Airport Marina Ford in Los Angeles, CA

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Airport Marina Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(310) 649-3673
Address:5880 W Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90045
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Reviews on Airport Marina Ford

Ruben M. | 2015-04-24

Service here is great, had preventive maintance done today. Service was quick and and I was greeted right away. Definitely will b back.

Steve D. | 2015-04-18

Awesome service from the Sales person Marvin who listened to what I was looking for in a new car and provided everything I wanted.

The Manager Allan helped with the purchase and was attentive and managed my expectations fully!

Tom in Finance was funny and helped the tricky end of the purchase go through smoothly!

Thanks guys, we'll be back!

Matthew J. | 2015-04-16

After 2 satisfied years at Beurge Ford, they closed their doors. Moved over to Airport Marina and this was our experience over a year.

When we bought our Fiesta, after reviewing our paperwork, we noticed that they reduced the agreed buyout number on our trade in by $1000. We were offered an extended warranty that we didn't see was extra money until after we drove off the lot. Overall, the sales process felt like a hustle. Is it our fault? I guess. Can I ever trust them again? No. Hope that $1000 was worth it.

Service Rep was kind of a jerk in response to getting a known transmission problem with my Focus looked at. "Sorry man, it's going to be a month. And we won't cover a rental car." Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize this was my fault that the Focus has a model wide transmission issue.

I work about a mile away and waiting for their drop off service has taken over an hour, multiple times. An hour, for a mile drop off? I just started taking the bus to work. Now I just get my car serviced at a dealership near my house.

Looking at a new Fusion, the sales person didn't know the Focus just won Green Car of the year. Detroit Free Press Auto Section, look into it.

Sales: Fail. Service: Fail. Plenty of other dealerships in the LA area.

Lauren E. | 2015-04-11

I want to start out by saying I went to Airport Marina Ford because I did not like how I was being treated by another car dealership (on the lot 20 min and no help!) Airport Marina Ford got me into my first new car!

I leased through them and planned to buy out my lease through them as well. Simple, right? No!! I felt so scammed by them! The sales manager I dealt with was terrible. I was dealing with a woman who was very helpful (thanks, Mary!) but her manager came in and practically shoved her into the corner as he waved a CarFax report at me. I had been involved in a small fender bender -no damage to my car, not even a paint chip, but I was at fault. Well this sales manager started saying multiple things like, "well, I wouldn't want to buy a car with an accident on it!" He was trying to get me to buy a new car and was being ridiculous about it. It was my car and my accident! I am ok with it, but he argued as if my car was about to fall apart.

The worst part? They charge a $500 for-airport-Marina-fee that they don't tell you about!! I was given the price of my car from my lease contract, plus the $500 that the ford company charges, plus my last lease payment. To make a long story less long, he glossed over that Marina ford $500, said that the first $500 + my last lease payment + the price of my my car = this number he gave me...and when I did the math, I found the extra $500 he glossed over! No mention of it, I had to ask. He saw a woman who wouldn't understand things like "math" and I was very angry.

I was scammed and, not wanting to do business with that manager, I went to South Bay Ford and they were amazing. I would tell everyone to go there!! They thought that the extra $500 charge was ridiculous and the CarFax waving was crazy. Go to South Bay Ford everyone, not airport Marina ford!

Andrew B. | 2015-03-26

This review goes out to anyone that wants to buy a good American car with excellent customer service!  Airport Marina Ford!!
I've been buying cars since 1997 trading cars! Buying Back and leasing cars.  and I must tell you that the sales manager Ugo Uchekwe  since 1997 Ugo is always there for me!!!  Believe me I'm a Tough customer and a pain in the Ass! However,  Ugo understands he will work the best deal for my Financial Budget presently he got me into a Black 2015 Ford Explorer...and his promise that my Monthly payments  will NOT exceed My previous Monthly car Payments Thank you!!!
Oh yes!  Sales / Leasing Rep
Ross Perera is a wealth of knowledge
When it comes to a New Car!!!!  He patiently goes over all mechanisms of the car with you,  Thank you Guys for always Keeping your integrity and honor dealing with me after all these years!!!  Please forgive for bloviating.

pony b. | 2015-03-24

I have been going there for the last 4years. The customer service reps are very nice. I usually drop my car there, they have courtesy driver that drop me off at my work and pick me up (note this possible because I work only a few miles away) Overall they have been taking care of my Ford Escape, so far so good.

David S. | 2015-03-24

Very good service and accommodating.  I had an appointment but scheduling conflicts forced me to miss my time and I had to come later and they said it might be a long wait but they would try to hurry.  I was there less than a half hour.  Thank you.

Liz T. | 2015-03-24

Do not use Airport Marina Ford!  I had an appointment to fix a problem with my windows on my Explorer.  Had to wait two hours for them to even look at my car.  The guy kept saying they were squeezing me in. I had an appointment!!!   They said they tested the motor and it would have to be replaced for $355.  Went for a second opinion and paid $125.  Turns out it was wiring, not the motor.  Not sure if I'm more offended by the horrible customer service or the fact that they tried to rip me off.

Anjuli P. | 2015-03-18

I am so disappointed with this place! There service department customer service is horrible! They have no communication!! I don't understand the point of the service worker! The mechanic is the one doing the work. They take long to fix simple issues and then charge you an arm and leg! They told me my car would be ready the next day it took them 3 days. The same issue occurred and they hv yet to fix it. It's been a constant back and forth. The service worker was off so my car was just there. He doesn't answer his phone when he does he is rude. Take your car somewhere else to be service. I paid already and shouldn't hv to again for a reoccurring problem or else I would hv went somewhere else!!!

Drew B. | 2015-03-14

New brakes have squeeked badly ever since AMF replaced them. Took it back and they didn't respond except to say, yea they do.

Heather M. | 2015-03-11

A few months ago I went here after work at 730pm to buy a car. It was late and I was greeted by a salesman (forgot his name) he was short and African American. I told him I wanted to buy a car and I wasn't sure what kind of car since my car gave out and after driving a ford as a rental I liked it's features. I wanted to test drive some cars and he allowed me to test drive two but said that was it since they don't test drive a lot at night. I told him my price range and what I wanted and he tried to suggest the Ford Flex. When we went inside to fill out the ap, I found out they wanted 500 a month on a lease... Here is where it went further south. I asked to BUY a car, not lease... I also told him I could only afford 300 a month. Thank God it was 10pm by then otherwise he may have convinced me to buy this. The sales manager asked that I come back at 9am since the bank was closed and I agreed. When I got home I pondered this and texted the salesman and told him I wouldn't be back the next morning. The funny thing is the sales manager never called me trying to regain my business, the salesman never called or texted me either. I had walked in with 4000.00 cash in my purse! Long story short, I went to a Ford dealership in the woodland hills the next day and left with the best car ever for my lifestyle and budget which was a 2015 Ford Escape... Their loss is someone else's gain... They should listen to their customers and know more about what they are selling.

John M. | 2015-02-27

The three star is an average - our buying experience was a 5 (see my previous review) and our experience with service was a 1.

Everyone knows that you pay more to have your car serviced at the dealership.  However, based on the 98-star service we received from Scott Meyers when we purchased our vehicle, we were willing to pay a little more for the 98-star experience from AMF's service department.

Sadly, there was not a single part of our experience with the service department that was above a single-star.  From beginning to end the experience was lousy and we won't be going back.

My wife brought our 4-month old Escape in to have a mirror and mirror cover replaced.  The service advisor began a line of questioning about the damage that made her feel incredibly stupid and embarrassed about the damage...  there was almost a "This is what happens when you let young women drive cars" feel to it.

She pre-paid for the parts Monday and was told they'd probably be in Tuesday - but Wednesday at the latest and was told we'd receive a call when the parts came in.

No call Tuesday.  I called Wednesday afternoon and was told the parts were in.  I scheduled an appointment for 7 am the next morning.  I was also told at that time that the mechanics don't come in until 8.

And I think that bears repeating.  In order to guarantee my car is the first in line for service, I have to show up at the dealership an hour earlier than the people providing service and just hang out.

The waiting room is clean and has free wi-fi, so I sat and worked while I waited for my car.  After I paid and the brought my car around, I noticed it hadn't been washed...  which would have been fine (there's a sign explaining they don't wash cars after each service any more due to water restrictions)...  EXCEPT that two other vehicles that had been pulled up just ahead of mine HAD been washed.  

I still cannot recommend AMF more highly for sales (ask for Scott Myers) - but based on the way they talked down to my wife, didn't call when my parts were in, made me come in an hour early to wait on their mechanics, and gave some customers (but not me) a car wash, I would recommend staying away from their service department.  

If you need service, save some money and go to a local body shop...  you won't get any of the dealership perks - but AMF isn't offering them anyway.

Serena V. | 2015-02-18

This company is a huge fraud.  I will never buy another Ford again.  My hybrid ford escape constantly shut down for no reason.  I had to pay $1000 to fix the problem because ford would not announce a recall.  Finally ford made a recall but refuses to pay me back my $1000!  Huge fraud!  Toyota is so much more honest!

Michelle M. | 2015-01-28

I went in yesterday to shop for my first vehicle and decided to stop by at this particular dealership because it's near my house , walked in and looked around for about 15 minutes before a sales person walked up and offered to help , it was fine at that point until I filled out an application and explained my situation to who seemed to be the manager , they told me I basically had no option and had to take what THEY offered me or else I would have no luck anywhere else !!!!!! They said they would call me with a better deal so today I received a very long text with basically nothing but sarcastic suggestions and were rude enough to mock and make fun of my situation with " oh wow , ouchh " I've never been treated this way by anyone in my life , I will never even consider a Ford after this experience ! Horrible !!!!!!!!

Jeremy E. | 2015-01-26

Rude, they won't let you charge an electric car unless it's a ford. All other dealers don't care.

Eugina B. | 2015-01-07

We have a 2011 Ford Flex...I am warning people..Never get an SUV from Airport Marina Ford!!!!!This place should be closed.  The manager named Tim or Tom whatever his name is he is a very unprofessional person at this dealership and a liar. I will never come to this dealership again..

Toni T. | 2014-12-30

Heads up if you apply to work there!!
I applied for a sales position and the GSM & HR gave me the run around for 2 weeks saying the background check was not back.... turns out they had it within 2 days! Omg!! Who does that? Total lack of respect , professionalism and would never work there or buy a car there!!

Jay D. | 2014-12-24

Do not buy or lease a automobile here. I went to return a two year lease after two calls to confirm it was a simple drop off no appointment needed.  This was validated and day I was told I needed to speak with Cynthia who was on the phone, waited for Cynthia, 10 minutes sorry appointment only she's busy.

I walk to her office 20 feet from the receptionist even more of an insult. I ask to return it it's due today I was told it was and easy now I can't, she told me she was busy has a "customer" as if I'm not one, and to take it to another ford dealer and look at my desk see how busy I am.

Is that a way to talk to a customer? Is Cynthia concerned about customers really? Does she not get that all aspects of the business is marketing and sales ? Who trained her? Why does Cynthia have an office ?

I asked for her boss, told him this is ridiculous given the power steering module, transmission and tire pressure sensor were all recalled. He handled it and really only took 15 minutes.

If you ever meet Cynthia of Marina for with the office on the left side three doors down on the right, leave.

Cristina F. | 2014-12-20

My review is for sales not service. They were very good about explaining everything without rushing me. They also did not try to push on me a car I didn't want or was more than I needed. The environment was pretty chill which made the whole experience less stressful. I am a new car buyer so I has a lot of questions and they never seemed annoyed about it. They even gave me some advice on my credit that I can use for later. Everyone was very nice and professional. I did not get ripped off or pressured and I couldn't ask for much more as buying a car is scary enough on its own.

James R. | 2014-12-17

"Hi, I'd like to make an appointment."

You would think that in 2014 -- with clocks, pens and paper all in the arsenal of human accomplishments -- that making an appointment would not be that hard.

Too bad no one at Airport Marina Ford is aware of those inventions, or even the idea of appointments: They're 'First come, first serve,' which I guess is as convenient for them as it is inconvenient for customers. And so, they lose my business after one visit and one attempt.

It's 2014. People are busy. Figure it out, Airport Marina Ford, because I know I'm not the only customer you've lost to your insane 'no appointments' policy.

Meg M. | 2014-12-05

I moved here in September and a week after I got here my car broke down. I wanted to go with a dealer because my car is still under warranty. So glad I chose airport marina ford! Scott was amazing to work with! I was worried about trusting someone other than my dad with my car and he immediately put my mind at ease. He made the whole ordeal so convenient. Set me up with a rental car and a ride to the rental car place. My car was fixed within the week and I've since been back for a different issue and working with him both times has been so convenient. I am so happy with my experiences at this dealer!

Kay W. | 2014-12-03

Airport Marina Ford is the absolute WORST place to buy a car.  They tried to sell me a car at 29% Interest!! I went to another dealership - GALPIN and got a great car and a great interest rate.  DO NOT GO TO AIRPORT MARINA!!!!!!

stacy z. | 2014-11-24

Just so you know I would have never considered buying a Ford.  My Husband and I Went into Marine ford to buy a used CRV and drove off in a new 2014 ford Edge /lease with all the bells and whistles. Gerald was our salesman and made our experience a pleasure, I would definitely recommend to all my friends to go check out Marina Ford.

Martin L. | 2014-11-17


You would think getting a text from your Sales person that it's a (DONE DEAL) would be good news?

I've owned 9 different cars. I've been there  4-5 times in the past 2 weeks and been told 4-5 different stories. Sales Man (Hugo) and his new Sales person who's name I will leave out as he's been the only person trying to help me out in this ordeal. He's even agreed with me this was BS...You know who you are...thk you! After being told I could get into my F150 limited Edition for $675.00 a month with $5000.00 down due to my other vehicle. Having no time to shop around, I drove up there Sunday am with exactly that in hand...My check book and a Smile. Only to be told NOW it would be $850.00 a MONTH???  EVEN HAVE A TEXT FROM THIS YOUNG SALES MAN, Confirming the deal...

To have the door slammed in my face when driving up there and be told NO! Let's up this another $200.00 from our conversation within a 24 hour window...Who treats people like that...MARINA FORD, THAT'S WHO...

AFTER reading some of their reviews, I quickly noticed I wasn't the only "Unsatisfied customer"

So many other options out there for $500.00~$600.00 & $700.00 range...Look around...

Someone who can't hold their word, is useless to me. Thank you for wasting my time Mike. Specially for the call just now as if You actually had Good news for me....$850.00 a month???  

PS: Was looking at a 2014, 2015 is right around the corner. You would think they would want to do Anything and Everything to please their clients.

I've never written anything on Yelp. So you can imagine how UPSET/DISAPPOINTED I AM TO SIGN UP AND DO SO....

                                     H O R R I B L E             E X P E R I E N C E!

thk you!


C W. | 2014-10-31

Honestly, all 5 stars go to Leonard. I'm continuing to have issues with my Ford and this guy is just the best. He really is the ideal customer service manager. You couldn't have a better manager of anything. He's seriously gone out of his way and I can't thank him enough. He's made the pain of this car stuff so much less painful, and that means a world of difference.

Sabrina B. | 2014-10-31

PROBLEM SOLVED!  I was turned away from my local Ford dealership when I brought my Explorer in for what I thought might be a transmission issue (they offered me an appointment in January!).  I called Ford customer service to complain, and they reached out to Airport Marina Ford.  To my surprise, Leonard Ferrigno, their Service Manager, called me back IMMEDIATELY, and drove my car himself that day to try to diagnose the problem.  He asked me to bring the car back the next morning, and after a very brief wait, my issue was resolved!  I won't be bringing my Explorer anywhere else for service.  Great job all around in turning a very dissatisfied customer into a fan!

david s. | 2014-10-29

the worst service that I have ever experienced was at this location!!!!!!  I took my Lincoln Navigator for a 100,000 mile service, cost me a good penny. one would think with the service a oil chnage would be included, come to find out, ITS NOT included???? after I spent a few hundred bucks i confronted my service rep, and he mentioned that its not included, but if I could bring it back the following day, he would make sure i receive the oil change, but with a fee associated????? iimmediately I asked for the service manager later that day, because i was so HOT, all service rep  saw was the back of my tires. The service manager indicated that the service rep should have offered me a free oil change after the hundreds i spent at this facility...... I went to Southbay Ford for the oil change, so now im a happy customer at Southbay Ford, just up the freeway.  quick to sell you a car, quick to forget......

Joanne L. | 2014-10-15

I lost my only car key at a Ralph's and called AAA for help. Per their suggestion I could either tow it to a car dealership to get a spare key. Or I could just have AAA send a locksmith over for $350.   So I called the closest dealership, Santa Monica dealership and they told me they are incapable making keys for a certain year model.

The next call I made was to Airport Marina Ford. They took care of me there and I got my keys made.    The manager Leonard is a very nice guy, and offered me assistance to solve my problem.

Ryan A. | 2014-10-10

Visited parts to purchase floor and cargo mats. Although I was greeted in parking lot- waited 10 minutes in parts for someone to arrive- they never did. Cashiers seemed to be trying to get someone- unsuccessfully. Same experience as last time I went here for parts. They are my closest Ford dealership, though I can't give my business to a dealership that doesn't respect my time.

mary k. | 2014-10-08

I had to take in our family's 2010 Ford Escape for a safety recall.  I made my appointment and went to Buerge Ford where I believed my appointment was ~ Buerge was closed.  I called the number again and ultimately spoke with the Service Director, Leonard.  He helped me tremendously and went out of his way to handle my irritation at having to drive further with great professionalism and grace.  The car was ready ~ with additional services I added ~ long before it was promised.  Everyone here is incredibly professional and good natured.  I had a wonderful experience.  The service department is well above what I had been experiencing at Buerge Ford (which is no longer an option).

James C. | 2014-09-20

This place blows ! If I could give it a lower rating I would.
   Show up for oil change, wait 2 hrs in the crappiest waiting room ever, service guy shows up tells me Truck is done, but I need new rear brakes,mine are dangerously thin, 1mm.
Do I want to wait while they do it? ....mmmm just had front and rear done fairly recently at a reliable shop. I say no.
  Tells me he just needs to finish up paperwork.... 20 mins later comes back.  
I pay, they send someone to get my Truck,another 20 mins before it shows up WTF!  Not even busy here.
  Go straight to shop that did my brakes (awesome honest great guys at Pacific Auto tire in Santa Monica )
 They pull off rear wheels Brakes almost still brand new!  They check front just in case,same, almost brand new.  Another WTF moment. Tell the guys sorry for waisting their time.
    Call APM.Ford explain that I am not very happy about the unethical practice of telling customers they need expensive brake jobs that they don't and ask if that is something that they do on a regular basis. Service guy sort of makes a half hearted apology after some coaxing and trys nothing to help the situation.
       As a first time customer there, you would think that after lying to you and getting caught, they would maybe try a little harder to keep your business ! (Not like I would have ever have gone back there again anyway.)
      Bottom line..... DISHONEST, CRAPPY SERVICE
  Will also be calling the Better Business Bureau as well

Miss C. | 2014-09-18

This place is a rachet ass factory. A few months ago I made an early morning appointment for an oil change. I repeat made an appointment.

I arrive, other cars are lined up getting checked in. I emphasized I had an appt. Get a ride to the mall to do some shopping. I dont get a call until 1pm in the afternoon telling  me my brakes are bad.

I asked why am I just now getting called 4 hours later, I had an appt.?? Im told Oh its first come first serve. Then WHY DO YOU TAKE APPTS?? I tell them I have to be somewhere by 6. He tells me You should be done by 4.

I get my brakes done because I just so happen had a coupon for it. Its now 5pm the dealer is closing.  I have to wait in line to pay. Its now 5:30.  Im the last one in the building. There system isnt taking my ford card. I have to wait for them to call them to process payment. Im beyond Livid!!!

They didnt bother to compensate me in anyway, offer me any additional discounts. MY service shouldve been free after all that.

DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE FOR SERVICE!!!! OH and they dont take appts even though they advertise to "make an appointment". Incompetent morons!!

nicla b. | 2014-09-16

I had rated one star and posted a pretty negative post about Airport Marina Ford on Sunday and in the post I stated that I would change the rating if I felt more satisfied with my experience with AMF. Althought our community bus is still not in working order, I was informed that the latest repair would be at NO CHARGE. I consider this a good faith gesture and as promised, have changed the rating from one star to three. Perhaps I will raise the rating again should our bus be resolved of it's problems.

Jennifer G. | 2014-09-09

I agree with what everyone else is saying about the service appointments.  I was a Buerge Ford customer, but when they closed, I got a post card from Airport Marina saying that the dealership is taking over Buerge's customers.  Hmmm.  I'm pretty sure I can go to any Ford dealership in the country, but whatever, I figured I'd try it out.  I usually go to Jiffy Lube for oil changes, but I wanted to test out Airport Marina for a simple service to see how I liked the place.  

I had an appointment for an oil change at 11:30 a.m., and I got there right on time.  After waiting a while for a service manager, I finally got out of the car and went to find someone.  When I found the service manager, he looked confusedly at his clipboard like he had no idea who I was or why I was there.  I told him I had an appointment, but he just looked at me blankly like he had never heard of this "appointment" concept before.  Finally, he said that it was going to take "about two hours" for the oil change.  I could not understand why, since I had an appointment, and it doesn't take two hours to change oil.  He said it was because they had "a lot of cars ahead of me," and "the mechanics are going to lunch soon."  Really?  You haven't figured out how to stagger the mechanics' lunch breaks so you can continue to service cars?  And what is the appointment system for if you don't actually honor the appointment?  

I gave up my will to argue, so I sat in the ratty lobby and waited for my car.  After about an hour and a half, my phone rings like half a ring from a number I don't recognize.  No message.  Whatever.  After more waiting, it turns out that the mystery call was the service manager to tell me the car is ready.  He was like, "I didn't know where you went, so I tried calling."  Um, I've been sitting in your lobby THE WHOLE TIME, and never did I see you peak your head in to look for me.  Also, you hung up after a half a ring and didn't leave a message.  Obviously, you didn't try very hard to find me.  

The most irritating part was that for DAYS after the appointment, I kept getting texts from them saying that I had "missed my appointment" and that I need to reschedule.  WTH?  How can they not figure out that I was there and that they serviced my car?  I called and asked them to take me out of their texting system, but still the texts persisted.  I ended up blocking the number.  

Ugh.  Even for a simple oil change, this place was a fail.  No way will I be going back should I need any kind of repair!

B H. | 2014-08-21

Called about service for the same vehicle for the 3rd time.  Service advisors say they are too busy.  Management doesn't offer any solution.  Terrible!  Looking for another shop.

Ryusei S. | 2014-08-19

I DO NOT recommend you to go to this dealer for service. I went to this dealer today with an appointment and it was horrible.
I am having the issue of ticking sound from the engine and when I went there, the service manager who was in charge of me started talking about $95 of diagnose fee. It seems he doesn't know anything about the Ford warranty since he said the warranty might be expired even though my car has 49k miles and is less than 5 years of production. So this $95 fee of diagnose shouldn't be charged. Then I spoke with different service manager about this and he said in order to have the service, I needed the service history from the shops that I had had serviced before. I do change the oils by myself and I haven't done any services except at Ford dealers so there is no way to give them service reports and I never have heard of the service report thing before when I tried several different Ford dealers. It seems that they only think about the money and their own benefit, and don't consider people's happiness.
Again, I DO NOT recommend you to go to this dealer because it is just waste of time. Also, their appointment system is really horrible because the appointment is only for drop-off. The service manager said they will work on the car tomorrow and they don't diagnose my car today. What is the point of appointment system? I thought the meaning of appointment was to show the problem to the mechanic right after I arrived at the dealer. They are really having the problem of "I don't want to work on cars" syndrome so don't go there.

Diane T. | 2014-08-18

I'd called the day (or, actually, 9:54pm) before to make a service appointment for the next day. While on the phone with I went in for a service appointment for my '06 Taurus...and left a little later with a lease on a cool 2014 Fiesta. Gerald, Allen and Mike were terrific. I got a great deal, and they all seemed to care that I end up in a car that was a perfect fit for me. The receptionist, Karla (Kayla?) was super-nice, too. So was the cashier, come to think of it. She was focused and not distracted. What a pleasure. I liked the whole car-buying experience there at AMF. It was streamlined and practically painless.

C B. | 2014-08-17

Incredible deal on a new Ford Fusion Titanium Energi. Any car buying experience can be stressful but Alan and Louis were professional and I ended up getting the car I wanted at the price I wanted.  I will be buying my next car from here for certain.

Megan R. | 2014-08-12

Tried to sell me a 2005 mustang for 14,000. That had 100,000 miles on it. And then when I said no and asked them to contact me if something better comes along (this was out of politeness, I had no intentions of ever returning to be ripped off) the salesman said, "well I don't know if something better will come along, I don't have a crystal ball!"

My boyfriend and I still randomly tell each other "I don't have a crystal ball" and laugh about our experience here.

Anyways long story short I went to another dealership and ended up with a 2012 jetta that is perfect for me, I'm glad I did my research and didn't get swindled into buying something extremely overpriced

Scott S. | 2014-07-18

Two stars only because the actual service was fine.

I made a 10AM appointment via their website for an oil change/tire rotation/quick and easy service. I pull into the lot at 9:45 and wait in a line of cars at the service department to have my turn with the lead tech (or whatever you call the guy with the clipboard taking all of the "orders"). I tell him what I am there for and he says, "It'll be about 2-3 hours."

Me: "Oh, I have a 10:00 appointment. My name is Scott."
Tech: (without checking anything at all) "It's still going to be about 2-3 hours."
Me: "Even with my appointment?"
Tech: "Sir, these people got here at 8 and have been waiting."
Me: "Yes, but I have a 10:00 appointment for this."
Tech: "The appointment is just to drop the car off."
Me: "So the appointment is meaningless?"
Tech: "Sir, do you want the service or not."

I needed to get the oil changed something fierce so I left it with them. I had to take a cab back home and then back there when they called to tell me it was ready. It still took 20 minutes to get the car back after paying for it.

I actually bought my car here and had never had any trouble with them until this. Everything about the service was fine, but the appointment system (or extreme lack thereof) was infuriating.

Chris B. | 2014-07-18

I'm a first time customer of Airport Marina Ford (since my beloved Buerge Ford closed).
Anyway, Bruno, my new service advisor was helpful.  He didn't try to "sell"  me work that I didn't need yet.   He did suggest some things that should be taken care of the next time I came in (which I agree with).
The waiting room was clean, but a bit noisy with people talking on cell phones.  One thing, far as I could tell, there is nowhere within walking distance to buy food, so, if you want to wait for your car to be serviced, as I do, bring your own food.
Overall, a good experience...I will be going back.

Joey P. | 2014-07-17

Very bad customer service. I brought my car in for a check engine light, and I had to bring it in 4 more times after that before the issue was fully resolved. Over-priced, terrible service. Save your money and go to Pep Boys.

Danielle S. | 2014-07-15

Got my car serviced here after it started stalling on me.  Friendly, timely, willing to drop you off and pick you up from your house even if more than 5 miles away ( unlike Ford Santa Monica ).  Only complaint is they left my passenger side mat dirty ( I had just cleaned all the mats the day before ).  Car is running great!

Raymond P. | 2014-07-14

I went hear to test drive and shop for a Ford. The salesman was friendly and helpful, showing me all the features of the car and answering any questions I had. Unfortunately, he then introduced me to the fleet manager. This is where things went terrible. The fleet manager said he couldn't give me any pricing until I filled out an application. After I did, he still wouldn't give me any pricing because I wasn't ready to buy that day. It's hard to do any comparison shopping when a fleet manager gives you a less-than-helpful range instead of a hard price. Thankfully, I went to Sunrise Ford of North Hollywood and had a much better experience.

Serifa D. | 2014-06-03

DONT GO HERE! I am only giving this a star bc yelp makes me in order to post a review! Seriously...DONT GO HERE. It's so bad it makes me sad.

Albert S. | 2014-05-29

The service department uses Enterprise Rent A Car on LaBrea in Inglewood for the cars that are provided through the Ford Extended Service Plan.  I have used them 3 times now and each time was a bad experience.  Each time the car was dirty inside and out and the gas has never been above a quarter of a tank.  Last time it was just at 1/8 tank and the digital read out said 21 miles till empty.  When I complained the Enterprise people said it was the only car available that Ford would pay for but if I wanted to upgrade they had an SUV with a full tank.

When I went back to Airport Marina Ford to get my car I complained to the service advisor and the cashier.  They both said that they didn't know who made the decision to use this Enterprise location but it wasn't anybody in service because they hear complaints about them all the time.  

I called the next day and asked to speak with the person who makes the decision on which rental location to use.  I was put on hold and then transferred to the service department.  I hung up and called back and was told by the operator that the service department was in charge of that.  I explained that I had spoken with service and did not choose that location.  I was put on hold again then after a couple of minutes they came back on and said they would take down my name and number and find out who to pass it along to.  

Needless to say, I never receive a call back.

Rebecca C. | 2014-05-18

Terrible Service!  Unknowledgeable employees.  We were unimpressed!

Andrea W. | 2014-05-16

Terrible place and service! Don't go there, save your money! I'm 23 & was looking to purchase a car, didn't have a huge down payment, started with $500 & my trade in ford explorer. They said they could work with me. Tom is the finance guy & he's terrible. They said they only had one car for me & it was a 2011 ford explorer for $320/a month no warranty & over 100,000 miles. We accepted, signed the paper work & walked out with the car.

About 2 weeks later, Tom calls me & says he's needs more money. An additional $500 plus the note was to go up to $450/month 1 year warranty. I say no deal so he does his "research" and calls me back and says he has something for me but he'll need more of a down payment, so I agree to give him $500 more & pay $350/month. I go down to the office to pay and return the truck in exchange for this 2011 Toyota Camry but guess what? The car isn't there & won't be ready until 2 days later because they wanted to wash and detail it. A new Contract is signed & I'm
Out the door.

I go pick up the car 2 days later & there's scratches and the car had definitely not been washed or detailed. I called Tom very unhappy & he admits the car had not been serviced, oh & I didn't receive the car fax like I had asked for several
Times. He also tells me he needs me to bring the car back and give him even more money. At this point, I'm furious & contacting my attorney to see if I can get my money & car back at this point or if I'm stuck. Tom must have known he was doing dirty things because he immediately agreed to call off the deal.

I got my car & money back & went right over to rotolo Chevrolet & got a great deal. I put $1000 down & traded in my truck & got a Nissan cube for $298/month for 5 years with a 5 year warranty with minimal credit. If you're looking to buy a car without bad business, I recommend you go to them. Tom & the whole sales staff is awful. Save your time and money.

Kevin H. | 2014-05-07

I purchased my ford focus here seemed to be pretty pain free allowed me to leave and think about it (some dealership do whatever they can to not let you leave kind of annoying) i think i got a good deal as well.

Gene was my adviser was very helpful and communication was good. brought my car in a while back Was able to get my clutch replaced after power ford Torrance insisted there was no issues 2 or 3 times bring it to their attention.. Im glad the techs at airport marina ford were able to figure out the issue and take the time to fix it. Also their hours are very good for people who work full time.

Ebony P. | 2014-05-04

I've always visited this particular dealership for service on my car. I have always been helped immediately and consulted on the best options. Never had any problems with the quality of work or the people working in my car. The wait can sometimes be a little long but come on people, make an APPOINTMENT and come early so you can be in and out.

Stephaine B. | 2014-05-02

Normally, I go to Jiffy Lube for all my oil changes. But I had a coupon for a free oil change from Ford. I knew it was a marketing tactical to get my car into a Ford dealership for various reasons. But money is tight and free is free. I called on Monday and receive friendly helpful information about the best time to bring my car in. So I showed up at 7am on Wednesday, 4/30. I told them I had a coupon, which was accepted, but I also asked if I could get a quote on replacing the regulators on my back windows. No problem, they said. My oil change & estimate took an hour and 5 minutes. Which I thought was long since I was the second car to get service that morning. Then I saw my car come out of the garage and into a parking spot. Great, it's done, now I can go to work. So I went to the cashier to collect my keys & paperwork but she said the paperwork wasn't closed out. It took an additional 15 minutes to close out the paperwork. Which I thought was strange since I didn't owe anything. At 8:20 am, I finally got my paperwork and keys. I also received estimates on my windows, brakes, sway bar and a few other things that needed attention. When I got into my car, I was really disappointed. My floors weren't vacuumed, my front & back windshield wasn't clean and no paper mats on the floor to protect the carpets. I was also told that I had a tail light out. When I go to Jiffy Lube, all that stuff is done as part of their signature oil change service. And the last time I was there w/ a tail light out, they offered to fix it for $5.00. Airport Marina Ford did not offer to fix the tail light. Later, I was looking over the paperwork and I did not see any notes about my air filter. Something that Jiffy always does for me. They let me see the air filter and we discuss if it needs to be change. I know how to see my air filter but that kind of care is something I get from Jiffy. Maybe I'm spoiled by my neighborhood Jiffy Lube but I pay less there and get more bang for my $$ then at Ford had I not had a coupon. But free is free, right?

Also, I took their estimates to two different repair shops and both shops were able to beat the Ford's quoted prices.

Liz C. | 2014-04-24

Horrible.  Rip off, scam artists.  Stay away!!!!
Will say and do anything to quickly get you in a car.

I'm a single mom, two kids.  They had no ethics about trying to put me in an overpriced, high mileage car.  Wouldn't give me any info on the financing either .

I'm lucky I didn't let them pressure me into taking the car.

They then obsessively called and emailed me after I said no.  Magically a more appropriate car was on the lot.  Ha.

Go to Jama Auto House in Hermosa Beach instead.  Ethical and fair.

Gina R. | 2014-04-08

They quoted $2,400 for what should have cost $700 in repairs, when I said no, the service depapartment employee tried to negotiate by offering a 10% discount, then resorted to trying to scare me by claiming my car was not safe to drive if I did not allow them to fix (they get commission so they try to upsale unecessary work on cars).....I am furious and will never give them my business, my family has purchased 2 fords, never again, at least not at this deaership. Very aggressive salesman and dishonest shady trifling service department employees.
I hope one of the news stations does an undercover investigation here!!!

David L. | 2014-03-30

Very helpful and friendly. Ernesto Garcia and Albert were kind, courteous and professional. They made buying my new car a breeze and answered all of my questions instantly.

Jack G. | 2014-03-25

Terrible experience in their service dept. Wont be back!

Super C. | 2014-03-01

i'd stay away. just test drove a vehicle there. they wouldn't let me test drive more than one car to see how a different model would feel. i also felt pressured to make a purchase the same day.

Steven P. | 2014-02-21

I stopped in here because they are close to my house and I had some questions on a Mustang that wasn't even bought from them.  Maria Padilla helped me, and even though this wasn't going to be a sale for her today, she extremely patient and generous with her time in helping me find the answers I needed.  I will definitely go back there again when I need to buy another car.

Brigitte W. | 2014-02-09

Buyer beware!  Car dealerships are all about getting the best deal for themselves not for you.  Starting with the Sales Manager Ugo Uchekwe.  I decided to stop at Airport Marina Ford on Saturday 2/8 to look for a little car for my daughter I went in with the intention of not purchasing until 24-48 hours after finding a car that I thought would be decent for her.  I took a look at a 2006 Ford Focus that had no price listed but they indicated was going for $10,500 while another 2010 Ford Focus with lower miles was going for the same price.  My bad I took delivery of car without doing further research and basically paid $2,000 over Kelly Blue Book.  Completely my fault since you can not renegotiate the deal once you've taken delivery.  Remember to use all the tools that you have at hand in today's environment to check prices.  I have to buy a car for my son later this year and will not be entertaining Airport Marina.  They lost a repeat customer along with the fact that I will be taking my car to  South Bay Ford for servicing.

Dave L. | 2014-02-06

Marvin and Ross were great. Very friendly and accommodating. Rating is 4 stars due to non sales staff and definitely doesn't reflect on either Marvin or Ross work. Overall a great experience and would recommend anyone to give these guys a shot if they are in the market for a Ford.

Nicholas W. | 2014-02-02

Went in to purchase a Ford Raptor and I was helped by Gabriel, he was able to assist me in a timely fashion and got me what I wanted. would buy from them again.


Thermon C. | 2014-01-27

Gerald at Airport Marina Ford is the best salesman there. My twin and I was able to buy 2 Ford Fiestas. Yup, great job Gerald!!!!
Big ups to Armando, you the man!

F S. | 2014-01-02

I used to be a big fan of this service center. Of course you would love the service as long as everything is going right, but when things went wrong because of one of their employees, the last thing they managed to provide is a good customer service and service recovery. The only one thing they don't really care about -compared to other Ford service centers- is customer satisfaction.
I used this center multiple times for minor things, and as I was satisfied about their performance, I decided to send my car in for the 20,000 miles service, and that was my biggest mistake. The day after the service, when parking in my driveway I noticed that the engine's fan didn't stop for a long while after I switched off the engine, but I thought it's just because it was a hot day. Next day I realized that the coolant's reservoir cap isn't in place and the coolant has completely dried. I still couldn't wrap my mind around the idea that a certified service center doesn't put back the cap after topping up the coolant in your car.
Called the service center, and the immediate reply I got from "Bruno" in service department is "We don't know for sure that it wasn't in place when you left the center".  Their customer service agent is trying to say, that I intentionally popped up the hood, and removed the cap from it's place and drove my car until the coolant dried up (risking that my whole engine breaks down) only to take chances later on and call the center to complain!!
Considering that my car is like new, and has only been with me for 1 year (20,000 miles), there's definitely -in their eyes- the need to pretend this has happened don't know why?!!

jenna z. | 2013-12-26

Just like every other dealership service department, Airport Marina Ford tried to make us replace, fix, change, and pay for things that the card did not need.  After getting a quote for over $2000 worth of repairs and substantial list of "needed repairs", my fiance and I took our car to WM auto body.  We gave the list to WM and they assessed the vehicle, gave us there assessment and told us that half of the things that Ford listed were not necessary and/or were in perfect condition.  We spent less than $600 at WM and the car is running amazingly!  It drives like it is as good as new.  
Do not take your car there for repairs.  Do not go to any car dealership service department for repairs.

Felicio L. | 2013-11-22

4.5 hours for oil change and check hybrid (civic 2007) battery.  Explained that 6 mo ago,  was 36-38 mpg, but now 30 mpg and engine revving higher like there is no electric boost.   Service guy Eric (separate review below) said dash indicator indicates battery is charging so battery is fine.   He said probably bad driving habits.  Suspicious since there is a recall on the packs.  Ok benefit of doubt given.

Next issue, he offered upsell to a 'major' service (300$+)  vs 60$ 'express oil change'.  I explained that when I bought car 6 mo ago at 60 k, the seller had all the  items on the list done except transmission fluid.  Of course he  came back and said that needed to get done.   This was at 2 hours.  Getting irritated but I ok'd thinking it is part of the problem with the  car revving high.  

Of course, the report says it was not done.  A f'ng waste of 4.5 hours.

Now for really bad part:  the service guy, Eric, kept calling me by my last name and patting me like I'm his pet dog and saying "buddy".  Now I wouldn't be irritated but I called for appointment and gave him my name and phone number.   I mean i got his name!  He should have mine since he gave me a time.   This is the kicker, i spelled out my name and indicated on the service agreement and estimate.  It's just sloppy and with him patting me on the back and with him calling me "buddy" like a child or worse like his dog is just bad form.   When I said it was not done, he tried to show that the transmission change was done but all the forms showed was that it was just offered.   (Later I looked and the transmission area was undisturbed).  No apologies or rescue attempt, just more pat on my shoulder and pointed me to cashier.  

Done and onto Yelp! (first ever post and i'll sit on it for day prior to posting-- actually ended up sitting it a few months.  Trigger is below)  

Bleah!    Be competent first, then be a buddy.

Finally, and I hope the owners see this, the inside folks were playing loud rock music, with multiple people running around and phones ringing and no one would pickup.  I should have shot a vid.  Remember i was there for 4.5 hours. There was no ownership of the customers:   a customer wanted a follow up with her sales person who was not on the floor.  She was pointed to the back (not walked over) and told "on a break".   She walked away, shook her head and smirked at me.  She must have sensed what I was about to go through.

So to review:  in conjunction with the upsell, the work not getting done and yet being made to wait and be charged,  the fake niceness and inappropriate Pats-on-back,   and sense of no ownership from the staff, i strongly suggest somewhere else.  

This experience is the end of an era for me:  we've had Hondas since the 70's.   if it's true that the battery is ok, then this is a lousy hybrid.   But the experience at this dealership clinches the decision.   Sayonara!


Above was written a few months ago.  I wanted to cool off first and frankly forgot about it but then I started getting calls about not paying the entire bill!   For work that was not done!  I talked to them twice already and still get calls.    Stay away!

I'll update if needed but posting now. First time posting a negative review.

Lili L. | 2013-11-12

This place is disastrous!!! They deserve NO STARS!! NONE!! ZERO!! When I first read the reviews on here I second guess myself and decide to give this dealership the benefit of the doubt. I am most sorry I ever decide that! This is indeed a model of a low down, rude and there's no kind of coordination within management! Everyone that works there just have a bunch of dollar sign on their face including the Manager overlooking this dealership!

Randomly one weekend my husband and I decide to go car shopping and we stumble upon this place. Drove in, walked around and end up liking one of the car so we applied, negotiated and signed a 21% interest monthly for 3 years on the car BUT the deal includes that they replace the (problem 1) old grill. So here we are 6 - 7 hours later still at the dealership lot and finally strolling into our "new" used car. By now, I'm was bummed tired and starving! My husband and I sat in our new car and bam! first thing we notice is a (problem 2) broken windshield!! No one told us this!!!! So my husband went and told the sales guy (Charles & Luis) and also the sales manager  (Alex) about that problem, they promised my husband they'll have that replace on Monday. Here we are driving off the lot, got home, parked and decide to close the (problem 3) sunroof shades, only to find out they were both broken. Got out car, my husband pressed the (problem 4) car remote to lock the car....none of the 2 remote works!

Anyways to make this long disastrous story short, we got the GM, Dan involved. They all made & gave promises, how much of it was fulfilled? NONE!!! They never fixed ANYTHING and just give us the run around. 3 weeks later after we signed contact and the car been sitting at the dealership for 2 weeks. They call us and said they won't fix anything until we give them another deposit. WTF?!?? By now I'm effin livid!!! This has to be some real childish shhhesssh! This place is a real scam & the people that works there are some real crooks!!! I'm surprise this place still open for business! Be warned!!!

R L. | 2013-11-08

I want to like this place for service. It's close to work (walking distance) convenient, prices are comparable. I want to like but I can't. I've given them plenty of chances.

It started last year. I had to make a fast stop at highway speed and had a metallic grinding sound after that every time I braked. It turns out my rear brake pads were down to zero percent and I had just wrecked both rear rotors. $400 to repair . . . but wait, on my last oil change, the safety check had all pads in the green. If they were that worn I would have replaced them on the spot. After much singing and dancing, I was informed by the service writer that they only measure the outside pads not the inside pads that were worn to bare metal. Hmmm,  an inspection that doesn't really inspect things.

My regular mechanic is very popular. So much so he no longer has the time for me. So, it was back to Airport Marina for a big job (and an oil change). The big job was replacing the master cylinder, I went to Mazda and got the genuine part, I just needed their mechanic to put it in. I dropped it off in the morning. they called me around 3:00 telling me it was ready. I got there around 4:00 and proceeded to wait another hour while they washed the car (to make it more ready presumably). Why call me to come down and wait? Anyway, I pay, take the car. by the time I get home, the pedal is back on the floor again and spongy. They did a bad job bleeding the system (probably just put the pump on top and didn't bother with the brake cylinders).

Admittedly, I didn't check their oil change. My mistake. The car was running fine (3000 miles as a matter of fact) until I started getting a flickering oil pressure light. I went to check the oil. Dipstick was dry. It took 3 quarts. Now if I'm leaking or burning that much oil I would see it every morning, be followed by a blue cloud, and my engine would have caught fire by now. I dodged the bullet on that one. I learned a lesson.

Anyway, I would have loved to recommend them but based on my personal experience, I really can't. I'm an easy customer, when you tell me I need something I trust you are telling me the truth. With these guys I no longer trust them, and I won't be giving them my business anymore.

Anna E. | 2013-11-06

This is the second car we've bought from Airport Marina Ford. Ask for Ross!!!  He was absolutely fantastic!  Let me just say that I'm probably one of the most annoying customers to sell a car to.  The process of buying a car is pretty stressful to me.  I'm one of those crazy buyers that changes their mind and chickens out 20 different times before the transaction is finalized:

"Yes, I'll buy it!"  
"No, I can't!"
"Okay!  Lets do this!!"  
"Wait, I changed my mind!!"  
I'm ridiculous!

They were SO awesome and patient with me.    They go above and beyond to make you happy, comfortable, and to make the process as stress free as possible.  There is no other place we'll go to purchase our cars!

Panda B. | 2013-10-28

This place is great! I had a pleasant visit! There is a great variety and my sales rep was soo friendly and nice.  I would recommend you always go to her.  Ask for Vanessa Gonzalez! Thanks for the great buy!  :D

I will definitely visit soon!

Elizabeth N. | 2013-10-23

I live in the valley and i been having trouble finding a car, I been to four different lots and I was not satisfied with one till I came to Airport Marina Ford. I had a young man who helped me named Marvin Flores he was such a great help, he had a positive attitude and was able to answer all my questions. I ended up leaving with a Fusion Hybrid and have had no problems with my car, so thank you so much! If you are looking for a car I highly recommend to come here.

Sebastian C. | 2013-10-20

We tried to schedule an appointment to see a car and it took them a week to get back to us. When we finally went there, they didn't have the exact car we were looking for (even though they said they did) and they couldn't show us how the GPS system of a similar car worked because... no one could explain why - we just weren't allowed to touch the GPS.

A week later, I started to get spam in my inbox from the dealership. I tried to unsubscribe, but the spam kept coming. I had to create a filter in googlemail to block it.

These guys don't quite exude professionalism, to put it kindly. Stay away.

Lou R. | 2013-10-10

About a year ago I chose to have my 40K mile scheduled maintenance done at Airport Marina ford. The main reason I chose them is they were close to where I worked, thus it was convenient. They performed the service well, and I did not have to wait very long for the work to be done.

End of story? No. Be careful giving them your contact information. They have an automated calling system that calls you with a recording every few weeks to get you to come in again. I never opt in for these things, and I'm sure I didn't for this one. I had to call them twice to demand they take me off their list. The calls stopped finally, but now they are giving unsolicited text messages a try. SMS spam is infuriating.

The service at the dealership wasn't bad, but due to the shady marketing tactics I will be sure to avoid this dealership permanently.

Katie K. | 2013-10-08

After writing the above review I was contacted by Airport Marina Ford.  I really appreciate them taking the time to look at their reviews and remedy the situation.  The manager agreed to refund the cost of parts I was charged for and put the equivalent of the labor cost on my Airport Marina Ford rewards card.  They also notified me that the person that had dealt with my car that time is no longer working there.

Meg D. | 2013-10-05

This review is for their service dept! Man, I don't even know where to start.

First off, they can't give me a def time of when my car will be fixed. I had a 1pm appt and came in at 12:30. They told me to come back at 5! Really? That long? Anyway, I asked him if I could wait a while until they can give me a definite answer and all this guy said was, we can drop you off to get your other car! Really? If I had options, I wouldn't even be asking.

I was still talking to the guy about the other problem of the car. Again, he said, we can't do anything about it bec we have to send it out. Then I asked, how do I get to work then? He stared at me waiting for me to say something until I said, can't you give me a rental car or something? I am paying for additional warranty. Sheesh! Why put people that do not know what to do?

Sorry, if had a choice, I will not be coming back. Very poor service!

Word of advice: It is important to make customers happy you know. That's service 101 and you are in the service dept!

Sofia R. | 2013-10-05

I'm so glad that I came upon Airport Marina Ford. My old 1994 Escort finally took a turn for the worse after many years, so I found myself suddenly in the market for another car. My budget wouldn't allow for a brand new car, but I was wary of buying one used from Craigslist or somewhere similar. I went to a few used car dealerships and had a terrible experience; unfriendly staff, ridiculous prices, and, on one occasion, a dealership even refused to let me test drive a car. I was pretty discouraged by the whole thing. Thankfully, Airport Marina soon came to my attention and I couldn't be happier. I was allowed to test drive several used cars, and the whole time I never felt pressured to buy right away by any of the staff, which is hard to find at a car dealership. No one was aggressively trying to push a car on me; the sales representatives that I dealt with were all super laid-back and friendly. I really felt like they had my best interests at heart and that they genuinely wanted me to find a great car that was within my budget.

I ended up buying an awesome used Chevy Malibu that I love. Has great mileage and runs smoothly. I got it checked out independently by my own mechanic and it has no problems at all. I've been recommending Airport Marina Ford to pretty much anyone I know who's looking for a new car. Overall, a great car buying experience.

Russ T. | 2013-10-05

I went to to Airport Marina Ford to look at the 2013 Ford Focus and some comparable used cars. The dealership itself was well kept. nice and clean with plenty of amenities, I felt as if I were at a Lexus or BMW Dealership. Not to mention that the garage is open until midnight on the weekends! I was plesently surprised to find the sales guy to be knowledgeable of not just the Ford vehicles but the used vehicles as well. I was not there to buy a car (which I made clear to the salesman) but rather narrow down what I wanted. This was not a problem and while I was offered the typical "if you buy today deals' my salesman was very polite and not overly pushy. All and all  I would give Airport Marina Ford a 4 out of 5. If I decide to go with a Ford I will be coming to this exact Ford Dealership

Marvin F. | 2013-09-28

I love coming to this Ford Dealership. Their Staff are always friendly, from Service, salesman and managers. I can always count on them when I need help. Even tho at times they get busy, they still manage to satisfied my needs.
-Thanks Airport Marina Ford

Henry L. | 2013-09-28

This place makes it easy to lease a new ford. Ross and Ugo were awesome, and they got us a great deal.

Darcy A. | 2013-09-24

Beware!! My boyfriend went to this place to test drive a Ford Explorer. He was not allowed to test drive unless he gave them all his financial info first. He was there for half an hour and was never given a test drive. Since he wasn't willing to purchase the car before the test drive the salesman walked away. The rude salesman also questioned by boyfriends ability to afford the truck since he was trading his Ford Edge. Yet another ploy to get his financials.

Abe B. | 2013-09-24

This dealership is the model for low down and dirty crooks. They will lie to your face and will also go as far as to include their lies in the contract when in fact they have no intention of upholding their promise.

Bought a used VW in 2011 added extended warranty and gap insurance. I have signed paperwork spelling out the terms of the premium care service. I needed some work done and was told I don't have warranty. I called the finance dept spoke with a Ben Kim. Was told at the beginning of the conversation congrats you have our best service package which was soon retracted and I was told oh wait you don't have warranty. Which is it? Don't they know? Was told to call an automated 1800 number just to be thrown for a loop.

Was told I would get back a $500 check once the final price of the trade in was determined, never got it! Went back to ask them and was told more lies. Again it was documented in the contract.

Deal with them at your own risk or learn from my experience and not deal with them.

The irony of it is that my salesmans name was Fernando. He called himself "fantastic Fernando" it was on his business card as well..should have walked right then.....

Sean W. | 2013-09-16

So, I'm planning on purchasing a new car in the near future so, against my Chevy prejudice, I decided to give Ford a try and to test drive a Mustang. Wearing nothing but jeans and a T-shirt, as soon as I stepped on the lot, a gorgeous red and black Shelby catches my eye. Not soon after I kick the tires, I am met by salesperson, Maria.

She was polite and attentive and asked if I liked the Shelby, which I did. Maria then asked if I would like a test drive it. Hell yes! She soon returns and says that they can't test drive the Shelby. Really?? If I wanted to buy the mutha#$%&! I couldn't test drive it first? But I digress, after all, I was honest with Maria and informed her that I was not looking to buy at the moment but was simply doing research and looking to purchase within a year or so.

How about a Mustang GT I proposed. She said fine. She then asked for proof of insurance and of course a driver's license. Maria then goes back to the office to retrieve the keys. While waiting for Maria, I am approached by Ogo (I'm pretty sure I am misspelling his name) who says that he is the manager. Ogo then informs me that they have a special that could possibly get me in a Mustang for no money down. I then explain to him that I was not looking to buy at the moment and he politely moves on.

Maria then returns with what appears to be some BS about the key machine not working and the manager not allowing test drives at the moment. Really? Are you guys also not selling cars at the moment? I left without even so much as an apology.

I then headed to Bunnin Chevy. After walking onto the lot, I was approached by salesman Alfonso Vallejo. I asked him about their policy on test drives and he said all he needed was a driver's license. I also informed him that I was not planning to buy until at least a year. He said that it didn't matter and I could still take the test drive.  No proof of insurance needed.

After discussing with Alfonso my experience at Marina Ford, he stated that they probably "pre-qualified you." Meaning that based on my appearance and possibly the fact that I wasn't looking to buy at the moment, they determined that I was not worth their time.

I would never buy a car at Marina Ford and I will also share my experience with as many people as I can. Maybe I'll park my car in front of their dealership with a sign warning people not to buy from there. Because nowadays, you really can't judge a book by its cover.

Oh N. | 2013-09-05

Was told my car would be ready at around noon (went in at10:30am) 2:30pm came and still no phone call from them stating it was ready. Turns out that it might not even be ready until the following day. Very inconvenient as I had to completely change my plans for next day. They did provide a rental, but they need to communicate with customers a little better as to how long service will take and what to expect, if wait time will be longer wayyy longer. The service representative that helped us was very nice I must add. Believe his name was Bruno but not all were as friendly and courteous as he was.

Chris D. | 2013-08-20

Service frequently takes significantly longer than advertised or told. Employees are helpful and feel bad, but your car disappears into the service center with no real expectation of when you might see it again. Service center should provide real time expectations and stick to them so that customers can plan ahead. Service appointments should also mean something and be prioritized over walk-ins.

To cap it all off though, they did give me the $20 off deal with my check-in which I wasn't expecting. Definitely lifted my spirits at the end of a longer than expected wait.

Manny G. | 2013-07-23

I went in to get my car serviced for the 10,000 mi regular shindig. Handed the keys over to the worker and he told me it would be a few hours - No problem.

I ended up getting my bill about 45 minutes later! My car was ready a lot sooner than I expected! I paid the lady behind the counter and was told my car would be right out.

Unfortunately, they forgot about giving me my car back. I stood in the lobby for about 20 minutes, then walked outside to speak to the check-in guy. He walked right by me 3 times without saying a word, but gladly greeted 3 different women that were out there and asked if they needed anything. By this time 45 minutes have passed since I paid for the service, and I still don't have my car back. I walk back in to the lobby and ask the lady how long it usually takes to get my car back; she was surprised I hadn't got my car yet and said she would figure it out. About 5 minutes later my car pulls up and I'm on my way.

In a nut shell-
45 min - Car service
50 min- Getting my car back


You had the 5 star from me, but not after that 50 minute wait.

Russell B. | 2013-07-23

Gene in the Service Department is fantastic.  Take your Ford to Gene only.  He is great.  I drive a 2011 Ford Mustang GT and want everything on my car to be perfect.  Gene promptly had my wheel bearings fixed and was responsive and attentive to all my requests and questions.  Thanks, Gene!

Myron A. | 2013-06-28

BE WARNED MY WIFE AND I WENT IN TO GET A USED CAR,THEY HAVE A SIGN SHOWING CAR FOR 4880.00  HOWEVER THEY HAD NONE SO WE WENT FOR A 2012 CHEVY SONIC I WORK FOR PEPBOYS AND HAVE READ GOOD THINGS ABOUT THE CAR.  I took the car to my shop and found tires below specs. and a leak from the axle took it back to them and had them replace the tires however a noise was present that they swear they could not  find and they stated that they did not see the leaks that my tech. and I clearly saw . Well long sad story short. I did not do my home work, we asked for a car fax which we never received it. also ever person we dealt with lied from sale manager to the financial department. we wanted to get out of the contract but they showed us in the contract no cool off period. I had dealt with North Hollywood Toyota 10 years ago and had fantastic service I should have made the drive back there but I want to shop local...I take care of my customer and try to exceed there expectations..Marina Ford is truly a only care about your money and once they have it they are quick to dismiss any of your I said be warned.

Crislyn M. | 2013-06-03

I am really only giving this review two stars because the majority of people I met at this dealership were nice.

I had an appointment here last week for the first time last week for a 10k mile service and to check on my Sync system since it has not worked properly since I purchased my car.  My salesperson suggested that I might have a wire loose and to have it checked when I take my car in for servicing.

I dropped off my car at 8am and returned for it at 4pm.  They had not even looked at my electrical during the entire day.  The service person said that this was a different department and that there were a total of 8 cars to be looked at by the electrical department that day and that they never got around to checking out my car.  Also, I called at 2pm for a status and left a message, but never got a return phone call.  By 4pm I decided to just show up to the dealership and get my car.  

Truthfully, I do not think that they even tried.  As a full-time working mother of two kids finding an entire day to leave my car at a dealership and arrange getting my kids to school, me to work, and picking us all up again is incredibly difficult.  I cannot afford another day to drop off my car and hope that they get around to it.

Brian M. | 2013-05-16

Staff is great, I come here for routine maintenance on my black  2008 Ford focus coupe. As a car enthusiast and fanatic of motorcycles and cars alike. I know engines and automotive well, The parts and service team never upsells me, we evaluate part pricing, and part performance enhancing decisions.  They even have a shuttle for local travel and can wash your car upon request.
Thanks guys, I'll see you soon.

Alex S. | 2013-05-16

Rip-off rip-off rip-off!!!! Do not waste money or time here! Tried them for service but notice they charge whatever they want to get more money on the bill so I went to Ford Santa Monica for 2nd opinion with way better customer service and they check warranties to save you money. The price Santa Monica gave me was $500 less than what this dump Airport Marina Ford quoted me! This dealership has a low rating for a reason. Customer service is horrible not helpful at all especially Gene major scam artist  don't be fooled!!!!!!!

Jason B. | 2013-05-14

Bought a Mustang from this place last year.  Buying experience was good.  I still bring in my car for service.  No complaints so far from this place.  I would recommend others to this place.

Mike L. | 2013-04-22

I have been a ford person forever. They have the best customer service of any dealership I have been to. Wouldn't hesitate to do anything there. Even buy a new car.

Liz J. | 2013-04-22

Just leased a 2013 Fiesta here and had a great experience with Kevin. Kind, courteous, good deal, and flexible. Thanks, Kevin! Loving the car!

Amy Y. | 2013-04-21

I took my 99 Acura in last month for some noise and stalling that was happening for quite a while. The service department was very helpful and was able to identify the problem right away. The price was very reasonable considering I had replaced the water pump and hub bearings etc. I got my car the same day and they even washed my car without me asking. Service advisor Robert and service manager Leonard are very nice and knowledgable. I am very pleased with the  service. The car has been running great! Best dealer I have ever been to!

pia A. | 2013-03-31

I rarely give bad reviews because I feel this has such an impact on business.  But this place deserves the worst review possible.  My husband and I went in on Saturday evening to test drive the Ford Fusion Hybrid.  We like the car and are ready for purchase.  Our immediate family works at the Ford plant in Michigan so we get a family discount on the cost of the car.  There was only one Fusion hybrid on the lot, which didnt have the features that we wanted.  The so called manager named Rudy proceeded to tell us that we couldn't purchase the hybrid with our Ford family discount and that the only car available was the one on the lot.  This crook was trying to manipulate us into buying what their lot had and without our Ford discount.  It's pathetic and sad to think that this car salesman is so greedy that he wouldn't even sell us the car we wanted because he makes minimal profit because its to another Ford employee.  But that goes to show you what kind of people work at this place and how they treat people.  We will go back to Santa Monica Ford.  I hope this place goes out of business.  
Rudy-  you are a slimy crook and should feel ashamed of the lies that you said.  I hope your supervisor reads this.  Believe me that we are reporting you at the corporate level at Ford.

Alison W. | 2013-03-03

I really wanted to give my business to this dealership because it is close to my home but they made it impossible.  I was dealing with the Internet sales manager Mr. E, and the first issue was that he quoted me a really high price.  When I told him what I expected to pay, he told me that if I came in in person, his manager could do better (defeats the whole point of Internet shopping).  He also pulled all kinds of scummy crap like "I can't go below $500 over invoice because I need a $500 profit" - as if I was born yesterday and know nothing about dealer holdbacks and incentives.  Again, I was willing to work with them because they are just so convenient to my house.  Then, when I stopped by to test drive the car I was interested in (after having emailed him to tell him I was planning on coming by), Mr. E was with another customer, and was completely unhelpful.  When I said I didn't mind if someone else took me out in the car, he talked to the other salesman (who were standing around) and apparently no one was willing to take me out because it was Mr. E's sale (he told me this).  Nice teamwork.  The last straw was when I wanted to special order the exact car I wanted, and they insisted upon a $5,000 non-refundable deposit, when all of the other dealers asked for a $500 refundable deposit.  Again he told me he might be able to do better if I came in when I was ready to place the order.  I was beyond frustrated that this is my home dealer and they were just so uninterested in my business.  I went down the road, got a great price over the Internet, ordered my car, and never heard from these guys again.  Maybe if I had been willing to pay their ridiculous prices, they would have been interested.  Who knows.  Way to lose a sale, guys.

Greg P. | 2013-02-19

After 20 months of letters, flights between HI and CA and visits to the CA DMV I was finally able to get the car I purchased at AMFord registered in my name with a legal address. No help from AMFord. I attempted to contact them several times during the process to assist me hoping to find a change in helpfulness. Nothing had changed with them - "your problem, not ours". True, but they created the problem and in no way attempted to assist or aid me in correcting the situation, (or offer pay the fines or redundant fees due to the error.)
I paid them a lot of money, received a vehicle that needed a lot of work (when their mechanics gave it an A1 clearance), and was not assisted in clearing up a large problem.  Please see my previous review for more/fuller details.
I recommend purchasing your vehicle somewhere else!

Megan B. | 2013-02-11

I had to find a car from MI to purchase in CA. Mr. E was great in working via email and on the phone to set up packages before I arrived. In person, everyone was so helpful to help me be able to make affordable payments and get the car I love! Mr.E takes the time to help you as a person and not just another customer.

David C. | 2013-02-01

They charged me $150 just to diagnose 2 problems with my car even though the reason I was there was for their recall.  DON'T BUY FORD and DON'T GO HERE FOR REPAIRS!!!!

Brian K. | 2013-01-10

It has taken me a few years to get to this one but it looks like they are getting what they deserve.  I bought a used F-250 diesel a few years ago from a private seller and needed the code to the keypad on the drivers door so I could open the door without my keys.  I lived down the street from this stealership.  I asked the guy at the service desk if he knew how to change the code on the door keypad and he told me they would have to "hook up our diagnostic equipment" to do it and charge me an hours labor.  I went on the internet that same day and found out there is a sticker on the fire wall under the dash that has the factory code.  So you wanted to charge me an hours labor for something that would have taken you 2 minutes to do.  Once again, anything to screw the customer for a buck.  You lost a customer who gave his own private diesel mechanic around $10,000 in the past few years in repairs over $100.  I have had so many problems with Ford vehicles and dealerships I am over it.  I am buying a Dodge.  See my reviews of Southbay Ford and Kemp Ford.  Same crooks different locations.

Angela T. | 2012-12-30

I went to this dealership because it was close to home; plus one of the sales folks agreed to pick me up and test drive cars with me. What I liked about the sale rep was that he was casual and helped direct me towards the most appropriate model to match my style and needs. However, he wasn't very knowledgeable when I started asking more specific questions about the car and he wasn't up to date on recent Ford announcements or upcoming vehicles (I had to do finish the research on my own). After speaking with him I was introduced to his manager--that's when things really went south. The manger spoke down to me and started with high pressure sales tactics right off the bat. I politely got myself out of the situation and left. The next day I went back to the lot with a friend and after getting a second opinion I decided to purchase the car. My sales rep, again, was perfectly lovely however his manager got involved with the financial aspect and he was a nightmare. He continued to speak down to me and my friend, he refused to negotiate on anything despite the fact that I was paying with cash and at certain times he flat out lied. His attitude was such that he completely blew the deal. After deciding to leave he then attempted to guilt trip me into making a purchase because the sale rep was 'a nice guy and needed to make a living.' I agree that my sale rep was a nice guy, but the manager was ill-mannered and did not inspire any confidence in the purchase.

Elliott W. | 2012-12-10

Eff this place!

I visited this joke of a dealership this past weekend to check out the new Fusion.

1. They only had one on the lot. OK, it's a popular new car. I get it.

2. Our salesperson, Kevin, was a dick. As soon as he learned that my trade was slightly upside down and that I really just wanted a test drive, he asked for my ID to copy it, said he'd return with keys, left me in the lot for 10 mins., only to return to say he had an appointment that had just arrived and would not be able to help me.


DUDE... I could have had $30K cash in my pocket. Before leaving (and without even referring me to another salesperson or even asking if I could wait, etc.) he had the balls to blow me off without blinking an eye - even after asking if I liked the ONE car on the lot and me telling him, literally, YES... it's just what I want! Guess he didn't need a sale that day...

Sweet revenge: I did have $30K at my disposal. Later that evening, I visited another dealership and, after an hour, I walked away with a $30K Acura TSX.

Eff you, douchebag Kevin. You can take your lost commission and shove it. I hope you're late on your bills and collections calls are driving you insane.


Elizabeth M. | 2012-12-09

We visited this dealership because we wanted to test both the CRV and the Ford Escape.  (A Honda dealership by the same owner is next door.  We had a very dificult experience there.)

We received a friendly greeting and great service from Kevin.  He was profressional and relaxed and in almost entirely due to his approach that we went home with the Ford Escape that day.  The rest of the team could probably have supported him better.  We waited a bit too long to wrap up the deal.

The only reason I am giving them 4 instead of 5 because they would not take my Honda in as a trade.  I was told that I had to return it to the dealership I got it from.  A call to Honda proved this not to be true and I now have to hold onto the car waiting for inspection only to turn it in at a different local dealership.  (And it's in great shape with only 19k miles on it.)

All said and done - as long as you aren't hoping to turn in your Honda lease as part of the sale - this is a good spot to get your new Ford.  (Maybe ask for Kevin)

Jennifer M. | 2012-12-01

Mike in service department was very helpful regarding 2013 Escape recall. This situation had been frustrating but Mike went the extra mile to smooth things over and he had things taken care of within 30 minutes. If your Ford needs service I recommend this location for any needs.

Dustin S. | 2012-11-21

These guys are terrible and even though they are just a couple blocks from me I'll be driving 20 miles to another dealership to avoid them.  

Expect every sleazy pressure tactic, manipulation and trick in the car salesman's book if you make the mistake of showing up there to get you to buy on the spot on terrible terms (if you don't mind paying 40% more after they rake you on price and terrible financing options - then by all means - shop there).  I would have ended up with a payment of $320 and went to another dealer (through the internet this time, using my own research) and got the same car and plan for under $200.

I live my live by a creed of never trust a man with a mustache and gold jewelry - proved true as ever there.  Consumer beware.

D W. | 2012-10-11

I simply no longer trust these guys.  I purchased my Focus several years back with the service contract and extended warranty.  Because this is the closest dealership, I have taken my car here on several occasions.

One time I had a rattle at the bottom of my car that I thought could be serious. I brought it in and signed that I would pay the $100 deductible.  They called me 30-45 minutes later and said it was fixed. I asked what the problem was, and they said they just tightened the screws.  Then they handed me the bill for $100. They didn't even offer to simply charge for the hours.

Another time I brought it in for an oil change service and they said that I needed new brakes. 7500 miles later I took it in again and they said that my brakes were just fine.

Unless it's absolutely necessary, I will not be going back here again.

Pat K. | 2012-09-14

Its worth reading all of this.  However, if you don't have time...the bottom line is: DO NOT go to this dealership.

To quote someone else who reviewed this place: "They are the stereotypical slimy used car salesmen we all dread. I'd give a zero-star rating if it were possible.  Read on for details.":
I saw a Pre-Owned vehicle on line and called to confirm it was still on the lot and available.  I made an appointment with a particular salesman.  That salesman was a little late and called to let me know.  No problem.
During the 5 minutes I was waiting for him,  two other people, at different times, approach me and say they can help me.  When I tell them who I am waiting for and that he is on his way, each one says they are a manager and will help me anyway.  Trying to take his business.  Apparently everyone at this dealership freely uses the "manager" title.
Finally I convince them that we will wait for our salesman. They would not leave until the one I was waiting for actually walked up to me.
He gets the vehicle, I do a walk around.  He says I can do a test drive.  
I told him prior to arriving that if it drives well and it checks out mechanically, I will purchase the vehicle.  I drive it for about 20 minutes total, including on the 405, and head back.  While I am driving, the driver side door sounds like it is not closed, even though it is latched and locked.  Suddenly is not as secure as it should be.  We arrive back at the dealership and I get out and close the door.  It is latched, but is rattling and I can move it back and forth.  I then notice that the four tires do not match. So I pop the hood to look at the engine.  
This is where their sheer disregard for safety and blatant negligent business practice comes into play:
There was an aftermarket K&N air intake that was just laying on top of the engine.  Not secured in any way.  The salesman and an actual manager both looked at it and bragged about its performance until I reached in and lifted it off the engine.
They tried to explain it away.  Just like the door and the mismatched tires.
SO I told them how disconcerting it is to call ahead for a specific vehicle and have so many issues not brought to my attention.  And to allow the vehicle to be driven with a component that is not secured to the engine?!
Then the "manager" offered me a lease on a new vehicle.  He brought over a basic stock model of the vehicle I was looking at.  

I went about 40 minutes from them to a real dealership and purchased a vehicle that is much more expensive than the one I looked at there.
But I know I got my monies worth.

Jaymie B. | 2012-09-12

They are total ripoffs.  They are friendly but I'm not paying for friendship, I'm paying for good honest service which I've never gotten there.  Each time I went there, my car had a problem shortly after.  It wasn't until they neglected to check my spark plugs at a 100,000 mile check up that caused me the most trouble and I haven't gone back.

At one point, they tried to charge me $600.00 for an alternator and told me I needed a new battery.  Bull!  I had recently had a die hard battery installed.  I went to Voltec on Venice Blvd. and had my alternator repaired for around $150.00 and didn't need a new battery.  

I'll go to any other ford dealer but not Airport Marina.  They are dishonest.  They smile in your face while they are ruining your engine.  They will fix it for a price so high you might as well buy a new car.

Brendan C. | 2012-08-31

I do like their service department, but their sales force has resorted to using some pretty scummy practices.

I leased my Ford Focus from this location in 2010 and was pleased with that process, but now that the lease is five months from done they have been hounding me to come in and trade in my vehicle for a new one.

I know this is common practice, but when I finally agreed to go in today for an appraisal, the sales agent tried to scare me into trading in my car by telling me that since I had an accident I'd owe Ford money for the loss of value (even though I had it fixed) if I completed the lease and returned the car.

He even told me to call Ford and confirm it.  When I did, they just laughed and told me that by no means would I owe anything at the end of the lease.

I was planning on buying the car once the lease came up, and I probably still will, but it won't be from Airport Marina Ford.  I don't deal with lying douchebags who make up stories to back me into a corner.

you gotta b kidnme u. | 2012-08-13

From point A to Z this dealership has been a disappointment. Service has no idea what "Customer Service" means.  I waited over a YEAR for a part promised me when I bought my car! a YEAR!!!!
Tried to cancel the extended warranty and was given the run around.
The car NEVER received the gas mileage estimated it would in city or on freeway!
What a horrible experience!
AVOID at all costs!

Ray G. | 2012-07-23

I got a quote on a Boss 302 ($39,497.) so I say good price I email and ask if there would be a way to trade in my Pantera explaining that I realize its a specialty item and also over there age limits so most dealers won't take it  but no they tell me bring it down we'll take it so just to be sure I send them three more emails telling them just to honest with me so I don't waste everyones time but yet again they say come down .
So I get there and talk with the sales guy about the quote and he says no we can't doo that it to low and takes it to the General Mgr who after bit say OK we will sell it for that today. so I think great until they look over at the Pantera and say we can't take that it's a niche sale we don't carry that type of car, you would have to sell it yourself .
I  tell the GM that I had writen four emails pointing out that same point and that I asked specifically so I wouldn't be wasting time and he tells me "well these guy (sale staff) are all told to just get people in here" and hands me my keys..
No I'm sorry about that it shouldn't have been done or even thanks for comming out nothing.
I don't blame the sales guy seems to be a management problem teaching there staff to just get people in at all cost, to the point that they  obviously don't even really read there emails. this experience tells me what kind of bussiness they really are running
there are plenty of truthfull/honest dealerships you can go to I would avoid this one

Jon R. | 2012-06-08

Maybe I'm a bit spoiled with great customer service, if that's makes me biased, so be it. At the Wondries Ford dealership (Alhambra), if your taillight goes out, just buy the bulb from the parts dep. and they'll change it out for you in mere seconds.

Here at Airport Marina Ford, it will run you $35.

When I told the guy about Alhambra and their service, he told me to go there, or pay the $35. Okay, what an ass. I think he realized he was being a douche because entire 35 min. it took to replace that one taillight he was trying to be extra nice to me.  

The only saving grace to this story is that if you check-in here, there's a $20 off any service repair (excluding oil change, blah blah blah). So instead of $30 something, it was only $11 something. I can live with that.

I definitely WON'T be back here.

Such a shame too, the rest of the staff were very friendly and professional, just that taller white guy-the classic used car salesman.

Molly S. | 2012-06-08

I just leased a Ford Flex here and had excellent, personalized service and got a good deal. I'm home on bedrest with a complicated pregnancy and they were able to accommodate me- brought the car to me, did the del on the phone, brought the paperwork, etc. everything was quick and easy.

Nick A. | 2012-01-03

Quick synopsis: these guys are scheisty, will waste your time, and just all around not good business men. They are the stereotypical slimy used car salesmen we all dread. I'd give a zero-star rating if it were possible.  Read on for details.

I went there about 2 weeks ago looking for a used ford ranger.  I found one that I liked.  When it came time to negotiate a price, the sales guy (named Prince) and I couldn't come to an agreement.  After the, "what will it take to get you in this car today" he eventually pulled the ol' "let me check with my manager" and walked away

I waited...then waited...then waited more.  After 20 minutes I got up to leave and the manager FINALLY walks up to me and explains that the price that I wanted to pay doesn't leave enough room for the dealer to make money.

Okay- that's all fine and dandy, but the price they were offering was MORE than what they had the same truck listed for on their own website (FWIW, as of 1/2/12, the 07 Ranger is still on their site, stock #25283 for $12,953...they were trying to get $13,500, I told them at $11,000 I'd buy it right there- anything above that I'd have to keep looking)

So far things aren't that bad.  Just 2 parties not able to come to a deal.  No big whoop, I go on my merry way to look for better deals.

A couple days later I get a voice mail from a manager named Hugo (pronounced OOGO) saying he talked to the main manager and they are ready to make a deal.  To me that means they are ready to sell it to me for $11,000.  Sweet.

I call Hugo back, he starts to talk to me as if I have never tried to buy the truck.  I explain the situation, explain my offer and he proceeds to tell me how they would be losing money to me at that price.  I got a little short with him and tell him that isn't MY concern.  I made an offer and YOU CALLED ME back.  He gives and even HIGHER counter offer than the $13,500 from before, then I ask about the online price and he says, "oh, yes- ok we can sell it for that price."

Oh really?  You don't say.

So that phone call was only 5 minutes long after I realized that they didn't call to make MY deal...they called to make THEIR deal.  I politely ask to be contacted if they DO decide to sell it for $11,000.  By this time I had looked at many trucks and new that $11,000 was a solid offer for this truck.  

So anyway, this is all not a big deal.  It was a 20 minute waste of my day plus a 5 minute waste of a phone call.  Otherwise not really a justifiable 1-star review.

Until today.  I just got a credit score disclosure letter in the mail.  Though we never agreed on a price and there was no financing to go over, these JERKS ran my credit anyways!  Why would you do that?  

My wife thinks that after I left, they ran my credit, saw I DID have good credit (which is confirmed by the credit score reported on the letter they just sent me) so they decided to call and try to negotiate a deal.

Either way, I regret ever stepping onto their property.  I wish I would have looked at the rest of their reviews first.  I recommend you stay away.

Airport Marina Ford: You suck.

Dante D. | 2011-11-14

I went here several times for service and each time has gotten progressively worse.  Each time, they seemed to find something "severely" wrong with my car.  I was starting to suspect that I was getting fleeced so I took my business elsewhere.  

The catalyst for all this was my last visit.  It was a simple oil change but they had advised me that I needed a new clutch.  They gave me a pretty steep price and I told them I would have to talk to my wife first.  The service adviser basically told me that it went bad because I was so bad about it's maintenance and upkeep.  I haven't missed any scheduled maintenance and other than being a little late on oil changes, everything has always been maintained.  I was insulted but didn't want to make a big deal about it.  To further add to the insult, the power in my driver's seat was not working.  It was working when I dropped it off so I wanted it fixed.  However, they took so long to finish my oil change that it was already the end of the mechanics work day.  I had to practically beg the service adviser to fix it so I could drive it home.  Finally, he gave in and a mechanic was quickly able to fix the issue.  What further miffed me about the whole situation was that I brought it to this same dealership a few months ago to fix this exact issue.  All he could say was that I would need to bring it back in later for a complete electrical diagnosis.  Shouldn't they have done it when I brought it in the last time?  

Anyway, I'm not going back here again for any future service.  I've already thrown away enough money here and have been insulted enough.  Thanks for nothing Airport Marina Ford!

Josef B. | 2011-11-07

Went to get information to buy either a fiesta or focus. I got the information such as price and interest rate. When I told the sales rep I wanted to go home to consider which car I wanted to buy he got up and walked away from me. Lack of professionalism permeated throughout this dealership and really gave ford a bad name.

Aurelie T. | 2011-06-24

It's been an hour that I am waiting for the shuttle (shuttle service included) to come and pick me up! They were supposed to be done with my car yesterday! I told them that I needed my car to go to work. Their answer : "Yes, you will have it by noon!". We are way over! The first time I went there, it took a whole day to repair one little thing that could have taken 30 minutes. Really??? Who are you laughing at, Airport Marina Ford???

Brian S. | 2011-06-21

Im just another victim of the system,I bought a new escape hybrid here and I love my car but i feel as if it was slightly shady people working here.

Martin K. | 2011-04-13

I am changing my opinion on this dealership. After talking to the general manger, Dan T., who readily admitted that the dealership was at fault, we where fairly compensated.
As described bellow we had problems with the mid level finance management, but after the posting on yelp Dan called us right away and worked with us.
So in summary, we liked the sales person and if you have a problem go to Dan directly. He will make sure you are happy.

The Ford Fiesta is a really great city car. I have never liked domestic cars and always bought Japanese. This car has changed my mind, I hope Ford will continue this trend. The car is very economical, yet fun to drive. If you are looking for a small car, you have to test drive this one!


Please do not buy a car here. These people destroyed my credit.

My girlfriend needed a new car and we bought/financed one through this dealership. We where told that the APR would be lower if I alone financed the car, which was fine as long as my girlfriend could be the primary driver. I was approved for the car loan.

A week later I get a call from the dealer telling me I was not approved by the bank, since I was not the primary driver. I was also told to find a new loan or pay in full for the car, I told the finance guy that this was unacceptable since I was approved by ford for the car loan and we had been upfront with all information. The response was that I should have lied to the bank.
Just to be safe I applied for a car loan through capital one, that I was denied due to the fact that ford finance had tried to pass my first loan on to five different banks. This resulted in five hard credit checks and now my credit score is down.

This situation is still not resolved.

Brad K. | 2011-03-08

I had an issue with my clutch so I took my Ranger truck to my local Ford (not Marina Ford). I take care of my truck and new it was in good condition. I got quoted $1600+ to fix my clutch and some other things. I thought this was kind of high, so I told them I'd think about it. My friend recommended Marina Ford. I took my ranger there. The service guy was nice and honest. He told me most of the repairs that the other Ford wanted to do wasn't necessary yet. I got my clutched replaced and various other things done for under $1000.

I will definately be back. I'm a customer for life.

Leonard and his team are the best.!

L A. | 2010-02-11

Do not take your car to this dealers service department.  They are incompetent.  I towed my car there because it would not start.  They checked it out and called me to tell me that I need a new car battery.  I then told them that I just put in a new battery.  They then said that the new battery was defective.  I asked them if they put the battery through a test machine to make sure that it is bad and they said that they had done that.  They jumped my car so that I could drive it to the Pep Boys to exchange the battery.  The guys at Pep Boys put it on their battery tester and showed me on the machine that the battery was good.  So I asked them why my car wouldn't start and their mechanic opened the hood of the car and tightened the batter connectors.  And behold, the car started fine.  THE MECHANICS AT THE MARINA FORD DEALER DIDN'T REALLY PUT THE BATTERY THROUGH THE BATTERY TESTER EVEN THOUGH THEY SAID THEY DID.  THE BATTERY WAS FINE ALL ALONG.  THIS PROBLEM WAS SO RUDIMENTARY THAT A NOVICE SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO SOLVE IT.  INSTEAD, THEY WANTED ME TO BUY A NEW BATTERY FROM THEM AND PAY FOR THE SERVICE CALL.  THEY ARE TOTAL RIPOFFS AND EITHER EXTREMELY INCOMPETENT OR DISHONEST OR BOTH.  DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR THERE.

Scott M. | 2010-01-26

We all know the dealer is twice as expensive as of some one-off mechanic. But you would expect a level of trust and truthiness from a dealer. Being a car mechanic hobbyist most of my life, I can usually call BS. My word word of advice is always question them and get a second opinion if you can.

My wife took the car here 6 months ago and the found a few things wrong, mostly related to check engine codes. So I borrowed an OBD and found there was only one code. The other two were related to each other but didn't show up. So, I took the car back and got it straighten out. It cost a shitload, but it was a dirty job I wasn't willing to do. And, they didn't get it right the first time so I had to take it back.

I the end, I liked my service rep. He took care of me, but only after I called them out and they realized I knew what I was talking about.

katrina v. | 2009-09-09

Great service dept!!! I went there because a friend of mine said he had a friend there. So of course i checked it out. Service advisor was friendly at night was helpful and knew alot about my expedition. I should have got his name but will on my next visit. The only bad thing i can say is the cashier was not so nice and on her cell phone. Will go back.

Ruby K. | 2009-05-21

Bad experience from the start. In Feb 2008 went to Airport Marina ford to purchase a vehicle and met with Ebony. She took me on a test drive in a 2006 Gold Ford Tauras, said that it was 10,000.00. The next day when I came in to purchase it, she said it was the wrong price and brought out another black 2005 Taurus that I ended up buying for 10grand cash with the promise of extended warranties. About 6 months later I ended up having to pay $90 to have a diagnostic test done on the car to find that I had to pay almost another 1,000.00 to fix my airconditioning  (which of course is not under the warranty) and to change out my belts that were cracking( I guess Certified means that they can sell you a car that has old belts) Then today I go in for a simple oil change to find that they recommend that my belts be changed-- Um, WHAT? I thought you did this already.. Well someone lied and it was never done .After having to argue that issue they made it seem as if they were doing me the favor by fixing the problem when that was something that ihad already paid to have done. Well as soon as I drove off, my Transmission crashed and I ended up stranded with my baby in the street, and had to have the car towed back to Airport Marina Ford.... I just feel that they are Shadey and dishonest. If they lied and said that they had changed out the belts how can I trust them to do the right thing and fix the issues that this car has. I do NOT recommend this place.. Go to Galpin or Get a Chevy because they are screwing me over and it sucks especially in this economy. Now I'm finding out that my car is only worth 6000.00. They got their money and I still feel that they sold me a bad car.I also feel that they create problems just to make money on service. This is my experience and I'm still waiting to get the results of more issues that they are finding with the car. I'll keep you posted...

Never had a Response from this terrible experience - ADVISE - Do not take a risk at this place- a year after this happend my new great machanic found that the dealer placed a batery that fit a small car like a civic - I drive a larger car ( a Taurus) Evil, Evil Theives!

Mike F. | 2007-06-14

After shopping around looking for the best deal for my Expedition, this place guaranteed the lowest price and stuck by it. No matter how many times they tried to give me the "let me get my manager" line, I eventually ended up talking to the fleet mgr, Mustang Mike. Great guy, no frills, and is a very pleasant person to talk to with no undue pressure. Ended up walking away with the car well within my projected budget and I was happy with everything from start to finish.

Nicole D. | 2007-02-27

**About the Service Department:

I had had so many bad experiences with the Ford dealership where I bought my car, that I refused to ever take it back to a Ford dealership for service ever again. That is, until I had a ridiculous amount of problems with a set of brake pads that were installed by "some other guy". My uncle recommended this Ford to me, and I gave in. Not only did they find the problem immediately, but they didn't overcharge me. I said to myself, "I might just bring my car back here". Then, in the last month, I took my car back there twice - once for a problem, and once for maintenance. I've always gotten extremely friendly (and prompt!) service, the advisors have always kept me up-to-date on the status of the work (even when I dropped it off, they'd call me and keep me informed), and I've never felt like I was being reamed with the price.

I highly recommend this service deparment, and I won't be taking my car anywhere else again. Also, they are open until midnight on weekdays, and until 5 on Saturdays. Awesome!