Jim Click Dodge RAM in Tucson, AZ

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Jim Click Dodge RAM is part of The Jim Click Automotive Team with 11 dealerships in Tucson, Arizona and also carries the best selection of used cars in Tucson Auto Mall near Tucson Mall as well as in East Tucson. With the inventory of about 1,000 used cars at a time, we are one of the largest used car providers in Tucson, Oro Valley, and South Tucson. We have loyal New and Used car customers not only from Tucson but from all over Southern Arizona.


The Jim Click Automotive Team is one of America's largest automotive dealer groups, with thirteen full-service dealerships throughout Southern Arizona. Our involvement in the automotive business spans three generations, and has earned us a variety of consumer and national awards, including Time Magazine's Time Quality Dealer Award.

Jim Click Dodge RAM

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(866) 992-9146
Address:850 W. Automall Drive, Tucson, AZ, 85705
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Jim Click Dodge RAM

Dawn K. | 2015-01-27

Let me start by saying this was not very recent but after talking with someone who is currently having a similar thing happen I'm going to share; my husband and I went in ready to purchase a 2014 Dodge Challenger for my husband. We were helped immediately by a sales associate. We knew what we wanted but they only had a black model at the time and several used 2013 models. Our salesman hopped in the black 2014 model to take us to back storage lots looking for what they had in stock, as it might not be in the digital inventory but on the lot waiting to be processed in. Some 2 hours later, us held hostage in the car the salesman was driving looking for a Challenger up and down these holding lots of misc cars, didn't find what we wanted. But as it turns our a white 2014 Dodge Challenger was on a truck to be delivered to the dealership at the beginning of the week. So after 4 hours we left the lot with nothing but a promise that a car would be ours by Monday or Tuesday; we put $500 down on a car since there was no car, they copied my husbands debt card and we signed a blank piece of paper saying we wanted to buy a car with the date.

Well Tuesday rolls around and my husband called the personal cell phone of our salesman( since on Saturday he called his family while we were in the car and showed us pictures of his kids on that phone). No call back, Wednesday same thing. Thursday we went to the other Dodge dealer in Tucson. They had the car we wanted in the color we wanted at a slightly higher price but close enough. A week goes by and suddenly my husband gets 12-15 calls from the salesman saying our car is in. Mind you my husbands original calls had never been returned.  They called me at work and I told the salesman we bought a car elsewhere. The salesman said could give us a good deal and tried to tell me how he told my husband it would be in on Friday( Absolutely not at all true!)....I told him we aren't going to buy two cars.

So 4 months later, we go to apply for a home equity line of credit and it turns out this dealer had run our credit to get financing to so many places that it lowered our credit rating.  I can't recall the exact number, but our home finance guy said this kind of shenanigans he sees from car dealers which is a way to get back at customers who don't buy from the dealer. Maybe that is the case or maybe since we had just purchased a car, it would make it all the more hard for Jim Click to have financing in place thinking we were going to come in to buy a car 12 days after we went in to buy a car they didn't have.

Nappy H. | 2014-02-06

Very nice. Zero pressure from the sales staff. They worked very hard to get us the deal we wanted and made the process comfortable and relatively fast! The lot is a bit small but the inventory is huge! I am VERY happy with the service and would go back!

Kira S. | 2013-05-17

This review if for their service department.             What a horror show that place is! Service Writers unfamiliar with late model Dodge vehicles being brought into a Dodge service department is not very confidance inspiring. If anything could go wrong with them, it did, involving FOUR separate trips to the service department to fix the same item. It was unreal. The level of incompetance there is baffling, it really is. Calls go unreturned, communication was non existant!  If I didnt call & check up on them, i've a feeling work would have progressed at the speed of a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter! What started out as a simple transmission service & warranty issue for a back seat coming unstitched, turned into a comedy of errors that would do Hollywood proud. This place really tried my patience & I'm sure gave me a few gray hairs as well as raising my blood pressure & stress levels!

You would do far better to bring your vehicle to an independant repair facility where they actually know what they are working on & return your phone inquiries.

John F. | 2012-03-18

I took my 3500 series Dodge Ram for routine service and. Concern over a transmission leak.  The service advisor who checked me in, Dan, was friendly and helpful.
They promised me a report In 2 hours. Dan called in an hour to report that the problem had been identified and that my brake pads were nearing end of life. I asked for a price for the job and was quoted less than other "brake shops" had quoted.

They had the truck finished by mid afternoon. The price was right on the estimate and they showed the old pads as I had requested. They had also machined the disks, something that the "brake shops" wanted considerably more money and time to do.

Jim Click is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Ask for Dan.

Thanks Dan,

John Freitag

Liz D. | 2009-12-21

This review is based on the expierence (if I dare call it that) of their service department.

Jim Click offered me "Maintenence for Life for as long as I own the vehicle." Yeah, that's all great, but what about when they don't feel like servicing the vehicle? See, the last time I came here I was a walk-in, or in this case a drive-up (if there is such a thing). They said they wouldn't take it without an appointment, which wasn't the case in my previous oil changes, tire rotation, etc.. I said fine and scheduled an appointment for later.

Now I live in Goodyear, Arizona and its two hours away. However, I still own a Jim Click vehicle and it needed an oil change and what not. In fact, it was a little more than 3,000 miles overdue (I know, I know..). I was going to have it done here in the Phoenix area, but I was going to Tucson on Saturday for a birthday party and figured I could kill two birds with one stone and get my car checked out.

I called on Wednesday 12/16 to double check that I reserved a spot in their appointment book. This was a two hour drive away after all. The guy on the phone, Lance, said "No, its not a problem at all! We're open til' five and I'll be here all day. You *don't* need an appointment. Just bring it in and ask for me, Lance." Okay, this was after I explained my situation and even ASKED what was the latest possible time I could get in and he again told me, "Don't worry, I'm here all day and we're open til' 5." Not ONCE did he say, "Bring it here at 4 o'clock or we'll refuse service."

Well, that's exactly what happened when I brought my car down at 4:40. Yes, I knew it was a little late, but all I needed was an oil change and there had been a traffic delay that kept me from getting there any sooner. So, I walk into the office hoping they will honor their promise that I didn't actually need an appointment. After listening to me tell him once again, this time in person, about how my car severely needs the oil change, the a-hole says, "Yeah. We close in like 15 minutes. We can't do it."

I even mentioned I was told to ask for Lance specifically. I'm going to go ahead and bet that based on this chunker's face when I mentioned it, he was Lance and knew exactly that I'd made sure to ask twice if I'd need an appointment. He didn't apologize and he didn't bother with being nice about it either. He was a total jerk and I hope that his boss is reading this right now. I asked, or pleaded rather, as to where I could take my car where my Maintanence for Life would be honored. He was rude and said, "Across the street. But they close at five too. Heh. Heh." Oh, I was boiling mad when he started to laugh, but being a classy broad, I called him an idiot and slammed the door*

I then sped across the street where I was met with two older people working at the service desk who had looks on their face like, "Yeah, right lady. Don't think so..." After hearing my ordeal, they too said "All of our guys are gone. Can't help ya." They owe me at least my wasted breath and dignity as I almost cried from frustration infront of them.

The main reason I called to double check about appointments was if I needed one, then I would have driven down to Tucson a lot sooner (I had other stuff I needed to get done up here) and made sure I got my car seen. Ugh. From now on I'm just sticking to Wal-Mart's car people. I know its Wal-Mart, but they've never been extremely rude (I went there for all my oil changes and everything when I owned a different car) and they're fairly cheap. I don't recommend anyone take their vehicles to the Jim Click Dodge service people. They never seem friendly and they give mixed information.

*I only *wanted* to call him an idiot, but I did slam their door. : )