Jim Click Mazda East in Tucson, AZ

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Jim Click Mazda East is part of The Jim Click Automotive Team with 11 dealerships in Tucson, Arizona and also carries the best selection of used cars in Tucson Auto Mall near Tucson Mall as well as in East Tucson. With the inventory of about 1,000 used cars at a time, we are one of the largest used car providers in Tucson, Oro Valley, and South Tucson. We have loyal New and Used car customers not only from Tucson but from all over Southern Arizona.


Established in 1973.

The Jim Click Automotive Team is one of America's largest automotive dealer groups, with thirteen full-service dealerships throughout Southern Arizona. Our involvement in the automotive business spans three generations, and has earned us a variety of consumer and national awards, including Time Magazine's Time Quality Dealer Award.

Jim Click Mazda East

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(866) 734-5030
Address:1301 S Wilmot Rd, Tucson, AZ, 85711
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Jim Click Mazda East

Monica E. | 2015-01-02

This was the best car buying experience in my life.

My heart was sold on a Volkswagen in Phoenix, but it didn't work out. So I turned my attention to Mazda.

I've heard lots about Jim Click. On the positive end of the spectrum, I've heard that he runs a determined, family-oriented business that is invested in the Tucson community.

Goodness, how could every single person here be so pleased with their work? I was on site for something like six hours, so I got to meet just about every employee working that day. Maybe they are pressured into good customer service. Who knows? I have rarely been in an establishment with so many pleased employees. It was...strange. And they even had stories about staff BBQs and holiday outings and all that. Fascinating.

I worked with Rene. Nice, family guy who seems deeply devoted to his work. He's been in the busy forever, and has been with Jim Click for most of it.

The car: a Mazda 6. I saw it online and fell instantly in love.

To this day, I love this car and am quite pleased with how the transaction went along. Never did I feel stress or pressure from Rene, even though he did try and show me a couple other vehicles. I drove off very please and, a couple months after the purchase, remain very pleased.

Also, I am not sure if the promotion is still going, but I got an additional cash benefit for turning over my old Mazda in the sale. And Jim Click offers a maintenance for life program. This also is actually pretty sweet: The team will take care of your lube, oil, filter and tire rotation needs (for normal use) so long as you are in Tucson.

Only complaint: Goodness, did the purchase have to take, like, all day long?! Other than that, A+

And be sure to ask for Rene!

Ann T. | 2014-07-17

I live in the Phoenix area and had a dead battery while in Tucson.  Since I'd purchased the battery from my dealer I knew it was still under warranty.  I went to Jim Click Mazda East with no appointment and was dealt with promptly and in a very friendly, helpful manner.  

Diagnostic testing took a while (about an hour), but the service advisor kept me updated on the progress. Eventually the battery was replaced free of charge.  Everyone I came across at the dealer was friendly.  Overall a good experience -- especially since I was an unexpected customer!

Alani D. | 2014-07-16

Came in to service my mazda 3. Must say as far as the service department is concerned, I had a great experience. I made an appointment for an oil change to which I arrived early. I knew my wait could be a little longer than expected but to my surprise they actually finished much quicker than anticipated. A man by the name of mark I believe was extremely friendly. They took great care of me and my car and the cost was very reasonable. Based on my experience, I would definitely return.

Rachel R. | 2013-05-20

Called for a simple oil change and to do this you have to call a main number and be routed to what you need... Lame, why can't I simply call the particular line directly. After I got through to the service center at this location I was put on hold, for 15 minutes. I hung up and went through the crazy process to reach the same person. This time when whoever answered, I forget his name, asked if he could put me on hold. I said no, and that I had already been put on hold for 15 minutes. He then became super rude and seemed to have little to no knowledge about customer service. I was shocked and appalled that someone would be rude to a customer that they had kept waiting... I told him that I wasn't interested in going there and hung up. Waste of my time! I only deal with Jim Click services because I have their maintenance for life. Horrid experience. Do not recommend!

Jessica G. | 2012-04-09

Three years ago I leased my Mazda3 from this dealer ship and have had nothing but problems since. Most recently being the attempt to buy out the lease for my car. I went in on March 5th, nearly a month early to discuss it to be sure I had my numbers and paperwork in order. I met with Tom Cothran and he mislead me about the trade-in value of the car, claiming that INSTEAD of buying out the lease I should just trade it in for $11,000 toward a new car. Of course the reality of the math came to me buying out my lease through the dealer and THEN trading it in, for a grand total of $852 towards a new car. Clearly, I opted not to get the new car, so he advised me (after speaking with the manager and several other sales people) to call back closer to my lease end and they'd get the buyout paperwork together since it's a "quick and easy" process.

Well my lease ends tomorrow. I've been getting the run around from Jeff Hall the "manager" for days saying he needed to figure out how to do it, since they don't do many lease buy outs. Come to find out today, at the end of the day- that I should have gone through Mazda the corporation, not the dealer. However, the dealer never advised me of this- until now, the eleventh hour when I'm stuck making a snap judgement and hopefully not stuck paying any late fees on the buy out.

I'll never go back, never recommend them and highly recommend you steer clear of their misleading tactics, lack of responsiveness to a legitimate issue and for their lack of ability to take responsibility for the mistakes they have made.

Corey D. | 2011-02-05

I decided to give Jim Click Mazda another try. You can't blame a guy for trying, right?

I should have known better. Simple service: I needed a new tire and an oil change. I called and spoke with the service advisor who immediately transferred me to parts claiming he didn't know much about tires. Isn't his job to advise? So I don't have to stay on the phone for twenty minutes while we sort out the details? Example script:

Advisor: I don't know much about tires, but let me take your number and I'll see how quick we can get the one we need and I'll call you back.
Me: Great! Look forward to hearing from you.

Instead I spent 20 minutes talking to the guy in parts about tire size and name then why the particular tire I needed to replace my flat had gone up almost $80 in two years time. After arguing about how insane that seemed he knocked $20 off the cost, which made me wonder if I was just being had. In any case the work was done on time as promised, but when I went to pick it up my car the service advisor was nowhere to be found. $200 is a lot of money to give someone for a tire and oil change, especially if that someone is MIA. Next time around I'm going a different route. Even worse when I was settling up with the cashier I was asked whether or not I'd rate my experience a ten if I received a follow-up call regarding my service. You can imagine my response.