Autobank in Los Angeles, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Autobank in Los Angeles, CA.

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Dealer Info:

Address:807 South Bonnie Brae, Los Angeles, CA, 90057

Reviews on Autobank

Jerry R. | 2014-10-14

I bought a used car from Autobank. This was my first time buying a car and I went to several other dealerships. Autobank was by far the most professional and treated me very nicely. At other dealerships (I won't name here) I got the high pressure tag team "sign on the line now" gimmicks and at Howdy Honda I got none of this. I ended up buying from Autobank because they had the best deal - but the experience was also great. I would definitely buy another car from them.

Karen B. | 2012-12-19

I would have given this place zero stars if I could have.

Saw the positive Yelp reviews and went to their website, where I found the perfect car. Sent a bona fide offer via their website and they emailed/called me back, um, never?! So a week later I call to see if the car is still available, and if it is can I schedule an appointment to see it and have a mechanic take a look at it. I'm told the car is in the body shop. This is odd, as the pics on their website show a car in pristine condition. So I figure it's a bait and switch ad and hang up. The next day I think maybe there was a miscommunication, as the person on the phone didn't speak very good English, so I call back to ask about the car again, "just in case". A different non-English speaking individual tells me that the car has been impounded, but could not give me a reason why. But they have other cars they'd be happy to tell me about. Thanks, but no thanks.

This whole place is sketchy.

Allison G. | 2011-10-11

We purchased a car from Autobank last week and wanted to commend them on the level of service. Since we were buying a used car, it was important to us to bring it to an independent shop to make sure we weren't getting a lemon. The very friendly Kelly agreed to drop the car off at a nearby Honda dealership where we called ahead to schedule a pre-buy inspection. The Honda dealership found a couple of minor wear-and-tear repairs that we deemed necessary to fix before we purchased the car. Autobank took care of the repairs and honored the original price we had negotiated with them.

Even more, Kelly drove out to our apartment in West Hollywood twice to sign the paperwork and drop off the car - which made the whole transaction much easier on our end since we didn't have to rent a car to go down there. There was no wheeling and dealing and the whole interaction was just so much nicer than the many other used car shops we visited in our search for a car.

The car is running great so far - will update this if anything goes wrong though Kelly insisted we come see him if we ever ran into any problems and that he would help us out. We're planning to come to him to get an extra key for our car since their prices are much lower than the amount quoted by a dealer.

mary r. | 2011-08-24

This business wasn 't listed on Yelp but I felt compelled to add it after the most positive, honest used car buying experience possible.  I had to replace my old junker and dreaded heading out into the used car lots and dealers who (I felt) were intent only on scamming you and making the most bucks possible.

I somehow stumbled on James and Han who run this place.  They had a number of great cars to offer. I emailed them and said I'd like to come and see one of them.  They e-mailed back that they would be happy to pick me up if I didn't have a ride.  I was immediately suspicious.  Who would do that?

Went there anyway and found that the car I was interested in was super clean, a fabulous deal and a great drive. Asked to take it to a local mechanic; no problem. Han hung out with me much of the afternoon as I waited for the mechanic to check out the car.  We talked about life , philosophy etc.  Independent mechanic said it was a super deal and jump on it.  Went back and bought it at a price I was really happy with and way below blue book.  The front brake pads were low and James said he would replace them anytime if I just paid for wholesale cost of pads - no labor.  Good deal.

They were the only used car dealer who offered me a warranty.  Bought the car.  It is perfect. Drives like a dream, many more options which I discovered over time which they never charged me for.  Went back a few weeks later to get my brakes done.  They honored their original agreement and did a great job while I waited and charged me no more than wholesale on their parts. I have gotten to know both these guys over the last month or two and I can tell you that they are honest, direct and sincere.  I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop because I have not ever had such a great experience in buying a car and I felt there had to be something I was missing. There isn't.  They actually do believe in offering value for money, making a moderate profit and getting repeat customers and referrals and maintaining a relationship with their clients.   A rare breed.  

Got a sweet ride at a great price and made a couple of friends.  It doesn't get any better than this.