Epic Auto Leasing and Sales in Los Angeles, CA

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Epic Auto Leasing & Sales is your premier spot for all new car leases and purchases from an auto broker from the Los Angeles area including but not limited to Glendale, Burbank, Tujunga, Sunland, Hollywood, Pasadena, San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley, and the greater Los Angeles region!

Our specialty is making YOU feel comfortable by taking out the bad "car salesman" mentality and replacing it with a stress-free, relaxed, comfortable environment by giving you the best auto lease deals on your car of choice.

We will offer very competitive prices on your next new short term car lease. Instead of going to a new car dealer, we help you out by negotiating the price based on your criteria.

We've had people go to a used car dealership and when they found out we offer a better price on a new car, they turn right back around to come to us so they avoid all car hassles and haggles. Warranties are provided by the manufacturer.

If you have never heard of Auto Brokers or ever done a car lease, please call us so we discuss the process. Even if you don't buy from us, you can call us for any advice on leasing or purchasing a new car.

Epic Auto Leasing & Sales will love to sit down with you to talk to you about your current lease. We can talk about how you can use your current vehicle as an incentive to get a rebate on your new car! We will answer any and all questions you may have whether its regarding your old lease, new lease, gap coverage, financing, warranty, and down payment


Established in 2014.

Started in 2014, Epic Auto Leasing and Sales Inc. has a distinct value that separates us from the rest and makes us the best, which is our customer service. With over 6 years in the business of leasing and selling cars, Raffi has made connections with dealers to give you the best possible price.We work with dealerships from all over, using multiple dealers to get the best price on your monthly payments. We have done leases or purchases on BMW, Mercedes Benz, Infiniti, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Audi, Jeep, Honda, Acura, Jaguar, Hyundai, Subaru, Toyota, Buick, Porsche, Mazda, Fiat, Land Rover, Range Rover, Lexus, Mini Cooper, Ford, Dodge, Volkswagen, Maserati, Cadillac, Kia, and Volvo. We do sedans, coupes, SUVs, cars, convertibles, and trucks!

Epic Auto Leasing and Sales

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(818) 875-0798
Address:7502 Foothill Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 91042
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Epic Auto Leasing and Sales

Leonardo M. | 2015-04-14

Just leased a new 2015 Honda Pilot and my experience far exceeded my expectations. I was referred to Epic by a friend, after I explained to him that my wife and I had gone to the dealership that weekend and found it to be frustrating and high pressure as usual.

At Epic I was taken care of by Raffi he made finding the car we were looking for easy right down to the color, the pricing was exceptional the quotes I received from the dealer were not even close to the what Raffi got me.

Best of all they made it easy to understand, this was that extra step that has made me a customer that looks forward to conducting more business with them for years to come. I will gladly refer my friends and family, that was the best thing my friend did for me.

shell l. | 2015-03-27

I cannot say enough good things about Epic Auto Leasing and Sales.  Their service far exceeded my expectations.  I had no stress at all in fact that was the most pleasing experience i have ever had buying a car.  Alex an Raffik went well above and behind to find me the car of my dreams.  They walked me through the process and did not waste any time on nonsense.  All the negotiations and stress they took care of.  They came highly recommended to me and i can see why.  Not only are they knowledgable and handle business but their personal touch to me getting the car i want at the price i wanted made quite the impression on me.  Please check these guys out if you are looking for a vehicle.  Thanks Raffik and Alex!

Armen G. | 2015-03-11

Ok so i made the deal i am not gonna disclose numbers but i leased my new car today and Alex probably made very little money in this deal.  I can tell you without him i would have never got the deal i got from Keys Lexus.  I will never go into a dealership on my own.  I will always call Alex and ask him to do what he can.  He saved me thousands of dollars and was so honest.  He works really hard on a deal and these days with some many brokers its very tuff to find one like him.

Ann G. | 2015-03-01

Great place to lease any car. I definitely recommend going here for your next car. I wanted to lease a car, Raffi got me the best deal and had the car the same day. This had to be the best car shopping experience I have had. They don't waste your time with idiotic numbers. they get straight to the point and have excellent customer service.

Te N. | 2015-02-16

I recently leased my 328i from Rafik and I can not emphasize on how convenient and professionally everything was handled. My car was ready to be picked up only a few days after I had called. The price I was given was definitely unbeatable! He took care of EVERYTHING & all I needed to do was sign a few papers.  Might I add on, I had no clue my car was ready. I thought I was walking in to only sign papers and have a test drive because they had pulled out a "similar" car to the one I wanted. Little did I know as I walked towards the car to give it a test drive I was handed the keys to my brand new car.  Not the first car being leased from Rafik and definitely not the last! Thank you Rafik for my new car!!

Alina M. | 2015-01-22

I had the best experience getting my car from Epic Auto. Very professional and friendly. They listened to all my requests and found me the exact car I wanted very quickly. I really got an amazing deal. The best part- because of my hectic schedule, they dropped my car off at my work place! No gimmicks, no sales pitch- just trustworthy people willing and ready to help you find the car you are looking for.
Epic Auto is best auto lease broker in the Glendale/Tujunga area by far! I highly recommend them to all my family and friends.

Melody A. | 2015-01-07

If you're looking to buy or lease a car, this is the place to go! I was looking to lease my first car, and not knowing much about the process, Raffi was the greatest help.  He found deals that I would never be able to find from any dealership.  Raffi was able to find me exactly what I was looking for.  Excellent customer service, very patient and understanding, and I couldn't be more satisfied! I've recommended him to all my friends and family, and I will definitely go back to him in the future.  Thank you Raffi for all your help!!

Ingå B. | 2014-12-30

Yup Raffi previously with IMX is here now! We have gotten 3 cars from him already and don't even bother to shop around. If fam or friends or us need a car,  we just give him a call and he will find the best deal on the car your want. I got my Tiguan from him last year and just today we went in and got a brand new 2015 Jetta for my mother in law. Very happy with the service and we will be coming back here for all our car needs.

Paul H. | 2014-12-30

Talk about excellent customer service!!!! I'm beyond satisfied with my experience at Epic Auto Leasing and Sales. Rafik was very patient, answered all my questions and is very knowledgeable. I leased my Honda after a month of searching for a car and going from one dealer to the next. You can't beat the prices here at Epic Auto! If you're  looking to lease or buy a car I suggest you go see Rafik at Epic Auto. Thanks Rafik, couldn't be more satisfied!!

Rebecca A. | 2014-12-16

I just leased a 2015 Acura ILX 2.4L from Epic Auto Sales & Leasing and the service was far beyond what I have experienced anywhere else. Quick and to the point. They did not create any stress or problems. Alex answered all the questions I had and even told me what to watch out for, before giving the car back.

I always leased straight from the dealer which always gave me a headache anytime I thought about entering the dealership. Time consuming and stressful. Brokers are completely different and I love that I took that route this time!

There's no question about whether I would recommend anyone else to Alex at Epic Auto Leasing.

D S. | 2014-12-16

I just leased a new 2015 Toyota Camry SE and it could not have been any easier. No waiting at the dealer, no negotiations on my part, and no wasting time!

We were referred to Epic Auto Leasing from a friend so I called and asked for a few prices. They were much better than a few other places I called so I scheduled an appointment for the next day. I was too tired of dealerships, being dragged around and wasting time on stupid "negotiations" that weren't going anywhere. I went in the next day, asked prices and they assured me this is the final out the door price with tax ONLY if my credit  was good, which it is. I did the credit application, asked a few questions and was in and out of the office in less than 30 minutes.

Next day, they called us from Epic Auto and told us we had been approved and with our last OK, the car would be delivered the same day as the approval. I said Of course and within four hours I got a call that my car was at Epic Auto waiting for me! I was so excited!! We went in, did the last of the paperwork, and again I was in and out with my new car in less than 30 minutes. They explained everything thoroughly and even gave us a run down of the cars technology, maintenace, and other how-to's.

After a few days, they even called us to follow up and see if everything was going good.

Communication: 5/5
Clarity: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Follow-up: 5/5

Overall, I'm extremely happy with my new Camry purchase. I have already referred a relative to them and so far they told us Epic Auto Leasing is the best place they have been too.

Thank you Epic!!

Armen A. | 2014-12-15

Went to Epic Auto & Leasing in Tujunga last month and they gave me a price that was unbeatable from the competition but
still over my budget. on December 5th, Rafi called me to tell me prices have changed and there was a special on Lexus which made this months special so much better than last months.

I had heard many people going to auto brokers, getting a really low ball price, and then the price hikes up
right before the customer wants to sign the papers. Rafik assured me this is the price I will be getting if
my credit and financial information was just like I explained to him.

We talked about what color I would like, filled out my credit application papers, left the office and the next
day I get a call from Rafik letting me know my car is already at his office waiting for me!

I could not have asked for a better and easier deal that would be done all stress-free.

Thank you Epic Auto Leasing! You guys are the best!!

Fred M. | 2014-12-11

We bought our first Mercedes Benz C250 from Rafik at Epic Auto. He was so helpful and professional. We literally got the car the next
day. Rafik took care of everything before we got there. All we had to do was sign a few papers and DONE! No
pushy salespeople, no car dealership anxiety, and he's a funny guy! He wastes absolutely no time as he knows this
industry inside and out.

If you are looking for a car lease in Los Angeles, Epic Auto is your one stop auto lease or purchase on any vehicle.

Stacy P. | 2014-12-07

Hands down the best way to lease or purchase a car. The owner will make sure you get the absolute best deal. He takes care of all the leg work and you do not have to haggle at the dealership. I leased a Lexus GS350 and I leased it for less than the dealership quoted me and they delivered the car. I will always get future cars from Epic as well. Great experience.

Stephanie P. | 2014-12-07

I want to start of by saying Epic Auto Leasing is the best place ever to buy or lease a car. The owner Rafik is such an amazing business man. He helped me and my family and made it possible for us all to get new cars. I highly recommend that everyone go and get a car from him.