European Auto House in Los Angeles, CA

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European Auto House offers luxury cars at incredible prices in Los Angeles, CA. We sell pre-owned vehicles from all top brands including Mercedes, BMW, Range Rover, Audi, and Porsche.

At European Auto House, we sell you the same cars as other dealerships - but at a much better price. We also offer the same extended warranties and financing as a luxury car dealership.

If you're in the market for that special luxury car you've always wanted, European Auto House is the business to call!


Established in 1985.

Our mission is to offer great service, reliable and dependable, economical cars and trucks, and super low affordable prices.

We are a licensed, bonded and fully insured, drug free company. The keys to our success have been, and will continue to be, representing quality products in state of the art facilities while treating ALL customers and employees with courtesy, honesty and respect. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

European Auto House

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(310) 839-6400
Address:1910 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90034
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Sunday: 10:30 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on European Auto House

Jess H. | 2015-02-09

I enjoyed working with Michael and Vaughn. I ultimately did not buy from them because I found a car I liked better at another place, but appreciated their customer service.

They let me test drive the car (though it barely had any gas so I was worried about running out) and were patient with my questions and concerns. They were willing to work with me on the price to make a good deal. They kept in touch in the ways I requested and were open in their communication to me.

The car itself was amazing and in great condition. I didn't look too closely at the others on the lot, but upon quick glance, they seemed to be in great condition too.

Evanswinda V. | 2015-01-17

Wonderful service.

We had purchased three cars from this dealership.
S500, CLK350 and SLK350.
And it has always been a good experience.

The service was excellent.  Thank you to Von and Michael.

Pepe and Evans
Vinky and Kassia

Janet R. | 2014-12-09

I was going to buy a car from here but, Michael is not the most honest guy. He will take advantage if you let him. I came in with my own bank to finance me, and I believe that was a problem because maybe they make more money off of financing you. His attitude and personality has a lot to be desired. Maybe the owner will see this and know who he has running his business.

pershaonda t. | 2014-12-08

I Gave 5 Stars for 5Star service! I seen a Mercedes S-550 online and my husband and I Flew to LA from the Bay Area to purchase this Fine Automobile. We test drove it and we were in Love! Interior and exterior made us feel As if it was Brand New! Special thanks to Micheal and Von for there Pristine Service!!  Yes I would for sure Recommend anyone to European Auto House!

Sei S. | 2014-08-12

Great experience! Got a great deal on a 08 range rover low miles! We came in just for a test drive and ended up buying, financing was a breeze too!

Kylie A. | 2014-08-03

These guys were extremely helpful. I got a great deal on a Range Rover and love it! Quick and easy transaction. Would highly recommend getting a great car from here!

Dean R. | 2014-07-11

Nothing but good things to say about my experience.  Smoothest car purchase I've ever had from test drive to drive off.

Shalamar K. | 2014-07-08

Amazing place to go if you are looking to purchase a luxurious car at a very reasonable price!  My husband and I purchased a BMW recently and we are absolutely in love with this car! Michael and his team are absolutely phenomenal! They went above and beyond our expectations to make sure that we were well taken care of even after we purchased the car and has been helpful through the few months that we have owned the car. Definitely very caring for their customers in making sure they are satisfied with their vehicle. Thank you European Auto House!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie B. | 2014-05-15

Michael at European Autohouse has gone above and beyond to make sure we're happy with our car purchases. He has given us not only incredible deals on both Range Rovers we purchased from him..but has literally looked out for us and taken care of even the smallest issues immediately. I wish there were more stars to give..Michael and his team would get a 10 star rating from us! A few months ago we purchased another vehicle from Michael..he had our paperwork ready to go when we arrived and the Range Rover freshly detailed inside and ended up getting our monthly payment way down! He's amazing..he will truly treat you like a VIP! THANK YOU MICHAEL AND THE TEAM AT EUROPEAN AUTOHOUSE!

Peter A. | 2014-01-26

I purchased a car from Europeanautohouse a couple of years ago and want to share some of my observations and recommendations.  First of all, make sure to thoroughly check the car before you buy. I was mislead that the NAV system worked when it did not. They said all that was needed was the CDROM which was with the bank when in fact they had it in the office. This was used as a ruse to stop me finding out the NAV system was defective. Then they said they still didn't have it when I picked up the car. I should have delayed purchasing the vehicle but I unfortunately went ahead. When I finally got the CDROM from them it was clear why they delayed giving it to me.  They then stalled attempting to fix it - and surprise surprise they never did. Also, they assured me the previous owner was a non-smoker. Since I purchased the car in December I believed them. On the first hot day the car started to smell like an ash-tray. They initially overstated the sales tax which was reduced when I challenged them.
So be careful dealing with these guys - they sell cars for living and know all the tricks of the trade.

Jim P. | 2013-11-07

Michael, made my car buying experience very easy.  I flew in from Denver and he sent someone to the airport to pick me up and bring me to the dealership.  The car I was looking for was cleaned and filled with gas.  The experience was professional, fast and I picked up a great car at a good price.  The only problem was, they had so many nice cars, I almost changed my mind and bought something else.

Beau B. | 2013-08-30

I bought a 6-series BMW from European Auto House for my wife.  The entire buying experience was fantastic, very professional, and I'm super happy with the service I received from Michael.   He got me a great deal and I couldn't be happier.  My wife loves the car!  
PS...all the cars are super clean here.  The used cars are turnkey like a new car.  They take the time to make the vehicles look brand new.   I will definitely be back to buy again.

Sara G. | 2013-06-09

After months of shopping around I was suggested to go to European Auto House..I  ended up purchasing a 2010 black BMW  and was very satisfied. Michael was very helpful, honest and gave me a great deal. I suggest you check them out!

Jeff M. | 2013-06-04

I purchased my Bentley Continental GT from Michael about a month ago. He took my BMW 6 Series in trade and gave me an excellent trade value. They have followed up numerous times to make sure I am happy with my new car.

Thanks to everyone at European Auto House.

Jacquie N. | 2013-05-30

I purchased my Mercedes Kompressor from Michael back in 2008 & 5 years later, I  still could not be more thrilled with the car. The service was extraordinary. I never felt pressured,  and I left with a fantastic car at a fair price.
Thank you for your superior service.

Jason L. | 2013-05-26

My name is jw lyscott i recently purchased a 2007 mercedes benz from the above establisment and i have to say it was a life changing experience both class and service , timing was great as well as four star customer service no hassle ...I am definitely recommending this buisness to friends and relatives thanks E A H your staff is great......

Damian W. | 2013-05-24

Typical sleazy used car dealership (or should I say "Stealership"). As has been previously addressed by others, MIchael is a liar. I was trying to buy a Porsche Cayenne, and I noticed that the button that opens the glass on the tail gate didn't work, and he tells me (with a straight face) that it's not supposed to open anything. Yeah, right! Porsche installed a button on the driver's door, that has a picture of an open tail gate, yet does nothing. He looked me right in the eyes, and lied to me! I felt like asking "Do you think I'm stupid?" but I kinda liked the car, so I held my tongue. In addition to that problem, the tail light was also broken, to which he responded "That's only going to cost about $200 to fix, so I'll take $200 off the price of the car." Go to , and see what a tail light for a 2004 Porsche Cayenne costs; it's actually over $400 (with shipping, and tax). In the end, I told him the price I would pay, and he wouldn't budge off the offered price, minus the $200. He said that he had to "call to get permission" from someone to even get the $200 off, but when I told him to call back and ask for the $500 off that I was asking for, he refused to do it. I actually felt good walking away from the deal; at least they didn't get any of my money.

Don't walk, RUN away from this "Stealership".

Meghan J. | 2013-01-22

I am shocked to hear what another reviewer has written about tis dealership. Not only did Michael work with me to get me in the car I wanted 2009 Range Rover Sport but he pulled the Car Fax went over everything with me and followed up with me to thank me. I already sent my friend in to get a car from him. Thanks for the wonderful experience:)

Modern M. | 2012-12-11

Lots of SMILES when you are signing the contract. but, when you have a problem with the car they make you feel like you've stolen something from them.

I agree with the last reviewer about MICHAEL- He is a smooth talker when he wants your business but treats you like crap when you need repairs done. HE DOES NOT HAVE YOUR BEST INTEREST IN HEART. I PROMISE!.


I purchased a 2004 Mercedes-Benz and in less then two weeks the car stalled on me on Santa Monica blvd, It was really scary! All I can think about was this car was a LEMON! THEY CHARGED ME TO REPLACE THE CRANK-SHANK ($430) and his excuse was that it was fine when you drove it off the lot. (Red-Flag) Not to mention the Sunroof was not working when I purchased it. I was VERY CONCERN about buying a Mercedes with a Panorama Sunroof not working but Michael and the salesperson assured me that they will fix it! No cost! and in a timely manner.
(Not true)

So I finally took my car back to get the Panorama Sunroof fixed. They had the car for almost a month. (More then enough time to replace or fix it) So I was near the area and I decided to drop by without calling thinking my car will be ready? The driver seat, passenger seat, back seats, floor pads and the upper interior had oil spots from their amateur mechanics. It looked like a crime scene. The Panorama Sunroof was still NOT FIXED!!  I decided to drive it home anyways with the oil spots  because I needed my car that night and I couldn't wait another day.

I have spent over $1,000 in repairs $300 Car Interior Detailing and my Panorama Sunroof is still NOT FIX!!  Mercedes-Benz of Beverly Hills says It's probably going to cost me over $1,500 to fix.  I will NEVER buy a car from a MAMA & PAPA dealership again. I don't care how nice the OWNER is. I will never go back to him for repairs!

His cars are not up to par and are not ready to sell. I also just replace the fuel pump at another mechanic shop and that cost me another $540+$120 Towing Fee.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE! And to think I bought the whole staff a dozen donuts for their service on the first day I bought the car. damn, do  I feel like an idiot!

is where he gets most of the cars repairs and check out there reviews.
Also a nightmare!

Jon D. | 2012-08-04

We bought are 2007 328i convertable in May and we couldn't be happier with the purchase and the customer service that they provided.  Andy was awesome and made the sale as pain free as I have ever experienced while buying a car. He even set up the financing and had us pre approved before we arrived. I will definitely buy another car from Euopean Auto House. Sean Riley

Jacqueline M. | 2012-03-05

First of all we have never felt we wanted to give a review on any car dealership until we went here. The best experience we have ever had purchasing a new or used car. They are very honest and informative about the vehicles they are selling, we got a great deal on a very nice 09 CLK 350 MB with low miles still under full warranty and a extended warranty!  Very nice comfortable atmosphere used car dealership, all the cars are beautiful and in excellent condition, no pressure sales, professional  courteous sales men and customer service. We were taken care with any question or detail that we had asked for right away,even after you drive away with your car every detail or promise is addressed, we would highly recommend this company to anyone.  Michael, Von and Andy made us feel comfortable and well taken care from the minute we walked up to the time we drove off in our beautiful car. Don't go any where else until you see these guys first, it is the best deal you can get on a used Mercedes, every car on the lot is in beautiful condition, its almost hard to choose depending on your budget, and above all the best customer service, we literally felt we made a friendship with these guys, how often can you say that about a car dealership?
We will definitely go back in the future.
Thank You Guys for making this one of easiest and best car buying experiences ever!
I Love my car!!

Patricia A. | 2012-01-03

European Auto House.  I bought a C class Mercedes, they were pushy in getting me to buy it, as soon as I signed the contract they went from being super nice to a " let me move on to the next customer" attitude.  I started having problems with the car weeks after driving it off the lot (car was sluggish, smoking from the tail pipe), etc. I called to see what they could do to help the situation and spoke with Michael who sent me to the auto shop they use. I walked out of the auto shop with a $375 bill and with the answer that nothing was wrong with the car.  The car kept stalling and having other problems.  Michael tried putting the problem back on me saying that all the problems were to be expected since it was a used car and maybe I wasn't giving it maintenance/oil changes.  The car was bad from day one and I had given it maintenance. I offered to take another car from them out of desperation if they could find me a good one.  He stalled for months and when I'd call to follow up he was short, abrupt, rude trying to make me go away.   A year after trying to get the problem fixed I finally gave up. I would "NEVER" buy from this dealership again. When things go wrong they're not there for you.  What a nightmare!

Ryan C. | 2011-09-18

Okay... I know a "straight-shooter" when I meet one (or three) and that's what you get with Michael, Von, and Andy at the European Auto House.  I've been in sales for over 12 years.  These cars with their low price tags sell themselves.  Truly.  

Expect these gentlemen to look you in the eye and say..."Okay (your name here), I'm about to tell you EXACTLY what we know about this vehicle."  I took the 2004 Volvo C70 I was interested in to my trusted mechanic of over 8 years (yes, EAH has nothing to hide) and my mechanic told me VERBATIM what Michael told me.  This was refreshing and made me feel lucky that I was dealing with good people.

Aside from being really nice guys with great personalities, these guys know what it means to run a high-caliber business.  You feel that your interests are at heart at EAH and with their superb access to financing at great rates, they will literally have you on the road with your new car in  under 45 minutes!! No waiting 4+ hours for paperwork to be done here (thanks Andy!)

I appreciate good business when I see it and European Auto House will give you a luxury car at an extremely competitive price.  Period.

Thank you, boys!  I couldn't be happier with my purchase!

David S. | 2011-08-14

Very courteous, showed me a free Carfax report, worked with me on financing. I have had horrible used car experiences (certain Swedish dealer in Culver City)  but this one as good

L K. | 2011-01-30

These guys are pushy and wouldn't even attempt to finance my purchase, run my credit or anything. I was shocked. No reasoning, I guess I must've looked like a dumb female. They kept trying to make me purchase some crap car that was much older than the car I have now. Complete morons.

Jackie N. | 2010-11-15

I had already done my online research and knew the parameters of the car I wanted. I was trading in a recently purchased 2004 CLK 500 that was in much rougher condition than I had realized at the time of purchase from a private party. I had a pretty good idea of the trade in value and was prepared to take the loss. They were more generous than they needed to be.

The entire experience was one of ease. No pressure. I test drove the car twice. Once we shook on the deal, the paperwork was quick. I left with a great car I won't have to worry about for a long time that I am absolutely in love with and the knowledge that the price was more than fair. Generously so.

If you are in the market for a used car in great shape that is within their inventory, I highly recommend them as the place you go. Chances are, you will then happily spend the rest of day driving your new-to-you beauty.

Cameron, Andy and Mike - thanks for my best car purchase experience ever!

Looch M. | 2010-08-29

The two gentlemen who helped us out were incredibly nice! You will not run into the sleezy type of used car people here. Very respectable dealership. They had the sickest lambo there. We bought my sister a car (acura tl) in great shape. I would definitely recommend this place, especially if you are looking for a Mercedes or BMW ! Maybe one day ill go back for the lambo!

Anna S. | 2009-08-13

Definitely in the hood and on a busy street near Kaiser Cadillac.
Don't worry though cuz that's where you get deals! It is a small dealership next to a bigger one next door, but this place  has some good cars for low prices.

I was going to buy an Acura TL but changed my mind. Some of the paint had too many knicks for my taste, but other people may have not minded because the price more than compensated for the high mileage and minor blemishes. The salesman, Andy Tan was nice and not too pushy. Most of their cars are purchased at auctions I think, so you might want to get a mechanic to check out the car prior to sale. My impression though, was that they were not a shady dealership.

Tristan C. | 2008-08-08

I bought a few cars from this dealership. The manager is pretty cool, he get it done with like minimal money down, the two cars i bought, i only need like $1000 down and both of them mercedes benz, so yah, if you looking to get a luxury car for cheap price, go find the internet manager, he'll hook you up.