Honda of the Desert in Cathedral City, CA

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Honda of the Desert has proudly served the Coachella Valley for over 13 years. Our goal has, and always will be, to provide our customers with the best possible service and to make doing business here a pleasurable experience. Our friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable staff is here to help.  Whether you need parts, service, or would like to own a new Honda, you can rely on us to make sure you receive the treatment you deserve.

We look forward to welcoming you into our Honda family!

Honda of the Desert

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(760) 328-8981
Address:68025 Kyle Rd, Cathedral City, CA, 92234
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Honda of the Desert

Viviana B. | 2015-04-18

I recently purchased a vehicle from this store, I had fast, easy and great service. I had Gil Ruttenberg help me find my new Honda civic, it was the easiest car buy I have ever experienced. I let him know exactly what I wanted and he immediately he started working on it. I highly recommend this store! If you shop here you will not be disappointed. Don't forget to ask for Gil, he made the whole process easy and fast!

Michelle R. | 2015-04-10

A HUGE THANK YOU! to Honda Service and this dealership.  Marcos Hernandez is a superstar and customer service was absolutely amazing.  We had an issue with our brakes on our way out of town to celebrate a Easter with family. Honda "saved the day" by getting us in immediately, arranging for a rental car, servicing while we were gone.  They also took the time to change the oil and wash the car...b/c they thought it was needed! Going the extra mile is something so rare these days and our family is so grateful for the care and customer service that this team provides.  We will be purchasing our next car from this dealership just to make sure we continue this relationship!!  Great job!!

Dennis P. | 2015-04-09

I'm not a fan.  I like Honda, but the customer service here could definitely improve.  Unfortunately my IMA and Check Engine lights both illuminated shortly after my warranty expired.  In retrospect, it had been failing for a while before the lights came on.  Anyway, others in the same situation had their batteries replaced gratis or at a deep discount (like in the $500 range). Honda informed me that it was up to the individual dealership whether they wanted to replace it for free.  So, I show up at the dealership (because they couldn't tell me over the phone), they test my battery...yes, you need a new battery.  

So, back to my original question.  Oh, that'll cost you about $4k, I'm told.  So I was like, I've heard that dealerships can replace it the hybrid battery for free.  The representative kept my paperwork "because he was going to look for a battery."  Of course I never heard from him again.  

Before my last visit I visited their webpage to check for applicable specials.  Free rental car with service over $350?  Definitely.  

So I get there first thing in the morning.  I'm asked if I'm going to wait.  No, what are your transportation options?  We have a shuttle that could maybe take you to the mall.  There's a .....  and a ....... there.  Or you could....  

Now, if you know me, you know that there's no way on earth that I'm going to voluntarily spend 7 hours in a mall (unless the Apple Store is giving away free
Mac Pros!).  Well, how about a rental car?

There's an Enterprise nearby, but it doesn't open until 8.  Even when I used the word "rental", she never mentions the rental car deal.  

So, I find my own transportation.  Kinda like I'm finding my own hybrid battery.

Dan M. | 2015-04-02

I would like to commend and recommend to anyone looking for a vehicle in this dealership to see Juan Guzman from Sales Department.  He will take his time, make you feel comfortable, no tricks.  Deal professionaly and he will even make follow up months after you purchjase vehicle to see how are you doing.  Next time I would renew or purchase a vehicle.  see this person (Juan Guzman).   The whole Dealership, Service, Finance folks are super great.  You will be at ease and happy you deal with them.  R, Dan Manaloto 559-362-8329

Erica B. | 2015-03-30

At my son's recommendation that I needed a new vehicle, I agreed to go to Honda of the Desert, as he had recently purchased vehicles there and was impressed.  I was new to this make of car.  Bengy in sales set an appointment, and has 3 vehicles parked side by side, as I was interested in the CRV.  It saved time, and made the comparison so much easier, having the vehicles right there. The test drive sold me on the car. I loved the handling and ease of use. Bengy gave a great demo pointing out all the features.  Gil in finance was a big help also, as I had a budget I had to stick to, and he was able to bring in the payment below my max budget.  The process was all very efficient and all about customer service. Having now driven my new car for about a week, I can say I am thrilled to have made this purchase. They even kept my grandson entertained.

Tilda W. | 2015-03-01

The sales and service staff here are top notch. I am loving my second vehicle after enjoying excellent service for my well performing CRV for 7+ years. The HOTD staff aim to please, are sensitive about cost concerns and go the extra mile to keep you and your vehicle humming. Highly recommended, from a car buyer with a few years of forgettable experiences at other import (Mercedes) and domestic (Chrysler) dealers/service departments. Martin in service and Jeff in sales are stand-outs.

Mark W. | 2015-01-28

Purchased a previously owned truck from this dealership back in December. I did not bicker on the price because I thought it was fair and was confident that they had checked it out mechanically . Salesperson, Buzz Nelson was great, not pushy and made things go rather smoothly. A couple of weeks after I purchased the truck, the vehicle had some issues, understandable  as it did have a few miles on it. Took it in and they could not have been nicer and understanding. I have been dealing with Jose M. Great guy and communicated to me exactly what was happening. Said they are taking care of the issue and was apologetic when a part did not come in on time . First time I have a had such a great experience with a dealership. If I am ever in the market for another car, used or new I will go Honda of the Desert, Great customer service and stand behind the vehicles they sell, even if it isn't a Honda.

Chris S. | 2015-01-22

Thank you Honda of the Desert! Shout Out to Alex, what a great person and a great place to buy a car! Our daughter was seriously ripped off by another place in the Desert, and we thought her situation was impossible. Alex and Honda helped us get out of this horrible situation and get our daughter into a brand new Civic, with payments she can afford. We greatly appreciated his patience and help.

I recommend this dealership, as they bent over backwards to help my daughter get her payments to an amount she can swing on her own!

Sheila R. | 2015-01-16

I went to Honda of the desert two months ago and, for the first time, I purchased (not leased) a brand new honda accord.  They couldn't have been nicer.  I did my research before going into the dealership; I knew the sticker price, the average amount paid for the same exact car in this area and I knew what I wanted to pay for it.  I brought my brother with me since he's had experience purchasing new cars.  The negotiations went very well. I actually got the car for almost $500. less than what I was expecting to pay.  I wanted a slightly different color (a darker shade of red) but this wasn't possible. No worries though, still got a great deal and I love my new car.

David M. | 2014-11-29

So this is a strange review but customer service is awesome here. I was driving down the strip looking for a gas station as I ran out of gas. Micheal J Jackson greeted me immediately as I rolled in with no power and helped me get to work as I was racing because I was late. Even thou I don't have a Honda I am sure to send people there way and as for him. Thank you guys for your help in my time of need.

Daniel M. | 2014-11-08

This is a really nice experience. Today, I was EARLY and all went very nicely. The BEST part? The TV was not turned on!  Nice and quiet for reading. :-)

Andrea C. | 2014-10-29

I have been using Honda of the Desert to service my 2003 Civic Hybrid.   Marcos Hermandez gives me superb service.  It is a pleasure dealing with him.

Brian W. | 2014-10-24

retracting my previous comment...dialing error on my behalf

Andre H. | 2014-10-19

Every time I come here (once every 3 -4 years) I always wonder why.
We are down sizing from our pilot to maybe a CR-V. They have a new 2013 EX-L and since we are almost in 2015 I figure they'd be willing to negotiate or at least dangle a carrot. Well, they wont talk numbers unless you go sit down and get serious. So all they gave me was  the MSRP sticker of $29+k. Then I noticed some cars didn't have a sticker and when I asked how much? I was told they don't talk numbers unless I'm serious. OK, thank you Honda for crossing you off my list.

H P. | 2014-10-12

We bought a new Accord EX-L here a few days ago from Mark S., the Internet sales manager, and we are super happy with buying process, the car, the facility, and Mark. I will definitely visit this dealership first when I purchase my next Honda.

Cynthia M. | 2014-09-11

This review is for the service department. Marcos Hernandez and the crew took excellent care of me. He addressed all my concerns regarding my CRV. He went out of his way to make sure we were happy. I wont go into detail about the issues with my car for the sake of not boring you but he basically took care of everything with minimal involvement from me which is what really matters. Good job, guys!

Lynda S. | 2014-09-10

I love, love, love Honda of the Desert.  Have been using their service department (shout out to Martin Velasquez as the only service writer we'll ever use no matter what make of car we own - not that there's any problem with any other service writer at Honda of the Desert, Martin has just consistently provided superior service) for 10 years.

Just bought a used Pilot from Honda of the Desert's salesman, Juan Guzman, yesterday.  As with the superior customer service in their service department, Juan provided superior customer service with the purchase.  Absolutely no pressure.  We did ask for a couple of concessions in the purchase which were agreed to without haggling.

Finally, Steve in Finance was a delight to work with.  Although we had to sign umpteen million forms (government regulations, not Honda's), Steve was easy to work with and did not try to sell us on any add-ons.

I will be back when buying another car.

Neil H. | 2014-09-05

This place is a joke. Amateur hour. My wife purchased a Pilot here.  Her parents wanted to put a large sum down as a gift. We shook hands, signed papers, and made a deal. Well before her parents could send the deposit (from the east  coast) the shady guys at Honda of the Desert sold the vehicle we chose.  We went through the entire financing procedure, fell in love with the vehicle, and they sold it to someone else without mentioning it to us. They don't answer the phone. They don't return messages or texts. It's been a week now with no contact!  I called and texted. My wife called and texted. Her father called several times. No one answers or ever calls back!  What kind of business operates this way?  A shady one. I would never go back and waste my time with this ridiculous place.  I don't think you should either.  Thank goodness we dodged a bullet here. What would follow up service be like?  No thanks. AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS!!!!

Ashley A. | 2014-08-02

I only buy my cars here !! Mark Spiktvich is the best !!! I will never buy a car from anyone else ever !!!

Francisco M. | 2014-05-27

I had a pretty bad experience which is making me stay away from car dealerships in general. I went in, arranged something that I could afford, and drove off with my new car. Fast forward to three weeks later, and I get a call saying they couldn't get me financed so that I had to return the car. Why would you let someone drive off the lot without knowing if you're gonna get paid or not?! Anyways, I went to return the car, and even though I got my car through Honda of the Desert, I had to do all the paperwork for the return with Toyota of the Desert (something about the same guy owning both dealership, and all the paperwork going through Toyota which I find VERY weird). I returned the vehicle and was told that in two weeks time, I would get a check back with my down payment since the sale didn't go through. As of today it's been a month, and I've still yet to see my money. I cannot believe that they would charge me $1500 to ride their car for 3 weeks, on top of having to pay $200 for the full coverage insurance I had to get for the vehicle during the time it was in my possession.

Edit: my issue has been resolved over at Toyota. Special mention to Nicholas in financing who was the only one who seemed genuinely interested in getting my issue resolved and actually did.

Judith D. | 2014-05-13

Kudos to Jun Guzman (Internet Sales) - Most auto deals are painful, stressful with back and forth negotiations.  This is my second SUV from Honda of the Desert and my experience with Juan Guzman is excellent.  Purchasing this new SUV was  easier than making a purchase from Macy's - We knew exactly what we wanted in this model and Juan delivered, so we knew the bottom line going in.  In addition to Juan, Luis Ramirez was the F & I person!  Since I have been with them for over three years, Jose in Service has always come through - Trust me - Honda of the Desert is the place to go for your car!  New or used - Juan will make this work for you!

Amy B. | 2014-04-29

Nobody likes car dealers ... However, I had such an excellent experience with Mike Jackson over the phone and via email that I ventured out to the desert [3 hour drive] just to buy a car [certified used Honda Civic Hybrid] from him.

I am a member of a credit union and Honda of the Desert is one of their certified dealers. Mike honored the price of the car, which I located in a variety of places, but the lowest price was at under their 'search for certified used cars'. I screenshot the price and sent it over to Mike; he honored the price. "We're not a 5 star dealership for nothing", said he. True that!

In addition, they knocked serious bucks off, because I printed out the webpage from my credit union that said, 'after you negotiate your price, the dealer will give you another $350 off'!  

My trade-in was valued slightly lower than I would have liked ... but I'm car-proud and it would have been lower than I liked at any price. Their process is legit and autotrader guarantees they'd buy it at that price, so the dealer is covered. I could have sold it privately ... but really too much hassle.

I came in with my own financing from my CU, but because I didn't have a check in hand, had to go through the rigamarole as if I was buying & financing the car through Honda of the Desert. So that took a long time ... However, I fully get that my signature alone and good looks weren't going to let me just drive it away.

3.5 hours from arrival to driving my new-er car away ... not bad! And Mike told me that if I'm back in the neighborhood I should stop by and he'll wash the car and fill the tank! Sweet ... and a reason to head to the desert sooner than I planned.

Do your research ... come in with hard numbers and they will deal.

Dave P. | 2014-04-24

I VERY highly recommend dealing with Honda of The Desert!  My most recent experience with Juan Guzman (Internet Sales) was of the most honest and professional experiences you could ever imagine having.  While I did not purchase the car from him for other reasons, I can't begin to tell you what a GREAT experience it was to deal with Juan and Honda of the Desert.  While Unicars Honda lied and deceived at every turn, (including two layers of sales management)  every contact throughout the sales process with Honda of The Desert was consistently honest and professional.  I only wish I could give it more than five stars....

Mary S. | 2014-04-16

Okay, so I hate going to a car dealership, but I was pleasantly surprised by Mark S in the fleet department.  He was able to find my dream car from another dealer 80 miles away.  He gave me, what I believe, to be the best price I was going to find.  He spent so much time developing a relationship with us that I know he'd probably know us on the street!  He is delivering my beautiful new Pilot to my home tonight and picking up my beloved '06 Pilot that I traded in.

You know the feeling when you are sent to the Finance desk? Well Brett was absolutely amazing as well. He stayed an hour and a half after he was supposed to go home so he could get us out the door.

Both of these men changed my view of car dealerships.  I am still very happy that I won't be having to buy a new car soon, but this place deserves 5 stars.

Patty B. | 2014-04-16

Kudos to Yvette in the service department. She went out of her way to hear my story, listen to my issues and made sure she got my repair handled. The issue wasn't even under warranty as it was related to an aftermarket alarm system that was badly installed at another Honda dealer. But, after hearing that I had been verbally abused at that "other desert dealer" she made sure that the necessary screws were special ordered at no cost. And, when they arrive, they will be installed for me. I'm a retired business woman and I know time is money so I understand they lost time and money on helping me. And, I was so grateful they didn't make me go back to "that other place." This is my third Honda, and certainly not my last. I've always been happy with my Hondas and I know that if they treat me this well when they're doing a good deed, just imagine how well they'll treat me when I'm actually paying for maintenance. I cannot stress strongly enough, this is the place you want to come for service. Even if it's located a little out of your way. You'll be so glad you did. Thank you Yvette.

Chey E. | 2014-01-05

Just got my civic and im in love! Had a great experience thanks to felix would definitely go back to the dealership when I get another car.

Natalie M. | 2013-12-29

The best car buying experience I've ever had and  customer service I received.My sales person was Edward he made me feel not only comfortable about spending the money on a new car but excited throughout the entire process, I never once felt pressured and appreciated how they never pushed me to go outside my budget. When I'm ready to upgrade I'll definitely be going back to them.

William G. | 2013-11-11

Marcos saved my Bacon, new starter for a 2007 civic was going to run me $650. He found a warranty still valid for the car, just made my week! Thanks.

Mel V. | 2013-08-23

My husband and I were driving from Phoenix to Los Angeles with our two-year-old daughter & two-month-old son.   About 45 miles east of Indio, the AC in our car went out.  For the safety of our children, we knew we could not finish the drive to LA in 100+ degree temperature.  We found an auto repair shop in India and were told our compressor and condenser had gone out and it would cost approximately $1,200-1,500 to fix.

We decided to see if there was a Honda Service Center nearby.   We found the location in Cathedral City and spoke to Martin Velasquez. Martin suggested that the problem could be the clutch and coil, which would be considerably less to repair.  Martin also said if it were the compressor, it wouldn't cost as much as we'd been quoted by the other shop and could get us back on the road in two hours.

I hate to think how rough we must have looked when we pulled up, but Martin greeted us at the door, gave us plenty of cold water and made us as comfortable as possible.  We essentially took over a small corner of the waiting area and even though our toddler was running around and our baby crying, everyone treated us with politeness and patience.

Once our car was ready (he had correctly diagnosed the problem of clutch and coil over the phone), Martin told us that Honda had extended the warranty on these parts and that we would only need to pay for the labor.  We expected to pay close to $1200 at another shop only hours earlier and we walked out paying a little over $300.

They truly made us feel like we were their most important customers of the day.

Fernando J. | 2013-08-20

BUYING EXPERIENCE EXCELLENT. My first service call to Mark was when my CD player in my 2012 FIT messaged me BAD DISC. I called the service dept. and Marc told me that I might have to be WITHOUT A RADIO/CD FOR 4 WEEKS WHILE IT WAS BEING REPAIRED! Repaired? It is within warranty and defective. He kept asking me to bring in the CD and asked if there was a paper label on the CD (causing the issue) and OF COURSE, I am an audiophile and know that you cannot do that without risking a jam in a player.

Yulan L. | 2013-08-05

First time customer and I am very happy about my visit. Courteous staff, nice and clean waiting area. Should have made an appointment to avoid waiting though. Will start coming here for all services now.

Laura R. | 2013-07-09

Car problems are never fun, but car problems when you're on a road trip hundreds of miles from home with young children is especially nerve racking. First the windshield molding flew off our car, then the engine started making funny noises. Then came the smoke!!! I looked at the dash and then looked up and saw a huge billboard that said "HONDA OF THE DESERT NEXT EXIT", I said to my husband to exit immediately and follow the sign!  By the grace of God we rolled our 2006 Pilot in to Honda of the Desert in Cathedral city, in the nick of time. 30 minutes before they closed on July 3rd, aka the start of a holiday that most people get excited to leave work and get home to their families.  Jose & Marco in service took our keys and said they would give the car a thorough inspection on the 5th when they got back and it cooled off... in the meantime another staff member, Letty,  who was probably excited to go home and start her own holiday weekend volunteered to drive us to a car rental facility at the airport 15 miles away, with all our stuff. (Kids, car seats, suitcases, tons of gear, etc)  We continued on our journey to California, and I awaited the call saying my car needed thousands of dollars in work or a new transmission.   Instead I got a call saying there was a handful of minor repairs, parts and servicing needed that cost a few hundred bucks and that they could complete the work within a day and we could pick it up on our way home Sunday. Needless to say, it's running perfectly again (this is the 1st major repair I've ever needed on this car and it has 130k miles), my husband and I are so impressed, blown away really,  with Honda of the Desert in Cathedral city  for their amazing customer service, caring staff, and skilled technicians. What a great team of people. I've never felt compelled to write a public review for any car dealership before, If you are worried about getting good, fair service at a Honda dealership, dont think twice.  This is the place to go.

Jessica R. | 2013-06-16

Honda of the Desert has the BEST service department of any dealership we have ever experienced. We live close to the dealership in the Shadow Hills area of north Indio, but we drive all the way to Cathedral City because these guys are so great to work with (and the other dealership, not so much). Every single guy in the service department is awesome, but Martin has really gone above and beyond to help us with a few warranty issues and we've been so impressed. I wish I could rate them ten stars instead of five!

Yesenia G. | 2013-06-07

My experience with Honda of the desert was phenomenal and because Rosie Ayon satisfied that for me! From the point of meeting her to purchasing my car; she was accommodating, professional, friendly, pleasant, hard-working & trustworthy! It was key for us to work with someone we trusted, since it can be such a tedious task when finding the right car at the right price. Well, she went above and beyond with my every concern and request; I truly felt like a special customer. She even delivered my car to my own home, which happens to be an hour and a half away from HOTD! I recommend her to anyone, all my friends and family will definitely be heating of my experience! Next time your looking for a vehicle; do yourself a favor and go visit Roaie Ayon at Honda of the desert!

S And J T. | 2013-05-21

BEST EVER car buying experience here! It was so good, so out of the ordinary that I'm going to take the time to write a detailed review. If you're just looking for a recommendation for them, you've got it...times 10!

The long version:  My wife hates to shop for cars like I hate to shop for clothes, but me, I kind of enjoy it. I'm 61, have bought and sold lots of cars & trucks in my time, had a Dad that taught me about cars & how to wheel & deal with the best of them. I own a furniture store so I've been trained how to deal with customers that want to haggle and know a bit about salespeople, both good and bad, how to apply pressure to get a commitment, etc. etc. I do my homework on target vehicles and set out with a plan and a budget.

Honda of the Desert was the 5th dealership we went to on this particular buying mission, not to mention several more I was in communication with via text and email.  The minute we drove onto the lot we felt the difference. The salesman had a relaxed, welcoming expression on his face and didn't come rushing over to stand by our door as we gathered ourselves. You could tell he was ready to help if we wanted but was willing to let us be if we preferred. His name was Steve Pestana & I can't say enough about this guy. Zero pressure. Helpful, knowledgeable. No BS. Not at all what we're used to car shopping at a dealership. He had to do a lot of moving & shuffling and back and forth and repeat work to find the car we wanted & more than once I felt guilty about asking him to show us again... and again, while we tried to make up our minds, but not once did he let on that we were anything but welcome, in spite of the fact that we said early on that we were not buying today. We left and he let us go. NONE of the other salespeople we had dealt with would do that without trying to "just introduce (us) to my sales manager", etc. You get the picture. Relaxed. No pressure. Answers. No BS.

We left, went to dinner and came up with the plan of attack. I looked at the vehicle we decided on at and .  The price they were asking at Honda of the Desert was actually pretty close but we all know the sticker price is inflated so I decided the most I would pay and considered low balling an offer. I rethought that since Steve had been straight with me so far & I didn't want him to think I didn't know what the car was really worth. We returned to the dealership ready to "do the dance" that inevitably comes near the end of the negotiation.

We found Steve. Told him we were ready to buy if we could agree on a price and he said, "Great. Here's our 'no haggle price'." I'd heard that "no haggle" stuff before  so I prepared myself for his tiny reduction in price. He told me the price and I had to ask him to repeat it. He was right at what I had determined was what I would pay. I thought for a moment to come in lower with my reevaluated opening offer, paused, and said "deal". Painless. No haggle. A fair price on a good, CPO (Certified Pre Owned) car in excellent condition & below KBB.

Then things went south. Of all times, I had  left my wallet at home. No drivers license. Steve worked around it. Cool.  We signed everything and paid for the car. I think Louis was the finance guy's name, but the lack of pressure continued at a time I'm ready to fight off all the extras and options with their hideous up charges. Answers. No BS. Wow! While we were doing that, Steve washed and prepped the already clean car himself. Apparently there were 2 cars ahead of ours for cleaning & we had told Steve we were running short of time so he filled it with gas (remember, used car here) and cleaned it himself. But, bad news, he couldn't find a second keyless fob. "Here we go " I thought. I had just signed a blank Due Bill and now there's something "due". Steve assured me he'd take care of it (how many times have you heard that from a car salesman) & we could pick up the spare key tomorrow when we returned with the balance check or, if he couldn't find it, they'd make us a new one. He did exactly that. Man of his word.

I see now why so many people rate Honda of the Desert 5 stars. Evidently, it's not just Steve Pestana, it's the entire dealership. They deserve 5 stars.

We'll be back!! I may never go to a different car dealer EVER again. It was that good.

paggi s. | 2013-02-17

Awesome people and awesome service!!

Charity D. | 2012-11-13

Love coming here.. Huge difference from the one in Indio (I-Honda service)! Friendly, organized and efficient. There's also WIFI which is a huge plus when you have to wait.. I'm actually logged on to one of their computers as I type this review. =)

Para P. | 2012-09-30

What a breath of fresh air. these people are so well organized and trustworthy as well. As if owning a Honda wasn't great as it is to have my 2008 Accord so well serviced and have such an excellent staff that always is all anyone might hope for when dealing with a repair service shop will keep me coming back. My other car is a Caddy that I've taken to jessup here in the desert and somehow these fools claim they are voted number one in the area? Honda of the Desert puts Jessup to shame, hands down. Can somebody talk Honda into servicing Caddys? I waisted several thousands of dollars at Jessup and they sure have been a buzz kill for a guy like myself that has always loved the Caddys...

Jeremy Lou W. | 2012-07-04

So this is a revision to my rant from early last month. Well, I ate crow and went back because turns out, this dealership is the participating Honda dealership in the Costco program. Just an FYI, Mark Stipkovich is your Costco sales rep for this location- NOT Richard "Frenchy" (Richard told us he'd be able to do the Costco deal for us our first visit). The Costco program is fantastic: go to and someone from a participating dealership will contact you regarding your vehicle of choice. Well, Mark contacted me the following morning and asked me if I was still interested in the Honda. Well, that bad taste was still in my mouth from our previous experience so when I found out Honda of the Desert was the participating dealership I said thanks but no thanks.

After some not so impressive test drives I finally folded and contact Mark. I figured, ok, just one more shot. The Mark guy seemed polite enough, not pushy. Well, turns out he was every bit of a no-nonsense, understanding, and patient guy. He explained everything in detail to my parents and I. He made sure we understood everything and got all the incentives he could get us. The Costco program gives you an amount below invoice price on the car so it's a no haggle deal. We were just lucky enough to go in there when they were offering a $500.00 inventive to buy. So we walked out of there with a 2012 Civic with 11 miles on it for less than what the dealership pays for it. Thank you Mark for the easy and friendly car buying experience!

Also, I wanted to throw in there, the service department has been helpful so far too!

Daniel P. | 2012-05-17

Just had a terrific car buying experience at Honda of the Desert.  

A friend of mine was going to dump $2,500 into a big repair job on an old Legend.  Instead, we decided to consider buying a used car.  Long story short, my buddy drove away from Honda of the Desert with a brand new Honda Civic 4 door on a three year lease.  

Trust me, we were not easy to work with and changed our minds half a dozen times.  Everyone there was friendly and patient (especially Mark Stipkovich, Cal Ajmal and Jeff Monsoor) and I left this dealership thinking "this is what a great car buying experience feels like and now, I want to go back and buy a new car myself!"

These guys are ALL PRO and super nice to work with.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Rob J. | 2011-11-08

GF bought an Accord Crosstour this weekend from this dealership. It was a good - no rush - buying experience. Ron S., our salesman was perfect to work with.

No pushiness, no bait and switch....they listened and found the best car at the best price.

Barry M. | 2011-11-08

Had a great experience at Honda of the Desert. Mark was our salesman, no BS, no haggle, just straight forward and honest. I have purchased my fair share of cars and this one was the easiest by far.

Bentley T. | 2011-10-26

WOW just went to this dealership for first time as we live up the coast in Ventura. Martin, in service department is outstanding. He told us that our problem was a simple one (the heater stayed on) and it only needed a new knob for A/C control on dash. Best of all, Martin did all this at no charge except to purchase new knob. This is the best service we have ever received at a Honda dealership.

Juliet G. | 2011-07-30

Very simple, easy, no-BS car-buying experience.  I bought a certified used Honda and it went very smoothly.  I was also able to trade in my VW to them as part of the deal.  I dealt with Juan, Wade, and Martin in the service department (the used car only came with one key so they were good enough to make me a second key for free.)  Everyone at this dealership seems very friendly, helpful, and low-key.

al c. | 2010-12-28

drove all the way out from OC for the deal they offered me on the phone.  these guys are a first class organization.  the sales guys are professional and knowledgeable.  the managers are friendly and willing to work wth you.  pricing is competitive if not the best. i was beginning to lose faith in honda dealers till i came here. we had gone to spreen the day before and they acted like they didnt even need our business. not the case here.  talk to danny or james.  good guys.

Mimi W. | 2010-08-22

I purchased my car from this dealership about a year ago.  It was a used car, and I am still loving my car a year later.  The sales people here were friendly, and helpful.  I didn't feel as if they were taking advantage of me, and I haven't had any problems with my car yet, except for it running out of gas, but unfortunately they have not made a car with an endless supply of gas not yet at least...   :-P