Antioch Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Antioch, CA

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Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge Sales Parts and Service


Established in 1989.

Serving Contra Costa County for over 20 years. Off HWY 4 at Auto Center Drive.

Antioch Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(925) 778-9700
Address:1810 Auto Center Dr, Antioch, CA, 94509
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Antioch Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Amy J. | 2015-04-18

My boyfriend bought from Brad, had an excellent experience, he made the process of buying a new vehicle go smoothly and efficiently. He was very professional and easy to work with. Definitely recommend him.

Amanda K. | 2015-04-06

I came on to the lot and talked with Lucas first - he was easy to talk to and didn't make me feel like I as a woman I didn't know what I was doing or talking about. He was so good with my 10 year old son who thinks it's his job to take care of me and all things adult. That day, I wasn't sold on buying the car I was looking at and I wasn't sure how I was going to deal with my trade in.

I kept doing research and ended up coming in and working with Ben after checking on some internet sales and picking a difference make and model from my initial visit with Lucas. Again coming in alone. I walked out with car I wanted at the price I wanted and didn't have to haggle or deal with anyone but one person. I left the lot; called my dad and brother and they couldn't get over the deal I got and how quickly I was in and out with my car. And now that the sale is done communication is still there and they are still checking in to ensure I'm happy with my purchase!

I would suggest the dealer; Ben and Lucas to anyone looking to buy.

Jenny S. | 2015-03-28

Came in to this dealership on Tuesday and initially was having an unpleasant experience with one of the sales rep due to misinformation and miscommunication. I was about to leave the dealership, when the manager, who heard about the debacle, personally came out to assist us. We were given a great deal on a 2015 jeep patriot. Also, shout out to the second sales rep that assisted us, AB, who helped with paperwork and upon hearing that we hadn't had dinner yet, brought us Costco Pizza and sodas. While the first part of our experience was less than stellar, the extra steps that the dealership and its sales team put forth to remedy the situation, emphasized their dedication to customer service.

Stephanie B. | 2015-03-24

Where do I even start, as soon as I pulled into the lot Mr. Fawd "Fo" Matin came to greet me with a very welcoming greet, he was a complete pleasure to work with, he has extraordinary customer service, very dedicated and he is very patient. What an amazing car salesman he is, very knowledgeable as well,  he met all my needs and beyond. I will definitely refer all of my family and friends to him. Mr. Matin, really made the experience of purchasing a car that much more fun and exciting. Mr. Dean (The) Driver is a total gem, very patient, very understanding and helpful, he makes you feel at home and comfortable and Mr. Kj is just amazing, and great at what he does. The whole team really focuses on customer service and making things happen, go see these guys, you will not regret it.

Natalie M. | 2015-03-23

I've always wanted a jeep wrangler and waited till the time was right.  Went in and Patrick helped us out and he was so friendly and patient with me.  Felt special because my jeep is custom made so I had to wait for a month before I could get my jeep.  Ben also helped out by making sure my order was correct.  I really like how he followed up on the status of the jeep.

Alan M. | 2015-03-21

Moved to Brentwood 9 years ago and needed to find a reliable dealer to handle my T&C. Since I'm on the road all time, my car is my life blood. They have always gone out their way to assist. Mike, one of the service advisers always fines time to say hello even when he is not handling my car. Their  ride program is always available to take me home and pick me up if needed.

Ivan M. | 2015-03-08

Wow, ive never had an altercation over racism in my life. Sadly today was my first at Antioch Dodge. Having me and my family discriminated is beyond awful. The nerve of the sales manager to look at us and then tell his sells person right next to us. "when you deal with these type of people.... Its mind blowing. I highly reccomend doing your research before you come to this place. Negative 5 stars

Stacie M. | 2015-02-27

the service was fine but when they washed my 2014 challenger it looked terrible i could hardly see out  the window i had to take it  some were to get it rewashed  it would have been better if they did not wash it at all

J W. | 2015-02-26

Great dealership with a huge lot full of cars and superior, attentive customer service!  Salesman Jamil Ebadi and General Manager Jerry Green made buying our special order 2015 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack quick and easy.  I highly recommend this dealership for a pleasant car buying experience.

Candice H. | 2015-02-04

If zero stars were an option it would be more fitting to give that rating. Over the past 6 months of dealing with this pathetic excuse of a business establishment has been terrible. Not only would I caution anyone from purchasing a car from Antioch Jeep, but I would suggest not bringing any vehicle to the service department also. The sales associates are liars and there is no follow through at all. The 'certified pre-owned' car I bought must have been reviewed by 5 years olds or monkeys before putting it on the lot. I've been to their service dept several times & always left disappointed without my repairs completed. Even with purchasing a 'top of the line' warranty as I was told it was, the customer service is non-existent. Every single employee I have dealt with is rude, careless & arrogant. I should have checked this dealership out more thoroughly before ever deciding to give them my business.

anthony u. | 2015-02-02

Stay away from this place I went two years ago and had a deal going with Arnold and mom was buying a jeep and he said she had low credit what bullshit she then bought bmw at 2.9% and now wife and I were in the market for jeep Sahara in white but he also showed us the grand Cherokee and then ran wife credit and said same bullshit credit was low and he had said jeep was at docks in benica and we kept calling him and he ignored us and we lost a deal at cabral jeep in manteca so no more all white we decided to give Putnam jeep in Burlingame a chance well we bought a jeep grand Cherokee altitude and best customer service no lies low interest and easiest deal ever so I recommend Putnam jeep and ask for Peter gave me below overstick price and Cartier is the bomb we even purchased life time warranty on jeep .Stay away from Antioch jeep !Specially Arnold

Sherri M. | 2015-01-30

Great team! Wanted a white Cherokee with all the bells and whistles and they didn't give up till they found what I wanted!
Thank you Jerridge and Armando Amaral

Malcolm R. | 2015-01-17

If you go to Antioch dodge go see Ramon he will work to get you the best deal on the car you want. Tell him Malcolm sent you.  Malcolm R .

Slot K. | 2014-11-25

Will never buy an american car again! When I bought this, I was told I could refinance in 1 year....since my rate was not all that great....1yr has passed and nobody will refinance because the car value has dropped a whopping 50%!!!!! So I am screwed with a high payment and nothing I can do about it.

Bye Bye american yourself a favor, stick with Honda, Toyota, and Nissan...I should have never left them!

Lesson learned.

I can say the people at the dealership (the sales team) were very helpful.

Taking your car in for service was a joke...they cant seem to get it together there...I went 1 time and never came back. Long line and appointments don't matter much...plan on leaving your car for hours.

See below...nobody likes the service dept!

Rich P. | 2014-11-18

Working with Chris W. in the service department was a great experience. He was extremely helpful and friendly. I appreciate the time he took to work with me. I was in for a factory recall that I had been ignoring for a while. Chris was great at making sure the car was repaired quickly. He arranged for the shuttle to drop me off at my office, and pick me up when the car was done. I highly recommend working with Chris.

Zk O. | 2014-10-18

The only star I'm leaving is for Dean Driver, the most awesome and down to earth salesman I've ever met. Now if only the two service advisors working on Saturday 10/18 were even half as awesome this review and my experience with the service department would be MUCH different. Your level of customer service is so horrible I've had to resort to creating a yelp account just to warn other potential customers!

Let's start from the top. I pull into the service drive and get out of my Jeep awkwardly looking around for someone to assist me. Instead of greeting me I find two service advisors sitting behind their desks that don't even so much as look up when I walk into their office! Red flag number one. I'll mention that I'm a Tech for a local Bay Area Subaru dealer, I know and see just how these things should work. When a car pulls into our service drive there is ALWAYS a service advisor there to greet them. I guess we've set the bar and I've started off expecting to much.

On to the root of my frustrations. My jeep's coolant over flow reservoir is low on coolant. No big deal it's a new vehicle I understand that fluids will need to be topped off. When I ask if they top it off I'm immediately challenged and told I will have to buy a gallon and top it off my self. Red flag number 2. At my dealership I regularly am topping off fluids for complete strangers no problem, no questions asked. Again I guess I expect to much.

When I brought up the fact that my vehicle was under warranty and that I just simply wanted his tech to top off my coolant he said I would have to make an appointment to be seen in 10 days!! What the hell, 10 days for something so simple?! The service advisor said that they cannot "just simply top off my coolant" but I don't understand what's so hard about that? Then he proceeded to tell me that coolant levels in the reservoir fluctuate with engine temperature, which is very true, but I've spent many years at the dealer level, many more years in school, and hold too many certifications for a service advisor, who's mechanical inclination is probably equal to that of a 5 year old to, to tell me that when my engine is warmed up it doesn't matter that the expanding coolant that should have been in that over flowing reservoir is missing and that coolant expansion rate vs. engine temperature is a non linear function and is not an "exact science". You're an idiot. All I wanted was for you to top off my overflow reservoir to the proper level. Maybe I'll let it sit as is, and when my engine coolant cools down and contracts causing it to suck air in through the empty over flow bottle resulting in an air pocket in the cooling system and an overheated engine, I'll come after you for an engine.

Until then I think I'll take my new Jeep, all of my service needs, and all of my money to another dealership. Actually maybe I'll just take it to the Jeep dealer owned by my company all the way south of San Francisco. It's out of the way, but at least I know and trust the technicians and service writers to treat me and my $40,000 dollar investment with some dignity and respect.  And at least I know they'll top off my coolant without the hassle.

Moral of the story folks, buy your car here, hell go see Dean Driver he's an awesome guy. Just don't have it serviced here. You deserve much, much better for all the money you've spent.

Armando A. | 2014-10-18

I wonder why all the great reviews for this place are all filed under "not recommended"?

Brad L. | 2014-10-13

I just test drive the new 2015 Chrysler 200 with DEAN DRIVER.  .   Great guy.  Very friendly I like the not pushy car sales kinda guy.  Thank you

Deven R. | 2014-10-09

This review is for service. I wish I could give negative stars because that's what they deserve. My service experience with Antioch Dodge's service department is the worst I have ever had.I will not ever be returning.

I had my 2002 Dodge ram 1500 towed there after hours on 9/2/14. I received a call from the service writer the following morning and gave him authorization for inspection tear down and my aftermarket warranty paperwork.

Come Saturday I had not heard anything about my truck so I called them. The writer I spoke to said they got it apart and the inspector should be out Monday or Tuesday.

Tuesday came and I did not hear from Dodge about my truck, so I once again had to call them. My writer said the inspector did not get good pictures and I needed to authorize more money for further tear down (call would have been nice to get on Tuesday).

I waited about a week and  heard nothing from my service writer. I once again had to call (9/22/14) them to find out what was going on.  They told me that the tech and inspector could not agree on what happened and they did not know because they are not a forensics. They did not know what caused it or why it failed.

After fighting with the dealer and warranty company about what part failed I was informed by my warranty company that dodge never submitted them an estimate for work just called and told them the rear differential failed and they needed money to fix it. This worried me because it clearly states in the paperwork for warranty claim submitting that the shop must first submit an estimate.

So I once again had to call my service writer and explain to him how to his job. He submitted an estimate on 9/23/14 and the warranty company approved the work within a hour or receiving it. So if the writer had actually read the instructions I had given him, the work could have been approved 21 days ago.

They warranty company then faxed them a detailed sheet of instructions and parts the service writer needed to call and give authorization for shipment from the warranty company. Which they did not read and i have to call and make them call the warranty company.

parts finally got shipped out to the dealer on 9/29/14 and the received them Friday morning 10/3/14. I called them the following Monday to see when I should expect completion. I was told it would be done on Tuesday. I called on Tuesday because I heard nothing about my truck. I was told the tech was still working on it and it would be done Wednesday morning. I guess having someones vehicle for a month moves it back on their priority list.

I had heard nothing my 2pm on Wednesday. So once again I had to call them. They said they had finished and submitted paperwork for payment to my warranty company at noon and are waiting for payment. I called my warranty and asked what was going on. They told me they released payment at 12:30. while on the phone with them they realized the writer did not give a response address like the instructions told him to for payment. She called the dealer to straighten it out and walk the cashier threw the processing sense she could not get a hold on the service writer.

I called my service writer and explained to him what she told me and that payment was being processed. He then informed me it was gonna have to wait till the next day because it was a weird email thing. So I called warranty. They told me no and if he read the instructions, he would know to go to their website and they would get it. I called my writer and explained the instructions that where sent to him and he got payment.

I got my truck. Driving home I notice a strange noise coming from my rear differential. The noise was very loud. Loud enough to hear with the radio on. The new diff they installed was bad! Not their fault it was bad, BUT if the tech and done his job correctly and road tested the vehicle after installing the part he would have caught it. The truck should have never been releases to me like that. I am know currently at a different dodge dealer getting the truck fixed correctly.

I will never be returning to this dealer. They are very unprofessional and not knowledgeable about their product. Save yourself the stress and headache, go to a different dealer for service.

irma g. | 2014-08-19

I cannot even give a star for our visit to the service department at Antioch Dodge. We have been loyal customers to Antioch Dodge since 1997 and I have to say that now I completely regret ever buying one single car there.
We took our Pacifica in after it broke down on the freeway, just completely died. We called on the warranty and because we missed the 5 point inspection (by a month) they would not honor the warranty on the engine.
We spoke to Jerry and he told us to leave the car and that the Service Manager John would take a look at the car and see what is going on and hopefully come to a satisfactory conclusion, so we did. We called the dealership this morning and was told the car is getting inspected and they would call us when it's done that was a 10:30 this morning. At 2:15 this afternoon we called again and was told that service was busy and to try back later, at that time we decided to go to the dealership to see what was going on. We get there at 2:40 (we see our car in the lot unlocked and the hood open) we then go into John A. office (he is the Service Manager) and we introduce ourselves and he stares at his computer and says "o ya, you called a couple of times about your car" all the while looking at his email on the computer. We maintain composure and tell him yes (mind you he is still looking at the computer not us.) At that time I walk out of the office because of his rudeness, my husband stays and continues to speak with him. He told my husband that it was definitely an internal engine problem, and they would have to tear it down. He then asked my husband if he (John) was wasting his time in doing that or would we have enough money to pay for it. My husband told him he wasn't sure if we were going to repair or trade he just wanted to know what was wrong with the car so we can figure what to do next. My husband told him that  all we wanted was some sort of  loyalty from the company that we bought so many cars from at that time John A was getting very aggressive and told my husband that he didn't need to show him loyalty because we do not use the service department that often, all the while leaning aggressively at my husband, he then went into explaining how he can extend the service warranty beyond the mileage but because were not premier service with them he was not going to. He then told my husband that it is probably a cam issue and that they would not have even found it if they did the 5 point inspection. He said he was being nice just looking at the car which mind you all they did was listen to it and open the hood
. He then pressed my husband again what we were going to do if he tore it down. My husband told him again he did not know what to do and that we may have to go elsewhere at that time he got even more aggressive and said "What your threatening me now that your going to take your business elsewhere".
Bad form John A at Antioch Dodge.  Way to lose a dedicated family.

Bill H. | 2014-08-18

I went in to look at a 2011 Dodge Ram pickup. Liked the truck but it was out of my price range. I wanted something for about half the price. Would I be interested in a new 2014 truck base model? We might be able to get you down to $20k with rebates and clearance incentives. So I said sure it's worth a try. So I fill out a credit ap, I tell them I'd like a monthly payment of $300, let's see what you can do. After an hour of waiting, 3 different sales people. They tell me the price of the stripped down base model is $42k, plus tax and license. Wait a minute, I'm trying to get something around $20k. What about rebates and incentives? Oh we don't sell cars for the sticker price, there's a dealer markup. See you have $2800 in rebates, but $5k for markups for last year's base model pickup? No thanks, I'm done. I'll find another dealer. Oh and there're monthly payment? $600. Someone isn't listening to their customers.

Erica C. | 2014-08-11

The service department for dodge is the worst around. I took my journey in because it blew a head gasket and they told me it was leaking from the thermostat housing on the opposite side of the engine so I towed it back home after paying to get it towed there in the first place even though they have a warranty tow service which they won't tell so after some arguing and another tow fee plus a $165 fee to inspect it, which took a month to do, they finally told me it was the head gasket and it was under warranty and I could have used their tow service. Too little too late. So after a month long inspection of my vehicle they repaired it in a day and when I got it back the check engine light was on the water pump only had two bolts installed and they broke two motor mounts. When I took it back all they did was put the remaining bolts in the water pump and reset the check engine light and told me they fixed it. They never touched the mounts and the next day the check engine light came back on and their answer for that was that it was not a problem and that it was a stored code not a repair and they would not fix it. I took it to another mechanic and they told me when they did the gasket repair they damaged or dirtied the egr valve which they denied and still haven't fixed.

Erin S. | 2014-07-19

This review is NOT for the sales department of this dealership, but for the maintenance/repair shop.

This is literally, the most JANKY jeep dealership maintenance center I have EVER been to. Who do they have working at this place.... honestly. Came here to get my oil changed in a new jeep. My check engine light was also on, so I assumed it was because my oil needed to be changed. Get my car back... the engine light is still on. They tell me it will go off in a few miles. Okay, sounds legit.... a week later it's still on. WTF guys? Come back, after a long talk and a few hours wait they realize they never changed my oil filter in the first place. WTF. PISSED.

My mom has taken her Hyundai here and had equally horrible experiences with them jerking her around on price and repair. No. So shady. Bad work. Wouldn't recommend this place to an enemy.

Derren H. | 2014-05-31

Got my brand new 09 1500 here. Got a great deal. Brakes last up to 75k miles. But after replacing them. Brakes make annoying noise all the time. And they cant do anything to fix this problem. They say metal rubbing on metal. I paid 350 for brakes that make annoying noise. Wheel works can replace all four pads for 400.00. I might just lose my 350.00. You suck dodge!!!!!!!!!!!

Natasha Q. | 2014-05-19

"Dodge"d a bullet by not buying here...
Let me say first two sales guys that I dealt with Evan and Jay are great...would buy from them if they worked somewhere else..I tried several different vehicles over a couple of days before settling on 2014 Elantra, up until that point the car buying process went well. When it came time to work out the pricing I was firm with Jay that I already had financing in place through Cap One (Blank Check) and that one of the reasons I came to this dealership was they were an authorized dealer w Cap One. I was then told they still needing my basic personal info to run through Federal data check to confirm my identity but not for Credit approval...ok that was fine (Still created an inquiry on my report as I discovered today...(PISSED)...

We put the numbers together and Jay takes them into Finance Manager (George)..then returns far too quickly to explain that the dealership would need to rerun my credit through their system as the Blank Check that Cap One provided was only a "Pre-Approval"...when I protested as I didn't think  multiple inquires on my credit report were necessary- out comes George to explain to me how...Cap One Blank checks take too long for them to receive actually payment on and how the dealership could actually just rerun my credit and only sent it out to Cap one if that's what I wanted but that was on the only way that the deal could work. So I repeated back for clarity... that the dealership needed to resubmit the exact same information to Cap One that I had already provided to get the same information that I was handing them(George) right then. CAN YOU SAY FINANCE RESERVE...I'm no idiot this dealership is trying to make every dime they can and getting their premium on my financing was the only thing that George was trying to confirm...I shook Jay's hand and wished him well... NEVER TO RETURN AGAIN!!!

alex f. | 2014-05-10

Guy called back to let me know that they dropped the  ball. Still nothing. Still garbage. Supposedly the dealer cant tske off reviews. Well scroll all the way down and see the list of "reviews not recomended"  thays where all the one stars are

Dawn S. | 2014-04-07

My husband and I have purchased 4 vehicles from this dealership and have always had the best service.!!  Just bought the 2014 jeep Cherokee latitude and Benny was awesome!!  Jerry Green is the best to work with and even though he was on vacation,  he was available to help us get our new baby at the best price.  Thanks guys!!!

William G. | 2014-02-17

Best deal in Town! Thanks to Arnold and Jerry, I was well taken care of and Laramie Longhorn is beautiful.  Very Helpful staff

Jon C. | 2013-12-11

Came here for an oil change. Its what you expect at a service shop. A to B, get in get out. Well, sort of. I did have to wait an hour but the manager was short staffed. Car salesman were standing around shoving food in their mouth and they look as if they can't wait to get home because its freezing outside. 2 stars because its "ah, I've had better experiences."

Chad G. | 2013-12-01

Called Antioch dodge for some warranty work recently, was transferred to the service department, and whoever answered, not sure who since they didn't introduce themselves, was very rude and short with me before I even had a chance to ask about the work I needed done, and before I could finish talking, they hung up on me. This dealership needs some mandatory customer service training.

Scott S. | 2013-11-05

I have dealt with this dealership for over 20 years and bought 7 new cars from them. All was ok until about 2 years ago. After they lost their 5 star rating One issue was with my 2006 Dodge Charger RT. I took it in for service and witnessed the service manager drop
the sliding door at the entrance to the service dept on the roof of my car leaving a large dent on the roof of my car. After many phone calls and 2 weeks of arguing with them, they finally fixed it after I reminded them I was about to buy a new Challenger soon and if they didn/t do a great repair job on my car, I would not buy it from them so they did a nice job repairing it.  Most recently our 2009 Dodge Journey had a safety sensor go bad. They repaired it for a cost of $464.00. They said because the car had 99,000 miles on it that I would have to pay the entire cost of the repair. I argued that it was a safety issue and that I couldn't see paying full cost of the repair. So I appealed the issue to Chrysler and they refunded $400.00 of the repair directly to me.  I have noticed that most of the good service techs and service writers have left and the service managers have changed as well so beware of the dervice dept.  Sales Department had treated me well overthe years.

LoriLynn V. | 2013-10-09

I have to give a huge thank you to Mike in service!!!  I own a Hyundai, and got horrible service there.  After multiple phone calls and visits to the dealership, Mike was the only one willing to help me. Not only did he follow through on what he said, he took care of the repairs on my car.  I couldn't believe no one in the service department at Hyundai would help me.  Mike happened to answer the phone after several calls, and went right into action helping me out.  It is only because of Mike that I will continue to do business with this auto center.

Felicia K. | 2013-09-20

Not sure what dealership she is referring to but every-time i go to Antioch dodge service department,Mike Lopez treats me and my family with respect and always explains my charges before any work is preformed.I've purchased 3 vehicles from Antioch dodge and i will continue to patronize with Antioch dodge and Mike Lopez.

Kathy T. | 2013-08-04

I agree with Joel. However this was my first car and it was used. They'll say "whatever" it takes to make a sale. Then they will not give it to you in writing. The employees are like a revolving door. I feel lied to and cheated, maybe I was just too trusting. I love the car but ALL of them lied to me.

Nonya S. | 2013-08-02

Customer service was especially craptastic today. Thank you jeep for being so insensitive to my time. A thirty minute job turned into a 2 hour job. Thank you especially to the miserable old fart in the service department who  obviously woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

Andrea H. | 2013-07-30

This place gave me great service when I had been treated terribly by another dealership. I bought my new Dodge Durango from them back in Feb 2013 and Benny was so easy to work with.
I have a young son and live on the Peninsula, work in the city, so could not get out there to get my new car. Antioch didn't even have the color combo in the Durango I wanted. However, they were happy to send a driver all the way to another dealership in San Jose and deliver the exact car I wanted to my office for me in San Francisco, free of charge- with a full tank of gas nonetheless. The car was also sparkling clean.
They also got me 1.99% financing and I was able to easily sign the docs at my office when they dropped off the car. I would definitely recommend them for new car buying services. Benny, the salesman I worked with, was courteous and patient with me through the car-buying experience (it was my first new car). He did everything he could to make it easy. Thanks Antioch!

Anitra R. | 2013-07-23

NEVER......EVER....will I do business with Antioch Dodge.  A week ago my husband and I went to buy a Journey, we were told they wanted our business.  They said we'll give you the Costco price, we'll make a deal happen.  After being told the wrong specs for the car we were looking ot purchase, we were handed off to salesman #2 who then wanted to argue trim lines with us until we clearly showed him in the add there is a difference between the AVP and SX models.  Then 4 HOURS later we finally reach the finance office to sign papers.  We are told the Dodge-Chrysler company no longer offers 5yr/100K warranties.....say what? The company website says they do but the finance manager working with us, Fidel said most assuredly "they just changed the power train warranty to 5yr/60k miles" which in our hearts we knew was wrong but we trusted him after all he is selling the product every day, not us.  If we wanted more warranted he would "sell" us a 6yr/100k to cover us the life of the loan, so we bought it.  

The next day we were certain he had mislead us and upon further research plus speaking with the dealer manager it was confirmed, we had been up-sold into a warranty we didn't need!!  Ultimately increasing our monthly payments unnecessarily.  This is FRAUD!  How many others has he done this to?  Shouldn't he know his product?

We demanded our keys back, took possession of our old vehicle and left.  WE WILL NEVER RETURN to Antioch Dodge.

Jamie E. | 2013-06-07

Our salesman, Dean, was great to work with, and that's where the positives end. Whatever you do, DO NOT FINANCE through them. They were able to price match, which was awesome, but we were planning on waiting to buy until saving up a down payment and going through our credit union when the time came. But they obviously were going to do anything to earn our business THAT DAY. Through some magical guerilla math tactics they were able to get us out the door with nearly the same monthly payment we were already paying with no down payment.

We came back 4 days later to get the free detail and the finance manager informed us that according to the California DMV there were $1600 in back registration fees for our trade in that we were on the hook for...even though our trade in was NEVER REGISTERED IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA!!!! We had purchased it new, so it was not from a previous owner on the trade in. They would not let us off the lot with either vehicle until we paid the $1600. Interesting how none of the courtesy follow-up phone calls included this information, and they waited to drop it on us until AFTER we handed the keys over to get the detail done.

Jay R. | 2013-05-07

Went to purchase a Grand Caravan SXT at this dealership.  Found one on the lot with all the features we wanted.  Test drove it.  Had good dealings with Rocky the salesman.  Kip, the manager on duty came over with salesman and gave us, what we thought, was a great deal.  There was really no negotiating to do.  Asked that they provide it in writing and make it valid for 30 days.  So far so good.  They gave us offer in writing and made it valid through the end of the month.  We left thinking wow, that was one of the best dealings we have had with a dealership....but wait...

Called them 2 days later to put deposit on vehicle and make an appointment to complete the sale.  They accepted a $500 deposit.  Salesman then called us back and told us that the owner could not agree to the price that was quoted.  Said it was $750 less than it should have been and that there was a "friends and family" discount included that did not apply to us.  The quote sheet did not even mention a friends and family discount.  In fact, Rocky the salesman even acknowledged that we said we did not own a dodge product.  They refunded our deposit and we told Rocky to have the owner give us a call.  The owner called later in the day and he was a complete ass.  The funny thing about this whole thing is we would have paid the additional $750 if the owner would not have been such a pompous jerk.  You would think an owner of a dealership would have some people skills and be able to smooth things out, but no, he really proved that he did not want our business.  Ended up going to a dodge dealer in Kenosha and got nearly the same exact deal with the same car.  Will absolutely never step foot at Antioch Dodge again.  Beware.  Please heed our warning and save yourself some grief and go somewhere else.  If you get a quote in writing from Antioch Dodge it means absolutely nothing.  Worth less than the paper it is written on.

Anne P. | 2013-04-26

Had a terrible experience here. We inquired in for a vehicle and talked to someone on the phone and had an agreement for a great deal. When I went in for our appointment, he flaked on me and said that the car was sold. He actually passed me with his friend to help us. And you would just feel a lot of pressure on sales. They wanna show us different cars when we're wanting to leave. annoying! Although one of them is really friendly. If I were you, I'd try look somewhere else where there's honest people.

Jason P. | 2013-02-18

Purchased 2011 Charger here in Oct 12'. Sale was OK got it for the price we wanted and was petty quick process.

Now the bad- 12/12 The first oil change was smooth nothing to say
2/13 Called few days before stating I an issue with the brakes and needed an oil change. No problem see you when you come in...... The brake shake BAD when you stop.

The service guy was great did what I would expect (car has 33,000 driven "right" brakes should last longer then 33,000)

I get a call at 12 noon stating the problem and that they would resurface at no charge. I stated that I wanted new rotors and that should be acceptable. I was told I'll get back to you. On the return call I talked to the Service Manager RUDE asked to speak to his boss got some sales person and was told in so many words TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT!

For this I will not do business with Antioch Dodge. Sadly we need to replace another car in the next 2 years and would have from them.......

Rapunzel R. | 2013-01-29

I guess i'm not buying my charger here........?

Crosley G. | 2012-09-06

The service and quality control these guys have is regrettable. It made me wish I didn't have a Jeep. I had to return 2 times for them to get the initial job done. They said they replaced one of the parts, charged me for it and never replaced it. It was defective in the same spot the one before was. lol Had to request to have the old part in a box when picking up the car the third time around to make sure they actually did it. They also messed up my parking sensors while doing a little work on it. It just stopped working altogether and they never noticed when returning the car the second time. I thought that choosing the actual factory despite their higher prices would ensure me quality and professional service, but go figure, that was the wrong decision. I paid a lot of money and got the worst service I have ever gotten while servicing my car anywhere. And the worst thing, they act like they never made any mistake, despite all the inconvenience it caused me, I never heard an apology. Don't recommend anyone to bring their cars there for service.

T A. | 2012-07-25

Purchased a car from Antioch Chrysler Jeep Dodge in February and in May my low oil pressure stop engine light and loud beeping sensor came on. The service center had my car for roughly 2-3 weeks and said they couldn't figure out what was wrong with it because the warning never came on for them! Liars!!! Everyday that warning came on when I had it. It was constantly going off. Sometimes for 15 minutes at a time. These guys probably just let my car sit in the shop for the entire time without looking into it. They said it was probably the "oil cinder", so they replaced it, twice, which didn't fix the problem. Antioch Chrysler Jeep Dodge sold me this car so I was giving them a chance to fix it before I went anywhere else or yelped them!
I finally took my vehicle to my mechanic in Brentwood and he had my vehicle diagnosed and fixed within 4 hours!
I will never again buy a car from this dealership and I definitely will never use the auto service!!!

Latoya B. | 2012-03-07

Antioch Chrysler Jeep has impeccable service with all their stops in place very professional and timely honest forth coming with true transparency I recommend that any potential buyer take time to explore their car lot you will be more than satisfied they have a large variety of cars suitable for the needs of many go get your car needs meet with expectation nothing less than five star service keep up the good work Antioch Chrysler Jeep your a big thumbs up with the great seal of approval thank you very much.(PLEASE CONTACT THEM AND GIVE THEM A CHANCE!)
DAVID B. San Pablo CA Latoya B.


Illiena V. | 2012-02-16

Our 2009 Chrysler 300 has been making noise.  After several trips to this dealer, under warranty, they told us the problem was fixed.  When I said I can still  hear it, they blew me off .How does one look a person in the eye and lie?  It is easy - for the employees of the Antioch Dodge and Chrysler.   They told me that ALL the belts WERE replaced. .  I found a decent dealership in North Concord. We took the car there and  it was discovered that the serpentine belt was near being shredded to bits.   Had I not been vigilant, I would have been stranded on the side of the road with a blown engine.  My only question is: "how do these  people remain in business with such unwholesome business practices?"

Joel F. | 2011-10-26

See how many one star reviews these folks have gotten? Take the hint, they're AWFUL - go somewhere else.

I bought a car here a year ago - the experience was awful and they relentlessly spam me with calls and snail mail - it's incredibly irritating getting a call from an automated machine at this dealership every other week.

Kelly W. | 2011-05-06

This place is awful. I have nothing but horrible things to say about their customer service, and the service department. The management of the service department is frustrating and has LIED about service related issues. If you are looking for a family car and care about the safety of your children stay far away from this place. We bought a car here that has had nothing but safety ISSUES. They don't seem to care.

James D. | 2011-03-14

You have seen the recent reviews. Don't buy a car here unless you want to get ripped off! They stole money from me. I mean that!!

Mitchell B. | 2011-03-12

We did our research before going out and looking for a replacement car that got into an accident.  We had an idea of what types of car we were looking for.  I found a good prospect online that was at Antioch CJD and so I called to ask a few questions.   My Salesman, Jason, familiarized himself with the car I was talking about and got back to me promptly.  He answered all my questions.  When I told him my budget and that I needed the taxes and registration included in the deal he said he thought he would be able to accommodate us.  After stopping at several dealerships we drove to Antioch from San Cruz.  Jason let us drive the car, answered all our questions, didn't try to steer us away to a different car; he listened to us.  When it came to the end we told him what we wanted to pay (which was about $600 less than what we talked about and he went to talk to his manager to see if that was possible.  This is where the experience went from a 5-star to a 4-star.  Their closer (name?) came out and had written numbers over our offer that showed the online price plus the taxes and registration fees.  He looked at us in the eye and reached out to shake our hand while saying congratulations.  We were confused because we didn't know if he had accepted our new offer, had reverted to our original offer or was accepting the on-line price.  When I pointed out to my wife that he was going back to the on-line price, which was significantly higher than what we discussed with Jason on the phone, we felt like they tried to pull a quick on us.  We expressed that we thought they should at least honor what we discussed on the phone.  After they realized that we were not interested in financing, or more time to come up with the difference they accepted the offer.  
Again, Jason was great and the experience would have been a five star except for the meeting with the "closer" guy.  I guess it's a good approach since the sales person you built a relationship with doesn't have to be the mean guy, but it almost backfired on them.  
Other than that the experience was wonderful.

kim c. | 2011-03-07

Maybe I should have read the other reviews before going there.I took my charger in to get an oil change and was told my brakes were bad and I needed to get them done asap. So I was a little shocked so I got a second opinion. So I went to les schawb and to my surprise again my brakes were fine. But I did need shocked. I cannot believe they do not pay attention to detail and further more what needed to be done was not in a nutshell they will try to Robb you if you allow them too. Here go he'll come I will not go back I will go to another dodge dealer if I have too.

Bill R. | 2011-03-01

Do not go here.  The service was "Ok" at best but once you go there, you will be spammed with automated voicemail messages pitching their service.  I've called multiple times and I keep getting their crappy messages.

Thomas M. | 2011-01-16

Car buying experiences are rarely wonderful experiences, let alone late-night car buying in Antioch (of all places).  I know that this sounds sketchy, but let me explain further...

The reason why I was all the way out in Antioch from SF was to scope out a deal from Toyota of Antioch.  THAT was a horrible experience, which is recalled in my review of their sham operation (see their Yelp profile).  I got to Antioch late in the evening, wasted more time than I would have liked at Antioch Toyota, and left to go across the street to Antioch Chrysler.  It was late, about 10 minutes from closing, but they said they could give me a "late night deal".

I saw the car that I wanted on the lot and we were ushered into their cavernous dealership. We talked about prices for what seemed like eternity.  My girlfriend and I both went back and forth with each other, hemming and hawing at their offers, while our salesman, Cliff, (great guy) went back and forth with his managers to OK the lowering of their price.  It was a serious capitalist mating dance, and certainly not for the faint of heart.

Ultimately, the staff and the managers who were not only working late, but also recovering from the flu, acquiesced.  I won out on a great deal.  So great, in fact, that the margin they made on the sale would not have even covered the their labor costs for the time they spent staying late to process the sale.  The margin was so low that filling the tank up before I drove off was too much of a financial burden.  They did, however, direct me to the cheapest gas station in town.

Despite my clear gain, they were great sports and played the negotiating game well (although, not well enough, evidently).  They were car salesmen through and through, meaning they were focused on making the sale.  However, unlike other sales people, they were not satisfied until I was satisfied.  Which I am!  I bought my car back in August of 2010, and it has been great to me.

All-in-all it was a good experience: they made a sale and reduced their inventory, and I got car at a price that cannot be matched.  The sales people were surprisingly great even for being made to stay there 3 hours after closing on a Tuesday night, just so I could haggle them.  Would it be weird if I said that it was actually enjoyable?

Oh yeah, and shout out to Cliff, the jolliest salesman I know.

Steve S. | 2010-11-16

Pulled in to the service area. I sat here for twenty minutes while two employees were busy in their little rooms. No hello, how are you, we will be right with you. Then a car pulls up behind me and they go help him. I keep my cool and wait a few more minutes so now I'm pissed right.

As I'm getting in my car the service guy tells me without even looking at me I'll be right with you, I just replied I waited long enough and left.

And you wonder why so many Chrysler dealership are going out of business. It's because they have no good customer service.

Mary B. | 2010-09-14

Ok so I am following up.  WORST CAR BUYING EXPIERENCE.  I have had nothing but problems since I took my Jeep home.  The Jeep itself AMAZING.  The service at Antioch Chrysler Jeep Dogde....pitiful.  They are just pitiful.  First the problem with our documents, then  no remote for our drop down TV, that we had to wait 2 weeks for, and did they call we had to call them numerous times to remind them they needed to get it for us.  Now...they didn't do the payoff on our trade in once again we have to go down the dealership to get it fixed. UGH...they suck.

Thai P. | 2010-03-08

Pleasant and hassle free buying.

Truth S. | 2010-02-26

Stay away! Low class salesman + overpriced cars. Not sure how they are still in business considering that and the other reviews regarding the service department.

If you have to go there, work with the General Sales Manager. No BS

Barbara T. | 2009-11-30

So I bought my POS commuter here back in Feb 09.  Sale was just fine as any car sale can be until the detail dept was kind enough to hose down the engine compartment and basically fry my PCM, or for all you non-car people the computer under the hood that makes all the 'lectrical stuff buzz, ding and light up.  After having my car for a week they told me it was fixed, so I came down to pick it up and it wasn't.   Then a week after that they told me it was fixed, so again I came down to pick it up and it wasn't.   Then a few days later they told me it was fixed again, so again I trooped down there to pick it up.  Finally!  Success!  Yes!  *backflips* It's fixed...  or so I thought.  So here I am happily driving my POS over only one of the most treacherous of roads at 7AM (Marsh Creek for you locals) when it breaks down.  So I'm stuck on the side of the road in the BOONIES, with cars screaming past me and no cell service.  What's a girl to do?  Get out and hike apparently.  So here I am, hiking in my work attire, wondering when someone is going to stop and ask me to "put the lotion in the basket" and I ask myself that great question.  "Can it get any worse?"  Oh you betcha...  that's right... it starts to rain.   So I'm up Marsh Creek without an umbrella.  JOY!  Some how I managed to get picked up by a nice lady & her daughter who decide against locking me in a cold dark place & opt for Starbucks instead, have my car towed BACK to purgatory only to find out OH GEE I ran out of gas because they didn't reset the gas gauge properly.  #$&*^#*$ are you kidding me?  You replaced all the gauges, switches, wiring, etc enough times for me to have 5 cars, but no one bothered to check my gas gauge in the 3 weeks you had it?  Can you say GROSS NEGLIGENCE?!  

Oh but it doesn't end there...   Here it is 9+ months later and I am now the proud owner of a car that can't get wet.   Every time I run it through a car wash the electrical acts up.  My dome light will think it's at a Vegas nightclub and goes into strobe mode, my doors constantly lock and ping and it tells me a door is open.  If I drive it in heavy rain it just gives up hope, shorts out and my gauges completely flat line.  The most recent repair was last month.  Once again all the gauges shorted out and it took two weeks to fix.

Oh and then I ran out of gas AGAIN.   This time with 2 other people and a 4 year old child in my car.   Yet AGAIN they did not reset my gas gauge properly after having my car in their shop 2 weeks!  I haven't even bothered going back yet.  I just figure I'll wait till the next big rain before I bother.

The worst part of everything is the level of customer service in the service drive.   All things considered I've been patient and nice in hopes that my car would be fixed.  A car that THEY BROKE in the first place!  The advisors are nice for the most part, but the service manager talks to me like I am unimportant and complete idiot.   I'm far from a car idiot.  I've even worked in Chrysler Service, but that doesn't matter.  I'm some stupid chick with a car problem as far as he's concerned.  Talk about insult to injury especially since I've know the entire history on this clunker and he's only been there a few months.  This car has caused me 3 days of missed work, rental car charges and even endangered my safety and this is how I'm treated?

The Sales Dept has been awesome and tries hard to over-compensate for the lack of consideration from service.  I appreciate the effort, but I'll never buy a car from them again for fear I'll have something break and need to go near that hell-hole Service Dept.

One would think that with all the Chryslers closing down in the Bay Area customer service and QUALITY repairs would be important for the one's remaining.  

Apparently this isn't the case at Antioch Dodge.  I wouldn't trust them to replace my windshield wipers at this point.

Nicole C. | 2009-07-21

My husband and I bought our 07' Charger R/T Hemi from here back in 2007 and the whole ordeal was not too bad.

The salesman that we dealt with was close to our age so we got along pretty well. He was not the issue I had...

The issue I had was with the red-headed creepy looking finance manager who would intervene at times and I was ready to just smack the "Im stupid." look right off his face. (There are some people that just have that look about them, they can't help it but it's still annoying all the same)

We went back about a year later to purchase and Escalade that they had gotten in, but when that guy came out of the back to talk to us, I got straight up and left....wouldn't ever go back as long as we had to deal with him.

Janet W. | 2009-05-29

WHEN BUYING A CAR MAKE SURE THERE PEOPLE AND DEALER ARE 5 STAR CERTIFIED.... They Lost That For a REASON...Horrible Service!! There a private dealership owned by the same person that owns all the other dealers on that street.. There CROOKS!!! they over price there cars over sticker price. the people there are ASS HOLES! they show you what they want you to buy and if you don't like it they get mad. I will ever buy a car from them... They pressured me the whole time. Ive had family members by cars from this dealer and have gotten screwed over. READ YOUR CONTRACT CAREFULLY  BEFORE SIGNING WHEN BUYING CARS FROM THEM.. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHRYSLER JEEP DODGE ARE THE SAME DEALER in ONe

Dan D. | 2009-03-15

Nope, never again...  Ordered a brand new truck through an internet broker, .  When the truck came without the interior package I ordered, but paid for...  Fleet sales guy told me, "Well, I guess the factory screwed you..."  I think not...  Called my broker...  CarsDirect gave Antioch Dodge $700.00 to add the correct panels to make the order correct.  Instead they installed a stick-on faux piece that I had seen for sale across the street for $125.00 RETAIL!!  Pocketing the surplus...

Problem #2...  Before I took my baby home I noticed that there was a paint problem on the rear corner near the tailgate hardware.  After being assured that if there were ever a problem that they would honor the 7 year perforation warranty.  First of all, there already was a problem.  Secondly, I was informed that they would only honor that warranty if the body rusted all the way through...  So...  Again, before I signed anything...  They took it to a body shop and had the paint issue "taken care of".  I was again assured that if any problem ever arose in that corner that they would repair it free of charge under warranty.  Can you see where this is going?  The exact same spot they had repaired rusted through no more than 4 years from the day I picked it up; a full 3 years remaining on the warranty.  When I took it back to Antioch Dodge for the repair they promised would be a non-issue, I was told, "The body shop that did the work for us is no longer in business so we can't help you."  I reminded them of the sales experience, reminded them of the warranty, no dice.  After multiple trips to Antioch, and other Dodge dealers I was told that Antioch would have to fix it and next time I should buy through a five star dealer.

This dealer will say whatever they think will close a deal and, at least in my case, never honor any of the promises made to get you out the door.

For what it's worth I feel that companies make mistakes and that it is the correction of these mistakes that separates the ok shops from the amazing shops.  The number of bold faced lies both before the sale and after make this a shop to stay away from.  I'm sorry to slam anyone, but if I can save one person the heartache I have experienced at the hands of this group it's worth while.  :(

Tony A. | 2007-06-30

I bought my 06 Charger Daytona RT over the Internet from them. I dealt with Mike the Internet/Fleet Sales Manager. I had a great buying experience all around. They were very low almost no pressure and easy to deal with when I bought my Dodge. One of the few times buying a new car  where I left happy about the deal and stayed happy with the car and deal afterwards.

The Service department has been great both times I brought my baby in for oil changes and adjustments, software updates, etc... They did some extras for my hi performance car they did not have to do  that I appreciate and that earns them a full five stars from me. All around they have treated me right, and sold me an awesome muscle car that brings a smile to my face when ever I start it!  By the way,  I highly recommend the new Dodge Charger RT with a Hemi, bone stock it's 350 HP 390 Torque!  

"Yeah its got a Hemi!"