Beverly Hills Porsche in Los Angeles, CA

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It doesn't matter how you're dressed or what you drove up in, what we CARE about is that you decided to come to Beverly Hills Porsche.

We want your experience to be fantastic. So let us know what you'd like to accomplish on your visit and we will do our absolute best to make it happen.  

Thank you for choosing our Porsche Center!

~Team BHP

Beverly Hills Porsche is an authorized factory dealership of new, used and Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Porsche cars, SUVs, accessories, parts and merchandise. Centrally located to all of Los Angeles, we aim to be a complete lifestyle destination for all Porsche owners and fans!


Established in 1989.

Beverly Hills Porsche was housed in the historic Clock Market on Wilshire Boulevard in the center of Los Angeles. Built in 1929 the Clock Market was Los Angeles' first shopping center built to accommodate automobiles. With its off street parking lot, service garage and gas pumps the Clock Market was designed to attract the newly upwardly mobile car culture of Southern California.

On April 15, 2015 Beverly Hills Porsche moved into a new modern facility a few miles west and adjacent to our Porsche Service Center. The new state of the art campus reflects the Porsche brand identity known around the world.

Beverly Hills Porsche

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(310) 557-2472
Address:11011 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90025
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Beverly Hills Porsche

Blake G. | 2015-04-05

I came to Beverly Hills Porsche to look at the Macan on a whim. When I showed up, I got immediate attention. Sheru, the salesman who came outside to greet me was incredibly kind. Even though I was kind of dressed like a bum that day, he did not write me off as someone just looking for fun. He showed me all the models that they had at the moment, and described all the available options in depth. I had a few concerns about the size of the rear section, and he helped me make sure that my large dog could fit in the back.

After I drove the Macan S, I fell in love with it. Unfortunately, they come and go pretty quickly, but I was able to snag one on the lower end of the price spectrum. Sheru was really on top of things and let me know every time a model in my price ranged arrived. The car he sold me is amazing. I really love it.

Sheru was fantastic to work with. Apart from being on top of things and knowledgable, he was an all around nice guy. Weeks after buying my car, he still reaches out to me here and there to make sure that I am happy. Although I plan to keep my car for a while, I would contact him the future if I needed a new car. Also, Brandon (the internet marketing manager) was really responsive and always let me know when new arrivals came in as well. Overall, it was a great car buying experience. I want another one ahaha.

Peter N. | 2015-04-04

Their customer service is surprisingly bad, given the location. The sales people know very little about the vehicles and parking is very cramped at this dealership.

Adrian P. | 2015-04-04

A whole lot better than Rusnak Porsche. Was looking for a 911 Carrera S (6 months ago) Was approached by a fairly cool Italian guy named Eric. Very well knowledgeable with the vehicles. Went around test driving the 911, talking through all the features of the car, wasn't too pushy or anything. All in all,I would purchase from him again!

Steve L. | 2015-04-01

3rd Porsche from Glen. As always, no hassles, no surprises.

Eliz B. | 2015-03-14

Easiest car buying experience we have ever had.  The price was great, financing was better than any other dealership (and way lower rates than dealing directly with the banks), and the overall sales process was extremely efficient.  Worked with Arash and we are very happy with the Porsche we bought.  Thanks!

Michael P. | 2015-03-12


My wife and I have bought two cars in the past few months.  A Porsche Macan S from Beverly Hills Porsche and a BMW I3 at Century West.

Our experience with Beverly Hills Porsche was a nightmare.  Poorly trained sales people (we had a succession of three - two quit within the six weeks we were working at getting our Macan.  The first one lied to us, the second one was clueless, and the third (Alex) was actually a very nice man.  But the minute that they had our $75k check, we were literally rushed out after a 10 minute orientation.  We love the Macan S, but would never return to Beverly Hills Porsche. Simply horrible General Management, an arrogant atmosphere, no follow through, broken promises, and absolutely no real concern for the customer.

In contrast, our experience with Century West BMW was (and is) absolutely terrific.  It's a beautiful facility, a very professional environment,  and the Internet Sales Manager was knowledgeable, thoughtful, attentive, thorough, a great listener, great at followup, and  always did exactly what he says he would do.  Totally cool guy and zero "BS".

I've purchased a lot of cars over the years.  This process of buying our I3 from Century West BMW is the best I have ever experienced.  Conversely, our experience at Beverly Hills Porsche was absolutely the worst I've ever experienced.

If it weren't for Spago, Bouchon, and Il Cielo we'd be tempted to abandon Beverly Hills.  Too much attitude.

Chris D. | 2015-03-02

Glen Fagin of Beverly Hills Porsche was fantastic to deal with. A few years back, I had made a deal with him on a 911, only to go with another dealer who had a car with more of the options that I wanted. Glen was great to deal with back then, so I was happy to come back and give him another shot at my business. He did everything possible to get me the best deal on my new car and thanks to him, I have a beautiful new Cayman today. Thanks, Glen! Show this to your bosses and tell them that I said you deserve a raise!

Janet P. | 2015-02-24

Came here to test drive their Panamera model. My car has been giving me so many issues lately that I was looking into purchasing a new one.  A sales person immediately greeted me and asked me question of what I was looking for. Told him I was interested in the Panamera models so he took me to see one in the showroom.  This model was definitely bigger than I expected it to be. The drive was definitely very smooth. The turning ability of the car I felt was subpar compared to other brands like BMW. Probably due to the bigger size and weight of this car. Although a very nice car, I don't think I am used to driving a car of this size, especially in LA. I wanted some time to think it over. I felt a little pressured by the salesperson to purchase then and there. I really wanted to shop around a bit more before making my decision. Their pushiness is definitely very off putting.

katie j. | 2015-02-20

On a whim I decided to buy a Panamera. I made several inquiries, on line, and was overwhelmed with offers. The only person who "played it cool" was Glen Fagin, at BH Porsche. I emailed him my "wish list" and he sent me several options. I went in, LOVED the Panamera he had, it was actually the best priced Porsche anyone offered, so I went for it. My trade in was costed out fairly according to three other sources. I then met with Navid Anbar, their finance manager, and what a pleasure. From everyone there, no pressure, no hassle, nothing but an easy, honest transaction. Don't let this dealer being in Beverly Hills give you the wrong impression; they were the best deal, the greatest listeners to what I wanted, and made sure I was completely satisfied, just excellent! As to my new Panamera: so sexy, so fun, so happy to drive such a beautiful piece of machinery, Thank You Glen, Thank You Navid! Thank you Beverly Hills Porsche!

Mike D. | 2015-02-17

As all that is holy, I have tried to be positive. But from the start, it has not been good. Found a Porsche 911 GT3 on line. It was a new car. When I inquired, I was told they could not sell me the car for the price advertised. What happened to the FTC and truth in advertising. I was told I would have to pay a premium. After much debate, I agreed to do so...only to be told that I needed an LA address for the sale. OK, I gave my brothers address. I grew up in Beverly Hills, so what the hell. But why advertise n the Internet. Has anyone mentioned that it goes well beyond Beverly Hills. I arranged delivery after wiring the money. Delivery was good. Since that time I have called three times to get a copy of the bill of sale and other documents. I received a call from a nice Brithish lady who asked about the transaction. I described the entire process. She was dismayed and said she would follow up with the owner. No word since then, although she said "would I please give a good review to Porsche when they call". I don't think so...Three more calls and no documents. These folks ought to be selling Ugos. My local Ford dealer has always given better service. So, either I am the odd case or these people have got to take a lesson in customer service. So much for a $175K cash sale. Maybe they thought this was a one shot deal and who cares. My brother however has purchased three Porsches from them and will take his business elsewhere as will I.

Docbruin H. | 2015-02-16

Beverly Hills Porsche has once again exceeded all of my expectations!  A repeat customer, the entire staff went above and beyond in making sure the transaction went as smooth as silk.  A spur of the moment decision turned into me purchasing my dream car, and it was my salesman extraordinaire, Alex Manzari, that made it all possible.  Once again, Alex was able to work his magic to make sure I got the best deal.  He made what can be a super stressful transaction entirely pain free.  I highly recommend him and the entire dealership for any of your Porsche needs.

Jason J. | 2015-02-14

We have brought in our Cayenne 5 times in the past 6 months for faulty parking sensors. They go off ALL the time and start blaring, even when driving. The service advisors could not be MORE rude, or less helpful.

At first they said they wouldn't even touch the car, since we bought it in San Diego (CPO). This I do not understand. The car is a Porsche. And it is still under full factory warranty. Porsche NA has told me I can bring my car to ANY DEALER in the US for service. But no. They INSISTED that I make a 2 hour drive to the dealer I purchased it from to have the issue fixed.

We went home, in disbelief and decided to call a manager. After threatening to report them to Porsche NA, he told us to bring the car in and they would take care of it.

This time, they took the car for 5 days and said it was fixed. I literally got 2 miles from the dealership and the sensors are BLARING again. I did not have time to deal with this again and had already been without my new car for 5 days so I continued home, hoping it was a fluke.


I called in a week later and made an appointment to bring in the car. Yet again! Another few days, another promise it was fixed. This time they blamed the front license plate frame. They had my car for days, all to remove a license plate frame from the car. I was skeptical, as all cars in California have a front license plate. So every Porsche in California have sensors that constantly blare? They assured me it was fine.


We took many videos of the sensors blaring while driving the car around time. Sometimes for almost a minute straight. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPP!!!!!!!!

Now today, we bring the car back for the FORTH time. The service advisor says they can't fix it unless they can duplicate the issue. HUH? This is the 4th time they have had it. Why would we LIE about this issue?

My girlfriend showed him the videos and he implied that she was trying to scam the dealership. "How do I know there isn't a leaf on the sensor?" was one of his replies. My girlfriend told him that most of the videos show that she is actually DRIVING the car, as in, it is in motion on the street. "How could a leaf be on the sensor if I'm driving down the road?" She asked. To which he rudely replies "It's called physics."

Really Porsche? This is how you treat customers that have spent 100's of thousands of dollars on your brand? Absolute joke.

DV S. | 2015-02-12

My friend and I came dressed casually to test drive the Macan. Oneeg (sp?) was one of the finest examples of salesman I've dealt with. Enthusiastic - knowledgable - honest - and extremely efficient and friendly.  I ended up going thru a broker due to the next model not being available for 2/3 months via Porsche - but I will certainly be visiting him when my lease is done.

Fantastic experience beginning to end.

Kurt W. | 2015-02-10

I sent an online inquiry about a CPO 911 GTS I was interested in and received a prompt reply from Brandon Raap.   Since I'm in the SF Bay Area, I relied on info from Brandon to determine whether it was worth the trip down south to see the car up close.  

Based on Brandon's responsiveness, I decided the car was worth looking at and stopped by a few days ago.  

The dealership itself, as others have mentioned, is rather small with real parking and street parking by permit only.   You can pull into the small lot area, with a valet present who will juggle the cars around the small area as needed.   Not a big deal, but not as convenient as other dealerships.  Also, due to the location, there really isn't any good route to fully appreciate cars like these on a test drive.  Not the fault of the dealership per se, just something to be aware of.  The closest freeway isn't close, though with LA traffic, streets can be less congested!  

Due to the limited space, most of the cars are stored offsite.  The GTS I was interested in was promptly driven over.  I first noticed how clean it was.  One would expect so, but you'd be surprised (or not) at how many cars I've looked at from other Porsche dealerships that are not kept clean, inside or out.  The person who drive the car over even spent a few extra minutes to 'spiffy' it up even more.  Nice attention to detail.

So the GTS was just as described on the site and by Brandon.  I took it out for a short drive with one small stretch of street that was clear enough to go beyond 30 mph.  Throughout my visit, Brandon was professional, courteous and also fun to talk to.  He clearly knows his cars and tracks, unlike other folks I've dealt with.

Overall I was impressed with the car, my only reservation being the color and a couple of other relatively minor concerns.  I knew the color of course before coming down, but everything else about it (minus say a six speed) was exactly what I'm looking for.  

So while I haven't (yet) purchased a car from this dealership, I wouldn't hesitate to work with Brandon and recommend anyone considering a Porsche from this dealership, ask for him!

Kenny F. | 2015-02-02

Couldn't be happier with the professionalism and customer service at Beverly Hills Porsche. Cy, Navid, Russell and Alex are all true gentlemen who genuinely take care of their customers and made the process of getting two cars from them an easy and enjoyable one.

Laurence D. | 2015-01-31

Sold the POS and lost a fortune. Thanks BHP :)

Patty G. | 2015-01-30

Drove out to the Westside to see a Benz the dealer had.  It was a great experience. Michael Aram, Glen Fagin and Russ were super fabulous guys. They were very attentive and very helpful. Michael was very knowledgeable about the car and the information that would be helpful in making a purchase decision.  I even got the perk of having to yummy cappuccinos while I waited for the car to be washed and fueled. I never thought it would be such a great experience... But I was wrong they have a great team on the west side. Thank you gentlemen. Anyone looking for a car, I will refer them to you. Keep up the good work.

Matt D. | 2015-01-26

Had a fantastic experience at this dealership. I suggest asking for "Ash." He's knowledgeable, great to work with, and got me in the car I wanted (Macan).

W H. | 2015-01-20

Aaron Corcoran is a fantastic broker for Porsche. He's helped me into and out of several Cayenne Turbos and most recently into a new S e-hybrid. Thanks and hats off to everyone at the Beverly Hills Porsche dealership. I applaud your care and dedication to the consumers and the industry.

Mike K. | 2015-01-19

I just purchased a 2015 Porsche Cayman from Beverly Hills Porsche yesterday after contacting 4 other Porsche dealerships.  
My salesman was Arash "Ash" Malek.  
It was the easiest and most professional car purchase I have made. Arash was professional, listened to what I wanted, exerted no pressure at all and sincerely wanted me to be satisfied with the Porsche I picked. He communicated with me by phone, e mail, and text to follow up on everything.   No rush, no pressure just a totally accommodating professional.  Even my wife was impressed by his professionalism.
Now the kicker. He even went to bat for me to get me the price I wanted.  The 4 other dealers I contacted offers were much more and when I contacted them to see if they could  beat  this deal they all told me it would never happen.  Well it could, it did and I own the Porsche.

Lee P. | 2014-12-31

Aaron Corcoran rocks. I recently purchased a 2014 911 Carrera S from him and I can't say enough about what a great experience it was. Hadn't planned on purchasing that day but saw the exact anthracite brown and leather interior I wanted and Aaron and the team went above and beyond to make the numbers work. To me, the style of where and how I spend my time is important and in what could have been a corporate time suck anywhere else, Beverly Hills Porsche and Aaron Corcoran made pretty cool. I really appreciated that. Next day a guy admiring the car said to me "drive it like you stole it". I am and I did.

Donald R. | 2014-12-31

I went to this dealership with my daughter to look at the car she had considered to purchase. These people treated us as if they are the only Porsche dealership in the world and they don't have any more vehicle to sell.
This is somewhat problematic. We drove a few m

Koz K. | 2014-12-16

Very horrible experience.... Small selection, lack of parking for customers, clueless salesman who simply cannot LISTEN to what customer wants and just tries to sell what the customer clearly does not want! Worse experience just listening to this obviously clueless salesman! Wasted my time even though he knew he did not have what I wanted (Panamera Base - beating what another dealer has offered me).... Who trains these people? If they listen, they can actually get loyal customers instead of just brainless sales, sales, sales pitches!

Dan M. | 2014-12-16

Bought a Macan S from SA Glen Fagin.  This was my first car purchase in 12 years. I did a ton of research and knew the exact specs I wanted....with some additional guidance from my SA.  I found Glen to be very straight-forward and honest.  Actually steered me away from a few options that he felt weren't necessary. Car arrived 1 month earlier than scheduled. I am the kind of guy that likes to move questions and Glen fit the bill. He's also a darn cool guy. Solid personality and sense of humor. Doesn't take himself kind of dude. Overall A+ experience. It's a beautiful and unique new vehicle. I have been a BMW owner for 12 years. I felt that I wanted to step up to Porsche. I feel like part of a club now. There is something very magical about owning and driving a Porsche. Glen was exactly what I want in a sales representative. He knew he didn't have to sell me hard and was very respectful of how I wanted to be treated. He's also a really great guy. He is EXTREMELY responsive to my email questions and requests...even after the purchase has been completed.

Dana L. | 2014-12-15

Beverly Hills Porsche is so lucky to have ONNIG EKIZIAN join their team.  ONNIG is truly a one of a kind sales person. From the minute we stepped into the parking lot Onnig rushed over to help us find a Cayenne. He is humble, honest, not pushy, and gave us very reasonable pricing . He went through every detail with us. Onnig gave us a courtesy call to follow up with us and gave us exceptional service. Thank you ONNING EKIZIAN for  making car shopping fun. I never was able to stand car dealerships but Onnig changed my mind on that.If you are looking for a Porsche please do yourself a favor and go see Onnig!  Five stars for a great experience!!!

Rudy K. | 2014-12-10

Drove Almost One Hour To Be Treated Poorly.

Finally got a chance to stop by after receiving a response from Glen. When I showed up, he acted like he was doing me a favor. Did not want to even show me a car without discussing numbers and financing and him judging how serious I might be.  Well, most of us in sales would never act this way towards a prospective client. When you sell enough cars at BH, management tends to look the other way.

I was eventually pawned off to another sales person. I finally saw the car and drove it. Within 10 minutes, I decided I wanted to step up from a Boxster to something larger like a Macan or 911, but they kept trying to get me to buy the car I did not want because "it was a great deal that won't last til tomorrow." But it is not the car I want.

Drove even further out to Walters where they treated me like a human being. Scott made sure that I got a car that I wanted in the color that I wanted. He has probably seen enough unhappy people with buyers remorse coming from shops like BH or Rusnak.

Sultaraco B. | 2014-12-06

This dealership is making an effort to shape up,they still need to fix the accesability issues,the manager Jay realizes that in this business its critical to keep customers happy and satisfied.Did not buy but will consider them again sometime in the future.

Liz F. | 2014-12-05

I just bought a 2015 Porsche Boxter and had a wonderful experience. My salesman Micharl Aram is truly the best. He took the time to explain the interworkings of the car, gave me an incredible deal, and was pleasant to work with. When buying my next Porsche I will definately work with Michael Aram again. Thank you to Beverly Hills Porsche for an amazing experince. Thank you Michael Aram.
-Liz Fraley

michael s. | 2014-12-04

I had a sensational buying experience this past week at Beverly Hills Porsche. I purchased a new 911 GT3. My salesman Arash Malek and myself started our discussion about the car as I departed my home in San Diego. Essentially we worked out the terms of purchase as I drove to Los Angeles. Ash as he likes to be called was straight forward, pleasant, accommodating and flexible in terms of the structure of the deal. When I arrived at the showroom he immediately greeted me. The entire staff was friendly. The physical plant is pleasant and the car was well displayed and beautifully detailed in the showroom. Once at the dealership it took less then 45 minutes to workout the final deal. Once the deal was finalized the GM, Jeffrey Kagan, warmly greeted me and through a spirited discussion we discovered that we had attended the same schools in New York and indeed grown up within one block of each other. It truly felt like old home week. Kudos to the finance manager as well---He was charming and efficient. Overall, one of the best car buying experiences I have ever had.

Maurice S. | 2014-12-01

From the second I walked through the door, I had a wonderful experience at this place. Michael Aram took great care of me, took me on a test drive, answered all of my questions and worked with me to get a fantastic deal. One of the most painless experiences I've had car shopping. I would be more than happy to recommend these guys to anyone. Fantastic selection of both new and used cars, and not just all Porsche. If you're in the market, these guys are well worth a look. Ask for Michael Aram or Glenn Fagen and they'll get you taken care of.

John L. | 2014-11-27

This dealership is making an effort to shape up,they still needvto fix the accesability issues,the manager Jay realizes that in this business its critical to keep customers happy and satisfied.Did not buy but will consider them again sometime in the future.

Klaudius A. | 2014-11-17

Shout out to Eric P. and BHP for the past 15 years they have always delivered my car without ever having to return it for overlooked or poor maintenance or in this case an emergency repair

I had two situations the last month where i had to tow my car to two different porsche enthusiast mechanics, and somehow, it had new issues after they touched it, and they blame the car, not once have i heard Eric's people blame the car, obviously their training pays off and it shows in their attention to detail. Thanks guys, my friends and I are and will continue to be loyal customers.

Dean Y. | 2014-11-11

Beware of this dealer for unsavory business practices.  I purchased a 911 Carrera with 36 miles from this dealer and was sold as new, and still have the original papers to prove it.  Upon taking it into regular service, service manager Erik Patino made me aware that the car was pre-owned and was not new originally.  The car had been punched as sold (dealer was probably trying to make monthly quota incentives) about 2 months before I took delivery, and thus activating the warranty beforehand shorting me my original warranty duration.  Although Porsche extended my warranty by about 12 months when they found out about the mishap, I felt that the owners of this dealership may practice of doing this regularly and were well aware of the situation.

If I had known that the car was not tagged as new, I would have not paid as much as I did, and probably can't get as much for the car since I am technically not the original sole owner of the car.  

My attorney has informed me that this punching of the cars is a big practice among BMW and Porsche dealers across the country in order to make month end incentives for the dealership.  Now my gut feeling tells me that the dealer was well aware of what was going on and sold me the car as new when it obviously was not.  I rather take my business elsewhere when the disclosure is truthful.

Alex G. | 2014-10-04

These Guys have sticks up theirs asses. The sales force acts as if they are doing me a favor by speaking to me. I asked sales "can you send me an email" with products aka cars available. He said "no, I am not going to send you anything." What an idiot he was! I was born and raised in Beverly Hills. And these stupid salesman think that they are of some sort of prestige but in reality any dealership with BEVERLY HILLS in front of it does not deserve your business. Buying or leasing a car should be a smooth fun experience not a hassle and annoyance.

Go somewhere else!

Philip S. | 2014-09-22

I had a great experience buying a used Porsche 911 recently from Beverly Hills Porsche.  I was very pleased with my sales person, Mike Saidi.  He was very responsive and very accommodating.  I always felt like he was being honest and looking out for my best interest.  The dealership even helped out with a discounted rental car while I was waiting for my vehicle.  Would recommend in the future.

Kim H. | 2014-09-12

I walked in to purchase a Porsche 911, I drove out in a Porsche 911.  It was a relatively painless and seamless process.  Thanks Michael Aram.

Steve S. | 2014-09-11

Just got a Cayman S from Ash. He was great to work with and really helpful getting everything set up well. Very pleasant experience - thanks Ash!

Lustin L. | 2014-09-08

Easy, no hassle, no pressure dealership. Very rare in this day and age. They sell lots of volume per month also, I think the most in the entire US. Dealership location is a bit strange, nestled in between office buildings but they are moving soon further down on Santa Monica Blvd. Lets hope their service stays the same!

Benjamin S. | 2014-09-05

I came in here a couple of months ago to look at cars upon the recommendation of a friend. The salesperson was very nice, however never responded to any of my further queries about the car or prices after we left the I bought a new car elsewhere (at Walters Porsche in Riverside).

Even though Walter's is much further away, they treated me right, communicated (which is obviously the key!), and gave me a generous discount on an in-demand backordered car (which I'll get in a non-backordered time frame!).

Oh well, Beverly Hills Porsche. You blew your chances with me. I guess you didn't need my business. I'll be generous - 3 stars because the salesperson was so likable...but then again he didn't communicate.

Atti G. | 2014-09-02

I had a positive experience with this dealership.  Originally went in to look at a low mileage pre-owned 997 Turbo S but instead opted for a certified 991 Carrera S.  Obviously less power but a technologically  more advanced car and certainly enough performance for my needs.  Alex Manzari, the sales consultant, was very patient and helpful as we test drove about 5 different models.  Jeff Lamont the new car manager was also helpful in informing my decision.  As to the negotiation - I didn't exactly get the price I wanted but go close enough to believe it was a reasonable and fair deal.  I recommend Alex to anyone.

Car H. | 2014-08-28

Just took delivery of a MY2014 911 GT3.  Aaron Cocoran was my sales person and I ordered the car 11 months ago! Such a long wait but the car is awesome beyond belief.  Aaron was always responsive and helpful in our communications electronically or over the phone.  The general sales manager Jeff Kagan came out to greet me and was profession, appreciative and courteous.  The car was exactly the way I ordered it and the delivery process was smooth and swift.

Overall a great team and a pleasure to do business with.

Highly recommended!

Weiyingzi F. | 2014-08-26

Went to Beverly Hills Porsche to look at some cars I hade a pleasure to meet Michael Aram. He was so kind and sincere I ended up getting my car from him an all new 2015 Macan S. Michael was so helpful I recommend him highly:)

Wendy T. | 2014-08-23

We were looking for cayenne options and been to several Porsche dealers in LA. This is the best Porsche dealer that we ended up come back here to sign the deal. Michael Aram is an awesome person and very informed and helpful sales consultant. His suggestion is very practical and taking account of your needs and interests. He let us test drive the car and patiently introduced the features and specs of the vehicle.
Other staff we met here were all very professional and friendly. We definitely had a great experience with Beverly Hills Porsche that we'll consider coming back again for our next car.

Michelle R. | 2014-08-21

I recently had a seamless and pleasant experience with this dealership with my new Porsche Cayenne.   Love, love, love everything about the vehicle.  Glenn Fagin was especially helpful in locating the right model to suit my needs.  One star taken away from the 5 star rating due to not mounting the front license plate on the vehicle before delivery.  Had to take the car in for service in Westwood just to get the front plate mounted - unnecessary pain, but overall a really great experience with this dealership.

Alex O. | 2014-08-12

This was by far the most enjoyable car buying experience I've ever had. I bought a 997 Black Edition from Alex Manzari and he made the process incredibly smooth and easy. I am absolutely thrilled with my car and highly recommend buying from BHP.

Michael H. | 2014-08-09

This place is the best! Michael Aram is fantastic! He'll give you the best experience in purchasing a car. No hassle. No headache. Right to the point.

Shanice J. | 2014-07-29

If you go to Beverly Hills Porsche make sure you see Michael Aram!! He's the best ! I had a wonderful experience and I would recommend everyone to see him!!! I was in and out in just about an hour :)

Alon H. | 2014-07-26

I bought my cayenne here a couple of years ago and I was told that the car was never in an accident which I have later found out was a lie. Their prices are too high and the service is bad. Yesterday I went back there with my father and was interested in one of their cars, so I ask my young unprofessional sales man for a test drive! His reaction was "why would you want to test it?"  I immediately left the dealership and I will never be back and so should all of you....

Chris L. | 2014-07-04

Went here to try to lease a new boxster about 4 months ago... didnt get the time of day... I wacked myself in the head and said of course, a porsche dealer in beverly hills.
I tried to get lease payments but the guy didnt think I was serious enough so only gave me a verbal estimate without even running any numbers. Asked me to come back when I'm seriously considering and seemed distracted by something else.

Followed up with an email request with more specifics and they still wouldnt run the numbers without talking live over the phone. So old school! I highly recommend Circle porsche in long beach - that's where I closed the deal a couple weeks later.

Gregory R. | 2014-07-02

Alex Manzari and the team at Beverly Hills Porsche including Steven in Finance and Shayne who followed up all did a perfect job. We traded in my 911 for a brand new gorgeous fully stocked Cayenne S. Beautiful car, fair price. I have used their service before but had bought my prior two Porsches elsewhere. Now I am their customer for life. Love our Porsche and love Beverly Hills Porsche.

Nick B. | 2014-06-10

Hands down the best car buying experience I have ever had. Everyone at Beverly Hills Porsche is very warm and willing to help. No one pressures you into anything, there are no slimy tricks up their sleeves, they really are the best of the best. Matt Kleinstub (sales) is extremely knowledgeable about the Porsche brand and vehicles and was very sensitive to my needs. He was always in constant communication with me and followed up on all of his promises including detailing the car after I bought it. I couldn't be happier with the 2011 Carrera S I purchased. I felt so valued as a new customer. Don't waste your time going anywhere else.

Tammy S. | 2014-06-04

We drove up from Orange County to BH to finalizel a deal from the night before. Once we arrived, they used old school bait and switch tactics which were night and day from our agreement the night before. Complete dishonesty! Don't go here. Three time PORSCHE owner! Love the cars! Hate this dealership! Full of BS!

A M. | 2014-05-25

Went to check out Cayenne options, came out a Porsche owner! Alex (sales consultant) was so genuinely enthusiastic (and informed!) about this luxury vehicle that it was contagious! He made you realize the value that created the brand!

That said, I'm a pretty firm negotiator and I will say Alex made the process WIN-WIN - best experience I've had from a car dealer... I got the terms I wanted, and he got the sale that day!  This is the kind of customer experience you'd expect from a luxury car dealership...

And, as an aside - this was the third luxury car dealership we surveyed: Mercedes-Benz and Range Rover, but value for dollar - the Porsche Cayenne wins! I credit stellar product and service.

Derek S. | 2014-05-19

Perfection! Great service . Wonderful location ! The new line up of cars is fantastic ..... Should I ? Will you ?

Marlon K. | 2014-04-30

Got my new 2014 Porsche Carrera here from Nathan.  The service was top notch and plan to recommend this store to anyone planning to buy a new Porsche. I'm extremely impressed and satisfied with their service. Thank you Beverly Hills Porsche!

Jenny B. | 2014-04-28

BEST Porsche Dealer Bar none.

I emailed their internet sales department for pricing on a 2014 Porsche Boxster S, and had the pleasure of speaking with Arash "Ash"

I had called several dealers, even a car broker, and nobody could even touch the price they gave me on this car. It was a steal of a deal.

I raced down there the next morning, was greeted by my beautiful, brand new Porsche Boxster S, signed the papers, and was out in 30 minutes.

No pressure sales, no sleazy tactics, the BEST sales experience I have ever had at ANY dealership, and we have been to many, including Audi, Mercedes, Honda, and VW.

If you're looking for a Porsche, look no further than this place. The best sales people you will even encounter, and Ash was the best!

Finance department was great too, and had all the paperwork ready, and in and out in no time!

Thanks so much for restoring faith in car dealers, we will definitely be referring every person to this place!!

Bianca W. | 2014-04-15

Ask for Nate. He knows his stuff and won't BS you.

Making a purchase like this isn't something you want help with from just anybody. Buying a Porsche isn't like buying a Honda, so don't treat it that way.

Why would you go anywhere else? I won't.

Sonj H. | 2014-04-02

Nice facility but strange smell, and yes, not very humble.

I was going to give them four stars but I really do not like the dealership's response to Brittany. Rather pompous.

**I have actually gotten a rude email about this already - that is just more of a turn off***

Bryan A. | 2014-03-31

Not sure I understand the challenging reviews here - I had a fantastic experience at BHP.   I walked in to look at 2014 911 Cabriolets... and was met at the door by Alex Manzari (after valet parking my car, of course).   This immediately was a contrast to my visit to BH Benz, which was a bit like I was bothering them.   Alex walked me through the car on the showroom floor, then took me out on a drive in another one (which I would buy).   Easy, gave me a good price on my trade in - no muss, no fuss.  The way the process should be - focused on the car.   Si in the finance office was great as well - he threaded the needle between service options which were useful and hard-selling... I walked out of there with just the options I was comfortable with.

It's obviously a busy dealership - but I don't think I suffered for that - this is my first Porsche and WOW - it's a sweet ride and a great introduction to the dealership!  Thanks Alex and team!

Peachy P. | 2014-03-28

I got one of the best deal in this dealership (at least that's what I think), I was in search for a new car so my husband has been filling up quote request online from different dealership and my sales guy Arash, after a minute of sending the quote request, called my husband and closed him in less than an hour.

The paperwork took a little while, maybe 2.5 hours, they said cause I went on a weekend.

One thing I noticed though is that unlike other dealership I have been, they don't offer you free soda, or water, cookies or dounuts! This could have tamed my 2 toddlers with me or maybe not!

Anyway I like my sales guy Arash, I call him "the closer", in a good way, look for him when you want a great deal.  And I am waiting for my keychain. :-)

Julie F. | 2014-03-27

Best customer service. Expert sales staff. In the process of buying a car and love the experience with this dealership. Learning about European delivery options (tours, etc.).

Yves M. | 2014-03-24

2014 Porsche Cayenne Diesel in Carmine red, with roof rack and factory mounted trailer hitch - try and find that on a dealer lot! ( a workhorse ) I ordered it from Glen Fagin and Jeff Kagan, the general sales manager. I was told it could take up to 4 months to arrive; but it got here in 3 months - a very pleasant surprise. Hands down Glen Fagin and Jeff Kagan are ACES in my book. When the new Macan is finally in the showroom, we will go test drive it; and, if we like it, we will buy it from Beverly Hills Porsche. We are very happy with their overall performance. No need to run to the valley or farther when you have these kind of people close by who can also cut you a great deal, on top of everything else.

Kevin D. | 2014-02-26

Purchased a 911 from this dealership last month and had a quick and painless experience. My sales associate Alex was knowledgable and professional, and worked with me to arrive at a fair price. Would not hesitate to do business with this dealership in the future.

Ron C. | 2014-02-17

There is a reason that Beverly Hills Porche sells more cars than any other Porsche dealership. They have great service, selection, financing and are very easy to deal with.  Arash did a great job handling the purchase of my new 2014 911.  He was helpful, has great customer service, followed up and made sure that all my (many) questions were answered.  This is my second 911 and my (vintage) 2001 will find a great home from someone at BH Porsche.  

I highly recommend Arash and Beverly Hills Porsche.  They are located right on Wilshire drive, have a large selection, great sales staff, good service and overall were very easy to deal with.

I am very glad I did business with the leader in sales.

When you need a new car, don't hesitate to go to BH Porsche. They will treat you right and get you in your dream car.

Ron C.

Karen T. | 2014-02-08

After spending some time at other dealerships looking at various vehicles and dealing with unknowledgeable and pushy salesmen, I entered Porsche Beverly Hills dealership expecting the same treatment.

I was thrilled to find this was going to be a very different experience. I was greeted with a huge welcoming smile by Alex Manzari who listened to what I was looking for and showed me all the available options. He was honest, and knowledgeable about the car (Porsche Cayenne S) as well as the other cars at the other dealerships I had looked at.
He never critiqued the other cars I had looked at but showed me how the Cayenne was better. Many dealerships find women to be unknowledgeable about cars and communicate this. I was not, Alex treated me as a serious buyer and owner from the very beginning. I never felt any pressure from him either. I felt absolute trust and faith in him as my salesman which is something I have never experienced.

I have had my beautiful black Porshe Cayenne S for a week now and it just gets better and better. I absolutely love my car. I also had the best car buying experience too which made for a wonderful beginning to my new drive. From deciding which car with the vast inventory, to the knowledge about the cars that Alex has to the easy and efficient financing the entire experience was amazing!!!! My husband who has a BMW has never been treated like this at their dealership and he is already planning his trip to Alex at Porshe. We are so happy to have met you Alex and thank you so very much for making this experience fantastic on every level!!!

Pamela W. | 2014-01-20

EXCEPT this time.

I have been looking for the right Cayenne GTS for sometime.  I found the particular specification of a GTS on the Beverly Hills website.  I called about the vehicle, and they had to find it.  I got a call back from Richard Reckly in a short amount of time and he said that it was on a boat and should be in port on December 27.  I called him December 18.  

Richard told me I would not find another with this spec, so I should put a deposit down and he would make sure that I would get it.  I did and we negotiated the price and my trade-in over the phone as I live in the Bay area.  Richard kept me up to date with the progress of the vehicle and I didn't have to spend time in the dealership.  He told me that the car would be delivered to the dealership on or about Jan. 10.  It got there Jan. 8. The dealership offered to ship the vehicle to me, but I wanted to drive my trade-in down.  

I drove down on Jan.11 to pick up my new GTS and it was detailed and waiting for me in front of the dealership.  Richard was waiting for me.  They handled my trade-in and had all of my paperwork prepared.   Because Richard was so diligent via phone , text and email, I had the most pleasant car purchasing experience ever.  Richard has also followed up several times since I received the car just to make sure that I am happy and that I know how to work everything.  I wanted to leave this review, because I feel that most reviews come from people with grievances. I also love the Beverly Hills plate on the back of the car. It looks sweet up here in the Bay.

Thanks Richard

Tiffany Y. | 2013-12-03

Please note: This is a review from a 26 year old female (for all the women out there who are scared of dealerships)

Take everything you know about high end dealerships in rich neighborhoods and throw that knowledge away. Believe me, I had that stigma in the back of my mind when I walked onto the lot thinking they would immediately not help me because I look like a punk young kid. I'm not into pretentiousness, but I do happen to really be into cars.

I walked onto the lot for the first time in 2011 and a sales guy came straight up to me and helped me right away. I didn't get this treatment at Beverly Hills BMW (who I actually serviced my first car there for years) or Mercedes, or Lexus. The sales guy asked me what I wanted and I was specific in the Boxster Spyder. I was surprised they had 2 available in the color I wanted because this was a very limited car. I couldn't find it at Auto Gallery. After I test drove the car, the sales guy had me test drive the Boxster S and Cayman S to make sure the Spyder was what I wanted which I appreciated.

After, I sat down and negotiated the price. Don't be afraid to negotiate here. They will play hardball, but after a few hours the manager came with a price close to mine which was a great deal!

Finance was easy as well. No tricks.

I was so happy, I told my brother to buy his 2013 Carrera S there and he had the same experience. They didn't have the car he wanted on the lot so they ordered it and it was delivered to his exact specifications.

The best part of this dealership is that the sales guys aren't sleazy. They don't push you. They merely show you the cars and if you want it they will try to give you the best deal, but if you don't they don't hound you. I appreciated that the most.

Daniel W. | 2013-11-24

Not the stereotypical car salesmen!

Spur of the moment - I drove my 2006 C4 and looked at a 2012 Black Edition 997.  I made a joke to Jesus (who was washing the cars) about washing my car and went into the showroom.  When I looked back - there he was washing my car.

I was greeted by Aaron - no hard sell here, just knowledgeable and available to assist.  John, the used car manager, stopped by.  Thankfully, this was not a double team.  John was the perfect complement to Aaron.

After some negotiation, which included remarks about the benefits of their car and no bashing of the vehicle I had located on-line at a different location (and a quick visit to the other vehicle) we settled on a deal.  

I couldn't be happier.  It's been two days and I just received a follow-up call from Aaron.  We shared a laugh over him running down Wilshire Boulevard with my garage remote as I drove away without it.  Nice save, Aaron!

Before you buy your first or your next Porsche - you owe it to yourself to visit Jesus, Aaron and John.

Andrew P. | 2013-11-19

Want to be annoyed for a long time? Want to get terrible deals? Ask for a quote! (That is unless you don't know how to haggle for a car and like paying premium over MSRP) The only reason I'm writing this review is because they refuse to stop contacting me through phone and email ever since I got a quote from them. Emails can be easily filtered, but phone calls with voicemails are unacceptable.

Tiffany B. | 2013-11-11

I just purchased a new car from Gary Azatyan. I hate the car buying experience but with Gary it was easy. I didn't have to go back and forth and haggle on price. Gary was straightforward and gave me a good deal. I love my new car!

In terms of the rest of the experience, Gary was very helpful and gracious. Reading below, it seems like some reviewers didn't have such a great experience. I can only speak to my experience and working with Gary. I came in wearing sneakers and driving a mini cooper. I certainly didn't look "ritzy" or anything. Never once did Gary treat me like I couldn't afford a car there. He treated me with dignity and respect.

Also, Gerald the Finance Manager was very pleasant to work with. He was quick and thorough which I appreciated.

Brittany F. | 2013-09-24

You'd be pretty foolish to buy a car here. I was looking a deals on 2013 Boxters and I had received some emails from other dealers offering competitive pricing. I wanted to see if they could match it. They didn't even come close. The prices at this dealer are so much higher than Torrance Porsche. Plus the salesmen were smug and rude. I would avoid this dealership.

Glen W. | 2013-09-08

Not sure what the negative vibes are about from some of the posts. My experience visiting BHP with my sister was completely positive, with a very welcoming demeanor from the rep who understood I was not purchasing a Porsche that day. They even brought water out for my sister's dog. Before leaving, I was invited  back to test-drive different 991's so that I could select the one right for me. When I finally purchase my 991 it will be from BHP.

neal m. | 2013-08-21

Thanks for the reply Jay from bh porsche

Of course your salesman was clear
"Sorry your 911 is on a flatbed. We can't help you leave it.  Take it home"

Of course I know where sales and service is located. I was a customer of yours

As for 800 porsche "it's up to the dealer" and as I posted.  Sherman oak and Torrance dealers were helpful.

Took car to pacific porsche
They repaired and did some other routine maintenance.  Made maybe 1000 on the job

As to your "new facility". When you start building it.  And when it's complete in
"2014" hope you factor in the ownership experience translates to sales and valued long term customers.

Patrick L. | 2013-08-12

The more things change, the more things stay the same

I bought a Porsche from them 25 years ago and got ripped off on payments as well as their attempt to hide body/paint work in a "new" demo car they sold me.  The car never drove right and they never fixed problem.  

Guess what, these guys continue their tricks.  Google forum for BHP or beverly hills porsche before you do business with this dealer and its people.  Life is too short, and it is not worth it to do business with dishonest people.

B B. | 2013-08-02

For me this was an overall perfect experience.  I leased a 2013 Cayenne GTS.  The car itself is sicker than sick.  But also, I was fortunate to encounter Mr. Dave Brooks, who is an expert on all things Porsche.  It makes all the difference in the world to me if the salesperson has skills and professionalism as to whether or not I'll close the deal.  He had it and then some, so we closed yesterday in about one hour.  My first Porsche, can't believe I waited this long.  Cheers to Dave Brooks.

Ye K. | 2013-07-30

Got a 2013 Cayenne S from Glen Fagin last month. He was very helpful and straight forward, and also offered me a good price.

Glen is also very happy to answer all of my questions and concerns after I took the car home. He also introduced a wonderful body shop to me so that I can take care of my car in a better way.

I will recommend any friend of mine to Glen Fagin in Beverly Hills Porsche, because he saves you time, offers you a good price, and makes you happy.

T R. | 2013-07-14

I went in with my checkbook in hand......25 minutes later NO ONE had even approached me. Sales people were sitting at their desk reading a magazine, talking to each other and must have thought I was a looky loo. Bunch of SNOBS!

Matt M. | 2013-07-10

I purchased a 2009 Certified PreOwned Porsche Cayenne, from Glen Fagin. It was a breeze. He knocked $2000 off the price, and when my service light went on within a month (when you buy a CPO you should need no service for a year!) he personally made sure the service director took care of everything free of charge. Trevor, the Service Director, reset my system and installed new brake pads free of charge. Beverly Hills Porsche does things right!

Christina K. | 2013-06-26

I have been searching for the perfect Porsche.  I visited every single Southern California Porsche dealership looking for the perfect car but every time I found something decent, something went wrong.  My last stop was Beverly Hills Porsche.  A friend of mine recommended this dealership but I had been putting it off due to the fact that I live over an hour away.  Anyhow, one Saturday I drove out there and was greeted by a friendly salesman named Gary.  He helped me the entire time and was not pushy at all!  I had very specific requirements which were all shut down by all the other dealerships but Gary was able to locate the exact color combo I was looking for. I am extremely happy with my car and the exceptional service I received! I highly recommend contacting Gary before purchasing your next Porsche! You're welcome!

Emery C. | 2013-06-07

So if you want rude service, pushy sales people, being stood up for appointments, overbilling by their service department and lots of wasted time this is the dealership for you!

In looking for a new Porsche 911, I stopped in on the last day of the month, told that unless I was purchasing a car that day, no one was going to help me test drive a car.  A bit rude but I agreed to come back the next morning at 11 AM.  Got there on time, the sales person who agreed to that time wasn't there and hadn't set up another person to take his place.  I took my spin around the corner and left very frustrated since no one too me seriously.  I ended up at the Auto Gallery in the valley with a completely amazing experience and bought my 911 there.

Since I drive past there service center in Santa Monica for work, got tempted to do my first major service there, wow that was a mistake.  I had also been hit by a biker, so needed an estimate on repairing the rear view mirror but specifically told the service adviser that no work should be done without approval on that repair.  Of course, it took a number of calls to get that estimate and by the time I got a call back, they had already started the work.  They also inaccurately billed, attempted to do a brake fluid change as well even though it wasn't 2 years and I specifically told them not to.

It's amazing that such a high end dealer has such piss poor quality service.  

PS Plan an hour to pick up and drop off your car.  Oh and certainly don't just stop in for a quick air fill of a leaking tire....

James B. | 2013-05-24

Spoke to Joel to test drive the 911 Turbo and the guy was awesome. He gave me all the options for a lease and gave me no pressure. My lease is up in July and I know i'll be going back to review the options. Thanks JOEL

Robert N. | 2013-02-13

Bought a new 911 from Glen Fagin, the Internet sales manager. His first offered price was fair and they had the car I wanted. Very knowledgeable about the market in general and Porsche in particular. The buying process was fast and smooth and he even directed me to another source to sell my trade in when he couldn't get the price I wanted from his dealership. I have purchased Porsches from three other dealerships and Beverly Hills provided the best buying experience by far.

Richard W. | 2012-12-22

Residents of rural coastal areas enjoy gorgeous scenery, but face challenges in purchasing premier vehicles, such as Porsches. With the help of the Internet, I found a Boxster in the inventory at Beverly Hills Porsche that looked like a special order. Glen Fagin and I corresponded via email/phone, then when I traveled south to complete the transaction, the car was totally prepped, with full fuel tank. Glen was there to meet me, synched my iPhone, gave me a quick tour of the controls/features, the paperwork was smoothly completed and I was off on my return trip. The experience of acquiring this stunning car was a pleasure from start to finish.

Gustavo D. | 2012-09-06

Well it's been well over a year since I got my Panamara from BH Porsche and while I truly love my first Porsche I would never return to these guys for my next one. The service people and the dealership have no understating of customer service. So here's my story...leased my panamera in jan 2011. All seemed a decent deal. It all was pretty quick too. So whats the problem right? Well as they were prepping  for take home I was alerted that they put a decent size divot in the bumper. No problem...they tell me. Bring it in next wk and we'll get it all sorted for you. They even wrote up a due bill for the damage. Great!'s been a year and a half and they still refuse to repair it! I did bring it in the following wk because the engine light was one and it sounded like something was grinding in the engine. The guys at the dealership said "oh yea...that sounds pretty bad. You need to take over to service right away" Westwood!! I told them to drive it there themselves and get it fixed. The car is 1 wk old! ...and while your at it fix the bumper that's still due.'s the final outcome...they took the panamara to the service dept in Westwood...kept it there for 10 days...during which I had to acquire a rental and pay for it! No loaner...sorry! I finally get a call to pick up the car. Drop the rental...take a cab to service...and what do I see??? The dent in the bumper is still not repaired! They said this is between me and the dealer!! I know! Totally not what u expect from Porsche. Needless to say I've tried on several occasions to get them to make good on their written commitment to repair the bumper but alas...even I don't have the self control to deal with it at this point. Bottom line.....buyer beware....they a total FRAUDS! And don't let the name Beverly Hills fool you..they are no better than any 2 bit used car dealer lining Ventura blvd. anyway...maybe your experience was different but there are a lot of places to buy a why take the chance...look for a dealership that has some integrity.

Glen F. | 2012-07-14

Usually not a big fan of the whole car buying process, but I can say without hesitation that Glen Fagin over at Beverly Hills Porsche made the process so seamless, quick and pleasant that I would highly recommend this dealership and Glen. No doubt I will return for any of my Porsche needs!

Alan S. | 2012-07-09

i think my sales representative glen fagin and i exchanged over 100 emails. my wife and i went back and forth on a new porsche and used porsche, a cayenne, panamera, 911. we couldn't make up our minds on direction. yet glen never wavered from his always helpful and understanding attitude. i think if the roles had been reversed i would never continued to engage. anyway, he delivered our new car three days ago and i couldn't be more pleased with the way he treated me, the lengths he went to encourage the dealership to give me a sensational deal, and his continued assistance in helping me through the learning process of how to have the best ownership experience. i'd absolutely buy again...

Chris K. | 2012-04-29

Neil Martin is the man!  He went above and beyond for me to get my Porsche inspected and fixed for me.  I was operating from the San Francisco area and he was more than helpful.

Theresa K. | 2012-04-02

very knowledgeable team!

went in with my mother to purchase a new Panamera , our process was very smooth & knowledgable.

they offered us great deals that no one can beat. wide selection & promise only the best when ordering custom.

thank you guys!

D. B. | 2011-11-21

My experience acquiring a vehicle from Beverly Hills Porsche was great from start to finish.  I had done a lot of homework between several top marks from Europe to Asia and decided on Porsche because of their racing heritage.  I worked directly with Glen Fagin and he made everything easy and low pressure.  Since I was comparing with several other cars, I had many questions and they are were addressed promptly.  Also, the whole staff there was pretty cool with me every time I stopped by.  No problems with my ride so far and would recommend giving them a shot!

John S. | 2011-11-03

Totally surprised at all the high marks - sales experience was ok, but the service part was terrible. Zero helpful and uses a secondary location to service vehicles and there is a total disconnect - and pretty much all on you to figure it out.  Not to mention after a week of having my brand new Panamara and being called to come pick it up, only to find it was in fact not even done. Upon arrival they were completely unapologetic. I have sinced moved to the auto gallery Porsche Audi in woodland hills/ world of difference.

simon w. | 2011-10-17

I custom ordered my 2011 Cayenne from Glen Fagin at Beverly Hills Porsche a year ago and took delivery in mid Jan.  Living in Las Vegas, I called several dealerships in SoCal and decided on Glen because he was no non-sense and was willing to work with me a bit on the price.  We handled everything via phone/email/mail- Glen was great with communication, very easy to work with, and even got the car delivered to me a couple days early.  I definitely recommend him and he'll be the first call I make when I'm ready for a new Porsche.

Matthew B. | 2011-10-05

Got a killer deal from Glen and great service too!  Will lease from him again

rosanne s. | 2011-09-25

Best price in the LA area for a 911 or Panamera, and the salepeople are friendly.  What more can one ask for?
IF you want to Porsche, shop here.

J Y. | 2011-08-09

I'll give 'em 1.5 stars -- 1 star for sales, 2 stars for service.  

BH Sales: I wanted to buy my Cayman here in August 2009. Sat in the dealership for 2 hours, checkbook in hand, before they realized that, sorry, they didn't have the car they'd promised me -- in fact, they said they "didn't know" where it had gone. Um, o-kaay. I decided to give them another chance and came back later that day because they said they had another car. But then they try to sell me a lesser car at a higher price. Come on guys. Really? Bottom line: I went to Rusnak in Pasadena and bought from Stephen, who was professional and personable, and gave me an incredible deal without any hassle whatsoever.

BH Service: Jason, my previous service pro, gets 5 stars but he deserves at least six. Talk about going above and beyond. Problem is, he quit. After Jason I had Robert, who was a strong 4 stars. He's no longer there either. The guy who replaced these two cats is, well, let's just say he's no Jason and he's no Robert. I was quoted significantly less than the estimate I ultimately received in the dealership -- like, almost 50% less. Okay granted, it could have been an honest mistake. Bottom line: I went to Rusnak Pasadena who charged me almost $200 less than the final estimate price I got from BH.

I live in BH but I'm willing to drive to Pasadena to purchase and service my car. Sorry, BH. I'm sure there are plenty of great people at your dealership, but given the choice, I choose excellence over mediocrity.  Average and substandard service just doesn't cut it for this Porsche driver.

Philip T. | 2011-07-13

Not bad, but the pretentious attitude can be a little much here. Also, since they cater to high-end, the prices are a joke; that's typical of most dealers.

If you have lotsa money and like some attitude, you probably won't mind. But if you know Porsches, don't like snooty used car salesmen and care about being charged super high prices for parts you could find easily for less, I'd stay away.

They're also no good at servicing any air-cooled (pre-1998) cars. Take those to an independent wrench who knows those cars. These boys won't, and the prices are not competitive.

Bo J. | 2011-05-26

took my 997 S in for service.  Robert Sikiyan took great care of me and turned my car around the next day.  didn't charge for misc light bulbs etc. that needed to be replaced.  the service guy at the auto gallery woodland hills wouldn't even return my calls when I tried to schedule a service.  his loss.

I bought my car at the woodland hills auto gallery and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.  When I agreed to buy the car, the manager, Eric Schwartz, promised to change the wheels on the car I bought. I bought the car and drove it off the lot believing he'd honor not only his word, but also the signed agreement we had stating that he would change the wheels & tires within 3 months.  He never returned my calls and I had to hire an attorney to get him to change the wheels.  total prick this guy.  I got the car back from him with the new wheels and he put on hankook tires. WTF? Really? They aren't even N rated tires.  I refused to accept the car until the right wheels & tires were put on.

Morale of the story - DON'T shop at the Auto Gallery Woodland Hills.

Clarence B. | 2011-05-08

I dropped by looking for some part information. I was pleasantly surprised when I was quickly helped out. The service area is always a big part of a dealership, but I have to admit, I was curious about how I would be treated asking about parts and not asking about a 180K purchase. If you are looking to buy a sports car, Porsche is pretty much standard with pricing until you go into the second hand market. If I were looking for a new Porsche, I would actually give this place a look.

Jen C. | 2011-05-02

Dealership has refused to honor the advertised price for a car. Said it made a "mistake". Customer relations manager then tried to claim the car was unavailable but the website still has it listed as available inventory. Unreal.

Joyce L. | 2011-04-01

Had a date with this guy I met at the pier last week and he took me to look at some new cars. The hybrid CRAZY sexy.

It was in silver and he's thinking of getting it. Nice job.

I'm not into porsche usually, but they hit this new Spyder is out of the park with the design and performance!

Connor M. | 2011-02-26

After purchasing a Mercedes Benz CL600 luxury sedan and a Lexus LFA 12 sports car, my wife Lauren and I decided that a Porsche would be a nice addition to our three-car garage. I practically drive the Lexus LFA and the Mercedes Benz GL550 SUV is more for small roadtrips, so my wife really needed a car for herself, to drive to her businesses and Rodeo Drive.

Right when we entered we were helped by Richard. He was great and helpful. He knew our lifestyle, but wasn't a complete snob. Which was very great. Eventually we walked out, purchasing a Porsche Panamera Turbo for $135,500.

And my wife loves her car.....

Lady E. | 2010-10-27

My husband and I were shopping for a car last weekend. We already did our research online, as well as called all the Porsche dealerships in Southern CA. Surprisingly, Beverly Hills offered the best prices as well as choices. We dressed very casually, and walked in on a Saturday morning.
We were immediately greeted by Kathy, who kindly showed us around. The thing I was most impressed by was the way she LISTENED to what we had to say, and catered to our needs as customers. We intentionally went car shopping in casual dress, and no fancy jewelry or watch. We don't like being smothered or feel pressured when dealing with sales reps. But Kathy was not like your stereotypical "pushy" or "impatient" car sales person. She made us feel comfortable and at ease from the moment we walked in, until we drove off the lot with our new car! She showed us all of our options, answered all of our questions, took her time helping us, and went the extra mile to make sure everything was taken care of in a timely manner. It was a smooth and easy transaction. Best of all, we got a great deal!

helen k. | 2010-09-05

What a great experience at BH Porsche delarship! Very professional, honest and personable staff. No pressure, just a streight forward approach. 100% knowledge of any porsche car, financing, etc. Open and friendly environment. Great staff: Glen (Sales Manager) was amazing, honest, and was trying to help at all times. Geff, Senior Manager is the best Manager i've ever seen at dealersheeps.
I highly recommend!

shaun b. | 2010-09-02

I got my audi from here before when it was an audi and porche dealership. I live pretty close and my cars coolant was extremely low(due to leak) and i was worried to drive it to santa monica. I called and asked if i could come and get some coolant for my car. On the phone, As soon as i said audi, The lady didnt even let me talk. She was extremely rude and i wasnt surpried about the employees there were such snobs. I reccomend either downtown or any other dealership.

Adam H. | 2010-07-19

Excellent customer service.  Richard has been extremely helpful with my purchase of the 911. My credit was approved online and the Audi is being evaluated for trade in by Jean George this afternoon.  This process could not be easier. I highly recommend Bev Hills Porsche over downtown Porsche.

Jason W. | 2010-03-08

I went here about a month ago to look at some carrera's with my friend. The salesman we spoke to was completely pretentious and didnt' seem to take us seriously at all. My friend and I were dressed casually and in our mid 30's. I guess he didn't think we could afford the cars there or were not serious. Little did he know my friend was a radiologist and I already owned a 01 turbo though.  I guess since we didn't "look" like the typical Hollywood/Beverly Hills types he felt entitled to treat us poorly and ignore us.

I would never buy anything from this dealer.  And to be honest, since this was one of the first porsche dealers I spoke to, it left me a poor impression overall.  

However, this past week I dropped by Newport Beach Porsche and met a salesman named Randy who was completey professional, friendly and attentive.  Beverly Hills porsche should take a lesson in service from him.

Amy G. | 2010-01-20

Just bought a new car from these guys. they rock!! . Glen is amazing. He made the process as easy as it can get and was a no fuss dealer. If you are interested in an rocking  car- think  PORSHE , go to this dealership where you will not regret your  choice and experience.
thanks Glen for hooking me up!!!!  I'll be back for the upgrade.
Amy G

Rowan H. | 2009-12-29

Great Dealership - Helen was great - very accommodating and patient!

david w. | 2009-10-11

I just moved out here and my car needed some minor repairs (reset airbag light and reset window pinch guards). I am always reluctant to go to any dealer, but even more so in a strange city where I don't have any prior relationships.  I stopped into BH Porsche's servive to talk with them and make an appointment if they seemed decent...well I was in and out of there in less than 10 minutes with all issues fixed!  No appointment, no charge, no hassle...done,  What more could I ask for.  I was so happy I made an appointment for an oil change the next week.  Again, all service was top notch. Nobody tried to upsell me, nobody offered me a bunch of stuff I didn't need, or tried to tell me I needed more done.  The did exactky what I asked and fixed a hood latch switch they found an issue with under warranty.  I was in the market for a new car at the time and the level of service I recieved sealed the deal on a new GT3.  The sales guys treated me as well as the service guys did.  Thanks guys!!

Eric N. | 2009-09-11

i recently purchased a car from glen fagin, the internet/fleet manager at beverly hills porsche.

glen just started at bh porsche in august 2009 (he had come over from another dealership... google him, he had great reviews there, too) and he definitely did me right. i got the exact car i wanted at a price that was very fair, and all without any uncomfortable pressure or attitude whatsoever. all in all, it was an extremely pleasant experience (something i can rarely say about buying a car).

glen's a stand up guy and i would not hesitate to buy from him or bh porsche again.

highly recommended.

Tommy T. | 2009-01-28

I Always Get My Cars from here
Great Service for all
porsche models on santa monica blvd.
A lot of the techs are trained
in germany so they know their stuff.
A little pricey but if you need
a New Porsche or Porsche
service they excell here.

delores H. | 2008-12-16

You really get what you pay for!  Of course they are a little more expensive than an independent, BUT they are honest and aren't going to charge you for a bunch of repairs your car doesn't need.   Angel's awesome and so is the rest of the staff.  I recently had to replace a battery and was having probs with it draining.  I stopped into an inde mechanic to have the battery tested.   They wanted to do $1500 in repairs telling me my ECU (1K part) needed replaced, etc.  I thought it sounded off since my car was in great shape prior to the battery, so I picked it up and took it back to BH Audi.  There was nothing wrong w my car, just a little carbon build up around the battery that needed to be cleaned.  They even repaired my tire for free which had a nail it and washed it.  I highly recommend them.  The slightly higher rates will save you a lot of money in false services and repairs and they specialize in audis, so they know what they are doing.

C S. | 2008-11-07

This review is for Mario in their service department which is located on 10959 Santa Monica Blvd.

First off, going to a auto repair place is like going to a dentist. You just don't want to do it. You know that whatever they find it's going to cost more then you want to pay. Yes, their prices are high, but you own a Porsche in the middle of Los Angeles. That's high rent and German (Euro against USD) car parts. I am VERY happy with my service rep Mario. He's nice, listens to me and tries to work with me. I don't feel like I'm getting "screwed"

But to the clientele who might read this, please be a little nicer, stop talking so loud on your cells and be considerate of others and your service person. This will help everyone including the next customer who is waiting for you.

henry h. | 2008-07-17

The only reason I am giving them 3 stars is because the salesperson I used has moved on.  They use to have a sales manager (Omar) who went out of his way to make you feel welcome and did the best deal they could for you.  Omar is now in Palms Springs.  My other salesperson (Jonathon) left and is now working at Downtown.  I'm sure the sales staff is still friendly and knowledgeable but I really can't say.  If Omar and Jonathon were still there I would give them 5 stars no problem.  

Note, test drive your car somewhere else because the test drive is on a busy street with lights and really short and you can't have fun with the cars.

Jeff M. | 2007-11-07

This place sucks... there are a couple of good sales people but the service department and the OWNER DON'T care once you roll off the lot.

Shant K. | 2007-10-17

Not to sound like a snoot, but my family has been buying cars from here for the last 10 years or so. It is always good to know a salesman personally when you are dealing with the purchase of anything, especially a car. I always seek the advice, and guidance of one Simon K. at Beverly Hills Porsche & Audi. He will always give me a fair deal. It's just a phone call away. Couple of years ago, I was looking for a Cayenne, made my phone call to him and asked him what the bottom line price would be and "walla" he gave me a very low price and that was it. The car came extra clean, I was explained everything about it inside out, and have been taken care of with any problems or questions since. He's always just one phone call away. Now only if everything else in this world was as easy to work with. Thank you Simon!


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