Audi of Downtown LA in Los Angeles, CA

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Purchase your new vehicle with confidence at Audi of Downtown LA. We guarantee that our dealership offers the most competitive prices in Southern California. If for some reason you find a lower price, we will beat it.

Audi of Downtown LA

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(213) 745-7200
Address:1900 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA, 90007
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:30 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Audi of Downtown LA

Kevin W. | 2015-04-18

My gf was considering an Audi as well so we stopped by.

Amir helped us and he was really nice, helpful and polite. He treats you like how it should be at a luxury car dealership. I'd recommend friends whom are interested in an Audi to him.

Not so sure about his manager however. His manager is the typical car dealership guy that you would typically find. Gave a bunch of talk about how Audi is better bla bla, but couldn't come up with anything credible at the same time.

However, we didn't get the vehicle in the end because we went with Mercedes.

Elizabeth T. | 2015-04-13

WARNING!!! The management at AUDI OF DOWNTOWN LA are dishonest and deceitful! They employ BAIT AND SWITCH tactics. Please read on and avoid this dealership at all costs.

Here's my story:

I paid a $5,000 deposit for a custom Q3 in December and was told that my custom-ordered car would arrive for me in March or April.

Flash forward to March and I have heard NOTHING from AUDI OF DOWNTOWN LA. I text the dealer asking for a status update on my car and he responds that he has no news.

One month later, I get a call from the dealer at AUDI OF DOWNTOWN LA saying that my car is still not ready. They say that the car has still not been made in Germany, and blame it on their production.

Since my car is still not ready (and they have NO ETA on when it will be finished), the dealer tries to sell me a fully-loaded Q3 that they already have in stock and tells me that I will have to pay MORE than we agreed to in our terms in December.

I am NOT falling for this bait and switch tactic, so I call to speak to the manager of the AUDI OF DOWNTOWN LA.

He says my car order was not placed until February! What they were doing sitting on my $5,000 deposit for three months is beyond me...but this is simply unacceptable!

The crooked manager of AUDI OF DOWNTOWN LA then blamed his hapless sales associate and shows no empathy nor any apology.

After doing more research, I learn that it is highly likely that AUDI OF DOWNTOWN LA received my car, but then sold my car to a buyer on site that was willing to pay more than our purchase agreement, then tried to up-sell me on another car.

BUYER BEWARE!!! I demanded my deposit back, which was returned. And guess what...I called another local dealership and they found the exact model with specs I wanted. I get the car next weekend! Go to any AUDI dealer but the fraudulent AUDI OF DOWNTOWN LA.

Jamie C. | 2015-04-13

I thoroughly recommend Kit Chieng at Audi Downtown LA. He was super helpful, friendly and informative, knew a lot about all the options for each vehicle (I was looking for an A3 with some fairly specific requests) and best of all, he really worked with me to get to a pretty amazing deal, remaining friendly and professional throughout. Great guy at a great business.

dario g. | 2015-04-10

I took my A5 in to have a tire replaced using an insurance contract I purchased when I got the car a few months ago.  Jorge the service advisor who looked like he just rolled out of bed began to write up my repair.  I told him about my insurance and gave him a copy of the receipt so he could call and get the authorization.  After a couple of minutes on the phone with the insurance company he said they will not pay the dealership and I would have to pay out of pocket or go somewhere else.  I thought this was strange because when I called the insurance company a few days prior they said this dealership is authorized.  I took my car and left and while on the way to my office I called the insurance company and asked why they denied my claim. The said it was not denied they are waiting for the dealership to submit 3 pictures of the tire (one if the tread depth, damaged portion, and entire tire) then they would go ahead authorize the repairs and payment.  So I called another Audi dealership to see if they would honor my insurance they said SURE we do it all the time and walked me through the process which included them taking the pictures and submitting them to the insurance.  I guess I am confused why Jorge at Audi Downtown Los Angeles refused to do this then lied to me and said they will not pay?  In any event they will now miss out on this repair, and my future services on my vehicle.  What makes this even more confusing is I have and have had Volkswagens for years and I would regularly take them next door to their VW dealership and have had pretty good service there.  Night and day difference between the two service departments.

Karen D. | 2015-04-07

If you are a first-time buyer under looking for someone that is listening to your needs I will give you an honest opinion about what car would be more suitable for you and work with your budget Terry Davis is the man. Space I highly recommend him due to his customer service provided, knowledge and patience. - I got a car below market value, a ride to get fast food when hungry, info on how to build my credit and lower my interest and an excellent cappuccino while processing paperwork. Great job Terry! - and thank you.

Valod K. | 2015-03-25

Thank you to Arkati for making a great deal for us on our new Audi. Greatly appreciate his help. Really happy with the new car!

j p. | 2015-03-17

I scheduled a 25K mile service for my S4 two weeks in advance for the early morning drop off on Sat.  I asked, requested, and made sure a loaner car will be available for me that morning and was reassured it will be ready.  They said make sure to bring my ID and proof of insurance etc to make things easier to check out.  They even knew my name from the caller ID.  

I show up promptly on time at 8am to a groggy service guy who probably needed two cups of coffee from the hang over the night before.  Nothing like the cheery service oriented atmosphere from my last visit.  Apparently he just came to work and I had to wait for him to log in to the computer and get his things in order.  He then informs me that a loaner car will not be available because he doesn't have the key to the lock box where the car keys are kept!!! Says only his manager can unlock the box and the manager don't work on Saturday.  

I CALLED AHEAD IN ADVANCE AND MADE SURE SOMETHING LIKE THIS WON'T HAPPEN.  I WAS REASSURED A CAR WOULD BE READY.  It was a busy morning for me and I had planned on a quick in and out - no hassle service like the last time I was here.  

Did the management change here?  What happened to the service?  I get better service from a Toyota dealer.  I'm not trying to be difficult or want royal treatment, but if I am going to pay $300 for a simple oil change  I expected the same service I received when I purchased my Audi here and the other times I brought my car for service.  When someone from the dealer / service dept promise me something, and I show up and the story changes my loyalty to this place and the Audi brand suffers.  I never had this issue with the Porsche service.

I love my Audi but the brand and dealer is only as good as its weakest link.  If you are a manger reading this, take note.

Steven K. | 2015-03-14

Shopped on-line for an Audi Q5 for a week.    

Thought doing it this way would spare me the runaround.  It didn't.  

Almost every salesman jerked me around, either refusing to quote prices via email, or promising me a price on a specific vehicle, with a specific VIN#, then playing the usual mark up game when i went to the dealership to do biz.

Not Mesfin at Downtown Audi, though.  

This gentleman was just that...a gentleman.  Mesfin gave me a price right out of the gate.  Stuck by it.  Even gave me a fair deal on my trade-in when virtually no one would.  

What a breath of fresh air.  

Already recommended him to a friend who's in the market for a Q7.  And I recommend him wholeheartedly to you, too.

Keith N. | 2015-03-02

Ricky is the man. He not only works at Audi, but he drives an Audi. He's a real Audi guy. I think it's important to sit down and explore your options when making a big purchase with someone who's passionate about what they're selling. Ricky's the guy to go to if you want genuine Audi facts before buying. He didn't pressure in any way, shape or form. He helped us find the Audi that my wife and I were searching for. It was in the middle of the ocean, on its way from Germany. I recommend Ricky and Audi DTLA to anyone looking to drive tastefully. I'll definitely go back when I can afford the green S5 that's sitting in the showroom.

Nic N. | 2015-02-20

I've had my A5 worked on in Chicago, Houston, and now LA and this is the best Audi service department I've dealt with, no question about it. They are quick, communicative, and they actually look out for your best interests...which is not usually the case for a garage!

I recently ran over a large concrete bump in my car and I was convinced the alignment was off. I brought it down to this shop and they test drove it. Everything checked out so they advised against the work. Every other shop I've been to will gladly just take your money and tell you there is no way to test for alignment. Turns out the car is fine and I was overreacting so that saved me a fair chunk of change.

Another minor repair came up so I took my car back. My service rep Eddie figured out a way to save me some more money out of this situation as well! Top notch for sure.

I'm just really impressed with the level of service here and I will definitely be returning when the need arises.

Justin G. | 2015-02-03

I purchased a car from here at the end of 2014.

The internet manager Phil was very helpful. He responded to my inquiry and each of my emails. He was honest and straightforward with me. He did not try to sell me on something I didn't want, and did everything he could to help me find what I was looking for.

When I came in to look at the vehicle, there was no pressure. Phil knew a lot about the car and answered all my questions. We went for a short test drive, and he went over some features. There was at no time any pressure to purchase.

When I decided I was going to by the 2015 Q5, Phil and Sam (one of the managers) worked with me on the price. I was able to qualify for a low interest rate through Audi, but they went over all the options we me so I knew I was getting the best price and rates out there. I decided to purchase a few accessories, and they gave me a good price on those and rolled it into the purchase price.

Paperwork and finance is always a longer process when buying a car, I know they can't do much about that. However, they did move me through as fast as possible. The finance manager went over all the different warranties and add ons, and even though he was trying to 'sell' them to me, he was not pushy or added any pressure. I did pass on these extra warranties, however.

The car took a little longer in the detail shop, but when it was done, Phil went over a lot of the tech features and extras on the car. They filled my gas tank and I was off.

I work in automotive advertising. I did not choose to work with Audi DTLA because they were buddies, or a client, or for any business related reasons. I worked with them because they were all good people who took care of me as well as they did every other customer there purchasing a car that night. I highly recommend giving them a shot to earn your business if you live in the Los Angeles area.

Jen K. | 2015-01-28

Let's just say I am a true Audi fanatic. I've driven an Audi for the past 10 years and am currently on my 3rd one. All three of my cars came from Downtown Audi, and honestly it was a matter of convenience for me. Living in downtown, BMW and Lexus dealerships are too far and let's be real, I am way too young be driving a Mercedes.

Now if you are looking to lease a car, look no further and ask for Ryan Schlesinger. Ryan made my trade in process and new lease of an A3 as smooth as it can be. The man texts and emails!!!!! You have no idea how much that made my life easier. I absolutely recommend Ryan to anyone who is in need of a new car.

Another plus of this location is the service department. I've brought my car in for oil changes and other random things. I miss my boy Juan who used to take care of me but know I have Valentine. Service can be slow so I wouldn't recommend sitting there and waiting for your oil change to be done. Who has time for that anyways? Go in, drop your car off, and get a ride to wherever you need to go (within 3 miles) via their complimentary shuttle service. They will come pick you up when your car is ready.

The only downside is that they don't have loaner cars... or at least I've never been offered one. Maybe because I've only had A4s and nothing fancy like an A7. I've always used the shuttle service so hasn't been a huge problem for me. Over the years, downtown Audi has definitely stepped up their game with fresh cookies, coffee and superior service. Until I find a better car to suit my needs, I will be sticking with my Audi.

Parking: Complimentary valet is available if you enter off Figueroa, if you're coming in for service enter through Washington near the Volkswagen side.

David M. | 2015-01-27

Typical Auto Dealership

Internet sales are helpful and will do anything to get you into a car. After that, do not expect a response or for anyone to help you out. Be cautious on the upsell with aftermarket items like window tinting or tire and wheel insurance. Just buy an extra set of tires and wheels from a good brand like BBS or OZ for the same price as their insurance.

Scott G. | 2014-12-28

This review is just for my salesman, Ryan Schlesinger, and not dealership. Although, the dealership was nice and clean, I didn't end up buying a car since the colors and options I wanted weren't available in the US at this time. I chose Ryan based on other positive reviews and he was great. He is knowledgeable and clearly enjoys cars. He is a nice guy and is a low pressure salesman. He was upfront about the price he could get me which was close to invoice without having to go back and forth with a sales manager.

Jeff G. | 2014-12-23

I have been coming here for over a year now for service on my A4 2010 because I was referred by my Audi independent tech. They have been outstanding. The service was way beyond my expectations. My service tech Jorge is great. When you pull up you are greeted by a smiling employee who offers you a latte immediately. Although there were some serious issues with my engine, they took their time to fix it and even replaced my pistons free of charge. They also provide a free loaner car! I had my brake pads replaced and the price was very reasonable. I'll be coming back for as long as I have an Audi.

Matt P. | 2014-12-13

It's really pathetic that a world class brand such as Audi is associated with this slimeball dealership. I am a lifelong Audi owner/driver and I have never been so disrespected and disregarded by sales people in my life. I found a 2008 Audi A4 Avant Titanium on being sold by Phil Kang of the internet sales team. It was the exact car I was looking for, so I quickly called and made an offer. After a few back and forth calls, my offer was accepted. We started the financing paperwork and after I was approved, I bought a 1 way plane ticket from SF to LA for the next morning. Needless to say, I was super excited to pick up my new car and drive it home that weekend. At about 10:30am, while at the airport with boarding pass in hand for a 11:15am flight, I get a call from Phil Kang stating that they found an "oil leak" under the car and that the sales manager did not feel right having me drive the car home. A sales manager with a conscience? That would be a first. Turns out it was exactly as I expected, a plot  full of empty promises and flat out lies.

While at the airport, giving back my seat and being stuck with the non refundable airfare, I was promised by Phil Kang that the car will still be mine, is set aside for me, that I am first in line, and that I should plan on picking it the next weekend. Too bad all that was complete bulls%$t. A few days later, I get a call from Phil letting me know that it is not ready yet, and that they have been getting calls on the car. The first thing that came to mind was, why are they getting calls on a car he promised was set aside for me? That evening I looked online and saw that not only was the original ad still online, but they put up a brand new on on .

So after a few more calls and empty promises, I find out the truth. Enter Head sales douchebag Sam Dajani. Turns out the car was never set aside for me and that this muppet was actively selling it while it was "being fixed." Anyone who knows Audi Avants, knows that a Titanium is super rare and hard to find, so of course they will be getting calls on it. However, before I bought my plane ticket, I was promised several times that the car was put aside for me, and that is what I had in mind when I bought that ticket in the first place. After a bunch of back and forth phone calls, attempts to talk on the phone with Sam Dajani unanswered, I knew I had been worked. By Thursday of that week, the car was sold and the ads were taken down.

At that point there was nothing I could so I simply asked for my airfare to be refunded. I was repeatedly told by Phil Kang that the request was sent to the finance department. This was 3 weeks ago. To date, I do not have a check, and despite several requests for confirmation, Phil Kang has gone silent. I could go on about this, call this incompetent sales guy names, but what's the point? He has to live with himself, he has to live with the fact that he works for a Dealership who is in the business of screwing people over, and tarnishing the Audi brand.

The business practices of this dealership are despicable, dishonest, self-centered, and downright rude. I had incurred airfare costs, pulled out cash to give to them, and they slapped me in the face, left me hanging at the airport and then lied about making it right. If you were considering giving your money to Audi of Downtown LA, think twice. There are plenty of other Audi dealerships who deserve your business, this one is not one of them.

I am filing a formal complaint with Audi of North America as they need to be aware of the level of incompetence that is representing their brand in Los Angeles.

Matt S. | 2014-12-08

Looking for an Audi Q5 my wife and I went to Audi DTLA as a result of seeing a car that matched the features we wanted on Autotrader. We called and spoke with Ray to confirm the car was still available, and then met him at the dealership. Ray was very helpful and had the car upfront and waiting on us when we arrived. He took the time to go over all the features, explained how different models and different packages compare, set up the test drive, but didn't put any pressure on to buy the car or give us any of the cheesy car salesman lines that some of the annoying salespeople you get at dealerships hit you with.

In the end we negotiated a good deal next step was signing paperwork and filling out forms with Armin who does the finance side of things there was no pressure to buy add on's they are offered but it is your choice.

At this time, Ray was busy getting the car detailed, and without having to ask got us a full tank of gas. A nice touch that didn't go unnoticed.

Thanks to Audi DTLA we had a great experience.

Jeff R. | 2014-12-07

Outstanding experience!    The lease on my 2012 Audi was expiring and I leased a new 2015 Audi through Audi of Downtown--they are just tremendous.   The salesperson (Ark Zakharyan) is extremely responsive and professional and provided exceptional customer service.   The price and terms were exactly as he quoted, the process very smooth and respectful of my time, and he took the time to make sure I understood all of the car's features.  He told me to call him directly and he would arrange service for me, told me to stop by if I ever had any questions (or said he could stop by my office which is about a mile away to explain things and answer any questions)--really terrific service.  The sales manager is Michael Tesh, who is equally as terrific.   I had leased my prior car through Michael when he was at a different Audi dealer and when I found out he was at Audi of Downtown I followed him there based on the great experience I had last time and, once again, I'm extremely pleased.

This is my 3rd Audi and I've always had my service done at this location (even on the prior Audi which was leased from another dealer).   I've been very pleased (Valentine is the service rep I usually call)....they do a great job.

Highly many dealers make shopping for a car a dreaded experience-Audi of DTLA does it the right way!

K B. | 2014-12-05

This place is great. Just like many Audi dealerships. But the people here make it better than others. Jorge is a top of the line class guy. Very professional and knowledgable. I had to bring my A4 in for extended service and I was quickly assisted with a rental care at their expense. Awesome. Plus those OtisSpunkmeyer cookies are baked to perfection!

Houman S. | 2014-11-23

I have been to a number of great Audi dealerships (Audi SD, Hoehn Audi are among the best) i started servicing my S5 here because it was the most convenient location. Here's what i experienced thus far from the service department:  unprofessional, incompetent, not service friendly, and they will do anything they can to upsale you. First time i service my car there i got it back with a damages hood prop, the hood no longer stays up after i got it back, they told me it came like that. Another time i was in an emergency, and my engine light came on, so i went to my "friendly" local Audi dealer (Audi of dt) i just wanted to have it scanned to know what the error code is to see if its something serious. I was willing to pay, the response i got: " we're busy, we close in 4 hours, go to Santa Monica" so what did i do? I went across the street someone scanned it for free... Never to return here again to service a car. I don't know how their sales department is. But service department doesn't know what customer retention means.

Jay G. | 2014-11-12

I've yet to purchase from this location, but I've been having my car serviced here because a) it's convenient and b) although my Audi has 115k miles, it's been a great vehicle and I don't mess around with its repairs. I want them done properly!

After moving from Utah to West Hollywood to finally settling in DTLA, I didn't want to keep driving back to Audi Beverly Hills when these guys are about 2 miles from my front door.

The sales and service guys have all been super helpful and frankly, the prices don't seem to be any worse than any other Audi repair place for what I've had done. Another reviewer mentions you shouldn't go here if you don't look like you 'should' be driving an Audi... Well, I'm in my 20s and they're all I've owned since getting my license and frankly, DTLA has been the best in terms of customer service... especially given that I'm a female and look younger than I actually am.

I've always been given loaners on Audi's dime and even when they've had my car for more than a day, it's not been a headache. I stand by my prior review about Audi Beverly Hills as being a great dealership, but for all the negative reviews, I have to say that DTLA has, at least during my visits, proven to be nothing but delightful... and they welcome my dog, Sirius. I am a happy Audi driver.

Karina A. | 2014-11-12

I recently purchased my A4 over the weekend and the experience was smooth and pleasant!

I would definitely recommend Audie of Downtown LA to anyone looking for a new or certified pre-owned car. If you want the best service talk to Kit Chieng! He was extremely helpful and patient with me on my first car purchase. Great experience!:)

Lee S. | 2014-11-05

Do not ever buy a car from here.We purchased a 2015. Nothing but problems and they do not stand behind it. They sell you an expensive car and then give POOR service.

Nesh S. | 2014-10-29

Very nice business operation, Misko (sales consultant) went over and beyond to meet our needs. I would recommend everyone to buy a car from him. If you want A class experience go there and see him

Henry B. | 2014-10-06

I expect a level of competence that time after time, experience after experience , disappointment after disappointment, DTLA Audi has failed to provide.

It stings a bit more because you would expect Audi service and customer service to be exceptional, and to be honest it has been at many places (especially some of the other southern cal audi service dealerships - will post review on others this week) that are so competent relative to DTLA, that I feel grateful for them just doing their jobs correctly the first time while making the customer feel like more than just a number.

Customer service 101 - make customer feel like his/her concerns are being addressed (even if superficially at the very least). DTLA service didn't even write a ticket up of my last service visit so there is conveniently no record that I was there last week, even though I WITHOUT any ambiguity expressed my concerns to my service advisor that his replacement of the battery without diagnosing the issue (which is exactly what they did the week before, would be a 1 week bandage and would result in me taking another day off and returning after a week if history repeated itself).

And so today, I am scheduled to take more time off to visit audi service for the 4th week in a row.  One saving grace was the GM, Edward Atiyeh showed a level of concern and was happy to meet with me but was unable to due to scheduling conflicts on my end. Simple issues should be addresses without having to involve the GM of the dealership and it floors me that DTLA has been so incredibly consistent in their absolute lack of concern and competence that if their was a YELP reward for worst service, they would be my first nominee. I have a final appointment with them today and will update following appointment.

At this point, if you have to get your car serviced at DTLA and you look young or not what an audi buyer should look like... my feeling is that you should just skip out on buying an Audi altogether. (If You can go to other audi service dealerships, than Audi's are still pretty rad) If you wear suits (which I do daily,  but not to go into audi service and look older/ affluent, service might be better). I urge you from my experiences that audi DTLA is the absolute worst cumulative customer service experiences, I have had (this is my 2nd car with them, no issues with my 2010 A5, but my new 2014 A7 which costs more but offers drastic downgrade in customer service.)

If it wasn't for stressing my awesome sales guy, Ryan S,  woth these yelp reviews, there would be so many more smaller issues that I would have complained about. If today's service is consistent with my previous disappointing experiences, tempted to go full on attack on social media.

*as a frame of reference, this being the worst customer service experience I have encountered has to be assessed based on the context of my previous customer service encounters. I have been lucky enough to be able to afford some of the finer things and my expectations on customer service fall in line within the context of my ex0ectations, which might be higher than average. But still their customer service is poor from almost anyone's relative notion of good customer service.

Jenny M. | 2014-08-21

I hit something on the 101/110 interchange and pulled over to find a gash in the bottom of the car. Luckily I was just a couple of minutes from this Audi dealership and drove there.  I pulled in saying I didn't have an appointment but it was an emergency. They took my car and gave me a loaner immediately.  They handled everything and even gave a me a bigger car as a loaner because mine wasn't repaired in time for a road trip (by no fault of theirs, it was just timing). Valentin and his crew were fantastic. This will now be my go-to dealership.

H Y. | 2014-08-20

We initially started looking at audi's at this location. Roger C was a real gentleman and followed up with no pressure phone calls. When we finally decided to purchase an Audi, we visited Rusnak in Pasadena where we had a worst experience!! They tried to bait & switch the car on us. Went right back to downtown Audi & purchased an A4 quattro with Roger C.

Suzanne S. | 2014-08-18

When it came time for a new car (sooner than I had anticipated) I was interested in an Audi and wanted to lease rather than buy. A close friend and Audi enthusiast recommend that I contact Ryan Schlesigner at Audi of Downtown LA. Her recommend was spot on. I had never had an Audi and I had never leased a car, but Ryan made the whole process extremely easy.

Ryan is not the stereotypical car sales person. He's very straight-forward and down-to-earth and there is no big sales pitch or attempt to upsale. He listens to what your saying, answers your questions and does everything he can to get you the exact car you want. I have noticed that many people in the car industry often don't drive the car they represent. Definitely was a good sign  to me that Ryan drives an Audi himself and can speak first hand about the quality of Audi and the experience of driving one.

My Audi is still brand new and I really think I made a great choice. I chose an Audi because I wanted a more upscale car that was great to drive, but I didn't want a pretentious car and I didn't want a grandma car. So far, I absolutely love the way it drives, I swear it floats. The interior is so comfortable and it looks amazing both inside and out. But I also made the right choice having Ryan as my Audi representative. I know that Ryan will be there to answer any question or concern that comes up which sets a tone for a positive experience with Audi.

Anthony B. | 2014-08-07

I requested a price on a new Audi and was promptly sent a very competitive quote only to be told (as that rep was out) when I went in that that price was way too low and must be a mistake. After emailing the sales rep he told me the price on their website was wrong (so why did he quote me an even lower price?)..... Bait and switch!!!

I got a car from Circle Audi in Long Beach afterwards - great experience there!! :)

Marisa S. | 2014-08-07

I had a great experience at Audi of DTLA. I was looking to buy or lease a new car and Kit Chieng was super knowledgable. From when I walked in the door, he was friendly but not pushy like other salesmen. He told me I would get a better deal on a lease and when I ran the numbers myself, this turned out to be totally correct despite my initial reservations. I enjoyed working with him and the whole team at the office. He gave me a great deal! I would like to give him my highest recommendation. Thanks, Kit!

Rafael P. | 2014-08-05

I will like to give AUDI of DTLA the best review possible.. this guys make a big Difference on their way to approach to clients very proffesional and straight to the Point..
Specially to Kit Chieng,  he did a promise and made it Happen..
now my Wife  and Son,, are happy to be cruising on an Audi

thanks to all the AUDI Team...

cant wait to get mine...

Roy L. | 2014-08-04

Just got an Audi lease and salesperson Kit gave excellent service! Would definitely recommend this place to my friends!

Carollyn N. | 2014-08-02

I just bought my new Audi here and salesman Kit Chieng is the best! He made the entire experience super easy and showed he really cares about making his customers happy. The finance person was also very helpful and nice. I would highly recommend Kit Chieng and Audi of Downtown Los Angeles if you are looking to buy your dream car. Thank you Kit and the entire team at Audi DTLA for a great buying experience! :)

Samuel C. | 2014-07-15

I've been a service customer for about 3 years. I had a 2012 A5: I chose this place mostly because it was the closest dealer to me.  And they were near LA Live.  So I could drop off my car and catch a movie. Or get lunch with a friend.

The service reps are really friendly and the facilities are nice and modern. (free cookies! :)

Now, I recently came in to test drive a couple new cars.  Kit Chieng let me test drive til he was blue in the face!  heh heh heh...  

He assured me that they could put together a deal that I would be happy with. And that they would NOT be undersold.

I went to about 4 Audi dealerships and a broker. And they more than proved it.  They gave me a deal that the other guys just couldn't match. It made me really happy.  I love a good deal and now they have a customer for life.

I appreciate the help with my car.  I know I was a pain. But you don't know how happy I am with my car. THANKS!!

Sam N. | 2014-07-15

Update on my review:
They still did not respond to me or try to contact me. The service is the worst I have ever seen.

Don't ever go to this dealer. They will lie to you about everything. Don't ever trust them. They are not at all helpful. I went to lease brand new Audi and I have t trade in a vehicle. First they quoted a price and later then changed the payments.And they kept my license plates without without returning to DMV which resulted in my license suspension. And when I called them, they couldn't even help or talk to me in resolving the issue. I would say worst customer service. They don't even bother answering to you after you sign the contract.
I am pretty sure you can find other Audi dealership's nearby and cheaper.

Kian B. | 2014-07-14

I've visited many car dealerships in Southern California. Whether I was researching a new model car or actually there to purchase a new vehicle. Today, I'm the proud owner of 2 Audi's. However, that may not have been the case if I didn't visit Audi of Downtown LA. Not only is the dealership extremely professional, organized and friendly but they're very fair and direct with their pricing and lease programs. Further, my experience would not have been the same without their Brand Specialist Mr. Kit Chieng. Words alone could not describe his dedication and distinguishable demeanor.  On that note, Thank you Kit Chieng and Audi of Downtown LA for all that you have done for me and my family.

Elizabeth M. | 2014-07-08

Had a great experience in this dealership. Mark the salesman really helped me and they made me feel comfortable and did whatever possible to have me walk out w my new 2014 a4. Love this place

Will C. | 2014-06-26

My experience with their sales team has been great.

Roger, the sales manager at Audi, is extremely professional and seems to be as honest as they get.

I've test driven several vehicles and they answer my emails with promptness.

Will definitely reach out to them again in the future for my next Audi.

Maysah F. | 2014-06-19

Came here for my 25,000 mile service and Valentine outdid himself once again. Got me the best price possible. He also replaced one of the broken pieces on air conditioner at no cost to me and informed me it was covered by my warranty. Once the part arrived he kindly let me know. When I arrived to have it installed a female I had never met before greeted me by my name. These little things make a dealership truely exceptional. and that's the kind of service you will receive if you ask for Valentine at Audi Downtown LA Motors. Thank you againn

Michael S. | 2014-06-03

Lots of management changes. Sales management staff not very flexible and were downright dishonest. I asked for Nabeel, the previous Sales Manager, who was great. Was told by Roger Song, new  Sales Manager, that they didn't know where he was. After I left Audi DTLA because they didn't seem to care and did'nt return phone calls, I called some other Audi dealerships. Spoke to Chris P, Sales Manager at Audi Pacific. He actually told me how to reach Nabeel, despite losing me as a customer because I wanted to deal with Nabeel. Found Nabeel at Rusnak Audi in Westlake. Bought a new Audi from him. Easy, painless, best deal after talking to other dealers. Turns out Roger is (was) Nabeel's good friend, and knew where he was the whole time. Do you want to trust buying a car from someone that would betray their friend? Not at all. Take the time to call Nabeel at Rusnak Audi in Westlake. They are 45 mins away from downtown LA but he will make it worth it. Tell him you saw my review!

Pooyan B. | 2014-05-20

I am writing this review about my experience in this dealership.

I was in contact with Phil, the internet sales manager, in the audi of downtown. When I got there, they took care of me and answered all of my questions very kindly! I also had two test drives there, and I got very interested in one of their A4 s (CPO ones).

Eventually, I bought an Audi A4, but not from here. The reason was that I found another car with a better condition in another dealership, but there was nothing wrong with Phil, and Audi of downtown's customer service. They took care of me very well.

I think the prices in this dealership is a little bit negotiable! Phil offered me a better price than their internet price eventually. it is his cell phone number 503 367 1489.

I had a horrible experience in BMW of beverly hills, and comparatively Audi of Downtown is a much more better place to buy a car than BMW of Beverly hills! (just in term of customer relation, and being nice!)

Keith R. | 2014-04-30

I had a very pleasant experience here.  I recently bought a Certified Pre-Owned Audi in the San Francisco Bay Area and I was up for service.  I made an appt on a Wednesday and I requested a Saturday appt at 8am.  I dropped off my car and they offered a rental or shuttle ride back home.  Since I live less than 2 miles away I decided to walk.  

I expected to receive a call closer to 4pm when they closed, but instead I recevied a call at Noon and my car was ready to pick up!

Cary C. | 2014-04-24

Just went to Downtown Audi today, worst experience with Audi yet! And that is saying a lot because Circle Audi in Long Beach is terrible. Just to show I don't just bash Audi in General, Beverly Hills Audi was awesome and Commonwealth Audi in Santa Ana was great as well. first let me say that we went to Downtown Audi with the intention to buy or lease a car. We had researched online all the options and inventory and decided to stop there because they had what we wanted, and sadly that is when we ran into Kit Chieng.

This guy may have been the worst salesman we have ever dealt with. The guy literally pulled up their web page and just went car by car through their website showing us what they had and said we could just pick from there. It was laughable, we had been on the site and knew what we were looking for! We had to ask him if we could go actually look at the car. He was so lazy he acted like that was a very hard task to walk outside. When we got to the lot he acted like it was a bother to look at things. He even said that we need to look elsewhere if they don't have what we want. He kept saying that we should just go somewhere else and that there is no point to go to a dealership anymore. He literally said, "don't you have better stuff to do on your day off than come to a dealership, just go online".

After we saw two cars we liked we asked to sit down and go over numbers, he said his best he could do is $100 off, he actually added money to the final number! The car was listed at 30k and he gave us an offer of 31! He said he will only talk in $100 dollar increments and if we talk 1k or more to just go ahead and look elsewhere because it is pointless.

Funny thing is, we took his advice and went to Beverly Hills Audi and bought a 45k car because the sales people were awesome! Go see Alex Sirani at Beverly Hills Audi, the guy is the nicest,  most realistic, helpful guy we dealt with throughout our Audi experience.

A. P. | 2014-04-18

I got my 2012 Audi A3 here.

I already knew what I wanted, and they had exactly what I needed! Andrew helped me and was super kind, and attentive. He didn't try and talk me into something I didn't want, which is a plus.

We all know buying a car can be a grueling experience, but I was in and out of here within a few hours! They took my budget into account and worked out the best deal possible.

Now I feel like the baddest motherf*cker alive every time I drive my badass little car! The great MPG doesn't hurt either...

Thank you, DTLA Audi.

Mike C. | 2014-04-18

Frauds! I consistently took my car here for service for two years- no one else touched it. Then I had it serviced elsewhere and discovered their mechanics wrecked my oil pan by stripping the threads on the screw and never telling me. They also must have damaged a tire because I have one new wheel and three old ones, unbeknownst to me- never had a flat and have low mileage. They also did not replace fluids which I paid them for according to the new mechanic. Costing me more than $1,100 to repair the damages to the oil pan not to mention paying for services not rendered. Stay away from their service dept!

Tammie C. | 2014-04-16

Typically, you would think the Audi brand resonates high-end, sexy cars...a well known institution that implies great customer service.  Well, not Audi downtown.  I got my A5 a year ago and upon every visit, including the day I got my car, has been sub-par and unpleasant.

Strike 1: Day of purchase-  waited 3 hours.  I had a credit card in hand ready to go.  There is only one finance person processing deals. You shouldn't have to wait that long to close a deal.  Moreover, when I got my car delivered the next day, there were over 100 miles on it when I was promised a brand new car with less than 50 miles.  These are facts; nothing subjective here.  These guys are blatant liars.

Strike 2: Came in for a car wash and gas fill up per my contract terms. I called the day before when my sales guy told me to drop by around 1pm.  I came in at 12:50.  He told me it should take less than an hour.  The service guy was nice and dropped me off at a nearby cafe.  An hour passed--nothing.  Two hours passed and I texted my sales guy.  He took a while to respond and said he would check. They picked me up and I waited another hour.  Upon encroaching the 4th hour (yes, that's 4 hours for a car wash...), my car finally arrived, but to my dismay, with no gas.  The sales guy quickly left and was nowhere to be found after he dropped off my car.   A manager walked in and tried to help with the situation, but decided it was not his problem and strayed away.  I can see how these guys like working as a team (being sarcastic here).  Another customer yelled and made a bigger deal than I did so he was able to get his car filled up before mine.  Apparently, I wasn't the only unsatisfied customer and the louder you yell, the better response you get.  They don't work as a team here and they definitely don't treat customers equally.  

At this point (full 4 hour mark), I was pretty upset.   But I'm not going to yell and make a scene.  I spoke with the general manager, who to his credit, tried to appease the situation.  However, it's been over a week and I haven't heard a response or received a follow-up.

The turnover of salesmen at this dealership is high.  It is no wonder why BMW, Mercedes and Lexus trump Audi in all customer service ratings.  It's a shame because I was hoping to convert friends and family to Audi fans, but after this experience, I've come to value experience and customer service as a part of the car selection process.  While the actual cars are nice, there's no doubt that Audi is lacking in customer service.  I now understand how BMW, Mercedes and Lexus keep their customers and Audi can't retain them.

It is truly a shame when I don't look forward to getting my car serviced or coming into the dealership.  Needless to say, I don't think I am going to buy or lease from Audi again.

Nicholas D. | 2014-03-22

Beware of fraud here. The finance manager told me to my face that AudiCare was transferable to a second owner if I sold my car. This turns out not to be true. His lie cost me $770.

Richard S. | 2014-03-21

Kit Chieng hooked me up with a great deal. A smooth transaction without any nonsense.

anne M. | 2014-03-15

brought my audi for service..or rather for a manufacturer recall ...that they elegantly call an "update"...ah ah and as I didn't go for a string of more expensive "recommended" repairs..that I didn't think the car needed since its working perfectly...and so......they made sure to list on my file all sorts of "recommended" repairs...which is very annoying since I intend to sell my car  eventually..They obviously got pissed off at me because I just did the recall..nothing else.If you are in the same situation and intend to sell your car yourself a favor and don't go to Downtown audi...also there was another recall with my 2006  back when the car was still under warranty and I had to call audi headquarters to force downtown audi  to do the transmission repair BEFORE my warranty expired.....That dealership seems to be more customer friendly at first but are actually more vicious than any other one...stay away!

Ruben P. | 2014-03-13

My girlfriend and I recently leased an Audi A4. We had the pleasure of working with Mark Gabriel (internet sales manager). Mark's customer service was stellar. He went above and beyond to make sure our needs were met although it was right before closing.
If you're looking for an Audi and want attentiveness from the sales person, downtown Audi is where you need to be

Seth M. | 2014-03-12

I recently leased a 2014 A4. Long painful process from start to finish. In the end the service manager wanted to charge me to loosen 1 bolt to remove my phone holder in my trade in vehicle. I eventually borrowed a wrench and in a couple seconds I was done. I will never go back. Just took my car in for the 5000 mile service to Beverly Hills Audi, excellent service all the way around.

Tulio D. | 2014-03-06

Sales guys are great it's the support staff that are bad! You call to schedule routine maintenance and nobody answers the phone in the middle of the day on a Tuesday. It goes straight to VM and then you get the recording saying the mailbox is full. Lol wow, I get better service if I go to pep boys parking lot and hire Jose el mekaniko. Guys get rid of this management that is not on top of these things before they shut you down.

Chris B. | 2014-03-02

Just got a brand new A6 and was extremely happy. Not only was it fast and painless, the staff there really gives you the exclusive Audi feeling. great people. ill be back to swap out my car for another one for sure!

Ari F. | 2014-02-03

I took my Audi in for service and they forgot to call me.  I called at 6pm to find that my car had been done earlier in the day and the service advisor had left for the day.

When I asked what had been done they mentioned the cars headlights were within spec.  I asked what was the spec was?  The service advisor said "I don't know"

Audi please listen as customers are smarter then you think and want to understand what was done during the visit.

If your service advisors don't have car knowledge or even the ability to call when the car is complete they should go work somewhere else.

I strongly recommend that you take your car elsewhere.

Elfa M. | 2014-01-22

This Is my very first Review on Yelp and even though I use Yelp religiously this is my first time actually writing a review.  I just purchased my 2014 Audi Q7 yesterday and i had such an Amazing experience.. Greg was the Sales Person who made this possible.  He was very Knowledgeable and helpful.. He was not like your typical Car Salesman.. This is my first Audi and I was extremely happy with the entire process.   The Dealership was Spotless and that was a plus.  Greg took his time and explained every single detail on my new car which made my life more simple and easy.  If your looking for a nice, helpful and knowledgeable Salesperson you must go see Greg.   thanks Audi of Downtown for my Beautiful Car I'm obsessed with my Q7..

David D. | 2014-01-09

Come on guys...

Not submitting my registration paperwork? This isn't CarMax.

Purchased a cert used Audi. Dealership never submitted my paperwork for registration or licenses plates. However, they took the money at signing! Oh, that's for sure. 2 months later I get a check in the mail from Audi to pay for my registration, and now I have to head down to the DMV to get new plates. So, that's a day off I will have to take to get this straightened out.

Things about the buying experience that were laughable:

1) The salesman making a big deal about the lighted passenger side vanity mirror to my wife. Really? Wow man, never knew THAT existed. The wife and I have been laughing about it, I guess, thanks?

2) Sleezy old-school style selling of the service and tire plan. Funny. Service comes standard at BMW. And my tire plan on the BMW was hundreds less, even after having to play the talk down game. Pathetic. This isn't a used car lot.

3) Playing around with the APR on the car to make more bottom-line $$$. I have outstanding credit, yet I get 3.8%? LOL. Walked in the door at BMW and got 1.49% without a blink. Took my car loan down to my local credit union, 1.49%. So, jokes on you guys. Just refinanced it for free at my bank.

The Car is outstanding and I love it, however, I think folks can do MUCH better at a different dealership. Plus, its right in the middle of the city and a pain in the ass to get to and park...they have 3 customer parking spaces. If you find a car here you like, I suggest going to another Audi dealership and having the folks there do a dealer transfer. It wont cost you anything. Plus, you wont have to play games and take a shower when you get home to get the slime and brute smell out of your clothing.

Angela V. | 2014-01-02

I recently leased a new 2014 Audi from Audi of Downtown L.A. I had the pleasure of dealing with the Internet Sales Manager Mark Gabriel. He was outstanding! I've never been to a dealership and received such great customer service. Mark was so nice and he really took care of me and helped me find my beautiful car. I am so in love with my new car.

I strongly suggest his services if you are looking for someone to really put there all into helping you find a great car for a great price. Thanks Mark for all your help!!

Jennifer R. | 2013-12-31

The whole process of leasing my new 2014 Audi A4 was so painless I had to pinch myself. I originally went to Audi of DTLA for a test drive and next thing you know I'm singing away! It was the smell of the new car and GREAT SERVICE!!!

Angel was very patience, explained in detail all the features of the car, and was able to get me to drive away within 2 hours.

Dave Yi , the finance guy is easy going and chill . He wasn't pushy at all or  trying to up sale me on extra benefits. The whole principle office feel in the finance office was more like catching up with your Korean cousin.

I would definitely recommend everyone going to Audi of DTLA .

Charles S. | 2013-12-06

Mixed review. Excellent if your Audi is still under warranty, but if not, WATCH OUT. In short, after I got a second opinion at another shop, I asked the Audi service advisor why was he recommending I get a new motor mount unnecessarily  (a favorite of theirs, easy $400, the other mechanic fixed the problem with a single bolt, no charge) for the noise I heard. The service advisor's response, "we try and get the car back to the way it was when it first left the assembly line".  Damn, I wonder is that possible.......
By the way, I missed out on an opportunity to join a class action lawsuit against Audi for the transmission control modulators (TCM) breaking down before 100K miles.

J J. | 2013-11-22

These people are awesome. My car broke down on the freeway 20 minutes before this place closed. The receptionist Ruth calmed me down and talked me through what I needed to do. The service side was already closed but Ark (I think he was from the sales side) and Ruth stayed almost half and hour past closing time and were friendly and courteous throughout! I got here the next morning and they gave me coffee and fresh baked cookies while I waited! I know they were super swamped this Friday but I was overwhelmed by how willing to help everyone was. George (service guy) was efficient and friendly.

Overall teamwork was great! I highly recommend this sales and service Audi dealership!

Edward P. | 2013-11-11

Hi guys I was in the market to buy a brand-new Audi I had 370 Z which I had wanted to get rid of our part of the reason why I wanted to get rid of my Z was because the service at Nissan was so poor I'm finding out that the service at Audi of downtown Los Angeles is not much better / for some reason I guess they're too busy / or don't want to deal with me now that they have closed the deal // I thought that audi ment service so / why has nor one from this dealership called me to find out how my new 2014 S5 & I are doing / I am starting to think its because I am African American / I did not see any there at the time - and any time after / happy with my new can but not the cold shoulder I seem to be getting / it's all about service / I wounder who at audi of downtown LA / will fix this I will keep you posted

John M. | 2013-11-08

Just purchased a CPO from Audi of Downtown LA.  Great experience.  Our sales contact, Phil Kang, was extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful.  Made the typical painful process of buying a car almost entirely painless.  I called about a specific car I saw online.  He said he wanted to "put his hands on it" to make sure it was still available and called me back a few minutes later to confirm.  He had it out in front ready to test drive when we arrived.  Answered all of the questions.  Negotiated a fair deal.  And because we had to leave before everything was done, he delivered the car to our home later that evening.  He spent 30 minutes explaining and demonstrating every important feature to my wife and me.  It was an example of excellent service at every turn.

Skye S. | 2013-09-27

I came in for my S4 25,000 mile service. I typically hate coming downtown, but since my last experience with audi beverly hills was one of the worst experiences of my life I figured to give this location a try.

They got my car in the shop, personally made me coffee, and out the door in 2 minutes! I was so surprised by the speed & everyone was the nicest & happiest person I have encountered in a really long time. I used their shuttle service to drop me off to get my nails done while they tune up my car. The last time I got my car tuned at beverly hills it literally took them 8 hours to tune up my car! I wasn't expecting it to be that bad, but definitely a lil over their estimate so I decided to relax and get some nail art & was planning on getting a bite to eat after. Audi called me BEFORE I was even done getting my nails done! I told them I'll be ready in 25 min & they would send a driver to come pick me up. I took a bit longer and the driver patiently waited for me to finish. Talk about feeling like a celebrity! I LOVED my driver, we had a few good laughs in the car together.

When I got back to pick up the bill I was getting a little nervous because last time it was almost $400 for a tune up at beverly hills. Valentine gave me a discount & it only came out to $200!!! I also asked for a quote on the front grill high beam cover & he told me he would give me $50 off the part & wont charge for labor. I was pleasantly happy with this agreement & 3 minutes later it was already on my car. They also changed my key battery & washed my car for free!

I ended up leaving only spending less than $300 for all the work they did! I never though I would say this, but this dealership MADE MY DAY!!! I left so ecstatic I was dancing and singing in my car all the way home. Not to mention the way it drives now,  holy shit it feels like a BRAND NEW DAMN CAR!!!! I am so absolutely happy about how this place gets things done, I'm almost looking FORWARD to the next time I have to stop by. Never had such great service in my life, I will continue to keep coming back to this location for the rest of my Audi years.

Pat K. | 2013-09-16

Sales  and brand review:
Mark G in Internet sales was contacted due to other Yelpers for an Audi Q5.

Made an appointment and he was prompt as we were (a very German quality).

We met and he sat us down to see what we wanted and for him to qualify us.  He was very adamant about selling us a car today from their lot but I had made it clear earlier that I am interested in a custom order, European delivery pickup and subsequent redelivery at the dealer (2 deliveries).

The minus 1 star was because he pushed too hard to make a sale on the spot without even knowing what I wanted.   He even offered to take me out of my current BMW lease and put me in the Q5 that day which is something I was not even considering....
This type of pushiness to convince you to change from a European delivery to a majorly discounted on the lot car was a negative point.

Going on to the cars, the car that I had an interest in seeing was a chestnut interior with white exterior and had most of the items I wanted as options.  However Mark said it sold while we were driving down there - I assumed it was a dealer trick to get you to believe they are flying off the lot.  I dunno.....

The test drive of another Q5 went poorly but that was not Mark or the dealership's problem - this was the brand's problem.

Apparently due to more restrictive fuel economy requirements (Federal CAFE rule), all current vehicles are switching out hydraulic assisted power steering (HPS) in favor of electric power steering (EPS) to disconnect the power steering pump & belt from the engine thereby increasing fuel economy.

It's a sad state of affairs when all major manufacturers are switching to EPS just to satisfy federal requirements.  Mercedes, BWW, Audi have all converted to electric steering and I hate that.

EPS gives you an artificial feel of the car and road - it is only designed to send info to the steering rack one way.  Unlike HPS which has 2 way information (road feel, torque, pulling, and bumps/ruts) of the yesteryear...

Also the suspension was muted, disconnected, and felt like you are riding on air.  Those 2 issues I can not deal with - I need the feel of the road as a driver.  The passengers probably don't care and love that smooth disconnected feel.

I felt that Mark did not give me the best possible car for my needs, instead he was looking out for himself and looking for that quick buck!


Dealer = 3 stars
Sales = 2 stars
Audi = 1 stars

Later, I contacted Audi North America's Customer Experience and they told me about the Drive Select Feature which I then pursued another dealer with.  Audi then checked stock of all So Cal dealers and found only 1 that had the Drive Select option.

For a brand specialist like Audi, I would think the salesperson would know more about it than me, the new consumer to Audi....

Minus another star for Mark who failed to find out what is best for the customer and let me walk.  Shame.....  Knowing I was a true driving enthusiast wanting an exciting Audi, Mark did not try to find another model to satisfy me....

Guess if you are new to Audi, looking for a badge on your car, uninformed, and uneducated with driving, then DTLA Audi is the place for you.

Wayne C. | 2013-09-16

Good cars and good services. I like to talk with Mark. He is a good sales. And I got the reasonable price to buy the Audi. What's more, he also can do some specific things for the customers.

William Y. | 2013-09-16

Mark G helped me for the whole process of buying my new Audi A6. He is really helpful and patience. I am really glad for having the experience from buying car from Audi Downtown LA. I also had a really good price.

N C. | 2013-09-09

Had a terrible accident and ended up at the downtown Audi dealership.  They were fantastic.  I loved my previous A5 and it saved my life in the accident so it was no question that I would get another if needed.

Audis are highly reliable luxury vehicles in performance and safety. I can now officially support that comment.

I had a wonderful experience at this dealership and felt right at home with excellent service.

Thank you, thank you!

Beth S. | 2013-09-09

I have had nothing but excellent experiences with the service department at Audi of Downtown LA. My service advisors (especially Valentine and Brien) always take exceptional care of me from the minute I arrive until after I've departed. They take time and care to explain their service, and it's always done on time and for a reasonable price. The showroom and bathrooms are always sparkling clean.

I took my car to Audi of Beverly Hills for service... once. I had a disastrous experience there and returned to Audi of Downtown LA, even though it's far less convenient for me. Truly, their service is worth the extra miles and minutes.

TheLaborLawGuy L. | 2013-09-04

So, I call the "fleet manager," Mr. Kim, on the advice of a family member and a client to ask a simple question about whether they had the new 2014 SQ5 in stock that had caught my eye recently.  Mr. Kim, after spending 15 minutes validating my family member referral promised he would call back "within a few minutes" after checking their inventory.  It's been two whole days and still no call back.  Sigh!  I guess my money is not good enough for them!  I do not recommend this place at all.  I called Audi of Beverly Hills with the same exact inquiry and got a totally different world of response focused on care and attention to detail.  I made an appointment to go there tomorrow to see my salesperson and hopefully make a deal.  Even if I don't, the fact that I was treated with respect makes me feel so much more satisfied with the Audi of Beverly Hills dealership compared with the silence treatment I got from Audi of Downtown LA.

Ulysses U. | 2013-08-26


Last week, we drove all the way from Chino to downtown L.A. to check their TT's.  My boyfriend has been on the market for an Audi TT so we've been checking several dealerships out for a couple of weeks.  As we entered the dealership/store, my first impression was that it's the typical dealership, I was expecting a better "feel" to it since it's an Audi dealership after all but it was just average for me.  They sell Audi merchandise like jackets, shirts; something I never saw at the other Audi dealerships.  It was not the best but definitely not the worst facility.  It was clean, though they need to replace their carpet, I did not see any TV for those waiting. We were there to meet Chris, who spoke to us over the phone earlier.  We should have considered the lackluster phone convo with Chris for what's to come. He was not helpful.  His favorite response was "Whatever!" for questions he did not know the answers to.  He took us to the rooftop to show us the black TT, my bf was interested in.  The biggest question or shall I say, mystery, which remains unsolved to this day, was the mileage on the brand new car.  It already had over 50 miles on it.  Yet it apparently was not a dealer trade, rarely allowed for test drives, brand new straight from the Audi factory in Europe. My bf is a car and racing enthusiast.  He has asked around and nobody in the car/racing community can come up with a logical explanation about the miles.  50+ is high for a brand new car.  Our best guess is that it perhaps was test-driven at their race track in Germany, the same theory that a couple of the guys at the dealership shared.  My bf is a hard-to-please buyer because he knows cars, he knows what he likes from the color to the price and everything in between. Chris' defense for the miles was that it came from the port of San Diego and that in fact, the car's information/sticker clearly showed the port of origin. Something we proved to be untrue as there was absolutely "San Diego" anywhere on that paper! Needless to say, Chris let "someone else help" us.  This was a welcome move especially for my bf who wanted to get another sales rep. 5 minutes into the conversation with him.  Enter, Armen Grigoryen.  Unlike Chris, Armen was eager to help, eager to answer questions, eager to meet our needs. I must add that his "eagerness" was not overbearing, we were not stressed to buy anything at all.  We felt that, although he of course was aiming to close a sale, he also was not pushy and totally respected our opinion and preference. He did not act condescending and went out of his way to ask others for answers to the questions he was unsure of.  He did not resort to the easy "whatever" response.  When we named our price, something that was of course lower than their asking or MSRP, he went to show it to his sales manager.  Enter, Roger.  Roger was straightforward, funny and somewhat laid-back.  It only took one attempt to negotiate in pricing to seal the deal.  My bf and I agreed that it was the fastest, most painless price-negotiation we have ever experienced. Roger was also kind enough to give us a good interest rate due primarily to the amount of our down payment and my bf's excellent credit score.  The transaction with Roger was pleasant and efficient.  We then proceeded to sign the financial paperwork. Enter Mike. This was the only time we felt we were rushed.  Mike had to reprint the paperwork due to some adjustments in the numbers and some corrections on the billing address.  He was frustrated about having to find the right paper size to feed the printer and he verbally expressed his frustration.  We understand that it was late and there were only 2 parties left in the facility before their closing time but I'm sure this was not the first time they had to close late due to a sale, it's a weekend and they should have known better that most customers buy vehicles on weekends.  But this is my only complaint about Mike. He was helpful and explained (though again, in a hurry!) everything to us. Throughout the entire time, Armen stayed to support us.  He took the time to explain the different features of the car, past the dealership's closing time.  He encouraged my bf to spot-check every nook and cranny for scratches.  Of course, he did not see any as it was dark and what was missed at night was undeniable the next morning.  We saw scratches on the hood, the roof, the bumper.  Supporting our theory that perhaps it was test-driven too much here or at the factory.  But this was not Armen's fault and my bf plans to go back there and have them buff the scratches.  When we went back in the facility to ask about the closest access to the freeway from their location, Armen instantly went back in the building too, ready to give more help. My bf and I agreed that if not for Armen, that visit would have been just another "stop & leave" visit at an Audi dealership. ARMEN was great, we're glad we worked with him. ~Dee

Cory A. | 2013-08-22

I had been searching online for a lease and came across Audi of DTLA.   I submitted my info and received a call from Mark Gabriel the next day.  Hey was VERY helpful and understanding of my busy schedule which he worked around.  I had to come in twice to the dealership for my 2014 A4 which he was able to get me at a better deal than any other dealership in SoCal.  I highly recommend talking to Mark if you are interested in an Audi, he will make sure you are completely happy with your purchase.   He even came personally to my work to deliver my spare key and to answer any questions I had.  GREAT experience.

Thank you Mark, I will be getting my next Audi from you !!

NIck R. | 2013-08-17

Something about Audi is retarded. While these guys are better than some of the other dealerships, I tire of the nonsensical sales strategies these guys employ. If  your cars are so amazing that dollar for dollar they need to cost more to buy than the next brand, then why not just raise the actual price. I guess if you have straight cash, maybe these guys are fine. But I'm not into it.

Todd B. | 2013-08-13

Apparently all of my reviews are going to be car related. So be it.

After my poor Infiniti was rear-ended and subsequently totaled (RIP Mayumi), I was in the market for a car. After more research than is healthy, I decided on the S4 and started shopping around via both in-person visits and internet sales manager contacts. I even drove down to Escondido near San Diego to take a look at what they had to offer. While I didn't have great experiences at some of the other manufacturers that I visited, Audi folks seemed pretty good everywhere I visited - but they just couldn't come up with the package and/or deal that I was looking for.

After exchanging some emails with Mark Gabriel at this location, I eventually made my way over there to see what they had to offer. I remained serious about buying a car since I was getting dealer burnout, but at the end of a long day, I had no intention of doing so on the spot that night. However, Mark patiently sat with me to work out a deal that I could not pass up (even while I had also been considering older pre-owned models), and I ended up going for it anyway. By the time it was all said and done, the whole process even went a couple of hours past the dealership's closing time, but he went out of his way to stick around so that he could get me a good deal and get me into the car.

As we all know, many car salesmen are infamous for their shady and generally unpleasant ways. For instance, at another (non-Audi) dealer, I witnessed a salesman walk away from a negotiation table to "talk to his manager," only to head outside where other salesmen were standing so that he could laugh at and berate the attempted negotiations. This was with another potential customer (me) standing in their midst. Just ridiculous.

I mention the above story (which, again to be clear, was at a different, non-Audi dealership) just to highlight that Mark Gabriel is not "that guy." If you are at all interested in even considering an Audi, you would do yourself, your wallet, and your mental well-being a disservice if you did not include a discussion with Mark as part of your agenda.

Tin A. | 2013-08-06

Came in here to look into an S5. Met up with this awesome guy name Mark Gabriel. Seems he is already highly regarded by a lot of other customers, and I can see he totally deserves it. He helped me out with everything, covered every aspect, and when things didn't work out the way I wanted it to, he made sure that this is not just a business deal to him, but that he fulfills my needs until I was satisfied with the results. He is more than just a dealer to me, he is a great friend and I will always come back to him if I ever need something.

Mark, you rock, brother. 5 stars well deserved all because of you.

Francisco A. | 2013-07-31

Mark Gabriel has been a very good salesman. He gave me the best deal on a TTS compare with other Audis in California.

I strongly recommend him.


Wells P. | 2013-07-26

Mark Gabriel was great from beginning to end in the sales process. Brian in service was great also in helping me out! Sam Dajani ,sales manger has been remarkable also. I recommend them highly!

Mark Gabriel was great from beginning to end in the sales process. Brian in service was great also in helping me out! Sam Dajani ,sales manger has been remarkable also. I recommend them highly!

Emilio C. | 2013-07-20

$210 to change a $16 switch in my A4 convertible. talk about ridiculous service fees. To top it off the brake light signal keeps coming up on the dashboard. Wish Brian would've told me it wasn't gonna make a difference.

David S. | 2013-07-11

Very good experience with sales, financing, and recently service. Staff is very helpful.

Xiaolong F. | 2013-05-31

Horrible experiences when I bought an used 2007 audi a4. If there is an option for "No Star" then I'll choose that one. The second day I bought the car the check engine light is on. Got it fixed but more issues later. Before I buy the car I found the child lock switch is malfunction. They promised to fix it but when I came back they charge me money for it just after I bought the car. The battery also died. When I talked to the sales manager, whose name is Sam, he act so aggressive saying that "Why don't you just go out, pay for the bill and leave?" I was astonished by such bad attitude, and stayed a little bit longer in the chair. He continued "Sorry I'm busy, can you just go out of my office?" WTF! I said "Can you be more friendly o a customer?" He replied "What? Give you a massage? Make you laugh? I'm sorry, I'm busy."
What a shitty manager. Can rarely see a man like this.
Last deal in Downtown LA Audi. I tried my best to be polite.

Hae Y. H. | 2013-05-08

Purchased a 2013 Audi last June 2012 and I have been loving their service ever since! I have waited to write this review since I wanted to know how their after service and maintanence program worked. Now I know that it works beautifully.

I get an alert for maintenence (plus an email reminder) and I walk in, my needs are immediately met by a friendly customer service rep and I am out of the office in five minutes with a complementary audi! Before I leave, i pick up a fresh, warm, just out of the oven Otis Spunkmeyer chocolate chip cookie, bag of pop corn and a starbucks coffee. (: Sometimes, I dont get a rental car but take the shuttle to the LA live to sit at the beautiful starbucks (with a clover machine!) and enjoy my two hour alone down time! ^^

I go back and my car is washed and I leave the place giving my self a pat on the back, realizing that I've made the best choice purchasing my Audi from DTLA. (btw, I visited four Audi dealers before settling with them!)

Natalie R. | 2013-03-04

I just had a really great experience with David and his team at the Downtown Audi.  I was looking at a used 2010 A3, and went in not sure if I was going to buy that day, but walked out with a new car!  I didn't feel pressured by David at all, it was a really mellow approach to selling a car.  They took my husband and I out on a test drive, talked about various options for payment, and made it all so seamless.  They even let me drive my new car home that same day, and took my old car to Car Max on a Sunday so I could sell it.  It really couldn't have been easier.  The car is CPO which has incredible coverage, and my car looks brand new.  It's only been a few days but so far, I love it!

Stacy H. | 2013-02-09

CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE. I recently got an A4 in July and I have not yet received my registration.  I called once and left a message.. and no one called me back.  I called three more times and it just went to voice message so I left another voice message.  Finally, I got someone on the phone and they told me they will call me back.  3 days later... no call.  I finally spoke to the manager and he told me he will write and email to the lady who is in charge of that.. yes he did he write and email... but its been 5 days and I have not received any contact back.  It's like once you buy a car from them they do not care anymore.  

However, their car repair service and parts are very helpful and nice hence they get 2 stars instead of 1!

Cheri. A G. | 2013-01-28

I live in DTLA and wanted to give this Audi my business.  I have been down here several times test driving the cars and the sales department has been very helpful but after dealing with Downtown LA Mercedes down the street (owned by the same people) I will not be giving you my business.  You can thank the MB leasing dept for that.  Headed to BH I guess.

Alex Y. | 2013-01-05

I've had many audis. I stopped getting audis now. The service at this place was very iffy and not very professional at all. First of all when I got my car the last couple times they give me the survey while the service ppl are standing right there in front of me while I'm doing the survey. Yeahh that's a great way for a survey! Second of all, they never call me for updates for my car. That's professional courteous. Thirdly, there were way too many problems with the audis I got with wierd noises while I'm driving and a nail that was loose connected to the frame of the car. I mean really come on. That's basic car safety procedure and can't even get that right. I'm done with audi.

Alex R. | 2012-12-30

I bought an Audi A4 here yesterday -- my first new car in a dozen years. I called around to some other dealers, but they didn't have the package (model, color, features) I needed in stock, while there were several available at Audi Downtown that met my needs.

Once I was at the dealership, the entire transaction took a little more than an hour, including a great walk through of the features and specs of my new car from Mike, a member of the sales team who was helping me. Edward, my primary salesman, and Beinadyn (spelling?) from the finance department, were equally helpful. Like all car dealerships, they offered a bunch of service extras that I typically prefer not to buy. They did convince me to get Audi Care, and the staff was very professional as they discussed my choices and answered my questions.

The price discussion was very easy, since I had done my research before hand and I knew a number at which I could get the deal done. If you're buying a car, do your research before you step into the dealership and it'll go much easier for you, like it did for me. True Car was helpful for that, too. With my research laid out in the dealer's office, the negotiation was quick, professional, and to the point.

Naturally, I'm thrilled with the car, and very pleased with the service from Downtown Audi.

Max L. | 2012-12-21

Bought my car from David Yi. Excellent service, honest + objective advice, and all around nice guy!

S. F. | 2012-12-19

I recently purchased my 2011 A5 Convertible at Downtown Audi and wanted to leave a recommendation for my sales associate Joe Abillamah. Unlike other sales people, I found Joe to be a fair and honest negotiator and very customer focused. He was reliable and prompt whenever I had a request or question. When the car was delivered for final hand-over and was not detailed the way he promised, he started cleaning himself. Price negotiations were tough but fair. Here is a guy who wants to build a customer base and gets that honest customer service differentiates from the rest of the car sales crowd.

Swampy M. | 2012-10-15

Just bought a new Audi from Eric Sabre at Audi of Downtown LA. It was the most straightforward, honest, accommodating and easy car purchase I've ever experienced. They sourced the car that I wanted in the colour I wanted and never tried to convince me to take another vehicle. They happily accommodated my hours and availability and made me a great deal with some lovely extras thrown in. Follow up calls have made the after purchase experience just as pleasant. New car purchases are something I usually dread but this experience was actually a lot of fun. Thanks to Eric and the whole crew at Audi of Downtown LA.

Sebastian A. | 2012-10-07

This place is the new home to my audi s4.. I got unlucky with a used car buy, and these guys have made me feel better about the repairs, offering me a massive 3k discount on an unfortunate gas tank leak. This kind of stuff is unheard of from dealerships but my man Klever hooked it up. I love my car regardless of all the repairs (spent a few thousand on new arm mounts last month) and I'm extremely neurotic about my whip. That said, this place gets the job done - it's not just for moms driving around a7s with no idea what's going on with the car.

The reps will talk you through what's going on, and while you'll spend less with a local mechanic, you won't get the quality and reassurance offered by a dealership of this quality.

**UPDATE: recently brought my car to a local mechanic I found in Long Beach for some mods/fixups - turns out the repairs I had done at Audi of Downtown were complete bunk. I spent a good chunk of change on replacing my arm mounts (a tedious process that you wouldn't want done at any random mechanic) and the mechanic who worked on my car left a massive bolt missing from the driver's side mount. That's a tad ridiculous and unsafe by my standards, and thankfully I found a GREAT mechanic from here on out - Raven Motorsport in Long Beach for all the Audi fiends.

Tony J. | 2012-09-22

I just bought my first Audi three weeks ago and the experience was FRIGHTENING!  

First let me start off by saying that the Audi A7 is a DREAM and kudos to Audi for making a beautiful car.  Back to the point of the post and the horrible sales service at Audi Downtown LA.

I found the A7 I was looking for the last week of August - but it was in California (I'm in Atlanta).  The car was such a deal that I took a CROSS COUNTRY day flight to check out the ride before Labor Day weekend on a Saturday.  Before flying out, I was pre-approved by my credit union (LGECCU - which is AWESOME BTW) and even had Audi Downtown LA's finance department call them to get the particulars to a smooth transaction (keep note of this point).  

So I let the dealership know that I would be flying in on Saturday to have the paperwork and car ready. Now let me introduce you to David (Dae), my sales guy.  Great guy before the sale, needs closed loop sales 101 after the purchase.  The car was clean and of course he had the sales slip ready to go.  I agree on the numbers and it decided to drop downpayment.  I roll to the BOA around the corner and scoop up a cashiers check of about 25% of the cost of the vehicle and head back.  I was then introduced to the finance guy - Mike.

I fill out the paperwork and head back home to meet up with my bank on Tuesday.  Mike and Audi assured me that once they had a check from the bank, they would ship the car - mind you and keep note that I'm thinking they've had communication with my bank about payment steps and procedures.  I meet with my credit union, they cut a check and its next day air'd to Audi DTLA.  They have a water marked BANK CHECK from a reputable bank in hand in what turns out to be 1 business day - I did my part!

Here comes problem #1 - They pull the out of state check line on me and tell me it will take 10 days to clear.  WTF?!?!?  

After the payment clears (6 calendar days after purchase), David now tells me the car is ready to ship but it may take 5 to 10 days for the vehicle to be picked up?!?!?!  I offered to personally get it expedited but Audi LA refused.  After this last communication (post sale day 6) all of a sudden Audi goes GHOST RECON on me.  I can't seem to reach Mike, David or anyone else (and they have their $$$$).

I persist to call Audi Downtown LA daily, send a fax and asked for everyone I knew at the location between the 7th and 12th day after sale - I didn't receive a single email, text, fax or reply during this time.  Finally Alex Ochoa calls me on the 12th day and says the vehicle had shipped.  I ended up receiving the car the 14th day after sale.

Now, I've received the car and can breathe now - I'm not upset about the 14 day wait, but I'm pissed that they ignored me for 5 days.  So I get the car on Saturday and I'm happy....but wait, where is the damn title!!!!!  Since I don't live in Cali, I can't receive temporary tags from CA - so I can't legally drive the car because Audi DTLA didn't send my title so I can get it registered OR send any temp tags!!!

Back to the telephone trying to contact Audi DTL - no responses for 4 days until finally the lady from the title offices calls (I tried calling here on day 12 after sale response).  It is now day 17.  I speak to Deborah and she says "oh, the title is right here.  We typically take 30 days to file the title..".  I'm like "I'm out of state, you don't file in Cali - you have to send me the title in Georgia!!!"  She proceeds then to next-day-air the title.

So finally after 20 days I have a car I can drive..

Why I'll never buy from Audi Downtown LA again....
1. No  (or lack of) experience in dealing with out of state purchases
2. HORRIBLE communication and Closed Loop Sales
3. Lack of payment/transaction best practices on the finance team (can't tell you how many times they asked to pull my credit - even though they were not financing a dime)
4. Lack of follow up and direct communication
5. Poor title handling and processing

Audi Downtown LA - learn how to work with out of state customers or just tell us to kick rocks.  I expect more from a luxury brand and I could have got this kind of service from the Hyundai dealer across the street!

Liz M. | 2012-09-20

I had such a horrible experience at this dealership when I was purchasing a new car.  I went in to look at the Audi Q7.  I am a professional and was dressed in a business suit and very expensive shoes (which are easily identifiable by their soles). I pulled up in my Mercedes.  I did not look like some slacker who was just there to waste a salesperson's time. The salesman treated me like I was a stupid woman who knew nothing about buying a car (I have bought several cars without assistance).  He was condescending and even suggested that I buy a model down and that I should talk to my husband about it. Really?! Who down sells?  Isn't the goal to up sell?  I walked away with such a bad taste in my mouth.  Needless to say, I did NOT purchase an Audi.  And, I would never consider purchasing a car from this dealership after the treatment I was given.

Compton G. | 2012-08-29

I had a great experience with the sales guy!  Real down to earth.  The guy didn't lie to me, he was just honest. I gave the dealer one less star, because the sales manager promised me to throw in extra ammenities, but the next day he backtracked.  It wasnt the sales guys fault.

Neil M. | 2012-07-23

I was researching Q5's for several months before I started visiting dealerships and weighing the pros and cons of buying versus leasing. I'm a small business owner and could see the value in leasing although wasn't completely sold on the idea. Before heading Downtown I visited two other dealerships and experienced the typical auto dealership shitshow - terrible customer service, deceiving practices and cocky salesmen. I'm a bit of a cynic and assumed I was going to get a similar experience at Audi DT LA but tried to keep an open mind.

I went to the front desk and was kindly greeted and then matched up with Ray within a minute. Ray had a positive attitude but wasn't over the top. He maintained composure and did a great job answering my questions and showing me the inventory. We went back and forth for a couple hours before putting numbers on paper. Ray pulled the sales manager, Sam, into the negotiation. What I liked about Sam was that he showed me the cost analysis on his computer and was fairly honest. It spoke volumes. I could see exactly where the costs were coming from while plugging and playing with deposit amounts and desired monthly payments. They offered a low interest rate (roughly 3.5%) and a decent trade-in price for my current car. We came to an agreement after they threw in a few accessory deals.

Audi's are a hot car and I knew going into the dealership that I didn't have too much wiggle room. But I did come away with an amazing ride that cost well below what other dealerships were asking. I also developed a relationship with these guys knowing that I'll most likely deal with them for another lease or purchase.

Overall, they exceeded my expectations and I feel very content with my purchase.

Silvie H. | 2012-07-15

Lies Lies Lies

My husband was emailing and negotiating back and forth with a sales person here for a while. We came in after agreeing with a bottom line price to further discuss. They first had us waiting for 20 minutes just to find our our sales guy was busy and another 30 minutes for them to bring the car from the storage lot. . We are talking about a slow day that the manager and sales people were chatting for fun and not many customers were shopping for cars. Very bad and unprofessional service.

Since the guy my husband was talking to got tied up with another customer, his manager took us over while we were waiting for the car that took forever to get. He was surprised by the price offered by his employee and told us that he's not ready to make that offer and "there must be some miscommunication."  Well you know what? the deal was written in the emails and the communication was loud and clear. When you don't honor your offer that means you are lying and you are not doing honest business. In addition, they didn't even have the exact car they claimed they did.

If we had known that the price they offer by email is just bull shitting, we would never spend our Sunday afternoon driving to downtown and experience this kind of unprofessional business attitude. Easy for them to say it's "miscommunication" but for us it's a tremendous waste of time (and good mood). This is exactly the bad business attitude that gives car dealers a bad rep.

The same deal is offered by other car dealers and we are gladly taking our business to others who are more honest and enthusiastic to their customers.

Megan M. | 2012-07-14

I went to a few other dealerships and private party sellers around the area before ending up at Audi of downtown LA.  Everywhere else seemed to be in such a rush and didn't want to help me get the best deal possible. When I walked in here I was greeted warmly and didn't have to wait to see the sales representative. David Yi is the man. Not only did he explain every feature of the car and all my options, but he pointed out issues with the car (I bought a CPO) that I missed and told me how he could help me fix them. He was a no BS kind of guy. Once I fell in love with the car we went inside to talk pricing. He didn't pressure me and right off the bat told me he was going to look at the back end finances and see the best deal he could give me. I didn't even have to haggle! He was extremely honest, fair, and exactly what we all hope a car salesman would be. The financing manager was also super friendly and didn't  pressure me to get any extra protection plans. I would highly recommend Audi of downtown LA and specifically David Yi if you want a pleasant, stress and hassle free car buying experience.

Richard L. | 2012-07-09

The sales staff seem to have more knowledge than other Audi Dealers in So Cal. that I have dealt with. The sales staff really try to do their best before, during and after the sale. Ricky was the person who worked with me and he really has a lot of knowledge of the vehicles. These cars have a lot of electronics and there is a lot to learn! We will see how it goes once I have to deal with service.

J K. | 2012-06-19

I was looking for a car for the past few months and couldn't decide on the many choices avble in the marketplace.  That all changed when David Yi assisted with the process and the dealership had the exact vehicle I was looking for.  David is a very honest rep. and will work hard to provide an aggressive deal without the BS.  If you're looking for an Audi sales rep. who'll go the extra mile, David is your guy.

Kelly E. | 2012-06-18

I'd like to update my previous add and add the face that my "add oil" light is now on again. Had this dealership been thorough like all the other Audi dealerships they woudl've checked out the car when I brought it in, not just top it off with oil and tell me I am good to go. Terrible Audi all cost please go to any other nearby Audi dealer.

Christian C. | 2012-06-15

So I wanted to trade in my Mercedes C230 for something different (it was a 2007 so it didn't have all the toys that cars today have).  Looked around for a bit and thought an Audi was a good choice.  Came here upon Ian D's recommendation to find David Yi.  From the start, David was super helpful with what I wanted and I could just tell the dude was a good, honest guy.  

Spent a few hours looking at many different cars and got exactly what I wanted -and in my price range!  He also hooked it up with a sweet deal and seriously it was just an overall great experience.  David even gave me his cell number and asked to call him with anything I needed.  Good stuff here!

Ian D. | 2012-05-08

Looking for an Audi.  I would suggest stepping across the road to the certified pre owned and having a word with David Yi.  

This is the first and probably only time I will recommend any sales person or dealer ship.  He was stellar.  No bulshit, no hard sell.  Here's what i can give you for yours and what i can sell the car for.  

After several weeks of shopping for cars and a few disappointing experiences at different dealers we took a chance at a listing we found on kelly blue book. That led us to David who took the time and applied no pressure simple stating only "obviously i want to make a deal today". We left with a very nice Q5 which was a previous lease and was in mint condition.

Any after sales issues have been handled impressively.  When i realized the tool for removing the roof racks was missing.  "oh let us order one and fedex it to you sir". I hope the service department is also as impressive.

Thanks David!

Mark P. | 2012-04-17

Excellent customer service. All the guys there were very friendly and Andrew Teramatsu in particular very helpful and thourough in the whole process. Even once all said and done the customer service carries on. Highly reccomend you check out this dealership and make sure you ask for Andrew.
Thank you.

Mark Preston.

Carolina A. | 2012-03-23

This is the first time i get my car serviced at this dealership and I'm so happy. Their staff is so nice, professional and knowledgeable. Will definitely go back to this place from now on.

Kathleen G. | 2012-02-21

Paul was my service advisor... let me just tell you i pulled in like half an hour before they were closing shop with no appoinment what so ever ;/. However I explained I was from out of town and i had lights going off in my car and did not feel comfortable driving with back lights out and a front lights dimmed. At first they were hesitant but then they took charge came over to me started gathering my information and said okay it should be done with in an hour! I was just so grateful the staff pulled in extra time to take care of me! I will recommend this place and will be coming to see them again when I am in so-cal! thanks guys! ;)

Justin Y. | 2012-02-07

In terms of getting my car serviced, by far the best service I have ever received from a dealership.  Courteous, prompt, thorough, no upselling, explained all the work that was done, accommodating and clean.  Would highly recommend getting your car serviced here over the Santa Monica location.

Queen B. | 2012-01-16

Great people working here. They're helpful and through. And it's a convenient drive to get to them. I can't complain. Just wish the service wasn't as expensive, but I guess that is what happens when you want a sports car.

Chris J. | 2012-01-11

just bought an A5 at Keyes

J B. | 2012-01-09

Went here after visiting several other dealers in Greater LA.  Armen gave me an incredible deal, was extremely respectful, knowledgable, and broke his back to outcompete everyone else in terms of service, price, communication and all around being a solid human (which most dealers in L.A. are not).  Highly recommend him, and I'll definitely be back.

Dave F. | 2012-01-02

Excellent service from Ricardo who totally knows the Q5. We were handed off to the Audi dealership as their sister Porsche dealership has no SUV inventory, (except on their phantom web site.)

Ricardo knew the product, talked us through a loaded model, advantages/disadvantages and was straight up about 2013 body style changes. He went through a great deal of depth on the safety features as he understood this was a high criterion.

I've not made a decision on which SUV it will be, but if I were buying from a single person, it would be Ricardo!

John G. | 2011-10-27

Roger killed it. Bought a new Q5 3.2 after having a horrible purchase experience at Audi of Santa Monica.

Kesh K. | 2011-08-14

I have been here twice to get my Audi serviced and I got my car when it was promised and service advisors have been great. The only thing I would work on is when a car pulls up, there needs to be someone there to help the customer right away and not have them go look for help and better amenities in the waiting area.

Jim H. | 2011-08-13

Was contacted by new service manager Michael.  Was very concerned about my experience and offered free oil change if I came back.  While not changing my review at this point, good for them on reaching out.  I'll give them another shot and we'll see.

Good step on Michael's part....

S K. | 2011-06-22

I took my car in for its 5K free service and oil change. I got in, filled out the paperwork, turned in my keys, and got out. The problem arose when my 10K oil change was due and I went to a regular shop to get it done. They said my oil was black, and apparently the 5K oil change was never done. All they did was take my car in, pretend like they were going to work on it, mediocrely wash it, and return it. Thanks DT Audi. You guys suck!

Fern T. | 2011-06-19

Wow! Mmmm what can I say, the staff at this place is ok. Van Nuys Keys by far is the best. I can't believe such a corporation, (multi million probably billion) don't loan you a vehicle when your car goes in for major service. Keys Lexus even if your car is in for minor service loans you a car. Not only that, Audi downtown only shuttles you 5mi. Seriously I can walk for 5mi. So in comparison I used to own a Lexus is350, and was always at keys in Van Nuys, I always got a loaner and if I didn't the shuttle wasn't 5mi they would bring me back to Pasadena, they were always stacked with beverages and goodies the staff was incredible and I had no complaints. Audi makes great machines, no doubt but sometimes what makes the place is the staff the location and the need to feel at home. Or if not atleast take me all the way home.

Steven H. | 2011-06-02

Let me start by saying there should be a 1/2 star option.

My review of Audi of Downtown deals specifically with the service department. I have never purchased a vehicle from them, I have on the other hand had my car serviced there on multiple occasions.  It is precisely those occasions that I am reviewing them so poorly. Since, I live downtown and work in Santa Clarita, and Saturday was the only day I could service my car, I did not have the option of going to another Audi service department. As of this review, Santa Monica Audi has only been open on Saturdays for a few weekends.

6 out of the 6 times I have used the Audi service department, the customer service has been horrific.  Starting with the greeting of customers, their free shuttle van, to the quality of their work.  The
last time I had my car serviced was for my 35,000 mile service. As I had Audi Care (I say had because I'm so disgusted with Audi I sold my car and now own a Lexus) my service was at no charge to me. For some reason, I have a feeling that because I wasn't going to be paying them directly for any part or service my service was never done properly. I know when I brought my old Audi TT (which did not have Audi Care) in for an oil change, I was told the car needed about 3,000 dollars worth of parts and service (all this from an oil change?).

But enough speculation, I very specifically asked the service representative to rotate my tires and check them for problems during this 35,000 mile service. When I was told my car was ready, I was picked up in a shuttle van that was just used to transport a gasoline container which had spilled. So the van's floor was soaked in gas and needless to say the fumes were overwhelming.  Thankfully I only live 2 miles away, so the drive was short. When I got to the service department my car was parked by the door. There was no one there to greet me. I guess it was assumed I would know to go to the cashier. I signed the paperwork and was given my keys by the cashier. Still there was no one to tell me anything about my service. Finally, after I completed a very negative customer service review the cashier handed me, someone came to talk to me. I thought I was finally going to get some good customer service, as the guy who "actually" worked on my car was there to go over everything.  I very specifically asked him, "did you rotate the tires?" He said, "yes!"

Now, I should tell you the "rotate the tires" was a setup.  Because of my experience with them, I did not trust them. This suspicion was confirmed. My passenger side back tire has a slow leak, in fact the tire pressure was low when I dropped off the car, it was so low the indicator light was on. A few days after the service, that tire should be low again, right? Unless they fixed the tire or unless the tire was rotated. Well guess what, the tire was low and it was low in the same spot, passenger side back tire. Remember, the mechanic said he rotated the tires. So, the mechanic lied. Who knows why he lied, maybe it was because he wasn't the mechanic that did the service.  Who knows. It doesn't matter.

What does matter is whether or not you can trust your mechanic. Unless you are a mechanic you really have no way of confirming whether the work on your car has been done properly. So trust is paramount. I know, for a FACT Downtown Audi's service department lies. You can not trust them, and if you can't trust them to do the work, you don't go to them.

Sam Z. | 2011-05-26

I have been dealing with this dealer for years now.  They are always eager to please.  Yes it IS a dealer, so you can't expect labor rates of what some guy your cousin knows.  What you can expect is a great waiting area, free popcorn, gourmet coffee (ask them for the hot chocolate too), or even a huge TV screen where they'll let you play video games if it's not too busy (got ask for it).  The sales guys are clean and NOT pushy.  I can't stand shady sales guys.  Also, if you are a loyal audi customer, ask them about their VIP services.

Great experience!

Ed F. | 2011-04-19

Horrible service department and a bunch of crooks.  I had to sign up and write a review. My car is currently under warranty and twice now they would not honor coming up with freak excuses of why the parts went bad and why it's not covered. The typical response when they do not want to fix something is "try another dealership, we are all independent."  Basically we don't want to take the loss here try somewhere else. I'm filling a complaint with corporate Audi. This is the worst experience I've ever had. On top of this...Don't buy Audi!...who wants to own a luxury car that by design burns oil, synthetic at that, and requires you to pop in a quart of oil every 3-5k miles.  Luxury should not equal inconvenience. Wish the salesperson had told me this...BEWARE! Can't wait to dispose of my Audi. Don't believe me just read the different websites, including the major reputable car sites (Edmunds, KBB, etc.). Or ask the salesperson, "they wouldn't lie.  All around just a bad experience and dissapointment with the car.

Janet L. | 2011-04-09

so we were in the market for a diesel car, looking to buy within the week. but we also look like your average young adults, and we definitely didn't dress for the occasion.

i think the guy we talked to was new (actually he told us he was new, came from the pasadena dealership). he was nice and didn't pressure us, but in many other ways he was the typical salesman. we asked to test drive a car, though it was the gasoline model. he asked us for a driver's license, which he photocopied. if u ever test drive a car, u do not need to do this. some dealerships hand the copy off to someone else to check your credit while u'r on your test drive. perhaps he did this, perhaps he didn't. either way, i didn't like it. we should've asked for the copy at the end but i forgot.

while we were crunching numbers for a diesel model that would be coming in later in the week, he would NOT go below sticker price (you should never have to pay MSRP!). wouldn't even budge. he did the whole walking back and forth to the manager thing. (that's why u don't waste time with the floor people, just go straight to the managers, the internet/fleet manager more specifically). on this particular day we were mainly looking to test drive and see what they could offer, so we just let him do his thing cuz he was a nice guy.

when i asked for a better deal, he said his manager agreed to "meet us halfway" on a service car package. they'd cover $400 if we covered the other $400. like i'm some idiot. that just meant i would be paying $400 more for the car on top of MSRP. i acted very nice and polite anyway. (it's sometimes fun acting like the girl that doesn't know anything about cars). he said if we wanted the car that he needed to mark it as "sold." like i'm going to buy a car that i didn't even get to test drive yet. he kept telling me the same story about how the this one company is buying out all the diesel models that come in and they're just selling like hotcakes. and that the car we were crunching numbers for was the only one coming in with the colors we wanted. his manager came by later and made him look bad by saying there were several more coming in. he was all, oh really? i didn't know that! doesn't make him look good, mr. manager.

their inventory was quite skimpy. the only diesel they had was the one in the showroom, and he didn't offer to let us test drive it. to his benefit, it was a dark and rainy night. and he did say we could come back tomorrow and give it a spin. still, i could tell he wasn't treating us like we were serious buyers. i told him to let us know if they get the diesel model in to please call me. he didn't look interested in doing that for us. maybe it was an uncommon request.

several days later i called him to see if they got the car in. i think that's when he realized i was actually serious about the car. he told me he'd call me back after he found out. in the meantime, we visited the pasadena dealership that same night. they had the car we were looking for (with the colors we wanted) so we actually got to test drive it. and they offered it WELL BELOW below sticker price. u probably know what happened after that. we went back the very next day and got the car. it's nice averaging 45-50 mpg, driving last year's winner of the green car of the year award. it's also a great perk having a fun, sporty car to move u around the streets of LA. :)

Stephanie P. | 2011-03-24

My baby deserves nothing but the best. Yes she does.  Audi of DTLA is the best! This is where I purchased my Hunny Bunny (my A4) and the purchasing process was smooth and thorough.  

I returned today for my 25,000 mile service check.  I made an appointment for 830 AM and my car was promptly taken at that time. They offered me a shuttle service anywhere downtown or by USC for some breakfast!  I loved that I wasn't stuck in the showroom.  A definite plus though, is that they have free wifi in the showroom.  So next time I'll bring my laptop so I can yelp while I wait ; )

I was pleased that they were willing to honor my Santa Monica Audi coupon. The cherry on the Sundae was after my service they gave Hunny Bunny a FREE car wash.  She felt special! Everything was done by 1045am.

Zochi F. | 2011-03-04

I have nothing but great things to say! Everytime I need parts or service the staff is helpful and always giving me coupons. Eventhough I don't live nearby, this is where I take my Audi when I need any type of service!

Jaymee C. | 2011-02-02

This is for their service department shuttle --  I was told I'd be picked up by 1.  20 minutes later, they still haven't arrived.  Fantastic.  FYI - don't rely on their stupid shuttle because it'll pick you up when it feels like it.

Calvin Z. | 2010-11-29

It was a really great experience. Car buying was sooo easy when i went there. There was no pressure and the price was just right. Even thought they made me wait for the paper work, it was a really great experience. Free Coffee (:
I got my audi for 10 thousand dollar less then sticker price.
I was soo happy (: when i finished the paper work and got to drive the car away.
The sale was very simple and fast and overall this place is very nice.

Toni G. | 2010-11-05

Unless you car is under warranty, do NOT take it here for service or anything else. They try and rip you off, like all car dealerships. Even when my Audi was under warranty the service there was well under par. I took my car in to get the speaker fixed - it was the right speaker that was broken, so they fixed the left one naturally.

They replaced the freon in the AC when it was the unit that was broken, the car was almost new. Oil leaked from my car constantly the day I drove it off the showroom floor, and it took several visits for them to put a simple leak right.

I HATE the fact you MUST give them 5 star ratings for everything on their followup calls. I refuse and won't let them call me. What's the point in giving a rating if it doesn't change anything?

Now that my car is out of warranty I won't be going back to these used-car-salesmen. There are far better places out there that don't try and rip you off - they're hard to find, but they do exist.

Kimberley C. | 2010-09-04

I was just in downtown la picking up my audi after getting its regularly scheduled tuneup and I saw the NEW....and I mean BRAND NEW R8 V10 that is sitting on the showroom floor in all its glory.  I am already  quite familiar with the R8 however this R8 was brand spanking new..... never seen before lamborghini styled R8 and one of the sales guys came over to tell me not to touch since it was literally less than 24 hours in the showroom.  This is the FIRST day it was on the showroom floor and they haven't called and emailed their customers yet to tell them about it.  WOW!  what a fantastic beast!  This car will sell like hotcakes...that is if you can afford the $198,000.00 price tag!

I just want to recommend Valentine, service tech.  He is very knowledgeable, helpful, proactive and jumps at the chance to be of service.  I like that!  Good going Mr. Valentine.  :)

Roger M. | 2010-08-25

I did online shopping of a lease return and found the car I wanted here at Audi of DT La. For the car I got it was the best price around and the fleet manager Ted Kim, worked with me to make the purchase hassle free, it was an easy purchase with no games.

I had read the Audi manual and was surprised that the Audi comes with "valet and emergency" keys, I only received the usual two keys and called Ted Kim and explained the key situation to him. He immediately returned my call and advised me that he had ordered the key and when they came in, I need to bring in my car to have them programed free of charge.

I definitely would recommend the dealer to others and get have my car serviced it here, Thanks Ted.

update on the key situation; got them and programmed. Ted Kim still wanted to make sure that everything was provided to me and that there was nothing that I was missing or needed; thanks Ted

Al S. | 2010-08-06

I took my S5 here for it's first service which is free.  I can't really say anything good or bad about this place.  I guess the fact that everything  went smoothly is a good thing.  The service adviser notified me of a wiring replacement and that was it.  Got a phone call 4 hours later and everything was good to go.  

The only reason why it doesn't get 4-5 stars is because the wash service sucked, and they moved all the seats to funky positions for no good reason (maybe to replace the wiring), but have some manners and put them back in place please!

I would bring my car here again as long as it's still under warranty.

Frank S. | 2010-07-13

Audi of Downtown LA ruined my car.
I drove my freshly paid off 2002 Audi TT ALMS cross country in 2007 and took it for its first west coast oil change to Audi of Downtown LA.  A few days later I was driving home on the 110 when the car caught on fire in the middle lane of the freeway.  The car had to be towed to Rusnak Audi where they told me that...THE OIL PLUG WAS NOT PUT ON PROPERLY!!  
You can get your oil changed anywhere on the planet and any half decent mechanic will know how to put on an oil plug.  
Fortunately, Audi of Downtown L.A. repaired my car after a month and a half.  I finally had to sell it off because of the burning oil smell and the horrible noise it made after going over every bump in the road. This place broke my heart and destroyed the best car I ever owned.

Danny F. | 2010-01-19

So I've been here several times to service my car and have mixed experiences.  True to the saying of dealers being expensive, this place is no exception.  They charge by the hour regardless of the effort of work.  For example, my low-beam headlight bulb went out.  I bought my own bulb but took it to them to replace it.  It took them 15 minutes to drive my car to the back and replaced the bulb (which turns out to be an easier job then I knew) so they charged me $40 to do it.  

Another time my tail light went out.  Instead of charging me, the service manager just told me how to do it myself, which was pretty easy.  

Overall, they are expensive but they've haven't messed anything up yet.  The reason for the three star is because of the cost.  An oil change should not cost $80.

Jason Y. | 2009-12-11

had my a6 towed here because it was the nearest dealor. service dept spent 4 days not sure what was wrong with the car, and at the end recommended that i spend $4200 replacing over a dozen parts. i went back, got the car towed to Right Solutions in Culver City, and they fixed my car for less than $300. this is the sleaziest stealership i have ever encountered. avoid at all costs if you own an audi and need to get it serviced.

James N. | 2009-11-22

Car dealership experiences are always hard to gauge--the same dealership on two different visits can yield drastically different experiences depending on who it is that you interact with.  So consider this a rousing endorsement of at least 3 staff members at Downtown Audi who made the recent purchase of my 2010 Q5 an absolute breeze.

It started some 6 months back with the intention of ordering an A3 via Cars Direct.  Went to pick it up at the lot, greeted by Jonathan Arvatz.  Answered our questions, had the car detailed and when it pulled up for us to test drive prior to taking possession....only for us to find that the Cars Direct folks had screwed up and ordered absolutely the wrong car.  Missing features, options, even the wrong color.  Jonathan was apologetic and did everything he could to locate a vehicle matching what I wanted, but couldn't find anything.  He spent a good hour on the phone trying to work something out w/ other Audi dealerships in the area to sort something out, so at the end of the day he apologized again (for CD's mistake) and we were on our way.  We eventually decided to place an order for a Q5 and based upon our experiences previously, gladly did it via Downtown Audi and Jonathan again.

When we went to pick up the vehicle, Sue Robertson sat with us to prep all the paperwork and she couldn't have been more pleasant.  She was quick to shows us the many options on the car; to answer questions as we went for a quick test drive; and was patient in working w/ the sales managers to run quite a few different lease scenarios for us in order to have all our options on the table.

Finally, Jim Park, as our finance manager couldn't have been friendlier and more helpful.  Made sure we understood every piece of documentation we signed, offered up solid advice on what did or didn't make any financial sense, even if the dealership itself could have made a few extra bucks.  

At all times I felt like the staff had my best interests at heart rather than any short term gain for the dealership.  It's as if they'd rather cultivate a long term relationship with me rather than make the quick buck now.  No hard push to install Lo-Jack.  Or to get a clear bra.  Or an after market alarm.   And the approach absolutely worked.  Despite being 20 miles away, I'll be taking my car there for all service department work.  And in the future, there's a good chance that my wife will now be looking to purchase an Audi.

The rest of the staff may be a bunch of douchebags for all I know, but I somehow greatly doubt it.  Next time the wife and I need a car, we'll be calling Sue immediately.

Jenin V. | 2009-10-25

had been bringing our 2005.5 3.2 A4 to downtown Audi for service for awhile now. yesterday the 'low oil' warning light came on the dash, so we popped the hood to check the dipstick and lo and behold, THERE WAS NO OIL CAP. so apparently, since our last service in june 2009, we've been driving around WITHOUT AN OIL CAP on. the whole engine bay is covered in oil, the garage floor is covered in oil, and the car's probably been coughing up oily smoke all this time. it is uneffingacceptable that this happened! we called them and they said they didn't have oil caps in stock. did they apologize? NO. we then asked if they could just take an oil cap off another car so we could drive our car around safely, and they said they'll "see what they can do" and still no apology. after figuring out pasadena volkswagen has a matching oil cap AND that they service Audis, they've got our business for sure. called downtown back, told them we would NEVER use their services again and got the name of the manager who's gonna get ripped a new a-hole tomorrow morning.

Audi of Downtown LA - utter, complete, effing FAIL. thank goodness nothing worse happened, can you imagine?! geez. no thank you, not ever again.

tony c. | 2009-02-03

I didn't buy my Audi here but I've taken my car here for all of its service plus a few times to get the oil fluid level topped off. In the service department, Valentine and Juan are class act professionals. I have taken in my car on super busy Saturday mornings and middle of the week at lunchtime when it seemed relatively slow, and the customer experience these guys provide is the ish consistently. They are totally attentive, courteous almost to a fault, and put a priority on getting your car the service it needs in a timely fashion, explaining to you what's been done, and all the while conducting themselves like they are concierges at a fancy hotel.

I've only gone for scheduled maintenance and quickie oil fluid top off service (which they do me for free). I've haven't had to deal with car problems and parts and labor bills.

Free coffee, free popcorn, sometimes free pastries, coffee bar and big flat screen TV area, and lounge area.

Ali O. | 2008-09-30

Ok, if you must go to the dealer, visit Downtown Audi. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!! I purchased my TT here and sure, I sat in their offices for hours haggling over prices but in the end, it was a very worthwhile experience. I was happy. Especially since KEYES AUDI can suck my dick.

Most recently I needed the code for my radio and called Keyes Audi. They told me it was going to cost $70 for that code. Really? I went to downtown Audi and pleaded my case to Robert (I think) and he was soooooooo nice. They did have to charge me the fee for pulling out my stereo but in the end I paid $25 for the code which I now have for the rest of my life (or my car's for that matter) and they washed and detailed my car too. And I discovered a yummy little salad joint not too far from them.

Oh and the best part, after eating this awesome chix salad, some yahoo was getting arrested right outside the restaurant. It was very entertaining.
So let's sum up my experience with Downtown Audi:

1. Code for stereo, car wash, detail - $25 (Keyes Audi wanted $70. SMD Keyes)
2. Friendly, courteous service - FREE
3. Awesome Chix salad - $9
4. Seeing some yahoo get arrested by cops with guns drawn and street closed off - FREE!

Yep, downtown audi rules. Ask for Robert. I do hope that's his name. They really are the kewlest!

Georgia R. | 2008-08-02

I didn't buy my Audi here, but after reading the reviews I brought it in for service. The reviews were spot on...Juan the service manager really took care of me. He even rented a car for me while my car was being worked on! I got my car back on time and everything was fixed. A overall pleasant experience (as much as it can be having your car fixed :)

S A B. | 2008-03-04

This is without question one of the best dealership service departments I have ever dealt with. I have used so many european luxury dealers over the years, but this one far exceeds my expectations every time I go there.

They call when they say they will, they give me a ride to work AND pick me up, and they have fixed things for free which were not covered by my warranty. The car is always ready on time and my service bill is usually less than I was expecting. Highly recommended - I would not use anyone else for an Audi in Los Angeles.

UPDATE: I've been going to Valentin at Audi of Downtown of LA for almost two years now. I really could not be more pleased... he goes SO far beyond any other service advisor I have ever worked with at other Audi, Porsche, BMW and Mercedes dealers. If I ever moved from LA, I'd probably sell my Audi, because I would be so disappointed to take it anywhere else. Either that, or I'd ship it to Valentin every time it needed to be serviced! Absolutely first rate. I can only hope their sales department is as good as the service department.

UPDATE #2: Well, I did move from LA to La Jolla temporarily... and I still take my Audi to Valentin for service. The 2 1/2 hour drive each way and staying with friends while my car is in his hands is totally worth it. He is THAT good.

Cory Q. | 2008-01-08

First of all, I love my car.  And I don't really like cars that much - but I'm happy with my Audi.  And because of the service that I received at Audi downtown it makes it easier to bring my car in for servicing - which isn't often.  What I like about the place is that they really seem to care about you and your car.

I just wished Audis were greener.  In 2009 they're releasing the Q7 with a diesel engine...but who wants to buy a SUV with a greener engine?  Kinda counter intuitive right?