AutoNation Honda Tucson Auto Mall in Tucson, AZ

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At AutoNation Honda Tuscon Auto Mall, we believe in providing you with premium customer service for the life of your vehicle. Whether it's a pleasurable and low pressure sales experience in our friendly showroom, or top-quality vehicle maintenance from our service department--we strive everyday to make sure that you are a satisfied customer for life.

AutoNation Honda Tucson Auto Mall

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(520) 292-0790
Address:810 West Wetmore Road, Tucson, AZ, 85705
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on AutoNation Honda Tucson Auto Mall

Mary C. | 2015-03-27

Have had our car serviced here since purchase and have saved all the records. On the last visit, the service rep contacts me in waiting room and says front brake pads need replacement immediately. I did not agree to have the work done at the time. I asked service rep how it was possible that new brake pads were needed but he didn't seem to know. Just told me to be sure to ask for him when I came in to get the work done (?).
Husband then took the car for new brakes to Jack Furrier who said they were nowhere near needing replacing. Then I checked our records; at last service brakes were at 5mm so it seemed strange they would need replacing now. Finally had a another third party look at brakes and received another indication that new pads were not needed.Meanwhile we have received 7-8 written notices showing our brakes as red - need immediate replacement and 7- 8 emails to same effect. All this suggests a less than ethical service department trying to scare us into an unnecessary service and a sense that the service rep gets paid somehow if he is credited with the successful sale of an unneeded product. And it makes me feel very uncomfortable. Still have prepaid oil changes left but will not return to this service department.

lawrence f. | 2014-10-30

Service dept deceptive. Went for a simple oil change and found out they used bulk Quaker State Motor Oil that they don't even sell in the parts dept. They tell you they use genuine Honda parts and then instead of using the Honda motor oil they sell in the parts dept that is a blended high grade oil they put this other cheaper bulk oil that is not a blend ,in your car. Switch and bait, no integrity. scammers for a few bucks . inferior parts bottom line .Buyer beware of this place. Can not recommend this service dept.Will not return.

Tracy L. | 2014-09-12

Reading the other reviews here, I must have gotten very lucky. Went in for a warranty service on my relatively new Honda Fit (the piece of plastic that holds the driver's side window was broken). They had the part in stock and though the repair took a lot longer than I thought it should (like 1.5 hrs while I waited), it was done and they did a full inspection, telling me everything was in good shape and didn't try to sell me anything. I was very pleased, actually.

Shelly B. | 2014-07-20

Just on my yelp account and saw this review.  Just wanted to update that my friend bought this vehicle from me and it is still running fine without the work Honda said I needed,

Steven M. | 2014-06-02

I took my 08 Honda Civic in because the radiator cooling fan was staying on after I turned the car off and draining the battery. The car spend half the day there and they couldn't find the problem. I asked them to please go ahead and replace the fan relay because I think it's bad. They said, they didn't recommend this because they're not sure it's what caused the problem. I said, just do it anyway for my piece of mind, so they did. A day later the problem continued. I took my car down to a auto parts store and asked them to take a look at it. The tech said the relay is bad! I paid 13 dollars for a new one and it fixed the problem. Obviously, they didn't fix the problem or they replaced the wrong relay. This makes me very angry because I take my car to the dealership because I trust their opinion and their knowledge on the cars they sell. I didn't know I would need to rely on at the auto parts store to fix my car over the dealership. After I spent over a hundred dollars to just have it looked at. I hope they really did replace some relay after they charged me for it. I'm glad there is more than one Honda dealership in Tucson. NEVER again!

Michele D. | 2014-04-11

We bought our used Honda civic here. I can say it was one of the better car buying experiences that I have had. We got a good deal on the civic and the financing person was very helpful. We also got a bumper to bumper warranty on top of everything at a good discount. We don't have perfect credit, so I was worried how we would be treated. We were treated great and no issues at all with that. The finance manager got us a good loan with a reputable nationwide lender.

The only thing is that our civic was a certified used car. With Honda certified, the buyer is guaranteed certain things, including 2 master keys and 1 valet key. We only got 1 key with the car. I had to make 3 or 4 phone calls to get them to give me the other key. We never got the valet key-- that is OK. They had to make one and I think it is $100 key-- but I wanted to get it because my husband and I both needed a key. So that was a bit of a pain and cost them a star. Other than that-- a good experience.

David J. | 2014-03-15

It's a shame when a good Tucson business goes bad and this one has.  AutoNation Honda "formally" Dobbs Honda which used to have a fantastic reputation is nothing more than a used car dealership with a bunch of Thugs for agents and repairs.  I'm amazed it's still open!  
I've had many Honda's for many years so I do know when something is wrong with my car and what it generally needs.  To have a repair tech cop attitude with me for even suggesting what to check for is just down right rude.  What's worse is the attitude of everyone there in general.  There's nothing left of Dobbs but a bunch of over weight men who couldn't put their iPhones down long enough to acknowledge that I even existed.  I'm so done with this place!  For dealership work I now go to Chapman and for general maintenance and repairs I go to Prudence Honda Care.

Bye AutoNation Honda formally Dobbs Honda ... You lose!

Kathy H. | 2013-12-12

We purchased a Honda Accord from "Dobbs" Honda which is now AutoNation Honda in Tucson AZ.  Continued to have the battery drained and service could not really find the problem. Sold the car last year and wouldn't you know it the new owners had the same problem.  They took it in for servicing (with all of our service records with them). AutoNation was rude to them and tried to SELL them another battery.  When I called Mr. Polson (General Manager) today to explain the situation, he was rude and basically didn't want to listen and he finally hung up on me.  
From now on I will buy my cars at Chapman Honda where I have heard the service is great and they have a lot of repeat customers who have gone over from "Dobbs" AutoNation.

Will C. | 2013-06-20

Negotiated a price with their Internet sales person (Pam Wilson) she gave me a great price which was lower than the dealership in Phoenix and the lowest price in Tucson. But be sure to do your Internet home work in finding the lowest price. I asked for a out the door pricing with no additional add on such as window film and pinstripe, they did comply. Went to test drive the Honda Odyssey with their salesman (Pedro Lazaro) very knowledgeable and explained all the features. The first odyssey they showed me had a faulty air conditioner. Asked when they would have another.  Pam Wilson let me know when another one came in. Another salesman ( Bill Barnett) went with me on a test drive since Pedro as unavailable that day. Bill Barnett  was patient and answered all my questions and showed me all the features again. I went in the next day and bought the Odyssey. After I bought the car Pedro went through all the features again with my wife and myself. It was one of the most enjoyable car buying experiences i ever had. I would definitely recommend Pam Wilson, Pedro Lazaro and Bill Barnett to my friends and family. They were very pleasant to deal with, did not try to pressure me into buying, nor did they try to inflate the pre-agreed  price. I would definitely buy another Honda from them.

Anne A. | 2013-06-16

**Warning: Major scam artists & liars***

After an $450 tune-up and "bumper to number" trip check...
--Lied to me about my need for brake pads: Honda dealership told me I was at 1mm, then I took my car to Brake Max who told me I had 3-4mm.
--Lied to me about my axle: Honda dealership told me my axle was "going out and could go out entirely at any time", another shop told me what was wrong was only a axle balance issue and would cause no problem other than a less smooth ride
--Missed the fact that my rear brakes needed cleaning and was causing a lot of extra wear to my front brakes as a result. Brake Max cleaned my rear brakes for only $40 and it made a *world* of difference in how my car performed.

Kelly R. | 2013-05-24

Was told I didn't need an oil change even though I was over the date and mileage on the sticker. Wouldn't have been a big deal except I drove all the way out here and wanted to get it anyway. The service advisor was condescending about me relying on the sticker and reluctant to provide the service. I have 6 prepaid oil changes that I paid for when I signed my lease. I can't help but wonder if he would've told me that I don't need one if I was paying out of pocket. The only reason I'm giving two stars is because they have free wifi, so I could use my iPad while I waited.

A. S. | 2013-02-21

This has to be the absolutely worst dealership to get your Honda serviced. I wouldn't have even given it one star if that was an option.  I recently took my Honda Civic in for recall repairs and was told that I also needed to have a front strut replaced because it was leaking. I authorized that repair along with the $100 deductible fee required under my Honda Care extended warranty. The service manager indicated that they would also complete a free safety inspection of my vehicle and have the car back to me by the end of the day, which they did. On the next day I drove the car a distance and found that it was not handling properly so I checked the tires only to discover that--despite the safety check--the tires were bald and underinflated. I then went to purchase new tires at my regular tire store and was told that the remaining three struts were leaking. I then decided to take the car  to my regular mechanic who validated that the struts were in fact leaking and that I also had a broken stabilizer bar. Not wanting to go back to Dobbs Honda, I then took the car to the dealership where I purchased it in Phoenix. They agreed that the 3 struts needing to be replaced, along with the stabilizer bar--and they also said the engine mounts needed replacing. My cost, was again the $100 deductible. The repair were successfully completed, but I was now out two deductible fees--plus a tank of gas for the drive back and forth to Phoenix. I called American Honda Dealers who said they would contact Dobbs and try to get back the deductible I paid for an incomplete repair. Dobbs refused. I then called the general manager at Dobbs who tried to justify the failed safety inspection and accuse my tire store, mechanic and the Phoenix Honda dealer of  suggesting (and doing) a repair that was unnecessary. I'm not sure why he is the general manager of a dealership if he treats customers so abrasively. As a result, I will never set foot in Dobbs Honda (or any other AutoNation-owned dealership) again, andI  urge all readers of this review to do the same.

Jennifer D. | 2012-12-24

I just bring my car here since its on lease, I know their service sales guys are crooks.  I know that they add items just so they can get paid.  I know this for a fact because I had my car serviced there a few months ago and the sales guy suggest I needed a new air filter on my ac. A few weeks later a part fell off and I brought the car in and a different sales guy tells me my air filter on my ac needed to be replaced.  If he read the reports he would have seen that, that it had been replaced already.

Ray C. | 2012-12-16

I came in for an oil change, however the manager had an attitude and I reported it to the Honda Corporation. I wouldn't come back to this place again.

Marty J. | 2012-10-22

My wife was given an incredible price on replacement keys for her car.  She even called back to confirm, gave them all of the specs for her car. I didn't believe the price so I e-mailed them, telling them all of the car specs.

Sure enough, she went in, and oops! they made a mistake, after she had taken time off and made an appointment.

Now we're filing complaints and telling everyone we know to go to their competitor, Chapman Honda.

Fraud is illegal in Arizona. We're hoping that our complaint with the AZ State Attorney General will agree.

C. A. | 2012-10-19

Have dealt with the Dobbs service dept for many years and can summarize my experiences in two words: rip-offs. I will not buy another Honda in the future just so I don't have to deal with these people any more. My mother also takes her van to Dobbs for repair and she's had it with their overcharges. You've been warned!

susan b. | 2012-04-03

Gave then 2 chances
Service: I was on time first appt in the am, told to wait by the service persons desk, he was on hold on a call. I stood there for FIVE minutes, he never looked at me, spoke to me or acknowledged me in any way. AFter five minutes I walek away and asked for someone else.
Sales: Honda customer service told me to go into the dealership as my lease was close to the end to sort our financing. I went on a saturday(wasted a nice 1/2 day) and the salesman, who was obvioucly not happy I was not there to buy told me "No we dont do that you have to call Honda" so it old him I had and they had told me to go to the dealership,SO he went to get the finance man. His attitude was "we dont like doing that; it is expensive and a lot of work for us! I commented that I had wasted my time going to the dealership... his comment was "yes you did" and walked away.
So DOBBS HONDA you get my lousy rating for both sales and service.

Evan B. | 2012-02-15

I needed some parts for my Honda, gave them a call. They charge ABOVE list price for parts. Go online most places charge 40% less than list not 15% more!

Julie J. | 2012-01-05

Honda should not allow Dobbs to sell their vehicles. They are great vehicles being ruined by both the bully-tactics of the salespeople and the negligence/ineptitude of the service department.  
They were dishonest when selling me my car, tried to force me to buy "perm shield" despite the numerous times I said "no," they were pushy about selling their service contract and in the end when I complained about my experience they were rude and nasty - but they had the used car I wanted and it was "certified"...
...or so I thought... 6 months later I find out that they did not properly "Certify" my vehicle, it has aftermarket parts that are not allowed on certified Hondas, they failed to do proper maintenance on it prior to selling it to me and failed to include the car fax, certification checklist, and Honda Certified warranty booklet with the car. I have called a couple times to request this material only to be told someone will get back to me and, surprise, they never do.
Slick, dishonest, will take you for a ride if they can and they have an inept service department - AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!

Richard C. | 2011-11-16

I've always had excellent customer service here, both buying a new car and getting current cars repaired, including a non-Honda car.  In fact, the service dept. recently went above and beyond expectations in dealing with a LIVE pack rat living inside the cabin air filter. It took a couple of days to exterminate him completely from the car but they got him plus found another dead one that my bait traps had nailed. They steam cleaned the engine to rid the car of all traces of smell to deter other rats from visiting. The engine looks brand new! You may pay a little extra for dealer service but you can be confident it will done right and guaranteed. Also do not be hesitant to ask for a loyal customer discount on the big expensive jobs.

Christina K. | 2011-10-09

We own 2 hondas and have had good experiences here the last 2 years with the service dept.  But when we went to buy a new car we were left with terrible customer service and almost walked away from the deal.  First of all the sales guy knew surprisingly little about the pilot we were interested in and kept saying oh sorry I'm new.  It seemed like I knew more about the car from researching it online.  Then when we went to sign the paperwork I noticed that someone had drawn DEVIL HORNS On my husbands drivers license unprofessional and appalling!!!  When we asked one of the managers he apologized but couldn't offer an explanation and seemed like he didn't care.  We will be calling the general manager on disappointing...

Francois E. | 2011-10-05

Found a CRV on the internet and decided to go and take a look, parked and saw the car and was looking at it when Daniel W. approached me and began telling me all about the CRV! I mean he told me EVERYTHING! I was very impressed and he was very nice. Not pushy or over barring at all.I told him that i was just looking today and he said no problem. I asked if i could test drive it and he let me. I left and he said we close at 8 if you change your mind. lol. I called the next morning and told him that i wanted it, he said he would hold it for me and he did. I bought it and i am a happy camper. I LOVE MY CRV! And thanks Daniel W. for making this a pleasant experience!!!

Monica E. | 2011-06-21

Why did I ever return to this awful dealership. The first time was about six years ago. In love with Hondas, I stopped by to take a look. I was interested in a purchase, but the sales associate would give me no time or attention. I left frustrated.

This visit wasn't much better, even though I submitted my information online and scheduled an appointment. When I arrived, one of the managers introduced me to a sales associate and we began talking finances at the door! They didn't have the decency to find an office or desk.

Then, both disappeared for a half hour, checking my finances. When the sales associate returned to show me the lot, he did so in such a bland manner. I tried to tell him stories about my prior experience with cars and my love for Honda, but nothing. Not even a smile.

That's it. I will never return to this place for a purchase. Never. Ever.

Kim M. | 2011-01-02

Customer service is always top notch.  The staff will try to sell you extras. Just know what you want.  They are simply doing their job.  And I love my Honda Fit, so I could hardly feel threatened by the guys who it sold me!  
Thanks Dobbs!

Matt H. | 2010-09-02

Why I continue to visit Dobbs after the appalling experiences I've had here is beyond me.  I think it's because I have to believe that there has to be at least one person working there who is as reliable as the cars they sell who I can trust.  I'm still waiting.  

When I went to look for another Honda, I was immediately set upon by this salesman named Peter, who cut me off when I asked about a CR-V I'd seen in one of their ads and told me it was sold.  He tried to upsell me into a similar one that cost $3,000 more.  I wasn't interested, so then he started asking me what could I afford, what did I want?  I told him the max I could afford and asked for a car that was 3-4 years newer than my 2001 Honda.  He didn't listen.  In fact, between his harping about my financing (not a local bank) and complaining about what I was looking for, I got very annoyed.  So much so that I told him I'd go elsewhere.

Then there was yesterday (9/1) -- I noticed that the rear panel of my Civic was stuck out a little (I think someone might have tapped my bumper, though there was no paint or scuffing), so I thought to ask the service department at Dobbs if it was serious enough for me to fix it or would it be okay.  The younger guy who came to look at my car took one look, rolled his eyes and said, "this is the problem?  It's fine, you should stop worrying, unless you want to pay $600 for a new bumper, we'll take your money."  WTH?!?  Rude doesn't cover it -- that was downright nasty.  

I guess I've learned my lesson -- I'll take the time to go to Chapman and skip Dobbs completely.  Never again!