Precision Toyota of Tucson in Tucson, AZ

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At Precision Toyota, we believe deeply in and strive to embody a positive guest experience for one hundred percent of our customers at all times. We set for our customers and hold for ourselves the highest of expectations. As a result, we are our best selves every day because our team and our customers deserve nothing less. Grounded in the limitless potential of our team, we approach our work with an authentic sense of joy, confident that the guest experiences we deliver empower our customers with the enduring perception and means to become lifelong advocates. We recognize the direct connection between continuous improvement and the success of our business, value every member of our team and actively offer, seek and apply feedback to relentlessly refine our practices. This desire for excellence drives us to operate with urgency in pursuit of our ambitious goals, and any obstacles are addressed with calm resolve and confidence.


Established in 1954.

In 1954 Jack Rowe founded Precision on Stone Avenue. Jack was an automotive enthusiast and Toyota was a little-known import at the time. In the 1960's, having heard positive feedback about the Land Cruiser, Jack found one... in California. The gentleman selling this rarity agreed to sell Jack Rowe a Land Cruiser... if he took several. The man agreed to throw in the rights to Tucson's Toyota franchise as well. A deal was struck. Precision Toyota was born. The dealership name was tweaked to Precision Toyota of Tucson and a beautiful facility at 700 W. Wetmore became its new home. Precision Toyota of Tucson continues to grow its base of satisfied customers every day.

Precision Toyota of Tucson

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(520) 795-5565
Address:700 W Wetmore Rd, Tucson, AZ, 85705
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Precision Toyota of Tucson

Kevin C. | 2015-03-15

after I posted a review about my experience here trying to get my FJ recall completed I was contacted by the management. Shouldn't take a Yelp entry to get this resolved. But bottomline is that they made things right.
I will re-evaluate after my next service.

Kristie G. | 2015-03-09

Don't go here. Brought my Toyota Corolla in for service because my radio was not working. Service department kept me waiting half a day although I had an appointment. Told me my speaker wire was cut or "sawed thro". Told me speaker was ripped also. Said I needed a whole new speaker and would cost $400. I declined the repair and drove to a friends who examined it and found he just needed to wiggle the wire and the radio was fixed. Has worked great ever since. This service department worst I have ever experienced! Blatantly lied to me to defraud me out of $400. Luckily I did not fall for it. I rate them as zero stars!

V E. | 2015-01-30

I stopped today to get an estimate for my prius. I had hit a deep ditch at the mercado and dislodged a fender.
I spoke with TJ and he had Joel come out and fix it for me on the spot. And it was very affordable.
I think this shows extraordinary customer service.
I hope I don't have to revisit but if you need help I would definitely recommend this company.
Ok not sure how I posted this here because this review was for the COLLISION TOYOTA which is a totally different location.
But coincidently I AM at this Toyota for impromptu service. I've been treated well but how do you rate what's being done to your car till you drive it a while and SEE how the service was. So I will revisit this review.
Keep in mind the 5 stars was for a different location.  I CAN't Rate this service YET

Jason S. | 2015-01-14

Our RAV4 has a howling sound coming from the rear end.  It progressed quickly to include a metal clanking sound, not good.  I call Precision Toyota on Monday, they can't get me in until Wednesday.  I show up Wed. for my appointment, explain the situation, he comes back 5 minutes later with the work order.  He asks if I'd like a free shuttle ride home, I said I made an appointment expecting to wait for the estimate, he said it could take all day.  Well, why do they take appointments then?  Then he tells me there is a $200 Diagnostics fee.  It get's better, he says that the howling and clanking might not be related, so he has to charge me $100 each to diagnose them.  I just told him the one sound lead to the other sound.  But, if it turns out they are related, it's only $100.  I said, so your charging me $200 for an estimate, he said no, the estimate is free! WHAT?! hahaha.  Granted, I have not been to a dealer for major service in a very long time, so maybe this Diagnostics fee is normal.  It never used to be this way.

Tris C. | 2014-12-22

Despite asking over the course of 4 hours and numerous employees, Precision Toyota's sales staff continued to park their cars for sales in the Disabled parking spots. This is not only completely disrespectful to the disabled customers who need them, it is incredibly offensive to our disabled veterans and their families who are unable to find a disabled parking spot when necessary! Precision Toyota - this is illegal, these spots are not for your convenience.

John D. | 2014-10-02

I bought a 2005 Toyota Prius from Precision Toyota in June 2013.  When I traded it in, unchanged from its previous very-good condition and with only 114,200 miles on it,, for a 2008 Prius, in Sept. 2014, Precision only gave me $5000.00 for it!!  Make your own conclusion re how "customer-friendly" Precision is.

Elliott C. | 2014-09-29

So less than a year into ownership and my vehicle has blown the motor a little over 18,000 miles into ownership. There is a TSB out for the problem my motor has experienced and I have purchased the Extended Warranty but I am being told I need to pay them to find out what happened and they are saying the problem is not covered under warranty even though the initial diagnosis has shown the vehicle is allowing coolant into the combustion chamber. (They are charging me 100 right now just for this information)

After being jerked around by Precision Toyota the first time when buying my FRS, then buying my wife's car and coming in to sign papers after her surgery only to have the listed price go up 1000 I can honestly say that Precision Toyota has shown me nothing but issues since we bought. Before this with the Corvette I own that was bought there during the tires for life promotion only to be denied tire replacement because tires were to expensive for a Corvette to them I see nothing other than a pattern of abuse, lies and neglect. There may be decent employee's there but this type of treatment and service is completely unacceptable and unethical.

I am filing a complaint with the BBB, Toyota, and involving a law firm in this to get a resolution to my issues.

Steer clear and hope to avoid such treatment because if this is how they treat a repeat customer how would they treat a new customer?

Shannon B. | 2014-08-21

Made an appointment for an oil change. As I'm pulling up to the dealership I notice a road block. I called the service department to let then know I'm running a few mins late. The lady who answered the phone said they had to evacuate the service department 30 mins prior for an object in the lot. She said no one was in that department but she could transfer me to a service advisor.
The service advisor didn't answer the phone professionally, just with a "hi". He then said the oil change dept would be evacuated for at least another 2-3 hours and then they'd be playing catch up and that there was no time for my oil change. He didn't offer to reschedule. He wasn't very helpful.
I'm upset because if the service department is closed someone should be calling all the scheduled appointments to notify them not to come and nicely offer to reschedule the appointment for them. And in this event, with an emergency, if they couldn't call during evacuation then I should have received a call from toyota service dept. to apologies and reschedule. But nope, no call.
I ended up at Desert Toyota instead.

Q P. | 2014-08-19

I recently purchased a vehicle from this business and the experience was not a pleasant one, the people in their Financing Dept. are not professional, and they withhold information regarding interest rates and financial information. I had to make a trip to the a bank to get another loan to pay off the initial car loan with a 6.99% that Precision Toyota signed me up for-without full disclosure- and get a  new one at roughly 4.00%, a 3 point difference. I am a shareholder/investor with Toyota Motor Corporation and I intend to contact Toyota and speak to their Customer Relation Dept. regarding this issue.  I have every desire to recommend this dealership to colleagues, family and friends under the condition that this little hiccup will be fix.

E V. | 2014-07-31

The dealer and I negotiated a price for the car via e-mail and we came in to purchase the car on June 30. While filling out the credit application with my boyfriend  for a loan through Toyota Financial Services, the salesman explained to the two of us how important the customer service surveys were to him. He then told us that he needed to get a perfect mark on all of the categories of the survey and asked my boyfriend if he would agree to give him a perfect survey.
My boyfriend said that everything was going alright so far and didn't see why he would give him a poor survey. The salesman then got very defensive and threatened to back out of the deal if we could not promise to give him a perfect survey. This seemed a lot like blackmail to us. He stated that at the price we agreed upon, going through the deal without a perfect survey would not be worth it to him and he was just going to close the deal and send us home. He then looked at me and asked if I would give him a perfect survey (since I was buying the car) and I obliged because I wanted to buy YOUR product. Your dealer is attempting to purchase good surveys. That seems fraudulent to me.
More importantly, the condition of the car after the detailing process was very poor. The car had hard water spots all over the paint and windows and the dealership didn't even attempt to clean the bumpers or the engine bay. They also delivered the car with numerous scratches that needed to be buffed out. Because the dealership was closing in 30 minutes, we agreed to come back the following day, July 1st.
We dropped off the car the following day for a fresh detail and returned a couple hours later when they called us back. When we pulled into the parking lot to pick up the car, the dealership had my car parked in the front lot, exposed to customers and salesmen. As we pulled up, we noticed the dealership allowed three customers to press down very hard on my hood with their bare hands. I rushed over to stop them and the customer's left hand prints and minor scratches on the hood. I asked them why they were doing that to my car and they said that their salesmen told them to do that to my car.
Eventually I spoke with a different manager about the whole experience and we agreed to get it detailed on my end of town by a third party company and that they would pay for it, which they did.
Several days after the deal was finally done (as I thought), Precision Toyota's finance guy called me and told me that I needed to come in to sign some papers. Because I thought the deal was done, I didn't want to drive 45 minutes over to the dealership to sign anything. He then said that he would send someone over to me and told me that he'd call me back. He didn't call back for several days. Fast forward a week or two and the calls are adding up from different people trying to get me to come down to the dealership to sign these mystery documents.
As I'm busy, I have my boyfriend stop by the dealership on July 29th since he lives nearby. He goes to the salesman to look at the documents that they want me to sign. Suspiciously, he handed my boyfriend the new contract and demands that, "She just needs to sign here. It's all the same". Upon inspection, the document had been altered. Instead of 36 months, the new contract states 60 months. When the alteration was pointed out, they became defensive and claimed that it was an accident. Based on the cumulative behavior of the dealership, I worry and feel that this was an intentional alteration.
After pointing out the problem and meeting with the Finance director, I decided to have them bring me the corrected document to my house for me to sign it. Whether or not this nightmare is over, we've yet to see.
In closing, the overall experience of buying a Toyota here in Tucson has been worse than I could have possibly imagined. The internet manager threatened to back out of the deal if we didn't promise a good survey and the Finance department appears to have tried to scam me into a 60 month contract when they said "It's all the same". This message is to point out to you that the quality of service at this dealership and their behavior is far below what any of YOUR customers should have to deal with. We trust the Toyota product, but purchasing it has been far too difficult to go through a second time when my boyfriend goes to buy his new car later this year.

Michael K. | 2014-07-15

I should have gone to Jim Click for my new truck.  My salesman was completely dishonest trying to give me 5 different "better" quotes that all amounted to the same amount paid. Then I was sold on the $2500 service package being told it covers basic services and preventative maintenance for 2 years. Low and behold, that amounts to oil changes and nothing else. DO NOT GET SCAMMED INTO THIS! This is a free service at Jim Click for the life of the car. Then the truck I purchased was silver and to be shipped from Phoenix. When I picked up the truck, they had a pyrite colored truck waiting for me saying the silver one was sold. There were no other silver ones and my down payment was already made. I like the new color but it was not what I wanted.

I've had to take my truck in on 5 different occasions and I've owned the truck a year and a half. Once was because the security system was incorrectly installed and would randomly be triggered WHILE DRIVING! Imagine being stuck at a red light on Oracle and River and your alarm goes off! Twice I took the truck in for the same issue on my radio and they couldn't figure out over 2 full days. Then it was randomly fixed in 1 hour after I complained. However, this never solved the issue and when the finally watched the video I took of the radio malfunctioning, they finally new what was wrong and ordered me a new radio.  I had this video during my first repair, but they didn't seem interested.

Additionally, I've been called in the afternoon to tell me my car is ready, but I waited until the next morning due to work and getting a ride. Both times the car wasn't ready and it wasn't washed as requested. WTF?!?

This whole operation is such crap, I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

Shawn C. | 2014-07-05

Ray in INTERNET SALES was amazing. Fastest, low-stress, car buying experience to date! Thank you!

Agustin O. | 2014-05-24

Pooja Patel and Heidi Lopriore are an amazing team! Truly appreciated their professionalism and the great deal I just got! AGAIN! 2ND TOYOTA CAMRY FROM THEM THIS YEAR! I feel I couldn't have received a better deal from any other dealership.  When others say no, come and see Pooja and Heidi! They never cease to amaze me! I appreciate them so much and I love my vehicles! Thanks again!

Krista D. | 2014-05-06

So they open for oil changes at 6 am. I showed up just after 6 am being told I would not need an appointment. I finally got to work around 9 am. I could have changed my own oil in that time. Also, can you tell me the point of rotating tires as part of "Toyota Care" with balancing being a significant extra fee when they do it at another more reputable automotive establishment for free?

mike w. | 2014-04-04

I went in for an oil change on my Prius. The "expert" helping me recommended the blue service for $475.  I looked at what it covered and most was fluff. I did notice cleaning the battery fan and the "expert" told me that is highly recommended. I believed him and had them do that too.  When I got to the internet I was curious and the fact is
1. Toyota has no recommendation to clean the fan
2. if you have a dog that sheds in the back seat or if you drive in very dusty places then have it done every 60k miles.  This was a 30k oil change.
My prius had the air bag light come on when the car was under warranty.  They told me it was not covered.
I have no clue if the mechanics are good or not but I do know that the "experts" are salesmen and not car experts. They are definitely there on behalf of the dealer and not the customer!!!

susan r. | 2014-03-23

Service Department beyond terrible.  4 1;2 hours for a minor repair (air filter)  I could have had dome at Jiffy Lub in 10 minutes. I go to the dealership because I had good service in the past...never again.  An elderly couple, both with canes, sat with me for 4 hours  ...finally he went up to the desk he found out his car was done 3 hours before and they had not come out to get him!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!  The worst customer service ever.  They need to address their   procedures. Just awful.

Ed M. | 2013-10-11

Brought my wheel in yesterday to have the tire repaired. Couldn't repair it had to replace but none in stock. Couldn't get a replacement until 1:00 today. Brought car in to have them install the wheel. And was told it would take 45 minutes. I thought really!!? Roll the darned thing out here and I'll put it on myself in about 10 minutes. Well I've been here an hour and half and it's still not ready. When I bought my TC here 7 years ago I vowed I would never buy another car from them. If it weren't for my free tires for life contract I wouldn't use this service department for regular maintenance either. For major service go to Nippon Motors they're the best.

Brad L. | 2013-10-10

Coming from a multi-generation Toyota family, I can honestly say this is THE WORST Toyota dealership we have ever been to!  

Sales - absolutely pathetic, untrained, non-responsive and judgmental salespeople I have dealt with.  Our multicultural family was all but blown off because we asked for a list of all discounts and dealer incentives - they refused saying we weren't serious because we didn't want to drive the car and were comparing to a more expensive model/brand!  New. Car. Sale. Lost.

Service - don't even get me started.  Wasted a complete day due to a plethora of mistakes and miscommunications on their end.  When we returned for the vehicle, 8 hours later with no work done and no return communication made, the snot-nosed pretty boy "service manager" tried to belittle us and twist words and facts to make it all our fault.  A simple "I'm sorry, we'll fix it" would have been great but apparently everyone there thinks they are better than the clients...why, because they have employment?  Hah!

Will make the extra drive to Phoenix in the future - will be worth our while.  Two clients, and a third one soon to be driving, LOST.

Elizabeth P. | 2013-09-13

It appears that 66 year old women are not seen as potential buyers here no matter how articulate or well dressed. 3 salesmen were huddled together in the far corner from the entrance. Getting no acknowledgment from them, I entered the showroom and asked to speak with a salesperson.  A 40 plus white male with name tag indicating "Customer Relations"  offered to aid me in locating a sales staff. However, although he tried his best, he too was looked past. The salesman refused to even look at him when he asked for help. Finally after much insistence, the very young blond salesman scowled at him and said he was busy. It was humiliating both for me and the nice staff member trying to help me. So awkward!

I said, maybe another time and headed for my auto. The customer relations staff member then turned to a woman standing at the door and said,"Help her out." I and the woman thought he meant help me out the door, Now it got even more awkward. She opened the door for me and seconds later followed me out to the car, as thoroughly embarrassed for all of us, I shook my head never mind and drove away. He obviously wanted her  to help me get some help. :)

I had psyched myself up to go to the dealership as I had been procrastinating far too long. I would rather shop for a bathing suit in a thrift store than go back to the new car department of this dealership.

Maybe I will try the used section next. I really want a Toyota!

Mark A. | 2013-09-05

I have yet to be contacted by anyone at Precision Toyota, yet a few position reviews have received comments from Precision employees. Hmm...anyone else have this experience of a company only responding to the positive?

David L. | 2013-06-24

Worst Car dealership in Tucson. I had my car serviced which was supposed to take 1 hour for a simple checkup. I was finally leaving the dealership more than 3 hours later. I went in 3 times for a part for my car, finally the third time they actually helped me with the part for my trunk. They stated the part would be 14.99 and would give me a call when in came in. They never called and 2 weeks later I called to check if the part was in. Rick in the parts department is a joke. He tried to state I ordered floor mats then stated my part for 14.99 is 49.99. He then stated he would transfer me to the supervisor who helped me 2 weeks prior, all he did was transfer me back to the receptionist. I then called again and talked to Eddie, he found the part and stated it was indeed 14.99 and to come in and it was under my last name. I drove 20 mins to the dealership and Rick helped me and could not find the part and stated it was 49.99 again. Please do not give Precision Toyota business, as they can collapse just like other terrible businesses.

D M. | 2013-05-29

Service department is ALWAYS GREAT!.  On another note, after having purchased two vehicles at this dealership in the span of a year, I returned to make a third purchase.  You would figure that when working on buying your third car them, they would cut out the nonsense negotiating and get down to some acceptable numbers from the start.  This not only made me feel unappreciated as a customer, but the fact that the initial numbers were so obscene indicated to me that they also though I was stupid and that they could take me for a ride.  This was odd to me, since I got a good deal on the previous two purchases.  I may NEVER buy another car from them again, but I will continue using their excellent service department.

Phillip R. | 2013-05-17

I simply have nothing but positive feedback when it comes to this Toyota location.  Living in Phoenix, I have plenty of options to take my car to, but none have provided me the kind of service that this toyota has.

I try to visit my parents down in Tucson every 3 months or so and always schedule my maintenance around that time.

I highly recommend Peter who I've gone to there for years now, he is simply the best.  Always very helpful and will always give me the truth when it comes to the maintenance.    

5 stars all the way

Brad H. | 2013-05-02

Seems like car dealerships get a hit or miss rating. And I suppose that will always be. This review will be a "hit," however.

I had an obscure part break on my Toyota Matrix. I went to Dan's Toy Shop to see about replacing and installing it. (I generally shy away from dealers because they charge a lot.) I even brought the part. He searched and searched for 10, 15 minutes and could not find the part. He was looking on a Toyota Wholesale parts website and said this was the same system that the dealer used. Since he couldn't find the part, he said that it would be just best to make an appointment and get it up on the rack so that he could see what they were dealing with.

Well, because of this broken part, my car was making a loud, embarrassing noise. I decided to just go to Precision Toyota and see what they had to say. I went to the parts counter, showed the part, briefly explained where it was in the car, and Mary (who was working the counter) knew *exactly* what I was talking about and pulled it up on her system in about 10 seconds. As an aside, the system she was using on her computer was not the same as what Dan's Toy was using. (So he was not correct about him using the same system as Toyota.)

Turns out that the part went through a redesign because they broke too easily. (Hmm, imagine that.) They had one and she held it for me so I could talk to the service guys to see how much they would charge to install it as I knew it would be no fun to do it myself. Turns out it would cost only $50 to install it, well worth my time and money, so I had them do it.

I told them I was on a tight schedule because I had to get my family to my daughter's school function. It took a little longer than they thought by about 15 minutes. I was antsy so I reminded my service rep about needing to leave soon. When it was finished, he went through the usual routine about what they did and other stuff they found that might need some attention. Fine. Then he said he would finish up the paper work and have the car brought to the door.

I was pleased in that he skipped a lot of his paper work and didn't complete it and just made a note that the "customer needed to leave." I appreciated that.

They also gave the car a nice car wash and brought the car to the door for delivery. Other very nice touches were that they have a very comfortable waiting room with a TV and desk lounge chairs (for laptops or tablets or whatever). They had a snack bar with complementary treats like bottled water, coffee, danish, bagels and cream cheese, cookies, scones, etc. They had other items for sale if you wanted those. They even had a free iPad you could check out to take advantage of their free WiFi. There was another waiting room off of this main room that had no TV, but comfortable chairs and a table. This was the quiet room. I went into this room and took a nap.

The final bill was exactly as they said it would be.

When I was out in the service area, there were three times that someone asked if I needed help. Some would take this as pestering, but I appreciated it because who likes to stand around needing help but not getting it?

I have had servicing done on this same vehicle here before. I can't remember what it was for, but I do remember a very similar positive experience.

I guess the moral if this story is, sometimes you just have to rely on the dealer as an independent sometimes will not be able to help you.

Katrina W. | 2013-04-27

I've had nothing but good experiences here. I leased my 2012 Prius here in September with no hassle. They did everything they said that would and I got everything I was promised, no real hassles. I've taken my car in twice so far; once for an oil change and once for a check up/tire rotation. Both times were quick, less that one hour. If you want they will also wash your car for free, but it extends your wait time by 30 minutes I believe. They have a little cafe seating area where they sell snacks, coffee and drinks. I've not tried it, but it looks OK. The lot in general is clean and seems to function with reason.

Richard Z. | 2013-03-15

Worst car dealership we have ever dealt with.  If you didn't buy your Toyota from Precision, then they don't want to work with you on issues that are technically under warranty.  Awful customer service too.

Keith Y. | 2013-02-21

Ill keep this short and to the point.

My girlfriend brought her 2012 Yaris in for her warranty service (oil change, fluid top off etc) that she paid for when she bought the car.  The salesperson slid in that she should get a Balancing/Alignment done as well.  She figured that it was part of the service so she agreed.  Didn't expect to pay anything and ended up with 150 dollar bill for the balance and alignment.  She lives on a pretty tight budget so this was huge to her...course I stepped in and paid it for her but that's beside the point.  THE CAR ONLY HAD 12,000 MILES ON IT! And he sold her a balance and alignment! HOW CROOKED CAN YOU GET?!  Seems like people will prey on women way too often these days. Well when i picked her up and found out about it obviously I was furious and demanded a refund, sadly they wouldn't give me one.  

On the plus side, they did apologize. /end sarcasm

My experience was ho-hum as well.  Brought my car in to get 4 recalls performed...Chris the guy who checked me in was a really nice guy, even at 7:30am.  The recall came with a free rental...the rental girl that helped me...complete B! She must have been having a terrible day cause i swear a cardboard box would have been more of a joy to converse with and shown more emotion.  

Overall I tell everyone I know to stay away from this place unless they absolutely have to.  Shady service salesmen and pissed off employees do not make for a good experience.

Isabella J. | 2013-02-20

I've been ruminating over this review for several weeks, debating the rating of my experience with Precision Toyota and quite frankly, it was a 1-star experience that I'm saddened to report. I decided to lease a car for the first time ever. While I'm totally loving the Prius I leased, I'm overwhelmed with disappointment from the experience from start to finish. Our first vist was fine. We looked at a car, crunched some numbers and left with an estimate based on making a down payment with a portion of the value of the car I was going to trade in. Anyway, we made it pretty clear that we would call them to follow up with an appointment. Then the incessant sales calls started. Every single day. That alone makes me regret leasing the car here. It's almost like we succumbed to all the phone calls. For sales people out there: calling every single day and begging is not a good angle. Emotional sales pitches are not the same as emotional advertising (ever watch the Humane Society commercials on TV?).  Anyway, two weeks later we decided we wanted the car, so we returned and had the courtesy to request the initial sales representative that we'd met with a couple weeks before. He was busy and sent someone else, they split the commission anyway. They made that very clear. We negotiated and agreed on a number based on my trade in. Next, we go to finance, sign some paper work to then realize that the rate they offered us was totally miscalculated, leaving us in a tough spot in terms of our monthly payment. We should have left then. Literally, everything we had discussed with the sales rep did not reach the finance dept. Although they were apologetic and we renegotiated our rate, we left feeling extremely uneasy. Not to mention, as we were trying to just get the heck out of there, we got in our new car and the gas tank was almost empty! So, now, we have to drive the sales representative to the gas station to fill up our car.  Not even five minutes on the road after dropping him back at the dealership they call us to tell us they forgot to give us our spare key and of course remind us to fill out that super important survey that pretty much determines their sales bonus. I was in shock. I still am. How can you give such terrible service to someone and then beg them to give you a high rating on a survey? I understand that the survey is important for their livelihood, but bonuses and high ratings are earned from providing a stellar experience. Several days later, we were still so uneasy about the entire deal that my boyfriend went to the dealer and requested to speak to the GM and was told he was too busy. My boyfriend said he would wait there until 5pm and still he would not see him. They sent down an accounting manager instead, who was nice but not the person he was looking to speak to. A week later, they realize they can't process the financing because they needed proof of income. In addition to the financing, they owe me money for the remainder of the value of my car that I traded in. It's been almost a month and I still have not received the check or my tags for the car. After making a call to follow up on my tags and check I'm told that I initialed the wrong line on the paperwork, which is why neither have arrived in the mail. Really? This is some of the sloppiest work I've experienced and I am writing this review because I think it's important to remind them that customer service should always be number one and at this establishment we experienced very little of it.

Bill F. | 2013-01-12

Took my RAV4 in for an oil and filter change.  They took 90 minutes and charged me $80 for it!  I have been to 3 other Toyota Dealerships and they all took less than half the time and charged half as much as this place.  No more for me!  I'll find another dealership for my work!

Laura E. | 2012-12-18

i recently bought a 2013 highlander from this dealer using the costco car buying service. the costco program contact at the dealership, mr. paul anthony, made my buying experience a very pleasant, professional and efficient one. i would recommend this dealership to anyone interested in getting a toyota vehicle.

Reina R. | 2012-12-03

A few months ago it was time for me to trade in my poor little Toyota Corolla. I went to a couple other non-Toyota dealerships and began to feel disillusioned with the whole car buying process. Other dealerships did not want to work with me and wanted me to sell me on REALLY high monthly payments, no thank you. Precision was the last dealership that I wanted to vist before giving up.

We were greeted promptly and I was whisked away to check out the RAV4s. I had my heart set on a smaller SUV and Precision had a lot of RAV4s on hand. I test drove a RAV4 and the car salesman Apu was more than helpful. He didn't talk down to me like salesmen at other dealerships. (Others tried to sell me vehicles based on mirrors to do my makeup and "It's pretty!") I decided to get the RAV4 I test drove (not based on mirrors ha!) and started the paperwork. Everyone at Precision was kind and made the process as painless as possible.

I've been back a couple times since for scheduled maintenance. I like that I can schedule these online and they always seem to have opening that are convenient for me. If you don't want to wait the few hours for your maintenance check, you can take the complimentary shuttle to the mall and call when you need to be picked up. If you choose to wait for your vehicle, the service station has free wifi and you can even check out iPads to pass the time. All in all I have had great experiences at Precision Toyota and when the time comes for a new car, I'll be returning!

Michael M. | 2012-08-03

Thank you Precision Toyota!  You were professional and I never felt pressured to make a hasty decision. I'll be back!

Sonia R. | 2012-07-16

Great experience, not overly annoying or pushy and everyone I came in contact with was very accomodating and friendly. Didn't feel like I wanted to run the opposite way screaming like I've experienced at other car dealers. Ray was a pleasure to work with.

Anna M. | 2012-04-19

I never go out of my way to write reviews. Ever. My salesman Abid (not exactly sure how to spell it) was awful. Very rude when points of the sale weren't going his way. He promised a number of things and never followed through but the biggest one was my car mats. He swore the mats came WITH the car that he would get them to me, after a good while of searching for them, turns out he did NOT have them. So I go back few days later for my car battery, died after two days of having it, mind you this is a 45 minute drive from my house/work. Promised he would have the mats then to give to me, and didnt. So THREE MONTHS LATER, I call him and he was extremely rude to me on the phone, PROMISES the mats tomorrow or Monday without knowing for sure if he has them. Then GOES ON TO TELL ME that the mats were NOT apart of the deal and he was doing me a favor.

Worst experience for my first car.

Julia R. | 2011-11-01

My husband and I have purchased two cars here and generally had good experiences.
For my car, we found the listing online and came prepared with the ad and a printed Carfax report. We knew that the car had been on the lot for 6 months, and when we gently let the salesman know how much we knew, he dropped any attempt to play games. Salesman denied that the car had an extended warranty, but when we showed him the printed Internet ad that said it was included, he gave us the "certified used" service.
For my husband's car, he knew exactly what he was looking for in a new car, and sat down with the sales manager to outline what he wanted. They didn't have the exact car he wanted, but managed to get it from another distribution point within a few days. Only sticking point was his trade-in; though the Precision website valued his car at one amount, they offered significantly less because of a minor paint scrape.
For both cars, the worst bit of it was signing the paperwork, where a pushy sales rep tried to talk us into paying more for an extended warranty. Luckily, since we'd brought our own financing both times and stuck to our guns, the process was fairly painless.
Overall, the experience wasn't half bad at all, and I've certainly dealt with dealerships that were far worse. To their credit, they realize when somebody knows their stuff, and that makes the whole process easier.

Jennifer F. | 2011-05-30

Ya I am going to have to go from a 2 to a 3 on this one and here is why...

I was there a couple of days ago for a simple oil change, nothing out of the ordinary and I had a 845 appointment.
#1. I was not actually talked to until 900 and of course that was after 6 (not kidding I counted) cars that were behind me were helped.
#2. My car was suppose to be done between 200 and 300 and they didnt call me to tell me my car was done until 330 (meager detail but goes hand in hand with everything else).
#3. When I picked my car up they said "here is your pick up ticket, hand it to the attendant out by your car". Well I got outside and there was my car door open, keys in the ignition, car on and air conditioner running with NO attendant, no sales person, no anyone.

Needless to say I was pretty mad that they would leave my car there running and all with no one in sight to make sure someone who didnt own the car got into it and drove away!

I only keep to a 2 because the mechanics who work on the car are amazing and they do good work.

Kor C. | 2010-06-01

I went to precision Toyota on 5/29/2010 and had the best car buying experience ever. My salesman was Richardo Morgan, a very nice and friendly man that really knew his stuff.

My first impression was awesome, once i stepped out of my car Morgan directed my sister and I to the complimentary hotdog stand. (I guess the dealership provides catering from near by vendors or something). Yum they were delicious. Anywho, after I was fed i was ready to do some car shopping.

I initially spoke to Morgan on the phone to neogotiate a deal. I got a rough idea of what the dealership had in stock and the price they were going for.  When i got to the dealership Morgan showed us a couple of Sienna's that were on the lot. He first showed us the basic model to demonstrate all the standard bare bones features. I dont know if it was how Morgan presented or if the features were just impressive, but i was impressed.  Then Morgan showed us a car that was more like the model I was looking for. Morgan went through all the features, such as how to adjust the seats, airconditioning, blue tooth, XM radio , power sliding doors, safetry features, you name it and he showed it. Again I was impressed.

Anywho, after said and done I was pleased. I got a good price without much hassle. I would recommend this dealership to my family and anyone else.

Tillotson G. | 2010-03-29


Dealership sold me a car in 2006, Scion tc.  I brought this car in for repairs, they damaged the car so badly they offered me a newer car to replace the brand new one, was given a Scion tc 2007.
In September 2007 this car was in an accident, I brought the car to the service center at Toyota.  After many days and weeks of mistakes such as allowing the car to mold, damage by service shop to my personal belongings, damage done to brand new replaced door... (tip of the iceberg); after 2 months they coincided they were unable to fix it to standards. Stacy, dealership manager said "Its obvious with we are unable to fix this car and our body shop has fallen seriously short."
They offered me ANOTHER new car Scion tc 2008.  
I moved to Seattle months later.
I went to a Toyota dealership here in Seattle to find out the trade in value; they said do to the damage on the car they were unable to offer me what the car is worth based on the bond-o job.  This car has NEVER been in an accident to my knowledge. Car Fax is clean. They offered me 1,500 less than the value if it had not been damaged.
I flew to Tucson, AZ; spoke to Jason, the Sales Manager.  He said it was probably "damaged at the port".
And he said he "will give me 1,500 more than the dealership in Seattle for my trade in and he is sorry."
I live in Seattle; I am not driving it to Tucson to trade it in for ANOTHER CAR from this HORRIBLE dealership.  I am sickened at their business practices and deeply insulted.

Ada L. | 2009-08-24

We went out to Tucson to help my son settle in after he's back from Kuwait. After a couple of days of searching, comparing, he decided to buy a Scion xD. Out of the 2 Toyota dealers within the city limit of Tucson, Precision was the one with the inventory. My son is 21 and had been in the USAF since he graduated from HS. So obviously he didn't have any credit history. But in order to start building credit, we suggested that he put 2/3 of the total as down payment and finance the rest 1/3. He drove away with the 9.95% financing for 5 years. That was last Monday evening when he drove the car out of the showroom with all the finance papers processed. Today, a week after the transaction, my son received a call from them and said that the credit didn't get approved therefore they needed to increase the interest rate to 16.95%. My son called with frustration. I was furious but I'm already back in Austin and can't really do much for him now. So we decided that he should just go pay it off and screw them with their financing crap. I think what they did was highway robbery! Beware, before you step into this dealership!

S G. | 2009-05-10

Stay away!  I brought in my "new to me" 2003 4runner to get it checked out as I was taking a trip in the next few days, I needed an extra key made and was looking for 2 key FOBs to go with....they want close to $400! just for that, go to the internet found much better deals.  My gas cap pull lever wasn't opening the gas door.  They called me to say that it was broken and would be $250 for replace.  Told them leave it alone. Still cost me $45 for them to look at.   When I got the car back, it worked perfectly, it was just not seating right, nothing was broken!  They also told me I needed new CV boots because they showed signs of leakage.  I'm an offroad guy and owned several tacoma 4x4's and landcruisers that I normally work on my own and only took it in because I didn't have time to look at things myself.  On my trip I asked few a Toyota landcruiser msg board members who they would recommend in the San Diego area, and sent me to SD Truxx.  John is certified Toyota,Lexus, scion mechanic, he doubled checked everything and verified that my CV's where fine.  He also completed a TSB that hadn't been done on the vehicle which improved my brake pedal feel.  Why didn't the dealer notice that this hadn't been done!!!!!

STAY AWAY FROM PRECISION in Tucson!  I think Dan's Toy Shop is where going from now on when I need any of my Toyota's serviced.

Danielle C. | 2006-11-12

Precision Toyota Service Repair  is, well... precisely rarely accurate....

My Dad purchased my 2003 Corolla from Precision Toyota and loved my sales person.  I like my car, it gots some flaws, but not as many flaws as their Service department.

Its hit or miss whenever I come in for a regular maintenance check.  I credit Precision Toyota for making me the mechanic I am now because they've misdiagnosed many things on my car- forcing me to pay out on items I've never needed or delaying your repairs on things you do need till after your warranty expires.

I know, I'm just a girl with a huge car of which I know nothing about, because in the eyes of a Toyota Service Technician who tries to grapple the money out of your wallet as soon as you pull up, all girls are dumb.  I've actually been yelled at by a service tech when he installed a battery I did not request for in my car.  My favorite line of theirs is "We couldn't find anything wrong".  I've heard that a million times before. However, I couldn't refrain from laughing when they used the same line on an old couple who brought their car in because the seat belt did not work.  Two minutes later, the old couple drove back with his wife impaled by the seat belt that would not allow for her to get out of her car.  They still had the nerve to tell them there's nothing wrong with the seat belt.

During my last visit I was tempted to ask the Repair Manager where he gets his car repaired  because this garage was basically useless.

Precision Toyota Sales- Love Them.  Precision Toyota Repair-No!