Midway Chevrolet in Phoenix, AZ

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Midway Chevrolet in Phoenix, AZ.

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Midway Chevrolet

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(602) 773-0688
Address:2323 W Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85023
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Midway Chevrolet

Miranda P. | 2015-04-22

Zack Thrasher sold my roommate a car he was extremely informative and explained everything in detail! Seriously he knew everything about the car it was impressive! He got her to the price she wanted and found the car that worked in her budget and needs.

When I went to purchase my vehicle unfortuently he was with a another customer but he directed me to Crystal. She was very friendly and and honest with my purchase. She even helped detail the car as I finished signing paper work!
To be honest I was nervous to buy a car cause I know how car dealerships are but Midway Chevy made me feel warm and invited I will direct anyone to go here I had great experience!

Good Eats S. | 2015-03-19

As noted in a previous review, we had an unfortunate experience at Van Chevrolet on FLW, but with three GM cars, we needed a dealer, especially since we have a new-used vehicle (less than 13K miles) still under warranty.  DH Googled and found Midway Chevrolet, so we made the 30 minute trek down there.  Can't say enough good things about this dealership, at least the Service Department.  Oscar, our service manager, rocks.  Courteous, competent, and right on top-of-things.  Not only did they fix the issue we brought the "new" car down for (not mechanical), but under the warranty, they found a couple of other tiny problems and fixed them without being asked.  Then, while we were down there---having driven our OTHER Chevy down---DH mentioned it was having a little problem and Oscar said for us to just trade cars and they would get that fixed up as well.  Not under warranty, sadly, but it's been this little "thing" that has been bugging us for a while, though not causing any difficulties with driveability.  Oscar said it would be ready Friday afternoon for pick-up, and I have no reason to doubt him.  I am very impressed by Oscar, and therefore Midway Chevrolet.  Right now, we are super-happy with Midway Chevrolet and they are our "car fixers" of choice.  So I would probably consider buying a vehicle from them as well, which might be sooner than later, since our old workhorse with 230K miles is lgetting a bit tired!

Jimmy L. | 2015-02-16

This is a typical car dealership, as friendly as they all appear, they are there to sell cars, remember they are not your friends.  This was my first experience buying a used car in Arizona. I saw one of their advertisement on TV, Car for Clunkers, $3500 cash for your old cars. When I got there and evaluated my car they immediately found reasons within minutes not to honor their publicity. They will find a reason to give you less money. Typical to get you through the door. They noticed that I was not happy about the overall price, they increased a bit the value of my old car but not to the $3500 advertise and removed $1000 from the extra options they were trying to push on me, that were costing 1395$. Don't take their pushed options, however I got suck in to pay for the ZAKTEK paint protector, $350, to find out afterword that you can get single coat application of ZAKTEK for $29 in Scottsdale, check on line. My cost included 3 years of application, one coat every 6 months but on top of that there is no product warranty because the car is not eligible according to the fine print of the contract. So I get one application every 6 months for 3 years that is 6 applications for a cost of $358 instead of $180 somewhere else. Be aware of extra options the push on you.  But really where I was most dissatisfied and I sadly deplore that my salesmen, however very friendly before I bought the car never returned any of my inquiries following the sale, it has been one week and no word, radio silence. Would I go back, probably, I would be more prepared, I know what to expect now, I know the game, so remember get every thing in writing before you signed the doted line. If it is not in the contract you better forfeit.

EDITING UPDATE: Coincidence or not after posting I got a call from their department regarding the car key and an appointment has been set up to make a second key. So it appears everything ends well. I'll give them the benefice of the doubt, that they are a busy dealership but they need to upscale their response time. Once you can talk to them they are trying to be helpful. Thank you.

Bob B. | 2015-02-16

This is a tru-life unsolicited review.

Just needed to upgrade my '99 ride since further repairs were going to be much more than the car was worth. I did my research, knew what I wanted and how much it should cost.  I set my eye on a Chevy Sonic LTZ or RS, 2014 and went to TruCar and Cars.com to look at the local inventory and customer sat stats.

To be honest, it's been 15 years since I bought a car and I didn't shop around much. I did stop by another Chevy dealer and sat down with a salesman so green he quite literally could not speak a full sentence, he was that nervous.

I contacted Midway through their internet dales office and got a reply from Joe Harjes. I asked for some clarification on a current promo and he happily provided it so I decided to drop in on Sunday and see a specific car I saw listed.

Now Joe is a friendly and helpful guy who listens well and talks straight. He walked me through the process effortlessly, stopping and explaining when I needed it, and worked hard with me and the sales mgr to find a deal I thought was a very fair compromise and something I was quite happy with. More like over-the-moon happy. I got a great deal on a great car and it was more than I was looking for but not more than I wanted to spend. That is car happiness.

The finance manager also had his at together. Friendly, and professional since he got  me a very low, really low, rate. I had the option of Chase or a GMAC finance company and I chose GMAC since I would rather support manufacturing than a pure banking institution. Again, happy.

So they lost track of the OnStar antennae and Joe's offered to drop one by on his day off. I begged him to mail it instead. Nice guy and seems as interested in a happy customer as a sale.

Go there.
See Joe Harjes.

Brett S. | 2015-02-10

Another great customer service experience at Midway Chevrolet!  Was taking my newly leased vehicle in for its first oil change and tire rotation, only to learn it was going to be a 3-4 hour wait due to the volume of cars in for service.  I was going to bring it in the following morning instead when I was more prepared for the delay; however, John Glenn, Service and Sales Manager, really stepped up!

Upon learning of the delay and my choice to just bring the car in the following morning, he immediately offered to provide me a loaner car of similar model so that I wouldn't be inconvenienced.  He was friendly, fast and efficient.  In no time, I had a loaner car in same color and similar model at no charge.

Midway really does take care of its customers.  Gil is an excellent choice for your purchase and hopefully you are all lucky enough to get John Glenn when in to visit the service department.

Thanks Midway!

M B. | 2014-12-18

Ordered a 2015 Colorado. Everything was as promised. Very nice and helpful people at this dealership.
Glad I didn't have to use AutoNation. National car sales companies should be outlawed by anti monopoly laws!

Elisabeth B. | 2014-12-01

I would post zero stars, but one person did give me great service, who was Steve- so thank you.
The customer service at any of the Van Tuyl dealerships I have gone to never ceases to amaze me, and by that I mean the lack of the customer service.
Sure, they took my car for the recall and paid for the towing- thank you for that (not that the car would have gotten there without being towed due to the ignition cylinder being broken, which was the part under recall). Yes, they paid for the repair, which will be reimbursed by GM.
However, those are not the reasons for this lackluster review. My reason is that we are currently a one-car family, and with our business committments, we need a car. I rented one on Friday, and with my car repair appointment being on Saturday, I was told that the parts were in stock and the car would be ready on Saturday, mid-day. It was not. I cannot get a straight answer as to why it was not, but it had something to do with a different part being broken (as to which part and whose fault it was that it broke I do not know) and also due to the fact my car is older and the part that was broken (again, by whom I do not know) was not in stock.
Therefore, I had to rent a car for three days instead of a day and half, and incurred an additional and unexpected expense. This expense, which I will assume half of the responsibility  due to my desire (and need) for a car, totaled approximately $250. I asked politely to have some, not all, of this expense reimbursed. I was told that it would not be, as the recall did not cover a rental car. I spoke to the manager, and he said that he would not reimburse my expense due to the fact that GM would not reimburse him. Keep in mind, I was not asking for the full amount- I was asking for a day and half, which would have resulted in about $75 ( I paid the $20 a day for insurance).
The key issue here is that I was mislead and I would go as far to say that I was lied to. When we attempted contact with the dealership on Saturday, it took several hours for anyone to tell us what was going on, as then we were given incorrect information. I am asking for the dealership to own up to the mistake of not providing the correct information, which resulted in an unexpected expense, which I am asking to be reimbursed.
I am not expecting the money back, nor even a response from the dealership, but I do hope to provide a word of caution for any of those who choose to do business here. Caveat emptorium, or buyer beware.

Paula W. | 2014-11-29

I was in over 1 month ago and requested my cars ignition recall issue be fixed. was told the parts had to be ordered. and it would be 2-3 weeks and they would call me to set up an appointment. one month later I call to inquire, had to leave a message for a service adviser to get back to me. That was 4 days ago and have not heard anything. VERY POOR customer Service. I am driving around with a potentially fatal recall problem and Midway does not care. I keep getting letters from Chevy to fix my car, but how can I when my dealership is so lacking.

Izma M. | 2014-09-28

Steve was awesome! He was very courteous and addressed all of our issues.

Stephen P. | 2014-09-11

I'll break it down simply... Went in for my free service for me new Chevy (purchased elsewhere). No issues with that. Noticed that I had a screw in my tire, asked them to fix it. Guy said "it's too close to the sidewall" and immediately priced a 130.00 tire to replace it. I politely disagreed as I am not new to vehicles. But I do look dumb so maybe he based his decision on that...anyway I asked him to have someone else check. He comes back and said they agreed it was too close so I kept the screw in the tire and went to Discount Tire...who laughed along with me while fixing the screw hole for free. Synopsis: guy was a liar and probably preys on the elderly and the layy-deez for a sale or stat. If I ever cross him on the street I will try my best to fart and hope it reaches his dirty nostrils.

Mike A. | 2014-08-09

This is the most disingenuous, dishonest and flat out quasi-fraudulent dealer I've encountered. My wife and I went to buy a car and after working with Dirk for a while we decided on a 2014 Malibu, we had two trades and they worked up numbers that while high, we decided to move forward.

We sat around for 2 1/2 hours waiting on financing and when we went in to complete the paperwork, most all the wording and names were incorrect so most paperwork had to be rewritten. We finalized the paperwork and then went home thinking everything was kosher!!

By Wednesday we had received a call from the finance department (he said he was the manager) saying we just needed to come back and sign a few more papers (that seemed normal considering they flubbed a lot of the original paperwork). When we got there we waited again for some time only to be told the whole deal was wrong, our max payment was far less than thought and the whole time the finance manager was aware or this, was deceptive to me on the phone just to get us back in... really! like we're going to steal your junk!

Not knowing the truth of the matter we had only brought one key for the car and while they were rounding up our traded in vehicles they acted almost shocked that we only had one key..again, REALLY!! We felt for the sales person as he seemed somewhat dazed about this too and was unaware of the bait and switch. Come on Midway, their is no way you do NOT know the deal was structured incorrectly as you do AUTO FINANCING in your sleep.. shameful!

When we originally worked the deal my wife had given them the gas cap lock key so you can guess what.. ya, they couldn't find it that night so we had to sweat making it back home but the new sales manager said he's send someone over if needed to remove our lock.. oh wow!

So the next day Dirk calls us saying they found the key and that they wanted to exchange, I told him no way were we driving back there EVER so he agreed to mail it to us and I the same for the extra key.. guess what, two weeks now and Dirk still hasn't mailed the key and this dealer being so shady I didn't mail theirs back until I saw mine. So I guess I'm the proud owner of a Chevy Malibu key.. morons! Stay away from this crooked, rotten dealer just bad all the way around. spent 7 plus hours of our lives that we'll never get back! Oh and we went to Peoria Ford on Bell and got a New Fusion in under 3 hours and all is done and at 300.00 less per month too. You treat people good you get good, you clowns at Midway, check my Peoria Ford review it's five (5) stars!

Eliza W. | 2014-07-29

I called the service department to see about getting my 2009 cobalt repaired due to the recall. My car is sitting immobile because the ignition switch failed. After leaving a message with the service department, I received a call from Jeff(?). He was a sales associate and was sorry that my car died but "hey let's see about getting you into something newer."
Leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'll have my car towed somewhere else instead.

Chas C. | 2014-06-30

Don't walk into their doors! I went in and wanted to look at a few vehicles and they were not having it! Practically forced this Honda CRV down my throat and I tried to leave several times. They brought in another sales person and broke me down for almost 2 hours. They agreed to a great deal and I went forward with the deal. Got to finance everything was different. They said car had a warranty and it didn't so they sold me one for $2600 added to the loan. Said i would be in the 12% range it was 14%. Said I would have a $350 payment it was almost $400. Said it would be for 5 years ended up 6! Sale price on car was $14,000 walked out financing $19,000!
Went back in next day to cancel warranty once i researched prices online and they finance manager Garrett had me sign a form said he would cancel and almost 30 days later which is the allotted time to cancel warranty i got my warranty package in the mail. I had to scramble to get in touch with warranty company and midway chevrolet to find out why they didn't cancel and was treated like a criminal! They are crooks and liars. You need to be well versed in car buying and mark your t's and i's and check and double check everything walking into a place. I have been sick to my stomach since I walked in there a month ago.
Oh and don't forget the $400 sealant package they tell you you have to buy. When you get home and start reading it's optional and they won't cancel it.
RUN RUN RUN far away from these crooks!
They make you sign everything else and the disclosures are the last forms they give you by that time you are so worn down you just go with it. Thats what I did! Don't be a PUSS CAKE LIKE I WAS! Don't let them win!!!!!!!

Justin B. | 2014-06-17

Now how to explain ...

1)It was my first car I baught so the whole experience at first was good .. normal enthusiastic salesmen with information about all cars .. let me test drive , ask questions etc ... when it came to paper work it felt like they were nickel and diming me till we got them to a lower price . We had to haggle for a full tank of gas when we baught a 20k car ? On top of that we went in with a budget saying we had x amount of dollars for down payment and they just kept going up saying we couldn't work with that for our budget ( yes normal up sale but we needed a car asap for girlfriends work a  purpose ) then after ALL the paperwork was finished THEN they say o you need insurance we have some you can buy from the dealership for 260 a month and it can be refunded after you find another agent for pro rated rates and you wouldn't have to pay upfront we would place it on the car loan  ( we tried calling 4 other places for some but it was 730-8 pm so places were closed ) After I accepted the insurance from them AGAIN AFTER the paperwork was already going threw , he then came to us knowing we couldn't find any one and said "o I guess im wrong you can get refunded for this go program and you have to pay upfront 260 " AFTER paying 1500 down on a car .. BAIT AND SWITCH

BUT! After we were done dealing with the sales guy and we met for final signing of papers and loans . Dwayne our financial guy ended up getting us in at a lower price with 4% knocked off our interest rate and gap coverage and full bumber to bumber coverage for free ..


Floyd P. | 2014-06-10

I am reviewing the Service Department, and specifically Jeff Bodenschatz, the Service Adviser that I have worked with.  He is the best I have encountered in 40 years of having my autos serviced at multiple dealers, independent shops, and in three different states.  He performs in a manner that exceeds my expectations.  It is a rare case of truly outstanding customer service in an industry not typically known for it!  Kudos!!

Bianca W. | 2014-06-06

Follow up has been great! Martin is the best. Ask for him and don't let any one else help you. I am positive he will take care of my Dad's needs on his new Chevy Equinox.

Peggy P. | 2014-05-27

I honestly would enjoy revamping the customer service skills of the Service Department as well as the entire business. The inner workings are mechanically severely impaired and as a former successful business owner, this means the businesses culture, core values and vision are out of whack. Never again will I go there.

Amy W. | 2014-05-20

I just bought a car from Midway and this has been the worst experience I have ever had. This will be my fourth Chevy that I have owned. I have never had a problem until I stepped into Midways doors.
The new Malibu's had a recall so I was not able to drive the car. I had no problem with that I would come back when I was able to drive it. They said that they would bring me a car that would be just like the car I was buying so I could check it out. They gave my a presentation of the cars features. I was satisfied and ready to buy.  
I was not able to pickup my car until 4 days later. No problem they put me in a loaner. I was told I could pick my car up at noon. I told them I would not be off of work until 4 so I would be there than. I get there to pick it up and its not even ready!!! So I sat there for 2 1/2 hours waiting to pickup my car. By the time I got it I just wanted to go home and get dinner.
The next day I go to drive it and I find that I am missing quite a bit of features that I was given a presentation about that my car would have. Not only do I feel cheated and feel like I got sold something that I did not receive. The car salesman calls me to see how everything is going. I express to him how I feel and his response is well in 6-9 months you can come back and we can try to get you into a car with more features!! The nerve! I will never buy another car from Midway!

Angie R. | 2014-05-15

They scammed me TWICE.  Let my Equinox to get repo'd to get a HHR.  The salesman was a pretty boy who ended up hitting on me when my sale took way too long...  Not the important part.  What really bothers me is that THEY KEEP CALLING ME TO "TRADE IN" MY CAR.  I know my credit is bad and they will tell me my car has no resale value and trick me into getting a certified used car.  I want this company to STOP CALLING ME!!  It's been more than 6 years!!

Giana R. | 2014-02-23

Horrible sales practices. Lots of empty promises here. Be wise and don't step foot into this dealership

Sebastian J. | 2013-12-20

Update: Cardinals tickets never showed up. Go figure. Am I surprised? Nope.

Trent Y. | 2013-12-15

I started back with Midway Pontiac way back in 1991. Had a Pontiac Firebird back then... Over the course of a couple years of regular service intervals,I was lucky enough to meet Alvin Gaffney. I learned, through my Service Advisor, Alvin Gaffney, that there was honesty and commitment to quality in an auto dealership service department.
Long story short because of Mr. Gaffney, I bought my 2006 Pontiac Solstice at Midway Auto just to have Mr. Gaffney as my Service Advisor. Again in 2008, I bought my second Pontiac Solstice at Midway Auto for the same reason. Now, with over 78,000 miles on my 2008 Pontiac Solstice, I have no worries. For if there is an issue... it is just a matter of picking the phone up and Alvin Gaffney is always available with knowledge, insight, and un understanding. Yes, will be coming back as long as Mr. Gaffney is there as my Service Advisor....

Kathy J. | 2013-12-12

Gil Martinez was amazing! He went out of his way, in his own vehicle, to pick up the 2014 Chevy Volt I wanted available at another dealer. He spent at least 30 minutes showing us how things worked inside the vehicle and he told some great stories (the coal!). I have already suggested your dealership to friends and family based on the great service we received. Working with Mike in Finance was a breeze! We did not have the Auto Finance deal done with our bank yet, but Mike let us take the Volt home anyway on the promise we would bring the check in on Monday when the bank was open. I just can't say enough good things about Midway...there are no words. The people at Midway make me wish I could buy a new vehicle more often!!! My husband is a car/truck salesman from way back and I know how some dealerships operate...Midway is defintely NOT one of those! Thanks SO MUCH for the fabulous experience and my beautiful new Chevy Volt!!!

Rande O. | 2013-10-03

Shady sales practices and telemarketer harassment!!  We bought a used trailblazer here 3 years ago, during the look over of the vehicle the sales mgr told it had a new michelins on it so on the driver side it looked great. Little did we know, one tire was not. Liars! Found that out a month or so after we bought it and we're washing it.

So now, fast forward a few years. We traded the trailblazer in for a brand new gmc Acadia... 1.5 years ago. They keep calling to take our trailblazer in as a trade. I keep telling them, we have since gotten rid of it and they still call, same story. Many times Ive asked to be removed from the calling list to only get a call a month later to trade in my trailblazer. Sigh! I don't want an effing car from you people!!! And when it's time to buy a new car, I'm staying FAR away from this dealership! Harassment is not cool! Oh and they always call at bedtime for my kids. Seriously....

Jolene B. | 2013-07-03

If there were a negative star rating that is where I would go with this review.  Midway is an extremely shifty and snake oil salesman type of place to shop.  I had been playing around with the idea of trading in my car for some time, so I figured I would gather some information on the new malibu...and saw an internet ad that promises a $25 gas card for anyone that test drives the Equinox on Tuesdays. So, I figured, why not? Gather my intel, get a gas card- and get out- win/win, right?  Yeah, not so much.

The finance manager actually suggested that since the car I drive (Dodge Caliber) has such a low resale value and there is negative equity there that I get the new car loan, and then let the caliber go into reposession! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!  Right, because nothing looks better on a credit report than a repo! Which would then turn in to TWO repo's once the bank garnished my wages for the first one!

Then to add rainbow sprinkles to the sugar of a deal I was being offered- they made sure my print out of the ad disappeared with the finance manager- and only offered a $15 gas coupon. When I expressed my disgust with the false advertising, they said I would have to wait for the finance manager to get back to me to discuss, since they only knew of a $15 advertsiement.  As I had already wasted an hour of my life, I was just DONE, and said as much- so they helpfully escorted me to a gas station and pumped what they could fit into my car...which was only about $12 since I had just filled up. They don't give out actual gas cards, ya know. NICE, and extremely helpful.

Bottom line- if this is the type of service you can expect from this dealership, I would stay WAY THE HECK away.  Nice business practices there, Midway!

John R. | 2013-01-22

Bought my 2006 Silverado here in 2006.  Was as good of an auto buying experience as I've ever had.  I knew what I wanted, called them up (emailed, actually), they gave me their best price, and I went in and bought it.  No haggling, no games.

Fast forward to 2013, and due to my own neglect, I needed major engine work done (oil pump stopped working).  I was worried they were going to tell me i needed a new engine, and that it was going to cost a fortune.

They tore the engine down and inspected and measured everything.  Told me everything that needed replacing, and gave me several options (repair, replace, or trade in).  

I had them repair it (replaced cam shaft, lifters, etc..), and the cost was much less than I had been anticipating.  About 50% less.  Communication was great throughout the whole process.  It took a little over a week to complete the repairs.  I am thrilled.  THRILLED!

The truck runs great now.  No 'tick-tick-tick' (which was a lifter that was failing, that I chose to ignore, that caused the pump to fail) anymore!

I will definitely be buying my next vehicle from Midway...  and getting it in for service right away if it starts making ticking sounds.

Matthew K. | 2012-10-11

Worst Place Ever! I will leave it at that. They wanted to buy my truck, they kept calling me so I answered and I thought it does not hurt. I was really insulted by what they said. No one there even knew what truck it was they were looking at. I talked the used car sales manager Andrew the night before and he said he would not waste my time. Well that was a lie. The guy looking at my truck was new, and did not know how to start up a diesel truck but I do not fault him on that, he was not trained properly. I asked for the the managers boss, and he was not there and then he would not give his business card.

Sosa R. | 2012-07-12

went to buy a 2nd vehicle and the sales person Louis Evans was very helpful. not only was he great at his job but he was very friendly and has the best personality I've ever seen for a car salesman. made it extremely easy as can be the 4+ hours I spent at the dealer. seriously he has a great personality. even if he was lying to me he made me feel comfortable. best service at Midway. no complaints here. if you go to Midway Chevy give Louis Evans a call:

Phone: 602-866-0102 ext. 716
Cell: 602-423-1974

Jeff T. | 2012-07-09

Sent my friend in for some advice and to possibly look into a purchase.... The sales staff helped her without pressuring her to buy and even showed her how she could get her credit rating up. Most dealers would've just blown her off but midway helped as much as they could. We will definitely

Dawn F. | 2012-07-05

The worst service I have ever had!!!!!!!   The service guys that great you are rude.  The service manager won't get off her phone for 5 minutes to talk to you. (she had her friends in the office)  I wish I bought my Equinox at a different dealership.  They talked me into the service agreement so if I don't go to them I have to pay.  Chevy should not let these incompetent people sell and service their cars...what a disgrace.

Bob M. | 2012-06-16

Parts deptartment.  Wrong part times 3.  the shipping was outrageous.  If you can send thema photo you might get a deal.

Charles H. | 2012-04-14

Was at this dealership back in 2007 to purchase a Chevy Malibu. Boy, did i ever regret going to this dealership. Sale managers were jerks and would not take no for an answer. I was there for almost 3 hours haggling with them. Finally they backed me into a corner and i gave into their strong arm sales pitch.  Much to my shame.

In 2011 i was back at this dealership trying to see if i could get a good deal on a new car. Nope, again those sales managers were very rude and arrogant. 1 hour and 30 minutes later the manager finally said" Okay, no deal. Get out of here".  The manager sounded like an Italian mob boss.  He was acting like i wasted his time. How about you jerks wasting my time.  
Makes me suspect that this dealership is owned by the mob, and the sales manager is a made man. Hope i don't end up in an accident and my knee caps are broken because of this review. lol

Customer service is very bad at this dealership. I would avoid it unless you like being berated and treated like dirt.

(Note: the guys on the floor are super friendly, but the sales managers are very rude.)

Tara W. | 2011-12-22

NOTE THIS COMPANY KEEPS HIDING MY REVIEW. THEY HAVE SO MANY COMPLAINTS THAT THEY ARE HIDING THEM... Nice Business practice MIDWAY. I have had my car serviced here. That is the only reason I went was for oil changes and a steering issue. Well their service department apparently give customer information to the sales department. I have gotten calls almost weekly for over 6 months asking me to sell my car. I have told them to stop calling, they say they will then I get a call from another sales person the next week. I am sick and tired of it. I filed complaints with the FTC and BBB on them today. If they do not stop calling I am taking legal action. I will NEVER go back to this dealership. I would not advise anyone to give them business unless your prepared for harassing calls from their service department. I am so angry that I cannot see straight.

Benjamin T. | 2011-11-30

Good experience actually as I sit here thinking about it it was a great experience.  If your looking for a car, truck or, suv Nancy is the women you want to see.  She always had a great smile on and was straight and up front with me during my car buying experience.   Midway followed thru on everything they said the would.  I recommend coming on in and seeing them in person.  Phone communication was a bit confusing.  I walked in around noon and left with my brand new car by 5.  Now it time to see what the service department has in store. Thanks for everything Nancy

Jessica P. | 2010-09-22

I didn't buy my car here, but I did have it serviced here.  I have a car that requires it be hooked up to the machine to replace the key fob.  I was going to have it done at another GM location on the west side, but these guys were incidentally cheaper and they could get me in right away.

They had the new key fob programmed and an oil change done in an hour.  It was great.

Scott W. | 2009-05-10

Fleet/internet department: 4 stars
Financing department: 2 stars

I have now purchased 4 new Chevrolets from them in the last 11 years.  When I leased the 98 Malibu the internet part of the fleet department was sort of an afterthought.  The entire department was three people tucked down a hallway and you could not get to them evenings and Sundays.  I was back in 01 to buy the Malibu off of lease and again for an 03 Tracker and then an 04 Silverado.  For all three of those trips the fleet/internet department had all six cubicles in the hallway.  Yesterday I picked up an HHR and the fleet/internet department has been doubled in size and is staffed the same hours as the rest of the sales force.  Even though it occupies 1/2 as much space as the rest of the sales force it accounts for over half of the sales.

Just to make sure I was still getting a decent deal I had two other local dealers quote the same vehicle.  The other two dealers chose to invite me to come in without giving me a quote.  Fail. The price I paid was within $2 of what Edmunds said people in this area were paying for that vehicle.  And I did not have to play any games to get there.

Each time I have dealt with them there have been multiple cars ready for me to drive at the appointment time.  Except for the Silverado which involved a dealer swap the entire process was one trip of three hours or less.  When dealing with the fleet/internet department there is no haggling, they give you a price and you take it or leave it.  I have so far always found their price to be a fair one.

Too bad you have to go through the finance department to get out of there.  They always have at least a half dozen ups and extras to explain to you.  I don't buy much extra stuff, like only GMPP, but you still have to sit and listen to it or fly in to F-bombs, jimmy kicking mode which raises your blood pressure and really doesn't save you any time.  At least at this dealership no one has ever insulted my intelligence for not purchasing something.  That may be because I know as much or more about what they are doing than they do.  Age and having been in the car business has some benefit.  I have listened in to the normal sales deals going on around me while waiting for people and am glad I no longer play those games.  

I cannot say much about the service department because I only dealt with them once in 98 and that positive experience led to the first purchase.

Car buying sucks but at least their fleet/internet department has softened the pain quite a bit.

Diana F. | 2007-05-25

Boooo!!! Bad service, cheesy salesmen, lack of car selection. Why did I buy from here? Desperation, I guess.

The repair service is so ridiculously overpriced you'd think they were selling you gold plated car parts. Plus, every person who works at the service center is very rude.

I hate Midway, and I hate myself for buying from them. Don't make the same mistake I did!