RC Auto Corporation in Phoenix, AZ

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-We teach people how to smartly acquire a vehicle
-We have a wide variety of new and used inventory
-Leasing and lease returns
-We make acquiring a vehicle simple, easy, and enjoyable
-Integrity, Honesty, and Quality are core values of ours
-Independent Leasing and Sales Company
-Lease or Purchase
-New and Pre-owned Vehicles
-All makes and models
-Trades welcome
-Full factory warranties
-Save time and money
-Eliminate Negotiating
-Full Disclosure


Established in 1981.

-33 years of business
-Family owned and operated
-Over 13,000 clients
-48 states
-7 countries
-Extensive nationwide dealer network
-Experienced staff
-Developed DealTyper App for iPad
-Flexible Schedule

RC Auto Corporation

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(623) 434-1100
Address:2001 W Parkside Ln, Phoenix, AZ, 85027
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on RC Auto Corporation

Denise W. | 2015-04-14

This was the best experience I have ever had while purchasing a new vehicle!  Roger Camping is super friendly and so informative! He made this whole procedure so simple and quick!  I highly recommend RC Auto!!!

Matt R. | 2015-03-29

I just leased a new Lexus IS from Craig and Mandy at RC Auto. What an easy, low stress, positive experience. Once you purchase a car through RC Auto you will never think to purchase a vehicle directly through a dealership again.

Thank you RC Auto!

James F. | 2014-10-27

After deciding that my 2008 Lexus ES 350 was in need of replacing I talked to my financial adviser in Scottsdale, Jim Dew of Dew Wealth Management.  Jim referred me to Roger Camping, of RC Auto.  Roger was also a client of Jim's.   I always dread dealing with the salesmen at a dealership so decided to give Roger a call to see what he could do for me.  I told him what I was interested in, either another Lexus ES 350 or a BMW 528i and Roger convinced me that the Lexus would be the better deal in the long run.  Roger also clearly explained the pros and cons of buying vs leasing and I decided to lease a new Lexus ES 350 for 3 years with the option to buy it at the end of the lease.  There was no pressure and within a week Roger had found the car that I wanted at a dealership in the LA area and had it shipped to his offices in
Phoenix for me to see.  I have been extremely happy with the car so far and would highly recommend Roger to anyone who is interested in buying or leasing a new (or used) car.  Roger also got me a fair price for my 2008 Lexus so needless to say, I'm a "very happy camper".   I would also like to mention that I also dealt with Ben Camping (Roger's nephew) who provided excellent assistance to me when Roger was either out of town or busy with other clients.  The entire staff at RC Auto was great.  The "icing on the cake" was a box of homemade brownies that  I received in the mail (which I believe were made by Roger's wife and daughter) as a thank you for my business.

James B. | 2014-05-06

I've been a loyal Jeep driver for about 15 years.  I love Jeeps, but my Grand Cherokee (while still in great shape) had just turned 8 years old and I was in the market for a new Wrangler.  My first stop was Airpark Chrysler, Jeep, Fiat and, although they had the exact model I was looking for in stock, the experience was everything you hope car shopping WON'T be.  High pressure, dishonest and deceptive terms, and a crappy offer on my trade.  

Afterward, I relayed my experience to a colleague at work who had just bought a Jeep from RC Auto and he pointed me in the right direction.  I called RC and set up an appointment with Roger.  A few days later we met in his office and, after I told him about my experience at the dealership, he took the time to tell me about his business philosophy, and he then walked me through all of the financing and purchase options.  After asking the right qualifying questions, we arrived at the right structure for the car I wanted.  The interest rate, structure, and his fees were clearly explained and extremely fair.  We then set about building the car with the exact options I wanted.  Unfortunately, a Jeep with that trim package and options would need to be ordered and would take 6 weeks to arrive.  However, I wasn't in a hurry so I decided it was more important to get the exact car I wanted vs. having it now.  That said less than a week after I placed the order, Roger contacted me and said that a luck would have it the exact car I ordered would be arriving in a few days, so if I wanted I could take delivery sooner.  Sounded great to me, so I said lets do it.  However, I had expected to have 6 weeks to decide what to do with my current car, so I asked Roger about trading it in.  He said, he'd be happy to help and we set an appointment for him to appraise it.  I brought it in and they inspected it and took pictures and then contacted 3 different dealerships to get bids.  In the end the highest bid (which I accepted) was $1,500 more than what Airpark Jeep had offered.  

At the end of the day I got the EXACT car I wanted in about two weeks and I saved literally thousands of dollars vs. the screw job Airpark Chrysler Jeep tried to stick me with.  I'd also note that everyone I interacted with at RC Auto; Bethany, Roger, Bob, John and Melissa were professional, courteous, and honest.  If you're looking for a stress free, no hassle car buying experience, there is no other choice.

L. G. | 2014-03-03

I live in Dallas, Texas, and just bought my 4th car from Craig Rozen.  I bought my first car from him when I still lived in Phoenix, and he makes the process so wonderful and painless that I have since bought 3 more from him, even though I've since moved to Dallas, Texas.

I just bought a very nice Infiniti G37 from him and couldn't be happier.

J C. | 2013-08-21

Our buying experience was wonderful. I knew what I wanted and they happened to have one. They brought the car to my home to test drive and within days the papers were ready and signed and I had my "new to me" 2012 car. It was after we took possession that the car started with issues. It was discovered within a week that there was no washer fluid in the car and I was loosing tire pressure and questioned that but I know tires are my issue after I buy the car, however, I took it in as two tires were being pumped twice daily. It was found there was a temporary stop in the one tire and a gash in the other. The temporary stop was something that should have been disclosed and wasn't. They did refund my cost on the tires which was a nice gesture and I returned to have the washer fluid topped up. Now, 3 months later my battery died. Took that in and it had a 2009 battery, on a 2012 car. It's a little frustrating when I was assured that everything was checked and taken care of and I trusted them.

Darcy C. | 2012-01-03

We got our used Honda Pilot from RC auto in April of 2010.  The experience could not have been better.  I recommend RC auto to anyone buying a new or used car.  They are professional and friendly - no pressure.  I emailed what I was looking for they sent me a few selections and then I made an appt to test drive them.  The vehicles are kept in a large garage and they let me take them each out on my own.  When I got back and let them know my preference, they let me know the bottom line price and then sent me on my way with the papers to have my husband who was not there at the time sign them, they then brought the car to my place of employment and everything was done... Will always get our cars from RC auto!  

Also the price was below KBB.

Renee H. | 2011-08-01

Best car buying experience EVER! I will never buy a car from anywhere else. This place is amazing. In an industry where you have SO many scum bags trying to make a quick buck, RC Auto is a breath of fresh air.

I was introduced to RC Auto through the credit union I bank with. I searched there website and found a car I was interested in. I called and they were very friendly. They gave me all the information about the car and then gave me the choice to come down and take a look at it or they would bring the car to my office for me to look at. They brought the car over to me. I got to take the car (by myself) over to my husbands office and we both got to look at the car and drive it without anyone around. It was so nice!

Well we fell in love with the car. I came back and told them I loved it. While I was driving the new car they inspected my old. They then took the new car back and called me within 2 hours to give me a price on my trade and follow up. They never once pressured me or asked the dreaded, "what can I do to get you to take this car home today".

The next day I told them I wanted the car. They came to my office and we were able to sign the papers and they took my yucky old trade in away and left me with my beautiful new car. They gave me a great price for my trade-in and the new car came in priced at private party blue book value!

The service was amazing and the experience was not stressful at all! I would recommend EVERYONE buy a car here. They work with new and used vehicles and accept trade.

PS. A few weeks after you purchase you car you get a package from them containing homemade brownies and a hand written thank you! Impressive!