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Chapman Hyundai excels at providing an exceptional sales and service experience. Connect with a knowledgeable associate to find a new Hyundai or quality used car. Or, service your current vehicle and experience our friendly auto repair team. We look forward to meeting you soon.


Established in 1966.

Did you know that the Chapman Family has been selling cars since 1966? That's nearly 50 years of selling quality cars, trucks and SUVs. Our Phoenix Hyundai dealership is your choice for Hyundai car sales in Arizona. Our success starts with one thing: the best prices. Bargaining is a hassle for both the customer and sales staff. We want you to know that your Phoenix Hyundai dealer gives you the best bottom-line price in town.

Chapman Hyundai

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(602) 344-6930
Address:999 W Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85023
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Chapman Hyundai

Jeannie D. | 2015-04-05

We bought both of our Santa Fe vehicles from Chapman for a lot of great reasons, and the service department is one of the top reasons.  I just took mine in for the 15,000 mile maintenance, and everything was done as expected and on time.  Perfect service again.  It's such a relief to get a good deal and good service every single time.

Roxane S. | 2015-03-05

I have been coming here for years since 2008 for service on my Elantra and then my Vera Cruz that I bought here. Justin is my service advisor after he began employment. Justin as well as the previous two service advisors have all been excellent. I trust this dealership and service department absolutely. They are great. A few months ago I went to another dealership for a recall involving my Vera Cruz as directed by Hyundai corporate. There were some deficiencies in the work that the other dealership performed. I went back to Chapman. Chapman/Justin corrected the other dealership service. I am extremely grateful and plan to never use anyone other than Chapman.   Integrity. Trust. Excellent service. Thank you Justin!!

Tyler N. | 2015-02-01

Never in my life have I experienced a more easier and courteous car buying experience. Chapman Hyundai did just that. From the start, Tim Mitchell and J.R. treated me with so much respect and had awesome service. He made it his goal to get me into a car that suited me at a payment that is reasonable. The finance team was stellar and so so awesome. They stayed late to get everything finalized for me and honestly just took really good care of me. I'm now in a 2014 Santa Fe and I couldn't be happier.  My kids have a safe car to get around in! Thank you!!!

Shelly V. | 2014-11-17

Don't ever bring your car here! They will screw you anyway possible! The quality of their work shows. Trust me, you'll be happier going else where.

Greg V. | 2014-11-04

Don't buy a car here & DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM PAULO PENA!
Long story short, me & my fiancé were in the market for a 2011 Hyundai Sonata limited. This one had 44k miles & we were directly told by Paulo that the tires were new, brakes were new &he went into "reconditioning fees" &that's what the fees were for. The tires aren't new, Paulo's answer - "I said they look like new" (which he didn't, he said they ARE new). Then about the brakes. .. "i never said that" YELLS Paulo. He literally screamed me out of the parking lot! Guess what was written in the fine print on the certified used Paper work.... the only "reconditioning" they did to sell this car was change the oil!!! Literally that's all they did!  We should have gone to Auto nation Hyundai Tempe they had the same car (with full leather -not half/half cloth -, 31k miles opposed to 44k, same price & NEW TIRES, BRAKES, ETC). BIG MISTAKE but we were tired of going all over for the best deal &just wanted a car. Don't make the same mistake we did, don't buy or lease anything from these liars. Don't even waste your time going to that dealership!!! Never buy anything from a chapman dealership esp chapman hyundai on bell Rd & 7th Ave.

Melaminah H. | 2014-11-02

I actually ended up not purchasing anything from this dealership. I live in San Diego, CA and was communicating with Danny Aaron via email. From the beginning I found it difficult to get the ball rolling on negotiations and information gathering. He didn't seem interested in really having a conversation with me. I had a lot of questions since I would have been making an out-of-state purchase. I understand we were communicating mostly via email, but the short answers I was receiving as a reply made me feel like I was inconveniencing him with my inquiries. Eventually we had some ok back and forth discussions until I started to become more firm on my bottom line. I understand I was below what they were comfortable selling the car for, however, I do not think it was necessary for the rude reply I received from Danny - being told "we both know that's not going to happen." If we were unable to make a deal, that's fine. These things happen, but it does not justify such a rude response from the sales staff. I will never do business with such an unprofessional dealership.

Kris G. | 2014-09-27

Have been back a couple of times and each time has been positive. Prompt service and a staff that is helpful and friendly,

Jeffrey F. | 2014-07-24

Came here yesterday for my velosters first oil change and I let justin at service know about my terrible experience at the other Hyundai dealership and he took care of me and my car :) gonna come back here for anything I need and when I get my veloster turbo

Bob S. | 2014-06-25

We requested a quote on an Elantra thru the website.  Jeff Andre very quickly answered.  He called to get the specifics of what I wanted and he provided it.  I didn't want surprises, and the only surprise I had was obtaining a bigger car at an equivalent deal.  We went to the store and looked at the quoted Elantra.  We decided that it wouldn't work for us, but Jeff found us a Sonata, perfect color and option balance, at a price that was very close to the Elantra.  We drove home to Prescott Valley last night in a bigger car and were very happy.  Jeff Andre is a great guy; he listens and isn't happy unless the customer understands, agrees to and is happy with the deal presented.  It was a pleasure working with him.  That is something I cannot say about the other dealers and sales people that I attempted to work a deal with.  I will happily and earnestly recommend Jeff and Chapman Hyundai to anyone I know who is looking for a new car.  Thank you Jeff and Thank you Chapman Hyundai.

Cheryl N. | 2014-06-09

As good as it get is correct. Never a better experience. I will no longer fear car shopping. Excellent. Excellent ,Excellent. Chapman Hyundai has more than 5 stars.

B B. | 2014-06-05

I'm talking about the Chapman Hyundai at Chapman Autoplex on McDowell. Go see Justin C. - He has every make, model and price. I have bought a pile of car's over the years and do not like salespeople but they do have to make a living. This time, no matter how many dealerships we visited, it just did not work. As a last resort, we went to him and got a fantastic car at a fantastic price. A great move!!

John C. | 2014-04-14

This place is a rip-off! And after speaking with the Service director Matt Trader, I now understand why they have such poor customer service.  I have spent over 30K in the past ten years with Chapman and must say I have never been treated so poorly in my life.
I brought my Hyundai Santa Fe in for an oil change and asked them to check out a headlight that was not working. I explained that I bought an 8 dollar light bulb, replaced it, and the light still was not working.  The service guy tries to tell me that I replace the wrong light bulb and charged me 60 bucks! Ok Maybe I am an idiot and don't know a burnt light bulb when I see one (don't think so but I like to pick my battles), but 60 bucks?
Jason then told me that I needed front and back brakes. I asked him which was worse front or back. He replied back and I authorized him to replace them. While driving home I noticed a horrible vibration when applying my breaks, so I brought them back. Jason first told me it was because they rotated my tires. (I don't think so) Then he tries to tell me that it was because my front breaks needed replacing. Please keep in mind that I had no vibration when I went in to Chapman, so why after replacing the back breaks do I have a vibration? Out of the "goodness of their heart FREE of Charge" they turned the rotors on my front breaks and the vibration went away. Lol
Well I drove from Chapman to Just brakes and they confirmed my suspicions. When turning the back rotors, they did not test drive the car and gave it back to me. Rather than admitting to me what really happened, they try to make me think that it was my Front brakes causing the vibration.
When I called the Sales director, to tell him what happened, it was quite evident why Jason was such an idiot. Good service starts with good leadership, and the service director was quite a piece of work ;--)
Lesson well learned! NEVER will give Chapman a dime of my money again.

Victoria V. | 2014-04-05

service department was great for me, go to Justin if your hyundai car needs servicing.

Codie J. | 2014-04-04

I went to Chapman yesterday. I have been searching for a car two nearly two weeks and since I was already pre approved through my bank there was stipulations for the loan. it had to be a certain price and in between a certain number of years and miles. so finding something the fit all of them was very difficult. I came to Chapman after seeing the cars on the website. I was working with the salesman Jack and he was wonderful. I told him first thing that I already had financing and he never once tried to get me to finance through them. They work with all the major banks and I didn't have to go back and forth with the bank I was able to drive away in my car that night after only a short time. They were able to get the extended warranty and the gap all added with no problem and showed me what my payment would be. It was a VERY quick and speedy process, I will definitely be coming back in the future for any of my car needs.

Cindy F. | 2014-04-04

Stan is awesome!  He explained everything about the car and gave us a great deal. And, all the people are super nice there and not high pressure. We left feeling great and not taken.  A great experience.

Kenneth C. | 2014-03-12

I bought a car there several years ago and have had it serviced there ever since. The service dept. is friendly and capable. I would recommend.

Teshaun S. | 2014-03-08

Let me start by saying I hate shopping for a car. I'm glad the experience is over and with the help of the friendly guys here at Chapman, I was more than satisfied with my buying experience. Here's my story; I originally filled out an application online to be pre approved and received a call back from an internet salesman right away. I explained what vehicle I was interested in and what payments I wanted to budget for. I didn't want anything brand new as i was on a budget and the new body style of the Elantra started at year 2011 so that was perfect. I was offered the desired vehicle at the price that worked within my budget within the same phone call and was asked to come down to check out the car. The car was a certified used Hyundai Elantra 2011, however, the monthly payments that were offered was slightly over my budget. I told the salesman I would think on it and get back to them as I was shopping around anyway for the best deal I can find. Long story short, a few days later I received a phone call from someone who seemed to be in the  finance dept, checking to see if there was anything that was keeping me from purchasing that he can work out and he also mentioned a concern about if I were receiving the customer service that I wished. I told the guy the customer service was great, it's the monthly payment that was keeping my business and like that, it was adjusted! No questions asked and no excuses. The next day I made my way down there. I purchased a 2012 Elantra with the certified warranty from bumper to bumper in the color I wanted paying the price I asked for. The guys at Chapman couldn't have made my decision any easier.  I appreciate the great service and I absolutely love my car!

Kimberley C. | 2014-01-29

Recently needed a car for my daughter on short notice.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy a used, cheaper car or lease a new car.  After visiting another dealership, we stopped here.  The salesman was friendly but not overly friendly.  He assessed my needs, had good ideas and made the recommendation that I lease.

I had concerns that both the rep and General manager were able to help me think through.

Bottom line, I was treated fairly, my sales rep was honest and the transaction was quick and smoothe!  I shopped other dealers by phone and this dealer was able to beat the lowest price.  

I would recommend you at least shop this dealership if you are in the market for a car!

sydney g. | 2013-12-04

Still having numerous issues with a car I purchased from here about 6 months ago. Was due for registration in September and am STILL trying to get it fixed to pass emissions testing. Who knew you could buy a car that can't be registered in the state. Most definitely bought a lemon!!!!! I WILL find a way for this to be corrected and the appropriate party to take responsibility.

B B. | 2013-08-23

Marc was the sales guy that assisted us. He wasn't pushy or anything. We felt like a buddy he knew forever that was in looking to buy a car. Small gestures were made at the appropriate time. All our questions were answered honestly. If he didn't know the answer (which was only a few things -- like pending on our credit and etc) he would say let me find out and then I will have a confirmed answer for you. We appreciate that as he NEVER said anything that he didn't follow thru with.

I left the dealership while my husband remained for a while however went home to talk to me. He wasn't pushed to return or close the deal that night however we decided too. They stay open late for us.

Dean was the individual that completed our financial information with. He had me laughing the whole time. Funny dude. Outgoing and knowledgeable. He followed up with me the next day with the information I needed. Informed me of ways to save money with my previous deal.

Justin and Stan are the two that I dealt with in the service department the following day. Small changes I wanted to make to the car. They were more than welcoming and helpful. Marc our sales contact even followed thru with introducing me to everyone and made sure all was going well.

Again just felt like a family friend.

Brad B. | 2013-04-22

This review is for my service experience with my 2012 Hyundai Sante Fe:

Let me start by saying, my dad has been in the car business all my life, my mom worked in a few dealerships while I was growing up and I worked at a dealership for a while in high school so I feel like I have seen my share of dealerships! I inherintly do not like getting my car serviced at dealerships, but since mine is still under warranty, I have elected to take it here.

This Chapman location is not overly lavish, but seems to have everything you would need while waiting for service. Free wifi, hot coffee and fresh donuts in the morning. Every time, Jamie is my service advisor. I would highly recommend her - very professional and accomodating. Easy to schedule with and offer online coupons and scheduling as well.

I will continue to use this location until I can find a local mechanic I can trust.

Mary B. | 2013-02-16

I bought a 2012 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid at this dealership, and the buying experience itself was probably as good as such a thing can be (obviously not one of my favorite things to do).  

However, a few issues came up post-purchase, which the individuals with whom I spoke weren't able to resolve, and promises were made that the sales rep would call me back the following day.  Fat chance.  I was eventually able to resolve my issues using Google and I might point out that the solutions were not what the employees had told me (which clearly didn't work anyway).

Then, my husband became interested in buying a Santa Fe, so back we went.  After spending a couple hours test driving and filling out forms, with a promise from them to call back the next day after running some numbers... nothing.  I can only conclude that they don't really want the sale.

Finally, I got a small scratch on the Sonata and have been trying to purchase touch-up paint from their parts department.  This has taken weeks and they told me it is on back-order from the factory because it was a new color for 2012.  After waiting for weeks, I went online and was easily able to purchase it from Hyundai's web site.  No back-order.

All in all, I don't like when people don't keep their word.  Love the car I bought, the dealership not so much.  We'll be looking elsewhere for the Santa Fe.

John P. | 2013-02-12

Review of the research phrase.

Unlike our prior awful experience with a BMW  Chapman dealership on Camelback it really took a lot for me to even consider buying anything from this group.

We arrived on wet , cold day, and unlike every other dealer that had us schlepping around a lot   with the kids / carseat in tow ,   he brought the cars to us under their roof.  That's how to start to make a sale right there:)   I have a height problem, stubby legs, long torso and cars with sunroofs rarely fit me. Sadly car companies like to  force them on you coinciding with the kind of features I wanted,  e.g , Nav, power seats only come with a sunroof the alternative being a spartan item  that replaced all the toys with swathes of plastic. He went and looked at the options and quickly told us that it didn't exist and better yet didn't then try to shove us into another vehicle that wouldn't have fitted our needs. ( The Dodge dealer on bell had no such issues with that;) )

I am so sorry I lost your card, because you really do deserve recognition for your attention to detail and helping us try to find the right vehicle.

Chukki S. | 2012-08-31

I appreciated how when I came here for a test drive, the car was all ready to go.  I had an appointment and it was nice that they had the car ready.  The salemen wasn't pushy at all.  However, later, when they introduced me to the "sales manager" I left.  They tried to say that I had to buy the Desert Protection Package which is a lie.  I don't do well with liars.

Shaq D. | 2012-05-08

Slimy -- wouldn't honor their own advertised price.  I received a "guaranteed" price through an internet buying service.  Dealership complained about the lack of profit and proceeded to tack on over $1200 in fees ($999 "Desert Protection Package" [i.e. they wax it], $238 for etching the VIN number on the car), said all their cars came with it and refused to negotiate, so I walked.

Even worse -- about 9 months after they blew the deal, I received a call from someone at Chapman asking "How are you enjoying your new Hyundai Sonata"?  I told him that I didn't buy from them, and to please remove me from their contact list. Guess who I heard from again today --
"So, how are you enjoying the Hyundai Sonata you bought from us"
"I didn't buy a car from you"
"Oh, then why would you be in our system"?
"I have no idea. It's your system. But I can assure you I didn't buy a car from you, because I had a horrible experience with your sales team"
"Hmm. Well what did you buy and from whom"?
"I don't want to talk about that with you.  Please remove me from your contact list".

Can't get their act together. Had an opportunity to get constructive feedback on a missed sale and failed to do so.  Bush league stuff.

I'll expect another call in 3 months.  Doofuses.

Martin B. | 2011-12-13

Not a good experience.typical stereotyped used car sales people. Didn't even fill the gas tank to save a few bucks.

Crystal G. | 2011-08-24


I have never had a better experience buying a car!

D G. | 2011-05-09

Poor customer service after the sale.  Bought a used vehicle from them and I knew id didn't have a warranty.  The speakers were blown which I didn't check because I trusted their inspection that showed everything was in working order.  At first they said they'd replace it for free and then they said I'd have to pay $100 toward the costs.  Now they are saying they won't do anything the remedy the problem.  They are not good for their word - make sure you get it in writing or they'll just try to accommodate you with words only not to follow through.  I just wish they were honest instead of making false promises to "make things right".

Paul M B. | 2011-04-25

When business goes smoothly, it's easy to be good.

I had a problem at Chapman- might have been my fault, might have been theirs- we disagree.  But there's no disagreement about who went WAY out of their way to make it right- Chapman did.

Not only would I recommend Chapman, but they'll get my business in the future.

I live in San Diego and flew to Phoenix to buy a car from them, and if I need another, I'll fly again.

Great folks, highly recommended.


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