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We proudly serve customers from all over the valley of the sun, including Glendale, Peoria, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Mesa, and Scottsdale! Recently, we did a major remodel of the entire 83,961 square foot facility. We've expanded the customer lounge to provide numerous amenities to our customers, including a roomy waiting area where you can relax and enjoy a snack and beverage from the cafe; while you watch television on one of our multiple flat screen TVs.
We've expanded our Service Area to include 56 service stalls! We know your time is valuable and do our very best to make sure that your service needs are well taken care of in a timely manner. For any repair, you can count on the Highly Trained ASE Certified Technicians to take care of your vehicle quickly without compromising quality. At Showcase Honda, we welcome all makes and models and our experienced staff is equipped to handle anything from small repairs and oil changes to major diagnostic issues.

Showcase Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(602) 464-7145
Address:1333 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85014
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Showcase Honda

Norm R. | 2015-03-28

Another update, again for the Service Department. A few weeks ago one of the front headlight bulbs of my car needed replacement. I went to an auto parts place and while they had the lamp, they were unfamiliar with the replacement procedure. Another repair establishment said they needed to remove the wheel, etc to get to the lamp - not what the car's manual says, plus they were going to charge a significant sum for the whole procedure. Finally I brought the car to Showcase Honda Service and they did it in just a few minutes, charging only for the cost of the front headlight lamp which was pretty inexpensive at their parts shop.

Today my old battery, which was overdue for replacement, was on its death throes and fortunately I was able to start the car and bring it here. It did not take them long to replace the battery and the cost was pretty typical for a battery replacement. Fast, efficient, courteous service - I definitely like that.

PHX S. | 2015-03-28

It is sad that this dealership has so many subpar, and even 1-star ratings.  However, in our experience with purchasing a new vehicle there, I can verify others' complaints/concerns.  The salesmen are quite pushy and it did make the experience much like the typical "used car dealership" analogies that many refer to.  Moreover, the young, inexperienced sales staff, unbelievably, knew very little about the vehicle nor the workings/features of the vehicle, despite what they kept telling us.  We met several staff there, which was nice, but also made us a little suspicious, especially when things kept trying to be sold to us, after already negotiating a price and the vehicle that we were to purchase new.  Although this was not a great experience, the financial aspect was even worse and the most aggressive!  All we wanted was a kind, amicable transaction - but we did not get that.  To top this off, when we went to pick-up the vehicle, a couple of the options in the vehicle were not working and again, the sales person who was showing us the use of the vehicle didn't know how some of the features worked again.  With the numerous other dealerships around the Valley, I will find it worthwhile to drive the little extra to get knowledgable, friendly, courteous, and honest staff.

David H. | 2015-03-23

My wife took our 2014 Honda Accord in for service today.  It was just a routine oil change with some filter service to which she agreed.  While talking to the service advisor "Matt" she told them about a tire which was consistently getting low on air. When the car was returned, she asked about the tire.  She was told it was fine and that she probably drove over too many curbs???? The claimed they inspected the tire, filled it with air and sent her on her way.  She calls me twenty minutes later because the tire is low again.  I called the service department to find out if they inspected the tire and that where the run around began.  Five calls, three service advisors, two voice mails for the "service manager" and one message left with the General Manager and Customer Service Manager....five hours later nothing.  Going to send my wife to discount tire to get a proper tire inspection and repair.  Since buying this car from Showcase Honda, we have purchased a Honda Ridgeline and a Honda Fit, neither of which was purchased from Showcase.  They didn't earn my repeat business for buying a car and are losing my business for maintaining my vehicles.

Lida M. | 2015-03-20

We just had the best car buying experience ever!!!! I went on line first for the car I wanted and then few agents from different dealers called me. I talked to all of them on the phone and had them all  email their best out the door price on what I wanted. I liked Showcase agent Mike Verville the best and decided to visit him at the dealership. Once there, another agent Steve Marion took over and he was an amazingly knowledgeable sales person. He finished the sale with all the info from Mike and honored all the phone promises by Mike. I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you All.

Reiner K. | 2015-03-11

I was getting ready to purchase my third Honda From SHOWCASE HONDA.  Dealt with a sales person calling himself AJ.  Nice gentleman w/ good follow up.  After some meaningful exchange of information regarding my trade-in and my budget we came close to a deal BUT were $350 off.  Like most dealership sales reps, AJ was not the final decision maker, which meant dealing with the sales manager.  When talking to the sales manager, he would not do the deal due to the $350 difference.  He then offered to split the difference and when I said no - he said, "thank you for your time."
End of dialogue...

One of the largest Honda dealerships in the nation passed up on $22,000 CASH for $175 - - - Hard to believe that a sales director (AT) would not demonstrate flexibility to a long time customer for a measly $175!!!

I e-mailed AJ the sales rep to let him know that I would blog & tweet my experience.  After reading this, I hope they wake up and smell the coffee.  Probably won't do business with them again given my experience.

= = = = =

It's now a month later and the vehicle they would NOT sell for a difference of $175 is still being advertised!  Showcase Honda management lack business savvy!!!

Laurie G. | 2015-02-13

One star is really too many for this business.  This is regarding the used car department.....

Here are email excerpts from the salesperson in response to my inquiry in which I explained to him that I live quite a distance and didn't want to drive to the dealership if the car wasn't in good shape.  My comments follow below:

Angel:  The CRV has a few minor scratches, no oxidation, no big dents, like new tires, leather looks like its never been sat on before. This vehicle is in immaculate condition.  
Me:  I can tell you that the salesperson was surprised when he saw the front of the car!  He even said "Oh, I didn't notice that".  He obviously hadn't done his homework.  Scrapes on the front and back to the degree where there was no paint left!  There was even RUST on the car!    

Angel:  That's why I am here, to help you out as much as I can and make sure you have all the information you need and to help utilize your time. I look forward to meeting you and possibly earning your business.  
Me:  Really?  Please don't talk about utilizing time when I drove out there for nothing....I lost time and money/gas.  

I then asked to speak to the manager who said he was sorry and that he would reeducate the staff.  Reeducate?  How do you reeducate someone regarding being dishonest?  

Something else that was odd....when I arrived, I asked for Angel but the person that I sat down with had a nametag on that said Atul.

Natalia S. | 2015-02-09

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!! They have the worst way of communication. I am stuck with my car and unsatisfied. I did my financing through a bank and even my bank complained about them. I had to call every day and go there to get my voice heard and I was just tossed between people. Then to hear that the people who were returnig my calls no longer work there. I was treated like nothing and after a month of trying to fix my problem it's finally starting but I have to keep calling and emailing them. I should not have to initiate it. They are horrible business people. I wouldn't recommend them to ANYONE!!

Nishi S. | 2015-02-02

In the past I had a great experience getting my car serviced. I'm a Honda owner for almost 8 years. Every time I go in now, a new advisor is helping me with my car. Due to high turnover, it's hard a built a client and advisor relationship. I was suppose to get a call back for my repair estimate, but it never happened. There are no perks going to the dealership to get serviced, besides getting free popcorn, coffee and cookies.

Jacob L. | 2015-01-27

So sad.

I saw that they had a vehicle listed on their website. I emailed saying I would buy it and received a confirmation from a At, a leading salesman. Later that day Arnold the general manager called and said that it would be $1,000 more expensive and that they made a mistake on the Internet price.

Classic bait and switch. Pathetic.

I told them no thanks. How ridiculous j. Today's day and age.

Rick B. | 2015-01-22

worst experience I have ever had.  first they charged my way more than the car was worth, but I needed a car so I had little choice in the matter.  then when I went to a real dealership and traded that piece in for an actual car they are refusing ...Moreworst experience I have ever had.  first they charged my way more than the car was worth, but I needed a car so I had little choice in the matter.  then when I went to a real dealership and traded that piece in for an actual car they are refusing to give me a refund of my gap insurance.  these guys are the worst people to work with if you care about your money at all.  they will try anything to get you.  bad trade in price, to high prices in general, horrible customer service, and straight up rude employees.     I literally just got off the phone with "Ernie" their finance manager who was the rudest person I have had to deal with from them to date.  I was previously told they can email me the paperwork I need to get my gap refund and now he is telling me that I cannot. quote "yeah, you can stop by."him.  "I was told you can email me the papers and I can fax them back to you?" me," yeah, you can stop by." him.  "yeah but I was told you can email me the forms and I can send them back to you" me.  "Yeah you can stop by" him.  then he transferred me to another person.   what is going on with these people.

Ryan G. | 2015-01-20

Cameron Hollis is a very sharp young man. Always seems to tell me what I need to know and looks out for proactive maintenance on my vehicle. I would never take my Honda anywhere else other than to Cameron. He deserves recognition for the best customer service I have received at a dealership. A guy like Cameron is very promotable and loyal!

Sibish B. | 2015-01-17

Had gone for engine light issue, did a wrong diagnosis initially. When light came back on, manager David was very polite and fixed it by finding the complex issue with his best guy. Would recommend this place for buying and servicing honda.

Hugh C. | 2015-01-16

Popped in for a quick oil change on one of our company cars and met with a service person named Matt.
He was very professional and courteous and actually helped me with some recalls I didn't even know existed.
I did notice the cars paint was having issues in a couple of places and he took care of it for me... Gratis!
I also had some dried out belts and some other minor maintenance issues. He did not try to sell me a bunch of stuff I didn't need and was a pleasure to work with.
Good job Matt!

Mo B. | 2015-01-11

Back in July of last year, I reluctantly walk into Showcase Honda to purchase my third Honda.  The first one crashed in a car accident (not my fault), the second is 14 years old and coughing up all kinds of problems. So, there I was sitting in front of Devoun, the salesperson, ready to haggle and make a deal.  I was no nonsense.  I was not going to fall for no tricks this time.  But surprisingly, it was an easy purchase.  Apparently, Honda has a new customer friendly policy.  It's a No Hassle-Matter of Fact-Aim to Please You experience.  Devoun was patient with my going back and forth.  It took all day for me to decide.  Once I decided, it was time to chat with the Sales Manager and somehow I was convinced to purchase the MPP (Mechanical Protection Plan) an extended warranty plan.  It made sense for a person like me who freaks out any time her car coughs.  But later, I wasn't certain if it was a financially savvy thing to do.  The plan covers mechanic issues for the first 75,000 miles of the car if ti's new.  If the car is a certified pre-owned than the 75K is added to the current mileage.  The keyword here is certified.  If not, than don't bother.  The only hiccup I experienced was that they cash my check before I could make the transfer to cover it.  They had agreed to wait but then I got hit with a bounced check.  Not cool at all and I did make a stink about it. But they did reimburse me  the bank fee.  Maintenance services have always been up to par with these guys.  Always polite and attentive.

Neema E. | 2014-12-22

I traded in my old 2008 Honda Fit for a brand new one! If you are looking to purchase a new car, talk to Deneen and Mark Z. for incredible customer service and a great price!

Dee H. | 2014-12-03

The service department has been wonderful and the sales department has been challenging.

The good: The Service department is very good at what they do, part of what they do is to up sell, it is after all a business. I usually wait for my vehicle, decline the 25 other things they want to do while im there and try not to hyperventilate from sticker shock. they're always very courteous,they give accurate time frames and do their best to get me scheduled in as soon as possible. overall they are a wonderful group of employees.

The bad: since purchasing my vehicle I received numerous phone calls regarding surveys and inquiries to to trade in my car and get a new vehicle. I actually received a request for the same survey eight times for one visit. I received dozens of emails, phone calls and other forms of communication requesting that I trade in my car. It's intrusive, rude, and creates a growing concern that there something wrong with the car already purchased. I was happy with my Honda for the potential longevity of its use, if it needs to be traded in every year so I'm concerned with the overall quality. At one point I even had a sales guy run after  my car while I was attempting to leave the service area, I stopped concerned something was wrong with my car, and he asked me if I was interested in selling my car back to the dealership getting a new one. It was not needed, not wanted. I may have been snippy that that point. I have even called back and spoke to the sales manager, and put in writing that I do not want to be: called, emailed, texted, sky written, smoke signaled, telegraphed or any other form of communication regarding trading my car in again or would no longer do business with them. Not a peep since.

Stacey E. | 2014-12-03

Service all around was quick, friendly, and thorough :-) I have now bought two cars from this dealership, both of which my family uses daily. I will definitely be going back when we are ready to buy another.

John L. | 2014-11-27

As far as I'm concerned, any review that isn't a 1-2 star for Showcase Honda is fake. I guarantee that the 5 star reviews are fake! This place is everything you would imagine when you think of "sleazy used car salesmen" car lot. They pull every trick in the book, taking your drivers license then conveniently losing it when you want to leave, etc etc. I could go on and on, but just take my advice, BE CAREFUL. Avoid this place. These showcase honda guys are clowns and will attempt to make you overpay.  Don't do test drives because they will take your license and not give it back until you get pissed off and make a scene.After dealing with these guys for a few hours, I'll never even take a chance and step foot on that lot EVER again. I'd rather give my money to ANYONE else. AVOID!!!

Samantha L. | 2014-11-24

I dealt with Mike Gibbs after receiving an offer from Capital One to finance a car. I also had multiple calls & emails from other salesmen before I decided to call back. I emailed Mike 2 cars I was interested in & asked specifically if they qualified. I also asked because the price was so low what monthly payments would be ESTIMATED at. He gave me a formula that worked out to about 200 a month. Totally doable. Only I get there & the 2 cars DID NOT qualify-but he immediately runs over to another car that I can qualify for (my credit is bad.) I like the car. I say ok. Let's work numbers.

I get in at 335.00-a far cry over the 200.00 I anticipated. Again, I said ok. Only I was called back a few days later to "finalize" paperwork. What the hell was I there  4 hours for?

I go back in, bank rejected that rate, putting me instead at 395.00. I cried. Because really I am a single mom that's having to budget my already tight budget even tighter. I had a 1993 Toyota that mechanically ran well-the ac just didn't work & it was close to a 1000.00 fix. So I signed the paperwork.

I'd just say buyer beware because that has never happened to me or anyone else I know but apparently nothing was set in stone when I left.

So, the great deal I had since the priced well under blue book value went out the window with all the damn interest. Hopefully I can get the car paid off quicker than 5 years.

I haven't had any annoying follow up calls yet, but it's still early enough.

John S. | 2014-11-20

After visiting 22 dealerships, small and large, we had the worst experience here. We felt bad for the salesman. He did his job, was friendly, and listened. When he went in to get his card his sales manager came out and wanted to know why the salesman hadn't sold us a car. What? We came to see a car that we didn't like. End of story. Again he asked what it would take to get us into a car that night. Really? He even demanded that the salesperson get all of my info right now. Wow, talk about being condescending, pushy, and flat out rude.  

The next day I got a call from another sales manager asking me the same question. "Why hadn't _______ Sold me a car!"

Sales guy, you did a great job find another dealership that cares about you and your customers. You deserve it.

Any qualified sales manager knows happy employees, happy customers, equals repeat and loyal customers.

Alvin L. | 2014-11-17

I purchased a 2008 civic Si from this dealer back in June.  At the time of purchase, the rear bumper clearly had damage from an impact while the car fax they were showing off showed 0 accidents, the bumper didn't  seem to have any plastic damage or creases, just missing paint where it had contact with another object.  

They agreed to repaint the bumper along with the hood where clear coat was starting to fail.  I wish I had insisted they remove the rear bumper that day to inspect the sheet metal behind it, I just found out this weekend by removing the bumper my self that the damage from the impact had damaged the sheet metal underneath, deformed at multiple areas.

If I had known this or was disclosed to me at the time, it may have affected my decision on whether I would have bought the car or negotiated a lower price.  I am not sure if they were aware of the hidden damage and simply neglected to address or at least disclose to potential buyers.

I am still giving them a 3 star due to the customer service despite this issue and the service department seems to provide great service.  I just wish they cared more for the brand they represent and the folks they sell it to even if it is a used 6 years old car.

Josh K. | 2014-11-09

Drove on the lot at 3:30.  Got a sweet deal on a used Civic - very little haggling.  They gave me TOP DOLLAR on my trade-in!  I left in my new car at 5:30.  That is the fastest car buying experience I have had to date.  They also have free oil changes which I thought was a great perk.

Lauren N. | 2014-11-07

There is nothing like waking up to a dead battery. I knew that it was just over a year old and therfore under warranty. I also had to get to work that morning so when I pulled in to Showcase and explained my situation they took it right back. I appreciate how quickly they took care of it. It made for, what started as a rough Saturday morning, a great rest of my day. Thank you.

Cierra P. | 2014-11-06

"    Showcase Honda is the BEST and Richard Vargas went above and beyond to make me smile and I appreciate his extra mile outlook.   "

Showcase always does everything they can to make the customer happy.
Along with my oil change they washed  my car and polished every inch of it so that it looked just like the day I bought it.

I won't go anywhere else except Showcase Honda!!

Carrie S. | 2014-11-04

I have only had good experiences with this joint! In fact,  I moved to LA but still get services/maintenance at this dealership. For the service in getting today,  Keys in Woodland Hills wanted $110 and here at Showcase in Scottsdale,  I'm paying $49. I i time my service with business so heck no - I'm not just making the drive to get my car serviced! I'm not that blonde! !!

Mallory K. | 2014-10-29

I had a great experience here! Smooth process and they worked with my price. I've also had many friends lease with Showcase Honda and have had nothing but positive comments.

Paul T. | 2014-10-24

Hmm why does this place have 2 stars I wonder why.. My car was having air condition problems and it was taken in. The mechanics said that everything was perfectly fine and I should not put the AC on low. A few hours I repeat hours later the hot air started blowing at me. Yes I checked to make sure the AC was on. It was taken in again and we had to pay $300 to get some tubes fixed? Then the mechanic said it was good to go. As we were going home the AC started blowing hot air again. So we took my car back again and they couldn't find anything. We drove it home on the freeway and put the AC to low and it was blowing nice cold air. As of today, the AC started blowing hot air. Living in arizona is hard enough and having to drive with heat slapping your face? Not a fan. The mechanics need to stop playing around and find a solution to a problem. What's next? The Honda breaks are not going to work like Toyota? Ohh awesome lets just take it back to showcase and have them just "examine and okay the problem" :-)

Stacey M. | 2014-10-18

Have not and will not use for Service. Purchased a vehicle and was sad to see, car dealers are the same breed of obnoxious as I remember. Incredibly unprofessional.

Mia J. | 2014-09-20

Nicky was awesome and even arranged a ride for me so I could pick up my new car right away!  Great service!

Karolina D. | 2014-09-15

While I love my Honda Odyssey (3rd one since 2000) we have had a horrible experience with the Finance Dept. at Showcase Honda, who convinced us to purchase the "Platinum Care" service agreement in December. To make a long story short, when I took the vehicle in today for a scheduled oil change and 15,000 mile "recommended service" according to owner's manual and service dept., I was told that said "recommended service" was not covered, only the oil change, roughly $50 of $170. Reading the contract, as well as remembering the conversations we had with the Finance guy - Brad Kreiss, aka SHEISTER, LIAR - at the time of purchase (because we don't normally EVER purchase service contracts), both clearly stated that ALL regular service would be covered for 5 years. In fact, Brad Kreiss stated "You will not pay one dime toward regular service for 5 years." Today, I was told there was a difference between "required" service and "recommended" service, and the $1845 we spent for the 5 year extended warranty didn't cover the "recommended" service, according to the owners manual. This is exactly opposite of what both the salesman and the finance guy stated AND what is clearly written into our contract. I will say that today, the service manager did end up giving me the service for free, after I had less that satisfactory conversations with both Mark and Jose in the Finance Dept., but even he suggested getting our money back (pro-rated, of course) because this is not the first time (probably the thousandth) he's heard the exact same complaint! As much as I love Honda, I HATE this crap! We will be pursuing a fair outcome vigorously, but in the meantime, I urge anyone in the Phoenix Metro area to shop at the other Honda dealerships. Showcase Honda sales and finance dept - thieves, liars, zero after-sale customer service!!! Be warned!!

Ben M. | 2014-09-11

The Good: The car I purchased has been a high quality vehicle which I have no significant complaints about. The price I negotiated was fair.

The Bad: Getting numerous phone calls during the car shopping process trying to close the deal. The sales calls were intrusive and dangerously close to pushy. After buying the car the customer service has hovered around 'acceptable', at times dipping below that.

The Ugly: Every few months since purchasing my car I'd receive a call from a random salesman desperate to make a sale and curious if I'd like to come back and trade in my car for a newer car. The car I bought several months ago. After the last contact I may have made it clear they should stop calling me, but only time will tell.

Overall: Unless business practices have changed, be prepared to be pestered after your visit. My suggestion, don't give them your phone number. The quality of the product is high.

Mike M. | 2014-08-30

The best thing about this place is the product.  I know that when buying a Honda, I will receive a good quality car: good on gas, trouble free and safe.  showcase however is as shifty as an auto dealer gets.  They pump up the prices, then knock them down to make it seem you're getting some kind of deal.  

In order to get me a good interest rate, they required I purchase all the extra warranties and service contracts that I didn't want.  All along the way they kept begging  me to give them a positive survey because if I didn't, it would cost the salesperson a part of his commission.  I was told this four times at the dealer, and again in a follow up call.  

The cherry on top was when they asked me to come back and re sign new documents for my loan.  It seems I agreed to such an inflated price, it was more than the bank was willing to finance, so they had to knock a few thousand bucks off after the fact.  Again, I'd have preferred to just take the cheaper loan payment, but the only way they would do it was if I signed up for the platinum package, which netted out almost the same payment as before.  I'll pay cash for used cars on craigslist before I would buy there again.

Kristan D. | 2014-08-13

This is a review of the service center. The guys here are always courteous and professional.  I've never felt pressured to do any services that the hubby can do himself (brakes, air filter, etc) They always have my car ready in a timely manner. Come to think of it, I've never had a bad experience at the service center. They have a nice little waiting area in side with lots of seating, popcorn machine and video games area for the kiddos. The lobby is kept clean as opposed to Bell Honda.

Marc S. | 2014-08-08

Horrible service department! After you get through the flood of cheesy car salesmen, you get the opportunity to talk with over-selling service advisors. We took our Honda Civic here 3 years ago because the motor in our driver side window wasn't working anymore. We spent $350. We only use this car for short drives to work and the store. Since the repair, it has only been driven 8,000 in 3 years. The window stopped working again. We bring it down to the dealership and they tell us that the motor in the window isn't working anymore. I asked Hector Campos, our service advisor if this was common and he said he had never seen this happen in any vehicle. So, he is telling me that even though we have had this happen twice in 8,000 miles of usage, that this has never happened to anyone else he has dealt with before. I tell him that it sounds like the technician did a poor job  of installing the part and we shouldn't be responsible for the cost. He tells me since it is over the 12 month warranty, that they don't have to do anything and that he doesn't know what else to tell us. We have spent a little over $2,000 total on service for this car at this dealership and they don't seem to think that this is an issue that they should take care of. We will never go back to this dealership for service or to buy a new car, which we were going to do in a few months. I guess we will have to drive farther to go to a different Honda dealer for that. Do yourself a favor, don't go to this dealership for anything.

Anita H. | 2014-07-22

I am really unhappy with this dealership.  Every time I have gone in there, the service has been terrible.  I used to have a Toyota and I am comparing the service with what I experienced at Camelback Toyota- there is no comparison.

Service guys are rude, condescending, and it seems like every time I go in there for an oil change, it winds up being much more expensive than I planned.  Today, I went in for a regular oil change- I'm walking out having spent over $800.  My car does not have that many miles on it either!

Had to wait for a shuttle for over 30 minutes, and only when I found my service manager (since the guy behind the counter wouldn't even look up at me or get up from his desk as I stood there waiting for help) did they take me.

I don't recommend this dealership.  Because of the experiences I have had, I will probably not be purchasing a Honda for my next car.

Damien T. | 2014-07-14

I had a horrible experience with Showcase Honda and would never buy a car from them again.  I don't even want to get into the details and relive the nightmare, I'll just say it involved the people in the finance department who were very dishonest with me. Stay away!

Miss Ann T. | 2014-07-14

Stay faaaaar away from this place.  My experience with them was years ago way before Yelp so I was unable to write anything on the interwebs at the time that it happened.  As previous reviewers have said, they prey on the uneducated which I was at the time. In February,  I totaled my car and needed a new one so I went to Showcase since I was in the market for a Honda.  I went in test drove a few cars and was waiting while they ran my credit.  I was there for probably 3 hours.  I ended up driving off in a car that I liked so I was happy.  Within a week, I got a call from Showcase to "re-do the contract" I went in and signed a new contract.  I did this three more times over the 2 months that I had the car.  In April, I got a call from the finance department saying that they weren't able to secure financing for the car that I had so I had to go in and look at other options.  The other "options" I had were three cars all of which were horrible and I definitely wouldn't have picked out on my own.  I should have asked for my down payment back or demanded that they honor the original terms since I had already had the car for 2 months but I was young and dumb and needed a car to get to work and school so I drove off in a clunker that I absolutely hated.  This same exact thing happened to two people that I know personally and who knows how many others.  It really boggles my mind as to how they are still in business.

Bottom line-if you really feel the need to do business with them, don't deal with their financing department, get pre-approved before you go in there.

Noemi V. | 2014-07-09

IF i could give them 0 stars I would. I was warned that they were a bunch of liars and I decided to still give them a shot. Basically all the negative reviews here are correct. I was told I could get a car for a price and there would be no games. Since someone made a $500.00 mistake, their finance guy tried to have me pay for it, which is the most unethical thing I have ever seen. I am the customer and as a business I believe their duty is to make it right with me. I wasted four hours so that in the end they could change their price on me. Point is they are a bunch of liars, worst dealership ever!! I actually was lucky enough not to do business with them.

John H. | 2014-07-05

It has been a week and I left multiple messages for a returned call from Arnold and Jonathon but neither have called back. This was in response to a call from Jonathon subsequent to our first visit saying he will do anything to get our business. We verbally agreed to the color car, model, and price over the phone. Jonathon called me later that same evening to ensure the car and price was confirmed and to ask for Arnold on Saturday morning at 10 A.M. to complete deal. When we arrived Arnold  was not available and the color car was not on site. They also said they couldn't do the agreed upron price. Still no call back from Jonathon or Arnold in response to my multiple voicemails. People beware of this unethical business establishment who do not say what they mean or mean what they say.

Sara C. | 2014-07-01

Easiest and smoothest car purchase ever! Daneen, our sales lady was super sweet and was a delight to work with. The finance portion of the purchase was painless thanks to the New Yorker, Joe! Thank you Showcase for making a car purchase quick and painless!

William W. | 2014-06-16

Bait and Switch!  Do not buy from here.  If you only read the first paragraph of a review I'll summarize.  We were quoted a price by a manager, shook hands, and when we sat down they presented a piece of paper with a price $500 more than we agreed upon.  They then blamed us for the "miscommunication."

Now I'll give all of the details.  We were referred to Showcase through USAA/ True Car.  I spoke with someone over the phone and through email and they made a very competitive quote for the car we were buying.  The quote for the car beat all others.  So, we came in and told them we had a couple of hours and didn't want to play any games, and we gave our bottom line.  The salesman (Vlad) took the offer to the manager, came back and said congratulations, they accepted your offer.  He had a sales sheet with a price $4K more than what we offered.  I understand tax would be included but there were over $2,700 worth of "dealer options."

We voiced our complaints about the inclusion of these options and how we didn't want to pay for them.  Vlad told us that they were on the sticker and if we had looked at the sticker we would have seen that they were not a part of the price on the email quote.  We told them we have an out the door price that beats them even without our trade in.  They told us the price we had was impossible and nobody could beat their prices.  

So, we told Vlad our bottom line out the door price.  We re-iterated our objection to the sales game.  This prompted another salesman (Matt) sits down.  I noticed he gestured to Vlad to stay and watch.  Matt congratulated us on doing our homework and knowing the bottom line for the car.  He showed us his invoice and told us that they cannot sell us the car for what we are asking.  This is where things got interesting.  We told Matt we are offering $26,000 out the door with our trade in and tax.  We told him this was the price we were willing to pay.  My wife said if you cannot accept our offer we'll go elsewhere.  We got up to walk out and made it out the door.  

A sales manager (Ray) stopped us and said, "I'm not going to lose you over $200.  What about $26,200?"  My wife quickly replied, "$26,200?  We'll take it."  She and Ray shook hands.  We called our day care asking for them to allow our son to stay longer than we paid and we sat back down at Vlad's desk.

My wife got up to use the bathroom and Vlad sits down and presents me a piece of paper with an out the door price of $26,700.  He explained that there was some miscommunication over the price and this was the offer.  I waited for my wife and when she saw the price she walked right back over to Ray and asked him what happened.  He said that he thought we had offered $26,500.  So, he came up $200.  I pointed out that he told us outside $26,200.  How was there a miscommunication?  He told my wife he thought I had made an offer of $26,500 without my wife around.  Well, that was it.  My wife said she wants the car for $26,200, the agreed upon price.  They said they couldn't do it.  She told him that we'll meet in the middle at $26,400.  Ray said $26,500 is the final price.  We walked out.  

There is a happy ending in this story.  Vlad called me the next day apologizing for the miscommunication and to see if we were still in the market.  I happily told him we purchased the same car from AutoNation Honda in Chandler.  I thanked him because when AutoNation heard our story they sold us the same car for $26,200 and at this dealership we got 2 years' worth of oil changes and tire rotations.

Colleen S. | 2014-06-09

I went to this dealer because it was close to my work to have my cabin filter changed.  At the dealer, this repair is around $80.  If I would have done it myself, it would have cost me around $15.  Since they worked on my car, the dash has been rattling and squeaking something awful.  I took the car back to have them remedy the situation and I was told, "They had replaced the filter correctly."  
Don't go there.  They could care less about customer service.  I will not return.

Miguel L. | 2014-06-02

You need to see lezlie c. Review from Phoenix, AZ on this place.  If you can't find it, search her name and it's right there.

Ashley M. | 2014-05-22

It's a shame that Yelp! was popularized after I bought my car from this place - over 70 reviews and only 2 stars?! Ick. It's a wonder Showcase Honda is still in business. Now time for my two cents.

DO NOT step foot into this place! You'll be harassed by the salesmen while you're there, harassed by the finance people with all their little "extras" while you're trying to purchase the car, and harassed DAILY by the company via phone call to trade in/refinance even FIVE YEARS after you actually buy the damn thing! I have been receiving calls several times weekly over the past year, and sometimes daily by a gentleman (I'll keep his name to myself) over the past several months. Dear Honda - I'm a big fan of your product, and have been a diehard supporter of yours for all my driving days. Thanks to this awful excuse for dealership, you couldn't pay me enough to buy a Honda aver again.

P.S. This review does not apply to Showcase Honda's parts & maintenance guys - they're always pleasant, efficient, and not at all pushy. Props to them.

Richard M. | 2014-05-09

I have always known dealerships to be expensive and sometime tell you repairs are needed that in fact are not. I was just at Showcase Honda this morning to have my van checked for some recall issue. Upon completing the inspection the assistant service manager told me that my timing belt was in need of replacement, my power steering system needed flushed and my other fluids were dirty and needed to be replaced. All this was going to cost $1,059.00. I find it interesting that I wasn't asked about where I have my van serviced. Less than a month ago I had the power steering pump replaced and all my fluids check by my repair shop 3A Automotive. I also went directly to 3A and asked about the timing belt. Now, my van has 57,000+ miles and has only had 24,000+ miles put on it in 2 1/2 years. So the van is not driven hard and for it to be 5 years old with less than 12,000 miles average per year, most people would call that "normal" driving. The service manager at 3A checked and my van won't need the timing belt replaced until 105,000 miles. I find the attempt by Showcase Honda to make me believe I needed repairs costing $1059.00, is reprehensible and will never recommend them to anyone.

Matthew F. | 2014-05-09

Called them and said I wanted to come in and look at a 2006 Civic. Told them I would be there in less than an hour. Got there and guess what?? Car was sold several hours before I got there and I asked if the car was still available when I called!! So as is typical of Showcase Honda and all the other Van whatever his name is dealerships, they tryed the old Bait & Switch routine and wanted to sell me a 2004 Civic which is a totally different car! Stay clear of this and all the other Van "whatever" dealerships!

Charlie D. | 2014-05-04

Typical car lot. These guys are slick. Do your homework before you roll in here. Go to true car and get your certificates and get pre-approved financing before you ever even think about stepping onto a car lot. I did not buy fro these guys. I used to be in this business and they prey on the uneducated. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I did end up getting a beautiful 2014 Honda Accord from Bell Honda. They were better but not by much.

Joel R. | 2014-03-26

Easily the worst dealership I have been to, U.S. Veterans avoid this dealership. They don't recognize VA BENEFITS as an income (what do I get paid in hugs and kisses?) and it took them 4 weeks to realize that causing us to have the vehicle returned, they also claimed they couldn't get a hold of us on the phones and they would call the cops under grand theft auto (MARK in finance) even tho we talked to them that previous day and other occasions. They need to clear up communication amongst themselves we had at least 5 difference finance people call and we had to tell them all the same information. It wasn't over, then we went to return the car and get the trade in back they didn't have it at the lot and they didn't bother calling us to save us a trip down there.  Next day they said they will bring us the car to the house to pick up at 7:30pm we got a call at 2:30pm saying they were on the way to get the car, uh no we got jobs to be at. Just avoid this place at all cost.

Michael J. | 2014-03-21

Associate and manager were completely condescending and rude. Online advertisement was completely different than the deal offered at the store and through all the communication they always failed to mention this. The sad thing is I was ready to purchase the Civic that I saw online. They made the process of buying a car very stressful. Thank you for excellent customer service.

Chris H. | 2014-02-26

Decently priced vehicles. Jose is the man you want to see. Finance took a while when I was told 15 minutes with no wait in front of me. Mark in finance did his job well, and he also moved numbers to make sure I could get the car for what I could afford.

Your M. | 2014-02-22

DO NOT GO HERE. The worst kind of salespeople try to manipulate and intimidate their customers. Within 30 seconds I had a hunch this was how Showcase Honda chose to do business. After 30 minutes I knew it to be true.

I told these guys that I'm busy and and I don't want to mess around for hours on end.  There's no reason car buying should take so long.  

Me: "Tell me your car and your best price and it'll either work or it won't.  I know you need to make money, tell me what will work for you.  My max is $6,000.  What do you have in that price area?"

After waiting for 30 minutes, the salesperson came in with an offer from the all mysterious "manager" (you know the guy that sits in some secret chamber ala Wizard of Oz) for $9,500.

Salesperson: "so what do you want to do, counter at $6,500?".

No, I don't want to counter at $6,500!  This is a car with a book value of about $6,600.  I looked it up on my cell phone while they kept me there waiting for no #$%@ good reason.  What am I, an idiot?  Did you not hear I'm not here to play this stupid game?  Have you never heard of cell phones with Internet access?  Maybe their game worked in 1972 but I'm not there to spend my whole day dealing with idiots trying to get me to pay more than what is fair.  

I tell the young kid sales guy this is silly and exactly what I want to avoid and walk away.  Right as I get to the edge of the lot the kid and his manager start running after me.  I make it pretty clear it's a no go while thinking about how this really is everything wrong with buying a car.  

Later, I went to a very small dealer about a mile away and told him exactly the same thing.  I bought a nearly identical car for $6,800 in less than one hour.  Proof that I'll pay a little extra to not deal with disingenuous crooks that have no respect for me or my time.

Showcase Honda, you're a caricature of yourself and completely behind the times.  Not only is your mode of business dishonest, in this day and age it's completely ineffective.  We are the customers and we are in control.  Respect us and we will respect your need to make a profit.  In the mean time, go F yourselves.

Julio M. | 2013-12-13

I haven't been here in a while but I stopped by & was greeted by a young energetic salesperson, I actually just came with a friend to help them with the car buying process! It can be complicated if your not dealing with a professional staff!

Honda pretty much should always be an easy sale because it's such a reliable brand, being in the business I was really shocked on how showcase honda is a 1 price store & went above & beyond to show my friend it can be done the right way!!

Round of applause to this class act organization, might even apply for job here!

Bruce W. | 2013-12-01

Showcase had been recommended by friends who had good car buying experiences.  I did not.  I found them to be less than honest.  It was really rather sad to see how transparent and outdated their sales technique was.  And simply not honest.

Staci W. | 2013-11-14

Purchased my used Honda Civic here on Aug 20th. I wish I would have read all the reviews prior to going to this dealership because every visit there for mechanical issues on a car that "PASSED" their Honda Certified inspection has been a nightmare. My recent bill will be almost $ 1000 because they said the part is not covered on the pre-owned warranty that they sold me when I purchased the vehicle. I have put just over 1000 miles on it since I purchased the vehicle in August. I should seen the signs that fateful night. All my paperwork (finalized at 9pm mind you) had the mileage noted incorrectly. The actual mileage was over 800 miles more than on all the paperwork. I called and spoke with the finance manager and he said that he would take care of it and make a notation to change it to the appropriate and correct mileage. I was told that I did not need to come in to re-do any of my paperwork. Ultimately, they will do anything and tell you anything to sell a car. I wanted a Honda because they are supposed to be reliable and get great gas mileage,  but I think I was taken advantage of by this dealership.

Willie H. | 2013-10-30

dishonest liars. Do not take your car here for maintenance. If you are still thinking about taking your car here, call or text me 480.352.1552 so I can talk you down from making a big mistake. These people are not honest. Obviously these people don't care about their reputation or customer service. STAY AWAY.

Jen S. | 2013-10-01

Let me start by saying that I used to be a fan. I purchased a used CRV in June and asked about tires, how much was left on the breaks, etc. I didn't get a lot of specific answers but was repeatedly told, "it passed the Honda certified inspection" for tread and mechanical. Shame on me...I didn't press the issue. I got a flat tire today and my husband took it in. He was told there were concerns over tread depth on not just that tire but also the other front tire. From that point on, it has been one set of excuses after another. I don't expect a dealership to take responsibility because I ran over a nail, but I do expect them to answer my questions and concerns about the tread life on the other three remaining tires. They told us they were worn. Here's the thing... I haven't driven enough to have much of an impact on depth..but they tried to tell me I had...using incorrect mileage as evidence. I had mileage confirmed and corrected for the purchase paperwork, thank god. When I gave them the correct mileage and offered to show a copy of my paperwork, they tried to fixate on the tire with the nail.  I'm now on my way to have them measure the current depth of my remaining tires against certification standards.  MY suggestion because I won't let them get away with selling me crappy tires. They have made a lot of operational errors on my purchase. I had to sign paperwork three extra times. Why should I believe they can measure tire depth? This is insane. Stop jerking around a loyal customer and stand behind your product!!!

Nancy G. | 2013-09-23

I walked out after they sent in their closer. If their salesmen aren't capable of negotiating the deal, too sad. I wouldn't go back there on a bet. Not to mention the phone calls.

Robbie K. | 2013-09-12

OK, this review is based on my first ever experience buying a car. I found Showcase Honda merely by the fact that they had one of the cheapest prices on a certified pre-owned 2012 Honda CRV. Upon reading the reviews I was wary of moving forward with negotiating a deal. However, the price was too good to not at least test the waters.  Here are the notable experiences that I feel influenced my decision on 3 stars:

SALES EXPERIENCE (Brice Kwi):  Very helpful throughout the whole process, never pushy when we told him we had another car to check out, tried pulling some questionable moves near the end of the deal.  Called to follow-up while I was at the 2nd dealership that day (this may annoy some people but it really added to my advantage during the negotiation phase as I could play both dealers against each other). When we talked about price I told him my maximum OTD price was $23,000 (car was listed for $21,775). He called me to tell me that the best he could come up with was $24,250 OTD, but that his manager had agreed to $23,800. At this point we had decided that we really wanted the car from Showcase but were wary of the reviews we had read.  We actually negotiated the rest of the deal over text message and landed on $23,500 OTD. This was great for me as I had a record of what we had agreed on should it become an issue once we got back to Showcase. Upon returning he presented me and my wife the offer sheet with the OTD price of $24,627! ADDED onto our original agreed upon price of $23,500 was $1100 for what he said was the CERTIFICATION FEE they charged to certify the car. Luckily we had brought the printout of the advertisement which clearly stated that included in the online price of $21,775 was the certification along with the applicable warranties.  He said, oh let me show this to my boss, he disappeared for about 10 minutes and came back and said ok my boss said he would honor this (duh!). While I'm not sure if this $1100 add-on was his idea or something his boss instructed him to push on us I'm not sure, but it was annoying enough to downgrade the overall experience.  Bottom line, come prepared with all the documents stating prices and what is included in the price, while this is obviously a good idea at all dealerships, I would say it is an absolute NECESSITY at this dealership based on other reviews and my experience.

FINANCING DEPARTMENT:   I did bring my own pre-approved financing from Bank of America but they still insisted on running my credit so they could be in compliance with the Patriot Act (may or may not be legitimate I've since read arguments for and against this practice). They still agreed that I could use my BOA financing.  A couple of days later I noticed that my credit has been pulled by 3 different banks! (none of which were BOA). Looking back though my paper work I did sign that I was OK with them "shopping around' for a lender, but I was led to believe my credit would not be pulled again and that BOA would be my lender. I ended up with Wells Fargo with the same rate so that's ok I guess, still very misleading and potentially damaging to my credit (it wasn't in the end)

FINANCING DEPARTMENT PART II: Although I considered us to be well researched, prepared and knowledgeable of the car-buying process I didn't do enough research on how to negotiate (or just flat turn down) the extended warranty.  After a lot of negotiating I finally agreed (this was a terrible decision) to buy an extended warranty which included a bumper to bumper warranty for 100,000 miles as well as service (basically oil changes and tire rotations) for $2700 (what was I thinking!) The part of this process that really bothered me and I felt to be misleading was that the deductible was NEVER mentioned. Now, this may seem like an obvious thing to ask about but after being here for 5+ hours I simply forgot-(buyers fatigue!). I'm not downgrading them for my stupidity but for their incredibly misleading facts about the deductible. I noticed when I got home that I was given the $100 vanishing deductible, this meant that I wouldn't be charged a deductible as long as I brought the vehicle to be serviced AT SHOWCASE HONDA. This might not be a big deal if I lived in Phoenix, however, I live 3 hrs away and this was brought up time and time again during the negotiations of the warranty. I specifically asked if I could get the car worked on at a dealer closer to me. I was told of course, no problem, which was technically true, he just left out the fact that it would cost me an EXTRA $100 each time I had anything done on top of the already exuberant $2700 warranty fee. I've since decided to cancel the warranty which I can luckily do through the warranty company itself. Bottom line, I found this to be very deceptive and imagine other people have fallen into the same trap.

Ultimately I got a good deal and am happy, but BEWARE and be PREPARED!

Eric R. | 2013-09-08

I started this review a few days ago and am glad that I sat on it for a while. Car dealerships are, for a lot of us, necessary evils. Unless you're a mechanic you're to one degree or another at the mercy of the business and a lot of people have been screwed over by dealerships and mechanics.

When I started out this review it was a three star rating: four stars for the sales experience and two stars for my first maintenance experience.

I'll start with the sales experience. I was in the market to get a new CR-V. I had done my research and had an idea of what I wanted and what the prices were going for. Where I had been running into problems was the color. I had a specific color that I wanted but after going through a shopping service, I could not seem to find anyone who had the color that I wanted.

My Explorer was in the shop across the street and due to miscommunication, I found myself at the dealership after they had closed. Since I had no car, I decided to head over to Showcase just for shits and giggles. Alex was my consultant and I have nothing but good things to say about the experience. I told him what I wanted, and what I had been quoted.

He beat the quote that I had been given and was able to find the color that I wanted. 4 days later I drove off in the car that I wanted. At no time was I pressured. Even after I collected my vehicle I was expecting to be sold the service plan or some other add-on but that never happened.

Granted I don't think I could have been an easier customer but I felt pretty comfortable with Alex and as far as car salesmen go, I felt that I could trust him. At the end of the day I'm sure I could have paid less but I will always pay more for a salesperson who goes to extra lengths to get me what I want, so no regrets whatsoever.

Four stars on the sales aspect.

Now on to service. My baby just got her first 7500 servicing so I took her back to Showcase. The service was fast and efficient, but at no point was I ever told what the service consisted of. I know that an oil and lube was in order and perhaps a a few other things. When I collected my vehicle however I was a bit shocked that my bill was $111. I also felt like I was rushed to submit payment and at no point were the details of the service ever reviewed with me. My service adviser was in the midst of a service issue with two other Honda service advisers and as I had to get to work I didn't have time to question the bill. This is my fault and in retrospect I should have been more proactive and taken the time to understand what the various services entail.

So I drove off with 2 stars on my service experience. Experiences like this do nothing to endear car dealerships and mechanics to customers who are rightfully skeptical.

However I filled out a survey on my experience and detailed my concerns. I was called the very next day by my service adviser who apologized for the service that I received and admitted that he was in the midst of a very busy morning which I completely understand. I explained that I as well should have made myself more familiar with their service. So I was completely satisfied after the conversation and some compensation that I was offered. So I am ready to give these guys another spin when my baby needs servicing again.

Not the best service experience but they were quick to respond and offer me something to make the situation right again.

Well done.

Ina M. | 2013-08-31

They place their bets on other dealerships being dishonest to earn customers. Slamming down the competition by listing all the nasty things they do, nice! :) I like the good read but you also have to try.

C.K. L. | 2013-08-25

This happened back in 1999 when I tried to purchased a brand new 1999 Honda Accord V6 EX-L model, and for some reason, the saleman wouldn't agree on what we are asking, so we left and then purchase Acura from Bell Acura that used to be on 12th Ave. & Bell Rd. in Phoenix.  They have lost our businesses forever.

Ilse K. | 2013-08-11

I was in the market for a Honda pilot.  I did my homework online and had dealers bidding on me through an online service.  Showcase was one of them.  They told me their price was $28,300 and that they have a $250 lowest price guarantee.  So I emailed them back to get an out the door price.  Low and behold, they tagged on $399 for window tint.  I emailed them back and told them I didn't want window tint, I could do it myself.  The salesman emailed me that all the cars already come with window tint straight out of the factory.  Well, then why are you pricing it WITHOUT the tint? Oh, I know, so you can falsely say you have the lowest price guaranteed.  Well, guess what, another dealer offered me an online price of $28250, lower than their price without tint, so I emailed the guy back and said we can start talking now about how you're going to sell me this Honda at $250 below your original offer..... never heard back from him.  Bought at a different dealer who gave me an out the door price the first time with no problem.  Sleazy is too good a word to describe these people.

PH P. | 2013-06-30

Avoid this dealership for ongoing maintenance of your Honda, unless you wish to waste unnecessary hours of your life sitting in their waiting area, overpay for the service on your vehicle and/or risk the possibility of incurring additional expenses for problems that seemingly occur after they've serviced your vehicle.  Unfortunately, I can't blame anyone except myself for allowing Showcase to service my wife's Odyssey since we purchased the vehicle new in 2008.  I kick myself each time I bring the vehicle in for service but I continued going there mostly because it's conveniently located.  Not only have I wasted countless hours waiting for my vehicle to be service, but I have easily incurred over a thousand dollars on "problems" that coincidentally just pops up immediately following the service.   If they tell you the service will take 45 minutes, plan on at least 90 minutes and you'll be satisfied.  The final straw was a week ago which was for a simple oil change that they told me would take 45 minutes; nearly 2 hours later I get the minivan back, drive it home and discovered the power locks are all messed up.  I immediately call the service department to explain the issue with the locks, which has never happened in the 5 years I've owned the vehicle.  Sure, there is that possibility the door lock shorted on its own while they had my vehicle for 2 hours to perform the oil change, but given my previous experience with problems coming up after bringing the vehicle in for service, I just find it all too ironic and fishy, to say the least.  They tried to extract another $350 out of me to replace the door lock module but so kindly reduced the cost to $200.  Bottom line is, this last oil change cost me $230.

In another instance a couple years ago, the service representative was nearly successful in having me pay over $900, then he dropped it to $800, to $700, then finally down to $550, to replace a power steering component that was ultimately determined to be part of a Honda Recall.  Had I not been diligent and paying attention, I would have thought the rep's efforts to continously drop the repair cost was a good deal and paid the $550 to replace the part.  Fortunately, Honda (the manufacturer) covered the replacement under the recall.  It's troubling enough that I almost came out of pocket $900+ for a part that was covered with the recall but more troublesome that the service representative worked the price down from over $900 to $550 with that ding, ding, ding game're a winner approach to the whole situation.  These guys will try to swindle every extra dime from you that they can.  The funny thing is this particular rep's photo, along with a few others,  was hanging on the wall in waiting room for recognition as "Service Reps of the Month".  I'd be curious what the criteria is to have your picture on that wall...they should rename the wall to "Big Swindlers of the Month"!!

The only good thing that's come about my experience is that we have been thinking about upgrading to the newer Odyssey and Showcase simply made my dealership decision much much easier.   Thank you Showcase!

T C. | 2013-06-24

Beware!  We bought a van a couple of weeks ago. There were a few small things that needed to be repaired- missing change compartment, piece of trim needed to be replaced. The salesman said someone would call the following day to get all the things on the agreed list completed. Two weeks and 4 voicemails later for the service dept. contact, I had to threaten to bring the van back for a refund back to get an appointment. I really am not that typical threatening guy. It has just been a horrible experience. The second they got our money, they did not want anything to do with us. Furthermore, the gas tank was empty. I had to fill it up on they way home from the dealership. And the mats were missing. We did not notice the night we purchased because of the paper on the carpet. Just a bad experience overall. After one week, I called the salesman on his cell phone. He asked me to text him my contact number, and he would call me that night with an appointment. I never got a call. Just bad service. I was told I could not get a refund on the van after two weeks of this. I highly regret giving my money to them.

Sarah H. | 2013-06-19

They have an average 2 star rating for a reason. If I could give them zero stars I would.
Typical used car salesman BS. Thinking they can take advantage of young women because they don't know anything about cars. I called them at 8 pm last night to make an appt to see a car at 8 am this morning, I drive 45 min down there, and when I get there their excuse is "Oh, gee, it looks like we just sold that car last night." BULLS**T!!!
That car probably hasn't been on the lot for a week, they wanted to try and lure me in so they can use their persuasive tactics on me.
Save your time and money and go ANYWHERE but here.

Bob R. | 2013-06-13

My first mistake was ever leaving Arrowhead honda for Showcase honda.  My wife took her car in for overheating and was told it needed two hoses, a thermostat and a new radiator cap.  I thought the price was pretty high and thought I could do it but the service rep Dan Organ told my wife if I did'nt get it done there they were going to charge us 120.00 for the estimate.  I told them to go ahead because of the 120 but got so mad at this that I called back less than 10 minutes to stop the repair and was told the job had been started.  What bull.  How could they have taken everything apart that fast?  Typical used car salesman.  If I treated my customers that way I would be out a job.  My fault for telling them to go ahead with the job but no way it was started.  Very bad customer service and I will be taking both our hondas back to Arrowhead.

Q H. | 2013-06-08

My review is based on my recent online purchase with the dealership. I will give them credit that the process was smooth and not as painful as other dealerships BEFORE the sale close. AFTER the fact however, the process was very painful. I purchased this car over the phone with the very helpful salesman named Daniel. I explained to him that I will not step foot in the state of Arizona to pick up the car. I will need to register the car in New Mexico and have the vehicle shipped to my state. Simple enough. Daniel was competent to follow directions and shipped the car to NM.

The horrible experience came when I received my 2013 Accord. I don't know what happened, but this dealership is so incompetent. WHY on earth would they register my car in AZ? I have to re-register my car in NM, and since I have a lien on the title, I have to contact Honda Financing to coordinate the re-registration. Now if ANY of you have had to deal with DMV or MVD, you all know what a PITA it is to deal with govt agencies. I have had to make several trips now to the DMV. In addition when this dealership shipped paperwork to my residence to close the sale, they sent confidential info (social security, date of birth, etc.) in an unseal envelope. They sent PERSONAL info thru the email in an envelope that was not even sealed or have tape over the flap. Who does that sh!t other than incompetent or completely dumb person?

Also, when I received my car, gas tank wasn't full, car was dirty (wasn't even washed). Anyone who purchased a new or used car from a dealership...there are things you'd come to expect for playing the game. Things such as full tank of gas with purchase and having your car wash prior to delivery. When I received my vehicle without any of this sh!t, what do you think my reaction was? Anyway I wouldn't do business with this idiotic dealership ever again.

When I contacted dealership about my experience...the sales manager response was "I'm sorry. The best I could do is offer you a car wash and full tank of gas. Bring your vehicle in to us and I'll get it taken care of for you." Hello motherfunker!!! Are you not EVEN listening? I live in NM. Why the fcuk would I drive the car 6 hours to get a wash by your stealership and for a full tank of gas? You gotta be the dumbest fcuker.

Anyways, your experience might be different than mine. I already rated this dealership with all 1s when a Honda representative contacted me about my purchase experience from Showcase.

Andrea S. | 2013-06-01

What a great dealership!  We purchased a 2006 Honda Pilot from their used car department.  Sharma was our car salesman.  He was extremely pleasant, helpful, and informative.  We didn't feel pressured to buy the car, which is a welcome relief from the usual car salesman experience.  The car was competitively priced and we got the car for $3000 under KBB.  They are a "no haggle" dealership now, and we loved it!  We were given water bottles while we waited and they were having a memorial day celebration where they donated $100 towards veterans and were grilling up burgers, chicken, and hot dogs for all the guests!  It was such a great experience!  We highly recommend Sharma as your next car salesman!  We couldn't be happier with our beautiful Pilot!  

We also had to deal with the service department as there were minor things that Showcase said they would fix on the car.  I made an appointment and the repairs were perfect and went smoothly!  They fixed the scratches on the headlights (they look brand new now), they fixed a light that wasn't working inside, and fixed the auxilary powerport.  Mike was the service advisor who helped us and he was great as well!  So courteous and helpful!  While I was driving my vehicle, the D (for drive) on the dashboard started blinking.  I called Showcase Honda immediately.  They scheduled me for an appointment to come in the next morning.  They figured out what the problem was and fixed it immediately.  I didn't even pay for the repairs!  Mike was our service advisor for this transaction and he really took care of us!  We were so pleased!  We also love all the yummy goodies that they provide in their comfortable waiting area!    

We were greatly pleased with Showcase Honda, from their sales department to their service department.  We will definitely be servicing our Honda Pilot at Showcase Honda!

Justin W. | 2013-05-30

If I could give zero stars I would have. Was talked down to by the financing guy Jose. He seemed to think we had never bought a car or financed anything in our lives. He never was straight forward with what the final price of actual car. When I asked him how much he was going to give us for the trade in (2010 honda insight with low miles) he told us that it didn't matter. He finally said around $11000. Average trade in on 4 different websites was $15000. When I told him that he said "the internet is just the internet,  it isn't correct." Long story short, he was so rude we walked out on him. This place is horrible. Obviously we will never take the car back for any service issues either.

Joe M. | 2013-05-17

The Service Department has gone pretty far down much so that I think I may go back to my old mechanic.  Came in on a Sauturday to get an oil change, told it would take 2.5 hours (ridiculous).  So the service guy gave me his card and told me to contact him personally to reschedule.  I tried, calling and emailing him multiple times that week with no response.  10 days later, I rescheduled with someone else.  As I pulled in at my appointment time, I stood there for 10 minutes waiting for someone to help me. Nothing. People pulling in after me actually were approached first.  I finally had to go into the office to get someone to help me.  Upon picking up my car, the floor protector papers were left inside and the reminder sticker for my next oil change had my current mileage (not + 3,000 miles).  For such a simple visit, the Service Dept dropped the ball on every count. My fear is that this is the new normal.  This place used to be decent but now it just sucks.

Kimberly W. | 2013-05-08

UPDATE!!!  I feel like it is only fair to update reviews if and when a business goes above and beyond to right a wrong. So that's what I'm doing.  Upon hearing about the epic disaster from my original CRV purchase, the manager contacted me directly to rectify the issue(s). Within a few days they had me in a brand new CRV as a loaner, had a firm date for delivery of my vehicle and had arranged ahead of time for all of our paperwork to be ready to sign once my vehicle arrived.

The level of service from Tom, Lynn and Maggie was amazing. Showcase really stepped up to the plate and I got full apologies along with the words, "This was totally our fault."  Those words are so hard to say when you are in the business of making money.

My husband was so impressed by their integrity and effort that we stopped by this week to purchase his new car.  In and out the door in less than 2 hours with a Civic EX-L at a very fair price.

Since we only buy cars once every decade we probably won't see Tom and his team soon, but I will give them an excellent recommendation.

Carey E. | 2013-05-07

When you think of that old tired image of car salesmen that would up sell their own Mother on extra line items to jack up the 'out the door' final price, you should think Showcase Honda, unfortunately.
They sold my 85 year old mother a 100,000 Honda Certified Warranty on a brand new Civic, so she can feel covered when, you know, she's 92 & still driving around the Valley.  Ridiculous. The warranty added over $3000 to a "list price" she paid, all while being on a fixed income & and visibly banged up from a previous Honda she totaled 9 days earlier!  Sure, bad judgement on my mother's part.  But clearly, a classic case of Showcase taking advantage of elderly folks when the opportunity presents itself.  Those 100k warranties don't convey very well in value, by the way, when you resell the vehicle. Thanks Showcase for perpetuating that old image that others in the car dealer industry are most likely trying to distance themselves from.   You know that type of salesman that takes your keys, then disappears for 2 hours so you can't leave the sales floor?  Yep, these guys are those guys.

Edwin A. | 2013-05-02

We brought our car here for $29.95 detailed special and it took 3.5 hrs to complete, the service advisor was not there to update us on what's going on and why its taking too long, the asst. manager daniel settled us in between and patch all things up, we end up with the detailed special free of charge.bottomline  our experience with one of the service advisor was unpleasant..

Josh K. | 2013-04-14

Classic Van Tuyl dealership... and I'm not sure that's a good thing.

So many cheap tricks they should play "I Want You To Want Me" on repeat (1970s zing!).

Among my experiences: asking me for a $20 bill (temporarily) as a symbolic gesture of my interest, classic take-away close from the Sales Manager, changing prices, badmouthing my trade-in and talk of "What do you want your payment to be?" Signing a piece of paper that talks about my commitment to buying the vehicle that day. Why does buying a car have to be like this?

(The answer: it doesn't. Bell Honda played some of the same games and so this time I bought elsewhere, closing the chapter on my Honda ownership.)

I do think the Service Department is great -- although last time I was in, a gentleman from Used Cars tried to hit me up while I was enjoying their complimentary popcorn, minding my own business with some cheap pick-up line:

Him: "Hey, are you you the one looking to trade in your car?"
Me: "Nope." (continues reading book)
Him: "Oh. Well, WOULD you like to trade in your car?"
Me: "Nice try." (continues reading, albeit slightly annoyed)
Him: "Well, when you do, here's my card."

Give the Service Department their own Yelp! listing and I'll give it a high mark. Combined, you're only as strong as your weakest link. Honda makes great cars and deserves better than this.

Update 3/2014:
Bought a Civic Hybrid here a few years ago. The deal was full of frustrating gamesmanship ("write down on a piece of paper that you are committed to buying a car TODAY") but that's not why I loathe them. Years later, they call incessantly. 5 or 6 times this week. I blocked a 480 number. Then calls came in from an 888. Each time I POLITELY asked to be removed from the rolls. "Sure," they said. "Doing it right now. You're deleted." And yet, call after call after call. Borderline harassment. Not only would I never give them my business, I regret I ever gave them my phone number. Do the same.

Jizza R. | 2013-04-13

I bought a regulator for my driver's side window through Showcase Honda's website.

Most companies sell the regulator with the motor.  Showcase Honda apparently doesn't.  I bought the part I needed elsewhere so I have to return the regulator I bought from Showcase Honda.  

I started with an email to the parts department and waited for a response.  After waiting two days I decided to call.  I was transferred to a guy in parts who told me that he's not the guy who handles that issue and that I would have to call again because he wouldn't transfer me.  

So I called again; the phone rang and I was sent to voicemail.  I left a message.  I waited a day and didn't get a response.  

So  I called again.  This time the phone rang endlessly.  I emailed again and got no response.  

I called again today and straight up told the receptionist I need to talk to a manager.  Apparently there wasn't one available, but she would have him call me back as soon as he was available.  

The return policy is no returns after 10 days of purchase.  I've been waiting 5 days just to get a response and I doubt I'll get it before the 10 day expiration period.  

CONCLUSION:  Don't buy parts online from Showcase Honda

Steve H. | 2013-03-27

The canned lies that they use to manipulate customers are tactful yet transparent. The ethical issue is that they would not use these lies if they were not working. There are so many other options so it is best to avoid this place at all costs for any auto transaction including repairs. Skip them for warranty work too as they will do the work whether it needs to be done or not. So long as they can bill the manufacturer and make an easy buck, they are happy to steal. The pocket the money comes from matters not. Stealing is stealing and these guys lie and steal.

Phx Z. | 2013-02-13

This dealer is the reason why people hate car shopping.  Dishonesty, aggressive tactics, and they are unconcerned with what a possible customer wants.

We did not buy a car here.  There are a variety of reasons why.

When we stopped by the lot to look at vehicles and get more information, we definitely got the hard sell (from Tom Flanagan).  We told them we were just getting information and that they were our first stop.  After several dodgy (and later found to be untrue) answers, we decided to leave.  They pushed us to make an appointment to come back in and we declined.  We specifically told them to not call us too often, as this would actually deter us from buying from them.  They of course called us four times within 3 days (and more later).

Within a day, I sent out several requests to dealers (via Edmunds) to get information about different vehicles.  Showcase was included in that list.  Out of the 20+ dealers I contacted, Showcase was the worst to deal with.

I never got the information (an OTD price) I requested with over 6 e-mails going back and forth (with Alex Ivanov and Matt LaRussa).  They purposefully instead would give me a price for a vehicle we weren't interested in, even after I told them 4x EXACTLY what we wanted.  Every other dealership was able to do this, some with just one e-mail.

While sending e-mails back and forth, Showcase would call at least every other day (too often).  Once even twice a day, often three days in a row.   This went on over a two week period.

Meanwhile, Showcase set up a test drive appointment without me showing interest in doing so.  This led to even more e-mails reminding me of an appointment that I never made.  And a call from them later because they wanted to reschedule the appointment.

Based on the numerous e-mails, telephone calls, and people we had contact with at Showcase Honda, I don't think this is a few bad apples in the bunch.  I think it's how the dealership as a whole tries to do business.

PS.  Almost a month later and telling them we're not buying from them, I'm still getting e-mails.

Stephanie P. | 2013-01-06

I find it hard to separate the stress/cost of car repairs with the experience of the shop itself. Mostly because I hate having to do anything with car repair or maintenance. However, I really don't have anything negative to say about my service experience at Showcase Honda. I needed a Saturday morning appointment, and wanted to drop off my car Friday night so that they could test out the car on a cold start-which was when I was noticing the problem.
I think I called early in the week and was able to get an appointment for that same weekend. I left the car Friday night and got a call Saturday morning. They told me what the problem was and what it would be to fix it (yikes! Yes it was expensive). I thought I was still under my power-train warranty. Unfortunately for me it expired a month ago. Doesn't that just figure??!!!
They also recommended some other maintenance type repairs but I wasn't going to pay dealer prices for those so I opted against having those done there.
A couple hours later they called and told me it was done. The pay and pick-up process is pretty organized over there, which is nice. It seemed like they made an attempt to wash my car through their drive through car wash-but that didn't seem to do much except just swirl the dirt around. Oh well.
So far the car is running fine so I really can't complain.

Alison B. | 2012-12-28

We bought our used Pilot from Showcase and we also get our car serviced there for everything.  Alex sold us our Pilot and he was awesome - I would intentionally go back to him for my next car.  

Despite my cynicism about car dealerships and service departments - I am really happy with the service at Showcase.  I ALWAYS work with Izad in the service department (I won't see anyone else to be honest because Izad is so great).  He is super accommodating with my hectic schedule, arranges courtesy cars for me when needed, explains everything very clearly to me and is honest about what DOES and DOESN'T need to be done immediately on the car.  I know that the money for car dealers is in the service departments, and I think Showcase has invested in making it clear to customers that servicing is their priority.  We're really happy with Showcase and frequently recommend them.

Ashley D. | 2012-12-03

I came in to Honda several times interested in leasing a new accord as the lease on my existing accord was running out. They have the nerve to ask for $500 a month for an accord. Uhhh who do you think you are? BMW? I got them to come down a couple hundred dollars over the weeks after they called me a million times chasing me.  We finally agreed on a final monthly and down over the phone. They tell me we are printing up the paperwork and I go in there for the THIRD time this month and the paperwork has higher numbers on it. I had enough and walked out. At least this got them to stop calling. Before this final walk out I had 5 people calling me from Honda every day. I have been leasing hondas forever but the way I was treated here makes me want to walk away from the company altogether. Scam artists and stalkers.

JO Z. | 2012-09-03

As much as I don't like to write bad reviews, I think it is necessary to warn other potential customers. Honda on Camelback is just looking for naive people to make money off. While shopping for a car I was offered 16%APR. The manager, with concerned look on his face, told me that with my credit, this is what I will pay. When I refused, 5 min later (after taking a run around the floor) they say: ok we can do 11%. Something just didn't feel right. I left.
Another dealer had no problem offering me 4.99%APR.
I have a better car now and I pay less per month.
This article - below- also helped me to save thousands of dollars when buying a car.…

Charles D. | 2012-08-31

Bought a used car for my daughter a while ago and after they got my money and tried to have things fixed, the salesperson who sold me the car was conveniently somewhere else. I was treated like scum.

Jon A. | 2012-07-24

My review is of , Showcase Honda's online OEM parts store.  I've ordered from them in the past with no issues.  My last order is what's prompting me to share a review.

June 30th: I ordered and was charged for a part.
July 16th: I email inquiring about the status of my order.
July 19th: Receive a reply saying its on backorder with no ETA. I respond asking when was I going to be notified of this and to cancel/refund my order.
July 20th: I receive email notification of refund
July 24th: Saw the refund posted to my bank

I felt this was bad business.  I received no heads up about my part until I asked over two weeks later.  And even then, no explanation on why I had to ask vs. them informing me about my order.  It was a small part but something I really need.  I could have ordered and had it in hand a lot faster from another vendor.  HondaPartsUnlimited will be my last resort for OEM Honda parts now.

Jon H. | 2012-07-14

Beware! Quoted a out the door price in a email and the deal changed when I went down to purchase. Staff I dealt with was very unprofessional. Purchase 2 cars in the past from them but will never go back after this past experience.

Krystal G. | 2012-07-09

Avoid buying a car here . The salesmen will say anything to you to get you to sign the contract & once you do , you eventually find out that most of what was said were lies.
The cars are junk and the service is poor.  .  I'm onto my 5th car (always buying one year old with less than 15k miles) & I've had to take this latest car that I purchased here at Showcase into the shop 4 times now within the past year.  . The service department is not friendly or helpful at all. Do yourself a favor and go to a different car lot.

Gerald H. | 2012-07-06

Customer Service is Much Improved.  This service call they had corrected the spelling of my name in their computer system.  Since my car was exactly one year old, I had the full service done.  Now some three months later, my mileage minder (a feature of the 2010 Honda Accord) indicates that I still have 50% of my oil and fluids life left.  This is truly outstanding and is a direct result of the good service I received at Showcase Honda.

Lezlie C. | 2012-06-28

I would give a negative 5 stars if I could. These guys are shysters!
I drove away really happy after buying my car at showcase last month. I continued to be a happy camper driving around in my new car until about a week after purchasing it when my debit card was declined for a $1 coffee at circle k one morning on the way to work. I called my bank and found out that showcase honda had not only pulled the downpayment for my car but they also helped themselves to an additional large amount of money in a strange denomination that made no sense and essentially wiped out all of my funds. It took me 2 days of calls to the finance department to finally get my money put back into my account only to have another large amount of money in a strange denomination  pulled from my account two days later. They kept saying they had lost the check that I had written them for my down payment ,even though the check had already cleared several days before and the amount they were pulling from my account was not even close to the down payment amount at all! I had not even authorized them to debit my account with my debit card!! I had given them my debit card # to sign up for an automatic deduction of car payments thru another company they use, but the payment wasn'tdue for over 30 days and the amounts they were pulling were not payments they were random amounts that even the finance girl couldn't explain. The finance girls were really snotty with me at first telling me I was wrong until they got a clue and realized they were wrong and then said it would be reversed in 24 hrs. I patiently waited with ZERO funds in my account until the next day and nothing. It took several days to get my money put back into my account and with an explaination of "we lost your downpayment check" which had cleared my bank several days earlier and was a very different dollar amount! They declined to pay any over draft fees from my bank even after admitting they made a mistake in pulling the money. Then 2 days later they did it again for a different, unauthorized odd dollar amount that made no sense at all. I ended up having to close the debit card and order another one and my bank suggested I file fraud charges and then close the bank account. I called and left several messages to the "finance manager" nearly in tears over what was happening but I never got a return call. I also called the guy who wrote my deal and helped me do all the paper work and he never bothered to call back either. They also sent me plates and didn't bother to credit me the nearly $100 bucks from my old plates that I told them I wanted to keep so I had to spend a few hours at the DMV getting my plates switched over and a credit. They said they would give me credit for the 2+ years left on the service contract of the vehicle I traded in but they blew that off and charged me full price for a new service contract-I found that out when I got the service contract paperwork in the mail yesterday. My salesman called early last week to see how I was loving my new car and I told him what was going on and how upset I was and that the service manager was not returning my calls. The salesman said he would tell the manager and look into it and get back to me. That was a week and a half ago and still not a call back.  Wow, what a dissappointment. I guess they already got my money so why bother investigating my complaints about how SCREWED OVER I was in the process.
Never again. I read the bad reviews here before going to showcase and thought it wouldn't happen to me or it couldnt be that bad. There is a reason most people on here give 1 star. BE WARNED OF THE SHOWCASE HONDA SHYSTERS!!! Its sad really.

Kim R. | 2012-06-09

WORST DEALERSHIP EVER. I would not step foot on this lot again. We bought a used Honda CR-V from them and as we were driving home (and after the sun went down) we noticed none of the panel interior lights worked. It took hell and highwater to FINALLY agree to fix it for (without charging us). It took weeks to fix and they did end up paying for our rental car, but it was the biggest pain in the butt, and took me complaining to the manager to finally resolve.

I would not recommend this dealership, just look at their ratings!

Bruce K. | 2012-05-21

These guys are unethical liars.  And don't expect you will get any correction or right-treatment from the GM or his assistant Rita Welch...  They will only waste more of your time and add to the frustration that their sales staff begin.

Just read the other YELPs listed here and you will see  definite trend.

I have had all kinds of car-buying experiences at many dealership, and most of them have been great!!.   i LOVE to buy cars.  It is so satisfying when I feel like a i get a good deal while at the same time the dealer enjoys buying me a car.
don't waste your time at Showcase... they care nothing about integrity nor doing what their "Best Price Guarantee" offers.

My experience at Showcase has really tainted me.  

However, I suggest you go to Tempe Honda.  Those guys were great.  That is where we bought our new car.

Chelsy J. | 2012-05-11


I have had nothing but a run-around when dealing with the service department.  I bought a certified used car earlier this year.  In the sale agreement I was promised a different radio and a spare key.  It took me about 3 months to get these things promised to me.  I had to speak with several different people in sales, service and parts.  It wasn't until I got a manager involved did the problem get resolved  

Now I am trying to get an armrest installed on my driver seat before making a cross-country drive.  I have already called three times and talked to four different people.  No one can even tell me if an armrest exists for my car (though I can find it online).  

There is no consistency and no one follows through with things.  I should not have to fight through their system to get stuff done.

Shannon G. | 2012-04-03

Great people .... Justin was not pushy, very knowledgable

Andy M. | 2012-02-02

I found a car 9 months ago that I wanted more information about online. Of course, you have to give them your information before you can get the info. I gave my home phone number since that number is just for business etc.

Now, remember I said 9 months. Apparently these ass-hats don't have a concept of something called caller ID. They called EVERY day, for 7 months. And NEVER left a message one time. All that would be on the voicemail would be a bunch of losers in a room laughing and then it would hang up. 7 MONTHS. It was hilarious at first, then downright ridiculous.

I also got an email that said "How can I help you if you won't even call us back?" No one asked for your help douche. I just wanted info on a car, and got all the info I needed from your sales tactics, or lack thereof.

Lucas R. | 2011-12-22

I had an appointment on 12/11 with Dan, a friend of a friend.
I explained my credit; Dan did a credit check, no problem. Approved! Rate was high, but lower than I expected.
We picked out a car, crunched numbers and the deal came to about $370/month after all the fees and tax. I told him 2-3 times that I didn't want to take the car home until there was a 100% sure deal. He repeatedly reassured me I was good to go.
Dan explained that he is going to have me meet and sign the paperwork with Rob S. in finance. He told me Rob was great and knows that my budget is strict so he won't sell me anything that I don't need. Perfect!
So I meet Rob and he sells me GAP insurance. I was ok with that. It was only $305 so would only add another $6-7 to my monthly payment. In talking to Rob I repeatedly brought up the quoted monthly payment on the car and Rob agreed. Then once GAP was added I REPEATEDLY said that will bring the payment up to around $380. He again agreed each time. In the course of talking to him, I told him OVER AND OVER that I was concerned about the financing and didn't want to take the care home with out it being final. He told me there was nothing to worry about; he wouldn't let me take it if he was at all concerned that there would be an issue. I told him 11 times that I was concerned about the car and 11 times he reassured me not to worry.
So we went over the paperwork.
Rob breezed through the paperwork with me. Didn't go over details with me, I didn't question him, I felt I had been assured and educated enough at that point to know what I was signing. Keep in mind that with GAP insurance, taxes and fees, that I was expecting to be paying around $380 a month for 60 months.
So all is signed and Rob tells me TWICE that he will call me Tuesday to finalize the dear. So I leave in the car. On Monday I fax him requested documents and he confirmed he received them - but never calls. Thursday I email him, mildly annoyed at this point. He tells me he'll check on things and will call me Friday afternoon.
Friday, then the weekend comes and goes. No word from Rob.
I email him on Monday (I have had the car 8 days now) pretty irritated at this point. He replies saying the deal had been declined. But they were trying to package the loan somehow to get another bank to approve it. Wait, I was told that it was a sure deal. They're not coming back with a higher rate; they're coming back with an outright denial?  He says they're working on something and he will get back to me in a week or so.
Next day someone calls - they have a deal - he doesn't know the terms of the deal.
I call Rob - he doesn't know the terms of the deal, tells me to call Alex.
I call Alex - Alex doesn't know anything. Asks me why I was told to call him. Says he will find out and call me in 15 min
Dan calls - tells me I was approved but doesn't know the terms of the deal. Asks when I am going to come in so he can be there.
I call back leave a message for Alex. Rick calls me back. Finally someone knows the term. It took me talking to 5 people to find out the terms.
The next day before going to make a new deal, I read over all my paperwork. I notice the monthly payment I agreed to (the one Rob skipped over) was $80 HIGHER than we had repeatedly discussed. There were add-ons for seat protection etc. I call and set up and appointment to meet with the GM. I was told he would call me to confirm. He doesn't. I show up to meet with him and get told he will meet with me shortly. He doesn't. After 10 minutes two boys (early 20s?) come over and introduce themselves. I explain I wasn't here to talk to them I was waiting for the GM. They go to find him. He never shows his face. The General Sales Manager finally comes to talk to me. He looks concerned after I spill over every detail (like I am here) but never once apologizes. Introduces me to Rick, doesn't tell him anything we just talked about other than I was upset.
He text messages me the next day saying the approval is done at an even higher rate! That is 3 different rates I was given, 2 of them in less than 24 hrs from the same lender? They increased my rate by over 7%. Rick also never apologizes. Tells me he did the best he could. I ask how the rate changed within 24 hours. He never responded back.

Max A. | 2011-12-01


This has to do with their service department...

I have had a few things done to my car here, and while they haven't totally screwed me over, they haven't exactly been 100% straight up with me. My grievance is related to money rather than service. They will jack up prices in weasely ways if you have insurance or coupons or if the manufacturer is going to help cover a percentage of it.

They've always given me decent service - they are pretty consistent in that department. They've even cut me "breaks" on price here and there which is nice. There's always a catch though...

I had a quote to replace my A/C on my Honda CR-V and it was in the 2,000 dollar range. Other quotes were hundreds less for the same thing. It turned out to be a common issue and the manufacturer said they would cover some of it as long as I had it done at a dealership - well, that's fantastic that Honda would stand behind their product like that, but when I got my bill, it was like 600 more than I was originally quoted and then brought down significantly by Honda covering a portion of it. So in the end, I paid less but they still managed to screw both me and the manufacturer a little bit on that one I think.

Most recently, I decided to replace a battery here - They gave me a price (the stock price that is displayed on the battery in the parts dept) and then I showed them a 20% off coupon on their own website saying free installation and all of that. They bumped the price of the battery up to MSRP and then discounted it 20% which ended up taking off about 80 cents. I pointed out that this wasn't right, and they stood firm and said they would be losing money on the battery if they sold it at the price they were listing. I found this to be underhanded and it was disappointing.

I've had brakes done here as well - again, good job and they gave me a decent price considering it's a dealership. They wouldn't honor the coupon they had online, but they did work out some sort of discount.

I know I'm going to pay a bit more going to a dealership, but I guess I come here because there's accountability. I feel like the number fudging is sort of minor in the big picture. It's probably all just smoke and mirrors anyway to make customers feel like they are getting a deal. If you want a real deal, go to a smaller shop with great reviews. That might just be what I do next time. Who knows.

Jeremy M. | 2011-11-04

Liars, deceitful, unethical, scam--all the stereotypes rolled into one best describes this outfit.  Short of the story is at the very end of the enlongated process they tried to deliver the wrong model year vehicle at the same price as the current/new model.  On top of that, they lied about waiving the doc fee and added it in too.  Also, they dramatically changed their tune for the amount offered for the trade-in at the end.  Finally, after walking away from the scam, they won't refund the down payment.  Fortunately, that's on AMEX as they'll stand behind me.

Avoid these clowns at all costs!   They will say what they need to get you to sign, but at the delivery time you never know what they're going to get you for!

Ande M. | 2011-10-23

I am completely and thoroughly impressed with the service department at Showcase Honda. Every person I dealt with - from the girl at the desk to the service guy - was very friendly and courteous, knowlegeable and competent. My car was given excellent service and I was treated well. The wait time was less than expected as well. I've had my vehicle serviced at other dealerships and had come to expect a long wait. I was pleasantly surprised when I was taken care of promptly. I will use them again and recommend them to family and friends.

Tanner B. | 2011-10-04

I was in the market for a new car and decided to test drive the new Honda Civic at Showcase Honda.  The guy that drove around with me knew very little about the car or the features, but nevertheless I liked the car and asked what kind of deal they could offer me.  So I sat down with the salesmen and they tell me the car that I like is actually not for sale, it was meant to be a loaner car for the shop (umm.. then why is it parked on the front row with all the other new Civics?), BUT they could call the owner and ask if he'd be willing to sell it to me, BUT the owner goes to bed in 15 minutes so I had to let them know RIGHT NOW!  I had serious doubts that this car wouldn't be for sale tomorrow (and was pretty sure it wasn't the only grey Honda Civic in the Phoenix area) so I told them that it was a risk I was willing to take since I wasn't prepared to make a decision that night.  They came back with a deal WAY over MSRP and full of all kinds of "packages" that were total dealership gimmicks.  I told them I didn't want their packages, and wasn't willing to pay that much over MSRP.  The salesmen kept asking about what kind of payment I was looking for, even though I kept telling him I didn't want to talk payment, I wanted to talk the price of the car.  They left me alone for about 20 minutes, then came back with another ridiculous offer, but look! If you spread the loan out over 72 months look how low your payment is!  I told them AGAIN, I don't want a 72 month loan and want to talk price of the car, not payment!  And the price that you're offering is way over MSRP!  So they leave for another 20 minutes and come back with another ridiculous offer.  At this point I'm fed up with these guys so I tell them that this is a waste of my time and I need to leave.  As soon as I stand up about 15 people come rushing up to me asking what they could do to get me in the car that night.  I've never felt so hustled in my entire life, and told them there is nothing they could do and that I just needed to get the heck out of there!  I practially had to run to my car like I was about to be torched by an angry mob!

The next day I went to Hyundai of Tempe and had a total opposite experience (check out my review for them on Yelp) and bought a 2012 Hyundai Veloster at a great price, without feeling pressured or hustled.

Definitely AVOID Showcase Honda when buying a new car.

Natalie C. | 2011-09-01

This review is for SERVICE CENTER ONLY:  
I still take my 2004 Honda to the dealership for service.  Although I have always lived closer to the Honda on Camelback I would refuse to go there after one bad experience and that wasn't even the service on my car but rather the people who worked there. So for the last few years I've made the drive to Bell Honda and have received decent service.  I've noticed that Showcase moved locations and I thought I would give them another try after 5 years of avoiding them since Bell was becoming a hassle.  After that long introduction, I'm so glad I did!  The customer service and facility did a 360 since I was last there.  They were quick with my oil change, didn't try to up-sell me on any additional unneeded work like Bell Honda does and everyone was extremely friendly and helpful.  Maybe I got lucky with who I was working with this time, but I hope I continue to work with great employees like that.  I'll certainly give it another try.

todd t. | 2011-07-30


Just bought a new Honda Civic - from another dealer.

Be VERY CAREFUL with with dealership and they have very deceitful practices and are just smiply liars.

When talking "numbers"  they refuse to show you anything - the go over these number verbally (WARNING WILL ROGERS!!! WARNING!!!).

To make a long story short - I stood up, very frustrated, told the guy how I felt and walked out.   BTW:  the numbers they quote you simply don't add up.  

After walking out I think i have had a phone call or email from everyone but God himself.  I finally had to rip into the last person that called.  Bought my Honda from Right Honda in Scottdale.

Mark M. | 2011-07-14

As promised...
My Honda battery was failing. Called service in the AM and told them I use my car for work and needed to know the price and time it would take to replace. Was quoted 95 bucks for the battery, no installation charge and about 30 to 40 minutes. When I got there I asked the service rep how long and reiterated I need to get back to work. He said 30-40 minutes same as the other service rep had said.  45 minutes later a different rep came out and told me I needed my battery replaced..... no kidding...
I asked him if it was done he said no that it would take another 10 - 15 minutes. After 20 I asked the gal at the front desk to check the status. she told me it would take another 10-15 minutes...
Not once did the original service rep who I made it very clear I needed to get out of there as promised, apologize nor did Showcase offer anything in return, except for free coffee and some greasy popcorn.
Now dig this... the last time I replaced my battery I got the 100 month warranty one. This is a 2006 vehicle. I was told I had to pay full price because it was a better deal than the 'pro-rated' battery I bought less than 100 months ago. I asked him to do the math, but he was obviously educated from birth in AZ and looked at me with his mouth open and did nothing to explain it.  As I was leaving I told him to look on yelp for my review. Not blaming the kid, but the management.

Ana L. | 2011-07-02

STAY AWAY!!! HORRIBLE!!! I bought a car from these guys but the experience was the worst. Liars, liars, liars, that's all they are. You can't believe a word that comes out of their mouths. They will blatantly lie in your face to try to get you to do what they want. I caught them up in so many lies during the whole process that I really should have just walked away from the dealership.

Andrew V. | 2011-06-20

Ever been to Chinatown in NYC?  Expect to get hassled even more here. Most annoying and deceiving sales team I've worked with.

I bought my car elsewhere but bring it here for service now, and the service team is just as bad. Not to mention the sales guys won't leave you alone when you go for service. Get off me!

Amanda W. | 2011-06-17

I am only giving one star because no stars isn't an option. WAY over priced and HORRIBLE quality of work.  I paid for an oil change with a tire rotation, car wash, and interior vacuum. My car looked horrible so they put it through again and there were still bugs all over it. They put zero time or effort into my car except for digging up about $1,000 of bs repairs! The only thing they told me I needed that was remotely true were my break pads, which I am able to have done for half the price they quoted me. My tires were NOT rotated and they didn't vacuum the interior at all. It was a horrible experience and I have no idea how they are still in business. I heard two other disgruntle customers in my short time there. I told them my issues and they offered to do it at that time but I didn't have any more time to waste there. They offered to credit my account but I informed them I would not be returning. Run away!

Scott F. | 2011-06-05

I wouldn't buy another new car from these folks ever again.  

It looks like my experience matches many of the ones others have had.  I picked Showcase Honda because their online advertised price for the car I wanted was a very good deal.  So I call them up to verify it was in stock, and it was.  I made an appointment to see it.  When I got there, the sales person I spoke to wasn't even there.  So I used one of the other ones just hanging around.   I test drove the car, and it was what I was expecting.  Here's what annoyed the hell out of me.

I asked the sales person what can you do for me with the price.  He comes back with MSRP.  Are you f***ing kidding me?  I said that won't do.  Go back to your "manager" and present me with a respectable deal.  They come back a few grand lower.  But it's still a few grand higher than THEIR ADVERTISED PRICE for the same exact car.  Not needing to waste any more time, I tell them that I want the Internet advertised price.  He goes back to the manager and comes back.  They can't match that price unless I have a printout proving the price.  WHAT?!!   I'm sure they already looked up the car on their Internets in the office.  What sleazebags.  Well of course I had a printout! :)   So they accepted my offer.

But that's not all that annoys me about this place.  They like to add the "Showcase Honda Package" to all their cars and charge a $1000 on top of it.  What does that include?  Window tint, pin stripe, plastic cover over wheel wells, and a foam plastic tray in the trunk.  Total cost of parts, maybe $40 plus 30 minutes to apply.  What a crock of poop.  They use this as a way to charge you more, so that when they discount it a few hundred dollars, you feel better about it, even though it's worth NOTHING.  

Lastly, paying for the damn thing took FOREVER!  I've purchased many new and used cars before.  This one took 3 hours to process me out.  There was the presentation about the features and benefits.  There was endless waiting.  There was the finance manager who told me about his personal life (actually he was a great guy!).  There was the last car presentation inside the car.  I mean come'on!  Get this down to 1 hour TOPS and save your customers some time.

All in all the price I paid was lower than Edmunds TMV.  Fair enough for me.  I just wasn't expecting to fight for an advertised price!  Oh' and the sales guy who blew me off?  Since he still made the appointment, he still got 50% of the commission!  

Bottom line, know what you're getting into with these clowns.

Gary S. | 2011-05-02

Well........I have been coming here for a couple of years because of the convenience of the location. My philosophy with a Doctor or Dentist is travel to see them no matter how far across the valley you have to go. I'm adapting this philosophy to my auto dealer.

Every time I visit this place they have a laundry list of very expensive repair that need to be done on my car. That is not out of reason since my car is a 2004 model. This time they told me I have a leaking Power steering line that will cost me $583. Ohhh, but don't worry I will give you a rental car and a $100 coupon. Forget it!

I called another dealership across the valley and they quoted me $310. Same parts same labor time and a hell of a lot less money.

Mindy A. | 2011-04-11

Agreeing with some previous reviews, I wish I could give Showcase NEGATIVE five stars. This was by far the WORST buying experience I have ever had - car or otherwise. By far!

My husband and I live in Las Vegas, but we were in Phoenix over the weekend for my sister's wedding. Being interested in the Honda Pilot and having a little extra time, we decided to stop by the nearest Honda dealer to check out the car. They had the exact model & color we wanted and the sales manager wasted no time matching the discounted price we had been quoted by another dealer. Well, the festivities of the weekend caught up with us and we didn't have time to sign all the paperwork, etc to buy the car.

Returning to Vegas, we weren't able to get the same price on the exact model that we wanted, so we figured, "Why not fly down to Phx for the weekend and just buy it from those nice guys at Showcase?" We called the sales manager probably 10 times before we actually booked the flight just to be sure that the exact car was there that we wanted and that we could get the exact price we discussed last week. We stressed that we wanted to be quick with the paperwork and get out of there with the car in a hurry. They said, "You bet - we'll get the car detailed right now and pull it to the side so it's all ready for you." My husband and I were amazed - "Dang, buying a car is not that hard!"

Fast forward to the next morning. Sales manager we've been talking with all week doesn't even show up - strike one. We come in to the dealership as it's opening, get to work on our papers, and ask to see the car. Ummm not here. Supposedly the owner took it home on Friday (it is now Sunday). Weird. But they're sending a lot attendant to pick it up right now, get it detailed, and you can drive out of here in 2 hours max. Kind of annoying, but ok. Now they start pressuring us to sign the papers when we haven't even seen the car in a week. Uh, no thanks. We go to lunch with my parents and come back to Showcase, ready to do our final signatures and drive off in our beautiful new Pilot, but OF COURSE the car is still not there! Now they tell us, "Well the owner just hasn't picked up his phone." WAIT! In 24 hours the owner has not once answered your calls???!? The owner of Showcase Honda (VanTuyl) who also happens to own like 80 other car dealerships and has his own Learjet is driving around a Honda Pilot for the weekend???!? Most disturbing of all - YOU LIED TO US! Blatant lies, for 24 hours. They knew all along that the car was not there and allowed us to PURCHASE PLANE TICKETS because of these lies! Then, of course, they tried to push us into another car. I believe that is what they call the ol' bait & switch.

If you live in Phoenix, seriously, do yourself a favor and learn from my mistake: do NOTdo any sort of business with any dealership owned by the VanTuyl Group. There's a lot of 'em - look them up here before you go car shopping… . I have never been treated to a shadier, slimier experience.

Side note: since we were already in Phoenix, we immediately got online, found another dealer that would honor our price match (Earnhardt Honda in Avondale), and drove back to Vegas in our new Pilot a couple hours later.

Michelle P. | 2011-03-17

Service Department Experience:
Great customer service and very timely.  I highly recommend Tom Urbina to be your Service Advisor. He's knowledgeable, courteous and very up-front about  your vehicles' needs.

Wendy R. | 2010-09-27

I pulled up to their new location for an oil change and sat...and sat...and sat as 8 service center employees looked up at me and looked back down. Brian Jones was outside helping another customer. I finally got out of my car and asked, where do I go now, thinking perhaps there is a new procedure that expects the customers to go inside instead of the employees coming to greet. He made the comment, "I guess I am the only who can get up from my desk today." Honestly, he is the ONLY reason they are getting 2 stars today. If it weren't for the fact that this is less than a mile from my house and the only other dealerships are literally 10+ miles away, I'd NEVER return. Adding insult to injury, most of the people in the lobby appear to be business people, many working on computers or phone while Days of Our Lives blares on two tv's and something else on a third. Not one person looks at the tv...correction, the woman who just got targeted by a salesman to trade in her car is now looking at the tv. Sleezy.
Pretty, shiny, large buildings and good coupons do not make up for poor customer service!

Joshua S. | 2010-08-12

Diego Pomona is exercising his right to not write a novel on this place.  Put it this way, I would rather Flinstone my azz around town before I would ever deal with this place again.  Dealt with them twice, and I've never been as appalled from any car dealership.  

If I were you, find a different Honda dealership.  I'm surprised this place is still kickin'.

Jon L. | 2010-07-11

Well let me first start by saying that l think that the general population thinks that Auto Dealers are "the bad guys".  It is a shame that they have this black cloud hanging over them.

Well, everyone (from Manny Hare in sales to Izad Far in service) @ Showcase Honda is definitely not a "bad guy".  At first I did have my guard up when going to the dealer but Manny did a great job making me feel at home and the "sales pressure" cliche went away.  I was able to test drive whatever I wanted (felt too good to be true) without talking #'s or signing my life away.

I was in there hands as I wanted to get out of my car that I still owed on and didn't have the best credit to work with.  I was very pleased as they presented me with options.

I am extremely pleased with the service department as I did have to take the car in for some minor details after purchase.  Everything was done to my liking and that says a lot as I am very detail oriented.

Showcase Honda EXCEEDED all of my expectations!  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

Danine D. | 2010-06-23


I would have never gone to Showcase Honda if I had checked Yelp first. I am also very surprised at these horror story reviews, but I trust the Yelpers. My experience was like night/day to theirs.

First we slected Showcase because it's close to work, I had four cars I wanted to see and we dropped in to take them for a test drive. After meandering about the lot for a few and eyeballing the ones we wanted to see, we walked toward the entrance and the door was opened for us by our salesperson. Polite welcome, smile and a "how can I help you ladies today"?

We told him what cars we wanted to test drive and he said to have a seat at his desk area while he prepared them. He brought them up front and lined them up like a real showcase. We opened the hoods, the trunks, I sat in the back, the front, and talked about features. He shared what he knew about the cars which was reinforcing what we knew about the cars and then we started our drives, one after the other.

He sat in back, offered a few facts, but was mostly quiet, unless we had a questions, which he was always pretty quick on, and he was humorous. Whenever he asked those personal questions salespeople ask to strike a rapport, I gently demurred and turned them back to him. I think we know more about our salesperson than he ever learned about us. During one of our test drives we had to get gas and he came back from the gas station with waters for us.

After all the test drives were over he really wanted to get working on the numbers, but we told him we weren't planning a purchase today. This part of the sales process is always my most nerve wracking, because I know they want to close a sale. We discussed what else we wanted to see in our range, but we didn't need to see anything else. We had two close contenders already, we just needed a great deal on one.  So, we chose the two cars we were most interested in and did a pro and con chart at the desk to decide which one we would discuss numbers about.

We selected the Honda Fit Sport over the Insight and that's when the pressure started. Normally we leave at this point, but we really did feel we'd found the right car, so I kept in mind my range from my research over what was fair pricing. His first offer to us was way too high and our first offer to him was way too low, but we had a no higher than X price in mind and whenever he was over that we said no and continued talking it out. We scratched out a deal that ended up lower than what I felt fair because the car we were considering actually had a few miles on it from a person whose financing fell through and we lowered the price to adjust for that issue.

Once we had a deal we tossed in extra money down and headed over to finance.

Finance is never fun, and it was getting late, but the guy who worked our paperwork promised to get us through the financing side of things in about an hour, which he did. Maybe you all will think we are suckers to buy anything that's extra in those pamphlets, but we did like some of the extended packages and we worked out the cost to where we were comfortable accepting them.

At the end of the day we drove home with a car we are enjoying and with an experience which wasn't as bad as I thought it might be, and with what we considered to be a pretty sweet deal. They actually own all the shops on Camelback and will soon make construction to be the largest Honda dealership in square footage in North America.

I was actually happy to go write a Yelp review about my car buying experience and was stunned with all these one stars and negative stars.

Maybe they've had some sensitivity training or new management or something? Maybe it's just the sales guy I got? Whatever it was, I was very happy with Showcase Honda and they were never condescending or insulting to us "ladies."

Dyanna P. | 2010-04-14

Add me to the list of people who are underwhelmed and dissatisfied with this dealer.  I purchased my vehicle in 2004 and had a generally good experience, once which I chalk up to bringing my Dad with me so I wouldn't get taken advantage of by dishonest salesmen (sad but true).  In that time, I've only had a couple occasions to return, one being a factory recall on some part (which was repaired free of charge), an occasional oil change, and just about a year ago when my AC died.  Each of those visits were unremarkable.

A few weeks ago, I received another factory recall notice on an airbag valve, so I scheduled an appointment for yesterday afternoon to have it repaired.  At the same time, I asked to redeem a coupon for a discounted oil change and car wash.  I left the car off at 12:30pm and was told it would be just a couple hours before it would be ready.  Surprisingly, less than 90 minutes later, I received a call letting me know the car was ready.  My service tech, Tom, also told me he performed a free service inspection and found a few things needed to be replaced.  This is what he listed on my invoice:

Front ball joints worn out: $454
Oil pan gasket leaking: $339.95
Timing belt: $382

He advised I should have these things taken care of ASAP and he would be happy to schedule an appointment for me.  I asked him which, if any of the three items, needed to be addressed right away.  He said the timing belt was looking ok, but given the mileage of the car, it needed to be replaced since it hadn't yet gone out.  He said the oil pan was saturated and was surprised I wasn't seeing oil on my driveway (I haven't seen a drop).  He also said the ball joins were worn enough that I was risking my wheels falling off at any time.  At that point, I felt pretty certain he was full of crap.  I paid my $27 for the oil change and left.

Once I got back to the office, I called the wonderful guys at Jack's Austo Alignment &  Brakes for a second opinion.  I explained what I had been told and the gentleman on the phone pretty much confirmed my doubts.  He told me to take the car in and he would look at it free of charge.  Sure enough, after he put the car up and took a look, he told me there wasn't a thing wrong with the ball joints.  Not only were they not even loose, neither they or the boot worn out.  He expressed his disgust and apologized on behalf of the dealer.  In addition, he gave me the name and number of another reputable service shop which specializes in Hondas and Acuras - the very place he takes his own Honda.

I always expect to be swindled by big car dealers.  I'm fortunate enough to have family members and friends who have reputable places to recommend - not to mention Yelp!  I'm thankful my car is in great shape and that once it's paid off in a few months, I'll be able to drive it for a long while before having to deal with a new purchase again.  You can bet, though, that I will not shop at Showcase Honda.

One last thing to mention.  Remember that free car wash which was included in the oil change?  Yeah, not so much.  The windshield was essentially wiped down with a wet cloth before they switched on the wipers to dry it off.  How can I tell?  My wipers are shot and leave streaks after each use.  Also?  The same dried splotch of bird crap I saw two days ago is STILL on my moonroof.  I understand free is free, but seriously... if you don't want to take the time to actually wash the car when you advertise you will, don't even bother in the first place.

Stay far away from this place.

Steve W. | 2010-04-02

I was kind of surprised to see such a wide variance on the reviews for Showcase. It's been a while since I've been there but back in 2002 I bought a new CRV here. The salesman I dealt with is sadly no longer working there. This guy actually did what he said he was going to do. Every promise he made to me, he kept. I have never had that happen before with a car salesperson - ever.

The negotiation was a bit of back and forth but ultimately i just said "look - I know what you guys pay for the car and I'm willing to give you X dollars above invoice". With a little patience, they finally relented and I got what i thought was a fair price for the car.

The day I picked up the car was a little less wonderful and it's why they don't get 5 stars from me. I go in to sign the paperwork and some guy is trying - hard - to push an overpriced extended warranty on me. He's looking to soak me for, like, $2000 and even went as far as to say that the manufacturer's warranty didn't really cover anything and that I really "need" this extended warranty. I understand that these things are almost pure profit for the dealers - I get that, I really do - but don't treat me like an idiot. Extended warranties are not a bad thing, just not at that price. It got to the point that I was ready to void the deal and walk out until "the manager" (I cringe when I hear that term and car in the same sentence) walks in. He quickly rectifies the situation and I buy the warranty for $600, not the $2000 that Mr. Jack Off was trying to get from me. Four additional years of coverage for $600. I thought that was fair.

I have used their service department a few times but only for warranty repairs and factory recalls. At about year two, the air conditioning system gave out and it was fixed under warranty. Good thing, cause it would have cost me about $1,400 otherwise. Another time, the throttle body was replaced, again under warranty. Some transmission part was replaced because of factory recall at no charge to me. I have to say that the repairs were done properly and on time with no follow up visits required. If I didn't live so far away I might go here for regular service but I've found a local guy that does great work for a lot less so I use him.

Having said all of that, I've still got the car and it runs like a dream. Hondas are GREAT cars and this is my third one. Even when I got my Benz I decided to keep the CRV. It's paid for, versatile, cheap to run and built like a tank.

So overall I'd say that they treated me right, notwithstanding Mr. Jack Off. I think a lot of the experience depends on the salesperson you get that day. Like any other business, there are good ones and bad ones. If you get a bad one just walk out and go somewhere else.

Eric A. | 2010-04-01

My experience was with the USED car staff and it'skind of a mixed review. Everyone was very nice and helpful, UNTIL it actually came down to the purchase of the vehicle. Lots of promises made before the deal which disappeared once we sat down to make the offer. Their "motto" is that they will not lose a customer because of money, implying that they are willing to deal. Yet when it came down to the negotiating, they backed out on several promises made earlier and nearly lost the sale. If my wife hadn't wanted the vehicle so badly (it had every option we wanted and was loaded), I would have walked out.
On top of everything else, I noticed that the odometer reading on the odometer statement we signed was different (more) than what the actual digital odometer read on the vehicle. It was only a difference of about 20 miles or so, but it did raise a red flag with me. When I brought it up to the finance manager, I was assured that it was a typo and didn't matter. I'm not sure though, since I remember seeing the odometer during the test drive and it matched what the statement said much closer. Probably should have investigated further, but after 3 hours of waiting for sales manager and finance manager to help us, I was ready to be done with it. So far though, we love our vehicle.
In short, the sales staff were nice (what they are paid to do), but the whole process left much to be desired compared to other sales experiences I have had. Through much of the process it felt as though they were trying to pull something over on us. If you are a savvy car shopper and know your stuff, then feel free to shop here cautiously. But if you are something of a "newbie" to car buying, I'd steer clear.

Kevin M. | 2010-03-26

If you have any self-respect, don't go to this dealership. The salesperson I worked with (Brice) was very pleasant and actually listened to what I had to say, but the "Sales Manager" (Mike Jamison) was condescending, phony, and got rather vicious when I told him I didn't have any more time to spend waiting for them to get to the number I was asking for. A few choice quotes from him (as he stood with his feet planted wide and his hands on his hips) included: "This isn't a drive-through," and "No one's going to Hawaii off this deal," and "I guess you don't really want to buy this car."

Really??? Is that why I've spent three hours here and driven up from Ahwatukee twice? I did want to buy the car, and I told them at least a dozen times how much I was willing to buy it for, but they still wanted to waste my time and play games with me. At one point, after presenting me a deal nearly $1000 over what I had REPEATEDLY said I would pay, he said he would go make a phone call to see if he could work something out. I then watched him walk into the "glass room" and yuck it up with other employees for 15 minutes before coming back and telling me the price on the internet didn't include certification fees, blah blah blah.

And yes, I would have chosen no stars if possible. Don't waste your time!!!

Amy D. | 2009-11-07

This was my second time using their service department.  I've always been treated very well and my car is always ready before their estimated time.

Joseph M. | 2009-10-06

You know, as used car dealers go this was a pretty good experience. I have been around the car business for a long time so I consider myself pretty prepared to walk in to a dealer and either get damn close to what I want or to bail.

Found an 06 X3 that I was really interested in so I called ahead and got a referral to a non sleaze salesman that I could talk to. Went it, drove the car, told him where they needed to be and that if they could do it I would buy it. If not- no big deal.  
Long story short, they got me where I needed to be, I was actually pretty surprised- I had researched my trade value and the value of the X3 and they gave me more than I expected for my trade and I got the X3 for less than private party retail.

My salesman was great (Steve Marion). Of course, when you get the big guys involved to really narrow down the deal, they can be a bit insulting to your intelligence, but like I said- It all comes down to knowing what you want and being fully prepared to walk if you don't get it.

I would totally go back to Steve for another deal.

Glenn D. | 2009-08-18

Totally shocked at the other reviews.  I totally didn't read them before we went and I'm pretty sure I would not have gone had I bothered.  Crazy bad experiences from everyone!  Gzz

We actually had a good time.  Got to drive around a couple cars we wanted with a salesman who was laid back and helpful.  He showed us everything we wanted and answered every question I had (even the ones I knew the answers to).  We had a good time.

We wanted to buy an Insight and a CRV in a specific trim and color and they had neither.  The salesman was pretty intent on trying to sell me he black Insight on the lot but I didn't budge.  When I told him that the Honda website showed the exact cars we wanted out at SanTan Honda, he said they probably weren't there anymore but he would "try" and get them.  I totally expected them to call the next day and tell me that they couldn't do it and that I should take what was on their lot.  In fact, they emailed me early in the morning to tell me that they could get both cars.  I was impressed.

With all the bad reviews I read on here, we decided to see if another Honda dealer could get our cars instead.  It's too bad because I feel like they went out of their way to be helpful and honest.  Amazing what a dozen bad reviews will cost you, huh?

Bri D. | 2009-08-14

Wow!  I feel bad for the other reviewers who had such negative experiences, and I'm really glad I didn't get the same thing!  We parked, unknowingly, on the used side of the dealership and no one came out to see us.  I like that.  We wandered around to the very front where there were a few cars being showcased and one of them we were interested in.  We were able to get a good feel for the car all while not being pestered by a salesman.  Once we got over to the new car lot we made our way towards the new Insight and checked it out for a couple minutes before a sales manager with a great southern accent came and chatted with us for a few minutes before one of the salesman came out.  This guy was pretty cool.  He gave us a rundown of the company and all their best qualities and then talked about the car.  Since we were interested in two different cars he pulled both of them up so we could take each for a test drive.  My favorite part of the evening had to be when we pulled into an empty parking lot and the salesman told us to spin a few donuts to see the sweet turning radius on the CR-V.  Gotta love that.  He was a cool guy and pretty helpful.  If all things go well, I think we may end up buying here.

Pity D. | 2009-07-24

I wonder which disease infested gutter the owner of this dealership scrapes to find his sales staff...

I have never been to a sleazier, shadier dealership anywhere. Ever.

The owner installs a ridiculous "performance package" to every single car on the lot. This bullsh!t package consists of pinstripe stickers, cheap crap adhesive plastic trim on the wheel wells and worthless colored tape on the door edges.

I asked the salesman what is the purpose of the thin, cheap trim on the wheel wells? He said it is "to protect the car from rocks and debris".  I told him that's what the OEM splash guards at the bottom of the wheel well are for.  And I asked him how a .5mm thin cheap plastic bumper sticker at the top of the wheel well is going to protect the paint from anything.  He got pissy, and literally starting whining like a 13 year old girl.

I then asked him what was the purpose of the tape (about as heavy-duty as electrical tape) on the doors and he said it was to protect the door edge from scratches and dings when the door hits another car.  When I told him that the polymer OEM Honda door guards were far cheaper and 1000% more effective + durable, he again started whining like a little baby.

They also wanted something like $700 for the most sh!te tint job I've ever seen. The crap already had blisters in it!

To sum it up--the owner and his entire staff are D-bag sheisters.  That's all you need to know.

Caveat emptor.

Jim K. | 2009-03-01

I agree with the others; I would give them negative stars if that were an option. I looked at a car there over two years ago and I still get angry thinking about the experience. They were so slimy I felt dirty when I left. And it's not about credit; I have excellent credit and was looking to pay in cash.

Jonathan K. | 2008-11-13

I sincerely wish NEGATIVE five stars was an available rating.  This was truly the worst experience I have ever had in an auto dealership.  I would NOT recommend you shop at showcase honda.  In fact, I would recommend that you not even drive on camelback because it goes by Showcase Honda.  

I went in to look at a new accord.  The salesman proceeded to tell me he had a perfect car.  He wanted me to sign finance paperwork before I saw the vehicle.  The car did not match any of the criteria I mentioned to him.  

I told him three times I wanted to pay cash for the car, yet he continually spoke of finance terms.  I gave him my business card, and said I would be in contact.  He told me to say a few moments longer as he shuffled over to a glass room.  After about ten minutes I got angry and started to walk out.  Only to find that the salesman and a guy at the desk were on my companies website.  I knocked on the glass, and the salesman was quick to tell me goodbye.  When I returned to my office, my assistant told me that Showcase Honda had called and was attempting to verify my position with the company and get my personal contact info.

Dave B. | 2008-08-27

So we drove onto the lot and were chased into our parking spot by a salesman.  And of course he was SUPER sleazy!  All that I wanted to do was test drive a Honda Fit, and they did not have ONE single car.  He then proceeded go into a little glass room to find out when they would be getting them in.  We wanted to leave right then but the sales weasel took 10 mins of our time, to come back with the answer "we don't know".  Good thing!  I would have NEVER bought from this weaselly sales clown.

Francois E. | 2008-03-22

On Thursday, March 20, 2008, I wanted to look at the Honda Odyssey.  I was looking for a vehicle to meet my specific needs. I was specifically looking for a bench seat in the middle row.  

On this date I was approached by a salesman to help assist my search for the vehicle of my choice.  He showed me about 3 different models of the Odyssey each having bucket seats with the isle in the middle of the bucket seats.  I specifically told the salesman I wanted bench seats with the isle on the passenger side.  I asked him if Honda made an Odyssey with the bench seat in the middle.  He told me yes and proceeded to the next vehicle.  Each car he showed me had the isle in the middle with buckets seats.  I began to get frustrated because the salesman was not listening the meeting my requests.  

Finally he showed me a fourth Odyssey that had two bucket seats.  The difference this time was the two seats were pushed together to allow for the isle on the passenger side.  The salesman asked if this particular car would meet my needs.  I said it was closer, but I was not crazy how the seats were spaced in the middle.  When he asked why that was a concern I explained that having kids would allow for bottles and cups rolling between under the seats.  French fries and hamburgers have the potential of falling between the seats making a mess on the floor and hard chore to clean up for me.  His response to me was, "You really let your car get that dirty?"  I was immediately insulted.  Anyone who has kids know that kids are messy in the car, with all their toys, food, drinks, books, diapers, papers, schoolwork, etc, kids can trash a back seat.  When I questioned the salesman as to why he would ask me that question, his response again was "I don't understand how you can let your car get that dirty."  Enraged, I turned around and walked off the lot.  The salesman was yelling behind me that he has more vans to show me, however, I had heard enough insults from the rude salesman.  

After leaving the Honda lot, I went across the street to Camelback Toyota and bought a 2008 Toyota Sienna, with two bucket seats in the middle, for $35,000.00.  The sales people at Toyota were very courteous and helpful in meeting my needs as a new car owner and parent.  Thank you to Camelback Toyota for showing me how a potential buyer should be treated and respected in the process of buying a new vehicle.

Elle T. | 2008-03-19


If you're repulsed by vulgarity, don't read on because this fucking place inspires such fiery rancor from within me that I will probably be asked to take this down by the powers that be for overstepping the line with my rancid vocabulary.

These guys are PRICKS. Have you noticed all the one-star ratings here are from women? Yeah, 10 points for noticing a trend here. These guys are MISOGYNISTIC PRICKS. In the short space of time wasted with them:

- I was condescended to, told I was a "smart girl" and felt like I was at a seedy, shitty bar surrounded by the most lecherous, pathetic vultures circling around, trying to determine when would be the moment for them to hone in for the kill

- I was given the fast talk in the office as I asked to see some numbers. The salesman was being an ass and gave me some bullshit inflated price, calling it a deal. When my best friend (who was with me for support/opinion) started to ask dickface a really good question, he snapped at her, "Are YOU the one buying a car today?"

- When it became apparent to dickface that I possessed a more than reasonable amount of intellect despite my misfortune of being female (manifested in my questions and refutations of his empty claims) he stood up and hissed: "I need to get my manager to handle you"

- As I walked out of the office angrily after this and the friend comment (they came in rapid succession), dickface & his manager chased after us and shouted authoritatively: "Miss. MISS. Come back HERE. STOP NOW" and then continued to yell chidingly as we got onto the lot: "Oh we spent so much time with you! And gave you free water! What's your problem, ladies?!?!"

My problem, Showcase, is that I expect to be spoken to and treated with a sense of humanity, professionalism, respect, and consideration. Which is far too much to ask of you inept, sexist, pathetic, conniving, nefarious pricks.

I learned alot during my experience purchasing a car from a dealer for the first time. My journey eventually ended well, with me getting exactly what I wanted from a lovely gentleman at what was formerly Brown & Brown Nissan in Mesa.

Whew. Yelp, you are like therapy for me sometimes. I've wanted to scream this review to the public for over a year now. I feel so much better. Thank you.

Emily J. | 2008-02-13

Do NOT go here. The salesmen are rude, pushy, sneaky, predatory, I could go on but I think you get the point. They literally SWARM your car like sharks the second you pull in, like they are going to go in for the kill. I went here last year when I was looking for a car and right when we're about to finally close the deal, the car *suddenly* is purchased by someone else...Then they get angry with you when you are actually tired of the process by this point (several hours later after all their games/phone calls/ "talking to the boss") and want to go home instead of going for the random car they decide is best for you.. As if that wasn't bad enough I went back just a few days ago (I know.. I suppose I only have myself to blame) where the salesman seemed like I was wasting his time and he ended up mocking me and telling me to go buy a Toyota. Seriously.

Tim J. | 2008-02-02

I had a good/fair experience there purchasing my car.
But, as for service, the word rape comes to mind. I am not sure how these people sleep at night. They looked me in the eye and lied to me and wanted close to $1000 for a repair I got from my usual mechanic for less than $200. That is what I get for taking it to the dealer.
Never again. Dealers are for buying cars, not fixing them. At least that is the case for this one.
(They are getting two stars because of my experience purchasing the car there. But maybe I am being too generous.)

Sophie M. | 2008-01-09

I agree with fellow Yelpers on this, if I could, I would give them NO stars. Or even negative for that matter! My best words of advice regarding Showcase Honda are to stay away, far, far away.

I recently purchased a certified pre-owned Civic from them, and the experience was enough to drive me absolutely crazy. Being a first time buyer, I was expecting to be sucked in to deals and manipulations. At first I thought, "well, this isn't too bad. The guy is friendly, they're working with me to get me what I want". WRONG ANSWER. Everything was dandy until they sat me down and we actually started to talk. After increasing my monthly payment and APR from the original "agreement" twice, I decided it was time to move on. Apparently my salesman disagreed. He became rude and extremely intimidating. Now, I know that I should have left and shopped somewhere else, but honestly, I was not ready to deal with anyone else and I needed a car (mine broke down earlier that week), so, I stayed. And dealt. And was angry. The paperwork is a whole other story in itself. I will spare you. Anyway, the ordeal lasted over eight hours. EIGHT HOURS! They will ignore you, shove you around, and completely disregard you. Once you sign those papers they could care less.

After my traumatizing experience purchasing the car, I unfortunately needed to return for remote batteries for the alarm. My salesman told me to find him and he would take care of it. So I did. He told me, have a seat in the service dept and I'll be right back. Long story short, he didn't come back, ignored pages from the service dept, the service dept for some reason didn't understand what I was needing from them, I was passed onto about six different people, and ended up staying there a total of TWO HOURS. To change remote batteries, which, after explaining to the idiot cashier, took her only five minutes to do for me. To top it off, they were supposed to put a tank of gas in it as well, I get in, there is no gas. I wait another thirty minutes.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP. The employees are nothing more than big-headed, dumbfounded, slow moving assholes. They will cheat you as much as they can, and they are not shy about it. I've reported them to the Better Business Bureau, which unsurprisingly, many, many others have already done.

Corianne S. | 2008-01-06

I'd like to give them NO stars, but alas, that is not an option.

I can't speak for the sales department, as I did not deal with them other than chatting with a bored, but very nice, employee. The service department, though, are a bunch of nasty crooks. I don't know how they sleep at night.

The service department should be avoided at all costs. If your car isn't under warranty, don't bother. We took in our '02 Civic and were told that the entire wiring system needed to be replaced, to the tune of $850. (on top of the $100 charged to hook the car up to a machine!!)  

We decided to get a second opinion from our regular mechanic, who concluded that, not only was the wiring fine, but all the car needed was a new battery contact. Less than $100.

Don't be the next victim.

Norma R. | 2007-08-24


Showcase Honda is the thieving, methed out older brother that robbed your grandmother's silver collection to get a fix. Really. There is nothing good or decent about any person employed by this organization and they should be banned from the Better Business Bureau. They called me (this was after I left my original review) saying they needed to "recontract". This is patent bullshit, because that term does not exist, not in Merriam-Webster, not on , and not on the plane of existence that constitutes the veracity of Showcase Honda's very being. They are swindlers and thieves, and they tried this "recontract" crap on me in order to increase my already obscene APR and monthly payments, somehow eventually expecting me to pay upwards of 48 large for a $25,000 car. I'll sum up the outcome of this absurdity with the question my boyfriend asked after I left, to which I answered in the affirmative:

"So, does someone have a 2008 Honda Element SC shoved up their ass?"

They are pure, unadultered shitheads.
Here is my original review:

It's hard to rate a car dealership because you have to keep in mind the innate annoyance car dealers are and provide. They're noisy, demanding, and at times, condescending. So, given that, I'll give these people 3 stars, just because the experience even with knowing they'd be assholes was still kind of annoying. I should have just told them to give me all the damn paperwork, a cup of coffee, and to leave me the hell alone.

I thought the annoying part of car buying ended when I agreed to buy the car, but not so! Even more grating was them trying to hock all their extended warranty wares and giving me the evil eye for rejecting the tire pressure gauges. Please.

Overall, it was probably the best car buying experience I could have had (I mean, I won't even review ABC Nissan or Camelback Toyota... they were just that godawful), but the beast deserves no more than 3 stars.