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New and Used Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, RAM Dealer in Cathedral | Crystal Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram
If you're in the market for a Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep or RAM, you need to come into Crystal Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Cathedral today. We stock a large selection of new and used Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and RAM cars at great prices. If you need assistance with choosing a new car, obtaining financing, or have service and repair questions, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will get your questions answered. Our dealership is located in Cathedral, but we proudly serve the Coachella Valley, La Quinta, Indio area with Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and RAM cars.


Established in 2000.

You can also visit Crystal Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in person and see for yourself our stellar lineup of new Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and RAM models, including the Grand Caravan, Town & Country, Grand Cherokee, 1500 and Journey; our impressive used car inventory and auto finance team; and our top-notch auto repair and service facilities. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to meet our knowledgeable and friendly staff. You can find us easily at 36-444 Auto Park Drive Cathedral, California.

Crystal Chrysler Center

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(760) 324-4557
Address:36444 Auto Park Dr, Cathedral City, CA, 92234
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Crystal Chrysler Center

Jerry R. | 2015-04-22

I had to take my car in on an electrical issue. $1100 later I left with a busted up car. I take pride in my 2006 Dodge Charger, still getting many compliments on it, no one believes it's that old. But apparently the workers there don't take pride in anything. I went to hit the button to roll down the window and "snap" the whole unit dropped into the door. I immediately took it back to them, they said, "it was like that when we got it." Which is an absolute total lie! There was nothing wrong with it when they got it, and it makes me sick when the workers say such things.  They pushed it back up a bit, but did not fix it, it fell back in just an hour later.  

Secondly, I just recently took my car to another shop for an oil change, first time someone has worked on it since Crystal had it. The hood release handle was broken. At first I thought they might had done it, but soon realized it was again Crystal, because shortly after getting the car back, I found the piece that broke on the floorboard. I had no idea what it was, so I kept it. Sure enough, it's exactly that piece.  

My suggestion is go somewhere else if you have any pride in your vehicle. Sure, they fixed my electrical problem at a very high cost, but broke a few other things. Every time I go to open the window, I'm reminded of the horrible treatment I received and the "not us" attitude, leaving me with a damaged car, costing me far more than the overpriced work they did to being with.  

This service department is horrible and like other reviews here, I have to agree, they need to make serious changes to gain consumer confidence.  STAY AWAY!

Bill C. | 2015-04-22

Service department is BAD BAD BAD!!! Left my car outside in the rain with window down. No they wont call you back. No they dont care.No they dont get things done.
Read the reviews. They need to fire everybody and clean the engine bays/service area. It is filthy! Thanks for wasting our time Danny.

Gayle A. | 2015-04-20

Made an 8AM appointment for oil change and investigation of front end noise.   Arrived at 7:45.   Car taken around back at 8:10.   At the advice of service tech I also had them replace the serpentine belts.   At 10AM he came and told me that they didn't hear any noise in the front end and were going to go ahead with the oil change and belt replacement.   So what had they done for 2 hours?   nothing.   At 1PM I went to the service tech and inquired about my vehicle.   I asked if having an appointment meant that my work would be done promptly.   His reply "not always."   It's 4PM and I just got home.   I will NEVER go back there or recommend them to anyone.The only positive thing was that my bill was $100 under the estimate and they did wash my car.

Carmen B. | 2015-04-14

Don't ever break down in Cathedral City. We had a check engine light come on on Sunday. We stayed over night to wait for the dealer to open.  We got there at 7:30 am. The FIRST thing we're told is "we only do appointments". We tell them we are from out of town and could they help us. We are told we can't LOOK at you car for a week and half!! So we  spent the next 6 HOURS  try to get our car towed to Yucca Valley Chrysler. Who where able to help us. And during that 6 hours NO one ever acknowledge us,asked if we needed anything. So if you are traveling in the desert cities, don't break down there!! If I could give a negative rating I would.

William D. | 2015-04-09

I had a very bad experience with this dealerships' service depart.  They misdiagnosed the problem with my car and replaced a part that didn't need replacing.  My problem still existed so I brought the car to Hemet Chrysler (the city I live in) who fixed my car as it should have been the first time.  I called the service manager of Crystal Chrylser, Mr. Night,  many times and left several email messages but he never responded.  Finally after about a week and a half, he finally returned call and after listening to our story, agreed to refund the repair made by Hemet Chrysler.  Well, it's been three weeks and still no refund.  Again I left several email messages and voicemails but he won't return calls.   The service writer, Dani, was contacted and he responded by saying, "yeah, I wish our mechanic would have found that additional problem as it would have given us an opportunity to charge you more money.  I cannot believe a business like this can exist in this day and age.  I gave this business an opportunity to make it right and still have a happy customer, but instead I realized they are not interested in anything but making money fraudulently.  It's sad it had to end this way but it was their doing that did this.  My next complaint will be with the BBC and the bureau that is responsible for automotive repair.  Also considering a small claims suit.

Dorina W. | 2015-03-27

Didn't even want to leave 1 star. Horrible customer service in the service department. I scheduled an appointment a month in advance for my 300C to have a fuel tank replaced due to a factory recall. The job was to only take three hours, however my car was there for two full business days! Then on the second day when I called to find out when my car would be ready, I ending up having to leave two messages for Danny, in service. At 4pm I still hadn't received a return phone call and ended up having to call a third time when he finally picked up. They sent the courtesy shuttle for me at 5.30pm and when I arrived at the dealership my car was finished. However,  the key to my car was locked in the cashier's office. I ended up having to wait with my 4 y/o son for TWO HOURS for someone to come and unlock the office so that I could get my key. Lastly, when we USED to have our vehicles serviced here in the past they would be returned to us washed.  Not the case this time. I wonder if Chrysler reads their social media reviews?  If not, they should start and maybe send their staff to customer service classes. This dealership is an embarrassment to the Chrysler name!!!!

Keith V. | 2015-02-19

Awesome sale manager Rick and his partner Paul to Jim in finance everyone was very responsive and attentive to our needs. Will be back for our next car we buy. Thanks Guys for a no drama no hassle sale.

Sanford G. | 2015-02-17

If you are stopping in here for an oil change, perhaps you may be ok.  
I stopped in to buy a Wrangler.  They tried to sell me a 2014 at sticker price when the 2015's were already on the same lot!!  Plus they add a useless "Desert Protection" package for over a thousand dollars.  What the Desert Protection package is really amounts to NOTHING but dealer profit items.

They also low-balled me on my trade-in vehicle.  Not my opinion but their offer wasn't near KBB or CarMax.  Or wasn't near.......... Hemet Chrysler which is only less than an hour's drive away.

I got a CLEAN deal on a new 2014 at Hemet where they gave me CarMax offer on my trade and took off thousands of dollars on the new 2014.

Ask for the giant over in Hemet.  His name is Joseph Cook.  Aleksa is the Internet Dept gal.  She's lovely to deal with and beautiful to gaze at.

Lisa D. | 2015-01-30

What a joke!  Seriously, the WORST dealership I've ever been to.  

Bought a new Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland and left there in tears from such bad service!   Really?  That's how you treat a customer who just purchased a $45,000 vehicle?  SHAME ON YOU!  I 100% regret purchasing from THIS dealership.  Never again.  Service department is just as bad.  From now on, I will drive 1.5 hours to another Jeep dealership for service.  Someone (Jessup? please!) needs to buy this dealership and bring it up to Chrysler standards.

Joseph C. | 2015-01-30

I called to schedule a 70,000 mile servicing, but was transferred to a second line that, after four rings and a recording transferred me to a third, which, another four rings and a recording later, transferred me to a fourth.  It was not answered.  I hung up, telephoned back and complained to the employee who had first taken my original call.  She then referred me to the service manager's personal line.  He did not answer, but I was able to leave a message, asking that he call me.  The result?  Silence.
     It appears that customer service is a concept entirely foreign to Crystal Chrysler.

Robert B. | 2015-01-28

Absolutely the worst service department I have ever experienced!  Three months and they never did solve the problem.  Excuse after excuse and information that appeared to be lies.  Either bad info from the service people or bad lies from management.  Good reason to never deal with a Chrysler product again.

Marsha A. | 2015-01-05

The service department here is awful.

I had a cluster replaced on my Jeep here. I had questions about a problem I encountered immediately after the work was done.

My once green turn signals that blink t up on my dash are now flashing yellow, not green.. My automatic door locks only work sporadically now as well. They worked fine before I had the cluster replaced.

I had left numerous messages for Brian. I never got return phone calls, so I called the service manager Randy, who was very helpful at first. Key word here being at first. After at least 6 messages with non returned call backs between Brian and Randy, I am now having to call Corporate.

I just want to know if this is normal after spending $600.00 to have this work done.
They also did some slight damage to my car. It looks like they maybe parked it too close to another car and it rubbed against it. I left this in my numerous un-returned messages as well. I asked for them to buff out what damage they caused. It's small, but I take good care of my car and don't appreciate them not acknowledging what they did.

If you have a problem with your Jeep and you can make it to the Temecula dealership, I highly recommend it.

Jason C. | 2014-12-12

It's been more than a month since they took my 2011 truck to fix the transmission.   They've promised all week that I would have my truck back today (finally).  Got a call this morning to tell me that they dropped a part of the transmission and broke it.  Now it has to be special ordered.   This is the poorest excuse I've ever seen for a service department and a product.  The only good thing coming out of this is the fact that I now know what a piss poor product dodge makes and they are unable to service their poorly made vehicles.  
DON'T GO HERE FOR. ANYTHING!!!   I wouldn't wish this frustration on anyone.

Paola M. | 2014-11-24

In I bought my new special edition jeep wrangler yesterday the experience was excellent, I saw the vehicle online and sent an email the following day Jim Reagan called me with all the details, he was very helpful and made the transaction simple and to the point. Thank You!

Zack B. | 2014-11-18

This place passes you off to multiple salesmen, they don't know their product, they say it's better than a vehicle in an entirely different segment, and they apply quite a bit of pressure to get a sale. I guess this is a typical car dealer, but out of the 3 salesmen I had, not a single one was personable. Meh.

Bob C. | 2014-11-10

I had our Dodge Journey towed to this dealer after overheating on Friday night...left messages for them to call...they never called back.  I went in at 7:00 a.m. Saturday morning to get the car written up.  They said that they would get to it and call me by the afternoon.  I left 2 messages with service advisor that never were returned.  I thought...well ok...I'll call Monday.  Monday..."oh the service advisor that wrote up the car doesn't work on Mondays!"  I have tried to reach the service manager, but no joy.... after reading theses posts, I am thinking that I will have to tow it to another mechanic.  Boo!

Chris G. | 2014-10-03

Can I give the service a negative star rating?  They are VERY under staffed and not completely trained on new technologies in the latest model Ecodeisel truck.  I bought mine a month ago, I had it one week. Three weeks later they still have it. They don't return calls to tell you a status....most likely because they have not gotten to it yet!  If you can at all keep from going here, it will be in your best interest to go to indio!

Stephen S. | 2014-09-04

Sales department is a joke! Agreed to terms on a Grand Cherokee over the weekend but  then the car wasn't available. The salesman then came back with an identical car a few days later ready to do the deal, except at significantly worse terms, which came from a different manager. Completely unethical!  What a waste of time!

Russ F. | 2014-08-23

Get experience yesterday leasing a car from Crystal Chrysler. Leased a Jeep Grand Cherokee. It was fast, simple, affordable.

Miguel (salesperson) and Steve (sales manager) were informative and helpful. They were very easy and pleasant to work with as well.

Posting this because we are all quick to criticize, but rarely take the time to commend. And it is even a rarer event to commend an auto dealer.

I can honestly say that the experience was far more pleasant than was the case when I leased my additional car which is a BMW 750i (which was horrifying).

Great job guys.

Thanks. See you again for the next one.

Real customer. Real Experience!

Mark A. | 2014-08-16

Bought two cars from here. Decent a prices (it's a dealer. What'd you expect). Helped me with my warranty claims. But destroyed my brand new darts steering wheel. Replaced for free so I'm not even upset. Just be persistent and you'll get what you want.

Wade B. | 2014-08-16

I decided to purchase a new truck. I went to Crystal and found what I wanted. They wouldn't sell it to me for what I could buy it for elsewhere so I decided to wait. I got a credit alert that my score had changed. The reason it changed is that Crystal Chrysler did FIFTEEN hard inquiries that day. FIFTEEN. All on May the 18, 2014 It dropped my credit score over 40 points. I am flabbergasted by this. Is it because I wouldn't buy the truck? I did buy the same truck in Phoenix from Bill Luke Chrysler Dodge on July 18, 2014. There is ONE hard inquiry on my credit report that day. ONE. And I got a real good APR despite the damage that Crystal Chrysler did to my credit rating. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS DEALERSHIP.

Jonathan H. | 2014-06-16

Chrystal Crysler remedied this situation by not only renting me a car to use for the six weeks they had my car, but also fixing my car without any charge.  I am very appreciative to the service manager, my service advisor, and the entire service department for going the extra mile for the Jeep customer.  

For approximately four months while driving my beloved 2007, 67,000 mile Jeep Grand Cheroke Laredo it has been randomly miss firing, bucking and surging, and stalling when coming to a complete stop.  The unpredictability of the cars speed is a major safety concern to me as this occurs without notice on both street and freeway driving.    

I have taken my car to Crystal Chrysler Jeep three times now and they have not been able to diagnose the cause to this problem.  In fact, my car has been in the service department at Crystal Chrysler for over two weeks now, and they cannot identify specifically what is causing this malfunction.  This experience now has me questioning the reliability of Jeep vehicles and the confidence in Service Dealers like Crystal Chrysler.

James G. | 2014-04-27

Do not every use their service department!!!  I have my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee serviced here for a simple oil change and tire rotation. When we were having lunch i noticed it was not riding correctly. By the Grace of God I checked the lug nuts on the rear tire and four of them were completely loose!!  If I had gotten on the freeway we could have been killed if the tire came off.  On top of that when i took the Jeep back to their center they were rude, not conciliatory at all and did not offer me even a refund! We had to ask for the service to be refunded three times.  The service manager was rude and appeared to not care at all.  THIS IS A DANGEROUS SLOPPY SERVICE CENTER. MY NEXT LETTER AND CALL WILL BE TO JEEP DIRECTLY.

Traci S. | 2014-03-17

I just got my brand new jeep Grand Cherokee diesel and I LOVE IT!!
I got it for the price I wanted and the terms I wanted.  There was no high pressure this or that.  I knew the price I was willing to pay and they made it happen!
I will be going back again to trade in our other two older back up cars for one more good newer vehicle in a few months.  I was working with Chris, and the manager Randy.  They were awesome...

Aulora H. | 2014-03-15

I have a 2010 Jeep Rubicon that I bought used but is still under warranty. I didn't buy it from crystal Chrysler, but they are the only local jeep dealer to get warranty work done at. My first experience there happened after I had the spare tire stolen off of my jeep while at work. The process of getting the new tire ordered wasn't the problem, the problem was when it came time to pick it up. I work 12 hour shifts at night and had scheduled an appointment for 8 am the morning I got off work because the guy told me it would only take 45 minutes to get the whole thing taken care of. Well, 45 minutes must mean 2.5 hours to them. No apologies, no coupons for anything.... NOTHING.

I swore I would never go back.

Well... I made the mistake of giving them a second chance. Made an appointment for 8 am to get my horn fixed because it's covered under warranty. I was told it would be ready around noon, so my husband and I killed some time in the west valley since it's a 30 minute drive for us to get from home to there. They call me at 11:50 to tell me that they needed to order a part and it would be in the next morning.

Ok... Totally understandable.

I get a call around noon the next day stating that the part didn't come and they couldn't fix it until Monday and that I could come get the car and bring it back on Monday morning. I asked to speak with the service manager and got transferred to his voicemail. Turns out, he's not in on Saturdays.

You would think they would've told me that before just transferring me.

The guy I was dealing with apologized for the inconvenience but offered no way to make it more convenient. I told him that I understand things happen that are out of his control and that I know it's not his fault... His reply was "Well, yeah, it's not my fault".

Umm... I've worked in high end customer service situations before and that is not how you speak to a customer.

Basically...  AVOID THIS PLACE!!!!
Nothing is done timely, there is no accountability, and they know that they are the only Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge dealer in the valley so they don't have to compete. If you have a warranty, take extra time to find a private mechanic who does warranty work.

Lesson learned for this girl.

Amie F. | 2014-01-28

Never again will I purchase from this dealer.  

Went in to purchase a truck for my hubby and were greeted by a sales man named, Chris.  Now, Chris was friendly, but that was about it.  He did not appear to have any true interest in us.  We test drove a few, and decided on 1.  We sat down for what always turns out to be the longest, most painful part of buying a car.  This time was no different.  I was prepared with the trade in value of the car I had, along with info on what the truck I wanted to purchase should be.  Let me say, I am not one to "do the dance"  I want an honest deal, and I do not want to spend 5 hours working it out.

I was told they would give me $8000 for my trade in, and that was the best they could do.  After a lot of back and forth, I told them to simply give me back my keys, and we can part friends, no bad feelings.  Then the Manager, George came out.  Offered me a different vehicle, for more money.  Told him no, didn't want it, just give me my keys.  
Still, back and forth, back and forth.  Then George offered me the truck I wanted, but for $2000 more than I had offered.  Talked to hubby and he really wanted the truck, so we agreed.  Now, comes time to sign the papers (after over an hour wait)  Turns out they gave me $11000 for my trade in, instead of the $8000 they said.  So my $21,000 truck,  was now $24000.  What a rip.  Then we realize that there is only 1 key fob for the truck. Mentioned this to Chris, the saleman, and he said he would get us one.  A week later, find out that they will not get us one, we had to purchase it ourselves.  No offer to get it for us.  It was a pain in the ass.

Service dept was another pain.  Took forever, was told it would be 15 to 20 minutes...90 minutes later, key fob still not programmed.  This is the worst dealership I have ever dealt with, and will never return.  

atleast hubby is happy....but NEVER again will I deal with this dealership


T S. | 2014-01-28

Was reluctant to go there after reading some previous reviews but went to look anyway. Was pleasantly surprised and ended up buying a Jeep Cherokee Latitude.   Salesman (Gabriel) spent lots of time showing us different models, options and packages.  Test drove Grand Cherokee and Latitude. No pressure and very relaxed.  Do watch for add ons, fees and additional charges and make certain you know and want what you are getting as with all dealerships.  Made new car buying as pleasant as possible.

Jaime P. | 2013-12-10

Great experience I stop by to compare deals for my new vehicle and the young sales person Miguel Murguia was very acknowledge about needs and options in the car, make me feel like I was buying a car from my Brother and I ending with a great deal.
Very satisfied and I recommended this dealer for their great service.

Chris F. | 2013-10-19

AVOID AT ALL COST. We were dealing with one sales person and the manger pulled him away cause we didn't want to buy anything right then and there then they brought in a slime bag of salesperson the old bait and switch the guy lied to us had no clue about what we were buying all in all bad manger Anthony Barnes  bad salesperson Raymond Garza is slime as cut throat as it comes he cut out our sales person out of the deal and cut me the husband out of the loan made me feel like I shouldn't of even been there at all done will never buy a dodge Chrysler or jeep ever again. STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!!!

Robert L. | 2013-07-15

Shotty work - lousy communications - Run from this place - I was told my auto was in excellent condition by service mgr then only to find out after oil change my auto needed so much work - per service rep -- I took it to small local shop and learned oil filter wasn't changed out and all was well with my auto - they reviewed their diagnostic testing with me step by step.

Jim M. | 2013-06-13

An excellent dealership all around! I contacted their sales person Richard Braham about 15 minutes before they closed one evening about a deal they had on their website for a new 2013 Jeep Wrangler. He told me to go ahead and fill out the credit application online, and that he'd run it first thing in the morning. By 9am the next morning Richard had made contact with me, and everything approved and ready to go.

My wife and I drove to the dealership a couple of hours later and was greeted by a friendly, and helpful salesman.  

Richard walked us through every step of the way. There was no lying or deceit, just the good honest to God truth. He made sure that we knew the Jeep inside and out before leaving the dealership.

I highly recommend Richard Braham as a sales person, and Crystal Chrysler Center.

Greg S. | 2013-04-22

I don't even know where to begin...

The car was brought into the service department for a recall notice.  Initially it was in the service center for two days to determine that it needed a part that would take 2 - 4 weeks to order.  I was called and told the part had been received just two days later - my how time flies!  The second appointment was scheduled with Ruben, the service writer, only to learn when the car was brought in that it was his  "Day Off".   I was able to coax another service writer to accept the car.  Messages to the service department later that day on the status of the car were ignored.  Messages to Ruben on the following day revealed that it was again, his day off.  Getting the service manager involved, they agreed to have the car ready by next day at closing.  You guessed it, the car was not ready and they had no knowledge of the car's whereabouts.  I contacted Ruben again on the car's 4th day in the service center to learn that he also had no knowledge of the car, it's whereabouts or  and status.  Finally, with the threat of reporting the car to the police as being stolen, they were able to find it.  I don't think the repairs were ever performed and I guess I should consider myself lucky to get the car back at all.

I did lodge a formal complaint with Chrysler so we'll see what happens.

It's hard to imagine how a simple service recall at a slow, small town dealership could go so wrong.  It goes without saying that I plan to never return for any reason - ever!

James D. | 2013-01-30

I took my Jeep in for a relatively minor warranty service issue.  Made an appointment, and arrived promptly at 8am.  The service advisor said "we'll try to get to it today".  I said, "why did I make an appointment".  He  said "the appointment is to see me to get it written up, not to get the car looked at."  Dumbfounded, I saw the service manager and he assured me it would be worked on that day.

They diagnosed the problem and ordered a part - part would take 2 weeks.

I made an appointment when the part arrived, and they kept the car another entire day.  At the end of the day they told me "oops, wrong part came - not our fault" and said they would order the correct part.  Another 2-3 weeks.

No part arrived, so I start making phone calls.  Eventually get to the parts manager who looks at the situation and says, "the part we've been waiting for is still not the correct one - not our fault - I'll order the right one for you, but it's on backorder.

Part finally arrived, but I'm in a different state.  Tried to arrange them sending the part to a local dealer.  I ended up paying retail for the part (full markup) plus exorbitant shipping.  I will be getting Jeep corporate to reimburse me, after many phone calls with them.

Bottom line:  I was treated like crap by Crystal Chrysler.  They did zero to go out of the way to help me, and any progress that was made was because of my own perseverance.  Also, I know dealers are not the same as corporate, but how do they earn their "5 Stars" if they don't collaborate with corporate to help you?

The "5 Star" program is apparently meaningless, although I have had other dealerships (e.g. Orange Coast Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge in Costa Mesa, CA) treat me very well over the years..

T. P. | 2013-01-28

We bought a car here, and one year later have had problems with a technical sensor on the car, and the service department at Crystal Chrysler will not even open it up and look at it unless we agree to pay for it, because they say they have had problems getting Dodge to pay for the warranty work on that part they won't even work on it unless I agree to pay for it...and the dealership says that is a separate business and they won't make them fix it.  I can get it fixed at other dealerships, but not this one where I purchased the car.  Just want you to know that if you choose to buy a car here, don't expect them to honor the warranty or even care if you have a service problem with their dealership.

Adam W. | 2013-01-14

Service writer was able to squeeze us in to address an emergent problem, ultimately identified as a failed heater hose.  The part required was in stock.  Service writer suggested a repair option that would save some money on the fix.  The vehicle was repaired promptly and the job was done right the first time.  It was nice to have a shuttle available to take us to/from our home while waiting for the repair to be done.  Pleased with out service experience at this dealership.

Cynthia S. | 2012-12-03

Just gave me the cutest rental car! I have a FIAT once again!

Virginia Y. | 2012-10-31

My experience with Crystal Chrysler has always been outstanding.  My purchasing experience has always been pleasant, not high pressure and the service department has always come through.  They offered me a very fair trade on my vehicle and the price off the lot was better than the best offer for a comparable model elsewhere.

Mark, the general manager is straight forward, honest and a gets the job done.   If you have a problem see him, he will see to it that it is resolved.

Long term customer in Palm Springs.

Kay F. | 2012-07-25

AVOID Crystal Chrysler for any auto repair service!! I scheduled an appointment for an overall inspection of my new Chrysler Crossfire. It was a disaster. I expected that the service technicians would all be fully trained to service ALL models of Chrysler. Totally unprofessional, two techs wandered around my car as I asked questions & it was obvious they were NOT at all familiar with this model of Chrysler. They fumbled & guessed. They sold me on a "70 point" vehicle inspection as well as an oil change. They gave me an estimated "ready" time & never called me. I called them 3 times & got the run around or no one called me back as promised. My car was there all day. It was NOT ready as they said when I went to pick it up. Things they promised to do were visibly not done on the car. I waited at least 20 additional minutes for their so said "printout" of what they inspected. This generic form gave no details. It could have been printed for any car. No one went over the useless vague form with me. The young man who was to take my payment could not explain anything about the form & did not offer to get the mechanic who supposedly did the inspection. Another employee mentioned they had never heard of a "70 point inspection!" I was exhausted & just wanted to get my car. I feel with certainty that very little was done to my car. How is one to know unless you were there watching their work in progress? I pulled over to check the oil as soon as I left as I felt so doubtful; is there any oil in the car??
I paid almost $300.00 for a useless generic copy of a form and that's all I got for sure. Call management? They won't call back. The sloppy, slow, uninformed, & dishonest dept. should not be in operation. I will spread the word in my community of many years. Crystal Chrysler is not practicing honest, quality business. Period.

Brian E. | 2012-02-16

We are in the process of looking for a new car, which for the money you are about to spend, should be a hell-of-a lot more fun.

We came here looking at the Jeep Grand Cherokee and found that they had plenty on the lot. When the sales person finally came to see us, and after SHE learned that this will be my wife's car, she started to address my wife directly about her needs and concerns.  They only reason I make this point, is that when we went to other car dealerships, the male associates would always focus on me. This is going to be my wife's car and her decision, and Jennifer the sales person figured this out.

What was also nice is that they allowed us to test drive the car without having the salesperson join us. This allowed us to really talk about what we thought about the car while we were test driving it. When we got back, Jennifer was there to answer our questions and did not pressure us to buy.

We did not buy the Jeep that day as we are still looking at a couple other choices, but if we do go back, we will be asking for Jennifer.

Ed B. | 2011-12-20

This place is a joke!  This is definitely the first and last time I'll buy a car from Crystal Chrysler Jeep Dodge Center.

The poor salesman (David Palmer), had no idea of the cars standard features, I chalked this up to him possibly being a new car salesman.  The finance person Claudia is just as inept as the salesperson.  She'll tell you throughout the contract signing process that the Finishing Touch Package is included in your payment as she tries to sell you additional dealer warranty services.  She neglects to tell you there's a $665.00 charge for the package.

Let's not talk about the less than honest finance director Jose Alvarado, who tried to tell me that the service department has been calling me since the 22nd trying to set up an appointment to have the finishing touch package applied.  When I asked him what phone number they were calling he rattled off the correct phone number, when I asked him the phone number on the paperwork he again rattled off the correct phone number (phone number on the due bill is incorrect).  When I called him on being less than honest,  he became very defensive and threatened to hang up.  He promised a call back from the dealership manager which has yet to happen, gave me an excuse that he couldn't transfer my call from his location.

i've bought many cars throughout the years and never have I had such an unpleasant experience with a dealership as I have here.  The delivery prep left a lot to be desired, there was tape like "packaging" material left on the roof rubber gaskets, some kind of adhesive left on the steering wheel and some random stains on the center console.

They also didn't include the 2 year service agreement offered by Chrysler to members of the professional association I belong to even though I checked with Claudia the finance girl several times to confirm.  Her response always was that she didn't input the codes someone else did.

If you're in the market for a Dodge, Jeep or Chrysler vehicle do yourself a favor by going to another dealer!

While writing this review I received a call from Tony a service advisor who was directed by Jose Alvarado the finance director to return my call.  Another instance of Jose being less than honest!  So far Tony is the only one at the dealership that appears to have any type of concern for their customers.


Still no return call from the dealerships manager.

Ryan W. | 2011-07-25


A few years back, I took my SRT-4 in for a routine oil change. I had lived in Banning at the time and commuted to Palm Springs M-F for work. Upon arriving at home, I opened my hood to change my spark plugs (thank god I went to do this on the same day!) and noticed THEY HAD FORGOTTEN TO REPLACE MY OIL CAP!!!!!

Im not sure if you're familiar with the 111, but its windy...and sandy....and could have been DEVASTATING for my engine had I driven it around much longer without realizing the cap was missing.

Regardless, I called them up and demanded a complete oil system flush and engine flush and they apologized and agreed to do this service for me (hence the 2 star rating).

All in all, the customer service may be good, but good customer service just cant make up for SERIOUS MISTAKES like this. I haven't been back since and have warned friends and family.

Sarah C. | 2010-10-17

Excellent service!

Andrew, the service advisor, goes out of his way to help me and make sure my Jeep is taken care of when I drop it off. He communicates any problems with a phone call and is very respectful. My Jeep has had problems for years with a window regulator (like many Libertys in my model year) and I see Andrew about 6 times a year. He seems to take good care of everyone and makes me feel like my business is appreciated!

The prices for oil changes are comparable with the leading "Lube" businesses and I feel like the dealership will do a better job.

I am very pleased with the relationship I have with Crystal Chrysler- how often can you say that about a dealership?! They are extremely service-oriented and it is lovely dealing with them!!

J D. | 2009-11-17

Definitely not 5 star status. Had my car for two days never called me I had to keep calling them. They don't know what's wrong WTF? Still no call or car! I'm done