Felix Chevrolet in Los Angeles, CA

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Felix Chevrolet

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(213) 290-1925
Address:3330 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA, 90007
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:30 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Felix Chevrolet

Claudia G. | 2015-04-22

I'm so excited about my Camaro... Felix Chevrolet is a great place to purchase a vehicle... Rene treated me like I was his family... He helped me get the best deal possible...  Ivie and Ashley were very knowledgeable with Onstar... They make you feel like your a friend ... Laughing and joking and just making things fun...  I love my Camaro!

Robert M. | 2015-04-12

Took my Volt to Felix for repairs. Had a lot of trouble diagnosing with the exact problem was. Have to say the service manager was on it like crazy working his ass off to solve the problem.

T O. | 2015-04-07

Quick question? Why make an appointment if the wait is going to take as long as if you were a walk-in. The only reason why I even bothered with an appointment was to expedite my measly little oil change. 1hr to 2hrs. Really???????  If the "techs" don't  start until 8, then why have your customers make 7 and 730 appointments  just to be waiting around. Makes no sense.

Salvador D. | 2015-04-06

Carlos Ramos is one of the best service consultants. That's why I always come here. They take good care of my car.

Doug g. | 2015-04-05

Just got a brand new Camaro SS from Felix. I worked with Fred. he was awesome and it was probably the best car buying experience i have ever had. And i love my new car!

Amber M. | 2015-03-30

Updating Jim went out of his way to make sure that my vehicle was taken care of in a timely manner after learning of how long I had been waiting. I was satisfied upon leaving.  I can still only give 3 stars to the dealership overall due to the sales floor experience.

Noemi G. | 2015-03-13

About a year ago, I went looking for a diesel Chevy Cruze and that's exactly what I walked out with. The service was great and everyone was very happy to help.

A few months later when I returned for oil changes, or any other free maintenance, I started to notice that their service department was not all that great. I made an appointment for 11:30 am & was told that my oil change will take an hour and a half.. Reasonable time considering that I wasn't the only customer. I returned to the dealership an hour and a half later and my car had not even been worked on yet.

The woman inside the service department kept apologizing and saying that my car should be out soon .. But I waited another two hours.

The instant I arrived, they offered a complimentary car wash. & at the end of my wait when they finally released my car to me, they still hadn't even washed it. Almost 4 hours and an oil change later, I was frustrated that the wait was so long but I always give businesses the benefit of the doubt. I was too tired of waiting & I didn't bother to ask them for my car wash, so I just went home.

The next time I went for an oil change, I had the same problem! Except I waited was almost 5 hours this time! There really is no point in making an appointment. I sat there and waited in their office to make sure that they wouldn't forget about me and the women who works in the service dept. said she was going to go check on my car, but she left and never came back. I wish I remembered their names. This place is so frustrating.

Two stars for the service dept. from me.

T J. | 2015-03-06

I made an appointment for a recall fix and also had an oil change ($20). There was no wait when I went in at 8 am. I was helped right away by Chris. He was friendly and knowledgeable. They said it would take about 5 hours, it was done in 3! They also washed my car and filled my tires with air. Cashiers could have been more friendly but by the time I went to pick up my car I'm sure they were tired. Come early for the service and you shouldn't have any problems!

Justino G. | 2015-03-05

I hate this place my car is never ready when promised and the service manager needs to get fired

Kgp B. | 2015-03-05

The manager J.B is the reason I'm giving this place 5 stars. He went above and beyond his way to help me get the car that I love. There were some issues that I experienced with the service department that was supposed to detail the car and fix minor scratches for me but  J.B was more than willing to compromise with me to ensure my satisfaction.  He was very polite  and made sure that everything was fixed to my liking. I would recommend this place because of J.B without him this place would not know what to do. Overall I am beyond satisfied with my chevy that I purchased. He was more than just a salesman, he was genuinely overall a helpful person with a great personality. In the future I will definitely purchase vehicles in the future from this location again, as long as J.B is here.

Fabian E. | 2015-03-04

This review is for the Service Dept.... Communication is bad, and the customer service level is also bad... Needed warranty work done and this place took forever to do the work. And this would be for a fleet of  cars that needed warranty work.... Had to take my cars to another dealer where the same work was done a lot faster and the customer service level has been much better... Montebello Chevrolet worth the trip.... I  would highly recommend not to take your GM vehicle to this dealer. Make trip to another dealer if possible.

Claudia N. | 2015-03-03

I brought my Sonic in this past Monday for an oil change.  I was helped by a very friendly/attentive man named Carlos Ramos.  He was very helpful!!   I liked how he offer a free car wash.   Not only that but he took my initial phone call for an appointment, it's nice to be helped by the same person who helped you over the phone!! GREAT SERVICE!!!

vanessa r. | 2015-02-28

Bought our truck here about a week ago. We got amazing customer service. Marcos was our sales associate and he was totally helpful in getting us a great deal. They helped us understand how to use on star. It was a totally smooth process with them. The manager was nice as well, not to mention the free popcorn. I would definitely recommend Felix Chevrolet if you're looking to buy a Chevy!!!!!!!

Jerry T. | 2015-02-28

Bought us a Chevy Silverado High Country. I was there for about two hours. The whole team made me and my fiancé feel comfortable. We are happy with our deal! Check them out! Marcos is cool people! He works hard to make sure you get the deal that would best fit your needs and budget! We were also fortunate to work with the on star rep who is awesome!! Full of energy and extremely helpful! She takes the time to go over everything that is featured in the car! Check them out you will not regret it!!!! Felix Chevy rocks!!!

Aaron T. | 2015-02-19

Today I called the dealership to ask a question in regards to my oil change plan and asked for Anthony Sanchez who sold me the car and was very professional and had great customer service. Well a different male associate picked up the phone and let me know that Anthony no longer worked there. I told him that I had a question in regards to an oil change and he went on to tell me that even if they can give me 4 free oil changes they only cost $30. He basically made me feel that I couldn't afford a damn oil change! WTF??? You idiot I bought i new car from your dealership I know I can afford an oil change! He also claimed not to know where Anthony was working and he wasn't very professional. Well this will be the first and only car I buy at FELIX Chevrolet. Just to let everyone know I have found ANTHONY SANCHEZ!!!! he works at SAGE Chevrolet in Covina!!! And guess what he has a new customer that will be buying a car there shortly! FELIX management please readdress your customer service training to your staff. I'm sure that this might be an isolated incident but working in a sales environment could cost you a lot of profit! "ABC" Always Be Closing!

Jose M. | 2015-02-17

I took my Car in because the engine light turned on and they said they" fixed" it . As I drove of my car back home it still had the same problem. I took it back and they got mechanic and he said it's suppose to be taking some time to speed up since its a small engined car. So I took my car to another shop and they said it need an oil change. Mind you they say they "check " the oil, tire pressure , fluids and etc,.  So I called Felix back and told them why didn't no one tell me my car needed an oil change and when I had gone twice. Point is don't ever go here. And the first time I went there was a corvette in there to get something fixed and when I went back 2 weeks later the same guy was there complaining that problem wasn't fixed. DONT COME HERE!!!

T. L. | 2015-02-16

Worst Chevy dealership in LA! Ugh! They are rude, unaccommodating, & you will always be on hold for 15-mins plus when calling for service appts.

Angel A. | 2015-02-11

Showed to my appointment to have a recalled part replaced on my car and was promised a loaner car. Waited one hour for my rental to find out it wasn't available. Their solution: come back another day. My solution: avoid this place and plan to never come back.  
I also waited another 25 minutes simply to speak to the service manager about the problem. :-(

Charlie Z. | 2015-02-07

I had a great experience with Karim and Ivie at Felix Chevrolet. I leased a 2015 Chevrolet Malibu LS and they were helpful from the first phone call until the very end. Karim in particular was friendly and knowledgable throughout the entire process. I'm not sure why Felix has such a poor rating, as I had an excellent experience there. Thanks Felix!

Yvy G. | 2015-01-29

Just got my second car from Félix Chevrolet. Like the first time it was a great experience and Mahali was a great help for me to decide which vehicle I wanted. As for Patricia and Willy they did a great job explaining and setting me up in my new Malibu. I must also mentioned that Felipe in service department has also been a great help and offered the best customer service when I have taken my car for service. Definitely considering in purchasing another vehicle in the near future from Felix Chevrolet. Thx to all of the staff that has helped us including Daniel Medina that helped me with the purchase of my Chevy Cruze 2 years ago. Great job!!!!

Henry M. | 2015-01-23

Awesome experience, got a brand new car, all the staff where friendly, Ivie was such a great help with the process on setting up my onstar system.

Alfredo A. | 2015-01-17

Just bought a 2015 malibu. Great price and great service. Karim was excellent in every form very patiently helping us out trying to get the car we wanted to our budget!

J D. | 2015-01-17

I shopped a few Chevy dealers here in LA and have been buying cars for a long time. The experience at Felix was the best I've ever had. They have a great team that was very respectful of me and my time.

B D. | 2015-01-16

I took my Cadillac there yesterday morning, and left it at service department for 5 hours for diagnosis.  I told this man Fillipe Martinez everything I know that's wrong with it, and want them to figure the cause and solution. He said just leave it to us experts, and so I did.

Five hours passed, and I returned to get results; I found out nothing was performed, and he bring me a bill for $130 for a work that wasn't even done,  plus an additional $330 for more work needed,  supposedly. Then he lies to me telling me that they found the problems by repeating back everything I had told him.

I told  him I'd never pay $130 just so he would repeat back what I told him.

After an hour of arguments, he finally chose to ;release my car, and illmanneredly said "never ever bring your car here again, you're not welcomed" ; I told him don't flatter yourself, I would never take my car to a shyster.

Whatever you do, don't take your car there; don't trust him and the entire crew; they are class A shysters.

PAOLA P. | 2015-01-16

We came in April looking around for a car, few minutes in Karim Darcuiel came and assisted us. We weren't sure yet about buying a car gave him our info a few days later he gave us a call to ask how we were doing and got us to come back (Hes that good). He is nice and patient with his costumers. All the workers there have greeted us and been curtious with us all of our visits. I have gone back for oil changes and I have never had a problem when scheduling and appointment, ofcourse 2-3 hrs wait but there customer lounge is very comforting and offer coffee. Just today I came in for an Oil change that I made an appointment 3 days before , Chris and Carlos service advisors were funny & friendly. Karim stopped by and checked up on us. No dought in mind for my next car purchase it'd be at FELIX CHEVROLET. I highly recommend Karim for sales.

Jorge R. | 2015-01-15

Brought my chevy impala for a recall appointment.  Had no problem setting up an appointment to come in  receptionist very friendly they transfered me right away to the service department waited less than a min on the phone. Spoke to Felipe was also very friendly he set me up an appointment came in today took care of me right away offered me a shuttle but I decided to stay since I do not work today so am waiting in their lounge which is very clean, have a nice tv playing the news,  and a fancy coffee machine . Will definitely come back for all my future services here for my chevy.

Nytosha C. | 2015-01-02

Brought my car in on 10/2/14 for routine service & ignition key recall. Never received my new ignition keys. I called & was told that they lost my keys not once but twice. I went Penske Chevrolet in Cerritos & my keys were ready in 30 minutes..

Kasey D. | 2014-12-30

I just got off the phone with Felix Chevrolet. It went a little something like this:

Ring ring. Operator answers. I say "Service, please" and she transfers me to a voicemail box that is full.

Not once. Not twice. Not three times. But SEVEN TIMES. When I FINALLY got through to someone in the service department they told me that they couldn't help me. Long story short if I towed my brand new SS Camaro into their service department, they would get around to looking at it by Tuesday of next week.

What a joke. Avoid their service department if you can help it.

Gisell C. | 2014-12-07

Bought my car here about a week ago ...
A week ago !!!!

I drove by Felix since the dodge dealership down the street tried to rip me off . Anyways I stopped by to look at the CamaroSS since they're lined up looking good ;) . My dad and I drove up and started looking at prices. Daniel Rivera approached us and I could say he was very nice and patient. I told him I was just looking, but if I get approved then I'll take one home. And I did :) I was there for an hour searching for the perfect car. Finally got what I was looking for. Everyone at this dealership were very helpful. I ended up with Ivie, she was very funny and sweet. If you ever need anything look for her she's great. I'm glad my boyfriend recommended this dealership. I will definitely recommend my friends and family to come here. Thank you Felix !! Vroom vroom

Larry B. | 2014-12-07

"Car buying the way it should be!!!"

Was in the market for a Chevy Volt and reached out to several dealerships in the area. Was immediately contacted by Felix Chevrolet and guaranteed that they would work with me and put me in exactly the kind of Volt I wanted. My only mistake was not going there first!!! Sometimes car buying can be very stressful but there was nothing intimidating about this experience. Anthony was warm, friendly, honest, and even came in early to make sure I got exactly what I was looking for in a car. In contrast to the other dealerships I visited, Felix Chevrolet was by far the best in every facet!!! I have already recommended 3 of my friends to the dealership and judging the response so far to my new Volt I will be referring more!!! Thanks Felix!!!!

Armen R. | 2014-12-02

Ahh good ol' Felix Chevy... Sucks driving there from Sunland but I don't trust any other dealership in my area. All the employees at Felix work extremely hard and seem like they genuinely care about providing you with great customer service which I find to be rare and refreshing. Their waiting room is pretty chill. I remember I had dropped off my car during one of the World Cup games, got to watch Netherlands and Argentina duke it out while waiting to pick up my car. Roxy is usually the person that always schedules my service checks, she's always on top of her game and is quick to update me on my vehicle status. Thank you everyone at Felix I'll see you guys soon for that ignition recall

Mark S. | 2014-11-14

In a nutshell: Large Chevy dealership in DTLA next to USC.

Ever since I bought my Impala, I've always gotten the best service and maintenance results at Felix. Every time I experienced something warranty-related with my car, Felix hooks it up with a rental car with nearby Enterprise. They also have a special deal with rental cars at Enterprise (~$30/day).

I used to go through John Jacinto, but he got moved to a different location. Recently I worked with Felipe Martinez, and he's so professional. I had to get my brakes worked on, and he's very honest about the work that needs to be done, and follows through with the Service department to make sure the work gets done in a timely manner.

Overall good spot to take your Chevy. Prices are reasonable. I got a full synthetic oil change here for about $30 less than Jiffy Lube and Valvoline.

Annie L. | 2014-11-13

4 star for gm service only (not dealership). It's my first time here for my first service on a new camaro. The guys here are very helpful. Process was quick and painless. My phone died and they found me a charger to use at the waiting area. Here I am giving them a mostly positive review. Service is very backed up with only one guy working, hence the -1 star. Wait time is about 3 hours or so.

Bella G. | 2014-11-08

Didn't buy my car here but excellent service department.

Chris was very friendly and took care of my car, made me feel like I have been going to that dealer for years.  

Highly recommend them.

Sandra G. | 2014-11-08

If I could give them one star I would . Got "approved" over the phone supposedly with a 10 percent down . Talked to Ernesto Ortega for 2 days prior to making my drive down from San Bernardino. He reassured me I was approved to go down and choose a car and bring with my the documents asked for . Showed up he had to leave we where helped by another gentleman we chose a car go
To to the paper work keep in mind by this point we were already there about 2 hours with 4 boys who can't sit still only to find out we were lied too ! He made us go down there we get there he leaves only to find out that the 10 percent he had guaranteed me was more of a 40 percent down . If I had that type of money chances would be if get a newer vehicle off a private seller . Point being these people will say and do anything to get u there only to disappoint u and waiste ur time . I called him after everything said his manager had approved me for that amount and he would call me the following day it's been a week and I have not heard from him or even an apology for making me waste my time and gas ! Stay away from these conniving liars !!!

Patricia M. | 2014-11-06

This place has the friendliest and nicest people ever. I have been to other dealerships that don't even acknowlede you there and all they see is what they are going to make out of the deal. The workers here are AWESOME! They understand you and get you the rates you can afford. ;-)

Azucena V. | 2014-10-25

I must say.... they are awesome! They helped me buy my very first car. They have an amazing staff, very helpful and cheerful. I'm glad I walked in this afternoon.

Matt E. | 2014-10-25

I had a wonderful experience at Felix Chevrolet. I went in to get a new car using the Uber financing program. Daniel Medina was my salesperson, and he did a great job getting me the Chevy Cruze that I wanted. He went above and beyond to provide amazing customer service. Willy Mejia provided incredible service as well. Overall, it was a great first time buying experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Stephanie R. | 2014-10-24

Service Counter Review:

I went in because the check engine light in my car was on. They told me I would have to leave it and wait to hear back, but when I told Felipe that I would really appreciate it if he could just check to see what was wrong before I left it, he immediately took it to the back. I thought it was taking a long time to check my car...and it was! That was because the service workers had been nice enough to give me a free car wash (my car was dirtier than dirt). It took less than 45 minutes overall, and nothing was wrong, I had just left the gas cap slightly unscrewed.
The employees are all very friendly, speak fluent English and Spanish, and were very helpful.

I would, however, recommend some insurances to make customers feel more comfortable with their belongings and cars. One thing I really like is a number in exchange for keys. That would make me feel like they know who's car it is, without having to rely on their memory when they see so many people a day. Another thing that can be helpful is a "previous mark" report. With so many negative yelp reviews regarding harm done to cars, it might be good to do an intake report where the employee writes down the previous dings, some of the items in the car and the owner signs off before the car is taken anywhere. Transparency and some extra assurances can really make people feel more comfortable.

I had zero problems with anything going missing, my car was returned in better condition than I brought it, and the people were very friendly, but the extra measures might encourage a more comfortable atmosphere :)

Thanks again!!!!

Samantha R. | 2014-10-07

At first I was bit annoyed by this place, BUT Felipe definitely made it up with my next visit! My car battery was not holding its charged, therefore he put in a new one no questions asked, and washed my car! Awesome. Definitely coming back for my next oil change!

Veronica D. | 2014-09-29

I just wanted to leave a comment for the awesome sales rep Carlos Ramos. I called a week ago for a recall on my car and he was extremely helpful. I went today to do the service and he was so friendly and helpful I felt very comfortable leaving my car. He called me right away when it was done and even had my car washed. He was a very helpful and sweet sales associate that I would consider going back and hope all the workers have his personality. After all customer service is what sells and because of Carlos I'll be back:) thank you.

Becca D. | 2014-09-06

My recall part took several months to arrive, probably not the dealerships fault but did not offer any support in this delay. My appt went fairly quick however on my paperwork it said they did a complimentary inspection with tire pressure correction. There was no feedback given on this inspection and was not likely completed as stated as my tire pressure was not changed and not consistent with recommended or even even with each other. I usually have a good experience here. This was not one of those times.

Coral H. | 2014-09-03

Worst customer service!

I took my car for a service. They had a special for oil change, tire rotation and check tire pressure.

I picked up the car, First of all, the car was not washed I don't know if that's as a courtesy, but any other place they do wash your car. Anyways, as I was driving, I checked my dashboard for the air on the tires, and they did not even put air on the tires nor did the tire rotation like they were suppose to do. I called the manager and left him a voicemail and up to this day no courtesy call has been returned.

My biggest issue was when I asked the rep who was helping me if there wasn't any factory recalls, he said "yes, but you lost all warranty on your 2014 chevy Cruze because it's salvage" I was disappointed. I called another dealership by my house.

Martin Chevrolet in Torrance and I asked him the same question if they had factory recall, the rep said, "Yes, please provide me your vin number?" I did, and he said "Oh yes, please bring your car asap" but I asked him if it was a problem if my car was salvage. The rep, said "no not at all, bring it in and we can provide you with a rental car at no cost to you, while your car gets fixed" I did today and the reps were really helpful and friendly, everything was done quick. They even had a big lobby with coffee and donuts. I would highly recommend this place in Torrance. If it wasn't for them my car would not been fixed. Felix Chevrolet was not well informed and provided wrong information to customers and especially being a sensitive matter.

Growling D. | 2014-08-29

I've been here several times ONLY because it's the closest service department to where I live. I'm trying to find another place to get the car serviced in the future. $400+ to fix the AC that supposedly takes more than 2 hours to fix is just too much in my opinion. You're lucky if you get a call when the vehicle is ready. One time I asked a service manager Mr. F, what caused the problem I had in the car and he went "I only tell you what the problem is, I don't investigate."
Wow! Talk about customer service. They have to pay me to go back there!

Daniel M. | 2014-08-28

Went in today to get an oil change and asked them to do a simple diagnostic because of some suspicious leaks...immediately they saw the problem and put me in a rental car for free...no deposit or anything...the employees here took care of me from the start and guaranteed that the car would be ready tomorrow...I will definitely continue my business with chevy...great customer service...fast and efficient!

Yesenia M. | 2014-08-27

This is the best car dealer ship ever !!
great service and great customer service with the public.
salesman are all awsome
receptionist are great very friendly and very helpful
everyone here is awsome.

Bernard C. | 2014-08-25

I came in today to look at the new Camaro. I wanted to add something sporty to my garage and I've heard good things about the car.

I been here about 20 minutes and no one has helped me. No one was at the receptionist desk and 2 sales people walked by me and said nothing. The red bull girls in the little mini Cooper pulled up and 6 sales people rushed to get drinks. I guess a energy drink is more important than selling a car.

Needless to say I'll head down the street to Dodge.

Sidni H. | 2014-08-24

Today I got my second car from Felix Chevrolet. I have to say the people there are the nicest and most accommodating ever. They take the time to really explain all IOC the services your getting and they make you feel comfortable and taken care of. I got my first Cruz from them and the same sales person was still there and helped us. He actually even remembered us.  I started this a few weeks ago and I'm enjoying my car. I'm a little upset that I was supposed to get 3 months free Sirius radio and it took almost three weeks to get Sirius lot get it right and let me get something other than the preview channel. The other day when I finally got somebody at Sirius to give me a signal I asked them since I was supposed to get it free for three months would my three months start that day since I havebt had it until then.  They said no id only get it until 3 months from the day I got the car. That Doesnt seem fair but I guesss that's how it goes. Ive had a good experience both times I've bought cars at Felix.  With this one we practically ought it over the phone. We called and told them we were bringing the old one in because the lease was up.  We told them we wanted the same car but newer they told us what colors they had we picked the color went in signed the papers and by the time we were done they had washed and filled the car.  It took,longer to go over the onstar features and radio then anything.  However, Ivie the customer service onstar specialist I think that's her title. If its not sorry Ivie.
She was so friendly and really knew what she was talking about. It's difficult to understand when reading some of these reviews how people could have a bad experience with the people here.  Both times I've bought here they have been nothing but accommodating, friendly, nice and everyone is so pleasant.  The first car they even coordinated with another dealer to bring to Felix because I wanted black and they didn't have it. We had to wait but left and they called us when it got there. I think often when people don't get what they want it isn't necessarily because the place is bad. It's that they couldn't do what people want and they get attacked for it. When really no matter where they went for the same thing they would get the same outcome. I've lbeen satisfied with everything they have done and have received excellent service and the people there couldn't have been any nicer.

Izzy R. | 2014-08-21

This is my second time in for service department, too bad its not separate from showroom but I must leave a good review for the recent service I received. I still stand with my one initial one star rating for purchasing though. So why I keep coming back? Factory recall updates.

I had made an appointment to do an oil change. It didn't took that long and my car was washed as a courtesy. Carlos Ramos, the rep who helped me was very friendly and attentive. Dealership def needs more employees like him, sometimes that's all it takes to keep customers happy.

Imari H. | 2014-08-14

I had a terrible experience. Not even sure if I could convey it all in this review. I was driving a chevy cobalt that seriously was the worst car in the history of vehicles. Anything that is turning off in the middle of intersections should be pulled off the road and stripped for parts. Its unacceptable that GM is able to even keep the lights on. I've almost died in this vehicle 5 times. The last time I was forced to deal with the incompetent folks over at felix (which feels like a flee market for cars). I was there because my car had cut off after the recall maintenance had been preformed and I was terrified to drive the car. They told me that my car was inoperable and that it would cost 1600 to get it fixed. I asked what my other options were and they told me that they would give me 600 towards a new gm vehicle and I lost it. I had already seen on the lot where they were selling the exact same car I had for 3k. So you mean to tell me I am going to pretty much give you my car... How dare you even suggest I put 1600 towards fixing my car and only willing to give me 600 for it. They should seriously require degrees for folks to be able to sale cars. I quickly decided I would need to get my car towed from this lot asap so I show up with a tow truck and you wouldn't believe they had the nerve to charge me for maintenance inspection on my car even though when I dropped it off the conversation that I had with Felipe (assistant service manager) was that this was recall related. When I dropped my car off to you initially it was broken- what am I paying you for? To tell me what I already know... and that is that my car is broken!? It gets better...  They told me that my car was inoperable so I had a tow truck there ready. Get this? They DRIVE my car out of the garage. My car that I was told was inoperable, unable to be driven.

I later reached out to corporate to see if they would be able to compensate me in anyway. All of the lying and inconvenience cost me money. Engaging tow trucks for cars that work... and paying inspection fees for no reason just are not ways I want to spend my money. I wanted them to just flat out buy the car from me. The resale value is so low that I could probably only get about 6bucks and some pickle juice for it. Of course after threatening legal council the best I could do was get them to offer me a stale rebate for a gm vehicle. I don't know what its going to take to get public safety involved but the chevy cobalt almost claimed my life... I'm not looking to ever drive another GM vehicle and to be honest I am in full support of FELIX being shut down. You guys wasted so much of my time I should send you an invoice.

Joey T. | 2014-08-08

Felix Chevrolet is one of the best dealership that has been so helpful purchasing my new car my camaro ss 2014 came out clean maintenance good but one of the best thing of all is the service they provided to me IVi, majaly, and the rest of the crew but one of the best help I reseaved was coming from the DIRECTOR OF FINANCE (PEPE)  he is an awesome person well educated and knows how to makes deals the best way his the best pete thank u so much for ur help I'm so happy with my new car u do such a great job not only in finance but also in all management, and also building relationships with ur guess and customers tanks again. I really recommend people to go a try to get a car with pepe.

Alisa D. | 2014-08-03

I attempted to trade in my car and buy a new one here and I felt like they tried to scam me into a really bad deal. Over and over, in different ways. I had substantial equity in my trade in and if I would have accepted their terms, I would have walked away with NOTHING for it. They started by asking me what terms I wanted and I said I wanted the advertised special. They then pretended like they were giving me a good deal while 1) giving me no actual cash for my trade in and 2) giving me a deal that was worse than what they had advertised. It took me a while to figure out what was going on because I couldn't believe how shady they were being. I don't think these people are honest and I don't recommend getting involved with them at all.

Kevin L. | 2014-07-28

Daniel was an excellent customer service rep and patiently answered all my questions in a friendly and professional manner.  He was also able to coordinate a terrific deal on a volt lease which I'm thrilled about.  The other staff members were helpful and personable.  

5 stars!  Thanks guys!

Winnie N. | 2014-07-28

Great place to buy a car if you have limited credit history like me. Daniel Medina was very helpful and accommodating. I came in with the mindset just to compare the prices on a 2014 Camaro but ended up getting a good deal from them. The Finance Manager Jose Amenero is very helpful too. I'll definitely recommend this place to my friends if they ever want to buy a Camaro! :)

Cynthia R. | 2014-07-23

This place is horrible
I thought this would finally be the place
That would  fix up my 2007 GM Saturn
After receiving a recall notice they said they would fix the transmission and shifting cables
And nothing got resolved
After a couple days passed i called and they told me my car was ready so eagerly i go and once i get there they told me that it needs to get towed and that they had supposably left me a voicemail HOW the fuck do you leave a voicemail when it isnt activated? And they made no attemps to let me know that my car was just sitting there with the rest of the poor victim cars they accordingly "fix"

It sucks ass all i want is to be able  to drive my baby  but no one seems to put enough effort in putting my babe back on the road

Where does a girl have to go
To get her car repaired and feel reassured
That my car is under good hands?
Like fuck can you just fix my car with the tender loving care that my car deserves?

Apparently felix employees don't give two shits
About your vehicle

I hope i dont get some bullshit reply saying "im sorry that you were unsatisfied with our services" Not only am i UNSATISFIED im DISGUSTED how they just pretty much just
Close the door on your face once you decide not to continue doing service here. Like shit my bad am in the way of you fucking someone else over?

jeannie g. | 2014-07-23

I needed a key made for my lost truck key; I did some comparison shopping and as long as I had proof of ownership Felix Chevy had the BEST prices!!!  Julian assisted me quickly and kindly and with excellent customer service.  Everyone there was so pleasant and smiling, its great when companies have pleasant customer service and I'm happy to give them their credit especially in this day when good customer service is hard to find.  Thanks Julian!

Kamil E. | 2014-07-16

felix chevrolet is the worst dealership i have ever been to and i will no longer be doing business with them. i have a 2011 chevy hhr. i took my car there because i noticed that there was a leak coming from the dashboard and also to have the igniton switch recall addressed. my service advisor roxanne jimenez told me that there was probably a lose hose with the ac unit. roxanne advised me that they were backed up in the service department and she did not offer to provide me with a rental, even though i have an extended warranty on my car. roxanne calls me two days later and she advised that the evaporator drain was plugged. i asked roxanne how can this type of issue happen as this is a closed compartment and she advised that leaves and other debris have gotten into the vehicle. i informed roxanne that my vehicle is garage kept and this doesn't make any sense. roxanne then advised me that it would cost $1,500 to tear apart my dashboard in order to determine how to fix the leak. i informed roxanne that i have a warranty on my car and she was shocked. i advised roxanne to call my warranty department and she refused and stated that i have to look it up myself and call her back with the information. i provided roxanne with the information and she never called me back. i called roxanne and monday morning and she advised that the warranty department is denying the claim because they reported it has a evaportor drain plug, as this is not considered a mechanical failure of the car. at this point i was very upset as it was going to cost well over $2,000 just to fix my car. i asked roxanne if there was any way they could reimburse me for the for days and rental and her manager john stated no because i declined to have the repairs made there. obvious they were there to hustle me into having my car repaired. so i picked up my car on monday and moved my car to mark christopher chevy of ontario where they advised me of three recalls on my car and they provided me with a rental car for three days. felix chevrolet never informed me that i had three recalls on my car. i plan on making a claim with the better business burearu and also writing a letter to corporate on felix chevrolet. very unprofessional and awful service. my voice will not be left unheard.

Crystal B. | 2014-06-15

I don't see how this place has been in business for so long. This is the second time I've gone and once my vehicle was ready they refuse to tell me. The guy knows I was sitting in the waiting area and after about 6 hours of waiting on a diagnostic test and oil change and seeing him going back and forth with other customers service invoices, I asked if my vehicle was ready and he was like Oh yes... Really sir? So you weren't going to tell me unless I asked? He did give me a discount on the services but still, 2 times in a row this happens you can keep your services. And not to mention besides the oil change deal they are ridiculously expensive for service. Their prices should be against the law.

Phillip H. | 2014-05-25

The worst service department on earth.  AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

I own a camaro and was having trouble with the opti-spark.  They told me it needed to be replaced. While doing the test drive after the repair, they ran the car without gas and ruined the fuel pump. Then called me to say it would be another $1200 bucks on top of the $800 they originally quoted me.  

The next time I took it back to them, they replaced the a/c compressor. In doing the repair, they damaged one of the pulleys so when I got the car back, it was making a horrible sound while the engine was running and told me "it needed to be replaced" when I picked the car up.  PULLEYS DON'T GO BAD! I shut the car off and could see huge marks on the side of the pulley where it looks like the side was damaged when they were doing the a/c compressor repair.  The problem was they couldn't order a new pulley b/c they were no longer made, so I had to spend my own time searching junkyards to find an undamaged one.  Completely ridiculous, I will never, ever, ever go back to Felix Chevrolet.  They are completely incompetent mechanics, and will charge you way way more than going to a mechanic that actually knows what the hell they're doing.

Andy C. | 2014-05-20

If I could've put a zero I would've. I can't believe that I been a guest to Felix Chevy since 2010 I bought about 4 cars from them since. Thinking about it. it's every year. But now I'm very disappointed in these ppl the reason why. My last car I got from them was a 2014 Chevy camaro SS. In 2 weeks my check engine light came on. Took it back for repairs I didnt mine. In a month in a half I called the Financial ppl. "WILLIE G". I Told him I haven't got my first payment yet and he said "it's ok you'll get it soon".  I'm thinking everything it's ok. 3 months later he tells me that I'm not qualified and he needs the car back. What the f##k was that !?? It was very embarrassing to me my family my friends I had the car of the year !!!! Just so WILLIE G to tell me I'm not qualified !? I have a 700+ credit score and I been coming back every year. Funny part about all this the manager "Phillip" calls me 2 weeks after they take the car back to ask me "how's my camaro running" WOW !!! The manager didn't even know what was going on !!! And he didn't do nothing about it. But it's ok. I'm taking my business else where. What's the point of a contract then !?? And then they take the car back 4 months later no sense.

James K. | 2014-05-18

spent 60 on an oil change, with a $20 mail in rebate, of course filled out and mailed in the rebate, and got a letter from GM that they were rejecting my rebate. wasted my money and lied to me.

John I. | 2014-05-13

UPDATE 7-4-2014

Well I bought this car nearly 60 days ago. I have been waiting for registration and license plates. None has showed up.

So I went to the California Department of Motor Vehicles and requested information on the status of the registration.

It turns out that Felix Chevrolet has not even turned in the information to DMV. They are waiting for a document from Arizona where the car was bought by them.


WHY WOULD THEY, THEY HAVE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to send a letter to them this week demanding they get the proper paperwork and register my car. If they do not, I will file a Fraud and Breach of Contract suit against them. They have until August 13, 2014. That will be 90 days since I bought the car.

Not only have they committed a fraud upon me, but also Bank of America who financed the car.

Update 6-5-2014


I have a Due bill, which means they are required as part of my deal to fix what is listed on the due bill.
The car had a strange hollow sound when we closed the door. I got a Due bill for them to fix it.

They bulshitted me about what was wrong with the car. I took the car to the dealer, where they took off the door panel. There was no insulation in the door, due to an accident, and the rental company they bought the car from did not fix it correctly.

I brought the car back to them on Tuesday June  3, 2014 to have them satisfy the due bill. I gave them a copy of the due bill and a copy of the invoice from Hyundai showing the door had no insulation. Since the door was replaced, this item is not under warranty.

Felix Chevrolet told me they couldn't hear anything, that nothing was wrong. Then they took it to Hyundai, who would not fix it either, because it's not covered under warranty due it being replaced.

When my wife called to see if the car was ready, they told her it was some missing door weather guard.


Well I had a conversation with Scott the salesman, who then put on the sales manager who tried to muscle me out of requiring them to do the work.


They could have cared less.

So now I will have the car properly repaired, and will take FELIX CHEVROLET to court. For the cost of the repair, and the depreciated value of the car I purchased.
I paid full retail for a car that had never been in an accident, and that's not what I got.



UPDATE!!!!  6-3-2014

Well, my positive review may have been completely wrong.
We bought a used car from Felix Chevy. It was a previous rental car.
The door had a strange sound when closing it, a banging and hollow sound.
I did get a due bill for the door, but looking at the way they wrote the due bill, it is sketchy at best.

My wife is taking the car in today. We will see how they handle this situation.
As far as the car, the dealer gave a us a clean car fax report, listing no accidents. Under California State law, the rental company MUST disclose all problems with the car when they sell it.

What this means to me, is that Felix Chevrolet knew the car had been in an accident, and did not disclose this to me. Because the car was in an accident, it was not worth what we paid for it. The price should have been lower, due to the damage.

My review at the moment has been changed to the worst I can give.

If the dealer handles this the way they promised verbally, I will reflect in my review.

BUYER BEWARE OF THIS DEALERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lafoodie D. | 2014-05-03

This dealership totally redeemed itself after last week's fiasco.  I was contacted by George to finalize the deal on my Volt.  This was a completely different (and pleasurable) experience.  Daniel, Ivie, and George could not have been more helpful with the deal. After today's experience, I would highly recommend Felix.

Joe C. | 2014-04-22

I had previously written a pretty nasty review after there was a miscommunication that left me stranded next to skid row without any power steering.  

After getting the car back to Felix, the service manager, Jim, did everything he could to make sure the car was drivable in the absence of the part from GM.  He kept me updated until the part arrived and made sure it was installed promptly once it did.

Despite the initial anger about potentially being stabbed as I couldn't drive away from skid row, I have no complaints at all about Felix.  Jim and the rest of the service department handled the issue like complete professionals and made sure the car was on the road safely as soon as possible.

Javi C. | 2014-04-09

They are thieves.

They gave me the worst service.

The manager was the worst. I spoke to both service manager and general manager and they were both very rude and not helpful

My smart phone also came up missing while I was there

I will never go back there again. They should get shut down

Ashley W. | 2014-03-22

First off, my experience with Felix ended up being wonderful thanks to my salesman, Pedro Lopez. He was polite, accommodating, and will honestly do what he needs to to make you, the customer, happy. If you are looking to purchase a vehicle from Felix, I 100% recommend asking for Pedro right away.

I should mention though, that my experience started off a little shakey, thanks to an arrogant salesman, Kelby, who insisted on speaking to me like I was twelve years old. Not a good first impression. Not only did I want to leave right away, but I kind of wanted to punch him. This is the only reason that I did not give five stars. Pedro deserves five stars though.

John M. | 2014-02-17

If it were possible to give negative stars I would.

Tried to do a simple lease return today. They refused. Refused to even discuss it.

Hard to believe GM went bankrupt with quality dealers like this.

Avoid them. Buy elsewhere. You can't do worse than these balloon heads.

A N. | 2014-01-27

Not a big fan, Not a warm feeling.  Called to see if they had owners manual and was told they do, got there and no owners manual.  Was told I had to order it.  I left then I decided to call and speak to a manager who said that they had a owners manual but not for the year I was looking for.  Went back gave it to me for free.  That was nice of him.

Ernie W. | 2014-01-18

I HATE Felix Chevrolet! They are thieves and con artist. Here is what I wrote to the supervisor:
I am APPALLED at the servicing of my car. I brought it in to find out why my car was over heating. I was told by your service manager that I had a crack in the radiator and it would be over $900.00 to replace the radiator. I could not afford that. I had already spent over $700.00 on the "alleged" repair of the Stabilitrack. After I said I could get it done for much cheaper, your service manager Felipe brought the price down to $700.00. Why didn't he give me this price first? As it turned out, at the other mechanic, he found there was NO crack in the radiator! WTF???? He found that the thermostat was at fault for the over heating. This cost me all of $230.00 to get replaced. Again...WTF??? Philipe tried to rip me off by blowing the price up on a repair I did not need!! Also, one of your mechanics stole TWO remote from my car and I could not get in to my apt complex because your guy STOLE it. I had to pay $40.00 for each remote! I want you or Felix Chevrolet to give me back my remotes or pay me for the remote. It sucks when I cannot get into my house without my remote! I will not let this go as I will lodge a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the all on the internet including Yelp. If this is the kind of treatment you give to your customers, I will certainly NOT be one of them ever again!
This place wanted to try to get me to buy a new car. I don't want a fucking new car! I wanted my car fixed at a reasonable cost!

M L. | 2014-01-11

The Worse!!! Just for show.. service is horrible & too damn slow

Scott S. | 2013-12-27

Daniel , Sal and Anthony -  they are the amazing team at Felix.

I live in Beverly Hills.

I bought a used Tahoe from them this year. I found the perfect truck, thanks to Daniel.

He kept in touch with me through the whole process. , It was a painless experience. ( it takes time to get a car from any dealership, a lot of teams are involved to complete everything ... Wherever you go. )

Anthony , in finance , was great with all the contracts and paperwork. He had my back and I felt  protected... But I really thought everyone had the same supportive tone.

Sal's one of the Head Honcho's at Felix.  I needed to bring the truck back for a few minor service things.  ( all good stuff ). I have been back 3 times ( due to my schedule I couldn't leave the truck ...  Long story. )

Each time a drove up Sal walked over , remembered my and name sure I was taken care of.

My check engine light came on this week , we have a road trip planned this weekend, I called service this morning (7:15 am ) to arrange for a quick look and oil change.

Roxanne in service  told me to bring it in and she arranged for a driver to take me back home ( again , I live in Beverly Hills ). I was really happy to know that I can drop my truck off near USC AND GET A COMPLEMENTARY RIDE HOME AND BACK WHILE THE TRUCK IS IN SERVICE. ( Thank you Oscar ).

These are real people who really give 100% positive customer care with white glove service feel from purchase to service.

I don't work for Felix Chevrolet. I work in the entertainment business and forgot how nice it is to be this taken care of,  living a bit off the path , location wise to USC/ Felix .

Drop my truck off and rides back and forth free from the dealer.  It's a good feeling I get from Sal to Oscar. They have full , crazy convenient service.

I trust this team and dealer.

Oscar ride home.

Anna Marie P. | 2013-12-22

I had a great experience with this dealership and my sales reps, Daniel Media and Sal Zavala. They were knowledgeable and respectful by phone, email and in person-before, during and after the sale. No pressure on the sales end and now, 4 months later, everything is working out as expected, including the 2014 Spark.  Only complaint is that they and Chevrolet and lots of other car makers should let people know that they are not including those little "donut" mini spare tires. What a surprise!

Jesus R. | 2013-12-20

Felipe Martinez, is the guy to go to and help you with all your issues, concerns, problems. He will make sure you walk out 10 times better than when you came in.


Maria R. | 2013-12-17

The only reason why they get ONE-STAR is for the polite sales person was very helpful, except for his douche bag manager.

My husband and myself headed over to Felix Chevrolet on 12-15-13 because we're interested in purchasing  a bigger car since we currently own a Honda Accord. Prior to going, we did our research as far as trading in our 2013 accord, and the "manager" practically told us he couldn't negotiate with us, AT ALL! He obviously didn't want our business. Thank you for helping us, NOT! You've lost a great potential customer that you will NEVER see back at Felix Chevrolet. I will NOT recommend you to family and friends. In fact, I am warning people to stay away from this wanna-be dealership. There are other GREAT dealers that will love my business. And just an FYI: there were two other persons that I was planning on recommending, but I guess that won't be happening. Thank you for making me wait around for nothing, and not offering at least a bottled water.

ian g. | 2013-10-31

Masters of the bait and switch.

I negotiated a lease on a Volt with the internet salesperson to trade in my Honda at the same time. I confirmed the terms twice via email and then schlepped the hour down there from Northridge to finalize the deal. Of course, once they had me in there and seated they proceeded to inform me that the price/terms they quoted didn't include the trade in, and that there must have been some "misunderstanding" and that the actual price would be $200 more per month. Classic car dealer slime bait and switch. I'd hate to carry the karma for these underhanded tactics, wasting busy people's time with their lies and misrepresentation. Take your business elsewhere (although most other places seem to be just as scummy) these guys have NO integrity.

Cece G. | 2013-09-24

I've had great experiences here just getting my standard oil changes. This last time, the sales guy actually called me and said he found a discount coupon for my services so I spent half as much as I expected. They're friendly and don't try to weasel money out of you. I appreciate that.

A M. | 2013-08-25

Bought the 2013 Volt electric car. I had a great experience with Sal as my sales agent. He was not pushy and very understanding. I told him on the phone to please just tell me the right prices and don't do a bait and switch on me. I don't want to come in and waste time. I got exactly what I asked for (great price for the options) plus I never went to the dealer, Sal delivered the car to my office.  Thank you again Sal.

Terminator J. | 2013-08-22

The service department is a scam not worth the time and the money  beware before u do any service make sure when u do any ask for the old part if you has you had to Change any make sure the warranty you get for work and part last long  when ever u come next time again in couple of months make sure you get another opinion from another location

Hollis R. | 2013-08-15

Felix has gained my business. They are great people with great customer service skills. I go there for all my automotive needs now.

Lois B. | 2013-07-30

This review is of the Service Dept only.  As service departments go this was a cooperative one.  Roxanne, my service agent, went above and beyond to assist me with getting my car repaired and my insurance paying for it.   The damage was minor (popped tire and front grill loose), but Felix Chevrolet is not an authorized repair shop for my insurance.  Roxanne kept in contact with my insurance company and me to resolve everything and get me my car back the same day.

MIchael J. | 2013-07-13

Horrible experience "fixed" my transmission but now somehow my brakes do not work, (just had them replaced) .new term "to Felix" con, out wit, take advantage of I.e. "Dude when I dropped that trans, I made sure to jack up the brakes,this guy will be back for sure I really felixed him."

Hal J. | 2013-06-20

Went here to buy a car. Really wanted to buy it in LA and not Culver City or something. As soon as I told the floor manager I wanted to do more research and get other offers he became belligerant and uninterested in dealing with me. I asked for their best offer and said I would buy it there if they beat everyone else, so they might as well just cut to the chase and give me a good deal. Finally the floor manager came up with something in rather rude way. Saying under his breathe that it's not their best offer. Well... he just wasted both our time then. What part of best offer doesn't make sense? He wouldn't put it in writing and he wouldn't include the trade in -- do these people even want to sell cars? Needless to say I did some research and took my business elsewhere. The next dealership I tried had no problem coming in $2k lower than Felix's "best offer".  I guess it's not worth selling a car unless you can take advantage of someone who doesn't even know what the car should cost? I kind of feel bad for these guys, they lost out on my business because they are more interested in playing sales games then actually moving cars.

Charlotte R. | 2013-06-15

I'm writing a review simply on the car buying experience as I have not yet used their repair facility.

My Husband and I were interested in the Chevy Volt and had done a lot of research on the car, including putting some inquiries out on pricing, etc.  We got an email from Scot McBeath from Felix saying that they had some great memorial day deals that were ending that day (May 31st) and he thought I should come down.  The plan was NOT to buy a car that day but I decided to give him a call and see what the deals were.  He pulled over to the side of the road while he was driving to answer his cell when I called (cool...he's easy to get ahold of!) but wasn't sure exactly what the deals were.  I thought this was a little weird as he was the one who sent the email but I quickly figured out that all the emails from Felix come in his name...more on that later.

My Husband and I went in anyways to test drive a Volt and see what it was like.  Scot didn't have a lot of Volt knowledge (something he should work on) but he was very friendly and really let us take it out for a great test drive.  Luckily we had done our research on the car so the questions Scot couldn't answer weren't huge.  

Unfortunately, they didn't have the exact combination of car we wanted on the lot (color/interior/etc.) which was just up from the base model.  Scot was like... "If money was no object, which car would you want."  Of course, we said the fully loaded model but that we couldn't afford that.  He asked us if we'd take it if he could get us the price we wanted on it.  Um...sure...good luck with that.  

Well..we went in to Scot's desk and told him what we could afford as a monthly payment.  He went and ran our credit, etc. and came back with an offer of about $30 more a month.  We explained that we really couldn't afford that and he left again.  Well...guess what?!  Next time he came back...he had our monthly payment where we needed it to be AND we were getting the showroom floor model...FULLY LOADED!  

Scot was understanding and friendly and I'm really glad we worked with him.  We love our new Volt!  Scot's also been very responsive since we bought the car as we've had to contact him a few times (we left our headsets in the car we traded-in, we needed extra paperwork for a state rebate....) which I'm so grateful for.  He's always quick to respond to our questions and we can't be more grateful for that as I know a lot of salesmen would probably ignore us once we bought the car.  Not so with Scot, he's a good guy!

Going back to the "his name's on every email from Felix" thing...yeah....it's a little weird because a week after we bought our car from Scot we got an email from Felix, signed by Scot, saying that since we hadn't been in touch about buying a car they assumed we were no longer interested...um...huh?  We just bought a car from you.  Obviously the email system needs work but I'm still very happy we used Scot!

Don't hesitate to go here to check out the new cars and ask the front desk for Scot McBeath when you go.

Daniel G. | 2013-06-13

Friendly staff just bought a cruze there
Everyone was really helpful and upfront

Roxy E. | 2013-05-29

Felix Chervolet is HORRIBLE.  They wanted to charge me 200.00 to change a brake light, something told me to take it to Pep boys, Pep Boyes only charged me 20.00 including tax and labor and gave me an extra light bulb.  Dont go to Felix thay are in the business of ripping off their clients.

Jenny P. | 2013-05-24


At first, I would give this place 4 stars.  Until I realized they are like ALL OTHER SHADY AUTO REPAIR SHOPS!

READ EVERY PAGE THAT THEY GIVE YOU.  Even if you don't have to sign every page.  They will slip B.S. alterations/check-ups/maintenance to your car that you will be responsible for paying.

I thought I found a place that would actually take care of me.  Nope!  They also removed my custom license plate covers to put their free advertising on my car.  My custom plate covers ended up in their trash!  I didn't get them back and I didn't get compensated!


Jay P. | 2013-05-12

What a surprise! I had an awesome experience with Felix Chevrolet especially Scot McBeath, the sales advisor who helped me getting my Chevy Volt.
I checked the reviews on Yelp before going and I have to admit, I freaked out!! So many bad reviews, one after the over, I was kind of scared to go there. Then I saw that all the bad reviews dated from 2009 and there was a message saying that they changed everything... and did they!
Before going there I exchanged couple of emails with Scot, who guaranteed me I would get a good deal on a 2013 Chevy Volt. I had a 2005 Nissan 350Z roadster that I wanted to trade-in.
They got my car for a very good trade-in value and they actually managed to get me a very good deal on the Volt for a 36 months lease with 12K miles/year.
Scot was fantastic, very professional and friendly. It took a little while to get all the papers done and everything but it's always like that at any dealership really.
Jose and Anthony took over for the finance part, Anthony was super hyper, full of energy and hilarious, Jose was very friendly and really went above and beyond to get us the best deal out there, he actually called the bank to talk to a real person instead of just typing numbers on a computer screen.
Scot was very honest, saying things up front as they are. Explaining how the auto industry works and everything.
Felix Chevrolet really deserve more stars on Yelp because it really was a good experience, I will definitely recommend them to anyone who want to buy a car!!
Thanks again guys!

Bobby C. | 2013-04-07

I actually had a good experience with these guys. Art Reyes was my service advisor and was cool and reasonable. Got brakes fixed, a light problem fixed and they handled an old insurance supplement for them. I know they have some bad reviews but I gotta show some love. Everything was easy.

The price was reasonable and they honor AAA 10% discount. When you're paying almost 800 that made it come down a lot!

Brittani W. | 2013-03-19

I went in to Felix Chevrolet this past weekend to look/test drive new cars and ended up walking out with a brand new car because of the excellent service here. I've been to other dealerships in the area recently, and didn't receive nearly as great of service as I did at Felix Chevrolet. They took time to answer every question I had, and if the salesman wasn't sure of the answer he checked with the appropriate managers to find out for me.

I told the salesman that I was not interested in buying a car today, only test driving, but they bargained with me to give me an outstanding deal on a 2013 Chevy Cruze. I couldn't have been happier. They even continued to work to find deeper discounts for me, which was extremely helpful. I know it's a salesman's job to get you to buy a car, and I'll admit I"m a really tough sell, but Felix Chevrolet really seemed to pull through.

All in all, I had a great experience here and would definitely recommend this dealership to others.

Christine M. | 2013-03-12

Takes for F***ing ever.  Service staff is completely incompetent.   If you want to wait 3 hours for an oil change and tire rotation then sure, bring your car ihere.  Morons.

Mando D. | 2013-03-07

two and half hours for a oil change? Jiffy Lube could probably do it better cheaper, faster.

Brittany Nicole L. | 2013-02-26

I had a wonderful experience at Felix. My Chevy Cobalt was recalled for possible loss of power steering, and it had been acting up recently. I took my car to Felix, and was worried that it would take a few days or longer (I use my car very often) or that they would try to pressure me into getting more work done. However, none of this was the case. Felipe Martinez explained everything clearly, and got me in right away. My car was only in the shop for 3 hours, and they called me when it was ready. He did not charge me for anything (recall work is free) or try to get me to do work. I was worried that as a young female, the people would not take me seriously or assume that I would not know much about cars and try to take advantage of me. That did not happen at all. The friendliness of staff, convenience and speed was all unexpected and beyond my expectations. I would definitely go here again if my car needed more work.

Christopher W. | 2013-01-25

I recently relocated back to LA from northern California, and living in downtown, Felix Chevrolet is my local Chevy dealership.  I read the poor reviews with disappointment because I wanted to be able to get all my car maintenance done here.  However, sorting these reviews by date, it's important to note that the most recent review (prior to mine here) was on 4/20/12 -- over 9 months ago.  Preparing for a road trip back up to the bay area tomorrow, I was running errands today when I realized my left turn signal was not working, nor was my left brake light.  I worried that it might be a bad relay, but I hoped that it might just be a bulb needing replacement.  I was in Burbank shopping at the time I discovered the problem, and it was already 4pm.  Worried I wouldn't make it back over the hill in time to get the car in to Felix (and afraid I would get a ticket), I went around the corner to Community Chevrolet in Burbank.  I asked if there was any way I could get someone to replace the bulb for me.  I was told that it was too late in the day and there was no way they could get to it before end of day and that I would have to leave it overnight.  This was perfectly understandable at such short notice and late in the day (and by the way, Samuel there in the service department was very friendly and helpful), but I knew I couldn't leave it (especially in Burbank) because I needed to hit the road the next morning.  So I went on back downtown.  I tried calling Felix from the road but got their voice mail.  That didn't bode well but I decided to go ahead and just try to show up at Felix and try to get help.  When I pulled in it was 5:15pm.  John Jacinto, the Service Manager, immediately got up from his desk and came out of his office to greet me.  I introduced myself and told him about my problem and my need to hit the road in the morning.  He and a member of his team sent me over to the parts department to get a turn signal bulb while they pulled open the panel.  They replaced the bulb and had me on the road within 10 minutes.  They were friendly, supportive, full of great advice, and I was very impressed with their effort to win a new customer and treat me with great service on short notice.  So they have definitely earned my return business and I look forward to having Felix as my local dealership.  By the way, there was a whiteboard up in the garage with a pretty big list of names on it, saying "welcome our new team members" or something to that effect -- which suggests to me that Felix is making a good-faith attempt to turn around the quality of their business and in fact return it to its former grandeur, as indicated in responses to other posts here by their General Manager.  I encourage others to give Felix another chance -- or to give them a first chance and not let the outdated bad reviews scare you off.  I love that I had a great experience with a business that has been around for 92 years.  I hope you do too.  Please post your new reviews here -- I'm anxious to see if others share my good experience with the current team at Felix.

Albert E. | 2012-12-12

Took my car there at 8am for a complimentary oil change, service, and car wash like they promised on my lease, they said it would be ready 2pm...I came back at 6pm and they still had not even looked at my car...I had to literally stand on top of them for them to perform the oil change in front of me because they didn't want to rent me a car for the day. Then they tried to charge me for the service that they promised for free...I paid because i could not wait any longer and wrote a letter... the service was not good at all, they hosed down my car because they said they would wash it for free and it was sitting there for another 30 minutes... so I just took it and left, I was not out of there until around 8:30pm...I will never take my car there again!

Reeg F. | 2012-09-25

Wow!!!! What a joke!!! So the sales rep was nice and you could tell that this kid job was to bring in the Customer to the next level which is inside the show room and run your credit. Then here comes the guy with the fake Rolex ...... I knew this was trouble when I saw the Rico suave chest hair peek out of his silk shirt .... This guy looked like a reject from a 70's porn!!!!! To make a long story short they lied to me, ran my credit without my permission and judged me without knowing me not only that but they did not want to give me my copy of the report how the law states. This place is a joke but I gave them a 1 star just because I like Felix the cat.

Carol F. | 2012-09-24

After so many years, I thought they would have better improved customer service. I went there back in 2003, I was young and in the market of buying a new car. They had no sales motivation, no motivation in answering any questions, no deals, brushed us away like nothing. So I took my business to La Brea Chevrolet, not only did I leave there lot happy with a great deal, brand new Chevy limited edition, fully loaded Chevy Tahoe $38,000. Out the door, no interest or down payment, but they always had great customer service. Today I decided to give felix another chance, they sure win the award of worst sales reps. An award of cockiness. They need some serious customer service training. Bring them to reality, not snobs. Very judgmental. Idk that's the impression I get. I was there today, again in the market to buy a new car, but three cars this time. My partners and I were thinking about investing on three Chevy volts for our business that requires lots of driving. I would never take my business there or go there again. Service there is suck. Don't know how they make and keep in business with those ugly, lazy cocky attitudes. None negotiable or motivation to answer any questions. No offers or motivation in selling.  Very poor sales service. I always  shop and try to get the best deals on anything big I'm planning to buy, I have always gotten great sale deals with all my cars, Chevy Tahoe from la brea Chevrolet, BMW from studio city and my accord from miller Honda. Don't understand these reps. Shouldn't they be happy and motivated to sale. Would "never" go back there again.

Sam H. | 2012-09-12

Sucks.... Worst service ever!! Very rude people. I spoke to them over the phone finding a used commercial van and got an  answer that they have some in stock. But when I got there sales man Bradon showed me regular trucks and saying it'll be eligible for me. So I told him that's not what I want I already explained what I want over the phone. He replied we never have those vans in stock. WTF! Seriously? Never go there guys.

Ariella H. | 2012-07-31

Why don't I have an option for 0 stars? 1) The service is horrible, everyone we spoke to was completely rude. 2) They overcharge an insane amount. 3) Right after I got a quote I headed to Keyes on Van Nuys and I saved $150+ a month on a better model of that car 4) There's a guy who stands there to pick fights with you. I don't know if he works there (my guess is he does, but I'm not sure so I won't label it as that,) but he stands there all day to see who is having problems with their customers and pushes the customers around. Literally.. he came up to my dad because my dad asked why they are overcharging so much when almost every other place had the same service for $400+ less. He began pushing my father around. This is ridiculous.  I've never experienced such a rude and overpriced setting before.

David S. | 2012-05-28

Probably the worst Car Dealership experience I  have ever had. We called in advance twice to confirm they had a Malibu LS. The sales rep kept us waiting over an hour. At the end, they claimed to no longer have the car? The only car available was $7k above our original budget.
We were fed lie after lie by Nera, a new sales executive, and his manager Jin. This place is simply not worth visiting. They have no business acumen.

Just a group of drop outs, no strategy or respect. Everything you expect from a used car sales executive.

Duvien H. | 2012-04-20

Screw this place.  E-mailed about an offer they had on their website, specifically stating what I was interested in.  A representative tells me it's for Prime Credit (which I have).  They run a hard inquiry.  Another representative, Keenan, contacts me, I tell him about the deal I'm interested in.  No response.  I call.  Guy tells me they're busy and doesn't know what offer I'm referring to.  Uh the one on your frigging website?!  Says he'll call me back.  Never heard from Keenan again.

Thanks for wasting my time.  I will now do everything in my power to spread the word that your establishment is clown shoes.  But it looks like you won't need my help in that department with your two star rating.

Tiffany I. | 2011-12-29

The internet salesman Walter middle eastern descent with an accent consistantly put down the manufacturing of chevrolets insisting hes only a salesmen doing his job.. I should of known right then to walk out.. Anyways after taking a colorado for a test drive and  inspecting the car I was hesitant about a few things I noticed so I told him ill come back the next day I just needed a little time to think it over, He then became very aggressive and told me "Dont come back, why would you want to come back if youre not going to buy now Dont come back" I immediately left after that with no plans on returning. I guess he was getting frustrated that I knew more about the truck than he did.. It's not my fault youre trying to sell me a truck with damaged tires and an overheating problem I have every right to take my time and consider the shape of the truck. Im starting to think all chevy dealerships in so cal are just run by idiots.. Another negative experience : /  If you don't like chevys then why the hell are you working at their dealership??? Plenty of other car companies out their for you to work for.

Stephen L. | 2011-09-17

The service department at this place is a joke.  They charge $110 per hour for labor, and the quality of work is questionable.  They try to pride themselves on being one of the oldest Chevy dealerships in the country.  If this makes them so great, and they charge FULL PRICE, then they need to scoot all of their employees through some training.  I will not ever return here.

Chris D. | 2011-07-14

Poor customer service...don't go.here !!!! I asked for a repair and the service rep stated to me " how much money do u have" I knew then my.business with them are gone forever

Carl M. | 2011-05-01

Do not go there !!!! They told me about three things that were wrong with my car. I had a hard time believing and went somewhere else for a second opinion and that was a wake-up call. None of the repairs were necessary at all. Not even mentioning the endless time it takes them to actually do anything.  It's a miracle how companies like that still exist - must be the cartoon!

Robert S. | 2010-12-27

I'm surprised that this is going to be their first positive review, but we actually had a great experience buying a new car from this dealer, and were treated so well, that it's hard to believe it was a fluke, or a once in a while occurrence.

The sales man who assisted us was very knowledgeable, and friendly, but not pushy like some - while he informed us of our option to take advantage on a sale they were having on their remaining 2010 models, he did not try to pressure us into making a decision on the spot. Their finance department was VERY GOOD, they were very upfront, informative, and fair; they even worked out a better deal for us than we had expected, after we had already signed the deal - they called us back the next morning to let us know they found a better rate for our loan, and invited us back in to sign a new contract.

To summarize....The salesman gave us a GREAT deal on the car we wanted. The finance manager worked out an UNBEATABLE deal for our loan, going above and beyond by finding us an even better rate than we had originally agreed to. They've been great about following-up to ensure our satisfaction. And if all that wasn't enough: FREE OIL CHANGES as long as we own our new car - and this isn't something they just did for us, I think they do this for everyone who buys a new car from them.

I don't consider myself an overly generous reviewer, I don't give 5 stars easily, but these guys are as close as you can get with regards to a new car buying experience (and I have been through the process nearly a half dozen times). I'll give them 4 stars for now, and follow-up with an update and review their service department after I drop off the new Equinox for the first of many free oil changes. :)

Amy B. | 2010-10-26

If i could give this dealer less than 1 star I definitely would! This was the most rediculous experience I've had. I went in looking for a used equinox and was ready to make an offer till the salesman said the price wasn't budging. So we decided to look at a new equinox thinking we'd have more wiggle room. Well the salesmen were more concerned with their commission than with the fact that I didn't like the color or the options the veh had. They kept saying well I need to cover my commission in the price of the car, and I won't be making any profit here. My husband and I finally left only to get a call a few hours later from the internet sales person saying that he had found the color vehicle with the options we wanted (which should have been about $600 less) for $400 less than the other veh we had looked at. My husband told them that wasn't a good deal and the salesmen hung up on him! Way to make a deal Felix! I'll never shop here again!

John W. | 2010-07-29


It should be obvious to anyone with a bit of logic that the google reviews for this car dealership are crafted by the very hands of the individuals WORKING FOR FELIX.My favorite bogus review is the following. The lack of attention to detail is incredible:
"Wow keep it simple they do..."
By Steve on Jun 3rd of 2010.
[...]Thanks Steve and his Sales Staff for such a great sales experience it was Awesome.. See you soon when I am ready for my first service David D.
Google says it is "By Steve" and yet the review is praising "Steve" and "his Sales Staff" for their hard work. The review is then signed "David D." So the cut and dry is this guy Steve, wrote a positive review - about himself, signing it with a fake name, without realizing that Google adds your name anyways - Next time Steve, use another email address where the name on the account ISN'T YOUR OWN NAME. How do you get rid of bad reviews? Write a bunch of super-positive fake ones. At least enough so you can push the other ones back a few pages! Just look for yourself! 3 EXCELLENT reviews followed by.. a ton of horrible ones. Hmm. Go on, take a look at all those 1-2 star reviews! Now in fairness for the sake of quality, let's review Felix in regards to my experience with them.

1. The sales staff have no idea about the cars they are even selling. I suppose in fairness it would be very hard to learn everything about every car you sell - until you consider THAT IS YOUR JOB. That is all you do. ALL YOU DO. You tell me why I should buy the car, what is neat and dandy about it, and then get a commission when I sign on the dotted line.

2. Old Computer systems. For a modern day car dealership their computers and systems were extremely outdated. Not like, a little old, like unacceptably old.

3. Hurry up and wait, an old Army saying - and it truly comes to shine with Felix. Cancel any plans you may have had for the next few days because you AREN'T GOING ANYWHERE.
I was the only, and I mean ONLY customer there - and yet I was told I had to wait for finance service because "they were busy with other customer's information". Excuse me? And where are all these other customers? NOT HERE THAT IS FOR SURE. Felix, without giving you too many good tips for how to handle yourselves as a professional car dealership - if the customer is there, in person, they get priority. My wait time wasn't 30 minutes; it was 3 hours - without even the slightest note of exaggeration in my words, 3 long grueling hours. During which they continued to sheep herd us back and forth to their "TV" room. This was just a half-assed room with two couches and a TV. I would leave the room to walk around, and then get sheep herded back.

4. "I don't know your business, but I know mine" is not an excuse to intentionally mislead someone. Joseph the sales manager working at Felix was an excellent individual. Completely in fact, excellent at achieving nothing more than annoying speeches about how many customers love doing business with them and about how much of a land mark Felix Chevy was. He stated that 90% of his customers were happy so any discontent I was feeling was an outlier in their typical "happiness-statistics". I bet. All these other negative reviews must be that 10% right Joseph? SURE. Do not waste your time talking to Joseph, when push comes to shove, he has absolutely no authority outside of pestering the sales staff. He pretends to understand the situation and prescribes his advice - which amounts to nothing, because he has no authority to do ANYTHING. He runs into the other room or paces around inside and out calling his "controller" to find out what the REAL DEAL is.

The entire operation was amateur, completely shady and generally horrific. I will never buy another vehicles from them, I wouldn't even recommend them to someone I hated! It would be cruel and unusual punishment!  DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.

J M. | 2010-07-20

These people are horrible and unprofessional!

My mechanic wasn't sure what was wrong w/ my truck so he had it taken here for a second opinion.  I waited over a week before I had heard anything and when I finally called them...they told me they were waiting on me to give them the "ok" to check out my truck when I had done that a week ago!
So they get the "go ahead" to run the diagnostic and I wait a few more days and still hear nothing from them.  I call them and the guy on the phone said that my truck was ready.  Then all of a sudden he said "oh wait..its not..!".
I told him..."how do you know what truck is mine when I haven't given you my name?"
These people here are so unprofessional.
I got fed up with these peopel that I decided to get my truck and take it to another shop.  When I went to get my truck, the front license plate was bent and scratched.
I asked them if my truck was towed and they said "no".  I asked them how the license got bent and scratched and they couldn't give me an answer.
( I got the managers name and number  to complain about this b/s)

As I was there...a mother/daughter pair was in there complaining about the service to their car as well.

These people straight up suck !!!!!!!!!!!

Note* I have a friend who had taken her truck here and they didn't do anything to it.  It sat for a week in their shop w/o being touched.

Awful service.

Needless to say..I got my truck out of there and took it somewhere else!

John L. | 2010-04-17

The service department is used as an oxymoron here.  There is no service.  Also I had stuff stolen from my car. I let the general manager, Kenny Tang, know about this.  I didn't ask him for any compensation, just told him that I wanted him to know about what happened and that he should check into this and prevent this from happening again.  Response was this never happens at Felix (so I'm basically making the stuff up) and no apology.  Stupid shit.  Go spend your money somewhere else.  Otherwise, it will just get stolen at Felix.

Joanna P. | 2010-02-25

My family loves Cadillacs. No my father isn't a 80-year-old grandfather but he has this obsession with Cadillac. I had a Cadillac for my first car and my father is on his 4th one or so. We used to always take our cars to Lou Ehlers Cadillac on Wilshire and the service was exceptional. Everyone was friendly and the service was great. Unfortunately, Lou Ehlers moved to Long Beach and that's a bit of a drive for us so we have to take our car to Felix.

Well, my father had some issues with his car and he took it here twice and both times, it was horrible. They made him wait HOURS. No, I'm NOT being sarcastic. They literally made him wait hours saying they had the parts and then SURPRISE, after he wasted all that time, they told him they didn't have the parts and that he had to come back. Really? You couldn't figure this out within the FIRST HOUR? The second time he went back, they refused to give him a rental and claimed that the service would take only 1 1/2 hours. My father was scheduled to go out of town so he left it and took another car. About 6 hours later, they called him to tell him the car was fixed. Wasn't the car supposed to be fixed in 1 1/2 hours?

It's just disappointing to see a dealership who doesn't know how to treat their customers well. My father is so mad that he's thinking about selling his Cadillac. If you need to take your Cadillac or other GM car in to get serviced, avoid Felix.

Cheri. A G. | 2010-02-07

I came here to look at Cadillacs but they only had a couple sedans.

Apparently they are no longer going to sell Cadillacs any longer just Chevy's.

Andrew B. | 2010-01-11

I had to do with these guys...poor service and continuing rip-offs. I guess they are selling so many cars they actually do not need customers anymore!

Waterdog B. | 2009-03-14

WINNER of the ASSHAT of the month award... FELIX CHEVROLET CADILLAC.

Talk about a bunch of scumbags...

Lets first start with a picture of their sales department:
"Hi, do you have a Cadillac CTSV that we can test drive"
"We had four, just sold one, now we have 3"
"Great, we'll be there in 5 minutes for a test drive"
"Sorry, we can't allow a test drive until after you have paid for the vehicle."

--- You A*holes.  You Suck.  We were test driving $100,000 Mercedes E63 AMG's yesterday, BMW M5's the day before, but we can't test drive the Cadillac CTSV ????  What do we need a mustache and a pedophile license to test drive a cadillac?  Or do we need to agree to the financial terms of a vehicle that might be a huge POS?

So we called the manager.  His name is JOSE.  Or maybe we should call him, JOSE"no".  Cause even that ASSHAT wouldn't agree to allowing us to test drive the vehicle without first negotiating the terms of the purchase..

-- Now for those of you that don't understand much about car purchase, lease situations, let me be the first to tell you, this is the clearest way a dealership can try to rip you off.  It's the perverbal equivalent of going to buy a house and the seller asks you, HOW MUCH CAN YOU AFFORD TO PAY FOR IT? - cause that will be our sale price, assuming it's more than what I was going to ask.

I hope those mustache wearing, pedophile enticing, Cadillac douche's get what they deserve, a trip to the unemployment line..

YOU SUCK FELIX.....  And I hope everyone knows it.

Ted R. | 2009-01-04

I have mixed feelings about Felix Chevrolet.  Took my dad's '92 Corvette there just to get a new battery.  Pops fine azz Polo green motoring machine deserves better service than this...  Took them 30 minutes to even get me into the queue because the computer was down....  For some reason they couldn't talk to me until I was in the computer.  I had called ahead even, but it still took them hours to figure out that they couldn't get a friggin' battery until the next day.  Yeah, that gave me time to get a Fatburger and try Vieta Coffee down the street, but I didn't come here to explore the USC campus area.  So I'm giving the service department 1 star.  

Meanwhile, I've been lovin' the gigantic Felix neon sign since I was a wee one back in the 60's.  Loved the cartoon, always loved the sign!  I'm sure that it's a major part of why I became a neon artist year slater.  So I'll give the Felix sign 5 stars.

New car sales I won't rate - who cares?  Ain't nobody buying new cars in 2009...

So I'll average it out to 3 stars and call it a day.  But if they nuked the dealership and left the sign, I wouldn't complain.