Beverly Hills BMW in Los Angeles, CA

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Beverly Hills BMW invites you to experience a new way to buy and service your vehicle. As a Sonic Automotive Premier Dealership, our entire inventory comes with our True Price.  By regularly comparing our prices with the local market, True Price eliminates the time consuming negotiation process and delivers you an exceptional deal.

Beverly Hills BMW

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(877) 794-4678
Address:5070 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90036
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Beverly Hills BMW

Sherif E. | 2015-04-24

These guys were fast and quick.  They did not BS me or waste my time.  I walked in and walked out 1.5 hours later with a new car.  Cars salesman are hardcore salesman, so anyone that walks in here should know that.  With all car salesman, you must expect some puffery, some exaggeration, etc. They are trying to make money, and you, the customer, are trying to save money.  It is part of the SPORT of buying a car.  If you can't handle negotiating, don't get mad.  Just go in with someone who can negotiate.  The important thing is that you walk away feeling good about your decision.  I walked away feeling good.  I feel like I probably spent too much, they feel like they gave the car way for too cheap.  That means it was the perfect price.

Robert M. | 2015-04-16

It is very difficult to do business with this dealer. From top to bottom they seem to have a corporate culture which reflects every negative cliche you can imagine about car salesmen. Every encounter is uncomfortable, and you always feel whoever you're dealing with is being sneaky, slick, deceptive, and downright dishonest. Funny thing is, you can't figure out why they're acting as they do; it's like they just can't help themselves. You're treated like you're stupid and can't figure out what they're doing, and they think they're getting over on you. If you catch them fibbing to you they don't flinch and keep right on going. Doing business with BH BMW is best described by this scene from the movie Fargo:… .

This dealer sells/leases cars in spite of itself. They have a fine product that people want to buy, and who are apparently willing to put up with BH BMW's shenanigans in order to get it (including me!).

Look at the 1- and 2-star reviews. The 5-star reviews on Yelp of BH BMW must have been written by paid shills or friends and family of people who work there.

Ivan C. | 2015-04-16

Troy is who you want to work with. He's an incredibly kind and funny gentleman. He goes to great lengths to help you out and make sure you are comfortable and happy with your experience with BMW. Look no further!

Nic W. | 2015-04-14

WORST DEALERSHIP EVER! I bought a brand new 2014 BMW with less than 15 mi. and full warranty here 2 months ago. The sales people were fine when I purchased the car, but a month later when the car begin having problems, I couldn't believe the lack of customer service. The manager was difficult to get on the phone and incredibly rude. They did not provide ANY of the benefits or services I was told came with purchasing a car from Beverly Hills BMW. I thought I got a great deal on my car here, but I'm paying for it now..

Jackie C. | 2015-04-13


Here is our story:

My husband and I were looking for a 2014 328D (used) and found one on the website.  My husband called and spoke with Cham and we made an appointment on a Sunday.  So me, my husband and our ONE YEAR OLD spent the better part of a Sunday at the dealership.

On the phone Cham explained that the 2014 328 D on the website was still being processed - hmm, weird, but okay.  But we could test drive a new 328D, which I did.  I liked it and we wanted to move forward on the used model.  

Cham was busy so we mostly dealt with his partner, David.  Now on Sunday Cham and David were helpful and very nice. (WHY WAS I FOOLED BY THEIR POLITENESS!?) David told me the used car would be ready the next day and he would call me in the AM.  David tried to get us into a new lease but nothing too too pushy, sort of typical car salesman stuff.

Monday morning comes and we don't hear from them.  I leave word and I hear back in the afternoon.  Turns out the car I wanted was in a huge accident and would take 2-3 weeks to repair.  IF IT WOULD EVEN PASS INSPECTION.  THEY HAD NOT EVEN STARTED THE INSPECTION PROCESS.  The website listed this as a CERTIFIED PRE OWNED VEHICLE.  THIS WAS A G-D LIE!  

Isn't it ILLEGAL to post a car on your dealership website that is UNAVAILABLE TO BE SOLD.  I mean, come on.  Me and my husband are super annoyed, I mean we dragged our kid to this dealership for FOUR hours.  He was so tired he was moaning the entire drive home.  THEY NEVER MENTIONED THIS CAR HAD A PROBLEM!

But apparently my husband and I are idiots because we haven't learned our lesson yet.  We are under a time frame for getting a new car (I currently have a 2 door and have another kid on the way, so I really need a 4 door, like can't get my kid in his car seat need a new car) and these knuckleheads at the dealership KNOW THIS.  So my husband calls and leaves a message for David asking about a lease on a new car - which we didn't want.  And David never calls us back.

These turds lied to us, wasted a Sunday and then didn't even give us the courtesy of selling us a car we didn't want.


I've been to PLENTY of terrible car dealerships but these dopes take the cake.

Roger Q. | 2015-04-08

Just got a 428i Gran Coupe and love it. Ray Kahn helped me out a lot. We originally got a used 5 series but we were having some issues with it on day 2. I thought it was going to be a hard fought battle to return the car and get a new one but they were extremely understanding switched it out immediately. The sales side were great and i'd give them 5 stars but the BMW Beverly Hills Service side isn't that great.

Dave F. | 2015-04-03

This was a really painless buying experience unless you are in a hurry.

The adventure started via the web, found the exact correct car/color and options combo, and went in to buy. Simple, eh? Well, the downside of this dealership is on weekend days, they sell 80-100 cars, so waiting is a necessity.

The waiting is nice and if not, the sushi place down the street was an excellent diversion for an hour and they "prepped the car".

As for buying a car, this was about a 5 hour pleasant and verrry sloooowww experience. Fortunately, I didn't have plans else, I'd suggest coming in the middle of the week.

Very professional and courteous dealership. Everyone from Finance to Sales and Service were kind and polite.

Nick B. | 2015-04-03

I decided to give this place a second chance after hearing positive things from others. I must have had an unlucky experience last year because my car buying experience this time around was exactly the opposite.

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to my sales rep Jory Barnes and to Cliff for moving mountains for me to get the car I really wanted! 2015 435i in black sapphire metallic...M sport package, tech package, premium package, Harmon Kardon surround sound, etc etc. Jory was super easy to work with and kept me informed of the status of my new car every step of the way. He made sure all my needs were taken care of and doesn't settle for less, just like me! Thank you to Cliff for working out the deal for me and overall just making me feel comfortable and welcome.

I was truly treated to world class service at Beverly Hills BMW. They even offered me an "encore delivery" where I came back with my car and sat with a "BMW Genius" to go over all the tech features. Aaron, their genius, was outstanding and showed me a lot about the car that I probably would have never figured out on my own.

I would highly recommend getting a vehicle from here, and they will be my first stop when it comes time for the next whip. I also plan on taking my BMW here for all service as I have had nothing but positive experiences in their service department as well.

Natalia B. | 2015-03-29

5 stars doesn't do justice for Ben Gooch at Beverly Hills BMW!

It was refreshing to work with someone like Ben. He literally went out of his way to make sure I was beyond satisfied. Process was really easy and painless. Completely unexpected and pleasant experience.

He even took the time to sit in the car with me and explain the navigation and entertainment system.

I was very fortunate to have him to assist me. This guy is awesome!!!!!

I can't help but to secretly smile when I hear what some people pay for my car BMW 320i).  It will be my pleasure to refer anyone and everyone to deal with Ben.

If I could give 10 stars I would!!

J M. | 2015-03-27

I wish I had read the reviews before going to this dealership!
Yestreday I purcahsed a car from them. I picked out the exact car I wanted on-line, and confirmed with the dealer on the phone that the car was available. We also more-orless agreed on the price in advance. I have excellent credit rating, yet the transaction lasted for four and a half hours. I drove to the dealership on my own car, and asked them if they can deliver the new or the old car to my home. "No problem" was their quick answer.
After I signed the paperwork and they showed me the bells and whistles of the car, 4.5 hours into the process, they noticed that they did not have the spare key, the owner's manual and the tow hitch covers for the car. I, stupidly, agreed to have them all delivered at once, so they don't have to drive to my house twice. The salesperson, Schane promised to call me this morning with their ETA. When I called him at noon to find out how much longer I have to wait he told me that the missing parts were "on their way" from another location,(as it  turns out one mile away from the dealership) and they will deliver everything either before 6 PM today, when I was supposed to leave home, or early tomorrow morning. I patiently waited again until 5:30 to find out about the delivery. They were scrambling for a while and finally found out that they had all my stuff. Yesterday Schane gave me his cell phone number, so I can get a hold of him withoput delay. Every time I called, the call immediately went on voicemail. I had to call their main number, and had to be transferred over and over again.The manager Cliff did not want to deal with my issue, kept referring me back to Schane.
Finally I had to cancel my evening plans, still sitting at home at 8 PM, 24 hours later, waitng for their delivery.
They are kind, funny and polite to you until they sing your money out of your pocket, but you get the cold shoulder the minute you sign the paperwork. Awful manners, awful customer service from a supposedly high end dealership.

SL C. | 2015-03-25

The worst. Took my lease in for service. No customer service. No apologies. No organization. Been waiting four hours and they haven't even looked at my vehicle... Unbelievable

Alberto S. | 2015-03-23

Beverly Hills BMW are THE BEST , so honest and fair...something so rare in this industry. If you bring your car here you can totally trust that they are not screwing you over and they will treat you fairly. Keep up the great work you guys!

Sinhy L. | 2015-03-21

I rarely post any comments or reviews on yelp unless I get extremely poor service or in this case exceptional service. And this is all  thanks to Ron Lu.  This was my first car purchase/lease experience ever and I couldn't have asked for a better experience and salesman!  He was super sweet, patient and knowledgeable.  He answered all of my questions in laymen's term.  No wonder he's one of the top performer there. I never once felt pressured to buy.  So make sure to ask for him when you go there...  And most important of all, he gave me the best deal ever :)

Ashkon M. | 2015-03-19

This review is for the Sales Department

Initially the yelp reviews for BMW Dealers in Southern California lead me to believe I should work with a different dealer than Beverly Hills, however I found the exact opposite to be true in every-way, and here is why:

-I researched, spoke with, and visited most every BMW dealership in the LA and OC areas before finally deciding to go with Beverly Hills

-BMW Beverly Hills, by far, had the most qualified sales team as far as product knowledge, prompt response time, professional service, and attentiveness. I can truly say I felt like they were on my side from day 1. Every other dealership made me feel like I was a drag for asking questions or scheduling so many showings, and literally would not even call me back sometimes, but not Beverly Hills

-I purchased 2 Vehicles, a 4-series we drove off with and a 5-series to be shipped

-Saul, the sales rep, is the go to guy. He literally followed up with me for weeks and came in on his off-day to help me seal the deal. Every other dealership sales rep in SoCal did a horrible job following up with me. But Saul was prompt and professional. He knew my time was precious and that I meant business. Ask for him!

-Francisco helped my Fiance with the selection process for her 4-series, and his product knowledge blew me away. He literally knew everything about every model BMW and what each package and feature means and how it effected the look of the car and the driving experience, and how to explain the differences in detail for my Fiance to understand. To say I was impressed is an understatement! (He usually only does sales for the "M" and "i" cars, but we were lucky enough to have him assist us in our selection process. Super professional guy)

-Jerry, the sales manager, is one of the humblest, most no-nonsense sales managers I have ever spoken with, at any dealership, BMW or otherwise, PERIOD. He made the negotiation process a breeze, and I couldn't be happier. He made me feel as though he had my best interest in mind the whole time, It was literally the first time I felt like a customer and not a sales opportunity. He never tried to bully me with pricing, or threaten me that I wouldn't be able to get the deal I wanted. Every other sales manager at every other dealerships did, and I expected to be treated the same at Beverly Hills, however that was not the case!  

The Beverly Hills BMW team really earned my business, and  I cant wait for my 5-series to arrive.

Don't waste your time with any other dealership, go to Beverly Hills.

Bottom Line: World-Class service.   Every car I get in the future for myself or my friends and family will be from Beverly Hills BMW.

Ronin E. | 2015-03-17

I'm mainly reviewing my salesman, Cham.  If you don't read further, make an appointment with him... trust me, he's great when there are so many  'tools' out there.

I was in the market for either a BMW 3-series or Mercedes C300... possibly a new BMW 5-series (and of course, I wanted a 640i but I have kids with car seats).  This was the first place I started, since it was near my work.  I researched ahead of time, knew the models, the differences with the versions of each series, etc.  I was walking around the lot and a salesman man asks if I needed help.  His name was Cham.  I DREADED the German-car-buying experience (like the tool of a salesman stereotype I later met the Mercedes dealership in the Valley), I expected slicked-back hair, chewing gum, too much cologne, pushy, callous, etc.  Cham was 100% the opposite, actually reminded me of my brother-in-law.  He was just an easy-going guy, no push either way.  In short, just seemed very trust-worthy and a nice, normal guy... he clearly just wanted to help me find the right car, no matter the price.  

I told him I was looking for new but asked why not used?  I didn't really think about it but I said I would consider a 'lightly' used 2014 or 2013.  I told him I "wanted" the 5 series but probably only "needed" the 3 series so we started with the new 5s but, surprisingly, he was saying I could get a good deal with use and  showed me the used ones as an option.  Most sales people would just push 'only' new, as they cost more.  So, we walked around the 5's then we went upstairs to the 3s, which he didn't try to steer me away from, wasn't like, "No man, get the more expensive one!"  He was saying how roomy the 3s are inside and all of that good stuff.  Any other salesman would be pushing the more expensive car.

We went downstairs to his office, again, wasn't pushy just asked if I wanted him to follow-up with me, which I said yes so I gave him my email and phone number.  I actually ended up calling him the next day with some questions, before he called me.  Through , I ended up finding a stupidly-cheap deal on a used 2014 5-series (which I thought was a scam from another dealership after finding so many salvages at other dealerships)... it's a 528i turbo, fully-loaded (nav, rearview camera, sunroof, heated seats, wheel upgrades, everything), only 12K miles for $37,779... which sounds like a salvage price, but it wasn't.  That's a STEAL of a price.  That's the only reason I didn't end up getting it through here and I let Cham know and he congratulated me.

Anyway, trust me... Cham's one of the rare nice, normal, trustworthy salesmen out there.  

Now, on a different note, I'm reading some of these other reviews about this dealership, like Chantel M's, "Scam Artist" one.  First all of, have a clue about BMWs or Mercedes and you shouldn't be in here unless you're at a certain income level, I'm sorry.  You shouldn't have to "stretch" to make your payments but it's clear that some people got themselves in over their heads and then want to blame the dealership.  Or, if there's something wrong with the car, they're blaming the dealership?  Yeah, they're purposely trying to push a bad car on you... right.  Or, if they didn't get the price they wanted, in retrospect, they turn around and blame the dealership instead of doing their research AHEAD OF TIME.  It's not hard to get a good deal these days and know you are getting a fair deal, however, the same people who are so eager to get into a BMW are often the ones who can least afford to not research.  I'll also say, to the Will T's review that said it's a "shady environment"... I'm sorry, what?  It's in Beverly Hills, it's an amazing show room and a big lot.  He keeps saying it's stuck-up and whatever else - classic case of someone who knows they really can't afford to be there.  Have your opinion but if you go in looking like some bum off the street who afford to be in there, then sorry, but it looks like you're wasting their time and most of the time you are.  Look at the vast difference in maturity with "five star" reviews... and the "one star" (get-you-back) reviews.  That kinds sums it up.

Great dealership.

Ting S. | 2015-03-17

I just leased a vehicle here. I do see that it has many bad reviews and I think it is totally based on which sales person you had to deal with. Mine treated us very well. We liked him so much we refer many of our family and friends to him. We got a killer deal. The other dealerships could not even come close to the price. When you go in try asking for Ron Lu. He was patient and answered all of our questions. He bent over backwards to get us a great deal. My car buying experience was fast and smooth. I would def recommend others here.

Ted E. | 2015-03-15

Simple word of caution - do not work with Neda. I truly don't understand how she is supposedly the "#1 BMW salesperson in the USA" when she is literally so unbelievably strange and just downright unprofessional, I wanted to run out of the dealership before I had even gotten to see the car I came in to look at.

After waiting around for 15 minutes past my scheduled appointment time, Neda came out of her office obnoxiously HOLLERING my name across the dealership. The awkwardness continued when she inappropriately commented that she thought my two daughters (age 10 and 16) were my "two girlfriends" - um what?!?

She then pawned me off with her "BMW genius" to go show me the new X5 I expressed interest in, however, this kid was clueless and literally wandered around the lot aimlessly trying to find the right model/color, while I was left standing in 100 degree heat, only for him to realize he didn't have the keys so we couldn't look inside. Ridiculous waste of time!

I WAS READY TO DITCH THIS DEALERSHIP ASAP! But Neda stalked me, bringing me over to her cluttered, unorganized desk, calling me "baby," asking why I didn't want to work with her, and frantically trying to set up a test drive with another one of her assistants while nervously chewing on her nails - not noticing that I was clearly UNINTERESTED in doing business with her crazy eyed self!

It's obviously a numbers game for this woman. She lacks personal touch or basic social skills, and best of all - she failed give me ANY concrete answers about pricing, availability, features, comparisons, NOTHING. Does that sound like a top salesperson to you???

Megan L. | 2015-03-10

The worst service I've ever received.  I bought my car from the Encinitas dealership, who offered to have one of their 'BMW Geniuses" meet me to go over the features of the car.  When I told them I live in LA, they said it was no problem and that someone at the Beverly Hills dealership would be happy to provide the same service.  I called to schedule an appointment and the person on the phone had no idea what I was talking about, so I decided to stop by instead.  After not being able to flag anyone down to help me for 10 minutes, I spoke with a man who told me they didn't have anyone qualified to go over the car with me.  Nobody at the BMW dealership knows how to work a BMW? Ok fine.  I'll wait for one of your "Geniuses".  I got the contact info for the man in charge of the program and emailed him to find a time that worked for one of them.  The emails following were absurdly rude and unhelpful.  He basically told me that nobody was trained to help me with the exception of himself and then made a point to tell me that he was "ALWAYS VERY BUSY". He gave me a 3 hour window in the middle of the day on a few weekdays in which he could help me.  I responded telling him that none of those times would work for me due to my work schedule and he disappears from the planet never to be heard from again.  I tried to call and email him again before I gave up and DROVE TO ENCINITAS to a dealership that actually takes their job seriously.

Diego D. | 2015-03-09

I was here since 11 am. Had called yesterday sending them my information, explaining my situation. The financing manager guaranteed we could make a deal. I don't need the financing but trying to build credit and I showed bank statements and income way higher than the car's value. They had me here until 6pm. Seven hours. Offered NOTHING to me. They tell me they can't approve me. I get a call from another dealership telling me I was approved by an institution they use and so they try it with them only instead of 15% they want to charge me 23% plus a 1500 fee. Effing ridiculous. I offered 35,000 in cash as a DOWNPAYMENT. No one has ever wasted my time like these people. The sales manager refused to cover even half of the financing fee. Oh, and by the way, they have their "TRUE PRICE" but I found the same vehicle, same color, less miles for 3000 dollars less at Rusnak BMW, which is 20 miles away. And they won't charge me the ridiculous fee! Stay away unless you're planning to waste your day with negligent people.

Victor A. | 2015-03-05

Be very weary of a guy named Fransisco. He's a salesman who doesn't have his information correct and when I did my homework about the warranty and realized he was in fact wrong. I specifically asked this gentlemen if the factory 4yr/50,000 miles warranty transfers and he told me it didn't unless I bought it from a bmw dealership and implying a sale the same day. Needless to say it deterred me from the dealership and purchased it elsewhere

Patrick A. | 2015-03-03

A salesperson named Lauren Helped us out!!!MY sister bought a 2015 BMW 328i for a leaseShe is very nice Very friendly.She knew everything about the was a no haggle deal.we didnt have to wrry about anything.Thank you LAuren

Mike J. | 2015-03-02

Very disappointed in Beverly Hills BMW. I was their to purchase a vehicle and was treated like a second class citizen. The salesperson (Saul) was very arrogant and had no customer service skills. I have owned 4 BMW vehicles and I am very familiar with the brand. I live in Orange County and decided to make the trip to Beverly Hills because they had the vehicle I was looking for in stock. What a waste of time, I regret making that trip. I purchased a vehicle from Century West BMW, very different atmosphere that Beverly HIlls BMW. Think twice about this dealership. Stay away.

Janet L. | 2015-02-28

4 hours of nightmare! There is a reason why they have such BAD reviews. If you are forced to work with a woman named NEDA, don't waste your time and just leave. She is rude, loud, obnoxious, has crazy eyes, she doesn't give a crap why you are there. WOW if she is the face of Beverly Hills BMW (which is not even in Beverly Hills) there is something terribly wrong with that dealership. I've never met someone so obnoxious, that yell for no reason, inefficient (we were there for 4 hours)'s just shocking they hire and promote these kind of people. Terrible branding and will never buy a BMW in our lifetime.

S R. | 2015-02-27

All the negative reviews you have heard about this place are true. I don't know one good experience, from friends that have bought their cars here (and regretted it) and have experienced bad service down the line, to people being lied to by salesmen. I personally was lied to and manipulated by a salesman and manager. If I wanted to be treated like I was buying a used clunker instead of a brand new $80,000 BMW, then I would buy a used clunker. This place made me question if i even wanted a BMW at all... but alas, I suppose you can't blame a corporation for the ineptitude of one dealership. There are plenty of other BMW dealerships in the LA area, don't give your business to a bunch of crooks.

Greg C. | 2015-02-23

Purchased a Certified Pre-Owned X5 recently.  Can not say enough good things about Lauren.  She was wonderful and we highly recommend her!  The purchase was painless and smooth.  Nate, the Financial Representative was also cool.

B B. | 2015-02-22

Service is not good - if I hadn't purchased my CPO from there, I would never go back. They made me never want to purchase a BMW again. It's unprofessional for the service and sales managers not to call/email you back -- clearly they knew they were in the wrong and didn't care. Three times for the same issues - luckily under warranty but a waste of my time. Hopefully corporate will call back but I'm not holding my breathe.

Teresa K. | 2015-02-21

Absolutely zero customer service! Most arrogant ungrateful company I've ever encountered. Spent more time trying to scope out whether I was "buying today" versus answering my questions and earning my patronage. Assigned me to their token busty girl that was lacking sales skills, intelligence, professionalism and product knowledge. If I consistently know more about the car, we have a problem. When I asked if I could see a couple of cars she said, oh we really don't do that unless you are going to buy today...really! I consistently told her what I was looking for and she consistently disregarded my request and tried to sell me something else. Not in a engaging sales manner but in a "whatever, this other car is so great and on the lot today" manner. Entire experience was poor and unprofessional. Waste of time. Wouldn't buy car from them even if they were significantly cheaper out of principle.

S D. | 2015-02-20

We had 3 cars in our mind Lexues, Jaguar and BMW   Carlos huertas at Beverly Hills BMW  was the nicest sales person of all !
best customer service, in town  MUST CHECK IT OUT !!!

Louis & mike  was the man !

Alex L. | 2015-02-20

Horrible place.  Do yourself a favor and go ANYWHERE else to buy and service your car.  Just think about how many people you have to make FURIOUS to get yelp reviews this low.

Givo A. | 2015-02-19

The employees here lie to you in order for you to drive off with the car and call you 2 weeks later telling you to return the car!! This is called the "Yo-Yo" scam!! This is my first time encountering this situation. I encourage everyone not to go here unless you want to scammed!! If you choose to do business with them I highly recommend taking a lawyer with you to read the contract!!

Jane L. | 2015-02-18

The absolute WORST service I have ever received at a dealership.
I would avoid this service department at all costs.
In fact, in the future I will drive 10 miles further so I do not have to go to the Beverly Hills BMW service department anymore.

Ellen U. | 2015-02-17

Now I know why people would go out of their way to create a yelp account to leave a bad review...over 400 of them to this date.

Been warned so I should've known huh.

As a prospective buyer, you will get call backs but good luck trying to reach them for help with questions after purchase. I mean, good luck coz they will give you a run around. Both sales rep and financing manager could not be reached after leaving meassage after message.

What incompetence. ...

Will T. | 2015-02-14

I'll make this short, not worth the time to go into details.

-was here to purchase a m5 or a 6 series
-was the only customer there and no one greeted me for 30 minutes
-arrogant salesperson
-terrible customer service
-stuck up
-patronizing (presuming it was because I looked very young)
-made me feel uncomfortable
-awkward and shady environment
-not classy or prestigious at all
-anything but pleasant

It's Beverly Hills BMW that really do give BMW a terrible reputation.
By the way, it's not even in Beverly Hills, geographically.that is.

Edward F. | 2015-02-11

LOVE this dealership, LOVE all people working here and the easiest most amazing experience in getting my X5, i love my car and how easy everything went. Sorry to see all the negative feedback on here however completely disagree with all.

everyone was super attentive and easy going, Neda is my FAV and the one together with the team made everything happen.

i moved from NY to LA and this was by far the best experience so far!

Michael G. | 2015-02-09

Yesturday I left BMW in a surreal state. They made buying my car a extremely enjoyable experience. This was my last option at first, being from Orange County Beverly Hills is a commute. I drove to Sterling, irvine and Crevier before trying the Los Angeles area. I was a former customer of Crevier and was very disappointed in there service. I would tell them white, Black, grey for color options. They would roll out a blue vehicle id say " this isn't a color I'm considering." The salesperson would respond "it's still a BMW". I left there shortly after a few more smug remarks from salespersons. I found the same thing in at Irvine and sterling. I'm just a normal guy who wants to be treated like a customer. I wasn't looking for a bmw for the snob appeal I love the cars. I expected to be treated not like a "snob" but like a valuable customer. So I took my business Beverly Hills. On the way up I looked at yelp saw the low stars thought "oh man, I'm going to LA. What am I thinking, like I'm gonna get better service." Then I walked in and met Fransico Mejia. He greeted me and spoke with my mother and I with utmost professionalism. I told him what I wanted and he delivered me a list of cars that fit me. Then before I could ask for the keys he had came prepared with all of them. After I had made my decision, came what I thought was the hard part, the deal. He worked with us, even on some days stayed late. He kept in contact, always updating me on our sale. He even would update me on his days off. I know some may think he was a eager salesperson, hungry for the sale. That is exactly right, he was a hungry eager salesperson and his : professionalism, willingness to keep his customer happy really did show. Basically Fransico really is a model for how customers should be treated in any sales/customer service market. I can say today that I am more then happy with my car. Even more happy cause the experience they have given us at Beverly Hills. I can say with my confidence if you want a professional, helpful salesperson go to Fransico Mejia. I can say I would recommend him to anyone with all my trust that they Will be happy. If you're buying a BMW drive to Beverly Hills and speak with Fransico. I bought with a smile thanks to him and Sherpia I probably butchered her name, but she made the financing clear and direct. I write this as a thank you to them. I also write this cause they have what most dealerships don't. A Fransico Mejia and his wonderful team.

Chantel M. | 2015-02-08

SCAM ARTIST! Run don't walk away from this dealership!

I wish I read the reviews about BMW of Beverly Hills before I bought my car which has had one problem after the other. In less than a year after purchasing the vehicle I was in their service center about 10 times. The service center has no clue what they are doing and have not successful been able to fix the issue. I contacted BMW national and they basically did nothing. I also found out they  over charge me for the car when I first bought it, despite BMW Financial seemingly pushing  back on them serval times before approving it. I also found out that the car was in an accident despite the car fax report they provided me with saying it had never been in an accident.

Not only does the Department of Consumer Affairs need to investigate this dealership, the IRS needs to check their books extra closely, they need to be closed down for good.

I hope this helps someone else, so that they don't have to go through all of the headaches I've experienced since purchasing my car.

Michael R. | 2015-02-05

I have to be honest, I was a little hesitant to go to BMW BH because of all the yelp reviews. But the service was amazing. Both Lora and Stephen were great and tended to my needs and inquiries about the service for my car. I'll definitely recommend them.

Shannon O. | 2015-02-05

Consistently terrible service from the moment I schedule an appointment until I leave the building.  It is the only thing that is consistent about this business.  It's amazingly awful!

David O. | 2015-01-25

My experience:

Note: I like to negotiate a price online before entering a dealership so the process is faster and we have a mutual understanding.

I found a used 2013 Ford Escape on Autotrader about 10 days ago. The original list price was $22,991. I didn't want to spend more than $22,000 out the door for this vehicle. Unfortunately this offer was not accepted. Over the next 10 days there were two price drops ($21,900 and finally $20,990). Over this same 10 days BMW's Internet Rep (Leslie) and myself exchanged 6 emails going back and forth. On January 21st I made a final offer of $23,000. Sunday evening I noticed there was a price reduction to $20,990 so I emailed Leslie at 7am Sunday morning and asked if she would now accept my $23,000 offer. At 11am Leslie emailed and called me and stated they would accept the offer! I advised her that we would be there at 1pm to test drive and purchase the vehicle. I live about an hour away. So my wife, my 8 month old daughter, and I packed ourselves up and made the drive down to purchase the vehicle. We literally walked into BMW Beverly Hills at 1pm. At the same moment Leslie advised me that someone else is already test driving the vehicle.

I made sure we were there exactly at 1pm so I was very disappointed that I wasn't provided an opportunity to purchase this vehicle since I have had great interest in this vehicle for the last 10 days. I could have understood had I been late but I was there at 1pm on the dot. The same $23,000 offer that was rejected four days ago and now accepted today could have been completed four days ago, which would have resulted in my wife getting a new vehicle. Instead I left extremely frustrated and disappointed in the outcome.

This was just a great example of how a car dealership can really make you feel worthless.

If you do not value service and want to feel undervalue this is a great place to visit.

Sultaraco B. | 2015-01-25

Oh my,terrible experience from beginning to end!!!Contacted them via e-mail in reference to a 2015 BMW M3,got a call from a salesperson and stopped by to look at it,once there we were "greeted"by (security guard)Mr Ex Gangbanger,as we were driving into lot he barks out "park over there!"space was super small,Smart size and then tell him"can't park there,its too small.Then he says:you are lucky you even got that spot!!!really?eventually he directs me to another spot that's more suitable ,but we are already a bit miffed.After meeting salesperson and locating car I ask.(me)can I test drive it?(salesperson)Uhhh,let me see need to ask my manager...?(me)There is no way am buying an$80k car without driving it.(salesperson)Sorry ,my boss says that we need to run the credit app and do the numbers FIRST!!!Seriously,I have never bought a car without test driving it first whether its an M car or not?Its like marrying a girl(expensive at that)without going on a first date?We still comply to do the numbers because I like the color and option packages,(me)Whats the Trueprice?(salesperson)Well,due to the vehicle's market demand the Trueprice is STICKER price.(me)Oh really so is every BMW dealer in the United States,why should I buy here,whats the incentive?(salesperson)No incentive at all.(me)Ok ,that's fine,thank you and goodbye!!! I had read the numerous negative reviews but because of my proximity to their location,figured what the hell!!!Wrong decision,but fortunately we got to use their restrooms and drink some water and only wasted about 30 minutes with the whole experience.Drinks are on me when these fools go out of business,by their attitude it would seem they are selling 100 new Bimmers per day but am sure they are lucky to sell even 5!!!                                                                                                                                 By the way to BHBMW's customer service reps,dont apologize with a prescripted note:keep your apologies to yourself as am not interested in empty "am sorry this am sorry that"it seems that you should worry more about fixing the chronic culture of nobody giving a damn,before it becomes so bad that the overhead will force you to close your doors permanently.Does BMWNA know how their franchisees are treating their customers and giving their brand such a negative association?

John E. | 2015-01-23

I just leased a 428i and I am extremely pleased with this dealership. I don't understand all of the negative reviews, but it could be related to volume. This dealership receives a TON of inbound calls and leads daily, so I can see how they get really overwhelmed.

Francisco took the time to find the perfect car for me and completing the transaction was easy and painless. Lauren was awesome and helped me run my old car back home. Great car, great dealership!

Adriel D. | 2015-01-12

I've gone to Beverly Hills BMW for service a couple of times. Their staff is extremely polite and try to be as accommodating as possible in every way. They are understandably really busy, but do their best nonetheless. My service advisor, Jacques Riley, was kind enough to help me even though I got their after closing time, and he is extremely helpful and polite. Ask for Jacques!

D R. | 2015-01-10

This is a review about service that happened with my current lease years ago.  Getting ready to turn the lease in so I was reminded to write this review.

They tried to push and trick me to buy a battery for like $400 that I did not need.  Yes the battery had no juice but it was because the alternator was broken.  I listened to them try to stammer out some BS reasons on why the battery was also no good which basically flew in the face of common sense and refuted the very existence of something called rechargeable batteries.  When I pointed out that there are such things as rechargeable batteries and once the voltage is depleted that doesn't mean that the battery is ruined and will not work again.  Even after calling their bluff and giving them an opportunity to recant they insisted.  I got out of there with my same old battery, got home checked it with a multimeter (neighbor is electrician) and now for YEARS the car and battery have been running absolutely fine.

Daniel S. | 2015-01-07

This review is for Sonny Hunyh of Beverly Hills BMW.  Extremely professional sales associate, both via email and in person.  He had my wife and I in and out of the entire sales process in just under 3.5 hours in time to pop champagne and celebrate New Year's eve.  They really have the lowest overall price for BMW's in the entire south bay and quite possibly the biggest inventory available online.  His assistants were also on point.  What really stood out about Sonny? He was a man of his word.  We made a deal that if I came in on New Year's eve to test drive the car I was looking at online that he would make me a better offer than the advertised online.  True to his word he made me a really great offer backed by Jerry Saros the Sales Manager whom took the time to come shake my had after the offer was accepted.  The finance part of the deal was also very fast and to the point.  Tasos Theodorou , General Manager GM take note, this is the type of person you want addressing potential customers.  

Dimitri K. | 2015-01-05

The service department here is HORRIBLE.  It's so funny how they sell you on bmw's included service.  Good luck getting someone to answer the phone!  But while you wait on hold (forever!) you'll hear lots of prerecorded messages about how they're devoted to "superior" service.

Sun P. | 2015-01-04

One of the worst customer service/ dealership experience I've ever had. The person who helped me was this Korean lady. She was so rude that I literally felt like leaving even before I started to look at cars. DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE. She would totally ignore us since I do not have a lot of knowledge about bmw cars and would be annoyed and talking to someone on the phone while she was helping us. What kind of dealer would talk/ text with other people continuously while you are asking questions and trying to figure out what car to possibly buy?  AGAIN, DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE.

Maria L. | 2015-01-03

I own my first BMW and this was my first time requiring service.  I scheduled my apt for a Saturday.  My service manager was super nice and efficient but informed me that they were very low staffed on saturdays.  (Why is that?  Shouldn't that be a day that you are fully staffed? )  ...but here's the kicker...there were no loaner cars fact none available for another nine days.  You have to schedule your service and reserve the loaner at the same time!!!  That really does not meet my expectations.  My wheel is flat from a pot hole, the engine needs to be serviced and now I am either without a car all weekend since they are short staffed or need to rent!!!  Outrageous!!

Tien M. | 2014-12-29

This review is specifically for Cham Chung, from internet sales department.  I went in and specifically asked for Cham based on good reviews from others on Yelp.  Cham is very knowledgeable, professional, polite, and has a great sense of humor.  We had a very positive experience throughout the entire time we were at the dealership.  Cham will work hard and fight for you with the sales manager to get the deal done.  I highly recommend purchasing through him.  I've worked with several sales rep during my search, and he was one of the most pleasant person to deal with, which makes the whole purchasing experience a positive and happy one.

Judy M. | 2014-12-29

The worst experience with a car dealership ever. Brought my BMW to get repaired here and they tried to charge me 8 times the price of what I ended up getting it fixed for.4,000 to change spark plugs. When I looked online it was a simple process that was supposed to take one hour, they were trying to charge me for 6 hours of service. They are a total rip off and I will never go there again. We ended up bringing the car to another place that was only 560 to fix.  But BMW not only tried to rip us off, but charged 500 just for looking at the car and fixed nothing. We tried to get them to wave the fee since we have been bringing both my car and my husbands car there, and they did not care and did not think the price was to much it was very upsetting and because of them I will def switch back to Mercedes. I also talked to BMW cooperate and they could not help because the service center is private. Really frustrating. My husband has a warranty on his BMW and now we won't go there out of principle.

Paul B. | 2014-12-29

If you are buying/leasing a BMW, make sure you work with Francisco from Beverly Hills BMW.  I recently leased a new 2015 BMW M4 and had some issues with my $1000 holiday credit. To Francisco's credit and Beverly Hills BMW management, this issue was resolved in a professional and reasonable manner.  The wife and I went to BH BMW and I really hate going to car shop.  It is so stressfull and I always feel like I am getting screwed.  Francisco was undoubtedly the best car sales person I have ever worked with.  Even when there was an issue and of course I doubted anything would be done about it, Francisco and Beverly Hill BMW came through.  We love our new 2015 M4 and we appreciate the service we received!

David T. | 2014-12-22

They earn their stars...all zero of them.   Can I give them negative stars?

I drove over an hour to here from Orange County to find out they sold the car I was looking at, after speaking to my rep just before I left to go see them confirming it being in stock.  My Rep ( a so called 4 year veteran of the place so you can see the inbred training here) even called me 20 minutes before I got there asking how far I was away...I told him I would be there in 20 minutes which I was.  I was working with him on that car for a week trying to arrange the trip, so it's not like I was an uninterested lookey loo.  Seriously...I have text messages to prove it...I had to re look at them just to make sure I was not in some kind of time warp and 8 hours went by between "car is available" and "car is sold".!

No apologies, no "sorry" , no "we screwed up".  wow....unbelievable how unprofessional this place is.  Maybe they used the last call to me to close the deal at list price for some other clue why the rep would have called me 20 minutes before they sold the car and not even tell me a transaction was going on!!???

They won't hold your car for you....not for a minute.  Ok, so what kind of place won't hold a $50k car for you for an hour just to extend some customer service so you can take a drive to see them and not waste your time?...  An unprofessional,  shady greedy one.  I should have listened to these reviews and not wasted my time and gas.  A total embarrassment to the BMW brand.  Time to look elsewhere and consider Mercedes and Audi.  Congrats Beverly Hills BMW, thanks to my experience with your team I will never be purchasing a BMW.

I am sure the positive reviews on Yelp are only from the salespeople or salespeople's friends who want you to come in there and ask for them so they get a sale.  (note how they all say how great XXX sales person was vs the place and experience in general?)   The truth hurts and the reputation of this place shows clearly on Yelp.

PS, the Rep even showed me the car being washed and then told me it had been sold.  WTF?  Really?  I could not even make this stuff up if I had to!!

Michael E. | 2014-12-22

So, this is a problem I never imagined having. Brought my 2013 3 series in for the 10,000 mile service and brought to their attention that my left lowbeam headlight "malfunctioned," as per the computer. Two days after having it, the service coordinator called to tell me there's a short affecting the light, and that it may or may not be covered by warranty, say "if a rat chewed the wire." I was not offered a quote at that time. Same person called me back later today to tell me that there has been "obvious body work" done on the left side and thought that I had leased the vehicle "used." When I told him that I leased it "new," he told me I needed to take this up with Sales and was responsible for the $200 fee for the electrician to look at it. It would then cost over $5000 to fix the problem and it was not covered by the warranty.

I then called my sales rep who seemed equally perplexed by this report. He then referred me to the Sales Manager. He called me stating that because my vehicle is 2 years old, "it's very unlikely that they are going to pay for it and it becomes a game of pointing fingers." I again asserted that I would know if body work had been done, and he was dismissive of this and very blatantly took the side of the company, though he agreed to "push it up the ladder." I would *hope* that BMW would never lease me a car with prior body work and lie to me about that, but I'm certainly questioning their motives at this time.

I have never been so angry at a company as I am today. They are accusing me of lying about prior bodywork and giving me little hope this can be resolved "without civil litigation" (they actually said that).  I've have prior poor experiences at this dealer and thought I would never give them my business again. I should've listened to me back then.

I'm a reasonable guy, and, should this be resolved, I will update this post. Hopefully that will happen.

Jeff A. | 2014-12-21

We purchased a 2011 335i mineral white CPO from them and had some minor issues after the first week. I notified management and they were able to meet my needs and didn't give us the run around. Their prices are very aggressive with the TRU price and I would buy from them again.

After searching all the BMW dlrs between L.A and OC their prices are very aggressive with the True car prices and we end up giving them our business during the Dec sales event. BMW does have a lot of issues so make sure you get some sort of warrenrty or cpo under it.

Matthew S. | 2014-12-21

Clearly Yelp is all about our experience and how we were treated based on a number of circumstances. In the spirit of being completely transparent, I turned in a Mercedes about 2 years early on a lease contract exactly a year ago to pursue an opportunity to live abroad for a year. Suffice it to say, it plunged my credit into the toilet and I certainly my desirability as a pre owned car purchaser. I hadn't been to BH BMW in a few years since it had moved locations, but while the space is larger, it's a totally different experience than when it was actually in Beverly Hills. The salesmen were wearing track suits, quite unknowledgeable about retrieving even basic customer information (I had to dig through old emails to show I indeed was once a customer), unhelpful and I felt treated like a major inconvenience. Perhaps this is also reflective of the evening staff, but this was not an experience, dealership, or service that is on par with it's former glory nor would it be a place I would recommend.

Gerod B. | 2014-12-17

Believe the one star reviews.  I bought a used car here, drove it for about 60 miles before the transmission failed. The dealership told me the car was fine when they sold it to me and they were not responsible.  There are plenty of car dealerships out there.  Do not do business with this one.
It has now been two months and the dealership has not transfered the title of this car to me. I am initiating a small claims action this week. Neda Shahrokhi will take your money then?

Ivette P. | 2014-12-13

Great service. Cham was very responsive since the beginning when we inquiered about the car through email. When we visited the dealer, he took the time to go over all the information. He wasn't pushy but gave us the space to look the vehicle and think about it. He also showed us different options that fit the spefications we were looking for. The paperwork was also very smooth and professional. They make sure that the customer understands every step.  My husband and I recommend visiting this dealer if you are thinking buying a BMW.

Heidi W. | 2014-12-10

I don't usually write reviews but my wonderful experience over the weekend had to be shared! I worked with Nick Brewer from the sales department, and couldn't be happier with my purchase.

He was a delight to work with and made sure that I received a great deal and the beautiful car that I've dreamed of having!

BMW has a  reputation for great customer service along with stellar vehicles and that was exemplified in the team I worked with.  I highly recommend Nick and the dealership for anyone looking for a new vehicle!

Eric J. | 2014-12-04

My experience with Beverly Hills BMW was no different than the majority of reviews here - awful. But there is one difference in the resolution - I sued them in Small Claims Court.

As with most of the the negative reviews here, my car is an older model 3 series. It is not a large sedan and it is not new. It appears to me (my opinion) that most of the problems reported are from owners (like myself) of these less expensive models which equates to a preference by BHBMW to deal only with wealthier customers. However, it does not in anyway excuse their rude and manipulative behavior. Good faith and fair dealing should be applied to everyone.

Which brings me to the topic of  "[me] vs FAA BEVERLY HILLS, Inc., a corporation dba Beverly Hills BMW". ("FAA..." is the corp under which the business is held and operated). But firstly I would like to say in all fairness that the work which BHBMW did on my car (repairs) were and are satisfactory to the best of my knowledge. The problem arose when I determined that there were a few too many repairs done. One of those "extra repairs" lent itself easily to the Small Claims Court process. Simply put, they replaced a part in my car that did not require replacing. And to make it all the more simple, the part I sued them about was nothing more than my battery. Perhaps the simplest part for the consumer to determine useful life? (I asked for the replaced parts to be returned to me - and BHBMW complied).

I won't go through the simple process of a small claims court case other than to say it is simple (I first attempted to resolve the issue through the CA. Bureau of Automotive Repair; subsequently used their report as my corroborating evidence). But what struck me as telling about BHBMW was the way in which they ignored the several instances that they had to settle the case before trial (a relatively small amount of money - a battery + the cost to install, +... = a few hundred dollars). I was unable to understand how they would defend themselves against such a simple case which I saw as open and shut. What would they have to say to the judge? Why would they risk having a judgment against themselves for such a trivial amount in a case which, in my opinion, they were clearly guilty?

As it turned out, it was not merely "in my opinion", it was also in the opinion of the court. That is to say, I won. ("Judgment entered in favor of the plaintiff...,Defendant shall pay plaintiff..., yada, yada"). In my opinion, BHBMW didn't have a credible defense and did not speak to the issue. No last minute surprises, no tricky lawyers (no lawyers at all) just a whole lot of nothing. So why did they not act sooner to settle the case before trial? I do not know, but it appears to me as arrogance and ego.

Joy D. | 2014-12-03

I have been a client of Neda's at BH BMW for about 20 years now. She is a straight shooter, will give you the best deal possible, and not waste your time. She values loyalty and you will see that if you become a returning customer. Once again, my lease was up, I told Neda what my payment had to fall below and she made it happen on an amazing new car. I offered to take it in the brown if necessary, but I only had to take in the black to get a great deal this time. I would highly recommend Neda and BH BMW. She's the #1 saleperson in the world for a reason people.

Holly M. | 2014-11-30

Our salesman Cham was awesome. We had lots of questions and were shopping on one of the busiest weekends of the year. He was so helpful and patient. The finance department on the other hand, not so much. We waited two hours to see a financial consultant. Once we did, the paperwork was clear cut and quick. Would have given more stars if not for the long wait. If people are spending that much money at an establishment, their time should matter.

Michael L. | 2014-11-27

I am writing my experience for a Certified Pre Owned BMW. I went in to BH BMW on 11/24/14 and asked the receptionist for sales person. They called Kushon (he says he has been there a little over 1yr).  I was looking for CPO 2102 750I as BH had the most inventory.  The entire time Kushon was with me I felt like he did not really want to be there.  Good thing was he did not push me or upsell me.  I already had one in mind so kinda easy for him.  After several pulls and tugs the mngr agreed to my price.  This was perhaps the only gd thing so far.  Went out of the dealer for one hr and came back to purchase the car.  This all finished around 5:30PM and they asked me to wait for a finance associate to sign papers and it should not be more than 30 minute wait as they were backed up.  I told Kushon and a manager I had to leave exactly at 6:30 and assured me this would be completed by then.  I wait for an hour and finally said something to Kushon and then decide to rush out another customer for me.  As I walked in the room a lady named Joyce was introduced.  I told her in front of the finance manager I will be walking out of this bldg exactly at 6:45 so I asked if this can be done within 15 minutes.  Joyce was pleasantly honest and said we can not finish in 15min.  So I told them I would return in the morning to finish the paper work.  Joyce was sympathetic and she promised that she would be at the dealership by 9AM for me althogh her shift does not start until 12PM.  At this point all promises have not been delivered except matching my price. As I was leaving Kushon met with me and I asked if he will be here in the morning to go over the car and he said he would be. I came in nxt day at 9am and Joyce was there.  We finished the paper work approximately 9:50.  I looked for Kushon but no where in sight.  The receptionist called Kushon and he had not showed up to wrk.  I dont know what the reason was.  On the phone he asked me what I was going to do with my other car.  I lost it.  I did not have another car as my car was totally damaged by a driver who ran a red light and hit me.  I told this to Kushon the day before.  I asked to speak to manager and when the car was brought out it was bot clean at all and the interior was dirty.  Again didn't have time to stick around and took the car. The only good thing at BMW BH was Joyce Jung who kept her promise and delivered great service.  Overall crappy purchase experience.  BTW they sold me a CPO and there is mold in the vents and smells like a rat died when I turn the AC on.  I am caughing alot bcz of this.  Let's see how the service dept does.  Will keep everyone posted.  Oh one more thing rattling noise from dashboard.  Did they really complete a CPO. Hmmmm....
Sorry so long folks but hope my experience helps in some way.

David K. | 2014-11-26

I've been meaning to post this review for some time. I, too, am glad I hadn't read the Yelp reviews prior to going to the dealership. Nate, my salesman, was incredibly knowledgable about each and every model, and has been a BMW car buff most of his life. The service and value I received far exceeded my expectations. Nate was probably the most knowledgable and polite salesman I've ever dealt with when buying a car. Although I bought the car 5 months ago, Nate still makes himself available for whatever I may need or questions I may have. Also, the guys in Finance were very professional and made the entire buying process seamless.

I'll definitely be going back to this dealership when my lease is up!

Andrew P. | 2014-11-21

Lease was ending for my BMW and sales rep Cham Chung went above and beyond to get the car model I wanted. Always communicated promptly and made sure every step of the way went as smooth as possible. At the end of the day, walked out with a brand new car and a smile on my face!

Eric B. | 2014-11-20

Disclaimer: I've been using Yelp forever but never felt the need to leave a review for anything until now. Unless I'm wowed by the business in question to the level that I was at Beverly Hills BMW, I may not ever post another review.

So once I buy a car, I tend to hold on to it for awhile (my last car was purchased November, 2004). I'm not a car buying expert by any means but I do know this; I HATE BUYING CARS! I've never enjoyed the experience because I always feel like I'm being preyed upon by commission hungry salespeople and until this experience, they all have historically not failed to deliver. That has obviously left a bad taste.

I decided 2 months ago that I was ready to buy my first BMW. Living in the OC, I have the luxury of relatively convenient options in OC, SD and LA. I spent countless weeks browsing the all the SoCal dealers for the cars that fit my checklist and finally this past week, I thought I had found the right car at Beverly Hills BMW. This dealership has hands down the best inventory on CPO than any other dealer in Socal (includes Monrovia). I was contacted by Nathan M. via email and I informed him that I would drop by 3 days later to take a look. The night before my visit, I decided to Yelp the dealership which was a BAD IDEA. I was shocked and frankly frightened at all the negative reviews which put my guard up even further.

When I arrived at the reception desk, I was surprised to see that Nathan was expecting me though we hadn't spoken for days. Within 30 seconds, he introduced himself and we jumped right in. He spent a solid hour with me looking at that car until he invited me for a test drive. At no point did I feel any pressure whatsoever to hurry up and make a decision. Ultimately, I decided that this particular car wasn't exactly what I wanted so we went back inside and looked at all the other inventory that met my requirements. After a couple test drives and 3 1/2 hours later, I finally found my dream car. I felt like Nathan was more of a guide or consultant than salesperson which is how it should be. He educated me; he was patient and I genuinely felt he had my best interest in mind when getting me into that car. This was HUGE because not only am I untrusting of car dealers in general, but the Yelp reviews had me concerned.

Because I was buying a CPO, he wanted to make certain that this car met "HIS" inspection. What? Yeah. He went through the car inspecting the trunk, engine, wheel wells...everything. He picked flecks of debris on the paint to see if there were scratches or dings and he found 4 cosmetic items that HE thought should be fixed on the car before I bought it. Side mirror, dings on the bumper, burned out bulbs and better floor mats. I wanted to drive that car home that night but he said he thought it would be best to wait a day so he could get all the items fixed before he sent me home. What? Yeah, that all happened.

The next day, I took the Metro Rail from OC to Union Station then hopped on the Purple Line MetroLink so I could get my new car and guess what? Nathan picked me up in his own car from the Wilshire/Western station. REPEAT, HE PICKED ME UP FROM THE METROLINK STATION which is 2 miles from the dealership then took me back to get my car.

Now I don't know if people in general have unrealistic expectations (I mean it is LA after all) or Nathan is just that good. For the record, my finance guy was also amazing. This dealership is EXTREMELY fortunate to have people like Nathan so here's my advice: Take those 1 star negative reviews with a grain of salt and DO YOURSELF A FAVOR...go to Beverly Hills BMW and ask for Nathan, you won't be disappointed. I wouldn't hesitate to send my grandmother here to buy a new car and if he is still working there when I'm ready for my next car, he's going to get my business again.

Love Life C. | 2014-11-18

I just picked up my M3 after it was serviced at Beverly Hills BMW.  The car has been to 5 other BMW dealers in an attempt to solve a very hard to diagnose braking-induced front-end vibration.  I went in admittedly skeptical that the problem would ever be fixed, but had time to have it looked into and I figured that Beverly Hills BMW was one of the best resourced service departments in LA.  The car ended up in the hands of Joe T, a senior shop foreman at BMW.  

Joe asked what felt like a million questions and committed to getting to the bottom of the issue.  As his investigation was more thorough, I became encouraged again that the problem would be uncovered.  After a full hour long drive with me, Joe had what he needed to do the proper investigation.  

Sure enough, after several visits to nearly a half dozen other BMW dealers around the country, the car is back in my possession and the problem I've had for 3 years is solved.  

The difference here was good listening and a thorough analysis of prior work that had been done to the car, which allowed Joe to rule out many dead end repairs.  

Beverly Hills BMW also brought a cross functional team of technicians together to group problem solve.  All the while, I was kept in the loop and the dealer made sure I was well cared for with a nice loaner while my car was in the service department.  Not only will I go back here to get my car serviced with this group, but I'm going back to Beverly Hills BMW to help me when it's time to buy a new BMW.  

Thank you to Joe and the team at Beverly Hills BMW.

Orchid B. | 2014-11-18

These reviews are all so strange to me and I am so surprised that this dealership does not have more stars.  I had a great experience at Beverly Hills BMW, most likely because of Daniel Chang who is such a gem.  He made the whole experience bearable and pleasant.  I have been to other dealerships (Rusnak in Thousand Oaks for one) and have been shocked at how rude, condescending and inappropriate other salepersons and managers can be and was so thankful that Daniel was the complete opposite.  He made the whole process quick and painless and I left totally satisfied.  I am so happy with my new 428i and would definitely recommend all of my family and friends to Daniel.  If you need someone good, go see Daniel!  You can thank me later.

Angela M. | 2014-11-17

I'm so glad I for once didn't read the reviews on Yelp before working with this dealer. I am beginning to think people are self proclaimed critics and if they don't get the exact deal they want, or meal etc they take to this site with all the dramatic fury of a 2 year old.
That said, I had been emailing with Rich about a car I saw on the website a 435i convertible (which was a nicer car than I ended up wanting.) I had also been emailing with someone at Lexus.
Rich was very nice and introduced me to my team who would be helping me out. It ended up being Nate, Ben and Nick! Nick was new and was introduced as "in training" but he was the one who took me on my test drive. Note that there was no pressure about me driving a different car than I was looking at. I happened to see this one because of it's color and wanted to try it. He was SO KNOWLEDGEABLE about the car, how it drove and all the features. He tailored my drive to how I wanted to learn about the car and it was a fun experience! That day I was there to only see my options, and they did NOT pressure me at all to stay and close the deal. So I left and went to Lexus to drive. I was not happy with that car at all. I slept on it, and the very next day went back to BMW to buy the car I test drove, a 428i convertible.
Nick took me through the whole process. The negotiations were a breeze and I didn't feel like I got ripped off at all. I was offered water, and even to leave and come back while I had to wait for finance.
This dealership clearly has a LOT of volume. It was a Sunday afternoon and there were several people buying cars. The buying process took some time, and waiting for it to get detailed took forever as well, but I expect these things when buying a car in Los Angeles. To top everything off the finance manager even genuinely commented that I got a great deal!
So, go to Beverly Hills BMW if you want the best car buying experience of your life, and ask for Nick Brewer! He's knowledgable, makes the experience fun, and is a nice guy to deal with. You won't be sorry.

~A customer for life

Marna L. | 2014-11-15

I have a Certified 328i that I bought here. Under the circumstances, I can't say that we have been mistreated or ripped off.  We just won't be getting another BMW or going back to this particular dealership.

fred o. | 2014-11-15

I went there to lease a car with great trepidation after reading the subpar reviews. Surprisingly, the experience was comfortable and refreshing. I believe the salesperson was unique, meaning honest and forthright. I highly recommend this salesman, named AZ.
The tech person aka Mr. Genius was very informative and answered all my questions with ease and patience. His real name is Aaron Jackson.
I'm happy to offer this experience to those that wish to deal with this agency.

Elena N. | 2014-11-13

Beverly Hills BMW is DEFINITELY the worst dealership you can deal with.

I wish I've read some of the reviews on Yelp before buying a car from them. Purchasing a new car is never an easy process but this place turned it into a complete nightmare.

The customer service is unacceptable and despite all of our efforts to try to reach them (calls, emails, voicemails) no one ever got back to us. When I managed to finally get someone on the line, the person was very rude and arrogant and really unhelpful

My car was brand new but within a month all of my FOUR tires wear deflated.

All the reviews are true. Spare yourself a headache and go to a different dealership!

Shoshie H. | 2014-11-11

Let, me just start of by saying that I should've checked the yelp reviews of this place before ever going down to Beverly Hills BMW. All the other negative reviews are true. (By the way they aren't even located in Beverly their name is a lie.)

I bought a used car from this dealership in June of 2013.  A few days after buying the car, the car battery completely died and I needed to get a new one installed. I hassled them into replacing it, and they finally agreed, but it didn't even occur to me that something like this could happen especially if I'm buying my car from an "established BMW dealership." Since that time I have had multiple issues with my car, costing me thousands of dollars in repairs and hours of my time.

These people will scam you to no end. DO NOT BUY YOUR CAR HERE! ESPECIALLY A USED CAR! Don't even waste your time by going down there.

Anonymous S. | 2014-11-10

Tried to talk with Netta,  please do NOT go to this dealership for any purchase of a BMW.   she couldn't care less about me, but she did want to tell me she's the best in the country.    Ha, ha ,ha.    do not call her or this dealership if you want to be cared for in a professional manner.   just bought a car from Steve Thomas BMW in Camarillo and had a great experience.  I'll share the salesman's name if you contact me!

K J. | 2014-11-08

Ask for DANIEL CHANG to assist you with your BMW experience and you will walk away a very HAPPY and SATISFIED customer.  

Daniel has the highest level of professionalism and customer service that is UNMATCHED.  He walked me through the process, and was very honest about all my options.   He was expedient and diligent in answering questions.  He goes ABOVE and BEYOND to make ethical sales.  

In my experience, my car was actually sold from underneath me after paperwork was signed, and Daniel Chang immediately rectified any possibilities of customer dissatisfaction. I am ecstatic about my new BMW and would gladly and confidently refer any prospective buyers to Daniel Chang : )

Sarah H. | 2014-11-08

They don't even deserve a star. This has been one of the WORST  experiences. From the moment I walked through those doors I felt judged. I expected them to play me for a fool considering I am a young women; however, every question I asked about the car Sonny had no answer to. You're telling me that some asshole who doesn't know anything about this car would be getting a commission check? The only thing Sonny could tell me was that the car's tires and rims were not stock.... Thank you captain obvious. Cham (more like chode) was so blatantly disrespectful and rude it's beyond my comprehension as to how he even got a job in customer service. Also as I was leaving the young African American women behind the receptionist desk felt the need to laugh at my disgust as I was walking out. ( real classy). The only thing you are paying for is the title Beverly Hills. Everything else is a joke. Take it from me and the hundred other reviews and take your money somewhere else these assholes don't deserve it.

eigil q. | 2014-11-07

My 2011 X5 died on me in LA.
It was due for a recall (vanos unit)
I got it towed in and Brian
He took the car
Called me a day later with good news
All recall, no problem, no fee!
Car washed, thank you, 5 stars!

Drew S. | 2014-11-06

I just leased my second BMW from this dealership... after months of shopping around, I went back to Beverly Hills. I worked with Neda on this lease... she made the process painless and kind of fun. I don't normally enjoy the leasing process, so I really appreciate Neda's approach (no pressure and straight to the point). Bob in finance, Henson, and Neda's assistants were all super helpful and nice as well.
I would recommend Neda and her team to anyone looking to lease a new BMW. I'll for sure be back in a couple of years for number three!

Joseth A. | 2014-11-02

There's a reason why this place only has a combined 2 stars. We just bought a new BMW here seven months ago and came in today about maybe getting another car and we could not find anyone to help us. Everyone seemed like they were too cool to sell us a car and no one really offered to help us so we just walked out.

Tim K. | 2014-10-29

I had an amazing experience with Nathan and Ben in the sales Department.  They were extremely helpful and knowledgable.  I didn't feel the least bit pressured and when asked what I wanted in my new car they delivered and did not try and push extras that I wasn't interested in.  I am a busy professional and needed to get in and out in a reasonable time frame and they were conscience of this and made every effort to help expedite the transaction.  I received a better deal than I imagined I would and couldn't be more pleased with my new ride.  Thanks Nate and Ben I really appreciate you making my experience a positive one.  I will be back!

Lauren R. | 2014-10-28

I just took home my beautiful new 328i from BMW of Beverly Hills. I had an amazing experience with Charles and Joyce (in financing) they're very professional, kind and gave me a phenomenal deal. If you want a fantastic deal and wonderful car buying experience go see Charles!!

Ben Y. | 2014-10-23

It's no surprise that car dealerships rarely get good reviews.  Everyone's experience is different depending on what you are there for.

My review is for the sales department.   We just leased a new 328 and overall the experience was good.  We got what i felt to be a good deal, although in retrospect it could have been better if i was willing to haggle some more.

The process was mostly painless but my main gripe is that it took too long.  4 hours from beginning to end...and that is with us already knowing the exact unit we wanted and having negotiated the price before going in.

Mark L. | 2014-10-23

I recently purchased a 328i sedan at Beverly Hills BMW.  I HIGHLY recommend that you ask for Set Trdatyan.  Set (pronounced "Seth") is a very knowledgeable and kind person who made my transaction extremely pleasurable.  He walked me through the purchase process with ease and explained all of my options along the way.  He also went above and beyond to accommodate my needs.  All-in-all a great guy and an excellent experience.

PinkHeart H. | 2014-10-23

If I could give my car buying experience at BMW of Beverly Hills a negative 5 stars I would. Purchased a vehicle from the dealership and the customer service was less than satisfactory. Since when did "you" selling me a car become a privilege for "me"-  where is the service people. Note to all customers READ your contracts over before signing, BMW cheated me in regards to my trade in we agreed on a set price, I got home and realize I had been cheated a significant amount reducing my car note by $15. The salesman has not called to thank me for my business and my trade in has YET to be paid off two weeks later. Love the car but the first impression of customer service was disappointing to say the least

Lanka W. | 2014-10-20

hands down this bmw dealership is the WORST dealership I've EVER been too! They are so incredibly rude and arrogant! You swear like these car salesman can even afford these cars they are trying to sale, and they try to talk to you like your not BMW material lol please. I waited a whole day trying to pick up the new M4 and I told them I was a first time buyer, which was the WORST mistake I made because all they wanted to do was juice me for every penny I had! If you are a first time buyer DO NOT COME HERE! They are crooks! So since this dealership was so bad, I went to another one (Pacific BMW dealership) and since they were so on point with their customer service I ended up picking up the new 2015 BMW M3! So I just want to say Thanks Beverly Hills BMW! You just saved me from having a horrible experience with BMW! GO PACIFIC BMW! Haha

Mc H. | 2014-10-10

How is this place still running? U won't get a loaner say oh if you have an unexpected oil leak, they said their  loaners are booked for 4 more weeks. So basically just till your car is completely past repair or "customer is responsible" for paying for rental. with an expensive car u have purchased or leased from them. Even Audi of Beverly Hills who services cars you don't buy from them uses enterprise If your car is being serviced there and they always  pay for it. This place is a joke.

Bobby S. | 2014-10-09

Worst dealership experience ever. I was promised a deal over the phone after a two hour drive to the dealership from Orange County I was told the deal no longer exists and that they couldn't get close to the numbers we discussed (it took them 3 hours to give me a quote). I do not recommend this dealer due to poor management and I definitely do not recommend working with the salesman by the name of Kingsley.

Tyler W. | 2014-10-07

I've been to other BMW service centers so I know it's not a company culture thing, but this BMW has TERRIBLE service. Absolutely horrible.

It started last week when I called to ask a question about my car and whether or not I needed to bring it in.  The customer service person who responded to the call had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. Rather than just putting me in touch with someone who could help me, she says she'll call me back. She never called back.

After deciding to just get the car looked at here (against my better judgement), I schedule an appointment for the morning so that I could get my car back as soon as possible. It's practically useless being in Los Angeles without a car. My service rep said the car should be ready by 5pm. He didn't call me until 630p to tell me that the cap on my oil wasn't screwed on tight and that was causing the engine light to come on.

Well thank God I paid $200 for him to tell me that! They didn't even include an oil change. He made it seem like he was doing me a favor because he didn't charge me to tighten the cap...  

This BMW seems disorganized, the people impatient and rude, and no one seems to be committed to providing the customer service that I have come to expect from BMW. If I can help it, I will not be returning.

Antoine M. | 2014-10-06

What else can I say that hasn't already been said by countless Yelpers.  Everything about this place is horrible.  Save yourself time, money, and hassle by getting your car serviced elsewhere.  I finally mustered the courage to take my car somewhere else (Swiss Motors), and it was a night-and-day better experience.

Sydney L. | 2014-10-06

Had a positive experience with sales rep Lora Boder. She is a normal person who isn't pushy or sleazy. She went out of her way to find an example of the interior I was interested in, and followed up to let me know when the vehicle arrived. Even though I was not purchasing it at that dealership, Lora was great and knowledgeable. Ask for her!

Kevin W. | 2014-10-05

This BMW is closest to where I live and I went to this dealership on 2 occasions, but ended up buying both BMWs from other dealerships.

1. Sales rep is a hit or miss. Both are courteous.

The first time I was shopping for a 328i, and the sales rep was a complete idiot. He pretty much showed me almost every car that I didn't want to see, which included a 528i, 535i, X3, X5, and a Z4. That's not even remotely close to what I was looking for. Which part of 328i did he not get? Maybe he was trying to convince me to buy a more expensive car, but I had reiterated many times that I was only interested in a 328i. He even suggested that I test drive the 535i. I was actually thinking that I was getting punked and that there's got to be a hidden camera somewhere with someone ready to jump out to surprise me. Nope. So, I gave up and left. He then called my cell phone numerous times (sometimes at 6-7am in the morning!) even after I told him I bought the vehicle elsewhere.

Second time round, sales rep was nice. She's very polite, but we couldn't work out a deal as management wasn't willing to budge on price.

2. Prices are horrible at this dealership. They claim to quote True car pricing, but this is the highest true car pricing dealership (with Monrovia BMW being a close 2nd) that I have seen. Truecar pricing are either slightly below MSRP, or even above 5k MSRP for the M4. Hence, truecar pricing isn't really truecar pricing at all for this dealership.

When I requested for quotes on truecar's website, Truecar gave me quotes from dealerships that were further away instead of Beverly Hills BMW, which was the closest to  me, simply because other dealerships' prices were much much lower.

3. Never go there for the un4gettable test drive events. While I understand the dealership is supposed to make a sales pitch while you experience the car and claim your 1k credit towards lease / purchase, they literally hold you hostage by not registering you until you're done listening to their entire crap talk.

I gave up, drove all the way to Santa Anita racetrack, and was able to register for the un4gettable test drive event right away and leave within 2 minutes literally.

4. This dealership has the worst reviews I've ever seen. Even a shady used car dealership probably will have better reviews ratings than this.

shaun b. | 2014-09-30

I love this dealership and all of the staff except for one person, Neda. She is a horrible person and saleswoman. She thinks very highly of herself and the only reason she works at BMW is because of the money since she's the "best salesperson in the country" which I think is complete BS.

I called Beverly Hills bmw to see what I needed to do to return my car since the lease was up. I was connected to Neda and she asked me for details about the car like how many miles it had and if it's been in any accidents. When I told her everything she wanted to know she told me not to bring my car. The only reason I called was to see if the dealership was accepting lease returns or not.

This dealership is the best in the area but avoid Neda. She doesn't care about anyone but herself so if you like narcissistic people, she's the one for you.

Nina M. | 2014-09-30

I have purchased 3 BMWs over the years from Neda and each time I have shopped around and time and time again, she had the best deal in town!

Alex F. | 2014-09-29

The worst.  Make sure you have ALL day to service your car.  Any promises they make about times you can forget about it.  Also don't assume any problems you take it in for will actually be fixed.  

Took my car in for routine service for the second time.  The last time I took it in it took hours and they didn't fix one of the problems (an issue with a seat belt extender).  This time I made an appointment for 9am.  My service advisor didn't even check in with me until 10am.  I waited an hour with the floor coordinator basically telling me there was nothing he could do.  Finally he comes up and is helpful.  I tell him I absolutely need my car at 3pm at the latest whether it's done or not because I have a meeting for work I can't miss.  He says not to worry and that he'll request it be ready at 1:30.  A shuttle driver takes me somewhere nearby so I can wait.

At 2pm I call because I haven't heard anything.  Not only is the car not ready but the shuttle can't pick me up for an hour.  At 3pm I call back.  Still no drivers--woman says nothing she can do.  After insisting that someone pick me up ASAP the woman on the phone says someone will be back in 5 mins from lunch and she'll have them come get me.  Driver calls 5 mins later and says 10 mins to pick me up.  

This is now 6+ hours for what is essentially a tune up, but the worst part is being given times and then those times habitually not being met.  After two bad experiences here I will never come back even though it's close to my home.

Mario B. | 2014-09-27

I called in about a car they had advertised and was told they would check on it and call me back. The lady I spoke to took down my name and phone number so she could confirm the vehicle was available. She called back and told me it was so I made an hour long trip down to the dealership. I met with her and she assigned a salesman to show me the car and proceeded to tell me "it's a very clean car." So then the salesman introduced himself to me and said "it's a very nice car." So I followed him outside and we looked all over but could not locate the vehicle. Several minutes later after he made a call, he tells me "the car has been sold for quite some time but we have not updated our site." I was very frustrated considering a manager of this dealership "took the time to confirm the vehicle's availability" prior to calling me back. On top of which my commute was not the most convenient. In the end, no apology, no call back.

Sondra C. | 2014-09-26

Customer Service is dead!! Read the reviews!! I called BH BMW yesterday regarding a couple of cars. I explained to the sales person that I was a serious buyer with a good credit history and that I had recently negotiated a payment on a similar vehicle at another dealership that didn't work out because my husband didn't like it. Long story short, when I gave him the numbers he stated that his sales manager said they would match them.

I was pumped to drive up and not have to worry about haggling over a price--I even explained that my husband wouldn't be accompanying me and that I would need a way to get the vehicle back to San Diego. He texted me that it was not a problem--they would take care of it.

Then the truth came out--When I started talking about price, the sales person told me that they would match the price structure, not the price. Then he came back and said that his GM (Kevin) misunderstood and that they couldn't match the price--not even close. I was FURIOUS! The ole bait and switch!

I had just wasted 6 hours of my time driving there from San Diego, test driving the car and then driving back to San Diego because THEY DELIBERATELY TRICKED me!! The manager finally came over and apologized and then offered me a "deal" on the vehicle with a payment $100 higher than what I originally told him was in my budget!! The worst part is if it was truly miscommunication, KEVIN, the GM, could have, AT THE VERY LEAST picked up the phone and called me to apologize...but he didn't, even after I mentioned it to the sales rep the next day. Don't waste your time. Go someplace else.

Nicholas W. | 2014-09-22

Hands down a wonderful car buying experience from a BMW dealer. I drove up from San Diego, Henson greeted and worked with me the entire time. He was very knowledgable, polite and not pushy. Not once did I feel pressure to buy or that I was not getting the best deal possible at the time. Once inside the finance office there was some confusion on to where I wanted the car to be registered. Neda immediately stepped up, going above and beyond what I expected and resolved the issue. When I bought the car the tire pressure monitor light was on, Beverlly hills offered to fix it but I had to drive back to San Diego. Kevin, the GSM worked with me and my schedule to make sure I could bring the car in anytime my schedule permitted and they would fix it on the spot free of charge and had me in and out very quickly, even on a very busy Saturday morning.

I would recommend BMW Beverlly hills to anyone looking for a new or used BMW. They are honest and will make you feel welcome.

Glenn N. | 2014-09-21

I was helped by Bojan. He was knowledgable, pleasant and totally helpful in every possible way. I normally hate buying cars, but my experience yesterday was flawless. I almost felt I had a friend advising me as opposed to a salesperson. Ask for Bojan. It will change your experience of buying a car into a very positive one. Great place, great sales team all the way through to Mike in financing. 5 stars to these guys for a great car and a great experience.

G B. | 2014-09-18

There seem to be mixed reviews of this dealership, but I can tell you that Matt Morris, the new Pre-Owned Manager, is fantastic.
I bought my CPO several months ago, and after the purchase I noticed an inconsistency with the finish.
I was only now able to take the car back in, but Matt was professional, fast, and did an incredible job addressing the imperfections - the car looks like new.
Thanks again, Matt!

Maggie H. | 2014-09-16

I wish I had read these reviews before I took my 2003 BMW 330 into the service dept. My keys would no longer lock or unlock the car, the guy who checks you in tested the keys and told me I needed new keys.  I ordered the keys. $400 - 2 keys. Guess what they didn't work - why? because the problem was not the keys, but the locking mechanism, and a fuse.  The line guy who checked me in lied that he told me I needed new keys, by the way his name is "Ziggy" they refused to believe me and offered no compensation.  My car was never checked out and I still have a locking problem with my car and have spent $400 with these jerks for keys I NEVER NEEDED.  It may be the worst customer service  I have ever experienced.
If you are paying out of pocket for car service DO NOT GO HERE.

A K. | 2014-09-13

I think everything about this place has been written. I've never been exposed to such unprofessional group of ... what's the best word ... douchebags?
Save yourself a trip to middle of nowhere (certainly not Beverly Hills) and avoid BMW of Beverly Hills at any cost.

Congratulations BMW of Beverly Hills - after owning 9 BMWs you made me get an Audi.

Oh and the dude that calls with a survey .. fits your douchebag corporate culture very well.

Jonsee L. | 2014-09-13

Their free car wash machine scratches new cars when you bring your car in for a basic oil change.

Ask them to not wash your car with a sign taped the window.

Ryan C. | 2014-09-12

I will admit.. I was absolutely hesitant to come here to purchase a new BMW. First, the reviews online aren't great, but most seem to focus around someone named Neda, which I didn't end up dealing with. Second, this dealership is hardly in Beverly Hills, more so Mid City, which means even from the West Side it's a chore getting there. Third, they didn't come up on the USAA site as being a dealer who honored USAA pricing, something that was very important to me as this is how I was purchasing my new 328i. Lastly.. I had a HORRENDOUS experience at Beverly Hills Porsche (wouldn't ever go back - their internet sales guy is a total Douche Bag with a capital D), so I almost lumped all dealers there in with this one (which I'm glad I didn't end up doing in this instance).

I called on the phone, hoping to discuss my situation. I was slightly upside down on my Lexus lease (which I would pay the difference on), and I wanted them to not only give me a fair price on the trade in, but to also honor USAA pricing. The salesperson I spoke with (and ultimately dealt with) was Alex Macias. He told me to come on in, that they would take care of everything. I was very hesitant, but figured what the heck, I had a back up dealer ready to go (which required a lengthy drive that I wasn't looking forward to making), so I didn't really have anything to lose except maybe a few hours of my time.

When I arrived, Alex promptly showed us the 328I's on their lot, before explaining they had more elsewhere. We found one we liked, and told him that provided our trade in came in at a fair price and they honored USAA we would purchase. The initial offer for our trade in met what we were getting at the other dealer in Torrance, and in the end Alex ended up actually fighting for us and got us an additional $500.00 on top of that amount, which really helped out! He then proceeded to guesstimate the price of the Silver 328i that I identified as being "willing to purchase", I told him provided that price was accurate, I would purchase. 10 minutes later, he had the entire deal approved at our verbally agreed upon price.

In conclusion, I almost let my unfounded bias on this dealership deter me from getting an amazing deal on my new 2014 328i. I will absolutely purchase another BMW down the road from Alex Macias, and I would recommend him to any of my family & friends looking into a new car purchase. Hopefully you actually get to see this Alex, as you truly are a man of your word.

John S. | 2014-09-12


I walked in the dealer with my wife to buy a certified 328i. The only nice person was the person who was cleaning the cars! He nicely lead us in to the dealer and told us he will call a sales person for us. Then he went to the office of an old Lady called "Neda Shahroki" she looked at us over the shoulder and told the nice guy something. ( I think she has a sense after all these years working in dealer ships that can distinguish between a 3 series customer from 7 series from a distance!! So it didn't  worth for her to move her *** and help us!)  . No one was in the dealer ship it was quiet like a library, I thought dealer is already closed.
If I was a BMW CEO I would replace this cleaning guy with Neda.
The nice guy came out and start looking for a sales person for us. Finally he dragged out a sales person named Kushan Fernando. You could tell that he don't have any interest to help.
After the test drive, we told him we like the car. we came out of the car, we were waiting for him and he was looking at us totally blank or he wanted to say good by! My wife asked him what is to do next? we want the car and he replied with a surprise " You wanna come inside ???" We said yes of course. So we went inside.
We sat at the table. He told us the price. I told him my first offer, he said no! Our price is "True price" and that is it!! I told him can you talk to your manager about my offer? He said no. We can give you only $2 to $300 off. I raised my offer. He said No!! Our price is fixed
(have you ever heard this about a used car? The Only product I know of with a fixed price nation wide is a new apple iphone!)
I realized that there is no intension of selling the car to me. So we got up and asked for the manager. Kushan causally lead us to manager (I was so upset I  forgot his name but I think he was Mike if I'm not mistaken) . We told the story he didn't even care and the same attitude continued  .... Long story short, I have never been to any dealer like this in my entire life. You get much more service in cheap car brand dealers.
The one star is only for the security guy who welcomed is and the cleaning guy!


Bmw Beverly H. | 2014-09-10

Prior Review:
I had been looking for a used car and seemed to have a found a perfect one on their website. After some brief conversations and trying to get their true price a little lower, a manager wrote me back, stating that if you can't afford a few extra dollars, maybe it is not the right car for you...that should have been my first clue about BMW of Beverly Hills. Having purchased over 50 cars in my life, I have never come across a sales manager as rude as that one.
As a follow up, thank you for submitting your request to help Shaun.  Your comments:

"Customer service is our number one goal and as a valued customer your satisfaction is very important to us. "

Seems to not be inline the comments here on Yelp, DealerRater or the F rating and loss of accreditation with the Better Business Bureau.  

But after my experience at your dealership, combined with the hundreds of reviews online about similar experiences, I have no interest in working with your dealership again.

So, thank you for asking, but can not assist me any further....

Emerson M. | 2014-09-10

All these horror stories are real went to buy a 328i last year had engine failure first day when I called finance department they turned the car on and did not test drive it said everything was fine I was furious told me to call service. I went to service main mechanic who certified all bmws there said does not know what it is bs! No one wanted to help, by the way vehicle was a cpo called sales women the day it was having trouble said that vehicle was never a cpo when I signed the papers the day before. Next day called bmw of North America a main guy from bmw called me back and called the dealership to get my car fixed went the next day and was greeted by all the managers service staff and got a loaner and fixed all the engine work in needed, after all this still I gave them a second chance called for a test drive to buy a used 2010 m3 convertible the hour I called said vehicle had been sold for a while but vehicle was still on and there website went to rusnak audi bought an s5 and service department has been very helpful and sales was wonderful make sure you do your research on the specific car and make sure it has warranty. Especially from this dealership Damian of North America well solve all your issues from bmw.

David H. | 2014-09-09

So bad.  So bad.  So bad.  I visited to help these guys make money by turning in my leased 3 series, from South Bay, and then taking a test drive.  

Would they give me a quote ?  NO.

Would they let me talk to a salesperson? NO.  Even though there seemed to be 20 sales associates wandering around doing nothing.

Would they arrange a test drive?  NO.  

Instead, in what may be the biggest customer service fail ever, Neda and her crew kept me waiting for an hour doing nothing!! They kept promising someone would come but then ignoring me again.  Atrocious and I would give negative stars, if I could.

Lustin L. | 2014-09-08

This must be the worst dealership of any brand in the entire nation. I cannot even fathom how these guys run a business. The reviews on here are so spot on and I finally experienced it myself.

Anthony G. | 2014-09-08

From the time I entered the web site and left a request for a price on a vehicle, to the time I left the lot, the whole crew at Beverly Hills BMW were completely amazing and on top of everything. Lora B. handled my many phone calls and emails over a week period completely perfect in her job as a sales advisor. The Sales Manager Shaun D was extremely friendly and left no impressions of negotiation stress. Where it should always count most, Mike F. in Financing made the final step a breeze, keeping a cheerful attitude even after a very long and difficult customer before me. Everyone treated me respectfully and professionally, while still maintaining a friendly relationship with myself and my friends who tagged along. The Internet Sales Team Deserve a good review. I'll leave another after i visit service my first time.

Michael M. | 2014-09-06

Just purchased a CPO 550i from Boyan; this makes it my third BMW and second BMW from BHBMW.   As always attentive customer service was appreciated and Boyan was no exception.  Thanks Boyan for going above and beyond in making my buying experience quick, hassle free and actually enjoyable.

Robert V. | 2014-09-05

Terrible experience, lack of customer service and professionalism, beware of dealerships like this.  

Drove over an hour to here from Orange County to find out they sold the car.  After speaking to a Rep just before I left my house confirming it being in stock.

Waste of time, go to Center BMW, Shelly BMW, Crevier BMW, Newport Beach if you have a chance.

CJ J. | 2014-09-03

STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS! If a negative rating were possible I would not think twice before giving it to this dealership. Before arriving at BMW my husband and I had contacted the dealership regarding a specific car. We we arrived we were told Neda Shahrokhi would be our sales person but was with another client so her assistant would help us. In the entire time at the dealership we were only with Neda for 1 min while she introduced herself and then had another person who seemed to be in training take us on a test drive. When we got back we decided we wanted to work out a deal on the car but Neda was still not available so a third person, Rafael, was brought to us to work out the details. Part of our deal was that they would take over my current Volkswagon lease which included two payments and a turn in fee.

We were then sent to financing where we waited for an hour an a half before finally asking what was taking so long. At that point, the finance guy came out and said that he had never been given our paperwork and didn't know we were waiting. While handling the deal with him he seemed to become very annoyed with us because we didn't want to purchase additional warranties. He was so concerned and pushy over the warranties that he forgot to take a down payment on the vehicle so later that evening we received several phone calls from him for the payment. We had arranged to actually pick the BMW up the next day so this seemed a bit excessive.

The next day when I came to pick up the car and turn in my lease not only had it not been detailed as promised but the touchups that Rafael said would make the minor dings look completely like new looked like crap. The car was also missing the owners manual and spare key which I was assured by Erica would be sent by fedex that week.  A month went by and I still had received nothing. At this time I was also contacted by Volkswagen regarding my payment that had never been made on the car. I was also told by VW that the car had never been turned in.

This is where my main troubles started with BMW.  I called and emailed Neda -no response. I called and emailed the three main managers: Cliff Nguyen, Tasos Theodorou and Kevin Herlehy and again received no response. I could not believe that not a single person at the dealership would call or email me back. This is when VW stepped in and made a call for me. Somehow they ended up in contact with Shaun Duron who was in charge of esales. I have to say Shaun was very nice and the only one willing to help me even though the matter didn't concern him. After speaking with him I learned that BMW had no idea where my VW was located. After a week the car was found and I was assured the payment would be made.

While BMW did turn the car in the payment was never made. Over the next two months I spent several hours calling and emailing BMW to have the payment made. Finally, Kevin Herlehy the general manager said if I fax him the invoice the payment would be made. I did that and he said the payment was being sent out. The next month I was again contacted by VW because the payment had not been made. When I contacted Kevin he was very short with me and said the payment was sent out a long time ago. When I asked for a receipt he then said the payment had not been made. Finally, this past month a payment was made to VW, unfortunately BMW went back on their word to pay the turn in fee and the payment was $350 short. So after 5 months of stress and frustration and more wasted hours than I can count BMW couldn't even hold up their end of the deal.

Stay away from this dealership, they have no regard for the customers.

Adam D. | 2014-09-02

Yelp should offer a 0 star option.

I attempted to contact this dealer multiple times about a car I was interested in. They answered and just hung up. I left an email with no return. Doesn't seem like they care to sell cars. With so many BMW dealers in the area, I will DEFINITELY stay away from this one.

David H. | 2014-08-30

I've been a sometimes customer of Beverly Hills BMW since I moved here in 1999. Back when they were on Beverly in West Hollywood, they were actually OK. Busy, yes -- but generally friendly, capable and not insanely overpriced.

But since they sold out or moved up or whatever happened that resulted in the move to the HUGE location on Wilshire, they've simply become HORRIBLE.

I've stopped in several times for parts when I couldn't wait for shipping. I don't know why I keep trying, since almost every visit is the same:  after a lengthy wait while the parts guy completely ignores me, not even bothering to give a courtesy "Be with you in a sec", he eventually deigns to acknowledge my presence, then provides the barest minimum of assistance possible with the absolute maximum surliness and resentment he can muster without being openly hostile. If a part isn't in stock, they don't offer to order it, just saying, "We don't have it," and turning away. End of conversation.

And don't even bother with using the parts request on their fancy website!  When I submitted a request online, I called after 24 hours to see what was up. When I explained that I had submitted a form online, the parts guy said, "What, you mean like ebay or something?".  When I explained that they have a parts form online (and even send a confirmation email promising prompt attention), he said, "Oh, I don't think anyone actually checks that."

It feels like a corporate culture thing -- it seems like everyone in the place is a little distracted and slightly resentful of your presence, like you're interrupting something they'd rather be doing. Don't expect friendly greetings.

Finally, their prices are RIDICULOUS now. I mean, it's a stealership, so I expect to pay more than I might from an online seller. But their prices are more than TWICE what even other BMW dealerships charge!!  Example: a water hose that's $27 at BMW of Atlanta (great parts department, BTW) is over $61 at Beverly HIlls BMW.

I miss the "old" BH BMW, as hectic, crowded, and busy as it was.

Mitch R. | 2014-08-26

Listen, you know not to take your BMW to the dealership to get it repaired but they wanted $200plus to determine why the check engine light was on.  I took it to Cnl on Venice and of course the diagnostic was free (they have a system reader they hook to the car) but it also took 3mins (BMW BH needed a full day), and then they charged a fraction of what dealership wanted.

Steve T. | 2014-08-25

How do I give this dealership zero stars? This was absolutely the worst buying experience from a dealership I've ever encountered. My salesperson had an indifferent attitude throughout the buying process and gave me the feeling I was wasting his time. His after-sales followup also sucked. Getting him to answer my emails and phone calls was like pulling teeth. One bit of information he gave me did stick out in my mind though... he wanted to make sure I gave him 10s on the survey I'd be getting in the mail. Yeah, right. But here's where it gets really bad. I sold them my car and they never followed though on the paperwork to the DMV, who sent me a notice that they had no proof of insurance so they would suspend the registration of a car I no longer owned. And then a few weeks later I got a notice from the Orange County Toll Roads that I didn't pay the toll on two occasions, which was impossible seeing I no longer owned the car. I tried calling the dealership, both my salesperson and used car person, but they would not return my phone calls. I would have sent the paperwork to the DMV in myself but they did such a poor job of competing the release of liability form so I had nothing to send. I finally went to the dealership to confront the used car manager (who was new to the job) and he said he'd take care of the DMV paperwork and the toll road violations and was sorry I had to go through all of this. Well fast forward a month and a half later and I'm still getting notices from the toll roads people that the fines have not been paid. I just called the dealership and find that the used car manager is no longer there so I left a message for the general sale manager to give me a call. It's a safe bet I won't hear back from him.   The only silver lining here is that I haven't filled out the survey yet and I'm about ready to do it now. Guess how many 10s I'll be giving them.

Roberto R. | 2014-08-22

After shopping around LA for a used 328i for 2 months and visiting several BMW dealers, this is the place where i actually found the best possible deal.
Thanx to Jonathan the whole purchase process  has been utterly pleasant and crystal clear: no hidden fees, no pushing whatsoever, and all their prices really reflect the market value, on top of the fact that i got the best possible interest rate through their financing despite this being my first car, even better than any credit union i tried.
After purchasing the car i actually ran into some minor problems, nevertheless they totally made up for it by taking charge of the fixing needed and now the car is like new.
i HIGHLY suggest you visit them if you are looking for a top notch car.

Sunyl I. | 2014-08-19

I made a BIG mistake by getting my next car here!

It's the worst experience I had so far. They don't care about customers at all!!!

I traded my problem free Audi here and I regret that to this day. Never had problem with that car. They took my car and said we will take care of payoff no problem. 2 weeks late they started asking me money for the payoff, which is just ridiculous!! You ask me to sign a deal and tell me we take care of it and then you say no we need more money from you!!! Who does business like that?

My car broke in just 6 months, I took it to the dealership for repair, didn't offer me a loaner, I had to take bus to office because their shuttle not within the reach. It was frustrating. They told me I will get my car back the same day, it took them 25 days to repair the car!!! And when I got the car back the fixed old problems introduced new ones.

I tried to talk to sales guys they told "we just sale cars, talk to service guys", I talked to service guys they said "we just repair cars, talk to manufacturer". I contacted BMW America, they said "we are not technical, we don't understand the nature of problem"... BMW is just a mess!!!

If you really want a BMW do your research read yelp reviews for other dealerships and make sure you will get the service you deserve. These yelp reviews are real and I can vouch for them.

Don't be a victim to false advertising, it's not an ultimate driving experience!

Kellu E. | 2014-08-13


After having this car for 2 months it started having more problems. I took it to a body shop and they said that it has definitely been in an accident and the rear passenger door has been completely replaced along with paint on that side of the car. This is in addition to the bumper being repaired which was also not disclosed to me.

I am so disappointed with this dealership and their dishonesty, it has truly been an unbelievably bad experience. Not only did they use false advertising to get me to their dealership, they knew they were selling a car that had been in an accident and lied about it!

Else L. | 2014-08-10

Let me start by saying that if you want a quality experience buying a luxury car BMW Beverly Hills should be at the bottom of your list (preferably scratched out) . I would much prefer to be be run over by mice infested with scabies than buy a car from those jerk offs.
Spending 60K+ is not something you do ever day or every week or every year. So when you walk into a BMW dealership with the name of Beverly Hills you would expect a quality professional experience deserving of the BMW brand name. But I digress .. Let me start at the start.
I recently got super impressed with the 435i.
Having driven 3 convertibles in a row 328i ,650i and now a Ninja 335i I was like how good can the 435i but man the new convertible design is to die for.

I filled out a test drive request at BMW USA website and requested to drive a 435i. The website allocated me to BMW Beverly Hills .
I got a call within 3 hours asking me to come in for a test drive by a gentleman named Cham.
He then sent me an email reminder promising me a VIP experience. He also claimed the car would be a available to test drive.
I gave him a time of 2:30 pm and showed up to the reception. And the fun began.
There is no Cham there. It's a call center which works for BMW Beverly Hills.
And they had no idea what car I wanted to drive and if they even had it!

The receptionist allocates me to a sales person who takes me to the top floor parking lot . ( So far he does not know what car I am looking for)
He start showing me a couple of un related cars. I was amused. I asked him. Do you know what car is on the appointment paper. He looks at it for the first time.  Oh I don't know here these cars are kept. I was thinking "I wish I could help YOU locate the cars in YOUR dealership where YOU work".
Needless to say - there was no test drive cause he couldn't find the car.

Question of the day -'in case you drive the car, will you buy the car right away ?'

Dayci B. | 2014-08-07

This review is in regards to the Service Department. I am so tired of dealing with them that as my lease comes to an end I have had to really debate if I want to lease another BMW and if so what other service department can I go to because I have given Beverly Hills chance after chance and it never seems to get better. The guys who check you in are nice enough and honestly it's not an issue of being nice- it's the inability to give me an honest estimate of how long it's going to take to fix my car and then not updating me as the process goes on. Jaques was the service advisor I dealt with last time and although a pleasant guy he just told me the wrong time estimates the entire time. They were supposed to have my car for the day and they ended up keeping it for two days and two nights- totally unacceptable. I keep getting a low tire every two weeks and so I felt like I needed a new one. Now mind you, I paid for the tire and wheel insurance, but getting a new tire is like an act of congress even with this insurance. After two days, he told me we found a nail but there's no leak. I explained that makes absolutely no sense- there has to be a leak as I'm having to fill it up every two weeks. He said no there's not and then I asked them to check it again. At this point they were supposed to let me know when it was ready. Another afternoon goes by and no call. So I call and he says oh yeah, your cars ready- like I should have somehow already known this. Additionally he said there is no leak and when I asked what do I do if it continues to happen- he said well you'll have to bring it back and then we'll take it to a tire specialist place. Huh??? I have wheel and tire insurance, just replace the darn thing! Needless to say the problem has persisted and I just continue to fill it up- a total pain but I'm just avoiding having to go back here because there's no telling a) how long they will keep my car and b) that the problem will even get fixed. Additionally, the car wash is ALWAYS out of service. To pay the amount of money I pay and receive this type of customer service is totally unacceptable. One time I complained and they gave me a free mini detail- awesome thanks. Took my car in for that and again they had my car ALL DAY and when I got it back it looked just okay. They also don't do loaners and only shuttle you if you live/work a few miles away. I am currently on the hunt for a more acceptable service place and even if I have to drive further, surely it will be better than this place.

Shehera M. | 2014-08-06

Nathan Meckley is your guy if you want a no hassle, honest and hardworking sales adviser to work with. From the moment I walked in, he took the time to show me numerous cars on different occasions until we narrowed down what I wanted. I gave him my budget and my requirements and he worked tirelessly to find me my exact car at the exact price that we had talked about.

I had done my research and spoke to couple of other dealerships and agencies and Nathan got me the best deal by far.  He followed up with me practically daily until we found the car and then I got bi weekly updates until my car actually arrived on the lot! He is amazing!  I just bought my car yesterday from him and finalized all the details.

He is a man of his words and I received everything I was promised. One of the most enjoyable car buying experiences I've had so far as I really felt taken care of and trusted he had my best interest at heart.

Thank you Nathan and Beverly Hills BMW for working so hard to find me my car! You were all wonderful! Will definitely continue to come back!

Michael M. | 2014-08-04

Good service and offers a convenient drop off option for customers after they drop off their car at the dealership.

Cynthia V. | 2014-08-02

I should of really read the reviews and not waste my time with this place. I search on autotrader website whom directed me to this place as the location for the vehicle I wanted. I made sure that the car was there. The online site still showed as available. I drive 1 hour away and the guy tells me "oh sorry we sold that vehicle, we haven't changed our website." I got upset but decided to just say "it's ok, thank you." I ran errands and headed home to start my search again. (3 hours after leaving this business) The same car is still advertised. They false advertise vehicles and prices so you can drive down and waste your gas. What a joke.

David K. | 2014-08-02

Neda and her team are thoroughly professional and treat everyone like they're a VIP!  Buying and leasing a car can be an overwhelming, stressful or even adversarial experience (where you don't know if you can trust your salesperson to really take care of you and be an advocate for you!), but Neda and her colleagues made my experience the opposite of the usual experience.  Thank you, Neda!

Rafael M. | 2014-08-01

Worst after sales service ever. When you call they just try to get rid of you transferring your call to every other department until finally you get transfered to some answering machine...I guess they only care about new deals

Jamil A. | 2014-07-27

I got  my BMW 335i from Beverly Hills BMW last year October and Neda set me up with a great deal. Before I walked in I already had made up my mind about monthly payment and sign-up leasing cost since I did my research , I knew how much monthly payment  would be a good deal. She got  me exactly that deal. She also  hooked me up with a loaner car during service and she is helpful all the time. I recommended her to my couple of friends and highly recommend to anyone who wants to have BMW experience and is looking for a great deal.. Neda is simply the best.

Nathan W. | 2014-07-26

I bought my BMW 3 Convertible from them last February.  Overall a great experience!  Benjamin Gooch was my sales associate and he was great!  He followed up with me several times over the last 6 months to see how I am still liking my car!  He was personable and friendly.  Would definitely buy from him again.  The finance manage was also great.  He even went out of his way to find me a nice pen to sign with, since I had left my own at home.  Though that was funny.  The only negative I would have to say is that the owner's manuals etc was sent with the vehicle, I eventually got them mailed to me, however only the book and not the typical leather packet that I usually get.  Also, it took a couple months due to back order and it would of been nice to just give me one from another car if possible.  Other than that little bit, it was a great experience!  The service department on the other hand........

Brian F. | 2014-07-24

Neda and Robert Chidiac were/are amazing!   They were helpful and wonderful, and they were very patient with me and my first BMW.  Highly recommended!

alex n. | 2014-07-22

I was checking out dealership reviews as I'm in the market again, and was just curious to check whether things had improved any at all.  Seems like instead of putting resources toward cleaning up their act, the dealership is continuing with the status quo service-wise, and putting their money behind public relations.  The exact same problems are turning up five years later, and the same, "So sorry for your trouble -- We want to make it right--please contact us to research..." hogwash is being posted in response. (Cut and paste much?)  

Thing is, they do have one problem they could fix very cheaply and improve their ratings:  Be nice and treat customers with a modicum of respect.  

Dealerships do a lot of shady things to customers, and if they do it nicely, they get away with it most of the time.  But sounds like even this has not changed.  The car sales industry is changing -- more sales through internet, lower touch at the dealership, and brick-and-mortar dealerships will struggle to stay relevant.  And largely, they have themselves to thank.

RC S. | 2014-07-20

Let's stipulate two things for starters:  First, BMWs are brilliantly engineered. Second, the process of buying a car is typically unpleasant and degrading to all involved.

So that means you probably want to own a BMW but dread the process of buying one.

But unless you have experienced the buying/leasing process at Beverly Hills BMW, you have no idea just how unpleasant car buying can be.  

In my case, I spent much of an afternoon test driving and negotiating a car purchase, only to have the manager refuse to close a transaction on the terms they had provided me IN WRITING. Their excuse -- if you can call it that?  "We did not sign the paper, so it doesn't bind us."  

Overall, they made the negotiating process as painful and unpleasant as possible. In retrospect, I think their goal was to make me feel that I had invested so much time and energy that I would go through with the deal even if they changed the terms at the last minute.

The lack of regard for ethics here is shameful. It isn't really the fault of the individual salesmen. It is management and ownership who set the tone. As they say, the fish rots from the head.

If Yelp ever enables the zero-star review, I will lose no time in removing the one star that I reluctantly awarded this dealership.

Prototype M. | 2014-07-12

This "review" has been a long time coming... but I see this place only has TWO stars. Makes perfect sense.

Long & short of it... I'm putting in certain details NOT to be arrogant about certain things, but to accentuate how stupid and dumb these people are!

Firstly, I'm an actor. I'm NOT a star or major celebrity, but I am a recognizable face from many VERY popular TV shows and movies. I'm certainly not rich (at all), but I've worked really hard and saved and do have the capabilities to slap down $60k cash for a car.

Last November (2013), I was looking to buy a new car, cash, and I was deciding between a Lexus IFS, BMW M3, Audi S4, E63 AMG & Cad CTS-V. I had already road tested and ruled out the Lexus, Caddy & Merc for various reason and was down to the Audi & BMW. I was still looking for the perfect Audi in the color I was interested in so was searching online and had Audi BH's working with me. In the meantime I went with my GF to BH BMW to test drive an M3 (stick) as I'd never driven one before (An M3, not a stick). The prices were comparable and I was excited since so many good things had been written about this car. It is a great driver's car! After arriving I noticed that they had 3 used ones in the lot. Only one was in good condition. The other 2 had been badly abused. I wasn't the biggest fan of the interior. I needed a daily driver and they didn't have a cup holder on the drivers side. LOL! Also the ergonomics were a little strange to me. Anyway, non of this really mattered if I loved the way the car drove. So, I asked the sales guy if I could test drive the M3. He looked me up and down (I was dressed casually in sweats, sneakers and a tank top) and shook his head and said there weren't enough sales staff available for that to happen. I look around and there were at least 10 sales staff standing around doing nothing, and that was just outside. My GF asked him what time they closed (It was currently about 6pm) and he replied "We close at 9PM." She replied, "That's awesome, we have to go to BH Audi to drive a couple of cars and we'll come back later," he replied very discourteously and obnoxiously, "Yes, you should go to Audi."
My GF & I looked at each other and left. A week later while I was filming on a very popular HBO TV show, I paid $45000 cash for a lovely Audi S4 and have never looked back... and I've still not test driven the great V8 M3.
Shame on BH BMW (which is actually NOT in BH's) in judging me by my look and clothing and deciding I wasn't worthy of their attentiveness, in an area where they will get many VERY wealthy people walking through their doors who don't all dress in couture clothing when shopping for cars. You are an obnoxious, arrogant group of a**holes and I have told every single person I know, publicly and personally, face to face & in interviews, to NOT give you guys custom.
You F**ked up.

BTW, Before anyone asks why I didn't go to another BMW dealer. Glendale are even bigger a**holes, and the LOVELY people at Pacific BMW didn't have a suitable car in stock for me to drive.

Nicole B. | 2014-07-12

Alex Macias welcomed us at the showroom ready to let us test drive our car of choice.
He graciously trusted us with the front seat and was very competent to point out all the features of the car. We were given a very fair price. Alex went out of his way to listen and cater to our specific needs. Never once were we pressured which made our experience enjoyable!  Never did I think I could buy a car without being on guard filled with suspicion.  Alex did not pass us off to do the credit check and he helped me with the application process. He expedited everything so we did not spend hours waiting around. Alex spent all the time we needed to explain all the buttons and features of the car before we drove off.  
The dealership even has a parking lot attendant for the visitors' cars and a security guard to watch over the cars. Beverly Hills BMW treated us fairly and made my daughter feel so cared for and special.
Now, here's the highlight!  Alex made my daughter promise to be careful, get all A's in school, respect me (wow) and not let anyone borrow the car. He did this on his own and does not even have children (ladies, are you paying attention--Alex is single!)
I highly recommend this dealership. Alex called me the next day to see if we were happy. He extended us an offer to stop by  or call anytime if we had any questions.
I could not have asked for a more wonderful car buying experience and have told all my friends about our day getting a BMW.

Michael F. | 2014-07-12

What a great experience buying a car from Neda!! She was attentive, willing to do what it took to get the deal done and most importantly getting me a great car for a great price. Everyone from the sales manager, to the finance director, to the beautiful young lady who showed me all the bells and whistles of my new car provided a truly pleasurable car buying experience. If you're looking for a BMW this is the place to go.

Sydnie K. | 2014-07-11

Came into BMW to by a 3 series. Neda was my saleswoman and she was very helpful and also very busy!  When it came time to negotiate numbers the GSM Kevin Herlehy took over and made the whole experience awesome!  Kevin was professional, helpful, funny and very polite.  The dealership offered me lunch while I waited to go back into finance, the store was very busy. Kevin, the GSM personally made sure I was comfortable and helped me through the whole experience. Christian was my finance manager, he was fast and gave me a lot of information. The customer service and professionalism is the best I've have ever seen and I will send all friends and family to buy from BMW Beverly Hills.

Bret P. | 2014-07-09

Extraordinarily disappointed. Don't believe it for a second when BMW says maintenance is free. My 6-month old 740i required a $995 alignment and I even purchased the additional tire insurance. (Later in the day the charge "dropped" to $495. Then I called another BMW dealer who said the charge would be $195.) I can't recommend this dealership. Can't wait for my lease to end. Consumer Reports is correct to not recommend this model. It's over-engineered and needlessly complicated.

Tara N. | 2014-07-09

I never write reviews so for me to write this, is a big deal. This was my first car buying experience and I am BEYOND disappointed. The customer service is TERRIBLE. The finance woman tried to secretly charge me for a bunch of extras that I kept declining. They sent me home with one key and when I called to question it, they said I had to purchase another one. My rotors were warped and I found this out ON MY DRIVE HOME FROM THE DEALER. I've had this car since October 2013 and have had problems ever since.
I started noticing my navigation kept getting me lost so recently I was told my navigation was from 2010 in my 2011 328i. So I called Beverly Hills in hopes that they would accommodate me AT LEAST once and the response I got was ASTONISHING. Kevin Herhley, General Sales Manager has no concept of customer service. He was degrading, yelled on the phone, and so incredibly rude that I began crying and had to hang up. I will NEVER buy a BMW again. I wish I could give zero stars.

Dave R. | 2014-07-08

I ended up getting a used BMW from here after trying for weeks to find a decent compact-sized BMW or Mercedes in my price range.  Most cars I looked at were immediately rejected based on price, cosmetic/electrical/mechanical issues, or rude service.  I had tried private sellers, independent used-car lots, and the used car departments at a few big dealerships -- none of which had what I wanted.

The car I found at Beverly Hills BMW was the first that didn't have any horrible cosmetic defects, drove nicely, had low miles, passed muster with my mechanic, and had interior/exterior colors that made The Sweetie happy.

At this point in my search, I was so worn out from car shopping and happy that I'd finally found a car that was decent, I didn't even try to negotiate on price.  Just asked that they fix a couple minor issues.  They said yes, and the deal was done.

Working through all the paperwork took something like 3-4 hours, but that was partly my fault as I showed some interest in purchasing an extended warranty, which made them drool.  In the end, all the plans seemed to be a bit too expensive, so I decided to just take the risk and go without.

Would I shop here again?  I suppose.
Would I recommend them to a friend?  Maybe.

Things I liked:
Working with my salesman, Alex.
Condition of the car.

Things that bugged me:
I had an appointment with a different salesperson who didn't show.
Having to fill out a credit application, even though I was paying with a cashier's check.
Having to sign my name 50 times.

Paul J. | 2014-07-01

So I just saw the reply to my post asking to call to review my trade in and offer to help me find a new car.  My thoughts are this:  you've got everything you need if you want reevaluate the trade value....if you were serious about improving your image ( of having zero integrity) you would just call,   You've got all of my info.  My advice to're a hard worker, but you're not going to change the system at your company.  Go work someplace else.

Brian L. | 2014-06-27

If I could give this place negative stars I would. I went in with a buddy to look for a new car and wanted to test drive a couple and was there for over 45 minutes and not one person smiled, waived or said hello to us. I walked into the showroom twice to try and get someone to say anything and about 10 people not doing a damn thing but chatting and sitting on desks talking to each other even acknowledged me or my friend. I walked the entire lot twice and had people walk by me and not even a nod. This place will not get my business and I recommend that anyone that reads this don't waste your time. Also it's the end of the month and if I'm not mistaken they work on commission. I'm in the sales business and this would NEVER fly where I work. If it did you wouldn't be working there very long.

Howard S. | 2014-06-27

Worst customer service ever.  This is my second BMW purchase and first time buying at this dealership and I had by far the worst experience.  First I was sold a defected 3 series three days ago and now I'm at the service center for the 2nd day in a row waiting for management and sales to figure this damn problem out.. No quality control before you guys let your cars out!!!!! A big no no.  Then the sales manager said it's a simple problem and u just need to bolt in the exhaust but the sales manager doesn't even know that the exhaust is welded in all the new bmws and no rental for the time wasted .. Never had a worse experience buying from any dealership.. Let's say I'm never getting a BMW from here again

Abhishek G. | 2014-06-26

BEWARE of these guys they don't have any intention to sell their cars.. They advertise fancy rates on the internet but when you visit them with your cheque book and are ready to buy the car they suddenly come up with a story that another guy is buying it and make you fill the application and the in another 2 min they say the car was sold to someone else. Within seconds the guy was like congratulations we are making a deal today to sorry the car was sold to someone else.. WTF.. And I am afraid if they are also involved in some kind of identify theft as they made me fill the application with my social security and took copy of my license  and made me sign it and then in few seconds said sorry the car is sold to someone else you go home.. When I asked the manager what can make the other party not buy the car as the car was still not out of their door he said only GOD can stop them.. I say god has saved me to fall prey to a fraudulent dealer. I don't want to name the sales guy as I found him okay but the managers there and overall the way they handle car buying experience is horrible.. I will never visit them again even if they are throwing away free BMWs.. They think ppl are fools that they don't understand their tricks and stories. Guys wake up its 21st century and customer is aware of what you guys are up to.

Glenna H. | 2014-06-07

WOW, I wish I knew who answered my call yesterday to publicly call them out on this open forum.

My family has bought TONS [10+] of BMWs over the last few years, so I am not new to how I should be treated at a BMW service center.

I was driving 25 mph down a residential street... I didn't hit a pot hole or anything... Didn't make a sharp turn, etc. when all of a sudden 3 warning lights came on simultaneously and my car started shaking slightly shaking. I called BMW assist who told me to go to BMW Wilshire. I called them first to make sure they could accommodate me before just showing up. I explained to them that I needed to be in Palm Springs TONIGHT and needed to get my car looked at asap, and it was an emergency. I was told there was no way anyone could see my car tonight, and that he had cars that were waiting for two days. Even after I explained my situation, he was so incredibly rude and dismissive. I then said, "Well I guess i'll just drive my car and hope it holds up- wish me luck that I dont crash my car!" (obviously being sarcastic) and he proceeds to say "Have a nice evening, ma'am". *Click*

By this time my car is shaking very violently. Long story short: I end up getting it towed to Palm Springs thanks to AAA, so that a mechanic out here can look at it for me. I guess my "transfer box" is all messed up. To get it fixed is going to be quite expensive for an 8 year old car... The joke I guess is on Beverly Hills BMW because this weekend I will be getting my car priced for a trade in, and getting ready to purchase a new BMW which will NOT be coming from Beverly Hills BMW.

Alex B. | 2014-06-05

This dealership needs to clean house with their staff. If you have any issues that need to be resolved as a buyer, expect constant transferring around to different departments. If they don't have the answer to our questions, at least apologize or provide direction to someone who will. They don't care who you are unless you're a prospective buyer. I'm not sure how they are still in business if they don't even take care of their existing clients.

Danielle E. | 2014-06-04

Their service sucks!
1. They don't give free car washes to BMW owners as stated as a courtesy.
2. They don't honor the coupons they send out via email. If you get an email of their "special deals" make sure you call ahead and don't get your hopes up. They gave me the run around for 15 min on the phone (on hold 3 times and talked to 2 people who were not comprehending) and explained something I already knew that had nothing to do with the fact that what they were telling me was not stated on the coupon. Southbay BMW is much more courteous, friendly, and does not give BMW owners a hard time. If a mistake was made, they apologize and make accommodations and DON'T WASTE THE CUSTOMER'S TIME.  Might I mention that I bought my BMW from Beverly Hills BMW just a year ago and this is how they treat their customers????

I wrote an email about how great my sales guy is. Maybe BMW of Beverly Hills has changed they way they treat their customers, or maybe I just got lucky with 1 employee who was helpful.

Advice: Don't expect BMW to honor their coupons or what they tell you. I don't even think Ford, Honda, or VW treats their customers like this!

Maureen L. | 2014-06-04

This is my 3rd BMW from this dealership and have worked with Neda Shahrokhi for the past 10 years. She is the absolute best! There is a reason why she has been the #1 sales person in North America since 1999. She is at the dealership 365 days a year and jokes that "if you don't see me at work then I'm at Forest Lawn". Most people might be put off with her crazy personality but she keeps it REAL and she doesn't play any games. If you are nice to her she will move mountains to make you a satisfied customer. Dealing with her is always so easy and so much fun! Her assistant Henson Santiago is also a pleasure to work with. I will continue referring all my friends and family to Neda.

John John K. | 2014-05-27

Beware of this dealership.  Very horrible customer service. The manager Kevin is unprofessional.  Very rude and poor people skills. I purchased a car here and regret it and now I know why they got kicked out of bevel hills

Randal C. | 2014-05-22

I had a great experience with the sales department. Ask for Sonny. He was patient and knows his BMW's. He helped research all the various payment options to see what would work with our financial needs. I drove away with a new Z4.

Alex G. | 2014-05-21


100% take your time and car somewhere else!!

Any other bmw service center would be better. Center bmw is very helpful.

Pooyan B. | 2014-05-20

I am writing this review to explain my experience in this dealership.

When I explained what happened for me in this dealership to my bank, and to the other dealerships which I visited afterwards, almost all of them told me that what they did to you is unethical, unprofessional, and illegal.

The story is that I found a very good deal on their website, and I got there to check the car! The agent who took care of me was Oskar. When I checked the car at 5pm, I found out that I really like the car and I was willing to buy it. The only problem was that I had a cosigner on my loan and he should have come there to sign the contract. He was not available at 5pm, I waited there for 2hours (till 7pm) for him to come and sign the contract.

BMW of beverly hills closes at 9pm, and I was willing to wait for my cosigner to come and finish the contract. Oskar told me that it is not necessary for me to wait for him to come tonight. We finalized the deal orally, and he put a sign on the car that it is ready for delivery. I left BMW with his word that the deal is finalized, and although my cosigner told me that he can come to the dealership at 8:30 to make the deal, I told him that the deal is finalized and they told me that it is fine to come back tomorrow morning to formalize the deal.

Oskar told me not to come to the dealership before him next morning, since if i come to the dealership before him, another agent will take care of me and he will lose the deal. I called him in the morning and he told me to come to the dealership. We arrived at 10am, just ten minutes after he came (as he mentioned). We saw the car another time, and my cosigner checked everything. We told them that we want the car, and lets make the contract. They got our documents, and they told me to wait to write the official contract.

We waited for them for almost 30 minutes without any news. When I called Oskar, he told me that there is a problem, and the problem is that my manager wants to sell the car to another customer, since he came here earlier in the morning. I told him that I was here yesterday, and I was ready to make the contract. You told me to leave, and you put the sign of ready for delivery on the car. We finalized everything yesterday, and you promised me the car. Actually, specifically I asked him that I don't want this happen for me that I come tomorrow morning and see the car is sold out. he made me sure, that the car is mine and there is no problem if I come tomorrow morning. We told them that we want to talk to the manager. we first talked to another guy, who seemed to be a low level manager! When we talked to him, he finally accepted that there was no problem from our side, and Oskar admitted that what we are saying true.

They told us to wait to see what they can do! Meanwhile Oskar tried to offer some other cars to us. We told him that we don't want to even look at another car, since we are interested this car, and you promised that car to us. Finally we told him that we want to talk to the sale manager of the BMW of Beverly Hills. His name is Kevin.

We waited till 1pm for him (Kevin) to come, and when he came he was not nice to us at all! He was very proud and some how rude to us. He told me that they sold the car to another customer who came there earlier than me. I told them that the car was promised to us, I called Oskar early in the morning and he told me not to come before me. I was willing to come there at the earliest possible time. I told him I came here at 10pm considering Oskar's word that they will sell the car to me for 100% and there will be no problem. He told me he sold out the car, and lets move forward. Then he offered me a couple of other cars which were not interesting to me at all. We left the dealer ship at sometime around 3:30pm

What happened to me was not fair at all. They wasted almost a complete week-day of me, and they made me very disappointed! I promised my girlfriend that I will take the car, and I told my family that I finally found a car that I really like! I was very busy those days, and they took a lot of mental and physical energy of me! Actually what they did had some cost and side effects for me!

When I read the other reviews of Yelp for this dealership, I find out that I was not the first victim of their unprofessional, unethical, and maybe illegal behavior. I do not understand how BWM, which is one the best car makers in the word, offers such a bad service to the potential customers. I finally ended up buying an Audi, and I went to a couple of Mercedes dealerships. All of them had better customer service than BMW. I will tell all of my friends who wants to buy a BMW, that they maybe face such an unpleasant behavior.

If you look at the reviews of other customers, you will see similar behaviors. Maybe initially it was my own fault to consider this dealership of BMW to buy my car.

Gary C. | 2014-05-16

I've been a loyal customer of Beverly Hills BMW for over 15 years. In fact, I just leased my 6th car from them today. And I left the dealership completely happy with the entire transaction.

From car model & options selection to test drives to negotiations over leasing details to signing documents with their finance department, everyone I've encountered has been professional, pleasant, patient, courteous and honest.

And despite some of the negative/angry reviews here on Yelp, I've only had utterly stress-free and surprisingly pleasant experiences leasing cars from the dealership's most colorful "character" - lease manager Neda Shahrokhi.

Don't get me wrong - Neda is smart, tough and always busy. And she doesn't have a poker face for fools. But she is also kind, funny, honest and professional when it comes to servicing her clientele. And her archive of crazy client stories is epic. I never leave her office without a smile and a good laugh.

Full disclosure: I'm a rather savvy car buyer who does his homework before walking into any dealership so I'm well aware of how obnoxious the process can be and how many people get screwed by some unscrupulous car dealers. Yet in a decade and a half, I've never had a bad sales experience with BMW BH. Never.

My advice to the folks who didn't fare as well as I have is simple. Do your homework BEFORE you walk in - know the invoice prices of the model/options you are interested in (check out Consumer Reports New Car Buying Guides - best $14 you'll ever spend) be reasonable, patient and courteous while you are there and understand that you can always walk out if you feel that you're not getting the best deal or service.

Auto dealers are there to move inventory - believe me when I say that EVERYTHING is negotiable. Their greatest "failure" - in the auto dealer world - is in having a customer leave without buying.

So as the Boy Scout motto goes, "Be Prepared." If you do your part before and during the process, everyone involved in the transaction will exit smiling.

unanimous a. | 2014-05-15

The 5 stars are for CARLOS HUERTAS ONLY!!! if you need a car go to him. He's honest and a very humbled guy. I was very satisfied with his assistance and his interest to help us out. If you need to buy a car Go to him.
SEE CARLOS, I highly recommend him.
Definitely the receptionists are very low class and unprofessional. They need to get professionals to match their name.

Mike M. | 2014-05-14

I'm really surprised to find all these negative reviews on this dealership.  I have to say I live in Madison, MS and I'm 3000 miles away, my experience was excellent.  I searched for many weeks and found the car that I was looking for at this dealership.  After my inquiry, they promptly followed up with a phone call. Once we were able to come to an agreement on price the deal literally took no time to complete.  The paperwork was shipped overnight and then sent back the following day.  Sonic automotive arranged for transport and said it could take 14 days to deliver, which was acceptable for me.  I received the car in 3.5 days. I took a big risk buying a car 3000 miles away unseen.  The pictures represented the car very accurately.  The sales manager I worked with, Mike Kahn, was excellent.  Look here's the deal, I looked at BMWs from all over the country and must have talked to 50 different sales folks and managers whom were not as gracious as BMW of Beverly Hills.  Again I don't know what to make of these negative comments.  My experience was top notch. I would recommend this dealer, in fact I will be buying a 3 Series from them in about a year or so.


Leanna C. | 2014-05-13

CRYSTAL MOH is by the far the best Sales Advisor I have ever dealt with while car shopping. All she cares about is customer satisfaction. She gets things done very quickly and has a great upbeat attitude that is GENUINE, the rest of the Sales Advisors put on good attitudes as well but you can tell it's fake because they just want to sell you a car and be done with you, you're just a number to them. Not CRYSTAL! She followed up with me once every 3 weeks to see how the car was and how everything was going. I legitimately think she should be running that place that way it would instill some life into the other employees who look like they hate their job.

when you come here to by a car, buy it from CRYSTAL MOH!!!!!!!! Trust me, I NEVER write Yelp reviews but I had to in this circumstance because I was very impressed by her polished look, she is also young and vibrant and makes the car buying experience a great one.

P.S. The service department here is LAZY as they come. They do not do anything for you. Right when I drove off the lot with my new ride, there was a light on and had to come bring it in again for them to fix in 1 damn week. MORAL OF THE STORY is the SERVICE DEPARTMENT needs to step their game up, disappointing!

CRYSTAL MOH for President!!!!

CRYSTAL MOH for First Lady. She's that good at what she does.

Jan D. | 2014-05-08

Marlon was the nicest sales guy there... Other than that.. not else sure what to rate.  We did not end up purchasing our BMW there.. but all I can say is Marlon is an honest salesman and he will keep an eye out for you.

Eli S. | 2014-05-06

2 stars for this dealership is giving it to much credit. More like 1 star. I have came to this dealership on multiple occasions to purchase a car. Ever time I come to this place I get different numbers and different answers.
This dealership is a complete and total scam.
My two representatives I worked with seemed very kind at the beginning and then realized that I pick up on lies very quickly. I tried to contact my salesman multiple times on multiple occasions and they don't seem to respond or get in touch with you.
I also came to the deliver ship and got a quote for a car that seemed amazing and came back again to sign for the car and the manager quoted a more higher price.

To complete this long review this place lies to you and also has horrible customer service.

For all your BMW needs go to BMW Center in Sherman oaks or if your actually smart drive an Audi. You'll get more bang for your buck.

Keiko T. | 2014-05-04

I just bought a BMW 328i here, and It was by far the best car buying experience I have ever had.  I started shopping back in November and ended up working with Matt Morris. He was incredibly patient as I went through the process of selecting a car and making the decision to buy. What impressed me most was the complete lack of sales pressure. He let the car sell itself and really listened to my concerns. From beginning to end, he was very professional and totally knowledgable about BMWs.  He has also been totally available for follow-up questions and tech support when needed. Highly recommended!

Jessica M. | 2014-05-04

Really wish I could give zero stars. Made an appointment online to see a CPO X5d. I was told to come in and tell them that I had a "VIP Appointment". After driving over an hour, we arrived and were greeting by a very less-than-enthusiastic receptionist. We stood around for a while not knowing what was going on while the receptionist and a salesman looked rather annoyed about something. We were eventually told that the representative that we worked with over the internet would not be our salesman and that Kushan would help us. He took us out back to see the car, which was a mess. It was filthy and in very poor condition. The seats were ripped, there were scratches, etc. I have no idea how is was a CPO. Kushan excused himself and walked away for the majority of our appointment. He only came back long enough for us to tell him that we weren't interested in that specific car. We asked if they had any other diesel models on the lots, to which he just said, "no". No offer to see if they could get one from another dealer, no request for our information should one come in, nothing. He simply couldn't be bothered. I would NEVER purchase a car from this dealership. We went over to Calabasas BMW and were treated so well! Be sure to visit a dealership that will appreciate your business!

Drew D. | 2014-04-30

The Negative Reviews here very much accurately described my experience at this dealership. When we could not come to term on agreement on a deal, the sales manager made unprofessional, and rude remarks. I did some more research and found the reviews of this BMW dealer was just as bad through other Review website such as google reviews.

I contacted BMW of North America about my experience and explained to them about the poor reviews of this dealer from various review websites. BMW of North America informed me they are aware of the complaints of this dealer, and they are aware of the reviews that are out there on the Internet about this dealer. I'm glad BMW of North America confirmed this because my personal experience, various sites reviews reflected that this dealer is not representing the BMW brand accurately.

I provided BMW of North America with the names of the sales manager, and the name of the salesman I worked with and filed a report. I also informed BMW of America that there is a guy from this dealer name Shaun D. keep responding back to people's reviews apologizing and provide misleading information while this dealer continue to provide a sub-par BMW service level.

I do not wish BMW of Beverly Hills or Shaun D. to respond to my comment and request me to contact them to waste some more of my time.

Alborz R. | 2014-04-27

Well, the experience could be a better experience.
I still have my 1series convertible BMW bought from here 3 years ago, but it could be a better car...
The service here is terrible, they just want to get money out of your pocket without considering customer's satisfaction. 1 year ago, the Beverly Service asked me to change the rear brake pads (Which costs 1200$) they asked me to change it because "They" thought it's gonna finish in a week or so - Now after more than a year I am driving with those brakes without any alarms...!
There happened a hit and run tint on my body then they fixed it twice until I got satisfied... You know they paint whole one side of the car for just a small tint (Two times!) - not professional, not good people at all!
Except that modern LUXURY free coffee machine inside, and the actual BMW cars, nothing is professional and classy! NOTHING!

A D. | 2014-04-26

Save your time and stay away.. I don't know why BMW has not shot off this dealership yet.. I drove from Orange County to buy a certified used car. I asked them before if went if the car has any body work or paint work done. They emailed me back saying no. When I got there : Figured out that front and back bumpers and trunk had bodywork / repainted.. They bring people in by putting a lower internet price and will sell you a  questionable car. They were very arrogant even after I confronted then with the repainted areas in the car. And how can they sell it as certified.. The manager ( Rafael) replied : all certified cars here are repainted!! His financial guy ( Eric) was there giving me attitude as well.. Worst experience. Save your time, don't buy a certified car from there.

Scott Z. | 2014-04-25

Okay, here's something weird a "same-day" update for a review I JUST wrote.  My original thought was 3-stars and now I'm going to drop them to 1...

I just tried to call them to talk to the salesman, or pre-owned manager about the car my buddy is negotiating on, and 1) I got hung up on by reception 2x before I got...wait for it....voicemail.  2) I tried again, and was told the person I wanted to speak to was all of a sudden with a customer, when they said he was paged and available 3 min before.

  * Do they not want to talk to customers?
  ** Why does every receptionist at a luxury car place have to be a complete stuck-up bitch.  I'm sure on her salary she doesn't drive a BMW, and is in the luxury business by association only...prob to meet a rich guy.  She completely treated me like crap. (Oh by the way bitch I've owned 5 BMW's and a Porsche)...I don't care about being an elite person (like you?) and don't want to be "one of YOUR customers" if this is how you treat people.

I am done with being lied to and hung up on, and I'm not going to make the trip downtown again to deal with them...I'll buy a car elsewhere and told my buddy not to call them back with a counter-offer either.  You just lost 2 sales in one move.

Nice job.  In fairness I will keep my original text here too...where I mentioned being treated poorly by reception upon my visit....what a royal b*tch.

I'm going to give this review a cursory pass, and when/if they convince me to buy through them, I'll update...

So I stopped in on a Saturday morning for two purposes, 1) to see a Certified Pre-Owned car for a friend on the East Coast, and 2) to look for a new X5 for me.

As for the first bullet...I got there before they technically opened, but walked around the lot and could not find the car...a frustrated 20 minutes later it was still in post-delivery inspection/cleaning.  No worry there, but I had to go in, ask a manager for a sales person, then remind the receptionist that I was waiting 10 minutes later.  Note at the time I was the ONLY person there.

Finally I met Avo.  He found the car my friend had called about, and I inspected it, test-drove it, and made my report to him (he's negotiating and will prob buy it).  Avo did his job, and answered most questions, but as it goes with most car salesmen, I know more about the cars and functionality than they do...but I've owned a lot of BMW's and as a gearhead I usually mess with them to see if they are full of shit.

As for me, I am very happy with my Nissan SUV (it hauled me cross-country), but I'm pondering getting back in a BMW after a 2-yr hiatus.  I am very specific about my cars, and they didn't have a huge new selection.  Avo had me drive two different X5's and I am pretty solid that will be my next SUV.  While I would love and M5, it just isn't practical for me at this time.

So as a dealership...aside from the wait and some wrangling they do a decent job.  The layout is functional, the place open and clean.  I cannot speak for the service (yet), and as I said I'll update later on as things go...for now 3-stars only...looking forward to adding to the experience.


Sean K. | 2014-04-21

I tried so hard to like this place since Yelpers seem predisposed to sh*tting on car dealerships, but I can't help myself.

Went in for a trade-in + CPO purchase and was astounded by how little they  offered for trade-in value. There are online tools (by other US BMW dealerships) that quoted thousands higher than what they were offering. I realize their job is to make a profit, but their offer wasn't above salvage price.

Worst part was that when I returned home and reread the quote - they pulled the wrong year AND THE WRONG NUMBER OF DOORS of my current vehicle. I (unfortunately) realize that a car's value doesn't scale with the number of doors, but if they can miss such a glaringly visible detail, what else is possible?

Ale F. | 2014-04-16

I have left several messages to the manager. The assistant called once and after I explained the situation, he said the manager was going to contact me and ... I never heard back from them. The sales person who helped the first day has not responded my phone calls either. I assume they are avoiding me because they want to sell the car $2k more than the price the posted the first day. This is most unprofessional and obviously dishonest dealer in town. My best advise, GO GET YOUR BMW SOMEWHERE ELSE WHERE YOU CAN GET GOOD CS AND  WHERE THEY HONOR THE PRICE THEY ADVERTISE!

J D. | 2014-04-12

One thinks Beverly Hills and BMW and you think quality and service.  Not so fast.  I came in to purchase a used vehicle and was told that it was not quite ready, but that I would be first called when it was ready.  Got a follow up call the next day to say that it wasn't quite ready by a salesman Joel(?) Barnes, but that I would be first to know.  Two days later I see the car has disappeared from the website.  No follow up calls, but when I call BMW to inquire, the receptionist says it's sold, but they have my phone number and car I'm waiting for in the system.  Ok? But no car...hmmm.  Solid System apparently, but incompetent staff.  Wasted my time, so moving on...

Parag G. | 2014-04-07

Hi Kevin,
I am writing to you to complain about my horrible experience at your dealership. I am, a returning customer who bought a 2008 335i CPO in 2011 and I was in market this year for leasing a brand new one.

I stay in Redondo Beach. I had already paid a $1000 deposit to Southbay BMW to build one that i wanted on Feb 28th. I then reached out to your dealership to see, if you could find one sooner that met my specs and match the price that Southbay BMW was giving me. On a $54,350 MSRP, they were offering me, with a 2048 down, $515/month (incl. taxes and tire and wheel warranty), 12K miles for 36 months. My Credit score is more than 790.
Jonathan Yaghoubi was my sales contact at your dealership. As I stay in Redondo Beach and have a two year old son to care for, if I made a trip to your dealership, I wanted to have the deal done. Between March 4th and March 12th, i exchanged more than 20 phone calls and equal number of emails to finalize the deal (I can send you the emails, if you would like). From day one, during each phone call, I told Jonathan to ensure that he doesnt back off the deal, waste my and his time. Jonathan was able to secure the 335i I liked and I sent my $500 deposit, Driver's License and other information over emails. Jonathan finalized similar to Southbay BMW, except that the monthly installments would be $515 (without tire and wheel warranty), which I was OK with in exchange for a trade that Carmax appraised it at 19K, I had the letter in hand then.

When i arrived at your dealership on March 13th at 7:30pm with my wife and 2 year old kid, Jonathan took me to his desk and then i kept on waiting for 45mins without any communication. Jonathan then brought over Eric (I think that was his name, tall, white and bald) to talk to me, below is the conversation between us:
Eric: I cannot offer you this deal at $515 a month and $2048 down.
Parag: What do you mean?
Eric: Just what i said. The Sales Manager who offered these deals was let go yesterday and he kept giving ridiculous deals to customers.
Parag: WTH (I did not use F), I care a less, you promised me the deal at $515 a month.
Eric: Is it in writing? I cannot offer you this, i take a ridiculous loss.
My Wife: This is horrible, you guys cant do this.
Parag: I have an email with Jonathan on the pricing. (I hand over my phone to Eric, he takes it back to the bull-pen, where there are more people)
Eric: Comes back after 5 mins. I dont know what to tell you. We reserve the right to not sell our products to anyone we like. It should be displayed somewhere here. (Said this twice) Eric was not very respectful to my wife and did not even offer once to come to the table to negotiate a price, that could work for both. I felt like being racially discriminated.  I asked for the General Manager to be contacted then, and Eric told me - I am not going to the GM at 8pm for this. I am the Manager on the floor here and i have the rights to deny the sale.

This was the most horrible statement I have ever heard in my lifetime and I am sure you too. From here, the conversation went spiral down.
I would like to stress on the point that throughout this conversation, no abusive language was used, but i felt like Eric was very un-professional.
I ended up leasing from another dealership on March 31st.

I had also brought my brother in-law to the dealership with me on March 13th, as he was interested in getting a Convertible 328i CPO, but the in-person experience turned him down too.

Even during my 2008 335i CPO pick-up back in 2011, I had couple of bad experiences - when I came to pick up, they said, the car was not ready, the second time, i came to pick up, noticed that someone has backed up in my car and scratched the bumper, so had to return empty handed again.

I wanted to bring this to your notice.

Richard K. | 2014-04-05

Came to purchase a certified pre owned 3 series. The sales guy seemed new but turned out to be ok. I was hesitant at first, but I went here anyways due to the mostly horrible reviews. I have leased a Mercedes for the last 12 years and the sales and service were top notch. I noticed on a Saturday afternoon they said they ran out of water! I thought Beverly Hills bmw would be more accommodating,but lots of cubicles and very few people. And no water. We did get a great deal on our lease and if you go you should ask for Hovik. Nice guy and really relaxed type of dude.

Jim D. | 2014-04-04

A horrible experience so I suggest you stay away.

Right off the bat I get a sales guy who is incredibly rude so I go to the manager to ask to get a different sales guy. He says no problem wait outside I'll get you someone else. 10 minutes go by and the same idiot sales guy comes out begging to sell a car to me.

Are you freaking kidding me? What is your major malfunction?

I give 2 stars for the location and some nice used cars but they treat customers horribly. Jokes on you BMW I'll never buy one of your cars!

Michelle S. | 2014-04-01

I have leased many cars and have never experienced such horrible service. Marlon Ivory and the rest of the BMW Beverly Hills team are liars and thieves. DO NOT do any business here.

Robert M. | 2014-03-26

Thank god for yelp review I was going to go today to buy a BMW from there . I had really bad service at santa Monica BMW  . And I would think Beverly Hills would be better but by reading this I will not even attempt to go . Thank you everyone for the warning

Dawn S. | 2014-03-25

I purchased a 320i for my daughter for her Birthday, My sales person was Neda, she made the process quick, easy, and affordable.  Elmer, spent at least an hour going over the car with my daughter making sure she knew every detail about the technology.  2 managers greeted my during my time in the dealership, Kevin and Jerry, both were very nice.  Mike did my paperwork in finance, he's a laugh a minute and wrapped everything up in less than 20 minutes.  Thanks for everything BMW of Beverly Hills!

Sal N. | 2014-03-24

I could not believe how terrible my experience at the "world famous Beverly Hills BMW" was. I came in looking forward to discussing a purchase on a 435i Convertible, and not one associate said hello to my friend or I -- the front desk/director of first impressions made eye contact with me for a second then looked back down. Every single sales associate (there were around four of them at 6:00 pm last night) walked right by me without acknowledging my presence or helping me out. I expect a hello from a courteous associate when I'm looking to make a purchase valued at over $50,000. My question is, what in the world is this car dealership "world famous" for? My guess is that they are world famous for giving up customers to other BMW dealerships in Southern California. Let's hope that South Bay BMW, Crevier BMW, or Irvine BMW have their act together. I wouldn't purchase a BMW from Beverly Hills BMW if it was the only one in California. I'd rather have one shipped from across the world and wait a year versus giving this dealership my business. This place actually made me like my dream car brand a little less. Such a disgrace to the BMW brand. I suggest you get your act together before you become world famous for being the worst BMW dealership.

Michelle F. | 2014-03-24

The worst experience I have ever had with a car dealership!  Sold a car to "manager" Raphael who said there was "a problem with their system so the title wasn't showing clean" and so "it will take a day or two until I can clear that with corporate."  Well, three visits to the dealership and three weeks later, here I am with NO payment for the very expensive car I sold to this dealership!   After getting my attorney involved, Raphael finally says, "sorry, check has BEEN ready, but I wasn't getting my voicemails..."  Like that is a viable reason for not communicating to me for three weeks?  Finally I showed up again at the dealership after Raphael says the "check is ready" only to find that Raphael is not at work, no one knows where he is, and no one has any idea where my $30k check is!  Yup, these people have no clue, no management skills, and even worse, customer service is absolutely non-existent at this dealership!  I tried to escalate my plea for payment to the General Manager "Kevin" but he wouldn't even bother to talk to me, instead, he just yelled at the nice receptionist who tried to ask for his help.  I finally had to get my husband to make several more phone calls before "Kevin" said the check was sitting on Raphael's desk.  When we made our way back to the dealership later that day, "Kevin" kept us waiting for 10 minutes while he chatted on his cell phone then, while still on his cell phone, he handed my husband the check with a, "sorry dude."  So unprofessional!  I am convinced that no one at this place knows what is going on and they are they most incapable, rude group of people I have ever had to deal with!  Avoid the insanity and stay away from this disaster of a business!  I wish I could give them Zero star rating and erase this annoying experience from memory!!

Yotam B. | 2014-02-28

What can I say.  Simply never buy a car from them.  What a nightmare.  Any service appointment is an opportunity to drop the ball.  Any interactions with the Finance department will take weeks since nobody EVER picks up the phone and the most certainly don't return ANY calls.  The level of service at this dealership is just mind-blowingly poor for such a luxury brand.

Samantha D. | 2014-02-27

The worst car repair experience I have ever been through. I found their service manager, Ernie, to be very rude. I love BMW cars but this was enough to make me switch.

Courtney J. | 2014-02-21

I purchased a 2008 BMW 335i two (2) years ago. From the very moment I purchased my BMW, I wanted to make sure that it was serviced by no other than a trained BMW Technician. At the time of purchase my car was still under the manufactory warrantee, I continued to go and trust the BMW Tech Advisors at BMW of Beverly Hills even after my warrantee was over until recently...

I was having a problem with my driver-side passenger window. When I used the one-touch feather to close that window, it would roll all the way up then automatically roll halfway down. I took it into Beverly Hills BMW and to my advisor (whom I had grown to trust over the last 2 years). I waited in the immaculately appointed Customer area while the Service Techs took a look. After waiting a reasonable amount of time, my Service Advisor came to me and said that I needed a new engine for the window. I thought it was odd but I didn't second guess what he said. The cost "would have" been approx. $700. My Advisor told me it would take a little longer to complete but that it would be ready that day. He arrange for a driver to take me home which was around 8 or 9:00 am. It was close to if not after 5:00 pm and I hadn't heard back from BWM so I called to check on the status of the repairs. I was then told that the part I needed was out of stock and wouldn't be in until the following day. Because of personal plans that night and the next morning, I told my Advisor that I would bring back my car when the part was in and asked if someone could pick me back up. He then tells me that the drivers are already gone for the day so no one would be able to pick me up... I had to ask a neighbor to bring me to pick up my car.??

As if this was not bad enough, as my neighbor was taking me back to the BMW "Service Department" I began to tell him why I brought my car in for "Service". He also thought it was odd that I would need a new motor and asked if he could take a look at it when I was back home. Unbeknownst to me, he was a bit of a Car Geek and when he took a look said there was nothing wrong with the motor. He advised me that sometimes it's just some type of "syncing"(I think that's what he said)... Thirty (30) seconds later ( and I kid you not. It only took 30 seconds), my window was fixed and I haven't had a problem with it since! I was about to spend over $700 for a window motor that I didn't need. To say my trust was broken would be an understatement.

I've only gone back in the Service Department to fix a recall. After the Service for the recall, I was sent an email asking me about my Service Experience, I decided to do something I never do. I gave a bad review. Typically if I don't have something positive to say, I let it go. But now I'm in a dilemma; I periodically get a Service Notice from my car telling me that I need engine oil but then goes away. When I check the Service Status, it says that my Engine Oil is full. When I look online, it says that the only way that happened is that if I used the wrong type of oil. I just had an Oil Change at Beverly Hills BMW in February and have added less than 3000 miles since. Did they put the wrong type of oil in my car? Before the above situation I would have said absolutely not, know I don't know. And I don't trust taking my car there but I also don't want to take it to some random mechanic; Thus my dilemma.

I have tried to contact the Service Manager and I'm always told that she is in a meeting and she has never returned my call. I've even tried to contact corporate "Customer Service" with no resolution. I have been a fan and BMW owner since I was 16 and now I lost not only my trust in the "Service" Department but the Brand as well. I will soon be in the market for a new car and, as of now, doubt I will choose a BMW.

Murray P. | 2014-02-17

ever since they moved out of BH they have no idea what service means.
They offered a loaner 3 weeks out.  somebody doesn't believe in service.
Really bad. Better to drive to Santa Monica .
They call themselves BH BMW.  Forget it.
They're not in BH & they don't offer service.

Phil K. | 2014-02-04

It's no secret that the car buying process is a horrid experience for the consumer. As an industry mired in deceit I am perplexed at how such an archaic form of sales still remains. The why is beyond comprehension. Why would people voluntarily walk into, what most would consider, a hostile environment where the salesman is the enemy? This begs the question, why would a sane person subject themselves to such a draconian practice?

The day I came to sign papers I expected to walk out of the dealership feeling dirty, as if I was robbed at an ATM, but fortune shined on me. Why? Carlos Huertas. Carlos presented himself as an adviser, not a degenerate salesman. Why is it more important to be an adviser than a salesman? To start, think about the moniker and what it entails. His sales philosophy models what we, the younger generation prefers, a model that I believe is paramount to success in the digital age. My only hope is that more salesman adopt Carlos' sales philosophy. Why I am taking the time to write this is because for the first time I bought a car and drove home with a giant smile on my face instead of driving home contemplating whether or not I've been deceived. While the rest of the industry is nescient to the needs of the consumers, Carlos understands how people should be treated, avoided what humans hate, i.e. pressure. Humanizing the process is what the industry needs and Carlos was a breath of fresh air in an otherwise sordid industry. This is how you adapt to the new landscape, this is car buying in it's purest form.

Ben B. | 2014-01-30

Easily the best car buying experience i have ever had. Mike Forouzan was the salesperson that helped me out...he was super friendly, helpful, and was the entire staff. When all was said and done I got a great deal on a new 335i. I'll definitely be back for my next car.

Nicky K. | 2014-01-29

Still waiting to be refunded for my warranty that I cancelled 7 months ago. This dealership is a joke! It's all fine and dandy when you want to spend thousands of dollars but the minute you have a problem or an issue they run! No one returns phone calls, everyone gives you the run around. After dealing with this for more than 1/2 a year I'm getting the better business bureau involved! THEY SUCK!!!! DON'T BUY FROM HERE!!!!!

Susie F. | 2014-01-26

Okay so finally they made good on my purchase.  They completely worked everything out with us and got us in a different car all together. I had to pull out some big alligator tears but they did it and I'm thankful.

Carrie M. | 2014-01-23

The service at Beverly Hills bmw has been worst experience of my life. Every time I take my car in they damage it!! They chipped up my front breaks replacing the breaks. Then they hit my front end of my convertible 3 series while it was at the shop and wanted to blame it on me!! Hence they wouldn't fix something they caused; how downright unprofessional and shady!! I take exceptional care if my car and the fact they blamed damage on me is very disturbing and frustrating. i talked to the. service manager Sheldon and he was awful; completely unqualified and incompetent as a manager. All he said was NO we can't fix that for you. He was very cold and unfriendly. His entire vocabulary consisted of NO we can't do that for you. If your a manager then act like one and help a customer out. In his case the customer is wrong.

Rachelle J. | 2014-01-21

BMW of Beverly Hills was great.

This was the first time I had purchased a car on my own and they were wonderful. I called to make an appointment, came in, and they had the car ready to go.

Charles was the best. I *freaked* out on him because I was terrified that I might purchase a lemon and wanted to review literally everything. He was patient, understanding, and never tried to put too much pressure on me. That was definitely the best part of BMW-- I never felt pressured to buy now now now!

I knocked off a star for two reasons:

1. The description on Yahoo's AutoTrader clearly stated the car was non-smoking. However, the car clearly had been a smokers car. They apologized for the false advertisement, redid the seats in the car, put in new air filters, and put the car through a deep cleaning inside. And then on top of that they knocked the price down a little bit. Afterwards, it really did smell much better and the original smoke smell never came back even after hot days in the sun.

2. Noone ever talked to me about the price! I was never told the final price of the car after taxes and everything. No one told me it was a no haggling company, and I had to ask to speak with Charles about the price.

Only two months later, the car was totaled by a rabbi drinking tea and rearending me. =/ No joke. But it ran really great for those two months! lol

Kezi B. | 2014-01-17

BMW of Beverly Hills went above and beyond our expectations, the level of customer service is excellent and I could have not asked for a better experience. BMW are very lucky to have Roubie Allison, he is very personable, understanding, patient, and did everything he possibly could to make sure we were more than satisfied.
Not only did we get a great deal on a new car, they also offered us well above trade-in value and carmax value for our old car, and they even delivered the car to us in Ontario.
This is our third BMW purchase but the first from this dealership, and by far the best, hassle free, and most important the deal on the car and trade in was very much worth it. I will be back in September! Thanks Roubie, dad loves the new ride

Mike B. | 2014-01-17

1 star is a compliment. My X5 has a recall and needed to be towed in because the brakes don't work. BMW CHARGES me for the tow $120.00!! Why should I pay for a tow on a broken car that is the fault of BMW?

Now it's a BMW recall on a car with WARRANTY and the advisor says he doubts it'll cost me any money. Why have a CPO WARRANTY if you still need to pay for a BMW RECALL to be corrected???

Services advisor: The parts are in stock and your car will be done tomorrow afternoon.

I call around 2pm and they have not even looked at the car and now tell me it'll be done Monday night, because on Saturday they only change oil, what a load of BS. They still don't think it'll cost me money though.

They don't have a loaner because they're so backed up? I'm really happy I dropped so much money on my BMW to be treated like sh*t.

I swore to never do business with Beverly Hills years ago and I should have listened to myself.

I'd honestly rather take my BMW to get fixed at Yugo or Daewoo instead of these liars.

Lauren T. | 2014-01-09

Jerry is a Jack a** he didn't want to sell me a car. I'm sorry but i thought it was literally his job to sell me a car. Wendell is wonderful and deserves a better job. Kevin was wonderful and got back to me immediately. But they won't get my business until Jerry is fired.

B. L. | 2013-12-27

Not the greatest experience by far in my car buying venture. I contacted earlier to ask if the vehicle was available, the salesman then asked that I schedule an appointment immediately because another "dealership" wanted that same car. Really? The day after Christmas?

So I went along and scheduled an appointment to find out the sales person on the phone was just merely an operator. Walked in and spoke with a different gentleman, test drove the car and decided to make an offer. My only problem with my experience is a sale is made by providing great customer service. I didn't get that feeling here.

I provided an offer and they confirmed there was no wiggle room from their listing price. After the sales person realized he had no answers and after about 20-30 minutes of waiting he brought his sales manager to the party. This is where he then continues to point out if a couple thousand is keeping me out of this car, maybe this car isn't for you. Obvious great sales technique, what's ironic is I'm in sales and I'd never talk to a potential customer that way. There's absolutely no need to lecture and waste my time about the history of BMW. I already advised your salesperson that I've owned one for over 10 years. He then goes on and on what seemed like forever and said the best he could do is knock down  $300 off the price. The manager also indicated that he already had 10 leads on the car. 10 leads huh? Ok. I had no rebuttal because by that time I was far beyond annoyed. If we can't make a deal, let's agree not to make a deal. It's pretty simple.

In the end, I would never step one foot inside this place ever again. I've been to plenty of BMW dealerships and never have I felt so dissatisfied with my buying experience. It's just not a legit way of doing business. I'll eventually find my new car but not at this dealership.

Paul J. | 2013-12-25


I went in and test drove a few vehicles. Spoke with a guy who was decent enough, but seemed to fit right in with the characteristics of most of their staff - heavily accented non-English speaking 'boyz' who run the place like a frat house.

I had to go to some other appointments so didn't complete my purchase that day, and thank god. Starting almost immediately, I received incessant calls from a random 855 number on my cell. They never left a message. Strange, who could this be. Any reputable business or person leaves a message, no?

I went back a week later with checkbook in hand I was ready to buy. The same guy kicked off the process, then when we were half way through, he says he's sorry but he has another customer, can I wait. I give him 10 courtesy minutes then leave. As if I'm going to wait, I'm the one with the money here. I was astounded, also being in sales, that this guy didn't think that was possibly rude and a dumb move. At least hand me off to a colleague and potentially split the commission.

During the subsequent week, I finally call back the annoying 855 number and ask who they are and why they call. It was bmw! Who wanted to know how my experience was. What's really interesting is that the sales guy only put my number in his cell. I guess he also put it in their computer, at which point the faceless hamsters at the call center go into overdrive and gutlessly call you without leaving a message. Gross.

I really hope someone in Munich is reading these, because I was turned off from not only BH BMW, but also the BMW brand altogether. It felt cheap and tacky. Oh we'll, 70k they could have had in sales will go to porsche instead.

If you want further proof to avoid them, look below at the robot replies from Shaun D. It's not his real name as evidenced by his email address. Do you really want to deal with people who don't give you their real name, and won't leave messages or announce themselves?  They have something to hide.

Jacqui J. | 2013-12-18

Matt M is THE salesman to see!  He is wonderful...has the patience of a saint, extremely knowledgable and professional!!
We've worked with Matt multiple times and each purchase, along with Cliff, his manager
was a very pleasant car buying  experience.
They both made sure we we're completely satisfied from beginning to end...which we were!

Jake J. | 2013-12-06

Hey Shaun D, who replies to all the reviews here... you seem very nice. Why are you working for such a crappy dealership!? Don't you see how many complaints there are? I mean SERIOULSY... You can't think this is normal... Instead of apologizing either FIX the problem at it's core or just go work for a dealer that treats it's clients better... AND THANKS A LOT FOR CALLING ME CHICKENLIPS! WTF!

Shahrouz P. | 2013-12-02

-10 star.  I hate this place.
They are rude, low class, and thief. They do not know the basics of customer service.


I went to BMW beverly hills service department and found that they knew my car had a bad accident but the sale department did not tell me that. Afterwards they told me that it was my mistake that I did not check a certified BMW which was purchased from a world famous BMW beverly hills.

The only place I HATE in my life is BMW BEVERLY HILLS.

Jason J. | 2013-12-02

A salesperson told me a certain car was in the showroom and would be available for sale as long as I arrived within 2 hours.  They even gave me a "VIP card" (so I wouldn't have to wait).  I arrived within 1.5 hours and they said, "the car had been sold."  I don't believe them.  I believe they lied to me just to get me to in the dealership.  I WILL NEVER RETURN TO THIS DEALER.

Anthony K. | 2013-12-01

The General Manager is quite eager to close the deal any way possible.  Even if it's telling you that the color you want isn't available anywhere else and forcing you to take delivery any way possible.
Next time I think I will go through a broker instead of directly to the dealership.  You don't have to worry about being played like a violin.

Jay L. | 2013-11-30

Purchase a "loaner service
car" with less than 8,000 miles. BMW said it was treated as a new vehicle purchase . They gave me a print out of car features-- turns out a lot of features listed on the print out did not exist which I didn't realize until after purchase. For example, the print out said the car had heated seats and XM radio -- this was not true and they didn't address my disappointment. My sales representative Alex quit shortly after so it seems like there was nobody to even care to help.

Found out later there was a lot of work done to the side panels and windows were replaced sometime during the loan period. The car was in a serious accident. When taking the car in because the door had trouble opening I was told it would cost me about $2,000 to repair since service department they didn't have record of an accident -yet they said their records show a high level of paint repair all over then panels during pre-sale inspection. Uhm , I'm no expert in vehicles, but business practices should have disclosed this to me. The worse part is they made it seem that the repairs were my fault (like I had got into an accident) and should have brought this up durning initial purchase. Oh good grief!

After days, no wait, actually about two weeks, of arguing they made the determination that the car malfunctions were my fault! Wow!

I has to speak with BMW corporate office to get this corrected at no cost to me.

The only good thing about this place is Carmelo Grammatico, the service advisor, and the coffee machine. Carmelo is incredible and helped me during the process but her upper management were no help.

Michael K. | 2013-11-26

Recently leased a 750i from Beverly Hills BMW. Michael Kahn was great. He was very informative and best of all he was very business like in his approach. No over the top salesmanship. I would recommend Mike and the dealership. Their selection is massive and after having a Mercedes for the last couple years, going back to BMW was a serious breath of fresh air!!!

Kay M. | 2013-11-24

The truth is this place just sucks in every which way possible. First of all, they're not in Beverly Hills anymore so that confirms their idiotic thinking. You're cheap and want to save on rent so you move past La Brea. We get it.

I used to go here for many years and service my BMWs when they were on Wilshire in Beverly Hills and the service was also disappointing. They had one good master tech who actually knew cars - the rest of the guys seemed like Devry grads or something. Just incompetent, lazy and poorly trained mechanics. No offense to anyone who actually takes their job of servicing a fine automobile seriously - but BH BMW had an exceptional amount of awful mechanics. I even wrote BMW NA once when these guy knuckleheads couldn't diagnose a misfiring cylinder on a 550i for 6 days. Clueless.

The service department was also full of goons who would forget to call, delay service, add random costs for newly discovered problems, etc. Just awful. Nothing positive about them.

The sales department - well, let's just say that a lot of dealers are generally scummy individuals. And it appears they all got their training from BH BMW. Would never buy (and never have) bought a car from here. Unless you're paying MSRP or over and don't care for any kind of deal, stay away from these guys. Just idiots. Plain and simple.

Doug K. | 2013-11-21

Matt Morris was the client advisor who helped me buy a car, and I had a great experience.

I've bought and sold many luxury cars and I expect a lot.  In this case I wanted a good used car at a low price.  Matt helped steer me to a superb 5-series that was VERY economical even compared to listings on eBay.  He imparted lots of information and applied zero pressure.  From start to end it was a relaxed and smooth transaction.

It's now been two weeks and I'm even happier than the day I bought the car.  This really was a great deal, which is why I'm taking the time to post a favorable review.

Christina M. | 2013-11-20

Spammers!  I have not had a BMW for 5+ years.  I have asked them to remove me repeatedly and they still send me junk mail.  I've asked AT LEAST 8 times.  I've even left messages for the General Manager.  Awful customer service.

Christina I. | 2013-11-19

Best Customer Service. Just purchased a 328i. Love it!

Benjie S. | 2013-11-19

From bad to worse! During my last service appt. there and I mean last in, the 'last' time I will ever go there. I had some minor body work done by their in-house guys and the repair was defective. The auto body guys told me I was better off just buying a new fender. I made it clear to them I'd already given them $400 for the first repair and that a new fender w/paint & labor would cost over a grand! They said under the circumstances they'd provide the labor and paint at no charge, I just had to pay for the fender. I told him to get me a price. He returned in 15 min and said it was $325 and he'd have to order it. I agreed to the price and he said he'd call me in 2-3 days when it arrived. A week went by without word. I called the dealership and was transferred to the guy I'd seen the week prior. He acted like he didn't even know me, finally he said someone else was taking care of it and that person would call me the next day. We'll guess what! No one called! I called a week later and nobody in the auto body dept. knew what I was talking about and the guy I supposedly talk to originally no longer worked there. What a joke, not only do they employ their own crooked service staff, but they house other corrupt companies as well.

Jason S. | 2013-11-18

I don't normally review a place on yelp but because of the amazing service and the outstanding help i got from Mike Kahn at BMW today i had to get on here and let people know. Mike walked my wife and I through everything we needed to know about the two cars we were debating over and gave us some great insight on our purchase. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and did everything he could to find exactly what my wife and I wanted. If you find yourself at BMW Beverly Hills make sure you ask for him! You won't be disappointed!!

Andrew C. | 2013-11-14

So I gave them another chance, an oil change at their service center across the street, what could go wrong?! Everything...  
When I drop a car off for an oil change and possibly a front bake pad replacement, you would expect it to take a few hours. However it ended up taking all day, no call to update or let me know I would not get my car back the day of drop off. In a city like Los Angeles we have so many options for cars and service, don't make the mistake I did, giving a place focused on corporate revenue over customer satisfaction. So disappointing and should have been expected. If you need service, hit up BMW of Santa Monica or some other independent place.

Avoid the allure of this places shiny new exterior, because the insides are still filled with the same BS.

Cooper C. | 2013-11-13

I never yelp, but have to in this situation. Just picked up a 2011 pre-owned M3 the other day from these guys. Mike Kahn went above and beyond for me and I couldn't be happier! I highly recommend Bev Hills BMW!!!

Mike K. | 2013-11-12

Excellent place to do business with and the sales people are great.  I would suggest for anyone to do business here!

Christina F. | 2013-11-12

The worst. Just...the worst.

Brandt W. | 2013-11-12

The service team is excellent. I had a great experience with Mike Kahn. He was honest and friendly and made the buying experience easy. A+ service! I love my BMW and will definitely visit Mike again for my next purchase.

Kent S. | 2013-11-12

Mike K. is the best! He has helped me and a bunch of my friends get into new vehicles and has always been super professional and gone out of his way to help find exactly what we were looking for! Ask for Mike!

Elizabeth L. | 2013-11-10

I really like and appreciate Beverly Hills BMW service!  They never let me down!  And Yoram Ribo is the absolute best and most down-to-earth salesman!  When it is time to get a new lease or new car, Yoram gives me the BEST customer service and he is so very helpful!   Yoram's assistant  helped us also!   She helped me pick out a car that best suites my needs!   And Pauline in finance is such a sweetheart!  Thank you so very much, Yoram, assistant and Pauline!   I am so happy with the outcome and my new BMW!  ...yay!   = )

Alex L. | 2013-11-10

I think they are too busy to have new business.  I advise going anywhere else to have your BMW worked on.  This place is worthless!

Zach Z. | 2013-11-06

Horrible attitude! I had an appointment to look at cars on Saturday and when I arrived the representative couldn't find any of the cars that met specification, even though I was promised a whole fleet of cars. They showed me subpar models that reeked of cigarette smoke. They said they would find them and call me in an hour or so. I got a call in two days after they supposedly tracked down 5 or 6 vehicles that would meet my specifications and by that time I already tracked down a brand new 2014 Audi A5 from Audi of Beverly Hills. Horrible experience. Go elsewhere.

Mister P. | 2013-11-05

I called Beverly Hills BMW based on a CPO vehicle we had spotted on the BMW website via their CPO vehicle locator.  We were in the market for a BMW 328i convertible, and since we never owned a BMW before, this was a whole new experience for us.  When I called, I spoke to Avo, and set up an appointment to see him.  We arrived at the establishment Thursday evening, driving from the San Gabriel Valley.  First impression, the dealer had a nice, clean appearance, with a lot of directional signage, which made it easy to navigate.  Once we located Avo, he took us to the car we had talked about over the phone.  The car was a little dirty on the outside, but very clean on the inside.  We test drove the car, which had a little over 15k miles, and otherwise appeared to be in great condition.  This purchase was going to be for my deserving wife, who has been talking about getting a convertible for way too long.  Everything felt right, and we both agreed to move forward with the purchase.  The car was already priced to sell, so there was really no wiggle room on the price.  I am one of those people who researches on research, so based on prior findings of what was on the market, and the condition of the car, I already knew the pricing they offered was already more than fair.  It was actually priced slightly under market value.  Avo ran our credit, and had the car taken to get cleaned up.  The longest wait was Finance, which based on prior purchases is to be expected.  A little longer than usual because the person before us was purchasing two vehicles.  Cameal Perez, our Finance Manager was very friendly, and did not pressure us into anything, got us through expediently, and was very informative.  We were fortunate enough to get a 0.9% 60 month finance rate offered by BMW on CPO vehicles, which was definitely a plus.  Overall, my wife and I had a very pleasurable experience with BH BMW, and if it wasn't so far away, would frequent them for service.

Eric A. | 2013-11-04

Picked up my 3rd BMW from this dealership last week, and again had a great experience. Neda and her team once again made the process as easy and painless as obtaining a new car can be. Everything, from the ordering, to the online status updates, to the walk-through from Anthony were excellent. I'd recommend that anyone looking for a new BMW give Neda a call!

Jerry C. | 2013-11-01

I just bought a brand-new 2014 black X5 today from this dealership. Overall my experiences been good especially thanks for the fine help with Alex Mesina who was the salesman that helped out.

The dealership is top rated. They have a tremendous service department and robust inventory. I wanted a special color black which wasn't available on the lot and within a week it showed up -- giving me exactly what I looked for. There were no extra charges for this.

I had a few credit bumps getting qualified for financing -- but thanks to fine help with Jerry Saros Alex's sales manager things went smoothly.

The unpleasant part of the process was with the finance office particularly with a lady named Pauline.

The problem is that Alex never bothered to disclose the extra services that are available to protect the car from damage and tire damage etc.

What went down was as nerve-racking is trying to get the Americans out of Iran in the movie Argo. First she hands slip of paper with the menu of options ranging from small to $400 all the way up to $3000 to protect the care of a car.

That's all very nice but you have exactly 5 minutes to decide which program you're going to take with  no more than 10 or 15 words on the skimpy paper and Pauline's opinion of what's best for you.

Her opinions are useless.

I decided not to take Pauline's word for it and summoned a friend of mine in the service department name Alex Little who give me the assurance that the programs that I needed where the tire and the dings insurance.

In my opinion be very careful getting going to the finance office and be sure to study these options way before you get to the final stage of taking the car off the lot.     Personally I found a way that I was treated was quite annoying and that the dealership should definitely review the procedures with going foreword at this stage of the process.

So far I've seen no apology from the dealership.

Fortunately in the and it all ended favorably when Jerry Saros came in and agreed to compromise on the value of the extras.

Rule of thumb negotiate everything all the way through and get yourself the best deal.

Aram Y. | 2013-10-30

If anyone has time to read throught he e-mail chain below, you will see that this dealership is not on the up and up.  They use sales tactics, that are close to being unethical.  After the following e-mails were exchanged, I sent this whole chain of e-mails to the General Manager of Beverly Hills BMW (Tasos Theodorou), he never responded to the horrible experience I had.  Please do not do business with this dealership, unless you want to bend over to them.  You have been warned

Hello Shaun,

I have been in the market for a 2011 pre-owned 328i.  I found the following: VIN# WBAPH5C53BA442874, the blue with beige interior.  I would like to know if you would be willing to sell this particular car for the $25,000 including tax and license (out the door). I am in Pasadena, and would like see if it will be worth it for me to come down to your dealeship.

Thank you,
Hello Shaun,

I sent this e-mail yesterday, but have not received a response, could you please take a look in the e-mail below and let me know what you could do?

Thank you,
Hi Arman,

I thank you for the opportunity to assist you with your next vehicle.
I see that we dropped this car twice per our corporate pricing policy.
I also see that this car is the lowest price car of its kind in the market.
Do you see similar model for cheaper?
I am just trying to see how you are coming up with such a low price.
We have this well equipped 3 series priced at $25,983.
If you are looking for $25k OTD you are asking for $3,500 off.
Based on the market I cannot entertain that offer.
$25,983 is the deal!!!
Super clean car 24k miles Great color combo!
Let me know the next steps.

Thank You

BDC Manager
Shaun Duron
Hi Shaun,

BMW of Monrovia has a 2011 328i with premium package, value package, bluetooth, in excellent condition with 14,000 miles listed at $24,981.  I have started a negotiation, it was not my intention for that to be my final offer.  If you would like to negotiate, I am willing to entertain.

Thank you,
BMW of Monrovia is our Sister Store.
They have the same True Pricing policy as us.
We are corporately owned by SONIC Automotive.
Our True Pricing system helps us drive traffic.
This cuts down the negotiation process providing our customers with a hassle free buying process.
My suggestion to you is to come down and take a look at ours.
We can then move forward to seeing what is the best option for you.
What time is good for you or is tomorrow better?
Please let me know

Thank You

BDC Manager
Shaun Duron
Hi Shaun,

Does this car have bluetooth? the VIN# is WBAPH5C53BA442874.

Thank you
Hi Aram,

This car is no longer available.
Would you like me to help you find another?
Our cars go very fast.
Please let me know.

Thank You

BDC Manager
Shaun Duron
[9:42:38 AM] -Customer- I am excessively incensed, that this car has sold.  I was e-mailing Shaun Duron yesteday tring to make a deal, and the car was at $25,983.  he would not budge.  I told him about others that were comparable for $1000 cheaper.  I never got a responce.  Now I see the car at $24,983 and it is sold.  Without even the courtesy of contacting me.  This is a horrible experience.  It seems as though this dealership is not on the up and up.

I just sent an e-mail in regards to this issue to your general manager. Thank you for your time
Hi Aram,

I am sorry that you had a bad experience.
Our True Pricing practice is enforced to give all our customers a fair and honest price.
My inventory here typically sells within 2 weeks.
Please call me because I do not have your phone number.
I have used vehicles come in everyday.  I can keep you informed.

Thank You

BDC Manager
Shaun Duron

Snoopy B. | 2013-10-29

Salesmen are awful.  Went to look at a car and he seemed bored helping me.  What a bunch of losers.

Myles M. | 2013-10-23

I recently purchased a CPO from Beverly Hills BMW.  My first purchase from this dealership, but my third BMW.  I purchased my first two BMWs from a dealership in the San Gabriel Valley, and each of those experiences were top notch - five stars all around.  I mistakenly thought I would receive the same type of service from Beverly Hills - I did not.  I really should have stuck with the other dealership.

A couple of the highlights are them playing games with my lease end inspection report by verbally telling me there were no charges for excessive damages, but I find out later they submitted an invoice showing $1500 in charges.  BMW FS did their own inspection at auction and only found one small issue ($400 charge).  

They delivered my new car to me without a tow cover and took over a week to get it delivered.  They even had me drive to their dealership on the premise it was available only to turn me away once I got there because the tow cover was locked in some room that no one had access to...unbelievable.  Like I have time for this nonsense and runaround.

I am still waiting for them to make good on an item they were supposed to deliver to me but I have been getting the "back order" excuse for weeks now, and they don't even bother to return my emails anymore.

I won't even get into the issues with my CPO they purposely covered up and hid from me during delivery.   They are the epitome of an old-school shady car dealership.

I have had all kinds of issues with them but the worst part is they are not very responsive at all and don't seem to care.  I get better customer service buying a three dollar coffee at Starbucks.  
I am over it, I will just let the Yelp community know about my experience, and I will very honestly fill out my customer survey and take this up with BMW NA.

Stay away from Beverly Hills BMW.

Jocy F. | 2013-10-22

I hate that this review is so bad because I really never expected the type of service we got here. Stay away!!!! My boyfriend walked in looking for a 6 series and had an awful employee Ruby (yes he's a guy) help him out. He found a car he fell inlove with and called me over to go look at it. Once I walked in I saw my boyfriend standing around the lobby area and asked what the deal was. Ruby told my BF that they needed $20,000.00 down but my BF said no and felt it was too much just to give them so he told Ruby he would give them 10 grand. Ruby said he was gonna see what he could do and work with that and come back in 10min and left my BF just standing around. By the time I arrived we waited about 30-40 min and I became inpatient because the guy was no where to be found. Finally another guy called him on his cell and...are you ready for this??? RUBY WAS OUT TO FREAK. LUNCH!!! Unbelievable I was so mad and angry at this guys work ethic and unprofessional behavior who does that??? At this point I just wanted to get out. We decided to go back n speak to someone else that same day in regards to the deal when we walk in Ruby was walking around playing on a IPad and when my BF said what happen earlier he replied in a rude way that he no longer would helps us but it was in the hands of someone else and walked away. At this point I wanted nothing to do with them. They are very racist here if they feel you don't look like money walking around they don't bother. If you are anything else besides white or Arminian you won't get a good feel from them. So please stay away. I'm in shock they still do business and the corporate office has not looked into the complains.

Vortex G. | 2013-10-12

Let me begin by stating that purchasing a vehicle is generally a chore and maintenance can be as well. We read the reviews before deciding to purchase from BH BMW and we live in Santa Monica. We went to Santa Monica BMW and we were treated pretty poorly. We then went to Beverly HIlls BMW and met Charles. Seriously, if you are in the market for a BMW and do not want to feel pressured and want to have a person who who will make you feel good about the purchase ask for him. We did buy a black 328i and love the car! Charles made sure we knew that only the Certified pre owned BMW's qualified for 0.9% financing which we quickly took advantage of as our money will accrue higher interest in a CD account. We will be leasing our next car and for now we've had no need for service so let's see how that is handled. Beverly Hills BMW is great so far and as mentioned, its not like its right down the street as we live in Santa Monica.

Benjamin S. | 2013-09-28

Have had my BMW serviced at BH BMW for years. Only reason for 2 stars rather than 1 star is that typically they've been pretty good (so it would seem). Most recently took the car in for a 60k service. Told me that I needed a $900 system replaced in my engine. Took car to an independent shop for 2nd opinion and showed them the estimate BH BMW did (with parts required, codes, etc.). Mechanic shows me the broken hose in the car that needs replacing, it's a $5 part and less than an hour of labor. He runs the computer checks, etc. once fixing the hose and tells me he has literally no idea what BH BMW could conceivably be looking at or thinking. Basically, BH BMW wanted me to do a $900 service on something that's a $100 fix. Will not be bringing the car back here.

PS. Had the same mechanic do my brakes for $200 less than BH BMW quoted.

David C. | 2013-09-27

I have no idea why anyone gave this place less than 5 stars. It is the best dealer I have ever dealt with. This is about my 12th new car purchase. Thanks to Nathan, Warner and Ron for a very good experience. Will be back for another in a few years!

CHER C. | 2013-09-25

I have nothing but rave reviews for Neda Shahrokhi who has to date leased me 3 BMW's. From the moment I walked into their old location I was able to trade my car in and walk out with a brand new 3 series convertible.. the first was Silver.. and 3 years later a Black one.. and now from the new location a white 2013 BMW 3 serier convertible. Transactions with her are always smooth, she is a joy to work with and will always get you the best deal than anyone else in the country, hands down. I've known her now for 8 years.. and is one of my favorite professional contacts. Now, I will only drive The Ultimate driving machine... and will only get it from Neda. I know you will be happy.. and not only will you get the car of your dreams.. .but you will be back and reccommend every one you know to see Neda. That's why she is the number 1 BMW sales dealer in the country...Have fun.. and enjoy the experience. She is simply... the best.

Amanda B. | 2013-09-18

Absolutely the WORST customer service I have ever experienced. I am in the hospitality business, so this is one thing I will not treat lightly. I've had mixed reviews about even writing a bad review because I didn't want to be "that person," but then I realized how important it is to warn people to go elsewhere when shopping for a car.

This is my third BMW. I leased my first two cars from the SD dealership and the Irvine dealership. I had such a great experiences from both. I moved up to Beverly Hills area and I thought I would just go that dealership since it was literally two blocks away. Boy was I wrong. I wish I would have driven the extra miles to get better customer service.

When Beverly Hills BMW wanted to sell me a car, they were calling me a few times a day!!! The minute stuff was going wrong, they NEVER called me back. I had to call BMW Financial to have them deal with the manager, Emilio. How sad that the lady from BMW Financial said she couldn't even get a hold of the manager.

They sold me the car with no floor mats and pieces missing from the front and back of my car. I was too excited to even notice when I drove off the lot. Once I saw these items missing I kept calling and calling and no one returned my call for weeks. Once I talked to someone, (about a month later) they said no one had even ordered the missing pieces! Here I am spending $600/mo on a BRAND NEW convertible, and I have missing pieces on my front and back bumper!

After 3 months... yes 3, I finally had the pieces put on my car. I thought dealing with Beverly Hills BMW was over.... not yet....

My car started veering to the left and the light came on, so I immediately took it to Beverly Hills BMW to get looked at. They said they were going to charge me $200 just to look at my car. Mind you, I've had my car 6 months with 2,000 miles on it. I asked why they would charge me, shouldn't this be under warranty??? The guy said "no." I took it to my friends mechanic and he said my suspension was off. How can a brand new car with such low miles have suspension issues?? THIS IS A BMW! The mechanic said it was very unsafe to drive. Next day when I turned my car on, all four of my tires lit up on my screen saying they all had low tire pressure. If this wasn't enough, the knob on my console is broken.

I honestly believe they sold me a terrible car and the fact that they won't even call me back to address and fix the situation is beyond rude.


Pierce R. | 2013-09-16

I walked into Beverly Hills BMW, by myself, casually dressed, early Fri afternoon (about 12:30) without an appointment, my first visit at this newer location, and my first stop in my quest to trade in my 6 yr old GM car for--in this case--a 320i or 328i (I've never owned a BMW before). I was immediately struck by the really cool showroom floor and the spacious layout of the "grandiose" lot.  It sort of took my breath away as I crossed the threshold.

I "sniffed" around the showroom floor, unbothered, for maybe 10 mins, looking at the sticker prices, peering in the windows, opening and closing doors, even sitting in the driver's seat of a snazzy red sedan. I kind of LIKED the fact that salespeople were NOT swarming around me, initially, while I wanted a quiet look, on my own, at least for the first few minutes, to "get acquainted."

Then, as I was beginning to actually want BMW contact, a very nice salesman named  Nathaniel came up and asked me, very kindly, whether I needed help or had a question.

Well, Nathaniel could not have been nicer, or more professional, or more knowledgeable about their cars. He took me to the roof and had me test drive two different brand new 320i's. There was never any undue pressure to lock in a deal (naturally all salespeople want to pitch a sale, that's their business), but it was very soft and calm the entire time (I've had more pressure in my dentist's chair)! I spent almost 4 hours w/Nathan, test driving and doing paperwork, w/better, amended offers.

I needed to go home and "sleep" on the deal.  But I think they offered me a fair deal and there might still be more "wiggle room" left in the price. Nathan followed up with a nice phone message two days later. (I need to respond to his call). The ball rests in my court now, but not too long before these cars move on.

My point: I got a decent feel from staff at Beverly Hills BMW--even a few smiles--and was treated nicely, respectfully, with full attention the entire 4 hours. That was MY first, short experience at Beverly Hills BMW. .

Nicholas L. | 2013-09-13

To be brief, you're better off finding another dealer if you wish to purchase a BMW.  Here's why:

When I tried to schedule an appointment with a sales rep, I was refused and told to simply drop in.  If you're busy like most, you know the basic dynamics of time management and "dropping in" really just leaves you open for waiting around.  Well guess what happened when I dropped in...yep, I was forced to wait around.

The management team created some sort of preferential treatment system where customer after customer was served before me.  Again, this is after I was refused the opportunity to schedule an appointment.

After an hour wait, the sales rep NEDA directed a service department employee (not a sales rep, but a service rep with broken English and grease all over his clothing) to show me a few cars in the showroom.  This experience soured me on the whole process.  How could I buy a car from any dealership after being treated like a second class citizen?  Based on principle, I was forced to take the high road and simply walk out without making any fuss about the treatment.  With such a low level of customer service, I felt there was no other choice than to leave.

I think this dealership's success rests squarely in the fact that its in Beverly Hills.  Without the advantage of location, I don't believe their customer service merits the sales volume they boast about.  If you've got the inside track, or perhaps have been referred by a familiar contact, I think your experience may be different.  However, if you're like me, meaning you're a motivated BMW enthusiast looking to have fun picking out your dream car then you'll probably be disappointed.  This may be the type of dealership where the well referred get preferential treatment, while others are met with a "take it or leave it" style of conduct.

Angelo A. | 2013-09-12

I was looking to buy two new cars (a BMW 5 Series and a BMW 3 Series Convertible). At the same time I was looking to trade my two cars on said BMW's, (a Mercedes C63 AMG and a Mercedes SLK55 AMG). Both my trades were in mint condition, one owner, low milage, etc. I took in offers from other dealers and took in a TrueCar report which guarantees the purchase price of the new cars, (BMW's) as previously agreed by the specific TrueCar dealer, (in this case Beverly Hills BMW). (If you cannot tell I am an incredibly informed car buyer and it won't be easy to scam me.) The salesperson was a total tool. The trade-in offer was a joke. Literally 1/2 the price of CarMax (which is typically the worst). So I offered to buy the BMW's for cash and I would either sell my cars privately or sell them to a different auto broker. The salesperson and manager then refused to honor the TrueCar price which they are required to do if they are a registered dealer, which they are. I then told them I would take my business elsewhere and requested my vehicle keys and registration. (They require the keys and registration when inspecting the car for possible trade). The salesperson then told me he had returned (to me) the registration for both my C63 and my SLK55 and that they were looking for my keys. Hours later (an obvious ploy attempting to extort a purchase and an attempted robbery of my vehicles for pennies on the dollar) they "found my keys."  Thieving liars. The result was my inability to sell my cars privately or to a different broker because it was a Friday. (The DMV would not be able to provide new registration until the following Monday.)  Monday would not work as I (like most people) have a job and cannot miss work, for hours, without ample notice.  Tuesday came around and the manager of Beverly Hills BMW called (following my numerous calls demanding my registration be returned). What do you know? My registration had been located... "it had somehow fallen behind the... salespersons computer." This is impossible as the computer in the cubical faces the customer and the only thing behind the computer would be the open doorway or the customer sitting in a chair. I then went to pick up the registration. There the salesperson and the manager tried to sell me the cars for the TrueCar price plus 5%. (I had complained to TrueCar as well who guarantees the price). Yet, they still refused to honor the contracted price. They then offered me 10% more for trade. Another insult. I took my registration and walked out.

Beverly Hills BMW is the worst automotive dealer in the country. They are a fraudulent, scamming, lying, joke of a company. There are too many good car dealers to risk being ripped off by Beverly Hills BMW. Take your business elsewhere. They don't deserve your business or your money.

Lennon M. | 2013-09-10

I have brought my 2008 BMW 335xi (under extended warranty) here multiple times for the same issues. They cant get the squeek out of my right wheel, saying "all BMWs squeek."

They charged me $250 to "diagnose" why my car was bringing in rain water instead of keeping it out. There were leaves clogging the drains under the hood. Took 2 seconds to clean.

I swear my car is performing worse with every visit. They herd us in and out like cattle and keep charging BMW USA for bogus services; its how they rake in millions.

charles V. | 2013-09-03

Just Lousy.

Unprofessional, under trained staff.  Tried to call them they don't return phone calls. Stay away from this one..

Tyler W. | 2013-08-31

Let's all start with realistic expectations here; dealerships tend to operate in a range of generally suckiness.  They exist in a realm where the best are defined only by a relative lack of wailing and gnashing of teeth.  I don't know any actual great ones.  I just know of ones that hurt less to deal with than others.  Dealerships are a bit like an STD.  No one ever has said "Oh sweet, syphilis".  People have only said "at least its only syphilis"

Now, I am a sympathetic guy.  I tend to give the benefit of the doubt to those that inflict misery upon me.  I try (sometimes more successfully than others) to remember the adage "never attribute to malice what can be easily be explained by stupidity".  You can't really be mad at stupid.  It isn't their fault.  Stupid is likely inborn.  Some may argue that is it promoted in modern civilization.  I'd tend to agree with those people, but this is not character critique of Western civilization and its perceived cognitive deficits - it's about one sucky dealership.

I bought a used Lexus from these superstars in the early spring of 2013.  I'm going to ignore the fact that magically in the first few weeks about $1200 worth of things broke and needed to be fixed.  Instead, I will focus on the fact that it is now September and they still haven't registered the car as per the contract.  I have had it about 6 months and still have paper plates advertising this dealership that I am growing to resent more and more.  Exacerbating the stress is the California DMV's diminishing sense of humor with the glacial pace at which "I" am getting my vehicle registered.  Let's just put this situation in the proper light: the DMV is annoyed that this is all going too slowly.  That's on par with Donald Trump thinking something is a bit tacky.

Now I hear you thinking (yes, I can hear you think.  It's a curse, really) "why don't you call and find out what is going on"?  Ah yes, my friends.  We are of similar minds.  I have called - many, many times.  Once I even got a hold of someone in the proper position to help.  On this miraculous occasion I was privy to a worryingly confused gentleman who sounded as though I either just roused him from a restful slumber, or was ruining the pleasant effects of some illegal narcotic.  He sounded like I just asked him to solve pi to the 43rd digit.  With great reassurance, he told me it was being taken care of and they would keep me posted.  This was over a month ago.

Messages I leave go un-returned.  Phone calls go unanswered.  I sit in my dealer be-plated vehicle and sob quiet, manly tears.  Tears that make my imaginary child offer me her teddy bear to quell my disarray.  My imaginary child is so soulful and caring.  I am so proud of her.

So, in summation: I, my wife, our dogs, and our imaginary child implore you to shop here only if you:
1. hate your money
2. enjoy confusion and inefficiency
3. your idea of a good time involves leather, someone to be only addressed as "Mistress", and a safe word.  (not judging, just saying)

Katie R. | 2013-08-28

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SERVICE. they lied to me & told me that my car had been serviced & two weeks later I found out my filters needed to be changed as well as my oil. I was also told they had never been changed. when I called BMW they lied AGAIN & yelled at me saying it had been done. After talking to the manager and many rude employees he finally told me to come in. when I came in the person who I had to talk to was in a meeting & I had to wait 3 hours after driving an hour & a half to get here!!!!!

Alireza A. | 2013-08-27

I have been their customer since 1996. I have leased 11 cars from them. I was always happy with their service, however my last experience was horrible. They have made the lease return so difficult. They will ONLY help you if you buy or lease another car from them.

Marc N. | 2013-08-27

Let me first start by saying that to those of you who have given less than raving reviews about Neda need a perspective change.

I am by far the most difficult client for anyone to deal with in any line of work, and Neda has taken care of me like the QUEEN she is. She is so responsive, so attentive and so wonderful to deal with. Yes she is busy, she is BMW's #1 salesperson, what do you expect. For someone who does the volume she does, it blows my mind how she makes me feel as if I am her only client.

I just purchased another car from her (2nd in 3 months) and I wish I could get a 3rd, 4th, and 5th! I LOVE my new car, but I am already looking forward to working with her again.

She is such a doll, and honestly she really fights for her clients! I know she fought for me and I will happily recommend her to everyone I know.

If you get a BMW and you DON'T use Neda, it truly is your loss.


Malls W. | 2013-08-27

Saw a vehicle on Auto Trader I was interested in buying cash. Called Beverly Hills BMW and asked  if the vehicle I wanted was still available the obviously inexperienced and unprofessional  gentlemen I spoke with told me it was still available. As soon as got off the phone with him I traveled from Newport Beach, CA to Beverly Hill, Los Angeles. About an hour after I spoke to this man, I arrived at the dealership to look at the vehicle I had inquired about. The man I spoke to reported that the vehicle had been sold. He was aware I was coming in and had my phone number, why would he not call me? There was another vehicle on Auto Trader posted by BMW Beverly Hills, that I liked, I asked about that one, and they said it was not ready yet and they could not provide me with an ETA. They why post it on Auto Trader? I believe these cars don't exist and their purpose is to trick people into to coming into their poorly run business, and try to get them to finance one of the cars they do have. If the car(s) on Auto Trader had been there, and were what the add claimed they were, I would had have paid cash on the spot. What a complete waste of time. The vide in there is negative the way the staff communicates with each other and  the customer comes across as dishonest and sneaky.

Cristina G. | 2013-08-23

I give 0 stars. I currently drive BMW that I actually purchased from Beverly Hills BMW.
You would think that loyalty program and appreciation for returned customer would be there when I contact them to purchase new car. Mrs. Shahrokhi Neda was always very busy and overwhelmed, didn't return calls or emails. I left message for gm Sebastian Valencia; he didn't to bother to call back. Don't go to this dealership, compare to others it's the worse customer service Iv seen

Randall W. | 2013-08-23

I have never seen or experienced such a complete lack of respect and total disregard for a customer in my life, much less than a loyal customer of 10+ years.  My lease was coming to an end and I 1st made the decision to purchase the vehicle as the residual was low and I had only put 20,000 miles on the 328i over 5 years was in excellent condition with a positive upside of $3,000 which is rare for a used car.  HOWEVER, after enduring having to deal with an uneducated assistant that showed total lack of understanding their own Policies and Procedures.  Provided erroneous information to me and then blandly lied to me.  She would only leave messages on my voicemail, never a written communication such as an e-mail, text or letter.  This was to cover her tracks, unfortunately for her; I have all my voicemails turned into an e-mail (Thank you Sprint and Samsung).  When I asked her to only communicate to me in writing, she hung up on me and when I called Neda directly, she said "Erika does not want to deal with you anymore"  WTF???  Who's the boss here????
I decided to Turn-In the vehicle because of all the negativity that has surrounded it and it was the best choice, because after getting a few letters from companies I have never known or have done business with
I discovered the numerous violations BMW of Beverly Hills and BMW Financial Services had made while handling my end-of-lease transaction.
I have documentation which provided proof of willful disregard to several Federal and State regulations
of the Federal Trade Commission.  It also shows Discrimination and Identity Theft.  All of these violations are serious and can result in fines to the for mentioned companies, but opens them to a civil law suit by a customer in both State and Federal courts and the financial awards to the customer if found guilty are in the tens of thousands of dollars.

So I sought out legal advice from the FTC, which advised to contact the business and try to work things out, and then if not resolution, seek legal action and representation.  Which I have done, I have called the General Manager and left numerous messages and finally sent an e-mail to his published e-mail address on their website under "Our Staff" and copied Neda.  I requested a meeting at his convenience just 30 minutes of his time to get answers, provide feedback to him on Quality Customer Service and the lack of it by his employees and to point out the level of risk to legal settlements he will have to make to the State
of California, the FTC and to the Consumers who if take legal action he would have to pay by order of the court.  STILL NO RESPONSE FROM HIM OR NEDA.
I see that Mr. Valente responded to the serious reviews posted here on YELP. Maybe he will respond to me and my request to meet!  Stay tuned!

Matthew G. | 2013-08-19




I bought a used BMW from Auto Nation and I brought it to Beverly HIlls BMW thinking I would have them do an inspection and told them to make the car feel new.

I gave them a list of what I wanted done to the car. The biggest priority to fix the inside door as it felt loose and I was worried it would come off, told the to put all the screws in the license plates fix som trims here and there and change the oil. Quoted me around $450 then get a call that they should flush the coolant and brake fluids it will be around $300 thought cool not bad $750. Then a get a call from William the Service Advisor telling me that one more part needed to be fixed and its going to be finally $1000. I go pick up the car they give me the keys. No one goes over the car with me and show me what work has been done and the price is $1349. $349 more than he quoted me. So already feeling ripped off I leave frustrated.

A few days later when I pick up a friend the go to close the passenger door and I a humiliated by the inside door pulling right off. Then I look at the rest of the car none of the details I requested are done (little things, but important because I told William exactly what to do and it didn't get done) So as I am waiting for my appointment to bring my car in to get the what I paid for to be fixed. I find my back license plate hanging by one screw. (ONE OF THE ITEMS ON MY LIST OF REPAIRS REQUESTED

( Now the next part is just bad luck but if BMW Beverly Hills would have done what I paid them to do in the first place it would have never happened)

So the plate is hanging by a screw so I drive the BH BMW to get the screw put in so I don't get a ticket. So one of the really nice helper guys in the red shirt puts the screws in for me and I'm on my way on...... But just a half mile away a lady slams on her brakes after I leave the BH BMW and I crunch the front of my car.  UGGGG!!!!

So then the real screwing by BH BMW starts so they want to charge me $2000 to take apart my entire car to inspect it. Then they estimate on top of that, that the cost to repair the car will be $12,0000. I say screw you fix what you owe me and I'll take my car some where else to be fixed.

Then William turns into instant dick face and tells me that they won't do the repairs till I take care of the accident repairs. WHAT A SCAM!!!! The 3rd Party body company was totally not willing to work with me and kept on trying to raise the prices more and more on my 2002 BMW Z3 and gave me no options to try and work with me. Quoting "policies & procedures"

This place is a total scam I went to all the best auto collision repair people in the city to get an estimate and they were all under $4000 dollars. I finally settled with a place that a friend referred me to called 3MILLION Auto Body & Repair. BEST PLACE EVER ON PICO!!!!

With so many BMW's in the city you would think Beverly Hills BMW would want to run a customer friendly business but all there looking for are people with money to burn or scam the next sucker to walk in the door.



Matt M. | 2013-08-16

If I could put zero stars, it would be an insult to all businesses who also got zero stars to be in the company of this place.

Throughout our lives we all experience bad service, but rest assured there will never be an experience as hellacious as bringing your vehicle to BMW of Beverly Hills.

They are so bad that I've considered hiring a team of sign throwers to stand outside the business and send you to any of the dozen body shops in the 5 surrounding blocks that are better on every front, as my community service for the year. It is an affront to business owners everywhere that a place could be run so poorly and still exist.

I have a list of complaints from the two times I used their service which includes coming in almost double the estimate without so much as a phone call, being late on no less than 5 deadlines they gave me for when the car would be ready (for a total of 8 days worth of delay), to the lying and condescending service agent, to the fact that a week after having the new tires installed, needing to replace them because they exploded on a city street and wrecked the rims.

Atrocious. Horrific. Amateur Hour. None of these words are sufficient so maybe I'll update the review when English evolves to accommodate for descriptions as negative as are deserved here.

Robert C. | 2013-08-16

I have leased and serviced from several BMW dealers over the years but I have to say that I got by far the best deal and greatest experience with Neda at Beverly Hills BMW.  Neda's is so charming and worked so hard to get me in the exact car I was wanting at a price that comfortably fit my budget.  I can not say enough good things about Neda.   She has a customer for life!

Keith I. | 2013-08-07

I dealt directly with Neda and she was great, even ran my credit against a different credit bureau to save me a few more bucks off my monthly lease payment.  The lady that helped me in finance was very pleasant and I even received several follow-up calls from their customer service department.

Spencer V. | 2013-08-06

Neda is the #1 BMW dealer in the country for a reason.  Her service is top-notch (make an appt because she gets busy) and she has a lot of flexibility to get you in the car you're looking for.  I've leased and purchased numerous vehicles and I've always been extremely pleased.

Their new facility is great, as well, and is a beautiful backdrop for all the gleaming new cars.

Want a BMW, ask for Neda!

Eric G. | 2013-08-06

Neda at beverly hills BMW is fantastic. The service is perfect and she does her best to accomodate the needs of her clients. She follows up with people and takes care of her customers.
Highly recommend Neda at Bev. hills BMW.

David D. | 2013-08-06

Neda is, by far, the most knowledgable, helpful and reliable car professional I have ever dealt with. She not only gives her clients great deals, she makes absolutely sure they are happy with every aspect of their purchase/lease and service experience. If everyone ran their business with Neda's attention to detail, none of us would have the distrust we often feel when walking into a car dealership. Neda is the absolute best -- she has been the top BMW salesperson in the US for countless years, and yet, she never takes that ranking for granted. She kills herself for her clients and extends the white-glove experience far beyond the time your signature goes on the contract. If you want the Ultimate Driving Machine, try the Ultimate Automobile Professional: run -- don't walk -- to Neda. There is none better!

Eric H. | 2013-08-05

Easily the worst car dealership I've ever encountered. None of the sales staff I've ever dealt with there has ever been particularly helpful or knowledgeable, and I wouldn't even dream about actually buying a car from them with so many other better-run dealerships nearby. They are, however, the closest BMW dealership to my home and office, so I end up using them for service - reluctantly.

It takes forever to actually get a service advisor on the phone, they never return phone calls, and are perpetually out of loaner cars. Their attitude seems to be, "if you don't like it, so what... we've got plenty of other customers who will put up with our s***." Once my lease is up, I'm going back to driving an Audi... and not having to deal with this crappy dealership any longer is a major factor in that decision.

Oh, and last but not least, they're located in 90036 (Los Angeles), not 90210. So they really should lose the "Beverly Hills" from their name, and drop that ridiculously pretentious, faux English-accented recorded greeting you get when you call them.

Melissa S. | 2013-07-23

So clearly I should have believed all the bad reviews on here about this dealership. I came here to not buy 1 car, I wanted to buy 2.  You would think that when someone walked into a dealership saying they wanted 2 cars you would get a little more customer service, but NO. I was here on 2 different occasions for HOURS looking at cars and supposedly getting a deal, instead I was being talked into two used cars (when I told them I wanted new) and getting and okay deal on my trade-in.  I was ready to sign and pay, when we found out their Verisign wouldn't take a personal check for that amount. Instead of being helpful and finding a way to make it work, they were pushy and we were told to come back when we had a cashier's only.

I get that there's policies and obviously you can't let me leave your dealership paying nothing, but they were anything but helpful in this situation. I wanted to pay cash for a car and they basically couldn't find a way to take it?  

We left frustrated 2 days in a row wondering if we even wanted BMW's, but thankfully our banker recommended us to go to Long Beach BMW where they were nothing like the people at Beverly Hills.

We told them we weren't interested in the cars anymore and yet they still are calling us for days "trying to make a deal."

Bottom Line: DON'T COME HERE!

James L. | 2013-07-16

This location is horribly managed. In March of this year (4 months ago), I took my car in for service and since it was a multi-day service (and they didn't have any loaner vehicles on-site), they sent me to the nearby Enterprise for my loaner vehicle (and told me they would pay the cost of the rental). Fast forward to June, and I notice on my statement that I have been charged $200 for my rental. I call to inquire what is happening and am told that the BMW and Enterprise locations in question are in a billing dispute with one another, and that there are a bunch of unpaid invoices (mine being one of them). And so I guess for whatever reason, because of their dispute I am the one being punished and getting stuck with the bill. Absolutely ridiculous.

Michael D. | 2013-07-15

we had been looking for some time for a good priced 3 series for sometime. We found several at Beverly Hills BMW. I called  and talked to Ona or Ana  she told me the one car I asked about was still available so we set up a time to see the car. Since we were driving a little more than an hour to get there I was concerned the car might be sold by the time we get there, but there were some other cars we would consider, so we headed out. First when we arrived at the dealer I easily found off street parking (some SFV dealers you may have to park a couple of blocks away). We promptly meet the receptionist and asked for Ona and were told see only made the appointments and that Alex would help us. Alex promptly brought the car out so we could test drive it. I immediately noticed the was a reserve tag on the car with my name on it. Okay now I'm impressed they really put a hold on the car for us. test drive went well. I asked Alex if we could see the car in sunlight to see any of the flaws it may have, after all it was a used car. Alex was very helpful and professional. We made a deal and Beverly Hills BMW earned our business. My compliments to Alex M. and Beverly Hills BMW. I'm a fan!

Simon L. | 2013-07-14

Since my last review, I received two voicemails: one from Neda and one from her minion.  They recited inaccuracies about my situation:  my lease does not end in Sept, and I do not get my car serviced there.  Needless to say, this got me going, and I discovered the secret to get these slimeballs off my back:

When you speak to Neda, use the FOULEST, MOST PROFANE language you can when you request to be removed from all of her sales lists.

She hung up on me after I did the above.  I am a happy customer - finally.

John W. | 2013-07-12

I got a great deal from Beverly Hills BMW and my sales rep Leo Da Camara was great.  The initial Finance lady I dealt with even matched the low interest rate I got.  

So why the one star rating?  Everything after the sales contract was signed was THE worst experience ever.  First, after the initial Finance lady got me the lower interest rate, she left the dealership, and no one in the Finance department could find my paper work.  They asked me to sign a new one and I obliged.  They overnighted the paper work to me on the east coast and I promptly mailed it back to the dealership.  FedEx confirmed delivery and the dealer lost the paperwork - again.  Third time is a charm right?  No.  They lost it a third time, but the forth and final was finally signed and received - a month and a half later.  

I had to take my new used car to fix my SiriusXM radio.  It was a hardware issue confirmed by SiriusXM.  Long story short, the service rep was also very nice, but failed to communicate to the mechanics what the problem was and told me to call SiriusXM.  I did that already as I had explained to my service rep when I dropped the car off.  They couldn't fix it that day and asked me to pick up my car and bring it back the following week.  Oh, and can you please pay us now because it's month end and our Finance department wants to close the book now...

I went to pick up my car from the Service building which is a couple of blocks from the show room/sales building.  The Service building was closed.  I went to the show room building and spoke with the lady at the front desk.  She said, well I can't help you, they're closed (I know that!).  You just have to go back there and drive around until you see somebody to help you...

I lost it.  

Oh, and they had promised me a second key.  The '09 car I bought only had one key.  They never followed through.  

BMW sent me a survey and yes, you guessed it, it wasn't favorable.  So the dealer called me and I got like three phone calls.  I called them each back and not one person returned my phone call.  

If you get a good deal from the dealership, good for you.  Just don't expect anything from them afterwards.

Dean V. | 2013-07-09

After my month long search with other dealers in the great SFV (see my older reviews) I seemed to have gotten a decent deal on my 2013 328i at this dealership.

Then, barely 4 months after purchasing this brand new car, the nightmare begins. First the car starts jolting when I slow down (engine leaking transmission fluid all over the floor) car spent almost 3 weeks in the shop. Now the car has a dangerous lag that is not a turbo lag, I know what those are and this is not it.  Car seems to drive rough in shifting gears and times doesn't move unless I literally gun the throttle.  I've taken my car to get checked at this dealer as well 3 times plus another 3 times at other dealers in the area.  Obviously they sold me a lemon, the service loaners I've gotten each time were the same exact car down to brass tax and had none of the symptoms mine has.  I would have loved to have given this dealership a great review but the fact that I'm now 9 months into a lease with a dud car and have 2+ years left on it is very dissapointing. DEALERS ARE OFTEN NOT OBLIGATED TO REPORT CAR MECHANICAL ISSUES OFF THE PRODUCTION LINE (maybe that's what they do here).

The service advisor tells me "yeah these cars are just slow, they're 4 cylinders that's why".  Sorry BMW of Beverly Hills....sports car with 240hp and 260lbs of torque is not slow...bad lame excuse for selling me a lemon and not doing anything about it.

They're "really fast cars" says my sales guy before pocketing my down payment and signature. Once you buy a car from them they could give two shits how many problems the car has once it's in your possession. From there on out you're gonna hear "that's just how these cars are".

If I ever bother to stay with BMW which I won't, may even sell mine now, I will never buy from here again.  

Going to contact BMW of North America about this, will blow up Twitter so everyone in LA knows to avoid this dealership, plus start a blog about this and additionally post my case all over facebook.

Joe R. | 2013-07-02

Wow, glad I didn't read the reviews before coming here.  I'm stunned at that, honestly.

My wife and I had to turn in a lease early, and were looking for an exchange.  Alex helped us through the process and gave us a MUCH better deal than Carmax or SouthBay even offered.  

Alex worked through the numbers, and our options with us throughout the whole process.  Unlike other places, I never felt pressured into a deal that I didn't want and walked away incredibly happy with the whole experience.  My only regret was not going there in the first place.

Matthew T. | 2013-06-24

Got a great price on a great car. Joseph Heravi was great.  I hate buying cars, bue Joseph made it smooth and pleasant.  Lots of patience, and showed me the car I wanted.  Picking it later this week, but throughly pleased.  Look for Joseph...worth seeking him out.

The "true-pricing" concept they use is a bit unusal at first, but generally speaking, it was in line with my expectations.

Kristina L. | 2013-06-19

Love this dealership and location. I am now in a new BMW 3 Series and loving it! Had been in an Audi for about 6 years and was time to switch it up. A friend of mine recommended leasing from here. Neviana was the dealer who helped me and was AMAZING! Very cool and not pushy, got me exactly what I wanted in the price range I was looking for.  I had no idea that BMW takes care of all servicing such as breaks, rotors etc up to 50K miles which was a huge bonus (I usually end up paying out of pocket to replace all that after 1.5-2 years). Unfortunately it looks like some people had some not so good experiences.....that's too bad, but the rep that set me up was great. Good luck!

He W. | 2013-06-06

Wow! You would really think that a high end car dealer in a place like Beverly Hills would have their act together in providing great customer service...not the case! We purchased my son's car there last August. Never received license plates. I've called the DMV reps, the sales person and even the general manager: Sebastian. That was last Friday and NO call back-not from him or from any one on his staff. No calls back or just no follow up. As the old saying goes: Fish rot from the head first-well,the proof seems to be the case at this dealership.

I have owned 5 BMWs and have never had a bad experience at any of their CA location. Unfortunately, BMW North America really has no ability to influence, this is "independently owned and "operated".. bummer for beemer!

My son takes the car over to Santa Monica BMW to have any service/maintenance work.

Now the only way to get this resolved is for me to spend a lovely morning at the DMV and paying the $20 to get new plates. Ridiculous!!!

Rachel W. | 2013-05-23

Bought my BMW from BMW of Beverly Hills.  Fair and sure pricing.  Top notch sales team.  I could not ask for more or better.
Highly recommended.
The next part of this review is for 18 months later when the HD radio is sounding crummy.  Could not get a response from the service department (what is covered under my warranty?) even though I phoned 7 times.
It is easy to sell a car.  The real work of a dealership comes after the sale.  I will buy my next BMW from Santa Monica or elsewhere.

S B. | 2013-05-21

Mixed review.  

Sales:  5 Stars

I have always had a wonderful experience with Neda - 3 BMWs in a row.  She's a saleswoman - no doubt about it - so if you don't want to work with the #1 BMW salesperson in America - don't go to her. However, I love her efficiency and no B-S approach. It saves me time and energy from hassling about. Jerry in Finance is incredible. If you've been a good customer, he will fight for you. The bottom line: This team has big time influence with the company, banks, and BMW finance. When you sell 1144 cars in one year (Neda) you must be doing something right - and you can make calls others can't. Personally, I want the lovely lady shark on my side.

Service:  1 Stars

The service area is spotless - gleaming and beautiful. The service itself is blotchy. My service adviser went on vacation twice while my car was in the shop. It took me 28 days to get my car back (just like rehab) and I had to keep following up with them. I will say that the gals who work in reception are very nice and will remember your name. However, I will take my car to Beverly Hills Autobody from now on - many people have recommended that place to me.

Moral of the Story:

Go for the Sales - Go elsewhere for the Service.

Marc B. | 2013-05-18

YOU BECOME less then NO ONE to Beverly Hills BMW after the sale.

I bought a CPO BMW here at B.H. BMW last July.  I have tried and tried and tried to have someone give my promised (with due-bill) spare key and no one will help me.  They say my sales man is no longer there.   Manager says he'll look into it and call back....Never has after over 10 messages .  I have tried to have the operator leave messages or help me and they seem like they will over the phone,....then NOTHING


Saurabh S. | 2013-05-10

Bought a rare new BMW automobile from Yoram and Aaron at Beverly Hills BMW. Both were extremely nice and knowledgable about a lot of vehicles. We were able to get a good price and the overall experience was outstanding: everything from calling the dealership, meeting sales persons, going for a test drive and the delivery of the car -- the whole dealership is a five star. And I shall purchase from them again.

Scott M. | 2013-05-04

I had the greatest experience with Beverly Hills BMW yesterday.  I purchased a CPO 650i two years ago from them.  The paint chipped last week to my surprise.  I left a voice mail message for Ali, the sales manager.  He called me back shortly and asked me to bring my car in.  Upon arrival, i was immediately helped by the best salesperson, Elona, who also took great care of me.  Elona and Ali are repainting my car at no cost, they also gave me a brand new BMW loaner to use.  

The test of great service is when there is a problem, not when everything goes great.

Mana B. | 2013-05-03

I hate writing reviews for businesses and their services. After the service I received I felt that I should write a review for BH BMW....

I'm not a rich person and I felt extremely intimidated with purchasing a luxury vehicle. While on my long quest to find a BMW I went to several dealerships. Monrovia, Burbank, Riverside, & Beverly Hills. Working with these places made me feel like owning a BMW was out of my reach.

Sales People I worked with:

LEO:   he was unenthusiastic about allowing me to test drive a car. On the test drive I asked him if he drove a BMW and he said no. I dont want to waste my money on this car :( lol IDK why a sales rep would say that. IDIOT move. He was cute, but an idiot nonetheless.

I felt like my business didnt matter because of my age, sex, & income.

Brian D. | 2013-05-02

I ordered a new car from Neda and the experience was fantastic.  Neda is number one for a reason - she will give you the best possible deal upfront without the usual dealer games.  Henson and Erika were also extremely professional and a pleasure to work with.  Highly recommended!

Answer M. | 2013-04-25

so I went there on Monday to check out the a used car and the sales told me it was still in the process of inspection. and then she told me the car will be ready on Friday , but then today i checked the website and found that the car was removed , which means its been sold but no one notified me about it. and i sent them email but no replies....what the heck happened? thats so rude to customers!!!!!!!!!!

Jana R. | 2013-04-23

HATE THIS PLACE. Impossible dealing with anyone at this company. I purchased a car that was a trade in, in December of 2012. It is now April and I have had to replace 2 tires, the battery, the trunk (locking system) and now I need to get the brakes done because they are now metal to metal, as well as getting the back doors repaired. I bought their warranty that is supposed to cover pretty much everything, come to find out, it is not going to cover anything.

I spoke with Zareh (PreOwned guy). He admitted to selling me a DUD!!!!!! Said this is what happens and he was going to do nothing to fix this.

Also, I purchased the paint protection package through them because I was told I could bring it in on the weekends (I live in San Diego). They have to make a special appointment because they actually DO NOT offer this on the weekends AND now it is impossible to get a confirmation on an appointment. Horrible experience! NEVER PURCHASE A CAR FROM THIS PLACE unless you have time and money to WASTE!

Josh L. | 2013-04-17

Positive was the sales manager Harry and sales rep Yoron.

Negative was the sales rep Neda. She was rude and condescending and did not know the features and benefits of the car she was trying to sell. She argued and chastised my friend (ironically an automotive executive and she did not know it). She pointed to all her sales awards and decades of selling and told him the car did not come with brown leather seats when the color was listed on and we just saw the exact car on another lot.  We escalated to her manager and he had a talk with her about her attitude. She never came back to apologize. Very unprofessional.

Also, it took BMW Beverly Hills finance 3 months to pay BMW Financial Services the money they owed them on my old lease. I had to deal with threatening letters and late fees from BMW Financial Services who claim they can't reach out to BMW Beverly Hills and that BMW Beverly Hills has to initiate the conversation. I thought BMW was one company with one brand and customer service was paramount.

Bob D. | 2013-04-15

My father-in-law, who is a fairly wealthy man, was looking to buy a new S550 Mercedes.  I told him to first check out the BMW 750LI, he may be surprised.  He was reluctant but went to the BMW dealership anyway.  Now one thing you need to know about my father-in-law is that he grew up I'd say about lower middle class.  He earned his money as a day trader many years ago and it hasn't gone to his head.  He still shops for sales at the grocery store.  And sadly, he dresses like he shops for sales as well.  So picture a guy wearing an old pair of jeans and probably a flannel walking in to a BMW dealership.  (I wish I was there to hear the first thing a salesman told him)  He goes into the new dealership on Wilshire and a salesman walks up to him "Excuse me sir, but the used cars are next door"  WOW!  Yes, funny at first.  But then you gotta think, holy sh!*, what an a$$hole!
Thankfully he just turned away from that guy and pointed to another salesman to help him.  He told the salesman he wanted to test drive a 750LI but for some reason he walked him over to a 550I.  Guess this salesman didn't see my father-in-law as a 750LI kind of guy either.  A totally different car from a luxury stand point.  The luxury aspect is what he was shopping for.  Naturally the S550 won that battle.
So in conclusion, if those douchebag sales people hadn't profiled my father-in-law, they may very well have sold him a $110,000 car.  Instead, they tried to push a $75,000 car on him.  In the end, he got the S550 and is now forever a BMW hater!

Gennadiy S. | 2013-04-13

Had a great experience here buying my bmw if you want a great salesperson ask for Matt. He is straight up with you and won't push you just to make a sale.

Chinmay P. | 2013-04-06

If only there was a "No Star" Rating. Here's my story.

Rude Receptionists

I had to get information about a part these guys had replaced 6 months ago. I called the service department and the receptionist mumbled something. I couldn't understand what she said, so even before asking her to repeat she had hung up. Reps. of other dealerships ask - "Is there anything else I can help you with?" but no courtesy of that sort here.

Then I called close to 7 times, and no body answered the phone. My wife suggested I try calling from her phone in case they're number profiling. Same person answered and when she heard the question, she straight up hung up! WTF?!

I kept trying. Nobody answered for 5-6 calls. Eventually they did. This time she said she was a different person - but equally inhospitable tone. When I described to her my previous call experience, her response was "Well, it must have been someone else, What do you want?" - which customer service rep talks like that?

Absolutely rubbish experience. Before they transfer the call to a person they speak a warning - "You calls may be monitored for quality purposes"
I hope the dealership monitors this sequence of calls and "Correct" their behavior. This is a shameful representation of BMW brand and I can't believe BMW is letting such people ambassador their product!

Gage G. | 2013-04-01

I have taken my car to Beverly Hills BMW service twice and the service was awful.  Since I live in West Hollywood and they are closest,  I really want to use them, but the service is just awful.  1st time I went they told me it would take 2 hours, it took 6 hours.  The second time I went there their automated system told me a service was due, I go in and there is no service due, they then say since I am there I should balance my tires and get an alignment for 495.   Five Star tires is much less money.   Then I had a recall on my BMW. I called to schedule the appointment and the person was rude on the phone.  Told me I needed a letter, I told her I didn't have a letter.  Then she said I need to schedule an appointment and come in to talk to someone about it and see about getting a letter from BMW.   These people that work there are crazy and rude.  Also one star is too kind.

AJ R. | 2013-03-26

You would think that a dealership so large and prolific would do a better job on who they are hiring, but last year they hired a man who was suspected to have molested at least 20 children - Robert Pimentel and he was arrested on site for his crimes.…

Furthermore,  they pay their mechanics something like $25 an hour and they charge $160 an hour and a lot of the time won't even pay the full amount because of the billing system which gives them a certain amount of time to do a certain job.  But if there is ever any problems and they have to spend extra time, they dont get paid for it.  They only get paid for the job they were supposed to do.
     Basically the entire system is set up in a way that the dealership makes money and they have very little interest in their employees or whether or not your car is safe.  The dealership could care less about your car being fixed properly, they just make sure you pay the bill.
    Do not take your car to this place - they could absolutely care less about their employee's,  the customer's safety or even making sure the cars are in order before they leave....they are only interested in making more money.

Jonathan N. | 2013-03-12

I was dealing with Diana Whang, in  the Sales Dept.

They are a company of BAIT-AND-SWITCH...

Three vehicles listed on their website were "no longer available" and they kept trying to sell me something else.

Upon further research, I found out that the car was in fact still on the lot, but at a "sister dealership" which their website clearly says they can have shipped to their location.

It's no wonder they have such a low rating.  

As it turns out TWO of the cars I was interested in (one was on their own lot) was removed because it had too many mechanical problems.

ANother car I was interested in (from a different lot) was removed because it had too many mechanical problems.


So, bottom line, you cannot TRUST A WORD their website says, and you cannot trust their LYING SALESPEOPLE.

Update:   She finally agreed to have it transported for me to test drive.  ONLY IF I FILL OUT A CREDIT APPLICATION (I'm paying cash, I am not filing out a credit application)


LA F. | 2013-03-11

Here's the scenario: I have a X5 that I purchased from a different dealership than Beverly Hills BMW.  The light for oil came on and needed a little oil so my engine wouldn't fry. I pull up to the Beverly Hills service dept. and  I was told "since you did not purchase the vehicle from this dealership, we cannot help you."  "Are you serious?" ...I didn't get the name of the girl that said that, but then a few minutes later a guy comes over and tells me, "yes, we can't help you since you didn't buy the car here". I had nothing else to say or do but leave with no engine oil. I just left and went to McKenna a few days later (since I was in the area) and they took care of me with no questions asked.  Whatever Beverly Hills BMW, You suck, and you aren't even in Beverly Hills, you are in 90036.

Kailand D. | 2013-03-09

First off I want to start by saying this place is thee worst place to even step in. I have been here before and was helped by a gentleman by the name of gory ( not completely sure), who was very helpful. This visit was with my mother and she was looking for herself. My second visit was March 7th, 2013 and went into the dealership with my younger sister. I was looking for a 5 series 2013 and when I went in the receptionist asked me had I been there and this salesman Hendrick interrupted her and said he would help me. He never showed me a car, he was rude and disrespectful. He never ran my credit and had the worst attitude ever. He insulted me by saying that I should get a cheaper car. I called and complained to Steve and he said that he would fix the situation and call me the following day. Not only am I sure he was reprimanded but Steve did not call me. Hendrick is the worst salesman and if I could no stars, I would. The next day I went to Alexander BMW dealership and purchased my new car! So I hope someone from corporate reads this review an realizes they lost money because someone couldn't give good costumer service.  Never go to this dealership!

Allen Y. | 2013-03-04

This review is in regards to the purchasing experience (Sales & Finance) at BH BMW.


I did not visit the dealership until it was time to sign on the dotted line. I contacted the sales person Mr. Philippe Kahn directly to work out a deal on a new 2013 X6. As a member of the BMW clubs and on the BMW forums, Philippe was well known. My overall experience dealing with Philippe was simple and to the point. Was able to work out a deal we both agreed upon.

Nice guy HOWEVER, not exactly on top of things after you signed on the dotted line. (Also, after dealing with their Finance, I question his ethics as well and wonder whether if I would want to work with him in the future.) Was suppose to do a walk-through (learn all about the car) after purchase; scheduled an appointment he agreed to, and he was elsewhere when I arrived at the dealership. No phone call or email, so basically a drive out to the dealership for nothing. I emailed/called him afterward to re-schedule and never heard back from him again (I guess he disappeared off the face of the earth ... probably until you ready to buy another car! We'd see if he'd finally get back to me when I'm going to purchase the new M5.)

So for those that expects and want customer service, assistance with anything after purchase, he probably isn't the guy you want to talk to.


This is where all the sh*t happened! I would go negative if its possible!

We were put in touch with Mr. Harry Arslanian in the Finance department (or General Manager) by Philippe to complete the purchase. Mr Arslanian has no qualms about lying straight to your face. He tried to sell us the 'extended warranty' and other additional features, however I told him right off the bat, that I was not interested. I told him to "Please take off anything that is "extra" and/or "optional".

So we started going over the costs and I noticed two items that were listed as "optional" in the contract. 1) Phantom Security and 2) GAP Insurance. I asked him what those two "optional" items were, since I do not want any additional "optional" items and he said that both items were REQUIRED as they were all 'part' of the car that we brought, so we MUST have it.

After signing some more paperwork and a few minutes later, I brought up the question again and he said "Don't worry I'm not adding anything optional." He even said - "GAP Insurance is a must in order to qualify for the BMW special finance offer."

So once all the paperwork was signed, I decided to check out Harry's story. I figure you can get the right answer by going to the sources. I contacted a couple other dealerships, BMW NA, and posted the question on BMW Forums.

GUESS WHAT - no, you don't need GAP Insurance to qualify for BMW Finance and phantom security is just some BS extra the dealership tries to get more from you (according to many BMW owners).

Not very ethical at all the way Mr Arslanian is doing business (makes me wonder if the whole dealership works the same way!).

After I found out and got all the 'facts', I tried to contact Mr. Harry Arslanian to cancel my GAP Insurance (cancel within 30 days, you get full refund) and ask him about the so-called "required" items (i.e. phanton security) - guess he disappeared off the face of the earth as well.

I emailed him, called and left messages - but no reply what-so-ever. So I decided to contact the administer of the GAP Insurance and cancel myself. They were much more helpful and on-top of it. I was able to get the GAP Insurance canceled and a full refund ($775) was processed.

NOW THE HARD PART - BACK TO DEALING WITH BH BMW to actually get the refund check/money. I've emailed their finance departments, called, left messages, and no one has gotten back to me. After many phone calls, I was finally able to get in touch with someone from Finance and I spoke to "Ilona" and while she was very friendly & helpful; she told me that she will help take care of this for me, and get their business department to process and send me the refund - well, that was on January 30, 2013.

As of today - March 4, 2013, I still have not received the refund and still having difficulty getting in touch with someone that can ACTUALLY assist me with this or just to verify that everything has been taken care of.

For those that are thinking about buying a car from Beverly Hills or plan on dealing with their finance - BE VERY VERY CAREFUL. LOTS OF SHADY BUSINESS ....

*UPDATE: March 27, 2013 - I was finally able to get a refund after calling BMW HQ and getting them involved. They (BMW HQ reps) even had trouble trying to get a hold of someone to assist me. Finally, the BMW Rep and I waited on the phone for the manager (about 15+ minutes) because we didn't want him to just "call" back, which from experience - probably won't. After months of dealing with them, finally got the credit.

Again - BE VERY CAREFUL & PREPARED in everything if you plan to deal with them or even easier for you - just STAY AWAY!

ric m. | 2013-02-23

I purchased my BMW from here about two months ago and I must admit it was the best car buying experienced thus far.  Justin Campagnola was so helpful!  He went out of his way to track down the car's  history report and was kind enough to give me a walk around of the vehicle. He was kind enough to explain everything from run flat tires to xenon lights.  He even helped connect my phone to the stereo system.  Justin and the client advisor Leo Da Camara both made me feel confident in my purchase.  I am happy to say.  Two months later the car is still humming along! I will be back for my next car! Thank you BH BMW

Jason L. | 2013-02-20

So I just purchased a new 535i from here and I am very pleased with my purchase.   I got a great deal and they really took the hassle out of purchasing.  There was no pressure and everything went smoothly.  Nikko was my salesman was very knowlegable.  You often find salesman who do not know much but this was not the case.  And now my wife loves her new car!  Thank you Nikko!

N S. | 2013-02-18

I am sympathetic to those that work in the car business - it's certainly not an easy business.  HOWEVER,  salespeople need to return phone calls.  Not calling back = losing a sale.

My wife and I purchased an X5 in the summer of 2012 for BH BMW.  I would think that this would extend us some legitimacy.

Last month I left a message for the SAME salesperson and manager that sold us the X5.  A week went by and finally the sales manager called back.  He then had the salesperson call me back.  I asked him to price out a 740LI. He promised me he would call me back - HE DID NOT.  I called him after several days and he told me he lost my number.

I then went to the dealership to test drive and talk about pricing.  The salesperson gave me pricing, which was excellent, but tried to upsell me on a 740LI with more options then I wanted.

I called the salesperson subsequently and once again he never returned my call.

So, I went to Bob Smith BMW in Calabasas and bought my car there.  

I am thankful to BH BMW for giving me good guidance on car pricing and trade-in value. It helped negotiate a great deal at Bob Smith.

The sales dept at Center BMW in Van Nuys has terrible customer service as does Santa Monica BMW.

Jim M. | 2013-02-09

This dealership certainly lives up to all of the worst car salesman clichés.

I bought a 328i back and May and have been meaning to write a review.  The salesman, Joseph, lied to me outright telling me that the radio was satellite ready and all I would have to do is subscribe to Sirius XM.   I fell victim to the high pressured sales pitch and days after buying the car, I found outI the radio was not satellite ready and getting satellite radio will cost me $2000.    When I called, the salesman refused to return my calls.  I then tried to speak to the sales manager and after leaving him messages for weeks that were not returned, I finally gave up.

Gary A. | 2013-02-09

I must write to compliment Beverly Hills BMW Service Advisor, Sarkis Keheyan.  Sarkis is always responsive to every request and he does so promptly and with a smile.  I have owned a number of luxury cars over the years and I have experienced service at both BMW and Lexus dealers.  None compare to Sarkis Keheyan.  When I purchase my next BMW It will be Sarkis who will bring me back to BH BMW.

Robert O. | 2013-02-07

I dropped my car off at 8 am. The shuttle took me back and picked me up at 2 pm with my sales rep saying it was done. I expected the car to be ready but it wasn't for whatever reason. Finally got my car back at 6:30.

Need I say more? Needless to say, I am not coming back.

John J. | 2013-02-06

I didn't look at Yelp before going to BH BMW, so I was totally unprepared for this experience.  I live in Hancock Park and this is the closest dealership to my house.  My friend was in the market for a sports car and family car, and I need an everyday car.  Our plan was to go to Audi BH to for the A7 or A8 for myself and R8 for him, and then BH BMW for the X5M for him.  Our experiences at each dealership were the polar opposites.  I NEVER complain, but I felt compelled to come on here and share this story.  

We took my dog with us and went to Audi first, which is actually IN Beverly Hills, unlike BMW.  As soon as we walk in the door, we are greeted by a salesman, who spends a couple hours with us, talking cars, small talk, and did not push for the hard sell.  Nice guy.  One of the salesgirls came over, played with my dog, talked about dogs, not a word about cars or buying.  Just a very extremely friendly informative dealership.  We want to go look at BMW now, so exchange our information and leave.  Oh, and we let them know we are cash buyers, and they were still not the slightest bit pushy.

So then we leave Beverly Hills and head to BH BMW.  We walk in and immediately notice the new 6 series.  It looks AMAZING. Now I'm very interested in the 6 series!!!!  There was not a single customer in the place.  So you would think that when we walked in and started drooling over the 6 series one or two of the salesmen would have come to help us?  That's what would probably happen in any other dealership on the planet, but not this one.  Nope, we couldn't see a single salesperson on the floor or anywhere for that matter.  There was just the receptionist sitting at her desk doing nothing and acting like she doesn't see us. So we are done looking at the 6 series and go to the X5M.  My friend is opening every door on it, looking at the cargo space, sitting in the car........ Still not a single salesman comes to help us.  I'm bored, but my friend is in love with the car and wants a salesman to help him, so after we have been there about 20 minutes, I tell him I'm going to take my dog for a walk.  So I leave, take my dog around the block, meet a lady with a dog and our dogs play together while we talk.  Then I resume our walk, go back to the dealership, and go to the showroom.  I don't see my friend on the floor. He was still in the X5M!!!!  The whole time I was gone, he just kept hanging out by the car and walking up and down the floor.  I asked if anyone helped him.  He said he saw a couple people walking in the back, but no one was coming out, and he didn't ask the girl at the desk to get someone to help him because she was trying to avoid eye contact with him and he was just uncomfortable at that point.  I said if no one wants to sell you a car, let's just leave.  And we walked out and no one could have cared less.

Apparently everyone at BH BMW (which is not in Beverly Hills) is making way too much money to care about cash customers or selling any cars.  Worst service ever.  I cannot stress to you how bad this place is.  No one there deserves to get paid for working there because no one is working.

Steve C. | 2013-02-04

Would give no stars - walked out, after having the rudest, most condescending, lack of interest filled experience with one of their sales people, while trying to lease a new car.  As two loyal BMW owners (also both in sales), we can't believe this is the representation for this luxury brand.   It started with the salesperson telling us immediately how busy he was (showroom was empty of customers), then included recommendations for Mercedes and Lexus ("because everything is included in the price - unlike BMW"), that BMW had made no improvements on my friend's model in the last three years, and a remark about the ethnicity of another BMW dealership.   Those were the highlights!

Update - My friend drove completely out of his way to Pacific BMW in Glendale this weekend, and had the opposite experience with the salesperson there.  He was patiently explained all the updates in the last three years, and after several hours of negotiation, my friend came home with a brand new 2013 hardtop convertible.  Awesome car!   Great dealership and representation for BMW!

Andre X. | 2013-01-28

I came in and tried to buy a car with Nida and she was to busy, bogie and stuck up to show me a car without an appointment, even though she was on her cell phone playing words with friends, so I left and went to Audi and bought a Q7 clean diesel instead!  BMW HOW FAR WE'VE FALLEN! 0_o

Andre X

Teresa M. | 2013-01-28

This review is for Dan Cao in the service department.

One of my headlights was out so I took my car in this past weekend. At first, the service guys couldn't even see that the light was going...probably because they were too busy checking my brake lights, not the headlights. When they - yes it took 2 service guys to figure it out - finally saw the issue they told me it was going to be $1,000.00 to replace. For a lightbulb - yes $1,000.00. I asked to speak with a service advisor - I got Dan Cao.

When I entered Dan's office, he was texting. He continued to text the entire time I was in his office - he said he has sooo many clients texting him for advice. Really? Well. maybe you need to tell them you have a client in your office.....I'm pretty sure he wasn't texting clients.....just a hunch.

I asked if he knew why I was there. Without even looking at my car he says "It's $1,023.00 for your light to be fixed, I just did the same service January 4th and I know that's the cost." Really?? To change a lightbulb? You can't be serious. I know the bulb is around $200.00, but please. He then proceeds to tell me I need 3 parts replaced because "a bulb never just goes out." I asked if he was going to look at my car and he told me he could, "for $155.00 and all I'm going to do is tell you what I already know. It's $1,023.00. I'm trying to save you $155.00." Eventually he pulls up my file and misreads it - he thought my warranty was still good. When he thought I still had a warranty he says "Why didn't you tell me you still had a warranty??? - this changes everything." Why would that suddenly change everything? I corrected him and said my warranty was up last July NOT this July. Then he says "well, when you're light officially goes out, which it will, I'll work out a deal for you."

Needless to say, I did not have BMW service my car. Someone so rude and disrespectful does not deserve my business.

Instead, I brought my car to West Hollywood Automotive, and wouldn't you know, I ONLY needed the bulb replaced - the other 2 parts were completely fine. AND...all in all, for the light (which is expensive, around $200.00), 2 filters and total was $405.00....BMW told me it was $350.00 PER filter. I brought my car to the shop this morning, they ordered the parts, had them an hour later, and my car was done in 45 minutes.

Not only did I get great service at West Hollywood Automotive, but they saved me well over $1,000.00.

Whoever the Manager is for the service department at BH BMW, I strongly suggest you re-train Mr. Cao on his customer service skills.

Skudoza M. | 2013-01-16

For the service department.

Unprofessional and under skilled service department. It seemed like every service staff member was under qualified. I was very disapointed in BH BMW. I couldnt believe Andy Ciero was considered a service manger.  I think my local BMW dealer in Mountain View spoiled me.

Jeannette K. | 2013-01-06

Situation: brought my father's car in for reprogramming a key.
Drove up to the dealership cus i didnt know the service department was separate. I park and security commands me to repark cus its one of those long spaces where you can fit 2 cars. Understandable BUT would it hurt to ask nicely? Maybe a please? I'm not a dog. Then the receptionist who looks like she's ready to go clubbin tells me i'm in the wrong place. Ok she could have had a smile but whatever. No big. Off to service department. I pull up and get out of my car. A dud circles my car twice writing things down on a form. No hello. No how can i help you.. Then another man comes up to me an asks me if im being helped. Uh... Idk you tell me. Is this dude checking my car out or he just playing ring around the rosy around my car? I tell man #2 what my situation is and he cut me off and tells me to go away from the car so he can work on it...oh i'm so sorry i was in your way man #2. ANYWAYS i sit in the corner cus no one can politely direct me anywhere and at this point i'm irritated that no one is listening to me. I sit there for 30 mins watching these mechanics?? try to figure this out without a key piece of information i would have told them if they would have just listened and been courteous to me. Just because Im a female and asian doesn't mean i'm stupid when it comes to cars. But the way i see it. I think thats just the way they are with everyone and not just me. Hope you enjoyed my rant. Haha i would have put names but they didnt bother giving me their names. But it doesnt matter. They sucked as a whole.
P.S. Go to Southbay BMW and ask for Richard in Service. He was so much kinder and informative and saved me so much time. A+

Nanci M. W. | 2013-01-04

I'm giving Beverly Hills BMW five stars because if you have to choose between the two BMW dealerships, I'd highly recommend Beverly Hills BMW over Santa Monica BMW. I've never had anything stolen out of my car when it was being serviced at Beverly Hills BMW. And if I had, I'd like to believe that Beverly Hills BMW would have shown concern and tried to make it right.
More importantly, I recently had my car serviced at Beverly Hills BMW, August 2012, and everything about that service was a delight.

Erica S. | 2013-01-03

I came in to leas a BMW 535i, I spent 4 hours with Charles Chinda.  He told me he will get me the car from a "sister" dealership up north.  I gave him a deposit on the car and he ran my credit which was approved.  He shook my hand and said we have a deal.  Keep in mind that there were end of the year prices and discounts that were about to change so I thought I was go to go and went on and enjoyed my holidays.

I called him a few days later to make sure the car is on it's way and he told me I'm woking on it.  Then he called me two days later on January 2nd, at 6PM at the end of the day to tell me he was not able to secure the car and tried to get me to lease a vehicle that I did not want.

I told him I am only interested in the car that I gave you a deposit on and that we shook on it.  I came into the dealership today to find out what was going on and spoke with his manager, Emilio Roukoz after waiting for 20 minutes in Charles cubicle.  Emilio told me that they were unable to obtain the car and were not able to do the transfer.  He said the car is no longer available.

He said he could order the vehicle for me, but would have to wait 8-10 weeks for delivery, and I am in the process of getting out of another lease.

I suggested they order the car and give me either a loaner vehicle or pay for a rental while I am in between vehicles and waiting on the car that they had promised to me.

Emilio's behavior was extremely inappropriate and unprofessional and his response to me was "it's not my problem".  Basically they could have cared less about honoring their word and keeping their commitment to me.

These are the most UNETHICAL people I have even dealt with professionally and would not recommend doing business with them AT ALL.  

They have no morals and could care less about keeping their word or standing up to the "high level of service" that they boast about.

WOW Sonic, I am shocked that a multimillion dollar company such as yourself would hire such incompetent, immoral, and unethical people to represent your company.

Noneyobiz A. | 2012-12-13

stay clear of this place!!!!

Sabrina L. | 2012-12-12

This review is for Brian Hough in the service department.

I've come here several times for about 3 years. I only like having my service requests in Brian's care. He's very personable, thorough, efficient, attentive, and takes care of me as a customer. It's always a pleasure talking to him, he always remembers me (probably because I'd always come in with my lemon of a car), and he always tries his best to fulfill my needs as a customer.

Ziggy is also as amazing and amiable as Brian is.

Joel K. | 2012-12-11

Review of BMW service only.

Wow I don't know what it is with me these days but my fingers are itching to write a yelp review only when I need to vent.

So my new m3 of two months gets a flat tire out of nowhere and I'm about 99% percent sure its nail damage. I check in the back and....uh oh no spare. I call BMW assist (24 service) and thru their warranty tow me to the nighttime dropoff at beverly hills.

Dan, my service advisor, calls me the next morning and tells me I need to replace my tire. WTF why!? i ask....isn't it just a nail? His reasoning is that the tire was flat all night, and the weight of the car damaged the sidewall of the tire irreparably. Oh yeah, and he mentioned the tires are freakin expensive so you know, the owner of an m3 should have no problems paying for a cheap tire replacement of.....$500.

For one tire. Yup. the cost of replacing 4 is the same as one in my car. Incredulous, I tell him I'll call him back to research. For 15 minutes I call various tire shops and the wise owner of 7 dias tires laughed when I told him what the dealer said and told me to tell them "inflate the tire, and F*** off"

Long story short, 7 dias fixed the tire for $20, and even told me that the tires weren't even special or expensive (i.e. run-flats). They were just the conventional kind, which I confirmed with my dealer at crevier.

Never trust these robbers who are trying to charge you over TWENTY times the cost of a normal problem. I'm not much of a car guy but his reasoning sounded so ridiculous and corrupt that I couldn't believe even if i WANTED to.

Kostas M. | 2012-12-06

They advertised a 3 series wagon as certified, with the extended 100k mile warranty.
After coming in and driving the car, the claim the car is NOT certified and would not give the extended warranty.

dodgy !!

D A. | 2012-12-05

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. Every time I needed help, I needed to call 3 times. The first two I left voicemails, the last time I had to threaten to speak to everyone's boss until I could get someone on the phone to help me.

When I went into the office, regardless of how new and nice it was, I had to wait upward of 40 minutes to get help from someone even after having an appt.

I have leased BMWs for a very long time. Solely based on how bad of service I got from BMW of BH I am no longer a member of the BMW family.

I would have rather driven to the valley than be treated that way. Stay away from BH.

Clinton W. | 2012-12-03

Reviewing the Sales Department, based on the BMW we just purchased. No experience with Service Dept. yet.

The sales people here were pretty typical from most dealerships, and we visited 7 (between BMW, MB, and Audi)  in our journey to purchase a car. They are nice and helpful enough when you go there while feeling you out if you're there just looking, or actually serous about purchasing.

Beverly Hills BMW has a "True Price" model where they have some forumla that calculate the price they will sell it at, and they are not able to negotiate from there. Its suppose to take all the awkward "negotiating" out of car buying so its fair for everyone. Sounded sketchy at first, but the price is actually pretty good. They quoted something below Invoice after everything, and I ran numbers on sites on my phone (edumuds, ), and their "True Price" is actually pretty good (with all the promotions, cost was around $1k and change under invoice. Cant remember exactly, but maybe 5-6k below MSRP). We did end up visiting 2 other BMW dealerships after BH, nether of them could not be negotiated down to something better, and 1 would not even match.

We visited BH twice before our purchase, once at the beginning of the month, which we liked the "true price", but could not agree on the trade in value for our car, so we walked. Our sale rep called towards the end of the month. He said they were trying to make numbers to wrap up the month so more willing to make something happen. We brought up the trade in value again, and he said that its something they can revisit.

Our 2nd visit was at the end of the month, and they were really agressive to make a sale (I'm ok with the sense of urgency as long as they dont make the buyer feel they are being pressured). The "True Price" was still good, and they found the model that we wanted, but it wasn't on their lot, it was at another dealer in the OC. They said they could still get it here by tomorrow (so they could make the sale within the month). As for the trade in value, they offered 2k more than our first visit (better than everywhere else we appraised it for, and on par with what we researched on KBB)... so SOLD!

The next day our sale rep drove himself down to the OC to pickup the car during rush hour so we could have the car that day. We were also busy day till 9pm, and they stayed late for us to come after 9pm (on a Friday night) to get the car and finish up the paperwork. So far we love the new car.

- come at the end of the month vs early, more willing to make a deal.
- if you prefer not to spend hours negotiating the "True Price" model here is good.
- sales manager are involved, they dont just leave you with the sales rep, they come to make sure everything is good.
- really went out of their way to make the sale without being overly pushy (people probably think... duh, it's their job, but it is sometimes rare).

- people who are great or love to negotiate are going to feel they might not be getting a good deal with "true price"
- their finance dept did try to get both my wife and I on the credit app, even though we only wanted to have 1 person on it. They pushed a little harder than what we would like, but eventually we said it would be a deal breaker and they backed off.

Bomi E. | 2012-11-27

Review of BMW service only:

My tire light kept on coming on even after they put air in my tires (3 times). Finally they realized it was something mechanical. Besides their incompetent mechanics, they are ridiculously rude.

Sean M. | 2012-11-15

To be fair..... they aren't the WORSE dealer I've had the experience of interacting with.... but they are far from the best.

Center BMW, Pacific BMW and McKenna BMW, hands down, triumph over Beverly Hills BMW when it comes to service.

When it comes to purchasing a car............... they give you rates you cannot fathom. I have helped numerous friends and family get into a variety of cars over the years, and I probably spend more time in a dealership in 1 year than most people will in their entire LIFE TIME... this dealer is not one to go to if you want to negotiate.

You can get the same car, cheaper, with better service elsewhere.

As many others, I have spoken to Neda in the past. She is notorious for getting Persian clients to spend $$ and think they're getting a deal.

Beverly Hills BMW is best saved for those who don't care about getting a great deal.

Christophe G. | 2012-11-12

I bought my first Z4 at BMW Beverly Hills about 5 years ago, and at the time I would have given it 5 stars. Now, not so much. AT ALL.

We arrived and asked to talk to Neda, as she had taken care of me 5 years ago and I constantly receive emails from "her" (well, a computer that signs for her) saying how much she loved doing business with me, that I should definitely come back very soon, etc. etc. In short, in these emails, she is close to inviting me over to Thanksgiving with her family.

Neda, who is a salesperson mind you, and not the CEO of BMW North America, was "too busy to see" me" (she was talking to some other guy in his office), and her "second assistant" was possibly the least motivated person I have ever seen, ever, at a desk.
I was told, in 2 minutes and after pulling teeth to get info on the car I was interested in, that they did not have much stock, that I was out of luck and that, anyway, I should make an appointment to test drive a car.

Really? Oh, I am sorry, I totally thought you were supposed to try and SELL me a car. Not keep me away from them! My bad.

Bottom line, bad service - if any at all - made them lose a sale, and they probably lose dozens a month. I drove my old car to Pacific BMW (see my 5 star review on their page) and purchased a $75K car that same afternoon. Just to say that I was not exactly there to "waste their time" in the first place. Sorry, your zip code does not make you irreplaceable.  You can and have been replaced by your direct competition. Won't be back.

Darren M. | 2012-11-12

This is the worst dealership! "World Famous Beverly Hills BMW" they say, famous for what, they don't. I have bought over 14 BMWs from various dealerships in Southern California and I have also gotten my cars serviced at several dealerships in the area. BH BMW could care less about me as a customer when it comes to servicing my car. There have been a few times where my car needed to be towed to the dealer and BMW Assist makes you tow to one of the closest dealers usually and despite the fact that I have probably one of the most expensive cars they sell at the dealership they have turned me away saying that they have a 2 week wait for loaner cars and they would only give me an Enterprise rental if I purchased my car there. Well, my most recent car I did not purchase there, but I had purchased 3 from there in the past 5 years and they could care less. The last time I was there I got turned away as my car was sitting on the flat bed out front. They said they did not have any cars available and there was nothing they were willing to do for me, not even get me a rental from an outside company. I honestly hate this dealership. Worst experiences (yes, there are many) ever!

Anonymous G. | 2012-11-07

This is a pretty crappy dealership.  I went in and had to wait a while to see a salesperson.  Once I met with one, they seemed pretty condescending and mean.  I went to Santa Monica BMW and bought a car there 2 days later.  That dealership is nothing to brag about, but they are better than Beverly Hills.  Then again, that's not saying much.  If you want a descent dealership, go to South Bay BMW. They are pretty descent.

Sabyne F. | 2012-11-01

The soiree I attended was absolutely fabulous. BMW certainly knows how to treat their family. The party was perfectly planned and executed. Catering was yummy, party hosts were charming and pleasantly personable. I especially liked that there was a VIP area for the fam and I to lounge properly in. Entertainment you ask? I'll give you the answer. COLIN HAY that's who!!! Gave a beautifully soul filled acapella performance of the 80's hit, "Who Can It Be Now." Oh yea. That's right.

Kia C. | 2012-10-23

One star for the service department. Made my wife pay for engine oil for her MY2012 BMW.

I only wish she asked for Paul Sanhaphakdi like I suggested, who is the only nice, decent service advisor.  Haven't seen him in a long time, but seems like he's still there.

If you get anyone else other than Paul S., don't be surprised if you get nickel-and-dimed or some other bad experience.

Judy P. | 2012-10-23

This review is with regards to the SERVICE CENTER.
it is incredibly poorly run and have only had bad experiences for the last year....Let me start by saying NO ONE ANSWERS THE PHONE.  I mentioned to them when I finally get through that I have been calling for 10 minutes to find out the status of my car being fixed and they just brush me off, "we only have 2 receptionists today".  
I am a very understand person, but I cannot believe the way they handle their customer service, they are not apologetic, not helpful, not responsive, all people want is answers without smirks.
I took my car because of a radio issue, which of course was not covered by warranty because it is a design flaw.  
I called ahead to pick up the car and asked them to ask the service people to have it ready ,it was the middle of a work day and I was getting a ride.  I arrive at the center to pick up my car and was greeted by no one.  all the service advisors seem to go on lunch at the same time. clearly the office and center is too busy to handle all their cases and problems, they should hire more staff to balance out all the issues running through the place.  The cashier, Emy was rude and curt. I asked her a few questions and she was rude.

Maddy R. | 2012-10-18

I will never get a car from BH BMW again!! OMG this Neda person is so annoying. She calls nonstop and I even tried to get my next car from her but she gave me a horrible deal so i decided to take my business elsewhere because i didn't want her or her assistants harassing me when I have 3 months left in my lease. BH BMW you need to get RID OF NEDA!!!!!

Briana R. | 2012-10-01

Can I give negative stars?? Let's try to make that an option, ok Yelp?

I have been looking into a 09 BMW 328i and I came across the ad on Craigslist. My Dad and I headed over to this dealership (using the address that was on the ad) and well there is no dealership at the location from the ad.  HELLO-- update your info, no? Maybe that would help? And guess what, you're not in Beverly Hills.

I then called the number and was told they moved ( a year and a half ago). So we headed to this location and I was met my Joel- I told him about the car and he said he doesn't recognize that specific car and it was not out on the lot.  He then went to the manager and asked about it. Apparently it was down the street being worked on?? HUH-- why do you place an ad if you don't have the car available for people to see?  And that ad was on the site for a WEEK.

It was the biggest waste of my time to drive out there. They sent someone to go find it and surprise surprise they couldn't locate it. SHADY.  I was pretty much told, "too bad come back later".  And the manager-- he hid in his office and wasn't professional enough to come to my face and apologize or explain the situation.

WORST service.

Alana S. | 2012-09-27

My experience with Beverly Hills BMW was amazing. I went in and drove out with a new car all in the same day.  Yoram was incredibly helpful from the second I walked in and helped me find EXACTLY the car I wanted.  Both Yoram and Emilio worked out an amazing deal for me that I just couldn't say no to.  They are very kind and such a pleasure to work with!  I forgot who helped me out in finance but he was very fast and helpful.  Everyone at this place treats you with respect and always has a smile on their face.  I definitely recommend Beverly Hills BMW for anyone who is looking for a good deal on a BMW. Ask for Yoram because he was incredible and won't let you down - he certainly didn't let me down!

Yoom T. | 2012-09-19

i hate the fact that I bought a car from here.  I got convinced into buying this envior guard protective plan and its so useless.  Trying to get them to clean my car or put a protective coating is such a long hard process, I think they purposely do it so the company hopes that the customer just gives up. Once you buy the plan from BMW, BMW has no part in the request to have your car worked on anymore, you must contact envior guard.  I was told that if you get any stains in your interior that you just call the 1800 number and they will come to you to get the stain out.  I called the company and they asked me if I tried to take out the stain myself.  I told them I did, and they still gave me a hard time, by that time I just gave up.

Alison L. | 2012-09-06

"Hi Miss Le!" said Charles as he greeted me when I came in to pick up my car.

It all started when I came here on a whim all the way from San Diego last Saturday because I saw an ad for a car I was interested in. I walked in and was greeted by a row of beautiful cars and hundreds of people and customers scurrying about. I asked the receptionist to speak to someone, and actually had to wait for a sales person to come talk to me. Usually I'm the one trying to run away from the aggressive sales people. Well it was a nice change. The car I wanted was still in service, which I thought was odd since it was listed online already, but after some begging Charles led me down the block (and up 4 flights of stairs) to see my beauty. She was perfect, just what I wanted (except that it was manual, and red on the inside but that's ok it's growing on me). From there everything fell into place. I got pre-approved for a decent rate, and Charles told me that he'd call me Tuesday after the holiday weekend to confirm and see when I can pick up my car. He promptly called me at 9:30 Tuesday morning, and left me a message because I was at work. After some phone tag, Charles texted me and we found out that I could pick up the car that night. I told him I'd be coming from San Diego and I wouldn't get there until about 8pm, he was okay with that, he also reminded me to put insurance on my car since I was driving it so far home.

So I actually got there around 7:30pm, and was greeted by Charles as mentioned above. He pulled out my car and she was even more beautiful than I remembered her. After test driving it, checking her from front to back, and filling out all the information Charles took me to see Ali who would handle our financing, it was now about 8:30-9. Ali was a joy, he was funny, full of energy, and efficient given what time it was and he claimed he had been there since 9AM too. He ended up giving an even better interest rate than what I was pre-approved for! (with no but's) As we left at around 10:30pm, most everyone was still very pleasant, I'm not sure I would be as pleasant as these people were if I were to be working 13 hour days, but they definitely made my experience great. I was very happy with the overall experience and my car.

In regards to some of the other reviewers claiming they felt inferior to other "more well dressed" customers or whatever, that wasn't my experience at all. I came here wearing jean shorts and a T-shirt and they treated me just fine. If you want to know what a bad BMW dealership is like, read my review for BMW of San Diego...

So overall I highly recommend Beverly Hills BMW, Charles was awesome down to earth, funny, and polite.

The ONLY minor minute downside was there was a dead bird in my front grill.....we noticed it when we picked up the car, it IS a used car so it's pretty common, and it's not a common place they check i suppose. Charles offered to have someone get it out for us when we showed him but given the time it didn't really bother me, but i definitely think it should be something they pay a little more attention to...

Diana D. | 2012-09-05

For the service department- I called to schedule an appointment and was met with an extremely rude girl on the phone. I asked if they had any loaner cars available and she snapped at me and told me I had to reserve two weeks in advance. What a bad attitude... Had she been polite, I would not have had a problem and would have just waited for my car. But now I am going to South Bay BMW tomorrow where they have great service, friendly phone staff and even a loaner car available!

S S. | 2012-09-01

They repaired the Recall on the BMW Battery cable (5 and 6 series 2004-10) and one week later the Battery Safety Terminal went bad (attached by a wire to the part they repaired). They wanted $870.00 to fix that. The service representative was rude and said I was just trying to avoid paying by blaming them for their faulty repair work.  It's obviously related to the recall repair they did since it's connected directly to the place they worked on.  They denied responsibility and said it was just an unusual coincidence, andI had to pay to get it fixed. I even spoke w/ the highest level supervisor in the Service department, and he was rude and basically hung up on me. The recall is suppossed to be free and mandated by the NHTSA (Goverment) so I reported them, and also reported them to the BBB, and California DA Consumer Affairs.

P N. | 2012-08-28

I called Beverly Hills BMW to inquire about a particular pre-owned vehicle on its website. I hit the "contact us" button and expected to be called back almost immediately. This is what happened with every other dealership I contacted. Not so with this one. I was sent an email five hours later which said they'd been trying to contact me all day. Again, not so. I was home all day. I should have taken that as a sign, but I phoned and spoke to the guy who wrote me, nonetheless. I'd been looking for a car all week and had almost had it with the various b.s. one's subjected to in the process-- especially if one is a woman.

I was incredibly specific about what I was looking for and told the guy so. He said, yes, I understand and this car fits the bill. I asked about the finance deals, the trade-in process, was satisfied with his answers, and made an appointment to see the car the next day. I should have stayed home.

When I got to the dealership, it turned out that the nice guy I spoke with was not a "client advisor," but merely a "concierge." Strike one. When you spend time on the phone with someone you think is going to be your contact at a dealership, you make a decision to further invest your time with this guy or not as you speak to him. If you don't like him, you don't go in. Simple as that. Take note, dealers: it's important to some of your customers to avoid this kind of bait and switch. It puts us in a grumpy, suspicious mood.

I stayed because I wanted to see that car, and I was introduced to a young guy (I won't name him because maybe he was having a bad day) who promptly showed me the car. First of all, the interior color had been described as "grey" on the website. It wasn't grey. It was a pale yellow. Furthermore, the leather on the driver's seat was so scratched up that I didn't know how they could put this car on the forecourt and call it "ready" to be driven away. I told the advisor that I had some reservations.

I asked him if he anything else on the lot-- he did not. He urged me to consider the car that wasn't "perfect," and I said I would. After all, he said, the "price was right." Well, it was. Before we sat down and started talking extended warranties, maintenance, etc. Then, the price became ridiculous-- and I told this guy so. I said that I could get a new 2012 car for the price of this "pre-owned" with all the necessary warranties.

When you tell a salesman that you're the kind of person who is not mechanical, who does not want to have to pay for a single repair or maintenance item out of pocket and who generally can't be bothered doing anything other than regularly bringing the car in for service, you don't expect the guy to tell you that the BMW Certified Extended Warranty is all you need. It's not. Not when you have Navigation and a fancy entertainment system it's not. The only warranty that covers this is a BMW Platinum extended warranty.

Strike two for lying to the client about the warranties. Strike two and a half for trying to sell the client a warranty from another company-- a company that has so many complaints against it that you'd die scrolling through all of them on the net. Big no-no sending over the unctuous finance manager to "explain" things to me, too. The finance manager asked me what they could do to make me take a deal that day on the car. I said, "change the interior." I also said I would not walk away with a car that wasn't ready to be driven off the lot. They seemed shocked by that, by the way. But given many of the reviews for their service department, I'd have to be out of my mind to drive that car away with its tacky scratched-up leather.

And finally, a big Strike Three for getting peeved with the client when the numbers, no matter how many hours you've spent with someone trying to work them out, just don't compute. He actually said, "I've spent four hours with you!" I reminded him that I spent four hours with him, too. "You should have just told me you didn't love the car in the first place." I reminded him that I did tell him I wasn't thrilled with it. Sometimes, it takes people a while to be convinced that there's no way the car is going to work. I've never seen a car salesman become as visibly upset as this guy did. Not good. Instead, he could have offered to show me new cars. He didn't. The next day, I made a deal on a new BMW at another dealership. I had spent 5 hours there the previous week without success. So, there you go. It does pay to spend a lot of time with serious clients, even if you don't make a sale on the day.

I'll never go back to Beverly Hills BMW.

Robert Y. | 2012-08-25

Don't take your car here for service. Attention to detail is lacking and the work is sloppy. Service managers will argue with you versus finding a solution. Service Director ignores your concerns.

Had my door damaged during service and they did not disclose this. Try to scare me by telling me they have cameras in the facilities so I demanded they check and if the damage was not there I would be making a big stink about it. Eventually they argued to fix it but the work was not acceptable. They fixed it again which took another 4 days. But there was over spray on the sponge attachment on the door and it was not secured. Later I found trash that did not belong to me in the back seat and another damage to the paint near the rear wheel and on the hood. Dan Cao my service adviser is an idiot and so is his manager Sean Clemens. I don't know how people that lack common sense are in there positions.

Edgar A. | 2012-08-22

This place is CRAP I have complained about my breaks for ever and they always do the same shit keep my car for weeks and don't fix the problem. So I replaced the breaks myself. Less hassle and it only took a couple of hours. I would not ever recommend this place to any one. Worst service ever!

Hello K. | 2012-08-21

Finally got my 328i so I'm very happy with this part!! This is for the Sales part.
Just thought I'd give a review on the overall experience from day 1.

I spoke to Edwin online first to make sure the car I wanted would be available at the price within my budget. Also, a friend was interested in a Bimmer, and she had spoken with Matt (very nice and helpful guy who still followed up via email). Appointment was set up with Edwin, and since I couldn't make it, my bro and dad went for me. I heard the process was a breeze, and everything went as planned. We didn't get to do the sales with Matt, but a guy named Jeff. Only thing is that I was not given the gift as I was told I would receive, i.e. shades, thermos, etc. Besides that, might have received a 4 since this was the place I chose after dealing with 4 other lousy places closer to home.

***I am sorry to Matt, but I will refer you to my friends in the future!***

Lance S. | 2012-08-17

I also have had terrible experiences with their service department, but mine seemed more blatantly immoral than anything I've seen described here.  The manager of the dealership used to check and respond to Yelp, but they don't seem to bother even reading this site any more, which is pretty indicative of how little they care about their customers.  If so, that's a shame, as they really should be aware of the sort of sketchy things their service department has pulled in the past.  I'm sure it will cost their sales department business.  In fact, my wife is about to buy a new BMW, and even though we live near Beverly Hills BMW, I'm planning on telling her to go elsewhere because of how poorly I was treated.

In short, I brought my car in to have the battery replaced, because it hadn't been used in a few months (I live out of town).  They told me that I needed a bunch of other parts (alternator, etc.) to the tune of over $1000.  I thought this was a bit suspicious, as no diagnostic had been done yet, and there was no reason to think it was anything but the battery yet.  Once the work was done, they also refused to let me have or see the old parts, which was pretty shady.

Two days later, the brand new battery failed, and I found out that they had installed a faulty one (it had a bad cell) after testing.  The battery had a warranty, but when I attempted to contact the service department, my calls were not returned.  After a week of calling, I finally was able to learn that my service advisor had quit, but no one else made any effort to return my calls.  I then tried to speak to the head of the Service Department, but he didn't return any of my calls.  I placed no less than 14 calls over several weeks, and left messages with his personal assistant and voice mail each time.  NONE of these were returned. Finally, when I threatened legal action, the Service Manager miraculously returned my call and claimed he hadn't gotten any of the messages except for that was over 6 months after my first attempt!!!  I know he was lying because his assistant told me several times that she had handed him the messages and what he had said when she did.  I arranged to have the car brought in and the Service Manager refused to replace the battery under the warranty, even though it was still well within the warranty period. To add insult to injury, he said that the reason he wouldn't replace it was that it had now been too long even though i'd been trying to speak to someone since two days after I bought the battery!

The only concession he made was to simply waive part of the labor charges, suggesting that the battery's failure was somehow my own fault, and never apologizing for not returning my calls over 6 months.  Never mind the fact that they had sold me $1000 worth of unnecessary work previously.  I find this kind of behavior not only to be inconsiderate and shockingly disrespectful, I think it borders on criminal.  I am a bit surprised that such practices would be tolerated by a top dealership, let alone BMW corporate.  Let's hope they handle such things better in the future.  In the meantime, any suggestions on where we should buy my wife's new X3 are appreciated.

Vanessa C. | 2012-08-09

First off, it's not even in Beverly Hills.  So that name is supposed to imply that they are above par (or whatever one thinks of when they hear the name.)  Well one thing synonymous with BH is sometimes "pretentious" which these guys are or at least seem to be.  The only helpful one seemed to be the reception girl.  We actually had to have her talk to us about her knowledge of when they would get an X1 on the floor.  

I just wanted to see the difference (or even HEAR about the differences) between that and X3 and the X5.  For such a big price difference, I wanted to know what the deal was.  Alas, no help.  I couldn't even spot a salesman.... other than the one that was helping a  couple who was draped in brand name this and that.  Mind you, I do have designer (or expensive) clothes but I buy things that are much more understated and not screaming a name of a company on them.  

It was such a bad experience that I will happily drive down to Long Beach or better yet Irvine (where we used to buy our BMWs) to get quality service.  I gave it an extra star for the comfort of the chairs and the well stocked water fridge.

Elizabeth L. | 2012-08-07

Not at ALL what I had expected. Terrible service and super unprofessional. Went in to buy a car but It didnt seem like they wanted my business. Tried to get me to commit to buying a car without even test driving one--said it was a lot of trouble to move the their cars. Insane! Even unprofessional on the phone --you would think they would be more polished and customer service driven. Really surprising and I would never buy a car here. MUCH better experience at Beverly Hills Mercedes and BH Audi. Westlake Audi was very nice as well

Palm Springs G. | 2012-08-02

Horrible service from Jeff in the service department. We brought our car in two days ago and not only have they not started working on the car, they haven't returned 4 calls from us to confirm the work we want done.  I'm sure this is Jeff being pissy because we gave him a poor review when we got the follow-up service call from BMW the last time we took our car in. How do you just not call one of your customers and leave them with no car for two days? Even worse, is that this is the childish behavior demonstrated by a grown man who is supposed to be a professional. Does anyone know of an alternative? I hate that I feel trapped to have my work done by a BMW dealership. What goes around, comes around Jeff. And unfortunately, you know that management and higher-ups at BMW know that their employees do this kind of foolish stuff and they do nothing about it. Does anyone know if it does any good to try to complain beyond a local dealership? Can you complain at the national level or with the Better Business Bureau?

I understand that BMW won't contact us after this service visit since they did the last time we brought our car in. They should change that policy in order to prevent exactly this kind of thing from happening (i.e., vindictive retaliation for a prior bad review).

If you have ANY alternative to having your car serviced at Beverly Hills BMW, please consider it strongly and encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to do the same.

Andy L. | 2012-07-16

My friend is in the market for a new car, and he took me along on some test drives yesterday because I'm his resident car-geek friend. He's been driving a Lexus GS for the past 4 years, and we all think he needs an upgrade, so we went to check out the Audi A7 over at BH Audi, and then the 4-door 6-series at BH BMW.

For a point of contrast, the guys at BH Audi were terrific. Just friendly, welcoming, informative, helpful - showed us the cars and explained the different features, took us on a test drive - everything you'd expect from a modern dealership that knows LA car buyers are savvy and not willing to put up with a hard sell. Overall positive experience.

BH BMW, on the other hand, was just sad. I mean - I know they're a BMW dealership in Beverly Hills, and in terms of volume it's like a Toyota dealership anywhere else, but shouldn't they at least TRY? I noticed one reviewer on here who said he'd rather take his car to Bob Smith in Calabasas, and I totally get it.

The first guy we saw - sporting his nifty BMW polo shirt (flag #1: you're selling luxury cars, shouldn't you dress the part?), said hello in an almost "what are you doing here?" way. "We'd like to see the 4-door 6-series." "Oh," he said deflatedly, "We had one, and then sold it in like two days..." (pause/stare) "Okay," we said "Do you know where we could see one?" "No - everyone just got one, and they're probably all gone." Pffffffffft - like the air going out of a balloon - went his chances of winning our business in that moment. You're not going to offer to find one online? Order us one fresh from Dingolfing? NOTHING AT ALL? "Well we're going to look around." "Okay," he said - seemingly glad to be rid of us...

Mind you, the 6-series is a dead sexy vehicle, and we were obviously very interested in it. They had one sitting in the middle of the showroom, and we pored over every inch. We sat in the car, fiddled with the nav controls, talked about how it contrasted with the A7... in many ways quite favorably.

You'd think a salesperson would've sauntered over to see how we were faring. "Can I help you?" "Do you have any questions?" "How do you like it?" "Can we get it for you in blue?" "Would you like to take it for a SPIN!?" Any of these opening lines would have been perfectly acceptable, but not a soul spoke to us. Not one.


Ridiculous. We'll probably give the guys over at BH Audi a call, and our business, since it seems to actually matter to them.

Li H. | 2012-07-14

We went there for service for the first time.  The service agents looked confused and although pleasant enough, seemed a little distant and not engaged.  After the car service was done, we saw the vehicle go by us three times.  A half hour service took closer to an hour and a half.  I kept thinking, the process has to be better streamlined here.  The facilities are beautiful, but the running of the services operations is scattered.

James W. | 2012-07-14

The service center here is nothing short of a really BAD joke. The employees are rude, unhelpful, and never answer/return your messages questions or concerns. How hard is it to get the oil changed on my Z4 Hard Top?!

Jeremy R. | 2012-07-13

Only one word needed: Neda
Neda is the best, just bought my second vehicle with her, do it!

Terry A. | 2012-07-10

My BMW convertible lease was up so I returned the vehicle.  When I had pre lease end inspection, they told me only few things needed to be addressed.  tire and front bumper.  After I returned my vehicle, I got a bill for almost $4000.  I tried to ask questions why i got charged  that much, dealer will give me run around.  They wont answer my calls.  I left numerous messages.  when I get in contact with the person, he will said he will get back to me and never got back to me.  I am getting charged almost $4000 unfairly..
I would think twice about doing any kind of business here.  
They will rob you blind.
The guy who never answered my call was man in charge Chase Preston Sales manager.
Consider yourself to be WARN from losing thousands of dollars.

Cr T. | 2012-07-09

Stay Away!!! Arman Hovanesyan is a Crook! Beware! Don't say that I didn't warn You! I purchased a 2007 X3. Days after I bought the car i realized they sold me a smokers car. The car smells so bad!!!!  They did not even go through the car whatsoever. It was still on warranty when i bought it and it came with two broken ventilation vents and a broken cup holder.  They ignore phone calls and emails.  I'm upset that I even have to give them 1 star. Don't get screwed like I did. Stay clear. I only went to these guys because I got a $100 discount with the Military. So sad that they would want to screw a member of the military.

Annie C. | 2012-07-09

We went to lease a car last weekend. Great service, customer advocate, reasonable price. I am def going back to lease our next car!! Salesman Jeff, Dennis and sale manager Emilio are great to work with! Highly recommend :)

Jerry Z. | 2012-07-06

WARNING stay clear of NEDA.........

She is crazy! I just bought a 535i GT from this dealer only because i fired Neda and went right to the sales manager.

Short story.

Called dealer spoke with Neda because the phone number went straight to her from Autotrader ad. She seemed on it over the phone and made sure to let me know how she was the number 1 in the nation in sales volume. Made sure I looked at her picture holding her card saying she was number 1. She told me she would have car ready and detailed to look at. Car was still dirty when I got there. We drove it anyways because this is the car my wife wanted. We sat down in her office she spent more time answering other emails (complaints from customers) and other phone calls than giving us her attention. She went over the complaint another customer emailed her laughing at the customer! I was starting to get a weird vibe. Buying a BMW has never been so unprofessional in the past. The last two BMW's we purchased were form Crevier in Orange County and we have ZERO complaints about how they sold us a car.

Now one of her assistance asked us to sit in the lobby as the paperwork was getting ready. We waited for over an hour! My wife and I walked around the show room a few times and in the garage area looking at other cars to keep us busy. I then asked Harry (who does the paperwork) what was taking so long. He said he had no idea we were waiting. He then called Neda and in 10 min got the paperwork going.

Now as we doing the deal I asked Neda for the car to get detailed. Over the now 2 hours we were at this dealership. NOTHING! The car was still dirty and there was a small blemish in the center console leather. I asked her to get it fixed or replaced she yelled at me and said no... And went on and on how if we did not want the car others would. I was not only upset at how she was so quick to just get a sale, how long we have been waiting because of her lack of communication with the people trying to do their jobs, but now she is yelling at me... I told her to get away from me and I am not buying anything from her. I then talked to Harry and he said he would do his best to get us taken care of. My wife and I got to the dealership at 2pm and we now walked out at 5:30 and headed home.

After all this Neda had the nerve to call me and asked if I had calmed down. lol Really me calm down? I am buying a BMW with a window sticker of $66,000 and she treated me like a number! She treated me like crap! She is very unprofessional. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HER!!!!!

Harry was kind enough to have me talk to Chase. Chase was great and helpful. I also talked with a sales manager who was also helpful and kind. These guys saved the deal. They had a gentleman Carlos deliver the car to me and made it right for me to still do business with the dealership. All 3 of these guys gave me faith in this dealership.

The point of this is to warn people to stay far away from Neda. She does not care about you at all she only cares about being the number 1 volume sales person in the nation. My recommendation to Beverly Hills BMW is this. Have 10 number 10 sales people who can spend their time taking care of your customers and send the number 1 in volume to a used car lot where she belongs! Either way you are going to sell cars your customers do not need to be treated like this. Read down this page and you will see many people complaining about Neda.

my .02 cents

Jon E. | 2012-07-06

Ok so I acknowledge that I haven't bought a BMW from here, so this rating does not reflect the quality of the vehicle; rather, it refers to the customer service experienced through my car-leasing process (mainly w/ a man named Edwin).

So, I called to get a ballpark estimate (loose quote) financially speaking, for a 2012 335i convertible. The "customer service representative" (I use that term very loosely), named Edwin, could only tell me that I should come in and see the inventory. He suggested I make an appointment to see what they have. I told them I wasn't 100% sure on my availability, so I gave them a time slot. When the day came around, I got pulled into an unexpected meeting that ran me way longer than expected. Beverly Hills BMW called me 3 times to "remind me" about the meeting! Talk about getting on your nerves (note that I did ask them to stop 'reminding me' via phone the first time they called). They seemed understanding though when I explained my situation.

Ok, so the next day, I called (again) to get a quote on the vehicle. Same response - "come in and see it for yourself", with Edwin explaining that the MSRP, and therefore the numbers, depend on the model that I choose. I then told him I wanted ballpark figures (not set-in-stone estimates), and gave him every bit of info he needed - options I wanted in the car, model, even the financing offers I found on the BMW website! His response: "In short Jonathan, I cannot give you a ballpark figure". I then replied, "I'm not coming in w/out numbers", to which he retorted, "That's fine". I ended the conversation with, "Ok. You just lost yourself a client" and quickly hung up the phone. The attitude and tone I got from him was noticeably disgusting and condescending, which led to my response and hanging up the phone.

They did - now I refuse to go there. Every other place I've called, has given me an estimate (ex: Center BMW and Santa Monica BMW). I don't know what the problem is with this place...I mean it's called "Beverly Hills BMW" and is located in Mid Wilshire (Wilshire and Highland) - talk about misleading. I will literally go to any other BMW dealership except this place, that accurately describes how bad of an experience I've had with them.

Geoff B. | 2012-07-02

Worst. Service. Department. Ever.

I always promise myself to never return, but THIS TIME I mean it! I arrived today at 11:05 for my 11 a.m. appointment with Paul.  Paul's office was dark.  The service tech assured me he'd find someone to assist me (this is around 11:10).  Fast-forward to 11:27 and my car has been moved forward 200 feet in the service line yet NO ONE from the team of no fewer than 12 service advisors has approached me.  At this point I thankfully had enough room to squeeze out of the service lines and peel out away from this shithole.  I'd tell the dealership or a service manager to go fuck themselves, but I doubt they're paying attention.

Never. Again.

p.s. Their sales team (led by Neda and a bunch of other Yahoos) is obnoxious.  Take me off your call list, BH BMW.  If your little receptionist so much as calls me to reschedule an appointment, I will slap her through the phone.

Richard A. | 2012-07-01

I've been a customer of Beverly Hills BMW for several years now and just leased my second BMW through Neda. Yes, she is the #1 saleswoman in the US. And, she deserves to be -- she gives you a great deal. But don't expect too much special attention or care. She leases cars like she's running an assembly line.

stephanie a. | 2012-06-30

Always a fan of Beverly Hills BMW! I have had 3 cars from them already!  My service is always AWESOME, and of course our purchases handled by NEDA!  :)  Walked in to turn in my X5 and walked out with a new 750LI.  I have always loved BMW's and truly appreciated the personalized service! Good stuff!

Frank S. | 2012-06-27

I bought a used Mercedes at the Beverly Hills BMW, and luckily, Neda took care of me.
She went the extra mile, answering all of my Questions. I don't like pushy Sales people at all, and Neda made me feel comfortable throughout the Deal.
I have recommended Friends and Family to call her when it comes to their next purchase. I am sure Neda will take care of them, no question.
It has been a while and I still love my Mercedes, no problems.
Thanks for everything, Neda!

Vicky Z. | 2012-06-26

I purchased my first BMW here at Beverly Hills BMW.  After doing some extensive online research, I decided on looking at the X5.  I found just the perfect vehicle which was listed online the same day and called Neda immediately to schedule a time to look at it.  I fell in love with the SUV and the price was right!  BH BMW gave me a fair trade in value on my Jeep as well.  Neda was awesome to work with!  I talked with her the entire time, as she kept us laughing. I drove off with my BMW and will definitely look to Beverly Hills BMW, and Neda for my next purchase!  Thank you, Neda!

Mary Beth S. | 2012-06-26

So, I took Lola to BMW of Beverly Hills on June 19. Jesse Hantla, my Service Tech, knows I hate going east of La Brea (I never do unless I go to Shabu Shabu downtown). Anyway, the only reason why I sit in Wilshire traffic to get my service is because Jesse is the best.

When I got there, he immediately said, "How's Lola doing?" --- I got my 128i in 2008, and Jesse still remembers her name!

And Dan Cao was so patient with me and Busby, my little Yorkie, while he was finishing my paperwork. I was 8,000 miles overdue for an oil change (I know, don't shoot me)... and the brake light was on for God knows what reason --- but Jesse advised me about how to take care of my car. He even told me to slap the guy I'm dating for putting regular standard gasoline in Lola.

Anyway, Dan Cao made the service process so easy... they even offered me a ride to my work in Culver City! And they picked me up from the office and took me back to the dealership at the end of the day!

People always ask me, "What's your favorite bank?" - or, "What's the best BMW dealership to get your car serviced at?" ----- My response is, "I never care about the business or location. I follow the people. Wherever my banker goes, I will go. Wherever Jesse Hantla goes, I will go too."

Now they're convincing me to get an M1. And I'm considering it.

Love you guys! And Busby loves you all too!

Camilla W. | 2012-06-26

Neda at  BMW of Beverly Hills is an absolute gem!  I visited the dealership, not really knowing what I was looking for, and drove out in my dream car, 328i convertible.  Neda was very helpful and seemed to know exactly the kind of car that I would like.  I enjoy driving my car, and will definitely return for my next vehicle.

Cyndi N. | 2012-06-26

I think everyone that has ever bought a car in LA knows of Neda Shahrokhi!  I honestly felt a little hesitant at first to work with her because she sells so many cars and I was worried that she wouldn't have the time to devote to my car purchase.  I was dead wrong, she rolled out the red carpet for me.  I have purchased many cars and this experience was truly a pleasure.  She really knows her stuff and she never stops working until you get what you want!   Don't let her tiny frame fool you, she will show you exactly what a BMW can do on a test drive!

Eleanor B. | 2012-06-26

Neda Shahrokhi is the absolute best!  I have purchased FOUR BMWs from her over the past 12 years.  Everytime I decide to get a new car I don't even consider calling anyone other than Neda and every time she has come through for me.  I highly recommend Neda and Beverly Hills BMW.

Alex K. | 2012-06-26

Neda is a wonderful person from whom to buy a car. Her service always exceeds expectations and I keep coming back every time my lease comes up.

Mark D. | 2012-06-26

I'm not that big on writing reviews, but my experience with Beverly Hill BMW in the last 12 years compelled me to write one.  The star of the show is Neda Shahrokhi.  We met over 5 years ago and leased my second BMW through her.  In business, I enjoy working with the best of the best in any given situation.  The woman is extremely bright and knows what to do to be successful in a ethical way of course.  The fact that she has been number 1 sales rep in the WORLD year after year proves that she knows how to treat her clients.  Neda is the only person that I would work with at Beverly Hills BMW.  I am on my 4th BMW with her and have referred her two buyers both resulting in a sales.  She will definitely really hook me up on my next purchase for sure.  Neda is a straight shooter.  If anyone can move mountains at BH BMW, its her.  I am a shopper, so I do my normal research at other BMW dealerships like Santa Monica, Nick Alexander, etc.  Once I tell them that I am working with Neda, they roll their eyes and wave the white flag.  If you do your research and know what you want, you will get lower payment or purchase price from her.

One tip if you want to close real strong at a great price...Come in with a cashiers check made out to Beverly Hills BMW for your down payment.  Management will know that you came with an automatic machine gun for this gun fight and not a water gun that most people bring that don't know how to negotiate.

Neda or Bust!!!

Edward F. | 2012-06-26

I've always had great service at Beverly Hills BMW - and I'm on my 6th car! Neda is always terrific - a total pleasure - and Gerd in the service department is great. Many thanks to you all!

Tom M. | 2012-06-26

I've owned or leased a number of tier 1 cars over the years - Mercedes and BMW's - lots of pre-sales, showroom interactions, interest (lack of) in my needs and wants, 'negotiations,' paperwork exercises, and post-sales follow-up.  My December experience with BH BMW - and especially Neda - has, and continues to, exceed my expectations.  If Nordstrom sold BMW's...Neda's taken a page from their book.  Job well done!

Andrew T. | 2012-06-26

This was my first time at Beverly Hills BMW and I must say that Jason Cestaro in the service department was simply a blessing. My car broke down and I had to get it towed into the dealership. Even though it was after hours and he had no obligation to do so, Jason still took care of me with no rush and made sure that all of my problems would be resolved. The problem with my car turned out to be a lot worse than it seemed and Jason was very good about communicating everything to me and making sure that all of my concerns were addressed. I was still under warranty but it turned out that some of the problems with my car were not covered under the warranty. Even still Jason fought for me and had a BMW NA rep come out to try to get the work covered. He managed to get most of the charges covered and I was left with a bill that was a fraction of what it could have been. I have to thank BMW NA and the dealership for doing their best for me and reminding me why I bought a BMW. If there is anyone who exemplifies the quality of service that BMW is known for it is Jason Cestaro. He has earned BMW of Beverly Hills my business for life.

Moe M. | 2012-06-25

In west side when someone tells that they have purchase or lease a new BMW , the automatic question is ;Did you buy it from Ned Shahrokhi at Beverly Hills BMW?
I leased a brand new 750 LI from her two years ago and got an special package with it " NEDA". Her exceptional professionalisms, kindness , very knowledgeable about various BMW product , service and a good friend .
The good news is I will not have to call her when my lease is up at the end of this year . She will call me ahead of time and will offer me a new one with best possible price. This kind of approached should be illegal , since no one can refuse her offer .
Moe Mostashari.

Elizabeth L. | 2012-06-25

I have immensely enjoyed both of my two experiences working with Neda at Beverly Hills BMW. She sold me my third of three BMW 3 series just yesterday along with another associate, Hansen, who was also extremely pleasant, courteous, and knowledgeable. The first car Neda sold me was in 2009. Both times, she made me an incredible deal on the exact car I wanted, and was always available via phone or email if I needed advice or help over the past 3 years. I've been nothing but impressed with everyone at Beverly Hills BMW and would highly recommend them to everyone I know.

David G. | 2012-06-25

Despite the "Beverly Hills" in the name, they have the best deals anywhere and I always go back to lease my cars (I am on my fourth).  It's not!  After shopping around, they always seem to have the best deals and the best selection (and if they don't have the car they can get it for you).  Neda, makes deal making very easy, she knows more about her business than anyone, is completely responsive to any concerns or questions and she is hysterical.  I really don't see any reason to go anywhere else. And their service is the very best anywhere (as opposed to Santa Monica BMW, which is horrendous).  If you buy or lease a car from Beverly Hills, they take great care of you when the car needs service.

Shana P. | 2012-06-25

Neda is efficient, an expert and passionate about her BMWs. Her clients are treated as VIPs through the servicing department and all other dealings with BMW. She also gives you the best deal available.

Ali Z. | 2012-06-23

THE WORST SERVICE EVER!!!!.  I am a long time BMW owner and love the service and courtesy I have received from BMW over the years.  I have received wonderful service when taking my car to Santa Monica, Calabasas, Van Nuys, or Camarillo.

However....the two times I attempted to take my car to this place for service I received nothing but the worst possible service.  They make you wait 20 minutes before someone comes and talks to you.  And the first question they ask you when they come to you is "Where did you buy your car?"  As if they are upset that you didn't buy it from them.  Then they proceed to make you wait another 20 minutes before looking down at you because you didn't buy from them and telling you they can't help you.  

I love the BMW family....but this location needs a lot of help.  BMW needs to send someone from corporate offices to speak with this location and help them out.  I will never go there again.

Raj J. | 2012-06-21

I have had issues in the past with the service department at Beverly Hills BMW, and against my better judgement decided to give them another chance. Let me say that I am very happy I did! The service manager, Jason, quickly came out, discussed past problems, and made sure I was in and out in record time without a single complaint. He was professional and extremely helpful, even letting me know that my brake pads were wearing down, but were still good for another 10-15k, and didn't try to strong sell me on replacing them. I really appreciated that, and will keep an eye on them and be back in to replace them instead of heading elsewhere. Thanks!

Lauren F. | 2012-06-20

I needed service on my 7series and I am tired of getting taken advantage of when I bring my car in to these places. I just need a simple service and the reps always call back saying I need this done and that done... I know these reps prey on me because I am a woman and I know nothing about cars. So i went into BMW with an attitude because I am already on the defense. I met with Jason Cestaro. He was great; no crap or sweet talk. He may have even told me to cut the unnecessary attitude which I thought was funny. He was a straight shooter. It was the first time I ever walked into a dealership to get my car worked  on and did not walk out feeling like i just got nailed. If you are bringing your car in for service or it as a major issue, go to Jason Cestaro.

I just sent my cousin to Jason and he she had a great experience with him as well. She left a review but for someone reason both her and mine has disappeared.

Namella K. | 2012-06-19

I got my new used car here after I did some comp pricing and research. I settled on a shiny white Mercedes and got the fastest financing ever on the side of this planet. I bought my car during my lunch break.

My salesperson, Sergei was very supportive and cheerleading me through the entire buying process. There's nothing like high-fiving someone after you get a deal done!

So I got financing at 14.99% which was not that great but I was still pleased it wasn't like 24.99%. Harry from financing called me back after I drove off and told me to come back tonight to resign new loan docs because he was able to get a 11% interest rate. For a used car, this is good news for someone with just below average credit.

Do your research, negotiate, plead for better rates, be friendly and reasonable and the staff here will make sure you are well taken care of.

Thanks again everyone at BH BMW!

Angie K. | 2012-06-19

Kurtis was extremely professional and helpful in the purchase of my first car which was a certified pre-owned.  He was very diligent and accommodating at every step of the process.  He thoroughly answered all my questions/concerns, followed up without being pushy at all and suggested ways to help me get the best deal possible.  Opposite of a pushy car salesman, Kurtis was transparent about the pricing breakdown, offered his honest opinions and spoke to me as if he was a friend.  I am 100% convinced that I received the lowest finance rate and that he did everything he could to help me get lowest price.

During the negotiation process, I also met Kurtis's boss, Louis, who ended up giving me the discount amount I had requested.  Like Kurtis, he was extremely courteous and accommodating in every way.  I was able to drive out in my Z4, ecstatic about my major steal (bought at lower than wholesale cost!!).  I highly recommend Kurtis and his manager, Louis, at the Beverly Hills BMW.

Sol V. | 2012-06-18

We just leased a brand new car for our son. It was initially very tough to pick and choose a maker, model, color, options, etc. However, once we met Sergei Kalustov at BMW of Beverly Hills, he simplified the process and made it more enjoyable for all of us. He was able to excite our son with the key options and of course satisfy us with an affordable lease plan. From the initial contact, I didn't expect that Beverly Hills BMW would come through but actually they were able to put together an extremely aggressive deal that we could not walk away from.  If you are in the market for a new BMW you have to contact Sergei at Beverly Hills BMW and drive off with the car of your choice.

David V. | 2012-06-17

This is a review for the Wonderful & Fantastic Sergei Kalustov!

When buying an automobile, the clear choice is buying a BMW. When buying a BMW the only clear choice is to buy from Sergei Kalustov! From the beginning of the buying process, Sergei was there to guide me in the right direction. From choosing the correct car for me to explaining the elaborate IDrive System, Sergei was professional and knowledgeable about every aspect of the automobile. I have found the perfect car salesman and will never buy from anyone else again. BMW Beverly Hills and specifically Sergei Kalustov have my business forever!

Ira D. | 2012-06-17

Just leased a new car from Neda at Beverly Hills BMW.    Somewhat surprised - Neda wound up giving me the most aggressive deal of any of the dealers, and valued my trade higher than any other dealer around.  From the initial contact, I didn't expect that Beverly Hills BMW would come through (seemed like I was getting a typical car dealer line from them) - but they did.  Contact Neda - you may need to be a little patient to get past what seems like typical sales tactics - but at the end of the day, she'll take care of you.

David K. | 2012-06-15

This is for Kurtis Tsui from the sales department.

I wanted to buy a pre-owned BMW, but was not sure about the model, year etc.
So, I brought lots of time and even more questions.

I arrived at Beverly Hills BMW at a very busy time of the day, but Kurtis took the time to really check out different models with me, answering all questions and explaining all different options I had.

Kurtis made this a very, very great end-to-end experience and I am very thankful for that. No sales talk, no pushing, not talking into "extra options".

Also, the different pre-owned cars they had in stock were all in very, very good shape to a fair price.

I can fully recommend buying pre-owned cars here, but especially doing business with Kurtis.

Kimberly Y. | 2012-06-12

This is for the sales department: Cliff Nguyen

I met Cliff when I was most recently leasing my current BMW. I would say that the financing aspect of leasing a car is the most tedious and tenuous. Unlike most experiences I've had, Cliff took the time to explain to me the details of my lease. Was totally transparent with the total cost and the breakdown of my payment. Cliff definitely tried to get the best interest rates for me. It was a seamless process.

I think when a lot of females (specifically) go to dealerships by themselves, they may  not exactly feel comfortable, but Cliff and his team made my experience a wonderful one. I'm thoroughly happy with my car and their customer service.

Cliff knows the business and is trustworthy.

Renee R. | 2012-06-12

I wanted to exress my  gratitude with the amazing service I obtained while at this shop.  Jesse Hantla was very friendly and knowledgeable when it came to services and parts. He made the experiance worthwhile. I would def go gack. Thanks Jesse

Kimberly H. | 2012-06-11

This review is a shout out to a FANTASTIC technician at BH BMW: Jesse Hantla.

Jesse has been taking care of my car for almost 2 years now, and he is GREAT!
He is a true professional at what he does and always makes sure that I leave the service department with a smile!

If you need to get your car serviced, request Jesse! He'll take care of you.

S G. | 2012-06-07

Jesse Hantla, is GREAT!!!!! He is super talented, quick! He fixed my car many times and never need to go back there for the same reason. Whenever I need to fix something I especially request Jesse!

Thanks BMW for keeping him, he is the BEST!

Daniel D. | 2012-06-07

Review for Service -
Hands down, Jesse Hantla is the most talented BMW mechanic who will actually care for your car and work on it like it's his own. He respects every aspect of the job and handles everything in a timely manner, all while being as professional as possible. Not only do I respect him for his outstanding work, but I also love that he is TRULY honest with you regarding the problems your car is experiencing, unlike most mechanics who will try and tell you a whole new world of things that are not even related to the problem your car is experiencing. I refuse to take my car to any other BMW mechanic because Jesse is by far the most talented and trustworthy BMW Master Technician out there!

orly S. | 2012-06-06

I Love the service at Beverly Hills BMW. The people are so nice. Dan Cao is my service advisor and he is so helpful and easy-going! He makes this inconvenient experience a good one, making me leave the service department in a good mood which is hard to do!

Raymond F. | 2012-06-01

I would highly recommend BMW of Beverly Hills. They really took care of me, and gave me the best deal around. I called all the dealerships in and around southern California. These guys gave me the best price and they were able to come through on a car no other dealership was able to get at the time. My sales rep was Mike F. however they are all really nice and professional. If you're looking for a Beemer go to BMW of Beverly Hills.

B B. | 2012-05-21

So I needed service for my 2012 535i M-sport.  I live in Marina Del Rey but bought the car down at Crevier in OC.  I needed the service immediately, a strange warning popped up on my I-Drive.  BH told me they were booked solid with loaners for 2 weeks and that they wouldn't pay for a rental since I didn't buy the car there.  Well Land Rover never gave me that hassle.  So I called Crevier and they said, we'll send a tech up with a loaner and pick up your car, we actually want your business.  How does a BMW dealership get off with this chintzy customer attitude?  Well I now know why Crevier sells 500 cars a month!

Loren B. | 2012-05-17

The worst BMW service I ever have experienced in 20 years of BMW ownership.   It's nearly impossible to even reach someone on the phone.  After making the mistake of having my car towed there, I called 8 times over a two-day period during business hours and left 2 messages--one each day.  I did not get a return call.  Finally I have reached someone and they told me that they hadn't even looked at my car yet.  After seeing all of the terrible reviews on Yelp, how could I have been so stupid as to have had my car towed there.

So a manager finally called and said they would send a car for me and take me to the dealership and provide me a loaner or rental.  Then, over an hour later, someone from the dealership called and said that someone was on their way and would be there in 15 min.  That was 20 minutes ago.  I'm going to miss at least a half day of work because of their terrible service.  

My experience with Bob Smith BMW was exactly the opposite.  They treated me like they cared about my business and respected my time.  From now on, whenever possible, instead of going to BH BMW, which is a mile from my home, I will drive 1 hour to Bob Smith in Calabasas--it will save me a lot of time.

JD B. | 2012-05-10


Horrible, rude, and unprofessional.  Was going to charge me even though I had full coverage.  Also, made me feel as if he was going to half-ass the work b/c he couldn't charge as I said I didn't want the addon he was trying to get me to get into.  

I literally called the Crevier BMW in OC while I was in his office and caught him in a lie.  WOULD NEVER GO THERE AGAIN!  To top it off, he didn't even apologize for wasting my time.

Alexa B. | 2012-05-09

Review of Sales only -

LIke most people, i am weary of car sales folks. I automatically assume they are trying to screw me over. And i've leased multiple BMWs and always feel like i have had to fight tooth and nail. NEDA did the opposite and the people at the dealer were great, including the receptionists.

From the beginning, Neda was upfront about the lease she could give me for my new 328i convertible. She told me the residual, money factor, how much off the cap she was taking, etc. And while there were some miscalculations at one point, she made good on her quote, giving me an amazing deal to fill the terms she originally quoted me.

To all those looking to buy and lease, here's my advice

1) KNOW the numbers. There are lease guides and lease calculators that you can use to ensure the numbers you are being told will in fact give you the quoted lease payment you are getting. If it doesn't add up, say something!

2) Negotiate! Regardless of what you think buying a car should be, it's a negotiation. That means that you can sit passively and just accept what you are offered or you can negotiate. Do not be afraid. You can do it :) And when you leave with a great deal, you will feel good you did.

3) Another person referred to Neda's team as "minions". These people (Erika and Christian) are not minions. They work with the #1 Sales person in the US and help to make your experience awesome. Christian went on multiple test drives with me  and showed me all the car features. Erika was awesome the day of purchase and dealing with all the details. If you want to work with the best, expect that she will have a team and empower them to do things.

4) Again, because Neda is the #1 in the US, expect her to do her job. Yes, she will call you and follow-up. That's what sales people do. And if you don't want to buy from her, she will likely ask why and do what she can to change your mind. I don't consider this pressure. No one is holding a gun to my head to buy. Instead, i was glad that she gave a sh** because lots of sales people will not follow-up at all and in my opinion, that signals they don't want the sale. Instead, she continued to work to give me what i wanted and im so glad she did. If you don't want her to contact you, then call her and tell her you'd like to pass and will get back to her.

All in all, i definitely recommend working with BH BMW. If you are intimidated or are are questioning the deal, look around.

Finally, if your ideal car isn't available, you can order it. People don't like to do this for some reason, but remember that is an option. It's not ideal for the dealer, im sure, but they are happy to do that.

R M. | 2012-05-04

Horrible service. Made an appointment for oil change and when i showed up the service advisor is not here. No one was willing to do the write up with more than 8 service advisors sitting around. After 20 minutes finally someone decided to help. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME HERE. plenty of BMW dealers in LA waiting for your business.

Katrina M. | 2012-05-02

I am very torn on how to rate them, I didn't have a horrible experience but not a great one either.  When we walked in, we were not greeted right away.  We actually walked around the entire showroom and a portion of outside before we were greeted.  Then a gentlemen approached us and asked us if we needed any help.  I read his name tag and told him we were just looking (btw- we had not intentions of buying a car that day but we planned on buying a car in the next couple of months).  We went back out to the lot and decided we wanted to test drive a couple of cars and went back in to ask for the guy that helped us originally.  The receptionist, which left a little be desired (he just didn't seem to know what was going on), tried to find the guy and eventually found him.  He was across the street at 7-11.  He did saunter back over and helped us test drive 2 cars, we discussed their current promotions and how their financing worked.  He did say, "bless me with a car today and I will fill up your tank".  We decided to go inside out of the sun and talk more about it (not because he offered a tank of gas...).  Bottom line, the interest rate and the price of the car was where we wanted it and we decided to buy it!  I didn't try to haggle with the price or anything, just said ok and let's proceed.  Then the sales person moves us the room where they stick it to you with the warranties and said, "I am going to send your car to get detailed."  I said, "Detailed?"  He said, "Yes!".  I thought, that is great.  The car was a little dirty inside and dusty and thought that was the least they could do.  The maintenance plan, etc is out of control expensive but did go ahead and purchase portions of it because BMW's are expensive to fix.  We wrapped up the deal and went to see our car!  I got in the car and there was no detailing (at least what I consider detailing), I took my finger and wiped the dash off and showed the salesman the stack of black dirt.  I looked at the floor and dirt and then I looked at the gas levels....half of a tank.  The scratches I discussed with the salesman were still there.  He then began to show me how to work some of the items in the car, he couldn't get my phone to sync and didn't know how to remove the old numbers from the list (Certified Pre-Owned).  I still have been unable to sync the phone.  After all of is what I am saying...never say something you don't mean and never promise something you don't plan on delivering leaves a bad taste in the mouth.  

Good points:  they were not pushy nor snobby.  had a good selection of both new and used, upfront about their financing options and pricing

bad points: over promised, under delivered, seemed slightly annoyed when i wanted to test drive more than one car

Nate J. | 2012-05-01

This review is for both sales and service:


I purchased a certified pre-owned X5 in December, and until I went in for service today, I was going to let it go and avoid a Yelp review, but now I feel I must.

Upon entering the dealership, I knew what I wanted and knew I was going to walk out with the car I had been looking at on their website. After waiting about 10 minutes I was approached by a salesperson whom at first came off nice, but soon turned out to be extremely pushy. The test drive was short, just around the  block, but as I said, I knew I wanted it anyways, and my salesperson knew as well. Avoiding any last minute change of mind, we immediately sat down and began the purchasing process. He told me that while we were doing the paperwork that they were "readying" my car, however one would think that would include small details like, filling up the windshield washer fluid, have working windshield wipers,  or making sure buttons work, or that this old used car mat didn't fit the car and constantly makes me push the gas and brake at the same time...dangerous. We did no walk around, nor did he ask if I had any questions about idrive etc. The majority of our conversation was as I was leaving, as he pushed me to give him 10 out of 10 on their customer review. The only positive experience was with finance, who was an extremely nice young lady.

Now, according to me, as a salesperson myself, he did barely any work for the sale and since I left with a sort of negative taste in my mouth, I gave mostly 7's and 8's. And according to common belief, that would push that salesperson to be better. However, what came next was a shock. I received a phone call from said salesperson, YELLING at me for giving him this rating, and how his job/family depend on these and how my gripes were basically stupid and that I should have just called him. I could not believe it. However, since the rating system did its job, I decided to leave it at that and forget it.


Now, the only reason I gave 2 stars instead of one is because the new facility is beautiful. However, that's about it.

I was told over the phone when I called about replacing my windshield wipers to just drive on in. Also, I don't know why their receptionists/front desk people act like your asking them the world every time you call, like it's such a struggle to transfer a call or answer a question, considering it's your job. However, seemed easy enough and I headed for the service center.

I pulled in and a nice gentleman approached and asked why I was here. I explained that I needed new windshield wipers (amongst other things). He said anything but the wipers would take all day, and I said, fine just the wipers, as that was my main reason for coming. He told me that my warranty was expired, but I explained I purchased the maintenance warranty, (hence why I would come to the dealership for something that small). He told me my service person would be right with me. After awkwardly standing next to my car for about 10 minutes and being approached by no one, I asked a person where my keys went and if someone was actually coming, he said yes and walked away. I starred into the office where he pointed and saw my service provider chatting away with another employee. Soon, ANOTHER employee said they'd fix it shortly and to take a seat near reception. The only contact i had with my service provider, was from about 20 feet away, never any closer, when he yelled across the bay that I needed new brakes because he ran my fob. Great, however when I purchased the car they said the brakes were new...anyways, they're covered so not my problem. When a gorgeous lady pulled in, he was VERY happy to literally stand by her side the entire time and chat for more than 15 minutes about her car...remember he never even came within 20 ft of me, we communicated through yelling. This was the first time he met me, and not even a handshake.

After they replaced my wipers, another employee pointed at my car and said it was ready. Up till this point, I hadn't filled out any paperwork etc. He pointed at my car and said, "it's ready". Maybe I am not used to how things work here, but I walked to my car and thought it odd that I didn't talk to anyone about anything regarding the work done, and was told just that I could go. However, I was fine with that, at least the work got done relatively quick. On the way out, I was blocked, and as about 10 employees stood chatting with one another, i had to get out of the car and ask them how I was supposed to get out with cars blocking me. After making a hand gesture about doing a weird figure 8 motion, i deduced that I needed to finagle my car around the others in a seemingly challenging puzzle, which I succeeded in doing.

All in all, it seems that since they sell so many cars in a very affluent area, that they can forget about all the small things. I am astounded by the lack of professionalism in all aspects of this dealership.

Christopher H. | 2012-04-29

Cant believe these people... i told them I was getting the car i just had work so i could come in Monday and pick it up.. ran my credit i knew my car note just needed to finish up and sign the papers.. or if you sell it let me know.  I go to pull my down payment out the bank and call to make sure its there... NOPE THEY SOLD IT!!! NO CALL NO EMAIL NO NOTHING!!!! ITS BS!! never going to them for business.. i suggest Mckenna because they are a better dealer with better customer service and better EVERYTHING!!!

Jordan R. | 2012-04-23

My window in my X5 will not roll up, so I call BMW Beverly Hills and make an appointment with their service department.  I ask if there will be a loaner car available for me to use while my car is being worked on, the lovely lady who took my appointment explained there is a two week waiting list for a BMW loaner, but assured me there would be a complementary enterprise rental car available for me.  I assumed she was telling me the truth because I've had work done on my SUV at Center BMW and they always give me a complimentary enterprise rental car.  I call the day of my appointment to confirm the rental car situation is still a go, and I get put on hold three times and everyone I spoke to seemed very confused.  Very rude, unprofessional, not willing to reach a compromise, I will never, ever, come here for anything and I suggest everyone reading this do the same.  I immediately called Center BMW and they practically bent over backwards to help me out - including guaranteeing a COMPLIMENTARY rental car.  For the prices the dealership charges for repairs, it's the least they can do.  Beverly Hills BMW has lost my business FOREVER!

John C. | 2012-04-20

This is a review for the service department.

If you are leasing a car from BMW then you'll be treated well here.

If not, well, you're *#$%'d.

Shirley C. | 2012-04-11

I leased my car from them in 2009 from the nicest salesguy ever.  Too bad he is not there anymore.  Instead, this woman by the name of Neda got a hold of my information through their system and she has been contacting me constantly for the last couple of months (not weeks but months) because my lease will be up in June 2012.  PLEASE STOP THE EMAILS, MAILINGS and CALLS to MY WORK!!!!!!!   a couple of junk email here and there is just plain annoying but harrassing me at work to buy my next car from you is just RUDE & UNPROFESSIONAL.  

DO NOT buy from them.  Once you do, Neda will get a hold of all your personal info and hunt you down so you can buy your next car from her.  I THINK NOT!

Michael W. | 2012-04-11

The staff was very good.  Cass was my salesperson he was very polite.  His professionalism alone is why I give it two stars.  I marked them down for covering up things wrong with their preowned vehicles.  I purchased a 2007 335i Convertible and I brought it to my Dealership to inspect it mechanically for a second opinion.  I was told, they did such a great job cleaning up under the hood, it is hard to see if there were things wrong.  My mechanic just told me to keep checking under the hood to see because there were signs of possible leaks.  I have now had the car for 7 weeks and sure enough, there is an oil leak and the control arm bushings are also leaking.  They claim they did a full inspection and fixed everything wrong with the car but apparently, they found problems and covered up the problem.  For that I am disappointed.  Furthermore, I was thinking the paint was all original, however after getting a full detail from my normal detail person, he showed me the orange peel and drip marks all over the car.  The entire car was repainted!  And a crappy job at that, it is chipping like crazy now.  Any rock that hits the car, creates a pretty large chip mark.  Now I have to pay between $4,000-$5,000 on a paint job to correct it.  Seems like they do their best to cover up problems including getting a cheap paint job so it looks good on the lot.  If I had known about the paint to begin with, I would have paid the $250 restocking fee to return the vehicle, now I am well past the 48 hours they allow for returns..  I planned on going back for my 3rd BMW later this year but after this, I think I may go with another dealership.

Update 1/22/13: My car is a lemon.  I duplicated the problems with a tech shortly after purchasing and while I had the option to return the vehicle.  The tech convinced me that what I was feeling was normal.  Now 10 months later, my transmission is shot and I need another one.  The car is now going to sit in my driveway FOREVER!  I cannot fix it and I can't just have it repossessed even though I'm tempted to.  Thanks a lot Beverly Hills BMW..  You ruined my life...

Rebecca A. | 2012-04-01

I CANNOT believe the rudeness and arrogance of everyone at this dealership.  My husband and I went in person yesterday, and after 20 minutes of  waiting and asking twice for a salesperson no one approached us, and we left.  Given that it was a Saturday, I gave them the benefit of the doubt and attempted calling them today to see if they have what I want in stock, and to make an appointment.  I explained to the salesman I am eight months pregnant and would like his help over the phone, to which he said he needs my number and will have to call me back.  I told him if he can just put me on hold and check his inventory to which he responded, "Maam you called me! I will have to call you back if you want the car!"  I told him I don't want tons of telemarketing calls, (which this dealer does once they have your number).  I told him I dont appreciate his attitude and asked for his name and then he hung up on me.

I would expect far better service from a place where I am about to spend $100,000.   This helped make my decision much easier about what I want and I will be going to Mercedes of Beverly Hills.

The worst service I have EVER received!  DO NOT go to Beverly Hills BMW, which is technically located in Miracle Mile.

Jackie V. | 2012-03-25

I was looking to purchase here, the initial car I went to look at I saw online. I called and made an appointment to go see it, when I got there not even an hour later the car had been sold. Looked at some other options, Mike Albani was super helpful and informative and is why this is a 2 star review instead of 1. Any how things did not work out with the car I wanted and it was sold to someone else but I think that was for the best as I found a much better deal elsewhere.

This is the only dealership I have ever gone to and walked around or stood around for a long period of time with no one approaching me to see if I needed help. This place is pretty much what you expect when shopping for a vehicle, all quantity no quality of service. Other than Mike, there was nothing good about my experience here.

Wes S. | 2012-03-07

Had my car serviced here today.  It needed a ton of things done, breaks, fluids, tires....  They got it all done in one day and gave the car a nice wash.  

The best of my wheels was cracked and the tire thrashed - I had no idea.  My service advisor, Brian Hough, worked magic to make sure the tire and the wheel went through my tire insurance when the chances were very very slim.  I ended up with a $200 bill versus a $1000 + bill for a tire, rim and alignment - AMAZING.  Driving the Hills tonight was magic.  

My experience with this dealership hasn't always been stupendous, but their new location, efficiency, attitude and dedication to HELP the customer really changed my tune.

Thanks Brian!!

douglas c. | 2012-03-03

i have been dealing with BEVERLY HILLS BMW for over fifteen years,and it only gets better. The new facility is just incredible, both the sales and service departments are fabulous. i just purchased a new 3 series from Yurom and Charles for my wife, and both the salesman could not have been better. They give you a straight forward no nonsense deal and the car was delivered to my wife without a hitch. We had the occasion a few days later to go to the service department for a minor issue and as always we were treated impeccably. what a super team of people!

Aura K. | 2012-02-15

I test drove at this place waaaay back in 2006. Upon entering the place, I got a snobby weird vibe. No biggie, it's Beverly Hills, and you come to expect that at times, even if it's annoying. I had been referred to Neda. She was very pushy, and basically passed it off helping me to one of her minions. I told her that I liked the car, but still needed time to decide, since it was my first (nice) car lease. I'll give her credit that she didn't get too pushy on that front.

Anyway, fast forward a few weeks, when I made my decision to lease a fully stocked 325. I e-mailed Neda, asking her a series of questions including if what I wanted was in stock and what kind of rate she could offer. She just replied, "we have your car! come on by." Since I felt a bit of loyalty since I test drove there, I asked her 2 more times. Every single time I got a similar answer, and she never ever addressed my questions. LOOK LADY, I"M NOT GOING TO FALL FOR THAT. So, I went to a dealership that did answer my questions, and even added more info than what I asked. A few more weeks go by, and Neda e-mails me, asking me if I want to come by. I politely told her that since she never addressed my questions, I leased a car from a dealer that did. I got the most snarky, unprofessional email back, saying that it really stunk that I wasted her time test driving with her, and that it was my loss, the 325's will be gone forever, etc. I really wish I had saved that e-mail, because instead of making me angry, I just laughed. I am now about to shop for my third 3 series BMW, and the very last place I would ever think of going to is Beverly Hills BMW

K T. | 2012-02-13

I was threatened by the service repair representative saying that if I walked out without fixing my car, he was going to put a notice on my record that I left with an unsafe car! How RUDE was that?!

Basically, I never go to BMW because I already have a regular mechanic. Had brake issues, and he told me it was because of a BMW recall on my model car. Went to BMW to take care of it, and they said, YES there is a recall, but my VIN number wasn't included in the recall. EVEN THOUGH, it was exactly the same issue, same make model and year as the recall... How convenient for BMW... So.. whatever, I get it and I'm not an idiot... BUT...

WORST OF ALL... The service guy was a TOTAL DOUCH BAG!!! His tone when speaking to me, his mannor, and threats were totally uncalled for!

What a terrible place.

Sydnee M. | 2012-02-01

I love my BMW. I hate getting it serviced. Beverly Hills BMW always fixes the problem, but the process is always eternal and uncomfortable.

I haven't seen any of their receptionist girls smile, ever. Today marks my third visit and each time, without fail, the girls at the counter are drab and unfriendly. In my eyes, this completely defeats the purpose of having a receptionist. They may as well have the service technicians greet customers.

The service advisors who have helped me were simply okay. Nothing remarkable, but again, they get the job done. I have noticed that when I go in gym clothes and no makeup, I experience sluggish service and little to zero eye contact. Hmm.

The only person who has really pleased me is Leo, the shuttle guy. He is incredibly friendly and genuine, and in my opinion, the most impressive guy here.

"Meh" is correct. It could be worse, I suppose. Just not what I would expect from BMW.

Jessica J. | 2012-01-17

I went to Beverly Hills BMW to check out and test drive an X3.  

I told the salesman (Paul) that I'm not planning to buy for a few months and that I just wanted to test drive the X3 so that I could compare it against other cars I was considering.  

Paul was great about providing information and answering all my questions without putting pressure on me to buy right away.  The X3 was a blast to drive, and I will definitely come back to Beverly Hills BMW if I decide to get one.

Petricia W. | 2011-12-27

I've been to several BMW dealerships for the last few years (SouthBay - beware of the labor cost, New Century - horrible service quality; rude, pushy & full of it sales, Nick Alexander - rude service advisor who said I was hearing things when I complained about noise, then tried to hit on me).

Of all BMW dealerships I've been to, Beverly Hills BMW disappoint me the least. This is true for sales and service departments.

BTW, you will always get a loaner if you bought the car from them.

My sales person was very nice, straight to the point, didn't treat me like a moron. He let me push the car during test drive.
What I didn't like: price - I felt that my trade in was undervalued and he might've lied about the reason why, but I already signed it away so I couldn't complain. My advice to prospect customers: sell your car to private buyer!
Another thing I don't like: they agreed to fix all the cosmetic imperfection (yay) but to remove the scratches, they ended up over-buffing the paint so I see buff marks ALL OVER THE CAR. It's only visible under direct sunlight. I didn't notice it until a couple of weeks after I bought the car. What am I suppose to do with it? I don't feel like arguing with the sales dept.

My only beef with them was as soon as I got comfortable with a service advisor, they moved me to another one (not on purpose, I suppose. The first one got promoted, the second one moved out of town). I'm on my 3rd service advisor now. However, so far I've been pretty satisfied with the customer service (good follow ups, good quality work, always get a loaner).

Never tried to buy parts until today, after I saw the $75 for $50 deal at our beloved site (Yelp - what else?)
Prior to the purchase, I confirmed with one of the managers that the coupon can be redeemed for both parts and services. I tried to redeem the coupon today. The clerk at the parts department had no idea what it was, and checked with the parts manager. Then the clerk came out with his manager's business card, handed it to me and asked me to email him the coupon. I just wanted to buy some oil with the $75 coupon. The manager eventually came out, but ignored me. Talked to the clerk, looked at Yelp site, had a mini discussion, while still ignoring me (I was the only customer - he knew I was the customer in question), then he disappeared. I waited... and waited... and waited... and he never came out and nothing was resolved. I was extremely disappointed (and pissed of course - what a waste of my time!) IMHO, management/marketing department should do a better job informing their employees on their upcoming promotions so customers like me don't have to do their job (telling them about their own promotions).

thomas s. | 2011-12-24

This is a review of the service department. It is difficult to write because everyone is so friendly there. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be able to fix problems. I have dealt with this place for 6 years and two BMW's. Both cars had major problems. The first, a 750Li, had a problem that caused it to shut down and go into a limp along mode where it would only go 5 mph. it took 3 visits and a total time of 2 1/2 weeks to finally repair the car. Beverly Hills BMW does not offer loaner cars but they used to be across the street from my office and due to the serious nature of my problem they did help me out with the cost of my rental. I now have a 2010 X - 5. This car has a problem where if you need full power it will dial the power back to about 1/2 all by itself - pretty dangerous when you are trying to pass another car. I am now on my third service visit for the same problem. So far they have had my car for a total of two weeks. They will have the car for an in-determinant length of time because they can't get the parts (there is a waiting list for the parts I need). After three days of multiple phone calls trying to figure out what was happening I was finally offered a bottom of the line Kia as a loaner and told that they don't know when I will get my car back. Being that this is now the Christmas holiday I'm guessing that it will be a while. Bottom line - It is more a problem with BMW as a brand. The factory would be at fault for not having parts available. This dealership is at fault for not being able to identify problems on the first (or second) tries.

Rob R. | 2011-12-19

I moved from NYC and needed to get a car quickly. I hadn't owned a car in years but one of my favorite cars from my past was a BMW. So I did my research on and ended up buying a pre-owned 2008 BMW from BMW of Beverly Hills from a sales guy Jeff McCoy. Jeff's the man. I felt like Jeff gave me a fair deal and he is very laid back and not high pressure.

After the sale, he didn't disappear like so many short term thinking sales people do. He  provides service after the sale and was available and patient with questions I had after buying the car.

However I WAS NOT impressed with their finance guy who exaggerated the price of tires and the need for TIRE INSURANCE in a bid to pressure me to buy add on warranties. I shut him down flat and it left such a bad taste in my mouth it almost nixed the deal.

If you do go to BMW of Beverly Hills ask for Jeff, he really seems like a solid guy and be cautious with the Finance guy after the sale.  Don't fall for their high pressure warranty pitch. Do your research before you go in.

UPDATE - So when it was time to sell the car, I took it into Carmax and they informed me the car had been in a major accident and had body damage. This was the first I'd heard of this. I tried calling Beverly Hills BMW and they denied they'd sold me a car with body damage. Since my rep, Jeff, had quit... i had no way to know for sure but i distinctly remember asking Jeff if the car had been in any accidents. The Car Fax did not reflect any damage but Carmax was insistent. Did it? Who knows? All I know is a took a bath on the resale. I'll never own a BMW again and certainly won't trust Beverly Hills BMW or Carmax. Somebody isn't shooting straight.

Howard B. | 2011-12-15

Still haven't heard back from Seth.  Not surprised.   Reading my review again, I noticed that I never mentioned the poorly repaired dents in my certified vehicle.  I bought the car at night, so I didn't notice them,  but apparently it is not safe to assume that a BMW certified pre-owned vehicle would be free of bad body work.

Harvey B. | 2011-12-12

I have now visited BH BMW' new car showroom twice in the last 3 weeks to look into purchasing a new car.  In BOTH instances, after 15-20 minutes of standing around politely (the first visit) and being obnoxious (slamming doors, blowin hornswalking to and fro) I was NEVER addressed by a sales person.  NOT ONCE!  I wsouldn't go back thre a third time if a gun was put to my head.  By the way, after an even earlier visit, I purchased a Corvette.  Stay away.

jean s. | 2011-12-06

Can't say I'm impressed by the sales team who never called me when I was researching new cars, but have always liked the service dept.  Chris Laporte in service is one of the good guys.  Gives his honest opinion and does his best to get you in and out quickly.  Very fast shuttle service if you need it.    

Just turned in my 2008 328cic and had gotten a preliminary inspection done by an employee who quit the next day.  The new guy wouldn't honor the price of the repairs in the initial inspection, so I spoke to Seth, the general mgr of the dealership, who was great and honored the original quote.  If I get a BMW again, will go back here for service.

angie h. | 2011-12-03

I never thought a BMW dealership would be a good place to buy a used car. I've completely changed my mind.
Joury was a great salesman and I ended up getting a fantastic used car cheaper than I could find from a private seller.

Jonathan W. | 2011-11-28

We had a battery light come on.  BMW of Beverly Hills said to come in and they would look at it for free.  When we got there, they said it was free to look at the car - in the driveway - but not to test anything.  Instead, we would have to pay $150.  Of course, that would be included in the price of repair if we replaced the battery.  Considering the time to replace a battery is about 15 minutes, that's even more unfair.  They apologized and said the receptionist who said it was free made a mistake.  Frankly, I don't buy it.  I believe that they want the receptionist is to get people on the lot and the service department wants to get us to commit $150.

That's just not right.  It's not what we expect of BMW.

Two stars because our previous service writer was very helpful - and they washed the car anyway.  But I'll go to independent service when my contract is up.

Taylor H. | 2011-11-28

I took my '03 Z4 2.5i in for an oil service on 11/25/2011 (black friday) at 740am and was back on the road before 10am. Total cost was $370 for what I understood to be an oil change and replacement of the cabin filter. Not sold on the value-for-money.

As I left, the inspection checklist noted that my brakes and tires had been checked too, and my wiper fluid had been topped off. Still not sold on VFM.

It's a shame that service and sales are now in two separate buildings. Usually I enjoy looking at the new/used inventory while I wait. NOT a big deal, just a gripe.

Overall, I had a very positive experience with Dan Cao the service advisor and will definitely return for periodic oil changes, but will have to shop around before committing to a service inspection.

Tip: Make an appointment online. Arrive early.

London B. | 2011-11-20

Two times here the service was great, and fast, and didn't cost me anything because it was all on warranty.  All the people working here are friendly and helpful and all I can say is that I'm glad I finally turned in my Lexus for a BMW.

Dan M. | 2011-11-17

Just purchased a hard to find BMW through Neda at Beverly Hills BMW.
The bottom line is that Neda finished the deal in minutes at a fantastic price. She was very professional and punctual. Others dealers couldn't come close. I would highly recommend her once you are serious about getting into your own BMW.

Stacey W. | 2011-11-13

I was unfortunate enough to have gone to this dealership yesterday!!  We called them to ask a few questions about a car and then drove 2 hours to get there.  Once we were there, Nada, the rudest salesperson came out to work with us.  Just so you know, we were completely ready to purchase the car in cash yesterday.  Can you believe that Nada wouldn't let my husband test drive the car unless he agreed that he'd pay full asking price for the car.  Who does that???  My husband said he wasn't going to agree to that, and she said he couldn't drive the car.  We just drove 2 HOURS to get there, and she wouldn't let us drive the car!  Unreal.  Then, she walked away from us, and left us with her assistant.  I was floored.  My husband and I told her assistant that we have never been treated that way every before.  I also let him know what a horrible representative she was for the dealership.  Since he was her assistant, he couldn't say anything and just stared at us.  We walked off the lot.!  The worst part was that I tried to call and complain about her, but I found out she is the sales manager.  Obviously, this dealership doesn't care at all about customer relations.  Well, they lost our business for good.  I am so upset about this that I will never buy a BMW the rest of my life!

Yui Y. | 2011-11-10

These assholes charge you for a loaner car.....

Isela U. | 2011-11-08

Service department dented my car!!!!

On 10/12, I made a call to schedule an appointment for a "check engine light" issue and requested for a car loaner. I took my car in on 10/13 at my scheduled appt time. My service rep. Dan Cao was busy and could not get to me and my loaner car request appt they could not find in the system. They gave me a loaner with an attitude and told me that Dan was going to give me a call. Dan called me ask me what was I in for. I told him that the service engine light was on and one of my lights keeps coming off and on- not working properly. He explained to me he was going to check the car and give me an estimate. I picked up my car on 10/14 at approx 4pm, I took my vehicle home. I noticed the dent when I took it home and called Dan, left a message, he never called me back. I called 10/15, Dan answered and said to bring it in to take a look. I went to show Dan the dent, he immediately said it was not them who made the dent and said that I needed to check the car before I took possession of the car. I told him that is there job when returning the car to me and no one even gave me that option to check. This is why I take it to the dealership to have them take care of my car. Dan explained his manager was not in the building to check camera footage and said he would call me the next day on what the camera footage shows. No one has yet to call me, I have made several phone calls and left messages but no one seems to call back.

Vlad P. | 2011-11-01

I live on the Westside so naturally, Santa Monica BMW was the closest location. However, after reading their reviews and then learning about Beverly Hills BMW's new facilities, I decided to give them a try.

I needed routine service on my X6. I made the appointment on-line and met with my adviser, Jeff Baker, the next morning. As I pulled up, I was greeted by a worker who immediately took my car and signed me in. I then met Jeff who did a walk-through and noticed that there was a nail in my tire. He took the initiative to figure out my tire insurance company and told me that he'd give them a call while my car was being serviced. In a couple of hours, Jeff called me back and told me that he spoke with my insurance company and that they agreed on a replacement.

When I picked up the car, Jeff had all the paperwork for the tire insurance prepped, and even filled out some of the technical information on it. The entire process was smooth and easy.  Jeff was very personable, diligent, and proactive and despite the dealership's distance, I will definitely return here for my BMW service.

Bernard C. | 2011-10-27

JB Bonner is the best sales person. I purchased a 750i from him. He went above and beyond to find the exact vehicle I was searching for!

Calvin P. | 2011-10-22

I was looking for white convertible with tan top.  Called ahead to confirm they had what I was looking for.  They said that they had one.  Great, I'm on my way.  Unfortunately, the person who answered my call was not only rude but incorrect.

Website - limited and inaccurate information
Service - rude (sales assistant on the phone) and unfriendly reception in person.  On a positive note, I did not get a pushy salesperson.
Facility - New and very nice

Stephanie G. | 2011-10-20

I always have a wonderful experience with THE BEST SERVICE ADVISOR CHRIS GOLDSTEIN!!!!!!!!! He always has my car when promised and goes over and beyond to make sure everything is done RIGHT!!! I've never enjoyed taking my car in for service until I started working with Chris :)


Kevin M. | 2011-10-17

AVOID NEDA, and MAYBE you'll be safe. She's the ABSOLUTE most unprofessional, grotesque, pushy pushy pushy puuuuushy sleazy car salesman one could EVER imagine. She turned my stomach upside down... and that was just from talking to her over the phone... in person... One word... RUN. How she's in business is beyond me. EVERYONE  I know has said the same thing...  I'd ride the bus before I buy a bmw from this dealership... RUN!

Tracy K. | 2011-10-15

I am now on my third BMW lease and can truly say that Beverly Hills BMW was hands down THE most positive lease experience I have ever had!  My two previous leases were through another socal dealership.  

I was fortunate enough to be referred to Neda and received the best service; it truly felt like she treated me like family.  She was honest and focused on providing me the best deal as well as making sure all of my needs were met.  Her counterparts Brian, Ali and Henson were equally fantastic.  Everyone was patient yet efficient.  Overall this was the best experience - good to note that BH BMW has large inventory and moves a lot of cars which helps in providing you the best options.  Can't say enough good things about BH BMW and I would highly recommend to anyone interested in a good performance car and great service.

jose g. | 2011-10-13

This service center is exceptionally crappy.  The only positive words I can say is that the building is new and clean, and the shuttle driver was friendly and funny.  The service adviser barely acknowledged me and he had me shuffling back and forth between his office and the loaner desk several times when he could have easily used his phone.  I was told to return for a loaner car after my work-day and when I did actually come back they didn't have any loaners.  My adviser told me he would call me the next day to let me know what was wrong with my car.  The following morning i waited to hear from him and ended up calling the service department only to find out that it was his day off.  The receptionist was extremely rude and would not let me hold.  She had the nerve to tell me that all the service advisers were "taking care of their personal customers and did not have time to talk" to me.  I will never come back here again for service.  The only reason I had my 1 series towed to Beverly Hills BMW is because the water pumped failed and it was the closest service department to my office.  This visit really made me appreciate the service department at McKenna in Norwalk.

Nicole B. | 2011-10-11

This review is for Jeff Baker, a service manager, at Beverly Hills BMW Service Center. We bought a convertible 1 series at Santa Monica BMW and disliked the experience that we started bringing it to Beverly HIlls BMW for all it's service. We have dealt with Jeff every time and it has been great. He is super personable, very responsible, and we always know he will get the job done right the first time.
Because of our experience with him, we actually decided to buy our second BMW (an SUV) with Beverly Hills. They should give this guy a raise!!! I wish more people in the service industry knew what it meant to really care about customers and have a work ethic.

Lorenz V. | 2011-09-23

Two calls - two promised follow ups - lost sale (used car)

I was probably the second most ideal car customer; I want to buy now and I have great credit (cash would be the ideal customer) and a lot of cash for a down payment.

Anyway, I was doing research at 4 dealerships in the area (note to BH BMW - there are 4 dealerships within 30 minutes of you), and I found 3 2008 335i at BH.

I call Tuesday to look: two in service one on lot - will return call after speaking with used car manager.  That call wasn't returned, but a 3rd party company called that evening and setup an appointment for 10 on Wednesday.

I arrive at 10:15 on Wednesday, nobody was expecting me.  However, I was shown the 1 car on the lot and it fit my needs.

Later that afternoon, I called and gave an offer.  The car went for 29,999, but I asked 28500 based on research done at the 4 other dealerships (it was 500 over the lowest).  The person on the phone said they needed to check with the used car manager and call me back.  I went and continued my day.

I realized 4 hours later that they didn't call me, so I sent an email stating that I wanted to buy today and that if I don't get a reply on the status of my offer I would go elsewhere (gave them a deadline of close of business).  At the same time, I sent another offer to another dealership and they accepted my offer in 15 minutes.

The next day, I go to the other dealership in the afternoon, and as I'm signing the papers I get an email from BH BMW asking me to call back.  Let's just say I let her (Neda Shahrokhi) know that a sale was lost.

Michael C. | 2011-09-23

The service center worked their magic when the battery died on my new car. Chris took care of me big time and got the car out in a few hours. Right before my big trip up PCH for my 2 year anniversary. I have to admit that my last posting should of been 1 star so 3 stars seems fitting. I brought my car in today for its 1200 mile inspection. Like what the GM posted. They hooked me up with a free tank of gas and a detail. I gave them an additional star because they honored their word.

Max G. | 2011-09-05

Gerd is best, he is very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend this place.

Johnson H. | 2011-09-02

I initially read the reviews and I thought that everyone was exaggerating. I was wrong.

I was hearing a funny noise in my car and I brought it in for service since it was close to my work (old location). I scheduled my appointment for 7:00 AM, the earliest possible. I was the second or third car to arrive. I sat in my car until about 7:30 AM, not a single person came to help me. The service associates helped all the other cars that were in line (I guess they were frequent customers) and the ONLY reason they helped me was because I was blocking the drive way. The service associate approached me and said "Can you move your car?" I said "I'm here for service and no one has helped me yet....." He then left to go grab someone and then 10 minutes later, I was able to move my car.

I called multiple times during the day and left several messages to my service associate. Around 5:00 pm, the service associate calls me and says "We can't replicate the noise you're hearing, everything sounds normal. An associate is going to commute the car to his residence to try to replicate the sound..."

Me: "How far is that?"

Service Associate: "65 miles"

Me: "What? Total or each way?"

Service Associate: "Each way."

Me: "So you want to add 130 miles to my car to replicate a sound? What if something happens?"

Service Associate: "well nothing will happen, the service center is insured...." After much bickering, the service associate gave up.

The next day I picked up my car. When I was sorting out the paperwork, the Service Associate kept asking me if I wanted to sell my car. He mentioned that several customers were interesting in buying my car and he could get me a great deal. I kept telling him No, he kept pestering me and I eventually screamed at him in frustration. He finally gave up after I had screamed at him.

I must admit, the new service center and sales office looks spectacular. I pass by it everyday on my way to work and they will usually have a rare/unique BMW in the window. I am curious on why they are still called "Beverly Hills" because its not really Beverly Hills anymore. It should be called "Mid-wilshire BMW."

Aravind A. | 2011-08-26

I wanted to buy out my lease and was put in touch with Neda.  I spoke with Neda a few times on the phone.  We discussed a few options.  We scheduled an appointment; she promised me a loaner car while my car was undergoing the certification process.  When I arrived, she begins by telling me: ``oh, I forgot about you" and after telling me ``we don't have any loaner cars now" she mumbles off some story about why.  These comments were irksome.  

After telling me that I would need new tires to pass certification, I asked what ``certification" would get me (besides the 2K bill she mentioned).  She said it would qualify my car for an extended 2 year warranty.  After some prodding, she finally explained that this warranty would not extend the ``free maintenance" an additional 2 years.  I tried to change the subject to other options, but she kept pushing the warranty.  Finally, I said I wasn't that interested.  She curtly says: ``well, you can call BMW financing" since there is nothing I can do for you.  I said thank you and left.  Basically, she's a particularly bad used car dealer.  If you don't want what she's pushing then she's not interested in helping you---and she will treat you rudely in the process.

Ming C. | 2011-08-24

Absolutely horrible. I was transferred 3 times to check a price on brakes. The first time was a women who didn't even let me finish my sentence before I was transferred. The second guy said "hello?" and immediately said "hold on" again before I even asked the question, then another couple of minutes of being transferred to the parts department. The last guy put me on hold for 10 minutes and didn't even get me a price. He said the system was down and would call me back. When he did, he flew through the parts breakdown before I could write it down and just gave me a total before labor.  Then had to put me on hold to transfer me back to the separate service department to calculate the labor. Already, the price was way higher than the quote I got from an authorized shop and labor at the dealer is usually as high as it could possibly be, so I hung up without waiting any further. Why would anyone come here unless they were under warranty? ridiculous.

I used to come here when I was under warranty, and they treated you better. But they moved locations (probably switched up their staff) and so far, not very good. Will probably never go there again.

Valerie L. | 2011-08-13

Now that they moved to their new location, they really can't call themselves Beverly Hills BMW. Its really far from their original location. I will say that it is much better. They have a much better shuttle service now since its so far away from the westside. The driver drove just me in a Honda Odessey all the way back to Westwood. That is why I am giving them 3 stars.

My service manager called me and said told me my car was ready. I came an hour and a half later but of course, my paperwork wasn't ready. The cashier told me he would mail it to me since he couldn't find my service manager. Then he called for my car, which wasn't ready because they hadn't put the wheels back on. So despite the new fancy location, they have the same people running the show. The only saving grace is they sent me a keychain for all my troubles. And yet, I continue coming back for more punishment...

Kelly M. | 2011-08-08

I recently bought a used car at this dealer.  They were very friendly and helpful.  The test drive was easy and they fixed whatever little things that I wanted changed, added or repaired.  The finance guy was exceptional.  He was very friendly and helped me get a better rate from BOA than from my own credit union.  We didn't plan on driving home in a car that day, but we drove home by 8PM that evening.  We never got any pressure from any salesman and they tolerated my litlle 2 year old running around the showroom.  I have not gotten serviced their yet and not sure I will since it is a bit far.  So I cannot comment on their service garage.

Reading some of the other reviews made me laugh.  BMW North America and the dealers are not the same.  Dealing with BMW Finance is also not the same as a dealer.  I don't know why people don't get this.  Dealers are independent re-sellers of BMW products.  After care and service is also separate from BMW North America.  As for leasing, I assume that leasing is an entirely different business from selling cars and may be more like Budget or Hertz than a car dealer.  

Lastly, as for service, if you come in to change a light bulb or some minor problem, why would you expect them to get to it right away? Use common sense people.

alex c. | 2011-08-04

I never wanted to return to Calabasas Bob Smith BMW again and thankfully don't have to. The brand new and very nice BMW service facility has opened up on Wilshire and I can't compliment them enough on my visit yesterday.
I had waited for the Bob Smith location to get a new radio replacement for over a year. Never happened. No call, no follow up, sloooooooow to repair and even picking up/dropping off the car can take up to 20 minutes. Absurd. This new service center had the part and had 3 follow up calls over the next 2 days to let me know the status of the completion. I didn't have to call and ask what the deal was once. SO helpful! When it was ready, my car was pulling up as I was practically walking out to the driveway to wait for it. The customer service was (finally) not condescending, friendly, very quick and thorough. Please keep this up!!

T C. | 2011-08-02

My experience with BHBMW has been nothing short of exceptional due to the incredible professionalism of Charles Nchinda.  I first called Charles on a Sunday afternoon about a CPO X5 I saw on their mobile site.  He patiently walked me through all the details, and after engaging him in a long conversation, I asked him to send me his best price.  I live about 90 miles north in Santa Barbara, so buying a used car sight unseen (and at that price) was a leap of faith, but I'm glad I took it.  Charles was so on top of things that the whole transaction was seamless and painless.  He consistently went over and above to make sure everything was perfect, and when we discovered a few minor issues with the vehicle, he arranged to get it taken care of at no charge while I was out of the country.  At every step I felt that he was genuinely concerned about my experience as a customer.  I will say, in fairness to other reviewers, that some of the other BHBMW staff I met during the process had a very "sales-y" vibe, but everyone is different.  Some people may like a hard selling, slick sales person.  For me, I like the personal touch and calm grace of Charles, and I will be back in a few years when I'm ready to get a new BMW.

Zach D. | 2011-08-01

For a car dealership, these guys are awful at selling cars.  I saw a 328i on their website that I wanted to check out, so called to make sure it was still available, and they said come on down.  Get there, only to learn it's being serviced, and I can't view it for a few more days.  On top of that, their website mentioned 0.9% APR financing for up to 36 months; not true, it's only for up to 24 months. Additionally, their website's payment calculator leads you to believe the 0.9% is even available on 60 month financing; fix that glitch on your website BMW.  This place is poorly run, deceptive, and just has rude staff.  Go to a different BMW dealership if you're in the market for one.

Peter H. | 2011-07-28

I went here to buy a $75,000 car and have been treated better at a toyota dealership. Michael the sales person asking me what the magic number was for me to purchase the car and Neda using the high pressure tactics. I went to Southbay BMW and they took the time to explain things and give me an honest deal...... Even the name Beverly Hills BMW is a lie (there not in beverly hills).

find another dealer and never go here for anything!

Jamie C. | 2011-07-19

Service is crap, they don't even wash the car for you unlike other dealerships. hate this place

Mike A. | 2011-07-14

Service Advisor, Brian Hough, can't answer simple questions nor estimate times as to what is the problem with the car, when will diagnostic check be completed, will car be ready in a few hours, will car be ready today, etc.  What a Dumas.

Alpha D. | 2011-05-30

Not sure why there are so many mixed reviews on this dealer, but my SALES experience was terrific.  I was an out of town buyer, who had reserached market prices and hoped to find the value for my trade in and price for a BMW locally.  This could not happen, so I began emailing dealers in SOCAL.  The ONLY dealer who was certain they would meet my conditions was CAS from Beverly Hills BMW.  I have to say, after owning 5 new Fords and 1 Acura, and dealing with several San Diego dealers, driving the 2 hours to Beverly Hills was worth it.  No games, within a few negotiations I had the deal I drove for, and was treated great!  The finance department was awesome as well!  No games, and worked with me to get exactly the deal I wanted on maintenence and APR.  I have nothing bad to say about this dealer.  This was my 7th new car, and best experience yet to date.  Great job guys!

Arch T. | 2011-05-26

I made a mistake in overpaying BMW Financial services 3X for a leased car.  At the end of the lease, i was hoping to get my money back.  I bought the SafeLease (it covers wear and tear) so i thought returning the car would be a breeze.  Up to now, i'm still trying to get my money back.  In addition to taking the base payment, BMW financial also took the tax that was included in the overpayment i gave them.  I'm writing this to educate everyone about my experience in leasing a car through BMW Financial and Beverly Hills BMW.   Pls. read the following;

-  Do not make a mistake in enrolling in Auto-Pay (and overpaying), BMW will not let you know that you overpayed until the end of your lease.  They will keep your money until the end of your lease, then they will put the money towards your wear and tear charges without asking you.  This should be the customer's decision and not BMW

- Safe Lease is a third party wear and tear protection program.  At the end of your lease, you will have to do your own claim processing to another company, not BMW (SafeGuard is the administrator).  I can't give you a review right now because i'm in the middle of processing a claim and it's been 10 days and they haven't contacted me.  

- I have to say that SafeLease is probably a good idea to have so you won't have to worry about being charge lots of money for things like dings and scratches but I would've appreciated it if BMW told me that it's a different company that administers this program

- At the end of your lease and while returning your car, expect them to ignore you especially if you're not planning on buying your car.  I arrived at Bev Hills BMW at 11:30 AM on a Saturday and got help at 12:30 because no one would help us in the first hour we were there.  Returning a car should be a breeze

more to come...please tune in to some more important info.

Steve L. | 2011-05-10

They flaunt themselves as "The World Famous BMW of Beverly Hills".  I think they should change it to infamous....

I didn't come here expecting to have my butt kissed or anything, but the service department here left MUCH to be desired.  Pulled in for a light bulb change.  The guy didn't say how long it would be, where we could wait, or what we could expect next.  I had to ask everything, every step of the way.  

Not only that, as we finished up, I asked if I should back up, or pull through.  He said to back up.  A guy then pulls up right behind me blocking my way... Since it was my first time, I didn't know if I could pull up or not.  The guy just walked away... I had to check things out on my own to figure out how to get out.

Oh yeah, no drop off service... Really?  Isn't that kind of the norm?  Toyota, Honda, etc... I did see a sign for a loaner car, which they charge you a $25 administrative fee to get... Are they serious?

Maybe it's because a lot of people are coming in for the free scheduled maintenance or something, but the employees here seemed to rather sit and stare at their computer monitors and talk to each other...

Don't waste your time here....

Cali G. | 2011-04-19

Great experience with the Parts/Service/Cashier departments today! My first visit there and even though they were fairly busy, the assistance I received in purchasing and replacing a 330ci brakelight bulb was very efficient. Thanks to Alan in Service for taking the time to assist me!

John C. | 2011-04-17

It's true that it can be busy and hectic there, and also take more time than you'd like to spend at a service center.  That's why they are building a new facility that's supposed to be done this year.  it would also help keep the crowding down if people would stop taking their cars in to the service center to have them change your headlight or put washer fluid in.  It's not that hard.  Your car came with a book that tells you how to do that stuff, and also there's this internet thing.  Just saying.    

As far as my experiences go it's been nothing but top notch service.  I've had hit or miss encounters with a few employees there, but my service adviser, Chris, is awesome.  The last time I took my car in, I thought I was going to have to drop about $800 on a brake job.  I didn't realize that only my service warranty had run out, but Chris caught it, adjusted the invoice and I walked out of there paying nothing.  

It took from 11:30-6:30 to work on the car, which went past the time their shuttle service was available.  The only way for me to get to my car was a $20 cab ride, so Chris took his personal time to drive my car to me on his way home.

Ann Marie Z. | 2011-04-16

Wow!!  I went into to test drive the new X3 today and had to practically beg someone to help me.  Lots of salespeople standing around doing absolutely nothing.  I was told they don't do test drives on weekends; I apparently need make an appointment for a weekday.  And when I tried to make an appointment, Neda (the sales manager) gave me her card and told me I needed to call later.  Rest assured I will not be calling!  I've NEVER experienced such poor service, EVER.

jessica l. | 2011-04-15

My service rep has had my car for three days and waited until 5:30 on Friday (only after I left messages) to let me know that the part my car needs to start is back-ordered for three weeks to "many months."  He should have told me that 3 days ago so I could have made plans for a loaner car.  Now the dealership is giving me a run-around about getting a loaner and telling me that I should go to Enterprise to rent a car.  I didn't buy a BMW so that I could PAY to drive one of Enterprise's crappy cars.  This dealership has too few service reps for too many customers.  I've told myself before not to go back there, and unless I see a major change in the next few days, I will finally follow through.

Jon P. | 2011-04-13

I leased my 550i from BMW Beverly Hills and received flawless efficient and fair treatment (and a good price) from Neda their top sales person.  She made the experience a pleasure and provided wonderful support for me over the full three years of the lease.
Neda is a star!  My next BMW is coming from BH BMW and Neda.

Jp D. | 2011-04-05

I hate that this place. I can't believe it has more than 1 star. I wish I could give it zero stars, but apparently one means you exist. Sorry, but this review is gonna be a long and angry one.

I gave a huge middle finger to BMW for not caring about their customers. They've tried to swindle me out of so much money.

My window wouldn't roll up on my BMW X5 and I went to see one of their service reps. She got to me right away then looked at my car said that she'll take a look at it and sent me on my way. I was a little confused because everything was so quick. I figured they're just checking my car in and they did say they would call to let me know how much everything would be. I get a call about 7 hours later and she tells me that the window would cost $600 if I did the repair through them. After doing some research, I found that this is an extremely common problem in BMW X5s, so I kindly brought this point up to her. She seemed to know I was going to do so and transferred me to the manager right away. He told me that he could probably take care of it. I said, "sweet!" manager said, "sorry can't do anything." he gave me a number to call and said that they could take care of it if they want to. Yea that sounds a little strange but whatever. The number was for BMW customer service. I spoke with a representative who sounded very impatient and didn't want to talk to me. She basically said nothing can be done and that it is up to the manager if he wants to take care of it. She specifically said that if the manager WANTED to take care of it he could since each BMW dealership is privately owned. Called him again, he must have seen my conversation with this person cuz he knew who I was right away and he said he would do the work for $320, which is a huge difference. I thought about it and I said that seems a kittle née reasonable, but I saw online it could be done for under  $250. I told him I'm going to look around for something cheaper. He said "ok then pick your car." so when I got there to pick up my car the rep wanted to charge me $150 for the inspection. That would have been perfectly fine if someone TOLD ME THIS! and if you hade DONE ANYTHING TO MY CAR! I finally was extremely angry and refused to pay. She said she'll go ahead and waive the fee. Then she called my car in. And of course my window is still open and won't move (as expected). However, new problems arose right away!!!! The door didn't close!!!!!! I noticed this right away and called her since they wouldn't let me back inside because I was there a few min past closing.

Bottom the only reason anyone would probably go here for ANYTHING is because they shit, pee, and sneeze money or they are in warranty, in which case I would still go to another dealer.

Billy G. | 2011-03-16

I hate getting service/maintenance from dealers because it's always so expensive and they always seem to find million other problems with your car regarding parts you've never heard of that cost an arm and a leg.

Dana Peters, my Service Advisor at BMW was great though. He called me with updates on my vehicle, let me know what was found and did not pressure me into any additional maintenance aside from what I originally came for (which was a driver door that would not open).  BMW gave me a free car wash and he even gave me some discounts on the service provided.  The place is a bit busy and sometimes you have to wait a little, but overall the staff was much better than most car dealerships I've experience in the past!

Zsuzsanna O. | 2011-03-15

Will anyone ever all me back??????????  

I just found out that a service they supposedly did on my car a while back never got done!!!!  I will spare the details, but I now need to spend another $2500 to actually have it fixed by a private mechanic....

I called and called and called to talk about this "issue", but I guess they just don't care.  They will care when I report to every agency I can think of!!!!!!!!!

Jason K. | 2011-02-16

This place is a joke.

There is nothing good I can say about the service advisors.  There is no reason for me to reiterate the complaints. I believe you get the gist.

Is the new location going to enhance their service? I thinks NOT!

They aren't going to find me buying cars from them anymore.

Evan A. | 2011-01-26

Do not take your car here for Service.

Unless of course...

1. You enjoy waiting a week for your car to be returned without the service completed.

2. You don't mind repeatedly calling the service department, leaving your name and number, and never getting your calls returned.

3. You carry lubricant with you at all times.

Otherwise, avoid this dealer at all costs. Just looking out for the other customers. This place is HORRIBLE.

carrie m. | 2011-01-11

They say a good salesman makes you want to give him your money, a bad one makes you feel taken. After leaving this place my skin crawled and the thought of going back makes it still crawl.

I purchased my 335 in Nov. before thanksgiving, it was certified "Pre-owned", the salesman assured me the high price was worth the peace of mind. There was a bad buff job on the paint, there were swirls in the black paint. The salesman we'll call Michael Mc...... promised if I bring it back he'll have it detailed. I didn't think it was a big deal. Within the first week I noticed a vibration in the brake, so I called left a msg about the brakes and the swirls. He never got back to me, so I scheduled a service apt. since my car was well under the 50K mile warranty. Then I got my recall notice, not a big deal I brought the car in and called Michael to see about the detail. He said it couldn't be done since it had to be set up in advance.

The service associate Sarkis was great, but he called to let me know 2 wheels were bent and would need to be replaced. I was shocked since I had driven less than one thousand miles. It also had low fluid levels so topping off fluids must not be part of the Pre-owned Certification process. They said there was no way it was sold like that but out of "good faith they would fix the wheel". Again I called Michael to see about the detail, he said he hadn't talked to the detail dept. even though the car had now been there for 2 days! He said it couldn't be done till Monday, so Tuesday when the car was ready for pick up guess what, still no detail! Apparently a customer calling 3 times about something he promised in the first place wasn't important enough for him to call the detail dept. on.

Six days later the car is back and I pray I never have to go there again. Anyone know a good detailer?

BB V. | 2011-01-07

Extremely disappointed in the unprofessional experience with sales person, Neda, who claims to be the #1 sales person in North America!   I inquired about a specific pre-owned BMW and compared it's pricing to another dealers significantly lower priced car.  She couldn't come close to that price so she rudely remarked, "maybe you should be driving that car and not wasting my time."  Why would anyone want to buy from someone with such a poor attitude and manners.  Beware of Neda!

jay p. | 2011-01-04

The service department is absolutely terrible! Go the extra distance and go to Bob Smith BMW in Calabasas! The staff is terribly unhelpful and there are signs everywhere with "not responsible for lost or stolen goods." Yes, they steal the pennies from the ash tray- I'm not the only one who this happened to.

David M. | 2011-01-04

The service department is the best!!

I financed a 3 series coupe in 2008. I don't really remember the sales guy, but he kept going to his manager for advice. I think I got a good deal, 5 years 0.9% with nothing down. I love the car, especially the full service warranty...which brings me to the reason for writing this review.

Carmela and the service team have been very good so far. I've been there a few times for oil changes, routine service, and now tires. Making an appointment is super easy. I usually go in to drop off my car...a few hours later I get an email to tell me my car is ready. I show up, inspect my car, and drive off. I must say that I've been very happy with their service department. I usually wait a few minutes to pickup my car, once I waited about 30 minutes, but hiccups are expected so it's all good.

I highly recommend buying a car here, especially if you live in the area and plan on returning for service. Ohhh and they always wash my car for free!!

courtney h. | 2011-01-03

Ive had consistently good service from Chris and the team there.  While certainly not the cheapest shop, they are consistent, good with communication and do what they say when they say it.  Having gone to other shops recently, i can say i do appreciate their work and will gladly take my future service back.

Jon M. | 2010-12-28

If I could, I would rate this place with negative stars. Bryan the BMW Advisor had a shuttle drop me off 7 miles away from the dealership and told me that the shuttle would pick me up. On my return, the moron left me there for 2 hours!!! When I called him on it he hung up like a scared little juvenile and did nothing to send the shuttle to me.

The Manager Shawn another Dunce apologized for his weak employee and upon my arrival he hid in the back to avoid his companies poor performance!

Advice-- Never ever go here Irvine BMW and Pacific are driven to customer service unlike these clowns!!!

S C. | 2010-12-20

It kinda felt like a zoo today.

All I needed was an oil top off and it took an hour.  I called before I came in and was told that an appointment wasn't necessary; that I would be in and out before I know it.  That was far from the truth.  

The narrow entry into the service department only accommodates two vehicles and the entire passageway was blocked off.  I drove in and waited with half my car officially in the street.  Another car pulled in to my left and did the same.  No one approached me but I patiently waited.  Others behind me wanted to go in as well so traffic started piling up along the street and everyone started honking.  I wasn't blocking traffic but I felt bad for the people behind me.  

I finally decided to get out of my car and ask what the heck to do.  Everyone was running around and I really couldn't tell who was working and busy or whatnot.  A Brian Hough was sitting at his desk with his door open and face glued to the screen.  I said "Excuse me, I'm so sorry to bother you ... Excuse me ... Excuse me."  Perhaps I wasn't loud enough.  He didn't even look up his screen.  I was mildly disturbed by that so I walked ahead to look for someone else.  Finally two men who appeared to be working there were standing in front of the service appointment area.  I stood there for about two minutes waiting to ask a question while they were discussing something seemingly non-customer related.  Finally, I interrupted and told them my situation.  I swear, they must not have even realized I was waiting for them because they actually very nicely told me what to do: go buy $9 motor oil and someone would put it in for me.  Honestly, I could've done that anywhere.  Did they really need me to go to the clogged up dealership for that headache???  

Anywho ... I got the motor oil and went back to my car.  Again, no one was around and I did not know what to do.  I stood there for about two minutes just looking lost until someone finally took pity on me.  He put the oil in and assured me I'd be able to drive away soon.  (The passageway was blocked off with vehicles so I really was stuck.)  Defeated, I decided to sit in my car and entertain myself with my Blackberry until I could leave.  I sat and waited about 7 minutes and finally, I was able to get through.  I looked at the time and an hour had passed.  

This definitely discourages me from ever buying, leasing or getting any type of service from BH BMW.  Perhaps they are so world-famous they don't care about customer service?

(The two stars are the result of 1)  the nice man who finally helped me and 2) a celeb sighting :D)

Sean B. | 2010-12-17

Though I've reviewed Beverly Hills BMW before, that was the sales department, and tonight my review is for the service department. Kind of odd that Yelp doesn't seperate the two, they're generally very different people and often very different experiences.

Got online today and made a service appointment for something VERY simple. The new car I bought didn't have the front license plate bracket installed, and I finally got my registration today so had to get that done so that I could be 'legal'. Figured it would be a fifteen-minute in and out.

Pulled in and there was a long line at 4pm. Kind of surprising, on a Friday, but there it is. Got out and walked forward, sort of stood around five minutes before someone realized I was a customer who'd never been there before and didn't know where to go or who to talk to. I tell the person who approaches me that my appointment was with Sean, and I was told that he's off today, and that I'd be with someone else, and that I had to speak to the receptionist to find out who. Stood outside of her kiosk for five minutes while she was on the phone until I got her attention. She sent me to Dung, and then I stood outside of HIS office five minutes until he spoke to me... at this point, it was 15 minutes since I'd parked and that's an awfully long time just to get to step one, to me.

I killed time for about twenty minutes until I walked back to see how long it would be, as I was told it would be "just a quick thing" and that I should just wait there rather than go to dinner... it took five minutes for them to realize that nobody had done anything yet, and at that point someone went to attend to my car. Finally, ten minutes after that, I was on the road.

I understand that they're a big dealer, I understand that they're busy, and frankly, an hour isn't an excessive amount of time for even a minor service issue... but the miscommunications and the clunkiness of the process really made it overall a mediocre experience.

Three stars for now, hoping that tonight was a fluke and that next time will run more smoothly.

Damone J. | 2010-12-03

They were pretty good, but when it came to installing my auto alarm they had to keep my car for 3 days, why i dont know, then more days, it came down to almost a week for a auto alarm for my bmw. i dint get apology but at least it was installed, the parts dept  was the superb and friendly, they felt bad i was waiting so long. i would go back.

Joe B. | 2010-11-20

It's taken me far too long to write this, but here goes.....

I love this place!  From the very comfortable and low-pressure sales experience I received from Neda a few years ago, to the absolutely superb service I have always received from my service advisor, Carmella, I will buy all of my future cars from BMW Beverly Hills.  Sure, Neda is no-nonsense....but just tell her what you want.  She will do whatever it takes to get it for you.  

My first experience with them was in the service department.  I had purchased my first BMW from Center BMW in Sherman Oaks (a good experience), but the BH location was more convenient for me.  Having purchased the car elsewhere, I expected a lesser degree of customer service. I couldn't have been more wrong. They were wonderful!  I was treated like an old friend, and many years later, still am.  Hey, everyone gets busy and things don't always run perfectly, but, hey, they try really hard to do their best.

I've sent more than a few friends to BH BMW, and they too have been completely satisfied with the dealership.  I'm surprised by some of the comments I've read here, as it's so different from what I experienced.  For myself, I'll continue going.  It's the best deal in town for a BMW.

Maricar K. | 2010-11-20

Make sure, as with any other company you deal with, that everything you want and everything that was promised to you is in writing.  My husband and I had been sharing a car for over a year now since he sold his gas-guzzler last year.  Coincidentally, my mom's car lease was over and she also needed another car.  We went to Beverly Hills BMW to see if we can get a deal on two cars.  So test drove some cars and finally picked the one that we liked.  When we got to the table to negotiate the price, we were told they do not negotiate.  They were "the world famous Beverly Hills BMW" and that's not how they do things.  You would have thought that they would give us a break since we would be buying two cars.  But no.  Finally, we settled that my mom would get a low APR and I would get a free tow-hitch and bike rack.  Signed the contract and that day they sold 2 cars.  The following week, we called and to make an appointment to have the tow-hitch installed and our salesperson and his general manager was surprised.  They said that the bike rack got discontinued and that there's no such thing as a free tow-hitch.  I would have been very upset except that we had it in the contract for a free tow-hitch.  Unfortunately, the bike rack wasn't.  After a day and probably scrutinizing our contract, they called us back and told us they were ready to take in the car to install the hitch.  We got such bad attitude from those people.  It's not our fault they f#@ked up!  Please if possible do not deal with this particular BMW or if not GET EVERYTHING they promised you in writing.

Mike B. | 2010-11-11

Recently brought a 09' 328i in for a tire repair. Good thing the car has wheel and tire warranty.

I dropped the car off around 100pm and by 500 my brand new tire has been already replaced.

Brian Hough is a good service advisor. The guy takes care of me as soon as I drive up.

The technicians are good my homie that works there takes care of any BMW I bring in right away.

Shari P. | 2010-11-06

This is a review of the sales side of BH BMW:

I was previously a customer of BH Bmw.  However, the lease end sales dealer Neda is terrible.  I do not understand why she is the number one sales dealer.  I asked to see a 2-door 3 series and she started showing me different SUVs like the x5.  She wanted to sell me the car she wanted rather than the car I wanted.  Needless to say, I purchased my next car at Alexander BMW.  My salesman at Alexander BMW was named Manny and he was GREAT!!

If you absolutely need to go to BH BMW, do NOT go to Neda.  Try another sales person because you'll save yourself a lot of headache.

Jason R. | 2010-10-07

UPDATE:  Yesterday when I was blown off by this sales person, I was a bit irritated.  I was surprised today, however, to see that the same car I was asking about has been discounted $2,000!  If this sales person had given me a $2,000 break (or added $2,000 to my trade), I would have been a buyer.  But now I realize, even more than yesterday, that sales at Beverly Hills BMW are about turnover and easy commissions...not about building relationships or earning customers.

ORIGINAL POST:  I'm not in a hurry to buy another car, so I have the luxury of both seeing and ignoring the annoying high-pressure sales tactics from commission-centric sales people. I have exchanged a few emails with a particular sales person at Beverly Hills BMW. What I have discovered is that he is completely uninterested in me as a customer because he can't see the immediate return.

It's frustrating to see sales "professionals" forget that developing relationships is the best way to make sales...and not just one sale, but sales from referrals, sales from positive word of mouth and sales to the same person over and over. The sales person I've been working with at Beverly Hills BMW appears to want none of that. His responses are always the same. "This car is below market value...hurry and buy." I even got that ridiculous response when I asked about a car that has been on the lot for over a month now. Apparently I need to MOVE FAST or I'll let this GREAT DEAL pass me by. All the while, my direct questions are ignored...because, dummy, this is a great deal and you better move fast [to help me earn a quick buck].

I don't think Beverly Hills BMW deserves more than one star because, from a sales perspective, the person I've worked with is interested in earning a buck today (versus creating a loyal customer for years to come). Short sighted...sad. I should have reviewed the other Yelp comments first...might have saved me the frustration.

By the way, I love to get referrals from if you have a great car salesman to pass along, please feel free.

Midnight B. | 2010-07-31

Let me start in order of all my experiences at beverly hills bmw.

1. I come to lease a car, find a woman named Neda I believe, some Persian lady with an attitude, i ask her approximate lease amounts for the bmw 5 and 3 series and she proceeds to ask me if I think I can afford a bmw and suggests that I look at hondas. I responded by saying that I make six figures and walked away.

2. I come to a wonderuflly nice lady named Carmen, who I actually found out now works for Lexus ( I was recently car shopping again), who got me a great lease deal, (I would give her 5 stars, but I hate the whole dealership so much I cant).

3. I have several problems with the car, the first incident starts literally months after I get it, I haven't even put the plates on the car and while we were having a heat wave, the gage that senses temperature doesn't work so the car will not turn on its a/c. I come to the dealership, where they proceed t o lie to me and tell  me they have no loaner cars to give me while they work on this problem and so I have to pay for the lease. After a blow a fuse ( me not the car) a woman takes me to a parking lot  on the side and asks "so which car would you like?" Literally ,a parking lot full of cars, and yet they didn't have a car to give me and wanted me to pay.!!!!!! Made no sense that if they didn't have a car why they were telling me how much the car rental would be, anyway.

4. next issue: entire computer module has to get replaced why?? b/c it has a problem in the first year and it always some gage that doesn't detect something, all the lights go on, gas, oil,water, ignition etc .
its a christmas array of lights on my dashboard, I swear.

5. the happiness comes when I get to return the car. no seriously I was never so excited to return a vehicle to a most ridiculous, unprofessional, rude and without integrity dealership. ( i mean come on lie to the customer???)


As an aside note, I have had several people come and tell me their horrible experiences with the dealership, from the sales people not wanting to anywork and show the cars, and Neda having a snobby attitude to being blatantly ripped off, I know i'm not alone in the way I feel about this dealership.

Lee C. | 2010-07-31


     I care a lot about the care of my 2004 M3 and wanted nothing but the best for it, that's I chose Beverly Hills BMW. I made the decision to have my service done there because I assumed it would be a reputable dealer being in BH. After my experience there, I know that I made a TERRIBLE decision.

     It started from the second I showed up. When I first arrived, there was no one there to greet me or help me find my way. It wasn't until I stood around for about 5 minutes looking confused and lost before I found someone to point me to the tiny little offices where the reception women sat. I walked over there and the lady called me into her "office" but it was extremely awkward because it was so small and I felt like I was standing on top of her. Then after trying to look up my name on the computer she told me that she couldn't find my appointment in the system then changed her mind and said my scheduled service manager was on lunch. WTF. She pointed me towards one of the service managers "offices" (yet another uncomfortably small glass cubical) and told me he would be able to help me. I thanked the lady and walked to the man's office, but he appeared to be on the phone. I stood outside waiting for a visual acknowledgment to find out if I was supposed to go in or wait outside. He finally looked up and stared at me for a second then back down to his desk without any direction. So, I assumed the same protocol that was expected at reception, so I quietly walked in and sat down at the chair to wait for him to finish with his call. Then came the truly outrageous part. The manager on the phone gave a huge audible sigh of frustration, told the person on the phone to hold on a second, then turned to me as if to scold me and said "Are you serious? What the hell do you think you're doing?"!!!! I waited for direction before entering his office but since not a single person in the entire establishment cared if I had any idea what was going on or what was expected of me I guessed. I told the man that I had a service appointment, but the guy was on lunch so reception to me to talk to him. I said I could wait outside if he would like, trying not to let what he said get to me even though it was the most offensive thing ANYBODY has EVER said to me in a professional environment. So, I left to wait at the bench outside and he gave yet another contemptuous sigh as I left. I should have just left right then there.

    No business should ever treat a customer like that regardless of who they are. The rude and arrogant pretentiousness of their establishment has almost turned me off of BMWs entirely. I might understand if I had been abrasive or rude to anybody, but I had been nothing but completely patient, polite and respectful to everyone. I eventually had to wait for over half an hour on the bench in the driveway before he poked his head out of his office to help me. Meanwhile, not a single employee asked if I had been helped or even acknowledged my existence. WTF? The only thing I could think of was either since I am in my early 20s that they assumed I was a spoiled little rich kid that they could get away with treating me like that. Yet, I am a military member, with a mechanic father (so I know exactly when businesses like this try to take advantage of most people's lack of car know-how). I worked hard and bought my car with entirely my own money and have absolutely every right to be treated respectfully. Luckily for them, I have learned quite a bit about professionalism, respect, and patience in the military and brushed off the horrendous customer service BH BMW threw at me. Anyone else probably would have gotten furious and made a huge scene if they were treated like that. That's not even mentioning what went wrong with the repairs.

 I only needed an oil change, but that they said they thought they heard a sound coming from the water pump and they recommended replacing it. I thought although it was a possibility, I know that it is an expensive part to replace because you "think" you hear a sound coming from. I decided to pass and maybe have it looked at later if it started showing signs of failing. I wasn't a block from BH BMW when I heard a loud banging coming from underneath my car. It was a sound I had NEVER heard before. It was extremely disconcerting and sounded very serious. After, I got home I checked it out and it turned out one of the rubber spacers on the exhaust mounting bracket was broken off and the exhaust was dangling and swinging up to hit the under-body of the car every time I hit a bump.

     They have never returned any of my calls or emails about fixing the damage they did. I just couldn't believe the degree of rudeness, condescending attitude, along with lack of attention, care, professionalism and respect to its customers. I am truly appalled and with the damage done to my vehicle while being service I severely question this establishments ethical foundation.

N.N. R. | 2010-07-02

ugh, what a horrible display of customer service.

came in to test drive a 335xi and serious to buy, it was between this and a new audi. the salesman, Jose, I believe? was very sure to let me know that they have "nothing on this lot" and that "all cars are off site"...
well, correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that what a dealership does - goes and brings the car so that I can test drive it and then fork over the cash? No, apparently not. He kept saying, "if you want to come back another day and let me know I can get the cars for you". hmm, NO, that's why I'm here NOW.
So all in all, they had NOTHING for me to drive and didn't want to be the least bit helpful in going and bringing anything for me to drive. Finally after badgering this guy to let me test drive a damn car, he puts me in a 2 year old 323i with no packages and lets me (get this) drive it literally around the block. Not even half a mile folks. The car was chugging along and as I started it he said - "oh, this has no gas so just do a quick turn around the block" - wow, thanks. this is totally what I want a BMW for: no packages, no gas, quick trip around the block. Awesome...

I went to AUDI 20 mins later, they had an A5 and S5 waiting for me to test drive and were more than happy to be accommodating and helpful. I bought an AUDI a week later...
so turned off by BMW, I hope AUDI blows them out of the water and I am sure they will. Better service that makes it a pleasure to visit the dealership.

BEV HILLS BMW - what a joke...

Kunal M. | 2010-06-20

I wish there was a 0 stars options. Oh well. Here goes.

I bought my first BMW a few years from these guys. I went back today I bought my first BMW a few years from these guys. I went back today to buy a used M3 convertible. The sales person and I talked at length about the warrranty. We went into specific details that things like the roof, electrical, power train etc would be covered, but things like brakes, battery and oil changes would not be. I was ok with that.

We agreed to the price, trade-in etc. I even started signing papers (after the credit check and other formalities). Then the guy (who was making me sign the papers), tried to sell me an extended warranty. He told me that this car had NO warranty on it - which was one of the most critical things that I wanted - and had made that clear 4 hrs ago to the sales guy.

Thus, eventually after 4+ hrs, I had to walk away with no car. I do not recommend these guys - be careful and make sure you are getting what you want and what they tell u.

BTW - The sales guy, did not apologize once!

William T. | 2010-06-03

For a "world famous" business in Beverly Hills, I expected much better... I went once for an oil change, and I'm not going again.  My appointment was scheduled at 10:30AM, the service adviser didn't show up till 11!  My car wasn't ready until around 12:30...2 hours for an oil change!  What's the point of me making an appointment then?  I'm a busy student and I don't have time like this to I go to Center BMW in Sherman Oaks, wayyyy better!

Agogo D. | 2010-05-05

Beverly Hills BMW / BMW of Beverly Hills, by the authority of Seth Waskow (General Manager) is on a campaign of DISHONESTY AND DECEPTION. It appears that Yelp has not been affected, but Google has. Google also has a review program. When you "Google" Beverly Hills BMW, the first thing that you see is a map and some basic information which includes some rating stars and this "127 reviews - Write a review" (as of today). If you click on the "127 reviews" you will be able to see the list of reviews. Almost all of the top rated reviews you see are FAKE REVIEWS. Beverly Hills BMW is paying a company called Reviewboost to write FAKE REVIEWS about them. How do I know and how can you see this? First off, although from my desktop computer many of the fakes are written by authors named "Certified User", Authentic Review" or "local", from my iPhone they are listed as "Reviewboost45" or "Reviewboost53" or something similar. Regardless of if you are able to see this yourself or not, if you click on those authors "names" you will see every review that person has ever written. Look at the end of the written reviews and you will see that one author has many many different names. In addition to this is the fact that the author is writing reviews about companies all over the country. In fact this most recent review written today (May 5, 2010) at this address -…
shows the "Author" writing a review about their new car purchase at Beverly Hills BMW and also writing a review about their new car purchase on 4/23 from BMW of San Diego, as well as their reviews in 40 other cities in 20 different states in one month. These are all FAKE FAKE FAKE paid for by Beverly Hills BMW to Reviewboost and Beverly Hills BMW and Seth Waskow should be ashamed to be stooping to such dishonest and deceitful practices. Why do they need to pay for FAKE reviews?

Michael S. | 2010-04-03

I've bought/leased 7 cars over the last 10 years.  BMW of Bev Hills is without question the worst dealership with the most dishonest salespeople i ever met.  Tried both the guys on the floor and going through the internet department.  Stay away.  Your time will be wasted and you'll get cheated.  There are couple of great BMW dealerships in the's worth driving over the hill for better deals.

Marie C. | 2010-04-01

I would avoid doing business with them at all costs. I debated giving them 1 star, but we actually got a decent deal on a 2007 BMW 335.

First off, does Neda know when emailing typing in all caps = YELLING and it is very rude. My husband sent an email inquiring about a specific car and she kept emailing back telling him to check the website for the inventory. Really all he wanted was for her to tell him when something he exactly wanted came in and he would come down and buy it. Instead she wanted him to do all the work and when he didn't want to she felt it appropriate to yell at him via email. I really don't see how she sells cars and is she really the number 1 sales person? How does she get clients?

The second person we dealt with (I forgot his name) was very young, but nice and took us on a couple test drives. We actually would have bought a car from him, but it was impossible to get a hold of him. He gave us his card that had the wrong info on it so he scratched it out and put the so called correct info. Mu husband called him and left a voice mail with no return call and sent an email to both addresses which both got returned as invalid addresses. We both thought he got let go or quit, but when we eventually bought a car he was there and asked us what we ended up getting.

We ended up buying a car from Charles. He was a nice man with little follow through, attention to detail and sense of urgency. During negotiations he asked us if we could walk over and ask the sales manager if he would take our price. My husband flat out said "no" and asked him to go get the sales manager.

While negotiating the price the sales manager said "We sold over 33 cars over the weekend..." They basically made me feel like they were so great that they didn't need our business. I almost said "Well if you sold so many then I guess you can sell this car to someone else," and walk out. The only thing that made me stay was my husband really wanted this car. He must have sensed this and thought he could treat us any way he wanted.

They agreed to fix some of the scratches on the car before we picked up. After waiting 2 weeks Charles called saying the car was ready. When we got there they told us to sit and wait for Charles. We waited over 15 minutes before starting to complain. Charles took us to the car and all the scratches were still there. Did he not inspect the car before calling? Then he said we would need to speak with the manager (I think Amir). He then disappeared. After over 30 minutes of more waiting we complained and asked for Charles to be called. Did he forget about us? Finally the sales manager came out and was standing there with a couple other men. One of them started telling a story and joking around. At this point they were trying my patience because we had been there over 45 minutes waiting for some help. I asked them if they could hurry up because I didn't have all night to deal with there mistakes. I do give the manager credit because after looking at the car he admitted it was unacceptable, apologized and said that is not how they do business. He said they would get it done right this time and he would inspect it before calling.

Another week passes with no word so I called him directly and asked about the car. After a few more phone calls to Charles and the manager we were able to come pick up the car. I think they should have paid our first car payment after all we didn't get the car for over 3 weeks.

If you deal with this dealership you better have a lot of time, patience and not care how you are treated because they don't care about you or your business.

D L. | 2010-03-17

In my experience with BH BMW, their CPO cars have less prep work done to them before listing them as Certified Pre-Owned.  Other BMW dealers I've shopped replaced all four tires and fully detailed interior before re-selling them as CPOs.  Nothing terribly wrong with that since the savings is reflected on the cheaper selling price.  Mind you the run-flats on BMW cost about 400-500 bucks at the dealership.  Just my 2 cents.  Cheers.

Adam L. | 2010-03-16

I'm mainly rating the Service Department of "World In-Famous Beverly Hills BMW". I own 3 BMW, I love those cars, and I'm prepared to pay what needs to be paid to keep them in tip top shape. In situations when I don't feel like fixing it myself I take it to a dealer, expecting and hoping they will treat my car like their own. I've been BH BMW's service customer for a while, but I think after my last 3 visits, that relationship came to an end. The service quality has been declining and one can only wonder why would anyone choose this place to have their car serviced. The place is always crowded, which is not a bad thing, but at the same time it seems like they get overwhelmed with the amount of cars they have to deal on daily basis. Consider yourself lucky if you get your car within a few hours and if you get a call back or a follow up. I went through 3 different advisors, the first one, I think Brian, was just useless and could care less about his professional opinions. My last one Dan, seems to be a good guy, but I think he is stretched out beyond his limits, trying to take care of too many clients and with to many issues on his hands.
Anyways, last time they kept my car for a week, and that's fine since I knew the part I needed had to be ordered all the way from Germany. However while they had my car the first day, the follow up was non existent, I called bunch of times, and if I hadn't showed up in person before they closed I most probably would not get my answers. Also I asked for a loaner and again trying to be patient and reasonable, after calling the dealership 30 minutes before they closed to find out where my loaner was, no one could provide me an answer. I honestly feel they thought they had my car and didn't expect me to have a ride, so I jumped in my other BMW and was there within 15 minutes with my friend who then would drive my car back while I got a loaner. The surprise in their eyes when I walked in was priceless. They almost made it look as if they were doing me a favor for #1 fixing my car and #2 giving me a loaner for a week. BTW the loaner I got was filthy, what kind of service hands out cars to customers that look as if they were just picked from a used car lot? I actually returned the car detailed since I couldn't stand the stains in it.
My second issues is, they try to find nearly anything that can be wrong with your car just so they can milk more dough.
And last, when I finally got a call back that my car was fixed and ready for a pick up, imagine my surprise to discover the next day that my window was rattling and the door panel was barely re-installed. After taking it back and pointing out the obvious and being told it would be fixed, I get a call 5 hours later to tell me they need to replace the window guide rail and something else because it's bent. Well how the hell did it get bent? I wasn't the one taking the door apart, and then they have a nerve to tell me they will charge me $100 to have it replaced. After this I just had it. On top of that they tell me they wouldn't be able to have it done the same day so I will have to come in tomorrow. Now mind this, not everyone has 2 or 3 cars to go around, so if that was my only commuter I would be stuck with no wheels.
Thanks a lot BH BMW I think I will be going to Pacific BMW that seems to actually care about their customers and maintains some sort of level of dignity and ownership in case they make a mistake.

Alexis J. | 2010-03-10

I'm reviewing the Service department, not sales, as I got my 3 Series back east.  That said, I cannot say enough about Chris Goldstein, my service adviser.  He remembers who I am every time I call for an appointment (impressive since it's generally at least six months), and generally makes me feel like I'm his best and only customer.  I signed up for a Yelp account just to sing his praises... though I guess now I should finally get around to reviewing some restaurants.

The R. | 2010-03-02

Looked for a used BMW for about a week. Stumbled on the perfect car at Bev. Hills BMW. Price was way below what others were selling for online...why hadn't it been snatched up yet? Because as far as I can tell, BMW Bev Hills doesn't list their used inventory on sites like and .  In other words, big bonus for the shopper if you know where took.

So anyway, wrote them online inquring about the car. Received a call from a salesman about 30 minutes after I submitted my form. Very nice, told me to come down and check it out.

Got down there- The car had almost been sold! Someone had called ahead and had a saleperson put a "sold" sign on the car, telling the salesman "he would be down ASAP to buy it". Well, I guess I beat him to it. I pulled that sign right off, test drove it, and bought it on the spot. My guy knocked some dough off the sales price, gave me a good rate to finance and that was that. Did it all in under 2 hours.

The whole time, I felt totally comfortable and respected. Follow up emails and phone call from the dealership the next day asking if I was happy with the car was a nice touch.

Here's the reason I wanted to write a review- About 2 hours after I drove the car off the lot, the check engine light came on. Now, this sucks if you are all pumped about driving your new  (used) BMW.  Also, it sucks worse when you passed on the warranty, and technically BMW doesn''t have to fix anything for you. Car was sold to me "AS IS". I understood that. but I called BMW anyway....

They told me to bring the car back, and they would take care of it. The next day, I brought it down to service- They service guys (very nice) spent about 2 hours fixing a fuel pump sensor type thing that had gone bad. Fixed the problem for free. When they didn't even have to.

Now THATs customer service. Standing behind your product, even when you don't have to. Well done, Beverly Hills BMW.

RoB D. | 2010-01-18

I went to take my leased BMW in for routine service. To which they told me that my car was missing pieces.  They charged me $300.00 for an alignment and labor.  But never the part.  I feel like I was ripped off. That there was never a part missing and they were just trying to pad there monthly service invoice. They told me that Long Beach BMW (where I got my car serviced last) dealer must have not put them back on and that I would have to go get my money back from them. (also from what I understand these bolts are imperative to the safety of driving my car.)  I have called both BMW dealerships who have in turn pointed fingers back at each other like little kids trying to cover up a lie..  I leased a BMW because of there service package so that I wouldn't have to pay for mechanical screw ups.  I have left several messages to which I have not received a single phone call for.  Just an e-mail apologizing for there crap "Ultimate Service"/being ignored and explaining there was nothing they could do.  Well other than laugh at me while I try and climb the ladder of awful BMW North America bureaucracy/"customer service".  Since I leased this car this is not the first incident I have faced were I was out money at fault of BMW.  This is the straw that broke my back.  I feel at this point I will never support or buy from this dealership. As they do not deliver what they promise and there arrogant about it..  You don't have a business without customers and customers don't stay without customer service..

Chad R. | 2010-01-11

I just purchased a CPO BMW from Neda at Beverly Hills BMW. Her customer service is 2nd to none. I would definitely recommend this dealership to family and friends.

Things just keep getting better from Beverly Hills BMW. I just received a phone call from their finance department. The terms of my loan have change for the better, They some how lower my fiance rate by 2 points. I can not believe how low it is. I really have enjoyed this car shopping experience. I can not image buying a car anywhere else.

Now I would not only recommend this dealership to family and friends, I will insist it.  

I guess that they are world famous for a reason.


H. L. | 2010-01-07

Okay so this is an update to the saga of BMW. I went back and purchased a car from Charles. In all fairness, they did have the best deal for the car that I was looking for.
This 2nd experience went a lot better around. The deal closed and I walked off with a CPO car. I had to go back a few more times to get things sorted out in the service dept. Although the service crew is nice, the fact that this dealership is small and busy makes it hard to schedule an appointment to get my car service. I picked up a nail in my tire and I called to see if they can help me out. They told me they have no availablity for TWO days. What the heck am I suppose to do with a nail in my tire for 2 days? Walk?
I had to complain to my service advisor who helped me out during his lunch hour the next day (Thanks Chris!).
So my feeling about this BMW Beverly Hills is that the dealership over sucks. The operation is messy and the customer service leaves a lot to be desired. But there are certain individuals that can help save the day. Charles in Sales and Chris in Service.
So my advice is for those shopping for a BMW, this dealership is a big hit or miss. If you are lucky you get good service from the better of the bunch, otherwise tough luck.

David H. | 2010-01-03

So far I've had a really mixed experience buying a car from BH BMW.  Some people have been great and others not so much. My car arrives in the next two weeks, and if my experience improves, I will surely change my star rating. Here's what's happened so far:

About two months ago I decided to buy a brand new 128. I emailed about a dozen dealerships in LA, inquiring about their 128s. Brian from BH BMW answered first and we exchanged a series of emails. He was helpful, prompt, and friendly so I gave him a call to arrange an appointment to stop by and review a car. When I called, he didn't seem to know who I was, but after reminding him about the emails, he remembered and I told him I'd be by asap.

When I got there, he again seemed to have no idea who I was and asked me to wait until he was finished with a client. After waiting 30min, his associate Mike (I think) helped me out. I picked out a car, signed the papers, and placed the order. Mike was great. He told me to call back for my production number, so I could track my car's journey from the factory.

A week later I called back and Brian told me he didn't have the production number and that he'd call me back. Two weeks after that I get an email from Brian asking me IF I WAS STILL INTERESTED IN BUYING A CAR? Having already bought a car from him, this was just sad.

Really dude? Sure, maybe I'm not that memorable. Sure, maybe you're a little unorganized. But at least make a solid effort to take me off your spam list. Anyway, I wrote him back and left him a vm. Never heard from him again. I talked to NIck. He was great. Called me back with a production number. My car gets in next week. Can't wait to drive it off the lot...

Raj V. | 2009-12-21

Paul in the service dept is THE MAN!!

I have an '08 Euro delivery 335i coupe which I bought from Pacific BMW. I used to live in Sherman Oaks and used to get it serviced at Center BMW. They were alright, they once gave me a little grief for topping off my synthetic oil in between service schedules. And they never offered courtesy vehicles, claiming they were reserved for customers who bought their cars at Center. Similar story at Santa Monica BMW (with the added downside that they're rude).

I moved down to Brentwood a few months ago and needed an oil change. I talked to Paul at the BH service center. He got me fixed up with an appointment right away and offered me an X3 rental, even though I didnt buy my car at BH. He also called me regularly to keep me posted on the progress of the work. A few weeks later I had to take it in when the 'Check Engine' light came on (I think I was just having wayy too much fun with the car :)). Paul again got the work done in record time and kept me up to date. I wouldn't go to any other service adviser for as long as I'm in LA.

Andrew P. | 2009-12-18

This place get's 2 ** .  One for getting in, and one for getting out.

I had my 328i checked for headlight out, oil change, and tire service back in November.  Service staff and people not too friendly.  Too crowded unfortunately.  

My service advisor sucked.  Waited all day for a service that should've been done in 2 hours, 3 hours max.  I was shuttled to a local eatery, where I conducted most of my business.  Meanwhile, I called in asking for updates every hour.  Nobody had the courtesy of calling me back or giving me an update.

Won't go there again.

marc f. | 2009-12-15

Gerd is the best service writer in town and I have owned all types of vehicles .
Marc Fogel
310 904 8541

Alex G. | 2009-12-12

This dealership is the worst !!!!!

Johnie the sales manager is rude and franky doesent care about customers after the purchase is made.  

I took my car here for service and recieved a voucher for a rental car.  I was called by the rental car agency later and they stated that BH BMW has been refusing payment.  They are now charging my card for the voucher.

I have called BH BMW numerous times and they have failed to resolve the issue.  

Most recently I spoke with Johnie as he is the only manager that I could get on the phone.  Johnie essentially stated that he doesent care - and would discuss it with another manager if "he could remember."

It is apalling that this dealership is placing customers in the middle of a dispute with one of their vendors.  They fail to return calls or even adress concerns of clients.

Ognen N. | 2009-12-09

I bought my BMW 135i convertible in May 2008 at this dealership.  Earlier this week I took my 135i convertible for its first oil change.  I made the appointment online for Monday at 9:40am.  When I arrived there was a line of 3-4 cars stuck on the street still waiting to be able to enter the driveway.  I had to wait a couple of minutes along with the other cars partially blocking the street until I pulled in.

After exiting the car, no one greeted me, so I was unsure where to go and what to do.  Eventually I found a guy with a writing pad who could not find my appointment in his schedule.  It appeared that online appointments do not show up on his schedule.

Next I spoke to a receptionist who did find my appointment on her computer, and sent me to the service associate Paul (asian guy).  Paul was courteous and nice.  When I was signing the form I noted that my car color showed on the printout incorrectly as green.

Next Paul told me that they have no more available BMW loaners so I was shuttled to Enterprise to get a rental, which they paid for.  From the other reviews here it seems they regularly run out of loaners even early in the morning.  I was promised loaner cars when I bought my BMW.  I also specified a loaner when I was making the appointment online the previous week.  The online system should be able to check availability of loaners and RESERVE one for me, but it did not do either.  Why?

A few hours later I received a call from Paul letting me know that my car is ready to be picked up.  As I could not make it to the rental and dealership by 6:30pm when they close, I picked up the car the next morning.

I waited outside for about 10 minutes for my car to arrive.  When I entered the car I noticed that the low tire warning light was now on!  This means they did not check the tire pressure during the time they had my car.  Returning my car with a warning light on just seems so wrong.

Theresa L. | 2009-12-08

A little late in writing my review......this was in June 2009 - I went to three BMW dealerships in the LA area (Santa Monica, South Bay & Beverly Hills) looking for a certified pre-owned 750iL. By far, from the minute I walked in the door at Beverly Hills BMW, I felt like I was put first. They were very friendly, attentive, honest and very patient (I am very picky) and I felt like the negotiation part was not uncomfortable (like it usually is)...they were willing to make a deal. In the end, I got exactly what I wanted and was very happy and still am very happy with my car.

Unfortunately, I had to take my car into service (I was still under BMW's awesome warranty) friend was messing around with the CD changer (kept pushing the button non-stop playing around) and suddenly the changer just did not close. I made a service appointment online (which is phone call, talking to an operator, put on hold....the internet is the way to go for busy people!). My service Adviser was Dan Cao who was extremely professional and had me constantly updated as I sat in the waiting area. Service Technician Jessie was so nice as he explained what the problem was, how he was going to fix it and how long it would take. When Dan found out it would take longer than expected, he immediately had me in a brand new loaner BMW 3 series and on my way home. I was back the next day for my car :).

Overall I think if you want top of the line service (which always should be the case), Beverly Hills BMW Sales & Service Departments don't disappoint.

I would definitely go back here when I get my next car :)....and I am looking forward to it!

E L. | 2009-11-21

They never called me when my car was ready so I had to call my service advisor 3 times and left messages twice.  Also because their operation of business was so messy the cashier couldn't figure out how much they have to charge me so they charged another 169 dollars on my credit card (I already paid 200+ dollars for their substandard service.) a couple of days later without my consent and signature? (They had the audacity to just send me the receipt weeks later.  For a wrong smaller amount no less.)  I have to check the criminal code of California but I think such transaction may be called theft  in some states.  Fortunately, my dispute request with American Express was granted and I wasn't charged for that additional amount.  Yelpers, please double check the amount you spend with a credit card/debit card at this place.

Michael A. | 2009-11-05

I took my 5-series into Beverly Hills BMW and was immediately set up with Chris Goldstein.  He was one of the best reps I've ever dealt with at any car dealership.  He was fair and honest, and helped me through the myriad of issues my car faced.  I got the general sense that everyone there was HAPPY to be everyone provided great service (including the general manager, Sean, and the receptionist, Dawna).

Even though my car was purchased through a different dealership, Beverly Hills BMW can be sure they have my future business.  Good service like this is never forgotten.

Britney A. | 2009-10-22

Yeah! I just bought my car  here:)   Cannot wait to drive it.  A wide selection of cars and of course me love beverly hills.

becky v. | 2009-10-09

DO NOT GO HERE! I bought my BMW here iand though this place was amazing, and referred friends... until I encountered the service department. It was the single most upsetting experience of my life. I am now trying and trying to sell my BMW because I will NEVER trust them for service again. Here is the letter I wrote... and all they did was send me an automated email "thanking me" for my feedback.

Either don't buy a BMW, or if you do run far away from the Beverly Hills location...

I sold my Range Rover and came to BMW after years of hearing about the "exceptional" service from my mother and father. As a single woman, I value knowing that my car will be taken care of and I will be treated honestly. I bought my car through Mr. Joe Hernandez, who was amazing, and I have sent friends to him for their car needs. Up until now I was the biggest BMW cheerleader, even more so for he Beverly Hills dealer location.

As I approached my first service needs I was excited because I had heard how amazing BMW was. My reasons for coming in were:
1. The vents smelled when air came out when the A/C was NOT on. The smell was wretched.
2. A bolt on the front bumper was missing at time of purchase and I was told to call and have it replaced.
3. The brakes were squeaking.
4. I had my windows tinted at the time of purchase, and the tint had bubbled in two locations, and cracked and split in one of them.

When I made my appointment I said that I had these problems and could they all be treated at the same time. I was told, "Bring you car in and tell them." I said that I knew from when I purchased my car that window tints were only done on certain days and would this be a problem for the day I was coming in. I was told again, "Just bring it in and tell them when you drop it off."

So when I dropped it off I was told, "Our window tinter is only here a few days a week. You should have mentioned that when you made your appointment."

Additionally, when I called to make my appointment I asked if I needed to check in with anyone, and was told simply to "show up." When I arrived I was asked who my service representative was. When I said I was not given one I was told, "yes you were. It would be much easier if you knew that, miss." Then the person made a huge ordeal of having to get a schedule to look up my service advisor's name and said, "next time try and remember that."

My service advisor called me a few hours later and said that the window tinter was a sub-contractor and I needed to call him regarding my windows. That is outrageous. If I wanted a random person tinting my windows I would have looked in the phone book. I went through the dealer because I wanted BMW behind ANY work I did on my car, so that any problems (such as this one) would be handled through BMW, at a BMW location. I am not about to call some man named "Dwight" and set up a meeting for my car. I paid through BMW, after all. BMW should schedule and handle the repairs - at BMW. This is absolutely insane and terrible service.

I was then told that my vents were flushed "as a courtesy," but I would be responsible for any future problems. So my car of 5 months stinks and it is my responsibility? Way to stand behind your product, BMW.

I was told my car would be ready at 5:30 or 6. I didn't have a ride to pick it up, and wouldn't until the following day, so I was told it would be moved to a lot where I could pick it up. I was never offered a shuttle.

Over the weekend I came down with the flu and called to see if a friend could pick it up, if I sent her with mu ID, a note and the BMW paperwork. I was told no. On Monday morning I called to say I was picking it up and was directed to the remote lot. When I arrived I was told my car had been returned to the dealer. When I went to the dealer I was told it was now at a third location. When I went to the third sport I pointed out my car and was given my keys. Finally.

My vents smelled great for a day, and now they are awful again. I can either have on the AC or I have to roll down the windows, which should prove challenging as the weather cools. Also, since my car went in for service the side mirror no longer tilts when I put it in reverse. I was called to say that my bolt has arrived, but honestly I am not prepared for the hassle of going back. Why would I? So nothing can be fixed and I can leave with more problems than I arrived with?

So here I sit with cracks in my window tint, a missing bolt, a smelly vent and a newly acquired problem with my side mirror.

I bought a BMW for the service. Right now I am considering selling it "as-is" and returning to Range Rover - or any other car that is actually honest about their "amazing" service.

2015 UPDATE: After contacting corporate, BH called me and chastised me for "getting them into trouble." I was asked why I expected to be "treated like a queen" when I "only purchased a pre-owned car, not new." I sold my BMW after 6 months and have not returned.

Double O. | 2009-09-12

Beverly Hills BMW is by far the best new car dealership I've been to. It's not the biggest or the fanciest, but they are friendly, honest and willing to make a deal. I researched a lot before buying my car and I negotiated with several dealerships, some over an hour away (all for the same car & options) and BH BMW was the best (and the closest).

Charles Chinda was my salesman and he was very informative and applied zero pressure - he just wanted me to find the car I liked and once I did they made the numbers work. I didn't have to pay one penny more than what I wanted to (taxes included) and it wasn't even a hard negotiation. I said:

"here's what I want, can you do it?"  
"ok, bye"
-"wait, yes we can"

easy as pie.  

I love my new car, but I love the deal more. I Highly recommend giving them a shot.

Jess M. | 2009-09-01

I decided to buy the 335i convertible, they had exactly what I wanted I just got my new car a week ago in black and I absolutely love it the car is my baby and I loved test driving it but I know I'll love driving it every day even more. I've already drove it on PCH with the top down and the music blaring it was a lot of fun and is a great car to drive.

I reccomend anyone that is looking to buy a new great car that is fun to drive and then look at the 335i in the coupe or convertible, you wont regret buying this car, This dealer is so much better then the SM one even though I live in Santa Monica I come to BH BMW when I Brought the car and when I'll need it serviced. Mojan is a great sales man.

Matthew L. | 2009-08-04

I went in to have my brakes replaced, and when I picked-up my car, my service rep said that my car needed one power-steering hose (due to leakage) and lower control arm bushings.  He estimated that it would cost $500+.  Sticker-shocked, I decided to get another estimate.  And sure enough, the independent BMW servicer found no leaks in the p/s hose and that there was very slight wear on the bushings.  NO WORK necessary.  

Beverly Hills BMW has just lost me, and I encourage others to go elsewhere.

George L. | 2009-08-02

Well, if you're lucky enough to have a BMW. I would like to recommend BMW of Beverly Hills.

At this dealer it seems that the staff is a little more eager to please their clients than most other dealers I have been to.

Another great attribute is that if you walked in just to browse the showroom you will not get bothered by your "Al Bundy" car salesmen. If anything one might walk by and tell you he's available to answer any questions in the case you have them.

Other than that, browse away....

I have purchased BMW's here before, but I mostly have been here for servicing and buying accessories for my BMW's.

The service department is efficient and very eager to please.

I usually drop off my car and have them drop me off at the Farmers Market where Ill hang out while they work on my car. Later they will pick me up and return me to my car.

Oh, they always wash my car before they return it to me.

I've done enough business here that they give me goodies such as Polo shirts and so on.

I recommend this place....

George LaBorde

Tara P. | 2009-07-31

**That's very cool of you, Seth, to offer a free detail on my car.  How do I go about doing that?  I am due for a service again...THANKS!**

I took my BMW here to get serviced because of the scary reviews about Santa Monica BMW.  My service guy was nice, but I am a little weary that they had to keep my car overnight (which I approved) to check out the issue that it was having and when I came back the next day there was an additional 80 miles on it!!  That seems like a lot of mileage to test out the issue.  And after all that, they couldn't find any problems.  Hmm.  I probably won't agree to them keeping my car on an overnight stay again, but other then that, the experience wasn't bad.  Hard to trust any service dept.  I do wish they would do a complementary car wash like previous service dept I went to with my old car.

Ollie Z. | 2009-07-05

If you want to see a gorilla go to the LA Zoo, if you want to see a low class douche bag go to Beverly hills bmw and ask for the GSM Emillio.  How does someone so unprofessional manage get a job reprensenting BMW, albiet indirectly.  Get this he sells BMW's but brags about his Mercedes.  How dumb must you be?
Never had a worst shopping experience in my life.  After wanting to bet me $1,000 I coudn't get a better deal  he accuses me of lying when I tell him what I have been offered.  I drove 10 miles away and bought my car at a rival BMW dealership at the price I was looking for.  

If you are looking for professionalism you won't find it here.
I wll never buy or lease from them and will prohibit my contacts from using Beverly Hills BMW.

Ryan J. | 2009-07-01

It was tough to decide how to rate Beverly Hills BMW.  All of the experiences that I've ever had with the sales department have been totally reasonable.  Their prices are good (especially considering the dealership's location), and the salespeople are professional and friendly.

But the service department?  Can kiss my ass, plain and simple.  No rental cars.  Way high prices (they quoted me $3000 for a service that I had done for $800 at a reputable service place... thank you Swiss Motors).  And they said that they had fixed an issue, but it kept recurring.  So they tried something else (charging me all the while, of course), and guaranteed it would fix the problem... it didn't.  So I called the service rep, and he wouldn't take my calls and he wouldn't return my voicemails.  So I called the head of the service department... and he wouldn't return my calls either.  So I filed a complaint with BMW of North America.  They're very responsive.

So I give 4 stars to the sales department, and 1 star to the service department.

Felicia M. | 2009-06-29

Went to this place three times. First time for routine service was a-ok, second time was to replace the oxygen sensor and let me tell you that it is *impossible* to get a hold of the guy. Third time's the charm, apparently.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you ever need to service your car here, ask for Gerd Stegemann. Friendly, fast and helpful all the way. Previously when I was here, I was directed to the cashier to wait for my car. Gerd *accompanied* me there even when it was obvious he didn't need to.

PS: If you can't get Gerd, Chris is okay too.

Doug A. | 2009-06-29

OMG this place is the worst.  After paying a ridiculous amount of money for my M3 convertible, it was in the shop at least once a month for the first two years I owned it.  Things were NEVER fixed correctly the first time, getting a loaner car was practically impossible (despite the fact that i bought the car THERE), and overall the service and customer service of BMW Beverly Hills and Corporate are not up to par for a "luxury" brand!

A K. | 2009-06-16

I am just mentioning what my car buying experience was like, you do the judging.

- 2 weeks ago, I went in a hurry at around 3 pm and drove off with a certified pre-owned car, at around 8pm.
- Got a good deal (because I did my homework and shopped around online at , and other dealerships). Like many other dealers their online prices are lower than their on-site asking prices, by $4000 - $5000.
- Got a friendly and intelligent sales person.

- Had to wait for around 30 - 40 minutes to get a sales person. During which couple of sales people came and left abruptly, leaving us guessing. I had to involve a manager to get a sales person.
- At around 7.30pm, I got surprise extra $50 increase in the agreed upon base price, when I was signing the paperwork. When I asked why they have increased the agreed upon price, she called my sales person who called his manager, who said they were losing money so they won't sell the car for the agreed upon price and the sales person requested me to bear that $50 increase, if I wanted the car. I went ahead and paid the extra $50. Although it was not a big amount or anything but as a matter of principle and ethics, it was wrong.
- The lady helping me with paperwork, gave me a feedback form to fill to rate the whole buying process. After watching me rate "Satisfied" with the sales person and "Not Satisfied" with the buying process, she suddenly snatched the form out of my hand while I was still filling it and ran out of her office and never came back. After sometime my sales person came in and respectfully helped me get the car keys etc.
- Today I got a ticket for front driver and passenger side windows being tinted too dark, and the officer said the dealer should not have sold me a certified car with this dark front window tints. When I called them and asked about it they said they can't help me with this and told me to take the car to some private shop.

Mimi C. | 2009-05-29

Easily one of the worst dealerships: rude and unprofessional. And I agree with one of the other yelpers that said "are they writing reviews about themselves". Did anyone notice that nearly all the five star reviews are about someone named "Mohan" and the reviewer has only written one review in total? Seems like a fake.

There was a 525i on their website that I wanted to see, so I clicked "schedule an appointment". I got an email from Joe Hernandez the next morning saying "are you going to complete the purchase today?".

I was thinking: hold up, I haven't even SEEN the car yet; but I tried to be professional and told him that I'm familiar with the financing promotion, but not the warranty, and also that I have a Mercedes but have never owned a BMW, so need to drive the car, get numbers and think about it. No response.

Trying to give the dealership the benefit of the doubt, I asked a friend who his rep was, and got the name of Neda Shahrokhi. I sent her an email, no response.

A few hours later, I called her and she said "if you aren't going to buy the car today, I'm too busy to show it to you". I explained to her my current car, wanting to get numbers, etc. She said "the car is here now, but maybe won't be tomorrow. Good-bye".

Its very odd that BMW on a corporate-brand level tries to promote itself as classy/reliable vehicles, but the independently operated location has such bad service (regardless of whether or not its in Beverly Hills). They acted like they were doing me a favor by allowing me to even see the car, and to say "if you don't buy it today, we don't have time for you" is completely unacceptable.

David d. | 2009-05-22

If this system had a negative STAR Beverly Hills BMW would get it.  This place SUCKS!!!! Do not take your car here-  I have had the misfortune of taking my car there on a few occasions.  They straight up lie to you about calling you back and "handling your matter personally."  There is NOTHING personal about their service.  They are disorganized and rude.  Do yourself a favor and avoid these -aholes like the plauge that they are

chris p. | 2009-03-25

If I could give it a half a star and get my money back, that would be great.  WORST SERVICE DEPARTMENT EVER CREATED BY HUMANS!!!  They did a lousy job on my tune-up/maintenance while charging me over a grand.  Then, Catalina?, told me about fifteen other things that were wrong with my baby.  I asked if the big one was covered under my warranty and she said she would get back to me.  I called her every day for a week and she never returned my call.  Finally, my car exploded while I was on the way to work.  I took it to Jomag and he did the repairs for less than half of what BMW would do it, and it was covered by the warranty.  On top of that, he said that out of the fifteen problems, only one was true.  
I don't remember her name, but I know it began with a C.  I also remember that she was a nice on the outside, lazy and evil on the inside kind of gal.  I don't hate anyone, but whatever her name is caused me a couple weeks of unnecessary suffering and $1200+ for an oil change.

James K. | 2009-03-06

I bought my '08 X5 from Mojan Ghahramani. He is genuinely a nice guy and was very helpful in the purchasing and servicing phases of car. I never had problems w/ BH BMW.

Just some advice, if you don't get a courtesy vehicle and have to go w/ a rental make sure you do not purchase the extra insurance that they ask you for b/c Visa or MasterCard already insures it. Also make sure you drop off the vehicle early b/c it is super busy over there.

L C. | 2009-01-22

I'm really surprised to read these horror stories about the service at this place.  I have had a great experience with them, my service guy is Dana.  I've had so many issues with my car lights and tires and he's been very helpful. He always makes sure I get a loaner car. I have shown up w/o an appointment and he still takes care of me. Ask for Dana :)

Ryan W. | 2009-01-11

I brought my '04 e46 for the dreaded Inspection II to BH BMW.  Their website appointment service is a little flunky, but I managed to get an appointment time.  They don't offer courtesy cars so I had to take their shuttle service back to Westwood.  Although the CSR asked if I had retrieved everything of value from the car, I forgot about a Starbucks gift card that I left in the eyeglasses compartment on the center console.  Surprise, surprise, when I retrieved my car, it was gone! Thanks, BH BMW.  Maybe that's why they have so many theft disclaimers around.  Also, when I started driving the car, I noticed that the engine started producing a weird rattling noise.  I brought the car back, and they weren't able to reproduce the noise, so they told me to see if it had gone away.  Yeah, right.  Anyway, I brought the car back a second time, and they eventually figured out that they hadn't properly replaced the engine cover during the Inspection II, and this was producing the noise.  

Although the CSR and other service personnel were courteous and friendly, I was turned off by the theft from my vehicle and the hassle of having to go back multiple times.  Also, although my CSR told me that he'd keep me updated about the car's status, he never called, and I had to call them to get a status check.

Oh, and in the shuttle ride, the driver started complaining about how he hated the preowned sales department because they were shady m-fers, and the corporation that owns this place is evil.  Funny stuff.

Gary B. | 2009-01-10

I am disgusted by how bad Beverly Hills BMW is. One star is too many.

Short version: BH BMW will cause extensive physical damage to your car and refuse to financially compensate you or fix it. And they'll insult you while they're at it.
They charged me 750 bucks for a new rear window, and instead destroyed my entire roof. Then refused to compensate me anything at all, and wouldn't repair anything. I had to pay [a lot more] to have the entire roof [including a new window!] put in by another company.

Long version: My girlfriend's BMW M3 softtop convertible needed a new rear window. They told me it would be fine to replace, so I ordered it [450 dollar part]. On delivery, they suggested that I have them put it in, since potentially the stitching on the rear window might come undone. The implication being that, by paying them to do it, this wouldn't be a problem.

I get the car back [300 dollars labor], and they've ruined the stitching on the window. And refuse to fix it. They send me out to get quotes from various upholstry companies [why would *I* have to do this?], all six of which say that it's unrepairable, and that BMW should have refused to do the work in the first place since it obviously would have destroyed the softtop.

I go back to BH BMW with this information, and was told that they'd "work with [me] to get this resolved to everyone's satisfaction". In the end, they refused to take back the part [It was brand new! *they* took it out of the box, put it into the car. Less than a week later I tried to get them to take it back, and they refused.]. They also refused to compensate me for any of the labor.

Do not, ever, under any circumstances, go to Beverly Hills BMW for *anything*. They're a bunch of obnoxious crooks who do terrible work, always deliver late, WILL PHYSICALLY DAMAGE YOUR CAR AND NOT COMPENSATE OR EVEN APOLOGIZE. [this isn't the first time I had them do work, and I was never happy before, but never unhappy enough to find a better mechanic].

Ignoring all the rest of it, I found them to be utterly insulting. Among other suggestions from Sean [the main guy I talked to when the technician wouldn't help. Can't remember his last name] were that I should "try to sell the window on ebay", less than a week after buying it from them.
He's one of the only people who've ever managed to make me really angry at how obnoxious and hostile a person can be. You'd think that since he works as a high-paid customer service rep in Beverly Hills, he could at least *pretend* to care about customers.

Gyah. Do not go to Beverly Hills BMW. If their actual mechanical work isn't enough to drive you into a hideously overpriced rage, their customer service will be.

Pauline M. | 2008-09-15

this review is for the service center. it is very busy in the mornings

thought i had a flat, but turns out i was just low on air.  they quickly refilled the tires and sent me on my merry way.

Sean H. | 2008-09-09

While I have heard horror stories about their Sales side, I have only good things to say about their Service department.

I bought my '08 M5 from Mckenna because a buddy of mine works there but I live closer to BH BMW so when my car needed its first oil change I brought it there. My service advisor is this Thai guy named Paul. Very knowledgeable and he himself is a car enthusiast. Very likable and courteous. Even the shuttle drivers are also very nice.

They didn't give me a loaner, but they did drop me off as well as pick me up from Century City, where I work.

Jason G. | 2008-08-11

Can we make a category for negative stars? This place is the worst and I don't know why I think it is going to be different at any given point.

I call up last week at about 11:40 am and the girl said to me, "can you be here in 20 minutes?" I totally said yes as I work 2 miles away.

Now mind you, I did not want to go here because they will not give you a rental car or even WASH your car because I did not buy it there! Wait, you won't even give me a courtesy wash for the service that is included with my 2007 BMW?

Continuing the story....I get there just before noon and I go to the receptionist for the service department...she asks if I have an appointment (after I told her that I just called and that she told me to come in!)

She walks over to the service writer that she told me to ask for when I got there and proceeds to go in his office and shut the door/window behind her. He gets up from his desk and walks out of his office, not even acknowledging me) and says..."I'm at lunch" and walks away!

The receptionist said that she could find me someone else and I just said that was enough. I then left and took my car 35 miles away to Shelly BMW, got a car and they even put armor all on my tires!


Liz A. | 2008-06-10

I purchased my first BMW from Bob Smiths' in Calabasas.  The car became one of the best experiences I've ever had so when the lease was over I decided to get another one.  I live closest to the Beverly Hills BMW and i decided to give them a try.  After much back and forth, they sold me an M (which is basically a Z4 on steroids)... that purchase became a nightmare and one of the worst decisions of my life...

Finances: ... the financing side was a big deal so i should mention that too.  I got ripped badly ... they added over 2% to my bank's suggested rate ... (i.e. my finance rate is 7.5% but the bank is only taking 5.5% and the rest is dealership's) this is the money they'll be making off of my loan just for doing the transaction through them instead of getting my loan on my own.

Car defects: they sold me a defective car.  I've owned it for 6 months and already have had too many problems and have been taking it in every month for one thing or other.  Is this a BMW quality or dealer issue?  I blame the dealership because some of the defects are the body itself and should have been caught and documented at the time they were putting it on the floor or selling it to me.  Now they shrug and say it's not their problem.

Service ...
Where do I start?  To those who give good ratings and are "confused" about bad ratings, I have to ask: have you ever been to any other BMW service centers???  If you have not, that explains why you think this is OK and if you have then I'd like to know which other you've been to that's worse so I can avoid it myself.

What service?  The most decent guy in the whole place is Sean who is the service director.  I met Paul another time and he seemed really nice... then there is Joe Rodriguez... all he does is flirt with customers.  He knows nothing about the cars or their problems.  Every time he suggested something, the problem was something completely different.  Finally I had my boyfriend take my car in for a serious issue (basically the front spoiler was getting detached and needed tightening).  Joe was so rude to him I was embarrassed and speechless!  I was on the phone while they were arguing about what needs to be done and i could hear Joe yelling out that "I don't have to do anything" or "I'm telling you to take it to a body shop" or "do you want me to get my manager?" and that sort of stuff.  Finally Sean, Joe's manager, was called into the room and to calm us down he himself fixed the problem that Joe was claiming needed to go to a body shop for.  he put the car on a lift and tightened the screws.

The message:
Do NOT buy from them.  You'll get f***ed on quality of the car as well as finances.
Do NOT take your car in for service to them.  They're extremely rude and unhelpful.  

What is this?  They feel that because their zip code is Beverly Hills, that they themselves are somehow a level above their customers?  News flash a** holes, you're just a service guy, with minimum education (compared to your customers at least), minimum income, and work at a dealership, and can't even afford to drive one of these cars yourself!!!

I can't wait for BMW's service call (the survey) ... I'll have stories to tell for sure.

Jon W. | 2008-03-20

The ABSOLUTE WORST service I have ever received from any car dealership!!!  The people are rude, do not call you back on time, and provide horrible service.  


George R. | 2008-02-17

If I could, I would give this place a -5 star.

I went to this dealership 3 years ago when I was shopping for a BMW M3 Vert.  This dealership had a car with the exact color and option I wanted so I drove an hour to see the car.

The salesman helping me was unexperienced but nice.  He showed me the car and I wanted it immediately.  My first offer for the $67,000 car was $2,000 under MSRP.  The salesman went in the back and came back with $5,000 over MSRP.  I kind of laugh to myself and counters with $1,000 under MSRP, which was the going price for the car at the time.  This time the sales guy comes back with the finance manager, who says to me: "You are obviously here to waste our time.  If you don't have the money, don't come in here and mess around.  I'm going to ask you to leave right now."  

I walked out of the dealership in a daze, not sure of what just happened.  I was young at the time (23) and made my money starting an internet company in college.  I may have looked young but nothing about me said "poor" or "deadbeat".  Now what possessed the manager to throw me out of the dealership I may never know, but I'm sure it's the single worst customer service experience I've ever had in my life.

Two days later I found the same exact car in Riverside BMW.  Drove over to the dealership, wrote a check, was out of there within 1 hour.

Clark H. | 2008-02-09

A-to-the-W-F-U-L!!!!! Bad service. Angry, rude, and unpleasant staff. I will take my business elsewhere.

Sonjia J. | 2008-01-26

Walked in to schedule  routine maintenance for my 2007 BMW with under 6k miles and a very unhelpful gentleman let me know that I'll need to bring my own oil as $0 Maintenance is "just something the salesman tell you to get you to buy the car."

BMW is undergoing massive lay offs, I hope that guy is one of them.

Jason H. | 2007-10-29

Bad experience.

I thought it would be easier to buy a car from them since they are local.  But, I get assigned to a person who has obviously never sold a car before, and everyone else in the place acted like they were too busy to negotiate.

I ended up getting the exact same car, fully loaded, at a wayyy cheaper monthly rate and down payment at Century West BMW.  I even told BH BMW this, and offered to go through them if they would match, but they wouldnt.

I don't recommend even bothering with them.

Dan S. | 2007-09-23

Excellent Service.

Some yelpers past have found things difficult at BH BMW. I would like to offer a counterpoint.

I had a good experiece bringing my old BMW 318ti in for service, ON A WEEKEND, when they were clearly open. They were fast and efficient, diagnosing and fixing my slipped fan belt. My service rep was courteous and friendly.

It is possible to find fault with any organization if you catch them on a bad day, but in my experience they did a good job at BH.

Jennifer S. | 2007-02-12

okay, given that this dealership is located in beverly hills, you will probably assume that you get the best of the best service.. not necessarily..

before i start crap talkin, i must say, its' tough finding a great advisor who could assist you in all ends ...

look for PAUL ... he's this asian guy, and he's all about customer service, he will treat you with utmost respect and leave you speechless..

amazing! aww, i will surely miss him when i move to sf.. hard to find a "real" advisor, not all about "BMW" imprinted on your forehead..

and now, the downfalls..

due to the numerous complaints the residents have said, the BH BMW is not opened on the wkends for the any sort of maintence. sHoot. a major nono.

secondly, you would THINK that they would have ample rental cars, but NO. you don't ... dealership prolly opens around 8, but go figure, you get there by 8, gl in getting yourself the limited quantity of their rental vehicles.. get there by 6:30, and you're still beating around the bush. i got there at 6, and still, there were 8 cars ahead of me for service... and i live like 5 mins away.

not only that, i'm sry, i must say, i drive a 5 series, but you would THINK you would get a car that was equilavent to yours, right? WRONG. you get a 3series if your lucky... and after that's all taken, you get referred over to their partners, called BLK & WHITE RENTAL.. i believe, they only pay for $25, and you have to pay for the rest if you want to get a better car.

up until last year, they had only 1 x5, 1 z3, 1 525i, and like 10 325i or 323is... luckily, paul was able to hook me up with the limited x5, which everyone wanted ... but i hear now, the dealership only has 3series.

what do you get at blk and white? a mini cooper, pt cruiser, camry, or whatever, that is, if you don't want to fork over your $.