Desert Toyota in Tucson, AZ

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Desert Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(520) 296-8535
Address:7150 E 22nd St, Tucson, AZ, 85710
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Desert Toyota

Bobbie T. | 2015-04-10

Needed to have our 2004 Avalon serviced due to the air bag, apparently there is  a problem with the air bag deploying automatically and randomly as one is driving.  Had an appointment which I scheduled with Terry only a week before, (apparently not) Terry had no recollection I had ever talked to him even though I played a recorded voice mail back to him.  His response "oh yeah that's me"  I was appalled and surprised by his lack of professionalism.  No apology or anything just a rude guy who could care less about my situation.  The real sad part of all of this is I had received a recall notice form Toyota in November and talked directly to Terry at that time.  I called back at least three times and was treated very rudely by the receptionist and even told that Terry did not have time for this and if he had originally talked to me he would get back to me.  Needless to say the air bag problem still exists and has not been resolved.  I will not be doing any more business with this location even though I have purchased two vehicles from them in the past.

Marta Z. | 2015-03-31

I went in today to trade in a vehicle for a new RAV4. My salesman, Winston Allen was awesome. He showed me several vehicles and options and is the only saving grace from this visit. Once I picked out the vehicle I wanted I sat down with the manager to talk prices.

They had a used 2014 RAV4 LE with 2500 miles and another 2015 with just 500. The sales manager came out with a sales price on the 2014 of $30,999. I thought it was a joke considering the exact same car, a new 2015 RAV4 LE with identical features, I researched with a sales price of $23,096. The manager looked at me like I was crazy when I told him a fair price was at best $23,000. So I went on true and got quotes for the same exact vehicle (only brand new) at $22,446 from 2 dealers and the same $23,096 from a third.

The manager went back into an office with his counterparts to put together a better price and while I was waiting two dealers called from truecar offering an even lower price of $21,318. Desert Toyota came back at $23,999 for the used car and refused to match the 23,000 even price at the high end of the other new car offers to buy the same day. Then they claimed it was a "new car rebate" that made the prices cheaper from other dealers and took me over to the new car section who couldn't match the price of the other dealers in the state and come down the other $900.

I don't know what's worse- you sending me to look at new cars that are cheaper than your used vehicles in the same make and model, your inability to match prices (it's 2015, you can price match almost anywhere, including the other dealerships who matched the $21,318 immediately), the two hours I waited for you to figure out your prices suck and come back with other offers, or the fact that you came down on price by $7,000 and still wanted to sell me a vehicle above MSRP on your website.

The sales managers parting words to me were "they are probably going to low-ball you on the trade in to offer that price." The problem is- I never mentioned a trade in to the other dealerships. The price offers stand and I'm going with another dealer who offers a fair purchase price on the new RAV4, $10,000 under the original desert toyota price on the exact vehicle, used.

If price is no object- go nuts and visit desert toyota. If you want a fair price, do a cursory internet search and find any other dealer in the state and get a substantially better price.

Josh T. | 2015-03-24

After buying multiple vehicles over the years and having nothing positive experiences has come to a very sad end. The last vehicle that I got was great but the customer service was bad! I have have never been treated so baldy. The vehicle I ordered was lost. When it was found they lost one set of the keys and gave me a cheap non Toyota key. When I asked for the genuine Toyota key they would not give me one (extra $60). This was one of many issues that I had there. I even was treated by the GM like I was the issues not the customer service (ego issue ?). There never was any sense of responsibility or any apology. It always seemed to be someone else's fault or mine, even though I am the customer. I really am very easy person to deal with but Desert Toyota seem to fail in every aspect of taking care of the customer. Last time I ever go there or ever recommend to anyone.

Caleb T. | 2015-03-16

It's amazing to me these guys are in business. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM. They treat their customers like they are idiots and are completely condescending to everyone. If you read the emails and transcripts that my company with them and the "GM" of this place they would be unbelievable to you. Put them out of business and go to precision to save money, and also be treated like a human being. If we wanted to be made fun of for dyslexia we could go back to 4th grade.

Steve R. | 2015-03-14

We just moved here to Tucson and I had my Tundra serviced about 3 months ago and it went great. Dennis was awesome and was my service advisor. I just called and needed my next service and I need it on a certain day due to my job. I was told that Dennis is not there on that day so I could not bring my truck in for service. Really? I asked so if my service advisor is not in on the day I bring in my truck I can't get service? She said yes, " it's our new policy" . I replied that that is not at all a good business policy as the customer is now at the mercy of the service advisors schedule.  I am taking my business elsewhere as of today. A place that puts the customers schedule over the employees.  Who was the mental giant that came up with that policy!?!?!.

Scott K. | 2015-02-21

Im not really a negative review writer but was totally appalled at my experience here today. After having my Prius serviced for a defective part issue (took about two weeks to get resolved), I returned the loaner car and left my house keys on the key ring. I returned today to pick up my keys (which the service staff graciously found and set aside) so I parked in an open spot near the "used sales" building. Planning to only take about 60 seconds, I left the car running with my windows down and wife in the car. upon exiting my car, I observed one of several sales people (a sales manager I presume) pointing at my car, gesturing, and frantically instructing another sales person to tell me I couldn't park there. Per the other mans' instructions the sales person politely asked me to move to which I rudely (and regrettably) retorted that I would be only a couple of minutes. Upon my return (70+- seconds later) the guy was still pointing and gesturing about my car being there. My wife said he'd been doing it the entire time with her watching.

If you look at my reviews, its plain to see that I try to find the positive points in any business and I am usually generous with my star ratings.

I have never been so shocked, infuriated, embarrassed, and flat out confused by such a bizarre display of unprofessionalism.  As, I write this, I find myself more perplexed by what happened today and can only conclude that I will never patronize this business again based on principle. I mean Its like something out of a bad dry comedy flick where Will Ferrell is a deranged used car sales manager who goes to any length for sales, even yelling at service dept customers! Funny and sad all at the same time.

I live about 10 minutes from this Toyota dealership and will sadly need to drive 30 minutes to Precision Toyota to avoid risking another such incident.

Ali N. | 2015-02-13

Manager of Service Department Brian Bradley was very rude to me  just because i parked my car in the service area.
I came to pick up some parts to upgrade my DVD system (which service dept supposed to install for me)....


Never had such attitude at Precision Toyota....

A P. | 2015-02-03

Overall it was an okay visit.

The inside is lovely and they have lots of places to sit, free popcorn to eat, as well as a cafe to buy coffee and food, and a couple of TVs that are always on.  

I went here for some repairs and they were able to help me fairly quickly, which was good.
The bad?  They didn't do the repair right so then I had to go back a second time to have the initial repair fixed and done right the 2nd time around-- yeah that was annoying. But at least they did it and didn't give me a hard time about it.

Customer service could use some help. The guy who helped me was nice but rushed me through everything and let me know I wasn't that important to him. Then the 2nd time he was texting while talking to me-- oh yeah, how professional! Gotta love it!  Nothing says "we care about you" like when the service guy's texting while checking you in in a rushed manner...  He barely glanced at me while we were talking.

Although to be fair to him, the texting could have been work-related...

Also the courtesy shuttle could use some fine tuning. I'm happy they offer this service, but the first time it took almost an hour for the shuttle just to come pick us up and drop us off. Then the driver told me he'd wait to see that I got in to my house safely and would wait for me to "flick the lights" to let him know everything was fine-- but then he drove off before I'd even opened my front door!  What the heck?

Overall it was fine... At the very least it was pretty entertaining and makes for a good story that I can tell my friends about!

Zac A. | 2015-02-01

Classic dealership. Got hassled and worked! Shady salesman. I will never do business here again, nor recommend anyone here. Paid WAY over value of vehicle (I guess it's my fault for not knowing, but should a customer really get suckered in that situation??) I was treated like royalty when I first got there and as soon as the vehicle was purchased they seemed as if they wanted nothing to do with me. I even had another salesman ask if I'd throw in another 500$ for him to 'help him out'!?! LOL the sales department is such dirt here! How do dealers get away with this stuff? I wish I could leave no stars, nothing was satisfying about my experience with desert toyota.

Esperanza D. | 2015-01-28

If there was a prize for the ability to take everything "negative" about buying a car, this dealership would win the the top award.

My husband logged on to their website a few days ago and noticed a 2012 Scion xB with 26K miles on it.  We are in the market for an xB and the price that was listed seemed reasonable. The listing indicated that it was a Release Series 9.0 (a fact that is false, as the RS 9.0 was Hot Lava, and this vehicle was silver and a base model--the advertising and marketing is misleading).

He also provided information about a trade that we'd like to consider.  He provided all the information requested in the trade assessment. He indicated the best time to reach him is in the late afternoons or evenings, as he is unable to answer the phone during the day.  By the next day he began receiving calls incessantly from Robert Betancourt. These calls began during the day; his time request was obviously ignored.  He then began receiving text messages. Robert was demanding to see the trade. My husband sent photos. Robert said he couldn't receive picture texts. My husband sent over the specs on the vehicle, Robert continued to pester him with "when are you coming in?"

I decided that since I'm currently driving the trade, and I work nearby, I would leave work early the next day to visit Desert and have the trade appraised and look at the xB that was listed on the website.  I had pulled up the vehicle online prior to leaving work and had a print out.  

I arrived in the Used Car lot and immediately was bombarded by a sales associate. I said I was here to speak to a Robert. I walked in and was introduced to Robert, who immediately spoke to me in Spanish. Now, I recognize I have a Hispanic name, but his automatic assumption of being Spanish speaking was immensely offensive and off-putting. He said he was just in the middle of texting my husband.  I said that I was there to have the trade appraised and to look at the xB.  He immediately said he didn't know if it was still available.  I said, "You're pestering my husband to come and look at a car and you don't know if it's still available?"  His response was that it had been sold 4 hours prior and that he had been busy "doing other things."  He then proceeded to say that he has a 2011 Kia Soul on the lot.  I looked at him incredulously and said, "I'm not here to buy a Kia. We were interested in the xB. I find it offensive that you're trying to sell me something else."  He proceeded to ask if I still wanted an appraisal and if I was interested in a new xB. I told him that we may be going to the Phoenix area to shop instead. He immediately made offensive comments about car shopping in Phoenix, as you might be able to get a good deal, but there is always something wrong with the car.  I told him that I previously lived in Phoenix, have purchased vehicles in the valley, and they were just fine. I found this to be incredibly presumptuous.  I told him I would browse the new vehicles while he assessed the trade.  When I returned, he came back with an offer to $2500. I simply turned around, said I found that insulting, and that I would not be doing business with Desert.  He treated me as though I didn't know what I was talking about, I took immense offense to his attempt at selling me a Kia Soul, and I certainly didn't appreciate the negative comments he made about dealers in the Phoenix area.  He was pushy, he pestered my husband immensely, and he solidified the reason we hesitate to do business with a traditional dealer.  He provided terrible customer service, and how can you continuously harass a customer about coming in, when the car you know they were interested in is no longer available?  After I left, I found out that WHILE I was on the lot, another representative (a female) called my husband to try to get him to come in. He informed her that I was on the lot right then and she abruptly said she would call him back.

My husband and I will not be doing business with Desert. Ever. And I will ensure my family and friends do not get taken advantage of by the extremely poor customer service provided by your dealership.

Eric F. | 2015-01-28

There is no zero rating? Well this is classic bait and switch. They advertised a rare model. A XB Release Series 9.0 that was limited to a 2000 models. I gave them my info and trade-in info. I asked to be contacted in the afternoons. The next morning I had two emails and two phone calls. I responded to the email asking questions. Then that afternoon I had several calls from the same number in a few minutes. I was at work but answered thinking it was an emergency. It was them and I talked and gave the guy more info on my trade and told him I would go by after work the next day or later that week. The next day I was texted repeatedly when I never said for sure I was going that day. I sent my wife over with the trade to look at the car. She arrived and they immediately assumed she only spoke Spanish. Then even though the guy contacted me 5 minutes earlier that the car was sold. We also found out that it wasn't even a Release Series 9.0 it was a Base XB. Then the guy said they had a older car that was much better for her. They then offered her half the trade was worth on KBB trade-in value. At the same time they had someone call me asking when I could come in. I told them my wife was there and they said they would call right back. They never came back. Stay away at all costs.

Steve M. | 2014-12-13

"Buyer Beware" Dec., 2014.

Please learn from my mistake. Don't buy or sign anything the first day.  "Sales people are deceptive"
Check with your bank, and Kelly Blue Book on the actual value.  And check the internet to see what people are saying about that make and model. See if there are any recalls or service bulletins.

I was looking for a good used car with automatic transmission.
I got PUSHED into buying a four year used car. Then two weeks after buying the car I found out that the timing belt and water pump is prone to going out in that car after 60,000 miles.This car has 78,000 miles already. (It's a ticking time bomb that will take out the engine) $750 to replace those parts. (If the timing belt breaks, the pistons will hit the intake valves, then it is about $2,000 to repair the motor) so, I asked for a discount on those repairs, and they said screw you (not those exact words) I'll have to take it some where else for the repairs.  
Also the oil change sticker showed it was pass due for a oil change. I looked at the dipstick. The oil was dark and smelled burnt. (I took it to Walmart for a oil change)

Financing was turned down by about 10 banks because the sell price was too high ($11,000.) That's $4000 to $5000 higher than Kelly Blue Book, which is what the banks loan money on. (I had no idea the value book value) The sales persons at Desert Toyota lead me to believe I was getting a good deal. (It was a great deal for him, and not for me)

So with my $2000 trade-in, and credit score of 725, good credit history (I've never made a late payment in 30 years) It was finally financed by Vantage West Credit Union "for DOUBLE the going interest rate" (which they neglected to tell me)

(3 weeks later) I took the car to my credit Union today to re-finance for 3%, they said they could only finance $6000 of it.  (Kelly Blue Books price) and I owe $11000.  So the
answer was "NO"  Also they said I paid triple for the gap insurance.

Long story, short: I got screwed on the price, insurance, and financing, and they wouldn't give me a discount on the needed repairs.

My total price $13,000. Financed $11,000, and $2,000. down. (My down payment was a Trade in Toyota Corolla, 30-35 mpg, no dents, standard transmission.)
In hind sight, I could have kept my older car for me, and bought one like this for or better for my wife, and for less money, had I gone somewhere else.

Marissa D. | 2014-10-08

Horrible, horrible customer service. The salesman I dealt with was really nice but the manager was absolutely rude. I went into the dealership twice, inquired on the same deal/vehicle both times and was told two completely different numbers. Also they are so pushy and don't really care if you absolutely love the vehicle you leave in or not. I was also told I would not be honored the internet price as well as what they originally offered me for my trade it, apparently it was one or the other. Absolutely the worst dealership experience I've had yet!

K J. | 2014-09-22

Dropped off my car for what I thought was a routine oil change at 30K.  Told customer rep that I was dropping off for an oil change.  She said for the 30k?  I said yes.  At the 25k it cost $85 (which I thought would be the cost so I didn't ask). Anyhow I didn't know there was a difference with the 30k.  We drove up to Phoenix.  Came back and imagine my surprise when I got a $280 bill, mostly for "inspecting".  They really should clarify the service and cost when dropping off the car (but then I should have asked).  I guess live and learn.  I won't be making that mistake twice.

Mildred Kitty R. | 2014-09-01

Why can't we get a serious answer on the cost of a car without waiting for an hour? We asked the salesman and he said he would have to talk to his manager and he would them come over and talk to us and he could not Give us a price point for a Prius. What is happening ? We wanted to buy a car for our daughter and had to leave. All we wanted answered was how much will a Prius cost. They had some rebates but could not tell is how much in rebates ????? New customs service is awful. We need a price up front ( the lowest ) to see if my daughter can afford it. What a hassle !!

Bill G. | 2014-08-23

Just recently tried this Toyota dealer again to get some trucks service from our fleet.  It was suggested to me to work with ERIN which I did.  Although the service desk did not transfer me to her at first, AFTER several calls back and asking directly for Erin I got her in person.  She is wonderful, attentive and communicative with me about the last three trucks I took there ( mostly minor services)  I will continue to work with her (and only her) while she is employed there.  Just about everyone else I have dealt with there I would not deal with again !

Maggie C. | 2014-08-12

I had my car in to get repaired...twice for the same issue, because they didn't fix it the first time. We picked it up after work. I stood there for quite a while before the kid finally pulled up with my car (he said he got "distracted" with something else). My husband puts my baby in the car and off we go...ONLY TO DISCOVER when I got home that they had REMOVED THE BASE for the car seat. Without telling us.  It was sitting in the exact position it was when we dropped it off, but completely unsecured.

It's ridiculous that they would remove a car seat (it's not at all in the way for anything they needed to do) and completely unacceptable that they wouldn't alert me to this. I still have heart palpitations thinking about what would've happened if we'd had an accident on the way home! This is deplorable.

Jennifer P. | 2014-07-23

If I was rating my four-hour experience buying my Prius at Desert Toyota back in 2012, this would be a one-star review.  The highlight was when the finance guy was reviewing my credit report and told me I ought to buy an extended warranty because "you can afford it and you shouldn't let your husband tell you what to do."  

If I was rating the service department based on the time that Toyota's road-side assistance driver broke my hybrid battery and the service department tried to charge me for it, this would also be a one-star review.

Today must have been my lucky day!  I was dreading taking my car in to get the recalls fixed, but the whole process was totally uneventful.  My service representative was courteous and prompt.  It took the service department less than an hour to replace whatever it was that needed to be replaced.  And - to top it off - they didn't try to upsell me anything, even though I have "UPSELL" stamped on my forehead.  

My only gripe - and it's pretty minor - is the fact that you have to speak with your service representative, personally, to set up the appointment rather than making it with a receptionist.  That means you have to leave a message and get a call back later in the day.

I guess it's easy to impress when expectations are sufficiently low!

TucsonSu X. | 2014-06-06

I purchased a new Tundra here a couple of years ago, and I admit, it was kind of a pain in the ass. It took a lot longer than it should have, but we eventually made a deal. I purchased another new Tundra at the end of last year since they came out with the new body style. I emailed the same salesman that I used previously and also later sent another email to their general sales, but never heard anything back, so I ended up buying my 2014 elsewhere. The sales department is lacking for sure..


The service I've gotten on both of the Tundras that I've owned has been great thus far. The service adviser Dennis is who I've dealt with from day one and I'm glad I chose to deal with him. He is very customer service oriented and always goes over the work done and makes sure that you are happy. If you call, he is very patient with you and will call back in a timely manner if you caught him while he was helping another customer. All in all a great person to deal with when getting your vehicle serviced.

I would've given a 5 star review but my sales experience was less than stellar.

Sales should get a 3 and service deserves a 5.

Cindy R. | 2014-03-10

I've had my high lander in several times attempting to get the same item fixed with limited resolution.

John R. | 2014-02-25

Desert Toyota earned this 1 star very fairly, very unabashedly, like a young soldier bravely storming upon enemy territory except wearing his pants backwards and armed with a potato gun.

First off, when we arrived, there was a sign with an arrow directing us to "PARTS".  The arrow next to it directed people to "SERVICE".  Since what we needed was a new remote for our Toyota, and that's a part that I can just buy, I assumed I went to the right place by parking accordingly under the parts sign.  No - I was immediately approached by an employee who asked me to move my vehicle to the service side (even though other cars were parked there).

Upon entering, there are about 3 different areas staffed by employees at counters, but each area is for a different cause - to the right, the receptionist, to the left is the service help, and behind them is the parts.  I went to the parts area, where there was an employee walking around next to me, ignoring me, while the other one remained on the phone.

When he hung up, he then told me that each remote for my 98 Toyota would cost $125 + tax.  Then they told me to go to the service counter to find out how much these cheap pieces of plastic that cost $125 each would cost to install.  This is how I found out that the desk on the right is a reception area, and the service "advisers" are next to them to the left.

I like the sound of "Service Adviser".  Makes me feel like I'm figuring out which college classes to take, like the person I speak with is really going to be on my side.  Of course you and I are too smart to believe this, but it gives you a warm feeling when you hear that term right?

I was advised that each remote would cost $60 to program.

As I left, one employee rudely ran in front of me, bumping into me, without apologizing.  Par for the course.

Found out that Best Buy has an alarm system with car remotes, installed for $200 which would be about half the price with an added feature.  Not that I think Best Buy isn't overpriced, just saying it's astounding that they are over priced and still half the price of Desert Toyota.  

To sum up, $400 for rude service and $4 worth of plastic.  No thanks.

Nali M. | 2014-01-11

i'm in the market for a new car, but i'm in no rush to make any rash decisions.

i walked onto their lot to look at a car i'd been considering for a while. a sales man saw me looking around and asked if i'd like to test drive. i declied, but he mentioned a price that i thought was pretty good for the vehicle i was considering.

fast forward to five hours later, the price changed when i spoke with the sales managers (who were probably the worst and rudest people i've ever dealth with in a customer service setting). they ganged up on me when i was negotiating with them and were completely disrespectful, not just to me but my entire family.

the only good was the sales guy i dealed with, inka. he was courteous and understanding.

after everything, i just walked out. will probably not go back and would never recommend this place (not even to my own worst enemy!).

Emily T. | 2013-12-14

I was surprised at how rushed and impersonal service felt. I was used to taking my car to Camelback Toyota in Tucson. The service reps there actually have offiices/desks and they sit down with you while you check in and actually take the time to learn your name. The reps here have desks that they stand at to check you in.

Abby A. | 2013-12-08

We were literally stranded in Tucson after being towed there from 100 miles away on our road trip to TX... Long story. Anyways I tell Erin Dean my sob story on the phone and she can't promise me anything but will try her best. So we get there, one of the techs is literally about to go home and willingly looks at our car. He diagnosis it that night, orders the part and the car was ready for us the next day a little after noon. I couldn't be happier with Erin's service, understanding and willingness to help. ....

Ariel B. | 2013-11-01

I just bought a car from Desert Toyota of Tucson, and let me tell you that the experience was Great! IF YOU WANT GREAT SERVICE ASK FOR JOE! He is a great salesman and he made my whole experience great! When buying cars I really hate the hassle, I was even considering going to carmax and dealing with them because the haggling is exhausting. But Joe made the whole process effortless.
I am so happy with my decision to stop by there, and I feel very pleased with the whole process!!

Tim T. | 2013-07-01

Terrible service department. They told me it needed some service on the rear springs and its never been the same since. I brought it in for an oil change and now the rear end sits lower and you can feel every bump. Of course they refused to fix it. Very dishonest and rude when you question what they did.

Isabella J. | 2013-06-18

This review is for the service department: I drove way East just to get my oil changed and I'm glad I did. I was a little skeptical considering the range of reviews on their business page, but how bad can a free oil change be? Appointments are strongly recommended but they'll make sure to squeeze you in if you show up sans appointment. Terry was my service representative and I can't recall his assistants name, but they were both fantastic and professional. My experience here was stellar from the moment I pulled up. The service center is quite large and they have plenty of people on staff to make things move quickly and efficiently. I checked in and about half an hour later I was out of there. The waiting area is super spacious with plenty of seating, the WiFi is free and fast and they offer complimentary coffee and water. For those who come with an appetite, they have a concession area. After an extremely poor experience with another Toyota dealer in town it's worth it to me to drive to this location because the customer service was excellent.

Tim C. | 2013-05-15

This dealership not only has bad customer service, but also highly unethical practices. Particularly one of the managers is rude and condescending. Be careful with these guys, before showing your financing options they will make you wait while the financial "expert" plays with your credit, and let me tell you -not in a positive way-. They are known for selling overpriced cars to families that can't afford the monthly payments, or putting the families in debt for the rest of their lives. Take it from a fellow Tucsonian, before buying a car at this dealership,do yourself a favor visit the other Toyota dealership and decide for yourself.

Amy E. | 2013-02-21

I hate going to car dealership because I always feel pressured to buy something and even something I'm not looking for. This past weekend my boyfriend and I went test driving with no intensions of buying a car that day. When we got out of my car my boyfriend made that known from the get go and David, the guy sales guy who helped us out was understanding. We got to test drive what we wanted and were treating wonderful. I was really happy about the information they gave us to take and the no pressure to buying anything that day. I would buy from them because of their service and because it seems that they have a good reviews as well.

Kathy N. | 2013-02-20

My family has been using Desert Toyota for years and never had a problem. My entire family has purchased vehicles, both new and used. We've always been treated with respect and walked out of there confident we were given a great deal.

The service area is top notch and I completely trust my service advisor Erin. They take care of my needs and are always very helpful.

Wouldn't consider buying or servicing a car anywhere else.

Michael M. | 2012-08-09

Great service. Fixed my car in no time!

Elsbeth P. | 2012-08-02

Ya know, I realized I hadn't written a review of this place until a phone call jolted me into correcting that error.

I bought my Corolla at a different Toyota dealer in Tucson.....but when I moved to the Eastside I started bringing it to Desert for service.  The first time I came in for an oil change it was very.....sterile.  I dropped my car off and Kyle, the personal service guy or whatever, tried to convince me I needed to flush my transmission and blah blah blah.....whatever, I just need the oil changed.  I HATE pressured add-ons like that.

Fast forward a couple of years and I start getting phone calls for offers to buy my car because they're short used cars and will offer me x amount to buy it back and put me in a new car.  I told them I wasn't interested.  This happened no less than three more times and I finally said to remove me from their list, I was NOT interested in selling my car. "Did you get the check we sent you for ten thousand dollars?"  
Uh, no, stop calling me.  Thanks.

They had the audacity to call me back that same day- someone forgot to put a checkmark next to my name or something.

It's just bad.  Walking onto the lot of a stealership, you know what you're getting into, you're going onto THEIR turf, but when they start calling you?  No bueno.

Anthony B. | 2012-07-11

I frequent the parts counter at desert toyota and i have always received the best service they have called other dealerships in town so that i get my part asap. they ever held a part at the front counter after they had closed A+++++

Jennifer D. | 2012-03-17

Desert Toyota was very nice and helpful to me.  They were not pushy when buying a car and were willing to tell me what I needed to do.  Although I didn't buy a car from here I thought they were helpful and nice.

Robert N. | 2012-03-03

Cheers for not pressuring us or being jerks. Jeers for all the add-ons. $800 for ultraguard, $500 for advertising, and $400 for doc fees.  Then $650 for an xm radio!  We walked away.
Update March 2013: We ended up going through Costco's car buying service.  They work with Precision Toyota on the other side of town.  It worked out very well.

David S. | 2011-09-23

Never had a bad experienced with Desert Toyota till yesterday and will never have another one as I will no longer use their services or buy another vehicle from them again.  In about a two hour span I had called three times to make a maintenance service appointment for my truck and also have it detailed but got put on hold as my service representative Erin was with another customer.  Each time after a short while on hold I was asked if I wanted to leave my name and number and she would call me back.  I didn't until I called back a fourth time as it was getting a little annoying not being able to reach someone for over two hours.  After an hour after not receiving a call back I once again called the service department where I was put on hold and after a short while was asked if I wanted to leave my name and number.  I told the service representative I had an hour ago and because no one called my back in a timely manner they lost my future business and hung up.  I called O'rielly's Chevrolet as my other vehicle is a GMC and they schedule me an appointment for my Tacoma the next day.   Pretty soon Desert Toyota will have to change their name Deserted Toyota if they keep this level of customer service up.

Pam B. | 2010-04-07

We tried to buy a Highlander Hybrid here in 2006. We got one happy kid trying to work with us one time and then we got pawned off on someone else who told us the "demand" was so great that the price we were told wouldn't be possible. We went to a dealership in Phoenix and got the deal we wanted. Since it is a hybrid and because the dealership is near us, we thought it would be best if we got routine maintenance done here. Every single time we go, it's been a headache. Not only is the cost higher (I guess that's to be expected with a dealership), but their service is just horrible. Today, my husband was in there for more than 3 hours for what he thought was an oil change. They knew he was waiting. First they locked the keys in the car (they didn't ask if the car auto-armed, but told him to leave the keys in the car and they kept the door open while he was there, so he thought they knew). Then they took their sweet time doing an oil change. And he had an appointment for this -- it wasn't a walk-in. They acknowledged that they shouldn't have taken this long because they didn't bill for the service (oil change and whatever the "35k maintenance" is that they didn't tell him they were doing -- which can't cover much because he just did the 30k maintenance for $180), but my husband lost several hours of work time and has to use PTO to cover this (he works on the other side of town, so they don't offer to drive him to work and pick him up). We'll be taking our Highlander to a local import shop ( ) for all the maintenance now. The only reason to go here is if you have free recall work to be done and even then, plan to be disappointed and irritated -- and lose hours.

Sarah L. | 2009-07-15

They suck. Twice I have been burned by them. (Twice because
of my forgiving nature in hoping it was a fluke). They sold a scion
to someone else after I had already put a $1000.00 deposit on it
and asked me to wait for a week for another. Waited, waited and
waited.I will never ever deal with them again. If I need something I'm heading over to Precision.