Airport Marina Honda in Los Angeles, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Airport Marina Honda in Los Angeles, CA.

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Airport Marina Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 381-0444
Address:5850 Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90045
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Reviews on Airport Marina Honda

Gloria D. | 2015-04-24

Mike Acosta was awesome. Test drove two cars and he answered all of our crazy questions. Mike was extremely patient and considerate... my daughter selected the Civic; which is a perfect fit for her. All within the budget. Mike and Alex made it possible!! Great team.

Rudy R. | 2015-04-19

Walked into the Ford side. They were supposed to get a salesperson over for us at the Honda side. It didn't happen. No one was around. So we helped ourselves by just looking. Not willing to buy a car with this dealer with such a lack of interest in customers. Where's the "0" star option??

Ciji M. | 2015-04-11

So glad I chose to go to Airport Marina Honda to help my mom lease a new car! Sandra, our sales agent, was AMAZING. She greeted us immediately and treated us with respect and patience. She listened to my moms concerns about safety and reliability, and showed us several models and explained in detail the features of each car. Once we decided on a car, Sandra was sure to clearly explain all the terms and conditions of the lease, and make sure the rest of the process processed with ease. The entire staff was extremely helpful.

I highly recommend Airport Marina Honda and especially Sandra!

Debra A. | 2015-04-05

My husband and I just had the BEST car leasing experience at Airport Marina Honda thanks to Kristi Motil who then introduced us to Alvin Benjamin, Internet Sales Manager.  We explored several Honda dealerships before locking in at Airport Marina.  Alvin made us feel instantly comfortable and was a pleasure to work with.  He was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions.  The particular model we wanted wasn't in their stock but they quickly made a trade with another dealer for our car!  Alvin guided us through the whole lease process and then spent time setting up and going through all the features of our car.  We couldn't be happier with our experience and highly recommend Alvin and this dealership.

Paul W. | 2015-03-31

First off, I called before I came in because I was looking for a specific model and color car so I wanted to make sure they had it, lady on the phone, Sandra, said they had the last one is SoCal. Came in, NO They did not. I was very specific, she even repeated back the model and color. So she straight out lied to me.
Do not go through Alex "crazy russian" and Moe.
I walked in with an already approved auto loan. They reassured they could get a "better deal", so I made the horrible mistake of signing to run my credit. This guy even had the nerve to say " you gotta watch it with those inquiries" THEN they ran my credit SIX times! Now I have 6 inquiries on my report AND to top it off they couldn't do anything and I went through with my original approved loan.
They completely screwed me with the overall price of the car, had to go back  to get the original msrp because they tried screwing me out of $2k, and the guy who had us sign our original contract, Al, didn't explain anything we signed and made us sign the contract BEFORE he printed the numbers.
They are dishonest and will take full advantage of first time buyers.

Called back to get a copy of the paper I signed to run my credit, let's see if they send it. And this guy Moe tries to tell me that those inquiries go away in 30 days, they will just be dishonest to the end, doesn't even answer the phone stating his name.
No they don't, I had applied once before with them and stayed there for 2 years.

Just a word of advice from a first time buyer who WAS very naive:
Don't let them run your credit, come with your approved loan and stick with it, check the final price of your vehicle before taxes and fees, MAKE them explain everything you are signing because they will not do so unless asked and they will be very vague in explanation.

When I went back to redo the contract I went to Jay!
Amazing dude that's very thorough and upfront honest guy!
So IF you are going here, go to Rod for a salesman and Jay in financing!!!
Those guys are great!!!

I was there for 7 hours waiting for them to try to get the car they said they had, I ended up with a different more EXPENSIVE model.
I love my Honda regardless, it's a beautiful vehicle that they tried to make me pay more for, and made the process waaay more difficult than it had to be!!!
It was a hell of an experience as a first time buyer. Price wise they made it better and I'm so much happier with my redone contract but those hard inquiries can't be undone and the damage it does to my credit for years.

Casey K. | 2015-03-25

I recently came in to lease a Honda Civic 2015 and dealt with Alvin Benjamin. He made the process SO easy and seamless! I originally was going to lease a car from the Honda in dtLA but got a weird vibe from the salesman. Alvin made me feel so comfortable and made sure that everything was clearly communicated to me. He's the best!  

Overall great experience!! I would definitely recommend Alvin & this location.

Duc C. | 2015-03-21

Just came here to lease a Honda Odyssey and had the best service. Spencer and Rod were awesome with all our needs. Definitely recommend these two if you guys need a new Honda.

Michael N. | 2015-03-21

The Honda people were less than helpful. We were told by Honda to return our leased car on Saturday only to be told we couldn't when we arrived. We even had a VIP appointment.  Wasted a day off only to be told I have to return the car when it is convenient for Honda.  Nevermind that we work Monday through Friday and have to ask for time off to get this done. The helpful Honda people... What a crock.  False advertisement at its finest.

Update:  After reading this review, Honda quickly responded and offered to pick up the car at our residence.  The experience was still less than satisfactory, but I do appreciate the effort to make things right.

J S. | 2015-03-19

Terry, the salesman who helped me find the exact car I was looking for, earned this great review for going above and beyond to make sure I found exactly what I wanted, at the price I wanted, the day I walked on to the lot.

I traded in a car that I still owed a fair amount of money on, and Terry and his team helped make the process very easy for me.

After I made my purchase (actually, lease), he checked up a few times to make sure that everything was going well with the car.

He was kind and helpful and went above and beyond every step of the way, and I really appreciated that. Definitely go see him if you can.

The only negative thing I would say about this lot (the reason I didn't give it 5 stars) is that they will try to sell you an extra (and unnecessary) alarm system (by Karr) at a price that is much higher than it would be if you bought it elsewhere. I understand that that's part of the business - I would just recommend staying firm and refusing the alarm, unless you can negotiate the price down a LOT. I did not know better when I initially signed the paperwork, and was given a very hard time by the employees who handle the paperwork when I came back and said I didn't want the alarm after all.

Caterina L. | 2015-03-18

Terrible experience with service department. I made an appointment and ordered parts for my car repair. The day of the appointment no one had any record of it or of the parts being ordered. I reordered only to have the same experience. Don't waste your time and effort on these flakes.

Tyron S. | 2015-03-11

Had another great experience at Airport Marina Honda. Great service great product!! Highly recommend.  Thanks Mr. Alvin Benjamin

Ty D. | 2015-03-06

I called several Honda dealerships on this side of town and Airport Honda had the lowest price for the A1 service. It was easy to set up an appointment online, and I was promptly greeted when I arrived.

I waited for my car to get the service just standard oil change and tire rotation. They have a big TV and standard car dealership chairs nothing too fancy. I came in the morning and they had fresh donuts and a coffee machine nothing special.

I was in and out within an hour and I can say that's great! Lisa took care of me and was friendly she also explained everything on the car when they were done the service. Overall I would say this is a great dealer to get your Honda service done. I will be coming back!

Chyanne M. | 2015-03-06

I love this place. Spencer drove the car to me so I could check it out while my baby was napping! Awesome!

Cody M. | 2015-03-06

This place is awesome. I went over to culver city Honda and my sales rep was an a-hole. Tried to put me in a civic for 350 a month on a lease and told me no other Honda dealer would do better because of my mediocre credit. I called airport marina just to double check, and they guaranteed a better deal. I went over there and met with glen who was extremely friendly and worked very hard to get me in a fully loaded civic within my price range and he was successful. Buying a new car sucks, but they made the experience easy and I left in my new car feeling like I didn't get ripped off! I highly recommend stopping by this dealership if you're in the market for a new Honda. Thanks again guys!

Lily W. | 2015-03-05

Stopped in to get a paint job estimate while doing my research to get a job done on my Accord.  I had talked to someone over the phone the week prior but forgot her name.  When I showed up on the lot, the salesman took me to the one and only woman, Christina at this dealership who handles service requests.  Christina was not in her glass office cubicle, so I was kept waiting outside in the windy and chilly pavement.  A couple other salesman came by and each time they asked what I needed, they curtly turned away as soon as they figured out I'm not there to "buy a car" - ugh?  Anyways, it was getting colder and colder on this gray day.  So, I stepped in Christina's office inside.  Someone again came by to ask if I was being helped.  I said no, I'm still waiting for Christina to show up.  Oh.  She is at lunch break.  He'll try to go find her.  After another 10mins waiting, Christina finally showed up and she gave me a very dismissed look before uttering dryly, "I've not talked to you about any job paint estimate before.  I don't know you."  That was enough, enough is enough.  I thanked her politely for letting me know and that maybe there was someone else in the service dept. I spoke to.  She again reiterated that she has no idea, and basically brushed me off.  Christina and all the salesman at this dealership, this zero star is for you.  

Turns out when I looked up the name of the person I spoke before, it was someone who handles the calls for the Paint Job contractor that the Airport Marina Honda refers their customers to.  Duh.  Could not any one person at this Honda dealership know who the contact person is for paint jobs?  Very unprofessional.  Very rude. And Very Disrespectful.  

I kept my cool.  Just thanked Christina again, and walked away.  Never ever would I step foot at this dealership again.  

PS: Oh, and it turns out that the shop that this dealership works with has some pretty low ratings too...  paint jobs end up flaking a month or so later, and the shop does not stand behind their jobs.  Since I only spoke to the paint shop and after reading the reviews decided to not go with them, it is only fair that I do not mention the shop name since I cannot rate their service.  Suffice to say - stay away if you are looking for decent, let alone good customer service...

Stan F. | 2015-03-05

The Honda Fit, completely revamped for model year 2015, can easily sell itself. However, when one goes to YouTube and sees the profusion of postings by dealers - all endorsing this product with genuine enthusiasm, it became evident that this might be a good choice for me. Which brings me literally, to Airport Marina Honda.
Upon arrival, I was greeted by a cheery associate who introduced me to Kristi, the Internet Sales Manager and the one who quoted me an internet price. She in turn, introduced me to my salesman, a gentleman named  Alvin. Under a bright sun, Alvin led me and my brother on a stroll through the new car lot, to view the available Fits in their natural lighting. All the colors as seen on the Honda website looked better in person, until we came to the last Fit, which was white. As we drew closer, my brother whispered "This looks good." It was not refrigerator white, but rather an iridescent white, where in certain lighting, the color looks like a pearl. Then I remembered one YouTube poster's opinion: the Fit is a small, fun car, hence it should be purchased in a light, cheery color. The rest is history.

I want to thank Kristi, Alvin, and the finance manager Al, for a low key, purchasing experience. To a good degree, the more the customer is equipped with information before hand, the less chance for an unexpected surprise.  However, all the employees made good on their promises, not trying to dissuade me on the trim level,  and adhering to the quoted price. Thanks guys.

If the Lord be so merciful on me, I will revisit Airport Marina's showroom in a couple of decades. (That's almost how long my trade-in Civic lasted.)

Aniketa S. | 2015-03-02

Very pleasant and easy experience buying a new civic coupe with a quote via email. Everyone we spoke to was great, patient, and enthusiastic. the only snag was being told my first choice color was in stock in storage, when actually we discovered it was a manual, after driving to the storage facility to pick it up. This took an extra half hour or so. I'm not too picky about color so it wasn't a big deal.

Karen P. | 2015-02-20

We recently purchased a 2015 Honda Accord from Gabriel. He was extremely helpful both before and after the sale. He first showed us the new car features and took us on a test drive on the day of the scheduled visit. Since the dealership did not have our color of choice, Gabriel drove all the way to another location in Rancho Santa Margarita to pick up the version we desired. We were then able to view the car in person later in the afternoon and fill out all the financial paperwork with Jay.

The following day, we received a call from Gabriel regarding some unexpected issues arising from the other dealership. Despite the problem, Gabriel was patient in explaining the reason for the circumstances and laid out solutions for us. In the end, he was able to sort out the problem quickly and still get us everything in order for our final car purchase with additional accessories installed by the agreed upon time.

Overall, we had a good experience with the Marina Honda team and would definitely work with Gabriel again.

David S. | 2015-02-20

The wife wanted a mini-van.  She really, really wanted a mini-van.  It difficult to put into words how much she wanted a mini-van.

Anyway, I met with Spencer at Honda.  He did a great job explaining the different models.  He ended up giving me an amazing deal.  He was helpful and followed through.

Liz D. | 2015-02-19

Sales person Sandra was so no nice ! Her customer first friendly attitude was a key reason why we became first time Honda owners and at this point lifers. I must say that Bijian the Sales Manger took the car buying experience to the next Level for my Family! He talked the talked and walked the walked. And I can't forget Mr. Jay he made the finance part of signing papers easy!!! & no last minute surprises! Thanks again Honda Team the Davis family will be back!!!!

Simon R. | 2015-02-13

Had a straightforward and pleasant car buying experience today at Airport Marina Honda. Alvin, Kristy and Monique offered me a very fair deal and didn't try to push me into any extras.

Aiko S. | 2015-02-10

We usually go to Santa Monica Honda, but received a special deal mail from them and our car needed a maintenance and we decided to use them.
Made an appointment and showed up on time (5 minutes before, to be specific).

He told us it will take one and a half hours. But turned out to be 2 hours and 40 minutes. And his excuse was "all the cars arrived at the same time..."

If he told us it would take longer than normal because many cars just arrived at the same time, we could have gone to a restaurant. We were hungry but we stayed there because one and a half hours was not enough time to go somewhere, eat something, and come back.

He told us it would be ready soon after we waited 1 and a half hours.
He said the same thing after we waited 2 hours.
We started being really annoyed...
We will never use them again. Santa Monica Honda is much nicer in many ways.

Army K. | 2015-02-07

Sales personal are some scammers,  they will tell you and agree with anything you want on the phone to get you in the door. Once at the dealer, different story. Stay clear of this place, the drive to Galpin Honda is well worth the trip,  then dealing with Airport Marina Honda. Waste of my time.

Keith A. | 2015-02-03

This is my first Honda and I couldn't be happier.  The team at Airport Marina Honda took the time help me decide if they had a car that met my needs at a price I wanted to pay.  As a result, I have never been more pleased with a new car purchase as I am with my 2015 Honda Accord EX-L V6.  Mike and Alex took the time to show me every option and every feature.  I left the dealership knowing this car more closely than I have any vehicle I've ever owned.  The finance department also went above and beyond to make sure I got the best possible financing available.  Airport Marina Honda believes in what they sell because it is an incredible product and they truly care about their customers.

Jarell D. | 2015-02-02

I walked into the dealership not expecting to get a new car I was just gonna look around and see what they had to offer, but Mike and Alex worked with  me and got me driving off in a brand new 2015 Honda Civic they were great !!!

Luca R. | 2015-01-30


The dealer led us to believe we were getting a great deal on a 2-year lease, and then they kept us there for almost 3 hours signing reams and reams of paperwork, wearing us down... and they successfully wore us down us enough to get our signatures on documents for a 3-year lease instead. Granted, it was our fault for not reading the documents extremely carefully--so lesson learned--but nevertheless, this dealership knowingly deceived us into thinking we were signing up for a 2-year lease and then changed the information on the paperwork to make it 3 years instead. Our dealer seemed extremely nice and approachable (unlike most other car dealers we had dealt with up until that point) and led us to believe that we could trust him. He even said something like, "I can't believe I'm giving you guys this deal, I never do this..." We thought he was a really nice guy, and he treated us really well. We were wrong.

I called the dealership to explain the situation but obviously there was nothing to be done. The dealer we had, named James, does not work there anymore. Our signatures were on the paperwork, which said 36 months, so there was nothing they could do. Nor did they particularly care about the misunderstanding when I tried my best to explain it to them, they only seemed interested in offering me another lease.

Needless to say, I will never do business with Honda again, especially not Airport Marina Honda.


Josie G. | 2015-01-29

First time experience was great! Came in for an oil change on a Saturday morning and I was out with in an hour. The service department was very attentive and best part, the didn't miss handled my car like Scott Robinson in Torrance! I think I found my new service department.

Hanna Y. | 2015-01-27

I was having trouble finding the right car due to my credit but coming to this dealership, Ray and Alex helped me tremendously to get the car I really wanted. They are seriously miracle workers. They got me the BEST deal. They really worked with the numbers I gave them. I highly recommend speaking with them if you really want the best car at the right price!

Jeremy E. | 2015-01-26

Rude, they won't let you charge an electric car unless it's a Honda. All other dealers don't care. Plus I own 3 Hondas. Element, S2000, and Civic. I'm in the market for a Fit or CRZ. Won't be going here.

Jen K. | 2015-01-25

Michael Acosta was great at showing the CR-V and during the test drive!   He was informative, answered all my questions, and attentive throughout the sale.  Another bonus point for him: he called me personally same day when I made an online live chat inquiry through the Airport Marina website.  Buying a car is sometimes not that easy, but Mike made it a good experience!

David E. | 2015-01-23

If you want a Honda, do yourself a favor, save a lot of time (and Money) and simply pick up the phone and call Alvin at Airport Marina Honda...he'll find the car you want at the price you want to pay. Trust me, I got a quote from them, shared it with every other dealer in town and nobody was able to beat it (to be fair, others were willing to match it, but I decided to buy the car from the guy who was willing to give me the best offer upfront...and it was the right call, and not just because of the money) I could go on an on...BTW, I don't write Yelp reviews, this is my first one ever, but he earned it!

Eriko P. | 2015-01-20

The best team is here at Airport Marina Honda. This is my third time to LEASE a car from Airport Marina Honda, so I am a loyal customer. This past weekend, I brought my car in for an oil change ( oil lamp went ON)  was assigned to Lars Gjerde who is a new employee here, but has worked for Honda for 39 years! Lars is very friendly, personable and professional. He quickly showed me what was going to be done, and I agreed to the amount and chose to wait. Ask for Lars Gjerde for your next service! I should add, I called and made an appointment, but showed up 30 mins prior to my TIME, but  I was accommodated me immediately.

During the oil change, I met Brian Twoomey, the manager and told him I would be coming in soon to look at the new 2015 Accords.I simply wanted to swap my 2012 for the 2015 with the same upgrades, for the same monthly payment. I called Brian within a few days and told him I would be coming in later that evening. Brian stayed late to meet me and had an Accord for me to test drive immediately. I only gave Brian a 2 hour notice!

I met Mike Acosta who took care of me by showing me all the new features of the 2015 and the differences from 3 years ago, during my test drive. The finances were quickly done, and I am paying around the same monthly payments. They didn't have the Accord EX-L on the lot, so I was able to customize what I wanted. Brian Twoomey researched and found my car within minutes. Mike Acosta drove to a nearby dealer and brought my car, had it washed. What service! I didn't have to come back later in the week. I came in with my old 2012 and drove out with a brand new Accord!

Meanwhile, I saw Alvin Benjamin, who helped me 3 years ago! He remembered me! I waved to him, as he was helping another customer.

Overall, I truly feel like I am very special here with such VIP treatment. It is such a rarity when one is treated with such kindness by the entire staff. I do not understand the 1 star reviews. So here's what  you need to do for a 5 star treatment!

Call and make an appointment!
Check out their website for specials
See Lars Gjerde for service
Talk with Mike Acosta or Alvin Benjamin to buy or lease a car
Talk with Brian Twoomey, the manager for an further assistance.

Michael M. | 2015-01-19

I was helping my mom get a new car. After being treated poorly at another Honda dealer we contacted Airport Marina Honda. We were very happy with the customer service. Terry was very accommodating. Al was easy to deal with. We got the car we wanted at a fair price. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is when we went to sign the final papers we did have to wait around quite a long time and then they did try to up sell us at the last minute with some car alarm.

All in all a good car buying experience. I would buy from them again.

Josef C. | 2015-01-19

Great Customer Service. I don't think I have ever been treated with respect and made me feel welcome as a customer and I love it! Never owned a Honda and I'm glad I do now, thanks to Spencer, Alex and Eric! Thanks you guys! Keep up the good work! #teamHonda #holla

Mariya G. | 2015-01-17

If you decide to visit this dealership, please ask for Spencer! He was the person who helped us today and if it was not for him, we would not make a purchase today. Spencer was very professional and knowledgeable as well as understanding and patient. He worked hard to give us the price we were asking for and he spent a lot of time with us. We are lucky that Spencer was the person who worked with us and we love our new car!

Debbie E. | 2015-01-15

ROD and ALEX in Sales are AMAZING! I never thought I would say that about  a car salesman but these two were Great! There was no sales pressure and they showed me all my options and went above and beyond to make sure I got the right car for the right price. I went in for a pre-owned Honda Accord for my daughter and left with a brand new 2015 Honda Civic for the same payment! I know I gave them a hard time - LOL but they really worked with me. Rod was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. Alex broke everything down for me and made it work for us to get to a payment we were comfortable with. They are not pushy or aggressive which is a plus for me compared to some other dealers I went too. I saw the reviews for the Service Department which aren't that good so we will see how that goes when it's time for the service check-up but, the Sales Department is A1! They really are "The Helpful Honda Guys!"

Derrick D. | 2015-01-02

If this place is anything, it's consistent. They've maintained a one-star rating since I first had the misfortune of dealing with the service department in 2009. After being mocked over the phone and enduring a FIVE HOUR oil change just over a year ago, I had sworn never to return here. For whatever reason, I decided to give them one final chance and took my car in for a brake system flush (my car is 3 years old and due for a flush).

I was told by two service attendants (first when I scheduled my appointment and then again when I dropped my car off) that the service would take between 2-3 hours and that I would get a call from one of the attendants. I dropped my car off at 10:30 a.m. and was expecting a call around 1:30 p.m.. Nothing. Finally at 3:30 p.m., I made my way over to the dealership at which point, I got a call from Lisa (more on her in a bit) just as I got there.

If you can avoid Lisa, do so. She wears one hell of a chip on her shoulder. I walked in and waited for her to wrap up a phone call. One of the mechanics cut in and had a hush-hush conversation with her for a couple minutes until she finally acknowledged I was standing there. I told her I was there to pick up my car and told her the model and the year. She returned a blank stare and eventually asked for my name. From there, she told me that I needed front and back brake pads and then asked why I didn't have them take care of it today. She appeared clueless as to why I had brought my car in for service. I did the Yelp discount check-in and she tells me after the fact that she needed to see the Yelp "Redeemed" stamp. I kind of lost it there and told her, "Well, you should have said so!"

She then took a half hour to type up the invoice only to forget to include the Yelp discount and took another half hour to re-type the invoice. From drop-off to escape from this auto service hell, it was SEVEN freaking hours!

I'm obviously going to get another spam call from Stuart (the service manager) following this review as I've had with the previous reviews but as far as I'm concerned, this was strike three. I will NEVER, EVER return to this dealership for car service.

Marsha M. | 2014-12-29

After some very unpleasant experiences with other Honda dealers I called Airport Marina Honda.  They responded immediately  and to make a long story short, I bought a new Honda from them.  Oliver game me a very helpful and informative test drive with no hard sell or pressure.  When I picked up the car Terry helped me and he was super.  He even found some cookies for us while we waited to finalize the purchase.  They also came in with the lowest price for the car I wanted.  Can't be better than that!

Matthew M. | 2014-12-10

My husband and I visited on Black Friday and had a wonderful car-buying experience. We knew what we wanted beforehand, and Monique and Christie were wonderfully helpful in providing the information we needed over the phone/email, and the assurances that ultimately brought us in for our appointment.

Oliver took us out for a test drive and was incredibly kind and thorough whenever we had questions - and put us at ease. During the trade-in and paperwork portion, Oliver was friendly and never pushed or pressured us, and neither did Luis, the manager, nor did Jay, the finance manager. Everyone was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly - which made the whole experience that much more enjoyable. And we couldn't be more thrilled with our 2015 CR-V. They will certainly be our first stop the next time we're shopping for a car.

Nikki G. | 2014-12-09

The service department does an excellent job. Jorge in particular is very helpful, polite and knowledgable. If you go in and he's there you should ask for his assistance. We have been coming here for years and wouldn't take our CR-V anywhere else.

Amy M. | 2014-12-05

Carlos is the reason I came back to airport marina honda. He was very sweet and professional.  The rest of the staff that helped me was also very nice and I am pleased with my new car. Thank you all very much. I had been to other dealers and I chose this one  because of the people.

Aurora P. | 2014-12-04

It was my first time buying a car Sandra and Rafael where really helpful in trying to work with me rather than just trying to sell me a car so they can get commission. I loved it and I will be sure to refer more people they were patent with me and not so pushy they gave me all the time I needed to make my ultimate decision. Coming here changed my way of thinking, due to all the stereotypes that one says as far as going to a dealer, but I was totally blown away. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because I did wait a long time for the paper work process I was told it usually wouldn't take so long but there was someone ahead of me and boy I waited for quite a while. But other than that I would recommend for you to speak to Sandra and Rafael if ever you want to purchase a car. I will be coming here to buy any future cars. ;)

Georgette P. | 2014-12-02

Yes 1 star. My first time coming to this dealer for a simple oil change and I experienced horrible service.
I came in for a simple oil change at 5:20pm the day before Thanksgiving. Hence that their service hours end at 7pm. I was approached by an employee asking me what I was there for and I replied that my car needed an oil change. He said that he'll be back with a service advisor to help me out. As I waited for him to return, I noticed that all the advisor desks were empty and it was just dead. When the employee returned, he said that all advisors and mechanics/techs have left for the day in observance for the thanksgiving holiday and that I'll have to come back on Friday for service. Honestly, I was shocked because it was still super early to not get any service. So I had no choice but to leave.
So I headed over next door to airport marina ford and asked for help. Thankfully, the cashier helped me out and called Honda again to make sure that they're was at least 1 advisor and mechanic there to help me.
I returned to Honda to find 1 advisor there and a porter came out to offer help. I told him what happened and he went off to find an advisor willing to help. To my surprise, that 1 advisor (who clearly saw me there) did not get up from her chair to help me or at least talk to me to tell me what's going on. The porter comes back and tells me the same thing. Everyone is gone and I'll have to get service on Friday. The thing that bothers me is the fact that I was told I should have came to the dealer earlier (even though it was only 5:40 pm when their posted close time is 7pm) and the fact that there was no professionalism from the employees. I was treated rudely and I am definitely debating about giving this dealer a second chance.

Stefani T. | 2014-11-21

Bought my first car a couple months ago, with Stanly Salinas, all I can say is that I never thought buying a car would be as easy as it was with him! From the moment that we walked in to the moment I drove that car out of the lot he was very attentive, informative any question I had he had answers to, I can really say for a first time buyer I am really please with my purchase and the overall satisfaction of the dealership itself

Sharon R. | 2014-11-21

Don't hesitate to check out this dealer when you are ready to purchase or lease a great vehicle. I was treated with warmth and patience by Alex (Assistant Sales Manager) Sandra & Glenn (sales) and Al (finance). These people really care about what will make you happy and do what it takes to deliver the vehicle you want at a price you can afford.  Sandra is the most mellow and helpful sales professional you can hope to meet.  She had great patience with me and took the time to explain everything in a way that was easy to understand.  Alex went all out to make me a great deal.  Glenn was excellent on my first test drive and Al took his time explaining all the details of the contract so that I was completely comfortable with the signing. What a relief after 3 weeks of shopping and being treated VERY badly by one particular auto broker who felt it was all about him instead of me, the customer.  In the end I drove off the lot with a beautiful car in the color I wanted at a price I could afford with the added bonus of making some new friends I look forward to seeing again when I bring my car in for regular service.  Thank you Airport Marina Honda!!!

Michele D. | 2014-11-18

After posting this review received a call from another manager telling me MONIQUE who had agreed and assured me of the terms of them taking care of any scratches and turning in my vehicle called to argue with me over the phone. Can't wait to report them to the BBB!!!! Monique and the entire management staff  SHAME ON YOU!!!!!! I hope the owner of this dealership reads this review!!!!!

Absolutely the WORST customer service. Especially by their so called sales manager!!!
Called them last night from another dealership as was looking to turn in my non honda car with them and drive off in a new car. (only reason hadn't made a deal at that dealership was they didn't have a Lexus/Toyota dealer in their portfolio) went over it several times that I would give them the keys and they would take  care of any scratches and I would drive off, Monique assured me (and a friend I had with me) that they would take my car and I would be able to drive away; when I called i specifically had her ask that they could take my car and she said yes!
The pricing they gave me was ok and I went home to sleep on it as it was 930pm and had been there for 2 hours. Called this morning and said I'll take it, came there, began filling out paperwork when after 1.5 hours they come and say "no we can't take your car you have to turn it in and deal with scratches". We were ready to take my stuff from my car and throw it into the new one. Finance guy came in and said he was losing to much money on it, sales manager came in said he remembered us from the night before and said that they do not take other cars. There was on scratch (although big) that they could have had their body shop guys take care of easily.

I spent a total of 4 hours in this dealership, they assured me I would leave my car and drive off in a new one and just as I was getting ready to sign the paperwork (already ran credit checks, got new insurance ect) they are telling me no.


If they would have been HONEST from the start I would not have wasted my time and would have gone somewhere else. BUYER BEWARE!!!

They only reason there is even a star on this review is for Glen one of the sales guys, he was polite, patient and all around a nice guy. I hope he finds a better dealership to work at because after this i'll NEVER EVER get a Honda. I'm going straight to one of their competitors!

Dustin S. | 2014-11-11

Service Department Only:

Brought my car in for an oil change 6 months ago and they told me my front brakes were almost done and I should replace them.   I balked and finally got around to it myself (btw, still no warning screech).  When I removed my pads they still (6 months later) had at least half the life on them and will likely be good for at least another year or two.  Not a surprise after reading other reviews.

Christina E. | 2014-11-11

We worked with Mike and had a great experience. We showed up a few hours before closing after leaving another Honda dealership who just couldn't make anything happen for us. We called and explained our complicated situation and they said to come right in. As soon as we got there the team was on it. We were in and out in a little under 2 hours with a brand new 2015 Honda Accord coupe. They managed to get us an amazing deal, WAY better than the one the other dealership was trying to get us to do and they let us walk away instead of playing with numbers.

We will be back next time and will be seeing Mike.

Nick M. | 2014-11-09

Wow -- how NOT to sell a  Honda --

Went there to test drive three Hondas -- ended up test driving one (very nice Honda Fit. . . ) the test drive in itself was bizarre with the salesman reaching over to use the horn (when my wife was driving) because he felt the driver in front was texting and not going fast enough!! - afterwards there was a  bizarre hard sell on a manual Fit (assume they had a few of these that no one wants. . .) which we didn't want and a reqwuest that we think about a white car because they had that in stock and the silver they'd have to get. . .

We couldn't test the Insight and the CRV just faded away after switching out sales people three times -- it was as if they couldn't be bothered. . .    and when I asked about Navigation Systems was told, rather curtly, that everyone has navigation on their phones so what was the point. . . oh. . .ok. . .

When my wife went in to get her keys, after having the existing CRV "evaluated" was asked if she had made a decision -- she asked what the "evaluation"  for the trade in was" and they refused to tell her. . .

So went out this morning ready to buy a new Honda and the experience at this dealership made us not want to. . .   Not from this dealer anyway.

All in all a  rather confusing waste of time. . .

Bizarre. . .

Tommy L. | 2014-11-04

The guys at Airport Marina Honda are easy to work with. I was literally in and out in less than two hours with my brand new car. I sent them an email quote asking if they would sell me the vehicle at the price I wanted and they said yes. I called them to make sure so that I wasn't wasting my time like which I unfortunately experienced at Honda of DTLA. They told me they would sell it to me hassle free. I came down and Terry assisted me. No hassling or changing of the price whatsoever. It was smooth. Like I said, it only took me 2 hours to complete the purchase from the moment I walked in to the moment I got the keys. 2 hours is fast---thats about the amount of time  you spend watching a movie nowadays. Terry is professional and even showed me features of the vehicles. He even followed up with me a few days later to see if I was satisfied with the cr. If you need to buy a car, please see Terry and Airport Marina Honda. Don't waste your time elsewhere.

Love C. | 2014-10-23

HORRIBLE experience!

My BF was trying to purchase a new car from Michael Acosta (from New York) and Alex (Russian finance guy) on a Sunday afternoon.  They only had 2 of the cars that the BF wanted on their lot - one in silver and one in some ugly brown.  Guess which one he wanted!?  

Since the silver one needed gas, Michael asked the porter, MARCUS (aka JERK!), to back it out so it could be gassed up before my guy test drove it.  Instead of pulling it out front on the driveway, MARCUS-the-JERK, backed it down the sidewalk and scraped the underside of the car, right before our eyes!  And was totally unapologetic about it too.  When he realized what he did, he pulled it out forward and did what he was supposed to do in the first place.  On the way out of the driveway, however, he peeled out in front of us... Is this how you allow your employees to treat your vehicles for sale, Airport Honda!?  Especially in front of the potential buyers!?  Why in the world would he want to purchase it now?  

Upon returning, I addressed MARCUS-the-JERK, and told him that he scraped the underside of the car that my BF was about to purchase and that wasn't cool... He looked at me dead in the face and just smirked.  No apologies.  No nothing.  Later, when I went inside to file a formal complaint, I pointed at MARCUS-the-JERK to let them know who I was talking about and MARCUS-the-JERK just looked at me again and smirked like he got away with something... And I know he probably will get away with his terrible behavior.  Michael assured me that he would be dealt with... but knowing what I know now, that's probably not the case. The employees at Airport Honda clearly don't care about their customers.  

After being there for like 3-1/2 hours... and even after being furious at MARCUS-the-JERK...and the fact that Michael and Alex pretty much did nothing about it ... and the fact that Michael and Alex were just short of forcing my BF to get a lease when he was adamant that he wanted to purchase it, it was pretty much a done deal... except the insurance situation.  Since it was Sunday, the BF wasn't able to secure insurance right away... and said we would come back the following day to sign off on everything.  They agreed.  Michael said he got off at 5pm the following day but would be there when we arrived so he could complete the sale.

Come Monday morning, after insurance was taken care of, BF calls Alex to notify him that we would be coming by that evening to pick up the vehicle and provide proof of insurance and just a couple hours later, Michael calls to tell him that the vehicle was just SOLD!  From under us!  Even after speaking to Alex that morning... Michael was complacent and pretty much said, "Oh well... we can't hold cars for anyone..."  His b.s. words from the night before were pretty much lies at this point.  

SHARKS!  They didn't care that the vehicle was already promised to someone else... that the insurance was already secured with that vehicle's VIN #... or that the porter was a complete JERK... Bottom line: they just wanted to make a sale.  

They lost our business forever... I will share our experience with everyone single person I know looking for a vehicle and detail the horrible customer service we received here.  STAY AWAY FROM AIRPORT HONDA!

Had a much better and much more pleasant experience at another Honda dealership, where they value their customers.  Now my BF is driving a brand new Honda with relief that he didn't give his business to these sharks.  

Thanks for NOTHING, Airport Honda.


John P. | 2014-10-20

This is my second time purchasing a car from Airport Marina Honda, and again it was a great experience. Terry was very friendly and knowledge. Raphael was super helpful. The finance broker, Al, offered very useful information. Our over all customer service was impeccable.

Emmy M. | 2014-10-19

My aunt came In to buy a Honda Fit a black one and Gabriel salinas helped us get a great deal on it were very happy with our purchase. Thank you Honda

Cathy J. | 2014-10-02

Michael helped me a lot in buying my first car and he kindly picked me up from the bus station when I went there.
I didn't spend long time waiting to be serviced-unlike some others reviews mentioned, I found them more likely to be free in late afternoon.

Gene S. | 2014-09-29

super good experience from start to finish! Ricardo and Luis gave me an awesome deal on the accord sport. Ask for Ricardo and he will take care of you, i called many dealerships and these guys were offering the best deal, the service was just a bonus.

Andi R. | 2014-09-28

My experience at Marina Honda with the employees in general was great.  They were courteous, accommodating and friendly.  My sales person, Sandra and all the people that I dealt with were amazing.  They were patient, understanding and knowledgeable.  I would give 5 stars to the employees but sadly,  I gave 3 because I didn't exactly get the deal I wanted and what was affordable.  To add insult to injury,  I heard I could have received a better deal then I did,  so now I have buyers remorse, and there is no cool off period.  But this is their job,  they are here to make commission, and I can't hold that against them, it doesn't make them bad people.   I just need to become a better negotiator.  Does anybody have an extra $100.00 bucks per month they can give me?  Anyway,  I would still go to them,  because I truly liked them.  I have had other leases at other honda dealerships,  and they were mediocre.  But when it comes to next lease,  lookout,  I will be on my A game :-).

Toni H. | 2014-08-23

I called yesterday to schedule an appointment for a recall fix on my 2013 Fit and was told it would take two hours or less.  They advised they could take me to the local mall while I waited, but I learned when I took the car this morning that it could take 3 hours or more.  Also, they could take someplace up to 6 miles away...I lived nearly 8 miles from the dealership.  I was responsible for getting back to the dealership, which essentially defeats the purpose in my mind.  I don't want to impose on a friend to pick me up and drop me off, especially this close to a holiday weekend.  
I decided to go elsewhere, so I called Scott Robinson Honda in Torrance instead.  They took me immediately, were pleasant and the repairs took less than 20 minutes!  I would not recommend Airport Marina Honda under any circumstances.

Marvin B. | 2014-08-14

great service department...have followed Lyle Ota from Scott Robinson (dealership to service center to Airport Marina/Gardena), and always honest with recommendations/never "over-services" my vehicle! free/trouble-free WiFi/pastries/coffee all complementary, and easy access off the 405! totally appreciate the friendly staff/helpful customer service people.

Sam D. | 2014-08-07

I sincerely think it takes 5 positive reviews to carry the weight of 1 negative review, and fully understand the implications of what I am about to write. You've heard stories like this, no doubt... but this is a specific example tied to a place you've given your hard earned money, or are about to.

First, I am an over-40 engineer, and have always been very careful with my money. Every time I have moved, I've spent time talking with people about their mechanics, and literally go around to interview a few of them. Then "trying them out" with small jobs, and have even baited them with questions I know the answer to as an honesty test. I have worked on my cars through all the lean years, and have paid to have my car worked on for the last 20 or so. Dealers' service departments have always had a bad rap, and there is a reason for it. They are an integral part of the revenue stream in a quota-based sales organization. But service cannot be sold... it SHOULD strictly be about service. What you need, good quality, fair price and quick would be nice. Friendly would be a bonus, and dealers usually have that part well covered.

I know you're already hoping I get to the point, so I will... and will add additional detail at the end.

I brought my Odyssey in for a recall fix, the day after I had ALL maintenance done on my van (more below), and they came at me with roughly $3k worth of repairs that needed to be done RIGHT AWAY. Some of these things had been done the day before, all were bogus except the brake light that needed replacing.

I actually had the technician walk me through all the things that needed repair, and witnessed him lie to me in order to meet his quota. More specifics below if you're interested... but I then took my van to get a 2nd opinion from the best garage in town, super knowledgeable and honest, and who will unfortunately remain nameless in this post because it will simply dilute what I'm trying to broadcast.

Before I continue, please realize that they are trying to get me to agree to roughly 3000 dollars in repairs that didn't need to be done.

Things I was told that needed repair/replacement, and the reply from my trusted mechanic, which I'll use "TM" below:

1. Three Broken engine mounts - $700 each... was told they were leaking fluid and needed to be replaced right away.
* TM: No, they are fine. The fluid stain you see by the engine mount is only a drop, and not from the mount.

2. Power steering fluid is dirty and needs changing
* TM & Me: Power steering system was flushed & fresh fluid was added yesterday.

3. Wiper blades need replacing
* TM: Blades are in great shape

4. Battery cable needs replacing
* TM: End of the cable was corroded, cable is fine, connection is fine. Cleaned it up and good for another 20k miles.

5. Battery is at the end of it's life, needs replacing
* TM: Put it on tester, battery is fine

6. Brake fluid is bad fluid is bad, needs flushing
* TM: Brake fluid is fine

7. Air filter and cabin filter are dirty, need replacing.
* TM & Me: Actually, they had been replaced about 10k miles ago and were in really good shape. TM actually told me the day before that they were fine.

I think I've made my point, but if you're interested in the additional details I elude to above, please read on.

Clearly I feel strongly enough about the above to spend the time to write this out. What they are doing is criminal, and I wish there was a reliable mechanism in our criminal justice system to address this.

But I have to comment on a few other things. I'm tempted to write the names of the person that wrote up my ticket, and initially read the recommended work, and kept on pushing when I refused the work...  and of course the technician who just straight up lied to me when we opened the hood. But I really don't want them to get them into trouble for following orders, or chasing that revenue bonus. EVEN THOUGH the clerk was condescending and DID NOT have the "friendly" part of being at a dealer figured out, as most of his/her peers have.

*** This is also a BIG issue ***
The day prior, for $1056, I had the following work done at my TM:
- timing belt replaced (big job)
- water pump replace (optional, but a good idea to do w/the timing belt)
- 2 other little optional bits, while in there
- Tune up
- power steering reservoir replace (I provided) and full fluid flush
- Transmission fluid flush
- Oil change

I asked while I was in there how much they charge to replace the timing belt. Airport Marina Honda would have charged me (ironically) $1050 to do JUST THE FIRST two (2) items above. The timing belt, and the water pump while you're in there. The rest of the stuff is about $350+ more at the dealer, that a BETTER quality mechanic is "throwing in".

And if you think their "Honda Certified Technicians" means anything... it doesn't. Not enough to justify the extra cost. I do agree that their training is excellent, but when the shop is full, the quality goes down f

Elizabeth R. | 2014-08-07

Thanks to Lyle O. for excellent service. Not only was he apologetic for the slight wait time, he was extremely patient and thorough with my questions.

Although it takes longer than a regular pull up oil change service company, I will definitely continue to come back to Airport Marina Honda because of people like Lyle!

Sam M. | 2014-08-07

Absolutely amazing.  Terry helped me out and I can't say enough nice things about him!  He is courteous, knowledgeable, helpful, funny, but more importantly he listens to what you'd like to buy and MAKES it happen!! In the last week, I have been to 7 different dealerships around Los Angeles and they all left a bad taste in my mouth.  They were pushy, not informed, arrogant and generally made me feel uncomfortable.  That is NOT how Terry and the staff of Airport Marina Honda made me feel. They made it easy, answered all of my questions/concerns and made the budget work.   Ralph was another staff member(that was awesome) that coordinated all the paperwork and got me in the new car really fast.  He was a liaison between finance and Terry that made my purchase seamless!  Not to mention, John Addington, the sales director who stopped me on the way out and made sure I left even happier than I already was.  If you haven't been to this dealership, you owe it to yourself to give them a shot!  I assure you it will be worth your time!!!!!  
Thanks again guys!!!


Jennifer G. | 2014-07-14

Michael Acosta helped to make sure I was able to get the car I wanted.  He was patient, kind, and knowledgable.  Thanks Mike and love my hybrid civic!

Jovanna G. | 2014-07-07

I need to begin by saying that MICHAEL ACOSTA is theeee best!
I was looking for a car for over a month and needed one desperately due to me being a new single mother. Everywhere I looked I was denied. I'm 23 with not much credit established so it was nearly impossible to find a dealership or bank willing to loan money for a car. I was becoming discouraged but I didn't give up hope thanks to Michael Acosta.
I walked in the dealership with no expectations and a few hours later walked out with a 2013 chocolate Honda Civic with only 8 miles on it!
They took such good care of me and did it so quick. I will forever be grateful to Michael and his colleagues over at Airport Marina Honda. Because of them handling all of my new responsibilities is so much easier. I'm so glad I was directed to them!
GO NOW!!!!

Marybeth V. | 2014-07-07

I started my search to do a first time lease today on a car since I am new to CA.  First, we started at the Ford dealership next to Honda, and had a terrible experience.  After we walked into the Honda side of the dealership and were introduced to Mike, everything changed!  He was extremely helpful and answered all of our questions.  He showed me the ins and outs of the entire Honda Civic and showed me what every button did.  His customer service skills were impeccable.   I would highly recommend seeing Mike at the Honda dealership if you are looking to lease a new car!

Lisa K. | 2014-07-04

Horrible experience, would give negative stars if possible.

Over the last month my husband had been corresponding back and forth with Steven about the Honda Fit and they could not come to an agreement so we started looking elsewhere. Steven would periodically check in but they could still not agree on a price.

Well today we were at another dealership looking at the same car when Steven sent a message that he could now match the price. The dealer we were at only had the Fit in red and hubby really wanted grey so we figured why not call Steven back. He guaranteed the price and model and said head over and we can make it happen right now.

Low and behold we get here and not only does our friendly salesperson claim to have no recollection of the conversation, he stated he's taking to dozens of people and couldn't possible remember us, but he also could not sell the car for the agreed upon price. Customer service was non existent and he was bordering condescending in the way he spoke to us.
We promptly left but this whole experience was quite disappointing. We're both going to be purchasing new vehicles this month and I would never shop here again
Please don't waste your time!!

Zarin N. | 2014-07-03

Just leased a 2014 Civic yesterday. The entire experience was so smooth and fast. All the staff involved worked so well together, and were so accommodating and respectful. Thanks Brett, Rafael, and Jay!

Diane D. | 2014-07-02

I'd give them zero stars if that was possible.  Their service department is the worse ever. I left my car and my cell phone contact number at 7:30 AM.  I waited all morning but they never called. Finally I called them twice: the first time there was no answer in the service dept and the second time it went straight to voicemail. I finally got through at 2:30 pm and was told they had been trying to call me but the number was incorrect (it wasn't- i verified it on the estimate sheet they gave me in the morning). They said they wouldn't have the part until tomorrow AND they read me a litany of other things that need to be fixed that totalled $1,500.  I forfeited the $110 fee they charged just to look at your car in the first place so I could claim my car back. I'm going to yelp other dealers and find an ethical one who won't waste my time and money and I suggest you do the same.

Jim M. | 2014-06-24

Attn:AMH!! Made a inquiry for a used car I saw online price at 14,000  I didn't receive a call back for two days. When LARRY did finally call me back he said he didn't know what car I was speaking of an asked for a car number .Once I gave it to him. He calls me back a day later saying that the car I saw wasn't 14,000 but actually 16,500 .
I replied by saying that the only reason I made an inquiry was because I saw it at 14,000  . He replied by asking if I HAD PROOF!!! Are u serious. ???? I took a snap shot of my screen of the 14,000 price for  that  exact reason !  I asked him if he was pulling a bait and switch on me .and he didn't reply for a couple days ..but by that time I had gone to hollywood honda and got what I wanted for 14,000

Gin G. | 2014-06-18

HORRIBLE!!! The services department sucks!!! Jorge Huazo lied to me about the status of my vehicle and tried to get more money out of me!!! And no one did anything about it! Don't trust him.

LaRonda O. | 2014-06-13

Mike Acosta is the greatest sales rep ever. He is professional, savvy, and customer centered. Thanks Mike for making my Honda experience fantastic. Love my new ride!

Chris R. | 2014-06-09

The service I experienced at Airport Marina Honda was significantly less impressive than I have received at other Honda dealerships throughout the country, and, I suspect, far below what Honda's corporate standards call for.

I'm new to the area and needed to get an oil change. I went to Airport Marina Honda this past Saturday, and my unpleasant experience started, quite literally, upon my arrival. I arrived at 7:40, expecting them to be there because their mobile website says they open at 7. I was greeted by a staffer who told me they open at 8. I noted that the website says 7, to which she simply reiterated that they open at 8. I waited. When they did open, that same staffer became my service advisor. During the check-in process, she asked me to confirm that the website said they open at 7. I showed her their website on my phone which so confirmed. No apology. (I noticed this morning that their full website says 8; the mobile website says 7).

Oil change is done. Their waiting area is fine - unremarkable.  Service advisor finds me when my car is done (took about an hour, which is within the window for Honda's "express service") and leads me to the cashier. She leaves. I pay, and the cashier tells me my key is with the vehicle. Fine. I go outside and my car is nowhere to be found. I find another staff member and ask him - he inspects my paperwork, ostensibly to confirm that I wasn't going to rip them off for the $39.99 oil change. He proceeds to explain how the service advisor neglected to put the tag color on the paperwork. Horrors. He goes to get my car which is apparently in a back lot somewhere (query whether this is the normal procedure or they just didn't bother to have my car pulled around when I paid - either way, I don't think it's acceptable).

I get my car, and a lecture about how my GPS power cable could be mounted better.  A quick visual inspection reveals that the car looks fine, but later that day I noticed one of the tire stem caps is missing. Yes, I should have looked at the tires before leaving the dealership, but they shouldn't have forgotten to put them back on.  I do this once every couple months; they do it multiple times a day. Figure it out.

Today - the Monday following my visit - I got a voicemail message from them. I thought maybe it was to ask about my visit, but no, it turns out that it's from their lead generation guru, presumably asking me to sell my car (for its age it's got remarkably low mileage and is in very good condition). I am thinking of buying a new car, but I highly doubt it'll be from Airport Marina Honda.

This is, of course, by no means a dealership horror story, but it was a lot more difficult than I expect an interaction with a Honda dealer to be. In a town with dozens of other dealers, I'd skip this one and move on to the next.

Renai F. | 2014-06-03

From the moment we arrived our sales rep., Sandra Pinnock was The BEST!! She made us feel so comfortable.  My husband and I spent Sunday afternoon with my mother-n-law, looking for a new car.  Sandra was so patient with Mom, answering any questions she had and guiding her through all the features on the car.  

We knew the deal we wanted for Mom, and we were able to quickly negotiate the deal.

Thanks Sandra and Airport Marina Honda!!  Mom loves her new 2014 Honda Civic.

Yvonne B. | 2014-05-31

Bought a 2013 Honda Fit. Dealt with Michael Acosta and Raphael. the deal went through smoothly and I got the deal I was looking for. Didn't feel like I was swindled or talked down too. Looking forward to my new Honda Fit.

Adam F. | 2014-05-23

I would also like to report, in response to Kevin R.'s comment, that I was called by Kevin R. yesterday and was begged to delete my yelp review and/or give them a hiring rating--without offering me any kind of answer to the problem that has left me in over $1000 in debt.

In Kevin's yelp comment, he attempts to justify my sudden broken radiator by announcing my car model and mileage, yet fails to acknowledge the fact that I took the car to another mechanic and was told that I was severely ripped off in the oil seal "fix" for $500. A mere 3 days after I took my car to the Marina Honda dealership my radiator  mysteriously broke, yet there is no explanation from an in depth review from another mechanic, who had previously looked over the car and said it was fine.

Judging from your adolescent attempt to justify my negative yelp review, Kevin, I will be staying as far away from your dealership as I can, as opposed to taking it back and risking you do more damage to my car. Thank you.

Kim P. | 2014-05-17

Airport Marina Honda Is The Best Car Dealership I've Ever Been To. I Recommend That Everyone Come And Check Them Out! Jonathan And Moe Are The Best! Make Sure When You Go There Ask For Jonathan And Moe! You Won't Regret Choosing Airport Marina Honda!

Glenda C. | 2014-05-13

Thank you Airport Marina Honda but specially thank you to my favorite salesperson Raymond Cadena .. He was awsome , all I can say is that my expectations were exceeded.. Love my new car!!

Erika B. | 2014-05-03

Thank you Airport Marina Honda! Rafael and Ernie were great.. They helped me get approved and set everything up for me to drive away in a new 2014 honda civic.. Best honda dealer.. Thank you!

Kawyanda P. | 2014-04-30

Sending special love out to Airport Honda, especially my salesman Mike! He made me feel comfortable from the first 5 minutes of us meeting. I was a little scared at first, because of the bad reps they get as car salesman.  He ensured me that he would explain everything until I understood and he was trying to help. He even made great suggestions about my buying options that helped me save a lot of money.

To sum it up, I came in and we came up with a deal.  Shortly after, I left driving my brand new 2014 Honda Accord Coupe.

Thank you Mike and Airport Marina Honda for great customer service!

Ruben J. | 2014-04-25

My experience here was awesome. Karen treated me and my family with such great hospitality. The employees are family friendly. I have nothing but the upmost respect for what they did for me. I am a first time buyer here and I will definitely recommend anyone looking to purchase a vehicle. Raymond and Raphael got me the greatest deal possible, thank you and thumbs up for all the hard work.

Maricela S. | 2014-04-16


Carl W. | 2014-04-03

as the stars suggest WOOHOO!!! AS GOOD AS IT GETS!
Not only did we get a great car at a heck of a deal, Mike treated us like FAMILY!!!! We looked far and wide for a car and we found so much more... THE LAST HONEST AND FRIENDLY CAR DEALERSHIP IN THE WORLD... all my future cars will be bought at Airport Marina Honda

Anthony C. | 2014-03-27

Great dealership got my Honda serviced here with Jorge  great customer service all around as soon as I walked in I was welcomed one of the best places I have been too one of the cashiers Linda I think was her name was really helpful and made sure I left satisfied I know for sure this is my new spot !!

Joseph M. | 2014-03-25

I went into the dealership a few days ago, I really had a specific price that I was willing to pay for a lease on a Honda Accord. I wasn't able to make the deal ultimately but after having a follow up conversation with the sales manager Brian, I felt confidant that he really did try his best to get me the deal I wanted.  I appreciated his explanation of why the deal couldn't happen at this particular moment in time.  Overall, I did have a good experience, sale person Rod and others were great, and the sales manager followed up which I appreciated.

Nicole H. | 2014-03-16

Thank you Airport Marina Honda!

We just bought a brand new Honda 2013 Fit and we love it. We started off emailing Brian, inquiring about inventory, pricing, options and the works. Brian gave us some excellent quotes and confirmed the car we wanted was in stock. After much thought, we decided to go into the dealership. Unfortunately, Brian wasn't there that day but he left us in excellent hands. Alvin Benjamin was fantastic, and took the time to explain the options of the car, the price and all of the finer points. He's a pro. The head sales manager -Eric- even stopped by to say hello, introduce himself and check on us. Alvin then handed us over to Al Day, the excellent finance guy. Al worked with us to find the best option within our budget and explained the different benefits. He made a very complicated process seem less complicated. After miles of paperwork, we were handed back over to Alvin for some more finalizing of the paperwork. (lots and lots of paperwork for new cars!) We went over the features, the manual, we inspected the new car, signed on the dotted line, and we were off. Despite a torrential flood in Los Angeles that weekend, my husband and I drove off the lot smiling.

We love  our new Fit, and couldn't have been happier with the whole experience. Everyone we dealt with was professional, knowledgeable, kind and friendly. Did I mention this was our first new car purchase ever? No pressure whatsoever and a great bunch of staff.  Also, the dealership is very clean, spacious, and everyone that worked there smiled at me too.  It's the little things that add up and go a long way.

We really enjoyed the experience (HOW ABOUT THAT?) and highly recommend this dealership. I hope you'll give them a chance too.

Jamie A. | 2014-03-09

Today we bought a 2014 Honda Pilot from this dealership and had a great experience from start to finish.  Rod is a great salesperson !!   He was patient and informative.  He was so nice during our first visit last week  that we decided when it was time to buy... He would get our business.  When it came to the deal Alex gave us a great price and made the entire experience fun.  I will recommend Marina Honda to all my friends and family.  Ask for Rod and Alex.

Breanna K. | 2014-03-01

We just bought our Honda Odyssey and were so happy with our service at Airport Marina Honda. I specifically would recommend Rod Gomes in sales. He was straight forward, listened to what I wanted and needed and didn't try to upsell me on useless stuff. He was honest and easy to work with. Alex also helped us out and he was great as well.

Linda R. | 2014-03-01

My husband and I visited Airport Marina Honda, as we were looking for a new All-wheel or 4 wheel drive vehicle.  I have to admit I was prepared for the typical flood of sales people doing the heavy sell the minute we set foot on the lot, but to my surprise the sales staff were very low key and answered all of our questions without pressuring us to buy.  We left the lot and thought about what we wanted and went back 2 days later to buy.

We worked with Jonathan and Alex  and they were great, never pressuring us, allowing us the time to make up our minds about the car we wanted.  Whenever I talk to Jonathan he always remembers both my husbands and my name, asks about my daughter and even remembers my dogs name, how rare is this.  We ended up buying a  Honda Pilot and I went back two days later and both Jonathan and  Alex spent time showing me the features on this beautiful car.

Now hoping my experience getting my car serviced when that  time comes, is as positive as our experience buying the car.  I found everyone we  met at this dealership to be very friendly and professional.

Would definitely buy another car from this dealership again. It is very close to our house and kinda reminds me of a small town car dealership where people remember your first name, which in these times we are living, a rare thing indeed. I think that this is probably the one biggest reason that I feel so positive about this experience along with a fair price and we love the car. Thanks Jonathan, for a new person on the lot you definitely did a great job with us.

Linda Rose

Jennifer M. | 2014-02-28

I bought a 2013,honda fit from them Jonathan our sales writer was really good and George his manager helped us get a good price for what we were looking for we would definitely use  them to buy another car and they were very nice  for they were able to beat the price of another dealer
      Jennifer mantell/Brett

lynette r. | 2014-02-28

So this part is for the sales team:

We went here to go check out pricing on a 2014 Honda Osyssey just expecting to look, and to say the least we walked out with one.  It is nice to have a local dealership that is so welcoming.  Jay, George, and our salesman Able were a great help, and very helpful with everything.  Offering us suggestions to fit our needs.  They have gone above and beyond to help us you.  

As for the service department, avoid if possible.

Melissa S. | 2014-02-24

Previously, I had a great experience with Jorge, one of the service specialists.  This time, however, I had to be serviced by Edith/Lisa.  She might be a nice person but she was not particularly pleasant to me.  Whenever I spoke she would look at me like she didn't know what the hell I was saying and didn't really care.  She was not accommodating in any way.  It's not that she was too busy because there was only one other customer and I arrived as they opened.  She basically gave me two options for my situation and if I didn't like them, she could not help me, and it was clearly no big deal to her--she was WAY less interested in good customer service than Jorge was!  She told me to rent a car if they didn't have the tire for my vehicle.  Um, what about OTHER tire brands? Shouldn't that be the option you give me before I have to spend a lot of cash for a rental?  Plus, I asked if I could be fixed and on my way to work in 2 hours.  She just shrugged her shoulders and said she didn't know.  WTH?  I'm here an hour before the mechanics arrive and you can't even try to figure that out?  Jorge is significantly better with customer service and if it wasn't for him, I definitely would not return to this Honda based on my current experience with Edith "Lisa" Brito.

Shasta B. | 2014-02-17

I don't even have the time to go into all of the problems I have had over the years with this place but this is the last time. Here are just a few short reasons:

- Almost everyone there is incredibly rude. (Not all, but most. And they have ridiculous signs that say "my customer service score is 100%." Right. Because they only ask people who come in to get their cars washed, apparently.)
- One person will tell me a bunch of things are wrong with my car and literally minutes later I will be told my car is in perfect shape by someone else.
- It took me three hours to get an oil change once.

My car has literally been falling apart since I bought it so I will never buy a Honda again, but the people here just make it worse. They are rude and condescending and unhelpful. I would stay incredibly far away if I were you.

Nicole H. | 2014-02-17

Would never come back here or recommend to anyone!  

Came in looking for a used car..they did the slimey salesman approach of not listening to what I wanted, and trying to offer new cars and everything except what I wanted.  Finally got to see what I was interested in, go inside to discuss pricing options which ended up being a complete waste of my time!  They were completely rude and abrupt, lied about what the actual cost of the car was vs what was listed online, would not offer a deal or even be somewhat flexible...and tried to low-ball me on what my trade-in was actually worth by $3,000!  Then they had the nerve to call me later that afternoon saying I should come back in to work out a deal.  No thanks!

Needless to say, I went to another deal that SAME afternoon and bought a car from a dealer who was polite and offered a deal for a way better car than Airport Marina Honda had to offer.  

Rude, overly-pushy (called me non-stop everyday) and horrible customer service.  Lost out on a buying customer.  My your research because there are better options at other dealers.

LA G. | 2014-02-11

Thanks Airport Marina Honda.  I bought a brand new 2013 Honda fit, and so far I am happy with it.  Consumer Reports gave the 2013 top marks in all categories.

I recommend asking for Rod Gomes specifically when you want to buy a new car.
The main thing that's good about him is he's friendly and comfortable to work with.
Also he seems to care about the customer.
Brett Neal and Stanley Salinas also helped me and thought they were nice.

BTW, I recommend asking about buyers remorse.   How can you prevent that.  I know on a used car you can pay 500 bucks to get a roll-back option so if you change you mind after you buy they can just roll back the deal and you can pick a different car etc.  Not sure about on a new car but my suggestion is to buy that insurance for peace of mind.
What I'm trying to say is get peace of mind guarantee when you buy the car, so if you change your mind a week later you can unwind the deal and switch to a new car.  Even if you have to pay 500 for this peace of mind, do it!  You may be 100 percent confident when you buy the car, but you have no idea how you will feel a week or two later.

T W. | 2014-02-07

If there was anything lower than 1 star I would give it. Service manager Rick was unfriendly, dismissive and unpleasant. He seemed annoyed that I asked him for assistance. Would not give options to service my vehicle. I've been going to honda dealerships for over a decade and will never go back to this one. Worst customer service experience.

Dave N. | 2013-12-26

Dealing with a car dealership can really suck.  I was looking to do business with Robinson Honda in Torrance. Walking into the dealership and being ready to do a deal immediately. I found them to be arrogant and lazy. What's awful is I was a returning customer having bought a Honda Odyssey a couple of years ago.  

I guess a dealership is only as good as the sales staff that day.

I was so angry I went home and called up all the other dealerships in the area.

Airport Marina Honda was incredible.  They were so consumer driven. Identified the best deal for me.  They were more consultative that sales driven.

Since I live in Redondo and I was doing the trade in with them they offered to come and pick me up. Amazing customer service.  Since I did everything over the phone (which some dealerships won't do) I was in and out in an hour.  

Mike Acosta was my sales guy and I thought he was extremely thorough and personable.  

Recommend this dealership highly.

Thanks guys!

Herbert S. | 2013-11-30

Just leased a new CRV from AM Honda. It took a long time, what with the hoops dealer personnel jumped through to find the color I wanted, retrieving that vehicle from another dealer, the power outages and so on. But they persevered. Michael Acosta, the salesman who worked with us, was patient and understanding. He even drove us to a nearby restaurant so we could get lunch in the midst of the hours-long wait. And a manager named George, whose last name I don't remember, was just as patient and helpful. So a thumbs up for AM Honda!

chelsea j. | 2013-11-26

I started out visiting Larry in the internet sales department.  He took his time showing me all the vehicles I was interested in.  He was more than accomodating and not pushy at all.  He was patient and friendly - he didn't pressure me to choose anything I did not want to.  

He let me leave without pushing me into a purchase.  The next morning I visited another dealership that gave me prices drastically higher than what Larry quoted me.  They came down and finally matched Larry's price, but were very pushy and very sales-y.  I left the second dealership and drove an hour back to see Larry.

I leased my vehicle from him that night.  Even after the sale was done, he went with me to drop off my rental vehicle.  When we got back to Airport Marina Honda, Larry spent even more time showing me the features on my car rather than leave to go home immediately.  

I also want to say that Jay and Mo were very cool to deal with as well.  I definitely will be working with this dealership more in the future.

Beth H. | 2013-11-18

I have owned my 2013 Honda Accord for 2 months. Recently, on a trip from San Jose to Culver City, the dashboard icon for brakes lit up.  As soon as we checked into our hotel, I called the nearest Honda dealership to check out the brakes.  David Candray, in the service department of Airport Marina Honda, took my call and said to bring in the car.  

In a kind and calm manner, he let me know that the icon indicated low tire pressure NOT brake malfunction.  He then had a technician take the car, inspect the tires for potential leaks or nails, inflated the tires and returned it to me within 5 minutes - no more icon! I was embarrassed but he was so utterly gracious that I tried to tip him.  He refused, smiled genuinely and said he was just doing his job.

Christina Q. | 2013-11-14

This letter is to complain about service I recently received from at Airport Marina Honda service representative named Lisa Brito. I called Airport Marina Honda on November 11, 2013, to schedule an appointment for brake service. Since I work in San Fernando Valley usually I would have went to the Honda service center in Van Nuys where my vehicle was purchased. I decided to go to Airport Marina Honda because it was closer to my home.
I arrived early for my appointment at 11:35 a.m. Lisa said that my estimated wait was two hours. My child whom is 1 years old and I waited for a shuttle drive for twenty minutes until I reminded Lisa that we were waiting. The shuttle driver eventually came and took us to our location. After 1:00 p.m. I called to check the status of my vehicle. I had been on hold for several minutes, Lisa Brito came on the line she mentioned I would need a list of things done for my car but most important was rotors which would cost an extra $200. It had been two hours before I called her and my car was not being serviced, she should have notified me. I took upon myself to ask if it was a busy day, numerous employees said it was not.
I approved the rotors being added to my bill which came to $465.22 and was told by Lisa it would be another hour wait. There have been service people who were willing to work with me and Lisa did not offer assistance or her knowledge. At 3:00 p.m. I called Lisa Brito again because I had not heard from her, and she stated she would see if my vehicle was ready. I asked if she could send the shuttle so I would be there when the process was complete.
When I arrived at the service center Lisa was typing up my recommendations' while a young man casually leaned on her desk, this is something that should have been ready considering my service took up to five hours. My car had been washed and was sitting in the parking lot with water on it, I asked if she could ask someone to dry it, Lisa said, "she could only do one thing at a time and the water was spotless".
I am a government employee with whole previously worked in customer service and I do not feel I was treated properly by Honda. Needless to say, I was quite frustrated. A two hour service turned into an entire day. I brought my car to Honda because I thought I would receive stellar service than a regular auto service mechanic.

George V. | 2013-11-08

First off, my wife and I own a Honda and an Acura and we love our cars, LOVE'EM! So I need to put that out there.  Secondly, we have had our cars serviced at other local dealers and have always had excellent service.  Thirdly, I can't speak to the sales or even service for that matter as we didn't buy nor have we had our cars serviced at Airport Honda, unfortunately I felt compelled to pull my car out of the service lineup before they even started the service.  So I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt with two stars.  But the customer service in the service department is unimaginably week.

  Here is what happened and why I'm dissatisfied with this dealer.  I called the day before to schedule the first service on my wife's '12 Honda.  I had a coupon that was out of date and asked if they would still honor it, they said yes and this made me happy, so far so good.  I then asked about scheduling an appointment, and told the representative that I was going to wait for the work and would like to get in as early as possible.  He (no names please) said that they were in at 7:00 AM and that I could come in then.  Great, I thought, I can get in early and out early, after all it's only an oil change and tire rotation.  How long could that take, right?

  So I'm there at 6:45 AM chomping at the bit to get started.  And just like the rep said they were in and open at 7:00AM on the nose.  They went through the intake process, taking 20 minutes and asking all kinds of irrelevant questions, like what dealership I purchased the car from. This seemed rather lengthy for an oil change and tire rotation, but hey, they are being thorough, right?  

  At the end of the absurd interview process the rep told me it was going to take about an hour to get the car finished.  
  "Wait, what?  Aren't I the first car in here? Yes I was, so why the hour?"
  The answer, "they were going to wash the car"...ahh, OK, what ever.  
  "So now I'm looking at 8:30 AM and then I'm on the road, right?"  
  "Yes no problem," the rep said.
  Then the customer service rep in the next cubicle chimed in, "the tech's don't start until eight AM"
  "What? I'm a little confused here, you told me" looking at the original rep, "I could get in here at 7:00AM"
  His response and this is, and this is where things get rich, "you asked what time you could bring it in, not what time we would start on it" and in fairness that's true, but I did say that I was going to wait for the work and wanted to get in as early as possible.  Ergo, I want to get finished as early as possible.  Now for some folks this is leap in thinking, I guess (note the sarcasm) but for folks that do this for a living, I have to believe that this is a pretty basic cognitive connection.  

  So now I'm upset, at best I'm looking at 9:00 AM, and I have no confidence in their timeliness.  So I go off to the customer lounge, fuming.  Now the only thing I can do here is vote with my feet, and I call my mechanic, who I love, and ask can he do the service this morning and does his work qualify for under the warrantee?  Yes and yes, So great I'll be there in 20 minutes.  He says that's great because they open at 8AM and I'll be one of the first in. No I didn't ask him if he starts working on the cars right when they open, that's implied.

  All right, so about 5 minutes has elapsed since I exited to the lounge, and I went back into the reps cubicle and informed him that I did not want the work to be performed and I wanted to leave. The rep said "but we have already started on your car."  
  I said "I don't care I just want to leave, and how much could you have done in 5 minutes?"
  The rep said "fine I'll get your car, we will pull it out front"
  So I wait 5 minutes more and no car.  I then ask the other rep, who originally told me about the tech's work schedule, "what's taking so long?"
  She said "that they park the cars scheduled for service in the back lot, and it will be here soon"
 Wait, what AGAIN!!!!!! The original rep said that you had already started on my car. Now they were strait up lying to me when he said that they had already started.  When I pointed this out the woman (rep-2) rolled her eyes at me.  When I pointed out (in a very unsubtle way) how in inappropriate and disappointing my entire experience had been, which included my interaction with her.  Her response was...get this, "I didn't have to say anything about the tech's coming in at 8:00 AM."  Really?  My response, "Your dealership will never get my family's business, EVER, adiós!!"

So I get my car, and I'm off to my favorite mechanic, whom I should have gone to in the first place.

Jesse C. | 2013-11-01

Full disclosure: I did not buy a car here. However, I felt like I needed to post a review regarding Alvin and my great experience with him. He worked with me to buy a new Honda Civic. I ended up not getting the car, but not because of the dealer. Friendly and extremely competitive on price in my experience. Recommended. However, you always have to do your own research and know what you want in order to get a good deal.

Dylan G. | 2013-10-26

I went in to Airport Marina Honda to look at the new Civics. Ernie helped me out with a test drive and was very knowledgeable about the car and different trim levels. He didn't try to hard sell me, even suggesting I probably don't need the navigation if I have a smart phone. They did not have the EX coupe I wanted to drive on the lot so we had to drive to an off-site location, which seemed odd but it was fine. A few days later, when I was ready to buy I came back and Ernie was with another customer so I was helped by Rod. Rod was very easy going and pleasant, again not trying any hard sales techniques. The process of negotiating and finding a price took longer than I would have liked, and things just seemed to move slow, which is my only complaint. I had to come back the next day to finish things up and they had to get the color I wanted from another dealer. Finishing up the next day with the financial person Jay, I had to wait another 45 minutes or so, but once I was in there, it was quick and straightforward with no changes from our previous agreement. Overall, the staff at Airport Marina Honda was very courteous and helpful and flexible, agreeing to hold my check for a few days before cashing it. If you are thinking of Honda, check them out!

Alex G. | 2013-10-18

As a first time buyer I was somewhat scared of stepping into a dealership on my own but fortunately MIKE in sales assisted me and help me find the right vehicle, experience was fun and learned a lot from it plus I found my awesome SUV.

After a few months MIKE still calls up to check if all is good with my CR-V and has also given me some input with the auto finance part, has proven to be a great sales associate with a down to earth side.

KUDOS to MIKE and the rest of the Airport marina honda team for their above & beyond customer service skills.

Stephanie L. | 2013-10-17

M I K E  is the M A N!!

Walked into the tent sale at Hollywood Park this afternoon
and was swept off my feet.. Mike helped a sista out and came to my rescue with the car I wanted and the payment I can accommodate. . Let me say it again:
M I K E   A C O S T A  is the MAN! (9.21.13)

Darrin B. | 2013-10-01

Airport Marina Honda is the place to get your Honda. They live up to their slogan"It's All Rights To The Right Deal!" They will do what they can to earn your business. They have great people, great deals & a great atmosphere. Be sure to see my consultant Terry Williamston he's knowledgeable  about automobiles in general, very professional and thorough! You will not be disappointed! :-)

Rondo M. | 2013-09-30

I worked with salesperson Larry D. and was extremely pleased.  I was provided with  the lowest quote out of all dealers I contacted. for the new Honda Fit I was searching for, and when I asked for details and costs of extras Larry  promptly provided them, including the costs of labor for the extras. Some other SoCal Honda dealers sent me quotes for automatics when I specifically noted I wanted a manual transmission.  I live in North Hollywood, and finally went with a dealership in the Valley.  But if I lived on the other side of the Santa Monica Mountains I would have bought my new Honda from Larry and Airport Marina Honda.  They're the best.

Juliet E. | 2013-09-27

I got my CRV from Ernesto Sr at this dealership, and I got great service!  It makes me think of all the Helpful Honda commercials, and Ernesto def takes the cake on that!  I had to wheel and deal with the manager on the cost of my trade-in, but overall I'm very satisfied with my car.

My experience really begins after I bought the car.  We signed the paperwork, and was ready to drive off when we didn't see Ernesto or my car.  A little bit later, Ernesto drove up in my new wet car -- he didn't feel right if we drove off the lot without it being at least a quick wash.  I had my 3 1/2 yr old and my month old baby with me, so we didn't have the time to wait for them to formally wash and detail my new car.  It really impressed my husband, that Ernesto took it upon himself to wash it himself.  "Old school" work values there.

As we arrived at our house, I realized that I forgot my sunglasses and garage door opener in my old car.  I called Ernesto the same day that I drove off the lot, and he assured me that we'd be able to get it no problem.  I went the next morning to retrieve it, and Ernesto was there to drive me to my old car and I retrieved my items.  He asked if there was anything else, and maybe I should take another look.  I was like, nah, I got everything else out.

Well a day or two later, I realized that I forgot my CDs in my old car too!  Well after a couple of phone exchanges, I was back at the dealership retrieving my CDs and tape too!  Ernesto was super nice and patient with me throughout all of our dealings, and I'm happy to give him a shout out on Yelp to let others know too!  My mom is looking at an Odyssey for her next car, and I definitely recommend Ernesto for that purchase!

If you need a car, and endless patience, go see Ernesto Sr at Airport Marina Honda!

Matthew K. | 2013-09-15

My salesperson was Alvin Benjamin, and let me tell you.. all those Honda commercials with the "helpful Honda guy" is HIM. SERIOUSLY he embodies all the attributes of that character. From the beginning when I first inquired about a quote online to the actual sale of the car, he has been nothing but helpful, humble and respectful(no pressure, no annoying phone calls, no pathetic upsell attempts.) He was kind enough to honor my request to have my Civic Si not be test driven, and he had also put it in the showroom so that no one could even touch it. When I finally visited the dealer to buy the car, the whole process couldn't have gone smoother. Everything we agreed upon on the phone a few weeks back had been honored; i.e. price of the car, financing rates, etc. There were NO surprises, and it was as straightforward as it could be. He had even spent time with me going over the manuals, and making sure I understood all the ins and outs of the vehicle, like the navigation, back-up camera, etc before I left.

Judging from some negative ratings at this dealer, my only guess is that your experience is highly dependant on which SALESPERSON you work with. I say go with ALVIN BENJAMIN, you can't go wrong. Oh, and for you doubters that may think this is a phony review, my vehicle stock # is 41433. It's a 13' Rallye Red Civic Si sedan w/ Navi sold to a Matthew K @ Airport Marina Honda. Do some digging and I'm sure you can verify all of the above.

Last but not least, the OTD price on the car was the LOWEST out of SEVERAL other dealers in SOCAL that I received quotes from. No dumbass "accessories" package or other bullshit to inflate the price either.

Jennifer M. | 2013-08-27

My family and I are extremely happy with our new purchase of a new Honda CRV 2013. My fiancé and I were looking into buying a car when we came across Honda Airport Marina. A gentleman named Michael Acosta offered to help us, Michael was not pushy like the other 4 salesmen we previously encountered after searching the last few times at other dealers. He's approach was there to accommodate our family. There were obvious selections and a great deal of vehicles that did not meet our needs. However, Michael new exactly what we were looking for. He was very knowledgable with the new cars and he's professionalism was what sold us immediately. No pressure to buy. If your looking into buying a car or leasing he's your man. I highly recommend my family and friends to come to Airport Marina Honda and look for Michael Acosta. The whole dealership team was amazing. I look forward to continue being a Honda Owner for years to come.

H S. | 2013-08-19

I purchased a 2013 Honda Pilot Touring 4wd from this dealer and I am very happy with the overall process and service.

Excellent sales service.  Mo was courteous and quick in finding the car at another dealer and arranging for a same-day dealer transfer, and also negotiating the price  over the phone.  Mo was sincere and clear on the bottom line pricing. The price was  slightly higher than I had in mind, but since this was done at the end of the model year with a very popular color and option package, I didn't mind.

Mike Acosta was excellent in taking care of the end-to-end sales and delivery process.   Mike is very detailed oriented and went through the delivery checklist in details and in the process caught several minor items that needed attention and resolved them creatively and quickly.  For example, the headphones were missing, but he found another car with a compatible pair that he provided.  

The finance department was also very open, detail oriented and friendly.  They went out of their way to highlight limitations and exclusions of the finance package and answered all my questions clearly.

I would highly recommend Mike and Mo at Airport Marina Honda to any prospective car shopper.

Julien B. | 2013-08-11

I called three times in a 2 hour period asking if they had a specific car I was looking for. Gave them the stock # and was assured (THREE TIMES) that the car was there. The lady on the phone seemed really nice and reliable. When we arrived the car wasn't there, but of course there were "so many other great options". Thanks for wasting our time, bunch of liars.

Vivian L. | 2013-07-18

tip: so there is a a 5850 Centinela Ave in culver city AND a 5850 Centinela Ave in marina del rey (or Los Angeles). one is west of the 405 and one is east of the 405. we got lost on the way and were so frustrated! google maps kept telling me we had arrived, but we couldn't find it.

before getting there, I had already worked with brian via phone and email to talk numbers. so when I showed up, they were expecting me and there was no haggling or sales pitchyness. no one tried to upsell me on ANYTHING. it was awesome. they also had a charging station with all kind of chargers, which is exactly what I needed at that moment. I guess a lot of people do, because there were three of us customers using it.

I got a great price on a civic coupe. I could have gone to galpin for an even better price, but I was lazy and couldn't get myself to get up there. what I liked about marina is that although they didn't give me the absolute lowest price, they were willing to work with me. brian was very responsive and quick to answer my questions via email. which is great because I can do all my research and comparison shopping from the comfort of my desk at work MWAHAHAHA.

eric witt, the manager on duty was also nice, and the finance guy, al Thomas, was the most straightforward I've ever met. this is my 5th car, so I've met a few. he just printed all my docs, told me where to sign, and asked if i had any questions. didn't try to upsell me on any extra warranties, insurance, accessories, etc. he also has a REALLY dry sense of humor that is weirdly hilarious. another salesman took me for a test drive and went through my manual and checklist (sorry I forget his name!!)

the surprising part is that although the paperwork process went quickly, the longest waiting I had to do (felt like an hour or more) was for them to wash the car!! it was after 8 pm and after a long day of work and coming straight here, I was exhausted!!! and cranky. and hungry.

and lastly, I did see an (empty) tray with what I believe once held cookies. gosh, I really could have used some cookies. can you guys have a stash of chips ahoy on hand somewhere for nighttime visitors?

Katrina M. | 2013-07-17

If I could give more than 5 stars I would! After going to several car lots on a Sunday and driving multiple cars and dealing with pushy salespeople Brett at Airport Marina Honda was so refreshing. I ended up buying the new 2013 Honda Fit Sport and couldn't be happier. During our test drive he was more concerned about showing me the features of the car and listening to what I really wanted in a car rather than trying to "sell" me and push me into something I wasn't ready for.

It was a great experience and if you want someone to help you find the right ride for you and have fun doing it I highly suggest asking to speak with Brett. I had 2 things I was really looking for 4 doors and a sunroof. Now the Fit doesn't come with a sunroof so I had to have one put in and George was gracious enough to help solve my problem. They added the sunroof for a low price and it's amazing! My husband and I did our research ahead of time and brought in what we wanted to pay on a new vehicle and rather than try to up-sell us he worked within our budget and I got the car I've been dreaming of. They also stayed extra late on a Sunday to make sure we got the best deal and the best financing which we did 3.2% yay for good credit.

I also have to give a shout out to Amir in the service department. He made my drop off and pickup for the sunroof easy and painless and was there every step of the way keeping me posted on the progress.

You may do what I did and go to other dealerships but wish I had just settled on this one first. If you want an honest and fun car buying experience go here and you won't be sorry. We will be buying our cars from here for years to come and will be referring our friends and family. Thanks for being real with us and listening to our wants. Those other pushy car places could learn a thing or two from your dealership. I'm from the south and as they say there you get more bee's with honey. Keep up the good work Brett, George and Amir and we will be seeing you when it's time for another vehicle.

Janine D. | 2013-07-15

I bought my new 2013 Civic this past weekend at Airport Marina Honda, and I cannot say enough positive things about Juan Avila, the salesperson I had been in talks with since Memorial Day weekend. He was courteous, friendly and I felt comfortable and confident in discussing pricing and options with him with no sleezy sales techniques and games. If I could, I would give him 5 stars for being one of the most straightforward Honda reps I had spoken to when searching for my next car. If I buy another Honda in the future, I'm definitely coming to Juan first.

My reasoning for the 4 star rating is entirely due to the management of this dealership-- I would give the managers a 1 star if possible. When I first visited the dealership in May, the manager I met was rude, condescending and overall unpleasant. I am in my early 20s and despite having a great job, he insinuated that I would not be able to afford a new car on my own, a reckless assumption completely based on my age and without any regard for the financial facts and information clearly laid out in front of him. He made several other disparaging remarks based on my age and appearance, so I chose to leave the lot. Because I liked and trusted Juan and was offered the best pricing around, I returned to make my purchase in July-- on the condition this man would not be present. The other manager I met was similarly unpleasant, but at least wasn't rude and discriminatory the way the first manager was.

Susan R. | 2013-06-08

Bought a Honda Civic for our daughter over the phone from New York!  It worked out perfectly and so easily.  Edu Black was an outstanding salesperson - always available, always helpful, always professional and very kind.  We agreed on a fair price (best in the area) and did much of the paperwork by mail, so when we flew into LA (and were picked up by Edu at the airport!), the entire business took only a couple hours to complete and we drove the car away.  He had even gone to a great deal of trouble getting a specific color for us, one that wasn't originally available.  I highly recommend this dealership and was thoroughly impressed with Edu Black.

Debby B. | 2013-05-21

Alvin was great to work with when buying me new Civic. With the voice of Morgan Freeman, he guided me through the car buying process like a friend. He did not give us a hassle and I felt like he was taking care of me. Once I decided the model and color, I made and appointment and was in and out of there in an hour after all the paperwork and tour guiding of the car manuals. Would definitely recommend Alvin to a friend. Thanks!

Dom F. | 2013-05-17

I feel I got a great deal on my service for my 2012 Accord.  I needed an oil change and I wanted a tire rotation.  I also ended up getting a minor repair on the front bumper as well, and the service cost me $55.... more than $30 LESS than a local quicky auto service place was charging for their oil-changing service.  

Anthony was a big help in the service department and even though he was crazy busy, he kept his cool and did a great job!  As far as I'm concerned, this is my service place... the quicky place can overcharge everyone else.

Joshua D. | 2013-04-29

I had a very enjoyable experience here.

My fiance and I showed up to AMH around 1 pm.  She knew exactly what she wanted (Civic hybrid) but I had no idea.

We were met by Rod Gomes who showed us just about every make of car on the lot.  My fiance test drove her Civic and was perfectly happy.  I wound up test driving about 7 different cars before I decided on an Accord.  Rod even let us drive the Accord to my apartment complex to see how it would fit in our parking spot (parking is pretty tight where I live).

Negotiating was an OK process.  I think they gave a lower offer on my fiance's trade in than it was worth, but probably not by a whole lot.  The sales manager made some mistakes on his math (wound up being in our favor, making things a little cheaper) but I am going to say that most of the math was going on at around 11:30-12 pm, and even I am bad at math at that hour.

They did a great job of listening to our budget.  I had quoted a range for an acceptable monthly payment and it actually wound up being just under that minimum.  We wound up driving off the lot in our new cars at around 1 am.  Most of the time was spent on my indecision about what car I wanted, so much praise is due for Rod's patience.

As far as the service area there, I don't really have any complains, though we haven't interacted much with them.  We spoke with Amir a few times and he is very friendly and helpful.

Margaret F. | 2013-04-21

Everyone knows that buying a new car is a dreaded event. You never know when the vultures are going to come down and take you for everything you have.. right??? Well I have great news for you! Airport Marina Honda is totally the opposite experience. My salesperson was Mike Acosta. Wow! What a salesperson very honest and gave me the best deal I could have. I did plenty of research on the 2013 honda civic and by far Mike did the best to get me the fairest deal. He was courteous, helpful and motivated to actually help me get the car I wanted. 2 thumbs up for that! The actual dealership was much larger than I thought. There is a large array of new and used cars to choose from. They have every color and model you may want. The office area was very neat and clean the staff in general was very courteous and outgoing. I strongly recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a new or used car, but most of all I recommend Mike Acosta as a salesperson. Mike but far made my car buying experience a 5 star rating! Need a car? Go see Mike!!!!

Catherine A. | 2013-04-09

Seriously, parts department offered me a cheaper price on the drum brakes for my civic. I think I paid about 60 whereas the Gardena Honda offered them to me for 80+tax and a 10%  discount if I bought them then and there.

A. Christopher P. | 2013-04-04

We bought a 2013 Honda Civic EX Navi from Airport Marina Honda and had a great experience.  Alex Lee, our sales rep, did an amazing job assisting us.  He was very patient, answered all of our questions, and put our satisfaction before his sale.  In fact, he even assisted us test driving a Ford from Airport Marina Ford just as a comparison.  We were very impressed by his knowledge, attention to detail, and above all his honesty as he assisted us.  It would be a pleasure to do business with him and Airport Marina Honda again.

Blake K. | 2013-04-04

Had a great experience purchasing our new CRV-EXL today. Brian gave me a generous offer on my 2008 Civic Hybrid and favorable financing terms. Terry is the first salesperson, of any dealership, who has taken the time to show me a vehicle bumper-to-bumper and walk me through all the features. Greatly appreciated and a quality team effort. Was in and out in under 2 hours.

Jaime D. | 2013-04-04

My husband and I recently went to this dealership and had an amazing experience! We were helped by Michael Acosta who was phenomenal! He explained everything to us and answered all of our questions. He even sat and talked with us while we were waiting to go into the finance department. He was so friendly and knowledgeable. The best part was when he gave us a tutorial on our new cars. He showed us how everything worked and took his time. Michael is the best!!!!!

Damian F. | 2013-03-18

I bought a Civic around 6 months ago, the sales experience was ok, my only complaint was that it took way too much to get everything done (5 hours)
Would give more stars, but that guy Terry needs to stop calling me every two months asking me for a REVIEW. I don't appreciate being harassed every couple of months so I can "review" something.

Vic C. | 2013-03-18

This is for the New Car Sales Department, and it would be 5 stars except that the price on the purchase contract was different from the price that we had previously shaken hands upon.

Abel my sales guy gets 5 stars. He was helpful, polite, and most importantly, didn't waste my time. I was about to buy a CRV-LX from a different dealership, but Airport Marina Honda had the color that I liked. I asked them to match the other dealer's offer, and after a brief negotiation that didn't waste my time, we shook hands on a deal. I then test-drove the car and confirmed that I wanted it.

Everything was great, but when it came time to sign paperwork, the sales price on the contract was $137 more than the price that we had shaken hands on. I was so annoyed that I was about to leave and buy the car from the other dealership. But I calmed down, they changed the price back to the agreed-upon price, and a sales manager reminded me that we both want me to be happy with my purchase.

I'm happy with my car, most of my experience with the dealership, and especially with Abel (he even offered to drive my rental car to my home so that I could drive my new car back). But the change in price from the handshake to the contract was unfortunate. I actually was about to buy the extended Honda Care warranty from them, but once I saw the changed price, my guard was up and I canceled the extended warranty. And when people ask about the car purchasing experience, I have to tell them the good (fair price, respectful negotiation, friendly sales guy Abel) along with the not-so-good (changed price on the contract).

anonymous a. | 2013-03-18

My fiance and I  weren't planning on buying a new car for 6 months but Mike, Brad and Jay got us such a great price on the car and a great financing deal that we couldn't resist.  We ended up with a 2010 Prius, in great condition and with low mileage, for the same amount that other places were selling the 2008's for.  We are so happy we went there and over a week later are still loving our car. When we buy our next car it will definitely be with Mike, Brian and Jay at Airport Marina Honda.

Dianne D. | 2013-03-16

I am thrilled with the level of service I received today at Airport Marina Honda!  

I have been searching for a specific new car for several weeks now: a Honda Accord 4-door sedan, V-6, EX-L, with Navigation in the color Hematite.  Apparently the color was a problem - but I loved the unique dark gray, khaki hue and was determine to find it!

After having two contacts strike out, a third contact at Honda in Huntington Beach helped me locate which Honda dealerships had this very car.  I live in San Diego, but if it was in LA I was up for a road trip!  

After a pleasant phone call with Wes, who confirmed he had this car in inventory, then he called me back after confirming it was indeed still on the lot, I was thrilled!  (I had a few cars that vanished or were traded away at the last minute, so this was a breath of fresh air!)  

His colleague Alvin Benjamin continued to help me hold the car with a credit card deposit, so I didn't have to make the long drive after work on a weeknight.  He promised to keep the keys locked up and that the car was mine.

True to his word, today we arrived and saw my new car parked in the first spot on the lot!  So excited, as many other dealers wanted me to "come right down" but had fibbed about having the actual car.  

Alvin was personable and came through on every detail.  The stated price on the phone remained the same in-person, and they accepted my trade in at the "matched" CarMax price, just as we had discussed.  Jay in Finance made the paperwork easy, and Alvin walked us through the manual so we'd know how to use the car's snazzy features.    

Overall I couldn't be happier with how we were treated by everyone at Airport Marina Honda!  Everyone was friendly and honest, and I am thrilled to enjoy driving my shiny new car!

Kevin W. | 2013-03-16

Had a good experience.  Worked with Mike Acosta, who was professional and honest with me.

jennifer b. | 2013-02-27

My husband negotiated a price for the 2013 Civic EX online.  When we got there, Alvin, had all the paperwork ready to go and the car was sitting outside, also ready to go.  It couldn't have been more easy or better.  We weren't waiting for hours on end and got in and out of there.  Alvin, did an amazing job & highly recommend working with him if you're shopping for a car.

Javon F. | 2013-02-15

As they are only a block from my house, I went Airport Marina Honda back in 2008 to purchase an Accord.  The salesmen were very rude and manipulative at Airport Marina Honda so based on a referral I went to DCH Gardena Honda and I couldn't have been happier with the service I received.  I received an excellent deal on a new 2008 Honda with no hassle.  This year I was in the market for a 2013 Honda Pilot for my family and I thought I would give Airport Marina Honda a try again as it is so close to my house.  I quickly regretted my decision during the negotiation process where the finance manager tried to employ the same manipulative tactics I had experienced before.  He tried to pressure me into a "take it or leave it" deal, so I left it and went to DCH Gardena Honda and purchased the car there where I received a MUCH better deal than Airport Marina was offering.  I learned my lesson twice and Airport Marina will not get a third chance.

John L. | 2012-12-30

I've been coming here since 2004.  I find the work on my Hondas is good and the prices are fair.  Compared to the local Honda, their service is better, cheaper, and friendlier.  There is a courtesy shuttle within a local radius; otherwise they have a comfortable lounge area to wait.  Even though I no longer live nearby, I make the extra effort to keep coming here.  I only wish scheduling could be more flexible and turn around times shorter.

Robyn R. | 2012-12-01

I leased my new Honda Crosstour a couple weeks ago and can't express how helpful, patient and understanding all the staff were specifically Brian and Carina who spend days with me whilst I made my up my mind. A big thank you too all who helped me: Brian, Carina, Terry and everyone else. I'll definitely be coming back.

John M. | 2012-11-21

Im not a huge fan of any parts and service department.  I buy Honda's because they are built to last, but even a Honda needs things taken care of, and this is where I headed for my air filter. The parts guy here really seems to know his stuff... Granted, Im in there for basic things, but damn, he's efficient in searching and locating what I need and has me headed out of the parking lot before the new car bug has a chance to bite.  Pricing is pretty much standard... by standard I mean walk out the door price is close to buying something online and paying delivery and waiting for it to arrive.

Cynthia R. | 2012-11-20

My negative review is for their service center. I have no beef with their sales division.

I bought my first car (2000 Civic) from this dealer, and my second car (2008 Accord) from a different dealership. However I still came here for oil changes and services.

Complain #1:
I always make an appointment for oil changes since I can only do them on Saturdays. I know this place gets very busy and packed on Saturdays, so I make appointments. I made an appointment for 12:00 pm. I arrived at the service station and was greeted by a flustered woman employee. I mentioned my appointment time,  and she said it would take 1 - 2 hours before my car would get in.
"Even though I have an appointment?"
Yes, apparently they were understaffed and had walk ins come before me. I was very upset and went to jiffy lube instead.

Complaint #2:
I constantly receive coupons from Airport Marina and got a deal for 4 brand new tires for $89. I was really happy because I needed brand new tires. I even read the fine print "not available for all Honda models" So I called to make sure this deal applied to my 4 cylinder, 4 door, 2008 Accord. Much to my surprise, when I arrived at Honda I was told that coupon would not be useful, my real price was $300. I could not hold it in, I had a BF "What do you mean?!? I called to find out?!? Who is answering the phones?!?"

Airport marina Honda, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!
I prefer to go to jiffy lube.

Maurice H. | 2012-10-26

The worst customer service from fast-talking Sales Manager Miguel (Airport Marina Honda).  I went into this dealership to purchase a "used/trade-in" Red Ford Focus 2001 (inexpensive vehicle).  I advised the manager that I was a serious knowledgeable cash buyer with no time to waste on negotiating & debating a price.

Nevertheless, I was engaged for 1 hour of "going back & forth" with misleading pricing information. Finally, I gave my final & best offer of $4,900. Sales Mgr Miguel refused my offer and gave his final price @ $5,500 (a $600 difference & pennies for a large corporation like Honda).  

*** The next day, Manger Miguel left me a Voice Mail accepting my $4,900 offer plus taxes. Six minutes later, Mgr Miguel called back stating that after talking to his boss, he could not honor the $4,900 price he agreed to sell me the car for. Very unprofessional way of conducting business.****

This type of customer service is unacceptable and continues to contribute to the negative stigma associated with car dealerships.

1. Remember dealerships need your business, they are not doing you any favors.
2. Never accept bad customer service. You have a voice, use it.
3. Do your car research, know the market & retail value.
4. Don't accept over-priced quotes.

Marissa B. | 2012-10-24

I bought my Special Edition Honda Civic in dark grey here around August 2012 with the special help of Mr. Stanley Salinas. I was able to get rid of my silver Audi car which I horrifically bought in the first place. I was extremely specific in what I wanted, great gas mileage, practical, simple, and a great transportation car that seats 4 people and was roomy.

My only regret is not taking my bf, which I wanted to do, but that's another story. I guess hindsight is 20/20. =( Sad. I should have waited for him =(

Anyway, the terms were great. I did not get any hassle, it was a smooth process.

I will never forget the way that Stanley helped me. I LOVE my Honda Civic and it's the model that is not the newer uglier one. It's classically simple, stylish, and awesome.

I recommend this dealer to ANYONE who wants a practical car with great car reputation, gas mileage, and simplicity. Service here is efficient, no run around, people are amazingly helpful and not pushy.

HelloFood Y. | 2012-10-19

Just got my car from this dealership. Overall, I would recommend this dealership as I can see the sales will really try their very best to get you the best price.

I highly recommend Karina, she's awesome! Not only that she's very detail oriented, she will try hard to help us get the price we want as well.  A very trustworthy person.

The reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is that I think they might need to work better on communication. Before we went, one of their managers promised they can give us the car with that certain price. However, on the day we went, we're not able to contact the manager, and that caused some miscommunications for the negotiation, which ends up spending extra hours there. Thanks God, after long hours, they're willing to honor that price.

Once again, highly recommend Karina! :)

Tom M. | 2012-10-14

Life is too short to deal with disingenuous people - you can find more reputable Honda dealers in LA.  My story -  I had made a TrueCar search for a 2012 Honda Odyssey Touring. After re-confirming the price with the Internet Sales Manager via e-mail, phone and text I came in to buy the car. Once there, they proceeded to try to sell a lesser model for the agreed price while raising the price $4000 on the model I had come to buy. That is called bait and switch in my book. What is really aggravating is that I drove 90 minutes and they made me wait more than an hour. After it was clear I was not going to just rollover they sent in what must have been a senior sales person, Chris Debonnet, who tried to show me fancy math about the payment is the same at the higher price (duh, yes but its 2 more years of paying).

I complained to the dealer management and sent them extensive documentation of all the e-mails, phone call notes and SMS texts.  Their explanation was that it was "a mistake" but they still would not honor the agreed upon sales price.  

In the end, I got the same car with no hassle from another dealer without the nonsense and slime. I would NOT recommend buying a car thru the Internet Group of Airport Marina Honda.

UPDATE - I complained to the BBB but the Dealer responded that they did not intend to honor the agreed upon price.

Keeffer O. | 2012-10-11


I bought my car at AMH 12 months ago.  2012 Honda Civic.

I received a call yesterday saying "we have someone who wants your car as a pre-owned.  Would you be interested in letting us have yours back and we'd give you a brand new 2012 at no cost to you so we can have yours for a different customer?"

I was intrigued, while knowing it was probably a scam, so I went in to see how this would work.  

Basically they take your car back, pay off your loan, and then sell you a new car.  I pointed out that this isn't exactly "no cost to me" as I've spent a year paying off my loan and that money would be down the drain in this scenario. Stupid people probably fall for this all the time, and it's completely dishonest.

FYI - there is no other customer who really wants your car.  They just want you in the door so they can try and sell a new car.

Alex Y. | 2012-10-02

Bad Service!!
The sales manager was so rude, so unprofessional.

I'll never ever come back to this dealer, even if i have to pay way more for the same car to another auto dealer.

If you really want to buy a car, don't waste your time here. For more reference, you can check their reviews on and Insider Page to see the buying experience of other customers. NOT GOOD at all!!

Ed S. | 2012-10-02

Bad Service!!
sales manager was so rude, so unprofessional.
We were there for 4 hours, couldn't get the deal done.
To make long story short, we were told a different price when we first walked in but once  we filled out the application, the story changed completely, they were playing with us 4 hours with numbers, and more number, lies and blah, blah, blah.....
Well, after 4 hours, then came the nightmare, their Sales Manager, He came with a bad attitude, almost yelling, trying to intimidate us, he was so mad at me, cuz I didn't agree with his payment plan. (We were talking about $12 difference, he said $232 and I just want to pay $220) (its not the $12, its the fact that we were told a different story 4 hours ago)
Of course I said NO to his payment plan, then he walked away with a very bad attitude, he only hand shaked my husband (who was just a listener), ignoring me completely, not even a word to me (i'm the buyer), and left.
So rude and so unprofessional.
Olla never ever come back to this dealer, even if i have to pay way more for the same car to another auto dealer.
If you really want to buy a car, don't waste your time here. For more reference, you can check their reviews onYelp.comand Insider Page to see the buying experience of other customers. NOT GOOD at all.

charly b. | 2012-09-26

I recently purchased a new Honda Accord from Airport Marina Honda , they gave me the deal I wanted and the car I wanted, the whole process went smooth and quick. They also made an appointment for me to come back and get a complementary first Oil Change . I will definitely recommend Airport Marina Honda to my friends and family , and anyone I know who has automotive needs.

Jan B. | 2012-09-09

If I could give this dealership ZERO or NEGATIVE STARS, I WOULD. I made a deposit of $1K for a pre-owned Honda Civic, but since my loan got disapproved due to fact that I am new to this country and didn't have a credit score, I had to cancel my purchase. They borrowed my debit card saying they wanted to swipe the money back in, but instead of putting back the $1K, they took another $1K from me!! So in total, THEY TOOK $2,000 from me for absolutely no reason!! What a bunch of crooks!! I was told this was a "mistake" by the cashier, but I doubt it. She or anyone else never apologized or informed us about this mistake not until I asked why I was missing another $1K. So, please guys, AVOID THIS DEALERSHIP AT ALL COST. AVOID THIS DEALERSHIP LIKE A PLAGUE. I should've checked the reviews they have on other sites before checking them out.

Jan B. | 2012-09-04

The contact numbers on their website just keeps ringing, and ringing, and ringing.  No one has ever picked up the phone.  I tried on three separate occasions calling multiple times.  I tried all the numbers on the site.  They should hire a receptionist.

bob t. | 2012-08-31

Airport Marina Honda is a well-oiled machine for taking advantage of their customers. They inflated prices hoping we didn't know what different terms meant. And, with an effortlessness that can only come from practice, our complaint was passed from one person to another until we were worn out. I would not ever go to this shop again.

Emily S. | 2012-08-13

So far, I'm happy with Airport Marina Honda's service center.  I was able to make an appointment to come in over the weekend when I called them on a Friday. (Next day appointment).  I was scheduled to come in at 8:45 and when I showed up the service center was pretty empty.  I'm guessing it'll get more crowded with customers as the day progressed.  

When I talked to them, I asked them to look at the window since it would make screeching noises when I'd roll the windows up or down.  The service rep told me that it would take about an hour and a half over the phone, but when I got there they said it would take an hour since it wasn't too busy.

I left the dealership anyway, and decided it would be better to have them call me when the car was ready.  One thing I like about the service center is that they have a courtesy shuttle to and from your destination within I believe two miles or three miles.  I didn't take the shuttle but it was good to know the option is there.

Fast forward to two hours and a few minutes later, I received the call to pick up the car.  There wasn't any work done since they needed to order some parts but I will be taking the car in when the parts come in.  And since it's a fairly new car, the cost to repair is covered by warranty.  So, the estimate was a little longer than expected but that's fine since I wasn't waiting on the car.

The Airport Marina Honda's service center is nice and super clean.  They even had free donuts set out in the service waiting area which was nice.  I'm surprised by the low reviews, but I'll see how the service center is once the car runs out of warranty.

Lily H. | 2012-08-07

On April 2nd, I took my car to get its 3rd annual oil change/service checkup.  

While waiting, the service rep came back with a few suggestions for additional maintenance.  The cabin air filter was "really dirty" and would cost $60 to replace, the tires were showing "uneven wear" and an alignment would be $80 and the engine air filter was "dirty" and would cost ...  $400!!!!! to replace???

Seeing that last number almost made me walk, because I KNEW that couldn't be right, but he said the magic words for the tire alignment, so I let them perform that service.  I hope to God they actually did some real work there.

Just this weekend I watched two videos on free websites, opened the hood of my car, laid eyes on the engine air filter cover, unlatched the 4 hooks and removed the air filter.  I then went through 4 similar steps inside the car for the cabin air filter, and then proceeded to order new filters for $14 a piece on Amazon.

You may buy your car here, but it looks like it's a BAD idea to get it serviced here.

Drew M. | 2012-07-29

Disorganized and dishonest.  I test drove and had a mechanic check out a used Toyota here.  When I went I make an offer to Terry and Tony, I was told the sticker price was $1000 higher than posted on the website.  They asked me to show them the website - on my own phone - and I found the lower price.  Then, I made them an offer that they declined to counteroffer, standing firm.  They called me the next day to apologize and offer me $50 for my time because - get this - they had pre sold the car BEFORE I came in.  I guess they really wanted to try to nail some poor sap with that extra $1k.  These guys are disorganized and/or dishonest; avoid like the plague.

Guillermo A. | 2012-06-23

DO NOT BUY YOUR FIRST CAR HERE! I researched online for a 2008 Honda Civic LX. I wanted specifically 2008 because that was the last year when automakers made cars with quality materials(Go figure, the market crashed a year later). Interior finishes make the difference.
So I found this beautiful Certified Used 2008 Honda Civic LX. The best part was that it only had 12500 miles(Remember, this was march 2011)! The car was super clean. I test drove the vehicle and everybody was professional til the close.
They were straight up aggressive and condescending. I should expect that, knowing that I was only 20 and it was my first car buying experience.
After agreeing with the monthly payments and terms, I moved on to the finance department. That was the worst experience. For those who don't know, any certified used honda comes with Honda Care, which is an extended warranty and customer service program for honda owners. Tell me why the finance department is pitching honda care for an extra fee of $600?! I was confused about why should try to charge me extra for it? I simply said no thank you. In the end I bought my car for $17000 with a down payment of $3000.
Two weeks later, i am back to the dealership to get my lo-jack installed and I see the 2012 Honda Civic in the showroom. Same trim same price!!! I did my kelley blue book value and the value of my model has dropped by exactly $3000!!! They knew that new model was coming.  They knew if i didn't buy the car, the value will drop quickly.
I love my car, but i truly feel that I was robbed $3000. I can't take the car back now. California law favors the dealerships in the car buying process, but people don't realize that they are not the only dealership in the world. Airport Marina Honda made the sale this time, but this will be the only sale they will ever get from me for the years to come.
So why did I did I wait til now to make a review? Glad you asked. A little over a year since this car buying experience, I get a random phone call from a spanish speaking guy. You would think I speak spanish if my first name is Guillermo, right? Wrong. So with a heavy accent I am being asked whether I am interested in buying a car. I work in sales and it was absolutely the WORST pitch I ever heard. I wanted to get past this but now i will direct this anger of mine to an informative review.

A Z. | 2012-05-24

What a mistake.
All I wanted was a diagnostic for an "idiot" light. Don't tempt me.

I got there about 7:45A and didn't get out until about 11:15. I was lied to more than once and treated like an idiot.  On the 3rd trip to see how they were doing I found my car behind the building just sitting there. The "service" manager said they had to take the guy off my car and put him on something else - he didn't finish the sentence but eluded to, "more important".
When I called him on his s**t he tried to back-peddle and apologize.  I had to demand a copy of the finally completed report.. Took him 15 minutes to make copies.  If you have to go here for any reason, don't let them yank you.

Abbi F. | 2012-05-01

The service manager was quite accomodating, ensuring that I had transport to/from the facility (despite the fact that they say they don't do pick-ups for when your vehicle is finished).  Seems like they charged me a fair price for the repairs, and were very thorough at checking over my civic hybrid.

Lisa S. | 2012-04-05

When I began my search for a Honda, this was one of several dealerships that I contacted.  I got a number of generic follow up emails from all the others, but I received emails from Alvin Benjamin at Airport Marina Honda that actually referenced the exact Honda  I wanted (including the hard to find color I specified to him).  He committed to finding one of these cars in this rare color.  He was VERY good at keeping me updated on options to find this car, even if it meant trading with another dealership.  Alvin Benjamin was the only dealer representative that took this level of initiative.  While ultimately I bought at a Northern California dealer, it was merely due to convenience of being at the right place at the right time to get my hard to find vehicle.  I have no doubt that Alvin would have come through for me and that he was only limited by the elusiveness of the car I desired.

Sara V. | 2012-03-23

First time buying a car, the entire process was very nerve wracking.  Though exhausting as it is the guys who assisted me all throughout that day was beyond amazing - Terry and Lynndon. Specially Lynndon, such a great guy!

I have purchased my Civic 2012 last October 1, so considering that the 2012 Civics has just been released, they do not have much in stock. My mind is set of having a black car. Nothing can talk me out of that. After endless discussions and us agreeing on the same terms (finally!) I have brought up the color issue and to my surprise, they do not have a black one. And there's just no way I'm getting any other color... not even gray, which what they wanted me to get instead. I said no, I wouldn't give in. Sorry. Next thing I know, they're on a phone call with the Honda dealer in Anaheim, having my black Civic 2012 EX delivered. I got it after a little over an hour. Wonderful!!!

Even though I have such a good experience in this place... I am not so sure about their service and parts department. So far, there has been a confusion with the scheduling - them not giving me inaccurate details about my appointment and not willing to accommodate me right away, even if it's their fault... was a downer. But then again it's a different department, different manager and all that. Though I will be back tomorrow, let's see if that can change my initial encounter with them. I'm hopeful.

Jonah M. | 2012-03-11

UPDATE: My transmission just died. It was 14 years and a CVT so I guess that's par for the course. Once again, Dawn went above and beyond the call of duty. Calling Honda and working with the people at Airport Marina to get me a huge discount. If it wasn't for her help, I would probably have been forced to ditch the Civic and buy a new car.

Ess E. | 2012-02-16

Don't even think about buying a car here.  Unless you enjoy feeling like a sucker.  I wish I could go back in time and tell myself, "DON'T DO IT!"  I can't so will tell y'all instead.

My first car purchase.  I did my research.  I thought I had a good deal on a pre-owned certified car based on an internet quote and pre-owned Certified KBB value.

My first time buying a car, I asked why the 2008 car cost as much as a 2011.  Because it was "certified" and it had a huge warranty.  I am such an asshole for listening to him.  The warranty was tacked on after the price.  They would not take the warranty off the car, it had to be sold with it adding another $2100 to my purchase.  

Serge told me gap insurance would increase my monthly payment, and went to "check."  Came back all smiles.  They included it already!  Your payment will be so low!  Asked to go lower on the price.  No they couldn't because it was an "internet price" and it was already the lowest possible, the lowest they could go.

Since then, the car battery died after 6 months.  The car had body damage I was not told about.   Six months after purchase and my payoff price is $2000 MORE than Kelly Blue Book value.  I can't even refinance my car, because the gap between what I owe and the value is so huge.  

Avoid this place.  Buy a car elsewhere, and don't believe the "internet price" speech for a minute.

Brittney S. | 2012-01-08

I wish could've put no stars, but it didn't give me that option, this place is horrible. I have a 2011 Honda Accord Coupe, I'm a new Honda owner and didn't know service wasn't opened on Sundays. I pull in, and nobody came to help me, I walked in and the workers were talking amongst each other, laughing and s&^%, not even helping customers, like they were out at a bar or something, even when making eye contact with them they still wouldn't help me, I do admit I look young but that has no excuse to help me or at least see if I needed help. I literally had to go to someone's office where he was also talking to another co-worker and ask is service opened, he said no it isn't with a smile, and I definitely made the comment how no one helped me or even seemed to want to help me, he clearly could care less. Knowing this, I felt I had to  write this review. There customer service is horrific, please if you live in this area pass this place and go to the one in Gardena DCH Honda off of Redondo Beach Blvd, there customer service is wayyy better.

Man M. | 2011-12-27

I got an amazing deal and had a great experience buying my 2012 Odyssey Touring Elite.  I couldn't have asked for anything better.

This is really ONLY because of the salesman I dealt with:  
Mr. Alvin Benjamin.

I had sent out several internet inquiries and he was one of many that had contacted me.  But he SEEMED the most honest and then he convinced me by sending me to a dealer rating website.

He gave me one of the 2 lowest prices.  I was still a little skeptical because of the fear of a bait and switch but it was all legitimate.  This man even came in the day after Christmas on his vacation time to meet me and close the deal.  I'm serious.  He was outstanding.  I can not stress this enough.

The dealership in general is small and I didn't really get a lot of confidence by observing the rest of the 'crew' but it didn't matter because I had already felt that I was in good hands with Alvin and he was going to make sure that things were done well.  And they were.

Alvin had great knowledge of the vehicle and spent time go over everything.

If you are thinking about buying a Honda, seek this man out!
If he's still at this dealership, its worth the effort.
Otherwise find him.  You won't regret it.

J j. | 2011-11-28

My wife and I have had several Honda vehicles from various Honda dealers around Southern California and all our experiences were poor hence why we tried different dealerships. We finally decided to try a smaller Honda dealership to see if it was more family oriented and sure enough our intuition served us right. The Airport Marina Honda dealership was the most pleasant experience my wife and I have ever had hands down. The staff Terry and Lyndon were genuinely nice guys and got us into a nicer ride (Pilot) from our Civic while meeting our budgetary needs. The finance crew was very polite and got us in and out of there within an hour.  We live in the area and this whole time we never went in, but were customers there now and were hoping that the service department experience will be the  same when that time comes. If you're going to get a Honda go to the Airport Marina Honda. The Santa Monica, Keys in Woodland Hills, and Galpin Honda should take note on how to run a dealership from these people.

Connie R. | 2011-10-19

I came to Airport Marina Honda after seeing the great lease on a Crosstour.  John Harmond and Alvin Benjamin were the gentlemen to help me on my purchase. Alvin directed me to a gorgeous 2012 black on black crosstour which was the exact car I was looking for. Mr. Benjamin was a pleasure to work with. He was thorough with explaining all the upgrades and 'technology' and set my radio stations and blue tooth for me. When my XM radio was not working the following day, he got me in touch with XM and my signal was sent and I was hooked up. Alvin was prompt in returning my calls and ensuring I was happy with my purchase. As a female who has not bought a car on my own, I was nervous about the purchase. However, both John and Alvin made me feel at ease. I would definitely recommend Airport Honda and ask for Alvin!

Liz H. | 2011-10-11

I just purchased a car here last week from Alvin Benjamin and had a terrific experience! I moved to LA from Chicago last Tuesday and was in a hurry to find a new car to lease (while starting a new job and hunting for an apartment, genius plan on my part).

I sent an email to Airport Marina Honda listing the things I was hoping to get in a car and within 30 minutes Alvin had emailed me the perfect car at a killer price! I had previously spoken with two other dealerships that just weren't budging and insisted on me coming in to the dealership before giving me a "final price", I was really relieved to not have to haggle with Alvin.

He made the process so easy and smooth and really was delightful to work with, which is not my past experience while buying a car. Send Alvin an email and let him help find you your ideal car!

Xuan T. | 2011-09-29

I came in to try to buy a Honda Fit here.  "Try" is the key word.

Back story!

Contacted Amir in internet sales for a 2012 Honda Fit automatic transmission base model.  He confirmed that the MSRP was $16,745.  And!.... There was only one left...

Came in and noticed that the car really wasn't $16,745.  Oh Amir... you tried to pull a fast one didn't you?  For my "convenience" and "benefit" the car came with the super-fantastic "pro-pack" and "thermoguard" which brought the sticker price to well over $18,000.  So...the extra costs were for mud flaps, a rubber cargo tray, and an overrated scotch-guard for paint.

Now, Amir was willing to cut me a deal.  Instead of paying the $18,000+ sticker price, he was going to do me a "favor" and cut the price down to $16,990.  The problem here folks is that I'm not dullard.  The accessories are there to pad the profit as much as possible.  Don't try to fool me into thinking otherwise.  It makes me not like you.  It would have been different if the car was bare bones as nature intended and I had asked for accessories.  I just felt I was being force fed something I didn't want.  Which leads me to....

1. Amir wasted my time.  I was up front that I wanted that car at the basic MSRP with no accessories, no frills, nada.  Just the car.  Is that too much to ask?  Just FYI dealership-guy, lying to my face to get me onto your car lot is not the best way to win over a customer.  Just sayin'.
2. I still can't get over this "thermoguard".  Did I mention that it was like an extra $990 for that?  It just reminds me of that scene from Fargo where William H. Macy is trying to dupe his customer into paying extra for the Trucoat.  "Well, we've never done this before. But seeing as it's special circumstances and all, he says I can knock a hundred dollars off that Trucoat."
3. When Amir realized his song and dance wasn't working, he brought his manager over to try to win me over.  That just made the situation worse.  Which leads me to.....

Unintentionally funny:
There is a indirect relationship between consumer awareness and salesman friendliness.  As soon as I whipped out my research from Edmunds and other dealerships, the grins just turned to frowns.  I told them what the true market value of the car was and what other dealerships were offering with printed quotes.  The manager's retort was "Well you don't buy a car from Edmunds".  Apparently, the salesmen here don't appreciate customers who actually know every nook and cranny of the car.  I guess it makes it a tad harder for them to rip 'em off.  Which leads me to....

Hmm... can't... think of any.  Strange.

Needless to say, I walked away from the deal.

So why did I give this place 2 stars rather than one?  Well, you gotta give an extra star for the unintentionally funny.  Anywhoo, if you do want a more positive Honda-buying experience please refer to my Carson Honda review.

Karina D. | 2011-07-27

If I could give 0 stars, I would. NEVER take your car to the service department at Airport Marina Honda. I left my car at the service department at 8:00a.m. due to a rattling sound in my Honda Civic. I was promised a call-back time at 10:15 to let me know what was wrong. Six hours later, I still hadn't heard back. I called and was told that they had to get "approval" for the repairs needed. This "approval" took two days to complete since the person who apparently does the approvals would not return any calls.

When I finally picked up my car, there was new damage on the bumper. Since I already had other damage on the bumper, they claimed it wasn't their responsibility. Now I'm stuck with the damage that they caused.  Airport Marina Honda has horrible service and I would never go back there. Don't do it!!!

Jenna K. | 2011-05-24

I unexpectedly had to get a new car after mine was unfortunately stolen from me. After a month of shock and depression over the loss I realized it was time to get another. I had a Honda before and really had my sights set on a Honda Fit. A friend told me they got a great deal and had a positive experience getting their Prius from Airport Marina Toyota and that they had a Honda dealership next door as well. I hadn't been to a car dealership in over ten years and all I could really remember was that it was a long and relatively annoying process, but I decided to give it a shot anyway.  And boy am I glad. I wasn't sure what I'd be able to afford but the friendly salesperson was very helpful and informative and patient with me while me and my mother asked numerous questions, sometimes over and over. We explored many different options until I finally ended up leaving with a car that i absolutely love at a price I can afford. Everyone I dealt with was very kind and personable. .

This experience was MUCH better than from what I can remember in the past. And it turned a negative experience into a positive one. No regrets. I believe they had a Ford dealership there as well, and I saw many different pre-owned cars. I really hope I won't be buying another car anytime remotely soon but I definitely would recommend this place to anyone that is.

John D. | 2011-04-04

I have a Civic Hybrid that requires 0W-20 oil. It is hard to find, so I wind up taking my car to the dealer. It is a little more expensive and any coupon they send out is right in the middle of my oil change cycle so I cannot take advantage of them.

This place is ok. I've had some slightly above average experiences. They recently performed a few services and a recall. It took longer than they estimated so I wound up waiting around. They also forgot to wash my car, part of their free services, but a reason I come here. I had been waiting so long I didn't ask them to wash it although they would have.

Like all places, they always try the up sell, but they are not pushy about it and don't try to scare me into it, I appreciate that.

Viswanath U. | 2011-03-27

At no time Airport Marina Honda have been apologetic for their accidental mistakes but always tried finding fault with me or the car.  I started servicing there at 42k miles. All times I have been there, I had to go back.

On one service it was oil change but no tire rotation, in spite of being charged for both.  Later, on a major service, all the fluids were noted as checked and topped as necessary, the power steering fluid was replaced too.  Within a few days, the engine light came on, I opened the hood to see the coolant level below the "MIN" mark. I went back and was told that the coolant can evaporate in as little as 10 days in hot Sun, or there is a leak.  The problem will need a diagnosis on the radiator ($98), and most of the time replacing the cap would work ($15).  To me the cap looked fine, no drips in my parking lot, so from common-sense I decided to refill the coolant and for the last 8 months or more it has not "evaporated" under the Sun.

Later, a good samaritan cab-driver warned me that my brake lights were not working.  As it was a matter of emergency, I went to get it fixed at Airport Marina Honda.  The agent doing the initial visual fluids inspection said the power steering fluid has to be changed.  I reminded that it was done the last time, to which he said - 'oh, then it is not required'.  On asking why would he not go by the visual inspection, he said the oil color can change when warm and be different once put into the car.  

They fixed the bulbs and said the brake pads on the front were worn out, but the back  were good another 10-15k miles.  Without my consent, they (claimed to have) resurfaced the brake discs as part of "regular" maintenance procedure of Honda. Later I found that disc resurfacing is not required either unless they are warped or if they are misaligned.  Neither was the case with my car.

Few months later, I happened to go on the interstate and on braking at 70 mph or higher, there was serious wobble and shaking of the steering.  With time as the problem worsened, I called Airport Marina Honda, over the phone, they verified the service record and said it is the back brakes that could be causing it.

I needed an oil change, so decided on Honda of Pasadena.  They diagnosed for free and said front pads were fine, it was the front brake discs that were not okay, and back brakes were still good.  On calling Airport Marina Honda, they said the discs could be bad and needs replacing if resurfaced already.  The reasons could be that I might be breaking too hard or that someone else is driving the car. They were not ready to cover this under the 12 month/12k mile warranty, which is for both parts and workmanship per Honda's owners manual.

Regarding this I called Honda Motor customer care, waited over a month, did not hear back from either parties.  Fearing other consequences, I went to the Airport Marina honda.  I was told brake drums/ discs have been replaced every 15,000 miles on a few cars and that my braking habit was bad and there was clear indication of it.  I was told resurfacing will cost $98 and replacing the discs will be too expensive.  I have been driving this car for four years and neither my driving habits nor the driver has changed.  After much arguing, insisting to speak with the manager, telling that I will let the credit card company know of poor workmanship and the past fluids related incidences, they agreed to do it for free.  

From that second resurfacing till date, there has been no issues with the brakes.  There is this famous quote - Life is too short to learn from one's own mistakes.  Hopefully, this review helps both other Honda owners and as well Airport Marina Honda in bettering their customer care.

The back brakes have done 22000 miles since the front brakes were fixed, unlike them telling me that they are good for another 10k miles.

Al B. | 2011-01-04

I came here for an oil change a while back. They completed it without any issues (not very complicated).

They informed me one of the bulbs in my brake light assembly was out, which I hadn't realized. It cost around $20 for the bulb (1 or 2) which seemed high for a bulb, but I wanted the peace of mind and didn't feel like shopping around for something so small.

Service was fine and I checked out their used and new car inventory while I waited. There isn't much to do in the area while you wait, but the renovated Westfield mall is down the street in case you have wheels.

The service department has coupons on their website, so I'd suggest checking beforehand in case they have something that would cover you. I think they offer a free car wash now, which is a bonus.

For things like oil changes, I think places like Pep Boys can do the same job without much fuss. For more detailed work, I'd suggest shopping around different dealers and independent shops that might be a good fit for you.

Brian L T. | 2010-12-31

This review is specifically for the parts department and a little bit of sales. My Mum and I went to the dealership a few weeks before Christmas hoping to buy my Dad a very basic Honda hood emblem (His had been stolen) as a gift.

We duly headed over there, only to find out that the emblem was out of stock. The parts lady was nice enough in making sure it arrived before Christmas, and we went back there a second time to make the actual purchase. No hassle or complaints whatsoever. They get 4 stars.

Unfortunately, what surprised me on both visits was the complete lack of interest the salespeople showed. Maybe it was because we were driving a Mercedes and they thought we were not serious, but after walking around the lot and admiring some of the cars, all their sales people were still sitting down in the shade, casually eying us and talking amongst themselves. My Mum was actually thinking about test driving an Accord since we were already there, but thanks to their ignorance, they lost out on a possible sale.

I can't really judge the department comprehensively since I wasn't actually there to buy a car, but if I was, I now know not to get it from here!

Jim O. | 2010-12-12

Fast service department and friendly too.

sandra m. | 2010-11-24

Took my car in for service and brought it back as something was still wrong. Roger (service advisor) apologized that i had to bring it back and that they didn't catch it the 1st time.  So he picked up the deductible i would have needed to pay to have it fixed.   Roger was alway very professional and courteous.

Jenn I. | 2010-07-13

I took my car in for it's 100K maintenance.  I did research beforehand so I was familiar with what had to be done.  After I dropped off my car, I got a phone call with what they were proposing to fix.  To my surprise, they didn't even bother checking the water pump.  I asked what was part of the 100K check and the guy helping me had no idea (bad sign #1).  So, he put me on hold so he could as the mechanics.  When he came back on I asked why they didn't check the water pump, he guy said because it's too hard to get to, they would have to remove to many components to get to it (bad sign #2).  Then, he called back and said, nevermind he asked the mechanic and they said they could check the water pump and that it doesn't need to be replaced, but should come back in another 20,000 miles.  I told them to fix a few things and when I came for the bill, the total was $700+.  I ignorantly thought it made sense at the time.  After they worked on it, my car now sounds louder than it ever has (bad sign #3) and there was no way I was going back there to get it looked at.

After reading the rave reviews on Yelp, I recently took my car into South Coast Auto Clinic to check my water pump again.  I showed them the summary bill from the Airport Marina Honda Dealership and after looking at my car, the guy said I was definitely overcharged.  He said they charged me for my spark plugs and then labor of replacing them on top of that, which they never would have done, and that they didn't even change my transmission fluid.  He said for what the bill said they checked, I overpaid by a lot and that it's common at dealerships.  The guys at the South Coast Clinic were knowledgable, friendly, and they even gave me a discount for being a new customer.  They aren't as stupid as the Honda Marina guys and they're seemed much more honest.  Go there instead!  I wish I would have.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T TAKE YOUR CAR THERE!  I wasted so much money and time there, and my car seems like it's worse off!

Julie F. | 2010-06-09

I had read the negative reviews about this dealership, and was ready to do battle going in there. Pleasantly surprised!

Had to take my Odyssey in for a recall repair, and made my appointment with Roger.  He was ready when I got there, completely professional and didn't try to sell me anything. I asked to get an oil change, and take a look at my tire pressure. He called to advise me that there was a nail in my tire, $20 to pull and patch it. Oil change was around $30. Car was ready on time, as promised.

Andrea S. | 2010-04-25

I  recently purchased a Honda Crosstour from Airport Marina Honda. I had  a good experience. My brother negoiated on my behalf.   I got everything I wanted.  The Internet sales, Internet manager, finance manager were all great.  They even got me a lower interest rate than was first quoted.

niki h. | 2010-02-21

I'm giving them three stars because three stars is average, and you pretty much get what I consider an average experience here.  
Did they try to sneak a $2400 warranty into the overall cost?  Yes.  
Did they claim the cheapest loan I could qualify for was more than 2% higher than I was pre-qualified for?  Yes.


Did they give me the car at the price they advertised? Yes.
Did they back down when I refused to buy the warranty?  Yes.
Did they go out of their way to accommodate one of my requests?  Yes.

It's pretty much like any other car dealer; if you do your research, go in here informed, and know what discrepancies to look for in the math they throw around, you'll be fine.

Lani L. | 2010-02-04

This dealership lied to get us in the door, even after we told them we had to drive an hour to get there with our two little boys.

We had been searching for a 2010 Pilot LX in a specific color.  Pilots are in short supply right now, so we had to keep dealing with dealers who "hoped" they could trade.

We got a bunch internet quotes.  The lowest came in and said they were sure they could get us the color.  But then - OH! - it sold.  (of course.)  But we have another color in stock.  No thanks.  We heard that several times from various dealers, who told us that there just wasn't that color available.

Then we got a call from Airport Marina Honda, saying they have the color and the model.  I told him I wanted a guarantee that it was the right color and the right trim since we had to drive an hour with our two little boys.  Yes yes they said.  

My husband left work early, and we packed up the boys.  We got there and they said it was "on the way."   But go take a test drive on the EX just to see - it's standard procedure, they said.  The Internet Director was very pleasant, but we are certain we were victims of a bait and switch.  

The Internet Director would have said yes on the phone to whatever we were looking for.  His real job was just to get us on the lot.  He wasn't even a salesman.  After the test drive, he turned us over to his manager, a real showman: winning smile, smooth-talking, our new best friend.  He told us that the car we wanted "had a scratch, was damaged" and he didn't want to sell us that one.  But he'd give us a "great deal" on the EX.  Ultimately, he tried to sell us the EX for the LX price, but with the $2500 warranty.  Nope.  So we wasted five hours (including travel time in LA traffic) for nothing.

NEVER go to Airport Marina Honda.

Preston N. | 2009-12-17

I wish i could give negative stars, because these guys are douchebags, big fat liars, and everything else previous posters wrote.  They lied to me about the price of the car I wanted when I called, made me wait for over an hour while the salesman was supposedly conferring with his manager, and to top it all off, they offered me an insulting $100 for my trade-in (an 80K mile, 2001 Subaru Forester in great condition).  I laughed in their face and got the hell out of there.  This place is truly the worst.

Zack B. | 2009-11-16

This dealership has been by far one of the worst shopping experiences of my life. I was lied to, ignored and laughed at over the course of three visits. Each time I came back was under false pretenses.

The first problem began like so...

I went in wanting to buy a Honda Fit. After two hours of negotiating a BUY, we got the figures we both agreed upon, then they asked me, "Okay, are you ready to sign the LEASE?" The word "lease" had never escaped my lips since entering that dealership. I should have known then what I was in for.

So we started negotiating a buy. We got to some slightly higher figures than I was hoping for, so I said I would look around. After looking around a bit and going to other dealerships, I realized that they had made me a decent offer. I went back in to take them up on the offer they made me, and all of a sudden, they can't do that offer anymore. They are now saying that it wasn't a real quote, and the offer was just what they were "hoping" to do for me. Another 2 hours go by and I end up walking out again.

Two days go by, then I recieve a text message AND voice mail saying they would price the car at $1000 down, 260/month for 66 months. Great deal, right? I called three times to confirm this offer and that the deal was ready to go, including tax, title, fees, etc. When I got there, they brought out the pencil and paper and started once again with the same damn offer that I turned down 2 days ago! Talk about a bait and switch. When I would not back down from the offer they sent me as a text message (which I showed to them), they seriously started laughing at me. It was one gentleman in particular, I wish I could remember his name. Laughing at a customer after lying to them? Ri-donk-ulous.

I have never been so fed up with a group of people in my life.

If you are trying to avoid frustration and bad business practices, then stay away from Airport Marina Honda.

jon c. | 2009-08-05

Very shady said they would give me this price on email then when i get there try to change the price and wouldnt give me my keys tyring to stall.

they are shady even by dealership standards never ever go there. all they do is lie to get you in and then change what they say when you get there.

youve been warned

Chris B. | 2009-08-04

Heed the warnings!

These guys are shady. I could just feel the lies oozing from the salesmen and managers mouth. They will go back on prices they quote claiming they didnt realize how much a car was worth when they quoted the price. They will over quote you for blue book and try to raise the price claiming dmv and taxes will cost more. When I bought my car here they said they were going to clean it up but when I inspected closer later, it had gum on the floormat and many of the things they promised to do werent done. Avoid at all costs! If you do decide to do business here, make sure you do all your research and dont buy into what is told to you. You will be sorry if you believe what they tell you, they will take you for a ride.

Jody G. | 2009-07-31

While I can't attest to the quality of other salespeople, Larry Mitchell is a really patient, attentive, and pleasant salesperson to do business with!

I had read some horrible reviews of the dealership on Yelp before I went into Airport Marina Honda, and had just had a terrible experience earlier in the day at Miller Honda, so I was definitely feeling cautious when I went in.

My husband had gotten a quote from Larry over the internet, and given our experience at Miller Honda, I was worried that they might pull a bait and switch like Miller Honda or other unethical dealers.

However, not only did Larry give us the exact quote he'd sent over the internet (and it was quite reasonable - we'd done alot of research in advance), he also patiently answered all of our questions, and waded through all the paperwork we needed to fill out to trade in our old car under the 'cash for clunkers' program.  

He was understanding, even when we declined every single type of accessory or add-on to the base automatic Fit that we wanted.  He spent alot of time with us as we hemmed and hawed our way through the purchase, and was even patient when he had to get a different color from another lot... and then I changed my mind and he had to switch the color again!

If you want a good experience, ask for Larry Mitchell - he's a very nice person and a professional, thorough salesman.

Mazyar J. | 2009-07-30

I see all these negative reviews on the sales department, so I thought I share my experience dealing with their service department: Single word - AVOID AT ALL COST!
They are such rip-offs: A couple of months ago I wanted to replace my Honda Accord engine air filter and do a tire rotation and the service advisor, Roger, told me they charged some $90 for engine filter and around $35 for tire rotation. Needless to say, I thanked him and walked away. I bought a genuine filter for $20 and changed it myself in 60 seconds. West Coast Tire Center also took care of the tire rotation for free.
After a couple of month, I bought a new Honda Pilot and on my drive home, noticed the car was pulling to right. The next day on my way to the dealership to check the alignment under warranty, I also noticed low air pressure on both tires on right. I met Roger again, and he told me that just to check the tires and adjust the pressure they would charge me $32! I was outraged to see he was charging me that for just checking tires, on a brand new car I owned less than 1 day! Obviously I walked away again, and took my car to another Honda dealership nearby and they took care of everything for free.
Sorry to say this, but I am very disappointed by this Roger guy. I have two Hondas and I am not going back to Airport Marina ever again. I kept telling him very nicely that I thought he was overcharging me all the time, and I told him I wanted to be a regular costumer if he gave me a better deal, but apparently he didn't care. If that's the attitude, then I won't care either and I'll take my business elsewhere where they happily accept it without ripping me off.
People like this do not deserve to stay in business. Do yourself a favor and stay clear of them!

Mike T. | 2009-02-12

I don't give one-star reviews lightly, so I won't even try to sugar coat it... the dudes here are douchebags.

Airport Marina was the second dealership I visited when I got my car.  I'd been offered a good price at Honda of Hollywood, but wanted to see if I could beat it.  After Airport Marina could only match the other dealership's price, I prepared to it pack up and hit the road.  This is where it all went downhill.  After a loooooooong back-and-forth with the salesman and his supervisor, I started getting a lot of attitude.  The supervisor even went so far as to say I was taking food off the table of the single father salesman.  Really, pal?  That's how you're going to try to sell me a car?

After more... negotiating, if you can even call it that, I did wind up getting a good price.  Though in hindsight I do wish I'd gone back to Hollywood, on principal as much as anything else.  And when I was signing the papers, the supervisor asked me to give him and the dealership a 5-star rating if and when Honda called me.  Um... heck no.  I told Honda the same thing I'm telling you.  I even got a different license plate frame so as not to advertise where I got my car.

tim m. | 2008-12-07

Don't go here to buy a car.  Unless you want to see all the worst tricks of car salesmen put into action.  (Or, clumsily attempted.)  In sum:
(1) Continually ask you "what you need to make this deal today."
(2) Make vague promises or break any specific promises.
(3) Do anything they can to get your driver's license card  (or some other documentation/info) and then do anything they can to hang unto it.
(4) Sit you down and keep you sitting and waiting...and waiting...and waiting, while they "get the papers" or "talk to their manager."
(5) rotate salesmen in to talk to you.
(6) try to use that stupid "four-square" paper to ramp up the price and keep the pressure on.

Is this any way to sell a car?  Honda makes such good cars; you'd think they'd spend a bit more time trying to make sure their sales force is a bit more like the helpful sales folks in their commercials.

In LA .. | 2008-10-04

This is the most dishonest dealership in town, save your time and your money and shop elsewhere.

The Internet Manager Gene offered me a price that he wouldn't honor once I drove there.  Classic bait and switch.  The other manager there Lyndon was even worse- he was rude, trying to put me down and bully me into taking the higher price.  

Needless to say we left but they wasted 1.5 hours of our time and worst of all, this was very business as usual for them... they seem like they lie like this all the time.   They can be roommates with Dick Cheney when they go to hell.

Jen B. | 2008-06-20

These guys are big fat liars!!! Before I called, I had negotiated with a Costco preferred dealership in Torrence. I called Airport Marina Honda only because they are located about 5 minuted from my house.

The Salesman who answered was Jeremy. I asked their asking price for a Honda Fit, Automatic Sport. He said $20,500.

I laughed. I told him my deal was $16, 300 with a dealer in Torrence. If he couldn't match it, we could stop wasting each others time. He put his supposed sales manager on the phone and the guy insisted they would be able to at minimum match the deal. He refused to give me a precise price, but promised it would be worth my coming in.

I told him if they wasted my time, I would be pissed. He assured me they would make me happy.

I left the dog park early and went to the dealership. First, they made me wait 30 minutes. Then, they wouldn't give me a price until I filled in all the paperwork, but once again assured me it would at least match my current offer. I should have seen the writing on the wall, but after all the time invested, I couldn't walk away. I filled in the paperwork.

They made me wait another 20 minutes or so before the manager showed up (a new guy named Kirk Shan). His entrance was dramatic. He was clutching his heart and down on a knee begging me to have pity on him. He needs to make money to pay for the lot and the free coffee and the water blah blah blah. I told him the deal I was promised. He said he would give me a good deal and came back with $1500 over MSRP ($1900 over my current agreement with Torrence)!

This is where it gets terrifying. Kirk told me that the dealer in Torrence was only lying to me, like his own staff did. He said dealers will say anything over the phone to get you in. He told me they have a deal with AAA, and promise to honor it, but that when customers come in they give them a higher price. Basically, he admitted that his dealership has unfair business practices and thought that would somehow inspire me to make a deal with them.

I walked, He chased. He didn't lower his price, he just started telling me I was ignorant and naive and that no one would give me the deals they promised. I said I was willing to take that chance and asked that he shred my paperwork in front of me.

I think I will report them to AAA now.

Eric M. | 2008-05-12

I bought a 2008 Honda Civic SI on May 3, 2008. There was an additional sticker in the window next to the list price of the car I purchased. This sticker read:

"Dealer installed options: Premium audio system - $3,000".

During the negotiation process, I brought up the $3,000 stereo many times, saying I didn't want to pay $3,000 for that and let's try to get the price down. We finally agreed on a price, but now I realize there was no dealer installed stereo. The paperwork I signed after agreeing to the deal is not the same paperwork that was on the car. It does not indicate a dealer installed option. What is does indicate is a dealer MARKUP of $3,000. I am confident that the sticker I saw on the window was not the same sticker that I was asked to sign after the deal was agreed upon.

I brought up the "$3,000" dealer-installed stereo multiple times in the negotiation process, but I was never corrected or told there wasn't one. I believe the dealer put the incorrect sticker in this car, realized their mistake during our negotiation and made sure I signed the correct sticker at the end of the process when I signed all of my paperwork. They listened to my complaint but refused to do anything about it. I will never shop there again, and I will do everything I can to let prospective customers know this is a dishonest dealership.

Jon D. | 2008-04-28

"GUY" was awesome, but after a great test drive and talk with him, I was passed off to Phillip. We discussed monthly payment and trade in value, he said he could meet the monthly i was looking for. Told him I'd be back tomorrow, he assured me those numbers would still be good the next day.

But when I came back he jacked up the monthly $150 more per month and acted like the numbers he and I discussed were crazy and tried to tell me that we never talked about it!


Then when we tried to talk to the franchisee/manager about it he turned and RAN from us saying he didn't wan't to deal with it.

Don't waste your time. THEY LIE!!!!!

Ian G. | 2008-04-03

Always overpriced repair services, never call me back when service is done- told me it was done, drove all the way there to not have it ready for another hour.  I think I'm going back to Honda of Pasadena even though it's 45 min. away.  Never had any problems up there.

Oski B. | 2007-04-07

I've had my car serviced here for nearly five years at both the old and new locations, mostly because of the lower prices.  However, the service has been less than stellar.  

Everytime I visited the service shop, the consultant tried to sell me a package that was unnecessary and usually more expensive than the required service outlined in my owner's manual.  One service consultant argued that I should maintain my car according to the "Severe Conditions" schedule because driving in Los Angeles warranted it, even though I drove less than 7,000 miles per year and was nowhere near sub-zero temperatures or 100 degree heat.  Another time I was duped into purchasing a transmission fluid change and later realized I did not need it.

On other occasions, I asked if I could receive a car wash with my service, which is available at many dealerships; the consultant claimed that they did not have wash facilities which was contrary to the fact that virtually every dealership has its own detail facilities for the new model fleet and service center.

Lastly, customers who were waiting for service in the waiting room were often accosted by salespeople who tried to introduce them to new cars, which I regarded as a bit shady, if not downright unethical.  Then again, they are care salesmen...

The good news?  Free donuts in the waiting room!

David G. | 2006-10-18

This review is for the service department only, since I have never bought a car here.

Recently, my Honda came due for its 105,000 mile service, which includes replacing the timing belt, water pump and various oil seals.  So, I called around for prices on this standard package with the following results:

Airport Honda (Dealer)     $560
Santa Monica Motors (Independent) $720
Santa Monica Honda (Dealer)   $850

Since I had a good experience with some repairs done at Airport Honda before, the choice here was a no-brainer.  Lesson learned; SHOP AROUND for service (and maybe avoid Santa Monica).

If you decide to go here, note that they have two locations about a half-mile apart on Centinella - one near La Cienega and the other close to Sepulveda.  The one near Sepulveda is much newer and cleaner.