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New and pre-owned vehicles arrive daily, so be sure to check our website often. We have an excellent selection of new Nissan vehicles including; the Juke, Altima, Maxima, Rogue, Sentra, Versa, 370Z, Titan, Cube, Murano, Xterra, Frontier, Pathfinder, Armada, Quest and now we will have the first all-electric vehicle in the United States, the brand new Nissan Leaf!


Established in 1984.

Midway Nissan was established in Phoenix, Arizona in 1984. For the past twenty six years, we have prided ourselves on being Arizona's home for new Nissan trucks, SUV's cars, top quality pre-owned vehicles, Nissan Certified Service and Nissan Certified Parts.

We look forward to providing each customer with a unique and personalized experience that they will never forget.

Midway Nissan is one of the top Nissan dealerships in the Valley and has set itself apart by providing the Midway Advantage on all new vehicles. We are the only dealership in Phoenix to offer 2 years scheduled maintenance absolutely FREE -all oil changes, tire rotations, inspections and a free car wash with every visit!

Midway Nissan

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(623) 738-0273
Address:2209 W Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85023
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Midway Nissan

Devon T. | 2015-04-23


- Took my truck here for basic generic check engine light (CODE P0174 - Bank two system too lean). I had explained to the service drive rep what the problem was by including a detailed diagnostic report from my scan tool (Bank two A/F sensor was reading 4.5V witch in the 2007 Nissan titan repair manual the voltage should be 2.2V with the ignition switch on). The service drive rep stated "I am not going to provide this information to my tech's because they need to find this information themselves". Are not customers supposed to have their word heard and given to techs once again we are the individuals having the issue? Anyways, I received the techs diagnostic report a day or two after which was, Two cracked exhaust manifolds. To me this seemed a little far fetched because the code was only related to the right hand cylinders (Bank 2) but I decided since my warranty company CNA national was covering it to let Nissan repair the problem to see if this was actually it. After the repair was complete I noticed the same issue and the same code. I immediately called the service department and talked with the rep that handled my issue, here was his explanation: "We replaced broken parts on the vehicle but the main problem behind your vehicles issue is the aftermarket K&N intake'. My problem was related to an electrical issue You can find this by simply taking the voltage reading which I already knew was off and wrong and the intake has nothing to do with this. Issues related to this can be (intake air leak, voltage A/F issue, fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulator and exhaust manifolds *the most expensive part*) I asked Nissan to take another look at it and this is what I received back. "I am not going to take another look at you vehicle until you take my recommendation and replace the stock intake". Behold a Nissan dealership where techs do not even read and follow their own repair manual.

-Please do not take your vehicle here you will be upset with the lack of customer service and knowledge of the people they employ!

One other thing they told me my car would be washed and ready to pick up, I brought it there with a fresh detail - Returned and left with dust on it. Just the cherry on top!

Chase O. | 2015-03-19

I know its 1 star, but that's all they deserve. The general manager kevin green, tried to screw me on the deal that I had already been quoted the night before. First, he was rude. Second, he would not honor the price that I had already been quoted by a sales manager. So, what kind of company allowes their managers to quote you a price, and the tries to raise it, and says well we can't do that? Midway nissan does. Oh and another thing, the sales manager told me that the vehicle would be fully detailed, after it was time to make the deal, kevin green, wanted to charge me an additional 150.00, just to get the dirty car detailed, when that's their job for one, because I am not buying a car and then receiving it dirty, and 2 they already told me they would take care of that for me. So all in all. I will not go back to them. If the owners of midway ever read this, fire that guy, it will do you a lot of good. Thanks.

I will say. The next day the assistant general manager fixed everything and for that I applaud you

Barb W. | 2015-03-17

We responded to an online ad about a specific Nissan Rogue we liked. We called and told them our interest and they assured us the car was there. We called ahead to tell them we were coming. We live in the East Valley. They are far NW Phoenix. After going through 4 people and 20 minutes of waiting, we were told the car had been sent to auction. No wonder the price was so great! BAIT & SWITCH. Need I say more? Do NOT  shop here. I would not trust these people!

Hailey H. | 2015-03-15

Please read the reviews before taking your hard earned money to midway Nissan. They will rip you off...and take advantage of your situation. Don't get misled by the "nice" response being posted here from the dealer it's all a bunch of crap! My experience was so damn traumatic that I'm getting an attorney involved.

Lynn K. | 2015-03-09

It was a very long experience! At the point you realize your in to deep to go all the way back home and then you continue to wait and wait and wait some more... They are finally done with you. You give them your savings you get your ass handed to you and ripped off on the price of the car.

Then oh then all their "guaranteed financing" until you get a call a week and a half later... Saying oh by the way we couldn't... So about that co signer you offered... Let's put the entire loan In their name... Alone... And you can just make the payments. You know because that sounds like a great plan! Wtf!

Your picking out plate holders and air freshener's and they are here saying nope we lied... Even tho you repeatedly told them you couldn't be financed, that it's never going to happen!

I came in to look at a trade in they had up on auto trader... I got sold a new car.. My dream.. And then a week and a half later all third promises came falling down like a storm washing away my dream and wasting my time! I'll follow up with what happens next about getting either my large down payment back, or getting them to eat it on the loan paper work they gave to to drive the car away with the dealership listed as my lien holder.

So to follow up I waited over an hour for someone at finance to see me to return the car. Then they said no one was available to cut a check for my down payment, so never fear they will mail it to me! So I'm stuck paying for a rental car until I can get my down payment back and go to car max where I should have gone in the first place!

So if you like to be bleed dry and anal rapper with no lube... Shop here if that's your kinda thing!

Apperently the mail takes over a week and a half to get from 1 city to another 1.5 hour drive away. Looks like I'm going to have to go file small claims court and sue them for my down payment that has not been returned. Why the hell is there no zero star option?!

Tara E. | 2015-01-05

0 stars for the red head who works in the service department, total snot. The service guys are nice though. Only go here over pinnacle because I work right behind.

Rob R. | 2014-11-14

Went there to look at a Maxima for my wife. We got out of our car and were greeted by loud rap music being played over a PA system and mob of sales people (20 or so). So we quickly got back in our car and drove down the street to their sister store to complete our purchase.

Lisa P. | 2014-10-17

I set up an appointment to test drive a car. Phoenix in August, over 100 degrees. I arrived at the appointment, the car was not ready. I was handed off to a salesperson who could not drive a manual and thus couldn't bring the car from the back lot. We drove to the back lot. She forgot her ID to be able to leave the back lot with the test car. We drove back to the dealer. We drove back to the lot. She said she hoped the key for the car was in the lot lockbox. It wasn't. She called someone to bring a key. She offered that I should test drive an automatic rather than a manual. I declined. I walked back to the dealer to leave. I talked to the sales manager who was uninterested in the problem. I left.
Customer disappoint.

Follow up: the Manager contacted me to see what the dealership could do to make things right. I appreciate the concern shown. If this type of attention is extended to customers on the lot, the dealership will be much better.

Dan A. | 2014-09-11

Alrighty, Midway found a way to screw us again. They set my son's car payment up with Smart Note, which would have been fine if they set it up correctly, which they did not. They set it up so that the payment was $31.19 short every month. Now the bank is calling because the loan has a past due balance.  It really appears that this dealership is totally inept. Yes, my son should have been on top of this, and taken notice that the drafts were short, but then again, Midway employees should have the knowledge to set it up correctly in the first place.  Midway dealerships totally lack attention to detail.  I should have heeded the sales managers hint when he outright told me " caveat emptor".

Marcus C. | 2014-08-21

They had an advertisement for a tent sale, so we went test drove a couple of cars, so advertisement says "$50 GIFT CARD WITH TEST DRIVE" never got the card and no mention of the card. We ended up test driving a car that we wanted to buy, was approved for car but wanted to explore our options first before the deal was completed. So I think this is our flag  not do business with this car dealership. Maybe if the had honored the advertisement I would have bought the car. Thanks for wasting my time I spent 5 hours in that building!

Matt B. | 2014-08-09

Here's a quote from the response I received from the business...

There is a disclaimer on all advertised cars that reconditioning fees may apply along with other fees so we do not have any false advertising.  I'm not sure how you may be aware of what the margins are on our vehicles and whether or not we make or lose money?

Like I said, they advertise a price, make you sit there for two hours, then mark it up 10% and point to the disclaimer. Shady.

Secondarily, everyone that has any knowledge of the auto industry knows that more money is made in the used car dept for the average dealership. about 25% of profit comes from used cars, 25% comes from new cars and 50% from parts and service. And generally that the sales of used cars are 30% of total sales vs 50% for new cars. You do the math and tell me which margin is higher. Again, your arrogance betrays you when there is plenty of public data available...

Victor Z. | 2014-06-28

I have a Nissan Maxima 2011 and my experience with the service department has been excellent!  Initially I was greeted by Scott Sloan, who now works elsewhere.  He was a great example of customer service.  Very diligent and caring.  When he left, I have been taken care of by Travis Wood and Andres.  Both of these guys are obviously amazing, customer oriented service providers.  They carefully listen to my complaints.  Travis is great at suggesting the most cost-effective way of dealing with a problem.  He has also helped me make the car that I love so much more beautiful.  We installed the under carriage security lamps and the car is just so much more distinguished after dark.  

When one of the panels in the cabin broke during installation,  Travis was quick to get a brand new replacement for me.  He called all around town to see if someone else had the part.  This kind of care is rare to come by these days.  These guys are busy, but obviously they still get excited about helping customers, which in my book earns them special recognition.  

When my detailing wasn't quite perfect for them, the guys sent the car back free of charge for a re-do.  Travis and Andres are both a pleasure to deal with.  They're always laughing and smiling, which makes it easier to get comfortable.  

Travis went above and beyond, when he got me a car to drive during one of the longer upgrades that I was doing.  Thank you guys for being so excellent all of the time.  I will continue to recommend Nissan Midway service to everyone that I know thanks to you guys!

Lissa F. | 2014-06-23

Very pushy,  very rude, very deceptive about answering my direct questions,  like what my interest rate was and what I was paying for the car....after 2.5 hours of not getting answers I left ...Beware do not go!

Sandra H. | 2014-06-02

Purchased a new car, ended up getting a really good deal out of it was able to negotiate and get the car for place I was willing to pay for it. I think the only negative was the wait,  but other than that it was a good experience. I can't remember the names of the people that  dealt with but if you plan on buying a car always expect to wait for at least half a day. I say this because I would negotiate the price and they would have to go back to the manager,  and than just dealing  with finance.

Valerie A. | 2014-05-30

Do NOT come here for any voluntary service work. The only reason I continue to show up for the 1.5+ hour oil change is because it's free for the time being (since I purchased my car from them). Such an utter waste of time! Also, for my 15,000 mile maintenance, even after the "discount" it ended up costing me more than any upper-end car shop would.

Thoroughly disappointed in this place.

Tim B. | 2014-05-04

We showed up to buy a Nissan NV 3500 SV passenger van. The first person we asked to see the beehives said they didn't think they carried the van but would we like to see the Quest minivan. Trust me, if you are in the market for a 12 passenger van it's because the minivan you already have in your life isn't cutting it. We knew they had them because we drove by them in their overflow lot. After explaining this to the first rep we were directed towards the lobby to wait for someone to show it to us. We waited 30 minutes and asked 3 times if someone was coming. No one ever came....Midway Nissan must be making their money in other was besides selling card since no one wanted to help or even cared to help the family who was ready to purchase that day and had their checkbook on them. Their oil changes must be running $40,000 to keep the doors open. Hint to owners / managers:  Hire people who care, that know the products, and have attended some sort of professional conduct classes. On to the next Nissan dealership.

RENISHA R. | 2014-04-21

I purchased a used car at a tent sale a few weeks ago and have had nothing but trouble ever since. First my car needed a new battery after dying on me while I was out. Midway replaced my battery, but I had wasted half a day getting it. Then I get called into the dealership twice to sign papers they had "misplaced". Seriously? Not to mention the 4 hour wait for them to clean my car because it was not cleaned before the tent sale. This has been the worst car buying experience I have ever had. Great deal....horrible service.

Ian J. | 2014-04-16

I have asked MIdway Nissan to stop calling for two weeks now and that I can not speak at work and still receive daily calls.  I was told to call back when I was ready and I said perfect thank you, even though she was polite she gave me no numbers and no information because they wanted me to "come down to the show room".  Thanks to their harassment and annoying me at home and work I have decided to keep my truck and am very happy with my decision.  BE CAREFUL in giving them any contact information they will hound you and hound you to go to another dealer or keep your vehicle like I chose to do.

Alec W. | 2014-04-01

This place is full of crooks who keep all your secure information laying around. Look elsewhere and save yourself the headache. I wasn't interested in buying a car from them. Yet, a few weeks later I learned that Midway Nissan issued me a temporary registration for a car I never even looked at. Check your credit report if you've ever given them your information.

Kaira M. | 2014-03-30

I purchased a new vehicle from Midway Nissan and I have to say this was the best experience I've ever had when it comes to buying a car.  The team went out of their way to make sure I was given the best deal possible and i drove off in a great vehicle.   I would recommend this dealership to anyone who is looking for fair deal on a new or used car.  My salesman was Justin and Finance Manager was Rock.  
Thanks guys you are the BEST!

Morgan T. | 2014-03-29

Having had a so-so experience at Larry H Miller Nissan, I am very inclined to write this review to encourage you to go to Midway Nissan.

I first inquired online through the e-price of a 2013 Nissan Rogue. I was under the assumption that a 2013 was all that I could afford and the only one left in the valley. Unfortunately it wasn't in stock when I got to the dealership, but that's not bad news at all. My sales representative, Jenna, was able to get me a 2014 Rogue.

She was wonderful. Ask for Jenna if you decide to go! I had not planned on driving home with a Rogue that day, rather finding out what I needed to do before ultimately purchasing it. I couldn't believe that I drove home with the vehicle that I had always wanted. She did not pressure me in to a car I did not want, and she tried her very best to make it happen for me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate her. It's very rare to find a salesman with the customer's intentions at heart. She was professional, personable, and realistic. I absolutely love my new 2014 Nissan Rogue with the convenience package!

Gabriel H B. | 2014-03-26

Terrible customer service!!!!

I tried to apply yesterday for a used 2009 Chevy Suburban at Midway Nissan and it took me many calls, several emails, and what is worst they needed to run my credit twice because the salesman, Michael Woody, that started the sales process abandoned me without any notice. I had to call twenty hours later and Orlando told me that Michael was "off" so he had to take my information again but one more time Orlando never call me back. At the end, I call again two hours later and Alexis told me that I might need a co-signer that he will check my credit again and will see what he can do for me. He tranfered my call to his assistant Eloisa that nicely took again my credit information and told me to wait ten minutes for an answer. Still waiting for a call back.

Finally, around 7:30 PM, same day, someone unaware this all journey, call me from Midway saying that he was waiting for me the all day to go and sign up for my Tahoe, that I was already approved, as soonest I told that guy my adventure and that I was buying actually a Suburban not a Tahoe, he hang up on me...very rude!!!  

For your information, I just financed a Chevy Truck at Watson Chevrolet in Tucson Arizona a couple of months ago and took us probably two hours to leave that dealership with our new truck without any problem and very happy with their service. PLEASE Midway Nissan Sales Staff do not waste people's time and try to be more honest with your deals and communications. Hopefully, someone in top management see this feedback. Customer service like this can take down any business in a short period of time.

I really liked the vehicle and the price but huge mistake calling this dealer.

Ursula D. | 2014-03-15

More often than not, we see 1-STAR reviews in which Yelpers write about what a business did wrong.  This review is strictly about what I did wrong.  Maybe you will consider these as well.

What I did wrong....
1. I Bought a Car from Midway Nissan.
LESSON LEARNED: I Don't do business with Midway Nissan.  My car came with 2 years worth of oil changes, I would rather pay to have the Oil changed some place else than go back here.  If my new car broke down in front of their driveway, i would pay to have it towed to a non-affiliated Nissan dealer (yeah, there are other Nissan dealers affiliated with Mid-way in the Valley that I will avoid as well)

2. Left Earnhardt Nissan to come to Midway to buy a car.
I had gone to Earnhardt a day or two after  going to MIdway.  I had negotiated a great price on a similar car at Earnhardt that wasn't on Earnhardt's lot.  (the car would have to be delivered).  Since I knew Midway had the car I wanted on their lot, I pinged the sales guy at Midway to see if they could beat the price for the same/similar car on Midway's lot.  After some back and forth, Midway beat Earnhardt's price.  Great, right?  NO DAMN IT.  See #3 ....
LESSON LEARNED: The grass is never greener on the other side... something like that is applicable here... but read on to #3.

3. Chose to deal with this dealership when I could not get specific information about the car I was interested in over the phone.
During the negotiations between Earnhardt and Midway, Midway requested the specifics of the car that Earnhardt had.  Earnhardt had provided me a complete price sheet with all fees and etc, NOTHING was hidden.  I texted a photo of that price sheet to the sales guy at Midway.  I requested the same back from Midway, the sales guy said he couldn't do that for me because they can't give out price information over the phone.  I took my chances since Midway had the car on the lot AND they beat Earnhardt's price by $500 and left Earnhardt and went to Midway to buy the car.  Unfortunately, when I got to Midway, the price I was promised on the phone WAS NOT the price that we had on the contract.  THe difference wasn't much so I decided to go forward.
LESSON LEARNED: Never do business with a company that can't provide me a definite price and VIN over the phone.  The VIN is important and if I shop for another car anytime soon, I will photograph the Marooney (window) price sheet and the VIN number.  I also learned to NEVER back down - if they promise a price, then they should honor THAT price.  Also, patience is a virtue - it would not have killed me to wait for Earnhardt to deliver their car!!!!!!

4. I bought a car from a dealer who asked me to sign a contract with no information filled in the blank lines.
This is self-explanatory and I refused to sign contracts with no information filled in.  I can't believe people do business this way.  

5. I spent 6 hours at that dealership.
By the time I get to the final stages, I'm exhausted.  I'd been looking for a car all day.  I personally believe that dealers in general want you to be exhausted so you are in a rush to get things done.  IN this case, my dog had been in the house for the past 8 or 9 hours, I kept saying I will come back tomorrow, but I need to get home and take care of my dog.... They were laser focused on sealing the deal and had NO consideration for my own personal needs.  When I said I was hungry and I'll get lunch and come back, they had their sales person drive me to lunch and buy my food.  Appreciated the kind gesture, but I felt as though it was a way to keep me from walking away.   (I LOVED Rickie, the sales person they sent me for lunch with.)  THe wait is insane there.    NIGHTmare!!!!  
LESSON LEARNED: 2 hours max is all I will ever give a future dealer.  Period.

6. Miscellaneous
I was never given a walk-through of the car.  I never bought a car before in which I was not given a walk through.  It just occurred to me - I don't even know if I have a spare or where it is, come to think of it.  I had better go and look!!!!  I wasn't shown how to operate its features.  There wasn't an owner's manual in the car.  No floor mats (the eventually provided these after I called Nissan corporate).  I had to learn from a commercial ad that the back seat moved!  

Another thing that irritated me with this buying process was the attempt to get me to focus on the monthly payment.  i kept saying repeatedly to the contracts/finance and sales person, the payment doesn't matter to me.  THe out the door price of the car does.  can we focus on that.  I felt as though it was an attempt to treat me like an idiot.  

There's so much I have to say, alas, I am going to cut it off here.  If there are Yelpers out there interested in more about my buying experience, message me.

Overall a poor buying experience.  All to save $500 bucks (that I actually didn't save).   Bad on my part.  I learned my les

Liz H. | 2014-01-27

One of the worst service departments of all time! I have had my 2013 Nissan pathfinder in & out of their shop twice since I purchased it 2 weeks ago. The service "advisors" have no class & are extremely unhelpful when it comes to understanding inspection reports. I have since taken my vehicle out of their service department because I do not trust anyone at this branch. Don't waste your time, energy or money giving them your business, they certainly don't deserve it!

Roni W. | 2014-01-11

The entire sales process was very smooth. Chris from the very beginning was very friendly, helpful, and was more than a friend than a salesperson. There was no negotation or haggling, I outlined my terms and Chris worked very hard to achieve it. I got a smoking deal on my 2014 Nissan Altima.  As soon as I walked into the financing department, I received the same level of great customer experience. The representative took the time to explain to me all my options to cover the vehicle such as MPP, GAP, etc. All needs and questions were thoroughly covered without any hesitation. Would definitely recommend Midway Nissan to anyone.

Gina L. | 2013-12-30

I received a call from Aaron from Midway.  He thanked me for my review, even though it was negative.  Aaron thinks the team can learn from this and make an experience better for the next Customer.  He did offer to compensate me for my gas and/or time.  I did decline even thought it was a nice gesture.  It was nice to be called personally and not just get an email.

Regenia W. | 2013-11-26

I had to give a star other than that it would be half. This is on their customer service at the service and parts. I'm just going to say they are RUDE and as a dealership I don't think that's how one would run their business. You have all these guys lined up like they are on commission to request an oil change. What happened to the drive up and someone assist you? I was asked do I have an appt? First of all I called and was told I didn't need one but you said it "would be nice" if I had one? Why so you could stop leaning on your little computer and look busy? I will never ever ever come to this dealership for an oil change or anything. After I told him I was going somewhere else he was like "we can still take care of you" I think NOT, as good customer service what you should have said was "we can do it but next time can you make an appt?" I would have said yes and left a good review. But I will say the location is near  resturants.

Maureen M. | 2013-11-24

Wish I had read these reviews before I  drove 2+ hours to the dealership! I was told over the phone who to ask for. Taken to totally different person's desk, who had no idea what I wanted. Long story short, about five different people, all calling themselves a manager, came by to introduce themselves. I was there for 1 1/2 hours before anyone would talk numbers at all. Lots of sitting around waiting for them to find the "right" car and paperwork.
After finally being quoted a ridiculously high price and the standard BS, I left.
It was a very bad experience and waste of a day!

Tom B. | 2013-11-14

Awful experience. Like 2-3 bait and switches by a dishonest finance guy named Patrick. I don't think I've ever given a bad yelp review but had to this time. They waisted a solid three hours of my time with games. Avoid at all costs...

Linda S. | 2013-11-04

I want to love Midway Nissan, I really do! At least I got the car I wanted, but the experience with the sales department was horrible.

My husband and I went out looking for Altimas a few years ago. I found the exact one I wanted, beautiful, with all the extras I wanted. Ok, we played coy with the salesman.....we are just looking. But the ticket on the window from the manufacturer, plus the extra ticket on the windshield, PLUS the large hand painted price on the windshield was pretty much what we wanted to pay.

We drive right over to the credit union, and have a check in hand when we return for the amount of the car so we can pay right away, with a little extra for things we know will be added on, like taxes, title, etc.


When we return to Midway, our salesman comes running out excitedly, along with his apparent sales manager. They must think we are serious this time, since we are returning just an hour or so later! When we tell them what we want, the sales manager got all upset and was "We can't do that!!! This price is WRONG! Someone put the wrong stickers on this vehicle! And someone painted the wrong price on the window! But we can give it to you for ONLY $8000 more."

When we pointed out that the VIN number on the mfg sticker was the same as the vehicle, he backed off a little, but said that the add-on items on the additional sticker were incorrect, that there were many, many more on this particular Altima. We asked him to show these items to us, that there certainly should be a lot to show, to the tune of $8000.

In retrospect, we should have just walked away due to all the pain and suffering we endured over the next couple of hours. The dirty looks, snide comments, and time spent waiting was pretty epic!

Bottom line tho, we got the car we wanted for the price we wanted. The experience will not be repeated!

Celeste L. | 2013-10-07

Don't go. I thought the old bait and switch wasn't in effect anymore but this dealership made good use of it. First the car had an online price and then the ePrice was $200 below that and then came the "reconditioning fees" which was about $1800  and "consists of the shop bill, which is what our shop does to the vehicle to make sure you don't have to do anything to it besides regular maintenance.." Surrrre.

Veronica G. | 2013-10-05

Going to Midway Nissan was my choice on buying my first car. I did my research on other dealers and felt that Midway Nissan was a better choice and I was not dissapointed. I was helped by Erick, very good sales experience and gave me a great deal. I also enjoy speaking with Mr.Flores from finace, explained everything in detailed and I came out very excited with my new car!. I would recommend anybody looking to buy their new car, Midway Nissan has the best prizes and customer satisfactory experience.

C.K. L. | 2013-08-25

My review is only based on the service department experiences and not the sales department.  Everytime I took my 1997 Maxima to get oil change, I always get what I asked for and never felt rush on the service people telling me how old my car is and to see if I want to trade-in my car for a new one.  The only downside of all Nissan dealerships are that I'm not allow to bring the coupons from ABC Nissan and/or Pinnacle Nissan to use it here at Midway Nissan.  I don't understand this, it's all Nissan shops, why not?

cassandra s. | 2013-07-14

I've worked in dealerships, and I've spent a significant amount of time at dealerships. Midway is the worst dealership I've ever come across. Just Midway in general, all of their stores. We see a truck. We want to know the price of the truck. Instead of giving me the price, after asking a million times, I'm taken to a desk and my ID is copied, and I'm told "we need to run your credit to find out what you qualify for." To which I reply "I don't want to know what I qualify, I want to know what price that truck is." She says "I need to know how much you want to spend." So I tell her. She leaves for 10 minutes with my ID and says "oh, the manager says we don't have a truck for that price." almost an entire hour in a stuffy, gross, office, to get the ONLY answer I came for.

We go to their other stores. Same thing. No one comes up to you. They make you go inside so they can pin you down for an hour about something you don't want.

I will never in my life be back to Midway. And I will advise everyone against it if I'm asked.

Kashaela M. | 2013-07-10

Let me start off by saying that buying a car can be a headache but these guys tried to do what they could to make it a good experience. Pat and Justin did absolutely everything they could to get us in our dream car and helped very much with working out financing. Justin is great for customers who are looking for that "let's do this, go getter attitude" and Pat is very easygoing and down to earth.. He won't give you the run around, Which is a breath of fresh air in the car salesmen world! We stopped at Earnhardt Toyota and were treated horribly so it was nice to be treated like a valued customer! Walked out with our new Altima and we are really happy so far! We go back thursday to finish everything up. but so far so good!

Chris M. | 2013-07-08

I was looking to either trade in or sell outright my previous car and to buy a new Nissan Frontier or Toyota Tacoma.  I was bored one night and made the mistake of filling out  the guaranteed trade in value form on autotrader.com .  The next day I had 2 missed calls from Rashad at Midway Nissan telling me how interested he was in my car and how he already had a client lined up to purchase it, he also promised me a $25 gas card if I came in.  Naturally, I ignored the 2-3 calls a day for the next week from him, but got caught off guard and answered a call from a blocked number about a week later.  It was from a female who claimed to be the sales manager at Midway and she said she would give me 2-3 grand over what my trade in was worth, plus of course the $25 gas card for my trouble.  I knew this was obvious sales tactics, but I decided to go give it a shot just to see what they could do.  When I pulled up to the dealership 3 vultures dove in for the kill on me, but were obviously disappointed when I asked for Rashad, one of them walked me inside the dumpy dealership to find him.  The vulture that walked me in asked if I would like some water, which I accepted.  I saw him go down a hallway and fill a paper cup with water from the drinking fountain-real classy.  I finally met Rashad who then pawned me off on D'wight who would take care of me from there.  After trying to get me to fill out a credit report which I declined to do and some talking, D'wight went out to appraise my car.  After coming back in, D'wight said "man you have a really clean car, I can tell you took good care of it."  He typed in some figures on his computer and about 5 minutes later he showed me the computer screen and said this is what your car is worth.  He had the car marked in "Rough" condition and had some other trim and mileage options marked that made the value of the car skyrocket down.  Now, I know this is all a game and dealers, especially Van Tuyl dealerships make their money by royally screwing over the customer, so it was no surprise.  When I questioned him about the condition he marked, he stated "I don't know man, I'm sorry that's just what they told me I have to put down."  I took my keys and left.  I ended up going to Camelback Toyota, where I was treated with respect and like an actual customer instead of a victim, and I got a great deal on a new Tundra.  (surprising because they are also a Van Tuyl dealership, but they are a complete 180 from the dump Midway is.)  If you're going to shop for a new Nissan, I recommend Peoria Nissan, I bought my Titan from them 5 years ago and it was a great experience.  Oh yeah, never did get that $25 gas card that was "in my name and ready for my pickup." from Midway.

Julia S. | 2013-05-20

I had the BEST experience at Midway Nissan! The Sales Executive, Justin Strohl helped me pick out a vehicle that was perfect for my needs. He didn't make me feel pressured to buy. He was very knowledgeable of all the vehicles and what would be a great fit for me.  He listened, made me feel comfortable and made me super satisfied with my purchase. Justin is a VALUABLE asset to Midway Nissan, definitely represents the company with class and high quality customer service. I love my vehicle and I couldn't be more happier! Because of my experience, TWO of my brothers purchased vehicles from Justin all in the same weekend!!

I will say there were two employees there that gave me attitude, BUT I will say if it weren't for Justin Strohl, these purchases wouldn't have happened. Justin was just all around awesome and professional. He definitely made up for the other two's lack of professionalism. Thank you Midway & Thank you JUSTIN!!!

Norman B. | 2013-05-20

Miserable experience with Midway Nissan.  Drove from Southeast valley because they had three used cars listed on the internet we wanted to see.  When we get there, two of the cars were not even on the lot. They were on the back lot, about a quarter mile away. Once we walked back there, they rold us that the advertised price did not include whatever repairs they might choose to make, but the price would definitely go up. One car had serious damage and corrosion not disclosed on internet.  We still wanted to test drive the second car on the back lot. After walking back to front, and waiting quite long for the keys, they told us that car was no longer for sale because it had been a trade-in on a deal where the buyers didn't qualify for financing.  I will avoid all Midway dealers based on this lousy experience.

Taylor Momo J. | 2013-05-17


---------------------------------  First, for the BAD -----------------------------------

(Of which my 5-star rating is NOT about.  This BAD part gets zero stars for my originally-assigned adviser for this day.)

In my most recent visit for an oil change, I was automatically assigned a service adviser.  First, I arrived about 14 minutes early which I didn't think would be a problem.

A different person had come up to me to ask what I was there for and I said I had an appointment with the adviser.  I saw the man go to my assigned adviser (not named here but he likely knows who he is if he reads this), a man, and the man then disappeared into his office or somewhere for a good 5-8 minutes. He didn't come tell me that he would be with me in a minute.  Where seconds count on response time in customer service, this time is a long time.  Also, it would have been understandable if there were a lot of vehicles lined up to tend to before I arrived, but there were none ahead of me at all.

When my assigned adviser arrived I said "That sure took a long time."  His immediate, defensive response was "I had 4 cars ahead of you and your appointment isn't until __:__am."  I was so dissatisfied with his responses that, as he was examining the VIN for the form, I stated "Actually, is there a different adviser I can work with, I am not satisfied with the interaction with you?"  He immediately went to the closest adviser's booth to have me reassigned.

((((Side Note: I hope that my originally-assigned agent modifies his behavior, holds his tongue in getting defensive, and just listens and thinks before speaking to customers.  He needs to be reminded that without customers, he doesn't get paid.  Not to mention, if he cannot have positive behaviors with customers no matter what he really feels, maybe customer service is not his forte.))))

----------------------------  NOW FOR THE BEST PART --------------------------------------

My newly-assigned adviser, probably one of the top 2 I've ever had since purchasing my first Nissan 13 years ago, was Leslie Moses.  I immediately started inquiring about other services I might get that day (my original appt was for just an oil change) because her welcoming nature and disposition made me want to actually get more work done on this visit and, if there were commissions, that she get my work for it.

Luck was on my side today, because Leslie was so gracious, understanding of my negative experience right off the bat with the previous adviser.  She was very knowledgeable about my vehicle, the service options and pricing, and had no problem with me changing my oil change appt to a pretty big (for me) service package.  She went through the options and details of the regular package and a premium package, answered every questions I had in detail.  I was impressed with her willingness to talk to me about my concerns and what I was interested in knowing about the package details.  I decided to go with a Premium Service package costing over $700 (which was a lot compared to the $30 oil change I had originally come in for), and that had a LOT to do with Leslie and her GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.  

I even asked that a couple of things not be done because I had just had them done recently. And, she was very good at writing this into my order and confirming with me that it was documented for the technicians.  She informed me that the detailed report that is like a little book is optional (no adviser had told me previously why I didn't always get that very useful booklet), and that I could ask for that on every visit instead of just the work order, generic receipts.  

In the 13 years with Midway Nissan, her level of customer service was EXCEPTIONAL.  Only one other adviser in those years has been as good as Leslie, and that was Matt Varady, who I was sad to see go when he did.

I told Leslie that I hoped she would be at Midway Nissan for a long time because I promised that I would ask for her, even if it meant a delay in getting an appt with her.  Some things are worth it, and her level of care, time, and understanding of customers is TOPS!  

I HIGHLY recommend Leslie Moses to anyone considering service at Midway Nissan.  So lucky I was today.

Part way through discussing the service package and such, she mentioned that she was the Customer Service person for Midway Nissan Service.  I can DEFINITELY see why.  Her awareness of customer needs and customer satisfaction go well beyond any post service surveys. She would get all 10/10 ratings if I had a survey for her.  

Like I said, I hope she is there the next time I visit for service.  Top customer service for sure.

In a way, maybe I should thank the less than satisfactory original adviser for his rudeness and lack of understanding of customer needs since he was responsible for directing me to one of the best advisers ever at Midway Nissan Service.


Faith R. | 2013-05-15

Found them by accident. Hubs and I were looking to buy a used suburban. We found a beautiful truck, had some cosmetic issues, then came wheeling and dealing time. our sales guy Jeremy was great. Very personable and if we only dealt with him, we might have bought the truck. It was the 7, yes 7, other people we talked to that turned us off. I had no idea one sales guy could have so many sales managers. If so, I feel sorry for Jeremy! Each one gave us the same song and dance, how was your service? Maybe we can work something out. The sitting and waiting game was ridiculous. You know, the one they pull to make you think they are fighting on your behalf for a better deal. Ugh, I was over it. So was my husband. So much bull (this place is the reason there are used car salesmen stereotypes), so not my thing. Bought my beautiful new to me truck elsewhere.

Anthony P. | 2013-03-11

I bought a car here back in 2007. An '05 Altima 3.5 for 15k otd.
Was a decent deal but I really had a heck of an experience buying it. The Altima on the internet was gone, of course - classic bait and switch, I even called ahead to ask if the specific stock number was on the lot. They also pulled the 'lost keys' act on me, I had to threaten to leave twice just to get them back and only then did they hand me my keys and come down on the price of the car. I did however get a pretty fair deal on my trade-in and the Altima I did buy still runs great.

Definitely a mixed bag, this place. Someone who is not on guard will get taken for a ride here for sure. If you know what you are doing you can squeeze out a good deal here.

Chris R. | 2013-02-17

If I could put zero stars I would.

this dealership uses the standard bait and switch tactics.  one price online, of course the stock number online cannot be found, but a similar one can be produced. the price is ONLY is you qualify for all discounts, ie recent college grad, military, company discount, and loyalty discounts which means you have had your previous vehicle serviced there with verifiable documentation.

PLUS, they do many dealer add ons, like tinted windows, nitrogen in tires, paint protector etc..

so a car that should retail for $18000 is 20k+

I had previously purchased a vehicle from here, was going to purchase one yesterday, but the tactics here made me go elsewhere!!


A world of difference at Coulter, we had a pleasant experience and purchased there instead of midway.

Dog D. | 2013-01-30

Need a NISMO or 370Z specialist? Nick is your guy. Not specifically looking for a Nismo or Nissan? Turn and run.

For my review of this dealership the sales person Nick K was fantastic.

I am a difficult customer that is picky, reads every line of text and haggles price. The reason I shopped at Midway Nissan was because they had a specific vehicle in stock I was in the market for for a reasonable price, low miles and just the right amount of flare.

I am always weary of sales guys especially in the used car industry and when I pulled up I spotted the nest of them eyeing me hungrily. However Nick met me in the parking lot- friendly and professional to be expected and I did my best to be friendly back. Without issue Nick moved several vehicles that were blocking the usually dormant Nismo Z and let me take it for a spin.

Satisfied, we sat down and worked some numbers out came to an agreement and he was off to his manager for approval. We hashed out some details and came to an agreement for my trade in, down payment and financed amount for the loan. It took a bit of haggle but I was satisfied with the end deal and ok'd it. Once in the finance office I was purchased the extended warranty (WRAP), paint, tire, wheel coverage and GAP. Throughout the process there was a lot of miscommunication and misrepresentation from management, finance and the works. It was a very stressful transaction that I would not be willing to go through again.

All in all, Nick kept me a customer. I feel he stuck up for me when the deal became difficult and he stirred the pot, getting others involved to help solve the issue. Without Nick, I would have walked out upset and never returned to Midway Nissan. As it stands, I don't plan on supporting Nissan until they learn how to take care of their customers and hold their dealerships accountable.

Jhonnatan C. | 2012-11-14

I bought a car 2 months ago at the "Peoria tent event". They will promise you a lot of things so you can buy the car. After you sign off and buy it, they totally forget about you. My personal experience was an american express gift card for $200. After the sale was done they magically ran out of gift cards, so the manager told me he would write me a check the next day and mail it to me. 2 weeks later I call him and ask him for my check, no response. And 2 months later I still haven't received it. Please guys if you promise something make sure you will make it happen.

Christine B. | 2012-10-09

If there was any way at all to leave no stars in a review, I would. But, since there isn't, Midway Nissan gets a VERY begrudged 1 star.
My husband and I had been looking for a Nissan Frontier and found the one truck in the entire Phoenix Metro area that had everything we required. It was by the greatest misfortune that it was at Midway Nissan.
We saw a price online for the truck which was well below what we had seen in other places. This was really the reason we went to Midway. Once we were there and test drove the truck (with a really nice lady) we were accosted by her manager.
He set down Midway's offer, which was almost $7k above the advertised price online. He then explained that they advertise their prices, based on you qualifying for every rebate Nissan offers. Bait and switch, anyone? Can anyone tell me how you are supposed to qualify for recent college grad, active and retired military, owner loyalty and first time buyer rebates all concurrently? Yeah. You can't, so that price they advertised? Doesn't exist.
This is unethical, dishonest stealership behavior at its very worst. I call shenanigans.
The "manager" when called on this bit of information (My husband is in the finance industry and I worked in cars for over 10 years. We know the way this works) he called us on the price we offered. 'So, this number is something you just made up based on your google searches and what YOU think the car is worth?"
No, jack***, we based this on YOUR price on YOUR website.
He proceeded to quote my husband, who has flawless credit, a 7% finance rate without running his credit. Our highest quote from any bank had been 3%. When we asked him how he came up with that, he didn't have an answer. Then he presented us with $5800 down and $589 payment. ON A FRONTIER. What on earth? We could get into a high end BMW for that price. He couldn't answer our questions about how he came up with that number, when we calculated the simple interest loan with half the down and the original percentage he quoted us and came up with a payment almost $80 a month less.
Also? The answer to "What's the selling price of the vehicle?" is not "Your payment is.."
We couldn't leave fast enough.
The very next day, we went to another dealership, had them dealer trade the truck over and bought it from them for the price we wanted. Way to go, Midway. Keep up the great work. You won't get so much as an oil change out of us.

Gus O. | 2012-09-23

Way to botch a sure thing Nissan.

My dad and I went into the dealership last saturday with the sole intent of discussing Nissan buying the remainder of my loan on my Mazda 3 and putting me into a lower interest rate. But to my surprise our sales Rep Eric B. talked us into a great deal on a 2012 Versa hatchback instead.   With little prompting he negotiated a deal that would buy my current car and pay off all existing loans and then set up payments that matched what I'd been paying on my old car with a much much lower interest rate. (perfect!)   We'd have sealed the deal then and there but I had to get my father back home.  I talked to Erik and had him set up an appointment for the following week to explore the offered package more and test drive.  (My mistake.)  

Erik informed me that he would be out of town and would have an assosciate handle the negotions for him.  I wish I hadn't bothered.  When I showed today for our appointment,  Jeff, the new salesperson, had "no record" of our previously discussed package and insisted on running all the background checks and tests that we'd run the previous week with shockingly, drastically differant results.  

The next few hours were a series of every dirty sales trick in the book:  The car we wanted was nowhere to be found on the lot but after some grumbling a more expensively stocked model was Magically produced, several numbers were ran producing NOTHING even close to the deal we'd come in for.  All of a sudden our 300 a month payment was closer to 600,  our 1500 dollar car was now 30000 our 5% loan was now 18%.

Irritated by the games and lack of respect my father and I headed to the door only to have the sales person pop out one last time to let us know they magically found the deal from the previous week.  (funny how that works, huh?)  Only it wasnt quite the same deal and I dont appreciate being treated like a moron.  One last insult to injury the salesperson asked us as snottily as humanly possible,  "So, youre just gonna leave like you did last week then?" as we were walking out the door,  (Implying of course that the "walk out" is our prefferred method of negotiation.)  

Not exactly,  Last week we were leaving feeling like we'd found someone we could do buisiness with and anxious to return to seal the deal.  Today I left with a reminder of just how shitty people can be when they're trying to make a quick buck.  If Nissan had followed through with the same integrity and honesty we were treated to on the first visit they'd have made a sale today, as it stands I'll go out of my way to tell as many people as possible to stear clear and hope Karma catches up to these kind of dirty sales practices.

Lexi P. | 2012-09-05

It's been a long time since I've written a review and I really do mostly only write positive reviews.   This one is just going to get out the important stuff.

1) I traded my car I bought here 9 months into owning it.  This was at least 50% due to not wanting to deal with this dealership or Nissan anymore.
2) I got a trade quote online for my car to trade back to the dealership.  This resulted in weeks of sales calls and emails from the dealership.  One day, they called 6 times.
3) I've waited 1.5 hours for oil changes here on 2+ occasions.  When you get them free, you sort of have to suck it up.  
4) The experience buying a car here was the worst I've ever had.  I should have known the road I was going down.  It was aggressive, rude, dishonest, evasive, and 6 hours long.
5) Once we they re-did my zaktec coating, they actually did damage to my paint and left marks.  When I called afterwards, they told me to return the next day for them to fix it, assuring me I wouldn't need an appointment and they'd get me right in.  I was there 2 hours.
6) You can't call to make a service appointment and actually get someone when you call.  You get a voicemail.  Then they call you back at work.  Not helpful.  Why can't ONE person make all the appointments and be dedicated to doing that, not a team of advisors that are also working in the field at the time?
7) I've received duplicate billings from the financing co several months.  Get your Sh*t together, Nissan.
8) Lastly, after buying the car, I received phone calls almost weekly for months asking me how I liked my new car.  What?  Leave me alone.  Also, they try to sell you more Nissans right away.  Thanks, I'm good.     I just bought a car 3 weeks ago.  

Just don't do it.  Don't deal with the buying process and don't get wrapped up in a new car here where you feel like you need to do all of your service here.  You'll waste days of your life.  Unfortunately, from what I've heard, no other Nissan dealerships in the valley result in a different experience.

David S. | 2012-08-10

The only reason these guys received one star is because you have to click on something! I will keep it short. This dealership along with all the other VanTuyl dealerships have 1 goal and that is to screw the customer. All it takes is a look at the window sticker: Door edge guards $425 (actual cost around $30), Locking Lugs with Bag $395 (actual cost around $20), Nitrogen Kit $395 (actual cost $0, but seriously, charging for putting nitrogen in the tires?), Tint $495 (actual cost maybe $295). They will tell you that they add that so they have wiggle room. Their finance guys then go on to charge fees that don't apply as well and forget about them explaining anything to you as they don't even know the paperwork they try to get you to sign! I would rather buy a car out of state and pay more money than deal with any dealership with an ownership interest held by the VanTuyl family.

B K. | 2012-06-26

These people blatantly LIE. This was by far the worst experience I've ever had at a dealership. I have been car shopping for a couple of weeks now and have finally narrowed it down to a certain car. Jay Jay (the internet sales manager) called my Mom's phone about 7 times before she answered. When she answered he told her he had the car we were looking for at the dealership. I then called him and he gave me the specs on the car and told me the car was at their location as well. The next day my mom and I drove about 40 minutes to see the car. When we got there we had to wait for a while and then Jay Jay came to talk to us. He told us the car was sold last night. He told us it was sold for $18,000 by them. Then another manager came to talk to us about finding another similar car. Not knowing what Jay Jay had told us he offered that same car to us, the one that was sold, and said it was at another location. I explained to the manager that Jay Jay just told me the car was sold last night for 18,000 (which is a little over 1,000 more than it was listed for) they forgot to get their story straight. Come to find out its at a dealership that they are not affiliated with and have absolutely nothing to do with, and whats frusterating is that, that dealership is only 10 minutes away from me. All in all, they wasted my time, a lot of it. The drive up there and then the half hour they kept us there "looking" for this car that was supposedly there. I called Jay Jay back after we left the dealership irate. I let him know I see what he is doing (saying anything he can to get a customer to drive to his dealership even if it's a lie and wasting peoples time), and that I will be doing everything in my power to get the word out about the dishonest and poor treatment by Midway Nissan and especially Jay Jay, the Internet Sales Manager. These people are extremely dishonest, Jay Jay being the worst, and I recommend everyone staying away. If they are this dishonest at the beginning I can only imagine the ridiculous fees they will try and charge when purchasing a car from them.

Valerie M. | 2012-06-21

I bought a used Nissan from another dealership and my battery died. Since Midway Nissan is the closest dealership to my house I decided to give them a call and ask about the 84 month warranty on my battery. I talked to Scott and he said that it would be less than $50 to get a new one. I asked if there were any other fees like parts and shop supplies and he said no just bring it in. I had a horrible experience with sales and I assumed I would have the same experience in service. I was prepared for Scott to try to sell me services that weren't needed or sneak in extra costs but he didn't. The cost was less than what he quoted me over the phone and it was a pleasure working with him. I also talked to Leslie when I got there and she was extremely nice and helpful. I left the dealership completely satisfied and will bring my car back when it needs service or maintenance.

Greg G. | 2012-05-05

Ok - this is a 50/50 review.  50% for Midway and 50% for my service adviser, Leslie Moses.

Midway Nissan - I've been to a lot of REALLY BAD Nissan $tealerships.  I often wonder how Nissan hasn't pulled out of North America entirely based off of my experience with about 6 other $tealerships.  Not Midway!  Finding Midway has helped me understand how Nissan stays in business.  I've not bought a car here, but when the time comes, they get shopped first.  I hope the sales side of the business is half as good as the Service side!  At Midway you are assigned a Service Adviser that is your contact to getting great service.  They take you back to the bay (very clean) where your work is to be performed, introduce you to the tech/mech doing the work, show you the parts and procedures - its like a whole damn tutorial on what they are doing.  Every one is super nice and engaged in the process.  Very Impressive!

My Service Adviser is Leslie Moses.  If you go to Midway ask for her.  She'll blow your socks off.  This lady has extreme customer service skills.  Where most people say they "go the extra mile" she had already passed the extra mile at 8:00 Day One and is now on the extra 1,000th mile.  She is cheerful and exuberant about making sure your car or truck is fixed right and thorough.  She is sharp.  She knows her way around a truck and you can talk auto shop with her all day long.  This helps her make the customer service experience all that much better.  I know when I leave my truck with Leslie, I'm not dropping it off with some lackey.  Leslie has my truck and treats it like it was her own.  

Go to Midway and you won't get the typical "$tealership experience."  You will get fantastic service.  Go to Midway and ask for Leslie and you will get beyond fantastic service!

James S. | 2012-04-30

I've cooled my heels for 8 months on this review because I didn't want to be too rash in my immediate spouting of vitriol, but it is still one of the top three worst experiences I've ever had in a retail environment.

We spotted an orphaned Nissan Leaf here and we had specifically been looking for one, so I dropped by the morning I saw the car available and was given a test drive by a friendly salesman.  He didn't know much about the car, since they have a Leaf specialist who works there and usually handles the Leaf sales.  No problem.  

We sit down to write up the contract, and since it was a hard car to find I was willing to pay full retail and would have signed the contract and been out of their hair.  But no, we started the famous, "Let me go talk to my manager," game.  First, he brought me a contract with an extra $5K added.  I looked at him like he was crazy and told him there was no way I was paying a premium for the car.  So after passing through the revolving door to his manager's office a few more times, they finally took off the premium.  

Then came the lease fiasco.  Nissan figures the lease on the Leaf with the $7,500 taken off up-front, since they receive the tax benefit.  I knew this, and Nissan knew this, but none of these bozos had a clue.  So another 45 minutes later they come back with a $700/month lease payment.  If I were buying a Mercedes, maybe, but not a Nissan.  They left the $7,500 in, even after I explained their mistake to them.  And while they were figuring up their confused numbers, the finance manager came out to talk to me and called my Honda Fit a grandmother's car.  Now I'm no sales expert, but it's generally not a good idea to insult the people who are potentially giving you $36K.

Needless to say, after three hours in their dealership I walked out in disgust and found another, better, Leaf at Avondale Nissan where they were better informed, friendlier, and they didn't make 500 trips to see their manager.

Trish S. | 2012-04-27

I am not a fan of this place. My friend and I went car shopping because he needed a car. All of their cars were not only over priced, they tried selling him a Beamer that had 75k miles on it which is not what he was looking for at all. Funny thing is the Beamer was cheaper than the Kia Soul they had which was a year old and more expensive than a brand new one straight from Mark Kia (Which is where he happened to buy his new car. LOVE that place more on that later).

The sales people here are pushy and desperate. I would not buy a car from these guys. Stay away.

Rebecca F. | 2012-03-01

I bought my first brand new car from Midway Nissan! Initially, the financing was a bit confusing, but it was cleared up within an hour and all worked in my favor :). I was looking for a used Nissan Murano and at the end of it walked away with a more fuel efficient, more feasible car for my son and I; a 2011 Nissan Rogue!!! I LOVE IT and how Nissan takes care of me and my new car! I got the warranty package, gap insurance... the whole nine yards. Leslie has been my main service tech that I go to! Her and I have bonded and get along really well, I trust them with my car and their honesty of opinions on what really needs to be done and not just making money off of me! I HIGHLY recommend Midway Nissan! :D

Chad M. | 2012-02-23

I just got a messages from my financial guy James Corkell after canceling a policy. Then when I didn't respond he started texting me. That is out of line.

Trevor B. | 2011-10-30

Midway Nissan has really upped their game!  As an initially dissatisfied Pinnacle Infiniti customer, Midway was my next closest option.  While my first experience would be defined as run-of-the-mill, the last two times here have certainly raised the bar on what Nissan service means.

The waiting area is clean, the coffee bar is actually maintained, they let you borrow iPads if you want (or let you use their free WiFi if you have your own computer).  They actually have comfortable seating or high-top tables to do work.  They even have a kids area far enough removed from the rest of the waiting area that it doesn't seem to interfere with those who want peace and quiet.

Service staff have always been friendly (Mike), honest, up front and open.  They were able to complete most of my services in the first visit, but told me I had to wait for my tires -- they worked with me to find a time to get the tires on later that day, and apologized profusely that it couldn't be done sooner (even though I didn't have that expectation).

I'm a midway guy now, and as long as the "soft stuff" continues in such a great fashion, this is where I'm taking my car!

BJ J. | 2011-08-05

Even after the sale, service is great.  I had my car in for an oil change and 6 month service yesterday and they were quick, friendly and even washed my car.  Oh and did I mention it was all FREE.

Steven L. | 2011-05-17

I'm reviewing my recent car buying experience at Midway Nissan.  I bought a 2011 Nissan Juke and I love it.  Midway Nissan actually made the buying process pretty easy.  I got a good interest rate up front, even better when they went to bat with Nissan Finance for me.  They were flexible and we came to terms.  

In the finance office a no on the extras was taken fine.  I did have to go back to sign a new contract because Nissan lowered the interest rate from the original contract.  The new contract tried to throw in life and disability insurance that wasn't on my original contract.  I declined and they printed out new documents.  

My salesman was helpful.  All car dealerships pull the same financing stunts and gimmicks.  I understand that is where they make their money.  I just don't find them to my liking.  I can get gap insurance from my auto insurance company much cheaper than what they offer in the dealership.  

Anyway for ease of buying and lack of a huge amount of time in their showroom I give them four stars.  

I recently took my Juke in for its first oil change and it was easy and painless.  Very happy to have purchased from Midway Nissan.  Funny thing is every buying experience can be different.

Renee Y. | 2011-02-17

I love my Nissan Xterra. I am 99% sure I will get another one when this one is on its last life. I didn't even mind the sales process with it (my husband may feel different), however the service department has made me regret getting the car from here. I've only had to (almost) use them twice, however both times have been quoted different prices by different people there. Today was the final straw with them and I have no use for them anymore. I needed to get a replacement key made and at 7:55am I called and spoke to Gabe. He said they could remake the key according to the VIN number and I wouldn't need to have the car there to replace the key. As we were preparing to drive over, I was called back to hear from someone else there that the car would have to be physically there in order to reprogram the car and get a working key. No one could get their stories straight as to what could be done. Luckily, my husband remembered where the spare key was as we were in the middle of a move. We will no longer use Midway Nissan even though I love my car. I'll search around before purchasing our next one.

Ashur K. | 2011-01-13

Seems to me that dealerships in AZ are doing something illegal or unethical.  I came here, along with other Nissan dealerships, trying to help my sister find a car.  I have a lot experiencing car shopping and buying in CA and it's a lot better than in AZ.

Firstly, they try to take an ATM card or your drivers license and hold on to it to keep you there.  Then, none of the salesmen seem to know how much cars cost -- they make you wait and then they have to go and ask their manager and then they come back with a price.  I heard this at every dealership and on every car we inquired about: "we put a lot of money into it".

The salesman and this place seemed to be nice at first but then when I started to ask questions, he started to ignore me and focused on my sister.  He started showing her the stereo and referring to the car as "your new car".  I'd told my sister to stay right next to me and just tell him to talk to me.  He didn't like that very much and got an attitude with us.  He then started to lie -- he said he was from CA and he's been to the Bay Area but didn't know where he'd been or what it looked like or what he did.

I guess there is something wrong in AZ with dealerships, that's why everyone that tried to help us was "new here".

Will M. | 2010-06-16

This is a review for the Service Department:

Ordinarily, I avoid service departments at dealerships, but I brought my car in for an electronic issue that needed to be serviced by a Nissan dealer.  

The service reps were great! They listened to my concerns and worked to make sure that I was happy with their work.  I left feeling like I got a good value for what I paid, which generally does not happen for me and car repairs.  

I will definately bring my car back; they have a new loyal customer.

Christina P. | 2009-07-13

I bought a new car in under 4 hours on Friday. And, I am still feeling good about the purchase, as opposed to in the past when it took all day and I still woke up the next morning asking myself  "What have you done!?"

Justin, my sales consultant and Ryan the manager listened to me and did their best to put something together that would meet my demands. There was still some negotiating that took place and some compromise but in the end, I feel good about our deal.

When it was time to talk to finance, I told the guy I was in a hurry and didn't want to buy anything else (except maybe gap insurance, depending on their pricing). Can you believe I was in and out of finance in 30 minutes!!???

Certainly, I think it helps that I did my research up front but the guys at Midway Nissan seemed to honor the time I'd put in to figuring out what I wanted and it was a fairly painless transaction.

PLUS, I did my part to "shop Phoenix!"

If you're in the market for a Nissan, I would definitely recommend Midway.