Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Tucson in Tucson, AZ

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Tucson Chrysler Jeep is an established Tucson, AZ dealership that maintains a well stocked supply of Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles in our new and pre-owned inventories. The sales representatives have the experience to find the perfect vehicle match for you, and our finance staff will provide competitive payment options. The entire buying experience is straightforward and no hassle here; come and visit us today at 7800 E 22nd St.


Established in 2007.

Tucson Chrysler Jeep is an established Tucson, AZ dealership that maintains a well stocked supply of Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles in our new and pre-owned inventories. The sales representatives have the experience to find the perfect vehicle match for you, and our finance staff will provide competitive payment options. The entire buying experience is straightforward and no hassle here; come and visit us today at 7800 E 22nd St.

Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Tucson

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(877) 785-4468
Address:7800 E 22nd St, Tucson, AZ, 85710
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Tucson

Mona Y. | 2015-04-13

Took our new jeep of three weeks in because we noticed the driver side molding was a little loose they took care of it and a couple of days later we got up ready to go to work and walked out and we had a very flat tire.  The roadside assistance we purchased with our vehicle  came right out and changed the tire.  Which we took the flat to the dealership and they replaced it for us right away.   The service we got from the dealership and service was excellent.

Jeff V. | 2015-03-03

We ended up putting in a claim with the Attorney General office on our case.  It turns out the contract does in fact say you CAN  take the vehicle out of the country "with written permission".  This was told to us verbally as well.  Why would a contract mention this if is not possible.....EVER?  

Have not heard back from the dealership about anything else they're willing to do. Last I heard from them was when they asked me to update my last yelp review with a note that they contacted me and are working on a solution.  About a week after that, their solution was basically nothing and that they shifted the issue to their contracts department.  Gee thanks.  Excuse me while I pass the buck.....

Also, they apparently ignored the request from the Attorney Generals office to respond to their inquiry on our behalf.  It was due last Wednesday.  No response.  This situation has not improved and we've seen no effort from Larry Miller to do anything more.

Meanwhile, I STILL can't go into Mexico 6 months later.  Ugh!

Suzanne S. | 2014-12-15

If I could give it half a star, I would.

I took my Jeep in for it's 60K mile service (actually went in at 54K).  I spent over $1500 and within 3 hours my engine light came on.  I ended up taking my Jeep over to Borst Motors on 22nd because I broke down.  Part of my service with Jeep was the fuel injection system....guess what....someone...maybe my steller tech...forgot to re-attach the idle hose.

It will be interesting to see if Larry Miller reimburses me for my expense.  I doubt it...they smile when they take your payment and offer no accountability after.

Do not take your Jeep to their service department if you value your life.

Tim S. | 2014-10-28

This is the worst service department I have ever dealt with. I have bought over 25 new cars over the past 30 years and never had service like this. I went to the dealership to schedule an appointment. I told them the issues with the Jeep Grand Cherokee of weld slag on the door under the paint, the cell phone will not sync (even though it is on the approved list), spot on the dashboard, GPS not working correctly and an error the dealer in California made that he was willing to pay for and asked that I have the dealership where I was going to call them and they would give them an credit card number to bill with. I showed up on time and left the car for 6 hours.

When I came back they said I would have to go to an auto body shop since they did not have one then they would have to contact Jeep to have it approved. By this time the body shop was closed so that lent I would have to come back from Green Valley  at least two more times. Why should I have to run around town to get an estimate when it was a Jeep poor quality problem.
I was then told that Jeep would not cover the dash, my wife, son and I all saw the dash problem when we bought the car and was told that it would be fixed under warranty.
The cell issue was not fixed and the GPS still does not work correctly. After four weeks of a problem I do not see why Jeep would not come up with a fix.
The service manager said he did not want to call the other dealership and get in the middle of us.
It was two weeks after I talked to the service manager the first time and he said he was going to personally take care of the problems when I went back in to find out nothing was done. After over four weeks of trying to get service I was very upset and all the service manager had to say was if I didn't like their  service I should go somewhere else. If a customer is upset because of quality of service that is a simple fix GIVE THE CUSTOMER WHAT THEY PAID FOR.
I would never of bought the Jeep if I would of known service was going to be this bad.

Reese S. | 2014-03-21

Let me start by saying I gave one star because I had to leave a star rating.

Thus is by far the WORSE car buying experience I have ever experienced.  The staff is rude.

I got to the dealership late that afternoon and looked around. I already had a vehicle in mind that I wanted. So the dealer rushed to send me home with the vehicle. (I didnt find out until the following day that all the paperwork wasnt even signed). And i was told that nothing was set in stone as of yet. So I felted rushed and bullied to buy a car.  I came back the following the morning the discuss the deal. And of course I wasnt please withd the way I was treated or how they handles the deal. I wanted a few hundred dollars off the asking price. So I could feel comfortable.  And of course I was told that it wasnt happening. Very rude! By the sales manager Tommy. I truly dont think a few hundred dollars would hurt their pockets. But would knock something off their expensive warranty (that I later cancelled because the price is ridiculous and I found an awesome deal elsewhere). But I told him that I wasnt pleased and wanted to return the vehicle.  It wasnt even a full 15 hours. And he told me that I couldnt and I asked why. His reply they have a no return policy. Now thats the biggest lie if I never heard one. Seeing that in all the sale vehicles on the lot has a sign that states: there is a return policy!!!!!
So this place does not care about the individuals they are rude and only out for your money. Pure Bullies!!! And Liars!!!!

And when I went the following day to cancel the warranty I was given very wrong information from the finance manager , Jose. And he of course was rude as I explained to him that the I had already spoke with the leinholder about the cancellation.  But proceeded to try and make his point. Now I hope they handle that procedure is handle professionally since it is a refund.

There are too many encounters that occured. I would forever be typing. But at all cost do not buy from this place. They do not value their customers.  And not even the military personnel or government workers that they claim they do. Worst experience ever!!!! And several headaches along the way!!! I should have read the reviews on yelp first before looking for a vehicle. And spent my money elsewhere.

Tracy F. | 2014-03-19


(on a side note, the staff also locked my keys inside my car....then shrugged and told me to call roadside assistance....there is an F for customer service!)

I bought a new 2014 Jeep Compass in August 2013. As a first-time new-car buyer I of course purchased all of the interior and exterior protection packages which they described to me as taking care of anything and everything on the sides of my cars. It would cover scratches and dents no matter the origin as long as they were not on the front end or bumper. I was okay with this stipulation and purchased the package. I was so happy with my car and about 4 months later I referred a friend to this dealership. The car she purchased was used and had a couple scratches on it; the salesman guaranteed that if she purchased the same protection policy I purchased she would be covered with the stipulation she had to wait 30 days to bring it in. 30 days later she came in and they told her it WAS NOT COVERED. A long fight ensued and the salesman that told her this was apparently no longer with the company. They did fix her scratch and all was well EXCEPT that the both of us still have a package now that we were told scratches were covered and they are not which leads to my next problem. I got a small dent in the driver side of my door and when we opened the back door it cause a paint chip in the dent. I took it in and they said they do not cover dents. After arguing that, they said they could give me the number of a guy that would fix the dent for free but the paint was not covered. When I bought this car, the salesperson said it was covered and the finance guy said it was covered. We had to fight for the promised scratch and fight for the dent and still my paint is not covered. This whole process took them 2 days to figure out and when I went to pick my (still damaged) car up from them I called in advance. It was a Saturday and we were running late helping a friend. I called and said "I might be there slightly after 5, is there a way you can put my key in a safe place so I can still pick it up tonight?" They said yes, of course. I arrived at 5:15, slightly after they closed and I went to my car and it was LOCKED WITH MY KEY INSIDE. I went inside because they were still there....and I asked them if they locked my key inside my car, they man sat there dumbfounded and said "yes". I asked again, and asked if that made ANY sense at all to lock my key in my car. He did not understand the problem. I had to wait till my husband came back in town the following day to get my spare but it does not change the fact it now took 3 days to get my car back and no help from these worthless people. This place is full of lying scumbags who will do anything for a sale. If they are not lying, rest assured they are likely too stupid to lie and please do not trust your car with these idiots either. If you want to ever use your warranties you have to fight for it. If you want to have something looked at, it will take days, no courtesy car, and the potential some idiot will lock your key in your car. PLEASE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!! The Jeep itself is great, just please stay away from these people! One final note, I do not care that they fired the salesman that lied to me and my friend, I made this purchase based on their lies and I should not have to suffer because of it.

Darryl N. | 2014-02-20

Been using this dealership for routine maintenance on all my vehicles for about 4 years.  I started with a Chrysler PT Cruiser and Town and Country Van, and then had my Ford F250 and Chevy Cobalt serviced.  They had really good plans for multiple oil changes and they are always helpful.

The only issue is that they are not interested in doing major work on non-Chrysler products.  They turned down engine repair on my Chevy.  Prior to Larry Miller, they seemed a little more interested in working on other products.  Also I learned to call ahead for oil changes on non-Chrysler vehicles because they told me they did not stock the oil filters.  So it took me two times of waiting for 2 hours to get the part in before I asked and learned.  Now it is pretty fast.  

They also give car washes as part of the oil change.  Check the website for service deals.  

Finally, I have not bought a vehicle at Larry Miller but I know that when I was shopping for Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge products that they were consistently the lowest price posted by the all the competitors.  Again these were posted prices in ads.

Paul L. | 2012-03-13

I love my jeep, and they take very good care if it no matter how rough I treat the beast

Bill D. | 2010-08-31

Now called Tucson Chrysler/Jeep.  I have been using their service for both warranty work and routine oil changes.  Never had problem of any kind, car has always been returned in good condition and clean.  Excellent staff and technicians, answer all my questions, even let me walk into the work bays to let me see what repair or potential problem needs to be repaired.  Service Advisor John Brown is top notch, honest and pleasent to deal with, one of the main reasons I bring my car there!