Downtown LA Motors Mercedes Benz in Los Angeles, CA

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Come see the difference at DTLA Motors.  We are family owned and proud of our 43 year history in bringing the quality, safety and prestige associated with Mercedes-Benz to clients all over Southern California. In fact, since opening at our current location in 1970, we have delivered close to 70,000  new Mercedes-Benz vehicles and still counting!

Our vision of the future includes even further growth, with the prospect of completing a new state of the art facility in the not too distant horizon.  

Regardless of our size or volume of business, we have not forgotten that the main focus of our business is still our clients. We want you to feel like you are part of our family also and look forward to building long lasting relationships with each of our clients for many years to come.  Located in the heart of the city, we are a 15 minute drive from Carson, LAX, Santa Monica, Hollywood, West LA, Glendale, Pasadena and Beverly Hills.


Established in 1970.

Downtown LA Motors Mercedes-Benz is part of The Shammas Automotive Group. We are family-owned.  Our founder, Nicolas Shammas, started out refurbishing and selling cars in the 1930's at Fairfax High right here in Los Angeles.  He famously serviced cars for his teachers and principal at the time, and he literally married the girl next door - Jeanette.  In 1955 they purchased Felix Chevrolet which became the cornerstone of their future car dynasty. Shammas Automotive Group also includes Felix Chevrolet, Nissan of Downtown LA, Porsche of Downtown LA, Audi of Downtown LA, Volkswagen of Downtown LA, and Carson Nissan.

The Shammas family has maintained full ownership of the group ever since and has managed to elevate the organization to the heights of the industry in one of the most competitive automotive markets in the world.

Downtown LA Motors Mercedes Benz

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(213) 748-8951
Address:1801 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA, 90015
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Downtown LA Motors Mercedes Benz

Kim-E L. | 2015-04-23

This review is on their Sales Division

Pretty much their prices are inflated, and they are not willing to haggle. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

I was looking at a fully loaded CLA250. Their price $43,495. Then Mercedes of Laguna Niguel (MBLN) price: $41,490. MBLN gave me a final price of $38,000. Mercedes of DTLA motors still gave me the price of $43,495. You do the math.

Kevin W. | 2015-04-18

We didn't end up getting a vehicle from this dealership, but Habib provided us with excellent service. He was very patient, and very helpful throughout the process. He showed my girlfriend the ins and outs of the car, and explained different options, etc.

However, this dealership couldn't come down in price, which is out of Habib's control because that is a decision made by his managers, not him. Till the end, he was still very polite.

I would recommend my friends to this dealership, and I will also check them out again in the future when I am in the market for another Mercedes. Hopefully they can be more aggressive in pricing in the future.

My experience with this Mercedes dealership is much much better than the one where I ended up getting the vehicle, but the other dealership was significantly cheaper than the price Downtown Mercedes was offering.

Insurwide Insurance S. | 2015-04-09

I recently took my car in for maintenance and I was very pleased with my experience. Everyone was very helpful and made sure they answered all my questions. David, the manager of the Loaner department, was also very informative and helped to get me a service car in the meantime. Thank you to everyone at Downtown LA Motors!

Xyz X. | 2015-04-08

Came in and asked about a low oil light - the guy says "go to parts and buy a bottle" would think a top off half way on your next service wouldn't be an issue. This place sucks anal sphincter !!!!

Mokioo L. | 2015-04-07

Jaz is great!!! He showed me everything about the car and he gave me a great deal. I've never met a sales manager who would go above and beyond for their customers like Jaz did! We were there on a Wednesday afternoon and my mom didn't eat anything. Jaz even went out to get popcorn for her to eat when waiting for the finance department to prepare our paperwork! 5 stars!!!!:))

David R. | 2015-04-03

I am very pleased with my experience here at the mercedes dealer. By far the best and easiest buying experience I've had in all 3 of my dealer purchases. I usually only like to deal with a manager of some sort and it happened to be that Omar the fleet manager approached me. He respected the fact that I knew what I wanted and did not try to put me in a car that I did not want or one that I was gonna be able to afford. He had an answer for all my questions. He made me realize that the Benz I thought was so out of reach really wasn't! Definitely go see Omar or anyone at the dealer by that chance. Michael the finance manager was awesome too he got us in and out during a lunch period! I been giving his business card all week. Go see them this place is really great. I think I'm gonna switch all the vehicles at home to mercedes by the end of the year

Meron A. | 2015-03-16

Eric called a week later to see if everything was going smoothly. It nice to know he cared enough to do a follow up. Thanks Eric!

H E. | 2015-03-04

Even though I ended up not purchasing the maintenance agreement from Michael in Finance, I had to write a review.  From the moment I spoke with Michael I knew he was unique with regard to the automotive industry.  I had worked in the same field for over 10 years, and past experience with fellow F & I people was not always the best.  Well, that all changed with Michael who was very generous with his time even though it was month end, was honest with regard to pricing and what would be covered, and truly customer service oriented as he offered to assist me with any future questions or concerns.  If you are considering a MBZ dealership, give this one a look as Michael is exceptional, and hopefully a reflection of the other employees, as well. Thank you, Michael for an excellent experience!!  I will recommend friends and family to Downtown LA Motors because of YOU!

Engdu W. | 2015-03-03

Erik from service department is awesome.  He has very good customer service skill.  He is there to help.  A day after I was disappointed at MBZ of Calabasas, he took a great care of me.   I am very pleased with Erik's customer service and his willingness to assist.  In addition, he gave me great deal on the repair cost compared to what I was quoted at Calabasas.  More importantly, my experience at MBZ of DTLA was priceless. If you want a great experience, ask for Erik Dorsey.  
Thank You Erik!

Cory W. | 2015-02-25

I have been a customer for 8 years and have purchased 3 cars in that time. I have also referred friends and clients to Raj and his team and they have taken great care of everyone. Their new showroom is fantastic and state of the art and I will continue to use Downtown LA motors as they treat me like family.

Joel K. | 2015-02-20

This was a review that was a long time coming. It was a while ago, when I had my heart set on a m3 but wanted to try out a CLK just to see. I had never even been in a mercedes car before, and wanted to get a feel for it and take a drive. I was amazed at how  a driving experience can be affected so profoundly by a terrible salesman, which actually make me have a disdain for mercedes in general altogether. Every time I see a mercedes now I cringe because of my horrible experience at this dealership.

The salesman in question? Art. An older gentleman who has obviously had a lot of "experience" in the industry. Its amazing to me how most of these salesman that I come in contact to, being a young male and alone, marginalize me as a potential customer and show their obvious contempt for having to deal with me, who evidently in their opinion wouldn't ever come close to having money to purchase a 80-100k car. This is the reason why car salesmen have such a rotten reputation.

First of all, I'm asian so I definitely look younger than I am. Secondly, and more importantly, being in the service industry its always important to never marginalize any potential customers no matter their age, race, or other exterior characteristics. You never know who has money and doing your absolute best to every customer is the most important to running a successful business. Clearly Art's boss couldn't get through this point to him, or maybe its just the atmosphere that pervades in this dealership.

Either way, the experience was short and unpleasant. He was clearly set to sell me a C class, which was tiny and unremarkable. He wouldn't even let me test drive the CLK, saying that I needed to submit proof of income or some other BS which may or may not be true. Maybe there's a lot of joyriders in this area, but his attitude was what most struck me. Rather than sympathizing that this was the policy (if it was), he was haughty, disdainful, and aloof.

Thank you, Art. You've made my future car buying experiences simpler by knowing I'll never choose a mercedes.

Tae L. | 2015-02-10

Had excellent service from Erik, took care of my CLA250 and even expedited since I was waiting in the lounge.  Great guy, and surprisingly different experience from some of negative reviews here, but highly recommend Erik.

Jackie L. | 2015-02-01

Recently purchased a c class from Jaz over at the dealership and I've got to say, it was the most pleasant experience. I work in sales myself and was very pleased with how up front and direct he handled the transaction. Most sales people won't deal with you unless you're there at the dealership but I was able to communicate with him throughout the day via text while I was handling business and when I got to the dealership I test drove the car and was done with all my paperwork within an hour. I will def recommend my frds n family to purchase cars from him. Tip: He's a busy guy so please make an appointment with him first

Arlene L. | 2015-01-29

This review speaks to Neal Goldman, Fixed Operations Director at DTLA Mercedes Benz. However, let me first preface by saying that my experience with the service department has been superb over the past 10 years with the exception of a recent visit just last week.  With a [fairly] new service advisor and a dreadful Courtesy Vehicle Manager David Khachatryan whose title should include the prefix "Dis-," a simple management of a BAS/ESP light resulted in a 7-day ordeal.

Neal Goldman was generous with his time in resolving a minor matter. I found him to be not only gracious, knowledgeable and a consummate professional, he has a remarkably good sense of humor.  To wit, he epitomizes the MB gold standard and he alone deserves a J.D. Powers award.

Sam L. | 2015-01-28

good service...i got  my 2012 lease here for very cheap...~!!!

Chris E. | 2015-01-24

I worked with Scott to lease a new SUV and the experience was great. I spent a couple hours researching before hand what the market price for the vehicle was before going in, but I was surprised with how good a deal he gave us without being pressured to take the deal right away (none of that - "if you don't take it now the deal is off").

When we changed our mind about the SUV to a set of options he didn't have in stock he found a dealer trade and still gave us a great deal.

He really worked around our schedule and made signing and taking delivery very easy for us.

Ray J. | 2015-01-22

Finally after weeks I find a body shop and they move my car to there location . And they find the problem downtown la motors Mercedes didn't take care of problem . Next day got email from dtla Mercedes which I refuse to do the repair they suggest . Which is totally twisted story , I ask , my insurance company ask , they never even bother to check , they were so busy of trying to charge me for all repair , and take there time and make me frustrated to the point ,I paid them to get out of there . They we're so rude to send such a email to protect themsalfe. I wrote back to them and told them they are the one didn't diagnose the problem. I'm not mechanic.  They really not deserve any star . Please read others people reviews too ,before make that mistake to go there . They are the most unorganized ,crocked , unprofessional , rude,  company I ever deal , people think it's a Mercedes Benz dealership but they are more shady than the mechanic in the back ally's ,and might u get more service and job done by them than here .there strategy is to take max money from you give you less possible and not the job done to go back there again and again and beg them to fix your car .

T R. | 2015-01-06

My review is for the service department as well. I had an electrical problem (dead battery, windows act up), so they returned the car stating they had replaced the battery and performed a computer update/reset. Unfortunately, the problem got worse. Turns out that if the service department took the time to correctly diagnose the problem, they would've found a parasitic drain. Of course, I took this to an independent repair shop to get this done (Thanks, Yelpers!). A special shout out to the bald buffoon who told me that only MB dealers are authorized to use MB parts. This may be true, I don't know. But I do know I won't be paying this service department for any further service.

On another day, I went in to use a free car wash coupon they sent by e-mail. Of course, they couldn't honor it because these e-mails weren't supposed to be sent out. Great.

They're also pretty stingy with rentals, I might add.

I addressed the repair issue with MB Customer Care, but after a number of apologetic e-mails and phone calls, I was directed to deal with the dealership directly. Of no avail.

Chereen M. | 2014-12-28

Seriously, all I wanted was some information on my lease agreement- which would literally take 2 minutes to find out and what happens I get transferred 3 different times to voicemails and I was told there was no one to help me because they were all off? Really, the receptionist is such a bitch and very unhelpful and sounds like all she's interested in is when her lunch break is rather then providing customer service! Don't bother calling or visiting this location!

Lost A. | 2014-12-19

Very bad and unhonest at all ! A lot of scams ! Don't go , took my deposit and don't give me car and no refund, totally against the law ! Stupid dealership get a lot of sue

Norman L. | 2014-12-19

I had a very poor sales experience at DTLA Motors.  I told my salesperson Stephen Green that I was only interested in financing from MB Financial due to a promotion for Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles.  I expressed to him that I only wanted to be submitted to them and not multiple lenders because my credit score took a beating from an inquiry I made at another Mercedes Dealer who handled my deal poorly and I was clear that I only wanted to be reviewed by MB Financial.  MB Financial came back with a down payment requirement that was outside of my budget and I declined their offer.  He expressed frustration about the hard work he had done and I told him that it wasn't him and that I would acquire more of a down payment and revisit with him in a couple of months.  I just returned from a business trip yesterday and received a declination letter from a bank saying that DTLA motors submitted an application on my behalf.  I called Stephen to inquire as to why this happened and he said he 'did not recall any aspect of conversation around specific finance companies being requested' and 'quite frankly, he didn't deal with the bank'.  I asked to speak with the Sales Manager, Alex Ochoa who worked on the deal and I was told he was in a meeting.  During the course of the conversation he asked me how my business trip was and whether or not I went to the restaurant we discussed - I find it interesting that he remembered all of the personal details of what we discussed, but couldn't recall the main tenet of our engagement from a deal perspective.  He also over-talked me and wouldn't let me speak and he was having interspersed conversations with other people without excusing himself from the conversation.  I have NEVER been so disrespected in my life.  As a Mercedes Benz owner, I find this way of doing business and customer treatment unacceptable.

Mrs. B. | 2014-12-17

This review is specifically for Rafael who is in sales at the DTLA Mercedes Benz dealership.

My husband and I came to check out some cars for myself about 2 weeks ago, and although we did not get anything then the service Rafael gave us was impeccable. His customer service skills was exceptional. He was not pushy at all, giving us time to think about what we wanted to do and get back to him. The manager of the branch was super nice and friendly too. Usually big dealerships have a bad rep for pushy sales reps, but Rafael was really easy to work with. He went out of his way to let us test drive 3 cars and made it really easy for us. We will definitely be returning soon and I only want Rafael to help me. If you need an honest sales rep who will make you feel 100% comfortable go see Rafael =)

Thank you again for all your help, we will see you in the near future.

B T. | 2014-12-13

What is it with these high end dealerships who refuse to offer decent customer service?  Business must be pretty good because I walked on the lot of DTLA Motors Mercedes Benz and NO ONE acknowledged me.  I had a sales person walk right past me and go into one of those trailer things without so much as a hello.  Not sure how this dealership is making money when they let willing and financially able customers slip through their fingers.  If I was a manager at Mercedes and I witnessed customers being ignored someone would get fired.  And while this won't discourage me from leasing a Mercedes, it definitely won't be from this dealership.  Clearly they must be looking for a certain customer because I was obviously profiled and ruled out as being viable.  Maybe I should have worn a tuxedo and brought a briefcase with money hanging out of it.

Sonal P. | 2014-12-09

I probably should have read reviews before coming in to look for a car. Nonetheless this was a convenient location for us - but that's about all it had going for it.

We came in to look for new/used cars but wanted to compare the 2015 and 2014 models before we decided on the model that would be best fit for us. After we walked in, we were looking around the show room for about 15 minutes, before we were approached by a salesman.

I asked a few questions regarding the drive, features and what options I can get. Rather than answering my questions, I was pressured in to buying and making a deal without test driving and having all the fact presented. If I'm going to be spending a large amount of cash - you don't buy something like this blindly - any rational person knows that!

We finally asked for a test drive and the entire drive become an even bigger sales tactic to buy and pressure us in to sitting down and talking about a deal. I was beyond frustrated and felt like my time here was such a waste. I gained nothing from being in the showroom that I didn't already see online - except the model face to face. We did get to test drive one car, but after how our overall experience was, it wasn't worth being in there any longer than we had to.

Christine C. | 2014-12-08

Terrible service.  I have been calling and leaving messages to make an appointment fora  service for three hours this morning.  No one returned my calls and  the receptionist has no clue how to transfer me to a live person.  She kept transferring me to the same voicemail each time I called. You'll get better service from a Honda  dealer than from downtown Mercedes.

paul v. | 2014-12-08

Parts department     charge top dollar ok    lousy customer service not ok will never go back    never Thought I was at a kia dealership

G.A. E. | 2014-11-26

Beware Yo-Yo Sales - We want to point to some of the high pressure tactics in the sales department at this place. My girlfriend leased a new Mercedes from them for two years, decided to buy it after lease ended and finalized the paperwork last week - or so she thought. Yesterday she gets a call from the dealer saying there is some problem with the paperwork. She goes there to be told out of the blue that she has to pay a higher interest rate or return the car on the spot.

We later found out this is a common sales tactic used by unscrupulous dealers known as a spot delivery scam or yo-yo sale. With the excuse that financing fell through, they let you get used to the car for a few days and then want more money from you.  Sometimes there is a valid reason for the recall, for instance weekend purchases when the bank is closed.  Our purchase was made on a weekday and our credit is excellent, so it is very likely they knew what they were doing all along.  

My girlfriend returned her car right then and there, packing all her belongings in a plastic bag.  Then the dealership refused to return her down payment and made them wait for two hours before 'discovering' the deposit check, which was sitting on their file all along.  Overall a very poor experience, especially given how much money you pay for these cars and what you come to expect.

Andy A. | 2014-11-24

STAY AWAY the service dept is full of incompetent punks. They exude a we don't give a sh@t about you attitude. I drive far out of my way now to avoid these guys.

Paul S. | 2014-11-19

September 2014

I purchased a certified pre-owned 2004 Mercedes G500 from Downtown LA Motors in December of 2004.  It had one previous owner who had owned it for less than a year.  I was given a copy of a clean Carfax when I purchased it.  I've driven it for the past 10 years and cared for it meticulously.  It currently has 42,000 original miles on it.  Mechanically it runs well and visually it looks practically new.  

I recently decided to sell the vehicle in a private party sale.  I had an interested party who was ready to purchase it and they pulled a Carfax on the vehicle.  The Carfax said that there had been an accident (no details whatsoever except a date) with the car 8 months prior to my purchasing it.  I was stunned to learn of this.  Interestingly, I see that Sean B from Irvine posted a review stating that he had the same thing happen to him.  

I literally drove directly to the dealership and spoke with Tony Mezeraani.   The first thing he said was "The car is 10 years old".  Yes, so what?  There's a time limit to finding out that the luxury vehicle you purchased isn't what the dealer presented it as when you purchased it?   He said that he would contact Carfax -- and I somehow got the impression that he felt he was doing me a big favor.  Several days later I contacted him (as I hadn't heard back from him) and he said he was still awaiting a response from Carfax.  Then, after several more days of no communication from him, I contacted Tony again.  He then added Alex Ochoa into the mix of the email conversation.  Alex responded that he had heard back from Carfax and his email was:  "Carfax called me today and they said the file is too old and they have no records in their system.  Please let me know if you have any questions."

I responded that I most definitely had questions and outlined them but never received a response from Alex.  No further communication from him at all.

The first and most important question that is at issue here is how/why was I given a clean Carfax when I purchased this $85,000 used vehicle and how could I now own a pristine used luxury vehicle that now, apparently, had been in an accident and should have never been sold as a certified used vehicle?  And, why would Carfax purge the detailed information about an accident that they have posted that's causing a black mark on someone's Carfax when the car is still on the road?  Isn't the dealer interested in knowing that as well?  Or was the Carfax I received when I purchased the vehicle doctored?  Or are the dealership and Carfax in bed together?  Or . . . I'll never know as the dealership is suspiciously quiet and disinterested.

Why would this dealership (or any car dealership) simply bow down so easily to Carfax and their flawed system when it ultimately comes back to roost in their backyard?  If you're REALLY concerned about the cars that you're selling and the customers you're selling them to,  stand-up and fight back.  Or, as I said above, is there more to this smoke-and-mirrors story?

10/22/14, I received a call from Neal Goldman.
Neal offered the obligatory "I understand that you're upset" but said that he can't do anything to help me with this matter as "they have no control over Carfax".  Hmmm.  A large-volume luxury car dealership has no way of getting a top honcho on the phone at Carfax to get to the bottom of a grossly unacceptable situation?  So, I asked him to please get me the name and contact information of the first owner of the vehicle so that I could find out the extent of the damage done to the vehicle. His response was that he would "try".  I'm confused -- a dealership wouldn't have the records of a customer who did business with them?  As an aside, Neal was very verbal that he wanted me to remove this review as it is "unfair".  

11/24/14  As of this date, I still haven't heard back from Neal so it's now been a month since we spoke.  I guess I'm supposed to assume that he had no luck securing the information I requested or maybe I should just assume that he didn't even bother trying.  I have no idea what the real situation is . . . . because he never called me back!

So, here's where things stand:  No one wants to buy my vehicle for what it's worth because they fear the unknown that I'm unable to provide them.  What sort of accident?  How severe?  All of the questions an informed and savvy consumer would ask, myself included.

Culpability guys -- look it up in the dictionary!

Would I return to purchase another vehicle from this dealership?  No. There are many other Mercedes dealerships out there and I suspect that there's got to be at least one who practices transparency and understands customer service and the needs/wants of someone who's spending an embarrassing amount of money on a vehicle.

As for me, I'll now be driving the G-Wagon for the next 30 years since I'm unable to sell it for what it's actually worth.  Thanks Downtown LA Motors!

Jett R. | 2014-11-14

I just wanted to say thank you to Frank Phillips and the wonderful team at Downtown LA Motors Mercedes Benz for the wonderful experience servicing my Mercedes Benz E350.  From the moment I dropped off my car Frank was great to work with and very detailed on all recommended services without being to pushy.  From the moment I sat down with Frank in his office I could tell he cared about what was best for my vehicle and myself and not how much I could spend with the dealership.  They even provided me with a free new car rental at no charge the entire time my car was being serviced.  Frank is a family man, a military veteran and a man of great faith all qualities that really hit home with me.  I highly recommend Downtown LA Motors Mercedes Benz for your next service.  Thank you! - BW

Matt M. | 2014-11-10

I bring my cars here for service because it's close to my house. It's always a battle to get maintenance done, or God forbid a repair. The service team never keeps their word on deadlines or promises to call at a certain time. The entire dealership team has an attitude problem and customer service is absolutely non-existent. I have also tried to buy a car here several times, but the sales team is terrible: that's why I've bought my last 3 Mercedes at Fletcher Jones

Autumn G. | 2014-10-23

I have leased 3 cars from DTLA over the last 5 years and between their salesman and service department I have always had a great experience. Anytime I have had to bring a car in for service I feel like they have always put the customers best interests in front of anything else. They are trustworthy and reliable. Thank you DTLA for everything, you guys rock! I will only come here if I need my car worked on.

SERGIO S. | 2014-10-16

This review could easily have been 1 star if it were not for DTLA Mercedes Benz's 5 star service writer... TINO. I've been in the automotive repair industry for 25 years and have never met a dealership service writer with genuine empathy for their clients and integrity for the job they hold. Without getting into to much detail. Service writer TINO, despite my overly aggressive and vocal stance, took his time to explain every aspect of policy and procedures. He displayed genuine empathy about my concerns, even giving me his personal cell number instead of putting me on hold while he looked into the matter. Despite his busy schedule TINO called me everytime he had an update and even occupied his lunch break to find a solution. This guy truly went the extra mile for my family. It's easy to become robotic in this industry.  "sorry sir/mam that's the policy" but this guy really understands the human element. It's not about profit, it's about relationships and people. TINO really is a shining 5 star human. I highly recommend anyone taking their vehicle to this establishment to see my new friend TINO.  Thanks again TINO for the best service.


Johnny G. | 2014-10-11

Having my first oil service charges on my 2014
The best car to drive and loving it.
Great people that help you and friendly.

Edgar K. | 2014-10-10

Took my car in for service last week for the first time and I am a happy customer. Jerry the service adviser very nice and cool, took good care of me a  breakdown of the service that was going to get done. David from the loaner department gave me a new car while my car was getting serviced and he was courteous and funny. Overall a pleasant experience, not what you'd expect from the usual dealerships. I'd definitely go back again.

Calvin L. | 2014-10-01

I leased my car here in may from jaz. Not only did he give me an amazing deal with no run around, he gave me a very detailed walkthrough of the cars every feature. I know he is very busy, and getting an appointment with him is harder than getting reservations at Noma but he spent almost an hour with me just making sure i knew how to operate the car correctly!

A few days later, i had gone back to visit him and ask him a few questions about the navigation and he put aside all of his work to give me another tutorial!


Wykinia S. | 2014-09-28

I agree with Sasi, the Service department is horrible!!!
Just recently MBUSA has a recall on C300 from 08-11 on rear tail lights. I took my car there last year and had my rear tail lights repaired, so i was due for a refund!!
The Service Dept. Manager Goldman is a joke!!  
He doesn't take care of business, If you have to deal with him, please get everything in writing, because his words means nothing!!! I've also learned that we should be complaining to the MBUSA about these idiots!!

Tina W. | 2014-09-27

Jazz is the best sales manager there. A lot of people ask to deal with him. He works off small percentage but moves triple the volume of cars overseas than the rest of the staff. He is real honest with you and will show you both deals on the table so you can choose whether leasing is the best option for you or buying. He gave me complimentary 2 free maintenance services free. Just it's best to make a appointment day before so you aren't waiting around all day.

Henry H. | 2014-09-24

I agree 100% with the countess other reviews stating that their service department is horrible !!!  My C230 began to die driving downtown mid-day on a Monday. I just happened to be very close to here, so I limped my car another block or so into the service entrance, where I explain that my check engine light had just come on, car was losing power, very rough idle, and asked if by any chance they had someone who could take a super-quick look at it to see if it's maybe something simple that could be fixed quickly (perhaps a broken belt, battery, etc). "Well, you'll need to talk to a service advisor," so I wait several minutes until a sullen, slow-moving, sad-looking (like his dog had just died) service rep walks out. Without even greeting me, or looking me in the eye, he walks up, zombie-like. I again explain what had happened, and ask again if by any chance they have someone who can take a super-quick look to see if it's maybe something simple that they mighly possibly fix quickly. "Well, no," he says, "the earliest we could look at it will be end of the day tomorrow or perhaps sometime on Wednesday."  Really, I ask ? You don't have someone who can take 2 minutes just to see if it's something quick and simple before I consider leaving it with you for a few days ? "No."  Not even in this type of emergency ? In the spirit of good customer service ??? "No."  Wow. OK. How about I pop the hood real quick myself to take a look (hoping this might prompt him for a possible simple belt / battery issue investigation) ? "That's fine, but even if it's just a belt or battery the soonest we could look at it will be late tomorrow or Wednesday." OK fine, I say (knowing I obviously don't want to drive it with the check engine light on, and also feeling completely at their mercy at this point). Go ahead and write me up then. So the service rep begins to put basic car info on his service form, then walks over to tell me, "you know you need new tires ?" (which I certainly did). "Yes thanks I'm well aware of that, and am planning to get new tires very soon, but for now I'd like to please just focus on getting this immediate problem fixed." "Well," he says, "if we fix your car, we'll need to drive it for a final performance test, and we won't be able to drive it on these tires (which admittedly are well worn). Really, I ask ? Why not ? "For liability reasons. Our tech might get into an accident." Really, I asked again ? He won't need to get on the freeway for a performance test - he'll just drive 20 miles per hour once around the block. Are you sure you can't authorize that ? "No." OK  -  what if I give you a full waiver of liability in writing personally accepting 100% responsibility for anything that might happen if your tech gets a flat ? "Let me check with my manager." He calls. "Nope we can't do that."  REALLY ? I ask again ? Your tech can't just drive 20 miles per hour around a single block, with a written liability waiver ? You can't think outside the box here? "No - what if he gets a flat and a big truck's behind him," the service rep says. "Well, he won't need to slam on the brakes - he can simply turn on his emergency lights, continue going slowly until the truck can pass and he can continue slowly until he can stop or pull over ! "Well no, we still can't do that."  Are you serious, I again ask ? You realize I'm already going to have to leave my car here for several days, for something that might be a simple issue ?  Blank lifeless stare, not the least bit apologetic or empathetic re: my situation. "OK fine then - can I at least get a good deal on some new tires ? "Yes sure," he says, "we can give you 10% off." Then nothing. "Well, then, who do I talk to ? "You can talk to me," he says, then nothing. Awkward pause. Silence. OK then, feeling like I'm pulling teeth at this point, "what tires can you give me a good deal on ?" Looking at my current tires, Michelins, he goes "We'll need to go inside for that." OK, so we go to his office, he gets on his computer, and quotes me $220 per tire. "OK don't want to spend that without knowing my car's fate." What else do you have ? He doesn't mention any other tires, but instead gets on the phone (or perhaps even just a blank dial tone...), and says, "ok we don't have those ? Not those ? Not those ? Sensing I'm obviously getting set up to be screwed, I tell him I need a minute. So I call Mercedes roadside emergency service, and ask if they can have my car towed to Simonson Mercedes in Santa Monica instead (my normal service dealer), which they thankfully could. Then I googled my tires and see I can get them elsewhere, installed, for $130 each, saving almost $400 right there, plus several days of waiting time. I return and explain to the service rep that it's good for them they're so busy, but that I having my car towed to another dealer. No apology, or statement that we'd love to service your car another time. Blank. Zombie. Lifeless. Stare. Do not bring your car here for service...

Steve B. | 2014-09-20

You think only Service department is horrible??? I went here Downtown MB to buy a brand new CLA. When I got there, No one came up to me and asked me if I need help with anything. Most of salesmen were doing nothing or talking to each other....Seriously I am the one who have to go up to them and ask. Really??!!!
I waited and waited....I got so uncomfortable and mad I left this place right away. It was horrible experience. Never going to Downtown MB again.  Then I went to Glendale MB that day. It was totally different experience. Now they are true professionals knows how to please and treat customers they deserve. I bought a White full option 2014 CLA.

Fernando C. | 2014-09-02

Sad to realize that the place we've been going to for the past 5-6 years may have been overcharging for parts and labor. Went in for C service on '07 E350, rep suggested B service...? Ok I'll trust you we've been coming here a while.  Call 30 minutes later - you need spark plugs, hmm ok - I trust you.  How much? What ?300? Really? Just over 75% of that was for labor...doh!

2 days later, check engine light comes on, take it in - need prem-air sensor $1,100...really? I'm going to check somewhere else -

long story short - Superformance, Cotner & Olympic, came highly recommended, charged me half for the same job. I guess if you have a warranty that they can milk, go to downtown Mercedes - if you want honest and guaranteed work go to Superformance which btw has been there for at least 25 years.

Really sucks because Juan Kim is a rally nice guy and seems to be on your side - however, I understand that the service guys  may actually be working on commission. Oh, so I'll get free coffee and donuts, I'll wait half an hour to be checked in and I'm getting the most knowledgeable service team and at the best price...right...!

Guys, you've lost me and anyone I know that wants to take a Mercedes to you.

Sasi M. | 2014-07-22

Service department is horrible! A few months ago I needed to get my service A done so I gave them a call to make an appointment. Whoever assisted me that day was so careless. He told me over the phone that the system was crashed at the time. But, he'll make sure to take care of that.

Next day I showed up 15 minutes before my appointment time, drove through the service building, provided all information they needed just to finnd out there's no appointment made for me! Anyhow, they're able to get whatever I needed done that day. I was all happy even though I was really upset before.

Last week, I called them again for light bulbs replacement. I sure did mention it's part of the warranty. Customer assistant was acknowledged and told me to come in anytime. I was all happy because I won't have to press the button to cancel the message every time I start the car! Woot woot!  

I got to the service department on time. This one guy came up and asked me how could he assist me today. I simply told him I needed my light bulbs replaced... He then asked  me back "Did you already buy the new bulbs?" I said what? It's still under the warranty. He checked my mileage and told me that it's expired, 4 years or 40,000 miles whichever comes first!

Damn! I bought extended warranty and he didn't bother to check on that. Apparently, I don't have intention to keep on arguing with nonsense customer assistants here!  You think how much I pay for my car? Or how much I spend on servicing my car? It's a freaking European engine and I expect a European treatment alright?!

Keisha A. | 2014-07-03

I love this dealership and Shawn F is theeeee best!  He took time with me and let me test drive any car I wanted, spoke to me professionally and made sure that I got the car I wanted at the right price. I have bought my last 4 cars from him and now I have a ML350 which I love. Thanks so much.

Sheela N. | 2014-07-01

5-star to Adel Omar!!! He will take care of you from beginning to end.. Even after you get the car!! If you're buying your Mercedes, look for this guy. He is awesome. I've gone to other dealerships, including a Mercedes dealer 2 miles from my home, but will now stay at this one for good even though it's 30 miles from where I live.
The place is currently going on remodel but they will make you as comfortable as any place could. Everyone is friendly.

Andre B. | 2014-06-10

Tino, at service department is the best. I have dealt with many others for many years before till I worked with him. Amazing, helpful. 5 stars is not enough wish could give him 10.

Michael M. | 2014-06-05

Thanks Jerry D. for your great service. I had something happen on the freeway and had to get the part replaced-- Jerry took care of me same day! If you need any servicing done to your MB, please ask for Jerry D-- hands down best service advisor.

John B. | 2014-06-01

Snake Oil and fast talking is what you can expect from these quintessential used car salesmen. If you want a good price and an honest, fair presentation, with follow up that really values the customer, go elsewhere.........

H. P. | 2014-05-29

I was expecting more from a MB service. Peolple were friendly and got me a ride to work and back. The person I called to get an appointment with had a strong accent and sometimes I did not understand her. They washed the car but did not do a good job. There were parts that they missed on the exterior and interior was not fully vacuumed.

Kacy K. | 2014-05-28

My review is for both sales and service department.

I got my car a year ago and just went in for service recently. Best experience I've ever had buying a car. Service is wonderful. Ask for Jaz he is wonderful and very pleasant. Be sure to make an appointment with him tho, he's always busy but definitely worth the wait!! He might not go by the book but definitely know whats he's doing and whats best for you. I don't like cheesy or fishy salesman, but with Jaz, you don't get that feeling at all. He makes your car shopping experience easy and def no BS!  Walter @ service dept is very attentive and helpful too. I don't understand why other people have bad review for the service dept. I got my car back exactly the time they promised me. They are always pleasant and willing help. There service doesn't stop after they sale you a car.

Kazki S. | 2014-05-12

DISGUST. Pure disgust. I'm not surprised that this place has such a low rating. I wouldn't expect anymore than that. I mean come on, aren't dealers supposed to treat you with nicely and go beyond to make you feel welcome? I've never felt so uncomfortable and taken aback in anyone's office before. Raj, the fleet manager. He has a good amount of awards behind his desk and I'm guessing he's sold many expensive cars to receive all those, yes, but that doesn't mean I should be treated like sh*t for trying to get a quote for a GLK 350, does it?

So why the condescending stink-eye attitude? He looks at me as if he has better things to do than to talk me through prices/deals. When asking for which options I want, he spits out, "What do you want?" I was almost scared. He probably thinks I'm not serious about buying because I look young and/or not looking for a $100k+ purchase. I tell him the other quotes I've received from other dealers and brokers, and looks at me without a care in the world whether I buy from them or not. He says, "Yeah, about that price," and stops there. He doesn't want to take any effort into negotiating or informing me of deals, info about the car, etc, again probably because he doesn't want to take the effort into negotiating a lower model MB and doesn't have to. He just sits back in his chair with a condescending attitude and just waits for me to leave. Okay, I get that you don't need to sell this car today, but can't you just treat a potential customer with decent attitude and service? Def. never coming back here again.

On the other hand, while I was waiting for Raj, Omar met me outside and took me out on a test drive and showed me two cars in the meanwhile. He was nice, humorous, and easy to talk to. Thank you Omar.

I am definitely spreading the word to stay away from this sh*thole to everyone I know. It's under construction until next year so all the offices are in big containers. I'm dealing with Rusnak/Arcadia and Keyes Van Nuys, and the dealers there are so much more respectful and willing to help, with no discrimination.

Pablo B. | 2014-05-01

ABSOLUTE WORST EXPERIENCE! It's the second time I bring my C300 for service here hoping the experience would be better than last time and it turned out to be worse. Customer service is horrible and slow. Car was brought it for a standard oil change and after service was done they return the car with a flat tire. When it asked the service associate what happened to the car his answer was "Life happens". Instead of fixing the tire they put on the emergency spare tire and they offer to sell me new tires for a ridiculous amount of money. I am highly dissatisfied and I will certainly not bring my car here ever again.

Laurie K. | 2014-04-02

Wow! I tried all day to give these guys my business and they simply can't be bothered to pick up the phone or to return my call to give me pricing! Getting the work done elsewhere. Clearly, they don't want or need the work.

James B. | 2014-03-08

We have owned Mercedes Benz cars for years.  Our experiences with DTLA Mercedes Benz has been incredible.  We recently took our 2014 S class to our service writer, Frank Phillips.  As expected, Frank was courteous, timely and professional with his approach to solving our problem.  Because of the expertise of Frank, the warm friendly environment that is evident there, we will continue to service and purchase cars from DTLA.

And for the record, this 2014 S-class benz is a total dream of an automobile.  This is truly a fabulous vehicle.  If you have not driven one, drive one before you buy any other luxury car and you too will fall in love with it!!!  Fantastic.

Thank you Frank Phillips for a job well done.

sue r. | 2014-02-14

I am incredibly pleased by the level of customer service we received at Mercedes Benz.  I worked with Omar and we had a really wonderful and smooth purchase experience.  Omar was very professional, pleasant, and patient.  I must have asked 100s of questions, and he helped me narrow down the selection to the one car that was the right fit for me.  I'm pretty particular and frankly, the purchase was more of a want than a need, so I wasn't expecting to really go through with it.  But Omar was so great, and the numbers worked out, so we closed the deal.  I've visited other Mercedes locations, but the downtown LA location is a class above the others.  The customer service here is 100% better than anywhere else.  This is the place I'll be back to in a few years to get my next car. I'm overall very happy with the entire experience and I highly recommend Omar.  Thank you!

Jeannette K. | 2014-02-10

My parents and I have gotten our cars here over the years. We got introduced to Michael Jhun as our sales rep. He is very friendly and explains in detail about the car functions and always makes awesome deals. He takes care of his clients to the full extent. He does not pressure or rush you in making your purchase/lease. He is very patient and has a great sense of humor. He makes everything so smooth. Craig Settles in finance is such a gentleman! He is very thorough and goes over all of your paperwork in detail. These two guys never fail to smile and always go the extra mile to make your experience that much more enjoyable. Thank you always!

Bobbi V. | 2014-01-22

Service Dept the WORST!!!

A sensor went out on my S Class last week and my car shut down on 110  with my 12 year old and dog in car on Friday night during rush hour. Long story short, we waited for 4 hours for a tow while we sat on the side of the freeway unable to get out. Now it's after hours and the car needs to be dropped in parking lot until Monday morning. We finally make it back to Venice at about 8:30 PM. Monday late afternoon my car is ready, and the service guy  (young) says, "We cant come get you because we only go 10 miles from dealership, so take a cab." I google map and its 11 miles away, he says "we have other priority customers to pick up today, so you need to arrange for a ride."  After arguing with him, he agrees to send someone in the morning to pick me up, but then cancels that arrangement at 7am. He again told me about his "priority customers" and I had to take a $50 cab ride during rush hour to go pick up my car, because I didn't have time for his idiocy.

Here is the BEST part! I had so many quarters in my ashtray, that every time I took a hard turn they would fly onto the floor and my son would claim them. I finally picked up my car, heading to my office, and notice EVERY quarter had been taken from ashtray leaving pennies, dimes and nickels! Maybe the guys need more pay? Or some manners....

On a positive note, the sales people seemed very nice :)

Jessica L. | 2014-01-18

Worst Place for Service EVER!!

I lost my battery for two consecutive days so I like to change my battery. Before I mentioned I would use my warranty for new battery, they were decent but after I mentioned my warranty for new battery,  then the service rep-Harry, his attitude had been changed dramatically, that was extremely unhelpful n rude. I asked him to confirm my warranty covers a new battery(I knew it covered but liked to confirm with a service rep), but he refused to answer, didnt want to listen n kept saying I had to be in the dealer to check plus i didn't feel safe, so I decided to stop by then he said that was 2:45pm Saturday already so they couldn't make any service because of the time, but that time I was in right next to the dealer so let him know I will stop by because I didnt feel safe so went there at 3:00 pm but they refused any service because of the time things (but they open until 4 pm!! plus at least 6-7 staff were hung out, doing nothing n chatting!!) n gave me a benz roadside service number, Oscar, 213-923-0411, but I could hardly understand him but he was very rude n kept saying he cant make any service n call 1800 for roadside service. The dealer service rep, Hary was not nice n kinda rude n did not properly inform my warranty information n another service rep-young kang gave me a non working roadside phone number referenced above. I dont think they are there for customers, just be for selling a car. Oscar, the roadside service guy was the super rude n not helpful. Just terrible n worst service I've ever had.

1800 roadside guy came n completed the job about 10 minutes. Yeah, 10 minutes.

Shame on Downtown Mercedes Benz Service Team, Harry, Young, and Oscar. Better to look for another job. True advice for you guys.

LaTasia M. | 2014-01-17

I must say that my car buying experience at DTLA Mercedes Benz was definitely a GREAT one, thanks to Ola!!!  

From the moment my fiancé and I walked on to the lot , until the time I drove off in my 2014 CLA 250 Coupe...Ola made it the most comfortable car buying experience I have ever had.

Customer service is big to us given that we both work in customer service. If I had to rate Ola's customer service it would be an 11.

Unlike other dealers he is not pushy, very professional, knowledgeable, funny, he makes you feel very comfortable.

This to me is very important when making a big purchase such as a buying new car. I appreciate the excellent service provided by Ola.

If you're looking to buy a new car, Ola is definitely the man you want to come see!!!!

John A. | 2014-01-15

I purchased my 2009 C300 Sport here in 2010.  That experience was tolerable.  However, my last experience in the Service department was atrocious.

I drive all the way to DTLA Mercedes from Panorama City because I thought that I might get slightly better treatment than the dealer 5 minutes from my house, due to the fact that I actually purchased the vehicle at DTLA.  No.

My car was overheating so I agreed to take it in for the $160 diagnostic charge.  My CPO warranty was already expired.  After 4 days in the dealership, the service adviser calls to let me know they're still working on it, and that he was sorry that they were backed up because of the construction and remodeling going on at the dealership.  They gave me a C250 as a loaner, so I told him that was fine.  Over the course of my car being in the dealership for 26 days, they said they needed to run a chemical test for $80 to determine whether or not my coolant was contaminated with motor oil (possible cracked head).  I asked if they had tested the thermostat and he said that if the computer diagnostic does not show a thermostat error code, then it is ruled out.  I don't know how statistically reliable these newer computer diagnostic systems are, but back when I used to do my own maintenance, I would have tested the thermostat no matter what.  Then again, I am not a "factory trained" MB mechanic so I went along with what the adviser told me.  He said that if the test comes back positive for contamination, then they would need to take the head off and send it to a machine shop--all this while still not testing or exchanging the thermostat.

After they did the chemical test, I decided that I should probably take my car to another mechanic.  So, I picked it up on the 26th day of being in the dealership.  When my service adviser saw me he said, "Yeah, it turns out the thermostat is bad."  I thought to myself, "Wow, 26 days to diag a bad thermostat.  Seems legit.  NOT!"  He offers to change the thermostat for a whopping $700.  I found the identical, OEM thermostat ("Wahler") online for $113.  Changing the thermostat on this car is not easy like a Honda Civc--you have to take a lot more stuff off.  So I had my local mechanic do the labor for $100.  Total cost $213 to change the thermostat on my own.

After this, my car was still overheating.  DAMN!  Took my car elsewhere and the actual problem was the RADIATOR!  I replaced it elsewhere and now the White Stallion is back in effect.

The moral of the story is that I was lied to at this dealership.  After 26 days they really didn't know what the problem was, so they made up a story and wasted my time and money.  That's embarrassing.  This place could have at least been a 1.6 star if they had just been honest.  I would have respected that!  They could have said, "Sir, it's been 26 days and we are still not sure why your Mercedes is overheating, even though this is a Mercedes dealer with factory trained technicians.  We will pay to have your car diagnosed properly.  Just give us another week."  But they did not say nor do this.  They chose to lie to my face.  And that's why I will never go back to this dealership!

leila m. | 2014-01-07

Sean Farahmand is one the best person you can ever meet. he his very very helpful. this is my second car from them. I am very pleased and happy with their services.

Ty H. | 2013-12-30

We made a deal over the phone. I drove up there from San Diego, then they tried to change the numbers on me. I ended up buying from a different mercedes dealership in the LA area.

Fazel M. | 2013-11-02

This review is for Mr. Frank Philips
first, thank you.
Frank helped me 100%. He delivers results. Great service.

Jennifer P. | 2013-10-23

I always take my cars to get serviced here because it's convenient. I usually deal with young Kang, who deserves 5 stars.. But this review is based on service I had this past weekend.

I dropped off my car at 9:30 in the morning, and was told ( by Frank ), it would be ready in 1.5 hours. Went back around 4 PM to pick up the car and not only was it not ready, I question if they even serviced it.

Either they started working on the car when I arrived at 4 or they didn't service it all and gave it a quick car wash. After waiting over 45 mins with an infant, the car came out dripping with water.

Not cool.

Kae M. | 2013-10-17

I recently purchased my first car (Mercedes CLA..which I love!) at DTLA Mercedes and couldn't be more pleased. Being the first of it's kind, Mercedes treated this car as top secret so all I could do was contact a dealer and hope to hear back with any details. RAJ SOOD helped me through the process and got me the very first car on the lot!

Today, I dropped off my car for the Cilajet process (paint sealant) with BARRY MURPHY in the service department and picked up a rental with DAVID. Both men were extremely nice and extremely interested in finding out if I was enjoying my new vehicle. After I loaded up my loaner, the finance manager who helped me close my deal MIKE AGUILAR took me to the gift shop and had me pick a handful of goodies to go along with my new ride.

I am extremely happy with their customer service in all their departments and continuous generosity. I will definitely enjoy driving a Mercedes thanks to these guys.

Buddy G. | 2013-10-11


First of all, MB is no good compared to BMW and Audi. You will get KILLED trying to keep your fussy MB happy.

But if you must go MB know this,

Many of their used cars are from the auction. They dont sell/lease many cars here (compared with Encino, fletcher jones, etc;) so they dont get many cherry lease turn-ins/trade-ins (you can check the CARFAX to see where the car came from).

As for their new cars, THEY ARE STORED UNDER A FREEWAY!!! They get nicked and dinged by falling freeway debris and the paint gets dulled from CONSTANT exposure to the elements.

The showroom is a dump. The ceiling leaks after it rains, dirtying up even the cars in the showroom (the day I went in/walked out was a day after rain. There was a huge yellow water stain on the hood of a $120,000 matte white SL that would make anyone except their management cry).

Couple all that with all the drama/double talk and trust me, its not worth your time.

Huixian L. | 2013-09-29

They are not helpful at all. All they wanna do is to sell you cars. And that's it!!!!! They don't provide customer care service at all!!!!!!! I called in today because there is some problems with my navigating system. And the front desk said that the service department was closed today, which I understand. I asked if they can provide some technical support. She said no. And I asked if she could transfer me to somewhere else. She said no. I was so angry that I said I wanna file a complaint. She didn't care!!!!! She said OK!!!! And then she transferred to the sales manager. Then the guy said that I can call the Mercedes toll free number to get support. And I asked the number. And he said he DIDN'T have the number!!!!
I was so pissed. I'll never buy any cars from this dealer again!!!!!!!!
Anybody who wants to get a car from this place, PLEASE read all the negative reviews before you make the decision! I was so reluctant that I didn't do it beforehand.

Del S. | 2013-09-10

Leased a 2013 C250.  Although it was a typical long and arduous car buying experience, I was relieved to lease a car that I really love for a price that I was willing to pay.  I would highly recommend Martin Vardanian, who was my salesman.  He was very nice and gracious.   DTLA MBZ has a wide selection of cars.  I would search their inventory and call to make sure that the car is still available before going in.  

-Wide selection
-Nice salesman

-Currently underconstruction
-They still make you go through that "haggling" process.  If I call and ask about a car and say I am going to come down to sign the papers, I want everything to be ready.  I don't want to waste time going back and forth on the price.

All in all, I had a really good experience.  Definitely better than my experience at New Century BMW (Alhambra, CA)

Experience: 4.5 stars

Iggy L. | 2013-09-04

They are so slow with everything.  I don't think this place is organized at all!

I went in to lease a car at 2:00 pm, signed the papers At 3:00pm.  Waited for my car another 2 and a half hours!! They kept saying it was being detailed a they had to fill up the gas but it should not take more then 2 hours!

This place looks like a dirty place too.

Michael L. | 2013-08-07

We recently "lost" the one and only key to our Mercedes; what to do?  We called the dealer in Glendale, and of course, the parts department is closed on the weekends.  Without wanting to lose another day without a car for the wife, we called Downtown LA Motors, and they were not only open on Saturday, they took our order and we had the keys by Monday.  Plus the price they charges us was less than what we were quoted in Glendale.  Great staff; great service; we'll be back!

Alice K. | 2013-08-07

Service was REALLY good. Mr. Byon helped me out and my family has been his client for a long time. I barely had to wait and I went in to sign the day before. One day later, I picked up my new car and left.

Maysah F. | 2013-08-04

I took a 2012 Mercedes E350 to get serviced here for business purposes, they were so helpful and very courteous.

Martha S. | 2013-08-04

I actually had been wanting a Volvo S60 for months, but after going to 3 dealers and finding them rude and unaccommodating I went to see Ola at Mercedes Downtown LA. My husband has a Mercedes and Ola has always been a kind a caring person. We were greeted warmly, treated like royalty. Because of Ola and how he treated us, I chose to purchase a Mercedes rather than a Volvo. Personal responsiveness was incredible and closed this deal! Thank you, Ola!! If you want a car, go see Ola.

Danielle C. | 2013-08-03

I always have the best experience at Downtown LA Motors Mercedes Benz. Tino E., my service rep. is always efficient. He always clearly explains everything to me and  displays lots of patients with me and my family. The rest of the staff are also very helpful and friendly. I always look forward to having my car serviced at this dealership. Also, every year on my birthday I receive a warm birthday wish from Habib A. whom I bought my car from 8 years ago. MBZLA. Thank you.

Sean B. | 2013-07-27

Granted it was several years back but I purchased a used car from them, and later on found out it was involved in an accident and had frame damage and was repainted, which they never disclosed. I and my family have purchased many MB's since but never ever from this dealer.

Meryl A. | 2013-07-12

My family and I only buy our Mercedes at Downtown LA Motors Mercedes and they always give us the best service and the best deals.
Well the best part is Jerry Dilanjian at the service department without him it would be a different experience. He is so knowledgable and helpful and he will actually make the whole experience enjoyable and he is willing to go the extra mile to make sure everything is taken care of. And I will continue buying my cars there...and if you do than make sure Jerry is your guy.

Simone L. | 2013-06-01

I took my car in for some minor servicing to replace a light lamp.  Irwin met me as I drove up, I've previously dealt with him before.  He wrote the paperwork up right away and everything was hassle free!  It was a great experience.  He ushered me to the lounge, which was a nice air conditioned trailer with nice couches and a big screen tv.  It was clean and very pleasant.  Within 40 minutes or so, Irwin called me outside to a clean car, replaced light fixtures and I was on my way.  

I will be back!  Irwin was very thorough, explained my warranty to me and that he noticed my other light was about to go out and he replaced it!  I appreciated his promtness considering I didin't have an appt and it was  a Friday afternoon.  I was really glad that I have a Mercedes GLK and that I can drive into the dealer and get something that was minor repaired so quickly and hassle free.

Irwin was a pleasure to deal with...and I appreciate that!  Also, he remembered my son from our last visit and made a comment about it, so great memory and suburb service.  Ask for Irwin, you won't regret it.

Winnie Y. | 2013-05-29

I've been a customer here since 2007 and I absolutely love the customer service and superior workmanship. They keep my car in excellent condition! Frank Phillips is THE BEST Service Advisor ever! He's kind, honest and professional! I don't trust anyone else to service my Mercedes.

Navid D. | 2013-05-18

This review is for the purchase of my wife's 2012 GL 550 back in October 2012.

Ayman Zahran has been my sales person since the purchase of our 2011 GL 450 back in December 2010.

I had a bad experience with a local dealership who's claim to fame was that they sell the most MBZ in the universe.  When that dealer left a bad taste in my mouth, I had no choice but to search for a dealership which had the vehicle we were interested in, equipped with the options we needed.

I had already sold our 2008 Nissan Armada, so I needed an SUV with 3 rows for my wife, and the GL model fit the bill.

I contacted Ayman at Downtown LA Motors MBZ, and told him about my situation.  I have to admit, I was skeptical, but he pulled it off.  He gave me a higher equipped vehicle at the price I wanted on the lower equipped vehicle.  This is amazing because the Godzilla MBZ dealership wouldn't touch that deal and literally did everything possible to force my hand to buy from them.  Even dealer trading the car I was going to get from Downtown LA MBZ.

Ayman understood that I'd have to drive 50 plus miles, but he ensured me that it won't be a waste of his time and gave me his word.  We crunched numbers over the phone that was agreed to and he stuck to it.  A man of his words. That was 3 years ago...

Anyway, I had that car for 2 years and was looking at selling it to get into something else, and of course I called Ayman to get his opinion.  He was helpful and informative and said he might have something that will work for me.

I got a call back from Ayman on a brand new 2012 GL 550, setup just perfect like how I would want it.

Long story short, Ayman saved the day AGAIN!  He drove up from LA to OC with the new car, had the paperwork all ready to go, and took back the 2011 GL 450.  That alone saved me at least 5 hours between the drive up to LA and back to OC, not to mention a couple of hours at the dealership.  I didn't even ask for him to drive down to OC, but he did.  I was blown away!

He is a true professional and a class-act.  He has given us total white-glove treatment, is honest, and a pleasure to work with.

Ayman and Downtown LA Motors MBZ go above and beyond our expectations to show us that they value us as a customer, and want our business. Our local dealership (claims to be #1 in the US) here in Orange County failed us miserably, but Ayman came to the rescue and won our business for life.

Like I said, this is our second GL model in the past 3 years, and we love it!  Without Ayman and the deal Downtown LA Motors gave us, we wouldn't have been able to move up into a GL 550 from our GL 450.

If you're looking for a Mercedes Benz, and want a no-hassle, no-nonsense way of purchasing a car, Ayman Zahran and Downtown LA Motors is the ONLY place to come. They make car-buying a positive and enjoyable experience. Not to mention the deals that they are able to make.

I love Ayman and Downtown LA Motors, and look forward to referring our friends and family who are looking to purchase a Mercedes Benz to them.  I would definitely recommend them for your next lease or purchase.  It was worth the drive.

david j. | 2013-05-09

I have taken 2003 clk55 for service at downtown la mbz for past ten years. My recent service advisor whom I had encountered past five years has always been helpful and knowledgeable at what he was doing.  His  name Jerry I recommend him to anyone who plans to visit for service next time.  However its always costly to maintenance car at the dealer as I spent a lot of $ in the past.  Maybe Iits time for a new car...

Jojo S. | 2013-05-01

If it's condescending, overly chatty, aggressive salesmen you are looking for, this is your place. If however you are looking to buy a new car or a Certified Pre Owned car, like we were, from a staff of professional salespeople who stand behind their word, then go elsewhere.

After finding a certified car that matched our needs, we discussed price with our salesman, Bill Woodman, who took our offer to his manager and they asked us to think about going up on the price. We ended up walking on good terms as it was the first stop on our car search. But Bill kept calling, trying to convince us that this was the car for us. We told him that if they would agree to our offer, we would buy the car. Low and behold they came down on the price. We made an appointment for the next day at 2:30 to sign the papers. With checkbook in hand we arrived at our agreed appointment to purchase the car, and guess what? The car was gone! No call to say not to come down, no apology, just another aggressive campaign from Bill to sell us another car, going so far as to say, "you didn't want all the bells in whistles of the original car anyway." Oh, really Bill, after all the convincing that this was the car for us. Condescending doesn't begin to describe this man. Mercedes? This dealership has a motley crew of salesmen that should be in the next Judd Apatow movie.

Buyer beware.

Johnny U. | 2013-04-17

Just ask for Anthony King in Sales...Don't even bother with anyone else. Only dealt with him but he was great and not pushy at all. Went to Calabassas and had a bad experience. Beverly Hills was good too, but Anthony was the best salesman I dealt with in visiting 3 dealers.

Randall S. | 2013-04-12

Service Department is INCOMPETENT and CROOKS in the  truest sense of the words.

1.  Had transmission on my 2006 E350 repaired.  Drove 40 miles home and noticed car did not feel right.  Was planning to take back the next day when I received a call from these clowns explaining that the tech forgot to install some of the bands that should have been installed on the tranny!  WOW.

2. Car was reving high and losing power.  Tech said gas tank was causing air to mix with gasoline and tried to charge me $3,000+ for a new gas tank!  I told him something this major should be on recall!  Obviously, I didn't get this repair done and got a 2nd opinion.  Took car to shop in Pomona and the tech actually found out the issue was that the gas cap was not sealing properly.  Replaced for $50 and haven't had the issue since.  

3.  BEWARE!!!!!!!!!

Lissette R. | 2013-04-10

I loved my experience there! I'm a girl and know nothing about cars, they explained everything in a way I could understand, drove me home and picked me up (within 10 miles)!
It was overall great.

S M. | 2013-03-15

I can see why there are so many complaints and bad reviews. I have now been a victim of this establishment's horrible service as well. It is a shame to see the Mercedes-Benz brand being tarnished by such unprofessionals.
All of my problems still persists. There are mechanical problems.
Another defect is not being fixed under MBNZ warranty and they cannot explain to why it is not covered under manufacturers warranty.
The manager was completely unaware of everything and instead of trying to resolve the issue came up with his own threatening and offensive statements.

Onur P. | 2013-02-01

About service department.

Yesterday I went there for Service A, they told us that it was busy since i did not get any appt, but when I insist they found a way and we left the car.

A person, i guess the name was Jake V or D from service department informed us clearly, found us a shuttle to go to downtown area while we wait for the car to be fixed, even called us to pickup after the maint. was done.

He matched the price with a lower coupon from FJones.

Everything was great, it took about 3 hours and they washed the car which was part of the Flex A service and it was not really clean but overall i was very satisfied with the customer service.

Jake was really professional and did his job well. Also they have a small lounge but you can just go to Staples Center and La Live area to kill time if you stop by there.

Edit: I got a weird noise when i turn my AC on after the service and it is still there i guess it was not as good as i thought

Cheri. A G. | 2013-01-28

Called here today to set up a time to return my car from it's lease.  My husband had already been in and they inspected it so I didn't think there would be a problem but...when I told them I was not getting a new car I was told I couldn't return it there because I leased it out of Torrance and I was not getting a new car.

THANK YOU DOWNTOWN LA MERCEDES!  I will not be going to your DOWNTOWN LA Audi Dealership either.  I will head to Torrance again or Beverly Hills.

BTW their service department is excellent! Thanks Barry!

[I deleted the photos I took on my previous review]

Debbie L. | 2013-01-12

My first Mercedes-Benz service experience, EVER!

I guess some of the bad yelp reviews lowered my expectations, but  I was very happy with this establishment!


- assigned service advisor (mine was Mr. Young Kang and he was very helpful and nice)

- free donuts & coffee (flavored, decaf, and regular)

- very helpful floor workers, you know exactly what you have to do and where to go

- courtesy shuttle to anywhere you want within 10 miles

- courtesy pick-up within 10 miles so you pick up your car without troubling anybody for a ride

- service include complimentary car wash (they forgot to vacuum my trunk -1 star for that)

- service advisor emailed me a detailed service report

With that said, I'm happy overall and it's a shame that people had bad experience here. I will definitely go back here without a doubt.

Hello K. | 2013-01-10

Worst customer service ever!!! I had the unfortunate mishap of talking to the Fleet Manager Habib.. what a joke! Who the hell gave him that title must have failed elementary school. He was the rudest, condescending SOB I have ever met in my life!! I have bought way too many Mercedes to have to put up with his BS. He basically argued with me throughout our entire conversation. He asked me how much I want to put down and how much I want to pay per month and I was reluctant to do so because I wanted him to give me the best price possible. He keep pushing uncomfortable questions on me and I told him so and refused to answer. He started making very rude remarks and I felt really threatened. Yelling at your customers is not a way to get their business.. Get the F**k outta here n go learn some manners!! Stay away from this place. There are way too many Mercedes Dealerships that have more class. This place probably only deals with Thugs..haha..

2 middle fingers to you Habib.. You lost a customer! Your lost.. not mine :-)

Zarouhi P. | 2012-12-20

Came here last week because the lease on our 09' c300 was over and we had decided to lease a new one. Art helped us out and he provided excellent customer service! He worked very hard to give us a great deal and even came in on a Sunday (his day off) to finalize the paperwork and financing for our new car! Very professional and customer oriented. Definitely ask for Art Khachadour

David P. | 2012-12-13

No way, would NEVER recommend buying a car at this dealership.  Absolutely no promises kept and it was all a game and they never delivered the vehicle as promised.

S L. | 2012-12-05

Downtown LA Motors Mercedes Benz service department is the best! I was always greeted with a smile. Repair/maintenance prices is always fair. My car is always ready on time. Our dedicated service representative Young Kang is very helpful.

We always get a car wash with every service. My brother and I have been taking our car here for service for the last two years and always had a great experience.

Jason L. | 2012-12-04

The only Mercedes dealer in LA.  Some people that work here are just plain awful but some are very good.  It really depends on who your sales or service advisor is.  All in all prices are high, dealer is clean and mostly good.  If you have warranty then this is the place you want to be!

Sir C. | 2012-11-23

Stay a way this place is a total ripoff and scam!!   (dtla mercedes turned my dream into a nightmare)  I purchased a certified E320  2004 three years ago a few months later I took it back for servicing, I was told by my service  adviser that  My engine was falling and it would be  several thousand dollars to repair.
Of course by this time my warranty had already expired,  So they allow me to make a new purchase ( more money outta pocket) and I upgraded to a E350 2006 "certified"  ON THIS 2nd PURCHASE I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO CHOOSE THE CAR OF MY CHOICE,  I HAD TO ACCEPT THE CAR THAT THEY WERE OFFERING JUST AS THEY DID FOR MY E320...

Again wanting my dream car and being a first-time buyer I decided to go along with it again!   A few weeks later I'm driving westbound on the  10 w at 5 o'clock rush hour traffic and my transmission blows out I was almost killed!!!!!

Forward 2 and a 1/2 years  Again after the warranty has expired;   I now have a myriad of issues longer than the Macy's parade.  I have bouncy locks,  brushing arm that needs to be replaced, ABS  Battery gone, etc.  Oct 2012 I valet parked my car at lax,  To my embarrassment the doors would not open... When I returned back to LA  I picked up my car  went to the market, I came out  got in my car it wouldn't start!!!

I called Mercedes towing and told them what my problem was,  I was gave  a   Diagnostics   right over the phone..  I needed fuel injection service (turns out they were right-Coincident???)  they offered to come and tow my car three blocks to the dealership for 150.00.   I called my mechanic he came out and confirm that  I needed a fuel injection,  he also informed me that Mercedes is just a huge scam and  Parts on the vehicles are schedule to break down at certain times  ( Mercedes dealerships are very strict about you bringing their cars back to them for service, I wonder why?)  I was paying the  Dealership 380.00 every few months for oil changes... I discovered a auto  shop  few miles away  they charge me $79 for the same oil change.

So after all my many complaints with Mercedes and to the  general manager, Neil "Goldman'  he response to me, " if you have so many complaints why do you keep coming there"

I was like wow really!!  

A few weeks ago I called Mercedes Financial offering to sell them there car back, they empathetically told me they were not interested!!!  So I went across the street to the Toyota dealership and got me a 2012 Prius of which i'm very happy with it.

If you go to downtown Mercedes-Benz take note, they will be overly friendly and there will be lots of food for your consumption, but  Realize they are fattening you up for the kill, or better yet the slaughter!!!!

From within the dealership:  I was told later down the road, if you feel your  Vehicle is unsafe and It's Proven to be so,  Mercedes will issue you another one,  was that  Option offered to me???   NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!. But I did hear it was offered to many of their  Asian clients.   EVIL AT IT'S BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FYI:  I got an insider tip,  never buy used or certified many of the original car owners will have accidents in these vehicles and will come out of pocket and pay for the repairs themselves, never reporting the accident to the police or the insurance  Agencies,  thus your requesting a carfax report will  label  the vehicle as "without any  Accidents!!!!."

Will Mercedes amend me?  
To be continued....       $$$ Update 1/30/13 $$$  

Before Christmas  a rep from the Mercedes dealership made a call to me wanting to rectify my situation after I made a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.  The rep said my demands were fair and he'd  talk to his boss, Neil Goldman and returned my call, which he never did. (lair)

Fast-forward two months... now Mercedes Financial is calling  and harassing me for payments on a lemon, a car that don't work!!!   I requested a voluntary repo and asked them  to please come  remove the car from my parking structure, they told me they will not pick up the car unless I pay for the repo !!!!!

wooooooow evil at it's best!!!!!   Again stay away from Mercedes most of their cars are made in Mexico!!!   If you want a good quality car still made in Germany go with BMW.

Reeve S. | 2012-11-11

I just leased an E350 Coupe from Omar at Downtown LA Motors and I must say he is the best!  I'm going to get all my future cars from Omar and Downtown LA Motors.  Amazing deals, good people, NO BS.

Gary Y. | 2012-11-09

I was leasing E-class for the second time in this dealership. I drove in with my 10 year old beat up commuter car to sign the contract. There were no parking stalls available so I parked at reserved stall thinking that I would go in, sign and get out.
As soon as I walked out of my car, I was whistled at and I turned back. I saw an employee pointing to a reserved sign and yelled "What are you doing?" My sales guy came out to tell the other man that I am here to sign the contract.
I complained to my sales guy if this is how Mercedes Benz treats their customers. My sales guy said something racial about the other guy.
This is how downtown motors mercedes-benz think of their customers, folks. No matter the job position (sales, service, or cleaning crew), customers who are buying/ leasing $50,000 car should not be treated like that. I am having second thoughts on Downtown Motors and even Mercedes-Benz, if they judge customers by their appearance.
Very Very disappointed, Downtown Motors Mercedes-Benz!

Erik R. | 2012-11-06

11/05/12 called and wanted to speak to General Manager Elley, but he choose to put his head in his behind and let someone else speak for him because he is a "General Manager" ended up empty handed.
While speaking to Robin she put me on speaker phone, I said what kind of BS is that pick up the phone and talk to me. She hand up the line on my face. I called back and she explained me that, the reason she put me on speaker because she is doing other things (early morning by herself).
Elley will kiss your behind ONLY you buy a car from his barn.

Janet L. | 2012-10-10

Dealing with car sales people is the absolute worst.  HOWEVER I will say this, if you go to this dealership you need to ask for GARY KRBOYAN, this is one salesman who is professional, caring and polite.
Gary Krobyan is great at follow through along with being a class act. Call him and he will take care of you.

Liz M. | 2012-09-20

I went in today because one of my service lights came on during my commute to work.  They quickly fixed the problem and were friendly.  The service advisor noticed that my driver side blinker light was slightly damaged. He told me to go over to the service department, purchase the part and then he would install it right there on the spot.  I bought the $29 part and came back to have him pop it in.  He acted cagey at that point and said he was going to find someone to install it for me.  Then, he told me there was an $85 charge to install the part. What?! I reminded him he said he would install it for me in the driveway (LB Mercedes has done the same thing on a previous car that I owned).  He went and found someone who then also told me the charge is $85.  Just ridiculous. I left.  I can probably install the light on my own.  And, the dealership, service area, and parts department are all really shabby.

Diego M. | 2012-09-18

Bought my CLS 550 from here and I am very happy with the service and the CAR! Markus Jahr was the sales person was very helpful and will come back ones I decide to trade in my vehicle.

Eric A. | 2012-06-20

I called at 5:26pm on 6/20 and the girl whom answered the phone probably should not be answering them, or at least needs someone to exlain to her why she's there. Attitude. I guess she is not aware that she provides the first impression the public receives of this dealership. Or she is unaware that she needs to leave her personal problems at home and at least pretend she intends to help. I did not get my questions answered as the message I left was not returned either. I'm not certain whether or not I should let the interaction with her ruin it for the department I need, or if this is indicative of the dealership entirely. Either way, bad show.

Monte R. | 2012-06-06

Management needs to improve in all sections of the compound.  If your are buying, get EVERYTHING in writing.  They will promise you the moon and the stars and then tell you: sorry, that service was not included, it was not in writing.  GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING.  There are no longer gentlemen you can trust will keep their word (unless it is in writing).  Oh! And expect a call after you buy your car in which they will try to sell you some additional service or polishing of the leather seats or something along those lines.  If you are seeking to service your car there is only one shuttle running on Saturdays (yes for the second biggest city in the United States).   And if you complain, the manager may call you to "acknowledge" your complaint, but NOT to apologize.

Mercedes M. | 2012-05-08

Can I just add to this review that Habib called me on my birthday - I mean thats customer service I bought the car 6/months ago for Gods sake.  

MB Downtown for life.

Richard M. | 2012-05-07

Funny how some things never change. I used to work here for 15 years, and the store is still the same. I decided to buy a G wagon this weekend and called downtown. They had the model I wanted, special matte finish which is very hard to find.

The sales process was simple, the delivery average. My new car wasn't really clean or detailed very well. But I was excited to get it so I didn't complain (much) . You would think you'd be provided with a better delivery, maybe go over the options?

So my experience at DTLA was just average, but they did have the G Wagon I wanted.

Robert R. | 2012-04-21

In regards to the Service Department at Downtown LA Mercedes, I was definitely surprised and taken back by the customer service and quality provided.

I made an online appt with the BEST Service Advisor TINO EYVAZIAN to have my S550 serviced to have a seat belt repaired and prepared myself to pay the hefty repair cost I had already estimated in my mind. To my surprise, Tino E. went out of his way to provide with me options which resulted in having my seat-belt repaired under warranty.

In addition to the excellent customer service provided by Tino E., I never felt pressured by him to spend additional money for recommended maintenance services. I really liked that he explained things clearly/thoroughly and even sent me an email detailing the recommended services with a break down of the costs. This is the first time I have ever had an SA with the brains to use email as part of his communication with his customers (take notes BMW SA's). In addition, Tino E. always provided me with timely updates via phone/email which made my life easier especially if you're running in/out of meetings all day.

All in all, this is the first time I have had an excellent Service Department experience at a dealership and would not hesitate to take my car there again for regular maintenance/repairs. Just make sure you make your service appts with Tino Eyvazian folks.

Tasha A. | 2012-04-03

LA's Best Service Advisor!!!!

By far, out of all the nearly 15 years my family has been dealing with this dealership, Tino Eyvazian is the absolute best service advisor ever!!! He's friendly, yet professional and always greets you with a smile and offers you refreshments. He's honest and upfront concerning issues with your car and you can trust him to take good care of you. No matter if you're Armenian, Black, Asian or Caucasian, he doesn't play favoritism and is fair across the board. You'll never feel cheated or coerced into fixing something that is outrageous or unnecessary. Now, female customers don't be intimidated, he won't treat you like you have no clue about cars. He's great with explaining what's wrong with your car, how long it will take to fix it, and is very knowledgeable about every model and will answer all of your questions.

Wondering what's going on with your car while it's there? No problem! Tino provides periodic updates and lets you know if any problems arise with getting parts, price adjustments, etc. so you'll never be out of the loop with your car. And forget being stranded, Tino will always accommodate you to the best of his abilities securing or extending a rental car or arranging shuttle services for you to and from the dealership.

The bottom line: Tino goes above and beyond for his customers and makes sure they leave happy. I recommend him to all my friends and family. He's simply THE BEST and we wouldn't trade him for anyone else!!!!

Justin R. | 2012-02-25

Never posted on yelp before.. but as bad as these guys are I just had too. They really need a zero star

I'm in the market for an SL convertible and I noticed that these guys had one that was slighty above my price range but had been on their lot for over a year. So I emailed them and said hey like the car, I'm interested, you guys need to move it, what can we do? They told me $43K with a 1 year CPO warranty. I countered with $41K. They said we can't do that. I said fine if you change your mind let me know and I"ll drive down and buy it.

I get a call a few days later saying hey we have a deal you can't refuse. I'm like cool. So he emails me the deal and says they can do $44K but with a 5 year warranty. Seems to be a pretty good offer. We emailed back and forth a while and i was seriously considering even though it was more than I wanted to spend. I offered $42 thinking we would settle on $43. Well they wouldn't budge and were starting to get a bit rude.

After researching other options i came back and was ready to get the deal done and laid out a list of what was included including the 5 year warranty expiring in 2017.  The response I got back was the deal is $44K. I then asked when the warranty expired as I was getting suspicious. I got back a nebolous answer with no date. I asked again and it finally came out the 5 year warranty I was offered was actually the 4 years manufactors warranty (which was expired) and the 1 year CPO they already offered at $43K. So basically they were trying to sell me a warranty that was already 80% expired! How slimy can get?

I called them out on it and said man that slimy and gave them a chance to make ammends. They didn't apologize, they didn't do anything other than say "you know the deal".  

So basically the "deal I couldn't refuse" was actually worse than the deal they offered me 3 days before.

Don't deal with these guys especially Markus and Scott. Classic slimy used car dealers who try to scam there way into selling cars rather than be upfront and honest like you should be in the internet age.

Betty M. | 2012-02-21

Service Department Only.....

The only two reasons I keep coming back here is my service advisor Daniel and the fact that I work in DTLA and they provide me a shuttle to and from work.

Daniel is kind, sincere and very knowledgeable about just about anything MBZ related. He goes way above and beyond to make sure that my car is taken care of, that I'm fully aware of pricing, and that I understand why and what type of repairs my car needs asap (or minor repairs that can wait). He has never been pushy whatsoever which is what I really appreciate.  Whenever I take my car in, Daniel calls me halfway through the day to update me on what's going on with my car. He always reviews step by step of what needs to be repaired and how much it'll cost. He has never repaired anything without my consent or knowledge. My car is always ready by the time I request. Im sure I can go to another auto shop and get work done for a cheaper price, however I run the risk of compromising integrity and top of the line service which is what I'm not willing to do.

Most of the time, I'm running around LA with a million things to do. I don't have time to have a friend pick me up from the dealership or drop me off etc. The service dept opens at 7am and I can always get an appt as soon as they open. They have multiple shuttles that will take you and pick you up from a 10 mile radius. My office is about 3 miles away so the shuttle is my life saver. I don't know a single soul that likes to deal with auto repair, but Downtown LA Motors does a great job accommodating you and making the process a bit less of a pain.

Mr P. | 2012-02-06

my service advisor, jake willard is the main reason i go to this dealership because of his knowledge, passion, and excellent customer service.  He even referred me to Anthony, who helped me via amazing experience get a new car.

Shahin K. | 2011-12-20

I have been a customer of the service department for almost 6 years. My service adviser Daniel is amazing and he is always there for me. I recently had a problem with my car due to an accident. He worked with the body-shop to resolve it for me, although it had nothing to do with them. Customer service there is great.

I highly recommend the service department to anyone with a Mercedes.

Alex C. | 2011-11-02

Service Department Review.

I've had nothing but great experiences here. Maybe it's because I have extended warranty up the wazoo? I can't say for sure but I bring in my car (2008 E350) with the slightest sound of disarray.

My first service advisor was Saul. I was heartbroken to learn that he left. However, since then, Jake has been the man! A true professional in every sense of the word. He listens to my complaints and follows up throughout the day with updates. Plus, getting a MBZ (C class) rental is cool too. So show up early or else your rental might be some whacked out Chevy Cruze (no offense to Cruze owners).

They should somehow build a reception area for owners picking up their cars. At least put out a bench so I don't have to stand while I wait outside. Come on now!

Candice M. | 2011-10-03

In response to Neal's false statement.  The service manager, Curtis, did not leave any messages that went unanswered. There were no calls left, period.  

The original coding, covered under warranty was not fixed, as indicated by the light coming back on 3 days later. As a consumer I am more than happy to pay for services rendered, when the charge is legitimate.  

My colleagues that have taken their cars have also shared stories of not getting adequated service, but receiving recommendations that proved not needed.

It was an experience I will not have again, as the taste left in my mouth was one of disappointment. The inability to take responsibilty for poor work previously done and hunger to make money any way possible is why car salesman have the reputation they do.  My former mechanic is trustworthy and never charged me on things not needed.  I thought taking a Mercedes dealer to service my Mercedes would be safe.  Not at Downtown LA Motors.

The money I paid was worth the money I will save in the long run by never returning to Downtown LA Motors Mercedes Benz.

R V. | 2011-08-21

i bought my e350 six years ago and believed (naive i was) that i had to take my car for all mtce to the dealer or the warranty would be invalid - so i did this for 6 years until... a couple of weeks ago i got an estimate for $4200 of which labor was a major part of it!  

So, i decided to take it to Hi-Tech Automotive (see post) where the same type of work would be $3200 of which labor was $340!  

When i picked up my car from the dealer I was shocked that they charged me $145 for the "estimate" that they provided me with.  I paid for the estimate and will never take my car to them for repairs.  

As other readers stated i have been told several times to also look into "upgrading my car" to a newer model.  

sign me

Jacob M. | 2011-08-10

i've had my 2011 e350 coupe into downtown LA motors service department twice since i bought it at fletcher jones motorcars in newport beach in march.

these things happen with new models, and downtown LA motors was great about fixing the design flaw with minimal inconvenience.  i'm surprised mercedes-benz USA has not been more proactive about this issue, given that it's fairly common, but that's not the dealership's problem.

on both occasions, i dropped my car off and was on my way in a clean, well-equipped service loaner in under 15 minutes.  the service advisors were great about staying in contact on the status of the repairs, and the technicians were able to diagnose and repair the problem very quickly.  everybody was friendly, professional, and helpful.

greg b. | 2011-08-08

wow i read a few of the brutal reviews so im gonna chime in...
i have been going to this Benz dealership since 2004 and they have always treated me fantastic.
On a side note i also frequent their Nissan store as well and get the same fantastic care and treatment

Howard C. | 2011-07-30

Ok, this event took place about 10 years ago but I thought it was really funny and is still a focal point of my car dealership jokes!

Believe me, I have some close Armenian friends and I don't mean in any way to be disrespectful... But these guys were a special breed.

After about 30 minutes at the dealership, we wanted to negotiate price...

Dealership: "are you going to buy?"

I'm not sure, we have to see if you're going to work with us.

Dealership: "we work with you if you're going to buy?"

How do I know I want to purchase if the price isn't right?

Dealership: "we only negotiate price if you are going to buy!"

(...silence...)  out the door.

This is a reenactment of actual events conversation at this dealership.

We the became proud Lexus owners, today we own a Jaguar... Every time I see a Mercedes, I hear these clowns speak...

Good luck everyone.

jorge t. | 2011-06-15

I would rate them with one star only because I cannot rate them ZERO stars.

I dropped my mercedes for a "diagnostic" ($155) due to the convertible roof not opening, after a day I get the phone call that I need to authorize 3 more hours (About $475 more) for an accurate diagnostic I didn't authorize the "extra" fee for a diagnostic that I agreed for $155 when I came in, if they would have told me right off the bat that it was going to be more than $600 just to know what is wrong it would have been a different story but hey they said they could do it in one hr ($155). I contacted the service manager Curtis to tell him that's not what we agreed and he tried hard to convince me to authorize the job and I refused and asked for them to give me my car back and they said the panels where removed and it would take a while to put back together so I waited and got it back, only after they made me pay $155 for nothing, absolutely nothing. I walked away.

Next morning I went to an independent shop on Washington Blvd and the master tech said leave it here and come back in a couple hrs, I told him I had no ride home and he kindly let me wait in his office and half an hour later he comes in and gives me my keys, roof working properly!!!!!!!!! only 30 minutes and this awesome tech got it to work perfect, the total bill $120!!!!!!!! and my car perfect again.

The guys at Downtown Mercedes Benz, one of the biggest Mercedes dealers in the world by the way are not bad people, customer service is ok but they are REALLY INCOMPETENT TECHS and the manager didn't handle the situation properly from a customer point of view, of course they kept my money, didn't fix my car and just pissed me off. maybe It would be a good idea to put guys that know how to work on those cars at this dealership, it's kind of sad to see that these people "try" to fix this kind of cars cause that's all they can do "TRY".

I would never come back to this place due to this incident and I will never buy another mercedes benz vehicle only because of what happen with this guys...........................I would stay away from the service dept and strongly advice you to look somewhere else for service and repairs.........

David L. | 2011-05-24

Tough crowd on the reviews here!  I apparently drew the lucky straw in my dealings with Downtown LA Motors MB, Sebastian Wolski was my service advisor and he took great care of me and my 2005 ES320 Wagon.  I bought it used from a VW dealer who knew nothing about the car.  Clean record, but I knew more about it than they did.  Sebastian helped with a top to bottom assessment including options for upgrades I was interested in, but not committed to doing right away.  He helped me get the Nav System back in order (bad antennae) and a couple of points in the systems which can go bad, but don't necessarily show up for a while.  He followed up when he said he would and the car was ready to go when he said it would be.  I never felt pressured into doing any service that was not really needed, even as I prepared to have the car driven to New York (it's new home!).  When I return to LA, my car will return to Downtown LA Motors for service too.

Richard L. | 2011-04-25

Awful place.  

After spending over $3,000 and waiting close to 2 weeks I received my car back with a "check engine light" on.  I complained and they offered to look at my car, but I really did not want to deal with this guys anymore.  Why?  Because how could they miss such a simple mistake?  I also paid for my brakes to be fixed, but after a week or so they now make a horrible screeching sound.  

Also the person that was helping me ( I believe his name was jerry) often was hard to get a hold of.  He never called me back at the time when he was supposed to.  And after waiting awhile I called and he replied, "oh i was supposed to call you huh".... no sh*t.

STAY AWAY from this place the service is horrible and they do a horrendous job on your car.  I live less then 5 minutes away, but I rather drive  45 minutes to Southbay Mercedes. will regret coming here.  Trust the 1 star reviews and you dont make the same mistake as me.

*Also note that reviews by "Cesar P.", "H.W." and "Cameron S." only have a review for this place giving it 5 stars.  Would you trust a company that falsely gives itself a better rating? Ha what a joke.

If you look at the filter reviews there are even more self promoting reviews.  I

Phil E. | 2011-03-14

**For the service department**

I have taken my 1999 ML320 to DTLA motors for basic A services and any minor repairs. It has always been pricey, but I figured I was taking it to the experts and that it was worth a little extra for the service.

However, they are far from experts and they only want your money.

I took my car in for an oil change and to have them look into a whiney sound for my power steering. Now I knew my power steering fluid wasn't low and that it wasn't leaking. I checked this for weeks to be sure and told them this.

So I drop my car off at 7 am because I want my car back later that afternoon to drive to SF.

At 3 o'clock I head back over to the service department because no one can answer my phone calls and I am only sent to voice mail.

Turns out they finished the oil change and were no replacing a radiator hose and a power steering fluid resevor. WHAT? I authorized no additioanl repairs. They told me both were leaking (which I was pretty sure wasn't true). And they said my car would be ready tomorrow...

Across the board unacceptable for them to have my car so long, begin unauthorized repairs that luckily I was able to stop before they went to far, and then have my car a day longer and tell me nothing. I literally had to walk into the service area to my car to get someone to tell me what was going on.

I later took my car to a different mechanic and for about 1/5 the price he found what was actually wrong (power streering pump, not a leak) and fixed it in less time that it took for an oil change at DTLA motors.

These are not the experts, they do not listen to you as a customer, they just over charge and replace things on your car and hope it works. And then when it doesn't you are out the money, the time, and still have the problem.


F A. | 2011-02-07

I bought a CERTIFIED PRE OWNED (CPO) 2008 E350 almost a year ago from Beverly Hills Mercedes Benz.

The car overheated less than 1 month into ownership and I took my car to Downtown LA Motors MB service.  The service advisor, Jake, claimed that a rodentlike animal had damaged the fan causing the damage and I had to pay for all of the repairs out of my own pocket.  Who knows whether this damage happened with the previous owner in their 3 years of ownership or me and my less than 1 month of ownership.

Service went ahead and did all the work and never asked for my authorization to do the work.  The repair bill came out to about $1,500.00.  I told them I never authorized the work and they said that was the only way they could diagnose the problem.  They also told me that I could leave the car there another day so they could put all the crap parts back into the car, leaving me back at square one with a crap car with an overheating problem.  I talked to the service manager, Neal about this and he was just as unhelpful.  Very frustruated, I paid the bill.  They also informed me that I had a screw in one of my tires and would have to have it replaced for another $800.00.  I told them to piss off and put on the spare.  I since then got the spare plugged for $10.00 at a local gas station.

The same car overheated about 5 more times.  Same old BS from service saying it was this and that and supposedly fixed.  All of this work was paid for out of my pocket eventhough the car was supposedly a certified pre owned car with the additional CPO warranty.  ALL because Downtown LA Motors MB said the cause of the problem was rodent damage the very first service.

I finally got a lemon law lawyer and since then had my car bought back by Beverly HIlls Mercedes Benz.  They refunded all of my money EXCEPT for the cost of ALL the service trips that I had to pay for out of my pocket.  ALL because Downtown LA Motors MB said the cause of the problem was rodent damage the very first service.




dustin h. | 2011-02-05

This place is the best. Just ask for my main man Jason Lee, and he will take care of you. The thing about this dealership that I really appreciate, is the fact that they are always straight forward with you. If you need a repair, they will let you know. If you don't need a repair, they will let you know. They will never suggest anything that isn't in your best interests as a customer. There are a lot of shady places out there that will con you into getting something fixed that doesn't need to be. This dealership is not on of those places. 5 stars for Downtown LA Mercedes.

P.S. If you have to have your car dropped off, they will drive you back to your location, and pick you up later when the car is ready. No charge. Whenever I pick my car up, it has had an interior detailing completed, along with a full car wash and Armor All on the tires !!

Wayne T. | 2011-01-28

I probably got screwed somewhere in price but at least they made me feel good about it. :) Had to say that as car dealers got to make money somewhere.

I give three stars only because the service staff and anthony (sales) did an A-OK job on my new benz. They always wash my car whenever I need it too!

Richard L. | 2011-01-03

Came in for service. Hit a pothole and got a flat ,tire shop told me its the wheel thats damaged not the tire. And I would have to wait till friday for the wheel to arrive.

No one had the part in stock but downtown MB did and held it for me, I set an appt and showed up 1:30 mins late. Usually in a busy service bay that means your not leaving till closing, but Sebastian my SA got me and out with a car wash in 40 mins. Also informed me of recalls that needed looking at and some preventative maintenance but also was upfront that my car was running in good condition and the maintenance items could be done when ready.
All in all better experience than most at a dealer service dept.
Their waiting area is not as nice as most MB dealers but free coffee and wifi and that was good enough for me for 40 mins.

Kerry T. | 2010-11-22

I have been working on leasing a Mercedes ML 350 for quite a while. I had a particular number in my head and checked with multiple Mercedes dealerships to see if they could meet this number. I dealt with individuals at South Bay Mercedes, Fletcher Jones Mercedes, Pasadena and Downtown. Fletcher Jones was the worst. They won't talk numbers with you via email or phone and just keep repeating "we can beat any offer you have, just come to the dealership." I knew better than to start that game. South Bay Mercedes' lowest price was extremely high. Pasadena was fair. Downtown LA Motors Mercedes Benz was the best. Not only did they give the best price, and even better than what I wanted, without having to negotiate; but they were also willing to do everything over email. Jonathan Arvatz is the internet manager there and is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I worked with him from beginning to end. He put together the best possible lease package and even brought the car and the paperwork to me. I have leased in the past and when someone was seemingly nice and upfront, there was always a catch. Not this time. Through and through, Jonathan Arvatz (Internet Manager) and (William Lo General Manager), were as honest and accommodating as they appeared to be.

Alex W. | 2010-09-30

**Please note my review is only for the Service Dept.** My sales experience with Anthony was 5 stars.

I purchased a 2011 E350 convertible in July and in the 3 months I've had the car I've had to bring it in for service 5 times. What's most frustrating is that these 5 visits were for only 2 repairs! The satellite radio wasn't working so I bring it in for service and they don't have the part. I get an email a week later letting me know the part is in and they are ready to do the repair so I make another appointment. I get a call later that day, apparently they don't have the part and I'll have to come back yet again. Three visits later the problem is finally fixed.

Next, one of my struts breaks so once again I bring it in for repair and once again they don't have the part. So today I dropped off my car yet again and hopefully the repair is completed.

The other part of this is EVERY time I make an appointment I wait 15-30 minutes before I'm checked in. I don't want your damn coffee and donuts, I don't want to kick back and relax in your jiffy-lube-on-steroids service center. I just want to get in, get out and get on with my day. Yet you insist on wasting my time.

Unfortunately I can't predicate where to buy my next car in 3 years based on my experience with Anthony in sales because after the ink is dry on the contract, nearly all my remaining interactions are with the service dept.

Can anyone recommend another dealership? Maybe in Hollywood, BH or South Bay? For the record, Long Beach MB always ran efficiently but unfortunately its just too far.

Al S. | 2010-08-06

OK so I'm a little hard on dealer services.  But this place gets no love from me.


Took my car early before 8am.  Was greeted with a fake smile and soon escorted to the adviser's office.  All I needed was Service A and no car wash, since I had just detailed it a week before; along with a fuel door replacement.   I saw that the adviser didn't specify on the invoice of the no wash request.  I told him and he just said "oh no problem no problem, they'll will know after they are finished with the service".  

Whatever, I get a call in the afternoon, with the dude telling me the fuel door needs to be special ordered, but that the Service A was done.  I reminded him one more time that I didn't want a wash.

I go to pick up the car, and what do you know.  The car was F##### washed.  The illustrious shiny paint was no longer there.  It almost looked like they tried to cover it up, by carefully removing all the water spots.  But I'm not dumb, this car was clearly washed.  By this time, my adviser was gone for the day, and no other managers were in sight either.  

I call the next day, but my guy has suddenly left on an emergency, so I was stuck with a manager.  Who apologized and offered a detail service for free.  Too late, I'm never bringing my car here again.


So my girlfriend had to bring her own car for Service A too.  Since I didn't have any silly requests I figured it would be no problem.  Two hours later the adviser calls saying there's a problem with one of the tires and that it needs to be replaced because of a puncture.  The estimate was something like $800.  WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?!?! For one tire? I checked on Tire Rack and it was listed at less than $500 (damn these big tires are getting too damn expensive).  He kept telling me that it was close to their cost (BS), and that it couldn't be repaired because it's a Run Flat tire (more BS).  

I told him to keep his $800 tire, and to put the spare on so I could drive to a real tire shop.  Luckily my favorite tire shop (Menos on Central) was only a few minutes away.  They repaired it in less than 10 minutes and it cost $25 for dismount, repair, and balance.

They struck out on strike 2.

Louie D. | 2010-08-06

Finally got a refund back from an option I cancelled (cilajet is BS).  The finance manager  was basically jerking me around for 3 months (stating that the refund was on its way) so I decided to talk to the big boss man.   The general manager of DTLA Mercedes Benz is William Lo, he was very helpful.  He resolved my problem within a few minutes and I got my refund.  I will be upgrading my car in a couple of years, not sure if I want to deal with the BS here.

Dee C. | 2010-06-21

Recently leased a Mercedes from this dealership. For a luxury brand, I would've expected the venue and showroom to be a bit more fancy-shmancy... but it wasn't. Also when I walked in, it took about 10 min for someone to approach me and my father to assist (and potentially make a sale). So from this experience, I can say that the sales team are full of themselves and judges a book by its cover as both of us were in sweats. But honestly now, do you want to make a sale or not?! Are you in a position to be that picky in this economy?

Eventually, my salesman did approach us and helped us out quite a bit actually in the end and made a sale. I would also recommend him as well... His name is Alan.

Cameron S. | 2010-06-11

I went to the Downtown LA the other day it was by far the best experience I've ever had at a car dealership. I was immediately greeted by David and was very impressed by his professional and courteous manner. Too often you are bombarded by pushy salesmen who treat you as though you are merely a dollar sign. Downtown LA motors was a refreshing break from that feeling. David was patient and extremely knowledgeable. I definitely will suggest Downtown LA Motors to all my friends when they need a new car.

Ellen C. | 2010-02-02

I bought my car here and had an ok experience. I thought, "I might as well continue to come here for their services".

I had asked them about putting in better speakers and a subwoofer. The service guy told me it wouldn't be a problem. I dropped off my car a few days later and I received a call 10 minutes before 4pm. The message stated my car was ready to be picked up and they would be closing at 4pm!! I freaked out. I was far from 10 minutes away. I kept calling and calling, but no one answered. When I finally arrived there, only customer service was open. I yelled and threw a fit, but nothing could be done. I took a taxi home (they couldn't even help me out with a ride) and came back the next day. I cursed the living day out of the service manager when he told me after-market speakers couldn't be done and I was misinformed.

"Then why the heck wasn't I told when I dropped off my car??? "
"Or told way before you guys closed??"
"And why did you call me 10 minutes before closing??"

All I got was an "i'm sorry" and "here is a $100 gift certificate to our store"...Like I would want to come back here again.
Poor poor service.

Jennifer Y. | 2009-04-16

Transitioning from a G to an E as my daily driver meant feeling 10 years older and dealing with a whiny car that's never too shy to tell me whenever she's not feeling well. I suh-wear the Mercedes marketing team is genius. Almost every vehicle is equipped with a fancy service alert system telling you to visit a workshop ever so often. Chances are, you'll drive right into a service dealership center where they'll mercilessly rape your wallet.  But I digress.

Last week, the screen on my instrument panel kept telling me to visit the workshop. QUICK! It was something about electronic circuits turning off soon. I tried to ignore the "malfunction" and switched it display my CD tracks instead. If I can't see it, I won't have to deal with it, right? It worked for two days until it started to squeal and emit a high-pitched noise like an annoying, nagging mother who simply refuses to leave you alone. Sheesh! The pressure suddenly felt like a ticking time bomb. So I had no choice but to take her into the workshop before I got really annoyed and launch her into the LA River too.

I drove right into the Downtown service dealership. I was ready to get passively assaulted at $125/hour. Service comes with "complimentary" car detailing, flat-bed towing, and car rental (or door-to-door shuttle service). There's also a waiting lounge, complete with "free" food and refreshments. The door-to-door shuttle is pretty awesome though. They'll drive you home and pick you back up at a reasonable distance. Of course, I took the opportunity to go on a psycho rant with the shuttle driver - taxi cab confession-style.

Service was courteous, attentive, and impressive. You can't expect anything less for the price you pay. The service team is nice...but you can tell it's the formulated type of niceness developed after undergoing hours of corporate customer service training.

Fill out a post customer service satisfaction survey and get 15% off your next visit. I probably won't come here once my warranty expires...simply because the cost can even break my Prada wallet.

Rex D. | 2009-03-14

First, the service dept.  They provided above average customer support regarding my ML350 repair, but only for the first 2 months of repair.  You see, the repair is taking 3 months due to a part that Mercedes has to custom manufacture in Germany for my vehicle - not my fault.  They offered to provide a rental and said they would take care of me at their cost.

Two months go by and then they abruptly cut off my rental after they promised to pay for it without worry.  Very disappointing.  

Regarding new car sales.  Be very suspicious.  They speak with accents which can make understanding them difficult.  And then they made me an offer on a new Mercedes SUV saying how good of a deal it is when in fact the prices they offer are terrible, meaning you will end up paying closer to MSRP than Invoice price.

To make matters worse they claim you will receive "the best customer service guaranteed".  But they failed to return my phone calls or reply to emails so I had to walk into the dealership again in order to get their attention.  Hipocrites.

Christann T. | 2008-05-14

My husband took my car in for servicing and Eloisa took care of us.  I went to pick my car up and the entire servicing staff was helpful and attentive.  That is a plus because you usually only see that when you are purchasing the car....not a DTLA-BENZ!  Everyone had (well almost everyone...there was one lady at her desk looking at her computer who wasn't smiling...) a smile on their face and made sure I was taken care of.

If you ever get your car serviced at DTLA-BENZ....ask for Eloisa!  She ROCKS!!!!!

doug m. | 2006-03-10

They also (dis)service Nissans.

Maybe they save the talented mechanics for the mercedes cause i've had just about the worst experience with this place.

They almost ruined my car by not screwing in the oil pan plug in correctly. I was in the middle of Joshua Tree and my oil literally gushed out of the bottom of my car. Before that, I had them do some repairs after I had gotten hit by a car, and they forgot to replace the damaged windshield resevoir they took out of my car. It was a month later that i realized, not having to use my wipers until then. The last time I went back, simply to make sure i wouldn't be charged for their horrible work...they made a feeble attempt to set things right...but now my air-conditioner makes a funny noise.

Dont go here! in fact, tell all your friends. Downtown LA motors is wack!