Chapman Volkswagen Tucson in Tucson, AZ

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Chapman Volkswagen includes a premier Service Department, genuine VW parts and accessories, and knowledgeable staff ready to assist you. In addition to new vehicles, we offer Volkswagen certified pre-owned vehicles, as well as many other pre-owned makes and models. Our Service Department includes Volkswagen Service Xpress, a no-appointment quick lube and oil change service, which features the same great service you would expect from your Tucson Volkswagen dealer, but in 45 minutes or less.


Established in 1966.

Did you know that the Chapman Family has been selling cars since 1966? That's over 45 years of selling quality cars, trucks and SUVs. Our Tucson VW dealership is your choice for VW car sales in Arizona. Our success starts with one thing: the best prices. Bargaining is a hassle for both the customer and sales staff. We want you to know that your Tucson VW dealer gives you the best bottom line price in town.

Chapman Volkswagen Tucson

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(520) 445-4090
Address:4500 E 22nd St, Tucson, AZ, 85712
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Chapman Volkswagen Tucson

Alana J. | 2015-04-16

I had a great car buying experience here.  I bought my very first new car here from Matt and Al, and it was great!

I really needed a car, and my then-fiance and I had been shopping around for a while.  I grew up around VWs, my dad always had them, and I learned how to drive on a vintage VW Beetle, so after looking at a slew of other vehicles, we decided to stop in here.

Matt was the first person I talked to, though Al has been my dad's car guy since forever.  Matt helped us find a few cars that we liked (my fiance wanted a Tiguan after an episode of Top Gear).  We test drove a few, but I fell in love with the Passat.  It was going to be my car, so nevermind that Gabe wanted the SUV more.  My dad has a Passat, so I already know I like them, and Matt went over the safety features with me, which made me feel even more comfortable in my decision.

Gabe still wasn't sure, so Matt let us take the car home for the night.  We both got on bored with the idea of a Passat, and went in to sign the lease the next day.

Matt was always professional and fun, made us feel like we were a priority and I absolutely feel that he gave me the best deal.  The only negative thing I could say was that the guy who went over the financial side of things with me was awfully pushy about this additional paint protection thing.  Initially I has said yes, but when I talked about it with my dad, decided against it.  The guy got a little rude without being "rude".

Over all, I will be back for any vehicle purchases I may need.  I love my car (named Fritz), and I really liked the amount of great service I have received during and since leasing my car.  All of the employees I have encountered have been kind and helpful.

N. A. | 2015-04-16

Horrible customer service!   Inquired about an estimate- was given different information within a week!   The person on the phone by the name of Larry was rude, inconsiderate and pretty much projected their deficiency on to me.    There is no consistency and accountability at this business!   What a shame given there are only 2 Volkswagen dealers in town!

Theresa Mary F. | 2015-03-16

Excellent service and support - I just purchased my second car from Chapman Volkswagen.  Crystal and Al are great. Thanks!

Mike F. | 2015-01-31

This review is for the service department. I have been a customer of the service at Chapman since moving to arizona in 2005, but after today I will find another place. I was waiting for my car to be finished, when I observed a service "expert" give information to a customer that was not only wrong, it was dangerous. The female service expert told a customer that the more worn tires should be on the rear of the car, which will lead to an increase in hydroplaning and oversteer. Every tire manufacturer, and competent tire sales will recommend that the more worn tires be on the front axel. If the supposed expert doesn't know a basic fact like that, I have no confidence in the rest of the service they provide.

Rex B. | 2014-10-24

The best car dealing experience I have ever had.  Ken Lewis, Sales Consultant, is the best!  He is informative and a straight shooter.  It was a very good experience buying from Chapman VW.

Meredith A. | 2014-09-26

Larry is THE MAN!!! He's been my service provider for 3 years and has been on time, honest, and just a really awesome guy.  Need an oil change? They have an express service, no appointment needed.  I once tried to go to Larry Miller and their wait staff was rude! Slow! And just didn't care about me.  If you are looking for exceptional service- you go HERE!

One more thing.  They had Dunkin Donuts this morning. :) sweet lil pumpkin muffin waiting for me. WINNING!

Vincent G. | 2014-09-20

Recently purchased a VW from a non VW dealer. Still had the original warranty intact.  Back window wouldn't work, outlet plugs didn't work and the check engine light went on about 2 weeks after I purchased the car.   Called Larry in the service department and explained the situation.   He went out of his way to make me feel like I purchased a new car and at no point did he make me feel uncomfortable for purchasing a used car not from his location.  

Fixed everything under warranty as well as replacing my fuse free of charge (which they normally charge for).    In any case, the experience was very positive from start to finish and I will be going here again for all my VW needs, in and out of warranty.

Jordan C. | 2014-07-29

Very sketchy. Had them repair a system and it broke just a few months later. Also-- very slow. Took them 3 hours just to do a simple emissions test. Would suggest using Larry H Miller dealer instead. Much more reputable repair work in my experience. Larry  the service consultant was also extremely rude and unhelpful.

Oh, and they literally let me drive away once with the entire undercarriage of my car falling off without telling me.

Ben K. | 2014-04-15

I would give these guys no stars if I could. I bought a CC here in 2010, and while it was one of the best cars I ever owned, the salesman gave a halfassed delivery and knew less about the car than I did. Then my wife and I went to buy a Jetta in 2012. They told us they couldn't finance us. We went to Phoenix and they got us a fully loaded Jetta and a low interest rate. The piece de resistance was last Saturday. My friend who has just moved to the US (and is thus a credit ghost) went here. She found a Beetle she absolutely fell in love with. She negotiated a deal, signed paperwork, was assured financing was no problem (though the interest rate was high, the payments were acceptable). Monday, they called her to tell her they couldn't get her financed and that they has sold it to someone else (for more money, I found out from an inside source). As a former car salesman, I can say this is utterly unprofessional and shows not just poor customer service, but actual disdain for customers.

Christina F. | 2013-11-20

I always bring my Jetta here for her oil change and feel assured that they will do a good job and that I'll get her back looking shiny and new. They are a bit more expensive sometimes, but I was able to use a coupon this time which saved me about $20. They gave me a full run down, in order of urgency, of all the concerns I should be aware of. I can't afford to get all the work done here, but I feel empowered to shop around and start chipping away at it all on my own terms because of the clear explanation Scott gave me when I picked up my car. I didn't use shuttle service this time-- but I have before, and it was pretty convenient. Just remember to take cash to tip the driver if you chose to use the service. Their waiting room is rather pleasant as well with coffee and free muffins while you wait. Neither option is very bad. I will continue coming here for my oil changes as long as I'm in Tucson.

Debra B. | 2013-11-10

I have very high expectations in sales and service and have bought many cars over the years.  The best in both sales and service has been Chapman Volkswagen.  For sales I had Len Luskin and really appreciate the entire experience and will ask for him in future purchases.  Service has also been excellent.  From the initial call for service to driving away at the end they are efficient, professional, courteous and helpful.  I also love my 2012 Passat!

Chris C. | 2013-09-29

I live out of state and ordered some parts online through their parts department. They were one of two sources for these parts I could find online, and I didn't want to get fleeced by the local VW dealership parts department, which marks up everything 100% for retail sales. Dealerships have high overhead, so they have to find ways to make money. Outside of sales, they recoup costs on service and parts.

Anyway, I could deal with the cost of the parts. What really toasts me is the $14.00  (for a 14 ounce shipment of plastic moulding ( that only cost  $12.00 to purchase!) using the slowest ground delivery known to humankind. Next time I'll just get my whipping locally and agree to the retail fleecing.

Jorgiana J. | 2013-06-11

After last week's experience, I felt I had to post.  My A/C stopped blowing cold air last Thursday (when it hit 107).  I called the service dept and told them the problem and asked them to look up when I'd had it worked on last.  14 months ago, the compressor blew and Chapman replaced it.  Because I was at 72K miles when that happened and the estimate was $1800,  I contacted VW Customer Care (VW's advocacy hotline) who agreed to foot half the bill.  I assumed because of this that there would be a decent warranty and they'd fix the problem this time around.

Not so.  Turns out that the warranty on their repair work was 12 months.  I'm at 14 months out.  I called Customer Care again, they looked up the report and said "Sorry, we've already extended one offer of goodwill."  Uhm, seriously?  You fixed my car with a part that worked for exactly 14 months.  Steve in Chapman Service understood my frustration, but can't solve the problem.  I'm waiting for Dave Rupp to return from vacation next Monday to see what can be done.

I'm still stunned by the inherently flawed logic of VW expecting me to buy a new AC system every 14 months.  Oh, the best part?  VW offered me a voucher for $750 on a new car.  Yeah, lemme sign up for MORE trouble and pay a premium for it.  It's like they don't see the wisdom of good customer service.  

The saving grace? I have the honor of teaching weekly classes to a hundred soon-to-be college graduates who are probably planning on buying a new car once they finish school. My current advice? Anything BUT a Volkswagen.

Elyse P. | 2013-05-02

I brought my new baby, a 2010 Passat Turbo, in for warranty work. When I had brought the car in previously (to get a new key programmed) they let me know when my warranty was up and that I should bring the car in shortly before - very nice of them.

So, the warranty is almost up and I called to schedule - I got an appointment for the next day. Unfortunately, there wasn't a courtesy car, but there was a shuttle available - hubs and I carpooled, so I didn't take advantage of this. I worked with Sammie and she was great - very friendly.

I mentioned that the air conditioning didn't seem to be working properly. At first they weren't able to determine the problem, but after several hours, the problem finally showed itself - thank goodness! The shop stayed late that night to finish so I could pick up my car the next morning - super appreciated.

Great experience - really couldn't have gone any smoother. This time was free, next time won't be, but, that's the joy of owning a car. Keep up the good work, Chapman VW!

Tuyen C. | 2013-04-25

This review is for the new car dealership at Chapman VW.

Pro:  good selection of vehicles to choose from, local
Con: way less than satisfying buying experience with much of the same game playing in the automotive retail industry.  I spent a lot of time waiting around for them to discuss my offer.  Word of advise - know your models and price.  If not, you may end up paying 4000 - 5000 more than what a fair price should be.  And warn them that you will leave if they took more than 15 minutes responding to your offer.  In fact, they should know in 15 seconds.

Then again, when was the last time a car dealership is out to save the consumers money?

Britannia R. | 2013-01-18

I have been receiving service from Chapman Volkswagen for almost three years ago - first when I was test driving cars, and for all servicing my eventual purchase has required. I am quite happy with every single one of my experiences there.

When I told the sales representative that I was looking around but would be unable to purchase anything until 3 months from that time, he called me in 3 months - did not call or email regarding the sale before that. When I decided on the exact model I wanted, it was available in Phoenix but not Tucson, and they offered to drive it down for me just so that I could test drive the exact car I may buy. I ended up going to Phoenix to get the car so that I could have a fun day in the city, but I appreciated that Chapman Volkswagen was happy to go to any extent to make things easy on me.

All of my experiences with receiving mechanical service from Chapman have been happy ones. They always seem to over-quote the time frame necessary to perform repairs - if I'm told 4 hours, I should be ready to get a phone call in 3. I primarily interact with Scott, though yesterday I worked with Larry, and both men are incredibly polite, friendly, and seem to be happy to answer any and all of my questions. I have read other reviews on here and honestly, I have never experienced an ounce of rudeness from anyone who works here - they are smiley and knowledgeable people who I trust and enjoy interacting with. Even when I called them, panicking because it was my first time filling up my tank and I couldn't figure out how to get the gas door to open (turns out your doors have to be unlocked), they calmed me down and stuck with me on the phone until I got the darn thing open. I can't praise the service enough!

Sheldon R. | 2012-10-03

I have bought many cars over the years and worked with plenty of sales people which I honestly can't remember their names, that is all but one.  His name is Len Luskin.  

Thank you Len for making my purchase experience fast, easy and hassle free.

So whether your a seasoned car buyer or first timer go to the man who has the knowledge, integrity and follow through to make your experience headache free.

Trace N. | 2012-02-15

There are many reasons why this dealership has such a poor rating. Great cars - extremely poor customer service. Will not buy another car from Chapman

Nicholas S. | 2012-01-10

I bought my VW Jetta from here back in 2005 and have always loved my car.  I am grateful that I hadn't had any issues with it until last year.  Most of my friends who have purchased their VW's from here have had nothing but problems since the day they purchased their VW.  When we have discussed their issues, I have heard that they will never buy a car from Chapman, aka Crapman.  I always figured I was the lucky one out of the bunch until I started having problems with my Jetta last year.  One day my Jetta wouldn't start, even after a company came out to try to jump start it.  I had it towed here and had the unpleasant experience of dealing with Scott in their service center.  I was pretty upset because I had a bad feeling something was terribly wrong with my Jetta.  Scott didn't really seem to care about my concerns.  After receiving a call 4 hrs later, I was told my Jetta needed a brand new fuel pump.  $1200.00 later, everything was fixed and I was just happy to go and pickup up 'my baby'.  After waiting for Scott to finish his personal phone call outside on his cell, and watching other service people inside finish off some popcorn and be ignored, I had had it.  I emailed David Rupp, who is the supervisor for the service department.  I emailed my concerns to him about the crappy service I received and was ignored.  A month later, I emailed him again, as I was out of the state on vacation , and told him I had never heard back from him.  His response was, "some of my files were deleted; can you send your email again"?  LOL guess my concerns didn't mean much to him.  I asked for him to email me his supervisors information, and still have not heard back from him.  I will be calling today to speak to his supervisor.  Turns out all the bad stuff I heard from friends and colleagues really is true.  Chapman states they care about their customers and want to hear your feedback, but when it's not positive, they could care less how you feel.  I will never buy another vehicle through them again.

Monica E. | 2011-06-30

The service department burned me on a repair because one of the sales reps made a mistake then turned around and blamed me! I asked to speak with her supervisor and he had the nerve to look up my record to see how loyal I had been and then mentioned this to me while she was standing there!


I complained to corporate and got my due apology and have never gone back!

It is so unfortunate because I had a great working relationship with a prior service manager who ended up leaving the company.

Jaci W. | 2011-01-13

I leased a vehicle from Chapman three years ago. All went routinely. They did however neglect to inform that when I turned in my vehicle - on time and under allotted mileage btw - that there is a $350 "turn in fee". I have leased lots of vehicles and no one charges this.

A friend of mine also leased a vehicle from them and wasn't told.

A few weeks after I turned my vehicle in - a day early - I was charged for turning it in late! I have spent so far an hour of my life, two phone calls and numerous faxes attempting to clear this up. So far no luck.

Apparently the dealer used the wrong turn-in form and didn't date it. This shouldn't matter since I faxed proof of the turn-in to VW credit on the same day I turned it in.

While they aknowledge receiving proof of my turn in a day before it was due they will not remove the charges because the dealer didn't use the proper form nor date it.

Apparently they think I own a time machine.

Brandon G. | 2010-11-16

Quoted me 3 months and $12,000 for repairs to a damaged wire harness, but it took them 9 months!  When I got my car back, the seat was torn and the bumper was cracked and scratched.  They lied and said the car was like that when they got it.  I am so glad that I had pictures to prove otherwise.  My suggestion, drive to Phoenix, it is worth it!

Steve M. | 2010-04-16

I've purchased two VWs from this dealership (the first back when it was Beaudry VW). My sales experiences have been pretty good. I've worked with Al and Raul -- definitely recommend working with these guys. Some of the others don't seem to know anything about the cars they sell... I'll admit I over research and obsess a bit myself, but I shouldn't be teaching a sales rep about his vehicles.

The service department, although 1000 times better in recent years, is still one of the worst aspects of the dealership. I've discovered that the only service advisor I can work with is Sammie. The others just don't understand how to deliver consistently good customer service. I think it's pretty pathetic that they give you a printout of what they want you to say when you're surveyed by VW of America. My thoughts: if you want excellent ratings, give me excellent service. That's only happened the two times I've dealt with Sammie.

Jenn L. | 2010-03-26

Now buying my 3rd VW from Chapman. First 2 experiences were so-so, mostly because they were new salespeople who didnt know much. This time I'm working with Len Luskin and he is AMAZING! Returns emails and calls within minutes, great product knowledge - even owns a VW himself (which means he believes is what he is selling!), and he is all about taking care of the customer. He has gotten me a fantastic deal and exactly the car I want. Go see LEN!!

Nicholas M. | 2009-08-04

Yeah, this place sucks.

I was driving through the desert to Texas and the water pump on my Jetta gave out.  I had the car towed back to Tucson to have it worked on at the dealership there.  I brought it in around 4:00, and was told by Scott that it could be looked at the next day.  Okay, that's reasonable, it was toward the end of the work day.  They were probably backed up.  

So they offered me a shuttle to take me to a hotel nearby.  Now, I'm a student on a budget, and asked to go to a cheap hotel.  The shuttle driver takes me to the Double Tree hotel.  One look at the Double Tree and I could tell that this was not a cheap hotel.  I asked the shuttle driver if I could inquire about the rates first and he said, "I get off at 4:30."  I looked at the clock.  It was 4:25.  "Okay, Double Tree it is then."  To say the least, the rates were not cheap at the hotel where the VW shuttle driver dropped me.

The next day I received a call from Scott.  He quoted me a list of $5,000 in estimated repairs over the phone.  Only the water pump was essential at the moment, so I authorized him only to fix that.  He claimed that the timing belt needed to be replaced too.  Okay, fix that too.

I asked Scott if he would send the shuttle service to pick me up from the hotel.  He couldn't guarantee a shuttle ride.  He gave me the number of the driver and told me call him myself.  I did so, and was able to procure a shuttle ride.

When arrived at the dealership, the bill to repair my car was over $1200.  This included the water pump, the belt and labor.  The cost of inspection was $110, which was not factored into the cost of the repairs.  I asked Scott if he could bring the price down due to my poor student status, but he only knocked some of the tax off.

I was not impressed with these guys at all.  I understand this is a dealership and that means it will be more expensive than taking it to a shop.  But I think Chapman Volkswagen in Tucson monopolizes the VW market in the area.  As a result, they are unsympathetic to customers and offer mediocre service at best.

Ahmed S. | 2009-03-22

With only one other review I have to politely disagree. Raul at Chapman is great, I bugged him for a month before buying my car. He walked me through the entire process and let me drive the Jetta seven times before I finally decided to buy it. If you want a Volkswagen talk to Raul.

David R. | 2008-10-20

If I could give this dealership no stars I would; yeah, its that bad.  However, if you have or want a VW, it is the only dealership in Tucson. I've had 5 Vdubs in 3 states and this is the worst VW dealerships I have ever encountered and the service department is no better.