German Auto Service in Phoenix, AZ

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We believe German made automobiles are some of the finest, best engineered and safest vehicles the world has to offer. We also provide service for other makes and models, foreign and domestic.

German Auto is family owned and most of our staff have been serving our clients for many years. All of our staff take pride in the work we do and the complete satisfaction of our clients.

You can be assured of our commitment to excellence, by our knowledgeable service, sales, and parts staff. We strive for 100 percent satisfaction!


Established in 1990.

German Auto Service started as a Sales, Service and Repair Center for Mercedes Benz Automobiles. In 1990 German Auto expanded our service to include BMW, Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen.

German Auto Service

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(602) 274-3747
Address:5244 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ, 85014
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on German Auto Service

talia j. | 2015-03-31

so far so good- fingers crossed our car doesn't die again soon. :( but when it does happen, this place seems friendly and competent.

Luna L. | 2015-02-02

I checked with the dealer on having a service B on my mercedes. The price quoted seemed quite high, I then contacted German Auto and could not believe it was half the cost. They were very friendly ,honest ( when I picked up my car, the total was $50 less than the quote) and the shuttle driver picked me up on time at my office.
I have found a repair shop I trust!!!

Michael B. | 2015-01-26

I learned several years ago to stop going to Chapman BWM and use German Auto Service.  This place is fantastic and has saved me a great deal of $$$ and aggravation.  Their service techs take the time to go over everything with you and have always been able to answer all of my questions.

Charles S. | 2014-11-28

My go to place for my Mercedes.  Have had lots of work done from major repairs to oil changes.  Much cheaper than the dealer and they provide great service.  I've used the shuttle service often to get to and from work.  Awesome place.

Update.  Went in to fix a ESP/Break warning that popped up during the holidays.  German Auto said I needed to replace my battery.  Pretty simple fix with one issue- I just had my battery replaced from the dealer literally two week prior.  I stated this fact, but Eric insisted that they wouldn't do anything further until I replaced it.  I also shared that I needed to take my daughter back to California the next day.  German Auto wouldn't budge.  I had to still pay the diagnostic fee which was around $99.  I immediately drove to Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale which took the car in without an appointment, got me a loaner, and found the true source of the warning- a faulty wheel speed sensor.  It ended up costing me around $1200 which I would have gladly spent at German Auto, but their stubbornness prevented that from happening.  The techs at the dealer laughed when I mentioned I was told it was a battery issue.  Haven't had a battery issue since or had the warning pop up again.  I wont be returning to German Auto unfortunately.  I did enjoy their shuttle service and Bernie (awesome guy).   I wanted to save money like everyone else, but in the end the dealer gets it right the first time and sadly can't say that's happened at German Auto every time.  They are good until they are not.

Nina S. | 2014-08-20

Great customer service, decent prices and reliable outcomes. I bring my '01 MB E320 in for regularly scheduled maintenance and they keep it running smooth safe and efficiently for a lot less than the dealerships and most other mechanics. I get a ride to and from the service appointments, and my car gets cleaned well too.  I do recommend German Auto!

Melissa G. | 2014-06-08

Horrible customer service. I had to call to get updates and then had to wait for them to call me back. Told my car was finished then went the next day only to be told it was not finished, a phone call would have been nice.  Also was not completed in a timely manner, I know they encountered a few problems but their timeline was way off. Would not recommended this place.

Deborah S. | 2014-05-28

loyal to an independent mechanic in Scottsdale specializing in Japanese cars.  when i got an audi they sent me here.  great referral.  they are reasonable and trustworthy.

John V. | 2014-05-23

Thanks to Jim and the crew for keeping my old Porsche tip top!! In and out quickly and the job came in below the estimate!!

Tina A. | 2014-05-15

Pardon my french, but this repair shop is the T!TS!!!  

I took my Mini (hereto known as Gracie) to the dealership because the A/C wasn't working...let's not discuss me running into something head on thus jacking up the entire front-end and most inner-workings...they wanted to charge me $4,000+!!!  Exsqueeze me?  Bakin' powder???  

So began my search on Yelp for a repair shop.  I decided to check them out based on the reviews, and boy was I not disappointed!  Not only did they come back with a cheaper price, but they found a couple other things the dealership didn't find, which they fixed for only a smidge more than what was originally quoted!  Gracie's happy, I'm happy, and life is good :)

Thanks for saving me some chedduh so that I may make it raaaaaaain :)

Jose M. | 2014-05-01

Great Service and friendly people! Would recommend to friends! Thanks Guys!

Stc A. | 2014-04-07

People always comment how expensive BMW's are to maintain.  After owing two (each for about 10 years) I have no complaints.  I found German Auto because it's been in my neighborhood for over 30 years.  It's easy to get an appointment, they are very thorough, and very reasonably priced.  They never try to upsell you - in fact just the opposite.  I have a couple of things that weren't necessary to have fixed and they told me just that.  They gave me  quote for new breaks and I thought I could get a better deal at one of the franchise break retailers.  By the time I got done having my breaks redone at "Just Breaks" it would have been cheaper to have German Auto do the work and I would have been more confident that they had done it right.  REALLY bad decision on my part.

This is a great place, same ownership forever, professional, they drive me home and pick me up, and wash my car and I've never felt they've added on extra work, and they provide firm, reasonable quotes.  I also appreciate their expertise with German cars so I know it's always done right.

Moe G. | 2014-01-21

They are polite and very helpful. I've always brought my mercedes to them and they were cost competitive in comparison to the dealership and other shops. Plus they really do understand German cars and how to fix them. There is no issue that they can't tackle!!!

chris r. | 2013-07-26

WOW! The warranty on my MINI expired a year ago and all of the sudden a brake light came on. Well, just as if it were magic, I got a coupon from German Auto ,which prompted me to schedule an oil change there and have the brakes checked. Bottom line, I was blown away. Chuck, Bernie, etc were amazing. They were honest and said the brakes were ok. They fixed the light issue and (GET THIS) washed my car and added air to the tires....ALL for an Oil Change! In short, I now have a post-warranty place I can trust. GREAT folks, GREAT place, and I am ONE happy camper!

Brittany W. | 2013-07-25

My fiance and I have been coming to German Auto for a couple of years now.  We both drive VW's and these guys know their stuff.  Everyone has been very friendly and helpful each time we have to take our cars in.  Earlier this year they performed a complete checkup of my 2004 Jetta and let me know all the things that I could do to keep this baby running for (hopefully!) another 100,000 miles.  I currently have it in their shop working on it bit by bit as money allows and they have been great about working with me in getting things done over time.  GREAT service with honest people...I will never go back to a dealership.

Kyle M. | 2013-04-30

I went in here for my 2001 Bmw 330ci because i knew i had a few issues that needed resolved. They diagnosed each of the issues separately and explained them to me clearly. I did get a pricy quote for one of the items but it was HALF what the dealer wanted for the same job saving me $1000s. I'll be back to knock out the remaining items. plus I can walk to work while they fix my car since they are conveniently close to me. :)

Matt T. | 2012-11-18

When I moved to Phoenix my dad gave me his 1995 Mercedes e320 convertable for me to enjoy in the desert climate. Since he does not get to have much fun with it in Ohio. The one condition was that I never take it to a hack mechanic. This car is his pride and joy (after my sister and I, of course) so I took this serious. However, it took a break down on the side of Thomas Road and frantic Google search to find this place. And so glad that happened, because this place is fantasic! They always do a good job, they offer rentals and pick up/drop off service. Everyone there is extremely nice and helpful. And they will go through everything with you before doing any work or charging you for a service. And as any Mercedes owner will tell you that is a nice, since these are never cheap stops. Also they give you a free coffee mug after every service..I have an Audi and Mercedes mug now.

They service all European cars. Audi, BMW, Mercedes,etc..

Jeremy S. | 2012-11-05

I recently purchased a 1984 380 SL and needed some service on it. I got many recommendations from friends who loved German Auto so I went there. They treated me like I was their only customer. Excellent service, honest and ethical!

Kevin M. | 2012-09-19

I unfortunately had to experience my BMW shutting down on the freeway, but was fortunate when, after a quick yelp search, I found my way to German Auto Service. I had AAA tow my car right up to their lot after hours, filled out a quick service form, dropped the keys, and was on my way. I called in the next morning and was greeted by a very friendly staff. I spoke with Eric, who was very thorough and explained that I needed a new fuel pump. After quoting me the price, I gave the OK and just a few days later my car was back and good to go! I am extremely impressed with German Auto Service's professionalism and dedication to customer service. I will definitely be back for any future repairs and have told all of my friends with German cars to do the same.

Firishta G. | 2012-01-09

to keep it short, This place is amazing! Friendly staff and very fair priced. Will not let my cls be worked on by any other than German Auto Services.

Matthew O. | 2011-09-03

The folks here are the Cream of the Crop.  They do work on my Range Rover.  I had them change out my brembo brakes and they, not even the dealership figured out that the disks and pads need to be seated in prior to use.  The last brake change cycle I had to deal with screaming brakes for the entire time, and was told by Land Rover that this was probably normal for performance brakes.  My father Herb has been going here since I was knee high to a grasshopper and only trusts them to work on his Mercedes's.

Christine G. | 2011-08-28

These guys are the best!  My dad loves them and they are worth the drive.

I took my Mercedes to them for a window repair and other minor issues to get the vehicle ready for my teenager to drive.  They called me with a real concern over the front end.  They were honest and said that unless the car had sentimental value, they would not spend money on the repair.

I really appreciate that they took the time to go over the car to make sure it was road worthy for my child to drive!

Thank you!

Paul L. | 2011-06-21

I have been going to German Auto for years after a recommendation from a friend.  After taking my first mercedes there, i instantly became a regular.  They are committed to friendly service, reliability and most importantly honesty.  They explain what the problem is and have real detailed answers for all my questions.  They truly are experts in thier field. I now have my second mercedes and there is no other place this car has seen.  

After years of having lemons for cars, i can spot dishonest shops.  German Auto has none of those attributes.

Futhermore I appreciate that they drop and pick me up from work when the service is done.  Another example of great customer service

Bottomline, if you are looking for a place for your car, German Auto is your one stop shop.

James M. | 2011-04-06

I have a 1998 M3, which has experienced about every possible calamity.  In short, German Auto has been there every step of the way, from exploding plugs, to a bad starter, new struts, bushings, side swipe, rear ending, to plain old maintenance like fluid changes.  Jim the owner has been there all the way and has assisted me greatly.  Price per labor hour is reasonable, and the always provide conservative estimates.  If you drive German, then this is the shop to use.

Mindy H. | 2011-02-15

I'll keep this short and simple. Why I recommend German Auto:

1) The BMW dealership said I had two oil leaks and charged me $800. Upon further inspection at German Auto, they found ONE oil leak and charged me a considerably lesser amount.

2) Rob is super friendly, helpful and trustworthy. He kept me informed about my car the entire time and was completely transparent about the work that it needed, almost going into too much detail and telling me things that I probably didn't need to know! :) Oh, and he remembered my name. I've been going to the same service adviser at BMW for 3 years and he still doesn't know my name. And whenever we chat, he tries to sell me crap I don't need. I don't trust him at all.

3) They washed my car AND cleaned the insides AND vacuumed my floor mats (well overdue. Gross, I know).

4) When I checked out with the cashier, I got a free mug!! Wahoo!

OK, so maybe I'm easily impressed but in all honesty, if you want to save a few hundred bucks and know what it feels like to trust your technician, then take your car to German Auto.

Stephen B. | 2010-09-11

I left my '89 Mercedes 300CE here for a week while on a trip to FL to get it gone over with a fine tooth comb as it was stalling out in drive, the AC had no air flow plus transmission was slipping a bit from 1st into 2nd and it needed some of the freeze plugs in the block replaced. I returned to a $2,500 bill and the car still stalling out (and no possible clue offered as to why), the AC fan replaced so it was blowing volume but the system was not pressure tested or recharged so blowing hot air in Phoenix In July  was BS. Overall I was VERY DISSATISFIED with the service and I have since found a great mechanic at a corner gas station who whipped it into shape for 25% the charge of these bozos.

The 124 platform with straight six is not rocket science. I'm sorry guys but you dropped the ball on this one!

Andy C. | 2010-04-15

Good shop. I've had two BMWs serviced here and they are excellent. I found them to be very conservative in not recommending unnecessary work.

The shop has a reputation for excelling in Mercedes Benz, but BMW and VW are on the menu and they have certified techs.

Matthew K. | 2010-02-01

It is so hard to find an honest and reliable used auto repair facility these days.  This place is one of the few remaining honest service centers in the valley.

They service my Mercedes Benz C Class and my Wifes BMW X5 and we have never had the slightest doubt of confidence about there work.  The office folks are very nice and explain everything in an understandable context.  The mechanics seem to know their stuff because I have never had to return for the same issue.

But best of all, they are the most reasonably priced in the valley.  I tried a few other shops before I found this shop and the pricing was comparable, but the service lacked.

If you are looking for a solid, reliable European Repair shop, these guys are top notch!