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On this page you can find detailed information about the company 101 Vermont Hyundai in Los Angeles, CA.

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Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(213) 387-9999
Address:200 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90004

Reviews on 101 Vermont Hyundai

Suzanne E. | 2015-03-09

I was searching for a particular used car, and spotted one here. I rang up first, then went to look at it on a Sunday.  The car was buried among cars on the lot, very dirty, and they couldn't get it out for a test drive. I spotted a few paint issues--overspray on inside of hood indicating it had been painted--but met continual argument that no paint had been done. No accidents on Carfax, but they don't indicate smaller accidents like little fender benders.   OK, so it's not that bad, though the paint has that
"orange peel" texture to it, showing it wasn't a very good re-paint.  I agreed to come back on Monday to test drive anyway.

On Monday I returned to test drive the car. They hadn't even cleaned it yet, and said they wouldn't detail it until it was purchased.  Hmmmm, seems like a bad way to try to sell a car!    It was a trade in, but they'd had it for at least a couple of weeks. There was still debris from previous owners in the car, and it smelled like cigarettes even though they told me previous owner was a non-smoker. Test drive went ok and the car ran well. It was in fairly good condition for 5 years old, even if it was leased, and had low mileage. People tend to trash leased cars, not unlike rental cars, because they don't ultimately own the car.

I was interested in buying the car, but thought it was a tad overpriced. Not being one very adept at negotiating or haggling, I lost the struggle.  It took HOURS.  I know I should have walked out, but after hours of being there I was so ready  to get out of there.  I liked the car, so I finally gave up and paid their price.  I guess it's my fault, but I was tired of looking for cars at this point.  It's hard to find a used  Infiniti G37 in black, in Los Angeles, and I wasn't willing to travel long distances to look at others available at the time.  I'd seen one a few days earlier, but not black, in better shape for $3,000 less--however I wanted black.

I gave 2 stars cause they made me wait until purchase to detail the car, meaning that had to sit there and wait which added to the total hours I'd already been there. The detail was quick and not very thorough, but it was ok. They used touch up paint on the little chips on the doors.  All in all, it looked pretty good.  It's funny cause later I found items in the car belonging to the previous owner, such as sunglasses and things.  They also didn't clear the car navigation system, leaving all the addresses and the music of the previous owner.  That's not very safe.

After driving the car for a couple of weeks, the cigarette smell became stronger. I guess they'd used some kind of deodorizer on it.  The salesman kept insisting the previous owner hadn't smoked.  Not true.  I took the car for a major service, also past due when I bought it, and had them replace the interior air filter. I suppose I'll probably have to repaint the car at some point, but for now am relying on expert detailing/polishing/waxing.

My salesman was very nice, knew about cars, but didn't budge on the price at all. I feel they should have taken $1,000 off the price.  I was paying cash too. Ha--his boss is probably reading this and giving him a raise!!  

While at the dealership, I saw new Hyundai's that I hadn't noticed on the street before. Some are actually not bad looking.  However, due to the non-negotiation on the price of my car, I'd never go here to purchase a new car.

Kevin L. | 2015-02-04

I should have believed all the negatives.  I have called 2 times and was put on hold forever.  I still didn't any help.  I don't know how this dealership is still in business.

Jack C. | 2014-12-15

My girlfriend crashed her car, got a fat check - we came here to buy a car. Period. To make things easier, we drove into the parking lot in the exact car that she wanted to buy - a 2015 Santa Fe Sport.

We should have known this visit would be suck, as we walked in NOT ONE PERSON acknowledged or greeted us. They were all in "Yawn! We want to go home! mentality.

The 'salesman' who helped us, took us to a Tuscon, then a Santa Fe Limited. He was talking super fast with a very, VERY thick accent and we simply could not understand him. He took offense to us addressing this issue and then became very short with us and ignored direct questions that we asked (e.g what is the difference between Sports and Limited models).

The salesman took us to all of these Santa Fes with Limited packages, and we were looking for the sport. We were driving a Hyundai Santa Fe Sport! We were looking for another one! We showed him the car, and said that we want one just like it!

So this guy is walking far ahead of us, talking in a thick accent and we were missing it ALL. Finally we got to the car we wanted and asked if we can test drive - 'No'. Then said we could sit in it. For crissakes we are not 15 year olds! This guy obviously cared more about going home than letting us test drive a car and purchase it.

And it wasn't THAT late - 7pm.

We then asked him for a Sport with a basic package, that we did not want that silly over-priced $1,000 'mud flap' package. He basically told us that is how they all come, which we both knew was BS.

We did ask for a deal if we bought on the spot, joked that it was the holidays.... he replied 'We don't celebrate the holidays here.' LOL In his defense, he did come back with a $2,000 off the sticker deal. Cool.

When we were trying to choose the package that we wanted, color, etc, that we wanted he completely lost interest in us! After a few minutes of him being super short and rude, we asked to talk to the manager. He went in, and exited - said the manager was 'too busy.' Seriously.

We have an F'in check in our damn hands! We knew the exact car that we wanted! We just needed communication because the salesman we had, had such thick of an accent that it was impossible to ask detailed questions.

Out of frustration, we left, but we again went inside and asked to speak to the manager. He was sitting, doing nothing... another employee said he was busy.

Okay. Whatever. We walked out, will go to another Hyundai dealer tomorrow with our check.

Steaven R. | 2014-11-08

I know it's rated poorly but I've had great service when servicing my car. The guys are always nice and even when I miss my appointment they do their best to squeeze me in.

Kevin P. | 2014-10-27

Took my equus in for service and gave me an dirty nasty inside out Genesis for a loaners car which had window malfunction so i couldnt even open the windows. Went back after 10min. and took my car out from service

Ally M. | 2014-10-26

We had a great experience with this place and I honestly cannot complain. We went in just to look before purchasing and we were greeted by several salespeople who were friendly and helpful. We met with Ron when we went back to purchase and he was professional, honest, and overall great to work with!

Danny R. | 2014-10-24

DO NOT TRUST ANY OF THESE PEOPLE! Bought a used car everything seemed to be fine with the car until the next day when I drove it to work on the freeway the service engine light came on. I called Mario who's the one who sold me the car. I told him my problem and he was like "sorry I can't take a look at your car today my mechanic is really busy" I get home and the light is still on so I called him again and tell him I wanted him to take a look at it that same day so he said to go ahead and bring it in so his mechanic can take a look. I bring it in and there's only two cars on the shop, so he lied to me when he said he had a lot of work. Long story short after they "take a look at my car" he said that it was because it was just sitting there for a long time that was the reason the service engine light came on. ANOTHER LIE. I WASNT DUMB ENOUGH TO FULLY TRUST DEALERSHIPS FROM PAST EXPERIENCES, I had to go pay my family mechanic who's certified to run a test and tell me what was wrong with it. His test came back that it was the catalytic converter. AFTER I TOLD HIM THAT I ALREADY KNEW WHAT WAS WRONG WITH IT HE WAS SURPRISED AND  DIDNT EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY. SO HE SAID TO DRIVE THE CAR FOR A LITTLE WHILE MORE HE SAID "YEAH THE CATALYTIC CONVERTER OS JUST DIRTY THATS THE PROBLEM DRIVE A WHILE MORE AND IT SHOULD GO AWAY" so he took out the light and I drove it again and THE LIGHT CAME BACK ON! I am so mad I'm going today to return their worthless car and get my money back. This is such a bad experience. CATALYTIC CONVERTER IS REALLY EXPENSIVE AND THEY TOLD ME THAT THEY WOULD ONLY PAY FOR HALF OF THE COST IF THEY HAD TO REPLACE IT AND I HAD TO PAY THE OTHER HALF. IF THEY DENY ME AGAIN TODAY IM GOING TO HAVE TO FOLLOW WITH LEGAL ACTIONS

Logan H. | 2014-10-19

Shady stuff happens here they will put you in a loop hole!! want a good Hyundai dealer that would really work with you and help you!! Go to Hyundai parkway in Valencia the best place to go and if you go ask for andrew best guy I know trust me !!!!

Steve H. | 2014-10-14

There is a problem here: DON'T BELIEVE ALL THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS !!!!!

Here is what happened to me: I started as a web potential customer, I went to the Hyundai website placed a request to get a quote and I heard back from this dealership, I came here purchased a new car with no problems, other dealers make all sorts of claims but at the end of the day.

I drove from WLA here and purchased a new 2015 Sonata with no problems in a short record time.

The entire process was done within less than 2 hours. Ferron, Simon, Mr. Bae all helped me and were very prompt. Sometimes it's also not only the price but how helpful in fact they are.

They took the time and got me the 2.9 financing even though my credit score was not be best. They made sure they answered all my technical questions before and during the sale.

By the way, clearly other dealers could not answer my extensive technical questions but these guys could no problem. It was a new car purchase that went thru very smooth with no problems in a short period of time without any of the last minute unexpected things.

During the time I was at their dealership I noticed all the staff being very professional and courteous and prompt with their customers. They had good inventory on hand and could get additional inventory with no problems.  

During my sales process I evaluated/test drove VW (seemed like worst snobby dealers), Mazda (limited choices, small inventory, limited on car tech), Hyundai, Kia (good but not as good as Hyundai), Honda (no!), Toyota (we don't want to sell below MSRP because our cars are so good, so good they are too good for you) and Ford (getting closer, maybe next year, quality still #2).  

I was well pleased to find out that Hyundai was in fact at the top of my extensive spreadsheet. And from all the Hyundai dealers I got the fastest support, the most technical explanation, the package description, and the price points from 101Vermont hands down.  

I selected the Sonata with the tech package partly because of the extensive features but also the integration with the IPhone and Android they have that most other manufacturers don't have.

If you don't believe me test drive a Sonata! I really think you will be surprised.
I would strongly recommend that you call them first!

Eddie C. | 2014-09-25

It looks like everyone was dissatisfied in this location... Corporate should really look into this... anyways my issue was that I got my car 1 1/2 year ago and have brake problems - it makes high pitch sound and the brakes slip when I apply pressure and when I hit a bump. service representative said i need to change the rotor and brake pads but the pads are not covered under the warranty so I have to pay.  asked for the manager to speak to and he wasn't available.  when I finally went in to speak to him, he doesn't speak to me and ignores me... oh and when I get there every is busy and completely ignores me... girl come in with a tank top and shorts and she gets help right away... I am still stuck with a car that makes noise and my safety is a big concern... this dealership sucks! no one helps you and it's just a waste of time! don't go here to get service cause you won't get one!!!

Mistie B. | 2014-08-25

I'm only giving this one star because I couldn't give it a negative stars.  

I made a service appointment with though my BlueLink and confirmed it the day before. When I arrived there I couldn't access the service entrance because a tow truck was was blocking it. I patiently waited then parked on the street after 5 minutes. I entered and asked where do I go if I have an  appointment. "See Tony"... Who's Tony??? So I stood there waiting to see if someone would acknowledge me, but no!

After finding Tony, I was informed I don't have an appointment according to his book. He doesn't take appointments after 3 and doesn't know why BlueLink would schedule one.  He said, "I have to many cars!!!" While he throws his hands up and tells me he doesn't  have time for me. WOW... Enough said, I will take my car back to Win Hyundai where I bought it.  The service there is excellent!!! It's out of my way, but worth the drive for the customer service!!

Erick O. | 2014-07-25


Read first!!!

where can i start?

i saw an ad on their website on a car and decided to go check it out
i took my mother to accompany me since the car will be under her name
so we arrived, we checked out some used and new cars.. funny thing was that we spent 20 minutes and unlike other dealers no body suggested to help us!
you may be asking, well if you didn't get help then why are you giving this excuse for a dealer 5 stars? well heres the catch,
after wondering the lot for about 25 mins a man finally appeared, his name is
Dominic Tantarelli. As i saw him walk up to us i assumed that he was like all the other sales people pressuring, annoying and ignorant..... WRONG!
This man was a huge help! he made the visit fun and me and my mom were laughing the entire time! i mean you can tell that this guy appreciates   his life to the fullest!
so there we were talking about the car, he was cracking some jokes and so on and then he took us inside to see the monthly cost of the car

i kid you not... LITERALLY! when i walked in the building, i wanted to cut myself! the vibe is so depressing that it changed my mood entirely! Luckily we had Dominic who literally lightened up the mood! Now at other dealers i have been greeted by everyone and a smile here and there but here all you get is depression and seriousness
you get better service at a graveyard than here it is literally so hard to get a smile in there!  

After a few hours of working out a deal, we were not fortunate to get the car, but unlike other salesmen, Dominic did not get mad or bothered! I mean why is such an amazing human being at a big Dump like this one!!? in my opinion he deserves better than this!
***Not trying to be racist  but look at how satisfied the Asians who reviewed this place are and look how unsatisfied other races are****
it seems like these people dont want to sell cars but to their own race

Overall i give this place no stars but i give Dominic the 5 since he made this visit pleasant and amusing!

If you want to buy a car from this dealer make sure you look for Dominic, trust me he will make your visit worth it

Marcus C. | 2014-07-21

I was in the market for a subcompact about a month ago.  Dominic, a really cool sales rep, let me take the '14 Accent for a test drive, which I enjoyed.  But being the die-hard manual shifter lover I am, I insisted on it being manual, even though they are a bit rare to find.  However, Dominic and the team at 101 pulled all the strings to get me the exact model and color I wanted.  He even personally drove all the way out to Glendora to pick it up.  And Rich was great too.  When I mentioned the LOW price I was quoted at another dealership, he matched it without a word of argument.  It was supercool!  The whole deal was done in time for lunch.

And now?  I gotta say I am one happy camper.  The '14 Accent GLS sedan is just superb!  Everything from its uniquely dynamic design to the smooth solidness of its drive just makes me feel damned good!  Hyundai has come such a long way.  Being a Korean American, I feel really proud of my bros overseas.  Thanks to Dominic and the rest of the folks at 101 Vermont, I'm loving my time on the road more than ever!

Will G. | 2014-06-14

i went here for hyndai elantra.The msrp was 19500 for gls model.I was gonna put 14000 down, leaving me a 5000 dollar loan.simon told me since i had bad credit my interest rates will be 19 percent. so even after putting 14000 down on a 19000 dollar car. the total came up to 28000 dollars.Simon tells me just make the payment to boost your credit dont worry about the total 28000 for an elantra.Are you kidding me. Stay away. smokers and scammers. ssssstttttaaaaaayyyyyy aaaaawwwwwaaaaayyyyy.if im gonna spend 28000 im getting a crysler 300. fuck scammers.

Jimmy C. | 2014-05-30

I currently lease a Hyundai and after talking to Hyundai Finance, I decided to call this dealership to return my lease.  After leaving a voicemail for someone in finance, I received a phone call from Peter Bae.  I told him I wanted to arrange for my lease vehicle to be returned here and he said couldn't take the car because there is no space.  The car I lease is a Veloster, a small coupe.  NO SPACE FOR A CAR THAT IS  166 INCHES (LESS THAN 14 FEET) BY 71 INCES (LESS THAN 6 FEET).  Mr. Bae indicated they can decide which vehicles they can accept as lease returns or not.  I think Mr. Bae knew I would not be buying another car from them so he decides on the spot they will not take the car back.

Alice R. | 2014-05-04

I hardly ever write yelp reviews but I have to chime in here, avoid this place if possible. I bought a great little Accent from Carmax a couple years ago and have taken it here twice. The first time was for a factory recall on a brake light which they did for free and that was fine, but at the same time they noticed a rip in a tire (it was on the edge, so legit needed to be replaced). However my tires were almost new and not worn down at all, but they tried really hard to convince me I needed to buy at least two new tires so that the wear would be balanced--they tried to get me to buy 4. I held my ground and only bought one and haven't had any issues with balance. But whatever, most places try to make a buck so I didn't pay it much mind.

i went back recently because my car was making a ticking noise. I suspected it was the valves and I was right, I had waited too long for an oil change and crud had built up on them. However they insisted that I needed to get an "engine flush" to fix the issue. I was full of guilt over leaving my oil change for too long so I let them do it. Then I thought maybe I should call my boyfriend's brother (an engineer who, having worked for both Nascar & Tesla, kind of knows a little bit about cars by now) to get a second opinion. He immediately told me that he'd never heard anything like that and it was bullshit. I tried to get the dealership to cancel the "engine flush" but they told me they had already started and it was too late. I tried to get more information about what they were doing but nobody could give me a straight answer. He kept saying "it's a chemical" but couldn't tell me WHAT chemical. My bf's brother did some research to try to find out exactly what they were doing but couldn't come up with anything. He also said that just a regular oil change would have fixed the issue of the buildup on the valves. I kept trying to get information from the service guys but they literally couldn't tell me what they were doing. They said "it's a kit" and when I asked to see the kit, they conveniently had run out of that one so they showed me a kit for a different service and said "it's like this, but different". Great! That helps. They said the containers for the kit they used on my car had been thrown away already and couldn't be salvaged to show me, and nobody could tell me the name of it.

I have no idea what they actually did to my car (it is running fine and at least the ticking is gone, but like I said, apparently just a regular oil change would have fixed that), but it sure sounds like I was majorly scammed. Not going to come back here again. Which is a shame, because it's close by and convenient to public transportation and open on the weekend. Oh well.

Also learned the hard way to call bf's bro FIRST before agreeing to any services...

Brad L. | 2014-04-02

I've only dealt with them as my licensed Hyundai service center, so I cannot speak to the dealership side of the business. But as far as the service center goes, I've had nothing but perfect service. I drive a new, leased Hyundai so granted I don't need more than the usual tune-up etc. But the guys there are pleasant, explain what they're doing, and the prices and fees are laid out in very plain language both on your documents and on the the wall of the center itself! Also my car is always ready 30-60 minutes BEFORE the time they quote me! What more do want or need? I've read a lot of reviews talking about how their waiting room isn't lovely or how the garage is dirty. I grew up around automotive garages and I can tell you there's is NOT dirty. But it is, shocker, a garage. I think some of the reviewers on here need to be a little more honest with themselves. You leased or bought a Hyundai... not a 90K Lexus. 101 Vermont's garage is quick and the service is on par. I don't really need to be "pampered" at the auto service center... I'll leave that for my reviews of spas.

Matthew L. | 2014-02-25

Yikes, I truly wonder how this place sells anything. First, the Honda advertised on their used site was something they seemed never to have heard of. 4 Salesmen sitting on their butt at 7:00PM with an hour still open and they can't get the energy to stand up and greet a customer who has cash in hand and desperate need for a car. Why else drop in on a lot with such horrible reputation? Well I can say it is well deserved, their bad rep that is. Good riddance 101 Vermont Hyundai.

Cho S. | 2014-01-30


Constantin P. | 2014-01-14

STAY AWAY!  The service department communicates poorly, the waiting area is filthy, there's black stuff floating in the drinking water, and they don't have WiFi.   Other Hyundai facilities are WAY better!  It's 2014 and this dump feels like it's 1983 in the crappiest part of New Jersey.

Leah W. | 2013-12-22

This place is a total scam. I think they get all the lemons from the manufacturer and try to offload it to all the young, innocent, and naive people.

They had the car that I wanted that had a crack in the taillight which the salesman agreed to fix it for me, but they renigged after the fact the management declined.

My credit isn't great because of my age so they hooked me up with a private loan (total scam). The bank is called Santander. Total scam, they won't even send me the financial term documents. And good luck trying to reach a real person there. Now my credit is in jeopardy because of these SOBs.

A couple days after purchasing my car the brakes gave out. Total lemon. I did not feel comfortable bringing it back to dtla so I took it to el cerritos hyundai dealership and they took care of me with class.

Do not go to 101 Downtown hyundai! They are crooks!

Sandra C. | 2013-12-05

I love my little Hyundai, but this dealership makes me wish I went with Toyota or some other car instead.

Got a flat this week, looked up the times for this dealership online and decided to drop by to get a replacement the next day. It's advertised online that the dealership closes at 8pm on weekdays, yet, when I arrived at 7:15pm, the service center was closed. CLEARLY closed.

So I walk into the main office and ask about service and why it's closed, when it closes at 8pm. Woman inside steers me back outside...towards the closed service entrance. NO ONE'S THERE, LADY! LOOK AT THAT DARK ASS ENTRANCE WITH ALL THE CHAINS LOCKED UP AROUND IT. So frustrating. So I figure, whatever, it's probably because I didn't schedule an appointment online beforehand.


I try scheduling an appointment the following day online...and after going through the detailed process, I find that the service is closed for the whole day. It's a frigging Thursday...and I don't really know what holiday is around the corner for them to just shut service down like that. I also cannot drive on my spare for this long either...UGH. This is just so frustrating.

I call Hyundai to see what my options are, and the very polite operator basically tells me to drive on my spare until it blows out. That way, I can get towed to a tire place and they can give me another spare so that I can buy more time to schedule an appointment for the Hyundai service. No thanks.

I don't even think the sales people and service people interact with each other at all. When I called the dealership to ask about setting up an appointment and have them explain why service is being such lazy arses, no one could help. They actually didn't even bother listening to me...they just heard "service" and transferred me over to an empty line.

Don't come here. Lots of unnecessary heartache. The people at this particular dealership are incompetent and should be replaced immediately. But like my tire, that's probably not gonna happen here.

Rodney C. | 2013-11-03

You have to play the game. Will there be lots of hidden charges? Yes. Will they waste a lot of your time pretending that they cannot go any lower on the price? Yes. Will they say anything to sell you a car? Yes.

BUT... You should just accept this, and once you know this, you can use it to your advantage. They also pull the same BS with the manufacturers when getting you rebates that you do not deserve, or with the finance company, lying on your financing documents to get you qualified for lower payments. So in many ways, they work for you also.

These guys move ALOT of cars. Go there 2 days in a row and you will be surprised how many cars are gone. But don't act desperate, bring a check to show you are serious and good things will come if you can wait them out. Don't be afraid to make a scene! LOL.

John B. | 2013-07-31

Bunch of shady Koreans who don't give two sh*ts abot selling cars. That's basically this dealer in a nutshell. If you want some help about buying a car here, look outside for the guys smoking and making personal phone calls.

Jem R. | 2013-07-14

RE: Service not Sales

I had made an appointment online -- the ease of setting up the appointment deserves the star. I filled out the online portion in detail thinking they would maybe have a note or printout of it when I came in, but that was probably asking too much. So I had to repeat everything I had typed again to the service representative. Minor problem, but still, a little peeving.

Since I got my 30k and brake service done elsewhere, there was a fee for them to evaluate my car. I have never heard of this before considering my car is still under warranty -- but I figured, it didn't seem like it was busy, and I was already there -- so why not? Sigh. This should have been my red flag.

There is no customer pick-up shuttle service, which basically forces you to wait. Do not advertise shuttle service if you only do drop-offs.

I walked into the waiting area, and I was slightly relieved. There was some coffee in a pot, some couches and vending machines. I'm sitting and watching TV, and two giant roaches just stroll by my feet. I was internally freaking out and SO grossed out. I bring it to the attention of a rep, who acts as if this isn't a big deal. By giant, I mean something the size of my index finger. I probably shouldn't have cared, but the fact that they didn't, that was a bigger problem. This indirectly told me that they do not clean the waiting area or the restrooms, which means there is a lack of attention to detail. Perhaps I'm reading too much into this, but I was so grossed out. Sadly, I still had a two hour wait...

A day later, my car is still having the same issue. Sigh. Why is it so hard to find a decent place to get your car serviced in LA? Perhaps the trek to Glendale or even Cerritos is worth it.

Kvit L. | 2013-07-10

Purchased a '12 genesis sedan in June here from Ferron in sales and Simon the finance manager.   Ferron is a really down to earth cool young sales consultant
that treated me well.  Simon is the more experienced senior number cruncher, the negotiator in other words.  Found 101 Vermont through edmunds.com homework btw.

Was treated very well on a wednesday evening ~6pm almost closing time considering I was a client taking away their surplus 2012 inventory (2014 model is coming too!).  Spent about an hour chatting with Ferron, picking out trim & color, test driving the lower output 3.8l v6 genesis model--which was ok by me since it would be an absofriggin-rootin-tootin-blast of a surprise later to get the sensation of a higher torque output model I bought later on.  Another hour and a half negotiating, deciding and wrapping up paperwork.  I chose for my car to be delivered on friday two days later, washed, cleaned and good to go.  To pick up my car, I took the orange line+redline subway all the way almost to the doorstep of 101 vermont--lol.

They did an ok job on cleaning, could be better.  The fob handed to me was a bit dinged up--I didnt care that much there was a spare and since I made a deal with the finance manager considering they're taking a loss on this model.  Bought an extended warranty platinum package (10yr on everything) when I came back friday (*tip* never buy extended warranty on the first offer, always name your own price and name it well!).  The only knock on 101 vermont is that I agreed to genesis emblems and caps to be installed on the car with one guy but the other one refused.  All in all, I'm still very damn happy about my purchase, the deal I got which was $8500 off original sticker price, the financing terms 2.9% 72 months on excellent credit, and the treatment in fairness.  

Will be back to say Aloha to Ferron one day and show him how the wolf in sheep's clothing is doing.  I'm drinking my V8 juice and am loving every friggin moment in it!  It purrrrs and it's Lexicon system is killing it! unlike any other car-home theater system out there.  Hyundai is definitely moving up, we'll see in the future if the dealership experience really splits into distinct halves hyundai from genesis brand.
Thanks 101 Vermont! WIll be wearing your tags for a while yo, lol.

Anna L. | 2013-06-18

i only write reviews for restaurants but this piece of shh dealer needs to be put on blast.

i was trying to lease a sonata and did my shopping by calling several dealers and getting various quotes.
the fleet manager here gave me a good quote so i went with my dad to check it out. We chose a car and he gave us his final price so we decided to purchase. He then went to finalize then came back and gave us an even higher price than what we agreed upon. the price he gave us over the phone, the price he gave us at the dealer, and the price he gave us at the end were all different, everytime going up a couple hundred dollars. that annoyed me enough. although i was upset, i decided to just go with it anyways. all this took an hour.

so i decided to get the car anyways, and the dealer tells me to wait while he gets that car washed and brings the contract papers. i sat in the waiting room alone, 20, 30, 40, 50min...1 hour. with NOONE to come by to see how i was, NOONE to update me on what was going on, NOTHING. i got so irritated i got up to see what was going on and i see the guy outside smoking a cigarette. wtf?

i get angry and decide i am going to leave and he comes up to me and asks me to wait 5-10 more minutes. HELL NO. why the ffFFffff would i waste my precious time waiting around for your ass when you dont even have the decency to come check up on me or let me know what is going on. all the while your ass has the time to go and take a smoke break.

so i leave and he calls me saying he has all the papers ready...i tell him no, i dont have time to be waiting around over an hour just sitting there. and he has the audacity to tell me, 'i got everything ready, if you leave like that what am i supposed to do?' WTF. YOUR ASS IS SUPPOSED TO APOLOGIZE TO ME FOR MAKING ME WAIT A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF TIME WITHOUT LETTING ME KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON!

i spent over 2 hours in this dealer- a complete waste of time and energy. their customer service is nonexistent. DONT COME HERE.

Johnny M. | 2013-06-06

A few years ago I tried to lease a car here and everything seemed to be going fine until I went to take delivery of the car and, all of a sudden, the terms of my contract were altered and there were all these hidden charges that were not explained to me. I walked away from the deal. I bought a Hyundai at a different dealer and went back to 101 for a service issue because it's close to my job. The service area was shady and they literally turned me away, saying I had to go back to the dealer. I can't imagine why they would do this, maybe because the issue was covered on my warranty and they weren't going to make money off of me. Don't ever go here

Eric A. | 2013-06-03

love to bait and switch and rude as hell.

John C. | 2013-04-24

Terrible dealership in which they provide you as little information as possible when trying to make a deal.

My 2010 Genesis lease was ending and I wanted to purchase the car.  I fortunately knew the residual value... more on this later.  After applying for credit, the sales associate (Korean guy, forgot his name) simply came back and told me only what the monthly payment would be - WITHOUT telling me the sales price, fees, tax, total amount financed and loan interest rate.

Good thing I prepared my loan and payment options on an Excel spreadsheet before going to the dealer.  When asking what the sales price was (which should be the residual value on the original lease agreement), the sales guy could not answer me directly and went to the manager first.  He came back and I noticed the sales price was $1000 higher than the residual.  I asked the sales guy about the extra $1K and he went to the manager again.  This time, he took me to the manager (not sure if this guy is the finance manager or the GM of the dealership).

The manager tersely said the $1K is a "refinance" fee for buying a leased car, and that it was only $1K because I'm a repeat customer... they charge $1500 for new customers.  This made no sense so I said no deal and decided not to do business with them.

On my way out, the sales associate said "you will probably come back here to buy the car".  I DID NOT.  I bought my leased car at Tustin Hyundai - you can purchase your end of lease car at any Hyundai dealer.

Tustin Hyundai and their sales associate, Kevin Rullan, were great and I highly recommend them -- here is my review: yelp.com/biz/tustin-hyun…

Do not come to 101 Vermont Hyundai for your car needs.

Nikki W. | 2013-04-19

I've visited this dealership 3 times this week test driving this used PT cruiser that I really liked. I fell in love with this car. They ran my credit and told me I was approved for a no money down loan. I left to think about the decision. Later this week I went again, intending on meeting my mechanic (who stood me up) but I decided to test drive it again, since I was there. Eddie and I discussed the loan again, and he confirmed it was no money down. I went back the 3rd time to meet the mechanic. While waiting for him Eddie comes out and tells me they need $1000 down. Why wait until I had a mechanic there, that I had to pay for, to tell me this?!?!? That's just plain rude, and bad business. But regardless I had the mechanic look at the car. The mechanic discovered they had recently reset all the codes because there was a transmission problem. That would explain why they dropped the price almost $3000. Use extreme caution with this dealership. They are very friendly, but maybe it's because they have something to hide.

Lili X. | 2013-01-22

Yelpers, listen to the 1 star reviews!

I was considering a Hyundai, and this was the closest dealership to me. When pulled up, no one was outside to meet us. Ok no big deal... but I meant it was a sunny Saturday. We went inside, and there was still no one around. Ok, let that one go. We watched a small family huddled in one of the booths, but no one was there talking with them either.

We looked at some of the floor models for a bit, and still no one came out. An older female employee stared out of her office at us, a bit suspiciously but never waved or got up to meet us. After a while she finally came out, and in a heavy accent asked, "Yoooou need ahh help?" Um, whaaaat? What else did it look like we needed? She nodded and half smiled and kind of shooed her hand at us. Not sure what that meant. But after 10 more minutes of standing around, I figured they didn't want my business (or maybe they assumed I didn't have the money? Who knows) so we walked out, and jumped on the freeway to another dealership. Also, if the sales experience (if you want to call it that) was this bad, I can only imagine what it would be like in the service department. Hmmm...

Thankfully, this is So Cal, and there are plenty of dealerships around. We went to the Hyundai dealer in Garden Grove/OC and it was a complete 180 on customer service. Someone was immediately ready to start working with us, and they were friendly and welcoming. They also had a lot more cars on the lot - new and preowned. I've bought a few cars in my life, and that's the normal approach you expect at a car dealership....not being ignored and dismissed when you are trying to spend a thousands of dollars!

James M. | 2012-12-27

These people are rude and unprofessional! Jay at the service desk is unhelpful and just plain nasty. Never go here. I will be finding a different Hyundai dealer for my scheduled maintenance.

Ben C. | 2012-12-10

I really don't see why this place gets such a bad wrap. Admittedly this is not the most high-polish, or high-traffic location for sales, but that's kind of a plus to me. I got fantastic service and a great price from Eddie, who was quick to greet us, and patient with our questions, and Simon, who was my ideal no-pressure kind of 'negotiator'. Both let me take my time, and never rushed me.

They even had my preferred car on the lot and ready to go that day. (Elantra GT, black-on-black, aww yeah.)  

When it came time to take delivery of the car, Simon was personable, patient, and didn't try to jam the 'extras' down my throat the way other salesmen have in the past.   I would (and have,) recommended this location to friends for sales. Admittedly, I haven't made much use of the service bay yet.

Lala R. | 2012-10-17

If I could give 101 Vermont Hyundai NO stars, I would.

I have a brand new 2013 Hyundai Sonata Limited.  Today, on my way to school, it made a chugging sound - like going up a roller coaster to the highest height.  Then the car coasted to a stop.  The car has less than 3000 miles on it so I'm not sure why it would be making noises and stopping at this point.  I called Hyundai Roadside Assistance and they told me the nearest shop was 101 Vermont Hyundai and arranged to have a tow truck sent to me.

I called the dealership and spoke to Jay in Service (J-A-Y, he spelled it out for me) and told him I was towing my car there.  He explained that they closed at 7pm and if the service department was closed by then, that the sales department would help me.

I also called my salesperson from Cerritos Hyundai, where I leased the car, and let him know the issue.  My salesperson called his manager and called me back to ask if I could tow the car to them in the morning and they would furnish a rental.  I told him I was grateful for the offer but since the tow truck was already on the way (and Hyundai Roadside Assistance requires them to take the vehicle to the nearest dealership), that I would see what 101 Vermont Hyundai was about and then call him back.

I arrived at 101 Vermont Hyundai by 7:02pm.  I asked a salesperson if they could help me and they said no, the service center was closed.  I asked what do I do because the car is here now and he said pull it into the lot but that was all he could do. After unloading the car from the tow truck, I went into the dealership.  Even though there were several salespeople on the floor (identifiable by the Hyundai emblem on their shirts) and they were NOT with customers, only one person came up to me.  I asked to speak to a manager because the last person walked away from me.  The salesperson told me the manager had gone home for the day.  I waited and finally spoke up to a black salesman who told me there was nothing they could do.  I explained my situation, told him I called the dealership ahead of time to let them know that I was on the way.  He listened to everything I said and then walked away from me.  I never saw him again.

Finally, the Finance Manager said I could leave my key and put my name on a post-it note and that was all he could do for me.  I explained my situation (again) and said that I wasn't leaving my $25,000 car on the lot without any assurance that my car would be safe.  He told me he couldn't help me.

I sat down at his desk and refused to leave, asking to speak to a manager, if even by phone.  By this point, no one has looked at my car for the VIN number, checked my ID or even attempted to call me by name.  The Finance Manager comes back 45 minutes later and says that they've run out of service drop-box envelopes for my key and the "best he could do" was to write my name on a post-it.  I explained that that was NOT the best he could do - that he could assure me that my car would be safe overnight and to look me up in the system to prove that I am who I said I was.  He refused and said that if I did not leave by closing time, he would call the police!

By this time, the salesperson from Cerritos Hyundai had called me back to see if everything was ok.  I explained the situation again and he volunteered to drive to 101 Vermont Hyundai just to transport my vehicle to Cerritos Hyundai! I called the manager at Cerritos Hyundai who told me he would take care of me, to bring my car in in the morning (tomorrow) and speak to specific service managers (gave me names and numbers) and that I would be provided with a rental car.  He apologized profusely and said he is so sorry that I'm dealing with this situation and that he would make it right.

I called Hyundai Roadside Assistance to have my car towed back to my home - because again, there was no assurance from 101 Vermont Hyundai that my car would be safe, and found out that because 101 Vermont Hyundai is the closest service provider, that it would be an out-of-pocket expense to tow my car home.  I declined the service because I refused to pay when I was not even assisted at 101 Vermont Hyundai.

My boyfriend drove my car home at 5mph with the noise still chugging in the car.  Had he not been there, I'm not sure what I would do because I was not comfortable driving the car.

No one at 101 Vermont Hyundai even offered to give me a ride home even though I live less than 5 miles away from the dealership.  There were at least seven salespeople in the office and not one of them volunteered to assist me, or ask me if I wanted water, or try to figure out a way to help me - a customer!  Matter of fact, one of the salespeople told me boyfriend that he doesn't care what happens to us because he didn't make any money on the sale.

I will NEVER, EVER return to that dealership again. Worst experience of my life.

Take you car to Cerritos Hyundai - THEY will take care of you, unlike 101 Vermont Hyundai.

Melissa J. | 2012-03-21

I came here this week because I had a nail in my tire and I needed it to be patched.

I was quoted it would cost me $17, a lil steep for a tire patch, but the location was close and convenient and need to be done ASAP. So I made an appointment for 10am.

I drove up, gave them my info, and also informed they would remedy the re-called part I for my airbag that I had yet to have done...free of course. I was asked if I could wait because it might take a few hours. Didn't realize it would take that long, but figured sure.

They have a great lil closed off lounge area, complete with some comfy chairs, 3 vending machines and DirectTV, not a bad sitch for having to wait.

About an 1hr & 45min later, everything was finished without a hitch. I walked out a happy camper no qualms at all. Great Hyundai dealership...will return if needed.

Carina G. | 2012-01-25


I took my car in at 7 am for an appointment I set up online.  I stated while setting up the appointment that I would be waiting for my car.  I got there at 7:20 (I was a little late) and stood there waiting for a few minutes until my advisor Harry OH finally walked up (he had been standing there the whole time, just looking around).  He came up and I told him what was wrong with my car.  I've had a clicking noise coming from the shifter for a few weeks when I let up off the brakes.  He told me that was normal.  I insisted it wasn't.  He said it was a safety feature.  I proceeded to inform him that I've NEVER been in a car that made a clicking noise.  He said ALL new cars make that noise.  I told him that wasn't true as I know several people who own new cars & I WORK for a car manufacturer.

He hesistantly got in the car, tested the brakes (with the car powered off) and said that it was normal.  I insisted that they look at the vehicle & he stated I'd have to leave the car.  I told him I was going to wait.  He made it seem as though I couldn't wait for the vehicle and then told me that they didn't even have technicians until 8 am.  I asked why it let me set up an appointment to wait for the car if theren't any technicains available and he said I set the appointment wrong (I didn't, I know how to use online scheduling).  

Finally he started paperwork to look at the car and told me I would have to pay for any repairs needed.  I explained I still had warranty.  He insisted that I didn't, as it was a used car.  I explained that my 5 year/60,000 mile warranty rolled over to me when I purchased the car.  He insisted I would have to pay once again.  I was infuriated & took my car to another dealer (the Hyundia in Glendale) where they greeted me warmly without an appointment, checked out my car & told me that there was a part that needed replacing which was covered under the warranty. All this in under an hour!

susan s. | 2011-10-20

I have had nothing but great experience there!  The staff is knowledgeable and no BS!  Between my family and me, we have gotten a bunch of cars here.  They are super great when incomes down to customer service.

Jordan L. | 2011-10-13

I would rather set my car on fire than take it back here.

Don't go here. The service people (especially Jay the service advisor) will do whatever they can to screw you out of $$..

They dont care about you at all and are completely incompetent.

I went to him with two problems. A light was out in my dash, and im getting significantly less MPG than I should be. Neither were fixed.

After a $95 inspection, they told me nothing. They told me I needed to get my air intake cleaned. I went to Jiffy Lube last week and they said it was fine. They even showed me it and it was not dirty.

Jay told me he personally fixed the light out on my dash. He did not. The guy is an idiot.

STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Craig D. | 2011-08-16

I stopped by on the 11th of August to look at a Sonata.  I was there for 45 minutes walking around and then sitting in the new Equus for the last 25 minutes.  During that time, not one person stopped to see if they could help me.  Finally, when my son in law and daughter showed up, we waited another 5-7 minutes, again, without any help.  We left and went to Glendale Hyundai where we were attended to immediately.

Neuriel S. | 2011-06-30

Renee and Eric not only assisted in my search for a dark gray GLS Elantra, but they did it with professionalism and a genuine desire to help me. They even stayed until 10:30pm, two and half hours after closing, to see if another dealership's showing of their dark gray GLS would fall through so that I could get it if it did. If you want a car shopping experience with professionals that will be of service from the moment you walk on the lot to the day that you make your purchase, 101 Vermont Hyundai is the place to go.

Carol T. | 2011-05-12

I started my car shopping (Hyundai Tucson) at a Hyundai dealership in LA (101 Vermont) since I live in LA.  My experience here was absolutely horrible.  I kept getting passed from one sales guy to another.  (I won't mention names.)  I felt like a piece of paper.  When I told them what I wanted, these were some things said to me:

"No one has what you're looking for."
"Do you have to get that color?"  
"Can you wait a month or more for your car?"  

It was just endless negativity.  They didn't seem like they wanted to sell me a car.  He finally said that he would keep looking and that he would contact me as soon as he found my car.  

I decided to venture out to other dealerships.  101 Vermont was correct about no one having the exact car I was looking for, but it was Keyes Hyundai in Van Nuys that promised to find me my car no matter what.  And they did!  They said it would take 7-10 days for it to arrive, but that they would keep me posted frequently.  Keyes went above and beyond and found my car.  

For the record, I never told 101 Vermont that I was talking to another dealership.  But they never called me with updates on where they could potentially find my car, if they found me my car, or just anything!  Its like they totally forgot about me.  

I bought my very limited and exclusive car from Keyes.  DON'T GO TO 101 VERMONT!  THEY ARE UNPROFESSIONAL AND UNWILLING TO HELP!  GO TO KEYES HYUNDAI instead!