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MINI North Scottsdale specializes in getting you motoring.  We have an excellent selection of diverse MINIs for you to choose from! We can custom build a car for you, or accessorize an in-stock or your current MINI so that it is truly you. We also have an exceptional service department that will keep your MINI moving for a long happy life!

We are the MINI people and we want to make you a MINI person, too.

Motor On!


Established in 2002.

MINI North Scottsdale opened its doors just upstairs of the BMW North Scottsdale store in 2002.  Since then, the MINI Cooper has taken Scottsdale and Arizona by storm - so much so that MINI North Scottsdale now has its own dealership (still in the same complex as BMW) and has a seperate and comprehensive service department.  MINI North Scottsdale is a Penske dealership and is a five time winner of the Western Region Motoring Cup.  We have also taken home the "bulldog" award (you have no idea what we are talking about, huh...).   Coming soon, MINI of Tempe.  MOTOR ON!

MINI North Scottsdale

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(480) 538-6464
Address:7101 E Chauncey Lane, Phoenix, AZ, 85054
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on MINI North Scottsdale

Megan M. | 2015-04-08

Horrible!! I lived in San Diego and went to the dealership for every car repair, they had fair pricing and always had loaner cars available it was awesome. This is the worst they COMPLETELY rip people off, if you call this location for a quote and then call the tempe location for the same quote this locations is significantly higher (over $700). Being a 24 year old female I have learned it's typical to be treated this way but this is the worst of the worst!

Kim B. | 2015-01-05

As second time MINI owners from the Penske dealership in North Scottsdale, and 5 time purchasers from their sister dealerships (BMW, Porsche), I wish I had a better experience to report.

Upon ordering our newest 2015 MINI in September 2014, I asked that the key be scanned (this is the method used to determine what services are needed on your vehicle - called CBS - Condition Based Service, along with periodic Inspections to determine what repairs and maintenance are recommended and required) on the current 2009 MINI so we would know what service needed to be performed under either the then in-effect Warranty or Pre-paid Maintenance contract purchased from the dealership. "The response was "no services needed - you're good to go".

Move the clock ahead to December with the new 2015 MINI delivered and the existing (2009) taken in for the last service inspection and a battery replacement before handing it over to the niece for it's next adventures.

Surprise!! You need almost $3,000 in service and by the way, the warranty and the Pre-paid Maintenance contracts expired 2 weeks ago! Well, I have got to say, I'm a little upset and certainly embarrassed and more-so regretful I purchased another MINI from Penske at MINI of North Scottsdale along with an Extended Warranty and Pre-Paid Maintenance contract that they seem to have problems honoring unless it is in their favor.

When I contacted the Service Manager in person during the drop-off and before the work "needed" was performed, he assured me they would look into this and take care of it. After first denying the key was ever scanned in September, and with "some digging on their part", they found the key scan I spoke of, admitted some responsibility for their mess up on that end, proceeded to perform the "needed" service work and then delivered the MINI to me 2 days later along with a bill for services not covered or made right by them for $2,176.28. This was in addition to the new battery I purchased earlier that week from their dealership for an additional over $200.

First, thank you Penske for the token discounts you told me you applied to the final billing and second, shame on you for the other charges that the majority of which, should have clearly been covered under your Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Warranty or Pre-Paid Maintenance had your employees done the right thing.

Consider your next MINI North Scottsdale and Penske purchase carefully, I know I certainly will based on this last experience from them!

I have left 2 requests for contact by MINI North America and MINI North Scottsdale. If they do contact me and either correct these mistakes or convince me that I am an idiot and have unrealistic expectations and understandings of how this Warranty, CBS and Pre-Paid Maintenance stuff should work, I certainly will update this review.

Right now, I have to give MINI North Scottsdale and Penske Automotive in Scottsdale the booger of the year award.

UPDATE: 1/6/2015

I spoke with Tracy and Cory, both from MINI today in an effort to resolve the issues above. While I am still left with some overall questions on this whole matter and specifically the coverage (or lack there of) provided under both the Warranty and the Pre-Paid Maintenance program that have been covered in past visits, I have agreed to stop expending any further efforts and let this matter rest. While certain of the services on prior visits were covered under one or both of these programs, I am told that the recent services rendered were not because the "Key" when scanned told them it wasn't. pretty Smart Key don't you think? It knows about tires, belts, hoses, brakes, fluids, electronics; apparently everything - even without sensors?

Since I the customer never get to see the "Key Scan" and since I really have very little in writing to detail those specifics of the scan or the coverage afforded under the warranty of maintenance, I am forced to rely on their verbal representation. Sometimes things will be covered, sometimes they won't. Take out your crystal ball and make your best guess as to when they will.

Based on this overall experience and the changes in the wind, I will carefully review the new Extended Warranty and Pre-Paid Maintenance coverage for the newest MINI purchased from them and may ultimately decide to cancel both of these since the coverage policy appears to be changing or can be bent to suit the flavor of the day and may not the best fit.

In summary, MINI did extend an "Olive Branch" to make this situation go away. While I don't agree with the entirety of the policies of BMW, MINI or the Penske Dealership that really seem to have evolved (not in favor of the customer) over the months since first purchase of a vehicle from them, and feel more could have been done, I am moving on.

Advice -- check your paperwork, GET IT IN WRITING (good luck there) and happy motoring.

Based on this update I have added 1 more star to my rating.

Judy L. | 2014-09-17

I have to admit these little cars are cute.  I love that you can "create" your own unique mini.  I like that the salesperson are not all over your shxt, standing right behind you like your shadow, etc.  The guy was causal cool.  Worked up a creation mini and the cost. Took us out for the test drive.  I was just a tag along...  It was a fun and nice experience.  My friend is still itching to buy...  Maybe we will be back soon...

Geoffrey C. | 2014-08-08

Ok, let's try this again....Yelp told me I had to put more detail in the review!

So after a less than desirable experience at their BMW sister dealership, my wife and I decided to stop in at Mini NS to see what they had to offer, figured as current Mini owners (our second), we may see a higher trade in value....wrong!  We were greeted by a nice enough sales associate, we explained we wanted to look at "used" or CPO", he had no interest in showing us either of those, insisted we "check out the new Minis", already turned off we reluctantly agreed.  So we drove the car, a new "S" coupe, nice enough but honestly it has lost a lot of the Mini character.  We came back, they reviewed our trade, keep in mind, I handed them the Carmax offer in writing and they still came back $2000 less, they were the lowest of any dealer we had visited, were really pushy about us making a deal on the car we just drove,  even though we did not like the color and were not overly wild about the car and told them as much.  The Sales Manager, Tracy, never bothered to introduce his / her self to us, they played the keep the trade key game for a while, and never offered to show us what we originally came to look at, used or "CPO" cars.  Again, we are previous Mini purchasers and current Mini owners and this was by far the worst Mini dealer experience we have endured since we purchased our first in 2006.

Kelly R. | 2014-06-25

"I'm always so impressed with the level of service I get from Mini - both Scottsdale and Tempe"

Pia H. | 2014-06-05

I certainly wish YELP would have been available in 2006 (correct! 8yrs ago) because then, I probably would NOT have  been compelled to place a "stop payment on a check" for HORRIBLE repair job that could have possibly caused a very serious car accident, that may have injured me or killed me in my MINI Cooper.  I had been rear ended by a large full size sedan, amazingly,  and quite BLESSED I was not hurt...however my little car (of course) was damaged; not only visibly,  BUT, subsequently after having my car supposedly repaired by the their affiliate collision shop, which (back in 2006) was NORTH SCOTTSDALE BMW/ Penske Automotive.  Anyway, 2 weeks after the car being "cosmetically" repaired,  and returned to me...I was driving to work; about get on the freeway, when all of a sudden my cute, freshly fixed little car literally broke down: the left rear axle arm broke for no unexplained reason...other than the rear end collision, and impact the car had recently sustained. I had the car towed back to NORTH SCOTTSDALE BMW (MINI) to have them re - fix their obvious "oversight"  of the apparent compression fracture to the left rear axle. I had, also consulted with 2 reputable Auto body shops who agreed that "metal axles just don't randomly snap for no apparent reason...other than impact"  
   NORTH SCOTTSDALE BMW/ PENSKE AUTOMOTIVE, dishonesty collected a hefty payment from the insurance company for the "botched" repair that looked great,  but could have caused a fatality.
   I regret having them touch my car!  They have extremely poor business ethics (refuse to admit their error, and simply correct it.) However, with GREED, have the nerve to charge money for repairs not done well, initially and "double dipping" repair charges.  I SINCERELY WARN ANYONE CONSIDERING HAVING  REPAIR WORK DONE, BEWARE!!!

Amie T. | 2014-01-22

I had a very pleasant experience -- Graham helped us out and was patient with us. I think dealerships can get a bad rap for their sales process and this was a great surprise. There was no pressure, and Graham took the time to explain everything and great at answering concerns and questions.

So happy to have a Mini and to be a part of the Mini family!

Charity S. | 2013-12-16

We weren't in the market for a MINI, but we did see online that MINI North Scottsdale had a used 2013 Honda Pilot for sale.

I called this dealership and spoke with Jen, who checked to make sure the Pilot was still in their inventory. When we showed up, we met sales associate Bill Bailey and he let us test drive the vehicle. Bill didn't know much about the Pilot, but then again it is a MINI dealership. The Pilot was a standard 2013 LX, no extras, with 15k miles. There was some soda spattered on the interior and a couple of scratches on the paint. They had completely replaced the brake pads and rotors, which concerned me because I wasn't sure how hard the first owner had driven this vehicle. Sticker price was $25,995, about $600 higher than KBB price for excellent condition.

We came in with our own financing and the first thing they did was ask how much we were approved for. Not a good start. Then they told us that after taxes and fees, we would be paying $29,500. Since we already knew we could get a deal for a 2014 Pilot at $31,000 out the door, you can imagine that the $29.5k price did not go over well. We offered $25k, then upped our offer to $26k when they refused. We were willing to negotiate. They were not.

The sales manager came out and tried to tell us that he "can't do anything about taxes," apparently forgetting that the base price does have some effect on the taxes charged. He said his last offer was $28k out the door.

We promptly drove to Arrowhead Honda and bought a 2014 Pilot with 7 miles on it for $31k out the door. Your loss, MINI North Scottsdale.

EDIT: A service rep contacted me after I left this review, asking me for my contact info so a manager could talk to me. I responded with my contact info. I've heard nothing back after a month. Also, I just checked their inventory online and not only do they still have this Honda Pilot, they have also dropped the sticker price to $24,999.

You missed out on a clean sale a month ago on this vehicle because you didn't want to negotiate, MINI North Scottsdale, and now you're still stuck with the same vehicle, asking about the price we offered. I do love my 2014 Honda Pilot, but it irks me that I could have saved money and you could have made money, but neither of us got what we wanted because of your stupidity. Take a class in customer service.

Jennifer V. | 2013-12-13

You can't go wrong with a Mini and you can't go wrong at this dealership. These people LOVE and live Mini's and share that kind of love and professionalism with you. I went back and forth for months deciding on which Mini I wanted. Both my sales rep Drew and the finance department went completely out of their way in getting me every bit of info I requested, crunched numbers, took test dives and were absolutely amazing. I felt bad at times making them work so hard for one car/customer but they never made me feel high maintenance (I totally was) and finally got me into a beautiful 2014 Countryman a month ago. It's sick how much I love this car. It's got power, great gas mileage and style for days. I've had BMW's, Land Rovers and now my Mini and it's a keeper. Thank you North Scottsdale Mini!

Lauren S. | 2013-09-19

I had an extremely pleasurable experience purchasing my Mini here.  Paul (the German guy...forget his last name, but there are two that work here) was my sales person and he was so knowledgeable, friendly and made purchasing my vehicle so easy.  His customer service is outstanding.  He still responds to my text messages and calls today about questions I have on my vehicle (since I am not the best with technology...and well the owners manual can be a bit of a snooze to read).  I would definitely go here again if I were on the market for another vehicle.

Greg J. | 2013-04-13

I was looking for a new Mini.  Mini North Scottsdale had a number of offerings at what apeared to be a good price.  It wasn't until I sat down to do the paperwork where I noticed a $987 charge for "Aftermarkets."  It is a few items the dealer adds to the car, but doesn't reflect it in the price, and then tries to avoid telling you until you sit down to go through things.  Apparently there is some fine print somewhere that says the price online, the price on the car is not the real price.  Whatever.  It's a sneaky tactic.  I choose not to do business with companies that try to pull stuff like this, legal or not.

They offered to remove the items.  FIne I said, but then you need to deduct the $987 off the price.  They tried to slip me some paperwork that had the items removed, but the cost of the vehicle remained the same.

Forget it.

On to another dealership that doesn't play these games.

The sales manager should be fired.  Games like this will only come back to hurt them in the future.

If I tried to pull stunts like this in my business, I wouldn't have any business.  I wish the same for them.

Bill B. | 2013-03-02

I purchased my 2011 MINI Cooper S Cabrio from Drew B. it was one of the best car buying experiences. No pressure, a good deal. I would recommend them.

Rebecca S. | 2012-10-10

I bought my MINI Clubman new in 2010, Brian was wonderful, he really worked hard to help me decide the options and find the one that I wanted. This is the first car I have owned after having large trucks for many years, I was hesitant to get a car but I LOVE LOVE LOVE my MINI. I have had a few minor issues with warning lights coming on but nothing major, every time I bring it in to this dealer they have addressed any issues quickly and been very informative about what the problem was, they never speak to me as if I'm a woman who is ignorant about vehicles (which I have gotten from almost every other dealer I ever been to!) They always provided me with a MINI loaner and I am in and out in 10 minutes or less :) I will continue to come to this dealer for all of my future MINIs!!

Bill B. | 2012-10-09

I've been going to MINI of North Scottsdale since I bought my first MINI Cooper from them in 2006. I'm on my second one (a 2011 MINI Cooper S Convertible bought in October 2010) and the buying process was smooth, hassle-free, and low pressure. I've bought a number of cars, both used and new, and MNS is easily the most pleasant experience I've had.

Their service has improved considerably over the years. I love MINI's three-year, 36,000 mile maintenance warranty and MNS makes it even better by over-delivering. Their prices outside the warranty are higher than I'd prefer, but I really don't know if they're more than I'd expect. They've started using MINIs for loaners (love that) and fully comp the rental if you have to go to the on-site Hertz or Avis (can't remember which) when they don't have any MINIs available. (They used to make you pay a flat fee of $9.95 per day so getting rid of that is just great.)

One time I had service and needed a loaner. The loaner's gas tank was not full and I ended up having to spend $15 because I hadn't noticed it until I left the premises. I was pretty upset about it and Matt really wowed me when he made it right.

Brian T. | 2012-06-26

So we were looking at trading in my wife's car and geting a new mini. We had been working with the sales rep off and on for a while (Drew) but they don't have much in the way of inventory for the model we're looking at. On a positive note, he did do some research and find the model we wanted that was destined for another dealership. but that's where the good service ended. We get to the dealership and start to look into the trade-in value for my wife's vehicle. Now this is always a sore spot with dealerships because they typically find the lowest price possible, then offer you a few grand less, even if the lowest price is an auction price. In our case, the offer he gave us was way too low, several thousand dollars below what other comparble vehicles in the area were selling for. Now I understand it's a business and would be dumb to think they shouldn't try to maximize their profits. But there's a right way to do it. He shot us a low number in which we declined. he came back and offered us about 1500 more for the trade, but I noticed he added more than than amount to what we'd need to trade in. Nice move slapstick. I'd rather you just give me a firm offer than try to pull a fast one. I guess since they're one of not many Mini dealers in the area, he felt he could get away with it or I wouldn't notice it? We ended up leaving after that stunt and are going to purchase the vehicle from another dealer. I'd walk away or just pay super close attention to the numbers when working wiht this dealership. Shady, shady, shady.

Diana J. | 2012-05-31

We are now on our 3rd Mini from this dealership, still just as happy. Recently had a routine visit to service department and they were top-notch as usual!

Scott P. | 2012-03-12

This place is a rip off with lousy customer service.  We have owned Toyotas, Fords, and BMWs and this place is awful. Due to our experience here we will never own a Mini again.  BEWARE of taking your car here for anything. They lie, they play games, and they take advantage of women car owners.

If my wife and I had time, we would sit outside and share our experiences here with potential buyers. Our sign would say: "Don't be fooled by what looks like cool cars with a cool brand! RUN!!!!"

Dana B. | 2011-09-29

I've only experienced the service aspect of this dealership.

I've been 3-4 times to get my car serviced. I was matched with one service agent who was always pleasant although never terribly personable. There are usually guys waiting outside to take your keys, and the lady behind the service desk is always sweet and cheerful.

I've had some mixed experiences but at the end of the day, Gary, their service manager, knows how to make it right. The key is to fill out the survey they email you after your visit.

Once I pulled up to the service entrance and there was no one there, so I walked inside and looked around and waited for a few minutes until someone approached me. That same visit I picked up my car and had some minor issues fixed, and the service agent didn't verbally tell me what had been done, I had to read it off my receipt. The service manager followed up with me via email several days after and offered a free detail for the less then stellar experience. Pretty amazing, right?

Another time I was unhappy with the way I was treated, and one of my issues was still not fixed. A few days later after filling out my survey, Gary called me to talk about the experience and offer to make it right in any way he could. I appreciate that follow up immensely. They value customer feedback and that's the kind of business I support.

M B. | 2011-08-31

This place is the **antithesis** of what a Mini dealership is *supposed* to be. I purchased my Mini out of state, but now here. Originally I didn't know there was another dealership in Tempe, so I was going to the Scottsdale office.

My service advisor (Justin) does not seem to be very knowledgable. The explanation of why I needed two different oil changes in 2 months went something like this: "these are different types of oil changes." Last I checked, that was *not* an explanation. Anyone have any guesses as to what he was trying to say?

Also, if you work there, shouldn't you at least know what the different gadgets are on the car? I needed one of my (standard) "gadgets" (a light switch) checked out, only to have the service advisor say "what is that?" Really?

Impressive also how they told me that they couldn't look up any information from where I bought my car. And yet, when I called my "original" dealership (out of state), they were able to explain everything to me of what's been done to my car out here in Scottsdale. So why can't Scottsdale do the same? Or are they just lazy?

Ah, and yes. Because my service advisor knew that he was not going to get a 5 star rating on the survey (which btw, anyone who gets anything done at the dealership *should* get a survey emailed to them soon after the visit), Justin went ahead & changed my email address so that I couldn't give any feedback. And yes, I confirmed by looking at my last invoice. Address was correct then. This time? A subtle "change" to my email address.

Overall, lack of professionalism. Knowing how other Mini dealerships are, I DO *!*NOT*!*  RECOMMEND Mini of North Scottsdale. If you want a *real* Mini experience, stay away!

Gretchen L. | 2010-07-24

Wow, this place was hopping busy when we came in to test drive a few used Minis. I think it was actually the first time I've ever had to go find a salesperson on a car lot. I liked it, though - we were able to check out their used inventory without a shadow, then decide which ones to try out.

We worked with Lisa, a Mini Cooper veteran. She was super friendly, very chatty (I love talkers... quiet people put me on edge), had tons of knowledge and a great sense of humor. She quickly accommodated my hubby's requests to drive various cars.

Some notes:
1) They were having a great new vehicle sales event, with tons of traffic (punny) and sales closing all around us. This affected the length of our transaction... not at all. We took more time driving/deciding than they did to complete the financing and get the car ready.
2) The used car prices were 'on sale' and good deals. We checked more than a few against Blue Book and each was a good $500-2,500 under.
3) Financing was super simple with an even better interest rate than I ever expected. Woo hoo!
4) There was one minor repair to be made; their service department was closed for the day so my hubby scheduled an appt for the following weekend. Repairs are now done - and he got new rear brakes at no charge, to boot. He got a loaner while the car was in the shop, and they washed his before returning. They actually did a great job, all around.
5) Only negative... really, only a water dispenser with dixie cups? It's summer in Phoenix... invest in a cooler of chilled bottled water. Nice complimentary coffee/espresso/hot cocoa/latte machine though!

A really good car-buying experience. We would buy from here again.

Amy C. | 2010-07-13

I purchased my 2006 used Mini from Toyota Camelback about 3 years ago. Since then I've taken my mini into the dealer about 4 times for various reasons.

My rep, Devin, is always very helpful. Mini has always provided a loaner and the service is always very quick. Under warranty, everything was covered which was awesome. Once my warranty ran out, I still received quality service and quick turnaround times.

Labor may be more expensive but the savings in the loaner, the hassle free service, and the quality of the service makes it well worth it.

Mary G. | 2010-05-15

I purchased a MINI here last year.  We went in, took a test drive, and decided to purchase the vehicle.  The sales associate, James Kelly, was pleasant and easy to work with.  Unfortunately, the dealership was another matter.....

We were paying cash for the vehicle.  No financing needed.  They told me I had to fill out a credit application. I thought that was kind of weird, however, I was assured that it was a formality, that they would not run my credit.  I should have walked, but we were trying to get the cash for clunkers credit, so time was of the essence.  The other strange thing was that they would not take a certified cashiers check from the bank unless our sales associate accompanied us to the bank.  After we went to the bank with James, we had to sit down with the finance manager who kept trying to pressure us in to financing with MINI.  He actually said "You know, if you want to buy a house in the future, it would be helpful to have the money for a down payment."  What the.....?  (To be fair, we were dealing with the BMW finance manager, as the MINI finance mgr was not available)  I pulled my credit report a few months later, and it showed that MINI of Scottsdale had done a credit check??! I AM NOT SURE WHAT PART OF "WE ARE PAYING CASH FOR THE CAR" THEY DID NOT UNDERSTAND??   Do yourself a around.  They finally opened another MINI dealer in AZ (MINI of Tempe) so now you have a choice. I think they are both owned by Penske, but throw your money to the nice guys at the Tempe location.  I couldn't believe I was paying $30K for one of their stupid cars, and being treated like I was some kind of criminal.  Effing Lame.

rosalee g. | 2009-08-09

MINI North Scottsdale- kept pushing their own financing after I stressed several times, I had my own all ready approved. Friend went into drive the car for me, since I WORK, and he was basically ignored. And when given a "out the door" price, a "mistake" was made ...asked for a buyers order twice so I could send it to my bank... until I threatened to walk, did they give it to me...huh?...and then after, I wouldn't hand over my financial info, they said, that someone needed to come with me to the bank to get the cashier's check...whah??? Overall, it really started to feel like I was dealing with a smarmy car dealership... so passed. If I'm gonna spend $30K at your place, people at least be kind of nice.

Alexander C. | 2009-04-15

Hilary's first self asked for service appointment was today.. only took 2 hours, fast, friendly and free!! Oh yeah, with your new MINI purchase you receive your first 3 years of maintenance free..  this time I took advantage of a cup of earl gray tea and watched the DIY channel on the flat screen. Also surfed on their free wifi from my iPhone.. very cool set up! I would give 5 stars but Derick, my adviser got busy and my car sat completed for like 20 minutes and I got my keys when I approached the service desk. Maybe better next time?

Hilary, I love her so!

Bobby Q. | 2009-04-07

OK, for starters, I HATE CAR DEALERS.  They are the scum of the earth and can all eat poo for all I care.  That is why I had my Honda for sooooo many years and sooooo many miles.  I hate car shopping.  And to be quite honest, only living a few blocks from work and being able to work from home, I really don't need a car anymore.  But, I said to myself, "self, I want a new car that is fun to drive".  So I looked at Jeeps, the Ford Flex, Toyota FJs, Hybred Hondas, Hoped up Hondas (Civic Si Mugeon Edition), Audi, VW, Volvo.... and the list goes on.  All had good qualities, but all had Dastardly dealerships (yep, another capital D).  All but one. The 1st test drive I did was in a Mini Cooper Clubman at Mini North Scottsdale with Scott W.  Scott is friendly, knowledgeable and an all around trustworthy kind of guy.  The kind of guy you'd take home to your mother.  He put up with my shenanigans for 2 months while I did all of these other test drives and met with all of these other Dastardly dealerships.  He was always there for me to ask questions, bounce ideas off of and got me info whenever I needed it.  This guy even answers his work email after hours.  Now that is dedication.  I would buy another car from Scott if I had the means to do so.

After deciding on the Mini Cooper Clubman S, picking mine out, I had to go through the dreaded finance process.  ewwwww.  This is where they are supposed to separate you from the salesman and the rest of the heard and do Dastardly things to you in a back room (including, but not limited to selling you undercoating, clear coating, flowers, magazine subscriptions, coat hangers,and making you suffer through endless fine print...).  Not at Mini North Scottsdale.  Wow, even this was painless and quick and super professional.  At no time did I feel that Mariana was trying to scam me or pull that typical auto finance BS on me.  She was honest, straight forward and super cool to chat with.  

This is such a weird review.  It's like I'm in Bizzarro world where everything is backwards from what it should be.

In conclusion, Mini North Scottsdale has changed my mind about buying a car.  The only thing they didn't do is give her a name for me.  Any ideas?

Fred M. | 2008-07-07

This is the only game in town for MINI warranty work. Shame there isn't an option somewhere near the city. I've only had one visit, so I'm basing this off that one experience.

I called and Justin Gray was kind enough to look up my car's warranty information and everything else about my 3 year old car that I'd just purchased. He proceeded to tell me that all of my maintenance was included, sweet, but when I tried to make a reservation, he told me cannot take them. This was weird, as all of my VW/Audi experiences the advisors themselves had the power to take a reservation, even though there was a reservation girl. Ok whatever, I'll go with it. The girl taking the reservation ended up having to call Justin to find out if they had the correct part in to do the work... so do you think we could have just eliminated the middle man?

Secondly, there are no complimentary loaner cars. Again I'm going to relate this to my VW/Audi experiences, where they would always provide me with a complimentary loaner, even if it was just one afternoons worth of work. Instead, I had to pay Hertz $6, not like it is a lot, but it's the principle of it.

Do not let them wash your car. Whatever kind of oil they use is a dust magnet, they don't wash it correctly, and miss a lot of places. It actually made me kind of nervous after seeing what they did beacause it was obvious it was done in a careless manner. I also don't like when people move my seat... you're only driving my car for a number of feet, not from here to Chicago, you don't have to move it for that. Leave it be.

On positive notes every service person I encountered was courteous, helpful, and efficent. It was obvious management was making them do certain things in certain ways that didn't always make sense, but that wasn't their fault. Inspection 1 with oil change and all only took about 4 hours which isn't bad for a dealer. I was pleased with the courteous service and efficency.