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Established in 1992.

Family owned and operated since 1992

Desert Lexus

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(760) 321-5750
Address:68068 Kyle Rd, Cathedral City, CA, 92234
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Desert Lexus

Graham K. | 2015-04-06

I did something here that I thought I would never, ever do... I bought a used car, sight unseen, over the internet - and  Lord, was I ever worried about it.  When I saw the (somewhat rare) car listed I called the dealership and asked for a sales person. I feel very lucky to have been connected to Frank B. who told me everything he knew about the car, which was a lot. He explained the history and condition of the car to me in a way that made me decide to buy the car without ever seeing anything but 5 pictures.  So - he's either brilliant and trustworthy, or a complete scam artist, right? Right. That's just the way I think in today's world.

Now - I live in Colorado, and this car is in California. I don't buy cars often, but out of state? Over the internet? Are you out of your mind??  I had NO clue. Frank stepped me through the process, sent me all the documentation I needed in a timely fashion, and just stepped up to the plate anytime I had any issue or question about the process, needed a ride from/to the airport, you name it, he was on top of it.  

So I fly out there with my wife on a one way ticket on her birthday - the car was a birthday present for her- so the pressure was really on. After a couple sleepless nights we show up at the dealership and the car is EXACTLY as Frank had described. Not "kinda close" or "close enough" it was "exactly" as described. What a relief!!!  Next up is a trip to the Arizona border to save about $3000 in taxes and California licensing (which I don't need). This, again,  was expertly handled. What I was told would happen was exactly what happened - no surprises, no last minute change of plans. Then we hopped in the car and drove 1200 flawless miles back to the Denver area.

I really cannot say enough good things about how this deal went down. I have to say, I never thought I would buy a car over the internet without laying eyes on it. If it is something you are thinking of doing my advice would be to call and ask for Frank B. He did us a real solid.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions at all. Once in a while a deal goes down in a way that will lead you to give a personal recommendation. That hasn't happened to me a lot, but this is one of those times.  

I am a very satisfied customer.

Linda K. | 2015-02-01

I only will say that another Lexus dealership and service department is desperately needed in our Valley!  To say that we all get taken advantage of, is a huge understatement!  We are gouged on prices beyond belief because we have no other Lexus here and feel forced to pay it.
Someone recently reminded me that Lexus is a Toyota company. Explore your options at Toyota dealerships!!!

Jen A. | 2015-01-29

Sales team is excellent, just purchased my LS460 and the sales process from beginning to end was amazing. Delivery specialist Shane explain technology of the vehicle in a wonderful manner. Everyone is so friendly. I can't wait for my first service appointment with Reuben.

Megan S. | 2015-01-13

Experienced horrible service at this lexus and if I have any choice I will not return. They do not budge on prices and the associates are rude.

Donald V. | 2015-01-09

By far the worst, and most expensive Lexus dealer I have ever experienced. Chicago is even better and quicker . After three experiences I will never return to this deanship. Probably even Lexus. They mislead you about everything, time, try to talk you out of a loaner, whatever.  I said I didn't care if it took awhile just give me a vehicle. Oh no, no! no more than 2 hours, tops!! but after 2 hours for a basic service, I was told it would be another HOUR for my car to be washed. I'm sure the "washers" I saw chatting and idling around, all with full coffee cups, were very busy. Meanwhile, customers who came in for a their free car wash were consistently put ahead of customers paying hundreds, maybe thousands for service. I'm sure the costs are needed to furnish coffee and snacks to the mechanics and employees. There were more employees/mechanics constantly getting coffee than customers!! If it wasn't so pathetic it would be comical. They claim to be so busy, inefficient would be the word,
No apologies, considerations, nothing!
Luckily I do have a choice in cars and dealers. We have an '04 and a '06 Lexus. New cars are on the immediate horizon. I understand Acura's are very nice.

Joshua A. | 2014-12-27

The staff, particularly Gabe, are very helpful. And the service dept are so fast.

My wife leased a CT around a year ago and it was a breeze getting in and out. She loves her CT and every time she takes it in to get serviced, she's greeted with a smile. The service dept works so quick, it's not even the slightest bit inconvenient to drop the car off. We will continue to buy our cars from Desert Lexus in the future.

Morgan G. | 2014-11-13

Final Update:

My wife was able to pick her car up yesterday. Overall she was happy with the way it looked, drove, felt, etc.

Ruben worked diligently to solve the situation caused by one of his service writers, and honestly, I think he did the best job he could have. Had we been dealing w/ him right out of the gate, I'm positive that our experience wouldn't have been the way it was.

This is now the second time that Ruben has helped us out, once previously with warranty work, and I would recommend him as a service writer/adviser/point of contact.

I can say that after working directly with Ruben, we'll give Desert Lexus another shot.


I would like to note that after writing this, it was brought to my attention that Ruben from Lexus did,in fact call me, and left me a message at 4:06 THE SAME DAY.

Since then we've spoken twice and he seems eager to find a solution to this problem. Our good experience 2 visits ago, was due to Rubens' professionalism, and I think we should have just waited for him this time. Still one star until we figure out how the situation will be resolved.

We've had 1 great experience w/ this dealership in the last 6 months, but unfortunately yesterday it was trounced by what we'll call and egregious error on their part.

Took the car in for an oil change, and potentially the 120k service.

Agreed to have the 120k done, but on our past trip we had already taken care of some of the major charges that accompany this service.

The service writer tried to charge my wife for one of the aforementioned services, and only removed it from the bill after I caught their mistake, and only because they hadn't already performed it.

It takes very little time to look in your system and see what work has already been done, my Audi dealership did it, my BMW dealership did it, and my Porsche dealership did it.


To me this stinks of the classic "trying to take advantage of a woman" scenario that we've seen so many times in the past.

They then informed me that the bolt on the transmission pan was stripped out, and that it would need to be replaced. OK that's fair, but how do I know that your guys didn't strip it out while draining the fluid and subsequently re-installing the pan?

Their answer "well he told me he didn't, so he didn't"...hmmm ok, well I just told you that I think he did, so in using your logic, he must have. We have arrived at an impasse.

An impasse mind you, that I was trying to find a mutually beneficial result to. However, this particular service adviser immediately got pissed off, began to raise his voice at me, began to talk down to me, and then transferred me to his asst. manager--without exploring one potential solution. What kind of customer service is that?

I left a message for the asst manager at 2:45 in the afternoon...I received no call back by the close of business.

This is another classic case of the desert monopoly that happens so frequently. Businesses think that since they are fairly isolated, that nobody will shop around, get second opinions, and quite frankly better deals.

We live in Temecula, but my wife works in Cathedral City. The car was purchased new from their dealership, so naturally we had been servicing the car there.

I can tell you right now with about 90% certainty that we will NOT be utilizing them for service OR SALES if this situation isn't handled appropriately.

It's reasons like this that 2 of our close friends both went to Riverside to purchase their Lexus vehicles.

B M. | 2014-09-17

I am very surprised this dealer is still in business.  I think being the only Lexus dealership in town may have something to do with it.  I did some shopping around and found three quotes for a 2013 GS350.  Desert Lexus had the highest price by almost $3000! When I asked them if they could match the quote at Mercedes benz of Ontario whom also had a 2013 GS350 they did not believe the paper I had in hand was real!?  Really?  I told him that I would prefer to stay here but I would go to Ontario if they wouldn't move on the price.  Another salesman was also trying to "guilt" my wife into buying something with them as they were the "local business" and that going outside the desert was rude!  Are you kidding me? I wish I would have heard that conversation.  What is rude is treating local customers like you are doing them a favor because you think they have nowhere else to go!

    I went to Ontario and got a great deal on my 2013 GS350!  The service was fantastic and I am seriously considering buying a Mercedes from this dealership for my next car just because I know that I will receive a fair price and they take care of their customers. Not sure if it was just the poor service at Desert Lexus, but this dealership in Ontario really bent over backwards to EARN my business.

   About three days after I went into Desert Lexus I received a call back from the sales team.  They wanted to know if I went to Ontario and when I told them I did there was a big pause...  Did you buy a car, they asked.  Yes I did, I told them, and when they asked if I got the price on the quote I told them, No I did not, I got it for $500 dollars cheaper than the quote!  After another long pause the saleperson asked if I would consider at least letting them service my Lexus!? Really?  After this whole ordeal of you wasting my time? Are they really that tone deaf to basic customer service?  Seriously, how are these people still in business!?

Desert Lexus has lost a customer for life, and I will gladly drive to Mercedes Benz of Ontario for my future Lexus/luxury car needs.

Trish S. | 2014-08-26

I received excellent service from Desert Lexus for my 2010 HS 250 Hybrid. We moved here last year & recently my car, which has been trouble-free since purchase, wouldn't start. AAA got it going but knew very little about the batteries. I took it Desert Lexus, they charged the starter battery & looked like problem solved. However the next day, again the battery seemed dead. I had company coming for the weekend &  lots to do to get ready. I called my Service Consultant, Johnny Reyes, & he was able to resolve the problem in no time. The car was still under warranty so I have a new battery & peace of mind. Thank you Johnny & Desert Lexus!

Jocelyn K. | 2014-04-18

We've all been there.  

You're walking in a lot full of shiny, new vehicles.  There are endless choices that include a myriad of varying "optional packages" and accessories. Once the fun part is done,  TONS of paperwork,  a flurry of financing jargon and hours of spent inside of a building await you. We've all seen the movies perpetuating the stereotypical car buying experience.  We've all dealt with shady deals that, if we are lucky, serve as "never going to happen to me again" life lessons.

I have purchased 1 used and 1 new car (2014 Lexus IS 250) from Desert Lexus in the past 4 years - and I couldn't be happier with my purchases. Ren Rooney, Ed Atwood and Gabe Marshall have always made my car buying experience(s)  easy and stress-free. They have always listened intently to my needs and have delivered beyond my expectations. BOTH times.! No hassles. No up-selling. No smoke and mirrors. I can honestly say that I intend to buy my next car from them, too.

Liz L. | 2014-02-19

Juan from Desert Lexus is what truly makes my experience 5 + stars!!!! I have had a Lexus for over 3 years now and I live in Riverside and work in upland. Every time I need my car serviced Juan either picks up my car or sends someone over an hour away to pick it up and brings me the loaner. About 3 years ago when I purchased my car from the riverside Lexus, the riverside team was great during the sales process and made me promises that I would continue to receive amazing service. Needless to say my car had a problem a week after driving it off the lot and when I went back to riverside Lexus they acted as if I was a problem. They made me wait HOURS and wouldn't let be borrow a loaner even after I had told them I needed to get back to work. I had never felt so uncomfortable!!!! I immediately swore I would never go back, someone advise me to go to desert Lexus ; Juan has been taking care of me ever since. Juan always attends to me right away, it's super fast service but most importantly he treats me so great, it never feels like a business transaction. During a visit I had been so sad and when him or anyone asked me how I was doing I would immediately start crying! The next few days and weeks I received calls from Juan asking me if I was doing ok and if I needed anything. Just my story on how amazing Juan is at Desert Lexus. The service, the customer service and most importantly the communication!!! I will never going anywhere else!!!!

Jeff F. | 2013-11-24

I had high expectations of the service department for this dealership since we had bought our car here and the process was both easy and pleasant.  Well we took our car in for its first service.  The service department was busy, but they got the car in quickly and everything seems to be going well.  They even included a courtesy cleaning. Since I would be waiting, the service writer I had dealt with, Juan, had told me as soon as the car was ready, he would come and get me in the customer lounge.  I noticed my car was finished and was in the 'staging' area and ready to go.  I had assumed that perhaps it takes a few minutes to get the paperwork to service desk and get me on my way.  Eventually, I got tired of waiting and went looking for Juan, apparently he had gone to lunch with my paperwork still sitting on his desk.  In my opinion, this is not the way to take care of customers.  I realize that everyone needs to go on their lunch breaks, but all it takes is staggering lunch breaks, letting the on-duty person know which cars have waiting customers and finish the paperwork as they are completed instead of waiting for the service writer to come back from lunch.  All said I waited almost an hour longer than needed because of the inefficiency of the service writers.  I am not too certain I will return for service at this dealership.  If I do, I will not be returning to Juan.

Elliott E. | 2012-12-24

I bought a Lexus certified pre-owned vehicle and had problems with not only the vehicle but also problems with the dealership, so  I can see why the other reviews are poor.  I only wish I had seen the reviews so I could have been warned ahead of time.  Surprisingly disappointing for a Lexus brand dealership.  They sent me a survey in the mail and you can bet what I'm going to say to them.

Kirk H. | 2012-10-13

We've been looking for a certified pre-owned ES350 in a particular color combination, with nav, etc.  and Desert Lexus had the exact car, but no chrome wheels.  We live in south Orange County but happened to be vacationing in Palm Springs and only a mile or so from the dealership.  We did a test drive with Barry and told him we were VERY interested, but we needed chrome wheels.  We were in a hurry (and on vacation) so we didn't have time to stay and discuss price, etc.  The wife later talked by phone with Barry and made an offer WITH chrome wheels.  Barry called a few minutes later saying the offer was accepted (no haggling, back and forth, etc.). We stopped by the dealership and 30 minutes later all paper work, etc. was done.  Overall, one of the best car buying experiences we've had!

Gary M. | 2012-06-28

I tried to buy my new Lexus (350) from Desert Lexus.  I talked to the salesman a few times in the showroom.  The last visit I tried to get a price and was told that he would call me back in a few hours.  When he called back he told me that I needed to come in to meet with someone else to discuss price.  In the meantime I checked with the Riverside and Beverly Hills agencies and obtained prices.  I decided it was just not worth the hassle to work with Dessert any longer.  

The service people have been great on the other Lexus cars that I have.  I am not sure that their prices are not higher than they might be in San Diego or Los Angeles.  I have no complaints about any of the individuals who greet you promptly when you drive up or the quality of the work.  I think both are excellent, with the above stipulation.

Robert T. | 2012-05-28

The air pressure in the tires was exactly correct and has stayed that way. I have no way of knowing whether the work was done but presume that it was. The car didn't lower when I turned off the ignition so I returned (the customer service guy should have known the answer) and the technician pointed out the switch which had probably been hit during the servicing. All in all I think it was a good experience with the car ready a day earlier than predicted.

Erin D. | 2012-02-21

Had to take my car while traveling.  Best service experience I have had at a dealer, period.

Ron H. | 2012-01-25

Desert Lexus continues to exceed my expectations. they continually find a way to outdo themselves. I just bought another Lexus just because of the great service I have received for a number of years. Ruben Q is a great service writer and is always taking care of me. Thanks for making it a great experience!

Bobby K. | 2011-10-31

Updated 10/31/11:

Not only did Lexus corporate never follow up after I complained, the dealership never did, and this is not the only contact that I made  relating how I was treated.  This outcome speaks volume about the "we don't care" attitude at Desert Lexus.  

Lexus corporate wrote me an really impressive letter with big gold leaf embossed Lexus emblems, but very short on real effect.  Basically, they stated that this  dealer was a privately owned franchise, and they are powerless to do anything.  

Based on this ridiculous premise, I guess Desert Lexus can sell  fried chicken or "Bubba teeth" out back at the dealership, because after all, they are a "privately owned franchise". Specious corporate-speak.

Actually, the distributor and the manufacturer do have a great deal of  sway over vehicle allocations and dealer ops, but it appears that no one is likely to have Desert Lexus take ownership of for their actions.  

Desert Lexus has however, been kind enough to continue spamming me to buy a car from their sad little car lot.   I guess they just want your money, just don't come on their lot.

Lexus does make a great car, but Desert Lexus doesn't happen to be a good retail point, and they do not have to be when they are the sole dealer in the Coachella Valley.  No competition makes businesses become lazy and lax.  Here's a text book case.

Going forward, Desert Lexus will receive "The Relentless Pursuit of Rejection" from me, my family, business associates, customers, church members, and co-workers.  As we all know by now, Desert Lexus simply does not care how they treat people.  

Original review from 10/26/11 follows below:

As I am new to the area after buying a new home in Palm Springs last month, I went car shopping this past weekend. I often work late hours in my profession.

Last Saturday night, 10/22/11, I was busy shopping for a replacement Lexus for my 2007 RX350. I have owned 5 Lexus in the past, so I am a confirmed customer. Imagine my surprise and shock when some Barney Fife wannabe "mall cop" began shouting at me from the loudspeaker like I was some criminal.

Now, I will admit, that I wasn't aware that shopping for a $45K car after hours at approximately 7:45pm was now a crime in Cathedral City, but I guess that I never encountered a dealership quite like Desert Lexus.

Having lived in large cities most of my life, I have always shopped around for a vehicle after-hours. As stated, I work long hours. I was looking for a specific color blue, and wanted to see if the dealership in my "new hometown", had this vehicle. (Turns out that they did.)

However, my heinous and "criminal" act of shopping at 7:45pm with "runway lights' throughout the property appears to have awakened Barney Fife from his nap, since I had been shopping on the lot for over 45 minutes. My big white Tundra Double Cab was parked right in front of the showroom, to boot. "Barney" must have been cross when he awoke, apparently.

As stated, I had been shopping on the lot over 45 minutes when some disembodied voice came over the speaker, garbled and unrecognizable, stating the business hours of the dealership. I presumed that it was pre-recorded. It was garbled. That is all I could understand from the PA system.

Then about 10 minutes later, some "crime-stopper" voice came over the PA, this time describing what I was wearing and told me to leave. If that wasn't insulting enough, he also added that I was being "recorded", as if I were some criminal. "Recorded"?? My crime? Trying to buy a $45K car from this dealership. Damn, take me right to jail!!

But the "Desert Lexus experience" gets even stupider still! After being treated so rudely, I emailed the dealership to let them know how I was treated, and someone named Jose Cuevas actually emailed me back, completely ignoring my email concerns and actually asked me in the email if I wanted a navigation system on my car!! This is way too low-tech for my tastes.

This dealership appears too inattentive to customer feedback to ever have my business, and my first impression will be a lasting one. I will simply go right back to Jim Falk in BH, or even Longo in El Monte. They know how to treat a potential customer. This dealership is junior league. I will Lexis Nexis to find out if Desert Toyota is affiliated with these fools and make sure not to take my truck in for service there, either.

What a humiliating experience from a hack-kneed and backward group of so-called professionals. Poor customer treatment initially, and then total lack of response to customer feedback and stated concerns. Seems like a pattern here. My opinion of this dealership is that it is a low end used car lot masquerading as a luxury car dealership. I am sending this to Lexus corporate, too.

Try another Lexus dealer with higher standards of customer treatment, this one is unacceptable.

Manny P. | 2011-10-14

"Last Update, March 29, 2012."
Received my car back yesterday with the corrected work all completed.  Desert Lexus said my car was delivered back to me in satisfactory condition, thank god Lexus Customer Care saw it differently.  The "DAMAGES" costs nearly $600.00 to repair, free to me (Plus add the cost of a loaner car for two days). I am so thankful that Lexus Customer Care understood my frustration and saw first hand the damages afflicted to my car.  Monterey Peninsula Lexus took on the task of the repairs and as usual a truer representation of Lexus customer expectations of service were performed.  I am so thankful to Lexus Customer Care and Monterey Peninsula Lexus for taking on this issue and for their outstanding service to me and also my SC430.  Job well done!

Original Post Follows:
Regarding Service To My SC430...
While on vacation in Palm Desert my AC failed (it was over 100). "Desert Lexus" said that the AC component that was behind the dash had failed.

On receiving back my recently professionally restored car I had these issues.. 1. Both the seats were filthy (no joke) with grease. 2. The threshold and foot carpet was filthy with grease. 3. There was an oily film throughout most of the cabin. 4. An after market Bluetooth Parrot device was put back with 3 inches of cording exposed which wasn't that way when they got it. No cord was visible before. 5. There was a pink dried, once liquid substance on the entirety in the engine compartment. 6. I had taken out my tire sensors (TPM)...they reconnected the wires to the dash light and refuse to disconnect it.  7. There was a large waxy substance on the rear bumper. 8. The shift lever needed two hands to change gears. They damaged it and then charged me to fix it. 9. Damaged the leather both by the center console and by the entertainment system.  10. The clips on the cover of A columns, both sides of car, were broken and covers keep falling off.  11. The speaker to the Parrot device fell-out from the bottom of the dash.  12. Dash clips were not replaced.  

They sort of cleaned the seats, carpet and wax off the bumper.. I didn't ask them to bring it back to a better condition for fear of something more happening ('fear of reprisal') to my car.

On talking with George Glover the G.M., I received indifference, attitude, and no apology. Also when I was in the waiting area another customer was having issues with George and said, " I continue to have issues with your dealership and receive little to address my concerns. This is the worst damn place, I will never set foot here again." George had nothing in return for him, just let him walk out. George seems to be totally indifferent to Lexus customers and their issues. The need to provide accustomed high quality Lexus service is NOT in Cathedral City.

I know there are people you can never pleased, I am not one of those people.  I just expect the level of professional service Lexus is usually known.

I did call Lexus Corp and tell them of my experience... It is being processed.

I had the honor of paying $1,996.00 to receive cold air and to have my car raped without as much as a 'thank you very much."

It is now March '12 and I am still working through Lexus Customer Care which is taking lots of time to come to a amicable solution.

Coco R. | 2011-09-26

I really wasn't impressed. The salesman was really rude, he treated me like I was an idiot. I KBB the car I was going to get and even at the dealer price it was lower then what the dealer was trying to get. I wasn't impressed and found the same car less miles and the price I wanted at a dealer in San Diego. Just because you are in the desert doesn't mean you can over charge. I wanted to keep my money in the desert but it looks like I will be traveling.