Coulter Cadillac Buick GMC in Phoenix, AZ

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Coulter on Camelback is the Cadillac Buick GMC dealer of choice for the valley. Founded in 1923, we are the oldest Cadillac dealership in the state of Arizona. Conveniently located in the central corridor, we are a quick drive anywhere in the valley. We offer a luxury experience in car buying, including food service and wi-fi in the waiting room, no-pressure, knowledgeable sales staff, and full-service parts and service shop with valet.


Established in 1923.

Our dealership, Coulter Cadillac-Buick-GMC, will soon celebrate 90 years of sales and service to the greater Phoenix area. Owned and operated by third generation dealer William R. Coulter, the tradition of quality customer care instilled by uncle C.W. and father Dean Coulter continues.
Coulter Cadillac-Buick-GMC is a third generation, family owned and operated and is the oldest Cadillac dealer in Arizona.  
The Coulter family has persevered since 1923 because of their uncompromising dedication to complete customer satisfaction. Throughout these many years we have operated under one simple philosophy: Treat every customer with the respect that they deserve, provide quality sales and service in a casual and relaxed atmosphere, and do it at a competitive price.  That's how we have built lasting relationships through generations of car buyers. In today's Internet age, it's more important than ever to know that you are dealing with a trusted source on the opposite end of the transaction.

Coulter Cadillac Buick GMC

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(877) 611-9424
Address:1188 East Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ, 85014
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Coulter Cadillac Buick GMC

Tim y. | 2015-04-09

These guys are usually great, but I have been standing around in the service line for over 15 minutes.  There are about 5 service managers in the cubes, but no one seems to want to help.  Mine is actually out helping someone.  Now at the front desk talking to the receptionist.  What happened.  Everyone just looks at me and looks away. Technical service manager just kept looking at me .....

J W. | 2015-03-19

Wonderful service.  Take appointments and always wash my car.

Katie F. | 2015-02-26

We recently welcomed our first child and needed to upgrade to an SUV.   We purchased a 2015 GMC Acadia and I absolutely love it - especially the auto lift gate, and captain chairs with a car seat.  It was not our intention to purchase this vehicle... we needed a third row SUV and were previously leaning towards the Kia Sorento.  After coming home and realizing that the sales person was trying to sell us the same vehicle over MSRP - I didn't care if I paid more I would not give that dealership any of my business.  My family has worked with Brad Majercin (Service Advisor) for years, so we contacted him and he set us up with Gary Allen.  Car shopping with a 7 week old is not fun, but it was so easy and I wasn't stressed I was getting taken to the cleaners.  We got a great deal, and it wasn't a hassle of back and forth.  It was just a different buying experience than we have got in the past and for that I am thankful for Mr. Majercin and Mr Allen.  

The customer lounge was great, and Georgia made us a great lunch.

James W. | 2015-02-24

Their all about YOUR MONEY! Highlights of my complaints:
- Never offered a loaner for ALL DAY service to your vehicle (this happen twice)
- If you have them drop you off you still wait an hour+ to GET the ride (tell your boss you'll be two hours late to work if you have to drop your car off...)
- They do NOT have your best interests at hand (they will do expensive maintenance even though your vehicle may not even "need" it)!
- I trust them about as far as I can throw them after going to them these last few times! I will NOT be going back!

Want a quick'n easy oil change? HA! The first time I waited it was close to TWO HOURS and then it runs about $80!  On two separate occasions I had them look at problems I was having as my vehicle is still under factory warranty. You would think that you would be offered a loaner vehicle ( as all my friends have told me their dealers do),...NOPE! They will give you a ride back home/to work AFTER you sit in the waiting room for an HOUR+ before they actually bring you to where you need to be! Then after leaving the vehicle there all day they called at 5 to tell me they couldn't figure out the issue and asked if I wanted them to come pick me up. This was on two separate occasions and both times I was given an lame excuse as to why it was happening and sent on my way. They ALSO LOVE to charge you for things you really don't need and they don't give you the option to wait. You're guilted in to doing the "suggested" work. I have a 2013 and literally only have 14k miles on it since I work from home fulltime. This last simple oil change turned in to a $300+ maintenance!! They said I needed to rotate my tires again and balance them (even though I said that's funny cause I didn't feel any pulling/jolting in my steering wheel from being out of balance) and then the internal cabin filter (that smells funny when you turn the AC on) was going to be $130 JUST to replace that! I said to forget that, but still had over $200 in other maintenance all my friends said I should've never done because it wasn't worth it because I literally drive the vehicle a few miles a week!?
After going there these last few times and comparing my experience/expenses with friends that go to other dealers (Nissan, Lexus, Mazda) I feel these guys are ALL about taking your money FIRST and then customer service/your best interest LAST!

Charles P. | 2015-01-16

I have purchased 2 cars from Coulter a 2002 Cadillac deVille and a 2012 Buick LaCrosse.  Both used, both times I was treated with respect,  deal was fair and service good. I would recommend them to anybody and mt salesman, Roger Farney, was excellent. He worked with me for six months, answering my questions, no pressure at all. My experience was excellent.

Craig P. | 2014-12-30

So if you are under the age of 60 go somewhere else. I have a 2015 Yukon and I wish they would have a separate service bay for GMC. The folks that deal with the Cadillac and Buick service customers are used to a geriatric group of folks and they have no idea how to provide good customer service. I showed up for my appointment for an oil change and they had no idea what to do with me. No hello, no indication that someone was going to be helping me. They left me standing next to my car for 10 minutes before anyone approached me. At that point I might as well been speaking Mandarin Chinese. Oil change, whoa, ahhh?!? Was the response I got back. Finally when everyone got the idea that I just needed an oil change and I had an appointment the light clicked. Maybe the folks here are used to people speaking slower or something. Anyhow, everyone has treated me like I'm going to steal something since I have been here. I am watching them bend over backwards for the older folks here. I wonder what happens to Cadillac and Buick when their customers completely fade away?

Jennifer C. | 2014-10-24

My experience with Coulter Cadillac was horrible. I am so upset at the poor customer service I received. They found a screw in a tire and patched it while they were in there fixing a recall... HOWEVER today (a few weeks later) we went to replace 2 other tires with Discount and they told us Coulter had patched OVER the screw and now we needed to replace that tire as well. When I called to speak with the service manager, John Thorne, he was extremely rude. He denied that they would do that and every time I tried to speak he would interrupt me. (SO extremely rude!) I tried to ask questions regarding their procedures multiple times and he would not let me talk. I was so frustrated and now we're having to immediately replace an expensive tire that we do not have in our budget. He kept telling me that its probably a plug they put in when they patch a tire. WELL I'm PRETTY SURE that Discount tire knows the difference between a plug and a screw they patched over. We are taking the tire back to Coulter to address it and we will see how it is handled from there. Do yourself a favor and GO ELSEWHERE!

Brad W. | 2014-10-09

Just popped in for a quick visit to get my key fixed on a recall and the actual time that it was quoted as taking actually occurred. Only two hours and a free wash and vacuum were included in my price of zero, but I gather others who are paying also receive this service. The outdoor table and benches are much needed because the inside waiting room is like a morque. Those are some really uncomfortable places to wait, but they had a huge number of magazines and free papers and free donuts. Other assorted items cost money as some very old broad was playing out the string slinging "auto waiting room fine cuisine" Shout out to Ron - at least on this day.

Ken W. | 2014-10-08

Neat looking place, terrible customer service. I made an appointment a week ahead of time to have my car in for a simple repair - I was told it would take, at most, two hours. I bring it in on time and at first, the employee tells me to wait and stay in the car - me sitting in the car and my wife waiting with our infant. So were waiting and he never shows up to greet us. Eventually, I get out of the car and go to his kiosk, where he seems less than thrilled to see me. Begrudgingly, he takes my keys and tells me he will call as soon as its ready. So I'm at home on a Tuesday, not at work and in need of my car, waiting. After a few hours of being in limbo I call him to check on the status - he tells me they haven't even begun to work on the car yet and that they will try to get it in today... Two hours pass, three, four, five - and *boom* it's already 4pm. So they kept my car all day with no warning. This time he calls me and tells me they don't have the part for the car, even though the appointment was scheduled a week ahead of time... Ultimately, they want to keep my car over night.

Just keep in mind when you come here - if you have an appointment - it basically means nothing since they seem to take walk-ins. Also keep in mind that there is probably a healthy dose of incompetence involved as well.

Other Recommendations: Airpark Auto, anywhere else

Deborah F. | 2014-04-04

One of the worse places to get your Caddy serviced.  Been a buying customer of Coulter's since 1968, but service sucks!  Only used them because of vehicle warranties.  Their 17-point inspection is a joke.  Every time we've gotten back our Caddy, we find our fluids are low or empty.  Even our wiper blades needed replacing & they said nothing.  They replaced our front brakes resulting a horrific noise & vibration as soon as we drove out.  We took it back & they said nothing was wrong with them.  We took it to a AAA location & they fixed the problem.  Coulter needs to fix "their problem" because we are changing Caddy dealerships.

David C. | 2014-04-04

I'm typically a very patient guy and don't like to bash any business but since I'm still stuck here, I might as well make my time useful. Do NOT, and I mean DO NOT come here for an oil change or any service. As soon as I pulled my truck in, I noticed two gentlemen sitting in their stalls doing paperwork. Both just sort of looked at me like a lost little child or soul, trying to find their parents and without the tendency to come out and just say we will be with you shortly. So I waited 10 minutes and just as soon as I was about to hope back in my truck and drive off, a gentlemen comes out and asks me sorry about the wait but what can I do for you. ? I want an oil change how long please? About 1-1.5 hours. Okay long story short, there were others in the waiting area bitching and nagging about the super long wait and Never again will they come here.  After about a 99.5 minute wait I go outside and ask my advisor, do you know how long until my car is ready. It's been over 1.5 hours? Let me check... Waited another 15 mins till my 100% charged IPhone had about 20% left . Finally went back outside and this time I walked into the auto area and saw my truck just sitting there. I go and let him know what's my truck doing there?  Looking puzzled, he goes to the back yells out a name and said bring the truck up! Then he looks at me and said I guess you don't have time for the free car wash eh? Paid and left.  That's how my experience went.  You've been warned

Pete J. | 2013-12-30

I'm done with the antiquated Turkish bazaar style of sales "technique" car dealerships provide. In this day and age we shouldn't have to spend multiple hours going back and forth just to make a purchase. Sitting in empty offices while the salesperson disappears to "talk to my manager" - don't BS me, I've seen Fargo, I know what you are really doing.

Everyone uses the internet to research the type of car they want, you can look up the MPG, the cargo room, the legroom. You know what colours are available and what trims. You can even look at the dealer website and see what inventory is in stock, complete with accessories and MSRP* (The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price excludes destination freight charge, tax, title, license, dealer fees and optional equipment. See your dealer for details)

So I had gone onto the GMC website, found the exact model of vehicle I wanted to buy with the exact specifications that fit my need and my budget. I got a generic email from John, the Coulter Internet Manager telling me he's my man. There were two models listed in stock, so I sent an email to him with the VINs of the cars I was interested in, together with the make model and mileage of my trade-in. I never heard anything back.

So a couple of days later I walk into Coulter. This is not your typical dealership with hundreds of cars on the lot, there are maybe 6 cars out front and a couple more in the showroom. Imagine the scene - I walk into the showroom which has car salesmen all hanging around each others desks, chewing the fat and yucking it up. They scatter like cockroaches when I walk in. An older gentleman approaches me,

You looking for parts?
No, I want to buy a car
Well if you are looking for parts, it's down that way
No, I want to buy a car
Oh, come this way

That's how I met Dean. Dean has a PhD. I know this because it's on his business card AND on the door plate to his office. Don't ask for Dean if you are in a rush, because he moves like molasses. Up we go in an elevator, through a door to a second floor garage. We are looking for the car I am interested in. Dean is half listening to me. I tell him that I have the exact car I need to see. I tell him that according to your website you have two in stock, one silver and one white. Let's find either of them. He doesn't know where they are. We look in the garage; we look out on the lot. We go back down the elevator to his office. I give him the VINs, he disappears, comes back and off we go to try and find either of the two cars. After much searching and much shuffling we find one of them, out on a parking lot, behind the service area, mixed in with private cars and one with the whole side missing. Yep, you guessed it, Dean doesn't have the keys.

When he finally returns with the keys, he reluctantly takes me on a test drive. No you can't drive it out of the lot, we have security. Where is this security when we were looking for the car? Maybe they can instigate a search for the white one I was really interested in. We then go on the most pedestrian test drive ever. No freeway exposure, just literally around the block. I'm driving a V6 I want to let it go, see what it can do, but nope.

So the car drives well, the MSRP is right. All that is needed now is to work out how much they are going to give me for my trade-in. As a good internet user I have researched the Kelly Blue Book value of my car. The KBB trade-in value is low, I expect that. They offer a range based on the condition of the car, from a low number if the car is ready for the scrapheap, to a high number if it is in pristine condition. I figure I'm somewhere in the middle. But it is what it is and with the range in hand we begin the negotiations. Cue Dean's exit again, this time with my car keys.

At first he can't get the VIN entered into his computer, so he figures he wrote it down wrong, then he takes his iPhone and snaps a photo of it, that doesn't work. He asks me if I have my insurance card and he reads the VIN off that. Finally, he gets the computer to accept the number. Lots of button pushing ensues, then he curses the printer, then he prints something, then he's off again.

When Dean finally returns, he has a price for me. $2,000 less than the low price on my range! Are you kidding me? At least he doesn't try to spin me a line about the age of the car or the condition. Just this is the price, take it or leave it. I say I'll leave it. This is a critical time in the car sales negotiation process, I waited half a second and then it came.

"What can we do to get you in a new car today?"

I said you can stop insulting me with that price and offer something within the KBB range. Ok, he says, "Let me go talk to my manager". So Dean makes his final departure. When he returns he shakes my hand and says we are getting nowhere, just wasting each other's time and goodbye.

So here I am, three hours later no further forward in the car buying process than I was before.

Sigh. I wish Amazon sold cars

Michael K. | 2013-12-30

I don't usually come on Yelp to write explicitly negative reviews, but my experience at this dealership was so poor that I feel I need some sort of recourse, with a review seeming to be the most reasonable option. Please note that the problem was with the service department and I know nothing about the sales at this dealership. Now, I know better than to have service done at a dealership for the most part, but my only problem was a dead turn signal, which I figured would be a quick job; my old Hyundai used to take about 5 minutes and cost $3 for parts. I came in last week and the place was swamped, so it was recommended that I make an appointment and return. I did so for today, calling in the morning for a 1:30 appointment. When I showed up, I was told it would take about 2 hours because they were getting backed up, this despite the fact I had called ahead. When I repeated this fact, the manager-who seemed like he could not care less about my business on either occasion-said we could "move things around" to speed it up. In all I spent close to 1.5 hours there and my bill was $90 for a $5 part and maybe 20 minutes with of labor, as they need to disassemble an area to get to the bulb. By far the worst experience I've had with any car service and I would not return there with my business.

Gabi M. | 2013-11-20

Buying / leasing a new car is never a fun process... at least for me.  

It's even worse when you are married to someone that takes a really long time to "pull the trigger" on a large purchase and over analyzes everything.

So when I reached out to Coulter in early 2013 and connected with Roger Farney over the phone, I am sure he had no idea that it would take him almost a full year to "close the deal" and get our business.  His persistence paid off though... Roger was never pushy.  He called and emailed to check-in on occasion and he answered all of our questions when we reached out.

Ten months later, I'm now the proud owner of a new car and I was pleased with the experience at Coulter.  Once we were ready to move forward on our purchase, Roger was patient and thorough with me as he showed me all of the ins and outs of my new vehicle.  He followed up several times since and has been there to answer questions for me as they come up as well.

Hopefully I won't have to visit very often for service, but when I do, I won't hesitate to take my car back to Coulter.  

If you're in the market for a new car or you have a Cadillac, Buick or GMC that needs servicing, check this place out... and safe and happy driving in the meantime!

Alex P. | 2013-11-04

Brought to Coulter-on-Camelback for routine service and to diagnose an annoying vibration in the gear shift.  Waited only a few minutes before I was processed and seated in their amazing lounge with complimentary coffee, tea, and breakfast sweets.   The chairs are very comfortable and with Television and broadband, it's easy to pass the time while your vehicle issues are addressed.

My service manager was attentive and brought me regular updates about the progress.  He also handled the ordering of parts and payment.  I didn't have to search for anyone.  It was all handled by the same person and he came to me.  Very good service.

C W. | 2013-10-15

Totally different experience.
My fiancee' and I spent two weeks driving every small SUV in our price range in the Valley. When we weren't being held hostage by over-zealous sales managers, we were being pandered to by salesmen who seemed to pigeon-hole us into bigger cars that we didn't want (or, more likely, they had directives by their bosses to push). No one seemed to listen to our very particular requests, and we felt challenged just getting off of those lots from the high-pressure sales staff.

It was such a pleasant change of pace meeting Bill after responding to the dealership's Internet ads. He took us directly to the car we inquired about and let us take our time to kick the tires. There were no invasive questions about financing -- we did not dress the part, but no one questioned our ability to purchase a car or pushed for a less-expensive option. The negotiation was more of a discussion, absent any passive-aggressive sales tactics we had encountered at other places. Bill spoke plainly and there weren't any tactical visits from the sales manager. Two enthusiastic thumbs up for Coulter Cadillac dealer and Bill Jurczak. Their professionalism and old-fashioned straight talk wins the day.

Our SRX feels powerful when we drive it and butter when we sit in the seats -- the buying experience only enhanced our satisfaction when we drive it there is no tainting from a bad buying experience.  Only one sweet driving experience!

Pam O. | 2013-10-04

My wonderful 2011 GMC HD2500 needed a oil change after hauling a trailer 2500 miles.  The engine light came on and it resulted in a catalytic converter replacement.  They also noted that the windshield washer fluid tank had a crack and replaced it. Coulter has always been awesome.  I have been buying and servicing our cars there for many years.  Thank you for the excellent work.  I love my truck and it handled heavy loads and hard weather very nicely.  Thank you again - Ron

Frank H. | 2013-08-20

I couldn't be happier with my experience at Coulter. This is the kind of dealership that earns your business for life. Thank you for a pleasant car buying experience.

Katie W. | 2013-08-06

Went to Van GMC in Scottsdale on Aug 1, 2013 when I got a flat tire. Being that I drive a GMC vehicle, I thought it would be appropriate to get my tire repaired at this store and replace my other tires when I was there since it was right across street from where my tire went flat. Arrived at 1230pm after I called at 1130am to let them know I was on the way with a donut tire. The parts department told me at 1130am that the tire I needed was not in stock but would be ordered. I had to demand my keys back at 300pm when the tires still had not arrived to the Van GMC dealership. None of the staff including Greg (service advisor) kept me posted while I waited several hours (check in at 1230pm, left at 315pm). I drove from Scottsdale to Phoenix  Coulter Cadillac GMC. I called ahead and spoke to William at the Coulter GMC. He said the tires were not in stock but would be there when I arrived. I arrived and checked into Coulter GMC at 414pm, checked out and paid / drove away with new tires at 446pm.

Today in mail, I get a letter from Vans that since I left due to poor customer service, I am not allowed back to the dealership. I wouldn't recommend any one go there and I certainly will not be back. When I called to speak to manager, Greg (same service advisor) answered, said that James was in charge. I spent 19 minutes explaining scenario to then be told he is not a manager. The manager will be back next week so  I can call back to repeat my story to Shawn, the real manager.

Vans cost of labor = $40.
Coulter cost of labor = $24.
Vans cost of tires = $560.
Coulter cost of tires = $428.
Time differences explained above.

Lesson learned, go to Coulter Cadillac GMC on Camelback / 12th Street every time. Cheaper and less wait time. Time is valuable and so it money. Make decisions wisely. And I have to say that sometimes cheaper means less quality, but I can assure you this is not the case. I have been a returning customer to Coulter GMC dealership since I bought my car there in 2011.

Diana S. | 2013-07-28

Let me start by saying Allen Hall was great, very nice guy and very thorough. I went to the dealership on my day off with the intention of seeking out Allen which I did and within a couple hours I was convinced on buying a lacrosse with touring package for my wife and was fully prepared on buying this after the test drive. Allen found exactly what I was seeking at another sister dealership and said he would have it by the next day and to come on down. I talked to him the next morning and he said it would be ready about 11 am, I said we would be down. We arrived early and the car was not quite ready so we waited to be called to Finance, Mr. Kemp. I expected the paperwork to be painless and just sign some documents and be done, not so. Mr. Kemp took us at least 2 hours or more and it was extremely difficult to set there and listen to the USED CAR SALESMAN PITCH for the extras. We are intelligent people and well educated, but I felt as though Mr. Kemp thought otherwise. I know what scotch guard, Dupont protection, and onstar are and I don't need to hear the PITCH and waste myself and my family's time while he explains in detail every scenario involving each of these. At the very least, it was exhausting, but more so it took away from the whole buying experience for my wife and her new car. Allen could have discussed this with me and I feel that this would have been his right to do so, why is the finance guy doing it and wasting my time. Will I come back to buy another car or send family and friends, I doubt it, I despise this type of salesmanship and my wife plans on speaking to Allen about this when she takes her car back in for the extras.

The hubs

Randall C. | 2013-06-30


I went to have my car serviced from a light that came on.  The next day they called me to tell me the problem and added that my oil pan and radiator where leaking badly and that I needed to replace my Radiator and pull the oil pan to replace the gasket at a cost of near $2,000 total.  What I found odd was that my 7 year old car had not dropped anything in my driveway or garage.

I decided to not have the work done by them and took it to another garage to have looked at.  They told me both where fine and that I had been lied to.

Since I have kept a drip pan under my car and after months, still not a single drop of oil or radiator fluid.  While it is there, I had them change a belt which clearly was not done as this is NOT a new belt.

I will never go back under any circumstances.

Bean K. | 2013-05-11

I brought in my 2002 Cadillac DTS for some warranty repairs, nitro in the tires, and to have the dashboard examined because last year when I came in it was totally overlooked - Coulter had pulled the dash 32 months ago to repair the HVAC blower, and the dash was progressively coming loose, and one part was hanging off. I'd figured it would be repaired, and I expected the cost to somewhat adjusted, seeing the dash wasn't reinstalled all that well when the blower motor was repaired. Well, I did manage to get the other problems fixed (ignition coil, leaking oil sensor etc). The Service Rep, who's always been a great guy to work with, called to tell me there's nothing they can do about the dashboard, seeing it's no longer a stocked part - and that short of getting one from a salvage yard, there wasn't anything they could do. The Service Rep, Rich, called to say he couldn't find a record of the blower motor repair, but I said I have all the invoices and can easily bring it by so he could see for himself. I feel at first, he wanted to see the record of service mainly to verify their responsibility, but as we spoke he mainly wanted to tell me nothing could be done about it. Meanwhile, I really feel the body shop guys hardly looked at it, and just didn't want to bother trying to do SOMETHING to at least tighten it up - one part (the part obviously hanging down) really could've been fixed with just a little time and some ingenuity. I explained that I want to sell the car in the near future, and the dash would be a glaring thing for a prospective buyer to see - the overall looseness would very likely be overlooked, but not the piece hanging off. Just by opening up the glovebox allows access to the area that just needs something like a zip-tie, or a clip of some sort, but like I'd mentioned I feel no one really wanted to really take a good look at it. And just like a year ago, after being without a car for a couple days, I was more anxious to have the car back and in good running order, so off I went with my loose dashboard... The reason I wanted the tires air replaced with nitro was because unlike air, nitro never fluctuates the PSI. I'd had the tires replaced amd the place I bought them at didn't offer nitro. The tires should be at approx. 34psi, they'd dropped to 24, and I'd asked that I wanted nitro and asked that all the tires be filled to 33-34psi, which they did. Yesterday was about 8 degrees warmer than the day I picked up my DTS, and a warning came on informing me the tire pressure was too high (40psi) -- there's only ONE WAY the psi could go up, especially considering the small hike in the local temperature; obviously either no nitro was put into the tires, or they were just topped off to raise the PSI from 24 to 34. Nitro just doesn't behave like that, no way, no how. So, now I've got to go back to Coulter and have them make good on my paying $40 for nitro, which really shouldn't have had to happen. I went through a similar thing with Coulter a few years ago, where I had to go back twice, simply because they had had the PSI all over the map, from either too high, too low, or not being the same in all four tires. This time they got the PSI right, only I was either given air, or like I said, they were just topped off with nitro. As usual, my time seems unimportant, so now I've got to make another trip there, and sit around and wait for them to get it right. Normally I wouldn't include this issue in a QA survey like this, but seeing this is the THIRD time over the years where I've had issues with something as simple as filling the tires to the proper PSI and making it uniform to all four tires, and this time not even getting 100% nitro into the tires, I'm fairly disappointed with Coulter, understandably so. This couldn't happen at a worse time too, because I'm moving (locally) in about a week. I'd like to get out of town soon, but I'm not going on any road trips with my tires being overinflated, much less with air versus what I paid for: NITRO. I've made four cross country trips in the last four years, and nitro's the absolute best way to go. It's all about PSI stability, and nitro gives you that, unlike regular air.

David M. | 2013-02-02


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Cassidy Cavin,
As promised we came back to your dealership last night. Your New Car Manager, PAUL GLANS" was very rude with us using the old scum bag CAR SALES tactics claiming he lost the key to the White Diamond 2013 Escalade Platinum which I spent over 2 hours previewing earlier in the afternoon. You were aware we were coming back last night? YOU AND THIS SCUM BAG waisted our time? I told you that my wife was a CFO and conducting Board meetings all week and we had a short window to buy the 2013 Escalade Platinum. We even called you to ask you to pull the auto out while headed there so my wife could see the auto which you agreed to do? PAUL GLANS (THE SCUM BAG) was insisting to walk around our "trade in" 2011 BMW 550i in advance to even showing my wife the 2013 Escalade Platinum?  Uhhh... this is 2013 not 1980? Flash-back??? I gave you guys the info on the trade earlier in the day including a pay off amount. This is horrible business. You and PAUL GLANS were cherry picking us which is a form of discrimination! EVERYONE READ THIS! This happens to be Coulter Cadillac, you and PAUL GLANS problem, not ours, as we immediately called Mike at LUND Cadillac who has inegtity and merrit and is dropped off a Platinum Escalade ESV Black Ice to our house the next morning. YOU LOST A SALE! Cassidy, we suggest you go to a more repitable dealer to work in sales capacity as long as that scum bag PAUL GLANS is working there. We also suggest PAUL GLANS crawl back into the hole he crawled out of as we are headed to all the online reporting sites to share this horrible experience with the Universe. PAUL, you can't discriminate, cherry pick and treat customers like this.  Question? Does the owner of Coulter Cadillac even know that PAUL GLANS treated us like this or is that scum bags trying to sweep it under the rug as if nothing happened? One thing is for sure, the owners WILL read about it. Go to your BBB page. Thank you, Valued Customer

Dear Amy and David,

I sincerely apologize for what happened last night. I always want to give my customers first class service, and unfortunately you did not receive it. So if there is anything I can do to still earn your business and make things right or possibly your business in the future, please let me know!

Thank you,

Cassidy Cavin
Sales Consultant
Coulter Cadillac Buick GMC
1188 E. Camelback Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85014
(602) 264-1188

German S. | 2013-01-11

Buying a car at Coulter ranks as the best car buying experience I've had in the 35 years I've been buying cars. I dealt with Marty Katz and he (and the rest of the staff) dealt with us honestly, fairly and with great transparency. The most telling thing I can say is that the quality of the sales team will make me pick this dealership and Cadillac in particular over other brands in the future.

Lenore B. | 2013-01-08

I went in to look at the GMC Terrain. I asked the salesman what he thought of it. His reply? "It's Ok, if you can't afford a Cadillac."


Russell F. | 2012-11-26

The Coulter Cadillac staff was very helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant.  Both the sale man (Lindsay) and the sales manager (Paul) were terrific.   We could not find a car that satisfied our needs.  We ended up buying at another dealership but they were very pleasant when we told them.  We will be sure to return when we are looking for a car in the future.

John V. | 2012-10-25

Just had my Yukon in the service department for a leaking oil pan gasket and some maintenance items. Richard Garrick took really excellent care of me, the final bill and my Yukon. The tech that worked on my Yukon, Mike, took the extra time to clean off the excess oil after the repair was completed. Super happy with the whole experience and the Yukon is running perfect and no longer leaking oil on my garage. Thanks guys!!

ARMANDO S. | 2012-08-03

When the estimate was completed when I was unavailable. I was "tied" up...

The length of time it took to complete the repairs would be the only thing that I would have found upsetting although the manager that could not find our keys dropped the ball big time. When the vehicle has parts that are no longer made, because the car had been discontinued, an estimate representative should not state he can to complete the repairs within 1 month...

Yes there was significant damages to the Hummer. We already knew time would be a factor. But when there was a precedent set for a months time in repair, and we are now 7 weeks after the "accident" and keys of all things were missing. A smile on our faces were not visible today. But after some searching a key was found. We will have to return for the alarm/door remote and the extra key on monday.

Coulter is a Great dealership but be weary when bring your vehicle in for repair.

Jessica B. | 2012-03-19

Let's start by pointing out a few obvious things here.... because I hate when people write reviews and get mad about things that exist no matter where they are.
1 - Buying a car sucks, period.  It's always a depreciating investment, and usually a pain in the behind.
2 - Car dealerships and sales people are THERE TO MAKE MONEY.  The odds of finding somebody that is willing to eliminate their bottom line to help you are slim.

With that being said, I was in the market for a car... knew exactly what it was that I wanted, had money for the down payment and a trade in, and was just looking for the right deal.  I had been to a few different dealerships, talked to a few sales reps - and in the end, I ended up purchasing my 2011 Sonata Limited from Coulter Cadillac.

While I was test driving the car, I did notice that it pulled a tad bit... which ended up being a bigger problem for me than I had anticipated.  Because of traffic, I was not able to take it on the highway.  Once I finally did, which was the next day - I noticed that the car was shaking, bad.  Luckily I know enough about cars to know it was related to the tires, rims, or some sort of an alignment issue.

I can't lie.... the next week or so for me was a real headache.  I was upset that I had bought a shaky car, and really just wanted it fixed.  I had spent the next week driving up to Phoenix to get my car looked at.  I was even given a loaner at one point in time.  Every time my car was given back to me, I was told that it was fixed, and it was not.  The last time was the charm, my car was picked up, and it is now back in my possession and working properly.

Something else that kind of irked me during this experience was the issues with my interlock device.  Yes... I have one in my car (thankfully it comes off in July).  While my car was being serviced, I had NUMEROUS violations because of missed retests.  Luckily, I have a good relationship with the guys that service the device on my car.... otherwise, I'd probably have to pay a $50 reset fine, and have the device on my car for somebody else's screw up.

NOW... that I've done my "complaining" which was merely telling you the truth - I will say that the staff I was working with were very understanding and made it a point to take care of me, even AFTER my purchase.  So yes, the things I had to deal with were a pain - but they could have happened to anybody.... and I could have been ignored and still driving a shaky car.  BUT I'M NOT!  Which is great... and I LOVE my car!

I recommend going over to Coulter, despite my headaches.  They will take care of you.

Tray B. | 2012-03-14

Not entirely good.  The customer care rep. had a super slimy disposition and I felt like he was out to rip me off.  The service was OK and they finished on time.  However, I later learned I was grossly overcharged and several fasteners were left off allowing the under carriage to drag and get damaged.  I have since begun to get my Cadillac serviced at the Tempe Coulter.

Kiran P. | 2011-09-11

Coulter Cadillace by far is the best experience I had in buying a car.I live in Pasadena, CA and was looking for a Black Audi 2010 Q5 s - type. It's a rare to find piece in used market. In my search on Autotrader, Coulter cadillac, Phoenix, AZ showed up. Initially they were not willing to give it for the price I offered. When Glen Heiser from Internet sales got back to me, I bumped up my offer price, for which he agreed. He gave me the final out of the door price, I again asked him to reduce the price by $700, so that the price can be rounded off to lowest thousand amount. He got back to me stating that the price is reduced. Remember, all this was happening over the phone. I neither looked at the car nor test drove it. Finally I asked him if there is any body work that needs to be taken care of, he said there are minor things and he offered to take car of them, which he did.

I got my loan processed, sent them the check and they shipped me the vehicle. I loved the first look of the vehicle but I had my own doubts. I test drove it, took it for a car wash and it looked amazing. I found that the Dust protectors around front brakes were deformed, I though this happend while shipping and asked Glenn to send me the pictures they posted on their web site before sale. Glenn was curtious to send me the pcitures and the deformation was in the pictures as well. I took my Audi to an Audi mechanic. He looked at it, test drove the car and asked me to be at ease and be at peace. He said I got a very good deal.

So over all, the price was $1000 more than what I initially asked for, vehicle is in perfect condition. The customer service and peace of mind that Glenn offered was top notch. His pre sale and post sale customer service were excellent. Coulter cadillac is a trust worthy place to go if you are looking for a new or used vehcile. Ask for Glenn.


Lana B. | 2010-01-14

I went to Coulter on recommendation from my mechanic around the corner who said it would be faster for me to go to a dealer to get my car fixed and said Coulter were good guys if I couldn't find an actual Pontiac dealer.

I have a 2006 Pontiac Vibe, which is not a Cadillac. Or Oldsmobile. But anyway, I had a problem with my car that (luckily) was still covered by warranty but there are pretty much no Pontiac dealers left since Pontiac is no longer in business.

Coulter couldn't have been nicer to me, they didn't try to get me to buy anything and they offer free coffee, tea and donuts in their lounge area along with other food items for sale at their counter in the lounge. They immediately looked up the warranty and all that jazz and offered to drive me somewhere while I waited for the work to be done. They also looked over my car and checked everything, like fluid levels, tires, brakes and CLEANED MY CAR! And mind you all of this was free as I was getting just a warranty repair done. They also were quick with getting the work done, only a couple of hours which isn't bad at all.

I couldn't recommend Coulter more, next time I need to buy a car I will certainly keep them in mind as well as for any repairs I don't think my around the corner mechanic can't handle.

Ezekiel S. | 2008-09-15

The experts at coulter cadillac Oldsmobile knew exactly what to reccommend. I came for their free lunch special and found out that not only was my car depreciating in value, but a caddilac is a true investment. I got my authentic 98 aurora there and it has been going up in value ever since I drove it off the lot. IF you ever need a great wateringhole or place to grab a quick snack. go here. as good as it gets folks!