhat of a deal. However

1. They will want you to commit to putting a down payment, and getting insurance for a car, when you dont know the APR or how much your payments are going to be. I kept arguing with my salesperson Harold, that I am not going to get insurance on a car and agree to purchase it, if I dont know my apr or how much my payments will be. He kept saying that thats all done in finance. I said well lets go to finance. And he kept stalling, BECAUSE again they have their own finance company. So what I learned from this, you put down how much you want to put down. Dont let them talk you into putting down more. They will tell you we cant make a deal unless you put xyz down but its not true.

2. I was promised a valet key and owners manual. Of course I was told it would be no problem. I did eventually recieve the owners manual AFTER emailing (no response) calling (no response) and then finally I send a letter to management and thats when I get a phone call. I was apologized to and the owners manual would be sent. So I waited....nothing. I had to call again, and then it was sent the next week. Still waiting on the valet key, which I can live without but I was promised it.

3. I purchased my car on a monday, and that thursday the right axle went. Axles go, but 4 days after driving the car on surface streets just back and forth from work, the right axle goes. The timing is pretty suspicious. EVERYONE told me my car was in an accident but the carfax report stated it didnt. *** side note, when you sign the contract for your car, they want you to initial the carfax report. Ask for a copy of it, I thought I was getting a copy but didnt. Ask for a copy or you wont sign for the car because they kept mine.  The serviced department did fix the axle, but I had to come back twice and I spent my days off in the service department. Also dont leave unless you have to when your car is being serviced they will take longer to fix it. Then something was wrong with my brake pads. It makes a crunching noise when I back up. The service guy told me that thats how wheels sound on a car, WHAT? I have had 2 cars and never heard that sound. Then he says that the brake pads needed oiled? Why would brake pads make that kind of noise?

4. After being treated badly trying to purchase the car, the axle going 4 days after I bought it, the brake pads needing to be "oiled". not receiving the owners manual, or the valet key as first promised, yesterday I receive in the mail a letter from the DMV stating that my registration was not fully paid for. The dealership was supposed to take care of that 90 days ago. So I call to speak with a manager and of course every manager is "busy" I drive in instead. A whole bunch of guys are all standing and talking at a desk and no one greets me, Finally someone greets and asks if he could help me. I say I want to speak to a manager, he says what is this concerning, I say I want to speak to a manager, he says okaaaaayyy what is this about, I then go into my registration was not paid for, and before I could finish that, he says, here is a manager right here.......the "manager" was standing right next to him, I said why did you have me go through that if you are a manager, he said we have managers for different areas, well why didnt the manager greet me when I asked for one, and if he couldnt take care of me, then he could have directed me to someon else, I told him everything that I wrote above, but he had this attitude of, "well what do you want me to do" he said that to me, honest to god. I said, well could you say "Sir I am sorry this is not the customer service we promised, you," He then tells me to call a Sabrina about making sure my registration was taken care of, I said she should call me, not the other way around, he says I know that, but in case she forgets? She forgets?.

5. Through all of this I suggested my co worker get a car from here. ONLY because they have their own finance company and he didnt have the best credit. They treated him like crap also. Do I get as so much as a phone call or email saying "hey thanks for sending business our way" nothing.

So thats my experience with Honda, proceed with caution!

Catherine A. | 2013-04-08

My review is for the Parts & Service Department.

Initially I was a bit hesitant to go to a dealer for my battery change, after I called in to get an estimate for the battery I thought "eh might as well, I can drop off my car and walk to Trade Tech, and come back after class." So I did, the reason why is because I wanted to check out if they would really sell me the battery for the price I was given or not; after having gone to the Honda Gardena two times for unrelated services and a bad experience, you see why I did not want to return to a dealer.

I wanted to take the car to Honda Marina, which is actually a bit closer and right off the street where I work. But again, this seemed like a much easier option.

Juan helped me out, the new batter came to about 116 like I was promised (yes that's including tax and labor). Waaaay cheaper than what Pep Boys was selling me the battery yesterday for 149 (104 for the battery and 27.99 labor plus tax). Car was ready about 15 minutes after I returned (arrived at 9:40ish, class began at 10:10, class ended at 11:45, got to the dealer at about 12:20pm); the car was left the same way as I left it inside, complimentary wash, and everything was in order.

I tell you guys, the last times I took my car to the Gardena Honda, they caused my SRS light to stay on, implied we took it in like that, installed my tire incorrectly, and used up MY napkins and left the used napkins in the car. I get it you're in a rush but come one people :/ don't drive your base away.

Anywho, I think in the future I'll return to this dealer for small services even though it's a bit farther out for me. Also, I still got lost even though they told me how to get there. Also, I don't work for the dealer. I work for an electronics retail store.

Selene L. | 2013-04-07


First, let me give some background...
I sold my old car for a good price and went price shopping for a Honda Odyssey.  I looked at a couple of models online and was trying to decide between the EX-L and Touring models.  Most of my friends told me to shop for a used car since I would get a better price.  I decided to look for certified pre-owned models.  So I searched the web and found a couple of used Hondas at a couple of dealerships, for what I thought were good prices.  After calling around several places, and going all the way to Long Beach from South Pasadena, I found that dealerships don't budge much on certified preowned.  But I also found out that there were incentives to sell new ones, which resulted in the new Odysseys selling for less than the used ones.
In Long Beach, after just some slight haggling, I was offered an Odyssey EX-L (2013) for 33K "out the door."  Now, my understanding of "out the door" is that is the bottom price, including tax and license.  So, 33K was a good deal, but I needed navigation, and I couldn't get them down to 33K with navigation.  They said navigation would be another $2,000, so a total of $35,000.  So I went to and requested quotes.  The Downtown LA Honda internet department contacted me.  The internet sales person I dealt with was Valerie. From the beginning, I told her I have 3 kids and I don't want to waste time. If she can offer $33,000 with NAV out the door for the car; I will go and buy the car from her.  
After some discussion, Valerie offered the best they could do for me was $33,088 and change, "out the door."  She even told me what amount I would need to put as a down payment, about $8,800 and change.  So I thought GREAT, maybe I can get them down the last bit, maybe not, but still worth it.  I also spoke with her sales manager, Rico, who confirmed the amount.
Well, it seems the old "bait and switch" is still around.  Now for those who haven't bought off the Internet, Honda has an Internet department and a regular sales department.  I had spoken with the Internet salesperson, Valerie, and even her department manager, Rico.  They both told me it was $33,088 out the door.  But when I went in, Valerie wasn't there.  They never let me talk to Rico.  Instead, a different salesman talked to me, saw my quotes on the computer and wasted 2 hours of my time first showing me cars without the navigation, then telling me that there was only one at the dealership.  Then, just when I was ready to leave because they had to ship in one that I wanted, he suddenly tells me that the price out the door is $39,000!!!!!.  
I was livid. I hired a babysitter for this crap! Where is the sense of honor? The a man who I guess was the finance manager comes and tells me $38,000 is the lowest, and that I won't find any other place where I can get it for less (now we know that was bs, don't we?).  I asked the salesman I had been talking to, Ricky (Ricky and Rico are not the same person), why I couldn't just talk to Rico, since it appeared he was there.  The salesman told me I'd have to call Rico.
I was so upset after I left, I called back and asked for Rico.  I got him on the phone and asked him why he couldn't meet with me, and why had the dealership reneged on the agreed upon price, $33,088 out the door?  He even looked at his computer and agreed that was the price he had quoted me.  He said he would doublecheck and call me back.
He then got back to me and said, I had misunderstood, "out the door" "price" and "sales price" were two different things.  He said that the "out the door" "price" was the out the door price after I had made a down payment.  Therefore, the total price now would have been $41,888 plus change.  What a bunch of crap.
First of all, if the "out the door" "price" was after taking into account the down payment, then why on earth would both the down payment and "out the door" "price" be such odd numbers?  Furthermore, the MSRP is $37,225 for an EX-L with navigation.  So in other words, I had just been quoted the MSRP price plus tax and license roughly?  After I had already been offered an EX-L by another dealer for around 35K out the door, i.e., the total I would have to pay.
It's clear that downtown LA Honda doesn't honor the deals its Internet department makes with potential customers.  It's also clear that when confronted with the truth, they would rather make up even more lies rather than sell cars.
Don't buy from these guys.  There are plenty of other dealers who will most likely honor the deals you make with them, that are recorded, and try to convince you that their crappy deal is the best you'll ever get.  Don't waste your time or your money.
On a scale of 0 to 10, I would give them a  -10, as in not even worth a "0."

Dan P. | 2013-03-31

Review: New Car Sales - ***Eugene K.'s review of March 28, 2013 mirrored my visit of March 30, 2013.***  Background: I received a $1,000 voucher in the mail from Honda of LA if I exchanged my leased Honda for a new Honda by March 30, 2013.  I was in Chicago when the letter arrived at my LA home, so I called the toll-free number to confirm the below market lease terms that were advertised on the hondaoflosangelesoffers.… website.  

Valerie on the Honda of LA Internet sales team confirmed the attractive terms and gave me her contact number.  The end of the promotion was just days away, so I boarded a flight to Los Angeles to take advantage of one of what I believed were no-brainer lease deals: 2013 Accord for $109/mo. for 36 mos. with $3,488 due at signing or a 2013 Civic for $69/mo. for 36 mos. with $3,488 due at signing.  But before boarding a plane, I confirmed with Valerie that the only additional fees would be the typical 3 T's; Tax, Title and Tags [see photo above of printed offer].

When I arrived at the showroom, I asked for Valerie, but was told "she is way too busy on the phones."  The individual with which I was speaking said that he would help me and that Valerie would be compensated.  We proceeded to go over the numbers and details like turning in my lease vehicle to make sure there would be no nasty surprises.  

Things fell apart like a bad cake when we got into the details (always the tripwire for scoundrels and scam artists). When I asked about what would happen to my lease payment for the next month on my old car, the salesman said that I would have to pay it even though I would no longer have possession of the vehicle.  Then I asked to confirm that the amount of the check for the Accord  would be roughly $4,238 ($3,488 plus approximately $750 for the 3 T's).  

The salesman told me I must be insane to expect to write a check for so little and that he calculated my check amount would be closer to $8,000.  The salesman cited ALL of the same line items that Eugene K. was given just two days earlier: " The extra $3,000 was made up of all sorts of ridiculous fees (e.g., advertising fee, destination fee)."

At this point, I asked that Valerie be invited into the discussion to confirm our telephone conversations about the basis of the lease deals that were crystalized before boarding a flight to LA.  But, Valerie was "out for lunch" at the odd hour of 2:30pm.  Then the salesman brought over the sales manager who immediately insulted my intelligence by saying, "You're upset because you flew in from Chicago - what are you going to do - drive it back to Chicago..huh..huh..huh?"  

With that final insult, I gathered my things and left while exchanging choice words with the sales manager.  Since I had flown back to LA for such a disappointing waste of time and effort, I decided to recoup some of my losses by acquiring a new Honda from the decent, honest folks at DCH Honda in Gardena a couple of hours later.  See my DCH Honda of Gardena review:… .

What Honda of Los Angeles is doing is not only unscrupulous, but I believe it to be unlawful under both "bait and switch" prohibitions as well as violations of truth in advertising.

Eugene K. | 2013-03-28

Honda of Downtown Los Angeles, YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!  In my book, you deserve NEGATIVE stars!  

I had the most terrible car buying experience ever yesterday.  I went in with a Guaranteed Savings Certificate from .  I went in very optimistic because Michael Gennello (one of their Internet sales guys) told me over the phone that not only would Honda of Downtown Los Angeles honor my certificate, they would match the lower price quoted in another dealership's certificate.  I was super stoked!  Boy, was I in for a surprise.  This dealership is a joke!!  When I got there, I was unceremoniously handed off to a floor sales guy (Charles) who didn't seem to understand the Truecar program at all and, after consulting with his manager (who, by the way, looked and acted like a total douche), quoted me over THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS more than the quote in my "Guaranteed" Savings Certificate!  HUH?  Seriously?  The extra $3,000 was made up of all sorts of ridiculous fees (e.g., advertising fee, destination fee (already included in my Truecar quote but they tried to charge me for it twice), preparation fee, blah blah blah)  WHAT????  Are you kidding me?  After repeatedly pointing to the certificate and trying to explain that I was supposed to get the much lower "guaranteed" price, I gave up.  I figure these guys must have hit their goal for the quarter so they're not hungry to make sales.  Instead, they sit around playing inane games and wasting their potential customers' time.

Bottom line:  I advise you not to buy your Honda from Honda of Downtown Los Angeles.  Don't waste hours of your life fooling around with these jokers like I did.  Go to Community Honda in Whittier.  They don't play games.  Call and ask for Vince Gutierrez.

P.S. Sorry, Charles, you seem like a nice guy who was just doing his job.  But maybe you should find a new place to work because your current employer BLOWS.

Genaro B. | 2013-03-25

**This review is for my experience with the Service Department**

I've been here a couple of times to service my Civic. The first time around I was given a ride back home using the shuttle service they provide. The shuttle itself was fast, I was home for no longer than 30 minutes before I received a call to let me know my car was ready. This last visit I was told to hang around since my car was going to only be getting an oil change. I've worked with two different service advisors and they have both been friendly and not pushy at all. The service supervisor, I forget his name-Lado?, was great and took the time to make small talk with me about my experience at the dealer.

I definitely prefer this dealer over the one in Culver City, avoid the Culver City one.

Ashley B. | 2013-03-24

I would give this dealership zero stars if that were an option. The only part of my experience that was not completely horrifying was Charles. He was great to work with and always had a smile on his face.

I called in to discuss my options for leasing, something I have never done before, and the woman I spoke with on the phone mentioned a 2012 Civic that was available. (I had no previous knowledge that you could not lease used cars). I made an appointment and was set up with Charles when I arrived. Apparently he was not told that I would be leasing and was under the impression that I would be buying a car. I did not find this out until I had test driven a car, paperwork was processed and I was in an office with another salesman. When I was given a quote for purchasing a car, I explained that I was there to lease, not buy. He then informed that you could not lease a used car. At this point I thought I could apologize for the miscommunication, get my bank card back and set up an appointment with Charles to come back later in the week, but not. Things became drastically worse very quickly. When I sat down to wait for my bank card to be returned, I was greeted by another salesman who attempted to lease me a car that I had not even seen. When I explained to him that I wanted time to think and that I had spent the day trying to lease a car that was not available for lease, he finally allowed me to go. As I was exiting the building with my boyfriend, we were stopped by another manager who asked if we were okay. We said yes, and that we just wanted to leave. He continued to try to stop us and even said, "Can you not walk away from me when I'm talking to you?" I was so shocked by his question that I stopped and allowed him to say what he needed to say. He then informed me that I could, in fact, lease a used car, contrary to what 3 other salesman had told me. I tried to tell him that I made an appointment and would be back later in the week to discuss further options with Charles, but he continued to harass me, basically into the parking lot. I was scared and uncomfortable. He finally allowed us to leave. I will never return to this dealership and Charles, if you're reading this, I would love to do business with you, but unfortunately I refuse to do business with Honda of Downtown Los Angeles. If I could report this business for harassment, I would.

Cris H. | 2013-03-18

I've used the service department a few times since moving to LA and they're great, especially compared to the Honda service department where I bought my car from (in PA). Everyone is very nice, they explain everything before making a repair, and even suggested a simple DIY solution for a cosmetic problem that saved me a few bucks.

Choxie A. | 2013-03-02

I really like negotiating. I could spend 7-8 hours trying to get what I want. And I did, here. Samout, was really great and educating. I really liked my experience here. And thank you for working with my husband and I.


Luis E. | 2013-02-19

Horrible. My wife and I went in this past Sunday the 17th already approved through the CapitolOne Blank Check Program. First, they tried having us submitt a loan request through them, which we refused. Then, they kept requesting a down payment, when our CapitolOne Blank Check covers our loan ENTIRELY. So after 2 hours of wasting our time, the finance preparer schmuck named Dan, sits with us and attempts to swaggle more $ out of pocket. Hard to believe these dooshbags are on CapitolOne's Preferred Dealer List. If you're serious about purchasing a Honda, go straight to Goudy's Honda in Alhambra.

Lee T. | 2013-01-19

This review is mainly for their services department. They under new ownership now since last summer but services may improved. I have too many bad experience with their services department before. It took them  3 visits to find out the head light not working because a burned blub. A recall services on the brake need to bring back to redo because funny noise. Their service charge are higher than other dealers. The idea of all dealers are same price is wrong. I only go there for warranty work only because it near my work and is walking distance.
The first time I went back for business since the new ownership is buy a little "o" ring
for the power steering pump. My friend paid $.75 at Goudy Honda this place charge me $ 1.57. Small amount in money but over 100% more than the other place !
I really do not want to deal with this dealer if I have a choice.
Location, location here I make a big mistake by return to this dealer again in summer 2014  even under new ownership does not improve services.I brought the Odyssey in for the recall service for the fuel filter leaks. When I pick up the van after work done can smell very strong gasoline odor and dash message "check fuel Cap". I brought it back to the dealer at the end of the day. The service adviser (does not have the name but was an African American gentleman). He gave me a song and dance by saying my fuel cap was not the original cap because no "H" on it. (In fact he cap was come with the van, I own 3 Hondas and none of the cap has an "H" on it). He said it is too late and need closing time told me to bring it back next day. However the message disappeared the next morning because the cap was tight. Two days later the check engine light is on and smells gasoline after driving a while. I paid $25 for my regular mechanic to plug in computer to check it. It indicated a loose fuel cap but in fact it was tight. I asked my mechanic to pressure test the fuel and indicated cap was good and he able to turn off the check engine light. It is concluded it much be some leak in the fuel system somewhere and most likely related to the fuel filter work performed.
I spoke with Michael of Downtown Honda PR department and brought the van to recheck. The service department reported no leak and no gasoline odor after inspection. I really do not know how much time they spend on investigate the problem. As soon as I pick up the van the "check fuel Cap "message showed up again. There must be leaks somewhere. It disappeared after a few cycle of start and turn off. I still smell gasoline after driving 10 to 20 miles. The odor should not last that long if residual fuel trapped in under carriage as claimed by the service department. A few days later the check engine light is on again.
I called the Downtown Honda PR department again and leave a voice message indicating the previous problem was not resolved. I did not get a returned call so I call Michael again. It appears he knew about the voice mail contents and stay if I bring the van in they will not find anything again. I told him the check engine light is on now and then he said will make an appointment for me.
When I took the van in and the service advisor Steven estimated $ 130 for diagnosis of the check engine light. He tries to sell me an oil change while indicated 15% oil live left. If I am Hondas I will give free oil change for the goodwill. I told him I do want Downtown Hondas to work on anything until problem resolved. I asked him why it charges to recheck their previous work and he refer me to the service manager John. John is more helpful and explained the check engine light means many things. They are not sure is related to the previous work. If it does it will not be charged. They spend a couple of hours on it and found a major leak in the system. It was due to fuel filter was not properly seated when last serviced. They reinstall it and appears fix the problem. It was the leak in the fuel system at day one after the recall service. If I am not persistence on this matter the van could catch fire any time. It is more dangerous than before the recall service was done.

P G. | 2013-01-14

This place definelty deserves 0 stars.

I received an internet quote that was amazing.  I called and spoke to a salesperson who told me there was added fees to this and I asked him if he could give me the price with the fees included.  He called me back and quoted me another price that was to my liking.  He assurred me there were no other fees except for taxes and license.  

I drive to the dealership and talk with the salesperson I was previously on the phone with.  He refers me to a floor salesman and tells the salesman about  the terms of the previous quote.  This salesperson takes my information and leaves to the get the price of the same car I was interested in.  He returns with a price that is $2,000 more than I was quoted above and this did not include tax and license.  He stated there are extra dealer fees that increased the price.

I seen and heard enough, so I walked out.  They attempted to reconcile the problem, but I will not be spending my hard earned money at a place that uses shady and manipulative sales tactics just to get you inside the door.  

Ultimatley, I purchased the same car at a nearby Honda Dealership who was honest and upfront about the cost of the vehicle and did not have any hidden fees or extra "dealership fees" to add in.  

I can't believe this place is still open conducting business the way they do.  They must take advantage of people on a regular basis.  

In conclusion, there are many reputable Honda Dealerships in the area of Los Angeles that will be upfront and honest with you about the price.  Don't get suckered into this place like I did because they quote you a better price than other dealerships.

Steven J. | 2013-01-11

I would give this place negative stars if I could.

This dealer quoted a price over the phone and when at dealer, they said they would actually sell the car at "invoice price" ( they emphasized that is was the price THEY actually paid on the car). Does he actually know the "true" invoice price? It's almost always not accessible by the sales people. The sales person then came back with the "dealer price" that was approximately two thousand dollars higher than the originally quoted price. Not to mention couple of extra charges at approximately $600 each. When we told them this is was actually higher then what was quoted over the phone. The sales person went back to a manager and came back, citing " a mistake " on the current price and will accommodate at over the phone price. It is So OBVIOUS that they are counting on customers trust to take advantage of them.  

Coincidentally, a friend of mine bought the same car, higher model, with extra trimmings at another for approximately same price that they quotes as the " invoice" price. WTF????!!!!.

Now, I know there are variables when pricing a car, but this is wrong. Just combine my experience with other yelper review. You can only draw a conclusion that if you go here, you will get hustled. Don't be afraid to walk out on people who is trying to take you for a fool.

Thus far, I've purchase about 9 vehicle  from various locations; by far, this is the worst dealer ever.

Jiji W. | 2013-01-06

Dealing with car dealerships is usually a nightmare, and this one is no exception.

I came into Honda of DTLA to trade in my old car and purchase a new one about a month ago. I did my research beforehand and even brought in printouts that showed the Kelley Blue Book price for my car, as well as the average market rate for the 2012 Honda Civic. However, when I began to discuss prices with the sales manager, he used every trick in the book to try and swindle me. He started spewing out numbers that didn't add up and making me wait unnecessarily so I would eventually give in. The Finance Director (Carolyn Olavarria) was even worse. When I presented my argument to her, she belittled me and said that she doesn't care what the research says. All she cares about is making a profit, and she'd be willing to be the most expensive dealership in the city if that's what it takes (exact quote). Of course I walked out of the dealership without coming to a comprise, and I was livid.

The only reason this dealership didn't get 1 star is because of my salesperson - Mike Patel. He is one of the few honest people working here, so if you're looking to buy a car, make sure to ask for Mike. Unlike other salesman, he does not use big words and number to confuse his customers. He was extremely helpful and patient with me, answering even my dumbest questions to make me an informed buyer. Most importantly, he is sincerely a good person and will get you the best deal out of anyone at this dealership. He should get 5 stars.

Tracy D. | 2013-01-05

FIVE stars for service department only. I would not buy or lease a car here to save the world. Okay, maybe to save the world but otherwise NO THANKS.

I can't say enough about the service department. Everyone is so nice and courteous. There's wifi and a courtesy shuttle to take you away while your car is being serviced. They work fast to get things done and a free car wash afterwards to boot!

I wouldn't hesitate to bring my car here if I were you! Ask for David or Juan. They want you to be happy.

Now, as for the sales department...nothing good to say here. I was approached about Honda's new vehicle exchange program, regarding getting out of my lease early so they could get my car and I would get a new lease. (They are trying to build up their pre-owned inventory here). I won't bore you with all the details but I wasted my time being given the runaround, misinformation, and not treated with respect.

I should have known better when the first "sales" person they asked me to talk with was a young girl in a hoody and tight jeans who looked all of 14 years old. I was like, uh, sorry, can I speak to a real sales person? I don't mean to be rude, I am all for young people selling cars...just dress the part. I will NOT be talking to anyone in jeans and a funky hoody about leasing a car, you guys. What are you thinking? I wasted my time here and believe the sales team here are a bunch of amateurs. I would suggest you go anywhere else when looking to buy or lease a car.

Christine N. | 2012-12-31

Mixed feelings about this place. I'm honestly tired of feeling like the guys are trying to rip me off by suggesting all these services that I absolutely need.

The guys are hit or miss. Sometimes I get ones that give me a realistic timeline of when I need the suggested services done. Other times, I get ones that tell me everything is desperately needed.

I do like that they've remodeled the place a few times because the waiting area is cleaner and is more welcoming.

Martina T. | 2012-12-30

If you are looking for a new honda and someone amazing to work with , speak with Ivan in sales and Carolyn in finance. Their patience and service is A+++! I walked out of there with a new Civic & a new CR-V! After being at another honda dealer for 10 hours with no deal, we went to honda of DTLA and had a deal within an hour. The only time we had to wait is for the super awesome finance manager to finish up with another customer and then she took the time we needed to make our deal happen. She was awesome. I trusted her instantly! We are so happy with our cars. If you want a new or pre-owned honda, go see Ivan and Carolyn! They are amazing!!!! This place is our new honda spot! Lifetime customers for sure!

Jacinda H. | 2012-12-30

I have been a long time Honda customer and typically get my needs met at Honda of Pasadena. We tried to make a purchase at the Pasadena store and they SUCKED! We went to Honda of downtown LA and worked with the BEST finance manager on the planet!!!! Carolyn Olavarria, WHO IS A GEM! She got me financed with a super low rate, no money down and took a trade on a second vehicle that I was never going to get out of. This place is amazing! We worked with Ivan in sales, who was fast, courteous, and got us what we wanted. Once we got in the office with Carolyn, she made this deal even sweeter! I recommend this place to anyone in the market for a honda!!!!!! GO SEE CAROLYN! I love my new Civic and CR-V!

Constance C. | 2012-12-28

I've been taking my Honda Civic to be serviced at Honda of Downtown for about a year now since it is very close to my work.  I've always been satisfied with the service they've provided.  I think it's due time for a review.  Keep in mind; I am only reviewing the Service Department.  I have not had any experience with the salesmen.  The yellow wrench warning appeared on my dash letting me know it's time for an oil change.  I called Downtown Honda and spoke to Juan, he said I could come in at any time and they would be able to take care of me.  On top of that, they had a special price going on for an oil change.  I'm always happy to save myself some money.  When I drove my car in, Rene greeted me and checked me in very quickly since I was already in their system.  He advised me of a potential issue that my car may have, which I didn't have but would look out for in the future.  Since I didn't have the time to wait the 45 minutes that it could take, I had Claudia drive me back to work.  They offer free shuttle service within a 5 mile radius.  Back at work, Rene called me to advise that my car was ready and within 10 minutes Claudia picked me up and again I was sitting in front of Rene.  To my surprise all I was paying for was an oil change and nothing more.  They didn't use the typical "we found something wrong with..., or the ... needs to be changed".  Anyone who has taken their car to be serviced knows what I'm referring to.  But today, that was not the case.  I paid the $25 and, again to my surprise, was escorted to a newly washed car.  I guess washes are also complimentary with any service because I never requested it.  I was told it is a hand wash too and not done by machine.  By my example, you can see, I received very good service.  The only reason I give them 4 stars is because they don't walk on water.

Kelly N. | 2012-12-07

I find it curious that the ratings are either one star or five.  The 5 star rating has to be from the employees...there is very little in between 1 or 5 stars.

My friend just bought a car there and got completely ripped off.  A story that looks all too common after reading these reviews.

Beyond the terrible price, when she went back to discuss this, she was treated horribly.  Regardless of any renegotiation, the employees, including the manager, were rude, and unwilling to even listen.  I went to another dealership after her warning and was extremely happy with the service and the car that I got.  Unfortunately, my good treatment, was because she had warned me against going to this dealership to get my car.

nina m. | 2012-11-27

HORRIBLE SALES SERVICE!!! Stay far away, so unprofessional and slimy.  I am a very savvy car buyer and email a million dealerships and then go to the ones that email me the best quotes.  First, the worst part was that the guy you email with is NOT the guy you deal with when you get there, so everything you went over in the email is basically thrown out the window.  We waited forever for nothing with 2 kids in tow going crazy.  And he is wasting my time checking my insurance for no reason.  Second they appraised my car and didn't return my registration, I called, emailed, sent my husband down there everything no response, no call back nothing and no registration.  LIARS, LIARS, LIARS

Karla H. | 2012-11-19

Buyers beware.....especially first time buyers. I went to this dealership to trade in my car for a new Honda fit. I was told that the Honda fit sport  had Bluetooth so decided to pay more to have this feature and once I got off the lot realized they had sold me a car without Bluetooth!

When I went back to re sign some paperwork they had messed up the manager (Mike) lied and said he never told me the car had Bluetooth and refused to do anything to rectify the issue. These people have some shady business tactics I would definitely not recommend going here whatsoever!

Sarah T. | 2012-11-17

I agree with the others here. Those guys are just a bunch of crooks and their work is just sloppy both in the sales and service departments.

I had a windshield recall problem I had to get fixed twice cuz they couldn't nail it the first time around. Sloppy.

My other problem is, the finance lady sold me an extended warranty with my new car that I didn't want. She said I could buy now, think about it, and easily cancel later. So I went ahead and wasted $2400 on a warranty that I did indeed decide to cancel in the end. However, I have yet to get my money back and it's been well over half a year. Every time I call them and leave a message no one gets back to me. I've even been there in person to try and get my money back, but they keep say they'll process the paperwork and haven't actually done jackshit to help me. I'm debating taking them to court...

John M. | 2012-10-28

This place is a place full of crooks. They will do anything to make a buck. Their sale tactics are very disturbing.They deal very unethical. Their unethical bussiness tactics with slimy lying pretensious snake like smiles they lure a customer and playing their idiotic game of chess just to sell a car. There is no honesty in them and I fully regret even getting in touch with these people. Horrible, horrible place. I never complain but I know that this is called for. The manager named Joseph is very dishonest. Dishonest in his sales and very much a liar. Do not go to this place at all. Do not fall for their bait and switch letters that they send supposedly handwritten.
Their customer service is the worst
And the deals they give on the cars is bad. They are fraudulent dealers leasing out cars with high mileage. They do not respect the customers and sell a bad product.I tried to take the car back and exchange it because it had some old stickers on and some paint job underneath . Basically they leased an old car to me and they do not take responsibility for it saying I sighned the papers. They are dishonest, bad customer service
And fraudulent
Do not go there at all....... They do not care about customers they care more about selling. Customer service horrible ".

Erin W. | 2012-10-19

RIP OFF ALERT!!! Came here a couple of weeks ago with my Honda, in the rain, with a screw in the tread of my tire. I called prior to arriving and the service rep said that a plug would cost $30. Well...that's more than most places (usually $20), but it's Honda, and Im a loyal customer.

Show up, the service specialist looks at the screw, tells me he's doubtful they can plug it because of it's location (which by the way wasn't any problem for the Midas guys I had to go to following this nightmare) and that I "probably" would have to buy a new tire. Ohhh...and "by the way" looks like you're "probably" going to have to get 2 since the wear is so bad...and that is was way past the time to change them out anyway.

And Im thinking...crap...I have no other choice! I sit down at his desk, to which he proceeds to tell me if there was any way they could salvage it (which he emphasized "which is HIGHLY unlikely") the plug was going to cost $40. WHAT? That wasn't what the guy told me on the phone. He said $30. To which the response was "noooooo....Im's $39.99." And that if they can't plug it, I would need new tires today.

Upset, I told him to bring my car around. I wasn't going to be sold into spending a bunch of money. I quickly googled a Midas, which was right around the corner. I told them what I needed, told me it wouldn't be a problem, and that a plug would only cost me 19.99, and that they could absolutely repair it. Oh...and when I asked the Midas guys if I needed to get new tires, he laughed and said, well...if you want, but you don't need them right now, you have another couple of good months on these.

Honda: I can't believe how you tried to take advantage of me. You should be ashamed of yourselves, and you better believe I have already sent two other people to Midas, and convinced them NOT to come to you. And they wont be the last two.

Pamela S. | 2012-10-16

I was looking for a car for my mom.  I checked on their website and found one I really liked and called to confirm that they still had and in stock because i didn't want to drive all the way down there if they didn't and to schedule an appointment.  I spoke to Emily she put me on hold to check and then confirmed they did indeed had the particular vehicle I was interested in and I set up a time to see it after work.  I work in century city so there to downtown la in rush hour traffic is not fun. But my mom needed the car ASAP and I was planning on purchasing it in cash in full if it checked out alright.  So I get there and I told the salesman I had an appointment and he helped me right away trying to locate the particular car I had called and inquired about that they had confirmed was in stock.  After waiting Emily comes out and apologizes and informs me she had Made a mistake the vehicle had been sold a few days ago and proceeded to try to show me something else when I specifically had told her I was coming down just to see that vehicle. Grrr I would have been more open to seeing the other options if I wasn't so annoyed with her.  What's the point in calling to check if they'll just tell you yes to try to get you in.  Customer service is very important in car buying. I would not recommend nor ever purchase a car from them.

We ended up taking our business to longo Toyota in El Monte and purchasing her a brand new car.  Everyone was extremely helpful and the sale was quick and easy

Effie J. | 2012-10-09

I really had a great experience here.  My car was throwing a couple of service codes, so I brought it in basically for a diagnostic -- to find out exactly what was going on.  As it turned out, one code was basically a false alarm that required a small fix and the other one a much larger problem that can wait a while and which I couldn't afford to address right now.  The repair on the smaller issue was prompt and very affordable and as for the larger problem there was no pressure whatsoever to take care of it right away which was very welcome :)

The customer service provided by Rene House was top notch, and all the employees were extremely courteous and professional.  I would highly recommend Honda Downtown for service.

Stephanie H. | 2012-09-29

Maybe the service here seemed good to me because I had just been driving around all morning from an auto body shop to Culver City's Honda dealership only to find myself in downtown LA where somebody was finally able to help me replace my battery. Since it was still under warranty my battery was replaced for free and the whole transaction was extremely peasant. My advisor was Juan Salazar who made sure that everything was to my satisfaction. Not only did they finish in half the estimated time, they offerred to drive me to any nearby place to wait while they did the repairs on my car and would bring me back once it was done, all for free. I would highly recommend this location for any warranty work but it seems from the past reviews if it isn't covered by the warranty you should take it elsewhere. Overall, one of the best autobody work transaction I've ever had. Will come back again.

Caitlin D. | 2012-09-25

I had my brakes repaired on 9/20. The service was prompt, the price was reasonable, and Juan was a big help. They even topped off all my fluids free of charge!The only thing that was strange was someone working on the car apparently thought it would be funny to completely dismantle two of the pens i had in the cupholder and leave the parts strewn around the front seats...a little weird. But apart from that, everything went great!

Mark B. | 2012-09-24

I Should have trusted the bad reviews and ignored the good ones!
Got an online quote from Honda of Downtown Los Angeles on a 2012 Honda Fit, Sport Package, Nav in Black. Was a very good quote so I called to make sure the car was at the dealer and was told it was there.  Drove all the way Downtown only to find the car wasn't there.  But was told it was in stock, but at a "Sister" dealership and it would be at the Downtown dealer in 45 minutes.  After 45 minutes and filling out all the paperwork, was told we couldn't start the financing paperwork until the Vin number was obtained from the "Sister" dealership.  At that point I realized the car was not in transit and asked why?  They said everyone at the "Sister" dealership was in a meeting.  "Everyone" I asked, "Yes Everyone".  After waiting another 2 1/2 hours I finally was told that the "Sister" dealer was  in Simi Valley, and they still couldn't reach anyone to get the VIN.  Almost 4 hours was wasted today, and I left the dealer without the car they quoted.  I called Simi Honda and was told that they had the exact car in stock, but they do not trade with the Downtown Los Angeles Honda. I also called Honda of Oxnard because it also comes up as Simi Honda on a search and was told they didn't have and haven't had that Make, Color, and package in stock.  This leads me to believe the reviews I have read on Yelp that this truly is an awful dealership.  They just wanted to get us in and hoped we would buy something else.  I believe this is bait and switch, but I'm not a Lawyer.  A Lawyer should look into this!

Ikaika H. | 2012-09-17

We had the privilege of meeting the new owner and manager, Joe. He took the time and effort to assure that we, as a first time car buyer, felt comfortable and safe. Joe and his team went above and beyond to see to it that we received great customer service along with no pressure to make a hasty decision. In speaking with Joe and other staff at Honda of Downtown L.A., we learned that they have dawned a new culture of genuine customer interest and concern. Sure, just like any other business, they want to sustain a steady flow of income, sure they are creating jobs for so many within the Los Angeles community but where Joe and Honda of Downtown Los Angeles are different from other businesses is in their choice to not gain a profit if it means taking absolute advantage of those they serve. Our experience was a great one because of Joe and his leadership. We read through some of the old Yelps and believe that this new and current leadership can and will dissolve any negativity that may still be present in the minds of others. This is a dealership you at least want to check out before you make a commitment. Tell Joe that the "high school teacher" and his girlfriend sent you!

Leelee M. | 2012-09-07

Yes, I  agree with other reviewers, as they definitely have an attitude here.  They are socially awkward and it seems like they are just hanging out at their desks.  

For what it's worth, the work seems to be great, my car is running well.

sukha a. | 2012-08-30

worst dealer ever!!! don't they go to school and learn about customer service? isn't it true that customer is seen as "god" in business???and that sellers should provide a good service to stay in business? i don't think this dealer knows any of those! plus, their staff does not know any basic information, then how can you become a sell man? i don't know what are their standards. i assume this showroom doesn't have standard at all. we waited for 3.5 hrs to lease a new honda accord lx'12, but we went home with nothing! They didn't seem to care. They were chilling in their offices as if they were hanging out. Also, the staff there are rude, and they give you attitude!!!! yes, the deal may sound great, but service sucks..... bad... like seriously, money isn't everything, so just go to other dealers and get treated as a king/queen! don't waste your precious time on this dealer. they obviously don't know that time is precious! there are many other dealers out there that  want to treat you better, and other dealers deserve your hard-earn money!!!  i will tell everyone i know to avoid this place!!! good bye honda of downtown los angeles! won't give out any star if that's possible!!!

alexis s. | 2012-08-24

I had to bring my Honda FIT in for a recall.   The staff @ the service department, especially Rene House, was amazingly helpful. I was able to make a next-day appointment, they had free shuttle pick-up/drop-off, and my car was ready when promised.   Plus, when they discovered during the vehicle inspection that I needed new brake pads, they didn't try to pressure me into using them (I have an independent mechanic I normally use). I've had poor experiences at other local Honda dealers,  but this one was a standout of excellent service.

Tania Z. | 2012-08-19

avoid this dealership. Very unprofessional. They try to rip you off. You would expect more out of "Honda of Downtown Los Angeles". Very disappointed with their service.

Nicole D. | 2012-08-04

I bought my Honda civic 2012 months ago with this guys I really loved the service.i have also gotten my oil change here the gentlemen where nice as well. Although when I got a flat tire they were trying to charge 160 I think that's too much for one tire but u can always head to a tire place for better pricing.

Kimberly G. | 2012-08-02

I had a Great experience here.  Everyone was so helpful and nice. I went in to get a scheduled maintenance on my car and walked out with a brand new car with cheaper car payments! EVERYONE was nice, from the manager to the cashier!!!!! This is my 4th Honda and my 4th Honda dealer/service center place that I've dealt with! They are by far the best!!!! I will never go anywhere else!!! Thanks Honda Los Angeles and keep up the fantastic customer service!!!!!!

Danielle H. | 2012-08-01

GO LOCAL instead

Unhappy b/c they tried to rip me off.  Luckily they only exceeded with $160 out of my pocked rather than 5K....  My 03 honda was close to 90,000 miles so I brought it in hoping for a quote on repairs/timing belt... they said if I decided to get the repairs done elsewhere I would have to pay $160 for them to look at the car and tell me whats wrong, but would waive it if I got all suggested repairs.  My impatient, not thinking mind went ahead with doing this even after my dad said - DONT! ...  go somewhere local/honest - the dealerships just try and get as much money in 1 visit.

The list of needed repairs from honda totaled over $5,000 & they suggested I trade it in and buy a new car........ Soo I paid the $160 scam bill b/c I didn't have 5K or money for a new car at the time, spoke to my dad then took my car and their list of repairs to Econo lube & tube in HB & they fixed all repairs for under $1,000.  They were blown away at how much this place tried to rip me off and so was I and I WONT ever go back.

Lisa H. | 2012-07-05

ZERO stars. They gave me a list of needed repairs totalling over $3,000 for my 1997 Honda Accord. One of the items was for an axle boot that had been replaced at another shop less than 6 months previously. I took my car and their list of repairs to an independent mechanic. The independent mechanic told me most of the things on the list were not needed, including the axle boot that had already been replaced. The things that were needed would cost me only about $600 at the independent mechanic's shop. Downtown LA Honda is a scam.

Andy B. | 2012-06-29

I see a lot of bad on here  - but I had a great experience with  this dealership.  I was a little leery because their Internet price quote was absolutely the lowest I was quoted but that was because they did not include destination fee in the price.  I thought that was a little suspect but even with destination added back in they had the best price in town.  It was pretty painless once I came in.  They hit me with one unexpected fee (dealer prep) that I didn't really care for but every other dealership I had been to had something up their sleeve (paint protection $500, pre-installed alarm $600) so I pretty much saw it coming.  I was already paying well below invoice so to haggle more over a few hundred bucks was not going to be worth it to me.  The finance manager was not pushy at all with add ons and even got us a better rate than we thought was available.

All in all  - it was a positive buying experience. My thanks to Joey and Michael  the salesmen who helped us.

A piece of advice for car shoppers ...educate yourself on what you should be paying and shop around. is a great resource and they led me to getting this quote.   You can find out what people are really paying for cars and use that to get your best deal.

sam s. | 2012-06-17

this is for warranty service.

my car had a o2 sensor problem and the service person took care of me. they also fixed a recall which i didnt ask for. he didnt try to sell me any other bs. they got the job done and called me promptly. i have no complaints.

Jonathan N. | 2012-06-09


After being lied to and passed off from salesperson to salesperson at the Honda dealer in Van Nuys, my girlfriend and I decided to skip driving from place to place and contact dealers directly. Here is the email I originally sent:

"My girlfriend and I received an offer from the Honda dealership in Van Nuys to LEASE a 2012 White Honda Civic LX Automatic for 169/mo (plus tax) and 999 down (which includes both the first month's payment and registration, tax, bank fees, etc. EVERYTHING). What we would like is that exact deal (i.e. paying a total of $7615.35) but simply with no money down resulting in a monthly payment of $211.54 (the total divided by 36). Can you do this?"

I received a response back via phone CONFIRMING my request. I asked for an email confirmation:

"Hello Jonathan

Good Afternoon here is the price on a lease for the white 2012 Honda Civic LX Sedan for 3yrs 12000 miles is 210.70 and again thats with taxes included and $0 out of pocket and when you come in you would want to ask for Joseph he is the General manager and he approved this so he is aware and on the same page

Thank you,

David Orellana
Internet Customer Relations
Honda of Los Angeles
(213) 749-2331"

SOUNDS GREAT RIGHT? NO HASSLES/CHANGES, RIGHT? Well I was wrong. We get there and are greeted by an awesome guy, Ivan, a nice young salesperson. He shows us the car, sits us down and then we wait for an hour (no fault of his). We decide to go to lunch and come back. While at lunch, the manager, Joseph, the guy from the email who supposedly knows all about our arrangement, calls and says he can't do the deal. WTF?! Seriously? So we drove to Downtown on a complete lie. He comes back and later says that the best he can do (blah blah blah) is $213.57 a month if we pay the first months payment and that the email I just quoted to you must have some sort of disclaimer of fees or taxes (which it doesn't).

You may be thinking "that's not so bad," and you're right, 3.57 more is not too bad, but times 36 is $128.52 and I don't think you want to send me a check for this anytime soon. The whole point of this is that we were brought down on a complete fabrication. And then we were talked to condescendingly by Joseph himself, who was trying to educate me on the car business. Listen, buddy, I sold timeshares in don't need to educate me on anything, but I guess for that matter I shouldn't be surprised.

If you have to buy a car, they all suck, but avoid Honda of Downtown (except for Ivan).

G L. | 2012-05-28

If I could, this business will get a ''0" I was introduce to John who appears to be the service manager or supervisor. I ask him for a quote on a 2012 Honda without the haggle or merry go around issues. He started typing away with the condescending attitude and a outrageous quote. Sales Lady was approachable, and courteous. I doubt this business sales any cars, unless you don't do your homework, and are willing to be scam.

V L. | 2012-05-21

After visiting four dealerships I returned to the first, which was Honda of Downtown Los Angeles.  I chose to return because of the level of professionalism, great customer service, and flexibility in the deal.  

Everyone that saw me from the time I walked out of my vehicle into the building greeted me.  Both the salesperson and Manager worked to get me the best deal.

By the time I left I was driving the Hybrid I wanted.  They gave me a better price on the vehicle than listed.  Financing department qualified me at a lower interest rate.  Most importantly they gave me the most money for my trade compared to CarMax who I was told would value my trade higher than anyone else.

Overall I would highly reccomend this dealership to anyone based on the level of professionalism and service that I received.  DO NOT BELEIVE THE NEGATIVE POSTS...I read them as well and found out that this dealership is under new managelment.  THE NEGATIVE POSTS ARE FROM PRIOR MANAGEMENT. VERY SATISFIED!!!

Wally C. | 2012-05-21

Great and professional service.  Tom treated us very well and gave us a great price on our certified car.  Albert in finance was very helpful in explaining what we needed and did not try to sell us stuff we didn't need.  I would highly recommend to friends looking for a Honda.

Charlene H. | 2012-05-16

So, I don't know where the bad reviews come  from but I had a great experience, let me tell you about it.

I broke my key...and  I didnt want to spend 150 to get it fixed, so originally I bought a key online hoping to get it cut at a key store, but they told me it might be a problem and I should just go to the dealership.

I met Juan and he was very very charismatic, very nice, not pushy at all, super accommodating and one of those people I would probably find myself trusting for no good reason. (not to say he was untrustworthy, but dealerships aren't known to be the best places to get your car fixed)

While they were fixing my keys, they drove me to downtown and picked me up (immediately so there wasn't any kind of wait). Juan called me to let me know they found an extra key in my car (the one I bought) and would program it for me if I let them. I obviously said yes. Then they washed my car as well (and honestly my car is parked outside so the gesture is kind of useless, but I still appreciated looking new for about.. 3 hours).

So extra service I never anticipated, a back up key for no extra expense at all, friendly, great service, free car wash, free shuttling to wherever you like in dtla.

The total was about 178, and actually, since I got two keys for the price of one.. I don't know that a random key shop would've been cheaper. (Although their quotes for other types of car work were very expensive haha...dealeships aren't known to be cheap).

Anyway, ask for Juan if you can. I'm positive he'll make you feel at ease

Tatiana G. | 2012-05-16

I had stopped going to this dealer to get my oil service because they had horrible customer service but decide to return because the other competitors were worse and to my surprise all of the staff specially Jae Chung were extremely helpful and had great attitude definitely going back.

Gordon K. | 2012-05-09

I'm up in LA (from Seattle) a couple time a year on business. I've been looking to upgrade my car and wanted a particular Honda that is tough to find. So I take my chances and randomly stroll into Celebrity Honda.

These folks pretty much knew I was not a local right out of the gate and still everyone from the floor to the office went out of their way to help me find what I was looking for. Car dealers are car dealers and La is...well LA. It's kinda like finding a good lawyer. It's not that easy. But I discovered this place is under new ownership and not only did they find what I was looking for they treated me well in the process.

Eric C. | 2012-04-09

Apparently the management at this location has recently changed, and judging by the old reviews, it was by far for the better. I had a great experience, the staff were extremely helpful and willing to deal with my personal needs, and even when a few problems with the paperwork arose they were very patient and considerate. I recommend this dealership very highly.

Peter W. | 2012-04-03

They tried to scam me.

Called about a great deal on a certified pre-owned model I saw online. They confirmed that two vehicles were available at that price. I call again 2 hours later just to make sure the vehicles are still available before I drive all the way to downtown...yes they are the dealership says. I get to the dealership 2 hours after that and BAM! they tell me both have been sold...pure bait and switch coming my way. Feel like an idiot falling for their scam. Sales guy just treats me like a number all the while saying what great customer service they have.

They try to up-sell me to a 2012 model and I refuse to move on price. After making me wait around an hour, low and behold they find one of the pre-owned vehicles they said had been sold already. Oops says the sales guy. Then he tries to make me sign on the dotted line without even checking out the car first. Now it's my turn to waste some of his I take it for a test drive, and spend 30 more minutes on a visual inspection. Fortunately everything checks out and I buy the car. Then I move to the finance manager.

Everything seems to go smoothly but I was fooled into signing up for the auto pay plan which she said would reduce my APR by an additional 0.15%. Sounds good but next day I actually read the full contract and see that they tack on a service fee to each bi-weekly payment which makes the monthly payment more expensive than had I not gone that route in the first place. I called the finance gal a couple days later to go over this but apparently she doesn't return calls (so much for customer service).

Any ways, after financing the car they make me wait around another 4 HOURS to get it detailed. I'm sitting in their dingy lounge the whole time and no one checks up on me or offers me a cup of water or anything. There are others in that lounge from hell waiting there in purgatory as well. They've all been waiting a long time like me. They're not happy either. No one tells me the car is ready. I have to keep checking on the status myself.

If you must go to this dealership, be prepared for them to try and scam you first and then drag their feet after the sale. Yes I did get the car I wanted at the price I wanted but what a hassle and the lies and BS I had to go through first! I wouldn't be surprise if I find out later that they rolled back the odometer. This place is a dump. Lousy experience all around. I would not recommend coming here.

Jake B. | 2012-03-23

Zero stars.  

My brother was looking for a new Fit, and they promised to match any price that any other dealership offered.  So, we went there with our offer in hand, and they said they'd match it, and that they'd deliver the car tomorrow for free to his house, since they had to pull the color he wanted out of the warehouse.  We were paying cash, but they don't take personal checks, so they put $3,000 on his credit card and agree that he'll pay the balance by cashier's check.

The next day, they call him and send him a receipt with a price $75 higher than the price we agreed on, telling him that he has to come all the way out from his apartment on the Westside to pick up the car, and denying that they had ever agreed to deliver the car to him at the price we agreed on.

These guys are a bunch of slimy bastards.  Avoid at all costs.

Maggie H. | 2012-02-07

If I could give this place ZERO STARS i WOULD. but Yelp is too nice to let me do that. This place is horrible. DON'T EVER COME HERE. if you can help it.

I came here because my bf's car was experiencing some issues so we had to bring it to the nearest dealer to check on what the issue was. We spoke with Juan who seemed to know what hes talking about. He told us that my bf's car wasn't on the list of recalls, even though his car is showing the same issues as the recall batches, but he would have to take a look at it. Asked us to leave the car there for the day. He said he would call us in the afternoon to let us know what needs to be done. NO CALL, we called him a bunch of times and he doesn't answer. SEVERAL TIMES we called him and he either ignored or just didn't bother to call back. We finally went at the end of the day and Juan is actually there and he tells us he needs to hold the car over night. And because its some sort of engine part issue, he needs proof that we get regular oil changes on our car and we need at least 3 receipts as proof. At this time, we're pretty annoyed. He doesn't update us on the car, he doesn't answer our calls, and now hes asking for receipts for oil changes. We met with Godwin at this point, who is the manager of the service department. He explained to us the reason behind needing the receipts and he helped us feel a little better about leaving our car there over night. We spent the next day getting the receipts to them, and Juan just tells us its not enough, he needs more, even though Godwin told us its enough. Total miscommunication. Juan just doesn't know what hes talking about, trying to BS his way thru and get us to pay even though it was Honda's production mistake. We ended up leaving the car there for almost a week before getting it fixed. Its RIDICULOUS!

it was a terrible experience. People in the service department at this Honda just talk out of their ass. They don't know how to communicate and have terrible customer service. How can it take them a WEEK to help us fix our car when it should only take 2 days. It was just terrible. I was incredibly frustrated because they didn't give us any updates or any idea how long we wouldn't have our car for. If i knew it was for a week, I would have gotten a rental or something.

overall DON'T COME HERE!

M R. | 2011-12-19

CHEATERS.  I took my old Honda Accord in for a new clutch.  They wanted me to make a laundry list of repairs to the tune of +/- $3,000.00.  I gave the okay for them to order a clutch part that they needed in order to begin repair work the NEXT DAY.  I called them 3 1/2 hours later (the same day, the SAME day) to discuss the time frame and prices for each of the repairs suggested ... they had already TORN THE CAR APART.  Now they are charging me for UNAUTHORIZED WORK .. 9 hours of repair work, a timing belt, new battery, and oil change ... to the tune of $1500.00!!  The service manager, John Jacinto, said they can charge for 9 hours even though their master mechanics can get it done in 3!!!  FOR UNAUTHORIZED WORK???  I didn't authorize the work, they did what they wanted to do .. and are FORCING me to pay.  They are KEEPING MY CAR IN LIEU OF PAYMENT.   It's a '97 for God's sake.  It isn't even WORTH $3,000 dollars!!!!   NEVER GO IN THERE WITHOUT A MAN.   GIRLS BEWARE.   Aaaand, after a big argument and their constant denial they fired the guy that did the work!!  Seems it wasn't the first time he had screwed up!!  Yet they wouldn't give me my car.  THEY LIED AND THEY KNOW IT.  THEY SUCK.

Amy G. | 2011-12-13

I went to this location for an oil change on a Saturday morning a few days ago. I was immediately greeted by several people with a smile and a very friendly attitude. I was able to walk in and be seen right away, and they looked at my car and told me it was due for a tire rotation as well. He told me it would be finished within the hour, so I just walked to LA Live, which is right up the street, and went to Starbucks and by the time I came back it wasn't much longer before it was finished. Everyone I encountered at this place from start to finish was very friendly and professional. I have no complaints, and will definitely go back for future service.

Jessica H. | 2011-11-22

I really dont know what to put as far as the stars go...i came here when i first moved here and had a bad experience but then came back after being screwed over at a couple other places and then had the most amazing experience with John Jacinto the new manager. I drove so far just because he was the only person in la that i truly trusted my car with.

I just found out today when i was going to make an appt to go in that he is not there anymore...i felt like i just lost a family member lol i really dont know who to go to now i am really upset. i feel like im back to square one again trying to find an honest place to take my car to. the only reason i gave 5 stars is for him..i cant vouch for the new manager at all but he deserved 5 stars for his work there.

John C. | 2011-08-21

This place is great if you like to be DISRESPECTED and ANGERED!

Alfred H. | 2011-08-19

Love the guys in service at Downtown Honda!  Location is conveniently on the way to work.  Love the shuttle rides to and from work.  I've been a customer for the past couple of years and because of them my car is extremely reliable.  I take my 02 Accord and 08 Odyssey.  Thanks John, Kent and the rest of you that make it all happen!

Alfred Hernandez

Stitch H. | 2011-07-21

bought a used car July of 2010.  Up to today still have not received my registration and plate.  Turns out they sold a car that they didn't own.  Took my money, didn't pay the bank and now the bank that owns the car refuses to release the title.  If anybody knows what I need to do to get this resolved, please message me.  BAD NEWS HONDA!  stay away!!

Po-An S. | 2011-06-29

I would recommend them to anyone who need maintains in downtown area, and here's the reasons:

Their service is good, and always on time.

They have shuttle service, do both deliver and pick up.
I know USC is in the shuttle cover range.

Their agents are very willing to help you and try to get you some discounts.
I don't understand car.
I used to change my oil every 3k miles according to the maintain table.
But they suggested me that I can actually do it every 5k miles
It saves me some money.
And when I ask questions about the details, like what is this, what's it for, why should I change it, they explain clearly and very patient.

For regular maintains, the price is reasonable.
Yes, maybe they are not the cheapest.
But I don't want to drive 30mins and wait there to do nothing for $2 saving.
Besides, they take credit card.
And I  got a really good deal from Mr. John Jacinto for fixing scratches and damges of my car.
It's actually the best offer I get in different body shops.
Maybe after they finish fixing, I'll post my car's pictures.

S E. | 2011-06-23

Went in to have my SRS and brake lights fixed, and was given a quote for having my front and back bumper repaired (which were all dented and messed up from LA parking)  Their quote was for $600 for both front and back bumpers.  And they included detailing for free.

Very pleased with the service, paint job was great, dents are all gone, including a major one which made my car look pretty junky.  Car looks like new again, and they even fixed some small door dents for free that had not been originally discussed.  Detailing job was great as well.

Also, btw, for comparison sake, I had called a place that is popular for doing body work in K-town that quoted me over $1400 for the same amount of work so I thought the Honda dealership was a really great deal.

s g. | 2011-05-24

I've been going here on and off for the past 10 years and the past couple times I went in for service (back in March and last week), I noticed there's a new manager for the service department, John. He's fantastic. Big on customer service.

First time around I got an oil change and complete detailing. They honored another dealer's coupons so I saved about $60 right off the bat. Then when they delivered my car, it looked brand spanking new. They went all out on the detailing and my car looked beautiful. Which is hard to do considering I only wash the car about once a year.

This time around I got a flat tire and not knowing where else to go in Downtown, I went to this Honda dealership. They figured out I had a broken valve stem and I was going to be charged $30, but then my service rep Juan Salazar mentioned that I've been a long-time customer, so John comped the repair! I only had to pay $5 for the part.

Juan was great--he reviewed my service record and also noticed that there was a recall for a part on my car that had yet to be taken care of. He was thorough and courteous.

Honda of Downtown LA can now count me as a fan and loyal customer. Since John came on board, the service department has changed for the better. Highly recommend getting your car serviced here!

Anilee A. | 2011-03-22

I went to this dealership because I live pretty close to downtown & I had those dumb fix engine lights on in my car.

I'm not that big of a fan of this location because:

1. If you miss the tiny entrance on Venice & Figueroa then you have to go around the longest block ever just to make it back to the little opening on the side. The "Service & Parts" sign is pointing towards the Staples Center but the entrance is actually BEHIND the sign, not to the left of it on Fig as it looks. Confused? Yeah, I was. Also, from Venice I'm not sure if it's legal to make a left turn into the garage.  

2. The waiting area literally has two tables in the middle of the room. One normal height and one for the tall bar stool chairs, which makes it inconvenient if you want to do work on a laptop. There are random mismatched couches and chairs along the walls, but I didn't want to sit in them. The television wasn't working and although there is free wifi connection, I wasn't able to connect to the internet. And finally, there were no free pastries or cups to drink water/coffee at the machine provided. I can be very patient so I am very particular about the places I wait in for long periods of time.

BUT... I give 1 extra star because:

1.  John Jacinto took care of me and my car! He was suuuuper nice & even gave me a bottle of water while I was waiting. He's like one of those Filipino uncles that want to make sure you're always OK and get the best deals. He was also very clear about what was happening with my car and answered ALL of my questions. I'll only go back to this place if I know he'll be working that day.

2. I love exploring LA and I was able to walk around LA Live and do work from Starbucks. There is also a free shuttle that will drop you off within a 5 mile radius (pick-up is by availability) but it was a nice day to walk the streets of DTLA.

Liz G. | 2010-11-06

This is the only Honda dealer I've ever been to that hasn't tried to jip me in one way or another.  They have never tried to sell me synthetic oil (which sounds great, but costs almost $40 more, and you can't switch back to regular oil unless you drain and clean out your entire oil container or whatever it's called), they have never tried to make me buy accessories I obviously don't need, and they have never charged me more than what I agreed to.

This is a no bells-and-whistles service department, but every time I come here, I know that I will leave satisfied.

The downfall is that because it's such a basic service department, the service has been a little lacking by certain individuals (not all), meaning that they're not uber friendly (borderline intimidating for a twenty-something year-old female who knows absolutely zilch about her car except that I have to take my Civic in when the little light goes on), and it'd be nice if they quick washed my car like Miller Honda does... but all in all, not bad!

Jason L. | 2010-11-04

I took my car in for warranty work recently.  They did not provide accurate time estimates.   I dropped car in the early afternoon and was told they were not able to diagnose it until the next day.  A couple hours later, they said the work was done.  If I had known, I could had waited in the waiting room.

Also, they tricked me into allowing their license plate frames to be installed, by burrying the authorization on the paperwork.  When asked to remove it, their technicians and tools were unvailable as it was near the end of day, so ended up having to remove it myself.

Ashley H. | 2010-08-24

What A Difference A Week Makes!!!

A week after my first visit (chronicled in my previous review) I called the service department and was told that the part for my seat belt was in. I scheduled an appointment for the next business day and let out a sigh of relief, knowing that my problem would finally be fixed. WRONG!!!

I went in this morning and was helped by Ken, as I could not find Trevor, who had provided such friendly assistance during my first visit. So Ken looked me up in the computer and proceded to tell me that what I needed was not covered by the warranty. WHAT???!!! I explained how Trevor informed me that everything was covered by the warranty. He then told me that Trevor had been let go! He then suggested that Trevor didn't really know what was going on. I told him that I had researched the issue online, and per Honda America's Website and a Service Bulletin that was specifically about the lifetime seat belt warranty, all parts and work were supposed to be covered. He said he would contact Honda and get back to me, so I left not knowing if it would be fixed.

After 3 hours I had not gotten a call, and since I was nearby, I walked over to see what was happening. I sat in the air conditioned waiting room, watching "The People's Court", wondering what went wrong. I got a call from my wife - Ken had called the home number and said that the part I needed was not covered. Damn! A minute later Ken came walking through the waiting room to get to the service manager area. I was the only person in the room, but he didn't even look at me. So I got up and followed him to his desk.

He didn't seem like a bad guy. Stoic maybe. Slightly robotic? I sat down at Ken's desk and he explained that what I needed to be fixed (the track for the automatic seat belt) was not covered by the lifetime warranty. I was fuming, but I didn't swear or yell. I'm certain the anger and frustration was evident on my face, but I tried to keep my cool and stay logical. I explained that all published information indicates that Honda pays for 100% of the costs (parts and labor) related to fixing seat belts, AND I hadn't seen ANY published amendments, small print or rejoinders to the warranty, stating that ANY parts are excluded. Ken still would not look at me. I started to lose some respect for him and I viewed him as a bit of a coward.

Ken explained that it has "been this way for a long time." I said that just because it has been done for a long time doesn't mean it is not fraudulent. I asked him if he could show me a published Honda document, stating in writing that ANY parts are exempted from the lifetime warranty. He would only give me the Honda America 1-800 service number! These are the same people that claimed they didn't have a copy of the warranty for my car (a 1990 Honda Civic EX) in their archives!! More run-around! By this point Ken was focused on his computer monitor - he still could/would not give me one look in the eye. He just called somebody to bring my car up. Oh well.

This was incredibly disheartening. Not only had they completely reversed their position on the warranty, they fired a friendly, honest helpful member of the service team. I get the feeling Trevor was being too "helpful" to customers, in ways that were costing them money. Ken towed the company line just fine - no risk there.

So now I'm going to try a Honda dealer in the Valley - I've read a few good reports on various message boards about the seat belt issue, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. I'm also thinking that this could make an excellent class-action lawsuit. I'm sure there are tens of thousands of people that have paid "diagnostic fees" or for parts and/or labor that should have been under warranty. Now I just have to go deal with a lawyer to get that going...

Emerson L. | 2010-08-23

I'm only reviewing the Service Department here which is just great.

So according to the Baby Boomers, I'm apparently what's wrong with our generation today- I pay someone else to change my oil.  Worse yet, I bring my car to the dealer.

In my defense:
-  I don't have my own garage, tools, or space to store such tools.
- I don't want to worry about storing used oil, worry about bringing used oil to a household hazardous waste drop-off, nor will I illegally dump it in the trash.
-  I can bring my car in before work, get dropped off at work by Honda of DT's shuttle, get picked up by the same shuttle during lunch.   I can also get free coffee from a Korean coffee machine in the lobby while I wait for the shuttle to arrive.
-  I can have interesting conversations with the shuttle driver about genetically modified corn and why kids are physically bigger nowadays but have smaller brains.

So in essence, while I may pay $30 per oil change ($25 with a coupon), I am saving myself the hassle of either spending my weekend mornings changing my oil, buying new filters/pans, and disposing of oil.  Conversely, I am not spending a few hours early Saturday morning, waiting in line at Jiffy lube just to find out they put the wrong oil cap back on my Honda and now the thread is damaged.

Lastly, the service techs here are honest guys.  I've never been pushed to do a service my car didn't immediately need, and they always seem to have a coupon ready to apply to my preventative service if I know it's time for one.  

Overall, a good value if you work in DTLA and you want your Honda serviced by mechanics who know Honda cars.

Angela O. | 2010-05-06

looks like the deck's gettin' stacked on this place ... hmmm ... specific requests to yelp from peeps with two reviews... game players ....
ANYWAY, more time at the dreaded, and i mean DREADED dealership (check my unbiased review, below), encourage me to let y'all know that Trevor did indeed do an EXCELLENT job on my car, he was courteous, PROFESSIONAL, and didn't text message me.
And to be ultra fair, a nice managerial type came and brought me water.
And to be ultra ultra fair, the coffee maker in the lobby isn't THAT gross.
Trevor rocks. He's in "service" and that's appropriate. A whole new shiny star for the (still) ickiest place I've been in a while (and I haven't even Yelped about the roach in the coffee at Trader Joe's. Nor will I, cuz it's, like, a rare thing. I hope.).

Michael H. | 2010-05-02

I originally found this place using the build and buy feature from .  Dave sent me a quote on a car that they had in stock and I went to the lot the next day.  I met Rafael there and he showed me the cars and let me test drive the one that I was thinking about buying.  (Black Civic Sedan EX-L).  Rafael was really cool and down to earth, very patient and personable.  After I visited them I shopped around a bit checking out other deals.  While shopping around I found that the price Dave quoted me was really competitive.  I found a few dealerships that could beat the price, but they either did not have it in a color that I wanted or were 2 hours away.  They even beat out the car broker that I worked with who told me that they were probably going to add in crap to the contract when I actually went to purchase.  This however was not the case.  I looked over the contract and it was totally legit.  They didn't try to add in any Gap insurance or other unneeded treatments to the car,  just the price that we agreed on and nothing more.

All in all I'd definitely recommend this place to someone in the market for a new car, especially if they work with Rafael and Dave.  They were great to work with.

Laura P. | 2010-03-04

I don't have much info to base this rating on, but I had a good experience so I wanted to give a plug. I lost the glass on my side view mirror, so I called the service department to see if they could replace it. They recommended bringing it in so they could look at it and see which parts I needed replaced. I took it there today and a guy from the parts department took a look, and told me the price of the part I needed. The cool part was that he also told me a cheaper alternative fix I could do, and even if I went with the fix requiring the more expensive part, he said it was something easy that I could probably do myself. I am always so afraid that auto repair people are trying to scam me into paying for labor I don't need, that it was refreshing to have this guy just give me the price and let me make the decision for myself! If I were looking to get more service done on my car, or to buy a new honda, I'd come back to this dealership!

culage n. | 2010-02-27

I visited there and asked them to fix TPM system of my car the other day. They told me that they would tell me when they finish, but they didn't. They made me wait for two hours. When I asked if the car was ready, they said they could not fix it and asked me to ask another dealer. My car and I had been left for two hours for nothing. My Sunday afternoon was totally ruined. How awful aftercare. They wouldn't care after you bought a car. I really don't recommend you to buy or to sell a car there.

Rebecca L. | 2010-01-15

i came across the Honda DTLA dealership after checking out , and finding that they have an auto program. overstock quickly sent my info to a handful of dealers in the area, and i quickly started receiving calls. the first dealership that called me talked about what i was requesting, and what they had to offer, and it was apparent rather quickly that they didn't have what i was looking for.

within about five minutes after submitting my info to overstock, i received an email from dave (internet sales) at honda DTLA. the first email included some basic info about the dealership, including links to ratings from previous customers. it also said that i would receive a customized email from him soon after (usually within 40 minutes), with a price quote. it also gave info on what to look out for, as some dealerships include add-ons to the car, just to increase the price.

true to his word, dave sent me an email less than 40 minutes later, listing the stock of cars available, and the options and the prices for each car type.  i responded to his email about 20 minutes later, and he replied again within about 5 minutes. Dave was so helpful, so responsive to my many questions, and went above and beyond anything i could have hoped for. and even better, we were able to conduct nearly the entire thing via email, which due to my work schedule, is by far the easiest way for me to communicate.

within just over 24 hours after initial contact, dave had already located the exact car i wanted, in the perfect color and with all the trimmings, and had secured my financing with terms that worked for me. he also handled a trade with another dealer in order to bring my car in from another part of southern california. the next day, he brought the car to my office during my lunch break so i could test drive it (conveniently, this dealership is right down the street from my office), and then we made arrangements for a couple days later for me to come to the dealership to do the paperwork.  

i have bought several cars in my life, and i have to say that dave made this such a simple process, i can't imagine ever going to anyone else again. it was fast and easy, and everything was pretty much ready by the time i walked into the dealership the first time. and the best part for me -- there was no haggling, no wasting of my time, no attempts to sneak in extra fees, nothing negative at all. dave is a no-nonsense guy and will give it to you straight. he'll do what he can for you, and won't waste your time with what he can't. and he got me a much better deal that i thought i'd get, even knowing that i was getting a great deal already.

not surprisingly (and probably like many of you), i have to admit that dave's positive yelp reviews weighed heavily on my decision to do business with him. and i am happy to say that i wholeheartedly agree with the other reviewers, and i strongly recommend dave to all my fellow yelpers out there. more things in life should be this easy.

PS - i now have a beautiful 2010 civic coupe with nav and fully decked out with everything.  it's a super fun car and i love it.  

~another happy yelper!  :)

Johnny O. | 2009-12-28

There are many ways to tell if you want to do business with someone. A few things I look for is a person who is friendly and can communicate well. Another is if they really listen and pay attention to my needs. One last element is if they are willing to work with me so that we both can achieve our goals. It's rare to find all of these qualities in a person you want to do business with, let alone a someone who is trying to sell you a car. Dave Erickson at Honda of Downtown LA possess all of these qualities. I am writing this review as thank you for helping me get into my new Honda.

Audra S. | 2009-12-24


Marty T. | 2009-12-01

OK this is weird - a positive review for a car dealer but I emailed a slew of dealers to get a car for my Dad in LA. Dave Erickson emailed me a quote did not waste my time on the phone. My father went down and picked up the car without the endless monkey business you can expect from car dealers. Finally at least one car dealer gets it. Buying a car should not be more difficult than buying a T shirt. Most of the dealers I contacted responded to my specific request for a quote with an email about talking to me on the phone. They must still think we are stupid.

Tricia L. | 2009-08-17

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
by Tricia 08/17/2009
Yahoo! By accident, I found the BEST Honda Dealership in the Los Angeles area! I spent a lot of time emailing different dealers in search of the "best" price for my Honda CRV. I got a refreshing, informative, Resourceful response from Dave Erickson in Internet Sales. Initially, the quote wasn't the "lowest" so I kind of bypassed it; However, after going to the dealer that was the "lowest", I learned that Lowest quickly becomes the highest when you are forced to buy the dealer installed options. I always remembered Dave's email and I finally called him. He was down to earth, and honest! He found the color I wanted and he was pleasant to work with! He actually LISTENS to what his customers want and he Delivers. Save your time and look no further, Go See Dave at Honda of Downtown LA. Its worth sitting in the traffic crunch. Oh, and the fiance guy, Frank Perez was also nice to deal with. He explained, in great detail and with patience, all the nitty gritty details of the fianance paperwork! Overall - A Excellent car buying experience !!! I will be a lifetime customer of this dealership!