Mercedes Benz of Tucson in Tucson, AZ

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Mercedes Benz of Tucson in Tucson, AZ.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Mercedes Benz of Tucson, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Mercedes Benz of Tucson in other cities in the Arizona.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(520) 886-1311
Address:6001 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ - 85712 - 8571 near Sonoita Ave,speedway Blvd

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(520) 886-1311
Address:6350 E Grant Rd, Tucson, AZ, 85715
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Mercedes Benz of Tucson

Drew D. | 2015-04-13

We bought two Mercedes from MB of Tucson in 2012 and 2013.  The buying experience was very smooth and satisfying.  We didn't spend all day buying the cars and we got a very fair price on both of them.  There are no high-pressure sales tactics trying to upgrade you on every package they sell; it was presented as options and we picked the ones that we thought were great values.  They gave us a good value on the trade-ins as well.  Overall it was not a stressful experience at all.

Our salesman, Dale, was incredible.  We live about 40 minutes away on the NW side of town so when we had to bring the cars in for scheduled service or repair he would stop by the house, drop off a loaner car and take the car to the dealership for us.  When it was done he would reverse the process and return the car to our home.  It was above and beyond what we expected.

After service the car is always washed before being returned to us, and the work that was done has consistently been done well.  The service advisor we've worked with, Steve Shumaker, is a real gem.  He knows us by name and is friendly, helpful and very professional in our interactions.

Since we live a good distance away, I will usually stay at the dealership while maintenance and minor repair is being done.  The waiting room is large and comfortable.  They have complimentary Starbucks coffee, bottled water and fresh pastries available, as well as free WiFi.

Since we have bought the cars Dale has retired (but is still helping out in the service department), and still always remembers me and makes a point to say hello.

We recently bought a car for our son, a Chrysler 200, from Jim Click.  The experience gave us a contrast to the MB dealership.  When there was a manufacturing defect in the first month we had to take the car down, wait 20 minutes to get checked in and then it took 2 days to fix the problem.  The car was returned to us filthy, with dirty handprints all over the outside and inside of the car.  The prices of the cars was far different, of course, but I expect a minimal amount of care to be taken on a brand new vehicle.

When we decide to buy a new car we will be returning to MB of Tucson for sure.  The salesman that we've talked to recently, Greg Welch, continued the tradition of dropping off our loaner car when our cars needed service.  He also makes great cooking spices and gave us a free sample the last time he came by.

Courtney V. | 2015-02-13

i have been very pleased with the service my cars get here, good communication and repairs done right the first time

William A. | 2015-02-12

Absolutely brilliant service as usual; but then again I have always received very high quality service at this dealership that I didn't expect any less this time.

Staff are super professional and attentive.

My car was collected at my work place with a loaner and when I went to pick it up, it was washed and cleaned in and out! They made the whole experience worthwhile of owning a Mercedes.

Jerry J. | 2014-12-08

Unable to fix car after a week in the shop. Was given to me three times when the car was unsafe to drive. I could have had a serious accident. Car is not fixed but was charged over 2K.

Tana N. | 2014-11-11

Great experience for the third time in 9 years. Greg Welch and his team made me a great deal on my new 2015 Mercedes C300.  Thank you so much for the amazing customer service and perseverance. I couldn't be happier.

Robert S. | 2014-09-29

We have a 2003 E320 station wagon which Mercedes of Tucson has repaired for us in the past and we were very satisfied with the service. However, on September 21, 2014 we visited their new facility and asked to have our air conditioning looked at since it was not blowing cool area. It seemed like all it needed was the freon topped up. They took the car and ran "diagnostics" and told us that it has a leak and needed over $500 in new parts which together with labor would be a total bill of $1000. We decided to get a second opinion. We took it to Jimmy's on Broadway which has a mechanic who use to work at Mercedes in Phoenix and is certified to do do air conditioning repair. They ran a diagnostic on the car and could not find a leak. The car has been running fine since the freon was topped up. I am very disappointed in the potential rip off by the Mercedes service department. Doubt I will ever take the car back there again!

J W. | 2014-08-30

I would absolutely NOT recommend this dealership and in particular a salesperson by the name of Tom Chance my husband made a deal with tom over the phone to trade our car they set a price and tom told my husband he had to be there by closing or there was no deal we live in phx and it was 4:30 pm so my husband dropped everything to leave that second because it's over a two hour drive during the drive my husband spoke to Tom three different times and each time tom verified the set price once my husband got there and they started the paper work suddenly the price was $2000 more then the set price when my husband questioned this Tom laughed in his face I believe this was some kind of joke it was deffeniatly some kind of set up after two hrs in a car dropping everything to get there  all my husband got was laughed at .If this is the kind if treatment you want then please by all means go to mercedes of Tucson and if you want made a fool of ask for Tom Chance

Tracey R. | 2014-08-01

The Mercedes Benz of Tucson Service Department should be avoided at all costs. It would be better use of your money to take $3000 and give it to all the people waiting at a bus stop in front of a Circle K. Have a "Check Engine" light on your car? Don't expect the people in the service department to even bother looking at your engine. They will only hook your car up to a computer and see what the codes are because, "We don't have time to look at everything in the engine." Fraying belts and cracked hoses don't show up in the codes.  The service department can't be bothered to actually use their eyes and inspect the engine. Then the belts and hoses blow up and you are forced to spend thousands to fix the damage which could have been prevented for very little cost.

If you like throwing away your money, this is the place to go. If you want a service department that cares, and is willing to help take preventative steps to maintain your car, then go somewhere else!

Roger O. | 2014-06-21

I have a used MB that I bought but take it to MB of Tuscon to get it service etc.
Evan Stark our service adviser goes above and beyond to make us feel welcome and to guide use thru the service and repair process. They even provide a lovely loner car while my car is being worked on.
Excellent customer service and care. You may pay a bit more, but you know you are getting quality work. Highly recommend them.
I have had high end European cars before, but have never been treated at those dealerships as well as I am treated at MB of Tuscon.

Sherry R. | 2014-06-13

We have purchased a number of cars from Mercedes of Tucson. We always work with Tom Chance. He really knows Mercedes and he is always very helpful. While this review won't be as long as many on this site, know that we love our Mercedes and soon I'll be trading my BMW for another Mercedes! Can't wait!

Paul M. | 2014-06-11

I'm a small business owner in tucson and was looking to improve my overall image for my delivery service. I drove several cargo vans in tucson and Phoenix but nothing seemed to match my expectations, so on a long shot I called Mercedes Benz of tucson. The commercial rep had a beautiful 2014 sprinter van waiting for me  to test drive but it was just too much vehicle for me. However I spotted a 2013 short wheel base with a low roof van on the lot but it had a sold tag on it. Before I left he told me if the financing does not go thru he would give me a call. Fortunately for me the vehicle came back up for sale but I needed to make sure it would fit into my shop. The next morning my rep drove over with a tape measure and after some nifty ideas I was able to drive it into my garage and close and lock the door. This was the easiest vehicle I have ever bought. Most if not all the numbers were made possible via text or email which allowed me to continue running my business and not sitting in a sales office. I purchased the vehicle and signed all the paperwork believe it or not in the comfort of my home. The sprinter was delivered washed with a full tank of gas bright and early Monday morning just in time for my 930 delivery. Looking to accessories my van I again called my rep for new rims and within 4 days they were able to find ship and install. I was told the van would be ready at 530 and within minutes of that time the van was ready. Now I'm the owner of a 2013 four cylinder turbo diesel sprinter van with another book.....a payment book.  Never was much of a reader.

richard s. | 2014-06-06

Hi my name jihoon youn and my dad bought the e class car and the manager, John was such a nice guys and the staff were so nice they have us souvenirs for free and they have so much nice cars

Maria R. | 2014-05-14

Mercedes Benz of Tucson is as good as it gets when buying anything from a brand new luxury Mercedes Benz or a quality picked Ceritfied Pre- Owned
The facilities and customer service are impeccable

Max Corella, a sales representative there at Mercedes Benz of Tucson facilitated my process in obtaining my first Mercedes. He is attentive, knowledgable, and has great insight into customer satisfaction. He worked with me personally to show me the possible options that were in my budget, while never pressuring me to go with the highest option available for his benefit. While I was waiting for the finance department to finalize my transaction, he stayed with me constantly giving me a tour of the facility, giving me complete access to their customer starbucks coffee, and pastry bar and showing me the tips and tricks of other beautiful cars on the lot. He is the go-to sales rep at Mercedes Benz of Tucson if you want a complete experience.
I walked out with my first mercedes, amazing gift bag (which included a Gadabout Salon Spa Gift Card, Mercedez brand picture frame, wine stopper, coffee thermal among more!), and with a completely different feeling than I would have at any other dealership.
Mercedes Benz of Tucson is quality at its best.

Ashley P. | 2014-05-02

I recently purchased my 2010 C Class from Mercedes Benz of Tucson and I'm actually a Phoenix resident. I was in Tucson visiting friends who were car shopping when I was greeted at the dealership by an extremely knowledgeable, no pressure, no hassle salesman, Tom. I simply told him my dream car was a black on black Mercedes but could never afford a new one. He showed me a 2010 just as I described to him and I fell in love. He worked with finance make it happen and I can't believe I now own a Mercedes Benz! Not to mention the gorgeous dealership and Starbucks coffee! I would recommend the dealership and Tom to anyone and everyone! I will be back when it's time to trade up.

Jim S. | 2014-05-01

We were in the market for a new car and, after a traumatic experience at a Toyota dealership (long story short, we vowed to never again buy a Toyota unless it was given to us for free), we decided to venture into the Mercedes Benz dealership.

In an attempt to avoid salespeople and high-pressure sales tactics (I'm looking at you, Toyota), we dressed even more casually than normal, and drove our 10+ year old, dirty, dusty Toyota onto the Mercedes lot (okay, fine, that part probably wouldn't have changed), thinking that no one was going to give us the time of day.  Fortunately, we were so, so wrong.

We barely looked at (and admired) one car before John Brown came out to greet us, and even though we're young and looked pretty grungy, he very courteously greeted us and patiently showed us all the models we were interested in.  He spent tons of time with us poring through and explaining options, and, to our great surprise, not once did we feel at all pressured, even though after the time he spent with us, we told him we needed to go home and think about it (hey, it's a lot of money, don't judge).

Of course, after obsessing about it for a night, we decided to make a purchase (YOLO, right?), and called John for an appointment.  He, and everyone at the dealership, could not have been nicer.  While we were filling out paperwork, Max even took our Toyota keys and gave our car a wash (sorry, Mercedes, for parking our dusty oldster in the gorgeous lot!).  Not once did we feel like we were rushed or forced into making a decision we would regret.  And even though we didn't take advantage of the amazing coffee bar (pastries! espresso! drinks!), we'll definitely be back when our first maintenance rolls around.  The service area too, is pretty stunning - I wish our garage space could have looked so sleek and clean!

So, kudos if you managed to make it this far down the review, but to continue, Greg was great too helping us through the mound of purchase paperwork, and really made us feel like he was looking out for our best interests.  Then, when everything was completed to our satisfaction, our new car was waiting for us, freshly detailed, and John went over every feature with us, and graciously offered to field any and all questions (now or later) from our technologically challenged selves!

Seriously, the Mercedes Benz of Tucson dealership is what all car dealerships should be - gorgeous, welcoming, and filled with actually incredibly nice people.  After our first ride in our new car, we are officially converts.  And we will definitely call John when we're looking for another car (which will absolutely be a Mercedes)!  Thanks again to everyone at the dealership!

robin r. | 2014-04-15

Rex in the parts department was a HUGE help and really educated me about a particular part and found me a great deal on it, as well. He was super helpful, even though I was having the repair done at another company. I wish I had known to take it straight to the dealership in Tucson. Judging by Rex's level of service, I would have been well taken care of by people with integrity.

Myrna-Sue S. | 2014-03-19

I made an appointment to bring my Mercedes in for its first annual service.  It was a pleasure to make the appointment, at my convenience may I add, and although I arrived early, my service manager Mark met me immediately and told me what the service entailed and gave me a ballpark time frame since I would be waiting in the very comfortable dealership.  Within the hour (the original ETA was 2 hours) Mark came to tell me that my service was completed and my car was presently getting vacuumed and a bath, and I would be on my way very shortly.  The treatment I received was worthy of the brand.  What a pleasure!

Erin Y. | 2013-11-23

Our salesman was the reason we purchased a vehicle from Tucson Mercedes. We first met Tim several months ago, but they did not have the vehicle we were wanted. Later, we found the vehicle that we wanted at another Phoenix area Mercedes dealer, but we found the sales staff at the other dealer to be both arrogant and indifferent. So, we returned to see Tim and he eventually found a vehicle that worked for us and helped get the price to a reasonable level. He was pleasant, funny, and no high pressure. Bottom line, the people at this dealership seemed to care if we were happy and were willing to deal as compared to the other dealer who's attitude was "we have the product you want, so we don't have to treat you well." If our vehicle performs well, we will by our next one from Tim, too.

Juan C. | 2013-06-21

Talked to Jill in client relations and she set up an appointment to fix the alignment issue.

The appointment was at  1:00 pm.  Steve told me it would be about 1 to 2 hours.  They did not seem to be very busy so we went to lunch.  Returned at 2:30 and they were still working on the car.  The Technician took the car for a drive and then to the car wash. We left at 4:30 with the repair redone at a fair price.  I recommend this repair facility.

Lauren K. | 2013-01-03

If I only had to review the cars, Mercedes-Benz would get five stars, hands down.  The cars are beautiful, and this dealership has plenty of them on the lot to browse through or test drive.  What's even cooler:  If you know the model of car you want, color combos, and the options you want in it, your salesman can MAKE your car for you through their computer system.  Depending on how far along any given car is in the production line, the salesman can change anything on the car.  That was seriously really neat!  You have to give them a few weeks lead time, because they can't change a car once it's done, but we had a few to choose from with a few different arrival times.  Very cool.

The facility itself is nice.  It's new and shiny, and BIG.  It was very clean, and they had a bunch of different refreshments available for customers should they need to wait for their car to be repaired.

The low rating is due to how we were treated upon arrival to the dealership.  We started to look at the cars outside, nearest the showroom.  Out comes an old guy salesman.  Clearly, he can't hold back his instinct of running out to people like a slime ball the minute he sees them, so that's what he did to us, but he certainly didn't seem enthusiastic when he actually saw us.  I get it.  We're pretty young.  We dress casually.  We probably just look like people just having fun with the fancy cars we can't afford.  But we can afford them.  We told him what we were looking for and our timeframe.  At that point, we were trash to him, and he told us he has no time for us, he'll have to find another salesperson to help us.  If you had no time, why did you run out to us like your pants were on fire?  So, anyway, we go into the showroom.  He asked the other salespeople in the area if they were busy.  No one wanted to help us.  My husband and I were both so dumbfounded that we were frozen in our tracks.  Just as I was snapping out of my moment of shock to walk out, one salesman decided to look up and say, "You know what, my appointment isn't showing, I'll help."

Gee, Mercedes, way to make me feel welcome and valued.

This salesman did eventually apologize to us for the initial behavior of the curmudgeon that ran to us.  He ended up helping us out and he took a lot of time to show us a bunch of different cars.  We would have purchased a car from him, if another brand didn't turn out to be better for our needs.  But the way I felt the minute I walked into Mercedes will never be erased from my mind, despite the fact that we did find a good salesman.

Dan K. | 2012-12-10

The Finer Things In Life

For those of you looking for an upscale car--you usually think either Mercedes or BMW for the most part.  I have one of each and love them both for different reasons.  But I digress.  I want to compare and contrast the BMW Dealership in Tucson with the Mercedes Dealership--because if that's your choice, you'll easily find yourself buying a Mercedes--the dealership matters!!

Greeters Service:

Mercedes--young lady meets me in service and asks me what I need--told her and she immediately retrieved Rich and got me all set up.

BMW--No greeter--have to go source a service adviser.

Service Advisor:

Mercedes:  We'll do all we can to get you on the road today--can you wait 30-45 minutes?  Sure.

BMW: Let's make an appointment for a week from now when I won't be here.


Mercedes: Most gorgeous layout in town--great coffee bar, 80" tv, pastries and people who ask you if they can help you.  Had one guy offer unsolicited to give me a tour of the facility--sure!!

BMW:  Feels like a KIA place--no great architecture--waiting room is gift shop--please while you wait, spend money.  Folks can't give you the time of day--I would say growly or snobby--either way, not good.


Mercedes: We need to talk to the engineers on Monday, can we drive you to work?  Oh, its over there?  We don't have staff to drop you off--but wait, let me get you a 60,000.00 SUV full with gas for the weekend--we'll see you Monday.  WOW!!  Cost--nada.

BMW: We'll try to fit you in in a week--even then, felt like they were doing me a favor--had to drop off and pick up car.  Wouldn't call us back for over an hour to get a status despite a few messages.  YUCK!!

All said and done:

Mercedes:  Please come back and see us, we very much value your business--is there anything else we can do for you today?

BMW: here's your keys and a kick in the ass--thanks for coming to our snobby dealership.  Please feel free to come back and bring your checkbook.

Mercedes: Clearly a 10
BMW:  Been in better used car lots--1

Remember--I don't have a bias--I own one of each and love them both.

Stacy C. | 2012-08-22

A few months ago it was time to turn in my leased car and get something new.  After doing some research, I decided to treat myself to a Mercedes and I am so happy I did!  I usually take the bus to work so the commute of my day in which I actually drive is only 10 miles per day.  Because of this, I never thought the 'extras' of a luxury car would be something I would need or want.  Boy, was I wrong!  Not a day goes by that I don't appreciate the fact that I don't have to find my key at the bottom of my purse to open the door or the trunk.  Or that I can speak the name of the person I want to call or the street I am trying to find with the touch of a button.  And, of course, the camera on the back of the car when in reverse, I feel like I've gained an entire mile room when backing-up.  Even if for only 10 miles a day, I love driving my new car!

I drove from Phoenix to Mercedes Benz of Tucson to pick up my new beauty, 2012 Silver C250 with the exact options that I was looking for.  Everyone is familiar with the high-class expectations that come along with the Mercedes Brand and the Tucson location does not disappoint.  In fact, even with those expectations, I was still blown away!  I was greeted with a smile and the service I received was nothing short of spectacular. They made things easy for me from the initial paper signing to the personal tutorial on how to use all of the amazing features on my new car!  And let me tell you, that drive back from Tucson was a lot of fun!

Fly_Gu Y. | 2011-05-20

About three weeks ago I decided to purchase a 2011 SUV.  The choices were narrowed down to Infiniti QX56, Land Rover LR4, and Mercedes GL450.  I started the negotiation process by phone and followed up with a plethora of emails.  Immediately the LR4 was dropped as a contender because they were not budging much on MSRP.   Inifiniti of Tucson were trying very hard to seal the deal but their offer of $4k over invoice paled in comparison to Camelback Infiniti, an hour up the road in Phoenix, who were offering $2,500 over invoice.  Driving to Phoenix was more than what I was willing to do so I continued to work with Infiniti of Tucson and Tom Chance at Mercedes of Tucson.  Infiniti of Tucson were steadfast on their price point but was trying very hard to win me over emotionally.....take a test drive, take another test drive, rub the leather, picture yourself behind the wheel driving down I-10, etc.  By nature , I am level headed and logical so this ploy was foiled from the start.    

With Infiniti of Tucson no longer a contender, I begin to invest more time going back and forth with Tom. I consider Tom a numbers guy because anything I threw at him regarding numbers (i.e. price, trade-in values, discounts, payments, etc....) he could handle.  We went back and forth for a full week before Tom had worked out numbers that were satisfactory.  Even after I agreed to drive up to close the deal, Tom assured me that he wasn't done.  Specifically he said, "Come on up and let me squeeze these numbers some more".  This was fine by me because I like a good number squeezing every now and again.

My wife and I drove up and met Tom who was finishing up a delivery with another customer.  Tom knew I was straddling the fence on whether to splurge on the upgraded stereo so he encouraged me to grab a few of my favorite CDs and better acquaint myself with the available options.  After finishing up, Tom met me outside and allowed my acoustic analysis to continue.   Yes, I was blasting away......but for good cause!  Afterwards, we walked back inside and Tom sat at his desk and begin banging away at the keyboard.......yes Tom was still crunching numbers!  He found another ~$2k plate credit that we hadn't factored into the deal.  Sweet!  After the numbers were finalized I walked around the showroom floor and marveled over $100k vehicles with massage therapists built into the seats.  The salivation stopped when I was summoned by the Finance Manager who introduced himself as Greg Hart.

Once inside the finance manager's office, I was presented with what seemed like a mortgage worth of documentations to sign.  They were clearly explained and I felt comfortable signing on the dotted line.  We arrived at the last document which was the actual purchase agreement when I spotted a number that was off by ~$2k.  Of course my defenses kicked in and I grabbed my keys and bolted for the door.  Hey don't laugh!  We all have our guard up at car dealerships!  I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE SO STOP LAUGHING!!!

Anyway, the finance manager caught up with me and ensured me that whatever the discrepancy may be, it will be worked out.  I took a deep breath and walked back into the finance office.   Shortly after sitting down, the store manager, Brian DeCook,  came in and simply asked, "What should the number be"?  I gave him the correct number and without further ado, he told the finance manager to deduct an additional $500 off the number I just provided.  HOLY CRAP!!!!  WHAT!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?  Deal done!  Signed, sealed, and delivered!  

My wife and I felt as if the entire staff was pleased to receive our business!  The store owner gave me a tour of his office which is really cool by the way.  He has done business with many celebs and influential people that have passed through the Tucson area.  The pictures on the wall tell the story.

While in the finance office, Tom had the car detailed to perfection and because it was slight overcast, the store manager invited me to come back for another free detailing.  

If there is such a thing as a business bending over backwards, this dealership did just that.  I am certain I made the right choice!  

Oh and great customer service didn't disappear after the sale.  Tom has called and emailed on several occassions to check on me and/or just to say hello.  

Thanks Tom and the entire staff of Mercedes Tucson!



Angela V. | 2009-10-01

I bought my Toyota FJ Cruiser from them last year and though I love my truck I wouldn't do business with them again.  I came to see another truck but they sold it the night before, and instead of calling to cancel he just ran across the street to Emich Subaru to grab another.  It hadn't been cleaned since it was just traded in the day before so there was pet hair and it was a bit dirty.  Still I wanted to test drive, loved the car itself, so we started negotiating.  He added some things to the deal that I asked for, like some detailing to the car itself, a set of BF Goodrich off-road tires, the spare tire cover, and a few other accessories including a discount he promised for some off-road upgrades so we could off-road together sometime (you know, that whole trying to be my friend thing).  When I went to Discount to get the tires we agreed on, it took them a really long time.  I had to have a friend pick me up and bring me back later and when we got back they had put on some smaller and obviously cheaper Kumho tires.  I complained and the guy said that's what they said to give me over at Mercedes.  When I asked my rep over at Mercedes he said he didn't recall us talking about BF Goodrich tires...WHAT?  Oh and that detailing?  Never got it, I had to get it done myself elsewhere and forget about the "discounts" on upgrades.  I bought my 2 previous cars from Desert Toyota and they were stupid that the first time I actually buy a Toyota I go to Mercedes...go figure.