Enterprise Car Sales in Los Angeles, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Enterprise Car Sales in Los Angeles, CA.

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Enterprise Car Sales

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(310) 398-2300
Address:11180 Lucerne Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90230
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Enterprise Car Sales

Kenesha M. | 2015-03-12

I visited the Enterprise at La Brea and Beverly on Valentines day 2015. During, my Valentine's festivities I decided to check out the Enterprise sales place that Khalia told me about. I had an appointment with Matthew and when my boyfriend, brother and I arrived he was ready for us. I told him my budget, what I wanted in a car and around what I wanted to pay a month. He showed me different cars on the lot that fit my price range. I wind up getting a car that day without having to put any money down. I got a Chevy Impala LTZ and i am truly in love with my car. I thank Matthew and Robert (the manager) for all of their time and help.

R. C. | 2015-03-04

I left with a great ride. Lee Smith is a great sales person, in my experience, he did an awesome great job of tailoring my car needs. Best finance purchase. It was smooth and easy, no hassle and the place is always clean and I definitely recommend it.

James B. | 2014-12-30

First off, I'm a tough grader, so four stars means I'm pretty impressed. My lender, Capital One Auto Finance, recommended Enterprise as one of their 'in-network' dealers. I trust Capital One and I have always had a favorable experience with Enterprise rentals so I checked out the Enterprise Car Sales website.

This branch had the make and model I was looking for (2014 Ford Taurus Limited), with all the options I was looking for, but it was the wrong color. I decided to pop in and take a look anyway, just to see what kind of condition the car was in and hoping I would fall in love with the color when I saw it in person. I walked into the office and was greeted by Henry Chan who quickly assessed my needs and showed me the car. It was exactly as advertised and in impeccable condition. Henry demonstrated the car and we went for a drive. As I expected, I loved the car... but not the color. When we got back from the test drive Henry went to his computer and found the car I was looking for at their Riverside, CA branch. He arranged for the car to be transferred to Culver City at no cost or obligation to me. We agreed to meet at 2pm the next day as the car was to arrive by noon.

I came in at 2 the next day, as agreed and the car was there just as described. Henry inspected the car with me, we went for a test drive and then we went over the car again. He seemed genuinely interested in making sure I was happy before we started the paperwork.

In the end, not only did they put me in the car I wanted, they even found a lender who offered me a better rate than Capital One (who put me there in the first place). I love a story with an ironic twist.

Lars K. | 2014-12-21

Terrible experience. We had heard Enterprise was hassle free with car sales, but it was all gamesmanship from the moment we walked in. We had an appointment to see a Fiat. And they sold it out from under us, which would have been fine if they told us that when we got there. Instead they kept us there for an hour spewing cheesy car salesman BS - the exact opposite of what we expected from Enterprise. They knew we wanted to see the fiat, but they just didn't want us to leave. They led us on, making us think we'd be taking a look at the fiat. But when it came time to test drive, they showed us to a Ford Focus. And then played dumb.

If you want a real no hassle car buying experience, go to Carmax. Skip this place. They may not get commission, but they're a nest of liars anyway.

Tina M. | 2014-06-28

After going thru the song and dance with other dealerships I came into Enterprise and was so pleasantly surprised by my experience. Cedric helped me and he is just the bees knees. He found me a car in my price range with the specs I wanted and didn't once try to talk me into anything I didn't want or need. John was great and walked me thru the financial end easily and answered all of my questions. I walked out with the perfect car for me.

I'm going to recommend Enterprise to anyone I know who wants a hassle free experience. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my car!

Thank you Cedric and John!!

Evgeni T. | 2014-04-25

I got a call from Travis Walker, the Area Car Sales Manager and I feel that my concerns were addressed now and quite bold action taken to avoid this kind of disappointing  experience for Enterprise customers from happening again. This restored my faith in the company with which other divisions I had a great previous experience. Thanks!

Roxanne S. | 2014-04-24

Roxanne S.

I'd like to express how I became very disappointed with the Enterprise Culver City Sales Office.  Initially I experienced wonderful customer service for over 15 years whenever I rented a car from Enterprise, however, my one week experience with Enterprise Car Sales will make me reconsider using Enterprise Rental services in the future.  It is unfortunate, that the management at the Culver City Sales office does not realize the affects of poor customer service on the entire organization.  I believe the founder of Enterprise Rent A Car, Jack Taylor, who started the business on a set of core values of honesty, integrity and team work that he learned in the military.  His experience in the military was so valuable he named the company  after the warship USS Enterprise.  He started the company with the notion of renting to the locals.  

My most recent experience with Enterprise Car Sales approximately a week ago left me dissatisfied and disappointed.  My appointment with Account Executive Matthew,
began with him writing down my car preferences.  None of my preferences were on the Culver lot so one was located in Pasadena.  I paid a $200 transfer deposit to have it delivered to the Culver lot.  When the car arrived I test drove it with the Asst. manager John because Matthew was not there.  Upon test driving the black Nissan Versa Hatchback there was a constant clicking sound that increased in volume as we backed out.  Of course I did not purchase that car.  Still not deterred we located another Nissan Versa Sedan in red located in Orange County.  A few days later I test drove the red sedan.  I decided to purchase this vehicle and signed a purchase agreement knowing that I had the option to return the vehicle within seven days.  The next day when driving the car to my local mechanic I heard a humming noise coming from the front of the hood.  The local mechanic thought there maybe a problem with the motor mount.  I took it back to the Culver sales lot, drove it again with John.  He thought it was just the normal sound of the car.  I still was not confident about this car and decided to take it to the closest Nissan dealer  service department.  Steve the service associate, had their mechanic ride with me to see if the sound was normal to the car.  The mechanic said the sound was not normal and kept the car for 3 days for a diagnosis.  Steve called to let me know it was the front wheel bearing and he would have to send for the part.  The part was put in place, however now the Abs light was on and they hadn't found the source. They wanted me to leave it a few more days to find out why the ABS light would not go off.  I then decided to throw in the towel and return it to the Culver lot and request a refund.  Robert, a sales manager, processed the paper work to have my deposit refunded. I was quite upset with all the problems I'd gone through that Robert could not provide me with a written verification that I would have my down payment refunded to me within 5 to 10 working days.  

In closing,  I hope by expressing my experience with Enterprise Car Sales will warn other customers to beware of receiving a car that is supposedly certified to be in excellent condition but it may not be as advertised.

Gary H. | 2014-03-30

We recently purchased our second car from the team here at Enterprise Car Sales and we really couldn't be any more impressed with their diverse inventory and stellar service.  Both experiences were top notch!

What I love most about this place is that what you see is what you get.  No pricing games or weird power dynamics here; such a refreshing change from most dealerships.  When we walked in, we actually felt like the staff was happy to see us again.  

Even though the dealership was pretty busy and they were a little understaffed that day, everyone that we worked with really took the time to listen to what we were saying and made sure that every one of our questions was answered.  I test-drove several cars and never felt rushed or pressured into making a decision before I was ready.

The finance process was pretty painless and in our case, they really went out of their way to get us the best deal possible.

Many, many thanks to Matthew, Robert, and the rest of the team at Enterprise for making this a great experience...again!  We hope we won't need another car for several years, but when we do, this is the first place we will visit!  If you are reading this and are in the market for a car, don't waste your time anywhere else.

Jennifer C. | 2014-02-20

Let me start off with, that Rob and John Lee are very friendly and helpful people. My mom bought a car last weekend and she is very happy. Rob asked us what we wanted in a car and he will pull out something that matches. And he actually did my mom went from a toyota too a honda.We stood their about 2 hours pass their time closed n they were patiently working with us. I recommend any one too come here. They will also work with your budget and credit.

D'arby R. | 2014-01-23


Rob Murchison, John Lee and Robert were all incredibly helpful and continuously gave me options that were in my price range (which was about $12k-$15k) while making sure it was a car that I could keep for years and enjoy :)

Although I started my hunt at Enterprise as well as ended it there, I searched around at other Los Angeles car dealerships to see what the competition was like. After a long couple of weeks of dealing with numerous crazy car salesman and overly pressuring yet rude finance guys, I decided to take it all back to Enterprise, where they still had more, and better, options of cars for me to look at.

I was in love with a Honda Civic, but couldn't find a good deal anywhere, but decided to settle for a 2012 Toyota Yaris with 39k miles on it (a little high for a recently manufactured and used rental car, but it was either pay a higher price with lower mileage or lower price and higher miles...I went for the latter). So far, almost a week into having the car, I love it.

Enterprise was easy to deal and communicate with. Rob, John and Robert rock and never once pressured me. Although they were really persistent with contacting me, in the end it was all worth it and I'm glad to know that I have Enterprise to have my back!

Thanks guys!

Jeff T. | 2014-01-18

Had an overall good experience with this team. I was in touch with Rob Murchison at this location about trading in my car because I heard about their deal where they give you the KBB value + $1000 on top, so I was very satisfied with what they offered me for my trade-in value.

I found a car that I liked and the overall trade-in/transaction process was smooth, thanks to Rob and John Lee.

However, the next day after I got my car, the engine light came on. This was obviously disappointing, so I took the car right back the next morning.

When I told them the situation, they absolutely took care of it in the most professional manner. They were apologetic and ensured me they would immediately get the car checked out and fixed, regardless of what it was, free of charge seeing as I was obviously under warranty. They gave me a sweet Dodge Challenger to drive around while they handled the situation, free of charge of course.

It took about two days for them to determine what was wrong with the car, and it really wasn't anything that major. However, I told them I'd feel a lot better if I could cancel the sale and just get something else instead. They absolutely understood, they helped me find a new car, didn't charge me any sort of fee for the change (rightfully), and I ended up finding something better and actually cheaper.

Overall I am very satisfied with the result of my experience, the key being that I could tell they were very eager to make sure I was happy with my purchase. I would absolutely recommend this location for those looking to do a trade-in.

DJ K. | 2013-09-28

I was referred to these guys by AAA. I was told that they could help me find a late model Volvo.  I spoke to Matt then Lee, and feel their customer service was sub-par. Every time I called to talk to a manager... He was busy.  The whole point was to find me a car that was not on the site, something in their fleet. I gave them nearly one week without getting a follow up.

This place is not helpful at all!!!

Heather R. | 2013-06-06

Travis, the regional manager, was referred to my case by the owner who responded to my review, and offered to pay for the amount I had incurred in replacing the tires.  That was a thoughtful gesture, and good business practice.  I also received my license plates in the mail today, as Enterprise had taken care of registering the car with the DMV.  I wanted to update my review to give those reading this an epilogue to my review.

Dahlia S. | 2013-03-09

I bought my most recent car here - it was recomended by AAA.  The people working here were all very friendly, they just don't know much about what they are selling.  I had to wait for the car I was interested in to arrive from another location - which wasn't a problem, except I was told it would arrive by Monday, but didn't until Friday. Everyday I called, I was told it would arrive that day, but it didn't.   This was a major hassel, as the reason I was looking for a car in the first place was because my last car was totalled in an accident, which left me carless.  If I would have known it would have been such a problem to work with these people, I would have done more research online and bought elsewhere.  Enterprise  advertises a no hassel price - yet the price I was shown by the salesman when I first visited this place was a different price than what I was told the car was by the person I signed the papers with. He said I was mistaken - but I took a picture of the car and price (what I was shown online) on my phone during the first visit!!
I truly thought this would be a good experience, but it wasn't.  You can put him in a decent suit and tie, teach him manners but the truth is and always will be: a car salesman is a car saleman - they are all the same - all negative connotations implied.

Drew B. | 2011-12-23

The guys at Enterprise Car Sales in Culver City are the best.  This is the second time I've bought a car here and each transaction was handling with professionalism and focused on the customer.

Tom R. and John F. worked really hard with me to get me the car that would work for my family.  

If you hate all the BS that goes with buying a car and you want a great deal then go to Enterprise Car Sales.

Ashley L. | 2011-06-18

I had been shopping around for a new car for quite some time. I had been to the dealerships, and was incredibly frustrated with the high pressure tactics that the employees were using. Even once I said that I was uncomfortable, the salesman kept pushing. I guess that's one of the downsides to being a woman and trying to make a large purchase.....

ANYWAY, my parents and grandparents suggested I look into Enterprise Car Sales as a way to go. My grandpa has been in the car sales industry for quite some time and I trust his opinion so I thought I would check it out. I called and was told that they were really busy, but I gave them my information and he called me back later in the day. I spoke with Ricky and we discussed some of the cars I was interested in and what I had seen online. He told me that they had some great cars for me to look at. Once we got there, he joked with us and I felt so comfortable with the whole staff. As buying a car is a lengthy process, we were there for a total of 4ish hours. They really let me take my time in talking out my decision, I went on a lengthy test drive, and even blasted the stereo and put my foot down on the pedal to see what kind of machine we were working with and he was helpful 100% along the way.

Throughout the process, people kept popping into the office and talking to us, making the whole experience incredibly pleasant. They even gave us donuts and milk!!! Such a great way to make my first car purchase, I felt comfortable, a personal connection, and DEFINITELY recommend giving these guys a try if you ever find yourself looking for a gently used vehicle.