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On this page you can find detailed information about the company GoSeeTed.com in Los Angeles, CA.

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Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(323) 422-4250
Address:447 1/2 N Genesee Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90036

Reviews on GoSeeTed.com

Steve W. | 2015-01-15

Ted has the ultimate business that completely eliminates that "Ugh, I have to go buy a car!" problem completely.  With Go See Ted, you sit back and wait for your car to be dropped off in your driveway, literally.  And Ted is right there for you every step of the way, getting you the best deal possible, and informing you as the process unfolds.  I love Ted, my wife loves her Sonata, and I'm about ready to call him again for my next car.  I wouldn't hesitate to call Go See Ted if you want a hassle free car buying experience.

Kathryn B. | 2014-09-05

I put off buying a car for four years -- opting instead to bike stupid distances around LA -- partially because the task of buying a car seemed so daunting. A colleague recommended Ted and after a couple of friendly, direct, information-packed conversations and the tiniest bit of paperwork, Ted showed up at my house in my spanking new Prius. He got me an incredible deal on a fully-loaded C model and took care of all the logistics (plates, registration, lease application, negotiation, etc), spent 25 minutes in the car with me showing me the bells and whistles and shortcuts, and that was that.

He is friendly, communicative, highly informed, calm and totally genuine. He's a diplomat and an expert. I plan on using him for all matters automotive forever!

bryan g. | 2013-04-29

I can't possibly recommend Ted enough. It's hard to even believe a service like this exists, but I guess in LA there's a convenient way to get anything done... for a price. However in this case, the small fee is recouped tenfold in Ted's ability to get you the car you want for the best price possible.

I hate dealerships, after many stressful negotiations, bait and switch deals, not getting the car I wanted, I'd had it. Ted searched far and wide to find me a fully loaded Mini convertible... no easy task. I think the car was actually shipped in from the bay area.

In addition the price was basically invoice, and Ted even negotiated an incredible rate on the financing. My car was delivered, along with extras I chose like black stripes, straight to my office. Ted even handled trading in my old car for me. Never stepped on a lot, zero stress, and I have exactly the car I wanted.

Ted's now helped a few of my friends and employees and they are equally impressed.

Go See Ted!!

HyperMega M. | 2013-01-06

I called Ted during the last few weeks of my Jetta lease for help getting a new hybrid Jetta. I'd already been to the dealership, and the numbers they were giving me were way out of my price range. Ted was able to quote me a payment almost $40 less per month. Unfortunately, that was still out of my price range, so Ted took the time to talk me through other hybrid options and non-hybrid Jetta options, offering real numbers and ideas I hadn't considered.

After dealing with slimy dealerships and another car buying service (which charges a lot less than Ted but would barely give me the time of day), it was refreshing to find someone so helpful and honest. He helped me see that I couldn't really afford what I wanted without making me feel bad about it.

His fees are on a sliding scale based on the price of the car you get. Unfortunately, I'm someone who can only afford a car at less than half the price of his lowest threshold, so it didn't work out for me to use his services. However, if I am able to afford his fee by the time my new lease expires, he will be the first person I call!

Andy V. | 2011-03-18

I was referred to Ted by a very close friend who knew many people that had received amazing service from him.  I had no clue what I was going to do with my Audi lease and the date was approaching fast to turn it in.  I was in panic mode.  I called up Ted and he helped me relax and told me that I had a "10 day grace period" to think about it.  He spent a lot of time with me on the phone going over options and cars.  I really wanted a hybrid or a mini and he got me prices really quickly on the three cars I was interested in. In the end, I got a mini because of Ted's amazing skill of getting cars way under msrp and doing all of the haggling for me.  It was a no-brainer.  At the last minute I decided I wanted a white mini instead of the black one he had secured.  He made it happen.  The car had stripes on the hood.  I wanted them off.  He made it happen at no extra cost.  He delivered my car to my work and brought the paperwork for me to sign.  He even brought a guy from the dealership to go over all the features of the car.  It took under an hour for the transaction to take place.  Ted is also a very kind and patient guy that was not pushy in any way.  The best part of the deal: Ted picked up my Audi lease and returned it to the dealer and said he will help me so that I do not owe anything on the lease return.  He really knows his stuff!!  It was as easy as buying a mattress.

Although it was not Ted's fault, my Mini turned out to be a lemon.  I would avoid Mini of Monrovia and Minis in general. Stick with Audi.

lisa k. | 2008-05-19

If you're looking to buy a new car, hiring Ted is the way to go.  After loosing my car in an accident, I needed a car fast.  This was a problem since I wanted to buy a base model Prius in Metallic Grey which all the dealerships told me was impossible. I had to put $1000 deposits down at two dealerships to "maybe" get the color I wanted with a package I felt I didn't need. Then a friend told me about Ted. Ted found me the exact car I wanted at $1000 less than what others were quoting as their "low" and arranged financing at an amazing rate. On top of all that, he even delivered the car to my home. The process was so pleasant and simple, I can hardly believe it!