Specialty Sales Classics in Benicia, CA

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Specialty Sales is dedicated to providing the highest quality in Classic, Antique, Collector, Exotic, European, Custom, Muscle and Performance vehicles on the market since 1978.


Established in 1978.

Specialty Sales is dedicated to providing the highest quality in Classic, Antique, Collector, Exotic, European, Custom, Muscle and Performance vehicles on the market since 1978.

What sets us apart? Location, location, location. The moderate climate in Northern California has always been considered the best environment in the world for vehicle longevity. Our location, in the San Francisco Bay Area, not only provides us with access to the finest examples of original, rust-free cars anywhere, it also makes us convenient to three international airports and global container shipping routes.

We do it all...we handle the paperwork, we arrange financing, and our knowledgeable, professional staff loves cars as much as you do.

Specialty Sales Classics

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(707) 748-4000
Address:5200 Gateway Plaza Dr, Benicia, CA, 94510
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Specialty Sales Classics

Rebecca O. | 2015-03-05

BUYERS and SELLERS BEWARE!!!! I bought a great car from these guys, they insisted I take it to the shop in Fairfield for minor adjustments, they put several hundred miles on the speedometer and dropped off my car not running and with the front end bent!!! Hope you had a nice joy ride. Rory came to my home saying he was on my side but actually just wanted to see any emails on my computer from his boss and to get aggressive with me!! The previous owner was so shocked and it was 4 month's before they sent any money to the DMV. I have never been so horribly ripped off in my life! The owner did offer to take the price of the car off of a 180,000$$ fake GTO JUDGE that he owns! No thank you

Robert D. | 2013-11-16

Visited the showroom today and they have everything you could want.... Exotics, Race Cars, Sports, Classics, a Handful of newer stuff. Very GOOD MIX of cars. Very Impressive. Sales are knowledgeable  and helpful in educating me. Even if your not looking to buy a car they will talk to you like you the next buyer and treat you like a  million dollars....  I JUST HAD TO POST THIS AS MY EXPERIENCE WAS AWESOME!!! I WILL BE GOING BACK VERY SOON!!!      CHEERS!!

Fred B. | 2013-10-04

I recently sold a classic car, a 1975 Pontiac Trans Am that was in good shape but needed paint, on consignment at Specialty Sales' Benicia location.  The experience went well and I feel that I got a fair price for my car without any snafus.  I dealt with Jason Mendoza and would recommend him.  He is knowledgeable about classic cars and has expert experience in body work and restoration.

Specialty Sales' Benicia location is one of their four in the Bay Area.  They have a large indoor showroom adjacent to Highway 680 near the Lake Herman exit.  During business hours they usually have several of the cars out in the parking lot and the vehicles can be seen by motorists on the freeway and by Amtrak riders.  I often saw my car parked on a ramp in the lot readily visible from the freeway, and I was told that a number of people pulled off the freeway to check it out.

Their showroom is a great place to visit and check out the cars for sale, even if you are just looking.  They welcome "lookie-lous."  And the great thing for the seller is that this is not like new car showrooms and used car lots, where you have families piling in and out of the cars.  No one touches your car, sits in it, or takes a test drive unless they are a qualified buyer and have put in a bona fide offer.

When I go to sell the family minivan, I can leave it in my home driveway, place an ad on Craigslist, and deal with buyers who want a transportation car for a few thousand dollars cash.  Classic cars are different.  Owners have tens of thousands of dollars invested in their eye-catching, fun-to-drive toys, and can't leave them unattended or exposed to the weather.  I didn't want to have to take my car out of storage every time someone wanted to come see it, and deal with lookers who wanted to take a test drive, talk cars, and then tell me they couldn't come up with the money, or their wife said "no," or whatever.  And the fear of "carjacking" is a valid concern too.

Specialty Sales has been in business for years, has four showrooms, may get another one in Sacramento, and the firm appears to be in good shape financially.  They are regularly adding new vehicles to their inventory and are getting cars sold too.  I, like many other sellers, dread the thought of turning over a car to a consignment dealer and then having them sell the car, keep the money and declare bankruptcy or disappear.  Apparently this has happened with one classic car consignment dealer in the Livermore area who either went out of business or is now operating under a new name.  At least one person had to seek legal counsel after he did not get a check for his car within the timeframe agreed upon after the car was sold.

Selling on consignment at Specialty Sales is not inexpensive.  There is an initial listing fee, a safety inspection fee, a monthly fee, and the commission upon sale.  Expect a commission fee of at least a few thousand dollars.  However, keep in mind that they have four local showrooms, a website, world-wide buyers, and will take dozens of photos of your car, write up a description, post it on their website and others, deal with all the would-be buyers, handle the paperwork, and can probably get more for your car than you could on your own.  After my car sold, I got a check in about 14 days.

Jason G. | 2013-02-05

Really cool place to see some vintage and classic cars, along with a number of muscle cars.  Everything is for sale and if you're thinking about getting an "old car" then you better stop here and check their inventory out, why do all the restoration work yourself when you can just drop some bills and drive away with a new old car.

Gerry D. | 2011-12-27

I signed a contract to sell my classic vehicle back in May.  The first thing that went wrong is that they held if for over a month without properly advertising the details of it on their website. How can you sell something if you do not put the details of the vehicle on your website.  When I signed the contract they told me they would advertise it on ebay.  It took over 2 months to have them post my vehicle on ebay.  Again, not much of an effort to sell my vehicle.  Communication is terrible with the sales staff.  I received some criptic calls from their sales staff about possibly selling my vehicle but never any details about when it would be sold. Finally I received a call that it was sold but it was from the buyer asking me questions about my vehicle.  He told me he had purchased it four days ago and has it in his garage, I never received a call from Specialty Sales that my car was sold, my car is gone and I have no money.  They told me that I will not receive payment for 20 days and that I have to sign over my title.  Lets see.........the buyer has my car, Specialy Sales has my title and money and I have zero.  Does that seem fair? When I told them I wanted my money as soon as possible, the sales person I was talking too told me he was insulted by my lack of trust in him and was very upset with me  This company is just out to make a buck, they don't care about their customers only their bottom line.  I spoke to the owner directly and believe me, he has no clue about how to treat customers either.  Just typcial untrustworthy car salesmen.

Take my advice, sell your car yourself or go with a company that cares and communicates with their customers.

Rajib A. | 2011-06-17

I have a 2007 BMW M5 that I wanted to sell.  The car is in great shape and contacted Specialty Sales for consigning the car.  From the beginning, they seemed very nice and willing to work but as soon as the car was turned in, the service became horrible.  The rep's name was Jared Kelly and he was probably one of the worst people in terms of customer satisfaction.  I tried to contact him many times about the offers or prices but would never hear back.  The only response I once got from him was, "Can I get a price break?"  When asked, how much he wanted, he went all quiet as his usual self.  After a new months, we were so upset with their lack of communication, that I went back and picked up the car.  Jared was ignorant and non-courteous enough to not even recognize me when I showed up at the door.  That pretty much sums up the kind of customer service you would get from these jerks.  My rather obvious indignation stems from their despicable behavior and utter sense of disrespect for clients.
If you would like to sell your car, please take it elsewhere.  I am sure you can do a better job yourself on Craigslist!


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