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Courtesy Fleet Department: this team is the largest in the state and no matter what size your business, they can get you a great deal with the service level your expect.

Courtesy Chevrolet Body Shop provides world-class results. Equally skilled at repairing damages or customizing your vehicle, we are your top Phoenix, AZ Auto-Body shop.


Established in 1955.

San Francisco born, Edward Fitzgerald arrived in Phoenix during August, 1955, from Los Angeles, where he had worked with R. McClure. Together they began Courtesy Chevrolet, an Arizona corporation, in an old farmhouse at 1521 East Camelback Road, which had a tin shed out in the back, which was used as a makeshift garage and make ready area. At this time, Courtesy Chevrolet was located on the outskirts of town, and especially as far as the business was concerned. In 1957, Courtesy Chevrolet moved down the street to the present facility at 1233 East Camelback Road, and since that time, has prospered and grown. 1985 saw the completion of the new Parts Department at 1230 East Pierson Street, on the site where Mr. McClure's home and stable used to be. Courtesy is family owned and operated. William Gruwell and his sons Mark and Scott, are at the dealership every day. Presently over two hundred people derive their incomes from this dealership. We hope to see you soon at the dealership.

Courtesy Chevrolet

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 267-5511
Address:1233 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85014
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 977-5522
Address:1550 E Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85022

Reviews on Courtesy Chevrolet

Jeff W. | 2015-04-22

We purchased a 2014 Chevy Volt from Courtesy Chevrolet in Phoenix in Feb 2014. Our experience with our salesperson and the entire staff at Courtesy was top notch - even better than our high expectations! My wife and I highly recommend The Chevy Volt and Courtesy Chevrolet, Bryan Long, Jason Church, Scott Gruwell and their excellent team! Oh and by the way we are getting 120 miles per gallon in our Volt and the power and response is fantastic!

Donna S. | 2015-04-18

This is the worst place ever to buy a car. We totally got ripped off. They sold us a car that was in an accident and was totaled for way too much money. We had to replace the whole front end. Never again will we ever buy from them.

Betti J. | 2015-04-12

After a poor experience at another dealership we were delighted to
Make Courtesy our favorite company to service our HHR. The remedied all our concerns. Thank you all very much

Me M. | 2015-04-05

Your smart mouthed stocking juveniles who perpetuate the customer parking area, temping them to trade in their current vehicles is just down right disgusting.  Its a disgrace to your dealership and should be stopped immediately.  These juveniles most likely don't even have a drivers license, or any clue of any products Chevy sells.  For this reason, I tell friends who use your dealership for service to park on the side streets.

My vehicle was put in for a specific problem.  Once I drove away, I found the problem to still exist.  Perhaps you should put more emphasis on quality control over juvenile vultures in the customer parking area.

In contrast, Service Advisor Adam Williams went beyond the call of duty. Adam tells me  Flag Chevy dealer and is now at Courtesy.  I had a problem related to internal lift valves making noise.  The extended warranty company advised if Chevy ripped the engine apart, and did not find a problem, I would be responsible for some $1100 in costs.  Rather than play craps, Adam allowed me to speak to the tech working on the truck. He steered me in the right direction and saved me the $1100.  Kudos to that tech..who was extremely knowledgeable and friendly and also to Adam who let me speak to him.

C H. | 2015-03-16

I was notified on Wednesday about a recall on our vehicle and that it was close to the oil change mileage so we scheduled that. I also had a coupon for 50% off supplies and service so I wanted the Diesel Exhaust fluid filled, and there was an issue that the tailgate was hard to open. I discussed all this with Greg the service associate when he called me. We set up an appointment for Friday morning when my wife would drop it off. When my wife arrived at the dealer no one seemed to have a clue of why she was there and that she had an appointment. All this after I received 3 e-mails from Courtesy confirming the appointment. The truck was also supposed to be washed but I guess this dealership does not know how to wash a 1 ton duel rear wheel truck as it was not clean. The tailgate is easier to open so that was worked on, but I have no idea if anything else was completed.

Josh H. | 2015-02-28

My wife and I had a great experience purchasing a used Chevrolet Cruze from this dealership. We worked with Tom Steffes and he was great to work with and really helpful. Also Russell from the financial department was also very accommodating. I would highly recommend this dealership for anyone in the market to purchase a car.

carolina h. | 2015-02-23

Came to get one of my 5 free oil changes after purchasing my car here. Waited over two hours for my oil change to be done. Even called and had a reservation days in advanced and we were still told that during the oil change they didn't have the filter for my car and it was being retrieved and should be here soon. Shouldn't they have those things ready If they know the type of car you have and when you will be coming in? It's absolutely ridiculous

Stephen H. | 2015-02-21

Visited today with a friend as we test drove several cars today around the valley.   It started well by being greeted outside promptly upon arrival and assigned a salesperson named Trey.  Trey was friendly but really didn't listen to us.  He wasn't as knowledgeable about the product as well as other salespeople today.  Basic things like horsepower,  torque, etc were not known.  At other dealers the sales person knew when asked.  His training was lacking and I don't blame him after meeting a manager.

Anyways,  after we each test drove a vehicle we were interested in Trey got a brochure for the Silverado but was out of the Impala.  He said he would be right back.  He never said goodbye or had a manager talk to us.  We waited and waited and waited and still no Trey.  I finally asked someone after 20 minutes where he was and after 10 more minutes he showed up.  He said he had an appointment scheduled and was with those folks.  Maybe getting someone to help was a good idea.  He had a potential $95000 in sales with us.  He asked us when we were looking to purchase (we told him that initially) and if there was anything else he could do for us.  We asked him about the promotional gift cards.  Left and brought back a manager.  He was younger and had some strange skin colored plugs in his gauged ears.  I wish I knew his name.  Had $60 worth of QT cards for us to share because we were together and it was 1 per group.  I told him we are separate and were each interested in our own purchase.  We each drove a separate car.   He didn't care.  Cadillac had no problem with us.  Neither did Lexus.

I have to tell you that I don't need to drive to Phoenix to drive a Chevrolet.   I have 5 dealers much closer.  I figured since a colleague (we have 200 employees) told me about the promotion I may make the effort to go to Courtesy.  I will be alerting everyone about my experience and 200 families will think twice before going to Courtesy.   The only "courtesy" we found was on the sign.  I don't blame Trey.  I am sure he did what he was told in his training.  Management is poor and they obviously don't want to celebrate customer appreciation month by honoring their promotion or by treating customers with courtesy.  It was apparent we were not valued as potential customers and they did not want to give us the gift cards.  This review is not an indictment on Trey but on the dealership itself.

I guess my household income of $165000 won't be returning to Courtesy Chevrolet.   I don't need the gift cards.  It is the principle of the matter.

Charles K. | 2015-02-21

Very disappointed with the dealership.  Seems you guys don't want anything to do with folks that are not buying a car on the day of their visit.  I certainly will not nor will I be recommending the dealership to friends and family.  I will however be sharing my very poor customer service experience.. My friend and I had made arrangements to go car shopping today.  This was our third stop.  We live in the east valley but chose to visit courtesy because of the gas card promo.  I mean why not.  Courtesy must want forks in the store. We made the salesman Treks aware of what we were doing up front and also advised as to why we drove to the Phoenix dealership.  We test drove a Silverado and an Impala.  Requested brochures sand went back inside with the salesman (I use the term loosely) Tres.  He drops a brochure on the table and leaves.  No thank you, good buy or thanks for stopping in here are your gas cards.  We sat in disbelief for 20 minutes thinking he was coming back but he did not.  We finally had to ask someone to get him.  When he arrived we had to ask for the gas cards.  He then sends over the sales manager who tells us we need to split the 60 dollar gift card between us.  What a promotion!  What a farce.  It was bad enough that we had to ask for something that was advertised but then for that!  Wow.  I guess I know which dealership won't be on my shopping list when I do buy.  Thanks to Treks and the  noCourtesy Chevrolet team.

Brian B. | 2015-02-20

Jack Walker was apart of the problem. I attempted to deal first with the service advisor greg. He couldn't help me and jack got involved. I had my paper from my previous appointment in the car which stated it was covered. When I spoke with jack, I allowed him to review the paperwork for verification. Then when I got to the dealership, he refused to help me and said I would have to pay the $800+ dollars.. Jack also mentioned he'd try and get me a discount. This isn't my first rodeo. I ALWAYS get estimates before I spend a couple hundred dollars. The first place I called quoted me $649 if all mounts were broken, so I set up an appointment next week for a free check. So that's already a savings of at least $150. Then greg was very disrespectful when getting my car. He didn't say anything when he pulled my car up or he didn't give me the exit paperwork. So, I backed up and drove out the entrance. Which was frowned upon to say the least. But what really takes the cake is, my paperwork seems to have been STOLEN from my car. I allowed jack to go into my car in good faith and assumed he return the paperwork once he reviewed it. I was WRONG! Now I don't have the documentation showing the work was covered.

Preston C. | 2015-02-15

I took my car to Courtesy for a service check up... I bought my car from Chapman Chevy in Tempe but their service dept was a little underwhelming... I decided to try Courtesy because I had heard good things about them... I scheduled an appointment over the phone, which was pretty easy, and I was sent a complimentary text message to confirm... The day of my service, I went in an hour early, because it was a free day for me, and I was prepared to wait an hour until my actual service time... But they gladly took me in and had me update information since I was coming from Chapman... It took about 5 minutes and I was able to let them know what I needed done... My car is still new basically so I only needed an oil change, tire rotation, and some added Nitro into my tires... My service consultant Phil Kestner was more than accommodating and was extremely professional... He assured me that it would only take about 1 hour, which it did... And the service tech Anthony C did a very good job... I'm sure that these few things are quite easy to do but it was just a huge convenience to me and I am happy that they treated me so well... Since they were so accommodating and extremely quick, I will return for my next service check up...

Chance C. | 2015-02-12

Came here for an oil change and the service was great. Excellent waiting area with a small cafe. They gave me a coupon for a free fountain drink or water. I can't speak for how sales experience is but service was definitely good.

Ana L. | 2015-02-04

Car shopping, in general, just SUCKS. I've had too many awful experiences at multiple dealerships around central Phoenix so I expected this one to be no different. Wrong!!! This place was awesome! I worked with Dusty in sales and we found the perfect car.  Negotiations were straightforward and seamless. There was none of that "pushy" attitude you get elsewhere. In fact, I felt like they were genuinely trying to help me.  The finance guy was also really good and had us out of his office in an unbelievable 30 minutes or so.  Everyone here has been an absolute pleasure to work with, even after my car had to get repaired twice. They put me right into a beautiful loaner car and I didn't have to worry about a thing.  Definitely recommend and definitely recommend you ask for Dusty!!

Michaela M. | 2015-01-14

I'm not sure what to say other than this was such a poor experience. My friend had gone here to purchase a car and was treated very poorly. The gentleman who helped us was named AJ and failed to listen to anything my friend wanted.

My friend had gone in there to purchase a Malibu but AJ kept trying to sell him different vehicles and refused to give my friend a price point. We did not want a credit pull from the dealership and AJ claimed there was nothing he could do and that other dealerships were selling us false hope on cheaper vehicles.

AJ lacked enthusiasm while dealing with us and even when he got his manager, his manager could have cared less for our business. Basically, letting us walk out of the dealership and failed to provide quality service.

They were also trying to sell us cars with scrapes and dings and even dents and claimed we didn't know what we were talking about. Thank goodness we went to Chapman Chevy and had a good experience.

Sara C. | 2015-01-07

The idea of shopping for a vehicle and all the BS that goes along with it can trigger cold sweats in some. Not at Courtesy. Family owned and operated for years, the shopping, test driving and purchasing experience was unlike any previous experience we've had.

Steven S. | 2015-01-06

If they want to encourage me to post my review as a part of their survey, who am I to disagree.  Survey response below:

A poor experience.  Brought car (Camaro) in for the Switchblade recall.  The solution to the recall isn't so much a solution as a poor stop gap hack, that had I known was what would be done, I wouldn't have bothered.

Additionally, one of the key fobs had lost the lock and unlock buttons in the last four years and isn't functional.  Brought that key fob in, and was told it would be around one hundred dollars to replace it, and agreed that would be fine.  The non-functional fob was returned to me with the blade snapped off and new key ringed to it.  Fine.

Apparently a part of the key fob recall was an unrequested inspection, that took over two hours to complete.  Some routine maintenance work was recommended, but I typically take care of those when I bring the car in for oil changes.  I didn't particularly appreciate trying to add time and cost to a recall issue that was so poorly executed in the first place, and really didn't appreciate wasting that time.

Once I got the car back, after turning the car off and back on, noticed the service engine light was on and the car was idling very poorly (recurring near stalls where the RPMs dropped by half and the car jerked).  Took the car back to the dealership, explained the issue (as well as pointed out the service light that was still on), and left the car to be looked at.

10 minutes later, receive a call telling me that it would be 150 dollars to read the error code and diagnose the car.  In a few short words I explained that was unacceptable to fix an issue caused by the service department, and was told they would bring it up with the manager, and didn't hear anything further.  Two hours later I stopped back by the dealership on my own to make sure something was being done.

During the inspection, the latch for the air filter housing was broken, and was replaced (about the only correct thing that occurred that day).

I had a horrific experience purchasing a car at Courtesy, but always respected the Service Department from previous experiences.  This visit wasn't a slip up, it was a systematic failure (when my oil drain plug was cross-threaded, resulting in my garage floor being covered in oil, THAT was a slip up).  The manufacturer failed on the recall 'solution'.  The Service Department failed by performing unnecessary tasks resulting in unnecessary delays, and unnecessary damage to my car (the filter housing, and frankly, my key fob).  I'm not sure I can stomach bringing my car into Courtesy again, I value my car and my time too much.

If you think there is anyway you can make this up to me (good luck), feel free to contact me.

Steven S

Brad W. | 2015-01-05

The staff is fairly nice and low key. Matt was a decent salesguy, but I never bought a car here. You need to do research before you go to battle with these people or I might have ended up with a 2014 Chevy Cruze that has had three recalls in 2 years, including the turbo engine. The car I wanted and thought (was told) was the same price turned out to be too high as the old bait and switch was on in full force. They will tell you whatever you want to hear to get you in the door and back again, but you won't get the best service unless you make the deal in your first visit. This was for a used car, but big boy Josh (the money guy) can talk a good game, but  did not give me a deal. This was actually not the worst dealership I visited, but that isn't saying much.

Erica G. | 2015-01-04

If I could rate this dealership zero stars I would. My husband and I purchased a car at Courtesy on Camelback a little over a year ago. We found a car online for price A and when we got to the dealership they claimed they already sold that car, but they had another car for a higher price. Funny thing was the VINs were exactly the same so they had to sell us the car for price A. Fast forward to our service experience...every time I booked an oil change they could not find our appointments. I eventually started calling ahead to make sure we were in their system to avoid driving down to the dealership only to be told we would need to reschedule. We should have already learned this place was a joke, but It wasn't until we were sitting at home one evening and the "general manager" called us to let us know they were having an amazing end of month special on all 2014s that we found out how unethical this place truly is. They were offering to pay off our existing loan, put zero down on a new car, and have no payments due until 2015. It sounded amazing so we set an appointment for the next morning. When we arrived we asked to speak to the "general manager" only to find out he was some young kid who sits in a room calling people just to get them in the door so the sales guys can bait and switch you. After almost 3 hours we finally got the numbers worked out, our payment had doubled (they wrapped our existing loan into the new loan "to pay it off"), we would need to put $2000 down and our first payment was due the next month. My husband said ok fine-I'll still buy the car, and the salesman said "ok then do you want white or blue?" We lost it. After looking at BLACK cars ALL day why would we all the sudden want white or blue??? They ended up getting a black car from another dealership and when we went in to pick it up I reiterated how angry this process had made us. They actually claimed they never called us to offer that deal and after speaking to the real general manager they made us feel like we were in the wrong. I know this dealership has been in the valley forever, but that doesn't mean they offer great service or have honest business practices. We will never step foot in this dealership again only to be made out as fools. Ridiculous!!!

Jeff L. | 2014-12-23

My wife bought a Tahoe today and I bought a new Silverado pick up our experience with Trey our salesman was exceptionally friendly and his boss Andy was very helpful in making our recent transaction go through very smoothly .I would highly recommend courtesy Chevrolet

Dylan H. | 2014-12-22

I bought a car from here a month ago from Emanuel and Chino and those two were awesome. Courtesy was the third place my wife, two year-old and I had been to that day, so my kid was done and letting everyone know it. Chino walked over with a giant bag a toys and saved the whole thing. We ended up buying the car that night. A lot of the reason was those two guys. Super patient and super helpful

Chad A. | 2014-12-20

The service department has to be one of the worst places on the planet. Very arrogant and rude service people not just one of them but most of them. They act like they are God and they really don't know what they're talking about.  Not sure what the arrogant and negative attitudes are about... You can stand infront of them for a long time and be ignored or they will walk off. They should all be fired and removed...

Rabbaanee W. | 2014-12-13

Trey gave us a great experience. He provided us with all the knowledge and advice for buying our Malibu 2015 LT . Great customer service really knew how to make us feel comfortable. Definitely sending people his way just for the customer service experience!!!

Chuck S. | 2014-12-09

I don't think I've ever spent less than 4 hrs for a service, no matter what is being done. My most recent trip, I didn't hear anything from my advisor, good or otherwise. So I sat for 4 hours without hearing what was going on with my vehicle. That would be my last time taking my Chevy to this dealer for service.

Greg L. | 2014-11-28

Horrible.  First I was told no one could diagnose check-engine light on weekend, so left car for Monday.  Received called an hour later saying they found problem and that it would cost $1,000 to fix.  Far too much money!  When I picked up car, there was diagnosis fee of $125!!  Doug (svc rep) never advised me there would be a diagnosis charge, which he most certainly did not.  Doug flat-out lied saying he did advise me of the fee.  Then he took a rude tone and said whether or not he mentioned, the charge was valid and due!  With as much money in repairs I have paid to Courtesy and GM due to the poor quality of that piece-of-crap car, Courtesy was going to charge me $125??? No way!  Asked for manager, and he waived the charge.  Found a repair shop with stellar reviews on Yelp.  They gladly diagnosed the car (with no fee, even if no repairs were made with them).  And the cost?  Only $396.  Courtesy Chevrolet has permanently lost my business!

Alexis L. | 2014-11-21

My insurance company referred me to the body shop to get an estimate. I decided to pay for the work myself and Dennis did everything he could to save me money. They repaired molding on my car door instead of using a new one. I also had actuators installed to get my 15 year old 4Runner's automatic door locks working again. Once again, Dennis saved me money. After replacing the actuators he found the remote to be defective and called Toyota parts to confirm they had the replacement remote in stock. He also asked if they charged to program it. After finding out that they charged to program it, he told me to bring the remote to him so he'd program it for no charge. Saved me the $100+ Toyota would have charged me to program. He also asked Toyota to give me a dealer discount for the remote and he saved me over $40.

Dennis also set me up for a loaner at no charge. The only thing we are waiting on is locating a used part that the manufacturer no longer makes.

I couldn't be happier with my experience with Courtesy and Dennis. He saved me money, made a big effort to find the used part and continues to look, and he was honest and a nice guy.

I spent $900 so far, and will spend up to another $900 once the used part is found. I must say that I've never been more satisfied with my experience with an auto repair. What could have been a routine or frustrating experience turned out to be a great experience!

Jennifer O. | 2014-10-25

I have only dealt with Phil in the recall dept of the service section of this dealership. He has been very professional and friendly. My only complaint is that I dropped my car off a few weeks ago to have some recalls fixed after making an appointment the week prior. They couldn't complete the work because they didn't have all the parts. I feel like if they had an appointment for specific recalls set in advance, they would be sure to have all of the parts ready.... doesn't make sense to me. Anyway, I was told I would get a call back when they got the parts. Didn't happen (and I know they're busy.. but that's not cool). I waited a couple weeks and called back to check in again. Phil was very apologetic and nice and accommodated my schedule to fix the car. They completed the work in a timely manner, so no complaints there. I wouldn't hesitate to take my car here for this service again in the future.

Danell S. | 2014-10-05

This place is a joke! I found the car we wanted online, filled out all the paper the day before, and then drove 75 miles to test drive it.  We came in and they "couldn't find the car we wanted" so showed us cars they said was the same price... When actually they were $5grand more.... Then they gave us the price we wanted but wanted half of it as a down payment... What a joke!  They advertise an in and out service, but we spent over an hour on a vehicle that doesn't exist.  Do not go here!

carolina h. | 2014-09-22

Was hassled beyond belief!! Paid the mandatory maintenance and restore fee that cost me over $1000 and drove away only to have to fill my oil reservoir 2 weeks later completely up. These people pull you for ever penny you're willing to pay and they refer to you as friends to get your business. Ever since I've purchased it's been a hassle. I wouldn't buy a car from them ever again

Jo H. | 2014-09-12

Slowest parts department in the city!  For repair shops time is money and they always waste my money!

Shari L. | 2014-09-11

My daughter, who is a vet! Found  car on cargurus... Went to the dealership.. Test drive it... Got the price given to her out the door... Went home... Price went up on cargusus... $1300 ... Anthony wanted to sell her a more expensive car... Bait and switch! and the then the car sold... But not teally! I called and the car was there and available for the higher amount. ... Then speaking to Camille... And letting her know  this was horrible how they were treating my dayghter whi fought for her country came back and had brain surgery! She agreed! But after she went and spoke to Anthony the internet guy.. The car sold for a seconf time 10 minutes prior! Please do not trust or buy a car from this dealership! Shame on the internet department and their GM!!!!

Eric W. | 2014-08-24

Always have a good experience here. Bought a car and got free oil changes for a year. My advisor kept honoring them even after they expired. Great, no pressure customer service. No danger of getting ripped off here.

Andrea S. | 2014-08-22

I had a really good experience with Tim in repairs. I brought my car in due to an AC issue that was not resolved by the last dealership I brought it to. He was able to squeeze me in on fairly short notice since no AC in Phoenix summer is pretty much like driving around in an oven.

They were super slammed that whole week and he did a great job keeping me informed of what was going on. He even found another minor issue and said it would be fine to wait a little bit so I wasn't paying a ton of money at the same time. I appreciated his honesty a lot - can be stereotypically rare with car mechanics.

My car is doing great and he took great care of me!

Scott M. | 2014-08-21

Courtesy chev is the best place in Town! See the vehicle exchange dept. for the best deal Jackie,Scott,Kiros, and Roy! If your vehicle is in for service check out there exchange program it will blow your mind!

Cari S. | 2014-08-13

I am entirely disappointed with my experience through Courtesy Chevrolet.
GM overnighted a serious recall to my car stating that I should stop driving it and have it immediately towed on a flatbed to my dealership, a recall that was issued merely 5 days after I purchased my car. I called your recall hotline last Saturday, 8/2/2014, and your employee Phil told me not to worry, keep driving, and arrive for my 8:15 a.m. appointment this Saturday, 8/9/2014. I arrived this morning and found that my appointment had not been officially scheduled and the service department had no idea what to do with my car. Your staff looked up my vin number and confirmed my recall. Your service center employee confirmed that the recall was serious and he was glad I brought it in. It took 45 minutes to fit me into their schedule and make sure they had the parts and another 45 minutes to fix it. I am entirely disappointed. I expected better customer service from such a highly spoken of dealership with so much prestigious history in the Valley.
How are you going to ameliorate this situation? I drove my car for a month in which my steering could have gone out and caused an accident or even my death. Your recall employees need to be in touch with the seriousness of your recalls, as well as improving your dealership's communication between departments.

Michael H. | 2014-08-11

Throughout the process of trading our 2006 Lexus RX-400h Hybrid SUV for a new Chevy (a few months ago), my wife and I received exceptional service from Eric Steffes at Courtesy Chevrolet. However, it has been the followup service where Eric and his colleagues have really shined.  Eric's attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile makes him a standout in the Phoenix metro area. If you are in the market for a new Chevy, I strongly recommend giving Eric Steffes a call at (602) 798-2959 to set up an appointment with him. If your experience with Eric is even remotely close to how he has treated us (before and after the sale) you'll be glad you did.

Carrie L. | 2014-08-06

There are some good people working here I am sure, including Tim who is absolutely amazing, but I am very disappointed in the service department.  I purchased a car battery from them one year ago and experienced an issue with my car not starting.  I took it in and they did a diagnostic test and told me at 3pm on a 110 degree day that the car was fine, I was good to go.  Mind you I am a female that doesn't really know how to use jumper cables well (shame on me I know)...a few days later, the car died again.  I couldn't make it all the way to their dealership so I had to go somewhere else and buy a new battery as well as pay for install (over $120).  The dealership had told me that even if my battery was dead it wasn't under warranty any more because it had been a year, but when the other location pulled my old battery it said I had a two year warranty. Now I put my husband on it because I felt they were taking advantage of me at Courtesy Chevrolet.  When he spoke with them they told him they would give him an $18 refund for our troubles.  We feel pretty insulted by that gesture.

Kim G. | 2014-07-21

There should be a way to enter no stars!

I went to Courtesy Chevrolet on Saturday July 19, 2014 to look at a car that they had in stock.  This was a 2014 Camaro 1LE that I was interested in purchasing.  Previously another dealership in the valley was attempting to dealer trade the vehicle in order for me to purchase it.  Courtesy Chevrolet did not want to dealer trade the car, so I was going to give Courtesy Chevrolet an opportunity to earn my business.  

Upon arrival at Courtesy Chevrolet, I was impressed with the old fashioned movie theater type sign, that was all lit up and beautiful.  Sadly, the sign was the only thing that impressed me.  As I survey the lot, I couldn't help but notice what appeared to "thugs" dressed in shorts, with shirts that were not tucked in, there was nothing professional about their appearance.  In my opinion, when a customer comes into he dealership to spend $45,000 on a new vehicle, it would make a much better first impression if the staff took the time to be professionally dressed.  

At that point we made our way into the showroom where we were greeted by a girl, who was dressed appropriately in the center showroom desk.  She grabbed a nearby sales person, who came over and we explained what vehicle we were looking for.  At that point, the salesman asked us if we had the stock number, because I am sure all customers must come in with stock numbers.  He indicated he had to take care of something and he would come right back.  Upon his return, he come back with Scott, the "Internet" sales guy, who's shirt is also not tucked in, and he had forgotten my name at that point.  We explained to Scott the vehicle we wanted to purchase again, and I was asked one more time if I had the stock number.  After realizing that I may get asked this question again, I researched the Courtesy Chevrolet website to locate the stock number in hopes of helping them do their jobs.  Then Scott asks us to follow him back to his desk so he could locate the vehicle.  In the trip back to his desk, we are walking down a dim and dark hallway, where we see fabric style ""cube farms" from the 1980's, and we were not sure if we should fear for our lives or keep walking.  We get to Scott's desk and he looks up the stock number and said he was going to get the car.  We decided that we felt safer on the brightly lit showroom floor instead of the dark cube farm we were currently in. A few minutes later, Scott returns with the vehicle out front.  At this point the original salesman joins us again outside, as he noticed we might be purchasing this car.  We walk around the car to inspect for any lot damage, based on the number of days the car has been in inventory at two different dealerships, we assumed there might be some damage.  We asked Scott how many miles were on the car, and he was unable to sort through the features and give us the correct mileage on the car.  The second salesman steps in to make an attempt to figure out the mileage, and sadly he came up short too.   At this point, Scott explains that he is new and from a Dodge dealership, hoping that would be a good excuse for his lack of knowledge. Now realizing that neither of these salesmen know anything about the features and functionality of the products that they are selling, I determined that I could no longer stay and watch the debauchery unfold in front of me.  Once they found the mileage,  I told them that there were too many miles on the car and would pass on it.  Not that this was not the right car or right fit for me, I realized I had wasted 40 minutes just waiting for the car to be brought out, had two salesmen in front of me that were clearly untrained with regards to the products they sell and there was no way I would be able to do business with this dealership in a timely manner. I was in hopes one of them would have the wherewithal to grab an actual sales manager to take over the deal, however they did not.  It is unfortunate, that a "slam dunk" of a deal,  prior to placing  me in front of the finance team, turned into a disaster.  

My advice to all patrons shopping for a new Chevrolet, if you have lots of time to waste and don't mind leaving feeling dumber, by all means shop at Courtesy Chevrolet.  For those of you that want a knowledgeable experience there are several other valley dealerships that have trained staff that look professional that will service you.

Logan B. | 2014-06-30

I recently sold my 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid to this dealership. Not only were they incredibly rude throughout the entire process but then they sent the check to the wrong address (even though I called multiple times to confirm my new address).

P.S. I signed up for a yelp account just so I can write this review of how horrible of an experience I had.

Veronica K. | 2014-06-13

I was recommended by a friend to buy my car from Courtesy Chevrolet located in Phoenix.
My experience at this dealership started with Scott Myers who took my transaction from start to finish with an open honest nothing but the truth on the table no fluff hidden nonsense. I never felt I was going down a road of no return and ending up with a product I never wanted. Believe me my individual case was challenging to say the least. Scott along with his Director Bill Tichy and his finance manager Martha Keith made my positive new car purchase possible. I had an exit councilor Jessica Lorenzo who spent time with me at the end to familiarize me with my new car's features, how impressive is that. Thank you Jessica.
I was given the best deal I have ever had in auto financing and the VIP treatment for each individual in the room was fantastic.  I listened to the buzz around the room with the various transactions taking place and each person was relaxed happy excited to be in this room.
Let's be honest, buying a car is one transaction that can cause stress and even I was relaxed in the atmosphere of a car dealership.
I would and will recommend Scott and his team at Courtesy Chevrolet located at 1233 E. Camelback Road Phoenix AZ 85014 to everyone I come in contact with. Everyone person who is happy with their outcome of a transaction no matter how small or large will tell on an average 250 people your name.

George M. | 2014-06-11

Unfortunately I am not writing a good review. First and last time I will go to this place my sales person was brook she was ok, finance was nancy I think I can't remember because I was very upset by the time we got done. I went in with a true car certificate for a chevy cruze for 15 thousand and change. I took my trade we all agreed on everything and I proceeded, while I was transferring my stuff from my trade to the cruze I was in the car setting up the on star when apparently someone hit the trade and damaged the bumper I thought no big deal it is out of my hands now "so I thought" after driving away with no license plate or temp plate brook called me halfway home I asked her to fax or email it to me... never got it so I drove to the dealer from the hospital to get it while my wife waits with our new born child I thought I could be quick , not so much, I was waiting when brook shows up and tells me I don't qualify for the cruze I came to find out they trying to charge me 23 grand after tax title and license and fees. Well after I told them I need my truck back but theyou need to repair the damaged that was caused under their care or make this deal happen so that it's a done deal for all of us I was presented a ford fiesta and test drove it north to south on freeway. I said ok not bad but would like the cruze. So we came to an agreement on the fiesta Wice was 14950 before tax and fees I said how does it make sense that I qualify for this and not the cruze with the certificate. They gave me a " only on a Tuesday with the sun set at a specific location" blah blah blah. Well we made a deal on the fiesta at this point I was Pissed. So I drive home on the I 17 then get on the 101 as soon as i start heading west when the sun hit the windshield i couldn't see due to over spray on the windshield i text brook telling her i was done and i would like my vehicle back because it was such a terrible experience and now this. I go back to the dealer and was told there is no cool off period and this and that mind you this was 2 hours later so i look the fiesta up on their website and it is listed for 11900... talk about taken advantage of.  I try to work with them and this is what i got over payed for a car got taken advantage of and they refuse to give my truck back by far the worse experience at any dealership ever! I will never recommend any of my friends or family to this place. I will continue my business at auto nation where I been loyal for the past 10 years I just thought I had a tru car certificate for courtesy and was 4 grand less than auto nation but it obviously isn't the case I would rather pay the difference and know that I wasn't lied to or taken advantage of as long as I know what I'm paying from beginning to end.  Thanks for reading please make your decision wisely I made this mistake and I won't do it again I will be contacting several people including the media when we are out of the hospital tomorrow evening. Wish my review would have been 5 stars and happy with a new dealer in our large family but my search continues since my sales person left auto nation I will see if anyone else is as truthful and honest as he was. This place has a great set of reviews on dealerrater.Com because they give the website to the customers that had a great experience not to all their customers.

Kaitlyn S. | 2014-05-24

The majority of male service reps have been rude, however the two female service reps were very nice and professional. I only get an oil change each time and use the yelp check in offer for 9.99. The oil change takes anywhere from an hour to two hours it's so long! I would get other work done but I don't want to be there all day and I can't leave my car. The waiting areas are nice and they have a little cafe too. One thing that is frustrating is the check in offer, it keeps changing on what you have to do to get it. On yelp it says check in and get an oil change for 9.99 no small print of any they said I have to do a test drive to get the deal.

Robert D. | 2014-05-13

The short version:
I was told my car would be done by noon. It was not almost 3 pm before I got it back. "I CALLED" at around 12:00 to get an update and was told that one of the concerns I had "the a/c" was being looked at and that my representative would call me right back with an update. I never heard from him. I never heard from him to let me know my car would not be ready by noon. I showed up around 210pm since no one had the "courtesy" and saw that my car was parked near the service entrance area. I thought oh right on its done ! after about 10 minutes "AFTER MY REP" found out I was there waiting I watched as a guy in a red shirt ran out to my car and took off, I thought what the heck ???? it was another 20 minutes after I asked again what was going on with my car that I was then told my a/c was being looked at.. So your people totally lied to me, wasted my time as I told my rep that I was traveling that day and needed my car ASAP.. I could handle the car not being ready, buy being lied to.. We have bought two cars from you, paid cash and will most likely never come back or refer you to anyone. Your service was unacceptable.. And you know whats funny..everyone there new that "I knew" they lied to me..and with no apology for that they still had the nerve to charge me for my oil change..really..??  

Robert,  Albert Crum's son..

Stu S. | 2014-05-12

Traveled to phoenix this last weekend from Los Angeles for my sons hockey tournament. Had my breaks serviced in LA before I left, as I pulled into Phoenix my tire blew on highway 17. Pulled over and changed it just to hear a horrible grinding sound and the rear tire locking up. Called a tow and was taken to Courtesy Chevy. Meet with Eric and he said that he would get to it first thing in the morning. Also I was given a ride to my hotel after their courtesy shuttle had stopped running. Eric called me and told me what the issue was, also spoke to the mechanic who told me exactly what his plan of attack was going to be and when he would be finished with the job.  Turns out the idiot mechanic in Los Angeles completely "F ed" up my breaks! Yes I drove from LA to Phoenix with a botched break job. Eric and his mechanic staff got my car back operational for me and my family. My family can't thank the Courtesy Chevrolet family enough. From when I pulled in on the tow truck, the salesman that helped me out to get the my paperwork to the service area, to  the mechanic staff to the courtesy shuttle driver. This place was a absolute pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much courtesy!

Matthew D. | 2014-04-05

I located Jon Riggs at Courtesy after doing an Internet Search.  I am always weary when dealing with dealerships and what their true intentions are.  In the many cars I have bought in recent years I can say without recourse that they are honest people.  There were none of those typical slimball tactics that you have come to expect.  Jon Riggs was straightforward.  We worked the entire deal out via email.  I simply came in, checked out my new car which he had detailed and ready out front, and signed the papers.  I was in and out in less then an hour.  I truly appreciate how quick and efficient this purchase was.  Jon had a great amount of professionalism and was a pleasure to work with. I hope to buy another car from him in the future.

Henry E. | 2014-03-07

Do not take your car there for repair, They treat it more as a sales pitch. I paid them for a test evap. leak and the couldn't even tell me where it's exactly came from above the gas tank. I called another shop and they told me they would run a camera snake up there and tell me where it's leaking from. Courtesy told me it would take four hours to drop the tank and it would be about $500 to do that and then it would be even more money to see where it's coming from. The other shop Kinkades auto shop said it would be a two hour job to drop the tank which is about two hundred to do it. Really guys $2500?What do you want me to do trade it in? Hell no, I'm Not Trading In My Car To Buy Another One From You, And Pay For It For Years TO come,  Please be reasonable and honest with future customers, supposedly your mechanic's should be expert at Chevy vehicles,  so why play ignorant on exactly what needs to be done? I know you want as much $$$$$$$ as you can from us who you consider prey. I dub you UnCourtesy Chevrolet

Bo S. | 2014-03-06

I went to Courtesy earlier this week for an oil change and a tire valve replacement and balance. I supplied my own oil and valves. Ed was my first contact guy and he inquired as to why I wanted the valves replaced on the tires. They had been slow leaking air for months and the pins were bent in them that made inflating them difficult. He wasnt so sure, and asked to investigate the matter before doing anything to the tires. Sounds good to me.

A bit later he brought me to the mechanic working on the car who showed me a couple nails that had lodged into the tires, telling me that a valve change and balance   would be pointless since a few hidden nails were causing the leak. GREAT! I told him not to do anything with the tires since they needed totally replaced. "OK" he says, then Ed starts going on and on about $$$ to replace the tires. No thanks, I'm not interested. I told him the oil change was all I would be needing that day.

Time to checkout. When I get the bill, its $70. How is this so, when Im only getting an oil change and supplied my own oil? My bill says Ed and the mech did a tire balance and rotation ANYWAY. And I didnt even ask for a rotation. In fact I specifically told them NOT to do a rotation! So I basically paid an extra $50 for work done that was in their words "pointless", and AFTER I agreed with them to skip the tires entirely.

"Whats the deal?" I ask.
"Oh, well he went ahead and did the balance anyway."

The icing on the cake is that the new valves were still sitting on my front seat, untouched. Pointless indeed...

Courtesy, you dropped the ball tremendously. I will not be returning to Courtesy Chevy in the future, and I wont have anything good to say about them to peers. They seem to have no honor, and I HATE deception in a business. You lost a potential patron from the starting line.

Holly R. | 2014-03-03

I'm never getting a car fixed at a dealership again, especially "Courtesy"
I brought our 2005 Denali in because there was supposedly a computer module problem & it wouldn't start. They gave me an estimate of $300 to fix it, then handed me over to a guy named Justin, who's slick, salesman voice immediately made my bullshit radar jump. $300 turned into $589.00  Then $589.00 turned into $904.00  (new computer module, then a new oil pressure gage). Who knows what the real problem was? So we take it home & on the way the engine warning lights go off, saying "shut down, no engine oil"  So we pull over & check & there's no oil in the car. So we call a friend & put oil in but it continues to go off whenever we're waiting at a light. So we take it back & tell Justin the problem. Justin admits nothing, reassuring me in a way that isn't at all reassuring. The "expert" tone in his voice practically screams "I'm gonna hang you upside down & shake as much money as I can out of you"  So we have 'em look at it again, and guess what? Now it needs a new oil pump that costs over $1200.00 (after the "discount" he assures me). What a guy!
I understand it costs money to fix stuff, but I guarantee you'll leave with a sick feeling in your stomach (and no money in your wallet).
Never again!

Sarah K. | 2014-02-24

I'm not from this area and just recently bought a Chevy in another state so I wanted a dealership to service my car. I had a great experience the first time I brought my car there in July and had no complaints. Last weekend when I took my car there (I took it because my oil change sticker was past the posted date) it took them 2 hours to do a multi-point inspection just to tell me I needed rear windshield wipers.
They didn't even mention an oil change; and although the inspection was free I definitely could have done something better and more productive with my Saturday morning.

Donata N. | 2014-02-21

The only reason this dealership even gets 1 star from me is our sales person, Reynaldo. He was everything a cars salesman should be. He was funny and polite and honestly seemed like he was looking out for our best interest...that my friend is the only positive in our visit to Courtesy on a beautiful February afternoon.

My husband was in the market for a new truck, he knew he wanted a Chevy. We looked online at several dealerships to see where we wanted to start. Most had competitive prices and we were going to be near Courtesy. The listing online said price A, reasonable and in line with what other dealers advertised.  So, we pull in and of course immediately are greeted by Rey. The truck in question was actually on the front line, perfect they still had it. When asked how much it was we were given price B, ok maybe we had the wrong vehicle, we had forgotten the print out at home. We had dinner plans and made an appointment the following day to work out the deal.

Imagine our surprise when we got home and had actually looked at the right truck. So my husband called and asked what the stock number was for the truck on the lot. Same  as the print out. He asked them why were we quoted $5,000 more than what was advertised online? "I don't know I will have to call you back". Their answer...Oh, we are sorry it's an oversight on our part, the website hasn't been updated. Umm, ok your solution is...nothing. Sorry the price of the truck is price A take or leave it. They weren't even willing to compromise and meet in the middle of the 2.

I don't like Courtesy Chevrolet business practices. They knew they had the price of that truck posted wrong., it's called a come on and I would consider it false advertising.

Well our solution was to buy from Thorobred Chevrolet..and guess what Courtesy we actually spent more, more than what you quoted, but we left that dealership with a good feeling not like they were trying to bend us over!

Janet T. | 2014-02-01

Service Advisor Justin takes time explain what the issues are and that I understand what that means and exactly what needs to be done. He is always so polite and helpful. He is my go to advisor. I definitely would recommend Courtesy Chevrolet.

juliet n. | 2014-01-22

My car was stolen so I was needing a newer car. I have never had a car payment or had the experience of leasing/purchasing a new car. Dennis was great, he's got a fun personality and makes the process somewhat less painful. Lucy in financing was very cheerful and helped make all the paperwork signing smooth. I will be back once my lease is up and hopefully can work with Dennis again in the future. Thank you the process was long, but once negotiation was over the rest went fast. You have a GREAT team!

Sara F. | 2014-01-19

Say what you will about car dealership service centers but, I am in love! Courtesy Chevrolet gives free oil changes to military service members who own GM vehicles every Friday! They have the most courteous (hence the name), helpful, and knowledgeable staff I've ever encountered while having any sort of maintenance done on my vehicle. The waiting area is wonderful because it's clean, huge, has high speed internet, a closed off area for children, and a snack bar (and they hook you up with a coupon for a free beverage of your choice). When my vehicle was finished Rich (the super-awesome gentleman who helped me) went over something called a "Know Your Vehicle" packet with me. He didn't try to sell me any repairs he simply told me what he would fix first if I were his daughter on the road with a vehicle in the condition that mine is (as in my brakes are about to go). I was thoroughly impressed with every aspect of my experience with this business and would recommend them to anyone.

Anthony M. | 2014-01-15

I would go elsewhere to buy a new Chevy and I very much regret having purchased my Malibu here.

The sales process was smooth and uneventful.  The salesman, Bobby, was friendly and actually very helpful in making suggestions.  I ended up purchasing a new Malibu and was pleased with the price.  The entire process seemed to take a very long time, but it was my first time buying a new car and I was happy with Bobby and Allen, the guy who showed me around my car.  Allen, in particular, was great, and said he'd call Monday when my spare key (they couldn't find the other), floor mats (the ones in the car were dirty), and gift card (he offered one "just because") were in.

The experience went downhill from there.  Immediately after getting my new car I noticed the driver seat was broken, there was a scratch on the door and inside cupholder, the rear headrest was damaged, and the rear bumper wasn't flush with the rest of the car.  Unfortunately I didn't test drive the car I took home because it was lodged behind others on the lot, but I test drove the same model in a different vehicle.

I didn't hear from Allen Monday or the rest of the week.  I called and got transferred to voicemails but didn't get any calls back.  I drove down the following weekend and a lady said Allen went on vacation but she was able to get me the floor mats and the spare key, so that helped.  She didn't know about the gift card or repairs and said she'd have Allen call me.  No call the next week either.

I started calling again.  Several times.  Every time I was transferred to a voicemail (I never knew whose voicemail) or left on hold and hung up on.  I asked for managers and got more voicemails.  Kept calling and insisted the receptionist just schedule me an appointment with service so I could at least get in.  She did and gave me a time.

I drove down for my appointment and met with Jim in service who had no appointment for me.  He asked what was wrong and I told him and he said he could fix the seat and he'd order the headrest but I'd have to schedule a new appointment.  Everything else had to be approved by Allen or Bobby.  I brought the car back and Jim said the headrest didn't come in but they'd fix the driver seat.  They did, it's perfect now and the shuttle driver was friendly, prompt, and the service itself was very convenient.

Jim never called about the headrest.  More calls, more voicemails.  I got an email apology from Allen.  A call from someone offering $50 if a filled out a survey.  I said I'd love to give a good review if they fixed my car.  Bobby called to check on things, he seemed to have no idea I had been calling.  I explained all the issues, he apologized and scheduled an appointment to get everything fixed "in one day" and assured me a loaner car would be available.

I came in for my scheduled appointment and again Jim had no record.  Couldn't find or reach Bobby.  Said Allen would come out or find someone.  Bobby came over and told me he did everything he was supposed to and said "they" were "acting like it was his fault."

I waited an hour for him to get my car checked in and "find" a loaner car.  I'm very happy the loaner car service is available, it's very convenient.  I was a little let down by the dirty car I got, but it wasn't really an issue.  Bobby also gave me a $50 gift card "they" said to give me for the "problems or whatever."

I'm posting this review for the service as it stands.  I've had my car over a month and I've been very surprised at how difficult it has been to work with Courtesy Chevrolet.  The buying process was excellent.  I thought maybe all the delays were from the holidays, but it's mid January now.  I'll update the review if the service improves.

Robert N. | 2014-01-12

I went to this dealership in August of 2013 - To purchase a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. They only had one and it was orange. I asked if they could do a dealer trade or grab one from a different dealership. They wasted my time they didn't anything correctly, they didn't get me approved for a loan. They didn't do any part of the process, I constantly had to hound them, also they had a problem with my GM employee discount code, they didn't want to sell me a ZL1 at employee price. Greedy bastards. I made a call and went to Sands Chevrolet in Glendale Arizona, Sands got me in my new ZL1 within 45 minutes, signed and left. As for Courtesy, screw them.

Nishi S. | 2013-12-20

Worst place to buy a car. I leased a Chevy Cruze from here and verbally agreed to the terms of 15k miles a year, but when I signed the paperwork, they changed the figure to 12k miles a year. The car I was shown had cruise control, but later I realized the car I got didn't have cruise control either and the finance manager is just a liar, this place doesn't care about customers, I have bought cars from showcase Honda, Toyota camelback...this is the worst place I have ever been to. Stay away from this place. As of today, I'm stuck with my 39 month lease with this dealership.

Matthew D. | 2013-12-19

The low review for this place was quite a surprise to see--my wife and I were treated very well.

Our (now ex-) mechanic said, "Your car isn't really overheating.  That's just a faulty computer reading".


We had a cracked head gasket.  That totaled my 12 year-old van.  That's it--no more.  Time for something new.  After looking a bit, my wife found Courtesy and was thinking about a Chevy Equinox.  After stopping in to ask some questions, David Blankinship helped us through the process.  In truth, we were just in the planning stages of getting a car when we walked in.  We walked out with the keys to a new vehicle that very night with a good price and lots of nice features.  We were both surprised at how quickly we made the decision.

Now, it's one thing to talk to somebody about buying a car--it's quite another experience when the vehicle is right in front of you.  Things suddenly get real when you go out for that test drive.  This was a big decision to make, and I'm glad we made it here.  No pressure, no upsells--just honest questions and easy discussion.  We told them what we were looking for, and they made an offer that seemed fair to us.  

So far, we love our Equinox--my wife especially.   Fits our lifestyles perfectly.  We appreciate the service, as well as the courtesy, that we received here.  Thanks guys!

Alison B. | 2013-12-19

I came to Courtesy to get the power steering fixed on my '06 Malibu.  Rich was very helpful and a pleasure to deal with.  What was not pleasant was that the power steering column had been recalled on my vehicle and I was unaware of this recall until I started to search the internet, and was covered up to 150k, and my vehicle was at 151k at the time it malfunctioned,  and there was nothing that General Motors would do to assist in replacing a dysfunctional part that they had installed in my vehicle.  While my service at Courtesy was top notch, and I would recommend the dealership based on my experience with the people there, I will be contacting General Motors directly in regards to their unwillingness to notify customers of this problem and subsequent dismissal of assistance for a known problem.

Gary H. | 2013-11-18

Went in 11/4/2013 to test drive economy cars. Chose a Volt. After agreeing on a price for the trade-in, after the first ridiculously lowball offer, shook hands on the deal. Waited 45 minutes only to have the salesman state they couldn't give me the amount I wanted for trade-in. Salesman was very persistent, attempting to save the deal. I requested my keys back not once, twice but three times. Third time, raised my voice. Salesman told me I needed to expletive 'Calm Down'. His parting shot was 'Now I'll take my time'. Went into Managers office after waiting another 15 minutes demanding my keys when they arrived. If you are interested in Bait and Switch tactics and being treated with disrespect, than the laughingly named 'Courtesy' Chevrolet is the place for you!

Luis P. | 2013-10-24


DON'T BUY HERE PERIOD, Take your business to Freeway Chevrolet...

I did a 2 car deal with Eric S in internet sales in 08/2013, he can call you and call you to get your ass in the door but once you sign and drive, he doesn't know how to call you back regarding questions on the vehicles. I signed for a 2013 Silverado and after taking it off the lot for a few hrs i called back due to the fact that it was not a comfy from for my significant other to drive so we decided to go with our 2nd choice which was an Equinox. Remember this is all the same day... Eric S. or finance guy did not call us back so i called the next morning to speak with someone which then i got a Jeremiah who was Eric's boss, he was the worst, told me you signed the contract the truck is yours the deal is done and so forth, my reaction ok deal is done why isn't my trade paid off.. This fool tried to say the he didn't know what bank i was getting financed at and so forth... then comes financing, i requested to go through the bank i bank with and i was told by jeremiah that my credit union offered a higher rate but when i contacted them, my bank that is they told me they had no application from a dealership or anything and they would have financed me again, so i asked finance directly and turns out that the dealership did not send there due to the fact they are not a preferred bank with Courtesy... LIES LIES LIES... so after a few words of exchange i drove to the dealership spoke w/ his boss... i believe his name was Bill T. very helpful apologized for everything saying the dealership doesn't work that way and gave me all this BS, in the end i drove away with the vehicle i wanted.. which was the Equinox and Sig other drove the Malibu Eco...  the sad thing is buying a vehicle from Family owned dealership and keeping the business in arizona is what i was trying to do... i tried and did not like the treatment i received at this dealership...therefore, DO NOT RECOMMEND this dealership... Oh ya, they also gave me a portion of my down payment to make things right but it's not nearly enough for the way we were treated through this experience... I'm a sucker for survey's and can guarantee that it will not be completely satisfied... Maybe my recent call to GM abt this experience will help future buyers...this was my experience and i hope others will be treated better than i was...  do your research before buying... my recommendation is seeing the customer service guy Allen who was my communication at the end of this nightmare... I have to say he was the only one that gave shit about the way i was treated... Thank you!

Deanna M. | 2013-09-28

This dealership doesn't seem to care about your overall experience unless it is "good".  I have expressed concerns to the dealership about my overall experience with my purchase and now my oil change and they don't care.  They are full of empty promises and full of smiles until the sale is complete.  I do not think I will EVER buy another vehicle from this dealership.  My Sales rep at the time of purchase was Eric Steffes and he promised everything and had great attitude and was great to work with.  HOWEVER, once the signature was on the dotted line, it was all over.  The vechicle wasn't ready as promised at time of pick-up, we had to take it back on our own time.  Then the "courtesy" shuttle left my husband at work for more than an hour waiting for them to pick him up.  To boot that the vehicle still was not complete.  And as of today....NOPE, 7 months later, what was promised, was never received.

Amy B. | 2013-08-29

Do yourself a favor and buy your vehicle at another dealership. We were harassed, yelled at and insulted by the sales representative here. We tried to sign the papers three different times only to discover that they slipped in extra costs and increased numbers without informing us first. I've never had such a horrible experience buying a car in my life.

Mark E. | 2013-08-13

Since my wife's (brittany a) original review, we were contacted by our sales person, Eric, and Jason, who commented on my first post. It appears that our unpleasant experience was a series of unfortunate events  and very unusual. Courtesy has done so much to help us get our car into the condition it should have been and they have really gone out of their way to make us feel like valued customers. Even though our initial experience was bad, their response has changed my overall opinion of them and made me realize they really do want happy, loyal customers and they will do whatever they can to get that. One of the owners even sat down and discussed our experience with us.

Several of the employees we had issues with are no longer with the company so it seems we got a few of the bad apples and that contributed to the unpleasant experience (the manager who promised a gift card and did not deliver and the service employee who never ordered the part after we called several times). They have since repaired the damaged bracket on the front bumper, re-fit the tail lights that were a little askew, and detailed and charged the car. They also gave us a Volt as our loaner which was great, that way we barely noticed our car was in the shop. We met with a sales advisor this time so we now have a contact with the service department should any other issues arise.

Everyone we dealt with since has been great and made us feel that our experience was very concerning to the dealership. I really feel that they used our feedback to improve their future transactions, which was the main reason I went to the internet in the first place. We were told that our experience was shared with all the employees and all of the issues we had have been discussed and addressed. I think it says a lot about the company if they are willing to take a negative customer experience so seriously and turn it into an opportunity to learn and change any issues for future customers. I'm definitely impressed with their response and plan to keep going to the dealership for service and our next car purchase.

Paisley B. | 2013-08-09

My first time here. ...Took my car in to get serviced. Well, what can I say? Actually, it went great! but something was just....odd. Something was just....missing. I think it's called customer service. My service rep was Steven and he took care of the whole thing very quickly same day. The total time took less than 4 hours and I have to say that I'm pleased they didn't try to pressure me into additional 'service repair.' Great on that front! My car is working fine now. Also very nice that they mention my brake lights are out. I declined to have them repair it (so I could save an arm ---maybe a leg too). And they actually gave me bulbs for free since I admitted I would just do it myself. Cool. Nice on that front, too! The weird thing is that I felt like a customer lost in the crowd here. I mean, Courtesy has such a huge operation going I have to admit I got lost walking around their lot and offices. Several reps saw me poking around and didn't ask to help or even try to sell me a dang vehicle. hmmm.... The little cafe area was packed and I just felt shoved around the building. Cashier experience was fine. I notice they have a Yelp deal. I wish they had explained how this works...I still never found out if I could have used the voucher. dangit! You know ...I know how to navigate a building, but it would be nice if the reps explained how to navigate their little (or shall I say big) 'operation' they got going on with all the bustling going.

I came in to get my car serviced. Done. Nice job at that too. The customer service piece would have been nice, but in this case not a dealbreaker. I tell you what though? If they had done a lousy job on my vehicle ...actually then all of the above would turn the entire review into an awful scary less-than-one star kind of rating. Courtesy - please just live up to the name and take care of the customer too, alright?

Brittany A. | 2013-08-07

Since my original review, we were contacted by our sales person, Eric, and Jason, who commented on my first post. It appears that our unpleasant experience was a series of unfortunate events  and very unusual. Courtesy has done so much to help us get our car into the condition it should have been and they have really gone out of their way to make us feel like valued customers. Even though our initial experience was bad, their response has changed my overall opinion of them and made me realize they really do want happy, loyal customers and they will do whatever they can to get that.

Several of the employees we had issues with are no longer with the company so it seems we got a few of the bad apples and that contributed to the unpleasant experience (the manager who promised a gift card and did not deliver and the service employee who never ordered the part after we called several times). They have since repaired the damaged bracket on the front bumper, re-fit the tail lights that were a little askew, and detailed and charged the car. They also gave us a Volt as our loaner which was great, that way we barely noticed our car was in the shop. We met with a sales advisor this time so we now have a contact with the service department should any other issues arise.

Everyone we dealt with since has been great and made us feel that our experience was very concerning to the dealership. I really feel that they used our feedback to improve their future transactions, which was the main reason I went to the internet in the first place. We were told that our experience was shared with all the employees and all of the issues we had have been discussed and addressed. I think it says a lot about the company if they are willing to take a negative customer experience so seriously and turn it into an opportunity to learn and change any issues for future customers. I'm definitely impressed with their response and plan to keep going to the dealership for service and our next car purchase.

Randall B. | 2013-07-14

Best car buying experience I've had in many, many years.  Kenny, our sales person, was very nice and approachable; very easy to talk to.  We've always been hesitant about going to a dealership because of the 'vulture'-like feeling we've experienced from other Phoenix area dealerships.  He and the finance person cut right to the chase and told us what we could afford with our financing situation, which wasn't perfect.  We were able to get a brand new car without any problems from lenders and at a great payment and interest rate.  All the staff we worked with were very professional and friendly.  Other sales people came up and congratulated us on our purchase.   If you're thinking about upgrading your vehicle, I highly recommend Courtesy Chevrolet and talk to Kenny.  You'll feel good you made the right decision throughout the whole car buying process.

Brad B. | 2013-06-02

Great experience again.  This is the second truck that I've bought from this dealership.  NO hassles, NO problems.  They delivered the last one to my office!!!
Can't beat that.

Brittany W. | 2013-05-15

I was never told my technicians name which I later found out from the cashiers desk was Steven. It took an hour and thirty minutes just to get my oil changed. I had a set appointment so there should be no reason that it took that long. I had to ask the front desk if my car was finished after that amount of time and was never given a phone call to let me know it was done. Everyone was very friendly though so that helped a little.

Kerri A. | 2013-05-15

I had an amazing experience at Courtesy Chevrolet. Maybe it just seemed better than it was after the horrible experince I had at a Ford dealer but either way It was still great. I originally wanted to check out the Chevy Sonic but just stopped by the Ford dealer near my house to see what they had. The salesman there didn't seem to want to make a sale and gave me the run around. He was supposed to work up a deal for me the following day. That gave me time to think on it. That next day I received a text from Keith at Courtesy asking me to come in and give him an opportunity to earn my business. My boyfriend talked me into it. So, I got to the dealer and met up with Keith's sales partner Leon. Leon was fantastic! I knew that I had a difficult situation that may make financing a little tricky. He worked with me for hours to figure out how to make the deal that I needed happen. Once we came to a deal that would work for everyone it was late. They let me take the car home with me as a borrowed vehicle for that evening while they went to the banks the next day to work out the final financing. Both Leon and the finance guy, Scott, kept in touch with me all day letting me know exactly what was going on. Once the deal was 100% done I just had to go in and sign the papers. I met Keith back at the dealer since Leon was off and he walked me through everything that I needed to do. At no time did eithe Leon or Scott make me feel pressured into anything. They gave me my options and didn't waste my time trying to talk me into stuff I didn't want. The 3 years free oil changes also impressed me. I'll be going back to Courtesy in the future and will refer anyone I know to Leon or Keith! By far one of the best car buying experiences I've ever had!

Mike V. | 2013-05-10

This place is great! I've been bringing my car here for its entire life. I always get a good rate and quick service. If you're looking for a shop, I recommend these guys. They know how to treat customers and cars.

Suzanne H. | 2013-03-23

Wow. HORRIBLE experience. If I could give less stars I would. We went in knowing what car and how much we wanted to spend however we were unable to get any kind of service. Two different salespeople had us waiting for  a ridiculous amount of time (yes both of them) just to get some figures for the options. One left is sitting for 20 minutes while he went to get something off the printer.  The other gentleman left us for 45 minutes. Pfffft. Their loss and another dealers gain. We purchased elsewhere.

Travis B. | 2013-01-19

since i bought my vehicle here, a used ford pickup, 2 years of free oil changes are included. a great deal in my opinion.
i had to make a reservation of course, and the truck was done in 2 hours, just as they said it would. there is a nice lounge and bistro inside to spend some time if you want to wait.
i was a little disappointed after getting my truck back though. the tires hadn't been checked and i needed to drive back through to have them inflated. and i don't think they bothered to wipe the windshield down or sweep out the floorboards, something my old Jiffy Lube use to do every time i took my car there. i guess i shouldn't complain since the oil change is "free" (minus a 20k vehicle), but those little touches would be a good way to keep customers coming back when their free oil changes are up.

Corinne C. | 2012-10-07

Enrique Velazquez knows sales and leasing AND he  is NOT pushy or overbearing.  He is the first car salesman I have actually feel genuinely glad to have met.  No question was side stepped.  He was willing to assemble more than one approach to paying for the car.  I just can't say enough positive about this gentle man who happens to sell transportation.

Tim G. | 2012-09-14

Okay, let me first say, that this is a car dealership. Car dealers are notorious. But... my experience has been nothing but fantastic. About two years ago I purchased a used 2001 Toyota Echo from these people. Not only did they give me a great price (less than what I would have expected to pay from a private party), but they gave me 16 free oil changes. Oil changes are at least 25 dollars anywhere you go, so that's a good value right there. Well, two years in, I won't take my car anywhere else to get serviced. I bought a 3000 dollar car from them and they've treated me like I bought a 30,000 dollar one. The service department is very friendly, and very fair with their pricing. They always use top quality synthetic oil. There's a nice waiting room with WIFI and a decent little cafe. Even when they were just giving me a free oil change they'd offer me shuttle service (and a few times I used it), to anywhere in the Valley that I wanted to go. They always wash the car for free. Honestly, I can't say enough good stuff about these people. They've been super. Obviously, my situation is unique. I don't know what your experience would be trying to buy a brand new car. Honestly, I probably never will buy a new car. I'm much too cheap for that. But if I ever do, I'll come here first.

Kathleen S. | 2012-07-17

If I could give it zero stars I would!  I have never been insulted and called a liar at a car dealership before.  I guess their sales techniques are a bit unorthodox and we promptly left as they were still trying to talk to us (insult us).   Went to another dealership and bought my husband a new camaro.  I wish I could give more details, but I can't explain what I fail to understand.      
Enter this dealership at your own risk!

Kevin S. | 2012-05-14

From the sales experience to the service experience = horrible experiences. I have in my hand a Yelp advertisement stating Courtesy Chevrolet "9 Years Running Dealer of the Year" where is this coming from??? I highly doubt Yelp...According to Yelp they only have 2 stars out of 5. I have one last thing this dealership owes me service wise (course have to go back again to have it done right since they are so inept) after this never ever going back...ever.

If you are reading this review avoid this dealership like the plague. I purchased a Volt (which is a phenomenal vehicle) but the sales people had no idea what features it had, no education on it. I knew more about the car! They were telling me about features it didn't even have.

During the finanicing part of the transaction they had no idea what they were doing as well, waited 2 hours for them to get their heads on correct even though we came in a couple days before to iron out all the figures.

OH YEAH...have fun when you call in you'll sit on the phone and be transferred probably 3-4 times before they get you to the person or department you asked for and also be prepared for them not to know the answers to the questions you have or hear back from them if they say they'll call you back.

If Yelp had the option Courtesy Chevrolet would get no stars!

Wade S. | 2012-02-06

This was not a great experience at first. I went in there with a price off the internet and after spending a hour there test driving the Vehicle and making my offer to the salesman he try to up the amount. I said what kind of game are you playing here, he said the price was listed wrong then I left. I received a call from the Internet manger a day later saying sorry that never should have happen, but they know how to play the game. After days and many phone calls they decided to sell it at a price we agree to. At the end I did get what I wanted but I thought it was very shady on their part. If the price was right I would buy here again, but I would be very careful.

Julie S. | 2012-01-09

Beware of George the Finance Mgr.!
My son and I went to look at Camaros on 1/5/11.  We were greeted by Cory who did a fabulous job of selling the car.  We ultimately talked with George to get the price quote.  We went through the details of the quote because we knew the car had upgraded wheels.  We mentioned the wheels no less than 6 times and said we'd take the stock wheels if the upgraded ones were not in my son's budget.  "No problem", said George.  We were paying cash and for that reason, he could sell us the car as we were seeing it.  Riiiiight....
When we went back the next day to purchase the car, George came out and said he couldn't possibly sell the car with the upgraded wheels at the previous day's quote. It would be $3500 more.  What??!!  He did not care that he was about to lose my son as a customer or that he was about to do Cory out of a commission.  And what's more--he didn't care when I told him that in this day of social networking, we would trash Courtesy Chevrolet and him as an employee on every social site we can find.  So...George, big mistake, BIG MISTAKE!!  
This was clearly our worst car buying experience ever!  There are OTHER Camaros and OTHER Chevrolet dealers who WILL honor their price quotes and I will happily write the check out to them.

After being contacted by Jason, I see that there are people at this dealership who do care about customer happiness.  Jason talked with me numerous times throughout the day about how to correct the situation and gave us several options to consider.  It's too bad that this had to go to Jason's level within the dealership, but since he took our complaint seriously, I would change my review of Courtesy Chevrolet to 3or 4 stars.  My son and I would recommend Cory as a salesman and we appreciate Jason's interest in our experience.

Wrex A. | 2011-12-25

Worst car buying experience, ever. The sales manager "Felix" or whatever, is rude and incompétent. Treats his sales staff with disrespect and out-right lies to the customer. Practically every car that they advertised on Craigslist wasn't available. Felt like a bait and switch. No prices on any of the vehicles and was told a vehicle was one price and then when it came time to write up the paperwork, the price would jump over $4k.
Also beware of their "$1500 bank processing fees" that they'll try to slip by you. I will be contacting the BBB and the Arizona Attorney General, on this one issue, alone. The bait-and-switch, will be the other.

We ended up walking away, after several hours of back-and-forth with each vehicle that we where supposedly approved for and then they would try to eek out more $ and down payment, when trying to write up paperwork. After he finally admitted to the $1500 bank fees (WTF?!) and we explained that was an insane expectation that we would pay that, he basically walked off and slammed his office door.

The only good thing I can say is that the sales person seemed sincerely interested in trying to make an equitable and fair deal, but he was blocked, every step of the way, by his inept manager.

We did make a complaint with the finance manager, whom seemed genuine. We'll see. Maybe (hopefully) they'll get rid of this loser because he not only cost them this sale, but three more that we are planning for, in the next year.

Helena S. | 2011-09-05

Courtesy Chevrolet is anything but.

My husband and I went there on Sunday September 4, 2011 with the intent to purchase a 2007 or 2008 Chevy Equinox. Robert greeted us as soon as we drove up, eager to sell us something no doubt since we were in a 2008 Chevy Impala. We had seen they had several Equinoxes on their website for 16K and under but when we arrived, Robert informed us that they were all sold out. Instead he showed us a Nissan Murano well above our price range and the range of the Equinoxes. I told him that I need something with an auxiliary port. He insisted the Murano had it, despite being unable to find it. Once we got into the car, we immediately noticed it had belonged to a smoker. Since he had been polite to this point, he said he would check in the back for Equinoxes and drove us to the lot. We found one and test drove it. Up to now, our experience wasn't any different than any of the other dealerships we had visited.

It all changed when we got back to the lot. Robert took us to his "office", a cubicle in a disgusting and dirty main office. He kept telling us that he would get us the Carfax and that we could take it to an independent mechanic, just as soon as we made an offer because another couple was interested in it right now. He kept pressuring us and came back with a price nearly 5K over the retail blue book value. I made an offer, which was stupid, still not getting the Carfax or being allowed to take it to an independent mechanic.

As he took the offer back to his boss, I could overhear them talking. His manager used slurs and language that I cannot repeat here. I was so offended that I got up and I left. Robert stopped me and asked if I heard what he said and I said yes. As we were going, this manager made even more rude comments. I tried to stay polite, I thanked him and told him to have a nice day. He sarcastically and rudely said "You have a nice day too, bitch" as my husband and I were walking out the door.

Go to Chapman or Van if you want a Chevrolet and polite service. After overhearing what the manager said, I am going to file complaints where ever I possibly can.

Dawn C. | 2011-08-03

Thank you, thank you, thank you Courtesy Chevrolet service department! My car decided to overheat on the way out of town and after going to two AAA repair shops who were too crammed to do anything that day they suggested I go to the dealer and see if they can help.

Was looking at a $1000 worth of repair on my fans which needed to be replaced. The warranty was up on my car by 6 months, but I hadn't reached the mileage yet, but Scott was able to get them to treat the repair as an extended warranty & I only had to pay $50!! Bad news was they couldn't get me a loaner car, but I didn't care since they saved me so much! They did have a courtesy shuttle that took me all the way home to NW Glendale.

They had the car for a week, washed it and good to go. During the inspection they noticed I needed an oil change (common after an overheating engine), fuel injection cleaning and new tires. Didn't pressure me at all to get them done, but I do plan on buying the extended warranty and will go to them from now on!

Heidi V. | 2011-07-25

We recently purchased a new to us RV built on a Chevy Astro Van, that after driving back from California we'd noticed the fuel pump was sounding a bit loud.  I took it in to Courtesy the following day to have it checked out and a general inspection to see what kind of shape the vehicle was in, also the Anti-Lock light was on.  I chose Courtesy because it was close to my work and they were listed as being able to accept RVs.  

First of all I want to make it clear that the Service Writer, Scott, was awesome and I believe he did everything he could to get us fixed up.  But Scott wasn't the mechanic and I believe the mechanics were the issue.  I told Scott all the things we were there for, including the fuel pump.  At the end of the day I was told that they pulled the codes, checked things over, did a pressure test and nothing was wrong with the fuel pump; that they didn't replace parts because they were 'loud'.  With that we had some stuff fixed and away I went.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and we start having problems with the RV again while away on a weekend trip.  The vehicle is stuttering, stumbling, hesitating and randomly dying while driving it.  Immediately I call Scott to schedule an appointment.  Again, he is great and gets us in right away.  When I drop the van off I explain what is happening, and some possible things that could be causing it like the plugs, wires, dist cap etc and if they could check that stuff it would be great.  I get a call a few hours later saying the mechanic looked at it, there were no codes and they can't reproduce the problem.  When it starts happening again bring it back right away.  I really really hate having my time wasted, so I left and took a long drive on the freeway to see if it would happen again. Sure enough, about 10 miles in it starts stumbling again and then totally cuts out on me at 75mph.  I take it back right away, which by that time it was late afternoon so I knew they would need it overnight.  

The following day goes by and I haven't heard a thing.  I'm starting to get concerned when they finally call to tell us, in a nutshell, that after I dropped it off the afternoon before, the mechanic basically refused to look at it again, and sent it over the commercial vehicle side.  Those mechanics had no idea what to do with it, so back to the original mechanic it went.  By this time, of course, the van was not acting up.  We asked again about checking things like the plugs, wires etc.  It sounds like they forced the mechanic to look at it again, and 'supposedly' the wires were put on backwards, were coming off the plugs and had burned out the dist. cap and everything else.  $500 later everything was 'fixed'.

Once again, the problem reared its ugly head this past week.  I made an appointment at a different, independent mechanic and low and behold...its the fuel pump!!!  Shocking!  Now I'm left to wonder if we actually needed the $500 in work at the dealer or if the mechanic was just 'sticking it to us' and there wasn't anything really wrong with those parts at all.  Its obvious that all of the tests and other diagnostics which had supposedly been done the first two visits, probably weren't really done at all.  It really makes me sick to just think about it.  

Be warned!  don't go to Courtesy Chevrolet!!!

Jason J. | 2011-05-29

I was looking for a vehicle and decided to use Courtesy Chevrolet's website to find out what was available.  I did provide my phone number so they could call me and answer my questions that I emailed.

After getting my questions answered, I decided that I wasn't ready to buy a new car at this point.  

30 days later I got a telemarketing call from Courtesy Chevrolet to tell me about their "specials" - I advised the caller, I wasn't interested and asked to be added to their Do Not Call list.

For the next 12 MONTHS, they called me EVERY month, sometimes 2-3 times per DAY, to try to tell me about their "Specials"  

The calls only stopped after I spoke to their General Manager and reported them to the Attorney General's office.

I will NEVER buy from Courtesy Chevrolet.

Laura W. | 2011-02-18

I came to Courtesy to redeem my groupon for a complete detail. I also had a recall notice to take care of. I originally made the appt with Nick May, but he no longer works there so I dealt with Ryan Long.
I was greeted promptly and treated with respect. I was skeptical of a detail from a dealership, but I was impressed with the quality of the service. I had questions about the recall done and was given lengthy details about it.
I walked over to the new Volt (electric car) and had some questions that the salesman couldn't answer nor did he ever say if he would find out for me. Being that I kept mentioning that my boyfriend was the one interested in buying the car he still didn't show any interest in getting our business.  Based on this experience and the other reviews about the sales dept here, I won't be buying from Courtesy Chevrolet.

C J. | 2010-11-24

Since buying my car at Courtesty Chevrolet in June 2009, I have been taking it there for routine maintenance. As of November 2010, I am happy to say each visit has been very positive.

On my most recent visit [yesterday], for the first time I had questions after arriving home and reviewing the paperwork again. I called and left a message [they were closed], received a call back promptly this morning from Mr. Jack Walker, and got my questions answered.

While I do not live near this dealership, their service and followthrough have kept me coming back.

Once again, definitely recommend.

Chris R. | 2010-10-10

Service Department will take you for a ride if you're not careful.

Unless your car is under warranty or extended warranty, you're better off having repairs done at a reputable non-dealer facility.  

Service department wanted to charge 2 hours labor to find source of issue.  Next they said oh, something else is wrong, we need ANOTHER hour's labor to find that problem.  The 3 hours labor ($100/hr) did not include the parts NOR the labor needed to perform the actual fixes. I was like.. Here's your 2 hours labor and give me my car back.

As the issues they found were fixed in the past by another Chevy dealer the prices quoted by Courtesy to perform fixes were exponentially higher than what I paid in the past.

M W. | 2010-08-26

For a dealership, these guys are pretty good.  I have been screwed a lot worse other times I bought cars from different dealerships.  I wasn't really screwed by them but they "sales manned" me.  The only issues I had was with the sales guy himself.  I was supposed to have another one who was completely excellent but I didnt call before I went and he was with a customer (my fault).  I bought a 2009 Malibu LTZ.  I LOVE MY CAR!!!! I haven't had any issues with it.  I loved the finance officer. She was very nice and did a great deal for us.  I also got 3 years free oil changes and I really like how they give you one service guy to work with.  This way you can build a report with them.  All in all I think i got a great deal for the money (which is most important) if a sales guy tries to wheel and deal  you, you just have to play along...if you really dont want to deal with them you make them an offer they can't say you want to pay nothing down on a 60,000 vehichle and want a 3 year loan...and the dirtier they are the better deal you can make cause they just want the sale.  All sales people are atleast a little skeevy they have to be but you arent dating them so dont make your decision on the sales staff themselves you only deal with them for like 10 minutes the rest is finance and service.

Jessica R. | 2010-08-16

After writing my Yelp review and personally emailing Courtesy I got a few emails apologizing and trying to make right by me. They did send us some gas cards and I really appreciated that. Also, we were told we would get an apologize note from the salesmen who treated us like crap but that never came (I didn't really think it would). I thought the jester was very nice but a little too late. Sorry Courtesy but looking at previous reviews it seems like you guys need to maybe take some customer service lessons.

Thanks Jason for the gas cards!

Kirk H. | 2010-07-14

Great family owned dealership been in buisness since 1955!!! Large selection of vehicles!

LaVerne F. | 2010-06-08

What a den of snakes!!  Whatever you do, DO NOT give them your key "to take a look" at what you're driving now.

I've already filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General of Arizona. I hope they can help me.

I had been broken down over the course of 3 hours by an unethical  salesmen and then a second one who ganged up on me and held my car keys hostage until I agreed under duress to trade in my car for one I did not want nor need. I wanted to go home and had asked over and over (7 or 8) times for my keys. Every time he got up to "get my keys", he only returned with another offer on the car. I had also told him that "I needed to sleep on it and could not make a decision". I told him that 3 and perhaps 4 times.

It was Thursday evening, directly after working all day and I was hungry (as I had not had dinner yet) and I was exhausted.  I had only stopped there on my way home to redeem my "free prize" as advertised in a flier I had received that day.  They asked for my keys "Just to take a look at what I was driving now".  I know it was foolish and a severe mistake but, I handed him my keys. I test drove 2 newer cars because I was curious. That was the only reason. I had NO intention of trading in my paid off, well running, well maintained, very low mileage 2002 Malibu.  Then I wanted to leave and they would not give me my keys.

They wore me down and as soon as they walked me over to finance and I signed the papers I immediately regretted it.  Then I was walked out to my car and had to remove my personal belongings from my old car into the new one.  At that point it was 9:15.  I had been there 4 hours and 15 minutes.

I tried on Saturday morning to get my car back and was told "Sure, come on down". When I got there, I was told that "It had been sold".

Shanna K. | 2010-04-13

I spoke too soon. I was ready to buy my new car.  I called Saturday evening at 6:30 to make sure that Jasper was going to be there, and was given the run around about it, making me think that he'd been let go.  However, they did have TWO 2009 Silver HHRs in stock, so I made an arrangement to come in at 1pm Sunday.

I called at noon on Sunday to confirm.  Apparently, they no longer had either car. Right. They just so happen to have sold BOTH silver 2009 HHRs in how long? But they'd be happy to sell me a burgundy one (which I didn't want) or a 2006 HHR (which I didn't want). Then they called me back; they had a 2009 Silver one, but it was out on demo. They just needed some time to get it back in, so my partner and I went to lunch.

They kept calling; they couldn't seem to get a hold of the demo car, but wouldn't I rather have a burgundy one? or a silver 2006? I kept telling them no.  Maybe I could come back next week? No, I told Jasper 3 weeks ago I was buying on the 11th. I called yesterday to tell you that.

I gave up, and went elsewhere. I wound up buying from Chapman Chevrolet. They didn't have one on their lot, but he drove to another dealership. He didn't try to upsell me, and was much more honest with me. Granted, I may have spent a little more there, but better that than a vehicle I didn't want. Too bad Chapman lost my business.

Shirley D. | 2009-05-10

Ok twice now I have had dealings with Courtesy. My daughter bought a car there 2 years ago after driving it a day it started acting up. She took it back for them to look at it and they told her the engine was blown. Now I know how a car runs with a blown engine and this did not seem like the problem, it took a few days but she did get her money back but only after we refused to by a higher priced car. Next my son went there last week and he wanted to look at car they had listed on the internet. After some time waiting they told him they could not find the car. They tried to keep him around to try and persuade him to buy a car he did not want nor could afford. We have not had the best experiences with them and I would not go back there.