Acura of the Desert in Cathedral City, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Acura of the Desert in Cathedral City, CA.

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Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(760) 321-2700
Address:68085 Kyle Rd, Cathedral City, CA, 92234

Reviews on Acura of the Desert

Becky H. | 2015-03-08

Gary Stone is a great person to buy a car from.  He is very knowledgeable, patient and kind.  This is the 3rd vechile we have bought from him. We just bought an Acura RDX   Very happy :)  Thanks so much Gary

Bill F. | 2015-03-07

Just had my 2014 MDX serviced again here---good caring service people very knowageable and good customer service..

Zac H. | 2015-02-05

This car dealership is the best, hands down! I had been looking to purchase a vehicle for over 60 days as I got into an accident with my old one.  After searching forever I found one at this dealership.  A 2011 Acura TL with low miles.  After speaking with the sales manager Jesse and Gene the salesman, we can to a purchase price out the door.  After further inspection the dealership had a shop ticket out on the vehicle for 1400 dollars that they didn't account for, but instead of being shady, they honored the price we had originally agreed upon.  I can't say enough good things about the people here and this dealership.  Gene, my salesman was upfront, honest, showed me around the car and how to use the options it had for over an hour, and was professional and upfront on everything.  Truly, if you need a car, go here, see Gene, and he will take care of you.  If your just looking, please look here and they will take great care of you, without the shady dealer tactics.  This dealership is top notch in my book!

Timothy H. | 2014-11-11

I received an invitation for Acura appreciation days   where they go over your car's major systems and check them out.   As i am anticipating a road trip  i decided to take advanatage of this  At best I would get a  clean report and a car wash.     I arrived and was promptly and courteously greeted  information taken and shown to the waiting room.   a short while later the service advisor came out to tell me i needed a repair.   suprprise surprise   but it seemed legit so i said yes  .    We weill have you out of here by 11 says the advisor.   ok    and i ask   why no guest wifi,  he said he would check it out (he never did)  i overheard two salesmen talking where one said  it hasn't been working for a while.   i don't have unlimited  internet on my phone so free wifi is important.   i took it for granted that  they would have it.     Well 11 am comes and goes,   at 11 15  i ask same service guy to please check on the car.,  yes i will right away.    he waits on another customer writing him up.  ( guess they get paid on the amount they write not customer service.   your car will be right out     around noon it comes out.   barely washed dripping with water spots all over it.    if this is customer appreciation,   I will stay home

James L. | 2014-06-03

I was in real need of a newer car because of an auto accident. I did a lot of reserch for one,  they had one on their lot a really nice 2002 Acura RL with low miles that peaked my interest. The sales person GARY STONE is by far the best car sales person that I have come across this guy was amazing, awesome, and honest he is what I would consider old-school when it comes to meeting his clients needs. The guy waited on me hand and foot, without the used car sales shadey tactics (I hate those guys). He is a very good person and "I AM WILLING TO TRAVEL 200 MILES TO PURCHASE AGAIN".  Thank you so much GARY STONE for treating me like a regular human being with dignity and respect. Gary keep doing a good job.

Anthony I. | 2014-04-19

Good dealership with from what I can tell honest sales people. John and Don took care of me. I would recommend them

Bruce T. | 2014-04-17

We purchased a new 2014 Acura from Acura of the Desert.  Gene, our salesperson, was terrific and the best experience I have ever had buying a car!

Eric F. | 2014-01-08

Managed to schedule an AM appt for an oil change the day before and everything went smoothly.  The lounge area's not the best I've seen among Acura dealerships, but still plenty comfortable and the coffee machine does make a good cup of Joe.  Wouldn't mind coming back for minor services if I'm still in the area.

Patti M. | 2013-10-14

I got a letter from them to trade in my car. So I did and its 3 months later and im still waiting for my gap insurance refund. Called finance department today and they are saying I have to call Toyota of the desert. Correct me if I'm wrong but that was there job when I traded the car in. This pisses me off...

Cris S. | 2013-03-29

I drove from Portland, Oregon to Palm Springs during Spring Break 2013 and on the way down my 189,000 mile 2002 MDX died due to the transmission.  I had it taken into the Acura of the Desert in Cathedral City, were Parker the Service manager said that it would probably need a new transmission.  Gene the Sales Manager introduced me to the RDX casually on his way out, and Greg pulled the RDX around so we could test drive it.  All in all, I was not wanting, nor prepared to buy a car, but the gentlemen took me seriously without condescending and made me a deal i had to sign. Thanks Dan!  I am now of my second Acura and purchase under 35 miles off the lot and I absolutely love it.  Thank you Acura at the Desert Team!!!!  It was much appreciated.


Just M. | 2012-11-28

Professional and courteous.  I had my car serviced here for many years and never had a problem.

Michael Y. | 2012-01-20

This has been absolutely the best car buying experience hands down.  It started with my initial contact with the sales person John.  He was actually on his way home from work but made time to talk to me and actually called me back with more information when he got home.  I made an appointment to test drive the car soon after.  He made sure the car was ready when I got there.  Couple hours later I was driving home with my new car.  This facility is just top notch.  I had some laughs and tears with the Sales Manager Victor.  Chris the finance person set me up with a great loan as well.  This is how they used to sell cars...upfront and honest.  It is worth the trip to visit them...I drove 2 hours but well worth it.

Tom S. | 2011-05-08

These guys are super to do business with. June of '10 I bought a new RL which I love. I drove it back to Texas and then decided to not drive  back and forth anymore. So I flew to the desert in March of '11 and bought a '08 TL with 11k miles on it to leave here. I went to several dealers and could not match the quality of used vehicle, with a warranty for the price I got at Desert Acura. This is my ninth Acura. I guess I like things that work.

shane b. | 2011-02-19

You can't beat Acura in any aspect. Best cars on the road and when you get your service done at the dealer they treat you like royalty and make sure your wait is painless with free drinks, fruits, coffee, tea and snacks. If you go in make sure you work with Tom or Geno they go above and beyond what they need to. I wish these guys were in SLC where i live so i could have them work on my car every single time. Best experience with car service i've ever hard by a long shot. Good job to these guys you can tell they really care about their customers.

Melanie L. | 2009-10-08

I had a specific car already in mind when I drove out to Cathedral City from Pasadena.  After driving all over LA County test-driving cars and talking with dealers, I knew what I wanted.  When my friend and I arrived, we were immediately greeted by Jeff who did an absolutely wonderful job showing us the car without any pressure.  I made it clear that I knew what I was interested in, and he didn't push me to buy before I was ready.  In fact, he was the only car salesman I dealt with in my quest for a vehicle who didn't try and push me into buying.

My friend and I left the dealership so impressed with Jeff and his sales manager, Mr. Gleeson, that we both swore we would drive clear out to Acura of the Desert to buy cars if the price was right.

Later that week when my loan from the bank was all lined up, I came back to find out that both Jeff and his manager were no longer working for Acura of the Desert.  I guess there was an employee turnaround at the end of the month, and we missed the two of them by 24 hours!  I was incredibly bummed that Jeff wasn't going to get the commission from the sale and almost left, but the staff were up-front and the price was right without too much ridiculous game playing and haggling.

Their finance guy was extremely helpful in talking me through all the paperwork of my first dealership purchase.  I would recommend this dealership to anyone.  Heck, I drove 110 miles both ways twice!