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Meet the uber-eco 2014 Honda Accord LX with 50mpg, voted "Green Car of the Year." From $23,545 at Chapman Honda.

As a three-time American Honda President's Award-winning dealership, Chapman Honda in Tucson provides the utmost in customer care and overall excellence. Chapman Honda in Tucson features a full inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles, service, parts and accessories. We symbolize Honda's commitment to safety, environmental leadership, diversity, innovation and philanthropy.


Established in 1966.

Did you know that the Chapman Family has been selling cars since 1966? That's over 45 years of selling quality cars, trucks and SUVs. Our Tucson honda dealership is your choice for Honda car sales in Arizona. Our success starts with one thing: the best prices. Bargaining is a hassle for both the customer and sales staff. We want you to know that your Tucson Honda dealer gives you the best bottom line price in town.

Chapman Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(520) 445-4024
Address:4646 E 22nd St, Tucson, AZ, 85711
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Chapman Honda

Valdemar V. | 2015-04-06

I had a recall I brought the car they fixed it

Ed D. | 2015-02-20

In NOV 2012, took my van in for service, and left with front windshield cracked from wiper-base up towards rearview mirror!  Thank God I noticed it as I put my van in drive, then turned around in parking lot, and asked Carl Arrington (service advisor) what happened?  Unbelievably, he told me that is how i brought it in!  No way!  I did not bring my van in with a very noticeable crack on my windshield!  I did, however, pay for them to change the wiper blades.  When they did, they let them fall back on to the glass!  They cracked it so bad, they had to replace the windshield!  Carl called my insurance company, USAA, and told them about the accident occurring there.  Although, it was true that it did happen there, USAA paid them to repair my van for damage that they caused!  Due to my brother's wedding in 1 day, I did not question how the work was being handled, just that I needed my van back to load-up kids and wedding gifts fast.  I will NEVER, EVER recommend service there!  Nor will I ever go back to this business!  I am not a liar and I am not stupid Carl Arrington!

Ra P. | 2015-02-04

Making a next day appointment via email was easy. The service manager's attention to my concerns and follow up was excellent.

Moeymann J. | 2015-01-26

Great internet sales service, bought a good used Pilot from Chapman. Ask for sales manager Ralph Soza, great guy! We are very happy!

Jeff S. | 2014-12-14

Took my car in for an inspection and oil change. The service was overall great. It took about 1.5 hours to change my oil but I guess that's to be expected on a Friday afternoon.

Ty F. | 2014-12-07

Buying a car can be a grueling experience, I know-I used to sell cars. I decided to check out the newest Hondas and I went into Chapman without calling and making an appointment. This can be sketchy, especially for a woman alone. But Simon greeted me and showed me the lineup. I test drove one car and he was very straightforward with me about price and options. Simon does NOT seem like a used car salesman, far from it-he was human and honest about price and options. His card says "sales professional" and he certainly is a professional.

I highly recommend Simon's collaborative sales skills. The only thing I didn't like was having to wait while he went to talk to the manager about price, but I know that game-it wasn't Simon's fault. I haven't bought a new car yet, but if I buy a Honda it will be from Simon.

Derek W. | 2014-10-31

Shortly after I moved to Tucson, I was driving in rather unfamiliar territory in the dark. I was trying to drive to Lincoln Park by Santa Rita High School on the Southeast corner of Pantano and Escalante. I didn't know the streets at the time, and I didn't use my GPS at the time either, which was insanely idiotic on my part. As I was driving north on Pantano, I was looking at the green street sign to see if it was Escalante Road that was coming up. I was driving into what I thought was a right-turn lane and then...*THUMP! THUMP!* My right front tire turned flat. After replacing it with the spare tire in my car, I realized that the steering wheel was not aligned properly, and it bothered me quite a lot. When I got home, I had to do research on dealerships that could get this fixed. I had two choices: Dobbs Honda, which was 3 miles from my apartment, or Chapman Honda, which was 8 miles from my apartment. Without websites such as yelp, I surely would have chosen Dobbs, but I instead chose Chapman Honda.

Let's just say that was one of the smartest decisions I've ever made in my life. Not that Dobbs Honda is bad, but Chapman Honda has won the President's Award each of the last four years. I mean, if it's won the President's Award ESPECIALLY in consecutive years, it has to be a decent dealership, right??? Well Chapman is beyond decent. It is amazing! It is extraordinary! It is fantastic! It is every synonym that you could find in the thesaurus of "awesome".

When I called the Chapman Honda and asked if they could work on my car the same day, they said they could! So that's when I made my 8-mile trek to the Chapman Honda. When I pulled up into the Service Center, a service advisor (I believe it was Chris) came out shortly after I pulled in and greeted me very nicely! I had absolutely no idea what to expect, but he explained everything pretty well and treated me like a valued customer. I don't remember how long it took to get it fixed, but it wasn't terribly long. The customer lounge was pretty comfortable, and it even had popcorn with at least three different flavors of seasoning! It also connected to the interior of the sales center, so I could have a look at a few of the cars inside as well as the cars you see when you exit the building. Chapman fixed my steering wheel, and off I went!

After that day, whenever I had an issue with my car from an oil change to worn-out brakes, I was always going to reach out to Chapman. There was one time where Tucson Car Care persuaded me to take my car to their place since it was going to be cheaper. WRONG MOVE. Their car battery cost twice as much as Chapman! Luckily, GEICO was able to rectify this situation and give me a second tow to the Chapman Honda; I didn't have to pay extra because Chapman was my initially intended location to tow the car to AND Tucson Car Care was 100% dishonest about their prices. Because of Tucson Car Care, I promised myself that I would only go to dealerships and nothing else.

Outside of a dead car battery and the alignment of my steering wheel, I also had oil changes and brakes repaired at Chapman Honda. For the most part, Carl Arrington was my service advisor. There was something about Carl that made me want to request him as my service advisor whenever I needed my oil changed. Let's just say that no matter how angry you were, you were never going to be able to yell at him. Honestly, I am probably the last person you would ever want to ask about cars, especially when it comes to repairs; all I care about is if the car works right and drives well. Maybe at another dealership like Pacific or Poway Honda in San Diego, they would take advantage of you. Carl would be the last service advisor to ever do that. He would go the extra mile to make sure you end up a happy customer.

I've had Angel and Chris as service advisors also, and they are both good. You really can't go wrong with any of the service advisors at Chapman Honda, but my experience especially with Carl prompted me to write this 5-star review. I wish I could give it another four stars to make up for the 1-star review posted earlier. Here's a piece of advice: If you don't want to wait three hours for an oil change...I don't know...maybe...SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT EITHER ONLINE OR BY PHONE? If they have a hundred customers in line who have already scheduled appointments, and you come into the service center requesting a simple oil change without having scheduled an appointment in advance, how is it their fault you were too lazy to punch some numbers on your phone or to go online and schedule an appointment?

Oh and did I mention Chapman Honda gives complimentary car washes at no cost? Oh yes they do! And they do a pretty good job of it too!

Chapman Honda...always coming through in the clutch.

Barbara W. | 2014-10-12

We were on a cross-country road trip.  Driving on IH10 through Tucson, someone's charcoal grill fell off their truck and hit our bumper at 75 MPH.  We pulled off quickly and discovered a bashed-in bumper, leaking fluid and a dangling wire.  Luckily we weren't far from Chapman Honda.  We drove over and a great service guy (his name starts with an "E") looked over it with us to see if we could drive home to Texas.

Luckily, the fluid was washer fluid, and the horn was messed up, but we could drive home to get the repairs done.

We really appreciated this guy's help when we were so worried about our car.

cynthia m. | 2014-10-03

No Jerry, there is NOTHING you may do for me in the future- you've had too many chances already. Shame on you for not even calling. I see a common complaint of having to wait excessive times and when a person asks or goes and looks, magically the vehicle is "done"...only to find out later the problem was never taken care of. I too have had to return numerous times! Wow- don't you ever try to better wait times and service?

Wendy A. | 2014-09-03

2 hours 40 mins for an appointment made for a simple oil change?!! I'm sorry but, that seems excessive. Granted I did request they look into a tire flat sensor that was constantly on but, my tire pressure was fine. I also paid for my maintenance as part of my car loan so I was asked if I wanted the complimentary car wash. Well D'uh of course!!  I waited 20 minutes in the service bay before I was helped and it seemed the fact I made an appointment made my wait LONGER! Why? I have no clue... I was then quoted a time of 1hour and 20 minutes. So after 2 hours I went down to my 'service person' and magically a few minutes later my car is done. However, in checking it out it is not done. Sensor still on. How embarrassing do you want me to get it fixed? Well yeah, that is one of the reasons I brought the car in!! So back it goes and I wait....

So finally I get called to the office he has a line so he thrusts the keys at me no apologies, no words at all. So very awkward. I go to my car and then see the car wash job, not good not dried and bug splatter still on the windshield. And all I can think of is it because I paid ahead of time????

Very disheartened with my experience. Really wanted to go across the street and trade for a new mini.

Aisha S. | 2014-08-27

I pay a little more to get my car serviced here, but ....... they have snacks (e.g. popcorn, coffee, hot chocolate, bottled water), free wifi, cable TV and comfortable chairs while you wait. AND depending on the service, they'll also offer you a complimentary car wash. These are the folks I trust in Tucson to service my vehicle to keep me safe and on the road!

L L. | 2014-07-03

I bring my crv here for periodic maintenance & the service is always top-notch.  I also had my alarm system fixed when it broke.  Service advisors are good except when they are busy, they'll just ignore you; & that's why I'm giving it 4 star.  Overall, the staff are nice & the lounge room is super!

Lisa B. | 2014-06-28

Fantastic service! I made an online reservation and received an email back promptly confirming my reservation. Then I was driving by and decided to go to the Express dock. Rene popped out quickly, I told him I needed a sun visor replaced,  and asked how long it might take.  He told me they would get it in right away.  I went to the lounge and enjoyed complimentary popcorn and cappuccino.  I couldn't even finish the cappuccino because they were already done.  He even asked me if that was fast enough.  Great, fast service and friendly, efficient employees.  Makes me glad we bought a Honda.

Chloe O. | 2014-06-25

The lady who sold me my car told me to come in for a complimentary detailing. She quoted me that it would take 30-45 minutes. So I come in today, and the guy I spoke to quoted me 45 minutes to an hour. I said okay because there wasn't much of a difference. I ended up waiting just a little over two hours. Of course, I was pissed.

Once my car was done, the guy, James, apologized profusely and told me that they filled my (almost on empty) gas tank for making me wait so long. That saved me $55-$60 bucks and more importantly made me feel so valued as a customer. Like I've said in my previous review, I can see why they have received so many awards for their customer service. Today, really "wowed" me and I'm a VERY satisfied customer.

Thanks to Chapman and the staff for going the extra mile. :D

Angelica T. | 2014-06-09

I don't know why I haven't written a review yet for this place. All I can say is thank you Carl Arrington for always giving me beyond superb service! Everyone here at Chapman is always friendly and nice, however Carl in service always treats me like Im a queen when I bring my car in to be serviced. There are places that I've been that kind of just take your info, keys and give u the "we'll get to you when we can" kind of vibe  and then take your money but never here. They truly make u feel important. Whether it's opening the door for u or offering a bottle of water to reassuring they're doing everything they can to get your Honda needs taken care of, they do it with pride. Sounds co cliche but it's true. I always leave beyond happy with the service here and I know my car is happy and always safe on the road. Thanks Carl and chapman Honda for amazing service always.

Rebecca B. | 2014-06-01

To the sales department, anyone wishing to spend and waste incredible amounts of time, visit the dealership 8 yes 8 times just to buy a used car and get a repair they promised us taken care of, then by all means go to Chapman Honda. From not 2 but 3 visits of showing up for appointments we made to which the person we were scheduled to see "had a last minute schedule change" or "did not come in today" or was just plain not expecting us even though we were told to come being promised things like "I will find you floor mats for the car I promise, just give me a week to get some and if I can't find any will arrange for new ones myself". Well, floor mats were promised 6 weeks ago and I haven't so much as had 1 phone call from them. Also, the dealer promised to re paint the rear spoiler as part of our actual agreement, it looked terrible when we bought the car. After finally getting an appointment to get it done once we ourselves set it up 2 weeks after buying it (another promise made was that they would set it up and let us know when), the job took over 24 hours and the paint job itself....horrible. You can literally see the layers of paint on the spoiler, it was not sanded or painted properly and looks terrible. To make that experience even more fun, when I arrived over 24 hours later at the exact time I was told to arrive, it wasn't ready and I was told the painter messed it up and would have to do it all over again....supposedly the painter had just told them this "5 minutes ago". I thought ok, no surprise, and they gave me a loaner car. 45 minutes later our salesman himself calls me to say my car is ready. ??? So your telling me the whole job was completely re done in 45 minutes? Our salesman said he would get back to me right away to investigate....well guess who never got back to me. I called later that day and was told our salesman was not there today (by the way that's happened before too even though he was there) and that they had absolutely no record of me or my car in there odd? Not surprising, but odd.  Hours and many phone calls made by me later our salesman got a hold of us only to say he was sorry about it all, our car is in fact ready and explained he didn't think it was important to call me back right away because I had a loaner car, he explained he "got busy with other customers"....well, they had my money and the deal was done so why would they bother with me anymore?
48 hours after dropping the car off I pick it, terrible paint job, looks like amateur work. It was never re done, they must have figured it was just good enough.
Beware, far more trouble, incompetence and lies then we deserved. Terrible service. Oh...and still no floor mats. Go somewhere else to buy a used car, please. I will never go back and will tell anyone I can even thinking about going there not too. Rick was our salesman. Thanks for the floor mats by the way.

John B. | 2014-05-09

They tried to renegotiate a higher price after a number was agreed upon, very very very seedy.

Scott C. | 2014-05-03

This is for the parts department.

I was just recently looking to buy some parts for my 98 civic (head gasket and all other seal and parts needed)
I usually order online but thought I would try to support my local dealership this time.  Big mistake!
I came armed with MSRP prices from the internet just to see how close they would be.  
Cam oil seal....MSRP $4.38 online sells for $3.50 Chapman wants.......$9.48!! More than double msrp.  I asked the nice gentleman at the counter if he was kidding and he said no.  He told me that they sell them cheaper online but gouge you on shipping to make up the difference.   Wrong!  I ordered 6 parts for the job and the shipping was an acceptable $10.50
All said I paid less than half as much for all my parts than my friendly local dealership.
If you need an emergency part then just prepare yourself for highway robbery otherwise look online and buy them from more than quite a few dealerships around the country that actually want your business.  Also to offset the shipping prices you don't pay tax from out of state dealerships.

Rebecca B. | 2014-04-09

Oil change appointment.
Knew what I needed, when I would need it, how much it would cost, and how long it would be. Lounge has excellent wifi and good snack machine choices. Service performed right the first time. Interior cleaning excellent. Service staff friendliness and rating skyrockets off the charts. I live an hour away, could get the service elsewhere, but still come here.

Lori B. | 2014-03-29

Chapman Honda helped me select the right car for me and gave me the best price for the CRV.  I am astounded at the professional level our salesman portrayed as well as the fast loan approval. Before we knew it, we became proud owners of this 2014 CRV.  I have called back numerous times to understand some of the details of the electronics and overdrive button, etc., and they are polite with a 'smile' in their voice as they explain how to work something. I really appreciate their love for the Honda cars and love for people. I did not feel pressured or manipulated. Looking forward to my next purchase! Loved it all! Including the popcorn!
Thanks Chapman Honda!
Lori Boyd

Damon G. | 2014-03-22

I went to Chapman because the SRS dash light was on (airbags) and it's a warranty issue.  I ended up going in 4 times to fix this.  First they determined a part needed to be ordered; second visit it was the wrong part; third trip the part was installed but the light came back on almost immediately; fourth trip seems to be fixed.  It felt like at least a couple too many trips.  The service people were polite and I have no complaint other than all the trips, but all those trips were a big deal.

Eric F. | 2014-01-25

This is for the parts department.

I try to always go here because I believe as a local business owner I believe in supporting each other.

First my car has been down for week because they lost the special order part I ordered and they had to reorder it. I was upset about that, but wasn't going to say anything.

Then today something new happened . I had a list of parts with part numbers I needed, and I asked my wife to call in and get prices and availability. Someone who is not our normal guy picked up and started talking to her. When she explained what she needed the parts rep, Robert, told her she didn't need the entire system but rather only a portion. She said she knew what she wanted and he continued to tell her she didn't need everything unless she was in an. He then questioned who would be doing the work. When she said that I would be doing the installation and didn't need service, he was very quick to dismiss her inquiry and get off the phone with her. It appeared very sexist and dismissive.

I then decided to forgo using Chapman and instead ordered parts online via out of California.

Carrie B. | 2014-01-15

I was impressed at the speed which they got us in and out- no 8 hour + ordeal for us. All cheers to Sonia, Jake and the staff at Chapman. Why not 5 stars? Because we only got "fair" value on our trade-in and used car purchase :) Players gotta' play I guess! Nevertheless, they are all nice and helpful cheery people and there's free popcorn & coffee in the service area.

Jim S. | 2013-12-16

This is a review for the service department.  I was thoroughly impressed with their service department, especially the service associate we dealt with Nikki.

This past summer my dad has had a multitude of health issues.  As a result, my mom has been driving back and forth from Sierra Vista to Tucson multiple times a week.  One day she arrived in Tucson, unpacked her things, and the car would not start.  It was obviously the battery.  Dad normally took care of these things, so she was out of her element.  We finally got the car started after the battery cooled and headed directly to Chapman Honda in Tucson.  There we met Nikki.

We told her about what happened including another dealer blowing my mom off when she warned them the car was starting slower than normal (a frustrating story for another time).  She handled everything very professionally.  She even heard my mom and I talking about how stressful the summer had been and she washed the car no charge.

I few days later, Nikki even called my mom to make sure that everything was still going well and to see if the "other" dealer had compensated her for the battery failing under warranty.

I heartily recommend the service department at Chapman.  If I had a Honda I would be going there for all of my service needs.  I was so impressed, that I wrote a letter to both Chapman Honda and the Honda corporate office.

Oren V. | 2013-09-28

Used car sales - Very service oriented and focused on helping you find the right car for you. Rose did a great job in helping me find the car I wanted. Very helpful, informative, and willing to work with my budget. If you are in the market, have Chapman at the top of your list. If you're working with Rose you're in more than capable hands.

Hal B. | 2013-09-05

I was in Tucson, AZ visiting family when my air conditioner began blowing hot.
Without an appointment I went to Chapman Honda and was very fortunate to meet
service adviser Carl Arrington.  There are not many service advisers today like Carl.
He was extremely personable, knowledgeable and professional.  Most service advisers today are order takers like the people working at McDonalds.  Carl was great to work with.  The technicians at Chapman Honda did a great job on my air conditioner.  
Next time I am visiting Tucson and need work done on my Honda I will absolutely go see Carl.
Thank you.

Joshua W. | 2013-08-26

The auto starter Chapman installed is now broken and it also kills the battery. We aren't in AZ and Honda service centers in the united states don't honor or even fix the system.

To be clear, we requested the official Honda auto-starter. Chapman insisted on installing this one. Chapman says Honda auto starter is no good because customers don't like it. Brown Honda said they've never had a problem.

8/19/2013 - I called from Brown Honda in Arlington who was confused as to why Chapman had a 3rd party system installed that Honda won't service. The Chapman service manager gave me a 1800 number and said I would have to manage the problem myself.

8/24/2013 - I said I would like to have the 3rd party system removed and have Brown install the correct factory auto starter. The service representative said I need to talk to sales. I asked him to talk to sales and give me options. He never called me back even though he agreed to.

Thanks again Chapman for taking a service issue you caused and shrugging off the responsibility.

Update 8/26/2013 - Still no word from Chapman service department. The alarm service company has been responsive but I've now had to field over 10 calls and there is still no plan.

Update 8/27/2013 - The southwest alarm company has decided to cut their losses and has been trying to find someone local who can pull out the alarm system. I suggested they just pay Honda to do it so I don't end up with 'non-honda' service record problems. I got it jumped again and dropped it off at Brown today. Hopefully they can clean up the mess that Chapman made.

Update 8/28/2013 - Honda in Arlington wants me to pay for the diagnosis which shows the auto-starter is at fault. Got in contact of the service manager at Chapman who seems to be handling the problem at this point which is a huge relief. I wish the service rep I spoke with on Saturday had informed him of my call.

Going on 2 weeks no car. $150 in personal expenses. 20 hours of personal time and counting.

Bleep S. | 2013-05-23

Very good service department...minus one star for getting the "come on" to buy a new car while I was waiting in servicing

R.M. H. | 2013-04-21

Came in from Colorado, needed service went Chapman, talked to Carl and he took care of everything. A really professional gentleman who will get you in and out and make sure it is right.

Naomi P. | 2013-03-18

My father is fron Nevada and his transmission gave out on the way to Tucson,  He called Chapman Honda to ask if he needed an appointment to bring it in to which they replied no.  My father managed to get his 2000 Honda Passport towed in,  At the service department he was greeted by Angel Gameros.  The gentleman was far from courteous and proceeded to let my father clearly understand that vehicles "that old" could not be repaired.  My father felt mocked, humiliated and angry.  I would not recommend this dealership to anyone.  I've noticed that this isn't the first time that someone is complaining about Angel Gameros.

Truong N. | 2013-03-14

I took my Honda Element (2005 with 60,000 miles) to Chapman Honda for a Rear Differential Fluid change and a Coolant Flush (because I could see the coolant level is lower than the Minimum mark (which can be seen on the reserve tank). The service advisor, Angel Gameros who was assisting me said it should be done within 90 minutes and would call me when that happened.

After nearly 3 hours waiting in the lounge area, I walked back to the Service building to check on the status. Co-incidentally, it was just finished up per Mr. Gameros. I paid for the 2 services and went on my way. Later that evening when I needed to refill, I decided to pop the hood and check the coolant level. To my surprise, the coolant level was under the Minimum mark which was exactly where it was before I brought my vehicle to Chapman Honda. I drove home and waited until the Element was cool enough to open the Radiator cap and took a look.  I could not see coolant anywhere near being filled besides the residue stuck on the underside of the cap.

I called the next day but only got to the voicemail system. Then I proceeded to send an email to Angel Gameros about this situation. 2 business days passed and nothing. With no other choice, I took the Element back and addressed my concern with Mr. Gameos. He was quick to determine there was probably air bubbles in the coolant system. So he took my Element to the service bay and came back 5 minutes later to tell me I was good to go. He mentioned he filled it up with coolant and WATER to be OVER the Maximum level. At that point, I knew there was no hope in dealing directly with him anymore. If one ever read the Honda Owner's Manual or Directions on the Honda OEM Coolant bottle, one would know that Honda Coolant is pre-mixed and no water should be added.

It's ridiculous how I could not simply get what I paid for. More astounding is that, after giving Chapman Service a second chance to get it right, they failed to do so. Along with this negative review, I intend on filling complaints with Tucson Southern Arizona Better Business Bureau and Arizona General Attorney's office.

Jennifer V. | 2013-02-13

Great customer service! Was nicely greeted once I pulled into the service center. I made an appointment and I came here today for a battery replacement. Everyone was very helpful and attentive. The service was also quick! I was shocked. My service advisor was Carl, he was very helpful and kind.

Ray C. | 2013-01-21

I went to Chapman Honda this morning. I was NOT happy that they took more than an hour to complete the OIL CHANGE my SUV. I've experienced better than this because the another Honda did much faster and better services!  The reason why I came this one is because of the discount that I got through Yelp which I saved $10 dollars. Thank you Yelp!

JD P. | 2013-01-03

Chapman Auto Service Center is one of the worst service centers I've been to.  I would give it one star but since this review is for Chapman Honda and I know they deal cars as well, I will give it another.

I took my Accord in to get it serviced because my service engine light was on.  They did a decent job at diagnosing the problems, but when it came time to decide what I wanted them to fix, they quoted prices that were ridiculous.  I needed urgent service so I had one repair that cost $281.  I later looked at what the market price for the part was and found out that Chapman Honda charged market price plus tax on said part.  The labor was ~&150 as well, which seemed overpriced for a less than 1 hour job.

Needless to say, I will never be returning to Chapman Honda for auto care service.

Pam W. | 2012-11-14

I always know my car will be taken care of with TLC when I visit Chapman Honda, but the wait for an oil change is always deplorable.  I always expect to wait at least an hour when I visit.  I'm happy they offer the discount if you check in on Yelp but if I knew Jiffy Lube would take care of my

egidio c. | 2012-09-01

Bought a 2003 Element to tow behind my motor home. Eric Rodriquez did a great job as my sales person. After my credit union declined to finance the car due to it's age (they had already approved the loan)  Beverly in finance worked to get me financing through another credit union. After 20 days the air conditioning stopped working. Took it back for service and they found a leaking condenser.  Dale was service advisor. Estimate for repair was $ 640.  Spoke with them about coverage under warranty and was told it only covered drivetrain. After discussion with sales manager Mr Dawass they agreed to cover repair for deductible of $ 100.
All in all, in spite of  what seemed to be an endless stream of issues they rose to the occasion and handled this transaction honorably and fairly.  My next new car will be a Honda from Chapman and I will recommend them to anyone.  Thanks !

Ms D O. | 2012-06-13

EXCELLENT SERVICE.  Been going to Chapman Honda since I bought my vehicle in 2008.  Was there yesterday for the regular maintenance and once again, Carl A provided the best customer service possible.  Carl made arrangements with the local glass guy to change out my windshield and although I was there longer than I anticipated because of an unexpected repair, he and the staff went out of their way to check in on me and provide regular updates.   They all offered me a bottle of water from the moment I drove in, up until the time I left.  

Highly recommend the service the Chapman Honda provides.  Even if you don't drive a Honda and you're looking for great service, try these folks.

Luke T. | 2012-04-17

Bought a Honda Insight from them about a year ago, and just came to get my oil changed and I have no complaints.

This is by far the friendliest car dealership I have ever been to. It isn't that sappy fake smiles type of environment either. Everybody here wants you to have the best service possible, and that is exactly what I got.

I will be sad when I move and have to get my car serviced at a place other than Chapman Honda.

Sara V. | 2012-02-01

Over this last weekend I decided it was time to upgrade my vehicle. I have always been a fan of Honda's and I knew that was my only option. I live in Phoenix, but have heard great things about Chapman Honda so it was worth the drive. Everyone was extremely professional, they answered all of my questions and helped me to decide to Lease a 2012 CR-V. The new CR-V is completely redesigned and has seriously cool features.

I could not have been happier with my treatment at Chapman Honda from my Salesman to Finance Manager and of course it was a pleasant surprise with the General Manager came out to thank me for my purchase.

I highly recommend Chapman Honda to all Arizonian's it was worth the drive from Phoenix to have such great service.

Wendi H. | 2011-11-11

Chapman Honda service is the BEST! They go out of their way to make sure we are taken care of. We have been taking our Element there for 3 years and have found them to be the best in town. No odd charges or mistakes, just simple, HONEST service people! Great coffee machine (hot chocolate, mocha?), always fresh popcorn, 3 flat screen televisions, and an abundance of today's newspapers make the lounge a pleasure to wait in. Just fix the Wi-fi in the lounge and I would move in!

Bob N. | 2010-11-04

I have been taking my Honda Pilot to Chapman's for four year now. The service department is excellent. The people are incredibly courteous and helpful. I have found that their products and service are usually cheaper then anywhere else. It's just a great place to do business.